DTA: Don't Trust Amazons, Completed 6/14

I have been posting this story over on the DD forums and thought I would post it here. Sorry for so many chapters once, the story is almost finished and I wanted to post it here before I finished the story.

This is a Diaper Dimension based story. It will have wetting, messing and light cursing.

P.S. Sorry with the large spacing, came from doing copy/paste to so many pages.

Chapter 1: Little Time Daycare

“Little Time Daycare,” Bryce read on the front of the building as this amazon calling herself “mommy” carried her inside. Her “Mommy” kept patting her thickly diapered bottom as she was carried inside, though Bryce wasn’t sure if this was in a strange attempt to comfort her or a way to show her dominance she wasn’t sure but she was sure she didn’t like it.

As they approached the front deck and young amazon women greeted them, “Welcome to Little Time Daycare, how can I help you?”

“I’m Jessica Mills, I have an appointment today.” Her smiling captor answered. Bryce for her part was already hard at work figuring out her escape plan for this place. The lobby was almost a large triangular room with a door leading to the left and right. However where the point of the room would have been it flattened out and about half way up the wall it was glass to the ceiling and a figure was standing there looking down on them. The figure was clearly another female amazon, she seemed to touch her ear for a moment and a voice came over some kind of intercom that was in the lobby.

“Sarah please see Ms. Mills to my office.”

The young amazon quickly moved to the door on her right and opened it and lead them through into the main daycare area. The room looked like any other daycare one might see, however there seemed to be no amazon children just Littles, clearly diapered Little at that. None of them wore much else at that, short dresses or skirts for the girls but it did nothing to hide the amazingly think diapers. The boys and some of the girls wore nothing but a t-shirt and a diaper, if they were lucky many were naked save for their diapers. It had only been a minute and Bryce already felt like she had entered hell. The far left wall was almost all glass letting everyone see outside and let people walking by see all the Little, Bryce wasn’t sure if this was a daycare or a Little baby store or both.

On the right of the room it was just a long wall with a door on the back right corner. The receptionist quickly lead them through this door into a room in the centere of the building into what looked like a lunch room in this back half with a storage area in the front. There was only one robo nanny in this room who seemed busy with…someone Bryce couldn’t tell what. They were taken to an elevator in the back and made their way to the second floor. This room was amazing, the second floor was one giant office and looked down onto both sides of the daycare at once. While the left side of the building she had seen was a “normal” Little daycare the other seemed a little off. There was a small room in the corner with a number of cribs with cords hanging from them, though Bryce couldn’t get a better look as her “Mommy” was quickly moving into the middle of the room to sake this new amazons hand.

“Ms. Mills it’s so nice to finally meet you,” The amazon said. “This must be little Bryce, she is such a cutie. Are you ready for all the fun your going to have here?” Bryce couldn’t tell if the amazon expected her to answer as many didn’t but she answered anyway in a sarcastic tone, “Loads.”

A quick swat on her padded butt made her yelp which was fallowed by, “Don’t be rude BeeBee.”

Their host laughed and asked Ms. Mills to sit, which she did setting Bryce on the ground at her feet. As the two amazons started talking Bryce quickly moved to the window showing the right side of the building, she needed to scope the area while she could and didn’t know how long her “Mommy” wouldn’t be watching her.

“Thank you for meeting with me Mrs. Jacobson, I am really hoping you can help,” Ms Mills began. “Bryce is a great girl, I love her but she is still a “free range” Little lets say. I only adopted her 3 weeks ago and in the time she has attempted to escape almost every day, I’m at my wits end.”

Nodding her head Mrs. Jacobson answered, “From the file you want to make her a baby but not to use hypnosis regression on her, is that correct?”

“Yes, while I could use hypnosis to regress her into a baby she wouldn’t be my little baby anymore. I still want my little BeeBee to be…herself but to accept being the baby she is and not always trying to run away, I want her to be happy with me. All the research I have read said I need to punish her into being a baby or regress her with hypnosis but I don’t want to hurt her. She has an energy, a fire about her and I’m afraid hypnosis would destroy who she is”

Mrs. Jacobson waiting for her newest customer to finish before speaking, “It is true we may be able to help, we are working on a new type of regression that will make a Little accept their life as babies without the need to use hypnosis to turn them into babies. However we haven’t completely finished it yet and are working on our first full test group. If you would like we can set her up as the last member of the group.”

This was why Jessica had come here in the first place, this was in her mind the last chance she had short of wiping BeeBee’s mind and making her a drooling, stinky baby. “What are the risks? What happens if it fails?”

Mrs. Jacobson sighed, “I won’t lie to you, if she fails there will be one of two outcomes. Either it will fail completely and nothing will change with how she is now or her mind will be wiped clean and all her memories and personality will be gone, she would be a clean slate. More or less what she would be if you used hypnosis on her.” She added.

Jessica looking out the window and down to all the Little’s in the play area. She wanted Bryce to be able to play with them and be happy, for them both to be happy. Right now Bryce wasn’t happy so she wasn’t happy. Bryce meanwhile was busy, she wasn’t paying to much attention to what the amazons were talking about. She knew this was about weak training her captor was sending her to so she would be a “good baby,” it was just another change to get away. Looking down onto the right side of the building the had a small play area along with many cribs with what looked like head phone on the sides, this didn’t bode well for her. In the corner there seemed to be a small rooms inside to room but the door was closed and she couldn’t see in. As she was looking down at the robo nanny getting the room ready she felt a sudden warmth in her crotch, it was clear her diaper was now wet. After a weeks of the milk she had been fed she figured she should be happy the only control problems she had now were wetting ones.

From the deck Jessica looked at her Little BeeBee looking down into the training area. She knew her baby was looking for a way out, and now she had no other choice. She looked up at Mrs. Jacobson and simply asked, “Where do I sign?”

Chapter 2: Test group

After the papers were signed Bryce and her “Mommy” had left. The following two days before the test started was like many of the days since she had kidnapped, fill with bottles, dirty diapers and lots of baby toys. Importantly they had been two near get away’s, one day she had been able to climb over the “Little fence” that was keeping her inside. However that didn’t end well as she made it outside right as a neighbor amazon was taking her Little for a walk, she only made it 1/4 of a block before she was picked up and taken back. Yesterdays had been much closer, the mall was an easy place to hide and get lost in if she could get away long enough. Sadly that wasn’t the case for her, while her captor had been shopping she had been able to climb down the shopping cart and away to safety; this time a store employee came around the corner right as she took off running. After yet another red bottomand a nights sleep it was finally the day she had been both dreading and looking forward to. Little Time Daycare seemed to have very light security for a daycare for Littles and figured this would be her best chance to get away.

As Bryce and her “Mommy” entered the lobby again they were quickly taken into the main daycare area. She was put down with four other Littles, it was clear they were the other test subject. Despite their diapered states they seemed to be the only Littles with any fire in their eyes still. The four other Littles were dressed as one would think for this daycare, the one and only boy of the group was naked save for his diaper while the blond and brunette girls both had on very short dresses and the red head was only in a t-shirt with a little baby devil on it and diaper all around. Bryce hoped that shirt wasn’t just for show as this girl might help her get out, or at the least be the fall girl.

As the amazons left the boy spoke in low tone, “Do any of you know what they are going to do to us?”

Bryce rolled her eyes, it was clear this boy would be the first stinky drool machine of the lot. “They want to turn of into babies like all amazons do what else do you need to know?” She harshly answered.

The boy looked a little hurt but the red devil girl quickly answered, “They want us to choose to be babies, it seems like a form of brainwashing. Hypnosis can make us act like babies but it’s just an act, we lost ourselves in the hypnosis and as such just become generic babies. They want us to not only choose to be babies but to be happy about it, to truly believe that a dirty diaper is a great feeling.” There was a silence for a few moments before she spoke again, “I’m Dolores by the way but you can just call me Dee.”

Most of the group got a look of depression on their faces, Bryce’s however was one of confusion. “Hold on, how could you possibly know all that?”

Dee had a strange look of confusion herself, “oh, I heard the amazons talking about it when they interviewed me. Every amazon picks a target age range they want us to be like and that’s what the “training” it meant to do.”

Bryce nodded her head, the girl was quick if she had been paying attention that much to the amazons conversation. She hadn’t bothered as it was the same everywhere she went didn’t know why here would be any different not that it mattered she would never choose to be a baby. Dee might be perfect to help her get away, but if she was to get away she would need help. “I’m Bryce by the way.”

“Jason,” the boy spoke. The blond explained her name was Susan and the brunette was Sam. After the pleasantries was exchanged Bryce wasted little time, “listen we all know what happens if we fail this test, we need to work together to break out at once. I have seen many daycare’s but this one is light on security, we can use that and get away.”

The blond rolled her eyes, “you would never made it past the front desk before the dumb teen girl stopped you.”

“That’s true but she can’t stop all of us, they have a low staff and wouldn’t be able to chase us all down. One of us would most likely not make it out but the rest of us would be free.” Bryce wanted them to understand that this was a once in a life time chance that they couldn’t pass up.

“I don’t like it, we should all get out together or not at all.” Sam said in some sad attempt at a “all for one” speech.

At this point Bryce was starting to get annoyed they all needed to be on the same page, “Look do you want to end up like all of those Littles?” She points to the rest of the room. “They are nothing but drooling, stinky babies and you don’t…” Her words trailed off. In the crowd of Little she saw him, or did she? Without thinking she quickly stood and waddled over to the boy across the room. As she came up to the boys side she didn’t need to see the brown stain on the seat of his diaper, the smell told her what she needed to know.

“Kyle!” she exclaimed. She pulled on his shoulder to look him in the eye, what she saw shook her to her core. Kyle was wearing nothing but a blue t-shirt and a diaper, extra thick crawler diaper at that. Drool dripping from his chin and a toothless smile on his face, he was a happy baby. Pain and anger filled Bryce’s body at once, she didn’t know if she was going to cry, puke or both; she was leaning for both.

At this point Dee had made her way over and was looking at the boy, “who’s he?” she asked in a half caring sort of way.

“He’s my husband, or was going to be…”

Chapter 3: The Life Once Lived

3 years earlier

College is hard for everyone, but for a Little it was so much worse. While Bryce had gotten into a college that accepted Littles they didn’t make it easy on her, or her boyfriend Kyle. Diapers were a must at all times, any Little in college had to wear a diaper at all times on campus. As long as they had their Little student badge they couldn’t be adopted no matter how wet or messy their diapers were, if they were on school grounds. This meant she was in a school dorm as it was counted as part of school grounds, if she lived off school grounds and attempted to go home with a messy diaper her student badge wouldn’t save her.
However, with all that doom and gloom Bryce was happy, the remarks from amazons on how cute she was only made her more confident. Her grades were great and with her least year of her balchlors degree only a few weeks away she was already looking forward to life after school. She had been working on her degree in psychology, the study of the mind was something she found very interesting and very helpful in a world that wanted you living your life as a mindless baby.
Lying in bed she could hear a lot of noise coming from the building next to her, most likely new Littles moving in or leaving, but even loud noises waking her up couldn’t ruin her mood. What had taken her mood to new heights was the night before, Kyle had really done it. He had asked Bryce to marry him, she hadn’t seen it coming but that hadn’t stopped her from saying yes. People say Littles have it hard, and while Bryce did believe that it was harder for Littles she believed that many must be too lazy. Everything in her live was going great so it could be great in every Littles life if only they worked hard and didn’t do anything stupid in public.

Although diapers weren’t something she liked, being with Kyle he made it seem unimportant, even kinky for her at times. Getting her boyfriend into bed and changing him had seemed to make something click inside her, she didn’t mind changing him and she loved when he changed her. Just the thought of it was getting her hot lying in bed, life was a pleasant dream that she believed he never had to wake up from.

With a loud bang, she heard the front door open, she believed it must have been Kyle since today was the last day of his summer course and it must have let out early. Climbing out of bed she made her way out of her room in nothing but her night shirt and wet diaper, if she had to wear diapers at night she figured might as well not worry about geting out of bed if you have to go. Upon turning the corner she saw Kyle who looked to be out of breath and wet from the summer rain storm.
“I’m so happy your safe, get your things we need to leave.” Kyle said between breaths.

Bryce looked at him confused for a moment, “I need to go to the office and get another badge for this semester as the old one runs out today, after then we can go anywhere…”

“Bryce they school no longer accepts Littles…”

For a long moment, she stared at him before all the pieces clicked in her mind, she was only kept from being adopted because of her school badge. The badge no longer mattered if the school didn’t accept Littles, so the noise that had woken her up wasn’t Littles moving out it was Little now on the run.
“We have to go, the other buildings already have amazons in them, as far as they’re concerned we are un-adopted Littles. Littles here were required to be diapered at all times, if any amazon catches us they are within their rights to adopt us on the spot.” Kyle voice was stern with a clarity and focus that she was both in awe of and scared of.

Without wasting anymore time she quickly turned back to her room and started grabbing her things, or at least what mattered most to her. After her backpack was filled he told her to lay down on the bed, wasting no time in changing her. The last thing they needed was an amazon smelling a wet diaper. With her baggiest pants on and jacket they made their way out into the rain. Although there was no gun fire show now believed she knew what a warzone looked like. There were amazons and Littles everywhere, Littles being stripped and changed right there in public like their years of college meant nothing. Some amazons had needles and regression pacifiers to calm the Littles down, Bryce even made a note of a tranquilizer rifle inon the hood of a car. To Bryce it felt like her school had put out a sign that said, “Little Hunting Season Now Open.”

They quickly hurried down the stairs and across the parking lot, a bus had pulled up and the amazons hadn’t notice the Little scrambling to get inside yet. They got to the back of the line as the buss quickly filled until it was Bryce and Kyles turn to get on, however as Bryce was about to get on she was pushed aside by another Little and her friends. There was no time to argue and she quickly started climbing on the buss, that’s when the in-betweener driver stopped them.

“Only got room for one more,” she said in an almost sad tone.

“Please you have to let us both on, we are the only ones left here,” Bryce pleaded.

The driver had a sad look on his face, “I’m sorry but if we are pulled over and we are over capacity police will put all the Littles in child services, which means one thing, adoption."

Suddenly she felt herself pushed up the steps bus, she turned and looked as the doors closed with Kyle on the other side. Bryce started screaming for the driver to open the door but he didn’t. Crying at Kyle that she couldn’t leave him she could hear him speaking through the glass. “I’ll meet you at your parents place tomorrow morning, I’ll call your cell if I’m going to be late. I lov…” Kyle was suddenly cut off as he hears foot steps behind him and was able to jump out of the way of an amazon attempting to grab him.

Bryce screamed while crying to stop the bus, but the driver wouldn’t. She watches Kyle avoiding the first amazon and then another joined in chasing him, just as the bus turned the corner Kyle had got the two amazon women to crash into each other as he made a break for it. Another Little helped Bryce up to the last open seat, all the while crying her eyes out wondering if she would ever see him again.

Chapter 4: Home Sweet Home

The bus ride had gotten her out of that part of the city to allow her to get on another bus to take her to her parent’s appartement. She had just spoken with her mother last week, but now they weren’t answering the phone. This wasn’t a shock as both her parents worked during the day and couldn’t answer their phones so she just left a message for them. She had badly wanted to call Kyle to make she he was safe but her better judgement told her not to. He could be hiding in a bush somewhere from an amazon and her calling could end up getting him caught. It would be best to wait until tomorrow, in the mean time she kept herself worrying about other things then Kyle. Her school no long accepted Littles but the school credits weren’t worthless she just needed to have them transfer school as soon as she found another that would accept a Little. The only issue was that the school had given her a scholarship since she couldn’t afford college. She might be able to find another school that she could get a scholarship for, her grades were amazing for a Little or amazon so finding another scholarship wouldn’t be hard finding a school to accept a Little would be. None of the colleges close to her parent’s place had accepted Littles that’s why she went to school a few hours away.
Bryce woke up some time later, this was the last bus on the way to her parent’s place. Her parents lived in a small 2 bedroom apartments on the edge of the city, the rent was low and as such the landlords took anyone who would rent even Littles. At least the rain had let up now as she got off the bus, it was already past time for her parents to be home so there was no reason to call them. She walked the block to the apartment which was across from the city park, on the front door there was a note that read “Under New Management.” Despite this Bryce found herself smirking, her father had always told her, “Don’t Trust Amazons." "They are only out for themselves.” The management changing happened in a place she lived was normal, always meant rant was going up. Going in the door she sighed a bit of relief, she was looking forward to her father’s complaints about amazon now that he had his rent bumped up. Anything to keep your mind off Kyle was a good thing for her.

Turning the corner, she stopped dead in her tracks, there was a red paper on the door to her parent’s apartment which read “EVICTION NOTICE” across the top. Reading down the box next to unpaid rent was check marked. That made no sense their rent would have been due the day after she spoke with her mother. Quickly she went to the door and started knock, with no answer. She started fishing through her backpack looking for her key she still had. She pulled out her phone and started calling her mother’s phone as she opened the door. In the dark, she could hear her mother’s phone and quickly moved to turn the lights on.
The door shut as the lights turned on and her growing feeling of dread had taken hold completely. Her parents clothing was scattered across the floor, her mother cell phone was with them. On the in table there was a small container of baby powder and an unused diaper. Her parents didn’t keep any diapers in the house or baby powder, as her father had said DTA. If you let an amazon into your house and they see those things it could be it for you. She went to call her father, hoping maybe they were still safe only to hear his phone go off in the pair of pants on the ground. It was too much for her to take and what little food was in her stomic made its way back out her mouth and all over the floor. She couldn’t stop herself and crying her eyes out, in one day she felt like her whole world died.

Leaning against the wall the need to go to the bathroom returned, she had been holding it until she got home. She may have still been in a diaper from when she left school but she didn’t need it, she didn’t want to use it. She couldn’t seem to find the strength to stand and in that moment let it all go. Her crotch started to warm and she let the days worth of drinks make their exit. The seat of her diaper started to crinkle as the warm mush filled the seat. Tears kept rolling down her cheeks, “Is this what they want us all to be? Is this what you were turned into?” Sitting in her own mess she pulled her legs up and just let her emotions go.

After a while she finally felt herself all cried out, and knew she couldn’t stay here. She quickly went to the bathroom and cleaned herself off and took a shower, water seemed to help wash away everything even if it was just an illusion. Exiting the bathroom, she took the extra diaper and powder and got dressed again, even if she didn’t need diapers the idea of wearing the mother’s panties just seemed…. gross. Back in the living room she went through her parents’ phones, there was a number of missed calls from their works dating back to 4 days ago. There was some number she didn’t know also, the number was on both her parent’s phones though she dared not call the number. On the coffee table there was a letter from the new management, it said that the building no longer would accept Little or In-Betweener tenants effective immediately. This explained what happened to her parents was what happened to her, the rules had been changed right out from under them and now they were most likely stuck filling their pants somewhere. Her father had been right all along, you can’t trust amazons.

Staying inside the apartment hadn’t been her plan but with the rain starting again it wasn’t worth the risk leaving. She locked the front door and turned off most of the lights to make it look like no one was there. Taking a pillow and a blanket she curled up in the walk-in closet and finally got some sleep.

It was around 5 am when she awoke, getting out of the closet she could see the sun would soon be coming up. She quickly went to the bathroom and gathered everything of her parents she wanted to keep and got ready to leave. As she was heading to the door she took a picture that showed the three of them at her 16th birthday, a lump in the back of her throat had to be forced down so she didn’t start crying again. The dirty diaper from yesterday sat next to the door, she had planned to take it to the dumpster when she left. Reaching down she picked up her own balled up dirty diaper with her free hand still holding the picture in the other. Looking at the diaper her sadness slowly turned to anger, and then rage; what they had done to her what they had done to her family. With all the force she could muster she threw the dirty diaper against the wall, causing it explode and send her own waste all over the walls and floor. With a determined look in her eye she unlocked the door quickly, checked to make sure no one was in the hall and left. If they wanted to turn her life to shit, then they could clean it up.

She quickly left her parents former place and went to get coffee, she was going to need it while she waited for Kyle. The coffee stand was run and owned by an in-betweener which is why she had always gone there, the owner called her over as she got her coffee. “Bryce, I haven’t see you in years how have you been?” The man asked with a look of joy on his face.

She was able to give him a week smile, “Not so good Roger, when was the last time you saw my mother?” Knowing her mother would stop by almost everyday for coffee.

Rogers face dropped like a brick, “I…almost a week ago I saw an amazon taking two Little out of your parent’s apartment building. The girl wasn’t wearing anything but a diaper, at first, I thought it was your mother but I kept telling myself it wasn’t. If you’re asking I’m guessing it was…” They were both silent for a moment before he added, “I’m sorry.”

“Thanks Roger, it’s good to know something at least. Take care of yourself.” Before she could turn to leave Roger stopped her and handed her a large roll of cash. Bryce was about to refuse when Roger stopped her. “Just take it and get far away from here, I don’t want to lose another friend. The laws around here change to fast, and unlike me there is nothing to protect you. Get away from here and have a good life, and most of all don’t look back.” Roger said wiping away one tear from her face.

