Escape From Baby Island (Episode 2, August 22nd)

Poster by JuiceBox!

The privately chartered plane touched down, jostling a little on the short, independently operated runway. A half dozen cameras were pointed at it, capturing its arrival, not wanting to miss the contestant’s first moments on the island.

Rolling to a stop, the Cessna’s engines puttered, the door opened, and the stairs were lowered. All attention was on the exit, waiting to see the first person to leave.

A second passed. A tall girl moved into the doorway, strutting down the stairs like a model on a runway. Reaching the blacktop, she turned her gaze and a wink straight into the nearest camera.

Katie: “So my name is Katie Bates,” the woman said, sitting on a chair in a pastel room. Her lipstick and contour were on point, emphasizing the perfectly measured, carefully maintained shape of her face, and the outfit she wore did the same for her body. “It’s spelled ‘Kathleignh’. Some people might recognize me as Miss Cosmos from last year - I’m here to show that I’m more than just a pretty face. Whatever challenges they’ve got waiting for us, I’ll be ready to deal with them - or find someone else to deal with them for me.”

Katie laughed, the giggle sounding maybe a little too calculated to be authentic.

As Katie got to the ground, examining the lush, green island terrain around them, another figure presented themself, stepping out of the door. He took the stairs two at a time, jogging in circles on the landing strip and pumping his fists in the air. “Yeah! Let’s do this!”

Greg: “My name? Oh, yeah. Greg Eberman, my friends all call me ‘The Machine’.” Greg lifted one of his arms, flexing a toned bit of muscle. “See that? Yeah, I’m ready for anything they can put us through. I’m going to win that cash prize, and it’s not even going to be any trouble - these other contestants just can’t compete with me on a physical level, and when it comes down to it, that’s just what matters most.”

Behind Greg, another girl came out, sporting athletic shorts and a grey, comfortable hoodie. Rather than going down the stairs, she vaulted over the rail, dropping three yards to the ground with a somersault and coming to her feet, demonstrating an acrobat’s grace. She flashed a smirk at Greg, the sort of expression that normally would have been lost to everyone but her, had it not been for all the cameras watching their every move.

Sam: “Samantha Sanders. I’m going to college on an athletic scholarship, but I’d like to transfer my major, so winning this would be huge for me.” Sam tilted her head, listening as someone off camera asked a question. “Oh, of course I’m going to win. I’m fast enough to keep up with anyone, and I’m not going to get stopped by the first puzzle that comes along, either. I know what kind of contests these shows always do, and I’ve practiced for them - I’m going to be ready.”

The next two people to leave the plane came together, a man leading the way, chatting with another person who couldn’t have stood more than five feet. While it was impossible that they weren’t aware of the cameras, they didn’t address them directly, continuing their chat as they got onto the asphalt.

Art: “I’m Arturo Flores, but I go by ‘Art’,” the man said, sitting in the interview chair, looking around the room. “I just thought this would be fun, right? Anyone can win on these things - I’ve seen every season of Survivor, I know how there’s always twists and turns, it’s like, I’d like that cash prize, but mostly I’m just here to have a good time.”

Benji: “Me? I’m Benji Wilkes,” the person Art had been chatting with tilted their head, looking past the lens of the camera. After a pause, they shrugged. “Do I think I will win? I couldn’t say. I’m really curious to see what’s waiting for us inside. Nobody’s been allowed to see the facility other than this room and the landing strip, yet - I won’t know my chances of winning until I know what we’re up against.”

The five of them stood on the landing strip, glancing at the cameras, looking around at the verdant island greenery, some peering at the large building waiting at the end of the strip, or the hill beyond it that concealed the rest of the challenge space.

The cameras seemed hesitant, for a moment, and most of them looked back up at the door to the plane. A few seconds passed.

Art looked back up at the plane, and called, “Miranda? Are you okay?”

No response. Frowning, he jogged back up the stairs, went outside, and returned a moment later supporting a girl with thick glasses and an unsteady wobble. She looked a little green, and Art had to help her down the stairs one at a time.

Miranda: “Um… so I get a little seasick on planes,” she said, chuckling nervously, her braces visible when she smiled. “Once I’m on land, though, there’s nothing I can’t take. My name’s Miranda Bell, by the way.”

Fiddling with her braids, she listened to the question that was asked off camera. “Am I going to win? Probably - as long as the challenges aren’t just brute force problems. I’m really just trying to get into MIT, and I wanted to show that I can do stuff besides score high marks and program - I’m the whole package, you know?” Smiling sheepishly, she added, “Just so long as there aren’t any challenges on an airplane.”

The six of them were driven on golf carts to the nearest building, ushered inside, and told to wait for introduction interviews before being let into the lodge; their home for the next four weeks.

Once they’d all had a chance to do their introductions, they got released into the lodge, and quickly spread out, exploring the space. There was an open kitchen, a shared living room, and three rooms, each with bunk beds.

“Looks like we’re sharing rooms,” Art called out, peeking inside. Names were printed on the bunks, and he had to check the next bedroom over to find his. “Greg, looks like you’re with me! Bunk mates!”

Greg was in the kitchen with Katie, checking the fridge and cupboards. “We’re stocked for an army,” he pointed out. “I don’t think we’re going to have to worry about going hungry.”

“Healthy stuff, too,” Katie pointed out, reading the label on a can of soup. “Protein, lots of fiber in everything, plenty of fruits and veg. I won’t have to worry about throwing off my diet.”

Sam got a little more adventurous, checking the back door. It was locked, but she peered through the crack, trying to get an idea of what was set up in the yard behind the building. “Some sort of courtyard? I think it looks like they’re setting up a game out there.”

“Hey, everyone?” Miranda said, frowning. “Um… you all notice something odd about this setup?”

Her call didn’t get everyone’s attention, but Benji walked over, tilting their head and trying to see what she was talking about. “What’s that?”

“Well…” She turned, pointing. “Those are the bedrooms. And there’s the kitchen, and there’s sort of a lounge to relax, but… where are the bathrooms?”

Benji frowned. “I don’t know.”

“Probably in another part of the building,” Art suggested, walking over to them and picking up on the end of their conversation. “You two are sharing a bunk in the first room, by the way. Then it’s Sam and Katie on the far end.”

Miranda pursed her lips, glancing at Benji. “Hmm.”

“What, you’re sick of me already?” Benji joked.

“Never mind,” Miranda shook her head. “I just-”

Her comment was interrupted by the sound of a loud bell tone, cutting through the living space. “The first challenge will begin in five minutes. Please exit through the back door.”

The ‘click’ of the lock was loud enough to be heard throughout the lodge. Sam, already by the door, tried the handle and swung it open. Looking back at the rest of the group, she shrugged. “I guess it’s this way?”

One by one, the contestants filed out of the lodge, getting their first glimpse of the challenge zone.

The yard looked like a kid’s playground on steroids. It was a playground, in fact. Slides, monkey bars, swings, all built out of colorful, bright plastic. The size was almost awe-inspiring, though, more in line with what you’d expect from an expensive water park than a play area in a suburban neighborhood. The main structure was four stories tall with various bridges and all sorts of ways to climb up and down, from rock walls to slides to ladders, and the swingsets and teeter totter were both tall enough that an adult might get vertigo on them.

In front of the playground, though, on six white pedestals, there were pink woven baskets. Each had a closed lid and a name written on top, matching each basket to a contestant.

Behind these pedestals, finally, there was a tall, charismatic man was wearing a suit and holding a microphone. “Hello, and welcome to the Escape From Baby Island!”

Greg: “Did he just say, ‘Baby’? I was like, whaaaaat.”

Katie: So I’m thinking, either I misheard him, or else there’s something wild going on that I did not sign up for.

The man just kept going. “I’m your host, Liam Trickle. All of you have been brought here under the promise of competing to win a cash prize, and to do that, you’ll need to survive four weeks of elimination events - and, of course, each other.

“Each week, you’ll be facing two challenges - The preliminary challenge is where you’ll score points, strut your stuff to the audience, and get a chance at winning an advantage for the next round. But watch out - if you’re not careful, you could find yourself penalized going into the main competition, where you’ll try to score points to stay around. Whoever has the least amount of points at the end will be immediately sent on a flight home. But, there’s just one more thing!”

Turning, Liam faced one of the cameras, looking straight into it. “And that’s you, of course - Viewers at home will get to comment in and vote on their favorites. Each vote is another point in your favor, so you could pull out a win even if you don’t do well. Be sure to play nice for the camera, because your fate very well could be in the hands of the audience!”

He paused, noticing that Benji was raising their hand. “Yes, a question?”

“Did you say “‘Baby’ island”?” Benji asked.

“We’ll get to that,” Liam said. “But first, we have the very first event of the show - the Egg Hunt. In just a moment, you will have sixty seconds to divide yourself into two teams of three, and then you’ll be given a basket and sent to collect as many eggs as you can in five minutes. You can’t steal eggs from the opposing team, though - once an opponent takes an egg, you can no longer gather it. No knocking over baskets to try and steal what they’ve gathered.”

He was addressing the group, but he faced the cameras as he continued to explain the rules. “But there’s a twist - Every egg you collect will contain some sort of secret disadvantage. At the end of the egg hunt, the members of the winning team can give the entire contents of their basket to any member of the losing team. Those players will have to carry those disadvantages into the next competition.

