Dyson sphere diapers

this is a story that i have been working on off and on for quite some time now, to start with i will be posting what i have already written, however i have started writing more of it again now.

the style changes significantly from chapter to chapter at some points, as in some instances there was over a year between writing one chapter and the next, something that i hope to one day fix, however, i figure that actually getting to the point where i consider at least the first major story arc complete is probably a higher priority than fixing stylistic inconsistencies.

this is a mature story and is not suitable for minors.
this is a work of fiction all characters are fictional and any resemblance to real people is purely coincidental.
this story contains nappies and people deriving pleasure from it, if you don’t like that what are you doing on this site?
it also contains some minor weight gain references, and some minor fury references.
this story is copyright me (leafy_kille) 2016 and if you want to use if for something, ask me! i will probably be more than happy so long as you credit me.

and for everything that lot doesn’t cover, use some common sense and don’t take the piss!

now for the actual story!


All was silent on the Dyson Sphere.
Nothing moved.

Nothing had moved for over 1000 years; the Gorg had seen to that.

Though they had never managed to get inside the human built fortress that had been built around the sun and all its planets due to its terrifying array of weapons systems, there where no humans.

The year is 4669
The whole of the Milky way is under the control of the Gorg.
All of it?

Well, almost all of it. There is one place they cannot go: the sol system Dyson Sphere, the last hold out of the vile resistance known as humans.

The war started several millennia ago in 2941.
We (humanity) had discovered warp travel some 300 years earlier and had finally escaped Einstein’s cage. We had finally inherited a galaxy that we had long ago decided was devoid of intelligent life the universe was ours for the taking.

This blissful ignorance ended in 2941 with the destruction of a remote science station on the edge of the galaxy.
There was no warning, no declaration of war, not even a demand for our surrender. The Gorg had arrived!

They had an amazing ability to hide their ships and fleets would appear out of the warp attacking seemingly without reason or warning. The human empire was caught completely unaware and unprepared. It took us nearly 50 years to be able to adequately defend ourselves but by that point we had lost so much ground to the Gorg that we only had one small section of the galaxy left, billions upon billions had perished, and we still had no idea what the Gorg wanted or even what they looked like, let alone where they came from or how to stop them.

The Gorg where not very advanced apart from the shielding they used to cloak their ships, they where just as vulnerable to conventional high power warp weaponry (it hits its target without travelling through the intervening space by teleporting to a point millimetres from its target after being accelerated) as anything else. However they made up for this by building massive fleets and simply overwhelming the opposition by using their shielding to allow them to attack from all directions at once.

We attempted to defend ourselves but the problem with the Gorg was that although they where technologically backwards and we could destroy one of their ships easily we simply got overwhelmed and surrounded. Our efforts slowed the Gorg progress but they had numbers and resources on their side. Facing extinction the human federation of planets in desperation contracted a daring group of scientists to design a base that would be able to support enough warp guns to be able to hold the Gorg fleets at bay forever, even if it was surrounded. Thus the Dyson Sphere in the sol system was designed. It was so huge it encompassed the whole solar system using the whole sun at its centre as its power source! Construction took over 200 years and when it was finished all of the remaining people evacuated their planets, ships and colonies to live in the one safe location remaining. Thus it came about that humanity that was once flourishing and occupying most of the galaxy had been brought to its knees.

By 3283 all of humanity had crowded into the sol system.
The Dyson Sphere had been well designed and built using the most advanced techniques, the Gorg fleets crashed into our defences time and again and each time they where pushed back by the heavy automatic defences that covered the whole surface of the sphere. However it rapidly became apparent that even though we had harnessed a whole sun to power the sphere that the number of people in the sphere was far more than it could sustain so a plan was hatched to put all of humanity into hyper sleep using the latest cryogenic freezing systems and wait until the Gorg had got bored of getting killed outside the fortress.

In 3289 the last human entered his cryo chamber leaving just the automated defences to deal with the Gorg.
The Gorg continued their assault unrelentingly for the next 380 years the auto guns rarely having more than a week to cool off before the next assault began.