Bryce made her way to the bus stop that was within view distance of her parent’s old apartment building. She would be able to see Kyle from there and could come up and surprise him. As the hours past waiting she started to get worried and by noon she had finally waited long enough to call him. The phone just rang and rang until it went to voice mail. She let the phone slide down her ear into the lap where she hung up. Kyle had never missed a phone call from her, ever. It didn’t matter if he was on the toilet or getting changed he always answered. She had no more tears, no more sobs she just sat there numb from head to toe starting at the door. Noon turned to two pm, then four and finally the sun was going down, when the street lights turn on she looked at her phone, its battery almost dead from all the calls to Kyle without answer. Finally, she stood from the bench and walked down the street until she was standing in front of their meeting place, she placed her hand to her lips then placing her hand on the door. “Good bye,” she whispered under her breath as she turned to walk down the street.

Chapter 5: Old Wounds

Three Weeks Ago

The last three years of her life had changed Bryce more than even she wanted to admit. The first weeks after everything had happened she had blamed herself, that if only she had been faster or called her mother more she would have saved them. In the end however she knew it wasn’t her fault, even the Littles that had pushed her out of the way on the bus she couldn’t blame. They had been looking out for themselves and if her and Kyle had gotten on one of them would have ended up in diaper land. It was a world of every Little for themselves, she didn’t dislike other Littles like she did amazons she just understood that sometimes sacrifices had to be made to survive.

Just the day before when she got off the buff she was walking down the street next to another Little, who she didn’t know when a random amazon stopped them both. “Aren’t you two so cute, is your mommy around here?”

Before the other Little could say or do anything Bryce covered her nose and yelled, “Eww, your poopy.” The other Little face twisted into shock, fear and confusion all at once. The amazon quickly scooped the Little up to check, and while the Little was busy attempting to get free Bryce made her way quickly down the street and out of sight. “Every Little for themselves,” she thought.

She had gotten a job ironically at a adopted Little supply store in the mall, she believed it was better to hide in plain sight. The shelves were large and deep and many times amazons couldn’t reach to the back, but Bryce could crawl down the shelf and moves things to the front. The biggest gain from being a Little working in a store for adopted little was no fear of being adopted. For one, her workers badge worked through the whole mall. This meant she could do her shopping without fear as long as she had her badge on. Second reason was how helpful she was, at least once a week a Litttle would get away from their “Mommy” and would need to be found before they got away. This was her strongest role, a Little would run from an amazon but not another Little. All she had to do was find them and let their “Mommy” know, the Littles either had no clue she had tattled on them or soon wouldn’t have the IQ to remember anyway.

It was her day off and the sound of her phone receiving a text pulled her away from her fridge where she was attempting to figure out her breakfast. It was strange for her to get texts; her work would call from time to time but they didn’t text.

I don’t know if you still have this number but please you have to help, your father and I need you. We will be at the park across from our old place around noon, please hurry.

Bryce put her phone down on the table and walked to the window. Could it really be her parents? It had been three years, why now? The questions filled her mind, and with no answers to go on she had to make a choice. Her life was a stable one, maybe a little empty as she hadn’t had a friend since everything happened but it was sable. She pondered on the question for a while, to go or not? In the end, she came to only one truth, if she didn’t go and see she would never be able to live with herself knowing she had a chance to make things right. She couldn’t be stupid about this, if she was it could be the end for her and her parents. She didn’t want to respond, that could be a bigger risk then not answering. The number looked familiar to her but she couldn’t remember when or where she saw it. Bryce could only conclude two outcomes as to why her parents would contact her, first was that they had gotten away and needed to find someplace safe. The other was that their new “Mommy” was going to be taking them to the park and they wanted her to help them get away. In either case she needed to be able to be in the park but not have anyone suspect why she why a random Little was walking around the park.

She quickly went into her closet and got everything she would need for the undercover operation. In her closet, she pulled out baggy clothing for her parents if they were dressed like babies to help get them out of the area. The other part of her bag had a very thick diaper made for a baby just passed the crawler stage which would give her a very large waddle. Sometimes packages would be broken or damage and it would be written off and tossed, she had manage to snag a few things just in case. With any luck, she would arrive at the playground area in the park and be able to blend in with the babies and Littles. If her parents were dressed like adults and on the run she could take off the diaper and get her parents out of there and if they were being treated as babies it would allow her to get close without drawing attention.

Without any time to lose she grabbed her things and went to the bus. Though she had moved a few towns over she wasn’t too far away, thus the bus ride would get her there in plenty of time. It was almost 11:30 by the time she got to the park and there was already a good number of babies and Littles at the playground that she could slip in unnoticed. One side of the play area there was a row of bushes that belt around the playground area which would make a great cover for her to change. Once she was behind the bushes she quickly started to strip herself down; shirt, pants, bra, panties and even her socks and shoes. She pulled out the insanely thick diaper and a small bottom of baby powder, the diaper was the thickest she had ever have had on and wondered why anyone would buy these. She attempted to tape it in such a way that she would be able to slide it off when she was ready.

Standing was extremely strange as the diaper was meant for a baby or Little that was still 75%-80% a crawler so it wasn’t meant for her to be walking or running in. She quickly put on the pink princess shirt on that only covered the top of her diaper. Her father had always told her not to trust amazons, and since she couldn’t trust them she would have to fool them. The clothing was something no self respecting Little would ever put on themselves and as such no one would think she was anything more then a dumb baby. With nothing on but a t-shirt and a think diaper she was ready to go.

Putting her clothes and phone in her backpack she slid it under the bush, no one find it unless they knew it was there. With that she quickly made her way around into the play area without any of the amazons noticing her joining in. The play area was sand and it was warm on her feet, made it a little slower to move but on the plus side it seemed to help her from falling over in her diaper. She went around to each Little on the play ground looking for her parents, but all the while making it look like she was just a mindless baby like the other Littles. As an amazon started walking toward her she got scared at first until a Little boy behind her yelled, “Mommy.”

Bryce quickly put half her hand in her mouth and let the drool run down her hand and onto her shirt. The amazon looked right at Bryce as she picked up the boy, “Aren’t you a cutie, I bet you a lot happier without those big girl thoughts in your head?”

“More in my head then yours, dumbass” Bryce thought to herself and the amazon moved off with the Little.

It was clear that her parents weren’t any of the Little in the play area, she was able to see most of the park from the play area so she would know when they arrived. As time passed more Littles and their amazons came and left, along with others in the park such as Littles and In-Betweeners. After another amazon had comment on her cuteness she felt the need to pee, while being a Little in a wet diaper was bad it would be suspect if a baby Little like her was dry for too long. After finding a spot where the amazons couldn’t see she was able to calm herself enough to let go and flood her diaper. It had been 3 years since she last wore or used a diaper so she wasn’t shocked it took some doing. However the crawler diaper was even worse when it was wet and walking was almost impossible, so she sat down in the sand pretending to be playing with it while keeping a “mindless” eye on everyone coming and going.

It wasn’t long before another amazon came into the area with a stroller for two. The amazon stopped and pulled the Littles out of the stroller, though Bryce couldn’t get a good view as they were on the other end of the playground. The amazon took the girl and plopped her on the ground with another Little girl that had a bucket she was playing with. “Ok Emmy, you play here and Mommy will feed your brother while we wait for your little sister.” the amazon pulls up the girls shirt and pull open the back of her diaper, “I’ll change you after your brother is fed sweetie.”

Bryce crawled her way around the jungle jim to the new girl. I wasn’t long before she was standing behind the new Little, though she couldn’t see the amazon as she was blocked from view by the jungle jim. The smell of the girls diaper was like a nightmare, and that was coming from someone who worked in a store with dirty Littles. She gently pulled on the girls shoulder to get her to turn, and as she did, Bryce’s jaw dropped. It was her mother.

Her mother was sitting in the sand in a dirty diaper and the same pink princess t-shirt and crawler diaper she had on. Her mother had a vacant look on her face as drool dripped from her chin. “Mom, you in there?” Bryce waved her hand trying to keep her voice down. “Mom snap out of it we have to go,” Bryce was running out of time and her mother was just out of it. This didn’t make sense, did her mother get caught sending the text message? As Bryce was thinking her mother had been playing with the sand in he hands this whole time, and suddenly flung her hands in the air like the happy baby she was and got sand right in her daughters eye.

“DAMN IT MOM!” Bryce yelled without thinking. Suddenly alarms were going off in her head as her mother starting crying you eyes out.

“Emmy whats wrong?” The amazon called as she walked over to her along with another amazon who was coming to pick up her daughter.

Bryce had crawled her diaper off, or wished she had to get around the jungle jim in time from being seen. The amazon with the Little girl that wasn’t her mother picked up her own Little. “I hope your Little girl’s alright, she has been a good girl all day.”

The amazon holding her mother sounded confused for a moment, “all day?” “Oh, yes she is well behaved isn’t she? Such a cute little stinker.”

As the extra amazon walked away Bryce made sure she wasn’t seen, all the while keeping an eye on her mother and her mothers new “Mommy.”

“It looks like your little sister is already here sweetie, let’s find out.” The amazon pulled out a cell phone soon held it to her ear. It was a moment later that the phone in Bryce’s backpack started ringing. However the backpack was in the bush on the other side of the playground and she would have to pass the amazon to get to it. However the amazon had not missed the sound and quickly put her mother down and went over to the bush.

It was at that moment it click, it was all a trap. Somehow the amazon had gotten her number and tricked her to come back for her parents. Bryce was quickly backing up out of the play area keeping her eyes on her mother’s captor. Everything she needed was in there, her ID, money, clothing, cell phone and even her workers pass so she didn’t get adopted on the job. Didn’t work outside of the mall but a badge that said “No Adoption” on it did help. Bryce knew at that moment things couldn’t get any worse and knew she had to get out of there and turned to waddle run as fast as she could.

She should have looked where she was going as she ran right into someone as she turned around and without thinking opened her mouth, “watch where your going.” Looking up at an amazon in a jogging outfit. Bryce looked at her once and took off down the path away from the playground which was blocked from view by the bushes. She only made it a few waddles before the amazon caught her. “Let me down I’m not a baby.”

“That’s up for debate, your in a wet crawler diaper that no adult Little would ever wear themselves.” the women held Bryce by her armpits and looked her right in the eyes. “I bet your one of those Littles that want to be a baby but is scared of getting a bad mommy, well your in luck sweetie; so whats your name, you can call me Mommy.”

“Bryce, now will you let me down I’m not a baby and I don’t want to be a baby.” Bryce kept struggling to get free as another amazon walked up with a stroller.

“She has a lot of energy, she must be newly adopted.” the passer by asked.

“You have no idea, maybe about 2 min ago,” her new “Mommy” answered.

" Congratulations she is a cute one that’s for sure. Here this will help for new babies."

Bryce suddenly found herself being cradled in this women’s arm as a pacifier was shoved in her mouth. There was a strange taste to it, not a bad taste just…strange. She felt warm allover as her eyelid suddenly felt extremely heavy and she past out in her new Mommy’s arms.

Chapter 6: Foundation

“Your husband…?” Dee asked as bryce was clearly lost in her own memories.

“Ya,” she answered slowly. “He proposed when we were in college, he sacrificed himself to get me out when the school stopped accepting Littles.”

All the emotions came flooding back to Bryce at once, her pain, sadness and anger all at a boiling point. She didn’t want to just escape she wanted to make every amazon pay for the pain that they had caused her and all the other Littles. That idea, like her old life was a dream; at least for the moment. She swallowed hard and took a breath, this wouldn’t break her; she had already been broken nothing could be worse then what she has already felt.

Bryce quickly turned on her heels and went back to sit down in the same spot they had been to start with. Like sheep the others followed her and sad down. “Dee, what else do you know what the test?” Bryce asked, knowing the more she knew the better her chances.

“What do you want to know I’ve already been through it once?” Dee answer matter-a-factly

“Wait, I thought if you failed the test your mind is wiped clean. How can you still know how to talk if you already went through it.”

Dee signed before she spoke, “not always. Sometimes the test is complete failure and it doesn’t do anything at all, like with me but no one has made it more then two rounds.” Dee shrugged and added, “or so I’ve been told.”

“Isn’t this the first test?” Bryce asked

“This is the first full test, the last test I was in was just the foundation. Others here have been in different parts of the test.” Dee looked nervice as if she wanted to say more, “I think, Kyle was it? I believe one of the amazons said he was in their first ever test, not sure what was done though that was before my time.”

“So whats this foundation part you were in?” wanting to change the subject off Kyle for her own sake.

“It’s what our Mommy’s,” Dee stopped for a moment. “Sorry, what our captors want us to be in the end. Mine wants me to be around two years old, able to walk but not yet a toddler; a classic baby. The goal I guess is to get us to want to be like that in the end and feel that is our natural state.”

“How does it work?” Bryce needed every bit of information she could get.

“How the hell would I know that!” Dee snapped. “I don’t know how this hypnosis or subcontious stuff works!”

The group was silent for a moment, “sorry I didn’t mean…”

“Alright everyone who’s ready to begin?” Bryce’s apology was shut short.

Two amazons and a Robo nanny picked up the 5 Littles and moved them to the other side of the daycare. When they got into the room it was alot like the other side but with 5 cribs in a row and each crib had one of their names on the side, along with a clip board. Each little was place in their cribs but was facing the amazons in the middle of the room.

“Alright everyone, since 4 of you are new we are going to go over everything. This might seem strange since you all babies but it’s important you all understand how much we are trying to help you. My name is Michelle and I’m be you with you through the whole test, you can Call me Ms. M, Nanny or Nanny Michelle.” Announced the rather chipper young amazon.

Bryce believed she could smell the load of crap even from her crib and knew it wasn’t coming from a diaper. She knew this wasn’t for the Littles it was about the amazons, always was and always would be.

“You’re all unhappy,” the amazon started. “We want to help make you all happy again. We still want you t be you, and help make you happy with yourselves.” A thud was heard from Bryce slamming her head into the top rail on he crib, having to listen to this mindless self help class was torture. “BeeBee don’t do that you’ll hurt yourself sweetie.”

“Well let’s get started and see where everyone is going to be at.” The amazon started with the only one in the group with an outy instead of an inny. “Jason dear, your mommy want you to be a walker. Your a baby that is just at the cusp of being a full toddler. That diaper is a little think for your status but we can just get you a walker diaper when you get changed.”

“Moving down the line, Dee your mommy still wants you to be an advanced crawler and starting to walk, still just her little baby.” The amazon moved to Bryce, this was going to be good. The amazon looked confused for a moment, “Well BeeBee it seems your mommy wants you to be a crawler but that’s it, she made it very clear she wants you to keep your teeth. Your diaper is thick enough as long as it doesn’t leak.” She said before moving on. Bryce let out a sigh, she almost felt for a moment she should thank her “mommy,” almost.

“Let’s see here, Susan your mommy want you to be a infant. Just over a newborn, I’m sure you will love your tummy time.” The amazon smiled, which contrasted to the look of horror on Susan face. “Oh dear that diaper is much to thin, it just won’t do. Nanny please change Susan into the thickest diaper we have and keep a log, those are the only diapers she is to be wearing she wont need to be walking or crawling anymore.” With that Susan was picked up and taken to the changed table.

“Finally we come to little Sammy your mommy wants to be be a toddler, a little older then Jason. She wants you to be able to be potty trained but to never have it done. I think it’s cute how your mommy just wants her little girl to be diaper no matter her age.” Giggled the amazon as she walked back to the other amazon.
Susan was put back in her crib but her diapers were too think for her to stand and found herself flat on her butt. Bryce saw Susan looking for at Sam, she she swear she could hear Susan say, “Lucky bitch.” Though it was a good think the amazons didn’t hear.

“Alright everyone it’s cartoon time.” the amazon said scooping up Susan and Sam, while the other amazon got Dee and Jason and the Robo got Bryce. Bryce figured it was because of her history of getting free. All of them made there way into the small room in the back. In the room there was five high chairs and something hanging over each of them. Each Little was strapped into his or her chair as the wall in front of them opened to show a large tv screen. After they were strapped into their chairs they all found their hands now bound to the tray in front of them.

Hearing a noise above 5 headphones dropped from the ceiling. “Since everyone is in a different age group we will need to use the headphones.” The Michelle explained to the younger amazon helper. The headphones weren’t simply headphones they kept her from turning her head away and shaking it off. As the headphone came everything when silent, it was as if she heard nothing but her own breathing wearing them. Out of the corner of her eye Bryce could see the door into the shut. As the music started Bryce knew at once what they would be watching, but didn’t see the point; a moment later the shows title flashed on the screen.

“Little RugRats”

Chapter 7: Make a Break for it

“So good,” Bryce thought. “I don’t know why but the milk tasted so good for some reason. Little RugRats have never seemed so interesting bef…”

Bryce realized she had finally come to her senses. She remembered entering the room, and the head sets come down but that’s about it. When did they unlatch her hands? When did she get this bottle? How long had it been there? She squeezed her legs together and found her diaper completely soaked, she figured it had been a while. About the time she finished her bottle the show ended and the lights in the room came on. Michelle came in with Robo and started removing the headphones while the Robo nanny started taking the littles out to be changed.

Bryce did want out of the soaking wet diaper, though she really wanted some more of that milk. All the Littles were stripped when they were changed, each girl was dressed in a pink shirt and diaper; Jason got the same but his shirt was blue. Once everyone was dressed the Littles would put in the play area.

“You all play for a little bit while we get lunch ready,” Michelle said. Bryce was more confused how it could be lunch time if they just had their bottles, how long was she out for? Before leaving the amazon picked up a stuffed bear and handed it to Bryce. “Here, you play with Mr. Stuffy while we’re gone.”

Bryce look at the bear in her hand as the amazon left, she pulled it back to throw it as the amazon but didn’t. It wouldn’t do any good and the bear didn’t deserve it. She put the bear between her legs and looked at her cell mates. “What the hell happened in there, I don’t remember anything?”

Sam and Susan both shook their heads, clearly not knowing anything themselves. Even Dee didn’t have much to say, “It was the same as last time, no one remembers.”

“I remember,” Jason said, though it was slurred like a baby or drunk person was talking.

“Ya, but we didn’t end up with a lisp,” Bryce looked sideways at Jason who simply stuck his tongue out. Not in a way to be rude but to show us, he had teeth marks on his tongue.

“I focused on the pain, so I remember everything. I remember watching some of those episodes when I was a kid. Though I don’t remember all the extra voices.” It was really hard to understand him with the lisp but Bryce was getting used to it.
“Extra voices?” Sam, Susan and Bryce all asked at once.

“It was in the background, I could make it out when the characters weren’t talking. If you weren’t listening for it you wouldn’t hear it.”
Bryce’s college days made her believe they were trying to affect the subconscious, in some way. This did seem to confirm the belief of brainwashing. Now she suddenly wished she had taken a class on brainwashing, if there even was such a thing.

It was at that moment that Bryce realized no one was watching them and that the amazons and the Robo nanny had all left. Before she could point this out Susan said in a hushed voice, “Listen if you still want to get out I’ll help but I’m not going to make it.”

This broken Bryce concentration, thus she and the others were all looking at Susan. “They are going to make me only able to sit up, and I won’t lie even now I feel a great want to lay down, I’m not sure I can even crawl."

“That’s stupid I’m sure you can,” Bryce said waddling over to Susan. To her credit it seemed to take a lot of effort on her part to be on all 4 fours, and she did take a set, or a crawl/step.

"I’ll never make it to the door let alone down the street.” It was clear she was choking back tears, “use me as a decoy.”

Everyone was silent for a second, which was enough time for Bryce to finish her plan. With only two doors out of the room one lead straight to the lobby and out the front door. “Alright this is what we’ll do, that door leads to the lobby and then outside, there is only one amazon there. Susan that will be your job, we will make a “Little Ladder” to get to the door handle. When the door swings in, stick your head out for the amazon to see you. When she comes to get you, we will run past and head for the door.”

“Bryce we can’t just leave…” Sam was cut off.

“You have to, I don’t think I can stand let alone run." Susan stopped and looked at them all. "Just make me a promise, if you all get out take a shot of rum for me; it’s was my favorite.” Susan said wiping a tear from her cheek.

Without saying anything else the 5 of them nodded and of moved to the door. Bryce, still with bear in hand got on her hands and needs to be the bottom, with Dee being in the middle and Sam going up top as she had the best motor control at the moment. This was a good thing as Jason was helping Susan get across the room to the floor. Once Susan was in position Bryce whispered, “do it.” Which was then spread to Dee and Sam pulled the handle down.

Sam had only just cracked the door open and she quickly climbed down, Jason pushed Susan into the doorway enough to be seen. With a coy smile Susan looked at the amazon at the front desk and said, “hasta la vista baby!”

Bryce lowered her head slapping the palm of her hand to her face at how utterly stupid that one liner was. “Sweetie you can’t come out here,” they all heard the young amazon say. As the door start to open from the amazon pushing it, they saw that Susan being picked up they all made a break for it. At that moment, all hell broke loose.