“Additionally, somewhere in the arena is the golden egg. Whoever finds the golden egg will get a special reward that they can save until they need it. Are there any questions?”

Katie raised her hand, manicured nails sparkling on camera. “What sort of disadvantages?”

“Things that will make the elimination round difficult,” Liam assured them.

Art spoke up next. “What’s the catch?”

The host’s smile didn’t falter. “That’s a good question, Art. You’re right - a straightforward egg hunt would be a little too simple. If everyone would come take your basket, you’ll find an article of clothing you’ll be wearing throughout the clothing to make things a little more challenging. Once the timer starts, you’ll be given two minutes to decide who you want to be on a team with and start getting changed, then the five minute timer will start. You’ll need to be wearing your new clothes before you can collect any eggs.”

The contestants walked up, taking their baskets and lifting the lid to peer inside.

Sam: “I was immediately thinking, ‘No way.’ I’m not wearing this.”

Benji: “Is this some sort of joke? I had no idea what we were supposed to think.”

Art: “So… they’re just talking about this one contest, right?”

Katie: “No. Absolutely not. I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing this.”

Greg: “So I wonder, ‘Why the hell is there a diaper in this basket?”

Miranda: “And at this point I’m thinking to myself, ‘Wait. There weren’t any bathrooms in the lodge. Oh no.’”

“You’d better get used to them, because these are going to be your underwear for the rest of the stay. Not these diapers specifically, though - to help you get acclimated, we’ve made these a little thicker than normal.”

The contestants stared into their baskets. Each of them contained a diaper in their size, decorated with colored hearts and stripes, with the bulky padding around the crotch packed to be unusually wide and at least six inches thick.

“They may look like costumes, but I assure you, they are one hundred percent functional,” Liam declared. “Now, there’s one more thing - You’re not just gathering eggs for your team. Whoever has the most eggs in their basket will get a massive advantage in the elimination round. Now, pick your teams, go get changed, and go find those eggs!”


The sound of an airhorn signalled the beginning of the challenge, and before anyone had time to really think about what was going on, they were scrambling to get started.

Katie: “I’ve only just met these people, but from looking at them, I know who I want on my side in a competition, and who I definitely don’t want.”

Art: “So we were like, ‘Go, go, go!’, y’know? And my brain just sort of freezes because there’s so much going on, and next thing I know, the other team has already been picked and I’m left with whoever didn’t think fast enough.”

Katie quickly spun, pointing at Greg and Sam. “You two - team?”

Sam nodded tersely.

“Sure,” Greg said.

“Great, let’s go!”

They ran off to get changed back inside, while Art, Miranda, and Benji were left standing there, eating the other team’s wake.

“I guess we’re a team,” Benji said, after a second.

“Well, since they’re not taking any time to plan, I guess we will,” Miranda added, pointing as she spoke. “Art, you go to the north side, I’ll take the sort of middle, Benji you take the South? There’s probably some eggs that are really well hidden and others that are just out in the open - get the ones that are out in the open and move on. We want volume here, even if that means we’re leaving some behind - we just need to get more than they do.”

“Good plan,” Art said, nodding.

“Let’s get moving,” Benji finished. “We’ve only got ninety seconds before the hunt starts.”

Nodding curtly, the team ran back inside, hurriedly running off with their baskets to find somewhere private to get changed. Benji and Miranda were content sharing their bunk room, and since the other two bunks were already taken, Art settled for laying down behind the couch and stripping down there.

A clock on the wall was counting down seconds. With a minute left, Katie was already dressed, waddling out of her bunk with a large white diaper with purple hearts between her legs and a loose purple tank-top to match. Greg and Sam were hot behind her, rushing out in matching attire, save for that Greg’s diaper and top were green and Sam’s was pink. Baskets in tow, they got to the door, ready to run out and start gathering eggs.

“Hold it,” Liam said, stepping up. “You can’t go until the two minutes is up - You’ve got to wait twenty more seconds!”

The three of them hesitated, glancing at each other and waiting to pounce onto the playground as soon as they were allowed.

The less athletic players fell a little behind, but Art and Benji were both dressed in blue and orange diaper-top combos before the two minutes were up, and as soon as the time started, the five of them were out the door, leaving only Miranda to hurriedly waddle out of her bunk in a yellow-striped diaper and tank top, shuffling and struggling to keep up.

“I’m right behind you!” Miranda called, tripping over her own bare feet and sprawling out in the doorway while the rest of her team ran ahead.

Katie’s team got to the playground first, going as fast as they could. Even with their athleticism, though, the diapers slowed them down. Running really wasn’t on the table - there was too much bulk to build up a proper stride. The padding was almost eight inches wide and dense enough to keep even their toned thighs from closing, so their best bet was a speedwalking sort of toddle, hopping from foot to foot on the soft, rubbery ground surface of the playground.

Sam: “ I run marathons barefoot, so not having shoes doesn’t bother me, but this diaper thing chafes like a [BEEP]. How are we expected to run around like this?”

Once they got to the playground, though, they went to work, taking full advantage of their slight edge in speed. The main structure of the playground had all sorts of routes in and up and around, and as athletic as Sam and Greg were, they managed to take full advantage of the climbing walls, ladders, ropes, and monkey bars at the center, ignoring the smaller, less impressive structures off to the sides of the playground. They went to work, pulling eggs out from behind ladders, hidden on top of climbing grips on the rock wall, even one that was taped to the bottom of a walking path and could only be reached by climbing on the handrail of a rope bridge to get high enough.

Art and Benji toddled up to the playground a second later, but didn’t go for the main structure, favoring the smaller pieces off to the side. Art found a handful of eggs scattered around a swingset then moved to climb up a tall corkscrew slide, struggling on the narrow stairs on account of his particularly puffy padding. Benji went the opposite way, shaking a set of monkey bars to knock down a few eggs that had been balanced atop it before crawling through a tube that snaked across the ground, finding several eggs hidden within.

By the time Miranda made it to the playground, huffing and puffing and struggling to walk, the front of the park had been stripped and left barren. Taking a breath, she adjusted her glasses, surveying the scene.

Miranda: “ I don’t know what to think at this point. Everyone’s already gotten all the eggs! There’s no way I’m going to get the bonus for finding the most eggs at this point - all I can do is help my team.”

“Oh my gosh, guys!” Miranda shouted at the top of her lungs, crossing her fingers. “Get over here, I found a whole trove!”

Art glanced up, confused, and started jogging a few steps before he got it. Benji didn’t even glance their way, and neither did Greg or Sam. Katie, though, smirked and winked at the nearest camera before running over to ‘seize on the opportunity’.

Waddle-jogging over to where she’d heard the shout, she looked around frantically for the trove of eggs, and completely missed the leg that got stuck out from behind a rock climbing wall. She went sprawling, her basket went flying, and Miranda cackled with amusement.

“Hey!” Katie shouted. “That’s against the rules!”

“I’m not taking any of the eggs you dropped,” Miranda replied, smirking down at the diapered model on the ground. “Have fun picking them all up!”

Turning, she ran off to go find some more eggs of her own, going up a set of stairs and deeper into the labyrinth of the park.

Katie: “Oh, I am going to get her for this.”

A bit deeper in the park, Sam spotted something, skidding to a stop and looking around for one of her teammates. Spotting him a level down from her, she shouted, “Hey, Greg!”

Greg stopped on the elevated hopscotch he was on, in the middle of grabbing an egg. Looking up at her, he asked, “What?”

“Look up there.” She pointed up at the yellow plastic roof covering the tallest point of the park’s jungle gym. The roof, which was raised an extra ten feet up from the highest point of the platform, came to a point. At the very top of that point, there was a round shape built in, glimmering just a little more than the rest of the plastic around it. “Does that look… egg shaped to you?”

Backing up, Greg put his hand to his forehead, following her gaze and peering into the bright sky. “Is that the golden egg thingey?”

“I think so,” Sam said. “Climbing up on that roof by myself would be a P-I-T-A, though - I could jump and grab the ledge, but I don’t think I can jump high enough with, uh…” She looked down.

“Cool, I’ll give you a lift,” Greg said, getting off the hopscotch and climbing up a short slide backwards, so he was on the platform below the roof, setting his basket to the side.

“Are you sure?” Sam asked. “I’ll get the egg, you won’t.”

“Then you’ll just have to owe me one,” Greg said, winking as he weaved his fingers, making a foothold for Sam to use.

Sam shrugged, setting her basket to the side, and planting her foot in his hands. He vaulted her up and she grabbed the edge of the plastic roof, doing a pull-up and throwing a leg over the side, getting on top. There weren’t any good handholds to make it to the point, but she kept her center of mass low and shuffled up to it, reaching out and grabbing the golden egg.

“Got it!” She called down, sliding to the edge and dropping down to the platform. She had the golden egg in her hand, but Greg was nowhere to be seen, and…

“Oh my god,” she said, looking down in horror.

Greg: “I’m not stupid, I heard the rules. You’re not allowed to steal eggs from the opposing team. So while she was grabbing that golden egg, I just emptied her basket into mine.” He grinned right into the camera, winking and making a clicking noise with his tongue. “That advantage is mine.”

Sam: I’m going to kill him. I’m going to kill him!


“Time is up, stop what you’re doing! No more eggs can go into your baskets!” Liam called into a megaphone.

