Easter Bedwetting (completed)

Easter Bedwetting

Part 1

The sun was shining on a Thursday morning. Allison was having a pleasant dream about a fantasy world as a princess. She and her younger sister were wearing long dresses as they played with dolls. Unlike normal dolls, these dolls were fancy and most likely way out of budget for a normal person with a day job. Allison adored her younger sister’s dress that was light blue and worked well for her light blonde hair. It built her adorable essence as a six-year-old girl would. She looked at her own dress which was light pink with some curves that were developing for a twelve-year-old girl with light blonde hair.

Allison soon felt a need to pee, “I need to use the little princess room,” Allison states to her sister. She smiles back as Allison finds the toilet. Once sitting on the throne, Allison began to relieve herself.

A slight noise of a door creaking open caused Allison to groggily open her eyes. There stood in front of the waking girl a younger girl with the same hair color. Allison knew her sister had come to greet her in the morning.

“Someone’s bed is wet,” stated the young girl. They stood there for a few seconds without speaking as Allison was scared to confirm if that was true or not. “April fools!” the young girl answers back.

Allison sighs at her sister, “I really shouldn’t have taught you that, Claire.” It was Thursday only a few days before Easter, yet Allison’s sister Claire still made April fools joke when Allison taught her about them. However, moving her legs Allison found that it wasn’t a joke. “Well, ummm, it actually wasn’t a joke though…” Allison began to sob.

Claire goes up to Allison and hugs her, “Aw, it’s okay Ally.” She lets go and gives a concerned look that grows into a smile. “It’s okay that you wet the bed, let’s go and get some breakfast!” Allison still felt down but felt a little better seeing the smile on her younger sister. She got up and removed her sheets—a process she’s done the last few days. According to her sister, breakfast was probably ready so Allison stripped of her soaked pajama clothing and put on a set of clean clothes. She’d like to take a bath soon, but if she was going to go eat breakfast it’d be wiser to change her clothes first then stay in the wet stained ones. Then she put the dirty clothes in the dirty clothes basket.

Walking out of her room and down the short set of stairs around the corner, to a dining hall to the right. Allison found her sister smiling at her seat with pancakes on her plate, and a middle-aged blonde-haired woman smiling directly at her. This woman still looked pretty young for her age and adored both Allison and Claire as a mother should.

Allison’s mother looks over at her, “Oh hun, did you get ready already?”

Despite wanting to say that she did, Allison knew the reality wasn’t that. “Not yet…” was the only thing she could respond to.

The smile from her mother turned to a look of concern, “Oh…did you have another accident last night?” Allison felt rather embarrassed that she didn’t feel like responding and only nodded. “That’s okay sweetie, it’ll be fine I’m sure. Just hand me the wet sheets and I’ll take care of them all alright. So just eat up and try and forget about it.” After hearing her mother finish, Allison sat in her seat next to Claire and began to eat buttered pancakes.

After taking a few bites, Allison’s mother spoke up again, “Allison, your father and I talked about it, we know you’ll probably hate this, but we think it’d be smart if we got you some protection at night.”

Allison was ashamed to hear the thought, “You mean like diapers?” Once she mentioned “diapers,” she heard her sister Claire giggling.

“Well, it would be better than waking up to a wet bed wouldn’t it?” Allison’s mother suggested.

“And I’d bet you’d be cute,” Claire added.

Allison tried to ignore Claire’s comment, “Yeah, I suppose you are right mom.”

“Okay good, plus we do have the trip tomorrow to Grandma’s for Easter. I think it’d be a wise decision to go get them after you get ready then. Also, I’m proud of you to accept it, hun!” With the declaration made, they enjoyed their meal and Allison made her way to take a bath after handing her wet sheets and clothes to her mother.

During Allison’s bath, Allison couldn’t help but think about the predicament she was in. So I’ll have to get diapers, well just for night time. I suppose things could be worse, but I guess I just have to accept that I’m a bedwetter now. It’ll definitely help us not have to clean as much after making a mess. Allison smiled to herself accepting the decision that was made. Plus, maybe Claire could be right and they’d look cute on me. She giggled at the thought. Though I doubt that, but it might actually not be that bad. Sure they are for babies, but some of the designs are cute…well for babies. Now that I’m thinking about it, it really doesn’t sound that bad at all now. Allison smiled to herself as she continued to enjoy her bath.

Once her soothing bath finished, Allison put the clothes she had back on and told her mother that she was ready to go. They rounded Claire up to join them as they went to the store to get some items for the trip to their Grandma’s—which included “protection.”

At the nearby Walmart, they found all the items on the list except for one—Allison’s “protection.” Allison blushed with embarrassment at the idea aisle they were heading to. She almost wished they could keep walking forever or turn around for how nervous she felt. Unfortunately, the walk to the diaper aisle was only a short jaunt.

There Allison eyed several brands of diapers lined on the shelves. The one that really caught her eye was the Pampers brand diapers. They had all the different sizes ranging from one to seven. Each package had a different design for each size. She scanned the designs and sizes to see if she could find the one that would fit her. Many of the smaller sizes were made for babies, but the size seven seemed like it would fit her best. Even for a slowly developing girl, Allison was still more on the small size. So even a size seven Pampers diaper should easily fit her. Looking at the packages, an Elmo design came to Allison’s mind. Allison remembers she enjoyed watching Sesame Street when she was younger, so maybe it’d be rather fitting then. However, Allison thought to herself that these were baby diapers and she wasn’t a baby. So Allison did her best to keep her attention away from the packages.

She did a good job until she heard Claire speak up. “Mommy, wouldn’t this work for Ally?” Claire spoke holding up a package of Pampers size 7. Allison wanted to speak up and suggest a different idea, but she decided to wait and see how it played out.

“Oh, I bet this would be cute on Ally huh?” Their mother responded taking the package. Allison blushed and felt frozen stiff even if she wanted to speak up. “But she doesn’t need actual diapers, just something to hold her for the night like Goodnites.” Allison’s mother then put the package back on the shelf and walked to get a package of Goodnites for girls. The design for the goodnite showcased hearts and flowers and other patterns.

“These will be cute too!” Claire spoke up. Allison was frozen stiff due to the mass embarrassment she had to endure. “Don’t you think?” Claire turned her attention to Allison asking her opinion on the design.

Allison couldn’t deny that it was still pretty cute. “Yeah, they’re cute,” was all Allison could muster.

“I’m glad to hear that,” their mother stated. “Sorry hun if you are feeling a little embarrassed, we’ll try and get out of here shortly alright?” After hearing her mother, Allison just followed behind silently.

At the cash register, Allison wanted to look away as all the items were scanned including her Goodnites package. However, no specific comments were made than the usual routine. The cashier looked to be a girl in her twenties, probably having a day job being in college. With red-hair tied in a pony-tail, her emerald eyes looked at Allison with a bright smile. Allison didn’t want to look too into it so she just walked behind her mother as they left the store.

Once they returned home, Allison was given her package of goodnites to hold in her room to make sure she puts one on each night. Allison also began to pack her things for the trip. Starting with her clothes, some cute things like a few dresses and a plain shirt and several skirts. Knowing that the location was just her grandma’s, Allison didn’t think to bring anything special for clothing than what she found comfy or cute.

Next, Allison began to pack her bathroom stuff only leaving the bare minimum of a toothbrush and toothpaste she’d use that night before packing. Then she found herself back in her room at night fully packed and ready. However, Allison realized she did forget one item—her Goodnites. She decided to ask her mother how she should pack them as she didn’t leave much room for them.

In the kitchen once again, she found her mother cooking and getting dinner ready for when the father would arrive after a good day at work. “Um, Mom?” Allison got her mother’s attention.

Turning to face the young girl, Allison’s mother smiled. “Yes, dear?”

“Umm well,” Allison felt slightly shy to mention the problem. “I’m all packed.”

“Well, that’s good. Dinner should be done shortly as should your father gets home.”

“Okay…well you see…” Allison blushed as her mother tilted her head. “I did finish packing, but I forgot to pack my…” Her voice lowered a bit. “My Goodnites and I don’t have any room left.” Allison turned an even brighter tomato.

“Oh,” Her mother replied. “That’s okay, I’ll pack them with my stuff then. Just make sure to take two out for tonight and you can hand the rest to me alright?”

“Okay,” Allison nodded. “That sounds good mommy. But can I ask, why two?”

Her mother smiled, “One for tonight and the second one is just in case you wake up in the night and need it. Probably should be prepared just in case and can’t get access to the rest of them.”

“Oh, that makes sense. I’ll go do that now then, where do you want the package?”

“You can leave it on my bed.”

“Alright, I’ll go do it now then.” Allison walked out of the kitchen and up the stairs finding her room. There she found the package of Goodnites with the young girl on the cover. She wasn’t sure if there was a specific way to open it but ignorantly tore the package open.

Now with the package open, Allison shyly grabbed two of the paddings out setting them on her bed. She then walked over to her mother’s master bedroom placing the package on the large blue comforter covering the bed. Allison walked back to her own room to find the two Goodnites left behind. Curious, Allison picked one up to see how it felt.

The pink and purple garment had a rather odd soft touch at first. Allison imagined that it wouldn’t feel soft, but figures the padding must give it that texture. She wondered how it’d feel to actually wear given the odd inviting softness.

A sound of the front door of the house echoed through the house which told Allison her father was home. More than likely dinner was ready as well. Allison put the soft padding of the Goodnite on her bed once again before heading down. Despite wanting to see how it felt while wearing, she knew she’d be testing one later that night anyway.

Once downstairs, she found her family was already sitting at the dinner table. Allison found her seat next to Claire. Allison was happy to see that they were having steak for that night. With a fork and knife in her hand, Allison began to cut the meat for herself. She had always been allowed to cut her own food when she was about Claire’s age as she looks over to see Claire was awkwardly cutting her food.

“Did you do it, hun?” Voiced a question from her mother. Allison knew that it was about the Goodnites.

“Yup,” Allison nodded.

“Did what?” Allison’s father questioned which Claire also piqued with the same thought.

“Did what I ask to do with her Goodnites,” Allison’s mother stated. Just hearing it caused Allison to blush.

“Oh, you did get her some protection then,” Her father stated. “Well that’s good, now you won’t have to worry about a wet bed again.” Allison’s father smiled at her, which she couldn’t help smile back. Even though she felt slightly embarrassed by the problem, everyone else didn’t seem to mind. So, Allison continued to eat her food.

After dinner was finished, Allison helped Claire do the dishes and load them into the dishwasher. A process Allison wasn’t very fond of but it was something to help around the house. Though she understands Claire’s point of view is more of just a trivial chore at her age. But once she grew up, she’d probably understand, at least that’s what Allison hoped.

Once the dishes were finished, Claire tugged on Allison’s shirt. “Ally, can we watch a movie?” Claire asked.

“Sure, I’d love to watch something with you,” Allison answered back. “Go pick something and I’ll join you okay.”

“Okay!” Claire beamed and trotted off.

Allison was happy to have her younger sister, as it did give her an excuse for watching younger kid movies and shows. Even though she wasn’t that old herself, she knew she should be growing up regardless.

Before going to her sister’s room, Allison decided to answer her earlier curiosity. Its almost bedtime, it’ll be fine if I do this now. She walked into her room and picked up one of her Goodnites feeling the softness in her clutches again. Then she began to remove the light blue underwear tossing them into her dirty clothes basket. There she took the Goodnite and pulled it open and slid it on like a regular pair of underwear.

The odd soft-touch remained, but a new wave emanated as the padding hit Allison’s rear. It wasn’t like regular underwear, but it did feel secure and oddly comforting. Allison couldn’t quite comprehend it but didn’t really mind wearing it for the time being.

With her new padding equipped, she walked over to her sister’s bedroom. Once she entered, she saw the room with pink walls and stuffed animals placed around. It was almost as if a magical unicorn dashed in with its rainbows turning everything cute. This was definitely fit for a little girl like her sister Claire who sat on her bed before a television screen clutching a stuffed rabbit.

“What did you pick for us this time?” Allison asked the adorable Claire.

“Oh, I picked Sleeping Beauty for us!” Claire smiled.

Allison smiled back, “Oh good I love that one.” She quietly took her seat next to Claire as they started the film. Allison could only wonder if her sister could notice if she was wearing a Goodnite.

Partway through the film near the end, Allison felt a need to urinate. It didn’t seem like she’d have to go right away so she probably could hold till the rest of the film, but it did make her think about the garment she currently wore. No, I don’t plan on using my Goodnite just to be lazy. Plus, I’d probably have to get another Goodnite and Mom most likely packed everything already. So, I’d better save this one.

Once the film ended, Allison made her way to the bathroom making use of it. She then got ready for bed changing into her pajama shirt and pants that were both light blue with white dots. There she found at her door a young curious girl—her sister Claire.

“Ally did you put it on?” Claire asked. It was clear she was interested in the Goodnite Allison was wearing. So, Allison nodded in response. “Can I see? Please?”

Giving in to her younger sister’s pleads, Allison lowered her pajama pants exposing to her sister and the purple garment. “I was sort of embarrassed at first, but it’s not that bad,” Allison stated.

“Oh, you are cute!” Claire beamed. “Hehe, my diapered sister!” Allison blushed but was embraced by her younger sister. “It’ll be fine, I know it! I love you sis, goodnight!”

“Aw, I love you too! Goodnight my sweet Claire,” Allison smiled back. She felt rather happy to have her sister’s support at the least. So following Claire out, she turned the lights off and crawled into her bed.

Well, here I am wearing a Goodnite diaper. The day before we go to Grandma’s when I’d have hoped my bedwetting was going to stop before. But now I have to wear these at night. Though it is pretty soft so maybe I shouldn’t complain. At least I’ll be able to wake up in the morning without a wet bed! Allison reassured herself and felt contented enough and soon fell asleep.


I like this.


But one critique, the paragraphs should be separated from each other a bit more, but that’s somewhat my opinion.

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I’m happy you have enjoyed the story thus far. And I do agree that the paragraph spacing could be a little better. The interface of the site doesn’t make it easy to do a straight forward copy paste. I’ll have to try playing around with some of the tools then to see if I can get it fitted.

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This seems like a nice bit of candy fluff… Keep up the good work

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Well, first, I suggest you space your paragraphs out. Every line of dialogue should be its own paragraph. That would make it a lot cleaner and easier to read.

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The story has a good start and I am curious to see where you are taking it aside from commenters suggestions as it is your story.

For line breaks there is a tip in the pinned posts about setting space after return to 0 or something like that or double spacing for it to look correct on here. I do not remember the details so you will have to look.

I like how Claire is supportive as well and likes to include Allison even though she is twice Claire’s age.

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For line breaks, what is being referred to is that many modern word processors insert visual space between paragraphs with a single line break. Changing the document settings to remove this space sets the visual to match what the board does will make it easier to see what the forum will do with the formatting when you copy and paste. IIRC, in at least one word processor this is called “Space before paragraph” and/or “Space after paragraph.”


Part 2:

Allison was having pleasant dreams about playing hide and seek with her sister when the sound of her alarm went off. She quickly shut it off and was reminded of a few days ago when she got ready for school. Thankfully she had a good long break having the previous day off for Easter break. But her break was going to be spent going to her Grandma’s which they had to travel for. So she will have to miss a few days the next week for coming back, but it wasn’t that big of a deal as the school was already notified.

Once Allison began to crawl out of bed, she reminded herself to check the bed if she ended up having another accident during the night. Feeling the bed, she perceived that it was dry and clean. However, Allison was reminded by what she wore when she began to make her way out of bed. The Goodnite she wore began to sag, and with a quick touch, it was clear the Goodnite was soaked to being full. Allison was slightly embarrassed that she had wet herself in what was basically a diaper, but felt rather happy her bed was dry. Plus the current Goodnite, although being wet and sort of cold, didn’t feel bad at all. Allison felt like she could easily go through with wearing them from then on.