As Bryce and the others ran through the door heading for the exit a very loud alarm went off through the building. Susan for her credit started crying again squirming keeping the amazon busy trying not to drop her. The four diapered Littles extremely quickly waddle ran to the glass down to their freedom. Bryce noticed a handicap button higher up that could open the door but there was no time for that. Bryce hit the door but it was much heavier then she though and all four of them found themselves suck trying to push the door open.
With the alarms and Susan crying it was hard to think, Bryce look down the length of the door to see the others and yell, “ON 3. ONE, TWO…. THREE!” With everything she had she pushed to open the door, even with the bear still in hand, it started to move for a second then stopped. As she was pushing the alarm suddenly stopped, and with her out of breath she looks at the others.

Sam and Dee had stupid vacant smiles on their faces, looking behind them she should see both their diapers had expanded an extreme amount. It was at that point Bryce noticed the tube-like arm of the Robo nanny coming out of the back of Sam’s diaper. Bryce quickly attempted to turn around but a hand was keeping her facing the door.

She felt someone long and metal enter the back top of her diaper, and a moment later the biggest pile of mush started fill the back of her diaper. Looking at the others Sam and Dee dropped onto their diapered butts with a loud squish as her own diaper was filling up. She could smell something, it smell like her own dirty diaper but, in a nice way? She didn’t understand, but she didn’t have too. The warm mush felt so nice on her bottom, the warmth seem to spread through her body like pure joy. She wasn’t sure when the tube was removed but when she fell back on her bottom and felt everything squish against her, she could think of only one word to describe it, joygasm.

Chapter 8: Mushy Joy

“Magan Jacobson tot he front desk, Megan Jacobson to the front desk.” blasted out of the intercom, follow by Mrs. Jacobson walking through the lunch area pointer to her.

“Here comes the airplane,” Michelle said turning back to Bryce as she shoved another spoon full of mush into her mouth. The taste of apples wasn’t bad and she was rather enjoying it, at least it was until she came back to herself. As Michelle began scaping the last of the mush onto the spoon Bryce was able to see she was in the lunchroom with everyone else, though the test subjects were kept apart from the rest. As the last spoon full was shoved in her mouth Bryce suddenly saw Kyle, he was lying in an amazon’s arms being breastfed? She was disturbed that Kyle would ever do something like that, well with anyone but her at least. She wasn’t sure if she was angry he was doing it or jealous he wasn’t doing it to her.

Michelle wiped Bryce’s face clean and had her bib was removed. “Here you play with Mr. Stuffy while I get the others fed.”

Bryce looked at the bear, it now had a diaper on just like hers. She took the bear from the amazon at glared at it. Wiggling her own bottom, she could feel she was still in a mushy diaper, though the smell was gone now. She looked at the diaper on the bear and said, “At least yours is clean.”

The amazon had left a bottle on her tray, and she did feel thirsty. One drop and it lightened her mood, it tasted great like the last milk she had. Bryce looked over at and saw Sam to her left with a bottle in her mouth, though she still looked kind of out of it. Jason on her right though had finished his bottle and looked normal, well as normal as an adult in a diaper can look.

“Your back?” Jason asked.

“Let me guess, tongue action again?” Jason just nodded. “Michelle picked me up right as you said three, you might not have had enough force to open the door.” It was at that moment Bryce noticed she didn’t see Dee with them.

“Where’s Dee?” She asked, Jason’s face looked grim.

“I don’t know, when you were all…let’s say out of it they asked who’s idea it was and Dee said “Me” with a grin on her face. I don’t know if she was trying to take the fall or if her mind was too far gone to know what she was saying. They took her up the elevator and we haven’t seen her since.” Bryce looked down at the bottle and put in her mouth, at least the milk was good.

“Look it’s not your fault Dee’s…”

Bryce cut him off, “She knew the risks, we all did.’

Jason seem look at her for a second then turned his head and looked at the other Littles eating. Bryce put the bottle back in her mouth, wondering if what she said was too far. It was true, but sometimes people didn’t like to be reminded of the truth. Still, even she felt a bad saying it. If Dee came back as a mindless poop machine that would be two of their group that had sacrificed or been wiling to themselves for the group. Bryce knew deep down she wouldn’t have done that for them, and she hated herself for it. Sitting in a messy diaper in a high chair drinking from a bottle was a strange time to start questioning herself, and she needed to be hard as steel to get out of this.

After Susan was done being fed and cleaned up all four of the testers were taken back to their side of the daycare and placed down in the play area. Feeling the mush in her diaper smash against her should have disgusted her but it didn’t. Whatever the stuff was it didn’t seem to want to leave her diaper and it retained heat well so it didn’t seem to became cold and clamming the way a “real” pile would. After they were all on the ground the door to the lunchroom opened again, it was the Robo nanny with Dee in her arms, and she was crying hard. From the red around her diaper it looked like she had gotten a really bad spanking. The Robo didn’t put Dee on her bottom but on her stomach in the play area before leaving.

Everyone gathered around the crying Dee. “Dee are you ok?” Jason asked through his lisp. However, Dee didn’t answer, she just kept crying.

“Susan come on Dee, you can’t be gone…” Susan tears started to fall

“Her brains just a pile of sticky mush,” Bryce reached around and pushed the mush against her butt. “Just like her diaper.”

“I’M NOT A MINDLESS BABY YOU BITCH!” Dee shouted, swing her arms at Bryce trying to get a good shot in.

Bryce just laughed, “See, she’s fine.” It took a moment but everyone started laughing. The amazons would have been happy if they were watching seeing them all laughing like that.

“None of us are getting out are we…?” Sam said as the laughing was dying down.

There was long moment of silence. “What was that mush?” Sam blushed “It felt…well…”

“Orgasmic!” Susan blurted out. This sent Jason into a coughing fit like he was going to die, Bryce didn’t think he had ever been with a girl let alone listen to them talk.

“It was like a joy high for me, I can’t remember the last time I felt that good.” Bryce lied, she could name the day she had felt that. The day Kyle purposed, but that was a life time ago now.

By this time Dee had calmed herself down. “It’s done to make you want to poop your pants. Since you all came back to your senses have any of you even wanted to be changed?” This question caused all the Littles to blush, it was clear none had even thought about it. Bryce had noticed she didn’t mind it, would pooping herself feel the same? She didn’t remember it feeling like that before. She had to shake the image from her mind, it was the game they were playing and she wasn’t going to lose.

Dee sighed, “don’t worry about it, the first test I was in three of the Littles started begging for it after the first time.”

“You mean your only other test,” Bryce just loved pushing Dee’s buttons

"well…"Dee shrugged, “ya.”

“Well I didn’t think it was that good, you’ll need to gain some control like me.” Jason said proudly trying his best not to lisp from it.

Sam just narrowed her eyes at Jason, “That doesn’t count you just…”

“Oh, Jason sweetie are you ok we heard you coughing,” Michelle said cutting Sam off, while picking Jason up at the same time. “Let’s see back of your throat, open up please.” Jason did no such thing, he was worried about what they would do if they saw his tongue.

When Jason wouldn’t open up he was assault by a vicious tickle attack which caused him to laugh and the amazon to put her fingers in his mouth. “Oh dear, you made a big boo boo on your tongue.” The amazon reached into her pocket and pulled out a pacifier with a cap over the nipple. She removed the cap and forced the pacifier into his mouth, at first he was trying to push it out but after a few moments he stopped.

“You have been such a good boy today Jason, you didn’t even cry from your boo boo. I think we can let the Evil plans Dee got you involved in slide. As a reward, you get a little extra cartoon time.” With that the amazon turned to take Jason inside the room. As he was going in he had a look of horror on his face as if he was pleading for their help. Jason didn’t want to go in and started screaming and squirming to get away. As the amazon unlocked the door she called to the Robo, “Nanny, please set little Jason up for some cartoon line. He’s a level 4.”

They could all hear Jason’s crying screams until the door shut, and all they heard was dead silence.

Chapter 9: Bear necessities

“What the hell is level 4,” Bryce whispered.

Dee answered without hesitation, “His age level. 1 is infant like Susan, 2 is baby like you, I’m a 3 which is crawler, he’s a walker so 4 and Sam’s a full toddler for 5.”
As they were all staring at the door Jason had just gone through, Sam couldn’t stop staring that the bear Bryce was still holding. “Bryce why are you still holding that bear?”

“Mr. Stuffy?” Bryce looked down to see she was still holding the bears hand. “They keep giving him to be, I don’t know why.”

Sam raised an eyebrow, “You were holding it when we were trying to get away, you even just called him Mr. Stuffy.”

Bryce looked at the bear for a moment and then threw the stupid bear across the room. “It’s just a stupid bear.” She smirked.

Sam turned to Susan and started asking her about the feeling from the mush in their diapers. Bryce however had her head turned staring at Mr. Stuffy on the other side of the room, suddenly feeling emotions she hadn’t felt in years she swallowed hard and turned back to the others.

By this time the Robo nanny and Michelle had come over to them. “Alright girls I think it’s time for a nap before your mommies come get you.”

Bryce was put in her crib first, followed by Susan and Dee and finally Sam. It was strange that they weren’t being changed even now, who knew how much time had passed if it was almost time to leave. Bryce had something else on her mind however, from the moment she was put in her crib Bryce couldn’t stop herself from staring at Mr. Stuffy it was very strange. She wanted him back, but for the life of her she couldn’t understand why. Clearly her attention hadn’t gone unnoticed when the amazon why put Sam in her crib cam over, “oh BeeBee, where’s Mr. Stuffy?” Looking around she quickly picked the bear and put it in her crib, which made the lump in Bryce’ throat disappear.

Sam glaring at her through the crib bars, “it wasn’t me they got him, I mean it, they put it in here.” Bryce explained, which Sam just rolled her eyes and sat down.
Bryce grabbed Mr. Stuffy as the Robo nanny started putting the headphone on their heads. These didn’t keep them from moving their heads but it was set up so that couldn’t take them off. After all the headphones were set up the Robo came around and put a pacifier in each of their mouths, then turned the lights off. From inside the headset Bryce could her the amazon say, “Have a nice nap;” as soft lullaby music started playing. In no time at all Bryce was out cold.

It was dark, cold and raining. Bryce could feel herself running, running as hard as she could. The rain was beating down on her and making her clothing heavy, so heavy she couldn’t stand so she started crawling. At first she didn’t know what she was running from, just black figures in the night. As the figures took shape she knew what they were, amazons. She kept crawling and crawling as fear took over, she could even feel herself peeing while she was crawling. Finally, she turned the corner and slammed into someone. The Little she ran into was sitting on the around in a dirty diaper, as she turned it was her mother with a vacant, toothless grin with drool running down her face. “Why didn’t you come find us?” Her mother asked.

“I couldn’t,” Bryce said quickly turning to crawl the other way. She stopped crawling when she felt her hand press down on something warm, wet and sticky. She looked up to see Kyle with the same vacant, toothless grin as her mother. “Why didn’t you stay with me? Why didn’t you help me?” Kyle yelled.
Crying, Bryce replied. “I tried, I wanted to stay. I waited for you, I would have died for you.”

Bryce watched as Kyle started to laugh in an evil way she had never seen. Suddenly the smell of a dirty diaper over took her and she could see Kyle being lift off the ground by the mess he was making in his diaper, it wasn’t even possible and unnatural amount. “Do you know what I am become?” Kyle laughed. “I died for you.”

Bryce turned again to crawl away but Mr. Stuffy was there, his diaper was just and dirty as Kyles. “Why did you throw me away BeeBee? What did I do to you, I just wanted to be your friend.”

“I’m sorry,” Bryce said starting to back away. “You’re sorry, that all you have to say?” Mr. Stuffy seemed to be getting bigger, or she was getting smaller. She wanted to crawl away but felt that she was against a wall. Instead she leaped forward wrapping her arms around Mr. Stuffy, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m…” She cried as her teddy as he put a pacifier in her mouth. She closed her eyes and just kept thinking, “I’m sorry,” over and over.

When she opened her eyes she was still in her crib, with Mr. Stuffy hugged tightly in her arms. This didn’t stop the tears still running down her face. She looked at the back of Mr. Stuffy’s diaper and pulled the back of it to check him. She laughed behind her pacifier and said, “At least yours is clean.”

Chapter 10: First Place

At some point Bryce had fallen asleep again, at what point or for how long she did not know. She felt the headphones being taken off and the pacifier removed. Bryce watched and Robo nanny took out Sam and Dee and started changing their diapers first, while Michelle came over to change her diaper. Bryce’s diaper change took the longest of all of them, not because hers was any worse than the others but the amazon wasn’t as fast as Robo. The Robo though didn’t have the soft touch that was nice when someone else’s hand was…down there. Once her diaper was changed she was moved into the play area with the others until it their “mommy’s” arrived to get them.

Susan looked at Bryce with concern, “You alright Bryce, your eyes are all red and puffy.”

“I’m fine.” Bryce replayed coldly. Sam on the other hand was glaring at her again, only this time Bryce could tell she was staring at her breasts.

“You know, if you want to be breastfed I’m sure your mommy could help you with that more then I can Sam.” Bryce said with her arragent tone.

“The bear, you dumbass.” Sam replied gritting her teeth.

Bryce looked down to see she was holding the bear across her chest like a young child would. Slowly she lowered the bear to her side and let go, the bear leaning against her leg. It was at the time that the door to the back room was opened and the Robo carried Jason over to the changing table. After a few moments Jason was brought over to the rest of them still naked, save for his diaper but he still had his pacifier in. “Your mommy will be here in a minute Jason.” The Robo say turning to leave.

Jason just stared at them all blankly, “Jason what happened in there, you missed naptime.” Susan asked.

Something wasn’t right he didn’t have the vacant look in his eyes Bryce had seen in her mothers or Kyles but he didn’t seem… normal.
“Watched Wittle WugWats,” between his lisp and the pacifier it was hard to understand. “Dey funny babies wike us.” Jason laughed at his own comment.

“Oh god no,” Sam said.

“Jason remember who you are, you’re not a baby.” Susan tried to reason with his adult side.

“Me knew who me is, me baby, happy baby.” As a little drool dripped from his pacifier.

“No Jason, think really hard, what you use to be.” Susan seemed on the verge of tears. The only thought going the Bryce’s mind was wondering if someone could get that phone, because she called it!

Jason squinted for a moment, “that’s it Jason just re…” Susan was cut off mid sentence but the loudest dirtiest fart Bryce had ever heard. Jason’s was red as he finished pushing everything out and sat down with a notable squish. The smell fill that part of the room and Susan stopped holding back the waterworks, she wasn’t all out crying but she was getting there.

Suddenly Jason stood up and started running to the door, “Mommy!” He was picked up by an amazon women who was walking in the door. “Well hello my little stinker,” she said patting the freshly loaded diaper. “You made Mommy a present, didn’t you?”

“Sorry about that, we just changed his diaper I swear.” The amazon said coming over. “It’s alright Michelle, I’m sure my little poop machine loves his dirty diaper.” Jason’s Mommy bounced him a few times on her arm. “Same time tomorrow?” His Mommy asked.

“No need, Jason here past the test on the first day before anyone else. He is more than welcome in the normal part of the daycare, but we finished his testing already.” Michelle said.

His mother seemed to beam with pride. “You hear that honey, you got first place!” This only seemed to make Jason laugh more.

Bryce looked up at Jason and his mother, “First place loser is all he is.” She said.


Sam had slapped Bryce so hard and so suddenly Bryce wasn’t sure if she had been hit with a hand or a bus. Sam’s face was inches from hers with tears rolling down her cheeks, “It should have been you!” Sam’s voice was filled with more hate and venom then she had ever heard in her life.

“Sammy we do not hit, that’s a bad baby.” Michelle picked Sam up and walked over to the changing table and sat down in a chair pulling the Little over he lap. Once she ripped off the girls diaper she started to give Sam the spanking of her live. Jason and his mommy too that as their que to leave, Dee and Susan looked away not wanting to watch. Bryce just sat there motionless staring at Sam get the crap slapped out of her ass as Sam had just done to her face. Bryce wasn’t sure if it was the slap from Sam or the utter hate in her voice but Bryce was just numb, she hadn’t felt this numb since the day of hell. Every spank on Sam’s ass felt like a slap to the ass end of Bryce’s soul, and there was nothing she could do about it.

At some point Bryce was picked up from behind by her “Mommy,” her and Michelle spoke about why she was spanking Sam but the words seemed to drown into the background as if they were whispers in the wind. As Bryce left the first day of her testing all she was left with was a single sound ringing in her ears over and over and over…

Slap, Slap, Slap… Was all she could hear…

Chapter 11: Not My Baby

Bryce felt almost dead inside as Jessica put her into the car seat and started the drive home. Something in her had been so shaken by what happened. The words Sam said raddled in her head, “It should have been you.” Bryce could still hear sound of Sam’s spanking in her ear, not once had Sam made a sound during her spanking. It felt like Sam didn’t want to give Bryce the “plesure” of seeing her in pain. Is that what they all thought she was? A monster Little that wanted to see others suffer?

This circlure line of thinking that kept rolling in her head over and over. Jessica had gotten home and taken Bryce inside and she hadn’t squirmed once, or even made a sound. Jessica put Bryce in her high chair and thought maybe something special for dinner would cheer her up. Jessica took a jar of apple sause and added a little brown sugar and cinnamin so it would take like an apple pie. It was the only thing she had ever seen put a smile On Bryce’s face before.

As the first spoonfull entered her mouth Bryce was still lost in her own thoughts to care, however the smell of was seemed to be apple pie was too much to not eat. She closed her mouth on the spoon and let Jessica take the spoon out herself. Bryce didn’t have the desire to fight with Jessica about anything tonight and just left herself be fed like the baby Jessica wanted her to be. Jessica however was getting very scared, she was eating the apple pie like a real baby, but not like the Bryce she loved.

When Bryce was about 3/4 of the way through her dinner she felt her tummy rumble for a moment. Without and resistance, as another spponfull was in her mouth she gave a little push with small grunt and the seat of her diaper was filled with mushy pile of poop for real this time. It didn’t feel as good as the tube mush that was in her diaper for most fo the day but it did feel good enough to drag her out of her stooper enought to crack a smile.

As Jessica took the spoon out she could see a smile start to crack on her babies face, but at the same moment the smell hit her nose. Jessica dropped the spoon and put her hands over her mouth as she starting crying. “Oh my god my Little BeeBee, what did that do to you?”

This wasn’t the Little she had adopted, it was like they killed the part of her daughter she loved the most. Jessica stopped what was she was doing and went to her phone to call Little Time Daycare, they hadn’t turned Bryce into a baby they had turned her into a zombie. After a rather heated conversation with Mrs. Jacobson at LTD Jessica started cleaning up after Bryce’s dinner, she had completely forgotten to eat herself.

Jessica gave Bryce her bath and got her diapered and into a nice warm onesie. Jessica held Bryce in her lap as they wanted TV, Jessica normally didn’t want Bryce watching shows for adults. However at this point anything to bring back her baby was worth it. Bryce however had zoned out she had even fallen sleep in Jesscias lap, she woke up when rain as hit her face. When she looked up she saw it wasn’t rain but Jessica crying, “Don’t worry sweetie, tomorrow we will go back and they will fix everything.”

“Fix everything…” This rolled in Bryce’s head for a moment. That’s it, she would go back tomorrow talk to Sam and everyone would be fixed and they will get out together.

Chapter 12: The Greatest Pain

Jessica was feeling a little better in the morning, Bryce wasn’t really “better” but she didn’t have the dead look in her eyes from the day before. After breakfest, getting dressed and a double shot of coffeee for Jessica they were off.

Walking in the doors of Little Time Daycare seemed strange to her now, yesterday had seemed like a lifetime ago and yet it hadn’t even bee 24 hours. Mrs. Jacobson was waiting at the font desk when Jessica and Bryce arrived.

“Ms. Mills it’s good to see you. Why don’t we talk while Sarah takes Bryce to join the others.” Sarah takes Bryce and is about to walk away when Mrs. Jacobson stops her. “When Susan arrives let Michelle know we are ready to begin.”

As Sarah takes Bryce through the doors Jessica is yelling behind her, “Be good BeeBee I love you.”

Bryce is put down in the play area, the lights were dimmed which she figured meant the daycare wasn’t open yet. Sam and Dee are sitting infront of Jason’s old crib, his name had been removed. Bryce crawled her way over to them, sitting down behind them. Dee turned to see that it was her, but Sam didn’t. There was a long silence between the three of them, Bryce had spent all night thinking what to saw and now she was here she had nothing.

“I’m…Sorry,” she swallowed hard to get it out. “You’re right it should have been me.”

“I know.” Sam said coldly.

“He was the smartest, he had found a way to…”

“That’s not why,” Sam cut her off. “Do you even know why he should have made it, why it truly should have been you?”

