Empty Nest: Chapter Five

Warning: this chapter contains mature themes and mild sexual content.

Chapter Five

For Sherry, it was another night trapped in half-sleep and contemplation. On several occasions, she had to fight off the urge to untie her tenant and apologize profusely. What she did to Mitchell was beyond the pale. Yet at the same time, she knew it was the right thing to do.

She had still been angry with him when she went on her shopping trip, but she forced that anger out. It had to be about his welfare, what was best for him. He was making poor decisions and he needed some time out to think. Years ago, when Justin and Lauren were making poor decisions, she’d sent them to their rooms and that seemed to work wonders. But how do you compel a 19-year-old to stay in his room and reflect on things? You get creative.

By morning, her nerves had settled and she’d begun to feel better about the decision she made. She entered Mitchell’s room and, without a word, began to free him from his bonds. The rope left ugly red marks on his wrists and she felt guilty. Neither of them said a word as she removed his blindfold and helped him out of bed. She half-expected to find a puddle under him, but either he’d held it in (unlikely) or the diapers had done their job.

After escorting him down the stairs, Sherry sat him down at the kitchen table and served him breakfast. She felt bad that he went to bed without dinner, so she went all out: eggs, toast, sausage, juice. He ate mostly in silence, but he did manage a quick “thanks” and a satisfied belch when he was finished.

“Well, Mitch, I’ve hope you had a chance to think things over,” she said.

“Yeah, I did,” he said. “I’m not gonna call the cops on you if that’s what you’re worried about. I mean, this is so weird, who would believe me?”

“Not to mention you asked to stay,” she reminded him. “Do you still want to stay?”

He contemplated a moment and sighed. “I guess I do,” he said.

“Then I need to know I can trust you,” she told him. “I need to know you won’t lie to me or steal from me or…”

“Look, I know I’m not making a good impression,” he interrupted. “But this is a fucked-up time in my life right now, OK? And I’m sorry, but that’s the only way to put it.”

She took a breath and forced the calm into her body. “I understand that, Mitch,” she said. “Believe me, I do. And I am trying to help you through it, believe it or not. But you have to give me something.”

“OK,” he said. His sincerity seemed doubtful, but she opted to believe him.

“Now, what do you have planned for today?”

“I don’t have any interviews lined up, if that’s what you’re asking,” he said. “To be honest with you, I’m getting real sick of looking…”

“That’s all right,” she assured him. “You can take the day off. But Mitch? I do need you to do one thing for me.”

“Yeah?” he asked. “What’s that?”

“Before I leave this morning, I want you to put on another diaper. And when I see you again this afternoon, I want you to still be wearing it. It’s…strange, I know. But if you’ll do that for me, I’ll know that I can trust you.”

His face soured, but he didn’t reject the suggestion.

“Yeah, fine,” he said. “Whatever.”

Sherry beamed. She did the dishes while Mitchell showered and dressed for the day. Before leaving, she knocked and poked her head in his room. He was actually putting away some clothes and straightening out the clutter, God bless him.

“Did you do what I asked?” she said.

He raised his shirt to show her. She could see a sliver of white plastic over the top of his shorts.

“Thank you, Mitch,” she said. “You have a good day.”

Sherry left on a high note, but she had to remind herself it was unlikely to last. Maybe Mitchell was starting to turn himself around, but he wasn’t there yet. He still needed help and she would provide it.

She had no classes that morning, but she did have office hours. No students had signed up to see her, so she bided her time grading papers and revising her syllabi for the next semester. She wanted to talk to the chair about changing texts, but the chair would probably be against it. She would ask Lydia and see if they didn’t have enough support to force the issue.

When her office hours ended, Sherry got in her car and drove past the shopping center to a smaller plaza near the old train tracks. The plaza was home to a small pizzeria, a dry cleaner’s and her destination, Leather & Lace. The store trafficked in adult “novelties,” risqué clothing/costumes and scorn from the local churchgoing community.

Sherry felt a bit self-conscious walking through the door. She was not a prude by any means, but she felt as if she didn’t belong here. She had friends in college who were into BDSM and leather and all sorts of things. They made overtures toward including her, but she politely declined. It simply was not for her. It still wasn’t, but she was there on another matter.

