Eleven Stars Daycare (Chapter 26, Aug 9)


This story is about a group of friends who become stranded and find themselves at a daycare which is run by a demon.

This is the sequel to my other story Mother; The Demon, but you don’t need to have read that to read this one. Unlike the last one I am not going to rush this story so updates may take some time. I do hope inspiration will stick with me and updates happen fairly often.

So thank you for reading and please enjoy!

Chapter 1: Friends Until the End.

Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock the slow heartbeat of a clock. Every second felt like a minute, every minute an hour. The cute little blonde watched the clock as the second hand moved slowly around the face. Did the damn cogs have rust or syrup on them? She asked herself. The thought of syrup had her thinking of pancakes, then waffles. How she loved waffles, getting small pools of butter and syrup in every square trap, light sprinkling of powdered sugar with strawberries and their wonderful sugary liquid. The crispness of a well cooked waffle…if not crispy then fluffy and if it was fluffy makeup that wonderful crispiness with fried chicken. A wonderful, magical, exotic and almost forbidden combination! Chicken and Waffles. A bit of ranch or honey mustard on the side. Sure it was weird and not everyone appreciated the platter of goodness but those odd flavors mixed together perfectly somehow.

Kylie grabbed a candy from her purse, the sweet caramel confection helping her sate her appetite for a well made pattern of chicken and waffles all while she glanced over at the clock. A mere 5 seconds had passed yet she felt she had daydreamed of one of her favorite brunches for an hour. The little caramel treat helped distract her, scones, ice cream, parfait, crepes, fudge, fresh out of the oven chocolate chip cookies who cared if they would burn your mouth. She longed for them all and couldn’t wait to get out of work.

Summer was on the fast track to being over. She longed to just once get to do things she wanted to before it was over. Binge eat sweet treats and lay about the beach, maybe even hit up a theme park. Today was exciting though it had been two months ago that she and her closest friends would set out on that one good trip and hit up all the good spots, there was a campground that had both a high quality beach and hiking trail. A town along the way that held high end restaurants and a theme park near the end for the high excitement and lastly another campsite to end it all one that their electronics would be useless, a last respite before returning to civilization with the honks of traffic the beeps of phones and the bright lights of a night time city.

Kylie sighed as her caramel was bearing the end. She checked the clock as she fantasized about the trip that was, TAKING ITS SWEET ASS TIME! Kylie looked at the clock, she had spent maybe Thirty seconds in her daydream, with a growl she plucked out another caramel candy and popped it into her mouth…

Her jubilee of fantasies, or as jovial as they could get, was interrupted by the ding of the coffee shop’s door. Kylie switched from looking bored and lazy, to work mode and greeted the customer with a big smile full of shiny white perfect teeth. “Welcome to Squeaky Bean, how many I see you?” She asked in a bubbly giddy voice.

The brunette woman walked up and smiled at Kylie, the cute blonde noticed the woman’s tan business suit, the black leggings with well polished black high heels. Her hair tied up in a bun and black square lenses.

“I’m here to pick you up, you nut” The woman said and Kylie recognized her voice. Among the dozen of well dressed business ladies all identical in some way, only one would call her a nut.

Kylie’s Bubbly giddy big smile self shattered away to a real bubbly giddy big smile, so much so she began to bounce on the spot.

“Lilly, oh my gosh! I didn’t recognize you, cause of all the other hundreds of tailored suit snobs that come in here, like literally I thought you were at least five of them” she said her new found cheeriness making her speak much faster.

“Thanks” Lilly said, giving her a stern look with a half smile. Lilly was Kylie’s best friend, they had been together since kindergarten. Ever since second grade however, Lilly wanted to become a business woman and took the phrase Dress for the Job You Want literally. She worked hard on her schooling to get into a good college and only took job offers that sounded like there was a fast track to the top and so her resume would look good to help her get into one of the big corporations. Kylie was impressed with her work ethic but didn’t understand how she could handle all that stress, Kylie would have thrown a fit if she so much as had to scrub a toilet it was also why she was stuck in a coffee shop.

“It’s not even time for me to leave yet” Kylie whined a pathetic and rather immature whine.

“It’s almost three, you can convince your boss to leave early,” Lilly said.

“One of the girls called in sick so I am stuck until five now” Kylie pouted.

“Have you tried your cutesy charm on him, isn’t he into that?” Kylie shivered at that suggestion.

“Ew, no, I know he is into that but I have been saving it for a bigger raise once he says I can get one.” She said,

“This is big Kylie, last chance at a big summer party before life decides to hand out our pink slips and give us the boot,” Lilly said. “Besides, I want us leaving by Five and I need to make sure you are fully packed.”

“I’m packed!” Kylie whined again. Lilly gave her a disbelieving look.

“From that, no you are not, you have what? one suitcase of clothes and I am guessing a backpack full of sweets?” Lilly placed her hands on her hips switching from a friend to mother mode.

“No…” Kylie lied but she fidgeted like a child caught stealing a cookie. Lilly always had that effect on her. Lilly was like a second mother to her at times, always watching out for her and keeping her in track with school work and chores. If not for her she would have done whatever she liked and held back a couple years, she couldn’t cutesy charm everyone sadly. Snapsnapsnap three quick snaps of her fingers and Lilly held out her hand. “But I am!” Kylie whined harder, pouting at her friend.

“Candy Now!” Lilly demanded. Kylie relented and popped the sweet caramel treat from her mouth she had been hiding, so as to not let on she had candy in her mouth. She handed it to Lilly who grasped it firmly as a sign of power that she wasn’t worried about where it had been. “Now, either go cutesy charm your boss or let me speak to him”

Kylie headed into the back of the office and moments later the manager came out. Lilly switched from mother mode for Kylie to business mode, her normal mode. Kylie watched as she put on a big smile and introduced herself and then began to explain the situation. Kylie stood there like a child watching her friend ask if they could sleep over, it wasn’t too far from that really.

After several minutes, looking over schedules, the boss looking over sales, he was finally convinced to let Kylie out early and wished them a happy vacation. Kylie was in Lilly’s car and bouncing for joy their big weekend would be happening soon.

“Seatbelt” Lilly reminded as she turned on the car. She wasn’t going to go anywhere unless her friend was properly secured, and Kylie knew that.

“Women, always taking their sweet time” Matt gave an irritated sigh.

“Kind of a law don’t ya think?” Josh said trying to dismiss the comment. “All things considered I would bet Kylie isn’t packed and Lilly is making sure she is”.

“The fuck you say?” Matt asked getting fired up at the insult to his girl.

“Your girlfriend likes candy and has a bag full of it, all I’m saying” Josh explained. He took a step away from Matt, it wasn’t good staying near him when he got angry, which he did a lot. Matt was that antagonistic stereotypical jock from highschool movies, while he didn’t dress like one in the movies, kept more to cargo pants and a t-shirt, his attitude was like one, he even had the cheerleader girlfriend to top off the stereotype and she wasn’t far off from the bully’s girlfriend trope either.

An R.V. pulled around the corner and came to a stop near the two men.

“All aboard the Bus to the best vacation around!” Lilly called out from the window. Josh and Matt grabbed their bags and headed around the R.V to get inside. Matt was first on who was greeted by Kylie the two embraced and found their spot in the back. Josh tossed his luggage under the table and sat in the passenger seat with Lilly. He leaned over and the two kissed as a way of greeting. Lilly shifted the R.V into gear and they began to drive down the road on their way to a beautiful vacation.

Josh went over the list that Lilly had prepared for what all they would be doing. She was very thorough as her list had little lists of their own.

First up was visiting various restaurants that each person really enjoyed, this would be a two day thing, one lunch and one dinner each day. In between those were activities. A go-kart track, an escape room and an arcade, as well as a winery and a shopping mall. After those two days was a big road trip going to a very expensive hotel one night and using the R.V on the others. After that was the camping trip they planned out which would take up the majority of their time. While camping they would hit up an amusement park for a couple days, finish up their camping return home using the R.V for sleep, and the last two days were hitting up their favorite restaurants again.

“Damn Lilly, why not get the thing a hard cover and make a book rather than use a binder.” Josh said, thumbing through the details of what time they should do things.

“I would have but a binder is easier to organize than a book,” she said. Josh rolled his eyes, he loved Lilly but she could get a bit more than meticulous at times, which was also why he loved her, it was a two way street.

For the road trip the driver got main call for songs, the passenger directly next to them was one who either agreed for songs or didn’t mind the choice of genre. The rest of the passengers had to suffer, but they could wander the cabin more and had other distractions to keep them occupied for the lengthy bits. So long as the driver and their assistant were alert then everything was fine. The driver’s assistant would help pass candy, drinks and treats to the driver when asked and jokes were shared by all.

Their first stop was a pizzeria chosen by Josh, who claimed it was the best. It was a bit old and one from his childhood. The place hadn’t seen an upgrade in decades it seemed as Josh said it hadn’t changed since he last saw it. Josh wanted his own pizza for the road and Matt, Lilly and Kylie agreed to split a pie between the three. The crust was rather thin and the pizza dropped as if it had barely been in the oven. Yet the four of them enjoyed the pizza Matt enjoying the pizza more rolling the crust to tip and treating it line a toquito. They moved on and what pizza was left was stored in the mini fridge.

A couple hours later came some entertainment. The group of friends were given a mind boggling challenge in an Escape Room. The session lasted an hour, the four friends needing to solve a WWII themed mystery. Matt and Kylie tried to find everything and anything that was a clue or puzzle while having Josh and Lilly solve said found puzzles. Afterwards came shopping the mall. Matt and Josh headed off for the electronics while Kylie and Lilly hit the clothing stores. There was a brief moment that all four were in Spencer’s and while there were jokes, special purchases were made. After the shopping trip came dinner which was another pizzeria that Lilly picked out. This one being in a bigger town was far more extravagant. Lilly recommended the white pizza, a butter garlic sauce with a swirl of honey with mozzarella and asiago cheese cooked in a brick style oven. The crust was thin and crispy, the cheese was the picture of a waterfall as pieces were torj from it. The honey wasn’t that strong and complimented the cheese and butter garlic than over power it. After dinner the group headed off for the winery and while Matt wasn’t happy with the wine, the four friends became buzzed enough to retire to a hotel room.

The next day wasn’t much different. Breakfast at a nice restaurant. Simple fun activities for the day. Lunch was a habachi grill picked out by Matt who was happy to pay for the most expensive of items for everyone. It would be enough for leftovers at least for tomorrow. Arcade came next with Matt and Josh competing at every game possible. The two saved up their tickets and got a set of foam maces that they used to hit each other and their girlfriends at their leisure. Dinner was at a cheesecake factory picked out by Kylie. While there were dinner options Kylie only had a salad to save room for three different flavors of cheesecake entire pies worth so she could have extras for the rest of their trip.

The four friends settled into their hotel room. They had a big road trip ahead with plenty of leftovers to satisfy them until their camping trip, maybe even during it. The four wound the night down with a card game before they retired to their rooms. Josh and Lilly cuddled close in their own room while Matt and Lilly got busy in theirs. Two days down and the best was yet to come. If only they didn’t take that short cut.

Chapter 2: My Name is Alex

To start the trip off Lilly was the first to drive. She had plotted the course and set the schedule for her; it was only natural to get the ball moving. The first challenge was getting everyone ready. She had to pry herself from Josh, which woke him. She didn’t mind that much some kisses and soft words and a soft but firm notice to get moving and he was up and getting around. Matt and Kylie on the other hand…

Kylie was like a child she needed reminding constantly and help getting herself around. If Lilly was alone with her things could get done in around ten minutes. Matt on the other hand was a devil who wanted nothing more than to pull Kylie back into bed and “get another five minutes” if Lilly so much as turned her back Kylie would be in his arms once again snoozing about and slowly losing what clothing she had just gotten on. What should have been a simple fifteen minute wake up nearly took an hour just to get Kylie and Matt in the shower and dressed.

“I swear if we are fifteen minutes late I am throwing away your leftovers!” Lilly threatened. This helped get everyone moving. “You throw mine away I am going to beat the life out of you” Matt threatened. Unlike his threat however Lilly would make good on hers.

The four climbed in the rv settled in and took off down for the freeway. Today was just a long road trip to get as far along their route as possible with as few stops as they could manage. They past the time playing road games or chatting. After a couple hours of driving they changed drivers, Lilly updated Josh on where to drive and they set out again. Another stop and it was Matt’s turn as Lilly told him where to go he took note of the route and saw a road that connected to two of their roads. They had to go south for a time before heading west, this road took off a good hour or so if he was looking at it correctly.

The four friends piled in and began heading down the road. Matt kept an eye on his phone for when the little shortcut came up.

“Hey Lilly I think I found a shortcut, says it will take an hour off our trip.” He said holding his phone back so she could look at the route.

“I did check that and I am worried that it won’t be wide enough for the R.V.”

“We can look at it, if it’s a two track, or something we won’t take it.” Matt said. The shortcut was a normal road and with a big grin Matt turned onto the road.

“You sure this shortcut will take us far enough?” Kylie asked.

“Lilly’s route would have us double back along the freeway, this cuts that right out.” Matt said.

An hour had passed and there was no sign of the freeway.

“Face it were lost,” Kylie said.

“We’re not lost, it has been a straight line and we should see the freeway soon.” Matt said.

“Well besides those few turns” Josh quipped.

“Fuck you” Matt spat.

“We haven’t seen a house for a good thirty minutes nor any other sign of civilization.” Kylie began to whine.

“Will you shut up, might be longer than the gps thought.” Matt said. Longer it was, the road twisted and turned and before they knew it another hour had passed.

“I told you we were lost!” Kylie whined

“We’re not lost” Mark spat and slammed a hand on the wheel.

"Look there is a place Josh said pointing out the window. “Has a sign even so bam not lost” he said and the two boys fist bumped.

“Eleven Stars Daycare,” Lilly read out loud and looked out to see a mansion. A modern style, three story house with a large playground out front and the signs of a pool near the back.

“Damn!” All four said in unison.

“Jinx!” Josh shot out.

“Alright pull in and we can ask for directions” Lilly said.

“We’re not lost-”

“Pull in Matt Now!” Lilly demanded. “Lost or not we clearly are not on the right road and we need to figure out where we are.” With a huff Matt turned into the driveway and parked the R.V turning it off.

“There walk the rest of the way” Matt growled. Lilly shook her head and climbed out, Kylie followed wanting to see the inside of the mansion.

“Women…need to ask for direction” Matt said in a mocking tone.

Lilly knocked on the door and was surprised to quickly see the door open so quickly. Before her was a woman with curly brown hair ties into a bun, a strand of hair in one side of her face. Dressed in nothing more than shirt and jeans with sneakers, nothing like a woman of grand tastes that the mansion suggested, just a mom dressed to take care of things. Besides that the woman had curves that made both girls jealous. And the brightest of blue eyes as if lit with fire in them.

“Hello! I wasn’t expecting any babies today” the woman said in a warm welcoming voice.

“Sorry to disturb you ma’am we have been traveling for a while and we think we took a wrong turn.” Lilly pulled out her phone to show the map and the road they had taken. The woman smiled and with one slender finger tapped at the screen and moved the map before pointing.

“Yes, you made a wrong turn sweetie, we are right here” the tone was a bit condescending, a mother letting her child know of the mistake and correcting it. Lilly cursed Matt in her head but smiled.

“Thank you Ma’am, I must say you have a very lovely house”

“Well Thank you, would you like to come inside for a bit?”

“No thank you, we are behind schedule as it is and we need to get going if we are to catch up”

Kylie all the while had been staring at the playground, trying to glance inside the mansion as the two women talked. Soon it was time to leave and Kylie gave a smile and her customer service goodbye. As she began to turn leave however, she noticed the woman look to the R.V she wasn’t sure but with how the light reflected off the woman’s face she swore she saw one eye flash pink. Kylie did a double take but the woman’s eyes were that firey blue. The woman smiled and waved as if waving goodbye to a child.

As the girls returned to the R.V Matt spoke up.

“What’s the damage?” He asked.

“You took a wrong turn, dingus” Lilly said, showing her phone and pointing where they ended up.

“I followed the GPS”

“Well it must have rerouted and here are so let’s get going” Matt put the key in the ignition and turned the R.V reved up but didn’t turn over. He tried again and again and- BANG a loud noise followed by black smoke from the engine.

“What The Fuck!” Kylie yelled and both men also swore watching the black smoke rise out from the engine. The four quickly got out and watched as the black smoke billowed out and soon flames could be seen in the grill.

“Holy shit!” Josh said, watching as the flames licked at the R.V threatening to grow bigger. From behind the woman showed up and began to douse the flames with a fire extinguisher.

“That was fast,” Kylie said, watching the woman.

“You are not the first car to spontaneously combust on my driveway. I always come with a fire extinguisher when I hear that noise” the woman said.

“Thank you,” Lilly said.

“Fuck! God fucking damn it piece of shit, what the fuck happened!” Matt gave the R.V a hard kick. Kylie sighed and saw the woman with a very stern face, disappointed, angry. “Fuck!” Matt roared again but this time the woman stormed over and grabbed him by the arm.

“Does your mother know the kind of dirty mouth you have, young man?” She scolded. Kylie grimaced Matt wasn’t the kind of person you brought authority to especially when it was a woman. Not to denounce how nice he was but he did have that “Alpha” complex. “If you were my child I would have you over my knee and a bar of soap in that mouth, becoming very acquainted with Mr Spanky” those bright blue eyes seemed to shoot fire from them as the three friends watched this woman tell off Matt for cussing. Matt ripped his arm away and gave a sigh.

“Sorry, whatever” Matt backed off but Kylie knew he would be grumbling for hours on it. Kylie did find it surprising for him to back down so quickly.

Lilly cleared her throat. “Apologies for my friend ma’am, do you know the number to a mechanic?” She asked. The woman pulled a one eighty on her expression and helped Lilly with the number. A short call later before she announced. “Good news, Bad news. Good news they boast they are equipped and stocked for whatever problem for whatever vehicle, Bad news, They will only be able to pick it up…tomorrow…” she said.

“We’re supposed to go camping,” Kylie whined.

“We can still go camping but we will need to cut it short by a day.” Lilly explained.

“Matt and I can pull an all-nighter tomorrow and we should be able to make it to the campsite so we don’t miss a day of it,” Josh said.

“In the meantime it sounds like you four need a place to rest” the woman said. “Please come I am more than happy to entertain you all, it is still the slow season for my little daycare so I don’t have many little ones to take care of”

“How can a daycare like this even exist? you must be charging an arm and a leg for something like this” Josh asked.

“Oh no, sweety, I don’t charge at all, this is my hobby and my real job is far more boring. I am a C.E.O if that will sate your curiosity, I don’t want to talk about that job, I would love to talk about my daycare though.” The woman said.

“Are you expecting any kids?” Lilly asked.

“I am expecting four…now come come please let me give you a tour.” The woman led the four to the house. Kylie was a bit giddy to see the mansion in all its glory. She looked over at the playground again all the while unwrapping a sucker and popping it in her mouth. It had to have had all the playground equipment ever. Sections were made up for each kind of kid. In the middle was for everyone a sandbox and seesaws and some slides. A section to the north was for older kids, climbing equipment, big slides and an elaborate jungle gym. South was for babies, little playhouses, tiny slides, tricycles. East and west were similar jungle gyms for the younger kids plastic and more metal and wood for the slightly older. There was also a ball pit and bounce house. “Do you like the playground sweetie, I am sure you could make your friends jealous being the only one to play in them” The woman had leaned over to murmur to her. She was awfully friendly. Kylie waved her off not wanting to admit the idea of playing on the jungle gym crossed her mind, what adult with an inner child didn’t want to play on that, what adult didn’t want to play on it?

“Oh my gosh I am so rude!” Lilly popped up and held out her hand. “My name is Lilly” the woman grabbed her hand and gave it a shake. Josh followed suit introducing himself.

“Kylie” Kylie said shaking her hand, “and that’s Matt” she added pointing back at Matt she knew he wasn’t going to go for the hand shake, once you step on his toes all friendliness was gone from him.

“Well it is so good to meet each of you” the woman spoke as if she was greeting a bunch of little children and made sure to look each one in the face as she said each word. “My name is Alex”


Good beginning! Very curious to know more about this daycare

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Exciting new start! Looking forward to the adventure


Chapter 3: Daycare Tour

The group was soon at the door and the woman opened it and gave a small flourish to invite them in.

“Welcome to Eleven Stars Daycare, may I have you all sign the guestbook? Before our tour truly begins?” Alex gestured to a book, next to it was a quill and inkwell.

“Fancy” Josh said being the first to sign, as each person signed the woman gave a big grin. Kylie noticed something felt weird after she signed it, as if she just made the biggest mistake in her- the feeling was gone and she couldn’t remember what it was.

“Eleven Stars Daycare was made simply because, well, I am a little baby crazy, if I must admit, I love taking care of little ones. After my own children grew up and moved out, I was left wanting, this lets me take care of babies each and every day, well days that are scheduled anyway.”

“You do this absolutely free?” Lilly asked.

“Oh yes, I make more than enough to satisfy myself and felt I should use it for something truly good. Free daycare for the parents in town. I even have some parents willing to drive a four hour round trip just so they can drop their kids off, and honestly I feel like I am cheating them. I get to play with their kids all day!” Alex gave a giddy squeal and a deep sigh of satisfaction.

“Wow, you really love kids,” Kylie said.

“I know I have a picture that represents me perfectly.” Alex pulled out her phone and showed a picture of a car with a set of family stickers. There was the mom and dad followed by nearly 12 kids of various stages of youth. The back window was a bit dirty with the words drawn ‘OMG get off her’ “though it isn’t perfect it should say ‘get off him’” she giggled. “Now come, come let us begin the tour!”

A step past the entrance and they were in a large living room. Shades had been pulled half way. There was a step down lined with a very plush couch and filled with fluffy pillows. On the wall In front of it was a massive TV. In one corner of the living room were three large toy chests and a pile of stuffed toys. A shelf held many stuffed toys in glass cases with names below them. A large playpen sat near a bay window filled with various toys. From some of the walls were large colorful holes that were obviously slides.

“Here of course is the hub of the daycare. Kids can jump into the couch area, it is very safe, watch TV and this shelf here holds some of kids favorite stuffed toys. I save them for each kid that gets attached to them and when it is time to say bye bye to the daycare I let them keep their favorite stuffie, some kids though, bless their hearts, leave them here for another kid to play with.” Lilly gave a small aww to that. “I wonder if any of you would love to have a stuffie?” Alex pondered. Josh gave an essesslence of a laugh and held up his hands to decline. Kylie looked at the pile of stuffed animals and thought about the one she had back home, but shook her head. Matt of course didn’t even entertain the idea. Lilly was polite.

“If I did pick one out, it would be a giraffe, more neck to pet was my thoughts as a child.” She said,

“That’s adorable” Alex cooed, “I believe I do have one” her voice gave the suggestion that Lilly could have the stuffed giraffe.

“No thank you, I am curious, do you work all alone?”

“It depends on how many kids and their age difference, I have a few babysitters that assist me, just makes things like eating that much easier, to which let me show you the kitchen!” Alex led them toward a large dining room, a long table with a deep purple tablecloth and candles stood empty. Around it were various sized chairs and a couple high chairs. Beyond that was the kitchen, two stoves and ovens, a couple microwaves and two large fridges. “Here is one of the busiest places of the mansion. I try to make sure I have one chef on call at all times. You know how kids love their snacks and if I have an infant, a five year old and a tween in one go, I need help preparing their specific tastes. Thus the room and one chef on call” Alex said.

After the kitchen she led them through the halls. “Two bathrooms next to each other, absurd I know, but I try to give my little ones some privacy and this has actually saved my carpets more than once, or at least I believe it has, one child potty training taking up time and another somehow has to go real bad!” Alex said with a small giggle. “Down this hall, bedrooms I will show you to them when the tour is over” Alex said and gestured to some stairs. Kylie’s curiosity had her grabbing a door knob and giving it a twist she opened a door that revealed stairs leading down.

“Ooh, what’s down here?” She asked. Alex moved over to her and shut the door. Kylie noticed it seemed a bit too hasty.

“That’s the basement, nothing but the boiler and some spare storage, no need to go down there, it is boring and dusty” she said and pulled out a key turning it in the lock. “I usually have it locked. I don’t need little ones playing hide and seek down there” Alex said, giving Kylie a pat on the head. She then shoved the key between her breasts. “Now up, up, we are getting to my favorite part.” She said shooting them up the stairs. They were first greeted by a long hall with a set of stairs at the end.

