Ericas Tale


Dear Diary

It happened again last night, that’s the 5th time this week and its only Saturday, why is this happening to me I don’t drink late at night not after I wet the bed 8 times last month. I think my mum knows now as well, when she came to wake me this morning I think she could smell it, what am I going to do I can’t believe I have started to wet the bed again, I am going to have to tell mum but I am really embarrassed to.
What should I do?


Hi I am Erica I am 13 I have short black hair and green eyes, I live in a little town called Ramsey in Cambridgeshire in England and, I attend Ramsey Abbey college and have I just finished school for the summer yep 6-7 whole weeks of no school and next week we are off on holiday to see some relatives, my mums sister and my cousins in Florida, we don’t get to see them much as we live on like thousands of miles away from each other.
My mums name is Julia and my dad, well the least said about him the better, her ran away when I was 2 so I don’t really know much about him, except that he ran of with out old next door neighbour.

Chapter 1

It was a bright sunny morning and Julia and her daughter where heading out shopping to day for some new stuff for their holiday “Are you up yet?” Julia called to her daughter.
“Yes mum I’m up, im just going to have a shower” Erica called back.
“Ok, but don’t take to long I want to leave soon” Julia called back.

After a quick shower Erica went and got dressed and went down stairs for some breakfast.

“Morning baby, sleep ok?” Julia asked.
“Yes like a baby” Erica answered.
“Well eat up and then we can get going” Julia said, putting a plate of bacon eggs and beans in front of her.
“Ok, we just going to Peterborough I take it?” Erica asked
“Yes and maybe Tesco Extra in Hampton if we have time or don’t get every thing we need” Julia answered.

An hour later they were in the car heading to Peterborough.

“Can we get food from Macy D’s?” Erica asked when they had finished getting every thing on the list, which included some new cloths bathing suits towels sun tan lotion and other stuff you may need for a holiday.

“I suppose so” Julia said changing direction to walk to the restaurant in the town centre. "What do you want? She asked
“A happy meal please” Erica answered, she new they were made for younger kids but she just loved them.
“Though so” Julia replied.
So they went and ordered their food, waited for it to come and since it was such a nice day they decided to sit outside and eat.

“Mum can we talk” Erica said sitting down on the sofa later that night.
“Of course baby, what’s the problem?” Julia asked
“Well err… lately…I’ve been…” Erica said trying to tell her mum the problem, hoping that her mum would already know and not make her say it.
“Is this about wetting the bed” Julia asked cuddling up close to her daughter.
“Yes” was all Erica could say.
“Its ok baby don’t worry about it, it is just a phase you are going through it will eventually stop” Julia said comforting her daughter.
“I know but I hate waking up in a wet bed and Pyjamas every morning” Erica said now crying.
“I can imagine baby, I actually wanted to talk to you about this, but I didn’t know how to bring it up” Julia said, “I know you a probably not going to like this, but it is the only solution that I can come up with for now” Julia said getting up and walking over to a bag in the corner of the room.
“I want you to wear these” she said puling out a pack of DryNites for girls.
“Diapers?” Erica asked “You want me to wear diapers?”
“No baby, not diapers, just protective undergarments” Julia said trying to lighten the situation.
“Same thing” Erica remarked.
“I suppose sort of, but you said your self that you don’t like waking up in a wet bed, and these will help” Julia replied.
Erica just sat there not saying anything, just staring at the ‘protective undergarments’.
After about 5 minuets she relented and agreed to try them.
“There, that’s not so bad now is it?” Julia asked.
Erica didn’t say anything even though she agreed with her and they were comfortable, but she would never admit it.

Almost a week had passed since that night and every morning she had woken up in a wet DryNite, tomorrow they were off on holiday, they had a 2 hour drive to the nearest airport and they had to be check in there 2 hours before their flight which was at 10am, so they had to leave by 7:30 am, and Erica was afraid that she would fall asleep in the car on the way there and end up wetting her self, so decided to bring this problem to her mum.