Eager to tell the news to her mother, Allison found her mother downstairs in the living room getting some last things packed up.

“Mom, my bed was dry!” Allison stated.

“Oh, that’s great!” Allison’s mother responded. “So did your protection work out then?”

“Yup,” Allison blushed. “It definitely worked well.” Allison finished her statement and patted her padded rear. This also notified her mother that she still did have an accident during the night.

“Oh, sweetie do you still have it on?”

“Uh yeah?” Allison questioned confused.

“Well that’s good that it works, but you should probably change out soon hun. Don’t want you to get a rash.”

“Oh, okay I’ll go get ready then,” Allison answered going back upstairs. She proceeded to strip herself down before taking a bath. Before taking the Goodnite off, she noticed that the color faded throughout the entirety of the garment.

Well, it is a little strange, but it is not that bad to wear. It is a little different but not too different. Not to mention it was a little comfy. So far, wearing Goodnites isn’t a bad thing like I thought it would. Allison then proceeded to take her bath contended on her thought.

Once her soothing bath ended, Allison finished changing into a set of comfy clothes—being a hooded sweatshirt and a pair of shorts. Then she took her suitcase down so they could get the car loaded before heading off to the airport. Her mother then looked at her with a smile like she had an idea.

“Oh sweetie, I had a thought for this trip,” Allison’s mother spoke. “Would you like to hear it?”

“Yes, and what would that be mom?” Allison wondered.

“Well, it’ll be about an hour’s drive to the airport so I was thinking about what happens if you took a nap during the ride there.”

After hearing the proposal, Allison gathered what the pieces of this puzzle were going to be placed into. “Oh I see, should I wear a Goodnite?”

“Yeah, that was the idea I had,” her mother responded. “Only if your fine with that, but I think it’d be wise since it’ll be several hours before we get to your Grandma’s.”

Before the prior night, Allison would have flatly rejected the concept but at this point, she didn’t mind the thought. “Okay mom, I’ll wear one.”

“Oh you will, okay good,” Her mother sounded surprised. “I have a set in this backpack so let me get you one.” The backpack she referred to was the one at her feet. Just a normal-sized black bag ready to carry many items that currently contained some Goodnites.

Allison shook her head, “No I still have the extra one from last night.”

“Okay good.” After hearing her mother, Allison left her suitcase and went upstairs again to find the leftover Goodnite still sitting on her dresser. Without hesitating, Allison stripped her shorts and her underwear. Then she slipped the Goodnite on followed by her shorts once again. Placing the pair of underwear to the dirty hamper as she left to go down the stairs once again.

Once she saw her mother, she gave her to rear a good patting, “Got my Goodnite on.”

Her mother smiled, “Good, I think that’ll be wise for the trip there.”

Allison then felt a pat on her butt that didn’t come from her. Looking at her mother who’s hands did not reach over told her the only likely culprit was Claire.

“Hehe, my sisters diapered,” Claire exclaimed. She probably overheard Allison that she put a Goodnite on since it was rather well concealed under her shorts.

“It’s only for the trip there,” Allison explained.

“Diapers or no diapers, my sisters still my sister,” Claire stated giving Allison a hug.

“Aw thanks,” Allison smiled back at the young girl.

It didn’t take long to get the car loaded once they brought the luggage out. The seating arrangement had Allison sitting on the left side in the middle of the SUV next to her sister to her right. Her mother in the passenger seat with their father driving. They took off stopping at McDonald’s for a quick breakfast to go as they drove their way to the airport.

Once Allison finished her meal, she felt a little drowsy and decided it wouldn’t hurt to take a small nap. Plus she was wearing a Goodnite so even if she did have an accident it should be well taken care of.

Soon Allison awoke to the sound of her mother who was waking both her and Claire. They arrived at the airport as they parked the car in the parking garage. Allison began to shuffle out of her seat when she felt her Goodnite wasn’t as dry as it was before. This told Allison she did indeed have another accident in her sleep.

“Mommy,” Allison stated to her mother outside the car. “I umm, had an accident in my sleep.”

“Oh, I guess it’s a good thing you were wearing a Goodnite huh?” Her mother smiled. “Once we get inside I’ll help you change alright?”

“Okay, thanks,” Allison replied.

“Ally, you had an accident?” Claire asked. Allison only nodded in reply. “Aw, I guess it was good you were diapered.” Claire then hugged Allison with a smile. Allison couldn’t deny that it was probably a good idea that she did indeed wear one.

Once they got into the main part of the airport at the check-in counter, Allison’s mother shuffled to her backpack. Allison’s mother then turned over to Allison as she began unzipping the backpack. “Um sweetie, I was thinking maybe it’d be a good idea to wear another Goodnite for the flight.”

Allison panicked to quiet her mother down because she didn’t want anyone to listen in to the conversation. “Uh sure okay,” she quickly took a Goodnite that her mother handed her and went to the restrooms to the right.

In the restroom, Allison quickly found the nearest unopened stall and pulled her shorts off as well as her swollen Goodnite. It definitely did its job and Allison couldn’t be any happier not waking up in wet clothes beside the Goodnite. However, she only accepted the new Goodnite in panic and wonders if she should actually go back to her mother to state she changed her mind about wearing another. But coming this far, Allison decided she might as well go through with it. Plus she might fall asleep on the plane, so having one of these on might actually be beneficial. With that thought, Allison pulled the new Goodnite on along with her shorts. She left the restroom with a smile as she disposed of the old Goodnite into the trash.

After leaving, she joined up with her family who was waiting for her. “We finished checking in, so we can go up now,” Allison’s father stated. Allison nodded as she walked right next to Claire.

“Did you get changed?” Claire asked. Allison blushed with embarrassment as anyone in the area could easily have heard that.

“I did,” Allison answered back.

“Okay good,” Claire smiled. Looking about in the area, it didn’t seem like the few people there really paid them any attention. So Allison gave a smile back.

Soon they arrived in the line-up to get checked by the TSA to let them through the gate. Allison could only hope that neither the backpack with her Goodnite’s nor herself would have to be searched. Thankfully, Allison wasn’t wearing any metal on her that would require a search.

They put in their bags, shoes, wallets all into the bins before proceeding through the scanner. One by one, her family members had made it through with no troubles. However, it was now Allison’s turn to pose the position shown. As the device spun around and did its job, Allison couldn’t help but feel worried as if the secrets under her shorts were going to be found out.

It didn’t take long for the device to finish which had Allison step forward. “Um, excuse me I’ll need to pat this spot real fast,” Spoke one of the TSA male guards. Allison instantly turned red and panicked as her shorts were probably bulkier because of the Goodnites.

“Um, miss your good to go,” Stated a TSA female. When Allison looked, what she heard was for the man who was in the other section. With a sigh of relief, Allison proceeded forward to retrieve her stuff.

They found their flight gate and took a seat to begin waiting for the plane to get ready to board. The flight wasn’t going to happen for another thirty minutes, so they pulled out different gadgets or books to keep them by for the time being. Allison mostly scrolled through her phone for the different games she had to play. Some of them being childish, but she enjoyed them regardless.

After the anticipated time went by, the plane was ready to load up on the passengers. All of the different passengers began to load on depending on the ticket they had. Allison knew they would most likely board last given the ticket they had. However, Allison noticed several other girls her age or younger boarding and couldn’t help but think they probably weren’t wearing what she wore.

Once they boarded on the plane, they shuffled down the middle to locate their seats. Allison had a window seat, Claire next to her, and their mother on the aisle seat. Their father was across from them sitting next to another man whom they began making conversation.

“When we take off it’ll be alright if you do take a nap,” Allison’s mother stated. Allison could only nod. “And if either of you gets hungry, let me know and I can get you something.”

“Okay mommy,” Claire stated. “Do you want anything Ally?”

“Umm, not right now,” Allison replied. “Maybe in a little bit.”

“Okay,” Claire smiled. Allison smiled back before looking out the window.

Soon the plane was all loaded and began to take off. Allison didn’t mind the take-offs or landings from her other experiences from flying. But she was mostly happy Claire wasn’t an annoying child anymore. Claire’s first flight seemed to have been rough for her as she cried rivers down the aisle. However, after that flight, Claire had gotten far much better.

Now in the air, Allison decided it wouldn’t hurt to try and continue her nap from earlier and slowly began to drift off to sleep.

The light in the room was dim, and a warm blanket covered her. Looking around, Allison could see the walls belonged to Claire’s. However, above her had multiple shapes spinning around. These shapes were in that of objects in the night sky. It almost seemed like something you’d find in a baby’s crib. Looking next to her was her sister Clair laying in the same bedding she was in. But Claire’s attire looked more infantile than she remembered. Looking at herself, Allison found she also had rather infantile clothes.

A sounding of the doorway opening showed her mother appearing with two rounded objects in her hands. She first looked at Allison before walking over to Claire and propping her up. Allison then recognized the objects in her mother’s hands as bottles made for babies. However, Claire opened her mouth for their mother who put the bottle up to her mouth. Allison watched as her sister was being fed from a bottle.

Once her sisters’ bottle was depleted, Allison’s mother looked at her with a smile and walked over to her side. Like Claire, she was propped up and saw a bottle in front of her. Allison didn’t decline it but opened her mouth like her sister and the bottle was quickly inserted into her mouth. She began to suck on the bottle’s nipple and quickly found her mouth drenched in the slightly warmed up milk. Despite the oddity, Allison kept drinking from the bottle with content. Even though her sister was a different age, they were at least receiving the same treatment—being babies.

In what seemed like mere moments, Allison groggily opened her eyes when she heard her mother’s voice.

“Sweetie, we’ve landed and were here,” Spoke Allison’s mother. However, Allison still felt affected by her deep slumber and couldn’t quite comprehend her mother’s speech.

“Okay,” was all Allison could muster.

“Oh my dear, you must’ve had an accident,” stated the shocked mother. Allison wasn’t sure what she referred to as she’s always had accidents during her sleep for the past week so it should be almost expected at that point. “You’ll have to go and change real fast before we do leave the airport.”

Allison still feeling a bit tired and remembering her odd dream could only ask for help, “Will you change me, mommy?”

Her mother couldn’t speak for a second, “Sure hun, but let’s get off the plane okay?” Allison’s mother held her hand as she led her out of the plane and walked into the airport. There Allison saw her sister and father waiting for them with all their stuff except for the backpack on her mother’s shoulders. “We’re going to the restroom real fast, go on ahead without us.” With a nod from their father, Allison’s mother looked at her again and began walking her to the restroom.

Once in the restroom, Allison was continued to be led into the farthest stall. Her mother walked up to the drop-down table on the wall and pulled it down. Leading Allison by her hand, she helped Allison sit up on the table which appeared to hold her weight. Allison’s mother helped her lay back and Allison began to feel confused about what actually was happening then. She began to feel her body awaken as her shorts were unbuttoned by her mother which caused her to instantly blush. Allison realized her Goodnites were definitely soaked at this point so they needed a change, but didn’t realize she was getting one from her mother.

“Mom,” Allison began to speak.

“Yes dear,” Allison’s mother replied as she took the young girl’s shorts off.

Allison knew she could do the change herself so there was no need for her mother to do this. But at the same time, she was already on the table and her mother took her shorts off already. Most of a standard change was already done, so Allison decided to just let it happen this time. “Um, thanks.”

“Yup, no problem sweetie,” Her mother replied with a smile. Allison’s mother began to make her way to pulling her Goodnite off which revealed her underside secrets to her mother who only thought of being a mother. Her mother got into her backpack and pulled out a new Goodnite and a few baby wipes. After being wiped down from the wipes, Allison’s mother pulled the new Goodnite up her legs. Once it was secured in place, she held Allison’s hand once more and helped her off the table. “All nice and clean now sweetie! But it’s been quite some time since I last had to change someone, especially you.” She started to laugh which caused Allison to blush. But Allison couldn’t deny it was interesting to have been changed by her mother just this once.

Before asking for her shorts again, her mother put them into the backpack. “Um sweetie, you do know you really soaked them don’t you?” Her mother asked.

“I-I did?” Allison replied confused.

“You did honey, probably went a lot during your nap. So it’s no big deal, we can just wash them at your Grandmas.”

“Okay, so I have something to wear then?”

“I’m afraid not sweetie, all your clothes are packed in your suitcase it seems.” She stopped to think to herself. “Hmm, one-second sweetie.” Opening up the backpack once more, she pried out a hooded sweatshirt. “I think we could wrap this around you and it’ll cover it.”

“Okay,” Allison replied.

“Now just keep still for a second.” After giving her instruction, Allison’s mother proceeded to wrap the sweatshirt around her daughter’s waist. Within seconds, the clean Goodnite was completely covered. “There!” It wasn’t the usual look for a waist equipped sweatshirt, but it did the job. “See, all covered! Now let us return to Claire and your father.”

“Okay mommy,” Allison stated as she gave her hand.

“That’s my girl,” Allison’s mother replied grasping her hand. They proceeded to walk out of the restroom tossing out the soaked Goodnite into the trash.

They walked over to the baggage collection area, to find Allison’s father and sister. Once they approached them, they had a rather surprised look taking notice of Allison’s new attire.

“What happened?” Their father questioned.

“Oh, she just had a bit larger accident then usual during her nap,” Allison’s mother whispered to him.

“I see, well at least we’ll be going soon,” He replied.

“Hehe, that’s a cute diaper!” Claire giggled quietly to Allison. The sweatshirt may had covered Allison’s Goodnite, but it didn’t stop Claire from looking at the direct source.

Allison blushed but smiled back, “Thanks.” Claire went up to hug her.

They walked outside with Allison in the middle who still felt rather embarrassed. There they found a silver van parked at the sidewalk.

“That must be her,” Stated Allison’s father. Once they approached the van, the back trunk was opened up and they put all the suitcases in there before getting into the van themselves.

“Oh my two darlings, it’s been ages since I’ve last seen you both,” Stated their Grandmother. Their Grandmother didn’t have many wrinkles for her age but had short white hair. However, her attention turned towards Allison. “Oh dear, what happened?”

Allison began to blush realizing the sweatshirt didn’t do an efficient job while she sat down.

“Oh about that,” Allison’s mother replied to her. She began to whisper into their Grandmother’s ear who appeared to be getting a gist of what happened.

“I see, well dear it’s a good thing you were wearing some protection huh,” stated Allison’s Grandma. “It could have been a lot worse otherwise. But accidents do happen, I even have them sometimes.” She began to laugh which caused Allison to smile shortly. But Allison only felt embarrassed about the exposing situation she was in. “Well, tell me about your trip while we get home then.”

Allison had to sit in the van next to her sister for about twenty minutes before they pulled into the driveway of a two-story light blue house. This wasn’t Allison’s first time being at her grandma’s house, so she was familiar with the large front entrance that had a set of stairs to the left. Taking the suitcase she had carried, her mother stepped up behind her.

“Hun, do you need help changing?” Asked Allison’s mother. Allison understood her mother must have meant changing into a new set of clothes from the current Goodnite.

“No mom, I can change myself this time,” Allison replied. She then took the suitcase she carried up the stairs to find a guest bedroom she’d be sharing with Claire and set the suitcase down. Opening it up, Allison grabbed a pair of shorts and proceeded to pull them up while undoing the hooded sweatshirt. Once they were over her knees, Allison realized a simple mistake she just made. “Oh, I forgot to change out of the Goodnite, hehe.” She pulled the shorts back down and found a pink pair of underwear before proceeding to exchange out of the comfy Goodnite.

