Emma's New Diaper Life

Emma woke up, covered in pee, yet again. She kept telling her mom it was the pills that she made her take for his iron deficiency, but she never listened! That had been going on for a few months. She was used to it by this point. She groaned as she hopped out of bed and over to her bathroom for a shower to get rid of the pee that clinged onto her. She looked inside the cupboard for a towel. There was some weird purple package in there. She didn’t question what it was. She took off her pyjamas and layed them down on the mat on the floor. She was completely naked. Her boobs bounced slightly as she stepped up into the walk in shower she’d synced to her alarm clock. When her alarm clock went off, so did her shower! What an amazing time was 2030 to live in?

After her shower, she went back into her bedroom, stripped the sheets and put them in the washing machine. She soon changed into her cool new miniskirt, her pale yellow bee shirt and her denim jacket she’d had since year 9. She sighed as she smelt her room. Bedwetting was not something a 14 year old should be doing.

“Emma! Can you come down here?”. Ugh, her mum was calling her. What was this going to be about? She went downstairs, as slowly and as loudly as possible. What? She was a teenager! It was basically her right! She was met with her mum, looking at her holding the weird purple package she’d seen in the bathroom.

“Listen sweetie, you know how you’ve been wetting yourself?” Miss Rose, Emma’s mother, asked her. “Yeah, in the night? Why?” “Well honey, I think I know what’s wrong!” Was her mum finally going to understand that it was them pills? Would she soon be able to stop taking them?

“Listen, I think it’s a combination of two things. So, ever since your daddy died, you’ve had a lot more on your plate. I think you’re too stressed out. Listen honey, I think you should wear diapers. I think that your nightime accidents is your subconscious saying potty training is too stressful!”

Emma was shocked! That wasn’t it at all! No! It was those stupid iron pills! Couldn’t her mother believe her? “No! It’s not them! It’s them pills!” Emma cried. “JUST LET ME STOP TAKING THE PILLS!”. Miss Rose looked at her teenage daughter with comforting eyes. “Listen honey, this, your little temper tantrum just now? That’s a little girl thing! Why hadn’t I noticed the signs before? Now, you’re going to be diapered, or your phone goes in the sink with the washing up!”

Emma’s eyes widened! Her mom was serious about this. “Listen honey, if you can get home with a clean diaper this week, I’ll let you buy some panties to wear!” Emma thought about this. “Ugh, okay. I accept. What do you mean ‘buy some’ mom?” “Well honey, I’m going to be throwing your panties away! Not like you’ll be using them for a while! Now, how about I change you?”

Her mother directed her over to the coffee table…


Welcome to part 2 people! Only like 3 or so hours after the last one! I feel so good as a writer! Yay!

“So, as I said, I think there’s a second reason that you have been having night time accidents…” This time, Emma didn’t have her hopes up as high. What BS would her mother be saying this time?

“I think you haven’t been having your iron medication enough! So this time, you’ll be taking it 5 times a day, once at breakfast, once at break and lunch at school, the nurse will be helping you with that one, one with your dinner, and finally, your usual one before bed!” Emma looked over at her mom in horror! First, she was forced to take them ‘iron’ pills, next she was diapered, now she was expected to have 4 more of them pills! It was ridiculous! Her mother looked over at her as she layed down on the table, the poofy diaper making a large bulge clearly under her skirt. She wanted to change into something longer. That would be great. “Mom-” “No baby! This isn’t up for debate! And you aren’t changing either! I know some kids might see your diaper, but that way, everyone will be able to check your diaper! Isn’t that great! You won’t need to have to check if you’ve messed yourself! Now, time to take your pills!”

Emma was finally allowed to get up off of the coffee table, disgusted at the situation she was in. Her mother went into the kitchen to get her pills and she pulled her skirt as far down as possible. Over half of it was clearly visible. “Now honey, the nurse is going to become more than just a nurse to you, okay? So you’re going to be allowed 2 diaper changes a day at school, a break one and a lunch one. This means you’ll be calling the nurse ‘Nanny’ from now on. Another rule, if you use the big girls toilet, you will be getting detention! All of the teachers will be notified of this.”

