Duality (A Diaper Dimension Story)

[i]Chapter 1

The world is wide from where you stand[/i]

Danielle looked up from her bed to see the door to her room opening slowly. The light of the bedside lamp illuminated the pink room plastered with awards, trophies, and photographs that all displayed her academic success. In the doorway stood her grandmother, a rather frail looking woman in her mid-seventies.

“I almost forgot to give you this.” Her grandmother said as she handed her a letter.

Danielle examined the envelope carefully before opening it. On the upper right corner there was a red and gold embossed logo that read “Ross Creek University”.

“Oh my goodness Grammy, why didn’t you give this to me when I got home?”

Her grandmother slowly sat on the bed beside her, “Well I couldn’t decide if I should give it to you or not.”

“Gram, it is honestly all going to be okay! There is nothing to worry about.”

“Nothing to worry about,” her grandmother said with a slightly elevated volume. “You haven’t witnessed the things I have. I don’t understand why you don’t want to go to school here.”

“If I go to university here my degree won’t be valid anywhere but here. You know how it works gram, I need to go there so I can actually do something with my life.” Danielle explained.

Her grandmother looked at her blonde haired granddaughter and smiled. She knew that there was no convincing her that there was any other option.
Danielle had worked hard since a young age to get into an amazon university. She had always been capable of taking on much more than her peers. Her grandmother’s health had been failing for quite some time which required that Danielle took care of herself most days.

“Okay, well lets open it up and see what it says.” Her grandmother said.

Danielle’s hand was shaking nervously as she tore the left side of the letter open and peeled the rather thick bundle of papers from within. She read the first line of the letter and suddenly began to cry.

Her grandmother’s smile then turned, “Oh honey it is okay, there are other options.”

Danielle shook her head before croaking out, “No gram, it says I got in!”

Danielle walked up to the brick house and rang the doorbell.

“Hey Dani! Sam is upstairs if you want to head up.” Sam’s mother said.

Sam had been Danielle’s best friend all the way through high school. They had been inseparable since the day they met in grade nine homeroom.

She ran up the stairs clutching the bundle of papers as she went. The door to Sam’s room was wide open when she entered excitedly and out of breath, “You…You won’t believe this!”

“Hey! I won’t believe what?” Sam said rather confused.

Holding the letter up she replied, “This! I finally heard back!”

Sam jumped up and gave her an enthusiastic hug, “Oh my God I am so proud of you! How did your Gram take the news?”

Danielle looked down at her feet and mumbled out a reply, “Well, she seems to understand now. She is worried about my safety on the mainland.”

“Everything we hear can’t be true though Dani. I mean, they can’t just abduct you and no one says anything!” Sam laughed. “So are you going to stay in residence?”

“They don’t get many littles applying to go there so they don’t have housing set up for us. I’ll just have to find an apartment or a room somewhere.”

Sam nodded, “Want to look online and see if we can find anything?”

“You know it!” Danielle replied emphatically.

Sam pulled out her laptop and loaded up Craig’s List, “So you are looking for a one bedroom close to campus?”

“Yep, or just a bedroom in a house.” She replied.

As Sam browsed through the ads one thing was becoming clear, finding an apartment that allowed littles was going to be rough. Many of the ad titles contained the phrase “No Littles” just as though they were denying access to a pet. The few apartments that did allow littles were in quite a derelict condition.

“What am I going to do Sam? This is bad.” Danielle said with a pained expression on her face.

Sam kept browsing for a few more seconds before she responded, “Well we will have to put up an ad and see if someone responds.”

Deep in thoughts of homelessness and lost opportunity Danielle responded softly, “Yea I guess that’s all I can do.”

Clicking the post ad button Sam started typing away at her computer,
WANTED: APARTMENT FOR LITTLE ATTENDING UNIVERSITY IN THE FALL: Looking for one bedroom apartment or room in a house that is close to campus. I am enrolled in the Bachelor of Science program. I am a quiet girl who spends my evenings studying. Please contact me via e-mail please! Signed Danielle.

For the rest of the evening the two spent their time talking about the possibilities of the future. Sam talked about going to the local university and studying nursing. She hoped to get a local job that would allow her to stay in the area. She had never been one for travelling outside of her comfort zone. Around nine o’clock Danielle packed up her things, hugged her friend, and headed home.

It was after seven when Pierre pulled into his driveway; it had been a long day of work at his medical practice. When he showed up for work that morning he already had a full waiting room of patients. He was one of only a few general practitioners in Ross Creek and this often caused him to take on more patients than he would like. His philosophy was that patients should have time to discuss their ailments in detail without feeling rushed but lately that was becoming harder and harder to accomplish.

His wife Allison would be home soon from her professor job at the university. It was near the end of the winter semester and she had been busy getting things ready for finals. This included marking and editing final papers, updating marks, and preparing the actual final that students would write in less than a week.

Just as he got the key in the large red door his wife pulled into the driveway in her station wagon. She got out carrying a brown paper bag containing their supper from the Kai Wing Chinese restaurant down the street from their home. It was tradition that on Fridays they would both get the number two special to celebrate the end of the work week.

“Hey Hon, how was work?” Pierre asked her.

Allison gave a huff and displayed a small smirk, “It was a long day but I got almost all my marking done for the semester.”

It was fairly uncommon for her to be behind in her work at any point because of her innate ability to organize and prepare for the inevitable onslaught of work that would eventually come her way.

“That is really good hon! I see you picked up our supper?” Pierre stated while brushing her brown curly hair to the side so he could give her a kiss.

After dinner the two of them sat down to a bottle of wine and their favourite television show, Trading Spaces. The premise of the show was to switch two families from different backgrounds and see how each of them faired. They would often switch low income families with high income families or city families with country families. In this particular episode one of the families was from the mainland and another was from the Littles Island.

“Those houses are so small!” Allison remarked. “I don’t see how a fully grown amazon could ever survive on that island for any length of time!”

“I know, that must be torture. Those doorways are tiny and those beds are just ridiculous!”

“Even worse is witnessing those littles try to navigate an amazon house! They can barely even get into bed or even use the washroom. I can see why so many of them get babied, they are so helpless in our world.” Allison stated.