After having changed, Allison made her way back downstairs to find her mother sitting on the couch.

“Oh good, you are changed now,” Her mother stated. “We have your shorts in the wash right now so they should be clean soon.”

“Thanks,” Allison replied. “Funny about my change, I almost left the Goodnite on when I put the shorts on. I guess it was pleasantly comfy.”

Allison’s mother gave a slight chuckle, “Well that would’ve been fine if you did. With today’s accidents, it’d have made sense. So your mother understands.”

Allison wasn’t sure if her mother was being serious or joking back at her. It didn’t seem like a joke since she reasoned with her, but it begged the question if her mother actually was alright with her wearing a Goodnite during the day. The idea had Allison curious to go back upstairs and change back into that Goodnite she already changed out of. However, she shrugged the idea off.

Their Grandmother came out of the kitchen, “Well it looks like I have some things to get at the store.”

“The girls and I could go with,” Allison’s mother replied. The girls meaning Allison and Claire would tag along with their mother and grandmother.

“Oh that would be splendid,” their grandmother smiled. Claire was following behind their grandmother as they made their way to the front door. Allison followed behind their mother then as they left their father to catch up with the grandpa.

The store appeared busier than most of Target’s did. Even though this was a simple grocery shop, it appeared many people were making last-minute Easter shopping. They began making their way past the baby products and Allison couldn’t help glance at the pampers diapers. Even though she didn’t get them the previous time, they did appear cute and had Allison curious since she has been having a decent time with her current Goodnites.

It was only a few minutes passing the diapers when Allison felt an urge to pee. “Mommy, I have to pee.”

“Okay sweetie, there are restrooms in the back,” her mother replied. Allison nodded and began to walk to the back to find a set of restrooms. However, when Allison made it into the little girls’ room, she found that all the current stalls were taken with a couple of other girls waiting. Despite having to go, Allison decided to not keep her family waiting for very long so she left.

“That was quick,” Claire mentioned.

“Oh um, there was a line and I didn’t want to keep you waiting so I can hold on for a little longer,” Allison replied.

“Alright hun, just get to the restroom before you do have an accident okay?” Her mother stated. Allison nodded not wanting that to happen.

“Hehe, Ally had an accident,” Claire giggled to herself. Allison couldn’t help but blush at her comment.

They managed to find all the items on the list their Grandmother prepared and began to head to the front counter. Allison couldn’t help trying to hold onto herself as her urge grew quite a lot. Her desperation made her hoping to find a restroom rather soon especially for the check-out line to not take forever. But from the looks of all the check-out counters, each one had at least two people ready to check out waiting in line. Once they pulled the cart into line counter fifteen, Allison couldn’t help but wiggle in place.

Being very transparent as her mother turned to look at her, “Hun we can purchase this while you go to the restroom.”

Allison nodded, “Okay, thanks, mommy.” She made her way past the counter and towards the restroom at the front. Once in the restroom, Allison was glad to find a few stalls open. Sighing with relief, Allison made her way into one of the stalls. Well, that was a really close call. I may have almost had an actual accident if I waited any longer. I wear protection for night time and almost could have used one just now. Maybe I should have forgotten to change out of that Goodnite. It would have made things a lot easier as well. But I guess I did make it at least. Though if I did wear the Goodnite, I could have had an accident and it’d have been okay. At least I think it would have been.

After leaving the restroom, she was joined by her younger sister. “Did you have an accident?” Claire asked. Although it was clear given Allison’s shorts that she didn’t have any kind of accident. “Hehe, of course, you didn’t since you’re a big girl. Even though you have to wear diapers at night.” Allison couldn’t help but blush after hearing her comment.

“Well, it is good that you did make it,” Allison’s mother stated. “Let us get back to the house then.”

“I’ll get dinner started when we get back, would you girls like to help me?” asked their Grandmother.

“Yes,” Allison and Claire said in unison.

“Okay, we should get back then before your father and grandpa have played their twentieth game of cards.” Once they nodded and giggled at the thought, they left the store.

Dinner was a joyful experience Allison enjoyed. Being able to help her grandmother out with the different ingredients and getting praised for doing a good job bringing a smile to her face. Once all the food was placed on the table and compliments from her family to their grandmother and assistance brought a smile to Claire and her face.

“Are you enjoying your Easter break dear?” Allison’s Grandmother asked her.

“Yup, so far it’s been rather great,” Allison smirked.

“That’s great, I hope you’ll find yourself at home then.”

After dinner, Allison attempted to assist her Grandma for cleaning up the dishes but was turned away.

“Thanks, dear for offering, but I think you should enjoy your time here,” Allison’s grandmother stated.

“Okay,” Allison replied. She then left the kitchen to find her room she was sharing with Claire and saw the television was turned on and children’s books were scattered across the room. “Um Claire, what you up to?”

Upon the question, Claire turned her attention away from a book and towards her sister. “Oh, I saw she had a bunch of books here so I wanted to see what kinds there were.”

“Alright, what kind of book you reading now?”

Claire held the book up, “Go dogs go.” It was obviously a Dr. Seus book by the way it rhymed and cartoon pictures are drawn.

“Oh, I remember that when I was younger!” Allison excitedly mentioned.

Allison and Claire began going through all the different books that they remembered seeing when they were younger and reminiscing those days. Eventually, they settled on an old classic Disney movie Aladdin to pass the time.

Once it was getting late, Allison noticed her sister slumping into her shoulder having a difficult time staying up. So Allison told her sister it was time to go to bed which Claire reluctantly agreed to.

Getting her nightgown from her suitcase, Allison also grabbed a Goodnite from the pack that was near her suitcase. Going to the restroom, Claire followed her in and they both brushed their teeth together and changed into their pajamas. Allison looked for the Goodnite she brought in and noticed it in the hands of her sister.

“Hehe, time for your diaper!” Claire beamed a smile.

“W-well…I do need them for the night,” Allison stuttered with a red expression.

“It’s okay, diapers or none, I love my sister,” Claire hugged Allison

“Aw, I love you too!” Allison embraced her sister back.

Claire then let go and handed her the Goodnite back, “Here you go!”

“Hehe,” Allison laughed at a thought in mind. “Just you wait, soon I’ll be handing you a diaper for nighttime.” Given Claire’s age, Allison was certain it wouldn’t have been uncommon if she ended up in the same situation.

“Hehe,” Claire giggled turning red. “I’ll be happy for you to change me.”

“Yup, I’d be glad to,” Allison stood proud with her Goodnite in hand. Looking at the Goodnite and her sister, the comment she made rang through her ears. Perhaps if Claire is willing to let me change her into a diaper or well a Goodnite, she would be wanting to do the same for me? I mean it is a Goodnite, so it’d basically be having her putting a new pair of underwear on me.

After having the idea, Allison handed the Goodnite back to her sister. “Umm, since I’ll be changing you…you can change me.”

Claire took the Goodnite with beaming stars in her eyes, “I’d love to!” However, Claire looked up to her sister with a clueless look as she unfolded the Goodnite.

Allison understood her sister possibly didn’t understand that this kind of diaper was a pull-on type versus a tape-on kind. So Allison held up the skirt of her nightgown showing her underwear and began to move her instructions. “First you’d want to remove my underwear.”

Nodding her head, Claire began pulling Allison’s underwear down her legs. Allison wasn’t nervous about being naked in front of her sister as they often took bath’s together. Once finished, Claire looked up to her sister once again.

“Then you’ll want me to step into it and pull it on me like a pair of underwear,” Allison motioned.

Claire followed her instructions and easily identified the front side and put it low enough for Allison to step into. Once she finished stepping into it, Claire began to pull it up her. With a smile, Claire finished changing Allison into her Goodnite.

“Yay, I did it,” Claire clapped.

“Hehe, yup,” Allison replied. “Thanks for changing me, I know this will do me well for tonight.”

Smiling together, both girls left the bathroom. Claire was treading off ahead of Allison who was unmistakably happy for helping. However, each step Allison could feel the Goodnite between her legs. Comparing the garment she wore minutes before, Allison couldn’t help but find herself enjoying this new padding. At first, she definitely thought it was strange, but after almost spending a day in it, she grew a sense of acceptance. It wasn’t bad but rather good. I don’t need to worry about wetting my bed now. And it gave me something else to bond with Claire. To be honest, they are cuter than the pink undies I was just wearing.

At her thought, Allison walked in the clouds back to her room. But on her way back, she ran into her mother.

“Oh, I see you are going to bed,” Allison’s mother stated. “Are you wearing you know what?”

Allison smiled at the question, “Yup, I’m wearing a Goodnite.”

“Okay good,” Allison’s mother responded. “Alright hun, goodnight!”

“Goodnight,” Allison giggled to herself.

Once in the room, she found Claire already under the covers of her bed which were closest to the door. Allison began crawling under the covers of her bed near a window and began to feel how comfortable the new bed was. It had an odd sense about the blankets given it wasn’t something she was used to. But the mattress itself was rather comfortable. And so was her Goodnite.

With a smile, Allison covered herself under the blanket and wished her sister goodnight. Hearing a soft reply back, Allison trusted she could sleep well and not worry.


Keep up the good work. I’m enjoying your story.


Hey !

definitely got the same feeling reading this one as reading Nano’s enchantment. Maybe a little less depth in this one for now but it’s only the beginning.

can’t wait to read more soon.

Thank you for your work.


Part 3:

Waking up to a beam of light flowing through the window, Allison rose from the bed she slept in with a big stretch. Patting her hands down on the bed, she felt something was off. There was a damp feeling around her upper thigh’s which would indicate Allison wet her bed once again. However, she was accompanied by the trusty padding of her Goodnite—which wasn’t as trusted as she hoped. Moving the covers over, she immediately spotted a wet stain on the bed. Under her nightgown, the garment between her legs was beyond its capacity—hence why it must have leaked.

Allison wasn’t sure what to think, either to be upset at herself or the fact that the garment she was coming to trust betrayed her. Either way, Allison thoroughly soaked the bed through her protection.

Oh great, I thought my Goodnite’s were getting comfy to wear too…But if I’m still going to be wetting through like this…Sigh, I should probably tell mother. I am going to have to apologize to grandma too. I hope she’ll be able to forgive me.

Getting out of the bed, Allison could feel the weight shifting between her legs as the Goodnite shifted into position and drooped down. However, that wasn’t the only thing that shifted. Across from the bed Allison slept in, Claire began to stir up.

“Good morning!” Claire announced. Allison almost jumped scared to see her sister’s realization of her current wet bed. “Is something wrong?” Claire got up from her bed only to gasp when she saw the other bed’s condition. “You wet the bed?! But I thought you wore diapers?”

Allison blushed, ashamed, “I do, but the diaper didn’t hold for the night…”

Seeing her sister’s head hang low, Claire went up to hug her sister. “It’s okay! You need a good change!”

Receiving the smile and hug from her sister, Allison began to smile as well. “You’re right; I just need to get a change.”

“A good clean diaper for my sis, hehe,” Claire giggled out of the room.

Allison didn’t want to admit it, but given her Goodnite leaking, she probably should be wearing diapers—the real kind. At this moment, she felt rather tiny and felt like she should follow her sister out of the room in the chance she’d take her to the bathroom to change her so-called diaper. With all these accidents I’m having, do I deserve to wear underwear? Maybe I should be wearing my Goodnite’s during the day as well? I almost didn’t make it yesterday to the toilet, and I am finding the Goodnite’s to be more and more comfortable. So maybe I should tell my mother that I should be wearing Goodnite’s at all times now. Allison quickly shook her head at the thought. No, I should tell my mother about this accident and see what she thinks. If she thinks I should be wearing Goodnite’s during the day, I’ll accept it then. With that thought, she walked out of the room to find her mother.

Going down the stairs, Allison found her mother, who was sitting on the couch in the living room.

Looking up to Allison with a smile, her mother began to speak. “Good morning sweetie, how was your night?”

Allison sighed, “Well, it was good until this morning.”

“Oh no, what happened? You had another accident?”

“Yeah, and the dia-I mean Goodnite didn’t hold it.” Allison quickly caught herself, given her previous conversation with her sister.

“Oh dear, so the bed is wet, then?!”

“Yeah, I’m sorry…”

“Sweetie, it’s okay!” Her mother quickly hugged her. “You are going through a phase, so it’s not your fault that you had an accident.”

“Okay…” Allison replied. “I’m starting to feel like I don’t deserve regular underwear because of these accidents.” She instantly hung her head low.

“Aw, well, I don’t have a problem with you wearing protection if it makes you feel safe.” Allison’s eyes went wide when she heard this proclamation. She began to feel scared as if she made a mistake speaking about it. Her protection did make her feel comfortable—strangely, so Allison didn’t mind if her mother changed her into a Goodnite at this point. “But you don’t need to worry at all, sweetie! They only happen at night, so I know you deserve to be a big girl for how good you are! There are plenty of girls who should be retrained just for how naughty they are. So don’t feel sad, everything will be fine. I’ll help you talk to grandma, and I’m sure she’ll be okay with it. But if you feel like you need to feel safe, come talk to me, and I’ll help secure you then.”

Wiping off a tear, Allison looked up to her mother. “Okay, thanks, mommy.”

Smiling, Allison’s mother took her by the hand. “Now, let us go find your Grandma.”

Once they walked into the kitchen, they spotted their Grandma preparing some food for the morning.

“Oh, how are my girls doing this morning?” Allison’s grandma asked with a smile.

“Were doing fine,” Allison’s mother replied. “Just having a rough start, I suppose.”

“Oh my.”

“Allison had another accident last night. And well, it seems her current protection didn’t hold, so the bed is wet.” At this point, Allison’s mother looked a bit nervous alongside the embarrassed Allison. “I know she’s sorry about it, so I’m apologizing alongside her for the wet bed.”

Allison’s grandma looked up with a smile, “Oh, I understood it was going to be a problem, so I’m not mad at all.” She then looked at Allison. “It’s okay, sweetie; I’m sure everything will be fine from now on. Just get yourself ready for the day, and I’ll have something yummy for you girls to eat.”

“Okay,” Allison smiled back.

“Thanks, I’ll go and get her bed cleaned up then,” Allison’s mother exclaimed.

“Thanks, dear.”

After having apologized, Allison’s mother carried Allison out by her hand. “See, sweetie, it’s all okay!” She spoke with a gentle smile. “I take it you haven’t quite changed yourself, huh?” Taking her free hand, Allison’s mother grabbed the hem of Allison’s nightgown, raised it, causing the inevitable visibility of a wet garment—Allison’s soaked Goodnite. “Hmm, We might have to get you something better if these won’t hold.”

“Something better” meant Allison was to get a more absorbent garment than the Goodnite. Allison couldn’t help but picture her sister saying the word “diaper.” More than likely, she was about to get a package of that variety. However, unlike before, with feeling embarrassed about getting Goodnite’s, Allison couldn’t help but feel happy that a diaper could take care of her problem.

“Okay, mommy,” Allison replied.

“Well, you go and get yourself cleaned up, and we’ll worry about getting that later tonight, okay.”

“Okay, thanks,” Allison hugged her mother before frolicking back upstairs.

During the day, Allison spent more time with her younger sister exploring the house. On their search, they found more bookshelves filled with a variety of books. However, these books were thicker and heavily dense with text. These were not the kind that was to either of the girl’s interests.

They also found several board games that included Sorry, Life, and the classic Monopoly. Once the two settled down to play life from the board games, Allison had to pee. She didn’t feel like going to the potty right away, so she did her best to hold it.

When Claire had another child due to a board event, they couldn’t help but break out to laughter.

“What is that your fifth one?” Allison exclaimed.”

“Sixth! Hehe,” Claire giggled.