“More rooms as you can see but this one” Alex placed her back against one particular door. She grinned, placing her fingers to her lips as if to stifle a giggle. With dramatic flourish she opened the door and revealed a rather bright room. It was colored in pastel colors. Cartoonist clouds with sun and moon and stars decorated the ceiling. ABCs One Two Threes in colorful blocks and cartoon animals decorated the walls. The floor was very soft and squishy. Lilly and Kylie walked in while Josh and Matt got enough of a view for their liking in the hallway.

Cribs lined the walls with changing tables. A large playpen sat on one end of the room near a set of bouncers and walkers. A large TV sat on one wall near a bookshelf and a pile of stuffed toys. The entire second floor was mainly a nursery. The smell of baby powder filled the room. Alex gave a deep inhale.

“I will never tire of this smell. It really gets my maternal instincts going.” Alex moved to one of the changing tables and pulled out a diaper feeling it and hearing it crinkle. “Sometimes I wish I could have a baby that never grew up just so I could never leave this room”

“I am sure you get plenty of time in this room when you are busy,” Lilly said.

“You are correct there, anyway let us move on before I become drunk on this aroma.” Alex ushered them out and led them up to the third floor. There were only two door at the top of the steps and beyond one was an entire bedroom set with a king size bed, a full vanity mirror and what could only be a walk in closet. “This is my room, congratulations boys, you have been in another girl’s bedroom, your girlfriend’s are going to kill you” Alex teased getting a small laugh from Lilly and Kylie.

“We will give them hell later” Lilly said. Alex then opened the second door.

“This is the toy room” she announced. Inside were several other stuffed toys, but more toys geared towards older kids. Up here was also the start of the slides. After letting them sss Alex then returned to the second floor. She opened one of the doors. “Lilly, this will be your room” Alex said. The room wasn’t as extravagant as Alex’s but it still held all the necessities of a five star hotel. “Josh you can have this one” Alex opened another door. “Unfortunately these other rooms are for when some babies need to cry themselves to sleep and to not keep the others awake…so your rooms will be downstairs.” She told Matt and Kylie. They went to the first floor where Alex opened one room. “This can be your room Matt” unlike the first two rooms they saw this one only had a double bed, the room however had all the fixings for a young boy, toys of many varieties the walls were painted with planes and trains and cars zooming about. The bed frame was that of a sports car.

“Yeah, no…I’ll just sleep in the RV” Matt grumbled.

“Are you sure sweetie? I assure you the bed is very comfortable and the blankets very soft and warm” Alex tried to assure him.

“I ain’t some kid, not gonna sleep like one” he said and began to head off through the home toward the entrance.

“Well Kylie, here is the room you can stay in.” Alex opened a door and revealed much the same as Matt’s room except this one was pink, pretty princess pink. The bed had a canvass, a doll house and a pile of dolls and stuffed animals in one corner.

“Aww Kylie it’s perfect for you” Lilly teased.

“Only you would think I am some princess,” Kylie said. “You should know I am quite the opposite”

Lilly, Josh and Kylie returned to the R.V to grab their things and set them in their room. Kylie was a bit hesitant, standing in the bubblegum pink surrounded by dolls and stuffed toys, even the bed was occupied by stuffed toys. She gently removed them but stopped as she picked up a stuffed chipmunk. Kylie smiled having a love for chipmunks when she was small. Her favorite thing about them was how they would stuff their mouths full til their cheeks were ballooned out. Fat Cheeks Checkers that was the name of her stuffed chipmunk back home. She wondered if her mom still had him somewhere.

“Did you pick out a name for him yet?” A warm voice said from behind. Kylie jumped and turned to find Alex standing behind her, a big smile growing a bit bigger from startling her. “Sorry, I should have knocked, I saw you admiring him” Alex said, pointing at the chipmunk.

“Oh uh, yeah, no, he just reminded me of a stuffed toy I had when I was little” Kylie told her putting the chipmunk away with the others.

“Oh was he a chipmunk too, what was his name?”

“He was, I called him Checkers, Fat Cheeks Checkers” Alex moved around her and picked up the Chipmunk holding it out to her.

“Aww that’s a nice name, maybe this is a new Checkers huh?” Alex said, wiggling the stuffed toy.

“No, I shouldn’t, I can’t, better leave it so a kid can have it” Kylie said pushing the chipmunk into Alex’s arms.

“But I am letting a kid have it, you” Alex said.

“I am not a kid,” Kylie scoffed.

“Oh sweetie, not everyone, truly grows up. Some children just grow an adult shell. It’s ok for you to have a little friend with you, to hold, to cuddle, to tell all your worries to.” Kylie was now holding onto the chipmunk, the honey colored marble eyes staring up at her. She soon felt an urge to hug it and another said she was too old for this.

“I…can’t” Kylie said, a bit disappointed. Alex took the chipmunk and set it down on the bed.

“Well, how about he waits for you here for bedtime, maybe when you’re sleepy you will want him nearby ok?” Alex tucked the chipmunk into the bed and smiled at Kylie before leaving. Kylie looked at the chipmunk. There was that little voice telling her not to leave it behind. With a shake of her head she left the room.

The five adults soon gathered in the dining room. Alex had prepared a charcuterie board for all of them and poured out four glasses of wine and a sippy cup, which was handed to Kylie.

“Sorry honey, I don’t have any more glasses, I really ought to start the dishwasher” Alex said looking disapprovingly toward the kitchen.

“That’s fine, I can deal,” Kylie said and grabbed the cup. At first she tried to remove the lid but the design was odd and try as she might she couldn’t figure it out. She looked up to see her friends diving into the charcuterie board and starting up the jokes with their hostess. Only Alex kept her eyes on Kylie. She had a warm, comforting smile that told her to just relax and her eyes…almost mocking her. Kylie smiled back but couldn’t break eye contact, they were almost hypnotic bright almost glowing like little fires in them a mix of blue and pin, almost saying, drink it just like that, little girl. Kylie blinked and shook off the feeling. Alex was no longer watching her or maybe she never was. She looked down at the sippy cup and gave a resigned sigh drinking it and feeling ridiculous, she felt like a toddler. No one questioned it though, did that make it better or worse?

As conversations went on, they talked about their vacation, the places they had been to and the places they wanted to go to.

“Well, I am sad that your R.V broke” Alex said, placing a hand over her chest and sticking out her bottom lip to them. “I hope you can get back to all the fun things you have planned, and I hope this will have been a nice detour.” She said,

“Thank you, you have been a gracious host Alex,” Lilly said. Kylie gave a big yawn and stretched her arms out, Alex gave a grin and beamed at her.

"Oh? Someone is sleepy, I guess it is time for bed, Alex said.

“We should probably get to sleep. I want to make sure I am up for when the tow truck arrives.” Lilly said tapping at her phone to set an alarm.

“Well, if you don’t mind, I would love to give you all a good night ceremony once you are all in bed”

“That would be lovely, thank you” Lilly said, grabbing glasses. “Allow me to at least help with the dishes.”

“No, no, no! You are on vacation, go ahead and get to sleep young lady, I can do the dishes.” Alex said.

“Well if you’re all going to bed, I’m gonna get a game or two in, before bed” Matt said.

“Dude, challenge ya” Josh said getting up to join. The two boys headed outside toward the R.V.

Kylie walked into the pink princess room and got herself ready for bed. She slipped into the covers and looked over to see the chipmunk, still waiting for her. She picked it up and squished it’s soft fur. Then came a soft knock.

“Kylie?” Alex softly asked.

“Oh, um good night,” Kylie said. Alex smiled admiring Kylie in the bed stuffed toy in her hands.

“I knew you would like him,” Alex said. “If you want to take him with you, you can hide him away in your suitcase,” she said. Kylie set him on the nightstand next to her.

“I am too old for such things” Alex came into the room and picked up the Chipmunk and got it settled back into her arms.

“Nonsense, sweetie” she said, taking the blankets and tucking Kylie in them. “At the very least you sleep with him tonight, he will enjoy it.” Alex said.

“Thanks, I guess,” Kylie mumbled.

“You’re welcome, now, Good Night, Sleep Tight, Don’t let the Bed Bugs Bite, and if they do then take your Shoe and hit them until they are Black and Blue” Alex half spoke half sang the rhyme. Slowly closing the door. Kylie felt sleepy almost immediately as she watched Alex leave. In her tired head she could have sworn just as the door was closing, one of those firey blue eyes was actually pink. The door was closed before the thought took root. Kylie pulled the chipmunk a bit close to her and closed her eyes for good.


Chapter 4: Sweet Dreams & The Daycare

Kylie woke up to the soft fur of the stuffed toy nestled against her face and a small wet patch of drool on its fur. She had slept so soundly last night, she didn’t think she had such restful nights before. Normally Lilly would be rousing her for breakfast. She got up, toy still in hand, and began to sleepily waddle from her room and toward the dining hall. As she got there she noticed everyone was already there.

“There she is!” Alex chimed and walked over to Kylie. Alex picked her up and carried her over to a highchair. Her name in colorful blocks danced across the head of the chair. As she was set down in the chair she felt the seat of her pants squish. Kylie gave a tired whine while Alex clicked her tray into place and locked Kylie to the chair. “Don’t worry Kylie, Mommy will change you after breakfast” Mommy Alex said. She took Chester from her hands and set him down on the dining table in front of her.

Something was off…Kylie looked to her right. Lilly was next to her. Hair in pigtails, a bright yellow summer dress, pull-up still dry. She was so close to earning her big girl underwear, and was even going the whole night not wetting her nighttime pull-up. Across from her was Josh, he was eating cereal holding the spoon awkwardly but was managing to get most of the cereal and milk from bowl to mouth with little effort. If she was right, his diaper was dry or just a little wet, he was close to potty training. On Kylie’s left was Matt, he was also in his high chair, hands and face a mess from eating the bananas and bread. Like her, his diaper was also full, they both were far from potty training…maybe next year Mommy would say.

Mommy set down a plate of banana and cereal for Kylie. Nothing was wrong, all this seemed right, it was probably her full diaper and empty belly. With one hand Kylie reached down to the banana and smushed the banana in a vice-like grip. Then she brought her fist to her mouth and wrapped her lips around it to slurp up the banana. It wouldn’t be long until her face was messy like Matt.

After breakfast Matt and Kylie were taken up to the nursery so Mommy could change them. No…something was wrong….Kylie couldn’t place her finger on what it was.

“What’s wrong baby?” Mommy asked. Kylie thought hard on it and then felt the pressure in her bottom leave her. “Oh! Good job Kylie let it all out” Mommy said and resumed changing her diaper.

Kylie and Matt were placed on the couch. Kylie was watching Sesame Street, Josh was busy racing cars about and smashing them into each other. Matt crawled over to join in the smashing. No…
Something was wrong…
This was a dream, it had to be, it just had to be. Reality around her and everything was as it should but no…it had to be a dream, she knew it was a dream, she could call it out for a dream if she could just name that one thing she knew made it a dream.

“Oh my look at you!” Mommy said. Kylie turned to look at her. This time there was no doubt about her eyes. They burned with actual fire, one a bright baby blue the other a pastel pink. She cooed at Kylie. “Are we twying to be a wittle lucid dreamer? Yes we are, Yes we are!” She giggled. “Aww, I can’t have that, but good job twying. This is reality baby, you are not dreaming, this is all real! From the top of your head to to the tip of your toes.” Mommy gently stroked Kylie’s hair, cotton candy flames danced from her arm to her hand, and soon all was right in the world this wasn’t a dream after all. Kylie felt her diaper warm and swell. “That’s it baby let it all out” Kylie’s diaper kept swelling. It began to suck up her legs and back and let them greet the warm wet squishiness. Then things went black.

Kylie woke up to the soft fur of the stuffed toy nestled against her face and a small wet patch of drool on its fur. She had slept so soundly last night, she didn’t think she had such restful nights before. Normally Lilly would be rousing her for breakfast. Kylie stirred a bit and then felt it. The cool, horrible feeling of wet sticking to her legs and back.

“No…fucking…way” she whispered in horror. She sat up and peeled the blankets away to see the horror of last night’s sleep. The first thing to greet her was awful chill, followed by the sour smell last the dark wet patch that seemed to cover the entire bed.

The door burst opened at that second and Lilly stomped in.

“Kylie, we have a prob-Oh My God!” Lilly said looking at the scene before her. Kylie curled up and try as she might not wanting to, began to cry. Lilly gave an exasperated sigh and a sharp inhale as she tried to calm herself. It was then Alex walked in.

“Oh! Ok Lilly you try calling the mechanic shop again, I will deal with this, everything is ok, you need to calm down, one problem at a time sweetie” Alex ushered Lilly away then went over to Kylie. “Kylie honey, it is ok, you are ok, it is just an accident. You are not the first to wet the bed, you won’t be the last ok? Come on, Come on” Alex did her best to coax the blonde out of the bed. Kylie clutched at the chipmunk close to her chest as she was led out of the room and to the bathroom. Alex started up the shower, and began helping Kylie get out of her wet clothes. The stuffed toy was placed on the counter and soon Kylie was naked. “Just get cleaned up, I’ll grab your suitcase and wash these”

After the shower and a change of clothes Kylie went to the living room to find a very frustrated Lilly. Lilly looked up and threw her hands in the air.

“The R.V’s gone” she said.


“Tow truck came super early this morning to pick up the R.V. and is gone now, Matt and Josh I assume are with it but I don’t know, I can’t get a hold of either of them!” Lilly gave a sigh, grabbed a sippy cup next to her and took a big swig from it. An eerie feeling crept over Kylie. A foreboding sense of déjà vu, something to do with last night but she wasn’t sure.

“Tell me this is a dream,” Kylie said. Alex came into the room and handed Kylie a sippy cup. At first she questioned how she got the sippy cup twice in a row but seeing Lilly and Alex with one she came to the conclusion that Alex never started the dishwasher.

“Here let us just relax, big emotions are around, I am sure everything is ok.” Alex said. Kylie took a sip from her cup, it was wine. Alex guided Kylie down into the couch and walked off, she returned and handed Kylie the chipmunk and Lilly a stuffed giraffe. “There! nice and comfy, just relax, little mishaps, the boys went with the tow truck, didn’t wake you, forgot their phones in the R.V and are sitting around while it gets repaired.” Alex said to help dissipate woes and turned on the TV, Paw Patrol was on. Neither girl looked up. Alex joined the girls on the couch tossing a large fluffy blanket over the three of them. The blanket clearly had been in the dryer as it was very warm already. “There! Warm, soft, comfy” Alex gave a theatrical sigh, “relax time!” She said, Lilly hugged her stuffed toy and took another big gulp from her sippy cup.

“Thank you, Alex…” Lilly said, “Normally I am more composed but, normally I have better handle on these things”

“Chaos, it is the element of surprise, discord and a natural part of life, we can’t anticipate it all the time” Alex said. “Right now, you need to relax and let today play out on its own. Nana Alex will take care of everything.”

“Among it all, I just…wish I knew where Josh was…”


“Matt, where are we?” Josh asked as the two men stared up at the massive colorful sign.

“On a coked out, methed up, mushroom based heroine, acid trip…” Matt answered also trying to understand the meaning of the cartoonish sign.

“Ok but like…where?” Josh looked away from the sign, a large white picket fence, which had to be as tall as twenty feet, spanned across a desert of absolute grey.

“Fuck dude…Hell?” Matt looked skyward at the grey sky. An angry red sun burned down at them the only color in the vast grey besides the white picket wall and colorful cartoonish sign.

“Do we go in?” Josh asked, looking at the gate.

“Dude fuck that, If that tells me anything, I don’t want to be caught dead in there”

“I think you will be caught dead out there” Josh pointed to the vast sea of grey sand that spanned the horizon. It was empty, not even hills marked the sky, a perfect horizon of nothing lay out that way. “I don’t think we have choice man, I have pinched myself like five times and I don’t think we are dreaming”

“Nope don’t care I am out” Matt turned around and began to march off through the desert of grey. He was a good thirty long strides in when Josh said.

“Matt, you ok?” Matt turned to look at Josh, he stood there in the same spot as before not having moved. “You just stared blankly out at the horizon” confused Matt wheeled around. He was still standing where he was before.

“The fuck?” Matt turned and began to run through the grey trying to make as much distance as he could.

“Dude you’re scaring me” Josh said. Matt turned his head and found once again he hadn’t moved.

“What the FUCK!” Matt roared, “I just ran way the fuck out there!”

“I don’t think we have a choice then…” Josh said. “Come on, at least if we go in there, we can at least get some answers, maybe this is a dream and we will wake up and forget all of this in five minutes” he said “What’s the worse that can happen?” Matt growled but relented he didn’t like the idea of going into what looked like a theme part based on the colorful cartoonish sign. The name of the place told him something was up with Alex. The Sign read…

Eleven Stars Daycare.

The two boys walked past the fence. The void of grey and angry sun turned into a vast bright colorful world. The sky was the purest blue, fluffy clouds dotted the sky in obvious shapes of animals and objects. topped with a bright yellow sun, that didn’t hurt the eyes when you started at it. Emerald grass created fields and hills across the land. There were trees with elaborate tree houses. Jungle gyms galore, that was just what was before then in the distance the main eye attraction was a massive colorful castle.

“Hello!” A cheery voice came from above them. Matt and Josh were greeted by a giant of a woman she had to have been ten feet tall. “Did your Mommy and Daddy drop you off? Are you ready to have some fun?” She asked kneeling down to be eye level with them and talking in a voice as if they were children.

“Fuck your tall” Matt said. Her face became very stern.

“Now, now, young man no bad words, I’ll let you off with a warning for now, so you don’t miss playtime but another like that and I will have to spoil your fun, and we don’t want that.”

“The hell does that-” Matt began but was cut off by Josh.

"I wouldn’t pick a fight with a literal giant dude. “Miss, ma’am…where are we?”

“Oh, we like those games? You know where you are sweetie, go on you go play” she said. Josh and Matt turned to each other. It was then something clicked. It wasn’t that the girl was tall, it was that Josh and Matt shrunk, but not simply shrunk, they were younger, no older than eight now. “Are you two shy, do you need me to introduce you two to some friends? Come on” the girl took their hands and began to lead them down a colorful path.

Along the way Josh noticed oddities outside the norm. There were large stuffed animals walking and playing with the kids. There were kids with horns, kids with snake-like bodies, full blown animals moving on two legs with hands. More than that some were dressed in jeans and t-shirts or dresses others were toddlers and babies. There were few teenagers among the kids watching over them. The two boys were led to a play place where some kids were running around and climbing.

“Joey, Bobby this is Matt and Josh” the girl introduced them, it creeped Josh out how she knew their names.

“Hi! I’m Joey!” One kid dressed in cargo shorts and a striped blue shirt waved at them. “You want to play?” He asked with the biggest grin on his face. “This is Bobby, he is my best friend! But we can be best friends too!”

“Aww see? Already friends!” The girl said.

“I got some of the cool toys, wanna see?” Joey asked as he pointed up at a yellow box with a large round dome of a window. He and Bobby began to climb through the play place.

“Don’t you wanna play with your new friends?” The girl asked. “I know meeting new people is a little scary, but they want to be friends” she said kneeling down to them.

“We’re not little kids” Matt snapped and Josh pointed at Matt in agreement.

“Yeah we’re-” a finger was pressed to Josh’s mouth.

“I understand” the girls spoke softly with a warm smile, “Come on, let’s get you two, where you really belong” she said grabbing their hands and leading them away. Josh noticed Joey watching them. Joey looked deeply concerned and saw him turn to Bobby and watched his lips but he wasn’t sure if he read them right They gotta be blue, notify the rescue team

The teenage girl had led them for some time. At one point they stopped and got some snacks from a vending machine. A simple ham and cheese sandwich, capri-sun fruit punch and a packet of sliced apples with caramel sauce. After the snack, the girl pressed a button near the vending machine. A bit of a wait longer and a big cartoonish bus wheeled around. She ushered the boys inside and they took a seat. As the bus started, a song started playing and the few kids on the bus began singing, it was obviously “The Wheels on the Bus”

Josh watched the scenery go by. There were amusement parks, water parks, zoos, and various kinds of playgrounds scattered about. Kids and stuffed animals playing around, babies in strollers or walkers being watched by teenagers. The bus came to a stop and the girl led the boys off. They were in front of a big building that looked a lot like a real life size doll house.

“Where are we?” Josh asked.

“This is where we will get you changed, do you like airplanes or spaceships on your diaper?” She asked.

“Diaper?” Josh asked and tried to pull away, Damn she is strong he thought.

“Well of course, I can’t leave some toddlers around without their diapers,” she said.

“We’re not toddlers” Matt protested and tried to get out of her grip. It was like his hand was in a steel bar.

“Well then we must hurry, I am surprised you two babies have stayed dry all this time, you might wet yourself any minute.”

"No we’re … " Josh tried to say adults, but it was like the word was lost he tried again but again it was like a second language and he forgot how to say it. He tried for mature teens, he didn’t care he went with a big kid, but he couldn’t seem to form the words. The girl started pulling them toward the building. Screw it we’re toddlers but don’t need diapers again he couldn’t say it. Matt was now hitting the girl, he might as well have been hitting a wall with how much she didn’t care.

“It is ok baby, you can say it” the girl said smiling down at him. He felt a compulsion to admit what he didn’t want to admit.

“I’m a baby and I need my diapee” Josh spoke in a baby tone and he was ready to believe what he said.

“See that wasn’t so hard and I will be sure you’re wrapped up all snuggly in your diaper” she said and was dragging them past the door frame. Josh and Matt could both see the changing tables, cribs and shelves of diapers.

“HE HIT ME!” came a scream followed by a loud thunk.

“YOU HIT ME FIRST!” came another followed by another thunk. The girl turned on her heels to see the commotion.

“What is going on here? This better not be naughty kid play” She asked. Josh watched as two kids were hitting each other with large plastic bats. The girl let go of Josh and Matt to take away the bats. “You both need to apologize right now or-”

“STOP IT” came a new cry. To their right was a boy spraying water at a girl and pumping the squirt gun so it continued to send out a stream.

“Henry, stop spraying Jasmine” the girl yelled, the two kids hitting each other sprinted toward some bushes. The girl saw the two kids were gone quickly gave up on gbem and hurried over to Henry who was now chasing Jasmine toward a tree house. A new kid approached on a bike with a large wagon tied to the back he stopped before Josh and Matt.

“Get in, unless you want diapers,” he said. Josh and Matt didn’t need to be told twice. They hopped into the back of the wagon joining another kid and the kid on the bike took off. The kid in the wagon pulled out a walkie talkie.

“Red Shoe this is Blue Sock, package secured, I repeat package secured.”

“What the fuck!” Matt growled looking back at the dollhouse

“You can say that againI couldn’t say adults,” Josh said. The kid with them looked up.

“That’s not good” he said and spoke into his walkie talkie. “Red Shoe this is Blue Sock, We have a possible code sitter to sister situation near the changing house, I repeat code sitter to sister near the changing house, evac quickly.” He said.

Copy that” came a reply.

“What’s going on?” Josh asked. The kid pulled out a baggie, inside were some cookies. “Have a cookie first,” he said. Josh took one as well Matt. They bit into them, oatmeal raisin.

“Eat the whole thing” the kid said and they did. “Ok you passed, she didn’t do any damage, but you two were a couple steps away from having your underwear being diapers for the rest of eternity.”

“What is going on?” Josh asked again more frustrated

"That right there was a babysitter, G.F. class, pretty nice and reasonable but their whole goal like any babysitter is getting you in that building and you must have said the magic words to get yourselves some tickets to the changing house. Name’s Paul by the way, A.K.A. Blue Sock, and you two have been cordially invited to join The Naughty Kids, A.K.A. The Resistance.

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Chapter 5: The Naughty Kids

The ride took several minutes and Josh noticed they didn’t seem to have a destination, just rode around the various parks and playgrounds. After a time however of awkward silence and the echoes of distant kids playing came a beep on the walkie talkie.

Blue Sock, you are cleared, take the package to Skyline Blue, repeat you are cleared, package to Skyline Blue. Paul signaled to the bike rider and they began to ride through the grass. After some time the grass became a vibrant blue. After another five minutes they stopped at a large mountain with a mineshaft. Above them was a large play house that twisted in and out of the mountain.