Pierre thought for a moment, “Yea I can see that. I find it hard to believe that people just abduct them off the street without giving them a chance though. I mean, if they display the ability to get by then maybe they should be left alone.”

“Hon, look at them! Everything they do is a laboured effort just to get by. Getting onto a toilet is near impossible. It only makes sense that they are diapered. They need someone around to help them navigate our world and help them. It’s not fair to just watch them flounder around and struggle day to day.”

“No I get that hon, I just think they are capable of contributing to our society even if they need help.” Pierre said.

Allison watched the littles on the television for a few more minutes before speaking again, “Don’t you think they are adorable though? I mean, I just want to squeeze their little cheeks.” It had been a common occurrence lately that Allison displayed a maternal instinct. The truth of the matter was that it was impossible for the two of them to have kids. They had discovered this early on in their marriage when after several months of trying they finally broke down and went to see a doctor. The results indicated that Allison could not bear children and after this the two of them focused on their careers and put having children on the back burner.

Pierre smiled at his wife, “Yea they are cute. I could imagine one of them pitter-pattering around this house.”

Later in the evening when they were lying in bed Allison was browsing Craig’s List on her tablet. She really didn’t have an idea what she was looking for but she often found herself browsing the site just to see if anything worth buying had popped up. It was during this moment she happened across an ad labeled “WANTED: APARTMENT FOR LITTLE ATTENDING UNIVERSITY IN THE FALL”.

[i]Chapter 2

Why don’t you be you, and I’ll be me[/i]

Since the discovery of the Littles Island with the advent of satellite imaging technology in the early sixties, the world had changed dramatically. Up until that point the world had been advancing technologically at a rate that many felt was too fast.

Once littles were discovered there were many debates on what to do. It was determined early on that accommodating them on the mainland was going to be a problem. Much of the world’s technology had been invented and sized for amazons. Discovering a whole other miniature variation of themselves was not even talked about in science fiction literature up to that point and now here they were with a scenario they could never have imagined in a million years.

Given that the littles only accounted for a very minute portion of the world’s population it was not practical to change much of their infrastructure to accommodate them. Inventing highway lanes for a little’s car was preposterous to them. Adding something as simple as a bathroom sized for a little was clearly not going to happen because how often would someone actually use it?

The only solution that they could come up with was to keep on doing business as they had been. Amazons would have to help littles navigate through their world if that was required. Besides, plenty of amazon children who were similarly sized got by just fine this way. They had special chairs, booster seats, car seats, and similar things that could be adapted to suit a little. For most amazons this was the only solution and in their opinion if littles couldn’t navigate through their world than someone would have to take control and make sure they were getting the basic necessities. No self-respecting amazon would allow a little to struggle through life unfairly.

The morning light was just starting to flicker through the white curtains of the pink bedroom when Danielle woke up. It was her normal routine to wake up early even on weekends so she could really enjoy her day. She would often get up, brush her teeth, and then sit at her desk and browse the net for a while before she really started getting ready for the day.

When she finally sat down at her computer she noticed a new e-mail notification on her e-mail client. Although she often got e-mails, it was generally just a bunch of junk mail that was of little relevance. But, this morning was different.

The subject line of the e-mail read “Reply to Craig’s List ad number 409885”.

Hi Danielle! My husband and I have a room available in our house for you if you are interested. We live close to the campus and I also work there so transportation to and from the campus would be taken care of. If you would like to discuss the necessary arrangements please give us a call at the number listed below! –Allison

Danielle could hardly contain her excitement! She had spent most of the night tossing and turning because she was worried about the possibility that finding a place that would take a little would not be a reality. It was fairly evident that many of the places available on Craig’s List were not willing to accept a little signing a lease agreement. Having someone contact her within twenty-four hours was a blessing that she was not going to let pass by.
Opening up Skype she quickly located Sam, “Found a place already! Have to work out the details over the phone.”

About an hour later she got a reply from Sam, “First, what are you doing up so early? And second, that is awesome! Is it an apartment or a room? Any pictures of it?”

“It is a room in a house. The woman who e-mailed me back said their house is close to the university and that she works there. She offered to drive me there every day!”

“That sounds awesome Dani! Make sure you call today and get all the details. Hopefully it won’t be too expensive for you.” Sam said.

“Yeah I know, it should be fairly inexpensive though since it is just a room and not a full apartment. I’ll try to get a photo of the room or house from them. This is so crazy!”

“So what is the plan today? Are we hanging out?” Sam asked.

“Obviously we are! We hang out every Saturday.”

“Well did you want to head into town? We can go to the mall or something.” She stated.

“Yea, sounds like a plan. I really need to get some new shirts and things for the summer.” Danielle replied.

Early the next morning Allison and Pierre were sitting at the breakfast table. Pierre was looking his normal disheveled self with his scruffy need to shave face, hair going in all different directions, and a glossy look in his eyes. It was evident to anyone who ever witnessed this side of him that he was not a morning person. On the other hand, Allison was in a sing-song mood. She had got up early and made pancakes topped with fresh blueberries for the two of them to eat.

Looking down at her plate she began to talk, “So remember last night when you said you could imagine a little ‘pitter-pattering around this house’?”
Pierre looked up with a mouthful of pancakes and gave a confused nod.

“Well, last night after you fell asleep I was on my tablet surfing around on Craig’s List. I found a wanted ad looking for a bedroom that would take a little. She is going to the university this fall.”

Looking at his wife he could see this was something that she was excited about. “Hon, that’s a big step for us.”

“I know, but I really think it’s time. I have been feeling like we both are thinking the same thing – we are financially set up and we are still young enough to keep up with a child.” Thinking that he needed further convincing she went on, “I am about to have the summer off so I will have plenty of time to prepare for her arrival and that lets me make sure everything will be perfect.”

When he thought about it he really couldn’t see why they shouldn’t take in somebody but he needed to make sure his wife was on the same page as him. As he had mentioned the previous evening, it was important to him that they didn’t just go abducting an unsuspecting victim off the street. “I am all for it dear, but I want to make sure that you are on the same wavelength as me.”