Then they just stopped.

It is now 4669, it has been over 1000 years since the last auto gun fired.

Chapter 1

Part 1 :- The awakening

Dave slowly became aware that he was aware.

He did not know quite what it was that he was aware of, as his consciousness slowly returned. He explored his senses; he could feel nothing, he could hear nothing, he could taste nothing he could smell nothing. Then he realised he was not breathing and tried to inhale but his muscles would not respond. Fear suddenly came over him and he lost what tenuous grip he had on awareness again.

When he became aware again he was acutely aware of a pulsating pain in his chest and his heart began to beat as the pain subsided he again tried to breathe again meeting with no success. This time he did not let fear overwhelm him, concentrating on the sensation of his heart beating allowed him to keep his grip on consciousness. He just lay there trying to remember who he was where he was and how he had come to be there. Nothing came to him and he lost consciousness again.

Again he was jolted to consciousness it felt like the front of his chest was about to be torn off by an unseen force and there was something ice cold in his throat. The pain eased and he realised that he was exhaling, the pain returned to the front of his chest and so did the cold feeling in his throat. <It is forcing me to breathe> he thought.
There was no other option so he tried to cooperate with whatever it was and again tried to breathe, it was hard but with all his will he focused and the ability to breathe of his own accord was slowly released to him with the pulling sensation in his chest lessoning with each breath until some time later he was breathing difficultly but under his own control.

As breathing slowly became more natural and less of an effort of will he was able to again think about what was going on, he tried to move and although his muscles did respond this time he found he was some how restrained and could not move at all save for his breathing. He strained against his restraints for a while and cried out incoherently, he found that he got tired very quickly and soon he fell asleep from exhaustion.

When he came too he was aware of a light through his eye lids and tried to open them, which was surprisingly easy but as soon as they where open the light appeared to go out because he saw nothing more than he had done when they where closed he cried out again, this time managing to form the word “Help” to which a metallic voice which seemed to be coming from inside his head replied <please relax.>
At that moment a thousand questions where humming through his mind such as “where am I?, who am I? why am I here? What is going on?” he tried to communicate these verbally but found his words came out all jumbled as complete gibberish. He calmed himself and tried again finding it hard to articulate the words he managed eventually “where am I?” the metallic voice in his head said <chryostacis pod ninety one million three hundred and twenty two thousand six hundred and eight. Please relax, your body will be fully functional again soon>. This made little sense to Dave who had barely been able to maintain consciousness through the reply before falling asleep again.

The next time he awoke he was aware that his whole body was being tensed one muscle group at a time causing acute pain each time, it was immensely stressful and like a hard work out he soon found himself breathing heavily. After an absolutely horrific half hour of these involuntary muscular contractions he was released and he immediately passed out again.

Some time later he woke up feeling very stiff and instinctively tried to streach and was surprised when he was able to move, enjoying this new found freedom he stretched in the pitch dark while lying down, he then tried to stand up but found that although he had some freedom to move he could not get up as though his body was pinned to the floor. He tried to roll over but again met with failure so he lay there face up in the pitch dark enjoying the ability to move all be it in a limited fashion.
“Why can’t I get up?” Dave asked, <your internal systems are not all fuly functional yet. Please relax> the voice in his head said. “Could you turn on the lights so I can see?” requested Dave.

Moments later the lights came on and Dave found himself completely dazzled at first but after a few minutes he began to be able to see and for the first time he could see what was going on because there was a huge mirror above him so he could see the whole of the pod and himself lying there, it was as if he was seeing himself for the first time.

He was a boy about 14 he thought. He had dark brown very short hair, blue-grey eyes and unhealthily white skin. He was wearing nothing apart from what looked like a rather bulky nappy. He was lying on what looked like a bed of sorts and there was a screen beside him that lit up when he turned his head to look at it. A series of lines formed on the screen that then seemed to jump out of it and slowly as more lines where added it formed a face, a female face.