“Welcome to Skyline Blue, keep your questions minimal, this is just a rest stop until Alpha can secure a route to Base Camp. In the meantime, we will need to act like kids enjoying the playground, think you can manage that?” He asked. Josh nodded and Matt gave a grunt.

The boy on the bike was replaced with another and the bike and wagon rode off. Paul led the boys into the mineshaft one which had stairs leading up. A kid blocked their path. A heavy duty squirt gun in his hands.

“Welcome back Blue Sock, we are currently green” Paul nodded and led the boys up into the playhouse.

“We are good to chat for now, but keep it quiet kids can just wind up here,” He said. Paul pulled out a pack of cigarettes and placed a white stick in his mouth. Josh recognized it as candy. Paul held it out and Josh took one, nostalgia of his younger days.

“So can you tell us what is going on?” Josh asked.

“How old are you?” Paul asked.

“25, why?”

“See not all kids here are simply kids enjoying the playground, some of us are like you adults brought here against our will, is that something I can assume is right?”

“We were in our R.V and just appeared here” Josh said.

“Yeah, so, you, like me and many other kids are prime targets for the babysitter and family to try and turn into babies” he said.


“Well cause we are food to them, in a manner of speaking, and in one case, not…”

“I call Yellow!” came a voice down one of the tunnels. Paul flipped his candy cig into his mouth and crunched it.

“Eat that fast,” he said. Josh did so. “Time to be thespians, just act like a kid” he said and gave a big grin. From the tunnel came a girl, at least josh thought, she had green overalls on and a furry bear like paw gloves and boots. She even had a headband that made it look like she had round little bear ears.

“I’m yellow!” She said.

“We’re red, you gotta go that way” Paul said pointing down another tunnel. His voice cheery and lacked the gruff tone he was using before. The girl giggled and ran down the tunnel. “She’s Local,” Paul murmured when she was far enough away. “A real child, of this strange world”

“How can you tell?” Josh asked.

“See her hands and feet? Those weren’t gloves and boots she was wearing, those were actual paws she had, she’s a bear morph” Paul said. “Locals are fine, sometimes we invite them to play helps gives us a low profile and if we do act out of character they rarely tattle, Natives on the other hand, are adults turned kids whose minds have been warped to accept they are children and help the sitters and family, those are harder to pick out. If a Local is nearby, then Natives probably are too, just watch your mouth, by the way, I’m Paulie, right now, not Paul got it?” Josh nodded and for a time they wandered the play house now and again. Kids came and went, yelling out colors and playing whatever game Paul and his team had made up for them. One kid came by and whispered to Paul. “Come on, we’re gonna go play at the swamp house.” Paul spoke in that way kids do when they get excited for a new game. Paul hurried through the play house and began to run across the blue grass. Josh and Matt followed after.

They ran for a bit and came to a jungle gym that was designed like a house in a swamp with plastic alligators and frogs. As they got there Josh saw a couple other kids standing about with squirt guns.

“We’re red!” Paul called and approached the kid.

“We’re green for code, whose reporting?”

“Blue Sock, delivering the package” Paul said.

“Welcome, Blue Sock, Alpha is inside” Paul led Josh and Matt into the wooden house and were met with Joey and Bobby. Paul saluted Joey who saluted back.

“Good to see you Blue Sock, you can rejoin your squad, they set up in Pyramid Yellow, a bike is waiting for you.” The two shook and Paul saluted.

“Good luck, was hoping to get back to Base Camp”

“Don’t worry your team will be rejoining soon. Dismissed.” Joey said and Paul left he then turned to Josh and Matt. “Well, let me be the first to properly welcome you to The Daycare, glad to see you’re not diapered.” Joey said.

“You’re that kid from before” Matt said.

“My name is Joe, but some call me Alpha, This is my right hand Robert, code name Big Six, it would have been easier if you joined me in that playplace, but I understand the confusion. You boys got lucky, that Babysitter was becoming a Sibling”

“What does that mean?” Josh asked.

“It means you were about to be screwed, in fact you still might be if she did become a sibling you best hope she doesn’t hold a grudge, I’ll have you briefed on the details when we reach Base Camp.” Joe said. “Right now our goal is to get you two across a large field and into The Daycare’s blind spot we got bikes for the four of us and will need to take a lengthy trip to avoid suspicion, you up for a ride?” Joe asked.

“If we get answers, sure…” Matt said. Josh nodded.

“Alright then…follow our lead, keep us in sight and pretend we are racing around.” Joe said and led them outside to where four bikes waited for them. They got on and began pedaling off. Joe weaved about and at times made jeers that the others were slow, this provoked Matt a bit and he began to pedal harder. Almost turning their fake race into a real one. The group soon entered a field and began to cycle in a circle.

“Alright, real fast we are going into the bushes don’t hesitate to crash into them, just do it!” Joe shouted.

“Go!” Robert shouted and the boys began to pedal hard towards some bushes. Without any hesitation they crashed into them. Matt, not wanting to look weak, pedaled hard and also crashed into them. Josh coasted for a moment before he gave his bike another hard push and braces for the sticks, leaves and branches. He slammed into…cloth, soft felt and brushed along him until he came out. He hit his brakes and looked back.

“Good job, the hard part is done, but now we aren’t safe in a different way, beyond here the foliage isn’t like that stuff, it is actual foliage so expect scrapes and cuts.” He began to ride down a path and Josh quickly noticed the change of scenery. It wasn’t the happy fun colors anymore, this was reality and worse the trees looked like monsters, the bushes looked like they had eyes peering out from them. It was like they entered some halloween land. “Repeat after me…” Joe called back.

“I am Naughty so I’m told!” He sang like it was an army marching song, the boys repeated it.
“Causing mischief 'til I’m old!”
“Mother wants me to be nice”
“Swaddled in care and diapered twice” Josh and Matt hesitated for a moment. Robert shouted it loud and proud.
“I am Naughty and I won’t bend”
“I will be an Adult in the end!”
“Naughty Kids, Sound Off!”

“OOHRAH!” Robert finished. Their ride took them deep but eventually they came upon a haunted manor. It’s creepy towers bent and twisted in possible ways. Near the creepy gate were some Kids who saluted at their approach. Joe and the group got off their bikes and four other kids took them toward a bike rack. The kids at the gate stood straight and saluted him.

“Welcome home Alpha” They handed out a mug of coffee and oatmeal raisin cookie. Josh was happy to see the coffee. Upon taking a sip he relished the flavor, damn he needed that. “Enjoy that as much as you can, coffee is hard to come by, or at least good coffee, the stuff in the kiddie pool is dangerous” Joe said. “Now, before we let you get settled in, let us get you some answers.”

The manor they were in was less haunted than the outside. Kids moved about the place relaying info. Colorful patches of grass and pieces of playsets lined the many areas. Josh and Matt looked at each other with skepticism. If it wasn’t for the half animal children, the strange set up of the world around them, Josh and Matt would have thought this was all just one elaborate game a bunch of eight year olds cooked up. The biggest thing to tell them to believe was their own bodies, they were eight year olds.

“So, obviously, um…locals…” Josh said.

“Everyone placed here is not here of their own volition, but not everyone here is a child needing to be looked after.” Joe said.

Joe led them up some stairs, part of which were cartoon dinosaurs, or characters, alphabet and numbers. Where there would have been a whole was some leftover playhouse wall. Holes in the floor were replaced with poles or slides to the next floor down.

“How long have you been here?” Josh asked gawking all off the remodeled infrastructure.

“Me specifically, ten years, nearly eleven now” he said

“You have managed to stay sane for ten years here?” Matt asked.

“I’m no record holder yet, but I have been careful, I don’t take chances, I play child when I need to. I won’t lie, it gets hard after the first year and by the third, damn if you don’t want to just quit and plead to a babysitter to diaper you.” Joe said.

“What’s kept you from doing that?” Josh asked.

“I made a promise to a friend, one of us was making it out of here. Sometimes I see them out in the kiddie pool, and I see what my life will become, strapped in a stroller, sitting around in a wet and smelly diaper, dumb and innocent. Sometimes I think I can see my friend when I look in their eyes, trapped in a body that is outside of their control. I don’t want that…” Joe murmured.

They entered a door and came into a room filled with children’s drawings. Several kids at tables making colorful scribbles. Some took their drawings held them up to a a place on a wall and either replaced the paper or trashed the drawing. That is what it looked like at first, but Josh soon began to piece out what it was they were doing.

“Welcome to the Map Room, while in the kiddie pool it is called the drawing room, not to be confused with the real place, or rather it is if you are not with The Resistance.” Joe explained. “Here we do our best to map out the entirety of The Daycare. By the way, most of our artists are highly skilled back in the mortal realm, a cruel joke Mother places on us.”

“Wait your mom did what?” Matt asked.

“No, not my mother, Mother the ruler of The Daycare, we don’t know her real name, not that anyone calls her anything else” Joe said. The groupnwent into another room. This slightly smaller with a large table and several chairs. Joe came to a stop and saluted a kid. “Commander, your package is here” Joe said

A kid with curly red hair turned around, he was dressed for some private grade school. Big thick glasses that magnified his eyes a little. He sucked on a candy cigarettes and gave nod.

“Thank you, Alpha, Please everyone have a seat, there is much to discuss” He said. Josh, Matt and Joe took their seats and the Commander pulled out a folder and handed it to Joe. “My name is Lieutenant Commander Charles Peterson. I am fifty five, have been here for twenty years”

“Damn!” Matt said

“Indeed makes me seventy five, now, let me get you caught up, to start off, Welcome to Hell”

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Chapter 6: Mother and Daughters

Kylie woke up feeling the soft warmth of a heavy blanket covering her. The fluff of a pillow around her head and the plush cotton of a stuffed chipmunk her arms wrapped around. Kylie sat up and saw Lilly tapping away at her phone.

“Morning” Lilly said though her tone indicated it was no longer morning.

“Any luck?” Kylie asked. The TV continued to play childish shows that Alex had put on, though the wine so early in the morning made the two girls fall asleep quickly.

“None, no Matt, no Josh, no damn mechanics. Anytime I try I either go to voicemail or the line is busy.” Lilly said.

“Doesn’t Alex have a car?” Kylie suggested.

“Nope she is as stuck like us. If her company needs her they give a call and come pick her up.”

“What about calling an Uber?”

“No Uber in the area, or taxi, or bus that is willing to come out this far. Only the monthly shipment and it came the day before we arrived” Lilly said. “Until the boys show up with the RV we are stuck here…so hopefully the repairs are soon…” Lilly picked up a sippy cup and took a swig from it.

“What are you drinking?” Kylie asked a bit concerned.

“Just some apple juice, I wanted more wine but Alex said to wait since it wasn’t healthy.” Lilly said and pointed to a second sippy cup. “She got you some as well for when you woke up” Kylie looked over at it but ignored it. Instead she got up and headed for her room. She was surprised to find that the bed was already made. How long had she been out? Long enough apparently. Kylie grabbed her bag and opened it up to pull out a Sugar Daddy and pop it into her mouth. She loved that rich flavor and these were one of her favorites. It seemed like they took forever to fully dissolve. She relaxed as she enjoyed it…maybe a bit too much. She felt a sudden need to go and turned to leave for the bathroom and nearly ran into Alex who was in the doorway, the woman’s sudden appearance startled Kylie.

“Morning sweetie, I didn’t mean to scare you, I just wanted to let you know that breakfast is almost ready” Alex said. Her face then turned to concern a bit. “Best not be having candy before then honey, you’ll spoil your appetite” Kylie could see it coming, Lilly would take her candy from her constantly when it was close to food time. She had developed a sense for when someone was going to take it. The eyes locking on to the candy, the shift in a person’s shoulder. Kylie watched the hand reach for the candy and moved to keep it just out of reach. Kylie waited for the next attempt but Alex had stepped back instead. “There we are, you can have it back after breakfast ok? No other treats before then” Alex said wrapping the caramel goodness in wax paper. Kylie licked her mouth and found her sucker really was gone. She hadn’t noticed it.

“Wait…how did you…”

“Sweetie it is my passion and love for children that has given me quite the skills. That and I know how to take candy from a Baby” Alex winked and walked off. Kylie grumbled at losing her candy and felt a tantrum brewing from her candy being taken away. She might have demanded to have it returned if not for the fact she really needed to go to the bathroom. The sudden sting of pain told her she was close to bursting. Kylie rushed to the bathroom, her pants practically down around her ankles as she did her best to have them out of her way for when she sat down. Only a small trickle escaped before she was ready leaving a small wet spot on her panties. Damn it was close.


Lilly had heard the stomping as Kylie headed for the bathroom. She glanced over at the sudden disturbance and found Alex close by.

“Breakfast will be ready soon, are you doing ok?” Alex asked.

“I guess…I mean this isn’t the first time something like this has happened but, I don’t know, it is different somehow, we planned meticulously over this, months of planning, canceling, replanning, and it is all undone because of something wrong with the R.V. I had made sure that thing was fresh off the lot, not a single problem, had Matt check all the mechanical stuff, had Matt’s friend, who is a bigger car guy than him, check it out. Everything should have been perfect”. Lilly felt an arm wrap around a shoulder in a comforting embrace, a hand gently on her cheek to turn her head. Lilly stared up at Alex.

“Everything is going to be ok, things happen that are simply out of your control. You did what you could, maybe you hit a stone that knocked something loose, maybe a stick wedged in just the right spot. But I will say…” Lilly gazed deeply into Alex’s eyes just then. It was hard not to she had the brightest eyes as if fire danced in them. The flames were warm and comforting a beautiful unnatural swirl of sky blue and baby pink, pink? Yeah…one of them was…and how she wanted to fall into those flames and become kindling and tinder to fuel them further. “Today will just be a little adventure, you will see your friends again soon, and before tonight, you will be right back into your vacation, just as you had planned, it will be so exciting to tell your friends of the little mishap, it will make the story all the better” Lilly nodded, Alex was a natural at making her feel better, a mother comforting her child. Lilly almost felt like Alex was her mother and every shoulder rub, and arm squeeze were the buttons to push to help Lilly relax. The toilet flush broke the comforting warmth, but Lilly still stared up into those beautiful bright blue eyes, it was hard not to.


Kylie came out of the bathroom and saw Alex holding Lilly. Kylie noticed how relaxed Lilly had a sort of stupid smile on her face. As she got closer, Lilly seemed to jerk a bit as if she was suddenly woken up.

“Whose ready for breakfast!” Alex chimed giving a small clap of attention.

“Me” Lilly said softly. The three women went into the dining hall. Alex went to the kitchen as Lilly and Kylie took a seat. Alex came back with a few serving trays, she sat it on the table and handed out plates. After everything was set, she removed the lids to reveal stacks of pancakes, a variety of syrups and fruits, eggs, bacon and sausages. The three grabbed their portions and prepped their pancakes. Lilly went with some blueberries and blueberry syrup. Alex kept it traditional, some butter and maple syrup. Kylie on the other hand went all out with fruits, syrups and whip cream. Alex smiled and Lilly shook her head. Never let Kylie near a buffet of sweets.

“My goodness sweetie you are a mess” Alex said and brought a napkin to Kylie’s chin wiping up the sticky mess of syrup that escaped at the last second. Kylie tried to pull away but it was fruitless. “if you don’t let me clean it up it is just going to create a bigger mess, you already have a few dribbles on your shirt” Alex said and proceeded with wiping up the few drops off her shirt.

“I am nah, a rirrle kipf” Kylie said with a mouthful of pancakes. Both Alex and Lilly laughed.

“Proving otherwise by talking with your mouth full isn’t very convincing” Alex said.

“There is little girl Kylie, you plop sweets in front of her and almost all forms of manners are gone, at this point I am practically a mother to her” Lilly said. Kylie felt her blood run cold just then, the feeling was for only a second and it sent a chill through her. Alex was glaring at Lilly, Kylie noticed, before she smiled and the feeling was gone.

“Well, have no fear, you can be the big sister, I am taking over the mommy role” Alex said and returned her attention to Kylie. “Kylie, can you try to get the food in your mouth like a big girl? Any more messes and I will consider putting you in a highchair” Alex said smiling. Lilly gave a snort of a laugh, Kylie glared at Alex, she looked at the highchairs nearby, considered their height and width, the legs were thin and had little support, they couldn’t possibly handle her size or her weight. Taking the comment to be a joke and just to have fun, Kylie took a slice of syrup coated pancakes and began to dab it around her cheeks and chin before, as messily as she could, chewed at the bite.

Alex’s smile grew wide for a moment. She stood up and walked over to a closet, opened it and pulled out a large stack of sturdy plastic slabs. She unfolded the slabs bit by bit making something resembling a chair, then she pulled a chair from the closet and snapped it into place with the structure. Lastly she pulled out a large tray and set that on the table. Kylie and Lily’s eyes grew wide looking at the very large and sturdy looking highchair.

“My god, Matt could fit in that,” Lilly said. He was a large guy powerfully built but even then the chair could have accommodated him snuggly, for Kylie it would be a bit roomy.

“This is used for my obese kids, but a little girl as big as you could fit just fine” Alex said, giving the highchair a slap. “Last chance…” Alex returned to her seat and grabbed another napkin to wipe up Kylie’s messy face. “Are you a big girl who can keep her face clean, or do you want to be a little girl I have to clean up after?” she asked. “If you are a little messy girl, I will take away your utensils, and you can be an even more messy girl,” Alex said. Kylie stared in horror at the sight. The use of the high chair alone was humiliating, to make her use her hands as well and she could almost hear the teasing as she ate like a toddler. She could even hear the mocking of putting her in pull-ups. After all, if she had a high chair big enough for her, who was to say she didn’t have undergarments for them as well. Kylie stabbed at her pancakes and made a smaller bite for her. It oozed syrup and she now regretted having poured so much. She spun her fork around so the syrup didn’t drip off the bite and leaned forward to take the bite.

“There we go!” Alex chimed, giving a big smile. “Penalty of being younger usually works, but then again I have the means to make such threats” Alex said returning to her own food, but she kept a watchful eye on Kylie. After breakfast Alex returned the sucker to Kylie. “For being a good girl”

“Wait, did she steal that to you?” Lilly asked.

“She snatched it!” Kylie said as she placed the sucker in its rightful place. Lilly gawked a smile on her wide opened mouth.

“She took it?! How did that happen?” Alex sat there soaking up the praise.

“I will say, I got lucky, but when you work with little ones constantly putting things in their mouth you gather some techniques.” Alex said. “Now, I am going to clean up, and after that how about a movie or something to pass the time?”

“That sounds nice,” Lilly said.

“Then you two go and pick out a movie, my selection is on the top shelf” Alex said as she took all the plates to the kitchen. If you want to watch something for someone younger" Alex said giving a wink to Kylie, " there are plenty below that shelf"

Lilly and Kylie went to the living room to pick out a movie. The stuffed toys they had been cuddling were waiting for them. Alex had joined just as they selected a movie, a romance comedy. Mid way through the movie Alex pulled over a couple blankets and sat between the two girls. She pulled them over and guided the two to lay their heads on her lap. She covered them up with a blanket and began to gently stroke their hair. Kylie felt her eyes grow heavy and closed them for just a second.

She opened them shortly after still feeling Alex stoke her head. Her sucker was no longer in her mouth however. She bit down on it, chewy like bubblegum, but no flavor kind of like regular over chewed gum. It kept its shape though and was enjoyable to suckle on. Kylie kept biting and sucking on it before she brought a hand to her lips to check on it. Something blocked her hand to her mouth. A hard plastic plate with a ring. Kylie pulled at it a second but her mouth in stubborn fashion sucked at it, keeping it in. It didn’t take her long to realize what it was. A large pacifier. Kylie sat up and pulled at it again, harder now, but she bit down on the rubber teat. She looked up at Alex who patted her head.

“What’s up sweetie?” She asked. Kylie whined behind the pacifier and pointed at if. “I am happy you love it, wanna see it better?” Alex pulled out her phone and turned the camera mode on to selfie letting Kylie see. It was large and pink with the end of the guard reading Princess in sparkly lettering. Kylie pulled at the pacifier again, this time her mouth relented and she was able to pull it free. However Alex effortlessly pushed it back in. There was no removing it now. “Best keep it in, Mommy wants you to be adorable. Did you know it is a magical pacifier? The more you suckle at it the younger you will get! And Mommy wants you so young you will need diapers” Kylie watched herself in the camera. Every time she chewed and sucked at the pacifier she could see a year leaving her. Soon she was a teen, then ten, six, four. She noticed her clothes change as she hit three, her jeans and shirt becoming a footed sleeper, her waist expanding as her underwear became a diaper. Then she was one. Mommy removed the pacifier and cooed. “There we go, my sweet little baby” she said, her cotton candy eyes smiling down at her. Kylie could only look up at Mommy, the one person who could take care of her now. She would need to accept this especially as her diaper began to feel warm.

“Kylie!” Alex called out and jerked Kylie awake. She tried to sit up but felt some extra cushion stop her from getting up. Lilly sat up and rushed to the bathroom. “Quickly before it gets through the blankets” Alex spoke in a rushed tone.

“Wha?” Kylie asked, confused and a bit scared.

“It’s ok, you just had an accident” Alex spoke softly and eased Kylie up. Lilly rushed over and tossed a towel to Alex and began to press one into the cushion of the couch. Alex removed the blanket and quickly wrapped the towel around Kylie’s waist and between her legs. She helped Kylie up and guided the confused girl to the bathroom.

“Wait, but…I…” Kylie felt tears in her eyes. This was the second time today. She wasn’t sure what was wrong but she was scared she became Ill.

“You’re ok, sweetie, just an accident. We still have a bit of wine in us and you did drink a lot of juice.” Alex reassured her, rubbing her back and holding her close. Alex began to help Kylie out of her wet clothes and adjusted the bathtub until the temperature was right. She added a bit of soap and it began to foam up. “Here is a nice bubble bath to ease your worries. Just take your time and relax.” Alex said and shut the door behind her.

Kylie did just that entering the tub and feeling the bubbles tickle her skin and the warm water sooth her muscles. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, when she opened them she noticed a yellow object in the bubbles. Kylie blew a hole in the bubbles to reveal a little rubber duck. She grabbed it and looked at it, gave a squeeze to hear it squeak. She smiled and continued to squeak it. She let it float around, splashing the water to create ripples and have it move about. She plucked up some bubbles and gave it a hat, a beard and did the same for herself. She laughed when was the last time she had a bubble bath? Gosh they were enjoyable. She continued to play and as the bubbles began to wane she decided to finish up. A bit of scrubbing and rinsing later she got out of the tub and began to dry off.

The door opened just then, making Kylie jump.

“Oops you are out already I was just wanting to check on you” Alex said.

“I’m good,” Kylie assured.

“Do you need any help” Alex asked. Kylie shook her head. After drying up and getting dressed…her day only seemed to get worse. Her bladder was a ticking time bomb from then on. Alex made sure there was plenty of liquid going through her and Lilly but unlike Lilly, Kylie was going to the bathroom constantly she would have juice, water, coffee, nearly an hour later she would be rushing to the toilet. After Lunch she had barely made it, staining her panties just a little and needing to change them. Then the cycle continued, each bathroom trip always just a close one.

“I am getting sick of the toilet” Kylie whined while they were at the dinner table.

“Alex is giving us plenty to drink,” Lilly said.

“You don’t seem to go nearly as often.”

“You have a small bladder,” Lilly added.

“You have a small bladder” Kylie mocked “what kind of stupid excuse is that? What if there is something wrong with me?” She whined.

“What color is your urine?” Lilly asked, giving a firm glare.

“What urine? It is pretty much just water at this point!”

“There you go, you normally don’t drink nearly as much water or juice in a day than what Mom has been giving you. Honestly she is helping us by keeping us Hydrated” Lilly said.

“Thank you Lilly, I want my girls to be healthy and happy,” Alex said.

“See? You should thank her” Lilly said. Kylie gave a sigh.

“Thank you Mom,” Kylie said. Then stopped…she had a very salty taste in her mouth. Something she just said? Or maybe she found a very salty bite in her chicken…she couldn’t put her finger on it. After dinner was wine and a movie Kylie had to go more times, each time she saw Alex smile at her when she came back. Bedtime was after the movie and Kylie got herself around, into her pajamas and was ready for bed when there came a knock.

“Kylie girl, have you gone potty yet?” Alex asked.

“I just did before getting dressed,” Kylie said.

“Ok, I just want to make sure. You have been going a lot and a couple of times I noticed you went to your room, you ok?”