She tried to protest but soon 2 pills were shoved in her mouth, her usual yellow one and a second brown one she’d never seen before. Her mother grabbed her backpack, shoved it into her hands and pushed her out of the door. Emma walked over to the bus stop, trying to hide the thick diaper. Her stomach was making strange noises. She ignored them and walked red faced to the bus stop, awaiting her fate of bullying. She soon arrived, just as the bus appeared. She walked up over to her usual space, in the middle of the bus, the least popular area to sit. Everyone was looking at her diaper, staring at it, like predators! “Hey baby! Nice diaper!” Cried Adam, her now ex-boyfriend.
She tried to ignore the laughter all around her on the way to Mudeford High School.

As she exited the bus, the noise coming from her stomach only got louder. Ugh, she hated this! She ran straight to Tutor, in the history department. On the way there, Miss. Opheline told her to stop and felt her diaper. “Why did you do that Miss?” Emma cried. “I was just making sure your diaper’s clean. Have you been drinking and eating enough? Wait, I have just the thing for you!” “Sorry, I have to get to tutor!” Emma said, trying to get out of this encounter. “Nonsense! Little ones like you need special drinks! Here!” The teacher passed Emma a sippy cup. She was so humiliated! Everyone passing laughed loudly as Emma put the sippy cup in her mouth and drank it. She recoiled. It was some extra mushy liquidated stuff that tasted repulsive. After she’d finished, she passed it back to Miss. Opheline and went to tutor.

“Ah, Baby Emma! I’ve been expecting you!”


“Hi miss…” Emma muttered, embarrassed. “Don’t be so embarrassed baby, you’ll get used to this! Anyway, I have been informed about your strict diaper usage so there will be no potty breaks for you!” Mrs Momoh, her tutor said, in front of the class. Then, the half hour class started. While everyone else was given a maths assessment, she was given a little kids colouring book. She tried to do more complex things, but her tutor told her to just scribble or she’d get a detention. Soon, she realised she REALLY needed the bathroom. In just a few seconds, she felt like she was about to burst! Just as she was about to ask to go to the bathroom, it all came out! The warm mess rushed into her diaper, making it clearly brown. Mrs Momoh looked over at her, knowing exactly what she’d done.

“I’d recognise someone’s potty face from a mile away! It seems, Emma, that you’ve had your first accident of the day! What a good baby! I bet you could barely control it!” “Y-Yeah…” Her face was as red as her diaper was brown. “Can you go to see the nurse or is there a different system in place?” “N-Nanny… Uh, the nurse, changed my diaper at break and lunch-” her classmates reassuring looks seemed very out of place -No, they seemed more parental than that.

Emma’s diaper started to sag. It was over double the size it had been before! Her eyes widened as she looked down at the torturous thing. There was no point in dwelling on that, and so Emma continued with her colouring.

Soon the bell rang. Finally, she was out of this class of hell! “Goodbye students and Baby Emma! See you all tommorow or for some of you big kids, fourth period!” Emma ran (or more waddled due to the size of the diaper) as fast as she could to her next class of the day, history. Her diaper crinkled like crazy! Who knew the things were so loud? Soon she was there. Great. It was a male teacher, seeing her in a diaper! Mr. Hawes also felt her diaper. The warmth of the mess the diaper contained made him happy, despite it was clear from a mile away that she’d messed her diaper.

“It seems you’ve had an accident Emma. How good! I was told if you hadn’t had an accident in tutor we’d need to take you to the principal so no need for that. I have a gift for you Emma.” What would the gift be? Would it be the panties she’d been after for hours? She hoped it was. Instead, Mr. Hawes whipped a pacifier out of his bag and into Emma’s mouth.

“There this way you’ll be calm! Okay class! Today we’ll be learning about the gold and land rushes during the creation of America! Meanwhile, Emma will be playing with a my little pony toy! Emma, if you could sit on the pink mat, instead of the big girl seat?” Emma silently nodded as she sucked on her new pacifier.