The diapered contestants all breathed a sigh of relief, catching their breath and waddling back to the starting area, baskets of varying fullness in tow, shooting dirty looks at their competitors - and a couple glares between allies.

“Present your baskets for counting,” Liam said, gesturing to the six podiums that the baskets had come from. “We’ll go down the line.”

Art: “At this point, like. I’ve got no idea, y’know? Maybe we won, maybe we didn’t.”

Benji: “It’s anyone’s game at this point. I hope our strategy worked, but who knows.” Grimacing, they added, “I really hope we didn’t lose, though, because I found a couple brown eggs and given how this competition is going, I don’t think they’re going to contain chocolate…”

Counting down the line, Liam went in alphabetical order.

“Art, it looks like you got fourteen eggs. Good job.”

Art gave a thumbs-up to the camera, grinning.

“Benji, you got fifteen eggs, bringing your team up to twenty nine.” He set the basket down, moving to the next in the list. “Greg, is this your basket?”

Greg nodded, beaming.

“You have twenty four eggs. That’s incredible!”

If Sam could have set Greg’s hair on fire with her mind, she probably would have just then, but she settled for just glaring at the back of his head.

“Katie, you got another eleven eggs - that’s not bad. Your team total is thirty five, six more than the other team, but how will things change with the last two baskets?”

Frowning, Katie looked over at Benji, who was wearing a smug smile. They’d already counted and knew that the results were going to be.

Liam moved on to the second-to-last basket. “Miranda, there’s only eight eggs in here. Did something go wrong?”

“I had trouble moving around,” Miranda admitted, blushing a bit and rubbing at the back of her neck.

“Well, that puts your team at thirty seven eggs - In order to win, Sam only needs to have gathered three eggs. That shouldn’t be hard, should it?” He moved on to the last basket in the list. It was almost empty, save for the lone golden egg in the basket. “Samantha, you found the golden egg! Congratulations!”

Samantha smiled at the corner of her mouth, but she was still to angry to really celebrate. “What does it do for me?”

“You get a perk you can hold on to for the rest of this competition, until you use it,” Liam said. “Whenever you want, you may ask for an immediate diaper change, which will supersede any other rules. If you just really want to be clean, that’s a great thing to have in your pocket - or it would be, if your outfit had any pockets.”

He grinned as though he’d just told the best joke in the world, then continued. “Unfortunately, though, with only one egg that means your team score is thirty six, and you’ll be going into the next round with a disadvantage. Would the winning players please choose a victim to give your basket full of eggs to?”

“Hey, don’t I get some kind of edge?” Greg asked. “I got the most eggs!”

“We’ll get to that,” Liam explained, clasping his hands together. “But first, let’s see what the winners have to say.”

Art, Benji, and Miranda huddled up for a moment, whispering to each other, then separated to retrieve their baskets. Art gave his to Sam, Benji gave theirs to Greg, and Miranda smugly passed her basket to Katie, showing her braces in a mocking grin.

“First things first,” Liam said. “Brown and yellow eggs, you may be able to guess what those do - they’ve got candy inside, which you must eat before moving on to the next contest.”

The three losers looked through their baskets. Katie was mortified to find that of her eight eggs, five were a deep chocolate brown, while Greg and Sam had one brown egg and two yellow ones each. The “candy” inside was less ‘sweets’ and more ‘chewable tablets”, which they took one at a time, downing with water that the show crew provided.

“Next, each blue egg is a five second disadvantage,” Liam said. “You will be held back for five seconds at the start of the next contest, which will give your competitors a real edge over you. Red eggs, meanwhile, give negative points - Each red egg loses you a point, which could really cost you when it comes to final scoring.”

Again, they had to sort. Katie had no blue eggs and two red, Greg had one blue and five red, while Sam was loaded down with seven whole blue eggs but only a single red.

“Finally, you should look through your pink eggs,” Liam said. “Those all contain special accessories you’ll be required to wear during the next game. Some won’t hurt you too much, but others could be a doozy, so be warned!”

This is what Katie had been the most worried about, and when she opened up her pink egg, she found a miniature paper cutout of what appeared to be an easter-themed baby romper, with a fluffy tail and floppy ears.

Sam wasn’t any better off. No full-body outfits for her, but she did get a doll-sized pair of fingerless mittens, a matching doll’s pair of baby booties, and a pacifier that had a squeaker on the front which would make noise when air passed through it.

Greg, with his six pink eggs, got the worst of the group. A picture of denim shortalls didn’t seem so bad, the miniature tennis shoes that sparkled didn’t seem to be a problem at all, and a wadded up frilly bonnet was humiliating but didn’t seem problematic. On the other hand, the diaper cover that was pictured made him nervous, and the word ‘thumb-sucking’ written on a piece of paper made him cringe.

Worst of all, though, was the last object, which he just didn’t understand. It looked like a pair of rubber clown horns with straps on them, but he couldn’t for the life of him figure out what it was for.

As their various disadvantages got revealed, the crew of the show rolled out the full-size versions. Katie was allowed to go change into her romper inside, and once Sam was wearing her fingerless mittens and booties, it was clear that the former would make gripping onto things difficult and the latter had no traction at all, which would complicate running even more than the puffy, obnoxiously wide diaper. The whistling pacifier was just adding insult to injury.

Greg, though… He had it rough. The diaper cover turned out to be inflatable, adding an extra two inches of bulk between his legs that would hamper his running even further, and the denim shortalls they gave him were snug and tight, restricting his movement further. The tennis shoes were exactly what they seemed, just a light-up sparkle pair of shoes, but the bonnet held a secret downside - once he had it on, he lost most of his peripheral vision.

When a production assistant explained to him what to do with the horns, though, he nearly quit the show.

Greg: “I mean, come on. This is absurd. How am I supposed to compete like this?” He threw up his arms, glaring past the camera. “It’s completely unfair.”

With a little help, he got the horns strapped to the bottom of the tennis shoes. That done, he made a squeak with every step he took, not to mention the way it threw off his balance.

Between the puffy diaper, bulky inflated cover, restrictive shortalls, and the rubber horn beneath the balls of his feet, he struggled to stand, let alone to walk.

Watching the whole situation, Art was almost catatonic from laughing so hard, and even when Miranda pointed out that he was wearing an equally puffy diaper to the rest of them, it didn’t do much to quell the laughter.

“I mean-” he wheezed, doubled over. “It’s just- The horn, and- Hah!

Meanwhile, Benji just sat aside and thanked their stars that they’d won in the egg hunt. Aside from the chemical effects of all those drugged candies, the tactical disadvantages from those clothes was going to be enormous, no matter what the elimination challenge ended up being.

“You might be wondering what’s next,” Liam said, as Katie tromped back out from the lodge in her floppy-eared bunny romper. “Well, now that you’ve gotten a good feel for the park, I think it’s time for a game of hide-and-go-seek tag.”

Sam: Staring wide-eyed into the camera, she said, “Tag? How am I supposed to make it around while wearing all this crap? I mean, I’m not as bad off as Greg, but-” Putting a hand to her belly as it gurgled, she added, “Ugh. This is going to suck.”

Benji: I’m just really glad we won the first round. It shouldn’t be hard to beat those three, at least.

“Greg,” Liam continued. “Because you got the most eggs, you’ll get to be the seeker - Contestants will have a minute to run out and hide, and then you’ll get to go out and chase after them - after your time penalty, at least, so it’ll really be sixty five seconds.

“You’ll have thirty minutes to seek - For every person you find and tag, you’ll score eight points. As far as scoring for everyone else goes, if you’re caught first, you’ll get no points, second you’ll get eight points, third gets sixteen, fourth gets twenty four, and if you’re the last to get caught, you get thirty two points - But if you don’t get caught at all, you’ll get forty points. Whoever has the fewest points at the end of the day will be sent straight home without so much as a diaper change.”

Turning to face the camera, Liam winked and added, “But even if you’re terrible at hiding and seeking, don’t pack your bags just yet - Viewers at home just might save you. Once the competition is over, voters will be able to send in their favorites - Every vote will be a point in your favor, so if you play nice with the cameras, you might get saved from a low score by fans.”

Katie: Clasping her hands, she looked right into the camera with wide eyes, a floppy bunny ear hanging in front of her face. “Please please vote for me ! Getting stuck with this was totally unfair but I will do really well in the next round once I’m not slowed down by these idiots.”

Greg: “So… Help?” Honk! “Oh, come on, I’m not even putting weight on my shoes and these things are squeaking!” Ho-Honk!

“Remember, it’s all about getting tagged - you can be seen, as long as you don’t get tagged,” Liam said. “Now, on your mark, get set, go!”

A big flashing 00:60 started ticking down on the clock mounted to the lodge, and Art, Benji, Katie, and Miranda took off into the playground at top speed… which wasn’t all that fast, given the fact that they were all waddling awkwardly along, but the sixty five second headstart was going to be a lot.

Sam, though, had to wait.

Sam: “So, I’m standing there doing the math in my head, and I realize that I’m going to be waiting here for half the time I’ve got, and then I have to run around in these freakin’ booties - I’m not going to have time to hide!

Sam stood right at the line, watching the clock as the seconds ticked away. Her competitors had already disappeared into the playground structure, but she was just waiting, crouched in a runner’s pose, diaper sticking in the air as she prepared to run. Taking deep breaths, her pacifier whistled and squeaked with every exhalation, somewhat undermining the dramatic tension.