Giggling together, reminded Allison of her bladder. The laughter caused Allison to feel herself leaking a bit out before quickly catching herself. Thankfully she was wearing a skirt, and it seemed only her underwear was damp. Having another burst of giggling, Allison could feel herself peeing a little more, causing her to stand up. “I need to go to the potty real fast.”

“Uh oh, my sis has an accident hehe,” Claire giggled. “Hehe, you should be wearing your diaper.”

Allison didn’t deny the thought that it’d make things easier here. “Yeah, I could wet myself right now and continue to play.”

“You’d be a cute baby, sis. You should wear a diaper!”

“Maybe I will,” Allison smiled as she quickly held her lower half. “But first, I need to use the little girls’ room.” With that stated, Allison ran off to the nearest bathroom.

Thankfully the bathroom wasn’t occupied, so Allison was able to make it. However, the back of her skirt had a damp stain on it. It wasn’t very visible, especially since it was a dark purple, so Allison decided it’d just dry out before anyone would know. But her attention turned to the under-sink cabinet, which had her Goodnite’s. If she were to follow her sister’s instruction, she could pull that out and put one on.

Well, it would make things easier. Plus, they are kind of comfy. Allison thought as she pulled the package out, picking one of the Goodnites in her hand. She reached under her skirt and began pulling her dampened underwear down. Just as she was about to stretch the Goodnite for her to step into, she stopped herself. Well, I did almost wet myself. Allison took a glance at her damp undies. If I had one of these on, that wouldn’t have happened. So if I put one on, I won’t need to feel afraid. I will be protected. With that thought, Allison put one foot through. However, before she put her other foot through, she glanced over to the toilet. Mommy did say I do deserve to be a big girl since I did make it during the day. I think things will be fine if I’m just a little more careful. Plus, I didn’t wet myself just now; I only do that at night. So I don’t need this right now. Putting her foot down, Allison took her other foot out of the Goodnite. She returned it to the package before pulling her dampened underwear back on exiting the restroom.

Later in the day, once the family finished eating dinner, Allison’s mother walked over to Allison, who exited the bathroom.

“Sweetie, I asked if I could borrow their van for us to go to the store, and they accepted,” Allison’s mother exclaimed. “So, we should go to the store then.”

By going to the store, Allison knew she meant they were to go and pick out a more absorbent type of protection. “Alright, mommy,” Allison stated as she followed behind.

It didn’t take long at all to load into the vehicle since it was going to be just the two of them. “I remember the way we went to the one store, so we shouldn’t worry about getting lost.” With the start of the engine, Allison’s mother drove the vehicle in reverse out of the driveway and began making their way to the store.

Along the way, Allison’s mother looked over to her daughter. “How have you been enjoying your time here so far?”

Allison thought for a second about the last couple of days and activities that Claire and she spent doing. “It’s been pretty fun. There’s a lot more to do than I remembered, hehe.”

“That’s great,” Allison’s mother smiled. “I was worried you were bored, and also that one accident…”

Thinking back to the accidents, Allison agreed they were bad, but it wasn’t as bad now. “Yeah, it was scary at first, but I’m fine with it now.”

“Oh good, I’m glad you’re feeling better.” Allison’s mother’s expression changed from a worried one to a complete sigh of relief.

After several minutes of driving, they arrived at the store. Allison couldn’t help recall her prior experience at this location. I almost wet my pants here. I came close to having one today too. Thankfully I did use the restroom before we left, so I shouldn’t have another close call like the last time. But if I were to, maybe I should have decided to put that Goodnite on? No, no I’m a big girl I don’t need protection. Though were most likely about to buy something closer to real diapers, well, I guess Claire will be correct on calling them diapers then. Allison giggled to herself as they entered the store.

Once they made their way to the baby aisle, Allison’s mother turned to look at her. “Well, sweetie, we should probably get you something better than Goodnite’s.”

Allison only looked at her mother and replied with a nod. Beginning the search, Allison was helplessly staring at the packages of Pampers that went up in size as they walked down the aisle. She remembered the previous time they went shopping for Goodnites and how her sister pointed to the Pampers. Perhaps her sister was correct in suggesting them as they’d likely hold more than her current protection. Thus, Allison grew an idea—to get a package of Pampers.

With a few more steps, the two reached the location for the Pampers size seven diapers. Given Allison’s small structure, she was confident they would fit her. Stopping all her movement, Allison only pointed a finger to the package.

Allison’s mother, while scanning for the right product, took a second to realize her daughter’s halted momentum. Taking a quick look at Allison, she noticed that Allison was pointing to something. However, her pointing led to a package of Pampers. Shocked at her daughter’s decision, she went to pick out the package. “Well, I’m sure these will work way better,” Allison’s mother stated as she put the package of Pampers into the cart.

Smiling, Allison followed closer to her mother as they left the aisle. Maybe I should say I’m joking since how babyish the Pampers is. But, I feel like it’s the right thing to get.

Near the lane of cash registers, Allison’s mother stopped and turned to face Allison. “Well, I thought I’d let you get a second decision before we go and make our purchase. I’m a little surprised you’d pick something like this, so I was wondering if this was what you wanted?”

Allison looked at her mother, feeling a little bit of confusion about her decision. Looking at the package of Pampers, she turned to her mother and nodded. She didn’t regret the choice but only could look forward to how the garment meant for babies felt.

“Alright, but I won’t deny how cute you’ll be! Maybe we should get you ready for bed right after we get home then. Haha, I’m just kidding, of course. I won’t put you back in diapers quite yet.”

Purchasing the Pampers went by smoothly despite Allison’s worry. Allison couldn’t help but be afraid of what the cashier would say only to receive no feedback. Perhaps the cashier thought it was for a different young girl than the one standing in front of them. Either way, Allison now had Pampers for her late-night protection from now on.

Once they returned home, Allison was carrying the bag with her Pampers. Claire came running to see her with a smiling face. The curious child only took a quick peek at the bag before turning to Allison again. “Hehe, my sister has baby diapers now.” After hearing this feedback, Allison blushed a bright red. “These are cute! I know you’ll be cute in a diaper!”

Despite the embarrassment, Allison could only smile at her sisters’ proclamation. “Thanks,” She scratched the backside of her head.

“Let me take those upstairs for now,” Allison’s mother stated. “You two go and have fun for now. I’ll call you two if I need you.”

“Okay,” Allison smiled, following her younger sister.

After an hour of playing with her sister, Allison heard a call for her name. “Allison, Claire,” sounded their mother’s voice. Given the previous word, Allison only could predict they were needed.

Allison looked over to Claire, who shared a similar expression, “Shall we see what mom needs?”

“Sure,” Claire smiled in return. Thus the two girls exited their current room.

Once they entered the living room, the smiles of their family greeted the two girls.

“Hey dearies,” Their grandmother smiled.

“Ahem,” Their mother cleared her throat. “I thought now that you’d had some time to adjust to your grandma’s, we’d spend the night as a family.”

“Oh!” Allison and Claire smiled in unison.

“Um, what do you have in mind?” Allison was the first to ask. Claire nodded next to her sharing a similar idea.

“We thought it’d be enjoyable to watch a movie together,” Allison’s father answered.

The living room was rather spacious, which would be perfect for a movie night with a family of their size. Combined with the fifty-inch flat-screen television, they’d only be needing some snacks and comfortable blankets.

“That sounds fun,” Allison smiled.

“Yeah!” Claire hopped.

“What movie were we going to watch?” Allison questioned.

“Oh, we had this one in mind,” Their grandmother spoke as she raised Toy Story 3 up.

“Ah, I enjoyed that movie the last time I saw it!”

“I’m glad you’re happy with our choice,” Allison’s mother commented. “Now we’ll get the popcorn and snacks ready. Why don’t you two get anything else you need to find yourselves comfortable.”

“Okay!” Allison and Claire stated in unison.

Plopped on the couch, Allison and Claire huddled together under a pink blankie as they shared a bowl of popcorn. Drinks to their side in the cupholders, they were content with their eyes glued to the screen. However, a building urge began surging through Allison once again.

We’re not that far from finishing the film, so I bet I could hold it till then. Allison’s mind resolved, she snuggled in, hoping she wouldn’t proceed to have an accident right then and there.

The ending was nigh, but the urge caused Allison to rock her legs back and forth. Thankfully her body was disguised to anyone in the room due to the blanket.

“Um, Ally,” Claire whispered.

“Hmm?” Allison looked over to her younger sister.

“Do you need the potty?” Claire asked.

Despite Allison’s hidden action, the motion was still experienced by those nearby. Claire must have picked on Allison’s nurturing urgency due to the rocking back and forth of her legs. All Allison could respond with was a blush.

“Too bad, you don’t have a diaper.”

“Yeah,” Allison responded with a blush.

The urge grew unbearable, causing Allison to rise. Despite being very near the end, Allison gave in to her urgent need to make it to the potty. Taking the first step, Allison began quietly walking back up the stairs. A few steps down the hall, and the porcelain in sight.

“Allison,” Called her mother as she left the bathroom.

It was clear to Allison that she was to get ready for bed then, which meant time for her new protection. Following the location of the voice into the other room, she saw her mother smiling at her with a Pamper diaper in hand.

“I think its time you got ready for bed, huh?” Allison’s mother stated.

“Yeah, it is about time,” Allison agreed. “Though do I need to help clean up after the movie?”

“Nope, we got that all taken care of,” Allison’s mother smiled with a wave. “Well, hop on my bed, and I’ll help you change into your diaper.”

“Okay,” Allison smiled as she laid back onto the bed.

“Tomorrow is Easter, so you know you’ll have to get up somewhat early for church.”

“Yup, I know.”

“We do have a little surprise for you girls after, but you’ll have to wait and see,” Her mother stated with a big smile. Allison couldn’t help but smile back. “Now relax and let mommy do her job, alright! Hehe, it’s been quite some time since I last changed your diaper.”

“Hehe, yeah, it’s been pretty much ten years.”

“Yup, but I’m kind of happy to change you again even if its for night. Alright, sweetie, follow my command, and it’ll be quick.”

Her mother flipped up her skirt and pulled down her long-dried underwear down her legs. Then she began to unfold the diaper and place it under her. Once it was in place, she applied an ample amount of baby powder before taking both hands to the front of her diaper. Pulling it over her front, she pulled the flaps on the back around and taped them in place. In only a few seconds, Allison was now wearing a real diaper.

“All done!” Allison’s mother exclaimed. “Oh my, you are really cute! But is it comfy? I know it’s been some time, but I hope I didn’t lose my diaper changing skills.”

Standing up, Allison took a look under her skirt at the baby’s garment. “It is cute,” Allison stated. Unlike the feeling of her Goodnite, this type of protection felt a lot more secure. She could feel it between her legs, giving the extra padding, but it wasn’t too different. However, Allison couldn’t help but find her newfound protection to have a similar comfort. One thing was for certain–it felt softer. Allison appreciated how soft this Pampers diaper felt. “Yup, it is comfy! You did a good job mommy! Thanks!”

“Oh, good! Well, now I suppose you can go to bed without any worry now. Especially given the drink you had during the movie.”

“Yup, now that I have an actual diaper, I won’t have to worry about having a wet bed.”

Returning to her room, Allison began changing into a clean nightgown with a shade of blue like the clouds.

“My sister is cute in a baby diaper!” Claire announced.

Allison didn’t mind changing in front of her sister—even with her new clothing choice. “Thanks! I thought they were cute too.”

Once the two girls settled into their beds, they began to relax for a slumber spell. Allison only smiled, feeling happy and content for the new protection she wore. It’s odd, but I find it comforting. Now I don’t have to worry about a wet bed at all. Hehe, and perhaps I wouldn’t have to worry about having close calls to the potty either. Okay, that’s a stretch since I wouldn’t be making it to the potty. Plus I really shouldn’t be wearing my protection during the day, especially a diaper. I am potty trained, after all. But I won’t deny it’d be kind of nice to feel the softness each day. Well, I suppose I can be happy that I’m wetting my bed then so I can appreciate it. With those thoughts finished, Allison drifted to sleep eager to find out what her surprise for tomorrow will be.


Part 4

Waking, Allison quickly stretched her arms, realizing the time was relatively early than what she’d like. Despite this, Allison crawled out of her comfy bed. The moment she stood, she could feel a shift in her lower half—a soaked diaper. Just from a glance under her nightgown, Allison could tell the Pampers diaper absorbed a hefty amount—but did not leak. Allison felt content with the result that leads to her bed being dry in the morning. The new weight between her legs was different, but she didn’t mind the comfort it brought.

Waltzing out the door, Allison was eager to show her mother the result that the morning brought. I’m really happy that I made the switch to a real diaper. I bet if I wore a Goodnite last night, it wouldn’t have held. I suppose today is a special day since it is Easter. With her thought for the day, Allison went over to find her mother.

Allison found her mother standing in her room, hovering over her bed. She didn’t seem to have noticed Allison quite yet as she placed a pair of socks in Claire’s size next to a plain white frilly dress. There was also a larger plain white dress for the size of Allison right next to it. The family was going to church that day, so Allison figured her mother wanted to make sure they “dressed” correctly.

“Hey, mommy,” Allison spoke. When she started this, Allison began to hold the hem of her nightgown.

Hearing Allison’s voice, Allison’s mother turned to face Allison. “Oh, hey, sweetie,” Allison’s mother beamed a smile. However, she had her hands hiding behind her back. “How are you doing this morning?”

“Hehe, I’m doing great, mommy!” Allison smiled. “Happy Easter!”

“Happy Easter to you too,” Allison’s mother smiled back. “I hope last night was better since you know…” Her smile turned into a worried, perplexed expression.

“Yup, it went way better!” Allison smiled as she raised the skirt of the nightgown up. “See, my diaper held it all without leaking!”

Sighing, her mother smiled once again. “Oh good, I’m glad it went good. Well, as you can see, I have your girls’ outfits for today. So why don’t you go and take a shower real fast and mommy can help you change into them.”

It seemed unusual to Allison that her mother would help her dress since she could do it herself, but she found the idea amusing. “Okay, I’ll be back then.” Allison walked out to find the bathroom then. However, as she left, Allison thought she heard a crinkling sound similar to the protection she currently wore from the direction her mother stood. Despite her curiosity, Allison continued to the bathroom to take her shower.

Allison’s shower was a soothing one, given her cheerful morning. But once she finished, she shoved her nightgown to a hamper; they were keeping both Claire and her outfits to wash before leaving. Tossing the Pampers diaper into the trash, Allison wrapped in a towel exited the bathroom.

She swiftly made her way over to find her mother again—who was laying stuff out on the bed again. Upon her entry, Allison’s mother swiftly turned to face her. Once again, she was hiding her hands behind her back. However, Allison could hear the same crinkling sound again. Without the diaper around her waist, Allison knew the crinkling sound couldn’t be from her.

Her mother’s expression smiled but bore some shyness. “Well, what do you think of your outfit, dear?”

Allison took a glance at her attire picked out for the day. The white dress had a set of frills around the edges of the short sleeves and the end of the skirt. It also had a couple of buttons from the collar down the chest. There was also a set of white socks that had frills at the top. However, no matter how much she looked at the two dresses, Allison found only one pair of underwear—Claire’s. “I think it’s cute mommy. But umm…” Allison began to blush before asking about the case of her missing undies.

Her mother also began to blush, “Good, I’m glad you’re fine with today’s clothes. For today, I thought of something.” Before Allison had a chance to ask, her mother began to nervously move her arms to the front. What revealed to her was the answer to her question. It was also the source of the crinkling sound—a Goodnite. Allison and her mother both went red. “I was thinking a bit about yesterday, and I don’t want you to feel discomforted like that again. So when you told me that you feel comforted by your protection, it had me think about it. This Easter is a bit of a change of pace since were at your grandma’s, so I want to help you feel better about it. Plus, with you getting a new set of protection last night that works better, I wasn’t sure what to do about your Goodnite’s. So I thought, maybe for today I’d let it be special for you and help you feel comfortable and let you wear a Goodnite.