“Yeah I’m fine” Kylie said blushing, she didn’t want to admit she had wet herself a couple times, nothing major but needing changing.

“Well, then, Good Night, Sleep Tight, Don’t let the Bed Bugs Bite, and if they do then take your shoe and hit them until they are Black and Blue.” Alex said and gently shut the door.

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The two stories at once is cool, I enjoyed the glimpse of the daycare hell domain. But also really enjoy the return to form with the Kylie struggle, excited to read more!

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It is what I first meant to do in “Mother: The Demon”

So I am happy to bring this in and it is being enjoyed!

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Chapter 7: Preparations

“Before we allow you to enter the field some things you need to know!” Charles began.

“Wait can you back up” Matt interrupted. “Did you say we are in Hell? Seriously or not? Are we in hell?”

“If sources are correct, then yes, this is the actual, factual Hell in all the glory that the bible and other religious sources describe” Charles said leaving Matt with his mouth open and Josh wide eyed. “Specifically we are in the Daycare of Hell. There are different parts of Hell people are born and raised here in Hell and it is just like Home or the Mortal Realm as they call it. At some point parents leave their kids here to help grow while the parents go to work. Just like leaving our own at a daycare. One big difference is the ruler tends to take adults and turn them into little children or infants…thus we come to surviving the little part of hell as we know it…”

Charles pulled up some pieces of paper they were kids drawing of a bunch of children at play. A big black scribble between them.

“First off we have the Locals and Natives. Locals are actual children dropped off by parents. They tend to be left alone by the other inhabitants, thus allowed to grow up. Their safety is prioritized however if you can’t tell if a child is Local or Native watch how the caretakers handle them. Natives! On the other hand” Charles continued not giving Matt or Josh the chance to interrupt. “Are adults turned into children, like yourselves and the Naughty Kids. However they WANT to be changed and even help other adults like the Naughty Kids be turned into Children. Unlike the caretakers they don’t know which kids are Local so again watch how Caretakers great the kids.” Charles pulled up anotber drawing. This has three women, or what looked like women one was in a red dress, one in black and one in pink.

“Next we have the caretakers, our main enemy, the first are the Babysitters, which I hear you have met. The one you encoun…encoun…” Charles cleared his throat. “EN-COUNT-TURD” He paused and big grin spread across his face. Joey cleared his throat and had a big smile on his face as well. “Sorry…will explain that later…was what we call the Girlfriend Class or G.F. the babysitter’s priority is to make sure the children are safe and not getting into trouble, second priority is to make adults like the Naughty Kids to be turned into babies. Normally a G.F class sitter is reasonable but understand they will try to convince you to be diapered never trust them it is a fine line. Second is the Bully class or B-class. Unlike the G.F class the B-class uses humiliation and punishment to get you into diapers. They will use dirty tricks, like lemonade spilled on the front or making you sit but naked in mud and claim it to be otherwise. The B-class is our most dangerous of sitters, unreasonable if in a bad mood but their flaw is they don’t tend to stick to their charges. Easily distracted if they are not in the mood for humiliating us. Last is the Princess class, we use Girly class for this…using the similar code style became a distraction…this one primarily hunts down boys she will force you to dress up and turn you into a girl.”

“Oh fuck that” Matt said. Charles aimed his stick at him.

“You I gather are probably her favorite target. The more you try to stay manly the more she wants you girly. The Princess is the only Babysitter with any real power, but it seems limited to the girlifying and it isn’t very strong”

“How do you mean?” Josh asked.

“Everyone here has some level of power, magic as it were. For humans it deals with our ‘soul’ while we can’t tap into it without some kind of item, we sure as shit build it up. It is why demons and devils are always asking for it.”

“Wait, did you say we can use magic?” Matt asked.

“Yes…and no, we need something to focus that magic and the items to use them are hard to come by. Devil’s for example use a contract. Demons have things like rings, it isn’t necessary unless in the Mortal Realm. Now we are getting off topic, some other enemies you need to know” Charles swapped out the paper for a picture of a family. “The family is a set of powerful demons, you got your aunt, uncle, sister and brother” he pointed to each of the individual people

“No mom or dad?” Josh asked.

“No dad…and there is only one Mother” Charles adi gravely. “Each of the Family can use their power to influence you into being their child. You experienced such a phenomenon as well. When a sitter becomes a sister.”

“We can’t possibly win against that…” Josh said remembering how he wasn’t able to say certain words and felt compelled to follow the sitter"

“Wait, so how do you get brothers if there are only female sitters?” Matt asked.

“There are some, boy sitters, but you got Princess to thank for there being mostly women. She goes after any man, so power struggles tend to happen…” Charles gave a pause as he looked at a couple of papers, after a minute he put them up. One was a picture of a red skin woman with horns, colorful wings that resembled baby blankets. A tail that ended with a large bulb and guard, and two individual eyes, one pink and one blue. Pink and blue flames all around her. The other picture was like a spider with its limbs going every which way in impossible angles, it had large red eyes and a gaping black maw. “These are the most dangerous of targets. The Boogeymonster and Mother. If you are captured by either, there is no rescue team for you, you will be considered K.I.A and effectively removed from the Naughty Kids, even if by some miracle you get away. In the consideration of the Boogeymonster K.I.A is the true meaning.”

“He…kills you?”

“Eats you up, like a Sunday brunch not a lick of you left. The only thing he doesn’t eat is adults and babies. If by some miracle you do get away I guarantee you will be crying for Mother. Thankfully Intel says both are currently not in the Daycare, and we have been planning an operation, as soon as we get you two properly ready we are going to send you to the wolves for this mission. Joe, you’re up”

“Alright maggots follow me, time to get you acquainted with the only girls you’ll ever need.” Joe said and had the two follow him. They traveled the halls down a few poles until they were in a large closet. Across from it was a door heavily barricaded.

“What’s in there?” Josh asked.

“The basement…we would love to use it but everytime we have tried to send someone down, they get scared…to the point they want to cry for Mother we stopped expeditions when the fourth group actually did start crying for Mother…bad day out in the kiddie pool, they started blubbering up, before we could calm them down they started to cry for Mother, she showed up and it was a shit show. Robert and I were able to get out couple others as well, but the team that were crying went to Mother as if she was their last hope, few others got caught up as well. Our one big group reduced to so few in only a couple of seconds…”

Joe turned away from the door and began to rummage in the drawers, he quickly fished out some water guns and walkie talkies. “Meet your new girlfriends boys, cootie free” he said handing them out. “Best we got for now, standard issue, pump and shoot has a good range and holds enough for one operation worth before a refill.”

“What no airsoft?” Matt asked.

“Sadly no, hardest hitting weapon we got are slingshots, but those are for emergencies using one of them is a death sentence, they can draw blood and cause bruises sometimes worse, moment the Daycare knows that Mother shows up. I would rather cry for Mother than ever see her pissed off.” He said.

“Your taking me back to my Jr. High years, we got spitballs at least yeah?” Matt asked.

“Oh hell yeah” Joe opened a drawer and handed out toilet paper and a set of straws. “Glad we got an old school bully in the mix, just be careful of Princess” Joe warned.

“Pft I ain’t scared”

“That’s why you should be…”

Joe took the boys around to the other rooms of the house. Living room was set up for bunks, dining hall set up as the mess hall, “welcome to the other warzone. Best we got though is pbjs and applesauce, some kool-aid as well.” He said the place was a mess of peanut butter jam and juice powder, almost everywhere. Joe led them outside and go them jogging the garage turned into a bike shop. The grounds with various jungle gym equipment. “It wasn’t easy getting these here, these are the standard gym equipment across all of the kiddie pool. Time for some real training. First a few runs through the gauntlet, I want you through before I reach twenty!”

“Like right now?” Josh started.

“Nineteen!” Joe said a second later. Matt booked it and Joe followed after with the two clambering in the gym equipment. First was a rock climb followed by monkey bars. Then a rope ladder with a looping tunnel. Ball pit swim to spinning platforms. Trampolines, slides up and down, rings and finally a bridge of rollers. Matt was panting but thoroughly enjoyed running the thing. Josh was tuckered out and flopped onto the ground.

“Do you actually think a person cam run that in twenty seconds?” He spoke each word between breaths.

“No, but I was fun watching you hustle.” Joe grinned. “Normally I count up and try to push you to go faster in segments. For now I got an idea where you two are good at and not” Joe said. “Next a little game of telephone.” Joe pulled up a walkie talkie. “Alpha to donut” he said.

“Donut here Alpha what’s up?”

“Grab your boys we are gonna play telephone in the maze” he said

“Copy” Joe led the Josh and Matt to a large jungle gym with many tunnels.

“How long did it take to build this?” Josh asked.

“Years…” a group of kids came by after some waiting a sandy haired boy came up and saluted.

“Alpha” he said and the two shook.

“Donut meet the new recruits, Matt and Josh” Joe introduced. "Maggots, time to train how well you can blend in. Donut and his team are the best at being little kids.

“Cause some of us actually are kids” one girl chirped.

“Wait so you werent an adult when you came here?” Josh asked.

“I’m 8” the girl said proudly.

“Isn’t that dangerous?”

“We are all kids here newbie” Donut said. “Just adults tend to take longer to realize that, with actual kids in our group we can blend in better you’ll see” he said.

“Game is simple you will be part of two teams, you are to simply play, like a kid, try to pass on a code to your teammates”

“So whose team are we in?” Matt asked with a grin. Joe grinned back.

“I aint telling, gotta use code, alright Donut take them in and select three.” Joe said and began to explain the different codes to Josh and Matt while donut and his team went into the jungle gym known as the maze. “Alright here is the scenario. You are tasked with delivering a message to troops planted deep in enemy lines. You need to figure out who is who, deliver the message to all three, then leave. Go!” The game began. In the end it was Josh who was better at pretending to be a kid than Matt, he remembered the codes well and was able to play a game of Red Light Green Light to find his comrades.

“Well done, a bit more practice and you two will be ready. For now…Gauntlet boys, Donut have your team show them how it’s done, Matt and Josh, you better not be last.” Joe ordered.

That was how the day went. Testing their minds and training their bodies. Thankfully as kids they had more energy, breaks between playgrounds was long enough before they were running and climbing again.

“Hope Lilly is ok…” Josh said.

“Yeah…Kylie would probably be a pro at this,” Matt agreed.

“We were supposed to be camping today,”

“How much of this is Alex’s fault?”

“Oh fudge” a kid said. He was halfway eating his sandwich as he heard them talk. “Alex…like daycare lady, almost baby-crazy Alex?” He asked after clearing his throat of peanut butter. Josh and Matt nodded together and the kid’s face went pale and his eyes widened. “Alex IS Mother!” He aloud grabbing the attention of other kids. “Your friends are screwed” he added.

“What makes you so sure?” Matt asked grabbing at the kids shirt and yanking at him.

“Because like you, I met Alex, dropped off my little girls to her as it was claimed it was the best daycare around. Needed to get my oldest going for her first day of highschool. Then I had car troubles, before long I was in her house waiting for car repairs and I watched as she babies my little girls and could see her doing the same to my oldest. I watched my oldest daughter start pissing and shitting like she was incontinent, Alex helping her by putting her in diapers and then feeding her like a baby putting her down for naps and I could only watch as my three girls became hers I was no longer daddy to them”

“How did you wind up here?” Josh asked, Matt had let go of the kid but it was him now entangled with Matt, he let go shortly after.

“I somehow resisted her, I was an adult and I had my responsibility to my family, I guess the more like an adult you are the harder it is for her to turn you, or she was so focused on my daughters she didn’t give me much attention. I broke free of her spell, but when I ran…shit I guess that focus shifted long enough I ran into this place. At first I just survived and did what I could to find a way back to my girls, eventually I got recruited and have been fighting ever since.”

“Shit man…sorry to hear that?” Matt said.

“It’s ok, wherever they….at least their happy…but I am gonna get them out of here”

“The Window is open, All Naughty Kids on base report to the drawing room, The Window is Open, I repeat the Window is Open.”

“Always thought that code was a joke”

“What’s going on?” Josh asked as the kids began to stand up and rush to the drawing room.

“Not surprised you weren’t told, In the time spent here it has only showed up twice and that was years ago”

“What has?”

“The third most dangerous enemy in the Daycare”


Chapter 8: Dream Warrior

“Just pee your pants!” Lilly sang out towering across the playground. She was older so she was wiser; it was the right call. Kylie struggled as she danced about doing her damndest to hold her in her pee.

“Just go pee-pee” Josh said, he knew well he was the same age and he always peed himself.

“But it’s wrong, I am a big girl,” Kylie whined.

“Just pee yourself, little girl” Matt said and why wouldn’t she listen to him of all people, Matt knew better being the significant other in their relationship.

“Time to go pee-” Alex began

“NO!” Kylie shouted and stamped her foot. A large wave emanated from her and pushed away all the big people leaving a wide empty flat field and a demon standing across from her. Pink and blue eyes, blanket-like wings, red skin and hooved feet, a slender tail with a pacifier on the end and two horns curling around like a circlet before jutting upwards. The demon blinked and looked around as if unsure where they were. As she looked at Kylie she appeared a bit stunned then grinned.

“Well, Well, Well” she purred and slowly clapped her hands. “It isn’t going to prevent the outcome but I must say i haven’t seen someone lucid dream like you” she said. Kylie was hating that smirk she had, the arrogance she exhumed. The dominance she evoked. This demon knew something but before she could begin to think of a question the world warped at a clap of her hands.

Kylie stood in a stream how it was so relaxing hearing the babbling, the trickle, the rush of the water. She wanted to sink into the water and relax, just relax maybe it would warm up and…Kylie stood up and stamped her foot once more the splash rose to a tidal wave and all that was left was her and the demon, who now was lounging in a chair, made of stone and wood, gently rocking in it.

“Not bad, you are clearly Lucid…maybe more” The demon said with a sneer. She raised her hands and several tendrils shot out and wrapped around Kylie’s arms and legs. She was laid out flat on a stone table and her clothes stripped away. The demon approached holding a white square with colorful prints. It was obviously a diaper.

“Wait! Who are-” she tried to ask but the demon’s tail shot into her mouth and silenced her.

“No…no…you don’t get to ask questions, let a weed grow and it will spoil the garden, let a baby grow up and they won’t rely on their mother” she said and unfolded the diaper. Kylie watched as her bottom was raised up and the diaper slid under her. She was liberally dusted with powder and the diaper folded up over her the tapes were secured tightly so tight she didn’t think she would slip out of it. Then as the demon patted the front of her diaper she was brought up into her arms and she felt the demon grip her waist. “Be a good baby now, and show mommy you need your diapers.” She said applying pressure on Kylie’s bladder. Kylie could not last she watched as waterfalls surrounded the two of them and felt the warmth spread around her. It felt nice as mommy comforted her. It was nice when she changed into a new diaper. Put into a crib and fed a bottle, played with blocks, peed her diaper, comforted by mommy, changed her diaper…over and over…

Kylie awoke from the odd dream she had. She stretched her arms and wriggled a bit feeling relaxed and well rested that was until the clamminess of cold urine clung to her. Kylie hid her face in her hands and began to cry.

“No! Damn it, I am not a bedwetter!” She cried a low mumble at herself more than anyone in particular.

“What was that honey?” Alex said the door wide open as she barged into Kylie’s room. Kylie kept her mouth shut and sought out an excuse.

“N-N-nothing Mommy” she said, that odd salty taste in her mouth once again. This was the second time it sprang upon her. What was it that she said that wasn’t right? it didn’t fit the scenario they were in, or were supposed to be in. It was like spelling a word you knew was right but a part of the brain claimed it wasn’t the correct spelling. She just wasn’t sure of herself.

“Kylie you know. Better than to lie to me” Alex warned. How would she know? Something about that was off, how would Mommy know what she said was a lie? Why was “Mommy” wrong? None of that mattered; in the end it only made her bedwetting worse and she began to cry harder. Alex quickly moved over and sat on the bed pulling Kylie into a hug, “baby what’s wrong?” She asked so sincerely.

“I-I…I didn’t…it was an accident, I can make it to the potty I swear!” Kylie sobbed. Alex squeezed Kylie tight, so warm and comforting.

“Shh, sweetie, it’s ok, it was just an accident” Mommy Alex spoke softly. “But…” Alex held Kylie out at arms length. Kylie felt like she knew what was coming and couldn’t help the sobs that came. “We might want to consider some extra protection from now on.” She spoke with such warmth and care. Such a warm smile as if Kylie could do no wrong.

“Nyooooh!” Kylie wailed and cried falling into Alex’s shoulder as she sobbed. Alex rubbed her back to help calm her and gave soft shushes as she held her tight. Checkers was pressed into Kylie’s arms and Alex broke away for a moment. When she returned she held a fluffy pink square. When Alex unfolded it, Kylie saw it as a pair of Pull-ups. Frilly bands around the waist and leg and a plush center easy to absorb liquid. “NO! NO! NO!” Kylie wailed and scooted to the furthest part of the bed as Alex sat on the edge.

“Ok, Ok, No” Alex said and set the pull up on the edge of the bed. “Kylie” Alex spoke in a gentle but firmer tone. “We are only considering this as a possibility. You have been struggling with the potty lately, especially when you fall asleep” Alex said. “I think it would be good for you to wear these when you decide to lay down for a nap or go to bed ok?” Alex told her.

“No! I am a big girl! I don’t need them!” Kylie wailed. She didn’t want to lose her big girl undies she had them for, since forever ago. She didn’t need pull-ups anymore.

“Yes, you are a big girl, but recently, especially when you go to sleep, I think these will be good for you, until you can show mommy you can stay dry when you go to sleep”

“No! I’m a big girl!” Kylie shouted again.

“Kylie!” Alex yelled and ceased any sound from Kylie. “If you continue this behavior I will have you wear them all day and you can wear diapers to bed. Does that sound better?” Mommy asked, or rather commanded. Kylie shook her head. “Then…” Alex softened her tone, “can you be a big girl and at least show Mommy you can stay dry at night. Worse case scenario you just need a little protection at night. Better that than having to wake up in a wet bed” Alex pressed her hand on the sheets and watched as they absorbed the urine. Kylie nodded she didn’t want this treatment but the alternative was worse. “Good girl, now get dressed, breakfast will be ready soon” Mommy Alex said and left the room leaving the frilly pink pull-up behind. Kylie knew she wasn’t expected to wear that now, only when she wanted to nap or it was bedtime.

The questions dawned on her…weren’t they supposed to be camping today? Kylie got out of bed and dressed for the day. She was only a little worried as most of the clothes packed in her dresser were some of her own. The rest were something a child would wear, she needed to do laundry soon or those would be her only option. Even worse was her underwear drawer was filled with pull-ups, something mom kept well stocked since before she moved out for college. It was always a threat, behave or be treated the way you act. Kylie only barely behaved well enough to be allowed to leave the nest and…and…and that seemed wrong…Damn it! It was a plague of anxiety she couldn’t put her finger on. She knew something was wrong but couldn’t say what it was.

“Kylie get dressed or I will dress you myself little girl!” Mother warned. Kylie snapped out of her thoughts and quickly got dressed. Never did she want mom to dress her, ever since Lilly moved out she wanted Kylie to be her girly girl and while she liked it she aimed for more ‘adult’ girly girl than what Mom had in mind.

Lilly was at the table before Kylie, still dressed as business casual as ever. They were on vacation and still Lilly was dressed up for a meeting. Mom had left the dining hall and it fell upon Kylie to ask the absurd…

“Hey uh…aren’t we supposed to be camping?” She asked. Lilly looked a bit surprised at the question.

“No…why?” Lilly asked.

“Well I thought we planned for this big vacation, you know camping and then the adventure park” Kylie stated.

“You are thinking of Matt and Josh’s little getaway,” Lilly said matter-of-factly. “Matt and Josh were to drop us off with Mom which we would visit for the week, while the boys went off on camping and that dumb kiddie park” Lilly said.

Kylie thought about it, Lilly and her did plan to visit mom for the week something they panned meticulously for while Josh and Matt went camping and at the same time visit their childhood attraction park, Lilly and Kylie had no interest in it since a week long ‘girl’s night’ sounded way more fun…Kylie stopped that thought and rushed to her room to check her bag. Surely it wasn’t that. She remembered the big plan, stop at their favorite restaurants the first couple days…Kylie pulled out the notebook Lilly left her…then it was off to camping…she flipped through the pages to when their vacation would first start. Sure enough their vacation started with visiting their favorite restaurants. Josh and Matt would drop her and Lilly off with Mom and spend the week with her before Josh and Matt returned to pick them up…Kylie paused, that didn’t sound right…but why?

“KYLIE!” Mom yelled.

“I’m dressed!” Kylie yelled back more in surprise.

“Breakfast is ready and we are waiting ating for you, do I need to drag you to the high chair?” Mom warned.

“No I’m coming” Kylie tossed the notebook aside and quickly followed Mother, dear lord she forgot how strict her mother could be, if you weren’t old enough to get to the table on time you weren’t old enough to feed yourself. Another delay and it was pull-ups for undies and being spoon fed…she hated how mom kept that as a rule. After breakfast Kylie took to the living room and began to start up a movie.

“Kylie, you need to change,” Mom said as she moved to pause the movie.

“Change what?” Kylie was annoyed that her movie was Interrupted before it began.

“You tend to fall asleep when watching movies baby, and it is best we get you dressed properly for when you do fall asleep.”

“I am not! I am not wearing those” Kylie whined. More annoyed that she called her a baby. “And I am not a baby”

“Wear what?” Lilly asked as she walked into the room.

“We had a talk about her recent accidents, and I suggested she wear pull-ups as a precaution for her sleepy accidents,” Mom said.

“Moooom” Kylie whined Lilly did f need to know about those.

“Kylie I don’t want to sop up another accident, once is enough for me” Lilly groaned. “Just wear the dumb diaper”

“It’s not a diaper!” Kylie corrected but felt her mom grab her hand and guide her to her room. Mom helped her undress and held out the pull-up for her to step into. “I am not going to even fall asleep, we haven’t been drinking wine” Kylie complained as she stepped into the pink Disney princess undergarment and felt mom pull it up to her waist. Kylie dressed herself and returned to the living room and unpaused her movie.

“It is just a precaution baby,” Mom said. True enough Kylie lasted longer without wine but during a lull in the movie she felt her eyes grow heavy and the comfort of the couch eased her into a nap.

“That’s a good baby” Mommy said as Kylie felt the other tape secure her diaper on. Mommy picked her up and carried her to the rocking chair, a ba-ba in one hand. Kylie drooled eager to finally be fed. As her lips latched onto the nipple. Kylie felt something odd. This wasn’t right…Kylie tried to pull away from the bottle but Mommy was persistent. “No, no baby, you need your ba-ba” she said gently. Kylie grabbed at the bottle and ripped it out of her mouth. She did her best to wretch herself from Mother’s grasp, from Alex’s grasp and fall down into a dark pit.

She saw the bars before she hit the ground…no she floated and avoided landing into the crib. With a bit of a mental push she was dressed in her regular clothes…she had always been in her regular clothes.

“You are being a very bad baby, little girl” Alex growled. Kylie turned to see the demon before her. Baby paraphernalia floating all around her.

“I am not going to be your baby, I don’t know what you did but I am not gonna let you ruin our vacation any longer!” Kylie yelled. The demon laughed.

“You won’t even remember this when you wake up. This is a dream sweetie, and you will be too focused on your wet pull-up to care what happens here.” Kylie nodded to herself,

“I remember everything right now and I will remember it when I wake up!” she said. The demon grinned.

“I applaud your ability to quickly become a lucid dreamer, and I think we need to correct that” Alex held her outstretched hand to the side and opened a portal. She reached in and pulled out a long handle which widened to a large ornate paddle. There several demonic runes covering the wood and holes drilled throughout 'Ebenezer Von Spank" was written across the length of the paddle. “Come here young lady, time for your spanking!” Alex demanded.

Kylie wasn’t going to let her win, not without a fight, she needed a weapon but the fog of the dream made it hard to concentrate. She soon found herself over mommy’s knee…damn it No! Kylie flipped herself off Alex’s lap just in time for her to miss with the paddle. Kylie focussed this was her dream and in her dream she had a large dangerous…sucker. Kylie was now holding a massive sized Sugar Daddy, her favorite, these seemed to last forever. Kylie wielded it like a sword she focussed again and in return gained a large peppermint shield.