Forty five… forty… thirty eight… thirty seven, thirty six…

She took off running at full tilt, right out of the gate.

Her booties slipped.

She faceplanted, her pacifier letting out a deflated ‘squeeee’ as she splatted onto the cushioned, rubbery flooring of the playground.

Scrambling, Sam got back up and hurried into the playground, struggling for traction, grabbing onto the handrails for extra support. With the mittens, though, she could only get so much help. There just wasn’t enough time, and a minute later, she heard the sound as Greg finally got the chance to run.

He had been using his time wisely. While he couldn’t chase for the sixty seconds plus penalty, he could practice, and that’s what he’d done, jogging in circles, doing little hops, getting a feel for the bulk between his legs. His legs were sprawled out awfully, but the shoes actually gave really solid traction, even with the horns strapped to the bottom. He wasn’t maneuverable, but he could run alright.

honk honk honk honk-

Sam looked over her shoulder, eyes wide, as Greg came up behind her, thumb in his mouth, stunningly fast. It was only a light jogging speed, but considering what he was wearing-

Sam: I was like… damn. But… maybe he can’t climb? I don’t know, I just need to think of something.

She turned and ran, scrambling to get away as Greg caught up to her.

honk honk Honk Honk-

Jumping at the nearest climbing wall, she grabbed at the handholds, but the mittens made it impossible to get a grip to get up to the next floor, and the slippery booties weren’t any better. She couldn’t get up the wall, and just fell to the ground with a grunt and a squawk from her pacifier.

Honk Honk Honk Honk-

Getting to her feet, she ran forward, trying instead on a ladder to get up. It was better - she could wrap her wrists around the handles - but her booties still didn’t have any way to grip the round footholds and she struggled to get up.


She clambered up, one rung at a time, getting an arm up on the next floor of the playground. Pulling herself up, she was almost there, when-

Leaping after her, Greg’s fingers tapped the bottom of her ankle. He stumbled and fell after the leap, landing on his butt, but he’d gotten his first target.

With one hand occupied sucking his thumb, he pumped his free arm in success.

Sam: Sighing and looking defeated, she just said, “Fu[BEEP].”

Art could hear the distant honking and then a shout of dismay as Sam got taken out, and he made a couple fists and quietly congratulated from his hiding spot.

Or, well, it wasn’t really a hiding spot. He was perfectly visible from a lot of vantages, but that wasn’t the point.

Art: “So, I figure, it’s like, Hide and go seek Tag. And, if he’s wearing all that crap, then avoiding the ‘tag’ part should be easy.”

He was sitting on top of the roof, right next to where the golden egg had been found. He’d gotten a boost from Miranda, clambered up, and now he could just wait out the rest of the competition, because there was no way Greg was making it up there with all the crap he was wearing.

Coming around the side, Greg saw him, and Art just waved.

Benji held their breath, holding still in their hiding spot. They’d found a fully enclosed slide, climbed halfway up it, and now they were just waiting. They were completely invisible in here - nobody could see them from anywhere outside the slide. Unless Greg just started going down random slides to check, he’d never find them in a million years. Certainly not in thirty minutes.

“Ugh…” Katie said, looking right at the security camera that could see her from a high angle. “Come on, isn’t there anywhere around here without cameras?”

She clutched her stomach as it loudly grumbled again, the almost half-dozen brown candies she’d eaten gurgling away inside her. She had been too distracted to even find a good hiding spot, let alone keep track of where Greg was. She just wanted to find a place that was private.

“Just lemme be alone!” she added to nobody in particular, her ears flopping, the fluffy tail on her romper swaying from side to side as she waddled away.

Katie: “No. No. It’s not gonna happen. I don’t care how many of those candies they make me eat, I’m not doing that in a diaper.”

Miranda sat at the top of a slide, feeling smart. It wasn’t the most discreet hiding spot ever. She could be seen from several directions, but she had good lines of sight herself - If Greg came at her, she’d see him coming, and she’d be able to slide down and get far away, extremely fast. Extremely extremely fast. By the time Greg got down the slide, too, she would be long done and have a new place to hide.

Greg knew that Art was baiting him, but he didn’t care. It was a visible target, and there was no way that a guy like Art was going to get away from him. Honking along with wide, awkward steps, he saved his energy and took the easiest footpaths, a slight ‘thuck-thuck-thuck’ sound accompanying the honking as he sucked on his thumb, feeling ridiculous.

He got to the platform beneath the plastic roof, stomping around as he tried to figure out a good way to get up. He couldn’t jump up and grab the ledge, but there was a hand rail around the platform, and his shoes had decent grip.

He wanted to shimmy up the pole, but with only one arm that was a problem. Though… The rules didn’t say which thumb he had to suck.

So, wrapping one of his arms around the beam, he stuck that arm’s thumb in his mouth, pulled his other thumb free, and then wrapped that arm around the pillar too - pausing just long enough to flex for one of the cameras.

Greg: “That’s right, ladies. Beneath all this, I’m a beefcake, and don’t you forget it.” Leaning in, he winked.

Pushing off the hand rail, Greg took a couple attempts to get it right, but he eventually managed to get up, reach for the top of the roof, and start to-

Art slid down the far side, dropping off, stumbling for a minute, and running to freedom.

“Ahahmph!” Greg yelled, triumphantly, shimmying down. This was his turf, he could sprint like nobody’s business. Or… sort of. He took off after Art, chasing him down through the playground equipment.

He was faster, despite everything, but Art had mobility. Dropping to his knees, he slipped below the hand rail of the bridge, rolling free. Greg couldn’t drop down and bend like that with the shortalls, but with his free arm, he just grabbed the rail and vaulted over it, landing with a thunderous HONK!

Art stared, waddling backwards in alarm.

Art: “Who the heck is this guy, the Terminator? That was wild! Aaaand… I totally forgot to run.”

Stepping forward, Greg tapped him on the nose, quipping over his thumb. “You’re out.”

“Dangit,” Art said, extending his hand. “Good job, man.”

Greg exchanged grips, nodded, and went off to hunt more prey.

Greg: “And as I’m walking, I realize… I gotta pee. Like, bad.”

“No…” Katie whispered, sitting at the top of a staircase near the end of the playground, her legs pressed together, trembling slightly as she fought off increasingly noisy and grumbly cramps. She was rocking back and forth, making her romper’s ears flop around, and she’d completely forgotten about trying to hide. “No, no, no…”

Greg spotted Miranda before she saw him. Sitting at the top of a slide, her plan was obvious - wait until he came up after her, slide away, find a new place to hide before he could catch up.

It was a good plan, but it had a problem. He’d spotted her, and if he was quiet, he could get up behind her. She’d never even see it coming, as long as he could trace back the right slide. So, staying on tip-toe to avoid making the horns honk, he backed away, finding his way around.

It took him a few minutes, but he managed to track it down to a slide that came out on ground level. Getting on all fours, he entered the slide, shuffling quietly up the smooth, slippery plastic.

The clothes he’d been forced to wear weren’t really a problem. He kept his legs spread out anyways to provide grip inside the plastic slide, and since he was on his hands and knees, the horn on the bottom of his shoes wasn’t touching anything. Only the shortalls and the thumb-sucking provided any real restriction, and the slide was more slick then anything he remembered using as a kid, but he made it work, moving slowly and silently.

About ten feet up, though, he paused, grimacing, and the microphones began to pick up a very subtle hiss…

Greg: “Yeah… I did. I mean, come on. The cash prize is totally worth it. I’ll piss my pants for that.”

Benji sat in the slide, waiting anxiously for the time to run out on the contest, watching up in case Greg came sliding down after them.

Frowning, they realized they could hear movement. Looking around, they turned, coming eye to eye with Greg, only a few feet away down the slide.

Benji blinked.

Greg blinked.

He lunged, and before they could scramble away to get free he tagged their leg. “Aha!”

Miranda: Blushing, Miranda avoided looking up at the camera. “So I… did something stupid. I was sitting there, and thinking I was really clever, when I heard a commotion nearby. I looked around, but I couldn’t see anything, and I panicked and decided to run. Because I thought I could escape whatever I was hearing. Well, turns out…

Looking around anxiously, Miranda grabbed the top of the slide, launching herself down it, towards…

Well, not freedom.

Accelerating down the smooth, slippery plastic, speeding down towards…

Benji: “What the hell is going on?”

Benji turned, looking up the slide as they heard a noise coming down it, quickly, and-


Miranda slid right into Benji, hitting their face diaper-first and sending the two of them down the slide… right into Greg, who got added to the pile of contestants who were careening towards the bottom at growing speeds.

“Wo-WOAH!” Miranda yelped, trying to stop herself, but there was too much speed and not enough traction.

They all tumbled out the bottom, landing on the springy ground surface, and Greg reached out and quickly tapped her on the shoulder before pumping his free hand in excitement.

“Mph-” Katie squeaked, eyes going wide. Raising up a hand, she stood up and tried to cover up the fixed camera that was pointed at her, missing the fact that there was a second camera also watching her from a few paces away as-


She winced and doubled over as the sound filled the end of the playground, filling up her diapers on camera for the whole world to see.