When the image was complete there was a female face there in the pod with him projecting out of the screen, it had the complexion of an older woman with a few wrinkles here and there, slight bags under her pure blue glowing eyes and medium length black hair that reached where he thought her shoulders should have been. The voice entered his head again but this time instead of the metallic voice it had been before it was the pleasant tones of a female voice <Hello there I am Eva I am the computer core of the Dyson Sphere, you are among the first few to be awakened all that remains is to get your digestive system working again. You will find your memories coming back to you soon, you will have many questions right now but wait until you are fully revived and out of your pod because by that time hopefully most of them will have been answered.> Before Dave could open his mouth to speak he felt an excruciating pain in his stomach, it was so intense that he almost instantly passed out.

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there are at least 10 chapters already written, i will post them every few days, once i have exhausted those i will update when i have a new chapter available, depending on my head space that could be daily or once a year, you have been warned!

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uh… I think you meant to post Chapter 2, not chapter 1 there. You posted chapter 1 twice :slight_smile:

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Hope you read this before my other post!

Your mechanics are obviously pretty sound, so I’m guessing that post I commented on was just all potty (ha). I’m not much for heavy sci-fi stuff, but if you have other interests, let me know; you have an interesting idea here.

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yes i did indeed intend to post chapter 2 and not chapter 1 again, sorry about that

Chapter 2

Dave woke up. Initially he could not remember where he was, he just knew he was hungry, very hungry. He opened his eyes to be greeted by a familiar sight of himself lying face up wearing nothing but a nappy and he remembered where he was, he could also remember other things now like his name and other stuff was there as well but he did not think about it much he just wanted to get something to eat. “I’m hungry” he said.

The next moment there was a strange sensation along his back but it was quickly replaced by an even stranger sensation in his stomach, he was getting full very rapidly and within a few seconds he was satiated and then quite stuffed. The metallic voice returned to his head saying <all major bodily systems now functional. You can get up now Dave".

Dave was delighted by this and sat up immediately, there was a slight resistance as he began to sit up and as his back left the bed there was a popping sound, like someone opening some snap fastenings, but it felt like the snap fastenings where in his back. When he turned round to see what it was he saw that there where a row of protrusions along the bed which he assumed had been attached to him and also a cable running to the back of his head.

These did not worry him though because he could now remember that these protrusions where what allowed him to be reawakened from his cold sleep and the cable was simply a connection to his NI jack (neural interface) that allowed him to communicate with the computer at the speed of thought.

What did bother him was the squishy feeling around his bottom as he sat up, he was indeed wearing a nappy and it was messy and he presumed also wet. <why am I wearing a nappy?> he asked the computer through his NI jack, but then immediately retracted the question because he found that he knew why he was wearing a nappy and knew that he might be wearing one for quite some time. It was a well known if not very common side effect of cold sleep that you loose all control of both bladder and bowel function, no one knew why this was but there where many theories.

Some said it was due to the freezing process some said it was due to the brain being off line for so long and others said it was due to the awakening process. Dave was not too concerned because he knew that everyone else would wake up in a very similar situation to this and that quite a few would be wearing nappies for the rest of their lives. He just hoped that he was not one of them.

So he decided there and then that if he had to wear them then he may as well enjoy them and now he thought about it the squishy feeling of a full and wet nappy actually felt quite nice. Just then he felt his bladder release some more pee into the nappy and a small sign appeared on the front indicating that the nappy was just over 90% full but he could find no obvious way of unfastening it.

It was then that he realised just how bulky the nappy was, it came a long way up his torso, almost to his belly button where it seemed to sort of merge with the skin and the bulging crotch came almost half way down his upper leg and it was very wide keeping his legs splayed quite a long way apart. He pulled his legs together so that he would be able to stand properly and although the nappy gave some resistance the bulk between his legs oozed up past his genitals to the front of the nappy and some oozed around his buttocks relatively easily. This, he thought, felt wonderful, why had he never worn a nappy before?!