Never before in her life had Bryce truly known what it felt like to be “Little.” Swallowing again, “he was stronger, and had better idea what they were…”

Sam started laughing as she finally turned. “He wasn’t the smartest, or the strongest. He had something you don’t; a heart. He didn’t see us as pieces on a game bored, he cared about all of us, even you.” Sam’s words once again cut to her soul.

“Why wasn’t it you?” Sam asked inching closer to her.

“I…I don’t know, he…”

"You didn’t answer the question Bryce, why wasn’t it you?

“I don’t know,” Bryce was on the verge of tears.

“WHY WASN’T IT YOU!?” Sam was yelling now.


“WHY WASN’T IT YOU BRYCE!?” Sam grabbed Bryce by the shirt.


“WHY! WASN’T ! IT! YOU!” Sam raised her had ready to slap her even harder this time.


“What!?” Sam’s arm started to lower


“Your just trying to cover your…” Sam was the one cut off this time

“WHY WASN’T IT ME SAM, WHY IS IT NEVER ME?” Bryce had finally started crying. “It’s never me, it’s always Jason…Kyle… Mom… Dad… but it’s never me Sam. They’re all gone, happy little pamper pushers but I…I’m still here. I’m still fighting… I don’t want to fight anymore.” Bryce couldn’t stop now, it was like she had broken the damn and it was all flooding out.

“I doesn’t matter what I do, it’s never me. Anyone who gets close to me, anyone I care about is always taken and I’m always left behind. I’m scared Sam, why won’t they pick me? How much more do I have to lose? How much more will they take? My school… My home… my family… my love… my…life… I don’t want this life anymore, I don’t want to be alone anymore.”

Bryce didn’t even try to stop it, she just let herself cry. This pain, had it really all been inside her this whole time? She kept like an emotional zit, everyone just oozing out at once and no one wanted to be around it. Suddenly she felt herself being wrapped in a hug, not only from Dee but Sam as well. “Your not alone,” Dee whispered in Bryce’s ear. “We are in this together, one way or another.”

Sam was the first to pull out of the hug. “He wouldn’t want us to give up over this, we need to work as a team.” Dee said, as light came on in full. Bryce laughed to herself it was almost perfect timing. Michelle walking in with Susan in her arms.

'“Alright girls are we ready for another great day?” Michelle put Susan down and looked at Bryce, “sweetie are you alright? Her blow into this.” Michelle held a tissue to her nose, it felt good to get that out. Both the crying and the snot.

Michelle moved all of them to a shelf that had a sheet on it, clearly it was the first “test” of the day. When the sheet was removed the shelf was full of dolls, stuffed animals and even action figures. “You all need to pick one to hold onto for the rest of the testing.” As Bryce looked over the toys a look of shock suddenly struck her.

Michelle had clearly noticed as Mr. Stuffy was pulled out from behind her back. “Your Mommy said you left him in the car, do you want him or another toy?” Bryce instantly pointed to Mr. Stuffy and held him to her chest. Michelle laughed, “ok girls…” Michelle stopped for a moment and put her finger to her ear. " Everyone go pick out a toy and make sure you have a name for them by the time I get back." Michelle turned and went into the lunch area.

As Dee and Susan started picking out a toy Sam just took a long look at Bryce and here bear. Finally a sarcastic smile her grew on her face as she rolled her eyes and went to pick her own.

Bryce looked down at Mr. Stuffy and smiled, “You never leave me right?” She whispered as she kissed the bears head.

Chapter 13: A Friend Indeed

Dee wasted no time picking her plushy playmate. As soon as Michelle had left Dee quickly waddles over and pick up a droll that was in one of the corners. Bryce didn’t see anything special about it, but it was one of the only non-animal toys on the shelf. Sam didn’t spend much time looking, she found the only cat stuffed animal and went to sit down. Finally Susan spent a long time looking, you would think she was picking out a wedding ring not a stuffed animal. She seemed deep in thought as she held a dog in one hand and an owl in the other, in the end she put the dog back and kept the owl.

Bryce just look at Susan with a strange look, “You picked an owl?”

Sam sighed and looked at Bryce, “Don’t pick on h….”

“I named her Hooters!” Susan cut Sam off with a big smile.

Once again Bryce’s palm had met with her face as Sam just shook her head, “I take it back, pick on her all you want.”

“Hey!” Susan whined.

Bryce looked to Dee who seemed to be combing her dolls hair, “why did they give us stuffed toys that we have to name?”

“Maybe they think it will make us feel better after Jason…” Dee let her sentence trail off, didn’t want to bring the mood down anymore.

Bryce had felt bad about Jason, but that didn’t add up. “Then why did I get one yesterday?”

Dee looked to be a little annoyed, “how should I know? I only know the first part of the test, this is new to me.” Dee let that hang in the air for a moment, “Maybe they are part of a hypnotic trigger.”

“Trigger!?” All three said at once.

Dee seemed a little taken aback, “It’s when you have been hypnotized but don’t know it and something triggers it to activate. One of the boys in my first test had one so bad it wiped his mind when it activated.”

Bryce instantly thought of the mush they had put in their diapers the day before, she had never liked a dirty diaper before that. “What did he do to triggered it ?” Bryce and Susan asked.

Dee lowered her head and went back to combing the dolls hair, “I… I don’t want to talk about it, sorry.”

Everyone went silent for a few moments playing with their new “friends” before Bryce ended the silence. “I don’t think they’re triggers,” she said so matter-a-factly. “After what happened at daycare yesterday…” Bryce looked at Sam sheepishly for a moment before continuing. “Jessica seemed mad that the daycare had done something to me. It’s clear that wasn’t the plan for me when I came in here and I’ll bet it’s the same for everyone. This whole thing is supposed to be the “alternative” to hypnotizing a little into a baby so I don’t think they would do that to us.”

Before anyone could respond the door opened and Michelle came back into the room. She had a small tray of bottles along with a clipboard. “Alright girls did you all pick out your little friends?” Michelle said in an overly happy voice. “I want to go over the plan for everyone today real fast, since yesterday was a little bit of a fluster cluck.” Michelle grabbed her clipboard before continuing. “First we will share our new friends with each other and why we picked them followed by your bottles, after that you will all get a little cartoon times but not as much as yesterday. Then a short nap, followed by some play time and then lunch. We will go over the afternoon plans after lunch”

Putting the clipboard down she sat on the ground next to them, leaning over she picked Susan up and putting the poor Little on her lap. “Let’s start with the youngest, who’s your little friend Susan?”

Susan proudly held up her little owl stuffed animal, “I named her Hooters!”

“That’s…. cute sweetie,” Michelle was having a hard time to find words. “Why did you pick and owl?”

“Because they hoot!" Susan said with a “duh” look on her face.

Michelle just sighed as the other Littles were just rolled their eyes at Susan. Reaching over she grabbed one of the bottles and shoved it into Susan’s mouth, not hard enough to hurt but enough for her irritation to be clear. “Dee why don’t you share your friend.”

Dee looked up and stopped combing the dolls hair and showed him to everyone, “Her names Meg.” Dee didn’t seem to have anything else to add.
“Why did you name her Meg?” Michelle asked, clearly trying to stretch this out.

Dee brought the doll back to start combing the hair again, “It’s my mom’s name…”

“You mean your mommy’s names,” Michelle corrected. Dee just nodded. Bryce knew there was a difference between mom and mommy when it comes to Littles. She also figured there was a good reason she didn’t want to talk about her mother, that she could understand.

“Thank you for sharing Dee.” Michelle handed Dee her bottle. “Alright Bryce tell us about your bear.”

“Well, his name is Mr. Stuffy and he’s the bear you gave me yesterday.” Bryce paused for a moment, “oh, and his is name is Mr. Stuffy because that’s what you called him.”

“He also has a diaper on, just like yours,” Michelle added pointing to the bear crotch.

“Ya…” Bryce started, “But his diaper doesn’t get dirty.”

“Are dirty diapers a bad thing Bryce?” Michelle asked in a soft sweet tone. “You all were in dirty, squishy diapers for a long time yesterday; was it a bad thing?”
None of the Little’s responded, they all remembered the feeling the mush had caused and none really wanted to talk about it. Bryce even remember last night and even a naturally poopy diaper had felt nice, she wondered if the others had done the same but she but she was too ashamed to ask.

“Did you hate having a dirty diaper Bryce?” Michelle looked right at her.

With her head down look at Mr. Stuffy she glanced around to see everyone looking at her. “No…” she said in a hushed tone.

“What was that? We couldn’t hear you, did you hate your dirty diaper?”

“No, Ms. Michelle, I didn’t hate my dirty diaper…” Bryce’s face was red hot with same.

“Did you like having a dirty diaper sweetie?” Michelle asked innocently.

Bryce paused, “Yes, Ms. Michelle. I liked my poopy diaper.” Bryce felt so ashamed of herself, how could she admit something like that.

“Oh, sweetie you don’t need to be embarrassed. It’s completely normally for a baby to love their poopy diapers. None of you should ever feel bad for it, it’s completely natural.” Michelle learned over and popped the next bottle into Bryce’s mouth.

“Alright Sam you’re the last one, tell us about your friend.” Michelle moved to the last Little, which Bryce was happy for.

“Well,” Sam started. “She’s a cat and her name is Paws, because she has paws.” Sam said it with a coy smile looking right at Susan. It seemed clear Sam was mocking Susan for her choice in names.

“Why a cat Sammy?”

“I… use to have a cat, a long time ago” sham seemed lost in thought as she looked at the stuffed cat in her arms.

“Oh, where’s your cat now?” Michelle asked, seemingly oblivious to Sam’s reaction. Sam just kept looking at the cat and said in a soft tone, “gone.”

“I’m sorry sweetie, but Paws will be with you for a long time. I bet like a little kitty you like milk too” Michelle handed Sam her bottle. “The friends you picked out aren’t just for the test, they are yours to keep. Every Little need to have a lifelong friend they can trust.”

Bryce just looked at Mr. Stuffy wondering if that’s what he was? A friend that would always be there. She felt a knot in her throat just thinking about it. She had to admit having him around through this whole… experience had been nice.

Michelle got up to speak to the Robo nanny for a moment, leaving the four of them alone. “I think Paws is a cute name,” Susan said looking at the fluffy kitty.

“You would,” Sam rolled her eyes. “Still… it does seem to fit…”

Michelle came back over to the group with the Robo nanny. “Alright girls who’s ready for some cartoon time?”

Chapter 14: Which Character Are You?

The Robo nanny and Michelle grab the Little’s and started moving them into the back room, each one having a bottle in one hand and their new friend in another. The set up was a repeat of the day before, only this time their hands weren’t strapped down. They would be allowed to drink their bottles and hold their friends while watching today. Once the headphone were in place Michelle and the Robo left the room.

“Little RugRats” flashed on the screen yet again as the first episode started. Unlike the day before Bryce didn’t find herself… out of it, for lack of a better term. She was able to watch the episodes one at a time. The story of four Littles and an In-Betweener that would pick on them, though in later seasons Bryce knew they added two more Littles but these episodes were from the first few seasons. Five main characters, just like their test group. Susan and Sam were so alike and yet total opposites they would have the be the twins from the show. Dee would be the scared one, not because she was scared a lot but because she didn’t rush into things. Jason would be the Leader, the one Little that looked out of the others; though would be the reason they were in trouble. It was then that Bryce realized there was only one character left, the In-Betweener girl. She was always picking on them, calling them names, saying they were worthless, that they were just pawn to….

Bryce realized then that had been her, she had looked down on them all like they were below her. It wasn’t just them but everyone, Littles she met on the street and even those she found in the mall they all meant nothing to her. Everyone and everything was expendable to her. She found herself hugging Mr. Stuffy a little harder and she finished her bottle, wondering how she had changed so much.

The title for the next episode started “In-Betweener’s Birthday.” The episode focused completely on the In-Betweener, and how being an In-Between meant she had responsibility the Littles didn’t. The episode went on with the In-Between deciding she wanted to be a Little now, putting herself in a diaper and acting like the Littles. Around halfway through the episode Bryce felt her diaper starting to get warm, she could feel herself going but never saw a point in trying to stop it. By the end of the episode she had gotten tired of being a Little and went back to being an In-Betweener.

As the credits for the episode started to roll the smell of a dirty diaper was filling the room, it was clear one of them had done it but not being able to turn her head it was hard to tell who. She didn’t have to wait long though as the door was opened soon after and the headphones were removed. Robo nanny and Michelle moved the Littles into the play area, with Susan and Bryce first and a few moment later Dee and Sam. The Robo and Michelle went back into the room to clean up and put everything away.

The smell of a dirty diaper was still clear even now, and Susan was the first to say something. “Ok, who did it?” Bryce wiggled her butt on the floor, she was wet but not messy. Looking at Susan she shook her head but Bryce decided to check her anyway. Pulling the back of her diaper Bryce could see that she was also wet, but not messy. They both turned to Dee learned forward a bit and patted her butt, show it wasn’t her.

They all turned to look at Sam who was happily pretending her kitty was walking back and forth in front of her. “Sam did you….?” Susan let the question hang in the air for a moment.

Sam saw everyone was looking at her and smiled, “Me Poopy!”

Bryce just closed her eyes, while Susan once again attempted to reach their former team mate. “Sam you’re a big girl not a baby, you…”

“Me poopy, poopy baby, baby fun, me poopy baby.” Sam smiled the whole time as a little drool dropped from her lips. As the door to the back room shut Sam quickly stood and waddled toward, her dirty diaper swinging the whole way. “Nanny, Nanny, Me poopy baby!” Sam said with such pride to Michelle.

Michelle picked her up, “Yes you are Sammy, I told you Littles should love your dirty diapers.” Michelle put Sam on her shoulder and pulled back her diaper to look in. “Oh, you made a big mess we should change you.”

Sam pulled herself off Michelle shoulder, “No change. Me wike poopy, me pway.”

Michelle just laughed, “alright sweetie but only until after lunch then you need to be changed. If you want to play we need to go to the daycare side the others aren’t baby enough to play with you, wave bye bye.” Michelle waved to the others, which caused Sam to do the same. “Bye bye.”

The three remaining Littles watched as Michelle carried Sam through the door and watched it shut behind her.
Chapter 15: Voices

Bryce found herself without any words to say. Of all the people that would break next, Sam would have been the bottom of her list. When Jason had gone it was a shock but it didn’t… hurt. To say Sam and she were close would be a lie but after this morning she seemed to have an… understanding with each other. For her to now be like Jason was…. painful. None of them said a word, there was nothing that needed to be said, they just all sat quietly holding they’re fuzzy friends.

After a short time, Michelle came back in alone with the Robo nanny. Michelle turned to the Robo nanny, “Nanny please get them all ready for their nap, once they are ready Mrs. Jacobson wants to see you upstairs you have a software update.”

The Robo nanny turned her head to Michelle, “Mistress, it’s policy for this until to change Littles in daycare area before lunch.” Bryce smiled, it seems that when they got a Robo nanny they didn’t buy a top end model.

“Override policy for this day, nanny.” Michelle spoke very clearly to the Robo nanny who simply answered. “Understood Mistress.”

One by one they were lowered into their cribs once again, pacifiers in their mouths and headphones on their heads. This time however Bryce had held Mr. Stuffy to close to her neck and the strap that help the headphone on caught the bears ear. The nanny then moved on to Susan and got her set up before turning to leave the room. As the lullaby music started, Bryce found herself quickly feeling very tired.

Pain. Bryce awoke to a pain that ripped through her tummy like a knife. The cramp hurt so much and she didn’t understand why. She couldn’t remember what she had for breakfast, the only thing she remembered having was her bottle and if that was causing it she wasn’t alone. However, from where she could see the others were fast asleep. The pain grew worse as time went on, at this point Bryce was in the fetal position only with her back on the crib mat and her legs spread wide in the air by the thickness of her diaper.

With a gasp, the last cramp hit and Bryce’s pain quickly faded. She could feel the warm mush of poo make its way into her diaper, the relief she felt was unbelievable and she believed it was planned. The mush against her bottom didn’t bother her, nor did the smell really. She thought back to Sam’s dirty diaper just before and while she had smelled Sam’s diaper it really didn’t bother her, it was strange to think about. After she believed she was done she let out a sigh and lowered her legs to the crib mat and felt the mess squish all over in a not-so-bad way. The pain had caused her to drown out the music coming from the headphone but she could hear it now, as well as something else. The headset was loose on her head, she had pulled Mr. Stuffy’s ear out of the chin strap and if the wanted she could pull the headphones off. However, in the background of the music she could hear a voice speaking, the music didn’t have any words just instruments.

The more she was listening to the voice she felt like she had heard it before, a voice of someone she knew. She started to make out the words, they were short lines at once. There was: “your mommy’s baby,” “mommy loves her baby,” “mommy’s baby love to crawl,” mommy’s baby loves her diaper, baby loves stinky diapers” There was many more she could make out but there were two lines that were said the most: “mommy loves baby,” and “baby loves mommy.” These two lines were interchanging and one was used every other line, and it sound so…

“Jessica,” Bryce said behind her pacifier, even though she couldn’t hear herself with the headphone on. It was Jessica’s voice she was hearing, telling her that she loved her and that she was a baby. Bryce narrowed her eyes, naturally her captor would put something like this in her headphone; well she had seen through this trick at least. The rest of the nap Bryce just kept trying to pick out more words and phrases being used until the lights came on.

The Robo nanny returned and removed their pacifier and headphones and pulled Bryce out of her crib and onto the play area. She was put down on her diaper but with a squish that sent a silver up her spine, in a good way. She blushed a bit, it was embarrassing for her to like the feeling of a dirty diaper. A moment later Dee was set down in the play area also, from the look of Dee’s nose she could smell what had happened. Bryce didn’t want to scare Dee into thinking her mind was full of mush like her diaper.

“It’s ok, it was me. I don’t know what I ate but it didn’t agree with me.”

Dee sighed for a moment, “well I would say too much information but considering our… situation it’s understandable. At least your brain doesn’t match your diaper.”

“I know right,” Bryce said with a laugh and a smile, it like was a surprise to both of them.

While they were talking Susan was put on her back not farm from them. She was holding her owl and moving him in the air like it could fly. Bryce rolled her eyes that girl was strange.

“Sorry about the smell,” Bryce said. “I know the smell of poop isn’t what anyone want to wake…”

Bryce stopped as Susan rolled over onto her tummy. She had a huge grim on her face with drool pouring out and a hude brown budge on the back of her diaper.
Bryce look to Dee knowing that their trio was down to two…

Chapter 16: Change of Plans

Susan was just babbling at them for a minute or so before she rolled back over and started playing with her owl again. Bryce looked at Dee with a dead pan look, it wasn’t looking good for them.

Michelle was making her way over to them when Bryce saw her nose twitch. “Pee-eww, you have some stinky girls down we?” She picked Susan up with her back facing face, she wasn’t happy she did that. “What a stinky girl you are Susan, and Bryce isn’t much better.” Michelle leaned down and picked them both up.
“It seems plans are changing today girls.” Michelle looked down at Dee, “your mommy says she wants to take you somewhere special for lunch so we will finish up the testing tomorrow, not that little Susan here needs it. She’s already passed.” Michelle lifted Susan up higher to blow a raspberry into her belly. “You mommy will be by shorting you pick you up Dee.”

With that Michelle turned and started heading to the lunch area as Dee said, “See you tomorrow.”

All Bryce could say is, “I hope”

This lunch was different from yesterdays since she was the only “tester” still in the building she was fed with the other Littles. Though even that seemed to be anything from normal, Michelle seemed swamped trying to get all the Littles fed. The Lunch area she could see what split into three area’s: one for infants, one for babies, and one for toddles.

The toddlers got their own little table with chairs and plates of PB&J with a bottle of milk, she could see Sam and Jason at one of the tables… The babies like herself were in high chairs and fed baby food, however only two amazons were feeding the babies at the moment. The last area was for the infant, there were two middle aged amazons there breast feeding the Littles, Kyle and Susan were currently nursing.

The younger Amazon who was feeding the Littles looked to be shoving the baby food into the Littles mouth as fast as she could. “Crystal,” Michelle said seeing her. “That’s a baby not a side walk, you can’t just shovel food like you would snow.”

Crystal signed wiping sweat from her forehead, “where’s nanny or even Mrs. Jacobson, we are really understaffed without the nanny at lunch time.” It was clear Crystal wasn’t very happy.

“The Nannybot 1000 was getting an update, she an older model you know. As for Mrs. Jacobson she’s the boss and she can do as she pleases, though she is out of the office this afternoon and won’t be back until tomorrow after lunch.” Michelle says from the other end of Littles.

“Figures,” Crystal says under her breath.

“What was that?” Michelle asked.

Crystal looked a little cared for a moment, “any idea how to speed this up it takes time to feed them.”

Michelle looked down the line, “give Bryce her food she’ll be fine.”

“Are you crazy she’s a baby she will made a huge mess,” Crystal complained.

“She’ll be fine, she’s in my test group. If she makes a mess i’ll clean it up” Michelle says giving Bryce a wink.