Allison still red was unable to perceive her action in her shocked state. “I-I.”

“It’s fine with me, sweetie, if you want to. If it makes you happy, I’d be glad to help you change into this Goodnite. But I won’t force you to, so it is up to you if you want to wear the Goodnite or not.”

Allison was shocked that her mother would even allow her to wear one, let alone help her wear one. She couldn’t help but feel like her mother should be more encouraging her to try her best towards potty-training than taking a step backward. Even though I am potty trained, wearing a Goodnite has been really comforting. I won’t deny the last couple of days have been different, and I did feel really scared after having a leak. I also have had several close calls to having actual accidents during the day. If I were to wear a Goodnite, would it have been okay if those close calls turned into actual accidents?

“Um, mommy,” Allison spoke. “If I wear a Goodnite, is it okay if I have umm…accidents?” Allison blushed as she asked her question.

Allison’s mother smiled at her, “Yes, it would be sweetie. I suppose if you were to have an accident, it’d have been a good thing you were wearing a Goodnite then.”

“Okay,” Allison replied. She couldn’t take her eye off the Goodnite that was currently in her mother’s hand. Allison recalled the day before when she almost put one on herself. However, she only recalled her mother’s statement to help her get out of it. Now she has her mother’s encouragement to wear one. Maybe I should wear one then?

“Speaking of accidents, you almost had one when we went to the store when we got here, huh?” Allison could only nod along. “If you were wearing a Goodnite, you wouldn’t have to struggle so much then. Once it reached the stage it did while we were in line, I would say it would have been okay to relax and call it an accident. Also, when I changed you last night into your new Pampers, I did notice your underwear was slightly stained. I figured you had another close call during the day, so I didn’t want to bring it up. But if it got so bad that you were barely hanging on like that, then if you were wearing a Goodnite, you didn’t have to struggle. That’s why I really decided to let you wear a Goodnite now. Just so that you’ll feel comfortable and well protected. So sweetie, what would you like? I’m letting you wear a Goodnite and not worry about close calls. Of course, come see me if you do need to use the potty, and I’ll gladly help you. Or you can wear your underwear. But I’m really worried if you end up feeling uncomfortable and end up having another close call. So I’m open to whichever decision you choose then.”

Allison was stunned that her mother was not only alright with her wearing a Goodnite but to also have accidents. Her mother also just convinced Allison that if she were wearing a Goodnite during the times she wished she wore one, she didn’t actually need to find the restroom. I shouldn’t be thinking of actually wearing one, but I can’t help but think how comforting it is. Mommy is right, I wouldn’t have to worry about having an actual accident then. Taking one more look at the Goodnite, Allison only began to picture how comfortable it’d be to wear it. Well, I think I know what I want then. “I’ll wear a Goodnite mommy.” Allison began to blush even more.

“You will? Great, I’m happy, that’s what you chose. Now I don’t have to worry about you feeling uncomfortable now, do I?” Allison’s mother stated with a wink.

“Nope, I should feel comfortable like I do at night.”

“Yay! Now this will be our secret, alright. I don’t think Claire really minds it as I think she adores you wearing them at night. And I did ask your father if it’d be okay if I did this, and he doesn’t mind it at all. So we just won’t tell your Grandma that you’re wearing protection during the day.”

“Okay. I’m a little embarrassed you told dad though…”

“Oh please, once I started telling him about how I worried about you, he stopped me and told me I was doing the right thing then. So don’t mind him knowing at all, daddy loves you very much as I do. We just only want our precious little princess to feel happy is all!” Allison’s mother then hugged Allison, both beaming.

“Hehe, thanks, mommy! I love you too! Oh, and daddy, too, hehe!”

Letting go of her embrace, Allison’s mother began to open up the Goodnite. “Well, shall we get you changed then?”

“Okay!” Allison smiled brightly.

Allison’s mother crouched down, holding the Goodnite apart in both hands. “Alright, sweetie, you can step in now.” Putting one foot in, Allison found herself thinking how she almost did this the day before. However, without any questions, she put her other foot through. With both legs in, her mother began to pull the Goodnite up between her legs. Before it was about to reach the maximum height it could go between her legs, Allison dropped the towel still around her. With the secure comfort at her waist, Allison felt a surge of giggles hit her. “Now that you have a Goodnite on, it’s okay to have an accident. If you do end up having one, you can find me, and I’ll help clean you up, alright, sweetie?”

“Okay, thanks, mommy!”

“You’re welcome, sweetie! Now let’s get your other clothes on.”

After a minute of helping Allison with her dress and socks, Allison’s mother pulled out a brush and proceeded to brush her hair. “My, you do look darling in that.” Allison only tugged at the dress to reveal her currently dry Goodnite. “Hehe, you really are cute! Maybe I should have suggested this before we came.”

“I suppose I would have had an accident in the store then,” Allison replied.

“And another one sometime yesterday,” replied her mother. “But that is fine, Goodnite’s are there to protect you from accidents.” Once she finished brushing her hair, Allison’s mother picked up a white silk ribbon and began tying it at the top of her head. With a perfectly tied bow, Allison was finished being dressed. “They’re all done!” Allison’s mother then held a mirror for Allison to see.

Taking a quick glance through the mirror, Allison found the outfit chosen to be rather modest but rather cute at the same time. It wasn’t exactly clothing meant just for the church but also more on the casual side. So Allison was rather delighted at the choice her mother made—especially the Goodnite. The ribbon, in particular, also stood out. “Thanks, mommy! I look really cute!”

“Hehe, you certainly do! You are my precious, adorable little girl, you know! I can’t have you not be happy!” The two exchanged another bright smile. “Now can you go check on your sister, we should probably get ready to go soon after all.”

“Alright, mommy,” Allison replied, leaving the room. Each step reminded her she wasn’t wearing regular underwear for the day, even if it was similar. Only her new diapers felt a true difference. Even if her diapers had a huge amount of comfort to them, Allison thought her mother probably wouldn’t let her wear those during the day though. Even if she did, Allison didn’t think she should be wearing actual diapers. She has a Goodnite on, so she could at least enjoy the comfort it brought to her.

When Allison walked into her room, she found Claire getting up. “Good morning,” Allison stated. “Sleep well?”

“Yup,” Claire flashed a peculiar smile. “Did you have an accident?”

Allison blushed a bright red, “I-I did. But thankfully, the diaper held it.” She stood tall, accepting the truth but happy about the result. “It was a good thing I got the Pampers diaper for last night then.”

“Aw, that’s okay then since that’s what a diaper is for,” Claire remarked. “I’m happy you aren’t sad about your accident or diaper!”

Allison now understood Claire worried about her having to wear protection. However, Allison could only smile at her sister. “Thanks, wearing diapers at night isn’t so bad, though. I think they have been pretty comfy to wear, so I don’t mind them at all.”

Claire smiled even brighter, “Hehe, they are cute too!”

“You think so too, huh? At first, I didn’t like the idea of wearing one, but now it’s quite the opposite hehe.” Allison thought this would be her chance to show off the current protection she wore now. “Speaking of wearing one, mommy suggested it, and I agreed.” Allison began lifting the skirt of her white dress showcasing her Goodnite and bright red blush on her cheeks. “That I could wear protection today to help me feel comfortable and help with any accidents.”

Claire brought her right hand to her mouth and began to gasp in surprise. “My sis’s wearing diapers in the day!”

Allison blushed even more, especially how her sister still thinks the Goodnites are a real diaper. However, she didn’t feel like correcting her quite yet. “Yeah, for today, I think, though…” She had a hard time looking at her sister, fearing the worst. Claire had been pretty accepting of her nighttime, but daytime was a different story.

While looking away for a second, Allison felt a grasp at her waist. Looking down, she saw a bright smile from her younger sister, who currently hugged her. “Hehe, my sis is cute in diapers. I guess you don’t need to worry about having any accidents, then, huh?”

Allison blushed before smiling back, “Nope, I don’t, haha.” Allison then leaned down to return her sister’s hug. “Thanks for being okay with it!” The two only continued to hold each other before Allison remembered she was supposed to get Claire up and ready for the day. “Oh, you should probably hurry up and get ready for the day soon. Mommy wants to help change you into your clothes for the day as well.”

“Okay,” Claire replied. “Hehe, maybe mommy will change me into a diaper as well.”

It was a pretty farfetched thought, Allison thought. However, the idea was one she didn’t mind at all. “Haha yeah. We could be cute diaper sisters then!”

“Yeah!” Claire smiled before dashing out of the room.

If Claire were to actually wear a diaper, though? I suppose she’s closer to when she finished potty training, so it’d be okay if she wore a pull-up. But I don’t think the mother has any diapers or pull-ups in her size. So I don’t think she’ll be changing into one anytime soon. With that thought, Allison left the room as well.

The church’s room was filled with the father’s voice as he began reading his sermons. Everyone was seated in the benches within the church. Allison’s family took their seat near the middle on the right side. Claire sat next to Allison, who was at the end near a stained glass window. Everyone present was well dressed for their Easter prayer.

Allison knew her parents weren’t too big on going to church every Sunday, but her Grandparents were the clear Christians in the group. She thought Claire is probably bored to sit through such a proceeding. Though, she couldn’t deny that she was also feeling that way as well.

One thing was clear to Allison as she took a look among the people there. She was most likely the only person wearing a special kind of clothing—A Goodnite. Perhaps some of the other very young girls in the room wore a pull-up due to potty training. However, there shouldn’t have been anyone Allison’s age or above that would be currently wearing one. The thought of it had Allison rather nervous to greet anyone else. This had her happy to take the end of the seat they took. Despite the nerves it produced, she still couldn’t deny the comfort she received. She was also in a church, there shouldn’t be anyone who’d be generous enough to just lift her skirt and reveal the reality. So Allison was able to sit back and listen as the church continued its proceedings.

The process dragged on for a lot longer than Allison would have liked, but they concluded over an hour from when they started. During their proceeding, they got up from their seats several times to sing different verses and make several prayers. Allison didn’t have anything in particular in mind for her prayers, but she did have her current Goodnite in mind.

Now with the proceeding finished, Allison’s family finished their greets with other families before loading up into the van. Once in the van, Allison’s mother turned to her and Claire.

“You two were very good,” Allison’s mother smiled. “So we have a little surprise for you when we get back!” The term “surprise” caught Allison off-guard. She didn’t know what to expect for a surprise, given she already thought she received one. Allison remembered her mother talking about a surprise the night before, but the fact she was wearing a Goodnite had her picture that was the exact surprise. However, now it was clear the two surprises were not the same. So Allison only could imagine what her mother actually meant through a surprise.

Maybe it means to go back even further from potty training? So she secretly purchased diapers for Claire, and we’re both to wear them. However, the idea contradicted a thought Allison remembered. Though she stated that in front of our Grandparents so I don’t think that’s what it would be. Plus, I don’t think she’d change Claire into a diaper without a good reason. Even if Claire put up a solid case for why she should wear one too this morning, it’s probably something else. The thoughts continued to stir in Allison’s mind as she also shifted her body about accepting the comfort on her rear.

Once they made it home, their mother told the two girls to wait outside for a minute. Allison and Claire could only look at each other in confusion. While waiting outside, Allison could feel her bladder beginning to build up. However, she was told to wait outside so she would wait before she’d relieve herself. On the bright side, she didn’t need to go that badly.

It seemed like a few seconds before the front door opened up again with their mother. This time, she had two baskets in hand. One was a light pink color, and the other was a light purple. Allison still wasn’t sure what these were for.

“Alright, girls, your surprise is that your father and I went around and hid many eggs. So for your Easter surprise this year, you have an egg scavenger hunt!” Their mother was smiling as she handed over the baskets. Claire took the pink basket while Allison took the purple.

Allison wasn’t sure how to react to the surprise, but she felt like it was a fun idea. “We haven’t done a scavenger hunt in a long time.”

“Yeah,” Claire chimed in.

“Your father and I thought about it and decided this could have been fun to prepare. So I hope you two will have fun with it.”

“Mhm, thanks, mommy,” Allison replied.

“Thanks, mommy!” Claire smiled along.

“Okay, now, go and do your best then! We can give hints if you need them.”

“Okay!” Claire and Allison said in unison. The two girls walked off from the front door and began to look around for the hidden eggs.

The first few eggs were easy to find for Allison. They weren’t far away from the front door. Looking at Claire would prove a similar result. Each of the colored eggs found so far was a plastic kind that, when opened, had a candy treat inside. Candy was a well-accepted reward for Allison, so she happily placed each egg into the violet basket she carried.

Despite the idea of an egg scavenging hunt to be a rather childish one, Allison couldn’t help but enjoy herself. Finding each egg and the idea of searching for each of them provided a level of entertainment Allison herself hadn’t experienced in a long time. It felt rather fitting to her when compared to the childish garment she currently wore.

As Allison picked up her eighth egg, her bladder began to act up again. She began to feel a similar sense of desperation; she did the last couple of days. However, Allison didn’t enjoy the idea of having to halt her fun now and ask her mother for the bathroom. Allison then thought about the current Goodnite she was wearing.

I didn’t want to get mommy to take me to the bathroom right away when she got out since she was just revealing the surprise, so I’ve been holding it. But now I really need to go as I did a day ago. Allison was crossing her legs as she continued her thought. I almost wet myself too when Claire and I were laughing. However, this time I have a Goodnite on so it’s okay to have an accident, right? She looked over to her mother, who was quietly watching the two girls with a smile. Allison recalled earlier in the day that her mother stated it was okay for her to have called her recent close calls accidents if Allison wore a Goodnite. I’m certainly at that point, but do I actually want to wet myself? Shifting her legs, Allison continued to feel the comfort her Goodnite brought to her. She also continued thinking about how her mother said it was “okay.” I am wearing a Goodnite, it’s okay if I have an accident. Allison stopped crossing her legs and relaxed. I can’t believe I’m about to do this.

Allison stopped moving and held the handle for the basket with both hands. Slightly bending over, she continued to relax --including her bladder. She felt an immediate feeling of her bladder beginning to burst out and leak. The first stream that busted before stopping gave Allison an extraordinary warm feeling. However, Allison didn’t stop herself and felt herself beginning to breathe deeply, going red.

A new stream began to slowly make its way out of Allison and into her Goodnite. The Goodnite’s warmth began to spread around even more. Closing her eyes, Allison felt the stream grow as she now was fully wetting herself. Her Goodnite’s warmth spread even faster as it began to expand from the absorption it took on.

Once Allison’s small streaming urine slowed down, Allison sighed to herself, beat red. Brushing her legs together, she didn’t feel any liquid coming down her leg, which told her the Goodnite contained her accident. However, Allison felt a new squishy warm sensation that was of her Goodnite. She couldn’t help but smile at the result that just occurred.

Phew, well, I just wet myself. I’m glad this Goodnite was able to handle it, unlike my nighttime accidents. But honestly, that wasn’t bad at all. If anything, I feel more content that I just went potty without having to go to the potty. I guess that’s another good thing about my protection. Not only is it comfy, but it really does add protection hehe. Allison giggled to herself before looking at her basket. Well, now, I can resume my egg hunt. I’ll just tell mommy about my accident after. With that in mind, Allison walked again with her new squishy warm Goodnite.

Once Allison and Claire concluded they could not find any more eggs, their mother began to look around, checking the results. After a couple of minutes, their mother declared they found all the eggs. After a quick round of applause from Claire and their mother, they began making their way into the house.