“No…” she whimpered, face burning red as she kept her hand up in front of one of the cameras. “Please, please don’t-”

Katie: “Don’t show that footage. Don’t show it, no! You don’t have to show that to anyone-”

    • Instant Replay * *

“Mph-” Katie squeaked, eyes going wide. Raising up a hand, she stood up and tried to cover up the fixed camera that was pointed at her, missing the fact that there was a second camera also watching her from a few paces away as-


She winced and doubled over as the sound filled the end of the playground, filling up her diapers on camera for the whole world to see.

“No…” she whimpered, face burning red as she kept her hand up in front of one of the cameras. “Please, please don’t- Nooooo…”

Greg stalked around the playground, looking, but to no avail. He almost got a whiff of Katie, literally, but before he could hunt her down for the last eight points-


An air horn sounded, and Liam Trickle shouted into the arena playground. “Time is up, contestants! Come back and find out how you did!”

To Be Continued…



Baby Survivor or Baby Brother. Nice idea. Can’t wait to see where you go with this.

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Isn’t that part of the game?

I’m not a huge fan of those type of shows but I do understand that they are pretty much popularity contests.

Ahhh, okay. I guess I should explain.

The voting is ‘real’. I’m not making up numbers for it, it’s happening on my and JuiceBox’s Patreon pages - So it’s not going to be thousands or millions of votes, it’s going to be somewhere around a hundred total. (This episode in particular got 98 votes.)

So, yes - it is somewhat of a popularity contest where popular characters can get saved from a poor performance - but voting won’t completely overwhelm the in-game scoring (For example, in this episode it was all but impossible for Katie or Greg to lose because of their high scores,) and it’s reader-decided rather than just being a random whim of the author.

I didn’t post the link or explain in the post here, (and I posted this chapter after voting had closed,) because I’ve been told I’m not allowed to share links to my Patreon in my story posts. (I guess a bunch of people were complaining about seeing the link at the end of my stories?) So here on ABDL story forum it’ll basically be the same as if the voting were completely random, but it is what it is.

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I mean, you’re not wrong. I tallied the votes yesterday and Miranda and Katie both got more than anyone else despite both of them not being in any danger of elimination. :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course, that’s where we get to the fun of the show - everyone else who survives elimination will know who they have to beat if they want a chance at winning. :wink:


I figured I had to join your patreon page in order to vote. That’s a nice idea. I may join and see how it goes.

That was because of the excessive linking you were doing.

Linking to specific posts that are relevant is a different situation entirely.

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Episode Two

Four contestants were already back at the lodge when the time ran out. Their game of hide and go tag had gotten out of hand, but now they were starting to catch their breath.

Art had grown a little nervous about his position, once he found out he’d been the second to get tagged. Still, he had a healthy nine points over the next contestant.

Miranda and Benji were commiserating off to the side. As the third and fourth to be tagged, they were in a pretty healthy spot and both knew it - it was more the embarrassment of how they’d both lost that was getting to them.

Sam, though, was pissed.

“Are you kidding me?” she complained, to a completely unconcerned Liam. She’d spat out her pacifier and just had gotten a hand removing the mittens and booties, leaving her just in her tank top and diaper.

Sam: “This is completely unfair! I got screwed over in the egg hunt, and then I got screwed over in hide and seek - What the f[BEEP] do they expect me to do?” Putting a hand to her belly, she added, “Ugh, and whatever was in those stupid candies…”

While they all stood around, a distant honking gave away Greg’s approach. “Woo!” he cheered, jogging up from the back. He’d gotten the hang of moving quickly despite his various impediments, and he showed it off as he ran up to the waiting area.

Liam waited for him to get back, and then, noting that they were still one contestant short, signalled to a crew member to go get her while Greg removed the most awkward elements of his outfit, leaving on the shortalls, tanktop, and slightly soggy diaper but removing everything else.

A few moments passed, while the players commiserated over how sideways things had gone, and how none of them had expected the games to be like this .

Eventually, though, they all spotted Katie waddling up from the back of the playground. Her arms were crossed over her chest and her face was burning red as she steadfastly avoided eye contact with anyone, the bunny ears of her footie PJs flopping from side to side.

“What’s her deal?” Art asked. Then, as she came within smelling distance, he wrinkled up his nose and took a step back. “Oh. Oh.”

“Shut up!” Katie snapped.

“I didn’t say anything!” Art said, holding up his hands defensively.

Liam stepped in, flashing his charming announcer grin at a camera. “That was an exciting round of action! Katie, as the only contestant not to get caught, how do you feel right now?”

“I hate this, I hate you, I hate this stupid show,” Katie fumed.

“Man, her attitude about winning stinks,” Liam quipped, winking right at the camera. “Or, at least, something does!”


Katie stormed off to the side, fuming as she waited for the results to be announced.

Looking around, Liam walked up to Sam next. “Disappointing performance, you’ve got to admit.”

“I did everything I could,” Sam said, holding a hand to her stomach. “It was all just- ugh, it was the worst luck. If I make it past this round, I’m going to kill Greg.”

“We had a contestant write in on social media,” Liam added, pausing to read the message being held up on a behind-the-camera cue card. “‘What happened was some crap luck, I hope you don’t get eliminated. You’ve got my vote!’ Sounds like some people are really pulling for you!”

“Yeah, well, we’ll see.”

“Well, let’s go to the scoring,” Liam said. “Contestants, line up!”

They did, all of them giving Katie just a little more space than anyone else. She noticed, and gave everyone a lethal glare.

“Now, here’s your scores after the first round,” Liam said, waving a hand off to the side.

Katie: 38 points

Greg: 27 points

Miranda: 24 points

Benji: 16 points

Art: 8 points

Sam: -1 point

Sam: “Bullshit. Bull. Shit. Ugh… And whatever was in those ‘candies’ they had us eat is making me feel sick.”

Art: “Well, I’m safe, as long as the fans don’t hate me.”

Greg: “Don’t hate the player, hate the game, baby!” Glancing down, he added, “Uh. Maybe not ‘Baby’, but you know what I mean.”

“Now, there were nearly a hundred votes cast in total,” Liam continued. “So, let’s go down the list. Katie, you received a total of twenty two votes! I guess you made quite a splash - or should I say, quite a squish!”

Katie buried her face in her hands, burning bright read as the score display changed.

Katie: 60

“Greg, you’ve got some real fans, too - eight votes!”

Greg: 35

“Miranda received the most votes of any contestant, with a whopping twenty three!”

Miranda: “ Huh? I mean… thank you, thank you so much, but…” She bit her lip, a bit of her braces showing as she looked off to the side. “I’m just me. Why am I so popular?”

Miranda: 47

“Benji, you were looking alright on score, but you’re looking very safe with an extra eight votes!”

Benji: 24

Benji beamed, happy to be in a comfortable position. The only way Sam would overtake them was with twenty five votes, and Liam had already made it clear that nobody had gotten more than Miranda’s twenty three.

That just left two contestants. Art eyed Sam nervously, and Sam glared at the back of Greg’s head.

Art: I don’t know, man. I did my best, but Sam could take this from me if I’m not lucky.

Sam: I don’t deserve this. I don’t deserve it at all. I did my best and got screwed over at every turn.

“Art,” Liam said. “Several voters commended your sportsmanship, but it didn’t do very much to help your popularity - with only seven votes, you were the least popular contestant for this round.”

Art: 15

Sam held her breath. Art waited, crossing both his fingers.

“Sam, I’m sorry,” Liam said, waiting for a long pause. “I lied to you, when I said that Miranda got the most votes - That honor actually goes to you with an incredible twenty six votes! Congratulations, you’re making it to the next episode of Escape From Baby Island!

Sam pumped her fist in the air in excitement. “YES! WOO!”

There were high fives all around - with Liam, with Miranda, with Benji. Even Art stepped up, giving her a high five and a congratulatory nod.

“I’m very sorry, Art, but that means you have been eliminated,” Liam said.

“Yeah,” Art shrugged. “I figured. It was fun while it lasted, and hey - at least I don’t gotta actually use this thing.”

“That’s an optimistic way of looking at things,” Liam agreed. “Now, there’s just one more thing - You still have a chance to win some cash.”

That got everyone’s attention, especially Art’s.

Art: “What’s this about some money? I’d take some money.”

“If you keep your current clothes on until you get home, as well as just a couple additions chosen to celebrate your astounding performance as first to be eliminated, you’ll get a check for one thousand dollars,” Liam said.

Art did the math in his head, looking down at his outfit - a diaper and a tank top, and nothing else. “All the way home? Like, walking through the front door of my house.”

“We’d give you flip flops so you’re not barefoot,” Liam assured him.

Nodding, Art thought about it. “Let’s see… that’s like ten hours away. I’m pretty sure I can hold it that long, and I definitely won’t end up like Katie over there.” He sniggered, and Katie’s face turned even redder. “Alright, I’ll do it!”

“Great!” Liam said. “Now, just a couple extra things for you to wear - we’ve got a hat, and to celebrate your lack of victory…”

From off screen, a crew member walked up with the blue flip-flops, a large cone-shaped “hat” that read “#1 LOSER” in big letters, and… well, Art wasn’t sure to make of it. It had the plastic guard of a pacifier, but instead of a plastic ring, it looked like a party horn was stuck to the front of it.

“Keep this in your mouth for the whole way home, and you’ll get your prize,” Liam said, winking as he added, “And don’t take off the hat on purpose.”