He liked the feeling so much that he decided he would do it again so he pushed the bulk back down between his legs allowing them to spread and again pressed them firmly together. He repeated this several times getting faster and faster, not wanting this pleasure to end before he reached the first climax of his young life, he did not know what it was but it felt wonderful, and somehow naughty.

“Good boy” said Eva from the screen beside him <I’m glad you like your nappies since you will probably have to wear them for the rest of your life. I have detected abnormalities in your lower intestine and bowel>.Dave barely paid any atention to what she said, he had never felt so embarrassed in his life, <how long had Eva been watching him?> Dace thought as he rapidly turned rather red. <There is a changing facility located beside your stasis pod, and seeing how full your nappy is I would recommend using it sooner rather than later> continued Eva.

<Open the door please> he ordered the computer by thought, and then took out his NI jack from the pod and the cable recoiled swiftly into the back of his head. The huge mirror that was now only millimetres from his head swung back and the slightly cooler but fresh air from outside the pod hit his mostly naked body causing him to shiver, which in turn caused his abdomen to contract for a few seconds expelling the contents of his bowels into the nappy which now read 95%.

Dave sat there for a moment taking in his surroundings, he was in a fairly well lit room with his pod against one wall, the walls where white and the ceiling was a very pale blue and the carpet was a mottled brown colour. Then he saw what looked like a small hut not far from his pod which he guessed was the changing facility.

When he got up out of the stasis pod it suddenly struck Dave just how heavy the nappy round his waist was, it caused him to walk with quite a waddle because the bulk of the nappy slid back down between his legs when he stood up. With a bit of effort he managed to go over to the changing facility and the door opened automatically revealing a small room which was just large enough for him to comfortably lie down in with a screen on the left hand wall which lit up with the familiar face of Eva. “Ok now lie down face up on the changing table” she said out loud as a padded table swung down from the wall. Dave did as he was instructed and got up onto the changing table.

It was not as easy as he had thought it would be because of the bulk and weight of the nappy but the table was only just above his waist so he managed, with a bit of effort, to get up and he then lay down face up and waited to see what would happen next. There was a slight buzzing sound and the nappy lost its grip on his tummy sides and back and appeared to just pop open at the sides, it was then that the smell hit him. It was the smell of a well loaded nappy that is long overdue for a change, it made Dave feel slightly nauseous.

Without warning the table under his bum opened and the nappy fell away down to what he later found was a very efficient matter reclamation unit. This was followed by a thorough washing by 8 mechanical arms, 3 from above and 5 from below, the arms then dried him and then lifted him up and held him motionless as a new nappy was synthesized around him again sealing itself to his tummy back and sides as well as round the legs. The arms then gently put him down and retracted back into the sockets they had emerged from. The whole process took less than a minute from when he first lay down on the table.

“Ok you can get up now” said Eva, “how do you like the changing units?” “They are very quick, but I did not like the smell” he replied as he sat up. The fresh nappy was quite a bit thinner and lighter but also a lot less flexible than the wet and messy one, and he commented on this to Eva who simply said “it will get bigger and softer as you use it.”

Eva then continued to explain a bit about the nappy itself "the outer cover is designed from a special long chain polymer that will stretch up to 40 times its original length and is as strong as steel, the middle layer is comprised of a highly efficient absorbent material that can hold over 1000 times its own volume in water slowly changing from a solid to a gel as it does so. There is also a small quantity of a gaseous exchange compound that slowly converts any methane (fart gas) into a loose paste when it is in the presence of adequate water. The gas solidification process is slightly exothermic and as such it means that your nappy will never really get cold, and if you fart too much it may get quite warm.

You need not worry about leaks, the capacity meter is there only to indicate when you should change it to avoid the bulk becoming an inconvenience, the nappy itself will not start to leak till the meter reads about 500% and even then it wont leak unless you are quite rough with it. The inner layer is a fine synth-organic membrane that is bonded to your skin all round the inside of the nappy so that no matter how full the nappy gets or how long you wear it there is no chance of getting skin irritation."

