Edward Diaperhands (a short story)

Edward Diaperhands
I’m not much of a writer. In fact, I prefer to commission others to write for me (if you want to, please PM me, as I have more ideas). But this is a short story, that is probably rushed, but I wanted to share it. I would love to see someone expand on this story idea because there are a lot of places it could go. Anyway, sorry about the writing professionalism, but I just wanted to put the idea to paper/screen and get it out of my head.

The Alpha Chi’s of the University of Kansas have a storied tradition of drinking parties. After they have selected their new recruits, they put their freshmen through some routine hazing before being accepted into their sorority. The fall semester of 2012 was no different.

This is the story about one girl in particular whose experience with the sorority she hoped to join was somewhat memorable. April Thompson had dwindled down her sorority choices to three. She was going to attend a rush party for each sorority and make her decision.

April is from a small town in western Missouri about four hours away. Most of her friends chose to go to various universities in Missouri, but April wanting to branch out and create her own path, coupled with a decent scholarship decided KU was the perfect fit. It was a good distance from home, she knew a small handful of people from her high school going there, and she would get to pursue her veterinary education like she hoped.

April is a sort of shy girl overall, she has her friends, but she isn’t as social as she would like to be. She believes going to KU away from her closest friends will force her to become more social. She feels joining a sorority will help expand her new friendships on campus more quickly and help her grow into new friendships.

It’s Friday evening, and the first rush party is the Alpha Chi party. It’s a girls only party for the freshmen to get drunk with the rest of the sorority. She is told for the rush party to plan to stay the night, so April goes ahead and packs a small bag with her toothbrush and some overnight clothes. April didn’t drink much in high school but she assumes she’ll be expected to at each party.

Around 7 PM on Friday night, April heads out the door to the Alpha Chi house just north of campus. As she arrives she realizes how many people there are at the party. The driveway is filled, all the lights are on in the huge 14 bedroom house and there are girls walking up to the house.

As she walks in the door she is greeted by Sarah one of the house leaders and Seniors in the class. She greets April with a hug and a smile and a giant ‘Welcome!’ April reciprocates the hug.

“Welcome April!” Shouts Sarah

“Thanks. Where do I need to put my stuff?”

“Oh, well take care of that April. First we need to get you all set up” Sarah says as she leads April by the hand toward one of the bedrooms.

“You are on my list April as someone I need to get ready.” As April is led into a private bedroom where the door was already shut away from the main lobby of the house on the first floor. When Sarah turns on the light, while still holding April’s hand, Aprils eyes begin to adjust. She notices a queen size bed in the middle, a couple of dressers and paper bags everywhere.

“Okay. So I’m assuming you don’t know anything about the parties details and rush rules since we decided we would keep this parties plans a secret.” April nods her head slowly wanting to find out what’s in the paper bags. “Well this is our first year doing an Edward Fortyhands party. Do you know what Edward Fortyhands is?” Sarah asks.

April had to admit she had no idea, but she wasn’t surprised to hear it was a theme party of some sort. She quizzically replied “Is it something like the movie?”

“Well it gets it’s name from the movie. The basic rules are we tape two 40’s to your hands and you have to drink each of them.” Sarah said with a giant smile on her face.

April not thinking much of this, okay. So 80 ounces of beer. I can probably drink that.

“Okay, I can handle that. Why do you tape them to my hands though?” April asks.

“Well the rules are pretty simple. We duct tape a 40 into each hand, and you can’t use your hands for anything until each 40 is consumed. You can’t go to the bathroom, use your phone, open doors etc. Once you finish each 40, then we remove the 40’s from your hands and you are welcomed to do those things. Our rules tonight are simple. If you don’t successfully finish each 40 without breaking the rules, then you can’t join our sorority. If you successfully finish each 40, then you are a candidate to join our sorority. You will be given points as the night goes on by our upper class of Seniors based on additional things you do. Do you take shots? Maybe you help a fellow sister out and drink some of her beer for her. Depends what you do will help you get points that will help in making you a final candidate. If you don’t finish both 40’s, or you break any of our rules, then you will be asked to leave and not come back….politely of course” Sarah said all of this with an eager smile.

April was taking it all in. Okay she thought, I can handle that. I don’t know if I have ever drank that much. The one time April got really drunk in high school it was from liquor. She had had beer several times, but had never probably drank 80 full ounces in one sitting. But she figured she could handle it.

“Okay, so then, I guess I can do that.” April said with some hesitation.

“Good, I’ll get you all set up. In here I simply tape your hands and give you everything you will need for the night. Upstairs is a kitchen and several bedrooms and that’s where all the girls are. You are actually one of the last girls to get here, so we should be starting soon. Let’s get you settled, and then we’ll head upstairs where they will tell you everything you need to know. Now why don’t you have a seat on the bed and I’ll get you all ready.” And Sarah pointed toward the end of the bed and April obligingly say down.