“Fine, it’s your funeral.” Crystal put the bowl of yellow mush down with a baby spoon next to it.

Bryce was in shock, she hadn’t be allowed to feed herself in almost a month. Was this another test? Maybe she was still dreaming? Her hand shook as she took the spoon in her hand and started slowly moving it into the bowl.

“We don’t have all day,” Crystal say looking down at her.

Bryce glared at her and put the mush in her mouth. Bannans, it wasn’t that good but she was getting to feed herself and she would take anything at this point. One spoon after another and another went in her mouth and not a drop anywhere but her mouth. As she finished her bowl she spoon in it and rubbed her tummy proud of herself.

Crystal just stared at her with a confused look on her face, “un-hu, never seen that before.”

Michelle just laughed, “you haven’t worked with Littles long enough, they will surprise you.”

Soon after Bryce finished her lunch the Robo nanny came out of the elevator and started helping with feeding the babies. Let made crystal start moving the Littles out into the daycare area.

Crystal picked Bryce up and carried her into the normal daycare part of the building, her nose twitch while she was walking. “You know, you may eat like a big girl but you smell like a newborn.” She set Bryce down on her butt next to Susan, Crystal seemed to twitch when she heard Bryce’s diaper squish as she hit the ground. “Don’t know how anyone could stand sitting in their own shi…”

“Poop Crystal,” Michelle said. “They are babies and it’s poop, no bad words you’ve been warned about that. Besides it’s just a diaper you change those.”

“Ya, but dirty ones take longer and smell really bad.”

Michelle just laughs “You’ll get use to it once you spend enough time changing them.”

“For you maybe, I changed them so fast so I don’t have to smell them.” Crystal replied

“Are you calling me slow?” Michelle asked in a half offended half playful way.

“Well, if I was your age I might not be this fast.” a coy smile across Crystals fast. Meanwhile Bryce’s jaw was on the floor, she didn’t know there was a pay-pre-view level cat fights in daycare.

“Want you back up those words…” Michelle began, “little girl?”

“What do you have in mind grandma?” Crystal asked with a young cocky swagger to let Bryce know she had no idea what she was getting into.

Chapter 17: The Bet

“We will have a dirty diaper challenge,” Michelle smiled. “We each pick one dirty little to change, the one who get’s there Little powered and taped into a clean, dry diaper first wins.”

“And the loser?” Crystal asks

Michelle thought for a moment, “The loser has to change all the diapers in the daycare tomorrow, without the help of the Nannybot.”

Crystal was nodding her head, “I like it. However if I win you also have to work tomorrow in a grandma dress… and a diaper. You know from having leaking problems at your age.”

Michelle let out a laugh, “Someone thinks she’s wearing the big panties, never raced before and already razing the stakes.” Michelle thought for a moment. “If I win you have to wear nothing but a t-shirt and crawler diaper tomorrow.”

Crystal rolled her eyes, “They don’t make crawler diapers that fit amazons.”

“We have a growth / shrink ray, we have more then enough for you.” Michelle said with a dirty grin on her face. Crystal however had a look of shock all over her face.

“We have a GSR here? Is that Legal?” Bryce could swear that was fear in Crystals voice.

“It’s Mrs. Jacobson’s, she keeps it in her top drawer in her office and has let me use it when it’s for a good reason.” Michelle leaned closer to Crystal, “She loves bets. So do you have a deal?” Michelle stuck her hand out. “You know the law in this city Crystal, a deal is a deal with a hand shake.”

Crystal look at Michelle for a long time, then looked down at Bryce and got a coy smile on her face. She quickly took Michelle’s hand shake. “You have a deal, I pick to change Bryce.”

For the slightest moment Bryce could see something in Michelle’s face but it was gone just as fast. Was it fear? Or joy? She wasn’t sure.
“Alright Crystal, since you picked Bryce I’ll pick…” Michelle looked around, “Susan, will be my pick.”

Michelle reached down and picked up Susan who still had Hooters in her arm and Crystal bent down and picked up Bryce why was still holding Mr. Stuffy’s hand. As they were walking over to the changing table Crystal looked at the bear Bryce was holding.

“What’s with the bear?” Crystal asked.

Bryce held her friend up for Crystal to see, “he’s Mr. Stuffy.”

As Bryce was put down on the changing table Crystal took Mr. Stuffy and put him on the sable to the side. “You can have the stupid bear back once we win,” said Crystal.

Bryce’s eye went wide, she did NOT just call Mr. Stuffy stupid. Bryce glared at Crystal while she was getting everything ready. She was about to take this amazon down a peg or two, or at least take her from panties to pampers for a day.

Crystal looked at the large mound in the seat of Bryce’s diaper, it was gross but then it caused her arrangement swagger to return. “Hey Grandma, no reason to waste the diapers tomorrow. Loser’s bathroom tomorrow are their diapers.” Crystal said holding out her hand.

Michelle smiled, “And Nannybot get to change the loser for the day… in from of the rest of the daycare.” Michelle held her hand out, leaving just enough room for Crystal to have to take her hand willingly. Crystal though only hesitated for a moment before they shook hands.

“First amazon to get their little into a clean and dry diaper wins.” Crystal reminded her.

Michelle and Crystal got all their things ready: extra diaper, powder, gloves and lots of wipes.

“On three,” Crystal says.

Michelle starts. “One.”



Chapter 18: Only One Winner

The moment three was called Crystal already had my diaper open and getting a “lay of the land” if you will. Michelle on the other hand when right for her gloves, which Crystal did a moment later and even got them on before Michelle did. This already wasn’t looking good for Michelle.

Crystal started going to town on Bryce’s crotch like it was live or death. Bryce couldn’t say she was hating it, she just put her hands behind her head and smiled thinking “If only I had a cigar right now…”

Overall Michelle seemed to be doing better overall she was using less wipes and was moving from one side of the butt to the other. Crystal was all over the place with her cleaning, she was using twice the wipes and getting the same amount done. Bryce figured she had to be single, if she was this confused around a girl crotch a boy’s must blow her mind.

Soon Bryce felt Crystal remove the old diaper and placed the new one under her, as she opened the powder Bryce smiled. “Show time,” Bryce thought to herself. Crystal put baby power in the diaper and then one her crotch, just as Crystal started to run it in Bryce made her move.

“Mess with my bear and you get… Hosed.” Bryce whispered as she started to empty her bladder all over Crystals had and her now former fresh diaper.

“Oh gross she’s peeing on me, that’s not fair.” Crystal says in shock

Michelle just laughed, “it happens.”

Crystal quickly replaced the diaper with another and gave her a quick wipe, but it was too late. Just as she was putting the powder on Bryce’s crotch again Michelle yelled. “Done!”

Michelle had a huge smile on her face, went great with the look of anger and annoyance on Crystal’s. “That’s not fair, she isn’t suppose to pee when your changing her. She cheated.”

Michelle just raised an eye-brow. “First she’s a baby, they pee when they need to that’s why they wear diapers. Second, you were too hard on her, you need to be gental that’s why you lost.” Michelle picked Susan off the table. “Since lunch took so long I’ll go get them their bottles, you finish changing Bryce.”

As Michelle walked away Crystal just looked down at the little on the table. “I can’t believe you pissed yourself like that…”

Bryce, naked from the waste down with her legs spread and in the air had never felt more powerful then she did at that moment. With her old arrogant swagger she put her hands back behind her head, gave a coy smile and said, “You’ll find out what it’s like tomorrow.” Seeing Crystal eye twitch made to go one step further, “You missed a spot by the way.”

Crystal rage hit a boiling point, she looked around and saw Mr. Stuffy. She grabbed the bear by the head and held it in front of her. Instantly Bryce’s heart lept into the throat. “Oh god, what have I done.” Bryce thought.

The look of complete terrior of Bryce’s face must have given Crystal the joy she needed. “Say bye bye to Mr. Stupid.” Crystal grabbed the bear neck with the free hand pulled in to take the head off in one pull.

This whole time Bryce’s mind was racing, “not again, not again, not again.” She had to do something she couldn’t go through it again, not another loved one.
Crystal’s smiled made Bryce’s eye water.




“Mistress Crystal, the telephone is asking for your presence.” The Robo nanny called.

Crystal looked at the Robo sighed. She looked down at the bear in her hands and then back to Bryce who had tears in her eye and looked more frightened then she had even seen anyone.

Crystal handed the Mr. Stuffy to Bryce and quickly tapped her in a newborn diaper. “Sorry about that, I got carried away.” Crystal had come back to herself at the last moment, but still wanted to punish Bryce, thus the newborn diaper. She wouldn’t be walking or crawling in that. Crystal left Bryce on the changing table as she ran to gt the call. Bryce for her part didn’t care about her diaper, she would wear a newborn diaper anytime to save Mr. Stuffy.

Michelle made her way back into the daycare area with a tray of bottles. She saw that Crystal had left Bryce on the changed table and went to get her. It was also clear Crystal didn’t take her loss well since Bryce was in a newborn diaper instead of a crawler. Michelle sighed and picked Bryce up and put her with the other Littles as she was handing out bottles. Once all the bottles were handed Michelle pulled out a bottle that was a little different then the others.

“This isn’t a bribe just a thank you for the what you did in the race. And don’t tell anyone I gave you this or I’ll end up in diapers for it, testing Littles aren’t suppose to get… treats.” Michelle said putting the bottle in her mouth. At first Bryce didn’t understand until it hit her tongue, it was chocolate milk and better then anything she had ever tasted.

“It’s forbidden for you to have it, but I owed you one. Finish it quickly so no one see’s.” Bryce nodded, she didn’t want to finish it quickly she wanted to savor this flavor. But she knew not to push her luck and she did get best to drink quickly.

As she had one hand on her bottle and the one holding Mr. Stuffy she couldn’t help but think, “this isn’t so bad.” Well she did think that until she saw she was sitting next to Kyle…

Chapter 19: Hey, Listen!

Seeing Kyle again, sitting next to her was a strange feeling. When he had been in the lunchroom it seemed different, like he was just another Little being fed. Sitting next to him, seeing his face, even without his teeth brought back emotions and memories she had forgotten; or wanted to be forgotten. Bryce worked quickly to finish her bottle of chocolate milk, which for her was sad. As corny as it may sound it was the greatest thing she had even eaten or drank in her life, but it did keep her mind off Kyle.

However even the bottle didn’t last forever and before she knew it the bottle was empty. She spent what felt like an eternity just staring at Kyle, though he didn’t seem to have enough brain cells left to even know her name let alone their past. She noted how little his face had changed, beside the whole no teeth thing and his gums made to look like a babies, he looked just like he did the last day of school. Bryce couldn’t help but wonder if the rolls were reversed would he recognize her?

For a year or so after she had thought about what she would say if the met again, it had been a foolish dream but it had kept her going at times. Now here he was, and if she could say anything he wouldn’t understand a word of it. Bryce felt like she was standing on the door step of her parents place again, only this time he had come to meet her, but as mindless infant in a diaper. Everything she had wanted to say, and now that she could it wouldn’t matter; fate was a cruel mistress. Maybe she didn’t need him to understand what she was saying only that he could listen. For all she knew this would be the last time they saw each other, if she past this up she might not forgive herself.

“Kyle…” she wasn’t sure what to say, like with Sam she found herself lost for words. “I know you can’t understand me, but seeing you again has been a joy. Painful but still a joy. Why did you push me up the ramp, I would have stayed with you, you didn’t have to do it alone. Even as mindless babies we could have been together.” Maybe it wasn’t too late she wondered. She was here, doing this test and if she failed she could end up a mindless baby. Maybe fate wasn’t so cruel, maybe she was always meant to join Kyle in babyhood. If she could find away to fail herself she could be with him, finally together.

She put her hand gently on his face, the lump in her throat was hard to swallow but she did. “We can be together Kyle, like we should have been,” Bryce smiled at him.

Kyle for his part just kept waving his arms and playing with blocks. As Kyle was banging the blocks together something happened that Bryce hadn’t expected. “Go,” Kyle spat, with drool running down his cheek; “baby go.”

Bryce didn’t understand, was he asking her to go away? That he was about to “go” in his diaper? Maybe he was telling her to go. Could something of who he was still be in there? “You don’t want me to be a baby, is that it? That’s why you pushed me, that at least I could be saved.” Bryce did cry, it wasn’t pain, she felt it was more of a… understanding. “Don’t you see Kyle, I may have gotten away that day but I was never free. I have spent the last 3 years of my life living that day over and over again inside me. I remember saying good bye to you, mom and dad on that day, but look what happened. I never moved on, and I walking into a trap just at the chance of getting back what they took from me.”

Bryce lowered her head, she felt a warmed spreading in her crotch and she knew she was wet again. Share stared at the extremely thick diaper as the world seemed to fade away, though Kyle was still by her side. “No,” Bryce finally said. “They didn’t ruin my life… I did. I blamed everyone else for what happened, kept thinking it was someone else’s fault for where my life was. I was too weak and stupid to see I was always to blame.” It was strange, Bryce felt better; like she was finally starting to understand herself. “Maybe it is fate we met again Kyle, you saved me that day from those amazons and today… you’ve help save me from myself.”
Bryce wrapped her hands around one of Kyles, “I promise, I will start living. I won’t blame others and this time when I’m free I will truly live.”

“Bycie you mommy’s here,” Michelle called from the far end of the daycare. Bryce had turned to look when they had called her name, or she thought that’s what it was Michelle called her. Michelle must have forgotten the diaper Crystal put her in she couldn’t walk or crawl over if she wanted it. She must have remember as Jessica and Michelle came walking over.

Before they got there Bryce leaned in and kissed Kyle on the cheek. “No matter where I go, what I do or who I’m with I want you to know I will always love you…”

Chapter 20: One Person’s Pain is Another’s Pleasure.

Jessica picked Bryce up and put her on her hip. It was clear Jessica notice the extra padding that was on Bryce’s waste. “You called her Bycie and she responded, how did you do that?” Jessica sound confused and a little hurt.

Michelle just smiled, “Well she was a big help to me today, right?” Michelle held out her hand like she was waiting for a high 5, and it would be rude to leave her hanging after that bottle so Bryce reached up and slapped her hand.

Jessica seemed to beam with pride. “Well sweetie if you like Bycie more then BeeBee then Bycie you shall be.” Jessica turned to Michelle, “I’m sorry I doubted, you guys really know what you’re doing.”

“To be fair Ms. Mills, Bryce’s last two days have had a lot of ups and downs.” Michelle said in a very humble tone.

“You have no idea,” Bryce thought. She didn’t know the half it and knew it had been taxing.

Michelle walked Jessica to the door to leave. “So same time tomorrow?”

“Yes, tomorrow is her last day of testing the program. You have no idea how happy Mrs. Jacobson is with everyone who has been taking the test. Because you and Bryce she thinks we will be able to open it as a full service in just a few weeks.” Michelle seemed very excised

Jessica laughed, “well make sure Little Bycie gets her credit.” As she was walking through the door she said, “see you tomorrow.”

The car ride home was quiet, but even in the silence it was clear Jessica was in a good mood. It was a hot day, the daycare had AC but Jessica just had windows and doors. As she carried Bryce inside she left the door open and put Bryce on the ground.

“Mommy’s all gross and sweaty sweetie, I’m going to take a shower then change you. Play here until I get back.” Jessica made her way into the bathroom and Bryce could hear the shower turn on.

Bryce could feel the breeze blowing through the front door. Had Jessica really left the door open without watching her? Bryce laughed to herself, it must be fate to give her freedom like this. Bryce attempted to stand to run to freedom but her diaper was way too big for that and she was stuck crawling. She started crawling as fast as she could, the diaper made crawling almost impossible and she felt like she was going nowhere fast. Right as she hit the door frame Jessica came running.
“No, No, No.” She picked Bryce wearing only a towel just as she was about to be free. With her free hand she put the baby gate in the door so Bryce couldn’t get out. Instead of being angry at Bryce she started hugging her just inside the open door. “I’m so happy your back Bycie, I thought they turned you into a mindless baby.” She held Bryce by her armpits to look her in the face.

Bryce just got a coy smiled and though, “Your going to wish I was a mindless baby.” As she reached down and pulled out the part of the towel that was keeping it wrap around her. Her towel fell away leaving Jessica naked standing in the door away.

The shock of what Bryce had done didn’t have time to set in before Jessica heard whistling come in outside as two men were walking a dog were looking at her. Jessica scrambled to cover herself but she could get the towel without dropping Bryce and she couldn’t close the door because of the baby gate so instead she turned and ran down the hall giving the guys a full view of her rump roast. “Oh, don’t leave.” One of the men said laughing as they just kept on walking.

Jessica was so ashamed and embarrassed, she wanted to spank Bryce so hard she wouldn’t sit for a week. Looking at her baby though she was laughing harder than Jessica had ever seen. Bryce was laughing so much she could feel the diaper against her hip getting warmer. “That wasn’t a very nice thing to do to Mommy.” Her words fell on deaf ears however, Bryce just couldn’t stop laughing and it was melting Jessica heart. She just couldn’t be angry hearing that sound.
She went into the bedroom to get a robe, peeking her head around the corner to make sure no one was looking in the front door and took Bryce over to the playpen. Those newborn diapers had really saved Jessica and she knew it, if she was in her normal diapers or even crawler diaper she might have gotten away. Jessica thought she may have to make these her new diapers just to be safe.

Chapter 21: The Plan

Bryce was left in the playpen as Jessica was off making dinner. This was fine with her she needed time to think, tomorrow was her last day; her last chance. The attempt on the first day failed because she rushed her plan, and today was just back luck. This time there could be no mistakes, there wouldn’t be another chance.
Bryce went over the first attempt in her head. The alarms going off had been what in the end cost her, they needed to not set it off, what had caused it though? She went through that door both days and it never went off, yet it did when they made a run for it. It hit Bryce, she had never WALKED through that door, no Little had they were always carried. The other door however she had saw many Littles walk through it without any alarm going off. Bryce had seen Robo and Sarah from the front desk both walk in and out so it wasn’t a matter of time, so somehow the test area could tell when Littles walked though vs amazons. The only way to get out was through the daycare side, so is she was going have to find a way over there first. This meant she had to go through the lunch area without being seen, that was going to be hard. Her diaper would make too much noise if she was trying to run or crawl behind someone to not be noticed, and that’s assuming she could keep up with an amazon which was unlikely.

She couldn’t keep up with an amazon, or Robo nanny; however, Robo nanny had 3 little legs with wheels for mobility. If she could jump on one Robo wouldn’t know she was there, and her diaper wouldn’t make a sound. The only problem was she would then be stuck in the lunch room, or would she? The Robo said it was policy to change the Little in the daycare BEFORE lunch but after she put the testers down for their nap.

That was the key. If she kept Mr. Stuffy next to her chin again she could get out of the headphone and quickly slide out of the crib and grab only the legs before it got too far and ride it to the other side. Now the door to the lobby was the next trick, before they used three to open the door. In truth two should be enough, but how to get the glass door open? Three of them wasn’t enough so two had no chance, and then there was Sarah. They had Susan play distraction, but now she…. well she couldn’t. Didn’t need to remind herself of those losses.

Feeling the cool breeze blow across her face made Bryce smile and lay back in the playpen. The warm summer day was nice, the fact that she hadn’t warn anything but a t-shirt and a diaper didn’t bother her. Anything more would be too hot in this weather. Bryce thought about the lobby, there was nothing there but the walls and doors. There was the handy cap button to open the door, that could work but it would need a good amount of force to push in enough to open the door. While both Dee and herself could work together to hit the button and thus open the door that still left the problem of Sarah.
If only she had something to bribe her with or some way to make her not…

“GSR,” Bryce said sitting up. That’s it, it fixed everything. During lunch Michelle had said Mrs. Jacobson wouldn’t be back until after lunch tomorrow, it would be close but if she moved quickly it was her ticket out. There were a few risks, like with any plan. For one most GSR’s could only change the size of an object once, so if she shot any of the amazons they would be Littles for life. It didn’t matter though, once Sarah saw the GSR they would have her open the door and they would be home free.

Bryce went over the whole plan in her head, to make sure it was clear. Dee and herself would slip out of their headphone as they were put down for their nap, get out of the cribs quickly and hitch a ride on Robo nanny without her knowing. Once they were in the lunch room they would jump off and take the elevator to the second floor and get the GSR from Mrs. Jacobson’s office. After that they would go back down the elevator, into the daycare to the lobby making Sarah open the door to their freedom. With the GSR no one would challenge her, it was almost perfect. It relyed on 2 things however, getting out of the crib and onto Robo fast enough and that Mrs. Jacobson was out of her office. It was a risk, but this time it was going to work.

Chapter 22: Dinner for Two

Bryce just remained lying in the playpen with Mr. Stuffy, her diaper was too thick to crawl even without it being so wet and there was nowhere to go in the playpen anyway. She kept thinking, when they were free should she get Mr. Stuffy some real clothing or just keep him in a diaper? It would be the amazon thing to keep him in a diaper, but at the same time it wasn’t like she had to change him anyway. She wondered if they even made clothing for bear’s his size? They must have, right? They made diapers that fit.