Allison nodded, “Okay what are you thinking?”

“Well for one, she needs to be aware of the conditions of her living here and she must be okay with them.”

“I agree, that is extremely important to me as well.” She replied.

“And second, if we are basically adopting this girl we need to make sure she is living up to her potential. She can’t just be babied all day, she needs to have goals and aspirations of her own. Yes, she will be our daughter who we dote over but she will also be working on her own things.”

“Totally agree with that. We would need to make sure she is safe too Pierre. We can’t have her getting hurt in our house. Imagine a little falling out of bed at night or trying to climb onto the toilet? She could break their neck from those heights!” She exclaimed.

Pierre listened intently before replying, “It sounds like somebody has really put a lot of thought into this. If this is something you really want, then I am all for it. I’ll let you take care of the preparations and you just tell me what to do. We’re in this together.”

Getting up from her seat Allison walked over to Pierre and hugged him for everything he was worth, “You are an amazing man, you know that?”
Smiling at his wife he replied, “And you are an amazing woman! I am the luckiest man alive.”

Around noon that day the two of them decided they would go shopping. They needed some ideas for Danielle’s room and they also needed some groceries. The two of them were absolutely beaming as they exited the house and got into the car.

When they returned there was a message on the phone, “Umm Hi, this is Danielle. I am calling about the room that you e-mailed me about. If you can just give me a call back that would be great!

To Be Continued

Re: Duality (A Diaper Dimension Story)

I love it so far. They’re already looking like the most reasonable amazon couple I’ve seen in one of these stories.

Re: Duality (A Diaper Dimension Story)

Indeed, though I can’t imagine her taking kindly to their “remedy” for toileting complications, among other things.

I also appreciate the additional backstory provided. Gives the world a bit more depth, explaining exactly WHY Amazons perceive littles the way they do…

Re: Duality (A Diaper Dimension Story)

Thanks for the kind words everyone! One of my goals with the story is to try and reason out how someone could logically come to an outlandish ‘solution’ like babying someone. I also would like to integrate lots of details from other diaper dimension stories as well.

I am going away for a few days to my cottage in the middle of nowhere. I don’t know how much writing I will get done but I will attempt to have another chapter available in a few days!

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[i]Chapter 3

Everything that’s broken, leave it to the breeze[/i]

Danielle was getting off the ferry when she spotted Allison and Pierre waiting by the entrance to the terminal. Although she had video chatted with both of them quite often since her graduation, she was not prepared for just how drastically different in size they were from her. Even just walking off they ferry and through the waiting group of amazons she had felt like they were easily going to trample her by accident.

As she got closer to them her nerves were getting the best of her otherwise normal calm disposition. She also was taking notice of just how beautiful Allison was with her shoulder length curly brown hair, her emerald green eyes, and her confident smile.

“Hey there!” Pierre called over to her.

Danielle waved at them as she approached, rolling her rather large purple suitcase behind her. She was wearing a cute summer dress decorated in sunflower motifs and a pair of floral print flats.

“How was the trip?” Allison asked.

“It was really long but it was neat to travel across the ocean like that. I was happy I wasn’t seasick on my first boat ride ever.”

“We were pretty worried about that actually.” Pierre replied. “Well we should get this show on the road, we still have a couple hour drive to get home. I’ll take your suitcase for you too.” Pierre offered.

Allison held out her hand for her to hold, “Why don’t you hold my hand, just so you don’t get lost in this crowd?”

Danielle thought about it for a second before taking her up on the offer. It had been quite stressful for her to navigate through the crowd earlier and she honestly didn’t want to get lost.

As Pierre was loading the suitcase into the station wagon he asked, “Okay so before we get going does anyone need to use the bathroom? Remember it is a couple hour drive.”

“No I am good.” Danielle replied.

“Okay, well if you want to hop in the back we will get moving.” He said.

Looking into the back of the huge station wagon she could see a child’s car seat, although much larger than any child seat she had ever seen, and an empty seat. She promptly climbed into the empty seat and started to buckle herself in when she realized that the seat belt was running straight across her face when it was done up.

Allison poked her head in the back seat and gave a slight chuckle, “Umm dear, I think you should be in the other seat.”

Danielle looked down at the seatbelt that she was quietly wrestling with in a last ditch effort to make it function properly, “No this is okay I can handle this.”

Allison smiled a little and then reached into the car to unbuckle the seat belt, “No, you need to be in the other seat because it is the law. Little girls and boys like you have to ride in car seats because seat belts aren’t designed for them.”

Deciding not to argue with someone she just met in person, she hopped into the car seat and attempted to figure out just how the buckles in the car seat worked.

“I have it honey.” Allison said as she grabbed each of the two arm belts and clipped them into the slot between Danielle’s legs. “There we are all set.”

Although the idea of being in a child’s car seat bothered her, she could see why it was the law. The size of the car was amazing to her and reminded her of a monster truck; just the backseat was probably the size of a normal littles car. She found the seat to be surprisingly comfortable to sit in and it had many features not available in a normal seat like a cup holder, a large head rest that was the size of a pillow, and a bucket seat that felt like the perfect angle.

While she was waiting for the car to start moving she was playing with the buckle to the seatbelt that clipped in between her legs. No matter how much pressure she put on the release button she could not get it to unbuckle. The more she thought about it the more frustrated she got with it. There must be a trick to it she thought to herself.

Once they were on the highway Pierre started talking, “We are glad you were able to move up early before school starts.”

“Yea me too.” She replied. “It was a little sad leaving gram though.”

“Yea we know how hard that was for you.” He replied. “We just thought it would be good for you to be moved in and settled in before school starts.”

Danielle nodded in agreement, “It will be. I really appreciate you guys doing this for me too.”

“Oh it’s no problem at all!” Allison said.

The three of them continued to chat for the first hour of the drive before Danielle started to feel tired. Allison noticed that she had been yawning quite a lot before recommending that she just have a nap. Not soon after the recommendation she was sound asleep in the backseat.

When they pulled into the driveway it was just turning dark out. Pierre carried in the luggage while Allison unbuckled Danielle from the car seat and woke her up, “Time to get up.”