“Oh? You are going to fight me wittle baby? I love your rattle and blankie” Alex cooed, Kylie checked her hands and she was holding a large rattle and baby blanket. She was even dressed in a onesie and a thick diaper. Kylie gawked at them then found herself across mommy’s lap again. “This is going to hurt me more than it is going to hurt you,” Alex said, and the paddle was alight with demonic fire. Kylie tried to focus on getting away but it was too late, the paddle swung down and hit her diapered bum. Kylie began to cry and wail. She didn’t mean to be naughty. She thought being a big girl would be fun! Clearly it wasn’t, mommy was just correcting her was all. Kylie vowed she never wanted to be out of diapers. “There there” Mommy sang as she held her daughter close and brought the ba-ba to her baby’s lips. Kylie nursed on the ba-ba grateful for mommy to feed her and keep her in diapers. “You are a talented dreamer, but so far away from facing me in battle” Mommy said. Kylie didn’t pay attention. She was warm and comfy in Mommy’s arms feeling her diaper swell and warm up. “That’s my Kylie…Kylie”

“Kylie” mom gently nudged Kylie awake. She groaned and opened her eyes. “Have a good nap?” She asked. Kylie nodded her head. “That’s good, can I check your pull-up?” She asked.

“I didn’t use it…” Kylie groaned but felt mom already unfastening her pants.

“I am just going to check, just in case” Mom got her pants part way down, pressed a hand to her pull-up. “It’s a little wet”

“WHAT?!” Kykie abruptly sat up, almost banging her head on mom. She looked down and saw the wetness indicator had changed a bit. The pull-up was a bit thicker than before and she could feel it was a bit wet.

“Well it is official, from now on, we are going to have you wear pull-ups for naps and nighttime” Mom insisted.

“No I don’t need them!” Kylie whined regardless of the obvious truth.

“You clearly do sweetheart, or would you rather have Mommy put you in diapers instead for your naps, because if I find you napping I will put you in one” She threatened. Kylie mewled her disagreement to that even more. “Then you will start wearing pull-ups for your naps and bedtime.”

Kylie got herself changed but was frazzled for the rest of the day, she entertained herself with her phone, tv shows and did her best to not fall asleep. She didn’t want to be put into pull-ups. However it was inevitable as bedtime came around. Kylie got dressed for bed and heard a knock on the door.

“Kylie you dressed?” Mom asked. Kylie confirmed. “Do you have your diaper on?”

“They’re not diapers,” she grumbled.

“Do you have one on? Let me see”

“I have it on!” Kylie insisted.

“Kylie pull down your pants, right now young lady” Mom demanded. Kylie did as she was told, revealing her panties. “Is that what you are supposed to be wearing?” She asked anger in her voice.


“KYLIE!” Mom shouted.


“Lay down!” Mom demanded and Kylie obeyed. She felt her pants and panties ripped off. “What do you think your punishment should be?” She asked. Kylie said nothing. “Do you need a spanking?” Kylie shook her head. “Do you need a diaper?” She shook her head more violently. “Then what should be your punishment”

“I don’t know,” Kylie said sheepishly.

“One!” Mom held up a finger.

“I don’t know” she didn’t want to be punished she didn’t want to wear a pull-up to bed she didn’t need to.

“Two!” Another number, another finger.

“I don’t know” being rushed didn’t help her think up a punishment. The third finger came up.

“Well I do” Mom grabbed Kylie by the wrist and pulled her up, sat on the bed and pulled Kylie over her knee. Kylie didnt have time to process what was happening…she didn’t need to…

Smack! Smack! Smack!

The first three were sudden then mom began to spank her thighs and butt hard and sharp, unpredictable. Ten swats, one for each cheek and thigh, forty long swats. Kylie was then put back on the bed on her back. “Stay there, think about what you’ve done” Mom left leaving Kylie with a sore bottom. Mom returned. “Kylie do you know why you were spanked?”

“Because I lied”

“Why did you lie?”

“Because I didn’t want to wear pull-ups to bed”

“Very good, maybe you will do well to do what you’ve been told and now instead of wearing pull-ups to bed, you can wear a diaper” Kylie began to sob harder. Mom wasn’t fast with the diaper change either. Kylie was mortified and fully regretted simply not wearing a pull-up. It was normal underwear, just a little bulky between the legs. The diaper was worse, it crinkled, it was even thicker than a pull-up. It was however comforting as Mom sprinkled baby powder on her sore butt the cool feeling was nice and the soft plush of the diaper was nice too. As the diaper was taped on Kylie laid there still sobbing. “You are not allowed to take this off young lady, only mommy can understand?” Kylie nodded. “Good girl, when Mommy takes it off you are going into pull-ups for rest of the day ok?”

“Ok…” Kylie said defeated. Mom pulled her into a hug and gave her a kiss. Helped Kylie into bed and tucked her in.

“Sleep well baby, Good Night Sleep Tight don’t let the Bed Bugs Bite and if they do then take your shoe and hit them until they are Black and Blue” Mom sang and gently shut the door.

It had to be a marshmallow, if anything it had to be a marshmallow. Kylie waddled across the field of candy, at least this time Alex didn’t get the jump on her first but it was hard to move with her lower body stuck in a marshmallow, her legs poking out wide making it hard to walk. The laughter soon came.

“Aww, look how cute you are! Little marshmallow diaper!” Alex said, the demoness floated in the air as if lying on a bed, her feet kicking back and forth. “Do you enjoy it when Mommy put your diaper on? Did you feel more at home? More content, as if you belonged in a diaper.” She laughed.

“Fuck you!” Kylie said, summoning her candy weapons. That touched a nerve Alex’s smug face was instantly slapped off.

“Sounds like someone needs a good mouthwash” a river of water began to splash around Alex, large bars of soap and bubbles accompanied it. Her cotton candy eyes burning fiercely. In the next moment Kylie was being washed down a river, the soapy water filling her mouth bars of soap brushing vigorously in her mouth. Kylie tried to move but the bulk between her legs prevented her. The water vanished and she was on her hands and knees suckling on a pacifier. “There’s a good baby” Alex grinned.

The pacifier became a ring pop. Kylie looped her finger in the ring and pulled the diamond shaped candy out. She aimed it and she fired off a laser. Alex dodged just in time and smiled.

“Not bad, clever baby, but still just a wittle baby!” Bars shot up around Kylie; several towering toys blocked her path. With the demoness’s grinning face visible past it all…


Alex picked up the phone. “Mommy’s here sweety what’s up?” Alex asked. “Sweetie, Mommy is busy right now, can you handle that? you have your brother’s and sister’s to help remember?” A short pause. “Mommy is very worried but I know you can handle it honeybuns” another pause. “I know they are just as bad as Boogey but they don’t eat my babies now do they and this will be a good time to try to snag any naughty kids, they are the most in danger…Can you promise Mommy you will try? Promise Mommy to give your best and if you truly think you need Mommy’s help, then you show up to baby sit and mommy will be right over ok?..ok, bye honey I love you!” As Alex hung up she went to check on her baby and was almost stabbed in the face by a large red sucker.

The world shifted and Alex moved, having the attack miss. She looked up to see Kylie riding a brilliantly white unicorn, a peppermint shield in one hand and a large red sucker shaped like a toe. Kylie had one, once upon a time, the ‘Toe of Satan’ an extremely hot sucker nigh unbearable. Even now the thing dripped with syrupy ooze that melted the ground like lava.

“Well, well found a way to deal with your diaper bulge baby?”

“Go suck a dick!” Alex licked her lips.

“I prefer just nurturing my babies, but I could go for some dick sucking, as long as I get pregnant a moment later…this ain’t a topic that babies should be talking about” Alex said and pulled out Ebenezer Von Spank. Kylie made another charge and was parried by the demon. Alex snapped her finger and the Unicorn became a simple wooden horse. “You are starting to become a problem baby, Mommy doesn’t like it when you misbehave” Kylie felt guilty washing over her and ignored it. She rocked on the pony for a moment before she concentrated on making it a real unicorn again. Once again she charged, Alex avoided manipulating the world and with a snap turned the unicorn into a bouncer. The sucker into a rattle, the rest into appropriate things for a baby. Kylie bounced, suckling her pacifier and shaking the rattle. “Call it hubris. I can’t simply just turn you into a baby without seeing how far you can go with this. I am very curious, but now it is time to wake up baby and mommy wants to see you in a wet diaper.” Alex began to pour a glass of water that trickled soothingly down into darkness. Darkness soon overtook Kylie soon to rouse from her slumber.

“I have to pee!” Kylie jolted awake and scrambled out of bed. She took two steps before realizing her walk was more a waddle, the crinkling of the diaper reminding her of her punishment. Kylie did a small potty dance. She got her pants on and headed out to the kitchen where mom was finishing prepping breakfast.

“Kylie, are you wearing your diaper?” Mom asked in a rather warning tone in her soft voice.

“Yes, but-”

“Remove your pants young lady, you know diapers remain exposed unless Mommy dresses you” she said Kylie whined but did as she was told. Mom looked and smiled “good girl”

“Mom I need to use the bathroom”

“Can it wait sweetie? breakfast is ready”

“No, I really need to go now!” Kylie said hands pressed against her diaper as she did a potty dance.

“You are a big girl sweetie, you can hold it until after breakfast” mom said grabbing the trays and heading out to the dining room. Kylie joined where Lilly was already sitting at the table.

“Aww, is Kylie a little baby now, does she need to be spoon fed?” Lilly teased seeing Kylie in the diaper.

“Shut up!” Kylie snapped.

“Kylie we don’t say that, Lilly don’t tease your sister” Mom ordered. “Now sit and eat!” Kylie sat down and squirmed as her bladder protested. Her diaper crinkled as she wiggled trying to eat fast enough so she could get to the bathroom. As she took a warm bite of food she felt the warmth in her belly then a warmth between her legs.

“Mom Kylie peed her diaper!” Lilly called.

“Kylie, you are supposed to be a big girl! The diaper was for if you peed in the night”

“I really had to go!” Kylie explained. Humiliation burning in her face. She could see that demoness from her dream grinning at her through Mom, what was that dream about again? It was weird…

“You couldn’t hold it until after breakfast like a big girl? If you’d rather use a diaper maybe we will keep you in them” Mom said, Kylie thought hard about her dream, the demoness had her in a marshmallow she recalled…

“Someone is getting moved to the nursery” her sister sang. Kylie continued to recall her dream.

“Kylie!” Her mother broke her train of thought. “That better be a thinking face, if you poop your diaper, you are going straight to the nursery for a week!”

“I was just thinking!” Kylie proclaimed. The stern look on her mother’s face and the smug look on her sister’s…there was a feeling. A sense of discombobulation followed by only what could be described as a hot iron slowly smoothing out the details. It was subtle, very subtle, almost imperceptible. Yet there it was…Kylie wobbled a bit then for whatever reason looked over at her mom. The woman who sat across the table still had that stern expression on her face. Yet as the two stared at each other it became a face of slight confusion. The woman narrowed her eyes a bit and for a moment saw her eyes change color, one pink, one blue.

Kylie suddenly felt sick. The world turned violently for a moment and Kylie fell from her chair. She gave a small yelp as she fell and slammed into the floor.

“Oh my goodness Kylie!” Mother yelled in surprise and she went over to Kylie. Kylie pushed herself up a bit, felt a fresh bout of urine flooding her diaper, the shock of the fall and the warm feeling soon brought tears to her eyes.

“I don’t wanna be in diapees!” Kylie wailed as her mother helped her up.

“It’s ok shh, come on baby, let’s get you out of that diaper” mom said while trying to comfort her daughter. They were soon in Kylie’s room and Kylie was gently laid upon her bed. Mom looked down at her face with a mixture of concern and then curiosity as she studied her daughter. It might have been because she was lying down and aftershock of her fall but she felt weird once again. Mom was starting to look less like…mom…

Kylie watched as “Mom” licked at her top lip in appraisal then walked over to her dresser and began to pull out supplies. Kylie felt her heart drop as she saw it was supplies for a diaper change. Kylie began to whimper and before she could whine a pacifier was plopped into her mouth while “mom” was still across the room.

“I am sorry baby, but I think you need a nap right now, that was a pretty nasty fall you had and mommy has decided you need diapers for naps and bedtime now” “Mom” came over and began to undo Kylie’s diaper and clean her up. “Baby? Do you know who I am?” “Mom” asked. Kylie stared up at her as she felt “Mom” finish cleaning her and lifted her butt up to slide the diaper under her.

“Mmmmommy?” Kylie asked as the pacifier removed itself, it didn’t fit somehow yet it was all that came to her head in some odd garbled mess. Kylie felt the last tape become secured tightly and “Mom” check the diaper was checking it fit snuggly. “Mom” handed Checkers over to Kylie and pulled out a pacifier and plopped it into Kylie’s mouth. Kylie’s jammies were removed and was replaced with a footed sleeper instead. Kylie protested at first but if “Mom” wanted her dressed like a baby for a nap, then that is what happened. Mittens were next tightly binding her hands so she could do no more than hold Checkers in both hands. Kylie was tucked into bed and given a kiss on her forehead.

“Good night, Sleep Tight don’t let the Bed Bugs Bite and if they do then take your shoe and hit them until they are Black and Blue” “Mom” sang. “I’ll see you soon”

Chapter 9: Boogey Boogey

“At precisely Nap time it has been confirmed that we now must consider and enact Code: The “Window is Open” as a Full time threat, we had not told of this code or the details pertaining to it, due to lack of information and the infrequency of the threat in this code. As such new details have come in and I must caution you all to our newest enemy” Charles taped up a picture. It was simply a black scribble with a line perpendicular at the top. “The description of our enemy is a tall man with a top hat that is entirely black like a shadow. The denizens of the daycare and Hell itself have confirmed that this is the Boogeyman. Much like the Boogeymonster he goes after kids and steals them, it is unknown what he does to the kids he captures. Unlike the Boogeymonster the Boogeyman targets children of all ages, is able to snatch kids from cribs and even goes after tweens and some teenagers, young adults and above are left alone. The Boogeyman’s powers are similar to the Boogeymonster with the key difference of him only having two arms and that his targets see several flashes of light while being hunted.”

“Anyway, to fight him?” A kid asked.

“Yes, but it is a double edged sword, An inside source has informed us that the Babysitter’s have called for Mother, she is unable to assist at this time. The danger of the Boogeyman is still to be considered a High level threat, as so far the only way to survive is to go under the care of a Babysitter or Family member. However much like the Boogeymonster this may only delay him. If Mother thinks that the Babysitter’s can handle him, then we need not worry too much. However, I regret informing this. At this time all Children, even soldiers of the Naughty Kids residing alone without a parental figure or guardian are in grave danger until further notice” a murmur rose through the room as all the kids murmured to one another, all of them were without a parental figure. “Donut I want you and your team to inform all units in the kiddie pool about this no longer will we keep this from more recruits.”

“Um guys?” A kid called out then pointed toward a window. “I saw a flash in the window,” he said. Everyone turned to the window he pointed at. Darkness lay beyond the glass, pure thick darkness like a cloud covered night. Josh noted that even while it was dark he had always been able to see outside like a full moon beaming down on snow. This was just black. Then there came a couple of flashes.

There was a cold chill…

Then realization…


The window flew open and a pair of arms began to snake their way in. It grabbed at one kids arm and began to pull them toward the window. Kids began to stumble into one another rushing through doors and windows where the Darkness wasn’t. Josh and Matt were left stunned.

“No! No! Help! HELP!” he kid screamed. Josh saw Joe tackle the kid and was able to pull them away. Another kid was snatched up and their friend was nearly dragged with them. As the kid was absorbed into the darkness the figure was gone. It didn’t matter next there was screaming in the hall “it’s in the closet!” Followed by a scream, “the window!” Another. Matt grabbed Josh and pulled him through the window where the Boogeyman just was. The two ran through the woods letting bushes and branches cut at them. The screams of kids echoed in the woods. At one moment they stopped to catch their breath.

“What the fuck we do now!?” Matt asked.

“Hit the kiddie pool, find some Naughty Kids, let them know what happened, wait for further instructions” Josh said panting.

“Great! How do we even fight that we got no weapons, weight as well have pillows for fists against fucking demons IN HELL!” Matt yelled.

“Matt run…” Josh said breathlessly and pointed.

“What?” Matt looked to where he pointed. In the darkness there was a shadow, a great tall shadow. Like a man in a trenchcoat standing suspiciously behind a tree staring at them in a top hat with something held up to his face. There came a flash from his face.

“RUN!” The two began to run not caring if they got cut so long as they didn’t slow. “NO!” Josh screamed as a hand clutched at his collar and began to yank him off his feet.

“JOSH!” Matt turned watching as Josh was dragged toward the open coat of the black figure. Matt wasn’t sure what to do so he looked around and found a rock. He picked it up and threw it at the Boogeyman. The creature was struck but didn’t falter in taking Josh. Matt then found a stick, a rather cool stick actually. He grabbed that, feeling where the “handle” should be; it was like a sword he thought and then ran toward the Boogeyman. A second arm reached out to grab at Matt. Matt swung his sword to stop the hand. Contact was made and the fingers on the hand were cut off. The Boogeyman screamed an unearthly wail, dropping Josh as it grabbed its hand. “Lets go!” Matt picked up Josh and the two ran.

They didn’t stop until the bushes stopped cutting at them. The light of the night was like an ever present nightlight and they could see playground equipment litter the field. They finally fell to the ground panting.

“What…did you…do?” Josh gasped.

“I found a sword” Matt said, holding up the stick. Josh looked a bit confused. It was a cool stick and he couldn’t help but feel a bit jealous.

“We should find me one next time” he said.

“What are you twerps doing over here?” A female voice. Josh and Matt quickly stood up as a girl in punk attire came over. Black hair, thick eyeliner, black nails and a punisher t-shirt with blue jeans. Jewelry litteriering her arms. “Do you know how much trouble I am going to be in?” She asked crossing her arms.

“We were just…playing” Josh said sheepishly.

“Look, I can’t deal with you two running about right now, come on!” She grabbed the two by the arm and dragged them away from the woods, away into the Daycare, Away from the Boogeyman, Josh looked back. It was hard to tell now with the brighter light and the vast darkness of those woods. Though it was unmistakable he could see a flash deep where it was the darkest…


Trapped and Helpless that was what Kylie felt. No matter how hard she tried she couldn’t remove the gum. It made it impossible to pick up her sword and shield. The gum in her mouth made it hard to speak and she could only chew it. Thankfully she could ride her Unicorn but she had no armor, just a tight onesie she couldn’t change. Then there was Alex standing away chewing at her lip in consideration.

“Lucid dreaming is one thing Baby girl…detecting my magic in the mortal realm is another” the demoness spoke. Kylie tried to insult her, jeer at her but it was nothing but baby babble the gum forming into a pacifier. “I was right to dress you up, gosh you are so adorable” Alex swooned. “You might be more dangerous than I originally thought, I am honestly thinking of breastfeeding you, ruins the fun I have been having, but I don’t want you getting stronger and ruining my reign on the mortal realm”

“Cowah” Kylie mumbled past her pacifier. Alex glared at her.

“Don’t you dare try that little trick on me, you are far too young to understand what is cowardice and what is being careful, though I could make this a game for us both…the fun doesn’t need to be ruined quite yet” she said. From one moment to the next Alex picked up Kylie and had her bundled up in her wings. Then they say upon her rocking chair made of stone and wood. The strange symbol, similar to an “A” carved into the head of the odd rocking chair throne.

Alex unbuttoned her shirt and unclasped the bra cup. Kylie realized what was to happen and squirmed as much as she could to get away. The blankets only seemed to tighten and hold her down and thankfully didn’t crush her.

“Such a hungry baby, but first” Alex moved Kylie into position but not so she could start feeding. “My milk is special little one, for those who drink it taste the best meals of their lives, and become overwhelmed by the sensation of so many memories it breaks them, they lose their memories and they become actual babies! As much as I love breastfeeding my babies, I only ever allow this to the babies who want it!” She said. Kylie squirmed even harder.

“I don’t want to be a baby, I don’t want to lose my memories.” She cried, staring at Alex’s nipple in horror at what was about to happen. Alex bounced her a little and shushed her.

“It’s ok, it’s ok, this is only a dream baby, what will happen is subconsciously you will seek the taste of my milk, nothing will ever be quite as tasty.”

"But but I love my candy, I don’t want to stop liking it,‘’ years rolled down her face she tried her best to get away but the blankets were too tight she couldn’t move and Alex’s hold was too strong.

“It isn’t that you won’t enjoy things, you will still love your candy, your pancakes and syrup. Yet those things won’t be your favorite, they will always be missing that one thing that scratches the itch, don’t worry I will have milk ready for you. It won’t have nearly the same effect, my milk needs to be fresh for it’s true power to work, if it isn’t in my baby’s mouth almost immediately, you only receive a very sweet drink, you will love it, and so the game!” Alex smiled. “There will be ba-bas for you and you will just need to resist drinking them. Simple as that, each time you want one, I will invoke a task, maybe I want you to babble like a baby for it, have you nap or sleep in a crib for the day something only baby would do since only baby’s drink from ba-bas.” Alex informed her. “Since you should understand now…let us begin”

Kylie was pulled into Alex’s breast and gently she teased the nipple on her lips. Try as she might Kylie could feel the nipple little by little work its way past her lips. A bit of milk glossed her lips and Kylie made the mistake to lick it off.

Suddenly the world was alight with colors and scenery. Kylie was in her underwear at school, she was having sex with her boyfriend, she was being chased by a monster, she was in candy land. Scene after scene played. The only thing was. There was one constant at all times. Her breastfeeding on Mommy. She couldn’t even stop herself, she was so hungry. It wasn’t like she could eat solid food anyway she was just a-

Kylie was torn away from the nipple of life giving num-nums, she was still very hungry and protested the interruption.

“You FUC-” mommy began but Kylie felt the blanket drown out the rest of the word. Kylie wasn’t sure what was happening. There was only her and mommy and mommy’s boob whose nipple was just out of reach. Once more there was great force as mommy suddenly moved. Kylie jolted a bit and saw for just a moment something terrible. It was black and squiggly, round with fuzzy legs that bent at awkward angles. Before she could see more Kylie’s face was covered with protection from the cold and it would let her sleep. Kylie was gently plopped into a bassinet before Mommy turned toward the aggressor.

“Mommy I am hungie…” Kylie thought. I could go for a burger" came another thought “I want Mommy milk”* she had yet to get her fill. Caramelized onions, three cheese, ooh you know what simple burger, cheese and two soft chocolate chip cookies, god I wish that place didn’t go down stuff was oddly good, like it was weird but good you kept taking a bite just to double check" oddly that did sound good. “I want milkies!” Bit of the blanket fell away and Kylie could see into the void, there were several ba-bas around each with a picture of some food. The burger was still on her mind so Kylie shuffled out of the blankets and reached for the ba-ba with a burger on it. She began to drink - taking a big bite of the burger, it was so juicey - milk dripped past her lips as she took in deep mouthfuls of -

Crash one second to the next Kylie was flung out of the bassinet and onto the floor. Kylie sprawled onto the ground.

“What the fuck!” Kylie yelled, the little baby she was wailing from the shock. Alex was soon next to her, wings spread wide a massive paddle bigger than her in one hand. Across from her was a massive spider with a human like mouth filled with teeth. Several crooked arms with sharp talons clung to the various spaces around them.

“Of all the times Boogey, why now?!” Alex yelled.

“TeLl mE” the voice of the spider monster was like several voices speaking at once, some a whisper, others screaming with a mix of insects chittering and screeches. “dO yoU KNoW wHat iS HapPenInG in yoUr pReCIouS DayCare?” It asked. Alex glared at him knowing right now Boogeyman was attacking. Then confusion, why would that matter? Then realization and she laughed.

“Don’t tell me you have resorted to teaming up with another demon!” Alex jeered.

“A mUTuaL pROpOsiTiON tO fEaST oN THe LaRGesT BufFett in AlL of HELL” the Boogeymonster said. “He WiLl gATHer wHIle I disTRAct YoU”

“My son’s and daughters can handle that pathetic worm, I would be more afraid of if it was him distracting me and you gorging yourself”

“Ah bUt SeE, ThERe arE yoUr lOSt shEEp” Alex’s confidence faltered a bit. “YoU CanNoT prOTecT ThEM neArLy As weLL” Alex charged at the monster leaving Kylie on the ground.