Art blinked a couple times, then shrugged and took the proffered accessories. “Hey, when in Baby Island, do like a Baby.” Popping in the party horn pacifier, he turned and raised his middle and index fingers on both hands, making a wheezing “Fweeee” sound as he blew into the horn, lisping around the guard. “Peath, babieth!”

“Everyone else - You’ve earned a day of relaxation. You’re free to relax in your rooms, visit the beach on the north side of the island, and generally do whatever you’d like, so long as you’re in a diaper at all times. Diaper changes will be offered before every meal and just before bed, so I’d advise using your potty training and avoiding having too many accidents if you know you won’t get a clean diaper for a while.” Winking at Katie, he added, “Of course, not all of you can help it.”

Sam and Greg exchanged wary glances. They hadn’t been dosed up with laxatives like Katie had, but they had both taken something that was making their tummies rather upset, and dinner time was still a long, long ways away.

Benji was the first to return to the lodge, and they quickly noticed something. “Hey! Where the heck are our clothes?”

That got everyone’s attention - their clothes, which had been hastily discarded during the rush to get dressed in the last event, were nowhere to be seen.

“Oh, you won’t be needing those,” Liam clarified, to the confused contestants looking back at him. “When you need different clothes for the challenges tomorrow, you’ll get them!”

That left everyone wearing… whatever they were wearing. Greg and Katie at least had something covering their diapers - juvenile shortalls and a bunny romper, respectively - but everyone else didn’t even have something to cover up their padding. Once they had accidents, and it was inevitable that they would, there wouldn’t be any hiding it from each other… or from the camera crew.

The awkwardness was palpable as everyone tried to relax. Katie refused to sit down, preferring to stand over in the corner away from everyone else and brood.

Sam was pacing as she held a hand over her stomach. Her belly was loudly gurgling as the ‘candy’ she’d taken did its work, but she fought it for an admirably long time. Finally, the athlete announced to the room, “I’m going for a walk.

Heading to the door, she passed by Benji, and spoke quietly enough that nobody else could hear - though the microphones still picked it up. “Meet me outside in five minutes. Don’t tell anyone.”

Benji blinked but didn’t otherwise react as Sam left. Greg was chatting with Miranda about what to expect from tomorrow’s games, and Katie was off on her own. Nobody had noticed.

After five minutes had passed, they said, “I guess I’ll go check out the beach,” wandering off to go find Sam.

Sam hadn’t gone far. She was just sitting on the sand a few hundred yards north of the lodge, far enough away from the tide that water wouldn’t wash up on her and soak into her diaper.

“You wanted to talk?” Benji asked, sitting cross-legged next to her.

“Yeah, I- ugh,” Sam said. “You and I need to be on a team.”

Benji raised an eyebrow. “Oh?”

“You saw how the voting went,” Sam said. “Miranda and Katie are obviously going to win this if we don’t do something. The two of them got a ton of votes and we can’t compete.”

“You got a ton of votes, too,” Benji pointed out, crossing their arms. “It’s really me and Greg who should be working together, by that logic.”

“Yeah, but…” Sam groaned. “ But, I only got votes because of sympathy points. Miranda’s got some sort of cute-nerd-schtick going on, and Katie shit her pants on camera, scored more points than any of us, and still got a ton of votes .”

“Yeah, I noticed that,” Benji said, frowning.

“It’s that ‘hot cheerleader’ look she’s got, it has to be. And do you really trust Greg to watch your back?” Sam continued. “He’ll betray you the instant he thinks it’ll give him an edge.”

“We don’t even know what the next challenge will be,” Benji said. “How do you propose we ‘team up’?”

“We’ll have to play it by- by ear, but I want to watch each other’s backs,” Sam said, stumbling as she fought off another cramp. “Help each other out, wherever we can. If possible, we should try and undercut the others, too - Greg sucks, but he’ll be watching for me to hurt him, and he’s not as dangerous in the long run. If we go after Miranda first, then Katie, then Greg, it’ll just be the two of us in the finals.”

Benji made a face. “And what if I don’t want to face you in the finals?”

Sam shrugged. “Who would you rather be up against? Greg’s at as athletic… urg…” She blushed, putting a hand over her mouth, and the microphone on her tank top distinctly picked up a gurgling, mucky sound coming from her diaper. A second later, a hiss joined the noises, and she looked away from the camera.

“Yeah, I get what you’re saying,” Benji conceded, wrinkling their nose and scooting a couple feet further away. “I can either go up against an athlete like you or Greg, or one of the popular girls.”

“Uh… yeah,” Sam said. “Do we have a deal?”

Benji nodded. “Deal. Are you going to, uh… use the golden egg you got?”

Sam looked down at her diaper, which had visibly yellowed around the crotch, and would no doubt be sagging heavily around the back if she stood. She could get a change immediately if she used the egg she won, but… that would mean giving up an advantage that could come in handy later.

“I’m saving it,” Sam said.

Back inside, Greg wasn’t doing much better in his fight against the drugs, but he was playing it cool, talking right into the nearest camera. “I just want to be totally clear, this is ‘cause of that crap I took after the egg hunt, I…”

Greg: “ Ladies, look away.”

Leaning against the counter, he blushed and gave up trying to fight the laxatives that were swimming around in his system. His diaper was already wet, but even through the denim shortalls, the seat clearly bulged out a little.

Miranda giggled, putting a hand to her mouth as Greg made a face and stuck out his tongue.

“Yee- uck, ” Greg said, loudly, still smirking. “Man, I’ve done Mud Runs, but this is ridiculous.” He winked at the camera, playing it cool as he called across the room. “Katie, this is what had you all worked up? Afraid to get your butt dirty?”

Katie just blushed deeper.

Diaper changes were, at least, private. By the time dinner rolled around, three stinky butts - and two soggy ones - were all lined up, waiting for their turn to get changed in the private changing room.

“I’m going first, ” Katie insisted, shoving her way to the front, her bunny ears flopping on her head as she got right up to the door.

“Why are you still wearing that?” Greg asked.

“They… didn’t give back my tank top,” Katie admitted. “And I’m not going topless for you !”

“Yeah, please don’t,” Skip said.

“You don’t need more fan appeal,” Sam muttered.

Miranda smirked. “I bet she just doesn’t want us to see her diaper.”

“UGH!” Katie groaned. “Shut up, twerp!”

A light above the door beeped, signalling that the changing station was available for the pre-dinner diaper changes. Katie practically pulled the door off its hinges in her haste to get started.

Miranda played things tactically. She waited until just before bedtime, loitering out in front of the changing booth. She didn’t exactly have privacy, but…

Miranda: “Of course I don’t like doing this, and I could hold it longer, but… y’know. It’s gonna happen eventually.” Blushing, she bit her lip and looked away from the camera. “I guess this is the best way to do it? Time it so I can get clean right away?”

Walking around the corner so that the other contestants - who were all merely soggy - wouldn’t see, Miranda squatted down and scrunched up her face.

“Mm-mph,” she grunted, blushing bright red as her diaper began to sag. After several long moments of effort, her face showed relief, and then her nose scrunched up and she grimaced.

Getting up, she waddled sheepishly to the back of the line for a diaper change.


An air horn roused the five remaining contestants from their beds, all of whom stumbled, startled, and scrambled to respond to what was happening.

Greg, who was enjoying his room to himself now that Art was out of the competition, took a moment to stretch and scratch his butt. His diaper was wet.

Greg: “I mean… was I expected to hold it until morning so I could pee my pants later? I’m thinking strategically.” Tapping his forehead, he said, “Think. Gotta get a full night’s rest if you want to compete, can’t do that with a full night’s bladder.”

Katie had taken off her bunny sleeper to go to bed, citing that it was too warm and denying claims that she was just trying to get topless to be on TV. Despite her best to refute those allegations, though, she wandered out of her shared bedroom without getting dressed first, investigating the airhorn blast topless.

Daylight was streaming through the windows, with the earliest light of the morning still suffused with reds and purples of sunrise.

Sam shuffled out a moment later, in her tank top. Benji was the next to come out, looking around blearily. Miranda was last, yawning and rubbing her eyes sleepily, her braces glinting slightly in the early morning light.

There was a sign propped up by the back door, reading, “Challenge starts at 6:45.” The clock on the wall read 6:40, leaving only a few minutes for everyone to get dressed and ready themselves for whatever challenge came next. Greg had a glass of water and ate a banana in two bites, readying himself for the day.

Greg: “Ideally I’d like some protein, but there’s no time to fry an egg, so I’m making do with what’s on hand.”

Katie eventually got dressed in her bunny pajamas again, and as 6:45 rolled around, they all shuffled out to see what they’d be doing that morning.

“Good morning, contestants!” Liam Trickle said, standing in front of a table covered by a sheet. “I hope you’re all well rested and ready for breakfast!”

Greg: “Oh, well. If I’d known that I wouldn’t have eaten.”

Miranda: Yawning, she said, “If you want me to be well rested you can’t wake me up this early. Sometimes I don’t even go to bed this early.”

Liam beamed at the camera. “I’m sure by now, you’re all thinking that you’re too big to be back in diapers - and now’s your chance to prove it. The winner of this preliminary challenge will not only get a major advantage in the main event today, you’ll also be granted access to the crew bathroom for the remainder of the day! That’s right - you don’t have to wear diapers.”

Katie: “You bet your ass I’m going to win this. I am not going to- never mind. I’m winning this.”

“What’s the challenge?” Benji asked, raising their hand. “You said we had to ‘prove it’?”