She woke up rather slowly before letting out a big yawn and hopping down out of the car seat rather glassy eyed and disoriented. “Thanks Allison.” She said.

“Oh no problem honey, it is all part of the job.” She replied.

Looking at the house she could not believe the enormous size of it; even the front door looked like something you would see on the gate of a castle. The house was a two story brick home with an immaculate flower garden on the front lawn and around the perimeter of the house was a white picket fence. To her it was one of the most amazing things that she had ever seen.

As she followed them into the house Allison once again took her hand.

“Why don’t we go in the living room to talk?” Allison asked.

The three of them all entered the large living room at the same time. The room had dark hardwood floors, a light brown leather living room set, and an enormous flat screen television on the wall; of course to an amazon the television was a normal size for the room itself. The room was very neat and organized like the rest of the house.

Danielle walked up to the large leather sofa and with some difficulty climbed up onto the cushion. Pierre was instantly there behind her to help her as a safety net in case she fell backwards. Allison sat down beside her and Pierre sat down in the love seat.

“Okay, well first we want to say that we are overjoyed that you are here with us finally. It has been a long summer of waiting for the both of us and it makes us very happy that you decided to come live with us.” Pierre said.

Blushing slightly she gave a nod, “I am happy as well. You both have been amazing today by helping me get here.”

Looking somewhat nervous he continued, “I know we talked about this briefly before on video chat but both of us want to make sure you also know there are some rules while you are living here.”

“Oh, you mean about me needed to allow you guys to help me with things?” She asked.

Allison nodded before answering, “Exactly right. That would be the number one rule. We are aware that you are now graduated from high school and you are about to start university. But, as you know there are many, many, many differences here on the mainland compared to where you are from.”

“You mean like the size of everything…” She interrupted.

Allison nodded and continued, “Yes, that is what we worry about the most. The car seat today was only one of the items that are needed here for you to be safe. But, there are many more examples of this.”

“The car seat wasn’t so bad though, but I just couldn’t figure out how the buckle worked. What else is there?” she asked.

Taking the opportunity Pierre asked, “Well think about everyday things you did at your house that are now going to be big tasks.”

She thought for a moment, “Well getting into this chair was pretty difficult. I had to climb up into it and I honestly wasn’t sure if I was going to make it. So I am thinking that climbing up onto things is going to be a chore.”

Allison nodded, “That is one of our main concerns here. A lot of the time you are going to need help with things as simple as getting food out of the cupboards or even getting clothes out of your closet. Now we don’t want you to be embarrassed by this but you are a little in a really big world and you will need help with things every day. We talked about how best to help you with this and we both think it would be best if we just take charge so you won’t be embarrassed about asking for things.”

Danielle was blushing profusely by now because she was feeling embarrassed but she knew they were offering her a great deal of support. She knew that living on the mainland was going to be a difficult thing to accomplish, but she really hadn’t realized just how much larger and arduous things were going to be.

“So are you okay with everything so far?” Pierre asked.

Danielle nodded, “Yea I am okay with that. It is just embarrassing though.”

“Oh honey, we don’t ever want you to feel embarrassed by needing help. That is exactly why we want to be the ones taking charge so you don’t feel guilty or embarrassed and then not ask for help when you really needed it. We want you safe and secure while you are with us at all times.” Allison said.

Pierre waited a second before continuing, “Okay so the next rule! The big, ugly and scary rule!” He chuckled a little, “You need to keep an A- average while you are in school.”

Danielle, although still blushing, gave a little chuckle before replying, “I can do that. I have never had issues with keeping my grades up.”

“That is a very good thing!” Allison said before continuing on, “But if you ever need help both Pierre and I want you to come to us and we will help you with whatever it is. You doing well in school is very important to us. We want to make sure you do well here and can eventually get a career of your choice.”

“Okay, and the third and final rule is that breaking either rule one or two will result in some sort of punishment. We need you to take them seriously and we want you to accept that we are looking out for your wellbeing.” Pierre said as a matter of fact.

Danielle’s eyes went somewhat wide before she stammered out a reply, “Wh…What kind of punishment?”

“Well, you could be grounded, corner time, have something taken away from you or if it is something really bad you could have a spanking.” He replied.

Still wide eyed she replied nervously, “I will try to be on my best behaviour for you both!” At this point she was feeling butterflies trying to fly out of her stomach.

“Okay, so now that we have gone through all that do you have any questions?” Pierre asked.

She thought for a second before shaking her head no, “Nope – I think I get it.”

“Okay, so my question to you is,” Pierre paused her to add suspense, “What do you like on your pizza? I am starving and I think we should order some supper.”

Danielle laughed, “I like just cheese on mine if that is okay.”

“Okay, so why don’t you and Allison go upstairs and she will help you get a bath and then give you the grand tour of your room. While you two are doing that, I will go pick up the pizza.”

Danielle nodded as Allison held out her hand for her to hold and then led her up the stairs.

(To be continued)

Re: Duality (A Diaper Dimension Story)

I cant wait to read more this is an amazing story so far ;D.

Re: Duality (A Diaper Dimension Story)

Have these people heard of stepladders? Seems like it would solve a lot of the issues with living in an oversize house. Otherwise, I don’t know anything about the Diaper Dimension. I assume it’s a shared world?

Re: Duality (A Diaper Dimension Story)

The hard part to swallow is the threats of discipline. Viewing her as a small person in need of help is different from what I see here, which is viewing her as a child. It doesn’t jive with their motivations.

It would have made more sense if they had basically told her they’d throw her out if she didn’t comply with their rules, which is just as severe a threat in this situation, with her having nowhere to go. Let the discipline part creep in as time passes and the couple sees her more and more as their child, not a little adult.

Re: Duality (A Diaper Dimension Story)

[i]Chapter 4

I used to recognize myself, it’s funny how reflections change[/i]

In a moment of retrospective contemplation, Danielle was feeling a bit overwhelmed. She was standing in the upstairs bathroom staring at her reflection in the mirror. With the events of the past day playing heavily in her mind she was having trouble coming to terms with all the changes in her life. The conversation that they had just had in the living room contained many heavy hitting points. Was she really ready to give up control of her life? Was she really going to be as helpless in this world as she was being told she would be?