“You two can put your stash in your room and come down for lunch,” Their mother announced.

Now that the egg hunt was over, Allison returned her attention to the squishy sensation around her waist. She remembered her mother mentioning if she did have an accident, she could ask her mother to help change her. I should probably tell my mother I had an accident then.

Allison walked up to her mother, who was about to return into the house and tugged on her shirt. “Mommy,” she stated.

“Yes, sweetie?” Allison’s mother questioned.

“I um,” Allison turned red. “Had an accident…” Allison swiftly turned her head down and away, being unable to face her mother.

Despite Allison’s worry, she felt a hug from her mother. “Aw, it’s okay! You’re wearing a Goodnite, so it was okay to have an accident.” Her mother let go and looked at her with a smile. “It was probably a good idea you wore one, then, huh.”

“Mhm,” Allison smiled back.

“Well, we should probably get you cleaned up then. Did you want me to change you or have me give you another Goodnite to change into? Or would you prefer going back to underwear?”

Allison didn’t feel like going back to wearing her underwear at this point, so it was an easy decision. “I’d like to be changed, mommy.”

Smiling, Allison’s mother took her right hand. “Okay, sweetie, let’s get you changed then.”

Allison was taken to her mother’s room once again like she was in the morning. Her mother patted on the bed to direct Allison to sit on the bed. She followed the direction and sat on the bed. While sitting, she could feel the Goodnite squish between her legs.

“Just lay down while I go and get you another Goodnite,” Allison’s mother stated before leaving the room. Allison slowly laid her head back and readied herself like she did the night before.

Her mother returned swiftly with a clean Goodnite in hand and wipes in the other. “Relax, and I’ll make this quick alright.”

“Okay,” Allison replied.

Allison’s mother proceeded to lift her dress and pull off the currently wet Goodnite. “You sure did have an accident.” Her mother’s comment caused Allison to blush. “You must have had fun, huh.”

Allison’s mother must have guessed Allison had an accident since she was busy having fun. So Allison smiled back, “Yup, it was a lot of fun!”

“I’m glad, sweetie!” Her mother pulled off the old Goodnite off and wiped her clean. “I’m glad I suggested you wear a Goodnite then. With this next Goodnite, you’ll be able to do the same. I hope these are making you feel comfortable, though.”

“Hehe, they are,” Allison giggled.

“Oh good,” Her mother sighed. She then pulled the other Goodnite around her feet before pulling it up her legs. Allison was now secured with another clean Goodnite around her waist. “There, sweetie, all clean! Now you can come to find me if you need to go potty or have another accident, alright.”

“Okay, mommy. Thanks for changing me!”

“It was no problem for me at all, I’m glad your Goodnite’s help you! Now let us go down and get some lunch.”

“Okay!” Allison got up and took the basket in hand, following her mother out.

Once they finished lunch, Allison had a big yawn. She couldn’t help but feel the earlier wake-up call, and recent exercise tuckered her out. Looking over at Claire held a similar result.

“Mommy,” Claire yawned. “Can I take a nap?”

“Sure, dear,” Their mother responded.

“Mommy, can I take one as well?” Allison asked.

Her mother’s expression turned to one that was surprised. “Sure, sweetie, but you know we’ll have to charge you again.”

By “change again,” she meant into one of her Pampers diapers than her Goodnite. “That’s okay.” Allison didn’t mind getting changed again as she felt like a nap would be good.

After receiving another change, this time into a real diaper, Allison crawled into her bed. “Have a good nap Claire!”

“You too!” Claire smiled back. “I hope your diaper will hold an accident!” She then quickly went under the covers.

I hope so too. Though since I’m wearing a Pampers diaper, it will most likely hold. Though if I have to go potty, should I just go in my Pampers? I guess I didn’t ask if I had to go potty or not what I should do. Oh well, if I do, I’ll think about it then. Allison then curled under her bed’s comfortable covers feeling the comfort of her Pampers. She settled in and went to sleep.

Waking up for the second time in the day, Allison felt rejuvenated. Stretching her arms in the air, she got out of bed. Taking a few seconds to inspect the bed, Allison found there wasn’t a damp spot to be spotted. However, having shifted her body, Allison felt her Pampers diaper was heavier than it was before. Searching under her dress, told Allison that she, in fact, soaked her Pampers during the process of her nap.

Well, it was a good thing I did put a Pampers diaper on then. I don’t think one of my Goodnites could have held this. Allison, with her pleasant thoughts, walked out of the room.

Given the fact her Pampers were soaked, Allison went to find her mother. Going down the stairs and into the living room proved to be successful in the search. However, both Allison’s parents and grandparents were also present.

Her mother looked up to her with a smile, “Did you have a good nap, sweetie?”

“Mhm,” Allison replied. She moved over to her mother’s ear for a whisper. “I need a change.”

“Oh, okay, sweetie,” Allison’s mother whispered back. She then began to rise from her seat. “Allison needs my help for a minute.” After taking Allison’s hand, the two went upstairs.

Allison had her dress pulled up as her legs were sprawled, laying on her mother’s bed, waiting for her change. She was blushing but felt content with having her mother’s hand.

“Did you want to go back to your Goodnite?” Allison’s mother asked.

“Yes, mommy,” Allison replied.

“Alright, sweetie, I’ll change you into a clean Goodnite then.” With a Goodnite in her hand, Allison’s mother began changing Allison. “You certainly went a lot during your three-hour nap.”

“Hehe,” Allison could only giggle back.

“But, I’m glad you feel much more awake now!” Allison’s mother began pulling the Goodnite up Allison’s legs. “There! In a clean Goodnite now.” With a smile on her face, Allison’s mother helped Allison to her feet. “Now, let me know when you need to go potty or have another accident.” She proceeded to give Allison a wink.

“Okay, mommy. Thanks for changing me!” Allison hugged her mother.

“You’re very much welcome, sweetie!” After holding each other for a short minute, the two walked out to continue what they planned to do.

Much later in the day that was proceeding later into the evening, Claire and Allison were playing a video game together in their room. Allison enjoyed being able to play games with her sister, even during the break. They had a file they were working on together before they left, so they both were happy to learn they could have brought the system with them as well.

The two girls were making their way into the current stage when Allison felt a growing urge to pee. She was aware of her current Goodnite on her waist but didn’t think it’d be a good idea to just use it for convenience as they play their game. Plus, she already had an “accident” in the day. So Allison decided she should go tell her mother she needs the potty.

“Pause real fast,” Allison stated as she got up. “I need to go potty.”

Claire looked at Allison, confused, “But aren’t you wearing a diaper? You don’t need to find the potty, just go in your diaper silly.” Claire had a smile on her face, which made it difficult for Allison to leave.

Hearing the word “diaper” from Claire again told Allison she should probably clarify the girl at this point. Even though she accepted the term earlier, she should make sure Claire understood her Goodnite wasn’t the same as a diaper. “Well, it isn’t exactly a diaper.” Allison began pulling up her dress to show off the Goodnite. “It’s called a Goodnite, and it acts like pull-ups for potty training. So if I ever needed to go potty, I could pull it down like regular underwear. And if I were to have an accident, it should be able to hold—especially during the night. Although these don’t work out as well in the night for me. But they aren’t diapers is what I’m mostly trying to say.”

“Oh,” Claire appeared surprised. “Well, can you at least wait a little bit?” Claire began tugging on her dress.

“Alright,” Allison sighed. “I should be fine holding a little bit longer.”

“Yay! Even if you have an accident, it’ll be fine.”

“Yeah, I suppose it would be okay.” Allison didn’t mind the idea but knew she’d possibly worry her mother if she ended up not making it to the potty.

Feeling the urge more and more, Allison was on the edge of having to make a decision. Either she could continue playing and just wet herself, or stop now and find her mother to make it to the potty. Looking over at Claire, who was smiling, Allison smiled, looking back at the game she was playing. Well, I should probably go and use the potty. But I’m busy having fun with Claire. Oh gosh, I apologize mommy. Allison shifted her position to find a more comfortable position with has her legs out on the floor. Spreading them apart slightly, Allison began to relax herself to encourage the accident to spring. It is okay, right? I am wearing a Goodnite so it’s okay to have accidents. Allison recalled to her earlier thoughts with her mother telling her it was okay to let go if it reached a certain point.

Thankfully for Allison, they were at a slower part of the game, which allowed her to continue relaxing, not paying as much attention to the game, and on wetting herself. Slowly, she felt a small trickling sensation escape her as the warm fountain began making its way out. Choosing not to stop herself, the warm feeling continued spreading around her waist as the Goodnite absorbed and expanded. Blushing a deep red, Allison sighed as she felt relieved. Shifting her legs and her waist, she could feel the extra weight that was added to the Goodnite.

“Hehe,” Allison giggled. “I went potty.” She felt rather embarrassed announcing her wetting but thought Claire would have been pleased.

Claire’s head instantly tilted and looked at her sister. The young girl’s eyes focused on the waist of Allison, which was covered by a dress. “You did?”

“Yup, I did! I was busy having fun, so I thought it couldn’t hurt right.”

Claire smiled and giggled, “Hehe! Uh oh! My sister had an accident.” Despite holding a controller and playing the game, Claire went over and hugged Allison. “Good thing you had a Goodnite diaper then, hehe.”

Allison couldn’t help but giggle back, “Hehe yeah. Since I have a Goodnite on, it’s okay if I have an accident.”

After embracing for a couple of minutes, Claire went back to her position, and the two continued to play their game. I hope mommy will be fine that I just went into my Goodnite again. I’ll go and get changed in a little bit then.

Once the two girls finished clearing several stages, Allison felt her Goodnite was drastically different from when she had wet it. Instead of a warm embrace, it now began to have a clammy touch. Thankfully, they began saving the game to continue picking up at another time. However, Allison felt rather content having her Goodnite for convenience while they played.

Now having been set free from playing the game, Allison began walking to her mother. Each shift in her movement for getting up had the extra weight from the Goodnite shift down. However, the walk to her mother had taken her to the living room once again. There she found her mother sitting while talking to the rest of the family—including Claire.

“Mommy,” Allison started.

“Yes, sweetie?” Allison’s mother turned her attention. “Did you need me for something. Like maybe you know what?”

Hearing the term caused Allison to nod her head. She knew her mother was referring to a change, in which Allison needed one.

“Well then, let mommy help you then.” Allison’s mother then turned her attention back to the family. “I have to help Allison for a minute.”

Back up the stairs, and back on the bed. Allison laid down with her legs apart, ready for her Goodnite to be changed. Her mother came walking in with a clean Goodnite.

The sight of the swollen Goodnite caught Allison’s mother’s attention. “My goodness, you sure had an accident.”

Allison blushed, “I was having a lot of fun playing games with Claire, hehe.” Despite how embarrassed she felt, Allison smiled.

Allison’s mother smiled back, “Well, it’s a good thing you were wearing a Goodnite then, huh. Mommy doesn’t mind having to change you, so I’m not mad. I’m only glad you’re feeling comfortable.”

Thinking to herself, Allison couldn’t deny that wearing the Goodnite’s has been a good experience for her. “Yup, I feel rather relaxed!”

Allison’s mother helped her up to her feet now with a clean Goodnite on. “That’s great! Mommy doesn’t mind it, so it is okay for you to have an accident as long as you are wearing your Goodnite. But do find me if you do need to go.”

“Okay!” Allison smiled as she walked out. I’m happy that my mother is alright with the fact I did use my Goodnite again. Maybe I should try to use the potty next time then? With that thought, Allison continued downstairs to join her family.

Now feeling tired, Allison took a glance at the time. It was currently her bedtime. However, she felt the nightly need to pee before bedtime. Despite thinking she should actually use the potty, Allison stopped what she was doing and proceeded to wet her Goodnite. The similar warm feeling she experienced before wrapping around her. Sighing with a relief of what she had done, Allison began making her way to her mother. Since it was her bedtime, she’d need to get changed into her Pampers diaper. However, she now indeed needs a real change for deciding to go in her Goodnite.

Her mother looked at her with a smile as she began changing her Goodnite into a diaper. “You needed another change, huh? In fact, you had to be changed quite a bit.” The statement caused Allison to blush. “Well, it’s a good thing you were wearing a Goodnite then.” She applied the finishing touches to the change. “There, now you have a cute diaper on! You won’t have to worry about having another nighttime accident again. Mommy will help change you tomorrow, so have no worries, okay. Goodnight sweetie!”

“Thanks, mommy! Goodnight!” Allison smiled as she left the room and into the covers of her bed in the nearby room. Happy thoughts filled her mind with the day she just had. It was odd at first, but wearing the Goodnite all day felt rather nice. I know it was probably only for today, though, since it was Easter. A special once only happening day. So I shouldn’t expect to be wearing my Goodnite tomorrow. Though Mommy does want me to feel comfortable while I’m at Grandmas, so maybe she would put me in another one? And I can’t deny it, wearing a Goodnite does help. Well, we have only one more day left before we’ll be going back. So I’ll just hope that for tomorrow, I’ll be able to wear some protection.


This story is outstanding so far. I really enjoy it. Allison seems to be enjoying her Pampers. Excited to see where it takes her.

Looking forward to the next chapter.

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Story is progressing nicely! Line breaks are really good too. Looking forward to new chapters.


Part 5

Waking wide awake, Allison hopped out of bed. Her Pampers diaper was soaked as expected. Deciding it wasn’t going to be a wise idea to remain in the garment in such a state, she would need to find her mother. So Allison began walking over to where her mother was staying to see if she could find the same result as last time.

Allison couldn’t help but hope that her mother would end up suggesting the same thing as the day before—with wearing a Goodnite. However, Allison knew that the day before was Easter, so the chances of another special day happening again were pretty low. Despite the slim chances, Allison kept her hopes up.

Entering the room, Allison found her mother brushing her hair in the mirror. It took her mother only a few seconds before she glanced over to Allison. “Good morning,” Allison’s mother stated with a bright smile.

Allison returned her smile in kind, “Good morning, mommy!” Continuing forward, Allison grasped the bottom of her frilly pink nightgown and raised it up. Once it reached past her waist, the swollen diaper with all color distorted became visible. “I need a change.”

Allison’s mother took a quick glance, “You certainly do. It’s a good thing we have you in real diapers at night, huh.”

“Yup, my Goodnite’s wouldn’t be able to hold this much.” Allison began to blush. “Umm…” However, Allison couldn’t quite speak her mind.

“Well, go get cleaned up and ready for the day and see me again, okay.”

“Okay,” Allison walked away. There wasn’t any sign of a new Goodnite in the room, so the same treatment may not have been a possibility. However, she was to return to her mother, so the possibility could happen while she was getting ready. Eager to find out, Allison quickly stripped her clothes off before jumping into the shower.

Once all finished, Allison waltzed over to her mother once again with a towel wrapped around her. She thought she should maybe get dressed for the day, but perhaps her mother was wanting to dress her so she should wait. Especially if she dressed in underwear to turn her mother away from the idea of needing another Goodnite.

Waiting patiently, Allison’s mother swiftly smiled at the girl as she entered. “You were fast, dear.”

“Hehe,” Allison giggled.

“I hope you were able to get all nice and clean then!” Allison’s mother motioned her to get closer. “I suppose I can help change you into some clothes for the day. So I’ll leave it up to you for what you’d like.” Allison tilted her head, curious about what her mother was going to say. “I can help put you in a pair of underwear.” Despite this being the normal option, Allison couldn’t help but feel disappointed. “Or, perhaps you would like to wear another Goodnite?”

The second she heard the word, Allison’s face beamed. That was exactly what she wanted to hear.

“Haha, or maybe since the accidents, you had yesterday,” Allison’s mother laughed. “An actual diaper.”