It then it suddenly struck Dave that he was wearing nothing but a nappy.

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Chapter 3

“Could I have some clothes please?” Dave asked Eva “certainly.” Replied Eva, “please go to the synth unit in the wall to the left of the changing unit where you will find some casual clothes.”

When he got to the synth unit Dave found some grey tracksuit bottoms, a black t shirt, some white socks and a pair of trainers. This will do for now he thought as he pulled the clothes on.

All of a sudden the main lights in the room flickered and went out. “What’s going on Eva?” Dave asked.

There was no reply. “Eva?” he asked again, fear slowly creeping over him “EVA!” he yelled becoming suddenly quite frightened.

The only response was his echo.

The only light in the room was coming from his pod and Dave was still only half dressed. He took a couple of deep breaths to calm himself as he took stock of his situation, this resulted in limited success. Dave reasoned that he was in a stasis block somewhere on the sphere; he did not know where, the only thing that he could see that was working was his pod.

Dave went over to his pod and plugged in his NI jack. There was no AI there, no connection to any of the rest of the sphere only basic command structure protocols.

Dave quickly scoped out the information that was readily available and found that his pod was only running on emergency backup power but it was capable of synthesizing food and water along with a small selection of emergency provisions.

The first thing Dave decided that he should synthesize was something to allow him to see what he was doing, so he ordered a torch from the emergency kit. The pods synth unit was much slower than the main unit in the wall because it was conserving the available power and it informed Dave that it would take about an hour.

It was the longest hour Dave had ever experienced. He spent the first 5 minutes watching the progress bar but then decided that he should see if there was anything he could do about his current situation.

The room was not very big, being about 18 feet by 18 feet (6 metres by 6 metres) with the pod in the back left corner, the changing unit next to it in the back right and three doors, one on the front wall in the centre and one on each of the left and right walls near the corners away from the pod and changing unit. However since there was no power the doors did not work and where far too heavy to force.

Dave walked dejectedly back to his pod feeling truly helpless and really scared. He sat down on the edge of the pod and burst into tears. Dave cried and cried. He only came to his senses when the pod notified him that his torch was ready.

Dave went into the pod and took the torch and turned it on, the bright beam of light pierced the darkness in the room and allowed him to see the room properly. The small display on the torch read 20 hours remaining power. Dave spent the next hour or so searching the room thoroughly but he could not find any way out or anything else of any use.

Once he had satisfied himself that he had explored the room completely Dave went back to the pod and ordered some food and water. Again the pod informed him that it would take about an hour before it was ready.

Dave plugged his NI jack back in again, turned off the torch and lay down in the pod and browsed the data banks for something to occupy himself while the food was synthesized.

Dave found that the pod actually had a very substantial library stored in its data banks, so he chose a book at random and began reading it. The book was not really to Dave’s tastes, it was a fantasy novel written not long before the sphere was finished, but he read it anyway.

When the food was finished Dave ate it but did not really taste it (not that the rations tasted of much anyway) and then drank the water.

Dave asked the pod how long it would be able to keep working for before running out of power. To his dismay the pod said that it only had enough power for a few weeks of supplying food, water, air and heat. Dave knew he would die of starvation or dehydration or something like that as soon as the pod ran out of power. So on that basis he instructed the pod to synthesize the gun from the emergency kit so that he could end his life quickly when there was no more power rather than having to die slowly from starvation or dehydration.

Dave got into the pod and told the computer to close the lid, lay down and read until he fell asleep.

Before he fell asleep Dave had intended on using the gun on himself as soon as it was ready but when he woke he decided that it was probably worth holding out as long as possible in the hope that he would somehow be rescued, or that the power would be restored.

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Chapter 4

Dave spent his time reading the books in the library and he ordered only 2 meals a day to save power.

The days passed VERY slowly, but the days passed.

After about 5 days Dave had to take of his tracksuit bottoms since his nappy was getting too large for them. He enjoyed the feeling of his nappy and he spent a good proportion of his time playing with it.