Reaching down into one of the paper bags, Sarah pulled two glass bottles of Budweiser out and a roll of duct tape. “Okay, give me your hand” and Sarah started taping each bottle to each of Aprils hands.

Once done, Sarah looked April in the eyes. “Now you are probably wondering what you are going to do if you have to pee. Well we have a solution for you” as Sarah moved toward another paper bag. She reached in and pulled out a large white plastic bag……or so April thought. It wasn’t until it was being opened that she started to realize it wasn’t a bag at all. But she still wasn’t sure what it was.

Sarah started to smile again, “now lay on your back so I can get you ready.” April still didn’t know what she was holding, but she laid onto her back and held her hands up in the air so as to not tip the beers (which were still sealed).

Then Sarah reached for Aprils button on her jeans. And then alarm bells started to go off in Aprils head. It was a diaper! “Whoa!” April said as she started to sit up. “What are you doing?”

“I’m putting your diaper on you silly”.

“Diaper? I don’t want a diaper!”

“It’s so you don’t wet your pants. All the rushes are wearing one upstairs. If you don’t wear it and you wet your pants, you’ll be kicked out. I doubt you can hold 80 ounces of beer without peeing, do you?”

April had to admit that was probably true. She had not really thought about the future need to pee from this. She was starting to have second guesses on doing his whole thing. Maybe it wasn’t that big of a deal if other girls were willing to do it. And Sarah didn’t make it seem like it was that big of a deal either. But it still seemed odd to just wear a diaper, and probably piss in it when she had to.

“Do I have to use it?” April asked.

“Well of course not. But nobody is going to let you into a bathroom upstairs until you have drank all 80 ounces. This is to keep our carpets upstairs clean in case anyone has an accident, and it will keep everyone from becoming disqualified for not having a large bladder. That wouldn’t really be fair, now would it?”

April thought to herself. Fine, everyone else is doing it, so it’s fine.

“Okay I guess.”

And with that Sarah pulled down Aprils jeans and panties and slid the diaper underneath her. She then pulled it up in the middle and over the top up to her lower lap. She then pulled the tapes on each side and April was diapered.

“Okay, now stand up” Sarah ordered.

April started to try to sit up. She put her elbows on the bed to give her support as her hands were basically tied up now. The diaper was really thick she noticed, and it crinkled loudly. It was an odd feeling, thick certainly.

She finally got to a standing position and looked Sarah. Sarah reached into another bag and grabbed a tiny white skirt. She reached down to the floor and waited for April to step each leg into the skirt and pulled it up over her diaper.

“It’s better than letting everyone up there just see your diaper. We figured skirts would at least keep you guys from looking so ridiculous.” Sarah said with a smirk.

At least there was that. April was still thinking just how ridiculous this whole thing was. Here she was, a college freshmen standing in a diaper with two large beers taped to her hands. Her mom did say to experience college, but this seemed like an odd experience.

“Okay then, let’s get you upstairs”

Sarah led April by her elbow up some stairs and into a main living room/kitchen combination upstairs. Surrounding the room were about 20 other girls dressed just like her, beer, skirts and all. And then another 15-20 girls who were obviously the seniors of the group taking pictures and laughing. Sarah said “Just wait right here” as she led her next to another girl and then went to join the rest of the seniors.

April looked around. She could feel the strangeness and the crinkle of her diaper as she walked. It was loud. But it was comforting knowing that all the girls around her were diapered too.

April looked at the girl next to her. Neither said anything, the other girl just looked down at the ground as if she was embarrassed. April wasn’t sure if this was the place or time for small talk.

As if to save the awkwardness from happening for her, one of the seniors with a sheet of paper started to clear her throat loudly as the other seniors got quiet.

“Alright girls. Welcome to Alpha Chi Omega’s rush party for Fall 2012!” Shouted the girl.

“My name is Katie and I am the class president. Welcome and congratulations on being selected an optional candidate for our class of 2016! Tonight you will learn some things about our sorority, as well, get to know some of your fellow freshmen.
You have probably all noticed by now that you have 80 ounces of beers in your hands. Your senior who got you ready should have already told you the rules. But I will restate them. You can not take off your beers or remove your tape. If your tape starts to come off or becomes loose, let a senior know so she can tighten them. You don’t want your beers to fall and break, because you will be disqualified if that happens. You may not use the bathroom, in case you had not already noticed we created a prevention in case that need happens” and Katie winked. “You may not use a cell phone, you may not make yourself something to eat, feed yourselves, or do anything that you wouldn’t normally use your hands for. If you break these rules and do not finish your 80 ounces of beer, you are disqualified from joining our sorority. Once you finish your 80 ounces, you can then use the bathroom, grab your phone, get something to eat. Do whatever you have to do. But not before they are done. You can also not vomit or throw up from the drinking, so make sure you take your time and drink it carefully. Once your beer is all gone, get a senior and she will take the tape off your hands and set you free. You can not take the beers off yourself. You will also be given points for doing things. Such as taking shots. You get extra points if you can complete this and handle shots. Remember that team work is always encouraged, so if you can help each other out, that will be noticed as well. Not complaining, we like to see cheerful girls in our sorority! Be sure you are a pleasant spirit! With that, if you have any questions, you can ask any of the senior girls. Girls….take off their caps”

And with that the seniors went around the room opening the girls beers.