It wasn’t long until Jessica came to get Bryce now that dinner was done. As they went into the dinning room Bryce saw that her high chart was set up next to a tall stool that had a back. She was going to asked what it was for when Jessica put Mr. Stuffy in the stool next to her as she was in the high chair. Jessica put her bib on and got a bottle of milk ready, the milk was good but after that chocolate milk she had nothing could come close. Jessica put her place down first it was Chicken Alfredo, it smelled so good it made Bryce drool a little. This was going to be torture, to watch Jessica eat that while she got mushy Peas or something. Jessica put Bryce’s bowl down and sat down herself. When she looked in her bowl it was surprised to find it was Chicken Alfredo only the chicken and noodles had been cut really small for her to eat with a spoon.

“Since you were such a good girl at daycare I wanted you to have something special.” Jessica said holding up the baby spoon.

Bryce didn’t hesitate, she opened her mouth wide she wanted this dinner. However Jessica wasn’t offering her a spoon full for her mouth she was offering her the spoon. Bryce confused slowly reached out to grab the spoon. “Mommy wants to eat too. Michelle sent a text saying you were able to feed yourself today and you didn’t make a mess, I want to see if you can do it again.”

Pure joy erupted from her, she took the spoon and started in on the Alfredo. It was everything she hoped for and more. It was the first “real” food she had eaten in a month and knew that her diaper would be paying for that later. However, since that was no longer a down side it seemed like a win, win from her point of view. Unlike the baby food which was just mush the noodles were a little harder to control so she wasn’t spotless and a little sauce did end up on the top or bottom of her lips and maybe some on her cheek but she couldn’t tell. Any mess she was making wasn’t enough to bother Jessica at least, or at least not yet. Just like the day before her tummy rumbled so she didn’t hold back, as she grunted mid spoonful the seat of her diaper was filled with another kind of mess. Making a poopy didn’t slow down her pace of eating and she just kept going like it didn’t matter to her at all.

It wasn’t long before Jessica got a sniff of what had happened. “Oh, sweetie. Did you poopy?”

Bryce just bounced one her dirty bottom, letting the mess squish around. “Yep.” She said proudly

Jessica looked concerned for a moment, “I guess as long as you’re still my Bycie I don’t mind, though I guess you won’t be begging for a change as much so that’s a plus.”

Jessica finished her food in a little bit of a hurry so she didn’t have to stay down wind of the poop machine across from her. Bryce was done shortly after Jessica and leaned back in her high chair, feeling her poo mush around as she rubbed her tummy. She had eaten way too much, but it had been a while since she could say that. It was something she was going to miss about Jessica after tomorrow, it seems she was a good cook when she got to eat it. Maybe once she got her own place she could visit and they could still be friends.

“Alright stinky ready for a diaper change?” Jessica asked as she was pulling Bryce out of the high chair. To Jessica’s surprised Bryce simple answered, “nope.”
Jessica gave Bryce messy bottom a few pats, it sent shivers up Bryce’s spine; she really liked that. “Well, that diaper can still hold a bit so it can wait until bedtime but that’s it.”

Jessica put Bryce next to her on the couch and she watched the news. Bryce just played with Mr. Stuffy and kept thinking of all the things she would do when she was free tomorrow. She hadn’t had a burger in a long time, that sounded like a great idea. She knew she would need to get diapers for a while, she was wetting without knowing it many times and as for messes… Well she wasn’t sure she wanted to give that up yet or if she even could. It wasn’t long before Bryce had fallen asleep against Jessica’s arm, which Jessica worked hard not to wake her. In the nursery she changed Bryce out of her stinky newborn diaper and into a fresh young crawler diaper, not as thick as what she had on before but somewhat close. Being fresh and clean Jessica put Bryce in her crib with her little bear, she needed her rest for tomorrow.

Chapter 23: Dawn of the Third Day

Bryce wished she could say breakfast was as good as dinner but that would be a lie, it was back to baby food again, or at least for breakfast. After a diaper change, and a shower for Jessica it was back to Little Time Daycare. Walking in the front door they were greeted by Sarah yet again, “Ms. Mills, I’m sorry Mrs. Jacobson probably won’t be back until after lunch if you were hoping to speak with her again.” This got a smile on Bryce’s face, that was one requirement checked off. Just one more and she was home free, or just free as she most likely didn’t have a home from not paying rent for a month but she would cross that bridge when she got to it.
Sarah took Bryce as Jessica kissed her on the head, “Have a good day Bycie, Mommy will be back later. I love you.” As Bryce watched her leave she felt a little regret for a moment knowing that Jessica would get here but she would already be gone.

Inside the training area Sara put Bryce down right behind Dee as she was looking at a row of empty cribs. Bryce crawled next to her and looked up with her. Dee broken their silence after a bit, “You know, in some ways I envy them.” Bryce just razed and eye brow at her. “Think about it, they have no fears, no worries just joy and happiness.”

Bryce thought about it for a moment; Dee was right, it was nice to know they were happy but that didn’t mean she wanted to join them. “Please don’t tell me you’re going to be going to drool land before lunch too, I don’t think I can take that.”

“Ha, ya right.” Dee laughed.

“I’m being serious here, I don’t think I can stand being in here alone it’s….” Bryce was cut off mid-sentence, not because someone started talking but because Dee and leaned over and kissed her right on the lips. Bryce was too stunned at first but then pushed Dee off her with a look of shock and confusion.

Dee was beat red, “I’m sorry, I know you’ve… never…kissed…”

“A girl.” Bryce finished.

“Ya, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to gross you out.”

Bryce laughed, “Three days ago there were a lot of things I found gross that I don’t anymore don’t worry about it. I can understand being… lonely.”

There was an awkward silence for a moment before Bryce snapped herself out of it, time was limited and she shouldn’t be wasting it. Bryce quickly explained to Dee her plan for escape, it all make sense to her and see agreed it was the best chance, though she was a little shocked to hear there was a GSR on the second floor.

“Bryce GSR’s are normally a onetime use, you can’t just shrink someone and grow them backlater. If you shrink an amazon into a Little you are condemning them to…this.” She points at her diaper, which already looked wet. “Can you live with yourself knowing you did that?”

Bryce thought for a moment, “I’ll be honest; if you asked me 3 days ago I would have said yes, but now…” Bryce thought for a moment, she really wasn’t sure. “Lucky for us I don’t have to, no amazon is going to risk a one-way trip to Diaper Ville.”

It wasn’t long after that Michelle came in laughing with a big grin of her face. Dee looked confused but Bryce was sure that Michelle had just saw Crystal, she really hopped they would get to see the cocky amazon before they made their exit.

The morning went more or less the same as the day before, a little play time followed by more Little RugRats and a little more play time. Bryce noticed that the milk and cartoons didn’t have the effect on her as they had the first day, she figured she might be resisting whatever hypnosis they were using.

Before they knew it, it was nap time. The Robo once again was getting them set up for for their naps, and just like yesterday Bryce help the bear too close to her chin. As soon as the Robo turned her body to go to Dee she made her move. In one swift pull she was able to slide the headphone off and was starting to slip through the bars. She landed on her diapered butt and was scare the Robo heard it, but she didn’t turn. She climbed on her leg right as Dee got out of her crib, which she almost didn’t make it to the Robo’s leg in time before she took off for the lunchroom.

The Robo didn’t stop in the lunchroom she was going to go straight into the daycare. Bryce and Dee look and once another and let go, landing on their diapred butt with their fuzzy friends still in hand. On the far end of the room there were some of the middle asked amazons that would breastfeed the infants, they moved into what looked like a staff room and sut the door. That room would have been just behind the lobby desk, she wondered if the amazons ever took beaks; now she knew.

Dee and Bryce waddled over to the elevator as Bryce got down on all 4’s to be the bottom again to give Dee a boost to hit the button. “God you could stand to lose a few pounds.” Bryce said trying to lighten the mood. With a “ding” sound the doors opened and they hurried inside and repeated the job. The trip was only a few second but every ssecond felt like and hour, she couldn’t wait for all this to be over. As the door opened Bryce went to the desk and Dee went to the window to look down on everyone, just to keep the head count. As Bryce was trying to climb on the chair she heard Dee laughing, “Oh my God, Crystal looked like one of us.”

Bryce instanly stopped and waddled to the window, she just had to see this. Sure enough there was Crystal in nothing but a pick t-shirt, well more of a belly shirt and a massive crawler diaper. Watched as Crystal waddled across the daycare was so funny, “Do I look like that when I walk?” Bryce asked.

“Ya, but your butts cuter.” Dee said giving her diaper a hard slap. As they both went to the deck Dee had to ask, “why is she wearing that anyway?”

Dee got on all fours for Bryce to climb on the chair. “She made a bet with Michelle, they did a Dirty Diaper Challenge. Michelle changed Susan and Crystal changed me.” bryce was looking threw the drawers trying to find it. “Crystal called Mr. Stuffy stupid, so right as she was about to win, I peed on her hand.”

Dee was dieing of laugher on the you, “you are a genius you know that.” Right then Bryce found it, a real GSR. It almost looked like a toy but there was no mistaking it. With all the warning labels on it and the serial number it was clearly the real deal.

“Alright lets go.” Bryce said hopping down as they went back to the elevator.

As the elevator was going down Bryce couldn’t help but get excited she was almost free, almost there. As the doors opened they two Littles started walking to daycare door just as it was opening. Michelle walked in with a big grin on her face, most likly from seeing Crystal, however when she turned and saw Dee and Bryce her expression change to that of anger and disappointment.

“You girls know better th…” Michelle froze in her tracks as Bryce pointed the GSR.

“We’re leaving.” Bryce said in a calm matter-a-fact voice.

Re: DTA: Don’t Trust Amazons Chapter 1-23 6/10

Over there I was disinclined to say anything, because I know how vicious the would-be defenders are when you offer criticism. That doesn’t mean I’m going to blast you, but I’m going to point out some consistent issues you’ve had throughout the entire story.

First and foremost, your idea is good. You have a great imagination and it shows here. You have a good concept of push and pull with tension in your plot. Curveballs abound. You’re very good at pointing one direction and taking us another, which makes for great suspenseful storytelling.

Now… the bad news…

  1. Homophones, bro. You really have to work on them. You’re (not your) at a point of real distraction with them throughout the story.

  2. Word interpolations are everywhere in this story. With a little effort, I can block most of them out, but I’ve had to reread a few passages because there’s an “and” or something that makes no sense in the context of the sentence.

  3. Cliche, especially as it relates to character responses, is a big issue as well. Your attempts to emote with cliche phrases actually work to the opposite effect - they make the emotion of the moment seem hollow and empty, disrupting the flow of the prose.

  4. Mechanics of inner dialogue. You resort a great deal to “she felt” instead of exploring what I like to call the “conversation in my head” - back and forth, particularly in high-pressure situations, of what to do, how to process, mixing the emotional responses with questions, self-blame for bad things happening, etc.

The run-on sentence in Chapter 4 illustrates #2, #3, and #4 very nicely: “She couldn’t stop herself and crying her eyes out, in one day she felt like her whole world died.” (apologies to those who are not using the darkvision forum skin).

a) This is the second time you invoked “crying her eyes out” in less than 3 paragraphs. That’s not an effective emotion phrase, because it’s just far too overused in modern culture, to the point of bombastic irony.

b) “and” seems to be a word interpolation of some sort, because it makes no sense in this sentence.

c) “…felt like her whole world died” - First of all, this is another pretty clunky descriptive phrase. But more importantly, if my SO just got kidnapped, and I come to my parents’ house to find they’ve been kidnapped as well, at bare minimum the devastation of all these meaningful people being stolen is mixed with sheer panic over what the hell I’m going to do to avoid a similar fate. So in my mind, I’m desperately trying to push aside the pain because I don’t have time to mourn right now, I have to survive! Not to mention the anger, knowing that those evil Amazons that I’ve lived around my entire life have done this to me, and I’d give anything to get my hands on an automatic weapon and go postal on some motherfuckers. Oh, and there’s also the terror over where exactly they all are, what’s happening to them, etc. So there’s so much more you could have explored in this moment of internal dialogue than “she cried her eyes out (for the second time in less than 10 minutes) and felt (basically depressed)”.

Again, your ideas, your imagination, I love it. If you hang around here a while, read some of the more high-quality works, see how some of the top-level authors here like Elibean, Personalias, Cute Kitten, etc. are executing, and are willing to take a few shots to your ego on the next go-round (it’s pretty tough to dissect 20 chapters in one comment post), I have a suspicion the quality of your work will improve over time.

Re: DTA: Don’t Trust Amazons Chapter 1-23 6/10

I thank you for your honesty, and to be truthful I have no ego to hurt. I know I’m not very good at writing, I love to read stuff from Personalias and Cute Kitten but I’m not able to write like them. I was talking to babysofia about longer chapters as she can write a book about the smallest thing and it seems interesting but when I try doing that it feels like I’m just adding words to the page.

The your vs you’re is an issue that happened more because I would write part of it on one computer with word pad move it to microsoft word on another computer that would auto spell checking then moving it back. In truth though I should spent more time proof reading before I post it, it’s that simple.

Re: DTA: Don’t Trust Amazons Chapter 1-23 6/10

Echoing WBDaddy and adding this:

You need to proofread (or at least proofread much better). Your piece is rife not only with misused homophones and interpolated words, but also with words probably created by a hyperactive spellcheck. Examples: “Why did you get and owl?” “She had a huge grim on her face.” “Bryce saw that her high chart was set up next to a tall stool.” Etc. These things abound in the story along with other kinds of errors.

Re: DTA: Don’t Trust Amazons Chapter 1-23 6/10

I also want to add that I am really enjoying your story-telling here. I’ve read several of these DD stories and they are all different in focus. My favorites tend to be those that recognize the absurdity of the concept, as BabySofia is doing in her current piece. But this one features an Amazon character (Jessica) who, though perhaps caught in her culture’s insane double standard that babying an adult is somehow totally fine, still at least desires for that adult to be happy. I like that you manage to paint Jessica here as someone who, though she definitely has kidnapped Bryce against her will, is not a “bad guy.” And I also like how you have been showing Bryce’s slow, subtle indoctrination into what Jessica has wanted for her. Even now, with the GSR in her hand, she is holding Mr. Stuffy in the other. Dee, too, has her toy. Michelle cannot fail to notice this. And what did Jessica want, after all? For her to be content to be a baby but retain her feistiness. My guess is that this situation is diffused and the testing after today is not only over but highly successful.

Re: DTA: Don’t Trust Amazons Chapter 1-23 6/10

I almost forgot to post the rest of this here. I thank you for your critiques and work on getting better at… everything. You learn more from failure then you do victory.

Chapter 24: Once More unto the Breach

“Bryce sweetie that’s not a toy you nee…”

“I’m not a baby Michelle, I know what this is and so do you.” Bryce wanted Michelle to understand this wasn’t a game anymore. “Your going to open the door for us into the daycare and then take us to the lobby, then open the door and let us walk out.”

Michelle had her hands in the air, not above head but still up, “I can’t do that Bryce, you have a GSR and I can’t let you take it. Your a good girl you don’t want to do this.”

“I said not to treat me like a baby! You don’t have a choice Michelle,” Bryce shook the GSR motioning her to open the door, but she didn’t.

“I’m sorry Bryce I can’t let you take it, they are illegal for anyone to have without a permit.”

“Michelle you don’t want to go to diaper land, please open the door.” Bryce didn’t want to shoot she needed to get Michelle to stop wasting time.

“Do you really think it’s that bad? Don’t you remember all the fun you had? Picking out play mates, watching cartoons.” Michelle laughed a bit, “Even peeing on Crystal.”

“You don’t have a choice, you either open the door or your going back to diapers Michelle. Please, I don’t want to but you have no idea what it’s like to be humiliated and dis…” Bryce was cut off.

“Graced, oh I know about that. To go home alone to an empty apartment eat a meal for one only to come to work, do a job others won’t because it’s dirty or gross. To be hated by those you work so hard for and to have to accept that hatred even though all you want to do is help, but it’s your place in life. Your right Bryce, what would I know of that.” Michelle’s words cut deeper then she wanted to admit, or maybe it was that Michelle had been so nice to her, mostly.

Michelle didn’t give Bryce time to respond. “I like you Bryce, your like a cousin to me that is reason I do this. Your right I don’t have a choice, if you leave with that the police will force us to hand over our security footage and when you are caught they will wipe your mind for the safty of the public. On top of that if they see I let you go I will be found guiltily of aiding you.” Michelle was starting to cry now, “It doesn’t matter anymore Bryce, either you shoot me now and I’ll end up in diapers or I got to jail.”

“Why would you throw your life away?” Bryce was getting frustrated, she was fighting herself and she was running out of time.

“Because it will save yours.” Michelle smiled.


“That GSR is an older model and the power cells only hold a charge enough for one shot and you don’t have any way of charging it. This way everyone else is safe, even you.” Michelle may have tears in her eyes but she was smiling.

“Your whole life you’ve been powerless, well here we are; your in charge now. You know what you have to do, I won’t hold it against you.” It was like Michelle was just waiting for the shot at this point.

Bryce found her own eyes filling, it wasn’t suppose to be like this. “Michelle please I beg you open the door. You have been really nice, one of the nicest amazons I know but I can’t stay here.”

“Bryce your a good person, think about those that love you. Think about your Mommy Jessica she would get here to pick you up and you would be gone. Do you know how much it would hurt her, it took three of us to hold her back from hurting Mrs. Jacobson when she thought we had wiped your mind.”
Dee leaned in to Bryce’s ear, “It’s almost lunch time they will all be coming in here soon”

Michelle new what they were talking about even without her hearing Dee. “Your out of time Bryce. Choose now.”

Bryce hand was shaking so bad she had to use to hands to keep it steady. “I’m sorry Michelle…”

“Good-bye Bryce,”


Chapter 25: DTA
Bryce couldn’t look Michelle in the eye when she did it, she focused on the GSR. She knew she needed to pull the trigger she had to, and as she was staring at the GSR she saw what else was in that hand Mr. Stuffy. Michelle had given her Mr. Stuffy, to her he was her closest friend now and she got him from Michelle. Slowly Bryce lowered the GSR and took her Mr. Fussy hand off it.

“I’m sorry Dee, I just can’t do it. I’m not that person anymore. Michelle has been so nice to me and if I do to her what others have done to me how am I any better.”

Dee sighed at her, “There has to be another way out, Kyle and I got out by…”

Bryce stopped for a second and looked at her, “What did you say?”

Dee looked confused for a moment, “I said I heard Kyle got out by…”

" No you didn’t you said Kyle and I. Kyle was in the first test group over a year ago even before your time, how could you and he have escaped unless…"

Bryce was a little too slow on the realization as Dee had grabbed the GSR and went waddling off yelling , “Mommy!!”

Bryce watch Dee hides behind the legs of a women who was Dee’s Mommy, Mrs. Megan Jacobson.

Bryce was too stunned to speak, she had never in her life thought a Little would be plotting against her. Her father had always said don’t trust amazons, but now it was clear to her that it wasn’t just amazon. He should have told her don’t trust anyone.

“Michelle, I’m very impressed you were really willing to become a Little just to save her.” Michelle wiped off her tears, and laughed a little. “Thanks Mrs…” Michelle was cut off. “I’m so impressed I might just let it slide that you gave her that chocolate…” Mrs. Jacobson added. “You remembered to tell Bryce about the camera’s in the building but it seems you forgot about them yesterday.”

Michelle suddenly seemed to be stumbling over her words, “Mrs. Jacobson I can…”

“We will talk about it later Michelle, right now we have more important things to talk about.” She turned to the Robo behind her. “Nannybot, the Littles will be have lunch late today; go find Crystal and bring her to my office when she is finished with whatever task she is working on.”

“Yes Mistress.” The Robo said as she turned to go into the daycare.

“Let go somewhere else to speak somewhere nicer,” Mrs. Jacobson motioned them to the elevator.

“No, your not turning my brain to mush,” Bryce said defiantly, which she instantly regretted.

Mrs. Jacobson gave her a look so scary that Bryce suddenly realized she was wetting herself. “If I wanted your brain to be as mushy as your diapers I would have done it in the first hour you were here on day one.”

Without anymore back talk the four of them went up to the office.

As they left the elevator Mrs. Jacobson walk behind her desk with Dee following closely behind. “I have to hand it to you Bryce, of all the Littles you were the only one bold enough to come into my office and get my GSR.” Mrs. Jacobson look at the GSR for a moment. “You forgot one important thing…” With that she pointed the GSR at Michelle and fired.

“NO!!” Bryce yelled.

However all that came out was a spark or two out the end, Bryce sighed in relief.

“You didn’t check to see if it was charged.” Mrs Jacobosn laughed. “You forget I had to grow the diapers for Cry…” Mrs. Jacobson stopped and was looking at Michelle “Michelle did you wet yourself?”

Bryce look up at Michelle and could see a small dark patch on her crotch. Michelle was beat red.