After 2 weeks Dave’s nappy was truly huge, it was reading just under 400% he found the heavy, warm, soft, squishy, smooth nappy a great comfort in his solitude. The nappy was now so large that Dave was beginning to find it hard to sit up as the nappy would press into his stomach and he would need to push some of the bulk down between his legs and around the sides.

Dave’s bottom was permanently raised off the bed by the bulk of the nappy and his legs where kept apart, even when he pushed them together to enjoy the squishy feelings of his nappy around his groin he could not get them to meet.

It was a bit like being really fat Dave thought. He could not see his legs any more unless he really made an effort and the nappy was down to his knees between his legs. Despite the slight inconveniences of having a nappy this large on Dave was glad to have it, <goodness only knows what I would have done without it> Dave thought.

Three days later the nappy was reading nearly 500% and Dave could no longer sit up due to the bulk around his waist. “I wonder what is going to happen when this nappy can’t hold any more.” Dave said out loud to himself.

“I would not recommend letting that happen” said Eva much to Dave’s surprise.

Many emotions suddenly crowded his body, relief that he was no longer alone (even if his companion was an AI), anger about the last few weeks, embarrassment for talking to himself and all topped off with a good shot of adrenaline from being startled by Eva’s sudden appearance.

“Ok so how the heck am I supposed to get it changed? I can’t even sit up!” said dave allowing the anger and adrenaline to show. “I would suggest rolling out of the pod and crawling to the changing unit” replied Eva coolly.

<I’m not sure I want it changed yet as it feels really nice like this> thought Dave moving the bulk of the nappy about slightly and enjoying the wonderful squishy feeling all around him. Despite this thought Dave ordered the pod to <open the lid> and with a great effort managed to roll out and onto the floor where it took him almost 5 minutes to crawl the few meters to the changing unit.

This was mainly because the nappy weighed about as much as Dave did and he kept having to stop to catch his breath. When he crawled the nappy dragged along the floor and got in the way of his legs making the process very tiring and difficult.

The action of crawling pushed the nappy around all over the place and before Dave got more than half way he had an orgasm and he lay there for a moment enjoying the feeling before he was brought back to reality by a quiet alarm that started bleeping from his nappy.

This Dave surmised was the nappy telling him that it had reached 500%. When he eventually managed to reach the changing unit the table folded out of the wall as before but it then ran down the wall until it was resting on the floor, much to Dave’s relief as he had no idea how he would have got up on it at the height it was before.

Dave, quite tired and out of breath by this point, forced himself into the changing room and then rolled over onto his back on the table which then raised up to its normal position about a metre off the floor.

This time the arms came out first before the nappy was released and Dave was lifted up so he was no longer resting on his nappy. There was then a slight buzzing noise and the nappy fell away and down the hole beneath him. The smell was much worse this time and Dave had to focus not to throw up, but the smell faded fast as the arms washed hi all over, dried him and held him motionless as a new nappy was synthesized round him.

When the arms released Dave and retracted back into their sockets he realised how much lighter he was, when he got up Dave felt like he was walking on air. <hmm much as I like the feeling of a full nappy I think I wont let it get that full again apart from maybe some special occasions> thought Dave.

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Chapter 5

“So? What happened to the power?” Dave asked Eva. “The power to some of the stasis areas got cut off due to the huge drain of reviving so many people all at once and creating a breathable atmosphere across the whole sphere” replied Eva
“Most of the population of the sphere are now awake and there is enough of an atmosphere for you to be able to leave this chamber now but it is still a bit thin so don’t overexert yourself until the atmosphere is back to normal concentration”
“and when will it be back to normal?” snapped Dave feeling a bit irritated that he had to be one of the first to wake up and have to sit there for over two weeks. “The atmosphere generation will be complete in 3 days” Eva responded. Realising that he was no longer confined to this one small room Dave went to the door on the right and opened it only to find himself looking at another almost identical room, the stasis pod in this room was open and there was no one there. Dave went back to his stasis cell and went to the door on the other side and tried to open it but the door would not open.