“Can I help you?” a voice asked.

Sherry followed it to a chubby, dark-haired young woman with a plethora of piercings and an abundance of eye shadow.

“Umm, yes,” she said. “I was wondering if you did custom furniture?”

“Sure, we do that,” the woman said. “Hey Don!”

An older man soon stepped forward from the back. He was bearded and wore his silver hair in a ponytail. His arms were hairy and tan and the bottom of a tattoo peaked out from each of his short, black sleeves.

“She was asking about furniture,” the pierced woman said.

“Sure,” said Don. “What do you need?”

Sherry felt flustered as she followed him back to the adults-only area. “Well, it’s a little unusual…”

Don cackled good naturedly; a ‘we’ve-heard-everything’ laugh that put Sherry at ease.

“I need a crib,” she said. “Adult-sized, but not a stand-alone. More like rails that can be mounted onto a bed frame. Something that is easy to attach and remove.”

Don stroked his beard. “I think we can do that,” he said. “It’ll take some time and some money, but we can do that.”

“That’s fine,” Sherry said.

“Let me go find you a form,” Don said.

He disappeared into a small office and Sherry looked around the adults-only area. There were dildos and vibrators and whips and paddles and things she didn’t know the proper names for whose functions she dared not guess. Amid all the strangeness, however, she found a few things which caught her eye. She was holding up one such item when Don returned with an order form.

“Do you think this will fit over a diaper?” she asked.

He shrugged casually. “Don’t see why not?”

Link didn’t wait for long after Sherry left before removing the diaper. It was crazy for him to be wearing it all day, especially when he could just come back later and put another one on again without her knowing the difference.

What had happened the night before was crazy too, but Link had given up trying to make sense of it. He was willing to write it off as Sherry flipping out on him, the same way others had done. Only instead of yelling or cursing him or throwing him out of the house, she’d tied him up. Dry mouth and numb wrists aside, he wasn’t sure he’d rather have it that way. At least she made him breakfast.

Still, there was a chance Sherry was starting to go completely mental on him, in which case he should start scouting out some alternatives. He drove past his parents’ place then D’s, but no one was home at either location. He knew Will’s parents wouldn’t take him in and Steever and his girlfriend didn’t have the space.

Bored and broke, Link went to the library. He couldn’t remember the last time he was there. After all, it wasn’t like he read books unless he had to. But it was quiet and it was free, so that made it as good a place as any to chill for awhile. He found a comfortable chair and picked up a newspaper. The headlines spoke of trouble with China and a tanking economy. None of that interested him, so he flipped to the classifieds. When no one was looking, he tore the page out and stuffed it in his pocket. An old man sitting a table away from him wheezed and gave him the evil eye as he left.

It was early afternoon when Link made his way back. He figured he was early enough to beat Sherry home, but her car in the driveway said otherwise. He could always slip back out and hope she’d be gone later, but he was getting to be hungry and she had food. Instead, he pinned his hopes on making it back up to his room undetected.

He was halfway up the stairs when she busted him.

“Hold it,” she said, prompting him to mouth a silent ‘fuck.’ “Are you still wearing your diaper like I asked you to?”

I could lie, Link thought, but she’d check. He knew she would check.

“No,” he said with a sigh.

“I sort of expected that,” Sherry told him as she met him on the staircase. “Come with me, please.”

“Look,” Link said as they crossed into his room. “If you want me to put on another diaper, I’m fine with that. I mean, I don’t care now that I’m here and I’m not gonna be seen anywhere.”

“Oh, another diaper is on its way,” Sherry told him. “But first, I have something for you?”

“Yeah?” Link asked. “What’s…”

He was surprised by how quickly she moved. One minute they were standing and talking, the next minute he was bent over the bed. She’d pushed his arm behind his back and held him there. When he tried to break free, she applied pressure. It made him still in a hurry.

“I want you to think about this, Mitch, the next time you lie to me,” she said. “The next time you break a promise.”

With no further explanation, she brought a paddle down hard across his backside. It stung one cheek first and then the other, alternating in a swift, merciless rhythm.

“Ow!” Link yelped. “Oww….fuck! Owww, damnit. Ahhhh!”

Sherry ignored his pleas and continued to spank him until his eyes watered. He let go his shame, his outrage at being treated like this, and began to plead.