“I swear all my employees are going to end up as diapered as the Littles if this keeps up.” Bryce couldn’t tell if she found this idea funny or annoying, though it seemed somewhere in the middle.

Bryce was more concerned with Dee. “How could you do it Dee? They trusted you, we trusted you. You are a traitor to all Littles” Dee looked at her and started crying, it surprisingly made Bryce feel a little bad for her.

“Bryce that wasn’t very nice to say,” Mrs. Jacobson said. Dee however spoke before Bryce could, “she’s right Mommy I’m a bad girl I did betray all Littles.”
Mrs. Jacobson was cooing Dee to get her to stop crying, “it’s alright sweetie you didn’t betray them you were helping them.”

“How is hypnotizing them into mindless babies helping them?” Bryce looked at Mrs. Jacobson with a fire in her eyes.

“I told you before Bryce we don’t use hypnosis, that’s why your mommy took our invite. I don’t allow it in my building” Mrs. Jacobson smiled like she has had this conversation before and knew how it was going to go.

“That’s a lie. The foundation, the triggers, the love of dirty diapers you…” Bryce was fired up until she was cut off.

“…You learned all that from who?” Mrs. Jacobson let that sink in for a moment. “Everything you think you know about this place you learned from my daughter who was only telling you what I told her to say. In fact I can prove it, once Crystal gets here…”

The timing was perfect, the elevator opened and Crystal the Robo waked in. Instantly Mrs. Jacobson started laughing, “Oh my god Crystal that is amazing on you. Come closer let me see, you have to tell me how did you lose?”

Crystal turned around to look at Bryce, “Bryce peed on me and I couldn’t get another diaper out fast enough.”

Mrs. Jacobson had a coy smile on her face, “you need to be faster in more ways then one dear.” Mrs. Jascobson pressed a button as she started speaking and by the time she stopped the Robo nanny had her metal tube in the back of Crystals diaper. Crystal had a look of shock on her face as her diaper started to fill to the brim, but then something happened that Bryce didn’t exspect. The Robo had leaned over and a small mist had sprayed from a little hole on her head. Bryce watched as Crystals face relaxed into that a pure joy, the same look the others had when it happened to them. After a few seconds Crystal sat down on her messy butt, without a care in the world with a little drool running for her chin. It was strange being on the outside looking in, even a little… envy. Although Bryce did laugh inside, Crystal got to know what it felt like after all. It was only after staring at Crystal for moment Bryce understood.

“You drugged her, you drugged us.” Bryce was in shock.

Mrs. Jacobson roared with laughter, “You have to be the smartest Little we have had here yet, none of the others figured it out.”

“Mistress would you like me to change Mistress Crystal or start lunch for the daycare?” The Robo asked.

Mrs. Jacobson thought for a moment then spoke. “Michelle I was really thinking of letting you go, but wetting yourself has left me with no choice.”

Michelle looked like she might cry again, “I understand Mrs. Jacobson I’ll collect my things.”

Mrs. Jacobson just waved her hand, “I’m not firing you silly girl, that’s not the letting go I was talking about.” Mrs. Jacobson sighed for a moment as she was in thought, it was clear she was torn on what to do, everyone liked Michelle. “Nannybot, take Michelle downsides and change her into a matching outfit as Crystal. Without the mush of course, and she will be in those diapers for the rest of this week and the next. Once she is changed then start lunch.” Mrs. Jacobson looked at Michelle, “Don’t make me regret this.” With that the Robo and Michelle got into the elevator to head to the lunch room. As Michelle turned she look right at Bryce for a long moment, and as the door start to shut she said. “Thank you for not shooting, I knew you’re a good girl.” And with that the elevator started going down.

Chapter 26: The Truth Shall set you Free

Mrs. Jacobson and Bryce looked at each other for a long moment. “Would you like to sit down while we talk?” Mrs. Jacobson motioned to the chairs on the other side of her desk.

Bryce went to one of the chairs and climbed on, but she didn’t sit she was standing in the chair she wanted to look the amazon in the eye, or as close as she could get. This just made Mrs. Jacobson chuckle. “I want the truth,” Bryce said.

Mrs. Jacobson smiled, “you deserve that much. You understand that we used drugs, but that’s not even close to it. When the mush was first put into your diaper the mist she sprayed was a powerful drug in it, but also it had a little bit of a dirty diaper sent as well; not a large amount just a little. Your mind made the connection of the good feeling with the act because you didn’t know it was a drug.”

Bryce looked at Mrs. Jacobson for a moment, “so it’s not real, your saying I don’t really like dirty diapers it’s the drug”

“What is real? Real is what your brain understands and the connections it forms. What we have done is help you created pathways that will let you live a better life.” Mrs. Jacobson smiled.

“If you think pooping your pants is so great you try it,” Bryce glared

Mrs. Jacobson put Dee on her desk, who was still dressed the same as her in a pink shirt and crawler diaper now standing on her desk. “Sweetie do you like your poopy diapers?” Dee turned to back to face her mommy and nodded. “Show mommy how much you like your dirty diaper.” Without any hesitation Bryce watched as Dee grunted and the back of her diaper started to expand as it gained a lightly darker tint. After a moment Dee giggled and dropped onto her bottom on the desk and her diaper squished around her. Bryce couldn’t look away, there was only one word she had to describe it, jealousy.

Bryce didn’t understand, it didn’t make sense. She knew it wasn’t her own feelings, the drugs had caused this but it didn’t stop her from wanting it all the same. “This is sick, you made us love to sit in our own poop.”

“What is strange about a baby liking a poopy diaper?” Mrs. Jacobson was stroking Dees hair as she was playing with her doll.

“We’re adults, We aren’t babies we’re L…”

“Littles, adopted Littles at that. Bryce at this point you are a baby by all legal rights and that will never change. Once you were adopted the only way to be free if your your Mommy to choose to let you go, anything else and your just a run away Little baby.” Mrs. Jacobson may have cut Bryce off but she wasn’t angry lying she was just stating facts. “You claim to be an adult Bryce, but let me ask you why didn’t you use the GSR on yourself? You could have made yourself into an amazon picked up Dee and anyone else you wanted and just walked out of the building, but you didn’t.”

Bryce might as well have been struck by lighting, the answer had been there the whole time but she never thought about it; never even crossed her mind. Mrs. Jacobson just smiled at her, she knew what was going on in Bryce’s head without her needing to speak. “So tell me Bryce why didn’t you.”

Bryce was going through her mind, it was like the idea just slipped past her without knowing it. Could that be it, she thought to much on it and over looked the easy answer? “I… I don’t know.”

“Sweetie,” Mrs. Jacobson said gently. “I don’t want to start yelling at you like Sammy did, you need to look inside yourself like you did then. These tests were meant for you to look inside yourself, so when you look inside what do you see? Why didn’t you become an amazon?”

Her argument with Sam had broken her in ways she hadn’t believed was true, and Mrs. Jacobson believed the answer was inside her. It was crazy why wouldn’t she want to be an amazon she would have power and anything she wanted. No one could touch her, take away the people she loved, or even treat her like a baby. She would be an adult.

“Adult…” Bryce whispered. “I…I don’t see myself as an adult?..” The words seem to come from her without thinking about it. Mrs. Jacobson just smiled and nodded at her, “now, why do you not see yourself as an adult?”

“Because… Because I couldn’t protect what I love, and because I made stupid mistakes.”

“Your almost there… keep going.” Mrs. Jacobson said softly

“Because I would have been happy to be a baby if I got to stay with Kyle.” Bryce said lowering her head.

“Bingo.” Mrs. Jacobson smiled. Bryce however was only left with more questions.

“This doesn’t make and sense, there are many adults that couldn’t protect what they loved or would give anything to save someone they love. How does this make me see myself as not an adult?”

“I told you before, what is real? What matters, what TRULY matters in the world is how we feel. You could have five people live they save exact life and you would have five different people. I believe who we are is the outlook of the sum of all the events in out lives. For many the things you said wouldn’t have made them think they aren’t adults, but it did to you.”

Bryce started shaking her head, “This can’t be true. You turned them into mindless babies I saw it.”

“Did you? Did Jason or Sam have the same look in his eyes as Kyle?” Mrs. Jacobson looked pushed a few buttons on her keyboard and turned the monitor tward Bryce. “Let me show you the truth.”

The monitor screen showed the closed cartoon room, it was from yesterday when all four of them were inside. The camera was focused on Sam, and she looked to be crying. Then Mrs. Jacobson’s voice cam though, “Whats the matter Sammy?”

“I miss Jason… I miss my family… I’m scared.” Sam cried

“Oh what?” Mrs. Jacobson’s voice asked

“Bring a mindless baby like Jason.”

“Oh sweetie, you know Jason isn’t a mindless baby. You looked into his eyes you know I’m right. Your lover isn’t gone he’s just happy being himself now without any responsibility.” Mrs. Jacobson voice was soothing.

“How can he act like that and not be regressed?” Sam asked, between sobs.

“You know the answer don’t you?”

“…We will never be adults.” Sam understood, there was a long pause, “what will happen to me, will I still be me?”

Mrs. Jacobson could be heard laughing, “of course you will be you sweetie. This doesn’t change who you are, you are just accepting what you are and loving it, like how you loved him for so many years. All you have to do is let the emotions wash over you and accept who you truly are.”

Sam stopped crying and had a smile on her face, “I accept what I am.”

“Show me,” Mrs. Jacobson ask

Bryce watched as Sam leaned forward and grunted, Bryce didn’t need to see anymore she knew what came next. however look on Sam’s face as she sat in her own mess wasn’t the dumb look from the day before but one of…acceptance.

Chapter 27: Know Thyself

As the video stopped on Mrs. Jacobson’s monitor there was a long pause. Sam had accepted her place, willing. Why would anyone choose such a fate? Why would they choose to willing become a baby instead of being free? As Bryce was thinking she saw Dee on the table still sitting in her poopy diaper playing with Meg. She remembered their conversation, about being happy; was that also something Mrs. Jacobson had told her to say or how Dee really felt? Mrs. Jacobson typed a few times then turned the monitor back to her.

“We all live inside our own fantasies Bryce, we believe the world is one way for everyone and we act on that belief. You believe Little’s are oppressed by amazons and everything is better for them.” Mrs. Jacobson paused for a moment, she stood and walked over to the glass to look down at the daycare. “The truth Bryce is that amazons are Littles just without diapers on, none of us are free. We are all chained to the rules and expectations of society, for you it’s to soil yourself and be loved by an amazon. For us we have to work hard jobs, many times we don’t like just to survive with only the hope of one day finding happiness. Are we really all that different?” Mrs. Jacobson turned to Bryce with an almost sad look. “You believe it’s Littles vs Amazons, but I see us as two sides of the same coin. One can not live without the other, and just as amazons and Littles can love each other so can a Little and an Amazon; love takes many forms but it is still love.”

Bryce looked again at Dee and thought of all the others. A smirk rose on her face, she felt she was back in school again. She had believed, no blamed everything on amazons without once ever thinking of the amazons and never once looked at their feelings. No that wasn’t true, she was starting to. When she watched Jessica leave, Jessica would have returned to daycare for her and she would be gone. She had hated Jessica for making her into a baby, but Jessica cared for her, cried for her. If she had left left would she have caused the same pain as those that took Kyle or her parents.

Bryce looked at Mrs. Jacobson as she was looking at the daycare, “What happened to Kyle?”

Mrs. Jacobson twitched as this question, and then with as much hatred and venom that Sam had used she spoke only three words, “His Mother Happened!” Mrs. Jacobson was shaken by the questions and even her own response, it was clear to Bryce it was a painful subject for her; and in it’s own way it was nice to know that.
Mrs. Jacobson didn’t turn to look at Bryce as she spoke, it was a mono tone she spoke in. Like the memories had numbed her body so much she couldn’t she emotion. “Kyle was in our first test group, his mother wanted a very specific type of baby and wanted us to hypnosis him. We explained how we worked but she didn’t care she wanted results and she wanted them cheap. We can’t charge for anyone testing the program, that’s why she came to us; she’s cheap.” It was clear Mrs. Jacobson did not like this women and Bryce didn’t blame her. “She was able to put a hypnotic trigger in, to make him act like a mindless baby if he walked out the front of a building on his own.” There was a long pause.

“She never told us about it. One day, like with you, Kyle got everyone to work together to get out the front door. However when he stepped through first the tigger activated turning him into what he is now.” Mrs. Jacobson clenched her fist in anger. “If she had told us we could have kept him safe, now the doors are loked at all times unless Sarah is standing at her desk.”

Bryce now knew why they couldn’t get the door open, it was locked and couldn’t have opened it.

“His mother was furious when she picked him up, and when she dropped him off the next day his teeth were gone with the gum surgery so he looked like a newborn.” Bryce could swear Mrs. Jacobson was holding back her pain but she didn’t show it. “She told us that since we turned him into a newborn we could have him. She filed with the city and we countered filed, in the end the city declared us both at fault and allowed her to void his adoption.” Mrs. Jacobson wiped away a single tear. “I couldn’t send him to orphanage, not after that so Little Time Daycare took foster custody of him.”

Mrs. Jacobson went back and sat down. “If he is adopted I have offered to have him cured but n…”

“How can he be cured, he’s a mindless baby?” Bryce interrupted

“Hypnosis doesn’t work like that, as I said it makes him ACT like a newborn but he isn’t. The old Kyle might still be in there.”

“If you hated what was done to him why didn’t you fix it?!” Bryce was angry and confused.

“His recovery won’t be an easy one, it will take time and care and we don’t know what else his former mother did to him. If someone adopts him I will pay for his hypnosis to be removed but someone will have to help him through it, someone who can be with him all the time, someone he can trust, someone who isn’t an amazon. Kyle will need someone to help accept what he has become and to be with him.”

Bryce knew she could do it, she could be that little but… this seemed to perfect. “You mean me, that’s why we are having this conversation.”

Mrs. Jacobson turned her monitor around, it showed a picture of Bryce and said in big letters “Missing Little.” Mrs. Jacobson began, “You’re here not because I wanted you to test, not really, your here so you to fix my mistake. Kyle got hurt and I needed someone he knew to help heal his mind. His mother had kept his things from his past life to punish him, but now we have them. He kept a picture of you; I have been looking for you, I only found you because of the missing little report your work filled out. However when your Mommy adopted you it was closed as solved and I reached out to her for this program.”

“If that’s true why didn’t you tell me this to begin with? If you had told me I would have agreed, I would have died for him.” Bryce said almost in tears.
“Would you have trusted an amazon?” was all Mrs. Jacobson asked. Bryce didn’t need time to think she knew the answer, no she wouldn’t have trusted her.
“Bryce when you came to us you were broken, hurt and damaged. You couldn’t have helped him even if you wanted to because you couldn’t help yourself. Thus we come at last to the end of the testing, and now we see if your ready. Kyle can’t learn to accept what he is from someone who can’t accept themselves.”

Bryce’s mind was racing this was everything she had ever dreamed of, everything she ever hoped and now the only chance she had required her to break the one rule she had always believed. She had to truth an amazon. Her whole life had led to this moment, was it fate or choice? Did it really even matter? There was one truth she knew about herself, if she could save Kyle she would go to the ends of the earth for him.

“What do I have to do?” Bryce asked

“Close your eyes. Let yourself drift back to when you lost it all. Remember the pain, the sorrow and anger.” Bryce did as she was told, reliving her past as everything fell apart. Her school, she had put her whole life into her schooling to get a good job and be a successful Little; but it was taken from her. Her family, the sight of her mother siting in a dirty diaper, toothless and drool running down her face still haunted her. Her parents were gone, and mindless pamper pushers had replaced them. How could she grieve if they weren’t even dead, they were still out there mindless infants forevermore. Her very life as she knew it had ended on that day three years ago and she has been just a ghost wondering without her soul, trying to understand why she remained.

“Now remember the feeling of your Mommy, remember your friends, remember all the baby things that are apart of you now.” Bryce remembered Jessica crying over her, it was as if any pained they caused to her would transfer to Jessica. she remembers laughing when she de-toweled her, it had given her such joy to watch Jessica’s reaction but more then that how Jessica carried when she was picked up the day before. She remembered her dinner her mommy had made and even being allowed to feed herself. She remembered Mr. Stuffy and how he’d been there from her first day, he had been with her when she was eating, sleeping or pooping. Mr. Stuffy wasn’t just a bear he was her best friend and he always would be. She remembers them laughing at Susan for calling her cute little owl Hooters or Sam calling her cat Paws. She remembered her breakdown yesterday morning and how they all hugged her after, she couldn’t remember the last time she felt so safe. Finally she remembered her poopy diaper, she remembered the race and the fun she had peeing on Crystal. Seeing Crystal and Dee in dirty squishy diapers had made her jealous, she had loved that feeling. She loved the feeling of filling it up while eating at the same time, it was like the food was entering and exiting at once. Most of all she loved when Michelle changed hers squishy diaper, she had been soft and gentile. She knew who and what she was, and who she wanted to be. She felt joy, she felt happiness, she felt… Love.

“I accept what I am.” The words send a shiver down her spine as she whispered them.

“Show me” Mrs. Jacobson whispered in her ear.

With a sigh she felt all the pain be washing away by the joy and love she felt. Her backside opened and she slowly felt her poopy mess fill the back of her diaper once again. As her backside was coated in her home made pile of mush she felt the front of her diaper grow warm, she was giving over her control, not only control of her bladder and bowels but of her life. The more the diaper filled the bigger her smile grew. She could feel Mrs. Jacobson reach behind her pressing the mess against her butt sending shock waves of pleasure and joy through her body. As she leaned back against the back of the chair, she felt a little drool slide down her chin as she slid down the back of the chair until she landed with a squish on her butt. The smell hit her nose and all she could do was giggle, she had made the biggest poopy of her life and done it in the seat of her diaper, all the while feeling at last complete.

Mrs. Jacobson walk around her desk, speaking as she had her finger to her ear but Bryce was too filled in her own happiness to listen. She felt better then she had in a long time, like she was finally ready to by happy with her life. She knew who she was, she had been to college had her own job but now she was a baby and she was alright with that. Bryce felt a pacifier enter her mouth as she opened her eyes to see Mrs. Jacobson smiling at her, “Now your ready sweetie.”
As the elevator door opened Jessica stepped out. “Mommy!” Bryce yelled behind her pacifier. She jumped off the chair and waddling her poopy diapered butt over to her mommy with Mr. Stuffy was held tight in one arm.

Jessica reached down and picked up her daughter, “Oh sweetie, mommy missed you.” Jessica started tickling Bryce which caused her to explode into giggles. Jessica put her hand of the bottom of Bryce’s diaper before giving it a few pats. “Alright stinky let’s get you changed and then go get your new bother.”

“No Mommy,” Bryce said with a smile. “Kyle now, diapee change later” Bryce had only the smallest hint of a lisp.

Mrs. Jacobson walked over with Dee on her hip as Jessica now had Bryce on hers. “Thank you for everything, you have helped us more then you know.” Jessica said trying to kiss her giggling Little’s cheek.

“No Ms. Mills, thank you.”

[B]The End

Epilogue: Second Star to the Right, and Straight on Til Morning

Megan Jacobson sat at her desk, looking over the pile of papers she needed to go through. The last four months had changed everything since their last test group, and everyone wanted to know more about Little Time Daycare. They were being called the Neverland of etiquette schools and Little training centers. They were liberal enough for most open minded amazons and got the results that the more traditional amazons wanted, mostly. There were always extremists on both sides against them but those were so few against the sea of many. Business was doing so well Megan was thinking of opening another Little Time Daycare either on the other side of the city or another city over.

Megan stood with her cup of coffee and walked over to the daycare side. Looking down she saw the same group of six Littles playing together, the Nannies called them the Six Little RugRats. Sammy, Jason, Susan, Dee, Kyle and Bryce. Those six caused just as many head aches as they did laughs but the staff loved them. Megan was happy that Bryce had been able to forgive Dee for what she had been told to do, the first few weeks after was really hard on Dee as they wouldn’t let her play with them. However time does heal all wounds it seems and it wasn’t long before they were a team again. She had thought of telling Bryce that she had rescued Dee from a Little breeding center, but decided not to.

Kyle’s recovery was better then Megan had ever hoped for, though there were a few draw backs. After removing the hypnotic trigger’s hold they had learned more was done to him then just his teeth being removed. Something had been done to his ankles so he couldn’t stand on his own, though according to Jessica is was a great source of fun for Bryce who would keep patting his butt to go faster when they were at home. Kyles potty training was a flat zero, though be it from lack of muscle control or surgically done it wasn’t clear, but it could also be that Kyle just understood his place in life and it didn’t matter either way. His speech was the worst part, he had a hard time forming words and having no teeth did make it worse. When they tested him last week it was clear his mind was back, Jessica had told her that many times his talking just sounded like baby babble and they Bryce was starting it pick it up.

