Excellent place.


I thought I’d post this in off topic because more of a compliment to the forum and an introduction rather than directly talking about abdl. My name is Alex and I’ve been into this type of thing since I can remember. I’ve always been too nervous to actually pursue anything though, so unfortunately I have to settle with dreaming about one day being able to advance in my ABDL life. haha.

Anyway, I forget how I came across this site but I think it’s fantastic. I’ve ‘lurked’ for about 4 or 5 days and seen that the members seem to be positive and real unlike a lot of places where it’s filled with spam and advertisements for ‘abdl parents’. :lol:

Thought I’d introduce myself and if I could half write I might think about attempting to contribute to the story section but sorry I"m terrible at that.


Not only am i bad at writing. I’m blind. I"M SORRY! I can’t believe I didn’t see the introduction section! I even looked for it, but I was looking for ‘new members’ rather than hello i am! sorry again.

Excellent place.

Don’t worry, the Admin staff will move it there!! Welcome & enjoy your stay!!

Excellent place.

There we go thanks!

Excellent place.


I did actually read ‘I’m also blind’ and initially take it seriously… lol.