Kylie needed to escape, to leave this place. It was a dream with demons in it. She could never escape Alex, how could she escape two. For a brief moment the spider monster flung Alex away and made a chilling dash toward Kylie. Alex wasn’t going to make it in time. The fangs extended the mouth agape ready to swallow the dream child. Kylie was terrified, this was just a dream, so why couldn’t she protect herself in the dream? Her boxing gloves were ready! She swung her fist at the spider, the boxing gloves growing ten times bigger and punched the spider into the ground. Alex came from behind and smacked Boogeymonster across the room.

Alex raised a hand to Kylie and she felt the gum in her mouth and on her hands disappear.

“As much as I hate to admit it, I can’t protect you as well in this realm, do your best, please be safe baby!” They looked at eachother for a moment and Kylie noted how worried Alex was, there was genuine concern for her in that expression. Kylie rose up onto her unicorn…no she was the Unicorn, a centaur brandishing her candy sword and shield.

“I still don’t forgive you…I won’t be your baby after this…” Kylie said.

“While not perfect, damage is done my baby girl, game is still on…now hold onto Mommy’s hand and we will squash this bug” Alex said raising her paddle. The two then charged at Boogeymonster. With a roar his many arms shot out with wild abandon to strike at the two. Kylie slashed and parried the arms moving in close on her powerful hooves to drive her sword into him. Alex gave one swing of Ebenezer Von Spank to fling away Boogey’s arms, she beat her wings to push her faster and swung her Paddle again smashing Boogey under it.

The two were then sent flying away as a mass of arms pushed them away. Kylie stood up and saw Boogeymonster was mostly the many spindly arms the spider monster scurried away and began to slink into shadow.

“I hAVe dOnE My ParT, preParE yoUrSElf LitTle GIrl, LiTTle bOY, yOu, WiLL bE MINE!” with that Boogeymonster fled. Alex embraced Kylie and petted her head.

“Don’t worry baby, he won’t touch you while I am around” she assured her. Kylie tried to fend off Alex’s affection.

“We’re not done here!” Kylie said, backing up and readying her weapons.

“Yes we are, you are well past your naptime limit and if I don’t wake you up soon, you will just be a ball of energy by bedtime” Alex said and with a snap of her finger there was darkness…


I have seen this posting but hadn’t had a chance to sit and read it yet. This is very imaginative and I’m looking forward to more! Keep up the great writing!


Chapter 10: Stick it to the Bully

Josh and Matt were nearly thrown into the bars as their babysitter pushed them onto the mattress; she quickly raised the bars and locked the crib up.

“Now stay in there dweebs be thankful I am not gonna spank you” she scoffed.

“Hey we’re not babies!” Matt protested shaking the crib bars.

“Oh yeah? Did you notice the time?” She asked pointing up at the sky. “Past bedtime and if you were smart like good little twerps you would be in a big boy bed but since you are clearly too immature to know when it’s bedtime your not old enough to understand, so Go. To. Sleep…Babies, and if I hear one more word from you you get a pacifier?” Matt took a sharp breath ready to tell her off but Josh clasped his hand over his mouth.

“Night!” Josh said, the babysitter gave him a smug expression pulled out a pacifier and shoved it in his mouth.

“I said not a word, you little twerp” she said. “Go to sleep NOW, I can keep my eyes on you better now” she said and began to go around to check on other beds and cribs. Though she was never far from them keeping a watchful eye.

Josh tried to spit the pacifier out but the more he tried the harder it was. He only suckled and chewed at it. The two boys laid down so as not to invoke more wrath from the babysitter.

“Dude what the fuck!” Matt whispered close to Josh’s ear as they laid together.

“Ah weas wur safe fwom da Boogeyman” Josh said through the pacifier.

“Take that thing out” Matt said.

“I cansh” Josh whispered back.

“What are we gonna do now?”

“Waish for shomeone to geh ush or waish for morning” Josh said.

“I am not sleeping in this damn crib!” Matt said, then suddenly a hand loomed over and stuffed a pacifier in his mouth.

“Yeah you are twerp” the babysitter said and gave him a kiss on his head "love ya, now go to sleep!’ the babysitter demanded.

The two fell asleep as exhaustion of the day kicked in. The sound of tweets and music began to play and the sky comically rolled over from night to day.

“Aww look at the little babies!” The babysitter called out. A crowd of kids had formed and we’re watching the two. “I thought they were big boys at first but why would a big boy sleep in a crib?” Josh’s and Matt sat up and glared at the babysitter. It wasn’t the same one from last night, that one was in the back mumbling something to the other kids and pointing at them. Josh burned with embarrassment, Matt….anger. After much laughing the babysitter in the back came forth. “Do you think these babies need diapers?” She asked. There was just a cacophony of giggles. “Ok…if you think so” she said and lowered the bars and pulled the pacifiers out. The two boys stepped out but dared not make eye contact except to their babysitter.

“Alright twerps…follow me or I will leash the two of you” she murmured to them. Not wanting to test her threat, the two of them followed. Josh signaled to the group of children, a backwards L on his forehead while drawing an X on his lips. A sign that he was a Naughty Kid. He hoped the crowd of kids had a soldier among them in hopes to get a rescue party.

The babysitter led the two boys to a picnic area.

“Sit down and be quiet” she spoke softly with an air of little care. She flipped open the basket. She pulled out a bagel and started eating. John noticed then he was hungry.

“Miss, is there anything we can have? Please” Josh was worried. A B Class Babysitter was the worse one to be around any moment was a chance for them to regress them. The babysitter looked at him mid chew with aface that said ‘really?’ as if she couldn’t be bothered. When Josh didn’t back she rolled her eyes and swallowed. She reached into the basket and pulled out a jar and a spoon, uncapped the jar, dipped the spoon In an orange mush, stirred then raised the spoon toward Josh’s mouth. She had a grin in her face not malicious but knowing.

“Open up baby, aren’t you hungry?” She asked. Josh glanced at Matt who was glancing back and gave a shrug. There was only one way this would play out. Refuse and he needed to be bottlefed, accept and he couldn’t eat it himself. Josh reached to take the spoon but the sitter pulled the spoon away. “Ah, ah, I said open twerp” Josh felt his stomach growl, the stuff looked unappetizing, saddly he didnt get his whole meal packet when the announcement came out. Josh opened his mouth and the sitter gently put the spoon in his mouth. The stuff wasn’t bad, it tasted of carrots that had been stewing with a roast seasoned with rosemary, tyme a hint of paprika, some onions and potatoes, except the mush was just the carrots. “By Mother, I can’t believe you let me spoon feed you” the sitter laughed. “I can’t believe thjs Big Boy is letting me spoon feed him like a baby!” She called out to anyone who would hear catching the eyes of some of the other kids around.

From one moment to the next Josh was airlifted from where he was and strapped into a highchair. He struggled but he was late when he realized what was happening.

“There now the wittle baby can be fed pwoperwy” she cooed at him making a show of it as she spoke loudly. “Oops I meant Big Boy” she said giving exaggerated air quotes. Josh wriggled in his seat trying to free his arms that were locked under the tray.

“I am not a baby, I can feed myself!” Josh protested. The sitter placed the jar on the tray, minus the spoon.

“You are?!” The bully said in mock surprise. “inthiugh you needed ME to feed you, well if you can feed yourself go for it” she said hands on hips and taking a step back letting all watch as Josh fruitlessly struggled to free his arms. “Well go then, stop doing the potty dance and eat your num nums” she teased.

Josh tried to get his hands free he could hear the giggling feel the eyes on him he began to bounce in place trying to free his hands from under the tray but he could move his arms any further back. It was like trying to get you cost off while fully strapped in the car, just…worse.

“Do you need help, here let me just do this and…” the sitter dipped the spoon in the kish stirred again and brought the spoon toward shim. When Josh refused to take the bite she backed off and smiled. “Oh no, the tunnel is blocked but just maybe, choo-choo” she chimed out and slowly brought the spoon slowly closer. The laughing grew louder and jeers pounded in his head. “Here comes the choo-choo train, Chuggs chugga, chugga chugga choo-choo” like a magic phrase Josh opened his mouth an ld the spoon was in his mouth. A second came spoon, then a third, each time he tried to resist, each time the choo-choo train made its way into the tunnel or the station.

“Look twerp” the sitter said, getting impatient. “If it helps just pretend I am your mommy,” she said. His mommy? Josh looked at her and felt an odd sense of calm her eyes lit up with a flash of colorful fire, one pink, one blue. Before Josh was a demon, a true bonafide demon. Red skin, circlet like horns, large wings black slits in those eyes for pupils. Yet she was beautiful, curly chestnut hair a warm smile those eyes just staring at him with a deep love for him. This was his mommy and she was feeding him.

“There’s a good boy” Mommy said as she brought the spoon toward him he giddly accepted it. She pinched his cheek, booed his nose and wiped his face. “Do you need your ba-ba sweaty?” She asked. He nodded and was given one. “Use two hands sweety” she instructed and he did, drinking greedily as he stared at her. Once he was done he was lifted into her arms and then was placed back down on the picnic blanket.

“You hungry too?” The sitter asked Matt. Matt raised his palms up.

“I had a knuckle sandwich” Matt said. The sitter laughed and went back to her bagel. “Dude you ok?” He shook Josh. Josh shook his head and felt a slight headache.

“What happened?”

“You tell me, you both just sort of spaced out and she fed you like some creepy doll” he spoke quietly.

“Where are the other kids?” Josh looked around.

“We left them, there might have a kid or two running around nearby.” Josh’s face turned pale.

“Dude we might be in trouble.” He said one hand gripping at Matt’s shoulder. “I saw her, I saw Mom-…Mother!” Matt was now concerned. “I think the babysitter is sister”

“What’re you twerps doing?” The sitter asked. she towered above them hands on hips and something in her hands.

“N-N-nothing…what do you have there?” Matt asked.

“Move dweeb, I gotta change the baby’s diaper” she said holding out a diaper and baby powder.

“I don’t need that!” Josh said backing away.

“Ha! Says the baby I just spoon and bottle fed, now lay down before you make a puddle” she ordered and got on her knees. Josh out of will on his own laid down. “Look at this twerp” the sitter said unfding the diaper. On the front was BABY spelled out in colorful blocks on the back were the words ‘forever potty’ printed as if written in crayon. “Perfect no? Fits you perfectly” she said.

Before she could pull his pants off Matt brought the stick across the back of her head. There was an audible whack as it hit her. She fell forward a bit and brought hand to the back of her head. she checked her hand the rubbed at her scalp again this time there was just a little blood on her hand. The three stared in awe for a moment.

“What the…” the sitter looked at the stick then up at Matt then back. “How did you…” her eyes and mouth widened as something visibly clicked in her head. She rose to her feet and threw down the diaper and powder. “You two little shits were in the forest, weren’t you?” Rage was over her then a twisted grin. “You two are going straight to the nursery and then I am calling Mother” she said.

She lunged at Matt who swung the stick at her. He struck her arm and she flinched at the smack. Josh scrambled up, he guessed they were doing this, not that they had much choice now. Josh moved to tackle the sitter thanks to Matt keeping her busy with his stick, she was fell down. Josh scrambled to his feet but the sitter grabbed him and pulled toward her. Matt swung his stick at her smacking her leg, she didn’t let go so he kept going eventually she released Josh. The two scrambled back while the sitter grabbed her leg.

“Let’s run!” Matt yelled and the two began to run.

“No you don’t!” The sitter cried scrambling after them. Josh and Matt ran past a set of kids each holding a squirt gun watching in slight awe, as the two passed the leader held out his hand.

“FIRE!” He yelled and the kids began to squirt at her face. Josh looked back to see she was trying both to get last the kids but not bulldoze them over and hurt them.

“Get back here you brats!” She cried but Josh and Matt were in the wagon that rescue squad had waiting and it wasn’t long before she was out of sight and her cries only heard if the wind carried them far enough.


Riiiing Riing Riiiing Riii-

“Helloo!” Mom chimed in as she answered the phone. Kylie sat on the floor of the living room, she was in a pink t-shirt, overalls, socks and a pull-up. She watched as Mom excused herself from the room. Curiosity took over Kylie and she sneakily followed after and listened in on the conversation.

“…does it hurt? … Poor baby, but I know you are a big girl and can handle it. Do you know how far in the forest they were? … Did you at least take the stick from them? …” The air shifted and Mom’s sweet attitude changed. “Well that boo-boo is going to be the least of your worries honey when I see you soon …yes I will see you soon … no buts young lady, you go to your auntie and you tell her you want to see mommy now, now young lady!” Then hung up the phone. Kylie scurried back to the living and dove into the pillows at the bottom of the floor. She scrambled up and saw Mom smiling at her and Lilly. “Girls I am sorry to spoil your vacation a bit but we are going to have a visitor for a bit, Mommy is going to be a bit preoccupied for today but I will make it up by having all our favorites for dinner.”

“That’s ok Mom, we understand” Lilly said, “I am more than happy to help, like having two little sisters”

“Exactly, She should be here soon…” Kylie wasn’t sure who this person would be but from how Mom sounded on the phone was a lot like how she sounded when speaking to her and Lilly. Whoever she was, she was in trouble with Mom.

Chapter 11: Amy and the Bottle

The doorbell rang and Mom answered it. In the doorway was a woman and before her was a little girl, black hair black clothes and tear streaked makeup.

“Hiiii!” Mom answered. “How are you?” She asked.

“Thank you so much for watching…her” the lady said but Kylie noted it sounded…rehearsed she wasn’t saying it for Mom, and she seemed uncomfortable before Mom. The little girl only sobbed.

“I tried, I swear please mommy!” The girl said but Wasn’t looking up at her mother but Kylie’s mother.

“We’ll watch her, don’t you worry” Mom said and the lady left, with the little girl obediently following her.

“What’s wrong?” Lilly asked with genuine concern in her voice.

“Oh we just had a bad spill,” Mom said. The two headed for the bathroom. The girl was limping slightly.

“My god Mom she is limping!” Lilly the. Checked on the girl’s leg, “her leg is badly bruised! Mom, is she being abused?!” Lilly asked.

“Certainly not! She hit her leg on a metal post when she fell, she is ok”

“She should go to the hospital!”

“It’s fine! She is more in trouble with getting into Mommy’s makeup box than the bruise”

“MOM IT IS BLACK AND BLUE LOOK AT IT!” Kylie flinched more from what Lilly said than her actually yelling, black and blue…

Mom bent down, licked her fingers and began to rub at the bruise, what was black and blue rubbed off until it was nothing more than a red mark. Lilly looked at it a bit confused.

“As I said she is in trouble with playing with Mommy’s makeup look” Mom began to lift up the girl’s shirt and revealed an array of color on her skin. “As I said we are in trouble for getting into Mommy’s makeup box, and had a bad fall, come in sweety” mom gave the girl a kiss and the two went into the bathroom.

Lilly sighed and went to relax with a glass of wine. The event was a bit of a ride for her. Moments later the two came out and Mom carried the girl up the stairs. Kylie was going to be a cat about to be killed…she grabbed a cup and went after the two heading upstairs and hearing small sobs from one of the private nursery. Kylie leaned gently to the door placing the cup to it and her ear to the cup.

“Please Mommy, I have been a good girl, please let me stay as a big girl!” The girl pleaded.

“If you are such a big girl, you should have been able to handle two little boys, don’t worry, you are not the only one in trouble because those two little boys were in the forest! How?! How was it that every single one of you let two little boys into the forest?!”

“I only know they came into my sector from the forest, wherever they entered wasn’t my sector!”

“What about your sister or brother’s sector hmm?”

“I don’t know!”

“You don’t know?, You are supposed to watch theirs just as intently as you watch yours. Babies watch things better than you do, babies could do your job. You are lucky I can’t send you to the nursery right now, so a baby is what you are!” Mom said her harsh tone turned to soft words then. “There, there baby, mommy forgives you, mommy forgives all her babies. It’s ok, is your boo-boo ok?” Kylie could hear the smack of a kiss. “Do you want a nap? No? Hungry? Ok, let’s get you and your soon to be new sister a snack”

“Don’t you mean sisters?”

“The other is far too mature, she isn’t taking to the spells as easily, Kylie though, you’ll like her, she will need diapers soon” Kylie backed away from the door both in horror of the conversation and sensing that they were ready to leave the room.

What exactly did she just hear…that odd sense of distortion came over her, the hot iron pressed against her brain. Kylie nearly ran down the stairs and headed for her room. She stopped the feeling of distortion palpable as she rounded the corner in the hall. Her head turned as if a hand was pulling in it. She was then staring at the basement door. All her life she was never allowed to go into the basement, too dangerous, nothing of interest, storage one time Mom even spanked them for just opening the door and spent a week in the nursery so they could be well behaved babies. What was down there?

“Girls you hungry?” Mom asked, bringing the girl down, who was now dressed in a yellow footed sleeper and a noticeably thicker butt. Kylie looked at the door, feeling gone and noticed her hand was on the doorknob. She recoiled as if it was hot and moved to join Mom in the dining hall.

Kylie watched as the girl was placed down in a highchair without any complaints. The girl had been cleaned up, no more running mascara on her face or anywhere else. Dressed like a toddler either ready for a nap or up from one.

“What’s your name cutie?” Lilly asked.

“Amy” the girl replied.

“Hi Amy I am Lilly and this is Kylie” she introduced Amy looked at Kylie or a moment.

“Mommy why isn’t she in a highchair?” Amy asked, pointing at Kylie. Kylie found it odd that she called Mom, mommy.

“Aww you call her mommy” Lilly said apparently she found it cute.

“I have a way with kids they wind up calling me that, guiltily I just don’t correct them, it is an honor” Mom said Kylie felt like that was a lie. “And she is a big girl, that’s why sweety” Mom prepped her a snack of berries, yogurt and crackers.

“But she looks more like a baby than me!” Amy declared. Kylie scowled at her and Amy grinned back.

"Now, now sweety, just eat your snack, you two can get to know each other later, at playtime. Mom said. Amy dug into her snack hands first, squishing and crushing each bite before stuffing her mouth. She really was like a baby. Playtime couldn’t come sooner though. Amy grabbed a handful of her snack and threw it at Kylie.

“Hey!” Kylie wiped it up but was immediately hit again, Amy giggled.

“Oh! Is Amy being silly?” Lilly asked in a sweet tone, like the girl could do no wrong.

“Amy, you need to eat your food, does mommy need to feed you?” Mom asked.

“I can do it” Amy said her gaze not faltering from Kylie as she popped a yogurt covered berry in her mouth. She then followed the next handful to throw at Kylie.

“Damn it!” Kylie scooted back in her chair as the glob ht her face. Amy looked shocked and scared.

“KYLIE!” Mom roared “not in front of the baby!” She scolded and moved over to Amy to comfort her. Kylie looked at them and saw Amy glance in Mom’s direction and watch as the smirk grew on her face. Mom was whispering something to her. After Mom was done Amy went about eating her meal only smirking and grinning at Kylie, something was up.

After the snack, and a bit of cleanup for Amy, she was taken to the playpen and settled into it. Kylie just wanted to avoid the girl whatever was happening here she didn’t like it and planned to simply stay out of it. Before she could reach the hall to her room she was picked up so easily by mom and also placed in the playpen.

“Kylie can you play with her, she really seems to like you.” Mom said.

“What? No way!” She protested.

“Kylie if you are upset because she threw yogurt at you then you are being a bigger baby than her” Mom said.

“Baby! Baby! Baby!” Amy teased pointing at her. Kylie glared at her.

“She likes you is all and just doesn’t understand proper social behavior, if you play with her she will warm up to you and stop throwing things at you.” Mom explained.

“Fine…” Kylie huffed and turned to look at the little girl.

“Oh and before I go…” In a flash Mom undid Kylie’s overalls and were swept off her feet, leaving Kylie in just her shirt and pull-up. The. Mom squeezed the front of her pull-up. “You’re dry, ok you two play nice.” She said, “Lilly can you watch them”

“Sure Mom,” Lilly answered.

“Mom?!” Kylie protested, “can I have those back at least?” She asked pointing to her overalls.

“Kylie you’ll be fine, if you need to use the potty then Lilly can help you out” Mom said and began to head to the kitchen.

It was just Kylie and Amy now, with Lilly watching TV. Lilly didn’t need to worry that much with Kylie in the playpen, the youngest child wasn’t going to get in much trouble. Mom returned with several plates and set them down with Kylie and handed one off to Lilly.

“Brownie!” Amy cheered, “can I have a milk?” She asked and Mom brought her a bottle of milk. Amy squealed, grabbing the bottle and nursing on it. For a moment she seemed lost in a milk laden dream and it seemed to take a bit of effort to pull the nipple from her lips. “Do you want a sip?” Amy offered.

“No that’s for babies,” Kylie said taking a bite of her brownie. Amy picked at her brownie then had the brilliant idea to take a bite and wash it down with her milk. She nearly drained it before she could remove the nipple from her mouth.

“Try it!” Amy said and shook the bottle all over Kylie’s brownie. Kylie was unable to save her brownie in time. There wasn’t a place Kylie could bite to enjoy just the brownie. “Try it, try it!” Amy insisted on bouncing on her diapered butt in excitement. Kylie rolled her eyes.

“Fine but when I puke, I am aiming at you” Kylie warned and took a bite of the brownie…

By all of heaven was the bed warm. The pillows fluffy and the blankets hugged just right on all the right spots. Best of all was the man behind her, meaty arm wrapped around her, ankles playfully wrestling. The there was Matt’s half hard cock pressing against her. Kylie reached over and plucked up one of the chocolates. It was a thick nougat and strawberry syrup covered in milk chocolate. Kylie took a bite of it then plopped the rest in her mouth. She turned over to press herself against Matt and kiss him giving him his share of the chocolate treat in their kiss. The moment was perfect and she never wanted it end…

When Kylie snapped back to reality she had realized the brownie was gone just an empty plate licked clean.

“Wanna try it now?” Amy asked with a grin and pressed the bottle into Kylie’s hand, and took the plate. Kylie grabbed it as if the transaction was agreed upon. Brought the nipple close to her lips. Her lips wrapped around it, tipped her head back and began to nurse. There wasn’t a dream like perfect moment like when she had it with her brownie but damn was the milk sweet. It was like a strawberry sundae with marshmallows, whip cream, maraschino cherries and powdered sugar. All in an easy to drink form. Before Kylie knew the bottle was empty.

“Kylie!” Mom shouted. Kylie snapped to her senses and saw she held the bottle to her lips, nipple resting between them. Lilly had looked over at the shout to see the scene as well.

“Mom, I swear I looked away just a second ago!” Lilly said.

“Hehe, I shared with the baby!” Claimed Amy raising her hands up. Kylie looked at them then up a mother, the nipple popping from her lips.

“Well it was sweet of you to share” Mom said petting Amy. Mom took the bottle from Amy and she watched it intently as it left.

“Mom? C-can I…have…” Kylie pointed at the bottle, there was something odd about the milk, she needed to be sure it was on the tip of her tongue, rather all over it, but the familiarity of it was starting to drive her crazy, if she had more she could determine where it was.

“Kylie, this is for babies” her mother was saying. Kylie only gazed at the ba-ba and just wanted a bit more.

“Can…can I have a milk?” Kylie was asking.

“Kylie it is for babies, you are not a baby sweetie, you are a big girl” Mom left but returned with another full bottle. “You wan this? You want a baby bottle, a bottle meant for babies” Mom said making it clear what it was Kylie was asking for. Kylie just wanted the milk, not the bottle.

“J-just the milk, please?” Kylie asked, then she realized she was reaching with both hands. Even Amy had her arms slightly extended in acceptance.

“Kylie, this and its contents are for babies, you are a big girl, right? I am only giving this to a baby.”

“Then I am baby!” Kylie blurted out. Getting a laugh from Lilly but she didn’t care.

“No! You are not. I know you have been struggling sweetie but you are a big girl. Babies need to be cared for, they can’t handle glasses like grownups so they need help and a ba-ba is that help. They need to be looked after and can’t make it to the potty so they need diapers”

“I need diapers to bed!” Kylie claimed since her mother was making her anyway.

“Yes because you need the extra protection, your pull-up can’t handle long nights and I know you can make it to the potty, you just need some help is all” Mom handed the ba-ba to Amy to grinned and teased the nipple on her lips. Mom left and Lilly returned to her show. Leaving Kylie gazing at the bottle in Amy’s hands.

“Amy um…do you…wanna share?” Kylie asked she felt like a drug addict after her next hit. Amy pulled the bottle away grinning.