Bryce truly was special, she not only helped Kyle but was helping her a lot too. When they had announced their new “Happy Little Program” they had promoted Bryce as one of the first fully trained members from the program. Bryce could switch from sounding like a normal adult little to a infant on a dime, it made her the hot pick for talk shows and got a lot of amazons to get their babies into classes. Though there were many Littles like her in other parts of the world it wasn’t as common here and thus she had a following. If anything Bryce had shaken up the social structure without meaning to, she was a “baby” Little and accepted that role for herself but she was so much more. Bryce had become an icon for some to question the rolls of Littles, this only made her more popular. Although for how popular she was there was one other person in the building that trumped Bryce.

Megan looked down at the contract on her desk, it had been there for a few days and she needed to make a choice one way or another. Michelle being in crawler diapers for two weeks was just to punish her for wetting herself, and slipping Bryce that treat. However after the two weeks was up Michelle had to admit she had…lost a bit of her potty training. Every time she wet a dry diaper at work after that she got one more day in diapers, a dirty diaper got her three more days. After four months Michelle was the only amazon in the building wearing nothing but a pink t-shirt and a crawler diaper. This however had been a great thing, first many groups loved that one of the amazons training the Littles would wear and use the same diapers as the Littles; Little Time Daycare was being praised a genius for pushing the boundaries of Little care. Not to mention a growing number of amazons that started wanting to wear diapers themselves. Some blamed Michelle for this trend but Megan knew it was always there just unseen.

Every day they had two Happy Little Classes, one in the morning before lunch and another after. Michelle’s morning class was doing much better then Emily’s afternoon one. The classes were suppose to go for a week since it’s only half a day of training and half with in the daycare. Emily’s class had most students passing on day 4 or 5 with about 20%-30% needing to take it again to class. Michelle on the other hand was different she had zero students need to retake the class and almost all students passed by day 3 at the most.

Michelle being in diapers seemed to put Littles as easy and it helped them accept their new lives watching amazons doing the same thing. The contract of her desk was from the manufacture that made the crawler diapers they ordered, they had offered to supply their store with normal crawler diapers at 50% off and would provide amazon sized crawler diaper for free from now on if at least one position in the daycare had it as a requirement; and they openly push that as as reason for their success. Looking over Megan saw the classroom side was empty so she put her finger to her ear, “Michelle, Emily can I see you both in my office.”
“Yes, Mrs. Jacobson.” They answered. It would be best to speak with them at once.

Megan saw the door open and Michelle and Emily heading toward her. She loved watching Michelle waddle around in her diaper, even more with it as wet as it clearly was. “I’ll be with you in a moment girls, just need to sign this paperwork.”

Emily could smell Michelle’s wet diaper being this close. “Michelle you really should change, you’ve been wet for a while.”

“I can’t Emily it’s not changing time.” Michelle blushed

“Your an amazon not a Little you don’t have to wai…” Emily was cut off.

“Yes she does,” Mrs. Jacobson said, drawing their attention. “And now so do you.”

Emily looked confused, “Ma’am I don’t understand.”

“Emily you were top of your class and past every test I gave you when you got here and you have done a great job in running your Happy Little Classes.” Mrs. Jacobson knew she needed Emily to understand he wanted her around first. Emily just gave Michelle a smug look.

“However Emily, Michelle here is destroying you.” Mrs. Jacobson grinned. Offering them a folder show the results of the last 3 months.

“What?!” Emily said grabbing the folder to read it. “Kimmy shouldn’t count, kept making up stories about another world and don’t get me started with that baby Sofia.”

“Enough.” Mrs. Jacobson said in a firm tone.

Emily looked down at her feet, “I’m fired aren’t I?”

Mrs. Jacobson sat back down at her desk, “That’s up to you Emily, I think I know what is causing these problems and I’m fixing it. You are more then welcome to keep your position as long as you abide by the new rules.”

“What rules?” Emily asked with hope in her voice.

Mrs. Jacobson cleared her throat and started reading the memo she was about to send out. “Starting today all Little Time Daycare members that teach the Happy Little Classes are only the wear one crawler diaper and one t-shirt (pink for girls and blue for boys) and it is to cover no more the 2 inch passed the top of their diaper. Bathrooms will be off limits to these employees and their diapers are to be changed according to normal diaper changing schedules.”

“Mrs. Jacobson, you can’t…” Emily pleaded

Mrs. Jacobson walked up to her and handed her a crawler diaper and a pink shirt. “You can change here or downsides, if not it has been nice working with you.”

Michelle looked Emily as she was choking back tears. “I’ll change you if you like, it’s not bad when you get used to it.”

“Thanks,” Emily said meekly as they turned to leave before Mrs. Jacobson stopped them.

“One more thing Emily, if you want to get use to them quickly ask the Nannybot for a level 3 dose of diaper mush. If you do you can say in the daycare area today and Michelle will cover the afternoon class today.” With that the two went downstairs.

Emily being diapered she had no doubts would fix the problems, but she needed to start planing ahead. Little Time Daycare was growing so fast because she was able to think beyond other amazons and she needed to keep thinking that way. Megan pressed her finger to her ear again, “Nanny bot please bring Bryce up to see me.” All she head was a beep of understanding, maybe it was time to buy another Nannybot, a newer model would be nice.

A few moments later the elevator opened and Nannybot carried Bryce over to her, with Mr. Stuffy still in her arm. When Megan picked Bryce up by her armpits from Nannybot she could see, and smell that Bryce was due for a change. “Oh my, someone is a stinky girl isn’t she?” Megan cooed to Bryce.

Bryce just laugh, “She’s more poopy then me.” Bryce pointed to Little Cristy who on the floor in her normal spot. She had been Crystal when she was still an amazon. Crystal had begged to be turned into a Little after she came out of her stupor that day. Megan chose to test her and had her go in and watch one episode of Little RugRats, she had accepted herself as a Little baby before she was a Little and before the first episode ended, still the daycare record. Megan thought she was so cute as a Little and she adopted her and since she was an infant level she could stay with her in the office and keep her company.

Mrs. Jacobson just laughed at Bryce, “Let’s say your both really stinky.” she said tickling Bryce on her lap.

“You know Bryce you help Kyle out a lot, I’m very proud of you. Would you like to help me with something else?”

Bryce bounced her poopy bottom on Mrs. Jacobson’s lap, “What is it?”

Mrs. Jacobson smiled, “Have you ever wanted to be … a Teacher?”

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Re: DTA: Don’t Trust Amazons, Completed 6/14

I have to say I didn’t see the “Dee-as-insider” subplot coming, but it works. In all, I think you did a pretty nice job of resolving your plot here. Right now (and it is 2:30 in the morning) I have only a few things to say:

It’s a shame that you didn’t bring us back to scenes featuring Jessica. She was such an important character for much of the piece and will be in Bryce’s life to come, yet we see only glimpses of her after the testing climax. Since the whole point of the test was to make their relationship a better fit, I think we needed better closure on this.

The Crystal thing seemed to come out of nowhere. So she’s sort of an Amazon ABDL? Where in the earlier chapters was there any hint that this might be true? She loses a silly bet and has to be embarrassed for a short while and suddenly decides she wants to become the species that all of her race sees as inferior? Seems odd.

It seems that this story exists in almost a parallel version of the Diaper Dimension from many other stories. Whereas many (most) others feature the caring Amazons as exceptions to the rule, here they seem to make up a very significant percentage of the population. The idea that Little Time Daycare is expanding suggests that many people desire to have the kind of symbiotic relationship with their Littles that Jessica and Bryce enjoy.

Teacher? Now that takes things in a whole new direction: if a diapered Amazon as a teacher makes the class work better, how much MORE efficient would it run with an actual diapered Little [I]who has been through it?

[/I]​You’ve certainly left yourself wiggle room for a potential sequel…

Re: DTA: Don’t Trust Amazons, Completed 6/14

This is one of my favorite stories. Please make sequel, it was really good.

Re: DTA: Don’t Trust Amazons, Completed 6/14

[QUOTE=kerry;69496]I have to say I didn’t see the “Dee-as-insider” subplot coming, but it works. In all, I think you did a pretty nice job of resolving your plot here. Right now (and it is 2:30 in the morning) I have only a few things to say:

It’s a shame that you didn’t bring us back to scenes featuring Jessica. She was such an important character for much of the piece and will be in Bryce’s life to come, yet we see only glimpses of her after the testing climax. Since the whole point of the test was to make their relationship a better fit, I think we needed better closure on this.

The Crystal thing seemed to come out of nowhere. So she’s sort of an Amazon ABDL? Where in the earlier chapters was there any hint that this might be true? She loses a silly bet and has to be embarrassed for a short while and suddenly decides she wants to become the species that all of her race sees as inferior? Seems odd.

It seems that this story exists in almost a parallel version of the Diaper Dimension from many other stories. Whereas many (most) others feature the caring Amazons as exceptions to the rule, here they seem to make up a very significant percentage of the population. The idea that Little Time Daycare is expanding suggests that many people desire to have the kind of symbiotic relationship with their Littles that Jessica and Bryce enjoy.

Teacher? Now that takes things in a whole new direction: if a diapered Amazon as a teacher makes the class work better, how much MORE efficient would it run with an actual diapered Little [I]who has been through it?

[/I]​You’ve certainly left yourself wiggle room for a potential sequel…[/QUOTE]When you go back to the first DD story written by Princess potty pants the whole idea was that the dimension was created by the hopes,dreams and even stories of ABDL’s. As such I like to think of them as a multiverse, every one is a little different from another but have many things they share.

I thought of having some Jessica/Bryce/Kyle part in the epilogue but it felt more like fluff to me. Jessica wanted Bryce to be a baby, but she wanted her to be happy most of all. For Jessica she believes that, for the most part, Littles can’t take care of themselves and need a “mommy.” In Jessica’s own warped sense of right and wrong keeping someone safe is good but at the same time torturing someone into a safe life is wrong. At the same time since Littles can’t care for themselves she can’t simply let Bryce go, that and because of how she found Bryce she thinks Bryce likes it and is just embarrassed by it. Thus Little Time Daycare to help Littles understand that in the end the world will never see them as anything more then babies, but even if that’s true they can still have lives full of joy, happiness and love if they want.

As for Crystal she asked to be GSR’ed into a Little, thus that is who she is now. All the characters are damaged in their own way and I didn’t get to put in all the characters back story sadly. Crystal was a spoiled brat and her parents got her everything, well almost. She was an oops child and her parents already had a Little, they liked Crystal when she was a baby with her Little sister but as she grew her parents became more distant. Their focus was their jobs and the token Little they had, not their own daughter. As such her parents would give you anything she wanted, just not their love and attention. This is why she broke so quickly, to Crystal all she wanted was to feel loved by her “mommy” and “daddy.”

Re: DTA: Don’t Trust Amazons, Completed 6/14

The portrait your story paints of Jessica is more compassionate, I think, that then one you paint in your comment. She really does come off as much more of a caring soul—stuck in the morality of her world, but at the same time riding far above the average Amazon within that morality. She sees Littles as far more than the “babies” she knows most of her kind see them as, and she’ll fight like a demon to make sure Bryce is never subjected to that kind of treatment. Is she perfect? No…not even Amanda of BabySofia’s story is perfect. But she’s clearly one of the better ones.

My complaint is that her request came out of nowhere in the epilogue, just before we find out the response to that request. (Well, after, actually.) And there was no indication that the Crystal we had met earlier had any such tendency.

This would have helped immensely in seeing some logic in Crystal’s choice. Without it, that choice just doesn’t make much sense.

None of this, however, diminishes the fact that I enjoyed the story itself. :slight_smile:

Huh, I really like this story, but the ending just sort of…fell flat in my eyes.

The title of the story is DTA, Don’t Trust Amazons. That was Bryce’s absolute first rule, and a mantra born from her father stuffing as much of it into her head as he could without removing his daughter’s happiness, and it was the rule that carried her through the worst day of her entire life, up until the three years she lasted until the story began. Bryce was a victim of the Amazons’ kidnapping culture, a type that I do not see often in these types of stories, that I remember the tales of the ones left behind, who have to live without the pieces of their lives that was more precious to them than often literally anything else, which the Amazons thoughtlessly and callously took.

Bryce had dark feelings and thoughts within her, but these feelings did not stem from her hatred or racism of the Amazons, but rather the ease and unhesitating callousness with which the Amazons ruined her life. When it came to ruining Bryce’s life, there was no hesitation or second thought on the Amazon’s part, no deliberation, and no delay, forcing her to adapt in the span of a few days from a functional woman who was otherwise destined for success into the survivor of what is in a few rights a small scale apocalypse who did everything necessary in order for her to survive.

But heart, a heart. Bryce survived at the expense of her heart, and yet she still had one. The Amazons were an “other” that was literally out to get her.

The mass kidnapping scene at the college was a colossal event that I think is relatively underappreciated in certain aspects, every Little kidnapped from that college that day had PAID the college money in order to teach them and give them their degrees. The last scenes at the college is going to be massively consequential, the college violated the trust of HUNDREDS of their student body in one of the most monumental betrayals I’ve ever seen in a DD story. The Little students that were either taken or left, would never return. No Little would ever consider that college ever again, I wouldn’t be surprised if by the time Bryce was taken, that college would’ve started shutting down if it wasn’t on the brink of doing so already. Bryce is a Little, but she is not a child, much less a baby, she’s a full adult who learned to take the cards she was dealt and make them work in her favor. She hates, she went to college, she was about to get married, babies don’t do that but Littles can because they’re not babies.

More than anything DTA is a story that I wanted to see the main character of win, Bryce had a lot more going in her favor than most Diaper Dimension Protagonists had, as far as I know, her preparedness and capability to remain free from the Amazon’s invasive meddling is 2nd only to Agent DARK. I believe that Bryce giving in to the brainwashing is out of character, especially afterwards where her PTSD and trauma that apparently just…disappeared, at the ending we never saw the trauma dealt with, and I believe as a matter of fact that trauma would’ve gotten worse due to her loosing the maturity and mental faculties to deal with it even semi-properly. She is a young woman whose dreams turned to dust in her mouth, her fiance, the love of her life, was taken from her and she was helpless to do anything but watch.

Even the ones who raised her and taught her the ways of their world had been taken a full five days before she returned home, no chance to warn them, no opportunity to say goodbye, no hope of return. In the span of a week, everything Bryce loved, everything she held close, every happy moment she had of her childhood, the bright future she was working towards, all of it was now nothing more than a bitter memory, growing ever more distant, for this was the rite of adulthood for too many Littles in the Amazon’s lands.

As another note, the only apparent difference between Littles and Amazons I see in too many stories is their size, but in all cases (that I know of) besides my own story, just size, this becomes somewhat of a problem due to one either being bigger or smaller than the other. If the Amazons are bigger, then the normal human body plan won’t be able to sustain or properly support their increased size. In terms of body shape if the Amazons were 3 times bigger than Littles, then they should have a body plan similar to Wun Wun’s from Game of Thrones, thicker, trunk-like legs, and shorter feet, and any other adaptation meant to handle their increased size.

However, if the Littles are three times smaller than normal humans, their body plan would be adapted to their smaller size as well, I think they would be far more lithe and agile than the average human. Littles would be better at endurance running, and can remain in bouts of physical activity longer than normal humans can due to their smaller body generating less heat, and therefore, the losing heat problem is less of a problem for Littles.

This would mean that you can’t become an Amazon by making yourself bigger, and you can’t become a Little by shrinking. The Little becoming big like an Amazon would be crippling and potentially lethal, especially if the Littles are a third the size of normal people, since the GSR doesn’t appear to adapt their body plans for their proper size. If Bryce used the GSR on herself then she would have fallen down on her first step and break every bone in her body (I believe Bryce should’ve brought this up in the last argument), sticks and stones will break your bones if your spine and limbs are as thin as twigs. An Amazon becoming a Little, I hypothesize, would possess almost none of the harmful consequences of Littles getting bigger, the Amazons would for the most part do just fine for the same reason shrinking an elephant would be fine.

However, an Amazon becoming a Little would still be dangerous to their life, just in different ways from Littles getting bigger, again for the exact reasons that making a Bush elephant into the size of a cat would be dangerous for them.

The reason why I see shrinking an Amazon as being incredibly dangerous isn’t about physics, the hazards are this time purely environmental. If the Amazons are shrunken down, as far as I know, it doesn’t change their body plan, and the Littles they would be surrounded by would be overwhelmingly ACTUAL members of the species, and this is important.

Most Littles are not babies, no matter how many are forced to become like them. The adult Littles who are “taken care of” would still have hormonal, physical, and even genetic differences from actual babies, this is the reason why so many are castrated and had parts of their body removed or altered against their will. These “babified” Littles would still have some adult aspects about them that can’t be removed, many times the Amazons don’t bother to remove the aspects that they can remove physically and mentally.

The Littles who suffer their lives forced to live as babies while remaining relatively psychologically intact adults are the reason why Amazons becoming Littles is so dangerous for the former giants. There are people who love, or love the idea of “Diaper Dimension,” but we’re in the minority, and I think we’re a minority in that world too. Many of these Littles are people like Bryce, who have had their lives and futures and loved ones stolen from them. How many of those people do you say would not see this as an opportunity for revenge? We saw the hatred that Bryce had for Amazons, what do you think would happen if suddenly, all Amazons are the size of Littles? Furthermore, what do you think would happen if the Littles who were physically and psychologically mutilated were reverted to their true natural state, and saw that the massive size gap between the two species is no more? There are probably a multitude of Littles with a grudge to settle even without accounting for those whose brain were turned to near useless mush, and the Amazon’s military guns and equipment would be too big to avail them, and the Amazons would be forced to the brink of extinction practically overnight.

I think that when the mentally intact Littles see an Amazon in their situation and size, there would be enough members of their kind with a darker nature that would try to MURDER that shrunken Amazon. In the DD story, The Promise, it’s my headcanon that after the Amazon main villain (who was running a drug trafficking ring) was shrunken and rendered incapable of talking, the Littles that she would’ve been stuck in a daycare with would’ve stabbed her to death.


Seven or eight out of ten, most of the story as it is is really good. I think Bryce should’ve pulled the trigger, but I’d like anybody who hasn’t read this to enjoy the story.

I’m honored after three years someone still read the story. The stories ending seeming odd or coming out of no where isn’t wrong. When I wrote chapter 1 I also wrote the last two chapters and then everything in the middle. However, by the time I got to the end I changed it and rewrote the last two chapters. Stories like “The Promise” and “Chasing Emily” is what inspired me to start the story but as I was writing it stories from BBYKimmy and others started popping up. Before that most stories in the Diaper Dimension also ended with a “bad ending” but these stories were ending on a happy note and by the time the story got to the end I wanted that as well.

The original ending was more in line with the theme of the story. DTA, being don’t trust amazon’s was what kept Bryce going, but her flaw was that she trusted Littles just for being Littles. The original ending was going to be a bitter sweet ending, with one of the Littles placed in the group as a “spy” to figure out why the other Littles weren’t regressing. In Bryce’s last adult moments before she was to be reduced to drooling infant she would realize DTA really means Don’t Trust Anyone, as it was a Little that doomed her to a life a diapers. In my head an image of the traitor Little looking down at Bryce and her former lover from the office, the Little believing it’s better to be the right hand of the devil then in their path. However, at that moment the Little that betrayed Bryce would be betrayed by the amazons that only used her to fix their conditioning and with that done they no longer needed her. The story was going to have more of a Long_Rifle/ bitter sweet ending, the traitor would get what she had coming but Bryce would join her love in diapered bliss. As I said the closer I got to the end the more I wanted to change it to a happy ending. I had thought about in a rewrite of the story to fix grammar errors to have two different endings and let reader pick. If I ever get around to do that I’ll most likely add those different chapters. Thanks for the feed back

Well, I have an idea for how the story would end while staying a little more true to the setting you wrote, remain the happy ending you want it to be, although it would still be bittersweet, and retain Jessica’s compassionate nature/benevolent tole. I call it the “Bryce is victorious edit,” and I’d REALLY love to share it with you.

Tell me, does the Little Island exist in your story?

I’ll only give you this with your stated permission, whether in private or public. Writing an alternate ending to a story that isn’t yours in said story’s own comment section after it ended strikes me as a taboo that is NOT to be violated, even if the rules don’t specify this kind of crap from happening.

So, do you wish to read it?

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I loved this story. Though my favorite and least favorite is the ending. I actually read Diaper dimension stories just to see if an Amazon ends up in diapers. I really wish there was more to the Amazon that wet herself and Crystal. I’d actually pay for that to be written in both Crystal’s and Michelle’s point of view. To see how Michelle felt being put back in diapers, apparently she wore them even at home since she lost control so curious as to why and did she get spanked for wetting herself or was she ever spanked during her two weeks in diapers? Was it only the bot that changed her or did her coworkers. Did they tease her, did they treat her as a baby those two weeks? Feeding her out of a baby bottle, making her suck a paci? Did she get turned on by any if it? Did she ever have to stay a long period of time in a messy diaper? The questions go on lol. Either way I have read this story at least 3 times or more and I’ve read the last couple of chapters countless times.