Hearing her mother bring up the idea of her wearing a real diaper instead of her Goodnite’s was shocking. She wasn’t expecting her mother would ever suggest such an idea. However, Allison couldn’t help but feel amused by such a suggestion.

“That was actually a joke,” Her mother stated. “Sorry for suggesting that. But it’ll be up to you for what you’ll want to wear.”

Despite the idea being just a joke, Allison couldn’t help but wonder if she even could wear a diaper. “Umm, mommy. What would you do if I decided on the diaper? Would that be okay?”

Allison’s mother’s expression transformed surprised. “Well, I’d be a little shocked, but if you wanted to wear a diaper, I’d change you into one then. It’d be completely okay if you do decide to wear a Pampers diaper.”

Having her mother’s acceptance, Allison began thinking to herself. Do I really want to wear a diaper? I mean, I do find them rather comfortable, but my Goodnite’s are pretty comfy as well. Though I can’t deny it, the diapers do feel softer. But if I have to go potty, would I be just allowed to not use the potty? The idea is rather tempting and I kind of want to continue feeling how soft it is. Continuing her thoughts ran into a realm of curiosity. Given she was curious enough of the idea, Allison began nodding her head.

“Is that a yes to wearing diapers?” Her mother asked. Seeing how Allison only continued to nod her head and blush gave the answer. “Alright, sweetie, it’s fine with me. So let me go and get you a clean Pampers then to change you into.”

Her mother only walked out for a few seconds, given the package of Pampers was next to her Goodnite’s in the bathroom. But Allison felt slightly embarrassed that she was about to be wearing a real diaper. Though she felt rather excited at the same time.

Walking back in with a Pampers diaper, Allison dropped the towel and laid on the bed. “Looks like someone’s ready for their diaper change,” Her mother said with a smile. “Now, like at night, we’ll make this fast okay.” She gave a quick wink before placing the diaper under Allison beginning the changing process. “Now I suppose I should say a few things since you’ll be wearing diapers for the day. Unlike yesterday where I said if you need to go potty to find me, although you didn’t.” The suggestion caused Allison to blush. “Which was fine though. But unlike yesterday, you won’t need to find me. With you wearing a diaper, you don’t need to ask to use the toilet. You have mommy’s full consent and acceptance to just use your diaper. This also includes if you have to make a poopy. So if you ever need your diaper changed, come find me and I’ll gladly change you. But if you want to use the toilet, find me and I’ll help you out as well.” After concluding her postulate, Allison’s mother began taping up the diaper. “There, now you are all clean in a diaper! As long as it helps you feel comfortable, mommy will be fine with you wearing a diaper.”

Her mother stated a lot about her wearing a diaper, which caused Allison to think about it. I’m happy mommy’s okay with me wearing a diaper. Honestly, this diaper feels really comfy. She’s okay with me just going in my diaper, but I could use the toilet if I wanted. Though will I actually poop my pants? I think I might ask to use the toilet for that. To be honest, I feel really happy about this more than I should. “Thanks, mommy!” Allison smiled. “Thanks for changing me! And well, let me wear a diaper.”

“Hehe, sure thing, sweetie,” Allison’s mother smiled back. “I’m sure it won’t be the first change in the day. So even if you don’t find me for a change, mommy will check on you still from time to time.”

“Okay,” Allison blushed.

“It’s fine sweetie, I’ll make sure to keep it as secretive as possible. But now you are quite cute for today to be cruising along in a diaper!”

“Thanks, I think they are cute too! They are really comfy as well!”

Allison’s mother had a relieved expression, “Oh good. Part of me was worried you might not be that comfortable with them. But hearing that has me happy.” She began to tickle Allison’s tummy.

“Hehe, mommy, stop hehe,” Allison giggled loudly. “I might wet myself!”

“Well, that’s okay, you are wearing a diaper,” Allison’s mother continued to tickle her daughter. “If you end up peeing, you have a diaper to protect you.” Reluctantly, she stopped tickling and moved in for a hug.

“Hehe, I love you, mommy,” Allison stated.

“I love you too!”

For the day, Allison got herself dressed in a plain pink shirt and a light blue skirt. Given she was wearing a diaper, she thought it’d been better to discreetly hide it under a skirt. Once she finished checking herself, especially under her skirt, in the bathroom’s mirror, Allison walked out to find her sister. Her sister had a big yawn as she walked out of their room still in her pajamas.

“Good morning,” Claire spoke.

“Good morning to you too!” Allison replied. Since Allison showcased her Goodnite to Claire the day before, she thought perhaps she should do the same. However, it wasn’t a Goodnite that was below her waist again. This caused Allison to rethink the possibility of showing her diaper.

“Hehe,” Allison giggled at the idea. After giving it some thought, Allison accepted the idea.

“Hm?” Claire gave a confused expression. “What is it?”

“Oh, this,” Allison stated as she lifted her sky blue skirt. The color of shapes portrayed in front of Claire from the Pampers diaper now revealed. Claire’s eyes popped open, seeing her sister wearing a diaper that she wears to bed. “I’m wearing a real diaper for today!”

“Hehe,” Claire began to giggle. “No more potty for my sister.” Allison blushed at her comment. However, Claire went in with a full grin and hugged Allison. “But you’re cute!”

Allison blushed but smiled, hugging her sister back. ”Aw, thanks! I thought so too!” They ended their embrace and went back to sharing a smile. “I won’t lie though, it feels pretty great to wear diapers again.”

“It definitely seems like it,” Claire responded. “But I’m glad you are happy! I don’t mind if my sis has poopy pants, either.” Claire gave Allison a wink. “As long as you are happy, you’ll always be my cute older sister!” She went in for another hug.

“Thanks!” Allison returned the embrace. “I love you!”

“I love you too!” Claire beamed back.

Several hours into the day, Allison’s family needed to restock on several items. The woman in the family once again made their way to the store, Allison included. Allison, despite wearing a real diaper, felt happy and content. Each step into the car and into the store did remind her of the Pampers on her waist, but she couldn’t help but smile. She found herself walking more closer to everyone in the group, which caused her mother to smile at the result.

Very much like her first time in the store, Allison felt a sudden urge to pee. Looking up to her mother, her mother returned her glance with a smile. Smiling back, Allison recalled her mother told her that she did not require to ask to use the potty now. Given her Pampers diaper, she can quietly wet herself, and it’ll be all okay.

Guess I can wet my diaper like a baby, then hehe. Allison quietly giggled to herself as she walked along with the group. I feel a little embarrassed to be wetting myself in the store, but I’m wearing a diaper so it’s fine. Mommy said it’s okay for me to not use the potty, so I can go in my diaper as it’s intended purpose. With that thought in mind, Allison stopped in her tracks to relax and begin her wetting process. However, now that she wasn’t walking with the group, she began to fall slightly behind. Realizing the group would figure out something was up with her, Allison stopped her process to step back into the group. She’d have to wait for her chance.

Once the group stopped to decide through a few of the items in the meat department and which is the best deal versus product, Allison took this as her chance. Relaxing once again, it took her a moment before she felt the trickling sensation escaping her body. The warm liquid poured out from her and expanded around her waist. The diaper was doing its job as it continued to absorb and expand with her urine. Blushing with a contented smile, Allison finished relieving herself. Her family finished choosing a few products before resuming their stroll. Nobody saying anything to Allison, telling her she just secretly wet her pants.

I feel so much better now. Why didn’t I just wear diapers the first time we came to this store. That’d have made things far much easier. Allison happy about her diapered situation walked alongside her sister with a smile.

When they were about to check out, Allison’s mother closed in on Allison. She was right up against Allison from the back. Allison was facing towards the side with treats as her mother’s hand reached towards her skirt. Given she was wearing a diaper, Allison began to turn a bright red immediately.

“It’s fine sweetie, I just wanted to do a quick check,” her mother whispered. Allison’s mother’s hand quickly went under her skirt to get a quick feel on Allison’s diaper in secret. Once she removed her hand, she gave a smile. “Looks like you’ll need one, huh.” By “one,” Allison figured that meant a change. “I’m going to take Allison to the car for now if that’s fine.”

“Sure, that’s fine,” Their grandmother spoke. “I hope everything is alright?”

“Yup, everything is fine,” Allison’s mother responded. “I just realized I left something in the car, so I wanted to take Allison along to help me find it.”

“Alright, dear, Claire, and I will take care of everything here.”

“Hehe, yup!” Claire smiled. Claire went up to Allison and gave her a hug. She could feel a pat on her rear. Claire then moved closer to Allison’s ear. “I hope mommy will give you a change.”

With her status out to Claire, Allison blushed even more. “I hope so too.” Allison faced her mother and began following her out.

“Hehe, guess you had to go potty, huh?” Allison’s mother giggled. “That’s alright dear, I have spare diapers with me so I’ll change you when we get to the car.”

Allison could only stay silent even though they were outside with no one else nearby. She moved closer to her mother and held her hand.

“Aw, sweetie, it’s fine nobody will hear us.” They continued walking hand in hand closer to the car.

Once they reached the van, which was parked closer to the end, Allison’s mother opened the middle sliding door. The middle seat was fully connected, allowing for one to lay down. This allowed Allison’s mother to adjust the armrests and conduct Allison to lay down for her change.

As Allison laid down, she couldn’t help but blush to raise her legs. Her wet diaper was now completely exposed to her mother.

“Sit still, and I’ll make this quick okay,” Allison’s mother smiled, pulling a diaper from her purse.

Allison didn’t think anyone was going to be able to see them, but couldn’t help feeling nervous. Her mother began ripping the tapes off and pulling off her used diaper, followed by placing the clean one under and adjusting it into place. Finishing the tapes, Allison was now in a clean diaper.

“They’re all clean!” Allison’s mother chimed.

Allison rose up, “Thanks, mommy.”

“Yup! You did such a good job getting changed in the car, sweetie!” Both of the girls began to smile brightly. “See, it is okay for you to go potty whenever as long as you have your Pampers on. Now, aren’t you glad you have a diaper?”

“Hehe, yup,” Allison giggled. She couldn’t deny that she actually quite enjoyed being in a diaper. The comfort brought to her, and the protection it provided her. “I’m really happy you let me wear them!”

“I’m glad you feel that way because it makes me happy to have changed you into them then! Now shall we wait for the two of them that should be returning soon?”

“Okay,” Allison replied, sitting up into place.

After the van was loaded with groceries and remaining members, the engine was ignited. Backing up in reverse to make it into the lane, they proceeded forward once again. The destination is their home base.

Claire looked over to Allison with a curious grin. Bending over, Claire put her hand on top of Allison’s diaper. Though Allison’s diaper was covered by her skirt, it still caused her to blush. “Did mommy change you?” Claire asked in a whisper.

“Mhm, she did,” Allison responded with a quiet voice.

“I’m happy she changed your diaper. I guess no potty for my big sis then.” Claire gave her sister a wink.

“Haha, I suppose not,” Allison agreed.

Back at the house, the family finished eating lunch. Claire led Allison back to their room so they could continue playing the game they were playing the night before.

They finished clearing through a section when Allison felt a need to pee. Unlike the night before, she didn’t have to debate whether she’d ask to use the potty or not. Given the diaper she wore, she could go potty right there.

This is actually rather convenient. I can sit here and enjoy my time playing games with my sister and not even have to get up for a potty break. With that thought, Allison began releasing her urine into her Pampers diaper. The warmth spread around as it’s intended purpose was to protect her from a potty break.

Blushing from the relief she felt, a new urge began surging through her. Unlike her previous urge, this one went through her gut—a need to poop. Having finished clearing a section, Allison found this would be the proper time to actually use the potty. However, Allison recalled the fact she found it convenient to use her diaper. She also began recalling what her mother said earlier that it was okay for her to use her diaper, which included making a poopy. So Allison didn’t have to get up, she could sit right there and make use of her diaper once again. The only problem was Allison wasn’t sure if she should go through with it.

Should I actually poop my pants, or well, poop in my Pampers? I know its fine for me to go in my diaper, but I don’t know if I should. Though my diaper is really convenient. I could continue playing games with Claire and let it all go. I think I’ll hold it for a little longer.

Allison began to ignore her urge and submerge herself into the game’s reality alongside her sister. She couldn’t help but smile alongside her sister, who was having fun sharing the game together. But the unsteadily urge boiling inside her quickly reminded what she had to do. Looking over at Claire who smiled back, Allison made her decision.

Finishing up the part they were on, Allison shifted herself to instead of sitting on the floor with her legs spread on the floor to sitting on her knees. This position elevated her wet Pampered butt off the floor. Given her decision, Allison thought she should give herself enough room to do her business.

Well, there’s no need for me to hold back now. I am wearing a diaper, so it is completely okay for me to do this. It’s okay for me to poop my pants. After Allison geared her thoughts, she relaxed. However, relaxing didn’t seem like it was going to do the trick so she figured she’d have to go like she were on the toilet. Bending over slightly, Allison proceeded to push. The feeling came to her as if she were having an immense fart, but with something more than just gas. Her instincts had her stop at the same time as she muffled a bit of flatulence.

At this moment, Allison was on the edge line; if she were to proceed, she would indeed poop her pants. However, with her conviction in mind, Allison proceeded forward with another push. Unlike having muffled gas exposing itself, Allison felt the lump beginning to escape from her and into the diaper. Not stopping herself, she continued to push more poop straight into her diaper.

Breathing a bit heavily along with a completely red expression, Allison felt she had thoroughly finished her business. Feeling the backside of her diaper told her she really did indeed mess herself. The bulge was quite firm and rather squishy.

Phew, that wasn’t so bad, was it. I thought it would’ve been worse, but I change my mind that it was completely fine. And now I feel much better than before. Even if my sister can tell I pooped, that shouldn’t matter. I am wearing a diaper, so it’s completely okay for me to have pooped. Feeling a sense of pride, Allison continued to play the game with her sister.

“Um sis,” Claire stated. “Hehe, I think you pooped.” Claire proceeded to giggle. Allison couldn’t help but blush and turn the other way. However, Claire stood up and hugged Allison. “But that’s okay, you are in a diaper. I don’t mind if you are poopy pants.”

Allison smiled, returning the embrace, “Thanks, sis!” She couldn’t help but feel happy being accepted by her younger sister, given she did an act more infantile than their age. Maybe I should wear diapers all the time? Before she could continue her thought, they continued on their game.

After having finished a good part of the game, Allison heard someone walking in. Turning around, she saw her mother smiling at her two girls.

“Looks like you two are having fun,” their mother stated. Then a strange expression appeared on her face. Allison wondered if she caught a whiff of the putrid scent wafting in the air due to her messy diaper. However, a smile came to her mother’s face. “Allison, sweetie, you need a change.”

“Hehe, yup, she does,” Claire giggled while pausing the game. “She’s all poopy!”

Allison began to blush with embarrassment, “Yeah…I pooped my pants…”

Allison’s mother took her hand and helped her on her feet. “It’s okay, you are wearing a diaper. That is what they are for, right?”

“Yup, yup!” Claire added.

“See, even your sister understands. So let us get you cleaned up then!”

“Okay, thanks, mommy!” Allison smiled, walking behind her mother.

The whole cleaning process had Allison embarrassed for what she had done. Given she pooped, it took a little more extra wiping showcasing the mess she really did make. However, her mother was full of smiles, which had Allison feeling happy. Plus it did give her a little more special attention, so Allison couldn’t help deny that perhaps pooping herself was the right answer all along.

I think I could get used to this. Not using the toilet and getting changed by mommy. My sister doesn’t mind it either, so I can pee and poop my pants whenever. I know I’m not a baby, but this kind of interaction I wouldn’t mind having again.