“Mum, this is hard for me to ask you but, im probably going to sleep on the way to the airport and whilst we are on the plane, and I don’t want to…. Wet” Erica said, “So I was thinking maybe it would be a good idea if I… I… wore the 'protective undergarments” She finished

“Oh god thank you” Julia said then seeing the confused look in her daughters eyes " I was going to ask you to wear them, but thank you for being so grown up and coming to me and asking" she finished, then she gave her daughter a hug “come on then lets get you ready” she added taking her daughter by the hand and lead her to the bedroom.
Erica was so embarrassed not at the fact that her mum was helping her get dressed, but at the fact that she was enjoying it, and she could tell that her mum was as well.
After she was dressed they went down stairs for breakfast and at half past 7 they were in the car and were on there way, as it happened Erica did fall asleep and to her glee she didn’t wet her self but was still un sure for the plane ride.

“Wake up baby we are at the airport” Julia said waking her daughter up.
“Already?” Erica asked
“Yes, we need to check in I half hour, so let’s get our stuff and go inside” Julia said getting out the car and opening the passenger door for her daughter.
The got there stuff out of the boot, locked the car and headed inside the airport, they had parked in the long stay underground car park.

2 and a half hour later they were boarding the plane.
“Watch out Florida here we come” Erica joked.

They would be arriving in Florida at roughly 3pm there time, and Jasmine, Julia’s sister and her children Robert aged 18, Pexii aged 15 and Mia aged 12 were meeting them there. They would be there for a month.

“Mum you haven’t told Auntie Jasmine and them that I wet the bed have you?” Erica asked nervously when they were taking off.
“No baby and if all goes well they wont find out” Julia answered
“Thank you” Erica said before heading off to sleep.

9 hours later, they had landed.

“Im so glad you could come and see us this summer” Jasmine said giving her younger (by 2 hours) sister a hug, and “Who’s this?” She jokingly asked looking at Erica
“My Erica haven’t you grown” She observed.
Mia was struggling to grab one of their large suitcases off of the conveyer belt amid giggles from passers by and the odd comment of how cute.

Erica, Pexii got reacquainted whilst Robert stood there being antisocial, he was annoyed, Him and a few mates where going on a road trip this summer and were leaving later today, but his mum had made him come on meet his aunt and cousins from the airport first.

“Let’s go then?” Jasmine asked when they had collected their belongings.
“Wait I need the loo” Erica said.
“Ok, now were are they?” Julia asked
“Over there” Jasmine answered “Do you 2 needs to go?” She asked looking at 2 of her children.
“No im good” Pexii and Robert responded.
Erica who had thought she was asking the younger 2 was shocked when Robert answered.

Mia whispered some thing into her moms ear, “Ok then lets go” Jasmine said
Erica who was walking behind Mia noticed a strange puffiness in her butt, but didn’t say anything. She was also shocked when she was led in to the baby changing room behind Mia
“Mom” Mia said seeing that They had been followed in “Oh sorry sweetie but you need changing and if they are in here as well it probably means so does Erica” Jasmine said
“Yes sort of” Julia said, “I’m sorry, but im going to have to tell jasmine and Mia” Julia whispered to Erica
Erica was too embarrassed to say anything so just nodded.
“Erica has started to wet the bed, and she felt it would be better if she wore a DryNite whilst on the plane in case she fell asleep and wet” Julia finished,
“Well that’s nothing to be embarrassed about hunnie” Jasmine said to Erica “I wet the bed until I was 15” She added, only Mia new that about her mum.
“Oh crap I haven’t got any knickers in the carry on case or more DryNites I am so sorry” Julia said “You could go and get some out of your suitcase but I think I packed the right at the bottom” she added feeling really guilty
“But aunty jasmine sent the other to ahead to the car with the luggage” Erica cried “and my DryNites wet and feels icky” She added through tears.
“I am so sorry, you can’t keep that on because you could get a rash and you chose to wear a skirt to day so you cant not wear any underwear” Julia said trying to avoid saying what was on both of their minds.
“There is really only one option left” Jasmine said softly
" I know" Erica said some what embarrassed, she looked at Mia just laying there in a Diaper, not really bothered, “Fine, just don’t tell the others please” Erica said after a minuet or 2.
Julia picked her up and lay her on the changing table “I am really sorry” she said as she placed a diaper on her hugely embarrassed 13 year old.
15 minuets later they were all in the car, Jasmine and Julia in the front Pexii and Robert in the back and Mia and Erica in the pull out seats in the boot.