Emma was getting bored playing with the doll, and by this point, the rest of the class had started doing silent research on their laptops so there was nothing she could listen to either. Every time she looked away from the doll, Mr Hawes spanked her with the diaper. Her messy diaper… Emma felt the same feeling she’d felt around half an hour ago. She needed to get to the toilet! Now! But Sir would’ve never let her go, so she gave up almost instantly. Hsssssssssss… Pfrrrrt… Her diaper got even fuller. Most of it was poo, only a bit of wee, but it was terrible. She was so distracted by her accident that she didn’t even notice the needle being plunged into her back!

Suddenly, she examined the Lol doll! It was beautiful! She was going to call it Emma, just like her, since she wore a messy diaper, just like her! “Look sir! She has a diaper just like me!” Emma said excitedly to her teacher. “Aww, so she does! But I bet she doesn’t have as many accidents as you! I noticed your little accident, don’t try to deny it!” Emma looked up at her teacher in embarrassment. She didn’t want to talk about her accident. “Sorry about that sir…” She said, slightly muffled by the pacifier that was still in her mouth.

Soon the class was over. Emma was happy to know she was allowed to keep big Emma, her diapered dolly! On the way to science, she heard an announcement on the intercom. “Could Baby Emma please report to the principal’s office for diaper related reasons? I repeat, Baby Emma.” Oh, come on! She was just wearing a diaper, that’s all! She wasn’t an actual baby! And the pacifier and her dolly were perfectly normal for big girls! Emma needed to go to the bathroom again. Due to having no alternative, she peed herself right in the hallway, earning more laughter from the students.

She waddled over to the principals office, wondering what was about to happen to her. Not like she’d know anyway till she got there! She opened the door to the principal’s office. “Hello little one!” Exclaimed the principal. He was a portly shaped man with a shaven face and only white tufts of hair left on his scalp. He looked almost fatherly.

“Hi Sir…” Emma muttered quietly. “Nonsense Emma! I’m your principal, call me just your ‘grown up’ or “Uncle”. We need to get well aquainted, don’t we?” “Okay Uncle! So, not to be rude but, why am I here? Diaper change isn’t for another hour and Big Emma, my dolly, wants to get to class!”

The Principal smiled at her, in a way that someone would smile at a toddler. It repulsed her and yet felt addicting at the same time. “Well you see Emma, your mommy and I think science is a bit too grown up for you! It has such long exams and little ones like you can’t do stuff like that! So, your mommy and I are going to help you!” He said with glee.

“I can manage…” “Don’t even try to act like a big girl! We understand that kids like you have trouble acting your age, therefore we think we know what to do! You need to gain wait, so we’re going to be giving you some lovely treats while you watch some videos!” Now she was sold. Instead of doing exams, she’d be able to watch YouTube or some shit! That was actually pretty good!

“Okay sir! When do I start?” She asked in a happy tone. “Just go through this door, the ‘helping room’, we call it.” And so she went. She sat down on this poofy sofa, opposite a large home cinema sized TV. Where were the snacks? Agh, that didn’t matter. The TV came to life and a video started playing. It was an hour long. It was called “Emma’s a little girl.” Huh…


The video began to play. A character called “Mommy” appeared on screen next to someone named “Nanny” and “Baby Emma”. The video started. “Emma is a baby. Emma is a little one. Emma is a baby. Emma is a little one. Emma is a baby. Emma is a little one.” Chorused all 3, fully synchronised. Emma’s brain changed to keep this new information in her head. She was a little one and a baby. That was who she was. She wasn’t a big girl or a teenager. She was a baby. That was all that made sense.

The video went silent and some new letters went over the screen. Wait, there was drool over her place and her pacifier suddenly fell to the floor. Huh. Then, something rushed into her mouth, a tube of sorts. She tried to stop it, but something was rushing into her mouth through the tube. She had no choice but to swallow. It was food, she realised! How clever was she for figuring that one out!

Eventually the food stopped and she could close her sore mouth again. Her principal walked through the door. “Hey Emma! Did you enjoy your snack?” He enquired. “No. Not really. It went really quickly and I feel like I’m going to POP!” She yelled. Tears streamed down her face. It was hard for a baby like her to eat so much food.

“Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear that! What are you again? Just to remind an old man like me.”. “I’m a baby, an you’re a grown up!” Emma said excitedly. She was being so smart today! “Good girl! How about you get to see your Nanny for a change!” Said the Principal, in a firm yet fatherly tone. Emma nodded her head and waddled as fast as possible (slower than usual walking) over to her Nanny’s office.

She walked into the office, Nanny coming right over to her and feeling her messy diaper, like most teachers did. It felt weird and embarrassing! She desperately wanted to get out of diapers, or at least into a clean one!

“Hi little one! What seems to be the issue?” Asked Nanny. Nanny knew exactly why Emma was there. It was just further embarrassment. Did Nanny really expect her to say why she was here? “Nanny, I need a change…” Emma mumbled, her cheeks reddened. “A change of what? Your skirt and shirt seem fine!” She was really going to make her say it? She internally groaned. “Nanny, I had an accident in my diaper, like 4 times…” The embarrassment was unbearable, until Nanny put her hand on Emma’s shoulder. “It’s okay Emma! Babies like you always have accidents. Now, do you need to get some more poo poo or wee wee into your diaper? Just before we get you changed!”

Emma thought for a moment. She was really full from all the food she’d had. “Y-yes… I need to go poo poo and wee wee… Should I just go here?” Nanny looked at her before laughing. “Of course you should go here! There’s no way you could make it to the potty on time! Just go in your diaper, like a good baby!” Emma nodded. She really needed to go. She squatted, pulled her signature potty face and grunted. It was easier than going to the potty used to be! It just came right out! Hissssss, hissss! It just kept coming and coming! After around a minute, Emma stopped feeling the same stream entering the diaper. Great, she was done!

But then, she looked down and realised one thing, he’d diaper was right by her knees!


“Look how big your diaper is now!” Nanny exclaimed. “You’ve probably had so many accidents! Alright, now time to get onto the changing table!” Emma undaintily, due to the massive, sagging diaper she wore. Nanny stripped off the diaper. “Aww! Looks like someone’s naked! Who’s an adorable, naked baby girlie? Emma…I’m waiting… You don’t want a punishment, right?” Emma was scared. What could be worse than public humiliation? “I’m an adorable, naked baby girl! I AM!” She said to Nanny, in her most babyish voice.

Nanny cleaned the poop off of her vagina and bottom and put a new, fresh, poofy diaper on. “Time to take your iron pills!” Nanny exclaimed. Emma gulped. She couldn’t disobay Nanny. She opened her mouth wide. Nanny put the pills in her hand, one being the new brown one, the other, the usual yellow one. “Alright! Remember you don’t need to hold your accidents in anymore! Just release baby! Okay?” Emma somehow wasn’t as embarrassed as before. Was she used to this by now? She nodded and left Nanny’s office. It was so good to be in a fresh diaper!

It was the end of break by this point, and she’d played with Emma and continued to suck on her pacifier. “Nice fresh diaper, baby freak!” A boy shouted at her. He looked really rude. Wait… Was that… Adam? “Thanks Adam!” She responded. That’s what you should say to that, right? She walked up to her next class, English! Perhaps English would be fun?

Emma felt the usual twinge in her bladder and bowels. Except she needed it much more desperately than usual, and that feeling was way less strong. She barely had any time to react. Great. Five minutes in a new diaper and she’d already had an accident in it! Whatever. At least it was warm again!

She opened the door into her English classroom. Yay! Mrs Thornfoot taught this class! She was nice enough! Mrs Thornfoot came over to me and, as usual, felt my diaper, making me pee myself a little. “Oh! Looks like someone just had a little wee wee! At least it’s contained!” She said. Why were all the grown-ups so enthusiastic about her diapers?