“That’s right,” Liam said. “I’ve got a change of clothes for everyone - very adult clothes, in fact! You all get to put on grown up underwear, pants, and a shirt, and then you’ll be directed to a private booth. All you have to do to prove you’re the most adult contestant on the show is to not pee your pants.”

“That’s it?” Katie asked.

“Easy!” Greg added.

“For how long?” Miranda inquired.

Everyone paused, waiting for the response.

“You have to avoid peeing your pants longer than anyone else,” Liam said. “The first contestant to go potty in their pants will be penalized in the main event today, but if you hold out the longest before wetting yourself, you get an advantage and your toilet privileges. But if you want to just admit you’re a baby, well, that’s fine too. If you ask to be put back in diapers at any point before losing control, you won’t be penalized, you won’t get any disadvantages, aaaand you won’t get to change that diaper until voting ends for the day. Think hard about this - the second challenge won’t be until the afternoon, so if you give up, you’ll be safe, but you’ll have a soggy butt for a good long while.”

Everyone shuffled uncomfortably. It sounded like only one person was going to be having a good outcome from this, no matter how things went.

Liam beamed. “And, one more thing - you’ll be having a liquid breakfast.” Pulling back the sheet from the table, he revealed five two-liter baby bottles, all full of a milky white fluid, stacked next to clean, white pants, shirts, and underwear in everyone’s respective sizes. “Milk, to be specific! You’ve got fifteen minutes to get dressed and drink these. After that, you’ll start getting penalized on time - and trust me, you don’t want that.”

Before any questions could be asked, another airhorn blasted. BWAAAP!

The contestants scrambled into action. Or, well… most of them did.

Benji: “I… already know I’m not going to win this. I had to pee when I woke up, and I was already holding it, so… y’know. If I tried, I’d lose way before anyone else even got close.”

Walking up to Liam, Benji sheepishly tapped him on the shoulder. “I, um. I’d like to concede?”

“Admitting you’re a baby so soon?” Liam chuckled. “Alright then, get on over to the changing booth.”

“Do I still have to drink the bottle?” Benji asked.

Liam nodded. “Self-confessed babies especially need their bottles.”

They took the bottle and waddled off to the changing station, avoiding the glances of the other contestants.

Greg, meanwhile, looked indecisive.

Greg: “Yeah, so I already drank some. I’m gonna be at a disadvantage. Who cares? Even if I don’t do great I think I can outlast at least one of these chumps, so what’s the worry?”

Walking up, he grabbed his bottle and clothes, rushing off to get changed. Miranda and Katie went next, and Katie shot Miranda a glare as they got up to the table.

Katie: “I’m winning this. It’s not even a question. They’ll let me wear normal panties? I. Am. Winning. This.”

They walked off, Miranda already suckling on her bottle, leaving just Sam, who had a raised eyebrow and was thinking.

After a second of hesitation, she ran up, grabbed her bottle and clothes, and shuffled off to get changed.

Once all the contestants were dressed in their matching white clothes - all the better for accidents to show up on - they were directed by crew members to a series of half-enclosed booths dotted around the island. Really they were little more than three-walled barriers with cameras set up in front of them and chairs to sit down in. The point was to make sure that the contestants couldn’t see each other, everything else was pretty secondary.

Katie sat down in her booth, with a great view of the ocean and nothing to do except finishing her bottle.

Greg, Miranda, and Sam all found their own seats and resumed drinking their milk, breakfast of baby champions.

Minutes passed. An hour, even - they were all adults, after all, with healthy, functioning bladders. But no amount of potty training could hold things back forever, and before long, the squirming started.

Greg was the first to show signs of discomfort, shifting uncomfortably in his seat. He’d been given a spot near the runway, and was watching the clouds go by.

“Uh, how long has it been?” he asked, glancing at the camera.

He didn’t get an answer.

Greg: “It’s been a while, right?” He rubbed at the back of his neck, uncertainly. “Like, it has to have been a couple hours at this point.”

Miranda shifted back and forth in her seat, both hands on her crotch, squeezing down in a desperate attempt to hold everything in. She was whispering to herself, but the mic on her shirt picked it up clearly. “ Come on, you can do this, just a little longer…”

Katie sat back, relaxed, seemingly unconcerned.

Sam had stood up, and was pacing in the tiny booth. There wasn’t much room to walk around in, but she took advantage of what room she had, moving around to give herself something to think about.

In the end, it was Miranda who gave in first. Her face turned bright red and she looked at the camera, as though she was hoping it would have suddenly stopped rolling. Pulling her hands away, she looked down, a dot of bright yellow spurting up around the top of her pants’ waistband and trickling down between her legs.

Once the floodgates were open, there was no stopping them, and she just had to bury her face in her hands and try to ignore the embarrassment that came with completely soaking her pants on camera, a dark, wet stain visibly running all the way down the legs of the pants.

Her eyes watered a little as it stopped, and she glanced back up at the camera. “Um… did… did I win?”

Sam: “Okay, y’know what, I start thinking about this and I realize it’s a bad idea. I can’t risk losing and being screwed over by Greg again, I need to play it safe. I’m fine being in the middle of the pack.”

Waving at the camera, Sam said, “I concede. Give me a diaper already, I’m giving up.”

Greg was next to properly lose. While he was shifting his weight back and forth in his seat, he lost control, and the pattern of pee trickling in his pants formed the same bright yellow stain as Miranda’s.

“That had to be, what, four hours?” he said, having been sitting there for about eighty minutes. “I had to have outlasted someone, right?”

Liam went to give Katie the good news. When she saw him approach, she grinned broadly.

“Hah!” she laughed, getting to her feet. “I knew it! I outlasted all the others?”

“Congratulations!” Liam assured her. “Everyone else either gave up, or had an accident in their pants - Once you pee your pants, you’ll get access to a toilet for the rest of the day, and an advantage in round two!”

Katie blinked. “What?”

“An advantage in round two,” Liam repeated.

“No, you said, ‘ once I pee my pants,’” Katie said.

“Well, of course.” Liam chuckled. “The objective of the game is to be the last contestant to have an accident. If you never have an accident, you can’t be the last one to do it!”

Katie: “UGH! Are you kidding me?”

Cheeks turning pink, Katie said, “What if I don’t?”

“You can always ask for a diaper and concede first place to the next person,” Liam shrugged. “But you can’t hold it forever. One way or another, you’ll lose control at some point.”

Katie balled her hands into fists and held her arms straight at her side. “This game is so stupid!” she exclaimed, as she stopped trying to hold it.

Pee began to puddle between her legs, forming a wet stain that spread up her pants a little as it grew, all of which was caught very obviously on camera.

She didn’t completely give up control, just peeing enough to officially ‘lose’, then cutting it off with a grimace of effort. “There! Fine! Can I go use the toilet now?”

“Absolutely,” Liam said.

All five remaining contestants ended up back at the lodge. Benji and Sam were both back in a shirt-diaper combo, with redundant wetness indicators showing that they’d both used their padding thoroughly - as though the obvious yellowing wasn’t enough to tell this. Miranda and Greg were a little worse off, with soaked yellow pants that showed off their accidents.

Katie was strutting through the room, in a fresh, clean pair of white pants. “Uh-huh. I bet you babies are pretty jealous right about now, right?”

Nobody gave her the satisfaction of more than a slight glare.

“Well, I’m going to go use the bathroom - have fun peeing your pants!” Katie added, reinforcing her victory as she strutted away.

“Blech,” Benji said, once she was gone.

“I know, right?” Miranda mumbled. “What a jerk.”

“No, I… It’s unrelated,” Benji said, glancing at the nearest camera and blushing. “I shouldn’t have… I didn’t think about the fact that I wouldn’t get a diaper change at lunch, when I gave up and conceded.”

“What’s wrong?”

Benji hesitated, then shook their head. “I don’t want to talk about it.”

Sam eyed the two of them from across the room and shook her head, instead waddling over to say something to Greg.

“It’s been a few hours since Katie won the potty training challenge,” Liam said, addressing the five contestants out in front of the playground. As had become standard, there was a table with a sheet behind him, covering up whatever it was that they’d be using for the next contest. “Now, it’s time for you to fight to stick around in today’s main event - A squirt gun fight!”

The five of them stared, incredulous. Benji had their hands over their belly, looking a little sick, but the rest of them were just surprised at the main challenge.

“You’ll be given eight minutes to squirt each other as much as possible - Scoring will be done by tallying the amount you’ve been hit. If you’re completely clean you’ll get thirty five points, but if you’re completely covered, you’ll get none! Plus, if you don’t land at least one squirt on every other player, you’ll be penalized five points for each of them. Questions?”

Miranda held up her hand, waiting until Liam pointed at her before answering. “Um… how will we know who squirted who?”

“That’s a great question!” Liam said. “And the answer is simple - your squirt guns won’t be filled with water, they’ll be filled with paint! Your squirt guns are color coded, so we’ll know who hit who by the different colors of paint on you. As long as your paint gets on them, it counts - so feel free to lay traps, spray the ground, handles on ladders, whatever you can think of to get your paint on everyone else.”

“I get an advantage, right? ‘Cause you said I’d get an advantage,” Katie sneered. “Then again, beating all these babies should be easy.”

“That’s right,” Liam confirmed. “Contestants, come get your weapons!”

He pulled back the sheet, revealing the squirt guns that everyone would be using.