“I’ll be good,” he promised. “I’ll be goooood!”

“I know you will,” she said, letting loose her grip. “Now lay down for me please.”

“I can’t!” he protested. “I mean, my butt’s too sore.”

“On your tummy then,” she said.

Link slowly swung his legs around so he was lying flat on his stomach on the bed. Sherry slid one hand under him to unbutton his fly then tugged his pants down.

“I’ll be right back,” she announced. “Don’t even think of going anywhere.”

Link nodded. He had no such thoughts. He did, however, grab the paddle she had used on him. It was white and thin and wooden. He had half a mind to snap it in half, but worried that she might have another one.

Sherry returned a moment later and, without warning, began to rub some kind of lotion or ointment onto his butt. He winced at first, but it was cool and soothing and her fingers were strong. He imagined them at work on his cock and he couldn’t help but grow hard.

“Feel better?” Sherry asked.

Link nodded. It was weird. He couldn’t explain it, but some part of him was liking this, liking the attention. D’s idea of affection was planting herself in his lap when he was trying to do something else or biting his earlobe, which he told her a bunch of times he didn’t like. Then again, she did give good head.

“I’m going to turn you over now,” Sherry said, spreading out a towel next to him.

Link nodded and she rolled him onto the towel. He was still erect, but she paid him no mind. To his dismay, she did not rub any more lotion on him. Instead, she unfolded a diaper and slid it under him. The diaper had been sprinkled with baby powder and some more powder was sprinkled around his crotch. Link coughed. The smell of the powder was strong.

With a mother’s expertise, Sherry taped both sides of his diaper shut then pulled him up first into a sitting position and then a hug. His head was nestled against her bosom and he felt surprisingly calm. It was like everything that had been bugging him the past few days, with the job search, with D, had happened to someone else.

“You and I have a lot to talk about,” Sherry said, planting a gentle kiss on his forehead. “But first, you must be hungry.”

“Yeah,” Link said. He sounded stoned.

“We’ll get you some lunch in just a minute,” she told him. “I just need you to do one more thing for me.”

“OK,” he said, amazed by his dazed passivity.

She withdrew from him and reached back under the bed, where she produced a leather harness-looking thing. She held it open like a pair of pants and asked him to step into it. He did so, one leg first and then the other. He felt the leather straps cinch tight against his diaper and heard the click of a small lock as she reached behind him. It dawned on him that this must be some kind of chastity belt and she had in fact just locked him into diapers. Strangely enough, at that moment, he didn’t really care.

Empty Nest: Chapter Five

Enjoying the bondage overtone. Well written. But I’ve been through a bunch of crappy stories, so I can’t really tell anymore. I can always appreciate punctuation and proper spacing.

Empty Nest: Chapter Five

I really hope you don’t loose the gold vein, 'cause right now you are doing pretty well.

The two slightly weak points I find are

    Sherry's POW: she cannot trust Link and has to choose between throwing him out and listening to her wounded maternal instincts. Granted that she goes for the second option, I expect her to either enforce a greater control to keep Link under effective grip (right now her position is weak) or to loose nerve and get at some point overpowered by him.

    I can’t understand Link well: he seems the weak version of Douglas Archembau, who wasn’t one of your best shaped characters. At points he seems more an idiot with inconstant mood rather than a complete looser, the difference being that the complete looser would have opted for running away or being totally submissive. Somewhere else he seems spineless. There is a significative difference between moody and spineless, that should possibly cleared out.

      Empty Nest: Chapter Five

      Thanks for the feedback. I intentionally left Link’s characterization a little vague with the intent of developing it later. I now realize I should probably do more to move that along. Basically, he’s kind of a slacker. He’s not stupid, but he has poor judgment and usually opts for the path of least resistence. He’s a go along, get along kind of guy who’s finding it increasingly hard to skate through life, which frustrates him and brings him into conflict with others. He’s starting to realize he needs to do more to make things happen, but he hasn’t moved beyond his sloth/apathy yet and that means Sherry has to go to greater lengths to reach him.

      As for Sherry, some of what you pointed out may be resolved in coming chapters.

      Empty Nest: Chapter Five

      Another good chapter, can’t wait to see where the story goes next!!