Her reflection had changed over the course of twenty-four hours from an adult to that of a child. Yesterday’s mirror displayed a young adult ready to take on the world. It displayed a physically fully grown girl who had suffered the pains of growth spurts, had gone through puberty, and had eventually become an attractive young adult. Today’s mirror was displaying something different and it seemed to her like she had shrunk and everything around her was monstrously large and unknown.

Allison could tell that she was deep in thought and attempted to get her to open up about it, “What are you thinking about?”

Giving a quick shrug she replied, “I dunno.”

“Are you really okay with everything we discussed?” She probed further.

Danielle thought for a few seconds, “To be honest, I am really nervous about everything. I want to show you both that I am an adult and that I am capable of making this all work.”

“Oh honey, we know you are an adult! But, we want you to be comfortable and capable of focusing on school. Don’t you think it would be easier to focus on school if someone was helping you with everything else in your life?” She asked.

“I can’t really argue with that.” Danielle replied.

“I think you need to be an adult at school and I also think you need to let us take care of you here. We only want the best for you and we are committing to that.”

Thinking further about it she could honestly say it was comforting to know that someone had her back. Her whole life she was basically taking care of herself and answering only to herself. Her grandmother was around but she wasn’t really committed to doting over her granddaughter and making sure that she was doing the right things in life.

Allison started filling the tub with bath water and quickly added some lavender bubble bath to it. “Okay, I am going to lay out some things in your room and I will be right back.”

Danielle nodded to her and stood in the bathroom somewhat nervously thinking about the upcoming awkwardness of being naked in front of an almost stranger. This whole day was really starting to drain her of her energy and she gave a long yawn.

A minute later Allison returned to the bathroom carrying a couple of large rubber ducks to place in the tub. “I almost forgot to put these little guys in the tub! Okay let’s get you into the water there missy.”

She reached out and grabbed the hem of Danielle’s dress and lifted it over her hair. It briefly got tangled in her blonde hair before it let go and fell to the floor. She undid her bra and placed it on top of the dress. The final removal of her underwear left Danielle standing in the bathroom stark naked and blushing bright red.

“It is okay honey, no need to be embarrassed. Let’s get you soaking in the bubbles!” Allison grabbed her under the arm pits and effortlessly lifted her up and placed her in the lavender scented water. “Do you want to scrub your arms while I work on your hair?” She asked while handing a bar of soap to her.

Grabbing the soap she began to quickly wash her arms, arm pits, and fingers. She was so busy focusing on her task that she barely noticed Allison wetting her hair and beginning to work the flowery smelling shampoo in.

By the end of the bath she was feeling quite relaxed and sleepy; Lavender had always made her feel more relaxed and tired. She had started to push the ducks around and through the bubbles when she was pronounced squeaky clean and was plucked from the water. She was wrapped in a fluffy white towel and dried off rather expediently before she was picked up and carried off down the hall towards her room.

Danielle wasn’t expecting what she witnessed when she was introduced to her room. She had always thought that it would be four walls, a dresser, and mainly rather plain. What she was given was so much more than her imagination could have come up with. The walls of the room were purple and had several decorative butterfly decals sporadically. On one side of the room there was a large toy chest, dresser, and some sort of table. On the other side was a large sleigh style crib with pink bedding and a couple of teddy bears on one end.

Danielle looked around the room before she became too overwhelmed and buried her head into Allison’s shoulder.

“Is everything okay honey?” She asked while patting her back.

She replied by giving a shrug.

“Is it the crib?” She asked.

Danielle waited a few seconds before giving a slow nod. She didn’t want Allison to think she hated her room. It was clear they had spent a lot of time making it up the way it was and she needed them to know she appreciated it. But there was the issue of the bed, why did they think she needed a crib?

“Well, I know it’s pretty babyish, huh.” She replied.

“Just a little.”

“Okay, I can understand that. But, think about how high up a normal bed is. If you fell from that height you could break an arm, a leg, or worse. We talked a lot about how best to deal with that issue and we couldn’t come up with a better solution.” Waiting a few seconds to let that sink in she then continued, “So let’s give it a shot and if it is unbearable you just tell us and we will work with you to find a better way. I personally think you will find it super comfy. Is that okay honey?”

Thinking it over she gave a nod, “Yeah, I’ll give it a shot I guess.”

“Okay, well we should get you into some jammies before Pierre gets home with the pizza.” Allison placed her up on the rather odd looking table beside the dresser. It had a cushion on the top that was obviously meant for someone to lay on. There were three shelves on the lower sections of the table. Reaching below to one of the levels she grabbed a rather fluffy looking pink plastic item and set it by her feet. She began to unfold it when Danielle realized what it was; it was a diaper.

Noticing Danielle was starting to look worried she spoke up, “You only have to wear these at night honey. It will just be easier for everyone in case you have to use the washroom in the night. That way Pierre and I don’t have to get up in the night to help you up onto the toilet. Okay?”

At this point she was too exhausted to fight with Allison and she nodded her acceptance. Maybe it was a ridiculous concept, and maybe it wasn’t. The crib meant she couldn’t get out of bed at night on her own and that would be a recipe for disaster. She always had to get up in the night to go to the bathroom. If she had a normal bed, well normal for an amazon, she probably still would need help getting down. She thought that maybe a step stool or a small ladder would be required to get off the bed and then she would need it once again just to get up on the toilet. There were so many factors to compute even for a simple act of using the bathroom at night. She decided in this moment to just go with the flow. She was tired and she was not in the mood to put down her foot and assert her place as an adult.

“Okay, lift up your bum sweetie.” Allison asked as she slid the diaper under her. Reaching below to one of the shelves she grabbed a bottle of powder and began to sprinkle some onto her bum and privates. Pulling the front of the diaper up, she fastened the two sticky tabs which secured her in it for the night. Once the diaper was in place she grabbed a pink t-shirt with a sparkly unicorn motif on the front and a pair of pink pajama pants and quickly dressed her in them. Once this was all completed she picked her up and carried her down the stairs.