Once the new diaper was taped up, her mother gave a big smile, “All clean!”

Allison stood up, causing her skirt to droop down below her waist and down her legs. “Thanks, mommy!”

“Now, I hope you understand that mommy really is okay changing you no matter what. So if you have to poop again, it’s okay if you go in your diaper.”

“Okay,” Allison smiled. “If I do have to poop again, I’ll probably use my Pampers.”

“And that’s okay, sweetie,” Allison’s mother gave a wink. “As long as you are wearing your Pampers diaper, you don’t need to use the toilet if you don’t want to. I can only hope you’ll enjoy the rest of your day then!”

“Thanks! I hope you have a good day as well, mommy!” With that being said, Allison scampered back to her sister. With a clean diaper around her waist, she was good to go until her next change. However, she received the answer to a question she thought of during the night. That question is if she were ever to need to use the toilet at night with the diaper on. The answer she now knows was that it was completely okay for her to use her diaper then. So if she had to either pee or poop in the middle of the night, she could just relax and let it all out without getting out of bed.

The hours flew by as Allison had fun with her sister. They did take a break and visit with the whole family, which included watching a movie together. Allison was thankful she was in a diaper to have been able to enjoy the whole process.

Now she couldn’t help feeling sleepy given it was now her bedtime. Her diaper was wet and would need a change. So she went off to her mother, who happily smiled at her. Once in a clean diaper, Allison told her mother goodnight.

“Goodnight to you, to sweetie!” Allison’s mother replied. “Hehe, can’t help but think that you didn’t even use the toilet at all today since you were wearing a diaper. It’s okay since you were wearing a diaper of course. But in the morning, I’ll make sure you’ll wear another clean diaper okay.”

Allison smiled and turned back to hug her mother, “Thanks, mommy!” She felt very happy to know she was going to be wearing another diaper once again the next day.

“I’ll have you keep wearing diapers till you get home,” Allison’s mother exclaimed. “That way, it’ll make things easier during travel.”

“Oh…”Allison sounded disappointed. The way it sounded, Allison could tell it mostly meant she was to only wear her diapers till she got home, and that was it.

“I know it was fun having you wear diapers and Goodnite’s again, but that was to help you feel comfortable. We really shouldn’t make it a habit now.”

Allison looked down, “Okay…” She understood it was probably not normal for a girl her age to wear pull-ups or even a diaper, so she shouldn’t want to wear more protection. “I understand…”

Her mother had a worried expression, “Well, it isn’t like I mind you wearing a diaper all day every day. I mostly don’t want it to become a bad habit for you. But I’ll tell you this, I’ll think about letting you wear diapers or Goodnite’s during the day sometime when we get back okay.” Allison’s mother gave a wink.

Looking up, Allison smiled, giving her mother another hug, “Thank mommy!”

“Hehe, it isn’t like I decided anything yet,” Allison’s mother laughed. “But at least you will have to wear a diaper every night for the most part until you don’t wet your bed.”

“That is true,” Allison smiled.

“Now go get some sleep, we have a long journey back home tomorrow.”

“Okay, goodnight!” Allison stated with a beaming smile.

“Goodnight, sweetie!” Her mother replied.

Curling up in bed, Allison felt through her pajama pants to feel the padding of her Pampers. She had hope that she might be able to wear them during the day again or even her Goodnite’s during the day. But on the bright side, given her problem at night, she was guaranteed to be stuck in a diaper at night. So even if she didn’t wear them during the day again, she’d at least be able to wear them at night regardless.

On the next day, Allison and her family finished packing up and were getting ready to leave. Both Allison and Claire went up to their Grandfather, giving him a hug. Allison was confident the diaper under her shorts wouldn’t be found out as long as no one patted her rear. Thankfully, no unintentional touches came about as they all smiled at each other.

After having said goodbye to their grandfather, they got in the van. Their grandmother ignited the engine and reversed the van into the road. Once in the correct angle, they proceeded forward towards the airport.

At the airport, Allison’s father began rummaging their suitcases from the back of the van. While he was getting them unloaded, Allison and Claire said their goodbye’s to their grandma.

“I hope to see you soon, Grandma!” Claire stated with a hug.

Their grandma returned the embrace in kind, “I sure hope to see you soon too, sweetums!” Claire’s grandmother then gave her a big kiss on the cheek.

They finished their hugging, which meant it was Allison’s turn. Allison went up and gave a big hug to her grandma. “I’ll miss you.”

“I’ll miss you too,” Allison’s grandma replied. “You’ll have to come over again next year if not anytime sooner.”

“Mhm,” Allison acknowledged.

Her grandmother’s hand began sliding back and forth along Allison’s back. However, her hand slid far south and accidentally grasped Allison’s butt. But her grandma only smiled patting her padded rear a few times. Allison’s grandma then moved in close to her ear for a whisper, “Trying to avoid what happened last time, huh? Well, that’s fine dear. I hope you don’t have that bad experience again.”

Allison began to blush to feel embarrassed, but she looked up with a smile. “Thanks!” Sure she was found out, but her grandma only seemed to have taken the diaper on her rear as a form of protection to prevent her accidents happening on the plane ride. On the bright side, it seemed her grandmother took an understanding of it regardless. Allison could only smile at her grandmother.

Once their parents said their goodbyes and possibly for future plans, Allison and her family entered the airport. The beginning process went like the earlier travel—just with a Pampers diaper. Thankfully there was nobody to be checked further, which had Allison happy she wasn’t going to have her diaper felt. But even if she did, she’d just say she’s wearing them to prevent accidents in her sleep. Sitting next to Claire on the plane, Allison relaxed from any stress. She was in a diaper this time around, so if she were to wet herself, it would be completely okay.

During the flight, Allison soothed herself enough to take a nap. She pleasantly woke up from her sister, stating they were going to land soon. Rubbing her eyes, Allison shifted her waist to find a little extra weight, warmth, and a squish. Upon further inspection, Allison found her diaper was indeed wet—but only a little wet.

As the plane shifted altitude, Allison felt the natural urge spanning inside her. I guess that might be why I was only a little wet. I was only just beginning to pee myself before I woke up. Well, that’s fine, my body didn’t need to hold it—I can just wet myself. Without hesitating, Allison relaxed and felt a small leak trickling through to her diaper. The leak grew to a stream as Allison blushed to feel a great amount of relief. Once finished, her diaper was now warmer, heavier, and squishier. Looking over to her sister, Allison giggled to herself. She felt very content about the squishy sensation around her waist. Claire only gave a confused expression, unsure of what was happening.

At the next airport in their state, Allison went over to their mother. “Mommy,” Allison stated.

“Yes, sweetie?” Allison’s mother questioned.

“I need a change,” Allison openly stated with a blush. After hearing these words, Allison’s mother blushed as well. She probably didn’t expect to hear her daughter openly state these words.

“Oh, okay, sweetie, let us go to the restroom then.” She took Allison’s hand and began to walk to the restroom across from their return point.

However, as they began to walk, their mother had a tug on her shirt. Claire gave an innocent look at both their mother and Allison. “Mommy, I need help too!” Claire smiled with a blush.

“Okay, dear, you come along too. Your mommy needs to use the potty too after that ride,” their mother stated with a smile. Both girls at her side holding her hand, they trotted off to the restroom.

In the family restroom, their mother first locked the door behind them and proceeded to pull the changing station down. She then helped Allison up and onto the table. Laying back, Allison looked over to find Claire giving a big smile, which caused her to smile back. It was a little embarrassing to have her sister in for the change, but Allison didn’t mind.

Pulling her shorts down to reveal a soaked Pampers, her mother pulled out a new clean diaper. “Okay, sweetie, I’ll make this quick okay.”

“Okay!” Allison smiled.

After her change, Allison pulled her shorts back on happy she didn’t have to walk without them. She then proceeded out the door. “I’ll be out with daddy then,” Allison exclaimed.

“Alright, sweetie, we’ll be there soon enough alright,” Allison’s mother replied.

“Yup,” Claire said, raising her arms.

The last thing Allison saw as she left was her mother picking Claire up. Allison thought it was a little weird for Claire to be asking her mother’s help to use the potty, but perhaps her diapers have had a bit of a regression effect on Claire as well. Well, it isn’t like I wouldn’t mind my younger sister to regress enough; she’d quit potty training—even though she is trained. I suppose it’d be kind of fun to be sisters together who don’t use the potty. Allison thought to herself for a second of both her sister and herself wearing only a shirt and a diaper watching a film together. We could watch movies or play games and not even use a potty break! You know, if mommy lets me wear diapers during the day again, I should try to convince her to let Claire wear them too! Smiling at the thought, Allison walked next to her father.

The road trip home was a pleasant ride. Allison soothed herself again to take another nap. By the time they made it home, Allison felt her diaper was very soaked in need of another change right away. Allison smiled being back at home, but she also felt rather content on the road trip with no potty breaks.

Taking her suitcase up to her room, Allison felt a gurgle running through her. She knew she would have to poop soon, given the sensation came about in the car ride. Allison did lift herself up and was going to just let it all go in the car, but she thought it wouldn’t have been a wise idea since the family would have to put up with the smell.

However, now it was different, given she made it home. Placing the suitcase flat on the floor, Allison released a little bit of gas. There’s no need to hold back now, I’m home after all. My diaper’s already soaked, so it’ll be okay for me to let it all go. Plus, that is what my diaper is for. Without any more hesitation, Allison squatted down and began to push. The strong sensation spread throughout her body as she went into a deep blush. Her diaper began to expand with the first lump coursing out of her body. Soon she exhaled a deep breath and fell backward on her rear end. This caused the diaper to squish its mess around her butt. Despite the odd sensation, Allison felt content.

“Hehe, I went poo-poo,” Allison cooed to herself. “Now, to find mommy!” She stood up and walked outside her room and down the stairs in search of her mother.

Allison found her mother talking to Claire near the front door. “Mommy,” Allison exclaimed.

Taking a few whiffs is all it took for her mother to realize what happened. “I see you need a change, okay sweetie lets take care of it then. Claire, you can find me when I finished changing your sister, okay?”

“Okay,” Claire smiled.

Allison’s mother took her hand and walked her upstairs into Allison and Claire’s room. Laying her down on her bed with a towel, Allison’s mother smiled. “You know we are home sweetie, you didn’t have to poop your pants.”

Allison smiled, “Yeah, but that is what my diaper is for anyways.”

Allison’s mother laughed, “That is very true. Well, let me get you into a clean pair of undies, okay.” With a wink, Allison’s mother pulled her shorts off to reveal the full diaper. “You sure had to go a lot during the trip huh? Well, it’s a good thing we had you wear a diaper then.”

“Yup, I completely agree!” Allison nodded.

After getting cleaned up, Allison looked down to see her cute pair of pink underwear—only to feel disappointment. Perhaps, this was only a special occasion for her to wear special protection.

“Well, sweetie,” Allison’s mother started. Allison looked up to see her mother’s calm expression. “I thought about it, and well, I did say I was okay with you wearing Goodnite’s or even diapers.” Allison began to smile. “And well, I think on certain days I’ll be willing to change you into one. Only if you want to that is.”

Allison beamed a bright smile. “Yes, I’d be completely okay with that.”

“Hehe, I’m happy you are,” Allison’s mother smiled back. “But for today and the next few days, why don’t we have you go back to underwear to go back to school in. I think this next weekend though I’ll let you wear a diaper or a Goodnite. Whichever you want, though.”

“Oh, yay!” Allison hugged her mother.

Returning her hug, Allison’s mother squeezed tight. “The rules will be the same as I said at grandma’s, so if you are wearing a diaper, you don’t have to hold back. Just let it all go into your diaper and mommy will change you. But if you are going to have friends over, I don’t mind you trying to keep it a secret.” Her mother gave a smirk and a wink. “I’ll try my best to help keep it a secret as best as you want it to be.”

Allison felt a couple of tears shedding from her eyes, “Thanks, mommy!”

“Hehe, you’re very welcome, sweetie!”

While hugging in just a shirt and her pink undies, Allison smelt another scent of something putrid in the air. However, it wasn’t coming from the direction of her dirty diaper next to her—but the doorway. Looking over towards the door, she saw her younger sister Claire. Releasing her mother, Allison walked over to her sister, who indeed smelled like she did not that long ago—poopy.

“Mommy, mommy,” Claire smiled with a blush. Allison wasn’t sure if she should believe her nose, as that would indicate that her younger sister had pooped her pants—her big girl pants. However, Claire lifted her pink dress and caused Allison’s jaw to drop from what she saw. “Mommy, I need a change too!” Under Claire’s dress had a Pampers diaper around her waist. However, this was a couple of sizes smaller than Allison’s size seven. The patterns were discolored indicating Claire did indeed make use of it. More than just that, Claire also pooped her diaper. “Allison, I’m like you now! I also went poopy!”

“Not you too,” Allison’s mother sighed. “We are home; you didn’t have to.”

“Hehe,” Claire giggled. “But I was wearing a diaper!”

“That’s very true,” Allison’s mother accepted. She looked over to Allison, who was still dumbfounded. “Oh, I’m sorry we didn’t say anything sooner. But since it worked pretty well for you, I asked Claire before we left if she’d been okay wearing diapers during the trip. To mostly save on trips going to the potty, and she agreed. So she’s been wearing a diaper like you all day today.”

Allison thought back to when she was asking for help in the restroom at the airport. That meant she was actually receiving a diaper change much like she was. She just didn’t stay long enough to witness her younger sister getting her bottom cleaned up.

“Oh, I see,” Allison smiled. “Diapers do look very cute on you!” She felt content in the compliment she gave.

“Hehe, thanks,” Claire giggled happily.

“Well, we should get you cleaned up then, dear,” their mother stated.

“Okay,” Claire walked over to her bed.

“Well,” their mother began. “I told Allison I’d be fine with her wearing Goodnite’s or diapers this weekend. So maybe, we’ll get you some pull-ups, and you can wear some protection alongside her.”

“Oh?” Claire gasped. “I’d love to! Allison, would you like to be diaper sisters together?”

Allison’s earlier thought of her sister and couldn’t help smile at the thought. Now that it was a reality, she felt bursting with joy. “I’d love to wear diapers with you!”

“Well then, I suppose we have a weekend to look forward to then,” their mother exclaimed. “I guess I have many more diapers to look forward to changing then.”

“Hehe,” Claire and Allison both giggled together.

It was a very unique Easter for Allison, but she couldn’t help feeling pleased with its result. She began wetting the bed but found acceptance in her problem. Not only that, but she found a new comforting wardrobe choice she couldn’t be any happier with. She also felt closer to her sister and even her mother. Yup, this had to have been the best Easter ever!

Looking forward to her future dates with comforting protection, Allison smiled. Not minding the dirty diaper change process taking place near her, she proceeded to unpack her suitcase.

The End


Nice story. If you decided to make a part two there are many directions this could go.

Edit: Formatting got messed up with the new forum switch-over

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Really cute story, I hope you consider writing a sequel. Would like to see where Claire and Allison’s adventures in Pampers continue


Absolutely amazing story. I so wish she was mymommy. I was completely mesmerised by it and really drawn in. My favourite story written. Well done :clap: :yum::yum::yum::grin::grin::grin::blush::blush::blush::fist_right::fist_left::+1::+1::+1:


This is a really good story reminiscent of the older works on this site, the structure of the paragraphs could use a little work, and all along the way I had the sneaking suspicion that Claire had accidentally come across godlike power and was using it to manipulate reality into what she wanted, and was using her sister to test out her abilities before using them on herself, but that’s the crackhead writer in me speaking.

All-in-all, this is a pretty sweet normal story and I wouldn’t hesitate to read its sequel if you decided to make it.

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Thank You beautiful baby xxx