Extreme Pain

Well this may have just been the single most painful experience of my life….

I tried Nair Sensitive facial hair removal cream. I got sick of nicks and cuts from razors so I tried an alternate approach. Even though it’s designed for facial hair, even with the sensitive formula, I think I may have gotten a chemical burn. My face is literally on fire right now, it hurts so fucking bad….

To all those who think facial hair cream works, NEVER FUCKING USE IT! Sorry, had to vent….

Re: Extreme Pain

The damage-

Re: Extreme Pain

about 8 minutes untouched, giving me 1-2 minutes of time before the “Never leave it on for more than 10 minutes” note.

Mom told me it’s probably a hypoallergenic reaction. My great grandmother, grandmother and mother all had issues with Nair so I probably experience the same thing.

Re: Extreme Pain

Yeah - always best to test a dot on the inside of your arm before anything else.

Except that doing so doesn’t always mean anything.

I could put dial soap on my arms all I want with no problems. Put it on my face and it’s instant ER trip with >50% chance of dying.

Re: Extreme Pain

Ow jeeezz, i’ve had the same thing happen with various lotions and detergents. Tide detergent leaves me with something similar to that.