Katie’s advantage was obvious - There were three classic super-soaker guns with green, orange, and pink paint for Greg, Benji, and Sam, but at the end of the table, filled up with purple paint, was a simply massive gun with ‘Hydro Blaster’ written on the side.

And on the other side of the table, with just a little bit of yellow paint inside, was the squirt gun for Miranda - a tiny little squeeze pistol that would barely spurt out a little bit of paint at a few feet.

There were also five color-coded sets of goggles, one in each player’s color, next to their gun.

Miranda swallowed, and Sam stepped over to Katie, whispering something in her ear.

Katie grinned, broadly.

“If you need to reload, you can come back here and refill your guns once,” Liam said. “Remember, you have to squirt everyone!”

Katie strolled up to take her gun, grinning broadly.

Katie: “Oh yeah. This is already going way better than yesterday.”

Miranda: “Um… so I’m worried.”

Benji: “I don’t really care about the contest, but… um…” Blushing, they looked away from the camera. “I’m so stupid, I shouldn’t have given up in the morning!”

“Ahh, come on,” Benji whispered, as they slowly shuffled up to the table, reaching out for their gun and goggles. “N-no, not now, not…”

“You okay?” Miranda asked, stepping up and putting a hand on their back.

Leaning forward, Benji shook their head, finally losing control and making a mess in their diaper for the first time. Holding it since yesterday had not worked out in their favor, and now they were losing control at the worst possible time, right at the start of a challenge.

They whimpered, pushing away from Miranda and snatching their squirt gun off the table. Running off into the playground wasn’t really an option while they were actively pushing a mess into their diaper, but they tried to waddle away for a bit of privacy.

“Uh, gross, ” Katie said. “You really couldn’t hold it? I guess I am on an island of babies.”

Benji whimpered and their eyes watered a bit with shame and embarrassment, but Miranda stepped between them and Katie. “Hey, you’re one to talk, I could smell you from across the playground yesterday. Jerk.”

“Oh, yeah? I had drugs, what’s their excuse?” Katie asked. “And also, you know what else?”

“What?” Miranda asked, glaring eye-to-eye with the model.

Katie smirked, eyeing the timer that had just started to count down over the playground. “Game just started, bitch.” Lifting her Hydro Blaster, she squeezed the trigger, aiming the nozzle squarely at Miranda’s clean, white shirt.

Nothing happened.

Miranda laughed. “You’ve got to pump it up, dumbass!” Sticking her own little squirt gun down, she pulled the trigger, spraying yellow paint all over the crotch of Katie’s pants.

Then, while Katie hurriedly tried to pump up her own gun in retaliation, Miranda turned, hurrying to-


Two super-soakers kicked off at the same time as Greg and Sam both hosed Miranda down immediately, slathering her in paint all over her shirt. She stopped, surprised at the ambush, and the fact that nobody was targeting anyone else. Before she could put together what was happening, Katie finally got her own gun pumped up and sprayed Miranda from the back, splattering her horribly from the neck down. She even grabbed the waist of Miranda’s diaper and pulled it out, spraying even more paint down the back of her soggy padding just to make sure she was as paint-covered as possible.

Miranda stood there, shocked. Nobody else was shooting each other. “B-but… That’s not…”

The three of them turned and ran off together, not giving Miranda a chance to retaliate.

Benji was standing a few feet back, looking down at their toes, still letting out the occasional grunt as their diaper sagged, more and more heavily between their legs. “Um… I’m sorry,” they said, lifting their own gun and squirting Miranda until the pressure ran out.

Miranda stood there, shocked. “But… it’s… we’re supposed to shoot each other and stuff!”

“I… I’m sorry,” Benji repeated. “The lowest score gets knocked out. It makes more sense to focus on one person and keep the rest of us safe, but… um. Yeah. It was Sam’s idea.”

“Liam?” Miranda turned around, her eyes watering. “That’s cheating, right?”

Liam shrugged, not getting involved in the interpersonal drama. “It’s not against the rules.”

“But… then…” Tears started running down Miranda’s face. “That’s not fair!”

Benji: “I… couldn’t just watch her cry like that. I know I told Sam I’d go with her plan, but… yeah. It’s just not fair.”

Squirming, Benji stepped up to Miranda, passing over their own gun. “Here.”

“What… what’s this?” Miranda asked.

“Use my squirt gun,” Benji said, “And go target someone really hard. Spray them with all of my paint and all of your paint. I’ll go hide.”

Miranda’s eyes widened as she got it. “If they don’t spray you, they get penalized.”

“It might be enough for you to get points,” Benji confirmed. “And I, um… I really don’t want to run around a lot right now.” They looked back over their shoulder at their diaper.

Wrinkling her nose, Miranda said, “Um, yeah. Thanks.”

“Wait,” Benji said, before she could run off. “Squirt me, just a little. So you don’t get penalized for missing me.”

“Right.” Miranda gave Benji the tiniest spritz of paint, then nodded, turning to run off into the playground. She left behind very painty footprints, splotches of color from what she’d been sprayed with.

“That was priceless, ” Katie said, laughing with her two coconspirators, as they lightly tagged each other with paint to avoid the penalties. “Did you see the look on her face? I said I’d get her back from yesterday, and I got her back.”

Greg smirked. “Getting her in the diaper was funny.”

“And now we’re safe for another day,” Sam added. “That’s the important thing.”

Greg frowned. “Should we still get each other?”

“We should definitely go after Benji,” Katie said. “It’s not like they can run very fast with a poopy diaper on, and we’ll be able to find them super easily. Great target.”

“Good call,” Greg said.

Sam hesitated, but then nodded. “Yeah. We can hose them down and then we’re going to be super safe.”

“Wait.” Greg frowned. “Do you hear something?”

None of them had noticed Miranda, fifteen feet above their group, crawling forward to get a good vantage point. She readied, took aim, and then unleashed her two-gun salvo on the unsuspecting trio.

Paint splattered down, yellow and orange, droplets hitting everyone in the group. Then, Miranda crouched forward and jumped while they were all still startled-

Miranda: “Yeah, bad idea. I know. I was stupid. You don’t have to bring it up again.”

She landed, but instead of coming down like an athletic predator, she hit her leg weird and came down sideways, screaming in sudden alarm and pain.

“Aaah!” she cried. “OW! Ow ow ow!”

Everyone hesitated. She was covered in paint so it was hard to see what her injury looked like.

“P-please!” Miranda said.

Greg crouched next to her, trying to see if her ankle was twisted or sprained beneath all the paint. “Where does it hurt?”

“Do- do we need to call a medic or something?” Sam asked, looking at her co-conspirators.

“Call help!” Miranda pleaded.

Miranda: Flashing a wicked grin, Miranda said, “Or was it?”

“But not for me!” Miranda grinned, raising her squirt guns and shooting the nearest target, and the one who’d have the hardest time getting up and running away - Greg.

With two squirt guns, even if one of them was just a little peashooter, she was able to get him with a ton of paint while Katie fled. Sam, though, stayed put.

“Ah!” Greg said, stumbling back and landing on his butt with a ‘crinkle’. There was paint all over his goggles “F[BEEP]! It’s in my mouth, gross! And I can’t see!”

“Hey Greg,” Sam said. “Remember what you did with my eggs?”

Greg turned around, wiping paint off his goggles just in time to get another facefull of paint from Sam. Miranda didn’t let up either, and between the two of them, they quickly managed to hose him down.

Miranda gave Sam a thumbs up, and the athlete turned and ran off into the playground while Greg staggered to his feet, wiping paint away from his goggles for the second time. “You- I’m gonna-”

“You’re gonna what?” Miranda asked, sitting on the ground, feeling very satisfied. “I’m already coated in paint. I can’t really get any worse.”


Katie sniffed, her hydro pump held to her shoulder, emulating the pose of cool, badass hunters from a thousand movies. “They’re close,” she told herself.

Especially since Miranda had got the drop on them, Katie wanted to get another target. Plus… Miranda had two guns. That meant Benji was helpless.

Benji was hiding in another slide. She knew it. It was the best way to get out of sight, but it wasn’t perfect. In an enclosed space, fumes could travel, and Benji had a very distinct smell giving them away at the moment.

Stalking up to a trio of slides, Katie sniffed each one, one at a time. Plastic and static. Plastic and static again. And, on the third sniff - a dirty diaper.

“Gotcha,” Katie said, grinning as she raised her squirt gun and just fired it down the slide.

She didn’t need to hose Benji down. The paint was pretty thin, and it washed down the slide quickly, running like a river straight towards its target.

“Aaugh!” Benji yelped a moment later from deep within the slide, as paint ran down their back. “Hey!”

“You deserve it!” Katie called down the slide, before running off to find her own hiding spot.

Even if Benji wanted to retaliate, though, they’d given up their squirt gun. All they could do was wait and run out the clock.


An air horn sounded, and Liam Trickle stepped forward, raising a bullhorn to speak towards the playground. “Time is up, contestants! Come back and we’ll count up the paint, see who did okay, and find out who’s in serious danger of elimination! If you didn’t get enough paint on your opponents, well, may the voters help you!”


That’s the end of episode two!

I had originally planned on doing a thing where the ‘wrapup’ and then Episode 2 were separate parts, but then I realized there was no good reason to do this - I’d just put the voting and wrapup at the start of Part 2.

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