“This is for babies” she smirked and then had a face of calm for a moment. When she returned she set the ba-ba down and crawled to Kyliem Amy grabbed Kylie’s wrist and pressed her hand to her crotch. “Baby!” Amy said, Kylie could feel the warmth of her diaper how squishy it was from urine. Kylie then felt Amy grab at her crotch. Her dry pull-up getting a squeeze, Amy frowned. “Not a baby”

Kylie knew what she had to do but not the strength to do it. Her adult mind rebelled but god damn she wanted that ba-ba, that sweet milk was the best thing she had had, yet something was missing she needed to check. Kylie concentrated for a moment willing her bladder to let go. A couple deep sighs and she felt it, felt Amy still pressing her hand against her and feeling the pull-up swell. After it was over Amy came over with the ba-ba pushed Kylie on her back, got her head positioned on her lap and helped hold the ba-ba for Kylie as she nursed on it. Something was missing but she wasn’t sure what, still it was the best damn thing in the world!

Chapter 12: Amy: The Demon
(Warning: excessive swearing)

“Kylie!” Three times the charm as they say. Once more Mom was yelling at Kylie. Kylie didn’t register it, she still nursed on what remnants of the ba-ba were left. Holding it with both hands while Amy played away.

“I gave ba-ba to baby!” Amy claimed.

“Good job Amy” Mom praised and stood Kylie to her feet then out of the playpen. Once the ba-ba was gone she snapped out of it but she only needed to feel the pull-up sag and see the empty ba-ba to know what was coming she submitted. “Lilly, can you grab Amy for me?” Mom requested. Lilly plucked Amy from the playpen and carried the girl with Mom up the stairs. “Right there is fine, thank you” Mom said. Lilly dropped off Amy.

“Do you need any help Mom?” Lilly asked.

“No, thank you sweetie Mommy has it from here, but you could go grab Checkers from Kylie’s room” Mom turned to look at Lilly as she had all the changing supplies prepped. “And then lock the door,” she said with smile. Lilly nodded and left.

All of them knew what was happening. Kylie knew she had doomed the rest of her vacation to it. Kylie didn’t resist when mom removed her clothes, she didn’t resist as she was laid on the changing table and changed into a fresh diaper. She accepted the pacifier, and onesie. Somehow compared to this morning this held finality to it. Kylie was picked up, Mom’s damn good strength and Kylie’s light figure mixed well so she could be carried like a baby and settled into the crib. She didn’t bother getting out even though the wall was down. She watched as Amy also got changed and was placed in the crib with her. The bars went up and locked into place. Checkers was handed to Kylie and a fox handed to Amy.

“There, two beautiful babies ready for bedtime,” Mom said. “Sleep well you two” Mom said and left the lights going out. Leaving the two girls in the soft glow of a nightlight.

Yet it felt odd…not so much that Kylie was diapered and sleeping in a crib, with another diapered girl who was more the age range for one…Mom didn’t do her good night rhyme. Kylie turned over to meet with Amy’s face.

She froze with fear at the demonic grin that she was met with. This wasn’t some overly malicious grin, it was like a photoshop one. No nose, two big black circles for eyes, a literal ear to ear grin with needle like teeth. Kylie blinked and she was faced with just a normal human evil grin. Her heart resumed beating heavily beating in her chest. Amy giggled enjoying the fear she witnessed, Kylie even felt like she peed a little in her diaper, she didn’t care of course.

“Mother is giving me one last chance to earn my big girl status” Amy pressed her thumb to each of her fingers. Different colored sparks flew off the tips at the touch. “I am not as powerful as Mother but if I succeed…I am going to make sure you are in my sector of the daycare so I can play with you…then I am going to find those twerps and make their lives a living infantile hell” she growled, but smiled as she looked at Kylie. “First I need to pass the first test” Amy began to draw on Kylie’s forehead with her fingers. “Good Night Sleep Tight, Don’t let the Bed bugs Bite, and if they do then take your shoe and hit them until they are Black, And, Blue!” Amy was slow with the rhyme and she punctuated certain points. All while her fingers traced runes on Kylie’s forehead. On the last word Kylie fell asleep.

“I did it I did it Mommy, I did it!” Amy cheered, bouncing up and down in the playpen. Kylie was busy chewing on set of plastic keys.

“Yes you did very well for your first time, but you should never let your guard down sweetie” Mommy said.

“Can I play with her? I want to give her the best regression dream for her” Kylie stopped chewing this wasn’t right…damn it, because Alex hadn’t been the one to put her to bed Kylie let her guard down.

“You can try…” Alex said.

“What do you mean?” Amy asked. Kylie stood up and slammed her foot on the ground and a wave washed out over them. Amy jumped startled by the sudden change. The world shifted into that of a gladiatorial arena. “Wh-whats happening?! Mommy that’s not fair!” Amy protested.

“Sweetie, you are facing what is known as a Lucid Dreamer. We are not the only ones who can manipulate the dream realm. We are not gods here, this is not our realm; humans are weaker to its influence but some can learn to manipulate the dream realm. However, Kylie here has shown to be one of the strongest Lucid dreamers I have seen in some millennia.” Alex explained the two looked over at Kylie she was already geared up for battle but her confidence was wavering now there was two demons to face instead of one. “I will not be participating tonight sweetie” Alex called, “only Amy here will face you” Amy looked a bit shocked but grinned.

“Can I go all out?” She asked.

“You may”

“Can I…go All all out?” Amy asked.

“Of course Kylie has shown to be quite formidable” Alex placed her hand on Amy’s head there was a small pulse of magic and Amy began bouncing ever so joyously.

“Last thing Mommy!” Amy said and produced a quarter, “I want to go ALL, All, all out” she said.

“I understand but I don’t want to read your lips” A jar appeared before her and Amy dropped the quarter into the jar. Alex sat upon her throne and began to rise into the stands of the arena. Amy turned a wicked grin on her face. Her lips curled to say one phrase. “FUCK YES!” Amy relished the word. Kylie looked up at Alex not even a twitch from her. “Fucking swear jar bitch!” Amy said. “Mommy curses herself to not hear swear words…but fuck is it hard to get a goddamn quarter in the sluthole of the Daycare. Oh I am gonna love torturing your ass you little cunt!” Amy took a step and her figure shifted bulged and bubbled. As she took another step she was larger more masculine and purple. She now wore several leather straps around her pecs and abs, leather boots and gloves. Two large horns jutting straight up from her forehead. Two little horbs jutted out from her broad chin.

This was no little girl anymore, a man stood before her. Kylie looked at his? crotch but a thick black diaper covered it.

“Surprised, little whore? Before Mother I used to be an incubus in Wrath, well respected, feared, even for a low class demon, I held fame from the masses.” He reached into a portal and pulled out a cat-o’-nine-tails. “I haven’t been able to enjoy myself like this in eons. Having to babysit stinking little-”

“Amy, you be careful with insulting my children”

“Yes Mommy!” Amy said quickly subdued by the warning tone. “Now…I’m going to have fun tanning that ass, maybe I can take this stupid diaper off and fuck that little pussy too”

“Amy!” Alex warned again.

“But, but swear jar! I paid!” Amy said his voice that little girl’s again…it didn’t fit.

“I know, but it isn’t like I don’t understand what you are saying…you had your last male orgasm when I put that diaper on my sweet little girl, best you can have now is rubbing it in that diaper”

“Yes Mommy” having been talked down to once again Amy lashed his whip and grinned. “Alright Bitch let’s do-” he turned to face his quarry only to be met with a red white and blue popsicle which exploded near his face, not just one but many which went off like firecrackers all around him. Kylie dropped the Bomb Pop missle pack and switched to her standard peppermint shield and sugar daddy sword.

“I told you not to let your guard down sweety” Alex chided. Amy roared and broke through the smoke charging at her. Kylie raised her shield and watched as Amy lashed out his whip. Kylie moved to block the incoming attack heard the several tips whack against her shield, the force straining her arms. Kylie lowered her shield to bring her sword around, but Amy reeled his whip back and Kylie felt her leg come out from under her. One of the lashes had wrapped itself around her leg. Each of the cat-o’-nine-tails lash moved independently of each other under Amy’s control. With a small flick the lashes shot out like snakes. Kylie was stung across the face, the arms, shoulders anywhere her guard was down.

Kylie grabbed at the dirt and tossed out the sand in Amy’s face but not before changing it all into pop rocks, they explode in his face! The several mini explosions had Amy stumbling back and let Kylie pick herself up. She charged and began to swing her sword slashing at Amy. Blow after blow had the once incubus reeling. Deep gashes in his flesh bled syrupy blood.

“Enough you damn cunt!” He yelled and ducked below a swing and swept Kylie’s leg. He quickly grabbed her hair and yanked to keep her unbalanced while he raised his whip and began to have them tie her arms behind her back, her legs together and had her trussed up like a ham. He had her face to the ground and her ass raised. “Now cry!” He called and whipped her ass. Kylie gave a shriek as the whip came across her bare flesh. “Cry for Mommy!” Amy told her and whipped her ass again and again. Kylie gritted her teeth. She imagined a set of wax lips and bit down on it tasting the mellow cherry flavor. “Come on slut! Only your Mommy can save you now! Cry for her, cry for you ba-ba, cry for your diapers, cry for your Mommy!” He ordered each time whipping her ass. Kylie felt tears in her eyes as she continued to bite through the wax lips. Kylie found a rhythm, either he lost his touch in his time as Amy or he never had the experience like Alex. During a moment the cat-o’-nine-tails was reeling back she rolled out of the way and kicked at the ground. It was a trampoline that sprung her away from Amy. The ropes that bound her were twizzlers and she was able to break free easily. She grabbed a strand and it became black that she happily bit into. The strong flavor of liquorice easing her mind as it overpowered the pain of her stinging bum. The strands coalesced together to form her own whip that she happily gave a loud crack with.

“Damn whore, you wanna fight fire with fire? Bring it!” Amy charged and lashed out his whip. Unlike Amy’s cat-o’-nine-tails Kylie had a full length whip. She tossed it out and gave it a firm snap. The two whips tangled with each other for a moment but Kylie’s extra length was able to cracked across Amy’s face, slicing flesh and cracking one of his horns. Amy fell to the ground one hand pressed to his face and gingerly fingering his horn. “Fuck! You hellspawned cretin, screw your gaping ass, you sweet toothed -” crack! Another strike, the difference in their whips, his was meant for bedroom bliss, hers was for subjugation.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Kylie continued her assault, not letting Amy a chance to recover. A hand to push up was whipped out from under him, a knee to help him rise he was struck back down. On and on Kylie went summoning a second liquorice whip just to keep the assault up. Before she knew Amy was back to the little girl bawling her eyes out.

“Mommy! Mommy please! Pwease Mommy! Help me!” The scene changed so quickly Kylie didn’t have time to catch herself as she fell down into a plush carpet. Kylie quickly recovered and watched as Alex bounced a crying girl on her shoulder.

“Shh, shh, mommy’s here baby, it’s ok, no more bad dreams” She cooed softly. “You win my little darling. A fine test of your skills, had you lost I would have been greatly disappointed.” She said looking at Kylie. “Amy here is a low class demon but one who had a high standing position. Imagine her as a manager of a fast food chain. Holds a position but is not well renowned across the world Compared to me, a president of a country.” Alex beamed. “So congratulations sweetie, you are at least a general manager, perhaps regional. I never planned for you to fight Amy, but somethings happened back home and this was a happy accident, perhaps I will have you fight another demon…that is if you don’t become a baby soon”

With that the world began to fade to black. Kylie woke up and saw she was in her crib. Her dream had been filled with candy and…a fight? Something to do with Mom as the president or something, Kylie was kicked in back by her crib mate and her memory of her dream vanished. Amy began to cry and thrash. Mom came into the nursery and tended to the small tantrum.

“Mommy’s here baby, I got you!” Amy quickly calmed down and gave a death glare to Kylie.

“What’s her problem?” Kylie groaned.

“Oh, just a bad dream right baby?” Amy nodded but still gave a death glare to Kylie. She then remembered one part of her dream one far too real. They had just been placed in the crib. Mom had left without singing her rhyme and when Kylie turned over… Kylie felt dread as she remembered that demonic horror of a face for that brief moment. The memory scared her so bad she felt her diaper start to warm up. Her words drifted in her mind.

“I am not as powerful as Mother” what did that mean? The feeling of distortion was back the hot iron was being pushed back. The feeling was interrupted as Mom came over to check on her.

“Kylie you wet yourself just now” Mom said so casual and matter-of-factly. “I was going to give you chance to earn your potty training back, but it seems you prefer staying a baby”

“Wait no!” Kylie tried to protest but Mom walked out of the room. A moment later and she returned.

“Here you go Baby” Mom said, handing her a baby bottle. Amy was busy nursing on hers. Kylie stared at it, she remembered how sweet and delicious it was. She licked her lips, tempted to suckle on it and be lost in that creamy paradise just like Amy was. Mom was still watching. “Drink your ba-ba like a good baby, then mommy will change your diaper” Kylie was conflicted. She wanted the bottle damn did she want it! Yet she also wanted to be a big girl. “Do you think you’re a big girl?” Mom said and reached to press her hand to Kylie’s diaper. “That isn’t last night pee-pee sweety, that is this morning pee-pee, you were dry when I first walked in. Big girls don’t pee their diapers, babies pee their diapers, drink up now” Mom guided the bottle to Kylie’s lips as the milk hit her tongue, reflexively she began to nurse. Mom held it for her for a moment. “Two hands baby” Mom instructed and Kylie obeyed.

Why was this milk so delicious, as Kylie nursed she settled into the crib. Each pull from the teat had her searching for that one little thing she truly desired, the thing the milk was missing, the next one she would figure out what was missing, no, the next one, the next one, the next…the ba-ba was empty. Mom took the bottle away then.

“Good baby!” Mom said helping Kylie out from the crib.

“Baby!” Amy snapped to help reiterate the point.

“Shh no yelling baby” Mom chided. Amy was settled on to the floor and Mom guided Kylie to the changing table. After her quick diaper change Kylie was helped off and held mom’s hand as he took both girls downstairs. “Lilly honey can you watch over these two while I get lunch?” She asked.

“Sure Mom, woah” Lilly was taken by surprise as Amy was guided to the floor but Kylie was placed in her lap. “You doing ok, Kylie?” Lilly asked. Kylie shook her head. “I know, but things will get better don’t worry, Mom is harsh but you know she loves you, you just need to take her lessons more to heart is all. Look at me, I had to go through the same thing you did and I turned out fine after all.” Lilly stroked Kykie’s hair and pressed checkers in her arms more to help comfort her. “I wasn’t even out of pull ups until highschool and during the summer in tenth grade I had to be a baby again because of some silly stuff I did. When you get to Jr. High some of it will start clicking”

A great wave of nausea rushed over Kylie. They went to school together didn’t they?

“Lilly?..how old do you think I am?” Kylie asked her eyes wide, her face pale it made Lilly a bit concerned for a moment.

“You are twelve years old, why?” Kylie then couldn’t stand the contents of her stomach. She did her best to hold it but a little came out. “Oops spit up!” Lilly smiled and quickly used a towel to wipe up the small mess.

The world seemed oddly cold around her. Yet there was an unnatural warmth nearby that made her skin crawl. She turned her head slowly toward it looking at Amy who was busy playing with her toys. Amy stopped to look up at her, seeing Kylie’s pale face. She grew suspicious, then mom entered the room and an overbearing heat flooded Kylie’s senses. Kylie turned and was even more astonished that the woman before her wasn’t her mother at all yet her mind couldn’t pin the woman as anyone but her mother.

That wave of distortion fell over her, the hot iron was pushed further away off mind though it continued to struggle on to smooth over her mind and make it fresh for new memories. Kylie was trapped in the gaze of Mother’s eyes unable to look away from those iridescent colors that burned like fire, one pink and one blue.

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Chapter 13: Mother’s Daughter

“Go back over all the details, what happened to Main base?” Paul asked as his team members sat around the UFO slide. So Josh recounted the story. How they were getting trained and during their break, how the Boogeyman attacked, Matt interjected with his stick, being caught but saved by the babysitter and how she turned into Mother.

“You just sat there while she fed you like some possessed doll” Matt said.

“I am telling you, one minute she was there the next it was Mother I couldn’t do anything! I felt so little and helpless, and Mother being there was a comfort. I don’t know how she did it!” Josh said.

“Possible Sitter to Sister situation, normally our crew tag the sitters that have captured agents. However, Intel on that specific sitter says she called Mother, then went to Aunty’s house, from what was told…Jackson?” One of Paul’s soldiers pulled up a notebook and began to read.

“B-Class Sitter re-desig…desig…classified” he scribbled out the word and wrote back in. “As Amy, then it describes Amy, was telling Aunty that she needed to see Mother A.S.A.P Amy was then regressed to toddler and the two vanished through a portal, only Aunty has returned” Jackson ended the notes there.

“So while we did mark her, she is now nowhere to be seen, in the hands of Mother now.”

“What does that mean?” Matt asked.

“It means we will have a new native in the kiddie pool once Mother has her way with the B-class. It is going to be bad for us depending on Mother’s mood of all this. At best the B-class ends up in Mother’s Nursery in the castle. That means we have one less sitter to worry about, but it also means the chance for either a worse B-class, Girl-class or at best G.F class to take over the sector. However if the B-class returns she will be aiming for you as a sitter or not” Paul said.

“What do we do now?” Josh asked.

“Now, we survive, like always, however I am curious about something” Paul said and looked at Matt. “Can I see that stick?” Matt handed the stick off. Paul held it for a moment grabbing what he believed was the handle and waving it around. “Odd, not once in all my time here have we considered using a stick in the area around Main base. Santiago?” Another soldier stood up and saluted. “How does this feel?” Paul toon the stick and slammed it into the soldier’s stomach. Santiago doubled over and after a moment started laughing.

“That actually feels pretty refreshing,” he said.

“You don’t say?” Paul handed the stick to the kid and then posed ready for the se hit. Santiago struck him and he winced and rubbed his stomach. “Yeah…refreshing is nice” he said with a smile. He then looked at one bewildered Josh and Matt. “You see when you spend soich time here, you really only know of one pain, a stinging bottom from one of the Babysitter’s or worse. To feel pain somewhere other than your butt is refreshing. We try to avoid things like scrapes and cuts which are the only thing to happen at main base but by doing so we invoke the chance to call out for Mother which we can’t allow.”

“What makes this different?” Josh asked.

“We are just playing,” Paul smirked. He gave the stick back to Matt. “If we could get more weapons like that we might have a chance to actually fight back”

“Why haven’t we been using it before?”

“A lot of the sticks are too thin; none of them can really be used like weapons. Though maybe we haven’t searched hard enough. Reports say we tried in the past but they didn’t do more that what a stick does a to a brick wall, not sure what has changed since then”

“Well it is my sword or bat” Matt said, raising the stick to admire.

“As of right now we are going to move word around that the main base has been compromised and we await further instructions. If we lose that it is going to make things very difficult, troops unable to feel like grown ups, even for just a little bit, always watching over their shoulder for sitters or family” Paul sighed and rubbed his head.

“So let’s go get it back,” Josh said.

“We have a demon equal to Mother back in there it is suicide” Josh said.

“We go in, grab sticks along the way and secure the main base again.”

“We don’t know what all the Boogeyman can do, with a demon it is impossible to tell” Paul said.

“The Boogeyman just likes to snatch kids and take them back to his realm, he really doesn’t do much other than that, but Momma says he is great at co-bert upper rations, or something like that” a little girl popped up. All the Naughty Kids turned to look at her. When she saw she was being noticed she gave an excited wave.

The girl wore a bright pink dress with white lace and ruffles everywhere. Her brown hair in a ponytail with a big red bow. Clipped to her dress was a pacifier, in one arm was a teddy bear.

“Hi, I’m Jenny! And this is Theodore Dan Blairnesby, but you can him Teddy did short” she said holding up the stuffed toy." The room went silent.

“We’ve been compromised! Dan! The hell!” Paul yelled. Dan popped his head up.

“We saw nobody sir!” He said and looked at the girl. Jenny giggled and grinned.

“I saw you were playing here so I warped in here. It didn’t look like they would let me in,” The group looked at her as some of the kids raised squirt guns to her and Matt raised his sword. She didn’t seem to mind that though.

“You’re from around this realm then?” Paul asked, hand raised, ready to give the order.

“Teddy says I was from the More Tall place but Momma says I have been her daughter since I was a baby” she said.

“Oh shit…” Paul said and brought his hand forward. “Fire!” The troops fired the streams if water aiming for the girl’s face. With a flick of her wrist and a point of her finger the streams turned upward and came back hitting the kids in the face. The girl began laughing, Matt charged at the girl stick raised. “NO!” Paul moved faster and tackled Matt out of the way.

“The fuck you doing?” Matt roared. Then came a gasp,

“Aww you said a bad word” Jenny said in that tattle tale tone kids do. “I’m telling Momma! MOOO-”

“We’ll do anything!” Josh snapped out. This did shut the girl up but she had a sly grin

“No…you stupid…” Paul muttered. “Retreat, Code: D” the kids ran leaving Josh, Paul and Matt with her.

“Anything?” She asked one finger twirling in her hair.

“Yeah, just don’t tell Mother” Josh agreed. The girl walked up to Josh and held up the teddy bear.

“You are now the chauffeur of Master Theodore Dan Blairnesby, you will only refer to him as such and I am Princess Jenny, which you will only refer to me as such” she then looked to Matt and Paul. “You are the Butter” she said pointing at Paul, and you are the doggy" she pointed at Matt.

“The hell I argh!” Paul twisted at Matt’s arm.

“Bark doggy” Paul growled, twisting harder at his arm.

“Woof…” Matt grumbled.

“Yay! Good boy have a treat!” Jenny held out a cookie to him. Paul snatched it.

“Uhh Princess Jenny doggy’s shouldn’t have chocolate” he said and handed the cookie back. “He’ll get sick”

“He will?” Jenny asked with genuine concern. She took the cookie back. “I’m sorry doggy um, maybe a walk instead! Come Buttler, Chauffeur, doggy, we need to meet up with Madam Sarah for the tea party!” She said and led them out of the UFO slide.

“What do we do now?” Josh asked. Paul glared at him.

“Josh you should keep close to Princess Jenny, you have her best friend after all he will want to keep close.” Paul said, giving Josh a shove and motioned for quiet. As Josh joined up with Jennyatt looked at Paul.

“Why didn’t you let me smack her? The hell is code d?” He whispered

“You two are too green for this…one, she would most definitely call for Mother, two THAT is Mother’s Daughter”

“Wait, I thought the locals and babysitters were her kids?”

“They are but there are tiers, we are the lowest you could say, besides the natives anyway, kids who refuse to accept Mother as their mother, above us are the locals and sitters and family, people who have accepted Mother…then there are kids like her, you can get locals and the like to say they once had a family before Mother but she is legitimately her daughter”

“Seriously?!” Matt nearly yelled.

“Quiet! Yes! Not sure if she is blood related or not, but whether or not she is, she is quite literally a princess” Paul said.

“What do we do?”

“Right now play along, thanks to Josh she holds all the cards”

Eventually the group eventually came upon a small castle playground to which Jenna led them inside. Inside there was a small throne room and a large table where several other girls were sitting around with their stuffed toys giggling and sipping on tea and eating cookies. With them was a babysitter the boys identified as a G.F-Class.

"Princess Jenny, so nice of you to come! One girl stood up and headed over to her friend. They exchanged exaggerated pleasantries and sat down. Jenna instructed Josh to set down her Teddy bear and the group began their tea party.

“So! The other day I saw Countess Delilah” one girl said.

“Oh how is the Countess doing these days? I haven’t seen her in over a week” Jenny said.

“Turns out she had been in a scandal, selling out secrets to some ruffians. When she was caught the servants were attacked by the ruffians. My goodness the trouble she caused. Well she was caught trying to allow the ruffians to get away. If you ever want to play house sometime Princess Jenny she is typically dressed in polka dot blue but has a love for going poopy I hear” the girl said. Paul winced as if he had just been stabbed in the gut.

“Delilah was our best informant” he murmured to the boys. “She had these tea parties often and would let us know the inner workings of Mother’s plans thanks to frequent visits of Mother’s Daughters. Plans for changes to certain sectors, confirmed leaks of bugged playgrounds. Family member whereabouts. The day we lost her we ignored protocol and tried to save her. We lost five other members, they are just another set of natives now…”

“Well speaking of ruffians, I heard several servants may have found some due to the Boogeymonster recently” another girl said.