“So why do you wear diapers?” Erica asked Mia when she was sure they wouldn’t be over heard. “You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to” she added
“I just like to wear them and act like a baby” Mia said after a minuet, realising that she would find out sooner or later.
“Oh ok, well I can sort of see why you like the diapers” Erica said “They are kind of comfortable” She finished.
“You like them?” Mia asked.
Erica was silent for a few seconds but then said “yes, but don’t tell please”
“Our secret” Mia said

Jasmine and Julia were glad to see them bonding but decided not to let them know just yet that they heard every word they had just said, Julia sat in silent for the rest of the journey thinking over what she had just heard and what the next step should be.
When they arrived at Jasmines house, Julia had thought of a plan of sorts she would not ask if Erica wanted out of the diaper but leave her in it until she asked herself.

By bedtime Erica had not come and asked to be taken out of the diaper.
“Erica, can I ask you a personal question?” Julia asked as she was tucking her daughter into Mia’s old bed
“Yes mommy” Erica said
“Why didn’t you ask to be taken out of the diaper when we got here?” She asked
“I forgot” Erica replied, she didn’t like lying to her mum but was to embarrassed to tell her the truth.
“Are you positive that’s the reason?” she asked, adding “I love you no matter what you chose baby you do know that don’t you, you do not need to be embarrassed to tell me anything”
“No im not positive” Erica cried, “Its just that the diaper felt nice, warm and comfy” She added through tears.
“Don’t cry baby, there is nothing to be ashamed of” Julia said
“I know mommy” Erica said drying here eyes.
“Do you think that i could maybe carry on wearing diapers please?” Erica asked extremly embarrassed
“If thats what you want baby then of course you can” Julia said kissing her daughter on the forehead “Anything you want baby, now go to sleep and we will talk in the morning” She said “Night, night” She added/
“Night mommy” Erica said befor closing her eyes and going to sleep.

End of chapter 1, comments appreciated

Ericas Tale

This is one of those stories I don’t mind reading for pleasure. It’s not good, and the plot’s kind of overused, but it’s like a guilty pleasure to read because it’s the genre i like. Fix up some grammar issues and keep writing. Don’t be afraid to get negative comments because it really isn’t a very good story, but I enjoyed reading it so far.

Ericas Tale

great story keep it coming

Ericas Tale

Oh yeah, and the epilouge is really the prolouge.

Ericas Tale

A whole new kind of beginning at the end.

Ericas Tale

Was this a typo here?

Hi I am Erica I am 13 I have short black hair and green eyes, I live in a little town called Ramsey in Cambridgeshire in England and, I attend Ramsey Abbey college

Why is she in college at age 13? Or is she some sort of genius she graduated early and headed off to college?

It’s actually happened to a very few kids but I think it’s rare for a kid to graduate at a young age. I once read about a 12 year old girl finishing high school in Time For Kids in 2000. She skipped several grades a year because the word was too easy.

Ericas Tale

Some high schools are called colleges, especially catholic schools. I’m assuming it is an Austrailan, English thing as some high schools here in OZ are called the same.

Not to bad of a story. keep it coming.

Here in OZ we sometimes call McDonalds Micky D’s. Did you mean Macy or Macky?

2 stars


Ericas Tale

A 13 year old in high school? She must have skipped a grade then or she is in catholic school.

Ericas Tale

I turned 13 the year I started high school but my birthday is in december so I was one of the youngest. We start grade 7 here around 12 and 13

Ericas Tale

Not a bad start but you need to reread it.