As he touched the door sensor panel and his personal communications field (known as “pc field” from here on) established a connection and instantly Dave knew that the door was sealed because the person in the next chamber was dead. “I’m afraid you cant go in there. There has been a containment failure and the occupant died in stasis.” Eva coldly informed Dave. “There is a contamination risk until the chamber has been scrubbed.”

Dave knew what this meant. It meant that the corpse would be identified by someone in a hazard suit, a record would be taken and then the whole room would be molecularly disassembled, recycled and possibly replaced. Of course it would be replaced without any organic matter present and it may well not even be the same room.

“Do I have a place to live yet?” asked Dave, somewhat indifferent to the corpse “yes your quarters are the same as they where before you went into stasis.” Replied Eva
“That’s not very helpful. I can’t remember where I lived.” Shot back Dave " just plug in to this wall socket and ill download it to your internal com" Eva stated flatly. Dave went over to the socket and plugged in his NI jack and almost instantly received his address along with several other details about how to get there.

The address was long, very long and it composed mainly a huge string of numbers. The knowledge about how to get there was that he had to exit via the main door and board the nearest transit module at surface height and activate the pc panel in it, this was the same with just about every device. You simply touched the pc panel and it knew where you where going or what you wanted. Provided you have the intension of using it as it is meant to work then it would as your pc field uses your brain signals (both chemical and electrical) to provide the device with orders as to what to do.

Dave would learn later that more complex devices required a full sensory interface.
The journey home was brief and also quite spectacular. Dave left his stasis cell by the main doors in the front got in the lift and touched the panel. The lift then went up 87 floors to surface level. When he got out of the lift he found himself in an open space between buildings. The buildings where huge (most where well over 100 floors) but since the sun was always directly overhead (ground level is the inside of the sphere and the sun is always in the centre) the area was well lit.
There was a transit module not far from where Dave was standing; it was resting on the ground at the corner of the building.

The transit module was completely spherical and this one was covered in an advert for new bio-ware memory upgrades (bio-ware is the main cooperation that does neural interface computers that augment brain functions etc.).

As he approached a door opened outwards and formed into a short flight of steps up into the sphere.

Dave boarded the transit module, wondering for a brief moment why there where no other people about he scanned around the area. The view out of the sphere was almost perfect, the toughened plastic sphere allowing him an uninterrupted view in all directions apart from down. The transit module was capable of seating up to 5 people, although there was only a pc panel next to the front seat.

Dave sat down in the front seat and placed his hand on the pc panel, but instead of the transit module just going to where it needed to go Dave found his senses expanding to fill the whole of the machine. He could see everything inside the transit module all at once and from several angles at once he could also see outside as well, he could see much further than he could before, there where also other senses that he did not have before. The sensation was very alarming and Dave broke contact after just a fraction of a second.

The door closed behind Dave and the transit modules AI said “welcome to the Dyson transport system Dave I hope your cold sleep was not too uncomfortable, you will be home in a few minutes, please enjoy the ride.”
Dave shook his head to clear his thoughts, <what was that?> he wondered, <that was a weird sensation, I hope it was just my imagination> since it had been so brief Dave simply dismissed it as some weird glitch in his neural software and made a mental note to have it checked out when he got home.

While Dave was lost in his thoughts the transit module silently accelerated at about 20 gees straight upwards, Dave did not notice this and so when he again looked out of the window he was quite surprised to find himself hurtling past buildings at about 200 metres above ground level at an insane speed. <Cool this must be one of the new gravitic models> thought Dave <no feeling of acceleration and absolutely silent> Dave continued to gaze out at the endless city hurtling past.

Dave was still thinking about the inner workings of the transit module and admiring the scenery when it came to a very abrupt halt. “You are home Dave” the transit module informed him.

“Thanks” said Dave as he stepped out of the transport module and into his home.

(There is no such thing as lifts above ground level and all buildings have an entrance that opens to a transit module docking array.)

“Hi mom I’m home!” Dave yelled into the house as he walked into the living room.