“Well it looks like Pierre isn’t home with the pizza yet, do you want to sit on the chair with me?” She asked her.

Danielle just gave a nod and rested her head into Allison’s shoulder. She was feeling a bit emotional and at the moment snuggling in was making her feel better and a fair bit safer.

When Pierre finally arrived with the pizza her set it on the table and went to find where the two of them were. When he entered the living room his heart melted. There was Danielle snuggled into Allison’s shoulder with Allison slowly rubbing her back. After their earlier conversation he was sure that Danielle would be able to handle the changes in her life but he wasn’t so sure that she would settle in this quickly.

“Okay, supper is ready you two.” Pierre said.

Allison looked up at him, smiling, and slowly got up and walked into the kitchen carrying her. Once in the kitchen she grabbed the highchair and pulled it close to the table. She removed the white plastic tray and set Danielle into the chair, buckled the seat belt, and placed the plastic tray back on the highchair.

Pierre came over with a massive slice of pizza, cut into squares, and placed it on the tray in front of Danielle, “Bon appetite!” He then placed a small plastic cup of water down and then went to grab himself a slice of pizza.

Once everyone was done eating pizza Pierre let her out of the highchair and set her on the floor. He handed her her plate and asked her to take them over to the dishwasher and place them on the rack.

Once her task was complete Allison said it was time for everyone to go to bed since it was getting late and they had had a busy day. They all walked up the stairs and up to Danielle’s room.

Pierre gave her a hug, “Thank you for coming to stay with us. I know it’s all a little strange right now but remember that we are only trying to help.”

“I understand, thank you for everything today Pierre.”

Allison picked her up under the arm pits and pulled her in close for a hug and then placed her in the crib. She lifted the blankets, let her crawl under them, and then raised the side of the crib.

“Goodnight honey.” She said as she walked toward the door and shut out the lights.

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:slight_smile: please more!

Re: Duality (A Diaper Dimension Story)

I agree.

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This is adorable. I thought that they would have been upfront about the babying before she agreed to come (based on Pierre’s conditions to Allison before accepting the ad). I get that Danielle’s still naive and more trusting of the amazon world than is healthy (not to mention tired) but I have a feeling this adorableness will soon evaporate as the red flags kick in (something that could have been avoided if they had been more upfront with her).

There are a few times when you unnecessarily repeat words in a sentence. For example:

She was so busy focusing on her task that she barely noticed Allison wetting her hair and beginning to work the flowery smelling shampoo into her hair.

Using “hair” twice feels odd. Maybe it could work better as “She was so busy focusing on her task that she barely noticed Allison beginning to work on her hair.” It’s less redundant and although it loses information I don’t think the shampoo being flowery is necessary enough info to keep.

She lifted the blankets and let her crawl under the blankets and then she raised the side of the crib.

“Blankets” being used twice doesn’t feel right, either. “She lifted the blankets and let her crawl under before raising the side of the crib.” works better.

I’m loving this so far.

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Thanks for all the kind words and even the criticisms everyone!

TheOneWhoStares - I completely agree with those sentences being awkward. I have edited them and made the changes on my main copy as well. It was 4am when I posted that chapter and I had just finished editing it around then which didn’t help. I will attempt to be more diligent on the edits from now on.

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[i]Chapter 5

Stop for a minute and see where you hide[/i]

Danielle woke up with the early morning light flittering through the curtains and illuminating her room. The memories of yesterday were at the forefront of her thoughts from the moment she awoke. She remembered the moment she witnessed her room and the feeling of embarrassment that accompanied it. But on the opposite side, she also remembered her instinct to snuggle in tighter to Allison the moment she felt embarrassed.

Was she really a baby in their eyes? If she was, could she handle that? Laying in her crib she was feeling very comfortable and couldn’t honestly say she hated it. Obviously it was not a cheap product and someone had spent a long time making it which was evident in the details of the woodwork. The one odd side effect of the crib was her feeling of security which was opposite of her expectation; she thought it would cause her to feel trapped and claustrophobic.

Looking around the room she was now noticing the little details that weren’t noticed the night before. Above her crib were decorative letters with a floral motif that spelled out her name ‘Danielle’, there were glow in the dark stars built into the ceiling that showed many of the prominent constellations of the night sky, and the curtains were white with multi-coloured butterflies on them.

Noticing the teddy bear located at the other end of the crib she crawled over to examine it. Around its neck it had a nametag that read ‘Ted’. He was about half her height tall and he was a dark brown colour. Once she finished examining him she dragged him towards the head of the crib and laid down next to him. Feeling his soft fur she pulled him in close for a quick hug.

While she was waiting for someone to come get her she couldn’t help thinking about all of the things she had lost in the last twenty-four hours. Yesterday she had been fairly complacent in giving up control of everything but her education. Passing over control to two fairly unknown people was an absolutely odd idea and when it was proposed to her a few months ago in video chat she thought they had lost their minds. Once they had explained their reasoning she had felt a bit less opposed to the idea.

[i]“You were raised on your island and you were taught everything you needed to know to survive there.” Pierre said. “But here on the mainland, you really don’t know any of our customs or ways of doing things.”

“It can’t be that different Pierre.” She had replied.

“But it can, do you know how many littles come here and end up in the care of Amazons just because they were impolite in some way. There are people who would think nothing of picking you up and taking you home where you would be forced to give up all control of your life.” Pierre emphasized the control part.

Allison began to explain, “Believe me dear, we are progressive people compared to most. Many here on the mainland wouldn’t even think of letting a little go to school let alone university.”

Danielle was shocked at this point, “We were always told those stories weren’t real though.”

“If we are the ones making the decisions, outside of your university life, we can protect you from the people who wouldn’t have your best interests at heart. We want you to succeed as much as possible honey.” Allison said.