Ericas Tale

yeah the way it works here is there is no middle school, so we go to primary school from ages 4 to 12 and then we start secondary from 13 - 18. and yeah i think it could be a catholic thing, i went to a catholic school and it was called a college. but college over here are normally called university anyway. now on to the story, dude you got to watch your grammer and spellings. did you proof read this? and when using dialouge try and avoid using said a billion times

Ericas Tale

I noticed one spot in the middle where you switched points of view. It was just in that one place from what I saw, but it was pretty noticeable, so watch your points of view.

Also, you need to proof-read your chapters before you post them. This one of full of misspellings and grammatical errors.

Ericas Tale

Thank you all for your comments and i will try to improve on the next chapter, and
littlebunny i meant macky d’s (my bad lol) its what we call mcdonalds were i live, and the school name i used is the name of my old secondary school it is a technolgy college for ages 11-18 from year 7 to 13 (year 12 and 13 being 6th from, and not mandatory yet).
Also i know the story isnt that good yet but it will improve as i have many ideas for it but they just happen a lil bit alter in the story.

Ericas Tale

Yeah, high school here goes from grade 7 to 12 with 11 and 12 being optional. It is 13 years all up when you add kindergarten.

We generally call McDonalds here Maccas most of the time, no one that I know of calls it Macky D’s in Australia but sometimes Micky D’s like I said earlier. I find it funny how things are slightly different where ever you go.

Ericas Tale

School system aside (Wikipedia, anyone?) this story has some serious issues.

Just to hit at the most basic (spelling and syntax aside): How on Earth did the two go shopping together and Erica not notice her mother buying diapers?

Ericas Tale

That is simple she went off and sat in the car whilst her mum went and did some food shoping and to buy the diapers in ASDA ( a store in peterborough)lol

Ericas Tale

Here we have high school for grades 9-12 or 10-12. Middle school is 5-8 or 6-8 or 7-9. It depends on the area of course. And I learned some elementary schools have preschools in them and some go from K-4 or K-5 or K-6. Some even go up till 8th grade and then there is high school so it’s like they skipped middle school.

The town I lived in for 8 years, it went up to 8th grade for a while until they built the elementary school in the 70’s so the old elementary school became a building for 5th and 6th graders. When it was first built, it was for all grades and then they built the high school in 1953 which became a middle school when the new high school opened in 1970 which I went to. Then in 1998, they moved 5th grade to elementary school.

But in two other towns I knew in Montana near me, the elementary school went up to 8th grade.

But in my city the schools go up to 5th grade and the middle school is 6-8 and high school is 9-12.

Ericas Tale

why would an english called nappies diapers? Lol i might just be pedantic though, and yeah in England we dont have colleges its primary (3-10/11), secondry 11-15/16) then either sixth form or college (16-18/19) then either work or uni :slight_smile:

Ericas Tale

The only reason i used the word diaper in stead of nappy is prefer that name lol
i almost every internet site i go on is american any way so im used to reading typing and saying the american alternative to what we english use

Ericas Tale

i think you need to slow things down Diaperd-Teen. This chapter has so much stuff happening in it, i say you could have made six chapters out of it. Say chapter one dealing with bed wetting chapter two the build up to going on holiday. Chapter three the airport, like it is two and a half hours where stuff can happen. Chapter four the airplane. Chapter five meeting her cousins and chapter six finding out she is not the only one that wets the bed.

A chapter isnt about length its about plot and how the plot moves. although with that said you do need to make it long. like for each part that i brought up, see if you could have turned that into a thousand words. so for your next chapter think of one thing that you want to happen and just focus on that. and give yourself a target. say ok im going to focus on X and im going to make it 1,500 words long. how many words you use is up to you but i think that it should be at leas a thousand. that will force you to be more descriptive and to get into the characters more.
A part from that this is a good effort, it seems like its going to “everybody gets diapers” route so be carefull of that, it doesnt go down well. just work on grammar and plausability and this should turn out great