“Boogeyman darling” Jenna corrected. “I sympathize with those poor children, while I know we need to find and correct their poor behavior, I find it a bit unfair that they had been exposed in such a manner”

“I am surprised to hear that from you Princess Jenny”

“Well think about it, the ones who were captured can no longer be embraced by Mama. We have lost brothers, sisters and friends who could have been here with us today” Jenny said.

“I see your point, poor kids,” the girl said. The girls continued gabbing away ignoring the boys for the most part.

“Oh Princess Jenny, you didn’t introduce these boys to us.”

“Do not worry about them, that one is Teddy’s chauffeur, that one is my butler and that last one is my doggy, come here boy” Matt growled but Paul gave him a hard nudge and he approached the girls tea party. “Go on doggy what do you say?” Jenny asked. Matt glared at Jenny and she glared back with a smile. Eventually he gave a sigh.

“Woof…” the girls cheered and clapped.

“You gotta be like a real doggy!” Jenny told him. "Doggy’s don’t stand on two legs’’ Matt glared at her again and Josh could feel the anger coming off him and the anxiety coming off Paul. Matt got down on all fours.

“Bark, Bark, Bark” he said.

“Better,” Jenny insisted.

“Bark, Bark, Bark!” Matt went. The girls cheered even more. So the game with the puppy began. They made him play fetch for a bit before stopping for playing with ponies.

“I am going to kill them,” Matt growled, dusting himself off.

“Relax…we are going to be out of here soon” Paul said. Matt glared at him. “See those kids over there?” He asked Matt and Josh looked over to a group of kids who were playing tag. Having a really good time but the looks of it.

“How do you know?” Josh asked.

“In a moment they are going to ruin the tea party, and in that chaos we run, no wagon this round so we will need to book it hard”

“Won’t she just cry for Mother?” Matt spat.

“The Babysitter is here. If it is just a ruined tea party it will be fine. Just need to wait for our cue” he said. The boys watched the game of tag slowly get closer to the tea party. They were able to pick out two kids who would be the ones to crash the party and cause the distraction. The boys grew tense just a bit longer while the Princess enjoyed chatting away. The kids made one more pass at tag and the two large kids ran toward the tea party pretending not to notice.

Jenny face a snap of her finger and the kids bounced harmlessly away from the tea party as a force field came up around them.

“Thank you Princess Jenny” one girl said.

“You are most welcome Madam Sarah, it would have been most dreadful if they ruined our tea party” Jenny said. The boys then saw as Jenny turned her head a bit to side eye them and grinned as she took a sip of tea.

“Screw this Run!” Paul yelled and the three boys ran only to bounce off the same force field still up around them. The girls gave a small chorus of giggles except Jenny.

“Why do you want to leave? We are having fun.” She said.

“You maybe but we want to go play something else” Paul said.

“Your friend said a bad word, and so either you play with me or I tell Momma” she warned.

“We don’t want to play your stupid game” Matt growled.

“It’s not stupid! It is a tea party!” Jenny stamped her foot. Her face was red with anger and she looked on the verge of a tantrum.

“Boys you need to play nice with Princess Jenny and her friends” the babysitter spoke sweetly but sternly.

“We don’t want to play tea party!” Matt yelled.

“You promised you would!” Jenny stamped her foot again. Suddenly she cracked a smile. “Maybe you need to be shown how fun tea parties are” Jenny said and walked over to the babysitter and whispered something. The babysitter pulled out a cell phone and sent a quick text to someone.

“Oh shit…Code: Girl” Paul said.

“Shit” Josh and Matt said together.

Crash came one sound and then screams. The force field had fallen and the kids playing tag rushed in to wreck havoc. Chaos was unbound and all the kids began to run.

“NO! My party!” Jenny cried. “Moooom!” Came another wail. Josh saw the babysitter trying to console the three girls while all the kids ran.

“What happened there?” Josh asked.

“Guess she doesn’t have that much control of her powers…but now we are fugitives…we have a babysitter hunting us”

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Chapter 14: A Tear in the Veil.

“What’s wrong Baby?” Mom asked…no Kylie knew her. Her brain tried to tell her otherwise a part of the brain that had been smoothed over by that hot iron. Yet deep beneath that part was a voice, one that could never be smoothed over as it lay beyond the fat and nerve, deep in her subconscious. Alex, a demon who has been toying with her for days now. The thought had risen up to her as if plucked from deep in a well. Kylie couldn’t help but glare at Alex who gave a sigh. “I know you hate being treated this way but rules are rules honey” Alex came over and picked up Kylie. “Lunch is just about ready, Lilly, can you grab Amy?” She asked. Lilly did as she was told helping carry the other baby to the dining room.

Kylie wasn’t sure why but she felt the compulsion as strong as a shook up pop can, burst from her.

“I can see you…Alex” Kylie whispered the words to her. Alex paused and looked at Kylie. Being this close, Kylie could see her eyes clearly now. Her pupils expanded into slits as if something sliced into them. A black void spewing out pink and blue flames respectively while sucking them back in as well. It was terrifying seeing them. Kylie could also see the illusion trying to mend itself back together but there was no fixing it now. Kylie felt Alex’s finger drawing on her back. Her hand slid to Kylie’s diapered bum and Kylie felt something thick and warm spread across her bottom.

“What’s wrong?” Lilly asked as she got Any into her high chair.

“Oh, just Kylie really wants to be a baby, we just had a poppy didn’t we?” Alex asked in that time you speak with babies.

“Kylie, that is practically a death sentence,” Lilly said.

“One month now, Kylie, one month of pooping your diapers, baby food and ba-bas, you wanted to be a baby now you are” Alex said and got Kylie strapped up into her hair chair. “I also just made you incontinent, I won’t change those diapers unless you cry for Mommy” she whispered and flashed a grin of sharp teeth.

Kylie was fed jars of mashed carrots and peas and thankfully for last, banana. She was pulled out of her high chair and turned to face Amy.

“You see Amy here, who has a sippy cup? You see how she isn’t getting a baby bottle, it is because she is on her way to being a big girl.” Kylie squirmed in her seat. She tried not to move at all, yet the extra squish in her diaper didn’t help at all it only made her want to squirm in it. Alex took Kylie over to a rocking chair. For a moment Kylie noticed it was made of stone and wood. A shape resembling an A high above Alex’s head. As quickly as it was there it was gone. Alex placed Kylie in her lap and brought a baby bottle to Kylie’s lips. Kylie tried to refuse to ba-ba but once that sweet liquid was on her lips and she tasted just a sliver of it. Her mouth welcomed the nipple and she began to suckle on it. “What a good baby you are, after this what are we going to do?” She asked in a hushed tone and removed the ba-ba so Kylie could speak.

“I…I need a diapee change” Kylie said squirming about as she felt her diaper begint I warm.

“Oh? And who is going to change it?” Alex asked.

“Y-you are” Kylie resigned.

“And who am I?”

“My mommy” Kylie said submissively. She felt the nipple press against her lips and she accepted it. Alex had an evil grin of victory but it soon wanted to one of true warmth and tenderness of a mother.

“That’s right baby,” Alex said softly. After her bottle Alex took Kylie upstairs and changed her diaper. Kylie was brought back down and settled into place in the playpen where Amy already was playing.

“Baaaabeee” Amy teased. Kylie scowled at her for a moment but slowly a smirk spread on her face.

“I whipped your ass until you begged for mommy to save you” Kylie murmured to her. Amy’s grin faded and a look of shock replaced it.

“You….you shouldn’t remember that, you can’t remember that!” Amy said.

“Yeah, well I am special, I remember it all now…and that thing has stolen the greatest vacation away from me. I have missed out on roller coasters, s’mores and laughing with my friends…thanks to her my Matt is probably enjoying it all…wonder if he even remembers me” Amy perked up at the name and began to think hard on where she knew it.

“Matt…Matt, MattMattMattMattMatt” she thought aloud. Then she snapped her finger as she remembered. “Your boyfriend is the twerp responsible for why I am even in this mess!” Amy growled.

“Wait, what?”

“Well upon the billion of Matt’s wandering the Daycare, this one was a newer Matt, pal-ing around with Josh”

“Josh is with him?”

“That little snot attacked me nearly broke my leg and escaped before I could have any real fun with him…hate to say it cutie but…no actually I am going to have a fun time saying it…your boyfriend is in Mother’s domain right now…fending for his life as it slowly spirals into babyhood. Shame I won’t be the one to put him in diapers” She said. Kylie’s eyes were wide with horror. Her boyfriend and his friend were trapped in a place worse than where she was. She slumped down in the playpen. Kylie was stuck here being babied by a demon without a chanceto escape. Her boyfriend stuck in some kind of hell.

“How can I get to him?” Kylie asked.

“What? Ask mommy really nice” Amy grinned.

“How can I get to him without Alex”.

“Kill yourself…but fair warning you might not end up in the daycare, well…you might…depends on your parents live in literally anywhere but Wrath sectors and some sects of Gluttony and chances are mommy and daddy will drop you off in Daycare now and then…not that you will remember your mortal life though”

“Then how did you get here?”

“Portal…Mommy allows certain demons spells she has from this book she has”

“Where’s the book?”

“I don’t know, in her diaper bag?” Amy guessed.

“Lilly!” Kylie called. “we wanna go play upstairs”

“Alright give me a second” Lilly said finishing up something on her phone and then moving to pick Amy and Kylie out of the playpen. Kylie began to scamper off up stairs. “Hey be careful, You aren’t as nimble in those diapers” Lilly said. Following after Kylie while holding Amy’s hand.

“What’s happening?” Alex asked from the dining room.

“Just going to play upstairs Mom, expect diapered butts sliding down”

Kylie reached the top and instead of going to the playroom quickly burst into Alex’s room. She wasted no time searching drawers and bags, but there was nothing that gave her the impression of some demonic book. She had very little time and soon heard footsteps, the closet, under the bed, under pillows. She rushed for another possible hiding spot but was grabbed by the arm.

“Kylie! You are to be playing in the other room, look at the mess you made in here.” Lilly scolded. “When Mom finds out about this she will bring out Mr. Spanky on you”

“Don’t tell Mom!” Kylie pleaded

“I have to, it is for your own good, you need to learn responsibility and not invade people’s privacy. No wonde Mom out you back in diapers if you are behaving like this”

“Please don’t tell her Lilly, please you are my best friend ilI need you to have my back on these things” Kylie pleaded using her best cutesy charm. Lilly pondered it for a moment.

“Fine, I won’t tell Mom, you go play in the other room with Amy, I’ll clean this up, but if mom asks” Lilly warned, “I am telling her the truth, that you were playing in here”
Lilly ushered Kylie out of the room and into the playroom.

“You think Mommy is going to have her stuff lying around?” Amy smirked.

“At least I am trying,” Kylie said getting laugh out of Amy.

“Yeah, A for effort sweet tooth, but unlike Lilly, I am going to tell Mommy” Amy grinned.

“I would figure you would want to help”

“Why would I help you?” Amy snorted.

“Figured you would want to get your dick wet by something other than a wet diaper” Kylie smirked. Amy stopped smiling and pondered that thought.

“I am happy with Mommy, I gave up being an incubus long ago”

“Yet you wanted to go all all all out, even threatened to rape me because you missed your old life so much”

“Shut up”

“Alex stole your life away made youn her little diaper girl, you must be a laughing stock among your toys”

“SHUT UP!” Amy roared and threw a toy truck at Kylie who caught it.

“A human beat you, those diapers must really fit you well” Kylie grinned “I would figure even a child could stop a human, only a baby couldn’t” Amy threw another toy which Kylie caught and another which she dodged. The toys kept coming until none were in Amy’s range. Then she began to tear up a tantrum ready to burst. Kylie got close and grabbed Amy’s shoulders. “Help me Amy, and we can take our lives back”

“Why should I?” Amy said through sniffles.

“You help me I’ll…” Kylie but her lip in thought. “I’ll be your toy for a month” Amy looked up in confusion. “All the humiliation uncaused you, you can have your revenge for a month. I will be your willing slave and toy, just help me return me and my friends back to normal” she said. After a bit of thinking Amy pressed her hands to her diaper gave it a bit more thought then looked up.

“Mommy keeps her things in the basement, I know how to get to it” Amy said.

“Then the basement is where we are going”

Chapter 15: Babies in the Basement

“You’re never going to get into the basement, Mommy will just swoop in and stop you” Alex said as she played with some building blocks.

“It should be simple, we slide down and sneak over to the basement door, Alex asks where we are going, just tell her to my room”

“Oh yeah, your room…the one on the second floor with the crib and changing table and diapers right? The room designed specifically for little babies like you and I?”

“Crud…yeah, I’ll just say I want something from my backpack”

“Ah, sure and do you have a blankie in that backpack? A special stuffed toy or something? Sneaking past Mommy would be like breaking into Fort Knox.”

“You’re not helping”

“Because your plan is stupid, yeah just sneak past the ever powerful demon of motherhood, the ruler of babies and messiah of diaper changes. We need a distraction, one at such a level she can’t possibly do anything to stop us…”

“You know how exactly”

“Personally I don’t want to especially with how we are…it will be a death sentence for both our maturity and our lives if we get caught on either side.”

“What do you mean?”

“We are going to need Mother’s rabid dog to keep her distracted. The two edged sword, her boon and bane. It scares little kids to mommy so she can just laugh at them and put them in diapers for being so little, but if it catches us we are dead, we are going to summon the Boogeymonster” With that Amy resumed playing. It was the most ideal situation at the time. “I am going to convince Mommy to let me cast the Dream Realm spell on you again. I’ll need your help to keep her from doing it so she will have to give me the second chance. After that we open the crib, since Boogeymonster can’t reach into cribs and then we summon the Boogeymonster, then we cry for Mommy as hard as we can she won’t waste any time if she believes us in danger, and we will be, so it won’t be hard. We escape while they fight and head into the basement. We won’t be safe though, Boogeymonster loves the basement most of all, but Mommy should be able to keep it at bay”

“Doesn’t sound like we will have much time then”

“We won’t once in the basement we need to rush to the book and activate it, that is where I am going to need you”


“The book was designed to seal Demons and cut us off from the Mortal Realm. I touch it. I am sucked to the other side and more than likely screwed as it spits me any ol’ where. You will need to find Mother’s ritual and open her portal.”

“How am I supposed to do that?!”

“I am sure you will figure it out, for now we can just play around” Amy said.

The girls played around until it was dinner time, Amy started to whine and murmur to Alex they had a small exchange that as far as Kylie could tell went as far as they thought. They were fed and given a bath. Changed into fresh diapers and placed in a crib together.

“Alright girls, Good Night-”

“NO!” Kylie yelled and grabbed a stuffed toy and tossed it at Alex.

“Sweetie it isn’t nice to throw things, now Good Night” Kylie clapped her hands over her ears.

“Lalalalalalalalalala!” She yelled trying to drone out Alex.

“Young lady, it is time for bed, and Mommy is going to tell you good night”

“Then good night!” Kylie said, “Be nice if for one night I can just sleep and not have a weird dream! Can you at least give me a break, you have me in diapers, I am not allowed the potty and my best friend is going to be gone in a couple of days, leaving me here with you, you win Alex! Sorry! Mommy! So for one night, shit, please three can I just go to sleep?” Kylie fumed it stopped being about the plan and became her just venting her frustration her eyes were tearing up and she felt on the verge of crying.

“Ok…big emotions sweetie, sleep well then” Alex said giving a long glance to Amy" Alex turned the lights off and quietly shit the door.

“Damn what a way to shut her down” Amy said after taking a couple minutes to be sure Alex had left. She stood up and began to fuss with the lock.

“Yeah well I meant it…I am sick of all of this, I have no one here, my best friend is brainwashed she thinks I am her baby sister, fucking all of our time spent since childhood and she doesn’t remember that?!” Kylie was actually crying now. “I want my life back goddamn it!” Amy undid the locks on the crib and turned to Kylie giving her a firm slap on the cheek.

“Focus!” She said, “yeah Mommy screwed over your life, I get it, it is what she does. I need you to get a hold of yourself cause shit is going to get worse. You want your life back? You want to be an adult again, then focus!” Amy gave another slap to Kylie’s face. Kylie nodded and took deep breaths to calm down.

“What do we do now?” She asked.

Amy drew her finger in the air and with a snap turned off some of the night lights. Then dangled her feet off the edge of the bed.

“You know that feeling you get when you dangle your foot off the edge of the bed…that feeling that something is going to grab it?” Amy asked. And Kylie nodded. “Well…because something is…when night falls the barrier between the mortal realm and hell becomes weak. Humans can interact with Hell and demons can manipulate humans, however the barrier is strong…very strong while you can feel the influence you are still safe just humans get that creepy crawly feeling that something is wrong…that instinct in the back of their mind that makes them fear the dark. However with Mommy here this home is literally Hell in earth, that barrier is broken here and by dangling our feet off the edge, we might as well be bleeding in shark infested water”

“Is…is he there?” Kylie asked a bit scared to copy Amy.

“He might be…waiting for his chance to strike. Come in join me” Kylie slowly stuck her foot out. Immediately she felt like something was going to grab her ankle. Yet she kept one foot dangled out. A couple minutes passed yet there was no reaction.

“I was supposed to be on vacation you know”

“Some detour you picked” Amy said.

“We hit up our favorite restaurants, then we’re supposed to go camping, hit up an amusement park, bit more camping then head home…one last friends being kids before life would claim us fully. Before we would settle down with our jobs and boyfriends…” Kylie said.

“That sucks” Amy said silence grew on the two. “what happened?”

“Matt…my boyfriend…took a shortcut…we drove I don’t know an hour or so…then we came upon the daycare”

“Yeeeep…Mommy got you the second you turned on that road” Amy said.

"Yeah…"Kylie agreed. Silence grew once more and Amy was getting annoyed at the wait.

“Where is he?” She pulled her feet up and dangled her head to look under the bed. She hesitated for a second out of fear he would be there watching. Kylie gave a nudge to Amy.

“Hey…Amy, did you get all the lights in the room?”

“Yeah why?” Amy said bringing her head up to look around.

“Well I keep seeing a flashing light in the closet” she said pointing to the closet. Amy shot a look to the closet and sure enough there came a quick bright flash.

“Run to the door…Run to the Door RIGHT NOW!” Amy yelled and shoved Kylie toward the door. The two girls ran as two long black arms stretched out from the closet. “MOMMY!” Amy yelled.

“MOMMY!” Kylie screamed as she wrestled to open the door. She got it open and the two girls ran into the hall. Nearly crashing into Alex who was in a robe looking at the girls.

“What’s the matter babies?” She asked full of concern. She knelf to bed two babies and held them close to comfort them. Amy could see that slight smirk though waiting to hear about some silly nonsense like the “Boogeymonster”

“Boogeyman!” Amy said and that smirk faded away. Alex stood up and moved into the room. Where Kylie saw a large black figure of a man standing in the middle of the room. Alex shut the door.

Amy grabbed Kylie by the hand and led her downstairs. With a quick work of her hands she opened the basement door and the two descended down the steps.

Examining the Basement
There wasn’t a lot in the basement. Several boxes, a water heater and the fuse box. It was spacious that it could easily hold more yet there was very little in the room.

“There is nothing down here” Kylie grumbled.

“No, she has it here somewhere, the basement is perfect for it. Boogeyminsger would basically guard it. There’s gotta be a separate room.” Amy theorized. Above them they could hear the scuffle that was going on and a mixture of frustration and laughter from Alex.

“She sounds like she is having fun”

“Boogeyman is powerful but not quite up to Mommy’s level. She will win, but he will give her a run for her power. Ah-ha!” Amy said knocking g on the walls until she heard one was hollow. With a bit of time she traced a symbol on the wall. The wall decayed and crumbled to ash, as light began to pour out from the cracks, leaving a perfect rectangular hole on the wall. Light now flooded basement from the room. The girls ran inside into where there was safety from the darkness of the basement.

The room was filled with candles some spilled wax onto the floor other dripped from the walls and some created a light patter from the ceiling. Others floated all around not allowing a single trace of shadow to be around.

“Why not use modern lights?”

“She didn’t want to completely copy this video game she got the idea off of, and there is powerful magic in the symbology of candles. Mortal made lights just don’t cut it, even though it would have served the same purpose.” The girls entered the room circumventing the wax rivers that flowed toward the center of the room. There stood a pedestal and upon a book. The cover looked like it was stitched together with different pieces of leather. Pages of it were yellowed with age and appeared brittle. “Take it” Amy said.

Kylie picked up the book and opened it. At first ghe script inside was foreign to her. A mixture of runic letters of all languages mainly comprising Nordic runes, Cherokee Syllabary, Egyptian hieroglyphs and Japanese kanji. Yet the letters and symbols warped until it was all spelt in English. Each page detailed gruesome acts of ritualistic sacrifices, silly near impossible feats of endurance and one glowing page.

“That’s it!” Amy said. Kylie looked upon the page she read the instructions to the ritual. Among the many other rituals this one was very easy to do and was out of place among the others. However, if the previous days told her anything, this ritual was perfect for Alex.

Kylie touched the page and the page opened up into several more incantations and rituals. One caught Kylie’s eyes.

“This one can send Alex back” Kylie said.

“Not that one!” Amy said grabbing Kylie’s shoulder.

“I know,” Kylie said, shrugging her off. “First I need to save my friends then she is being sealed”

“After you return me to normal”

“Friends firsf, the. You then you’re both going back” Amy glared at Kylie.

“Don’t forget…you’re my toy for a month” She sneered. Kylie only glared back.

“Yeah…so…” Kylie flipped through the pages until she found the page to traverse the two realms. The page detailed each and every part of the ritual. Kylie held up her hand and began to trace various runes in the air. The battle above had quieted down. There was the occasional stomp and muffled yell now and then but overall it was over. “Er’ac yad eh tota la’tr o’ panepo” she spoke with authority. There was no dramatic burst of light or fancy doorway. The candles before them simply went out.

“Portals open let’s go.”

“There’s nothing there!” Kylie said. Amy glared at her as if she was stupid about a very obvious fact. When she concluded to herself Kylie was serious she rolled her eyes.

“Ok you know the movie Spirited Away?” Amy asked.

“Josh wanted us to watch it one day but Matt and I just stayed home and fucked” Amy rolled her eyes again and sighed.

“Ok…so sometimes traveling between realms is just like walking across the border of states or countries, there isn’t some door or opening, it is merely a plot of land you just cross” she then gestured to the darkness before them. “There it is!” Kylie looked at her then the darkness and back still not catching on. Amy then grabbed her wrist and pulled her toward the darkness. For a moment things went dark as if walking into a short hallway with light at two distant ends. Upon reaching the other end the darkness vanished.

“Welcome Home…” Amy muttered. Kylie gazed her eyes upon a vast land of color and playground equipment with a massive castle off in the distant. “This is the Daycare” Amy gave an unenthusiastic wave to it all. Kylie could see lots of little kids running and playing around. Some adults were with them tending to even smaller kids and some pushed strollers around.

“Wow…talk about a paradise for kids” Kylie said.

“Yeah…good luck finding the twerps in all this” Amy groaned.

Back in the Mortal Realm Alex watched with both disappointment and glee as the portal vanished. She turned on her phone and hit call on one of many “Daughter” entries. “Hi Sweetie!” Alex chimed in sweetly as the call was answered. “Mommy called because she has a job for you, but I also wanted to check in as well, how are you?” She spoke with her daughter for a bit before getting to business. “Listen sweetie, Mommy needs you to find a couple babies for me. One is just a little fussy, named Kylie” Alex said mentally giving her daughter an image of Kylie. “She is with Amy who has been a very naughty girl, yes, no strike three for her” Alex’s phone erupted with joyful screaming Alex grinned at the elation, how adorable It was. “I know! new baby sister for you. So anyway to help you with your search they will be looking for two boys, Josh and Matt” Alex grinned at the news she was given, they were on a hunt list. Alex looked over at the ritual book hearing it was her baby girl Jenny who ordered it. The nostalgia of those days. "Mommy will be home soon, she needs to get this other sweet girl caught up on some things and you can show the new babysitter the ropes. “Yes, she is very mature but you know me, I can’t just let her leave, so give Mommy a bit more time and you can make Mommy proud showing her the ropes. Love you, buh-bye” She ended the call and gave a pleased sigh. Now to deal with Lilly.