When the video call ended everything kind of made sense to her and she spent the rest of the summer contemplating the inevitable loss of control. They had chatted quite often after that night and had discussed the mainland’s finer points as well. There were many beautiful places for her to visit or even eventually live, plenty of companies where she could work, and there were going to be some genuinely nice people who only wanted the best for her. [/i]

She was beginning to wonder when someone would come to get her when the door slowly opened up and Allison poked her head in to check on her. When she noticed Danielle was awake she approached the crib, “Hey honey! How was your sleep?” She asked in a hushed tone.

Danielle yawned before replying, “It was good.”

Noticing that she was cuddling with the bear she lowered the side of the crib, “Uh huh, and how did you find your bed? Was it bearable?”

She laughed a little, “Uh huh. Way more comfortable than my bed back home. It is crazy squishy and it feels a lot like sleeping on a big pillow.”

Smiling down at her she began to speak, “So did you need to use your diapers last night?” With this question she pulled the back of her pajama pants down and slipped a finger into the leg hole to check.

This took Danielle by surprise as she stood there awkwardly holding her teddy bear.

“Just a little damp honey.” She said as she lifted her up, pulled her pajama pants back up, and carried down the stairs and into the kitchen where Pierre was busy making some eggs, bacon, and toast.

“Morning Danielle!” He said. It was clear he was feeling just as tired as she was by the dishevelled look of him.

“Morning.” She replied as she was placed in the highchair. Allison fastened the seat belt and then clipped the tray into place. While she was waiting for breakfast she couldn’t help but wonder when her diaper would be exchanged for underwear. The diaper wasn’t uncomfortable or anything but it was more the idea of it that anything. Remembering back to the middle of the night she recalled needing to pee quite badly. It was an odd sensation when she finally was able to let go and pee in the diaper and at first she could feel the warm liquid against her skin before it was wicked away. After that, it was a bit bigger between her legs and quite a bit warmer.

Not long after being placed in the chair she was handed a small plate that had two eggs with ketchup, a couple pieces of toast, and three strips of bacon. Danielle was not used to having a big breakfast like this because usually she was left to fend for herself in the mornings. The usual meal before school consisted on Fruit Loops with a bit of milk on them.

“Umm may I have a drink of something?” She asked.

“Sure honey. Would you like juice or milk?” Pierre asked while holding up both containers from the fridge.

“Juice please.” She replied.

Pierre filled up a cup and set it down on the highchair tray before both he and Allison sat down at the small four person table with their huge plates of breakfast.

Danielle looked down at the pink cup before realizing it had a spill proof lid on it. She picked it up and flipped it upside down to test the effectiveness of the cup which resulted in a few small drops of orange juice on the tray.

Just as they all began eating the doorbell rang. Pierre stood up and walked over to the main door to see who was there. Danielle couldn’t see the main entrance but she could hear them talking and eventually could hear them taking off their shoes and heading in the direction of the kitchen.

She was worried because Allison had not changed her out of her pajamas and worse her wet nighttime diaper. A small look of panic spread across her face as she attempted to slump down in her chair.

Allison quickly noticed the distressed look on her face, “Oh honey it is okay! Don’t worry about it, it is only Pierre’s parents and I assure you they are nice people!”

Just as she finished talking Pierre and his parents all walked into the kitchen. Both of them were in their mid-sixties and had just retired from their jobs where his father was an engineer for a local firm and his mother worked as a nurse at the hospital.

From Danielle’s perspective they both seemed like they were nice people just by the way they carried themselves. They didn’t seem to negatively cloud the air with their presence the moment they walked into the room.

“Hi Allison!” His mother said as she made her way over to Danielle’s chair.

“And this, must be Danielle.” She said as she got down to her eye level and smiled. “I am Elizabeth and this is Raymond, we are Pierre’s parents.”
Danielle was blushing quite a bit, “Ummm, Hi.”

“Did you just wake up? I see you are in your jammies.” She asked as she pointed at the sparkly unicorn on her shirt.

“Uh huh, I just woke up a little bit ago. I didn’t have time to get changed yet.” She said as she tried to pull her shirt down to cover up her diaper.

“Well that’s no issue dear, they are pretty cute pajamas for a pretty cute girl.” Elizabeth said as she tickled her chin a little.

Danielle smiled and then gave a somewhat nervous grin in the direction of Pierre and Allison.

“Eat up honey.” Allison said pointing to her plate.

Focusing on cutting up her breakfast and eating it was helping her ignore the awkwardness of meeting new people in her current condition.

“Do you guys want any breakfast?” Pierre asked his parents.

Both of them shook their heads, “No thanks dear, we ate before leaving home a little bit ago. So, when does everyone else show up?” Elizabeth asked.

Danielle’s ears perked up and she stopped mid chew to contemplate ‘everyone else’.

“We made the invite for this afternoon just so we could have the morning to get everything ready. We wanted to make sure she was settling in well before hand.” Allison answered.

“So what all has to be done to get ready?” Raymond asked.

“Everything is all-ready food wise, but we need to set some chairs out by the pool and just a few little things like that. There are only going to be around fifteen people here.” Pierre replied.

Danielle was finished her breakfast and was sitting in her highchair intently staring at her spill proof cup. Whenever she was feeling overwhelmed she had a habit of picking something inconspicuous to stare at so that her mind could focus on something else.

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Wow, excellent!

Please keep it up!

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Still loving it, this chapter ended rather abruptly, though.

I don’t want to come off as nitpicky over this same sentence from chapter 4, but using too many "and"s to join sentences is a bad habit to get into.

She lifted the blankets and let her crawl under them and then she raised the side of the crib.

The corrected sentence is still a bit awkward. I would prefer to avoid using two "and"s in the same sentence, that’s why I wrote it as “She lifted the blankets and let her crawl under before raising the side of the crib.” in my example since it flowed better. “She lifted the blankets and let her crawl under them. She then raised the side of the crib.” also works. (I prefer the former to the latter since I would rather avoid starting sentences with “she” too many times in the same paragraph)

I think my other issue with it might be because the sentence has Allison preform three actions in it. First the lifting blankets, then holding them up, then raising the bars. The first two are involving the same item so putting them in the same sentence with an “and” works well enough. The third action involves a new item so adding it to the sentence with an “and” doesn’t work as well. That’s my theory anyways.