Aprils beers were opened and she took a decent sized swig of her beer.

April spent the next hour slowly drinking and talking to a few of the under class-men with her. One girl tried to chug her beers. She got 3/4’s through the first one and dry-heaved and was disqualified and sent downstairs with one of the seniors crying. April took her time. She drank steadily and a little faster than she normally would. But she wanted to get this over with as quickly as she could. But she also didn’t want to get sick. She saw some of the girls taking shots. She didn’t think mixing would be a good idea for her. Maybe later.

April managed to finish her first beer without much of an issue. She moved on to her other hand and noticed a need to pee. She also had noticed a lot of the other girls, even the one’s that had drank less than her, openly complaining about their need to pee. April’s need wasn’t that bad, but she was painfully aware that she was wearing a diaper. There was a loud crinkle every time a girl walked anywhere or whenever they moved around. The diapers were sort of the elephant in the room, but nobody seemed to be talking about it. Just a few girls complaining they had to pee.

About this time, she noticed one girl breaking down into tears on the opposite end of the room. She was making a scene, and it was pretty obvious that she was about to piss herself. April noted how silly she looked and knew not to replicate her actions. April assumed she could finish the second beer at this point and not have to pee. She knew she had a strong bladder, maybe it would serve her well tonight.

A girl named Cassie who April got to know through small talk while drinking next to her. April learned a lot about Cassie and figured she was a nice enough girl. They chatted for awhile. Aprils need to pee started to escalate when she was getting about 1/3 of the way through her second beer. Then Cassie finally brought it up.

“I think I’m going to have to pee. I don’t think I can take it any longer. Have you peed?” Cassie asked April.

April just shook her head no. “I think I’m going to. Do you need to too?”

April thought about saying no. But she knew she had to. “I’m getting there. I’m just trying not to think about it.”

“I don’t know if I can actually pee myself, but I’m definitely not going to make it without peeing. I won’t finish all the beer before I have to pee. And I’m sure I’ll feel better if I do. Would you be willing to pee at the same time as me?” Cassie asked pleadingly.

April thought what an odd request that was. But it also wouldn’t be so bad she thought. It would be gross, but they were obviously expected to do so. And she knew she wasn’t about to make a scene about it either. Would it be so bad if she did it with someone else? What an odd bounding experience this would be.

“I guess. I’m trying to hold out, but I know I won’t make it” April replied.

“Well I’m pretty sure I need to go, like now.” Cassie added.

So April and Cassie looked at each other, and then down at the floor. April thought about it Cassie wouldn’t know if she didn’t actually pee. But she would also probably feel a ton better if she got it over with. And then she could probably finish up this beer.

So April looked over at Cassie. She seemed like she was really concentrating. ‘is she peeing’ April thought to herself? She was really fidgety. Just then, Cassie got really still. ‘I guess so’ April thought to herself.

April tried to concentrate. She couldn’t really notice anything different about Cassie. So she tried to focus on going. She couldn’t just pee though. She squatted down a bit and it was no longer up to her. The pee came rushing out hissing into her diaper. She could feel it. It was really really warm. She couldn’t remember ever doing this before. It was an odd feeling.

She looked up at Cassie. Neither said anything. They both just knew.

Eventually April managed to finish her last 40. Cassie was close behind her. She had peed in her diaper twice and currently had to go again. Most of the girls managed to finish their beers, but everyone was really drunk. Some of the girls did shots, about 3-4 vomited and were escorted out. April was proud of herself, but was definitely feeling the affects of the alcohol on her. She needed to pee and wanted to avoid peeing on herself again. Being the second girl to finish, with Cassie right behind her, they both rushed, crinkling along the way toward a group of the seniors. They showed them their empty bottles of beer and were taken downstairs away from the rest of the group.

I don’t have an ending at this point. If someone wants to write one, please PM me. Maybe they let them out, maybe they don’t. Maybe someone wants to re-write and do something differently. I’m game for collaboration if anyone likes the story idea.

Re: Edward Diaperhands (a short story)

I liked it. The pacing for most of the story was perfect, not too fast or too slow. It started rushing after the contest started, though. My only advice other than be consistent with pacing would be less repetitive. What I mean is that by the end of the story you start using the same words a lot, mainly you tend to use the word pee a lot. Try to find alternate ways to say someone has to pee. It stops dialog from getting tired.

Overall it’s nicely written, just keep trying to improve, you can become a great writer if you keep trying to improve.

Re: Edward Diaperhands (a short story)

a 8 out of 10 its good but i would have loved to see another part to this i say i would like to see another part 2 of the pledges because i know they just dont do one thing to the new blood they do at least 20 or so had a uncle in one he told me what they made him do and what he did to the new bloods so please keep up your work.