ENF/Punishment | Election Day

Hannah sat lazily on the couch in her family room watching tv. She should be going to vote during this time, but she was too lazy and couldn’t care less who won. She was simply looking to get by and not have to do anything all day.

Her mother suddenly burst open the door. “Hannah, you haven’t gone to vote yet. Come on, get off your butt and I’ll take you to the voting location,” she said.

“No, mom. I don’t want to go. It’s a pointless vote anyways,” Hannah rolled her eyes.

“No daughter of mine is going to sit on her butt all day on election day!” Her mother scolded.

Her mother turned off the television and stood in front of Hannah. “We can do this the easy way or the hard way, but either way you are going to go vote.”

“Come on, mom. I don’t need to vote on a stupid politician. They all lie anyways. What’s the point? It’s not like my vote will count for anything,” Hannah scoffed. “Go … off already.”

Her mother took a deep breath before yanking Hannah off the couch. “You will watch that mouth of yours and you will go vote. In fact, if you need some motivation. You can go vote naked.”

Hannah’s mom began to pull Hannah’s shirt off her body, quickly ripping her bra from her chest. Hannah screamed as she continued to have her clothes ripped off her body. There she stood butt naked in the family room. Her small breasts were squeezed against her chest while she cupped her bare pussy with the other hand.

Hannh’s mom yanked Hannah by her hair and dragged her out the door. Hannah felt her mom shove her into the back of the car, turning on the child lock and began to drive off towards the high school where the voting was taking place.

Hannah blushed a deep red as her nakedness was all too clear. “Mom, please. Turn around. I’ll vote, I promise. Just let me put on some clothes! Our neigbors will be there! And all of those students!”

“You should have thought about that sooner instead of wait for the last secomd. You’re going to go vote as you are. I have your ID with me so we’re all set.”

Hannah squirmed in her seat as her mother continued to drive. It took 10 minutes before her mom pulled into the school parking lot. Still naked, her mother yanked the door open and Hannah saw a huge line piling out the door. “There’s so many people, please mom. I’ll go vote, I promise. Don’t make me go naked!”

But Hannah’s mom had no sympathy as she dragged her daughter out of the car and to the end of the line. She was directly behind her next door neighbor who turned to see Hannah.

“Oh, hey Hannah. Come to go vote?” Chris asked looking her up and down. “What happened to your clothes?”

Hannah blushed a deep red as her crush noticed her. “Hannah wasn’t going to go vote, so I needed to persuade her,” Hannah’s mom explained. “I see you were a responsible young man.”

“Of course, Mrs. Roberts,” Chris said with a tint of red on his cheeks.

Chris’s mom turned and spoke. “Well it sounds like someone needs a bit of a spanking if she wasn’t going to go vote. Such irresponsibility cannot go unlooked, Mary.”

“Hmm, that’s not actually a bad thought,” Mary (Hannah’s mother) said.

“You can do it right on the school stage when you go up there in fact. Everyone will be able to see her that way and it will teach a valuable lesson to everyone.”

Hannah squirmed not wanting to be spanked in front of everyone she knew and moreZ

“I think that’s exactly what Hannah needs,” Mary said.

Hannah’s nudity became even more prominent as the line moved forward as the group headed into the school auditorium doors where the voting was being held. The place was crowded with everyone from Hannah’s neighborhood and even classmates that were home from school like Hannah was. Mary dragged Hannah up onto the stage as everyone stopped what they were doing to watch.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I would first like to thank you all for coming out to vote,” Mary spoke into the mic. “The reason why I am up here with my naked daughter is because she decided she wasn’t going to vote today. So I decided to give her a little lesson she will never forget. Her name is Hannah Roberts. She lives on Sunset Avenue. Many of you may even know her. Well you are about to know her even more.”

Hannah felt her arms get yanked behind her back as she squirmed and squealed in humiliation as everyone stared at her bare pussy and small breasts. “Hannah here is a 10 A but likes to have a little padding that brings her to a 32 A cup. Not much to stuff apparently. But she also cannot seem to grow any hair on her body which makes it real nice for me when I want to make a point.”

Her classmates snickered taking pictures. Everyone had their phones out recording and capturinh Hannah’s naked body.

“And if that’s not all, I am about to give her a great big spanking in front of all of you. And once she’s done you can resume voting like responsible citizens.”

Hannah squirmed in embarrassment as she was turned around and bent over by the waist with her legs spread apart giving everyone there an eyeful as her butt pointed at everyone.


Hannah’s butt cheeks jiggled to the smacks of Mary’s hand.


A pink glow began to form as everyone laughed and jeered.


Hannah’s cheeks continued to bounce around in response to the spanks.

After the spanking was over, Hannah’s cheeks glowed red. Everyone let Hannah go up to the booths and cast her vote. As she turned to leave, her mother gave another smack to Hannah’s butt. Hannah felr something stick to the middle of her cheek and turned to see what it was. But before she could do so her mother simply smiled and said “I wouldn’t want you to forget your sticker.”

A giant I VOTED sticker was now stuck to the middle of Hannah’s right bare cheek as she was guided out the door pictures stil being captured by everyone there.