employment inquiry

I am hoping someone can explain this better than my brother and friend did.

I was working at the help desk of a company in tier 2 position.

I found a problem that was affecting our networks in stores that were upgraded.

I brought this to my boss’s attention who told me to email someone in our NYC corporate.

I am not really sure what happened, but two days later I was out of a job and

was told three different stories.

I am taking a slight vacation from work so that I can focus on getting the rest of my M$ and Cisco certifications.

is this normal inside corporate America?


employment inquiry

I should probably explain the three stories I was given.

I was a contract employee:

The first thing I heard was that I misused company time while researching the issue through the call logs on my lunch.

The second thing I heard was that it was a budgetary issue due to the OT (which was mandatory) I did.

And then third thing I heard was that my contract was not being continued because of experience.

employment inquiry

thank you

very much

employment inquiry

It could even be unconnected…