“Ah, anyway baby, you go sit in that bouncer in the back! It has extra padding so if your diaper leaks you don’t ruin the chair!” Emma couldn’t help but feel excited about the bouncer! It was like Emma, before today, she’d never felt so excited about babyish stuff. Whatever, that didn’t matter. “I’m not going to leeaak my diaper.” She said, extending the vowels. Mrs Thornfoot helped her into the bouncer. She looked down and realised she’d put on a bit of weight. Probably because of how much she had at snack. The thought of the machine made her cry. She really didn’t want to cry. Now she was crying. Why couldn’t she stop crying? “T-The machine was scawy Ms.” Emma cried. Mrs Thornfoot went over to her and hugged her. “Don’t worry Emma! It can’t hurt you! It’s your friend!” She told the younger girl-turned-baby.

Emma nodded and Mrs Thornfoot went back to teaching the class. Emma didn’t think about the class! No! She was too focused on playing with her Baby Emma dolly! And if she had an accident or two, Mrs Thornfoot didn’t say anything to her. So it didn’t matter. Wearing a diaper was no longer embarrassing to her. Big girls wore panties, she wore a diaper! Sure, having wet and messy accidents was a bit embarrassing, and sure, when the teachers, Mommy and Nanny made her use her diapers, on purpose, or accident, that was also a bit embarrassing… Alright, very embarrassing.


I liked it. New take on an old story. Your punctuation needs a little bit of work. Especially for character speech. Other than that i really enjoyed it. Lol just wish she would have been 18 so i could have enjoyed it with my vibe lol


Thanks! My grammar when it comes to speech isn’t too good due to writing using the style used in playscripts.

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It’s chaos. A good kind of chaos, but still.


Curiosity sake i have a question.

Why the weight gain comment? Its the single point of the story that bugged me. I guess as a woman it strikes a nerve lol

I know, that struck me as odd aswell.

Apply some critical thinking: The comment about the weight gain is to trick her into being more willing to enter the room… how is that not obvious from the context provided by the rest of the paragraph?

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Interesting, I guess I can see that.


Emma used her diaper a little more that class. It was like whatever was in those iron pills kept on weakening her bladder and bowels, more and more. Or was it even the iron pills at all? No, she was a baby. That meant she wore a diaper, right? And used it as well? That was for adults to think about anyway, not babies!

She felt arms lifting her out of the bouncer. “Aww, Baby! Have you had an accident?” The person asked. She had. “Y-Yes… I have…” She muttered. It was the teacher. She felt herself being lifted down. "

The class was over now. She could go. What lesson was it? Oh, right, that was a double lesson wasn’t it? So it was lunch… Wasn’t it? Emma heard the loud crackling of the intercom turning on again. “Could Baby Emma please come to the nurses office for another diaper change?” Came the voice. She sighed and said goodbye to Mrs Thornfoot.

She was in Nanny’s office yet again. It seemed as though Nanny was going to play dumb again. “Hey Baby Emma! How’ve you been?” Nanny said. “Me and other Emma have been playing!” She said excitedly. Her short remark soon turned into a five minute tangent. “Alright Baby, why’s it that you’re here?” She mock-asked. “I had an accident in my diaper…” Emma responded. “Ah, I understand! Babies like you can’t control yourself!” Nanny told her.

That meant… Was she right? It wasn’t them pills that made her have accidents! She just couldn’t control herself! That made more sense. “I know!” She said. Nanny lead her into the changing room, she waddled behind. “A’ight, hop up onto the table.” Nanny commanded. She did as told and her diaper squished as she landed. “Deary me! It seems like someone’s had lots of accidents!” Nanny exclaimed. It was true. The diaper was half way down her legs by that point, but not in a huge way. The diaper was just really puffy-outy. Was that a word?

“How about -just like last time- you get all of your poop and wee out, so perhaps you won’t have an accident next lesson?” Nanny asked, as if she thought Emma could. She relaxed slightly, and it came out straight away. ‘Huh, that was different to last time’ Emma thought.

Soon her diaper was changed and her iron pills were given, and she had plenty of time left of lunch. “Nanny, where should I go?” She asked…

Kinda cliffhanger?


Also, that thing about gaining weight was just them manipulating Emma with the hot-cold manipulation strategy except instead of ignoring during the cold time, they become mean to Emma.