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Chapter 6

But now it’s time to get out of the desert and into the sun

Everyone sat at the table for quite a while as they ate and talked. During the whole duration of the conversation Danielle wished that someone would let her out of the highchair so she could run up the stairs and change out of her pajamas and especially her wet diaper. She couldn’t tell if anyone had recognized that she was diapered but she was determined to keep pulling her shirt down to cover it just in case.

“Okay, let’s go get you changed into some clothes.” Allison said as she lifted her from the highchair.

“Do you want some help?” Elizabeth offered.

“No thanks Liz, we should be fine right now. Maybe later though.” She replied.

A wave of relief swept over Danielle as she realized that Elizabeth wouldn’t see her in diapers or naked. On the way up the stairs she whispered, “Thanks.”

“Honey, I could tell that you weren’t okay with the idea. But, you should know that there will be times when they are going to be taking care of you. Not for a little while, but it will happen.”

Allison set her down on the change table and began to take off her pajama pants and shirt. She unfastened both sides of the slightly wet diaper and began to wipe her down with a fresh cloth.

“But, why? I am an adult now, I don’t need anyone to babysit me!” Danielle said with an annoyed tone.

“We discussed this last night dear.” Allison quickly replied.

“We discussed that ‘you’ guys were in charge but not anyone else.” She was beginning to get a little frustrated by the decisions made that she was being left out of. She hadn’t had a babysitter since she was ten and she didn’t believe it was time to start having one now.

“Well, with us being in charge that means that we are in charge of your safety and that includes when we aren’t around. Think about it like this, if we weren’t home and you needed to make something to eat for supper how would you do it?”

Thinking about it for a second she replied, “Well you could just have something I could microwave I guess.”

“Okay, and how would you get up to the microwave to accomplish that?” Allison asked.

Feeling like she was losing this battle she continued on, “I could push a chair over and stand on it.”

Adding one more nail in the coffin, Allison continued on, “What if you needed to use the washroom and no one was home?”

“That’s an easy one, I could just climb up and use the toilet!” She smugly replied.

“Okay, let’s test that idea out then!” She picked Danielle up, still naked, and carried her towards the bathroom. Once in the bathroom she placed her on the floor and asked her to demonstrate how she could accomplish such a simple task without help.

Looking up at the large toilet she suddenly realized this would be a feat for her to accomplish. The toilet seat was at the same level as her shoulders and even with a step stool she would need help getting up and onto the toilet. She tried to plan a safe route that would allow her to easily jump up and sit down but all she could come up with was to grab onto the toilet paper roll holder and hope it could hold her without breaking while she attempted to climb up.

Looking down at her Allison began, “Do you think maybe you would need help now that you see what you are dealing with?”

Folding her arms she mumbled out a reply, “Still don’t want a babysitter.”

“Well sometimes, we don’t always get exactly what we want or need. You need someone to help you even if you don’t want it.” She picked her back up and carried her across the hall and placed her back on the changing table. She was confident she had made her point even if Danielle was refusing to concede defeat.

“Okay, so you now know there is a small family get together today.” She began. “We wanted it to be a surprise for you but Pierre’s parents kind of ruined that this morning.”

Danielle decided to be truthful, “It’s pretty scary.”

“Meeting new people is always scary, but these people are all nice and they have wanted to meet you since they heard you were coming to live with us. It’s not often that a new member of the family comes along.” Allison explained.

A new member of the family. Had she heard that right? Tears welled up in the corners of her eyes. She tried to stop it from happening but she couldn’t stop them forming. She hadn’t had any family but her gram since she was nine.

[i]The door to the classroom opened and a sullen looking brunette walked over to the teacher. The two whispered for a moment before she noticed they were looking at her.

“Danielle, can you go with Ms. Smith?”

She looked around confused at the rest of her class as she picked up her small ninja turtle book bag and walked towards the lady. She didn’t think she did anything wrong that day. She thought back to lunch time and recess and tried to think of anything she might have done that would have got her in trouble. Nothing was coming to mind.

“Sorry to take you from class dear.” Ms. Smith said with a small grimace evident on her face.

“Am I in trouble?” She asked bluntly.

“Oh no, not at all. Your Grammy is here and wants to talk to you.” She replied.

She had been staying with her grandmother for the week while her parents were on vacation on the mainland. Her grandmother was her only family because all of her other grandparents had passed away and she had no aunts or uncles. Her parents had been gone for five days and she was feeling excited that they would be back in two days.

They walked into the principal’s office and took a seat. Grammy was sitting in a seat next to her and she was crying quite a bit.

“Why are you crying Grammy?” She asked.

Her grandmother reached out and placed her hand over hers, “Honey, your parents…” She paused for a second to pull herself together, “Your parents have passed away.”

With a look of confusion on her face she asked, “What do you mean Grammy? Where are they?”

“The truth is the police aren’t sure where they are, they went on a river boat trip and they never returned. They think they fell overboard and no one noticed right away.”

Danielle was now in complete disbelief. Her parents were always strong swimmers and they had made a point of placing her in swimming lessons from a young age. Being able to swim was an important thing to them – this couldn’t have happened. They would be back in two days and then she would be able to prove to everyone that they were fine.[/i]

Allison looked down at her and wondered what she said that was upsetting her, “Oh honey what’s wrong?”

Danielle shook her head and shrugged her shoulders, “I don’t know. I just don’t have any family.”

Her heart was breaking for this girl. Danielle had explained her situation but she had always put on the façade that she was fine with her life but obviously this girl needed to feel included. “You have a family here Danielle.”

Wiping the tears from her eyes she smiled, “Thank you Allison.”

Grabbing a pair of pink underwear, Allison began to dress her. After the underwear, she grabbed a cute floral print sundress and slipped it over Danielle’s head. “This should be comfy today, it is supposed to be pretty warm today.”

“I like sundresses a lot.” Danielle added.

“I like them a lot too and especially on you.” Allison emphasized the last part. “Now today, you need to make sure you come to us when you need to use the bathroom so that way there aren’t any accidents.”

“No problem, I can handle it.”

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nice chapter, I see and accident in the making

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: famous last words.

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please more