Dragon Lords 0-Town of Elcid

Although this story is based around a generic Dungeons & Dragons setting, one doesn’t need any actual familiarity with the game besides the obvious “this is medieval and has magic”. It’s sort of an introductory backstory for my own characters in a Campaign I’m designing.

The Green Orb really is in Intra Town then?… In Intra, inintra, ninintra…" The half-elf girl chuckled to herself at the sound of the words.

“It apparently is, Sachiko.” She was answered by a man who was comparatively large and muscular, in part due to his pure human origin Although solidly built, his eyes and movements were conducted in a calm and controlled fashion as the two of them packed together.

The half-elven girl climbed on top of the bed in the room with a sigh. “Thanks for packing with me James. I needed the company.” He bowed lightly in response.

“If it’s alright, I’ll take my bag into my room tonight, and I’ll wake you in the morning.” She nodded and after the human man left the room, she blew out the candle and said her prayers.

Day 1

The following morning, the City of Elcid’s gates bustled with activity. With wishes of good fortune and hands waving in the air in parting, a cluster of people had sent the two off on the dirt road. James marched with a chain mail tunic placed over his shirt, while Sachiko had a supple leather “shell,” of sorts, fit around her bust and protecting her upper torso. Both of them wore identical electrum amulets in the shape of an ankh. James turned to her.
“Do you have the map?”
“Yeah, right here.” She pulled the neatly-folded map out and examined it. It seemed to be fairly recently created, being of a cleaner and less-damaged material than most scrolls.

“It’s about… Two hundred forty miles?” She asked almost in disbelief.
“That’s right.”
“Hm… There’s a forest not far, we’ll pass through it won’t we?”
“That we will.” Said wood was in fact several miles away, and it would actually take a couple of hours to reach it. The girl just kind of gazed over the grassy plains on either side of the road; she couldn’t even see the beginning of that forest.

… “James, have you ever traveled this far on foot before?”
“I’ve done a lot of hiking and camping, but I’ve never actually traveled far from Elcid. Why do you ask?”

“I was trying to strike conversation. It’s gonna be days before we get to Intra, and I get bored a little easily.” Her companion couldn’t help but snicker.

“No kidding. It’s a wonder you’ve learned as much as you have…” She looked a little annoyed.

“I like to study! I never got to go to school until I became a Cleric.” James only hummed in acknowledgement, and another silence passed.

“Sachiko… In retrospect, if you could choose to go to school as a child, would you have?”
“Hm? Well, I…” She stopped talking and weighed the question in her mind. “Well, mother would have been lonely without me since father was usually out dealing with traders all day… And it was fun helping out at home.” She smiled. “I didn’t have to worry about growing up until I was twelve.” James grinned.

“Yeah. No homework, no physical training, no potty training, just puppets and toys all day~” Her cheeks flushed red in frustration.

“What?! That’s not what I meant at ALL!” The two laughed. He flipped one of her perpetually messy bangs, and began running for a while as Sachiko chased him. She actually liked that about him-he was kind, patient, and clean in his speech, but she was the only one she’d ever see him joke around with the way that he did. It made her feel that she could trust him as a friend.

They continued running down the unpaved dirt road, which faded here and there because of light grass growth crossing over. There were occasional trees dotted around, mostly maple and bright green cottonwoods. Animal life would’ve been abundant if one traveled far enough to either side, but they tended to keep clear of the road except for squirrels… And of course robbers, but Elcid didn’t tend to have many of those near the city.

The laughter quieted came to an abrupt stop when the poor girl’s foot got caught behind her other and she fell on her knee, prompting her companion to stop and check her. “Owww….” She yelped a bit when they found it bleeding, having been cut on a rock on the road.

“How bad is it?” James asked in concern.
“It hurts… Pretty bad.” She whinced, touching it. James got down on one knee and placed his hands on top of her head. He closed his eyes, and Sachiko felt a cool light shine through her. Her knee felt numb, then it felt completely normal as the blood faded from the site. She blushed a little as he helped her to her feet and muttered a silent but audible “Thank you.” Before they walked on.

After a few hours passed, the tree density began to steadily, then sharply increase. James bore a thoughtful, calculated look on his face for some time, unaware to his companion. He finally turned to speak to her.

“Wurthwood. It’s about thirty miles long, isn’t it?”
“Hm… That’s what it says on the map.”
“Alright. Let’s turn a bit northeast and avoid the center.”
“What? Why? What’s in the center of the woods?”
“I’m pretty sure there’s a giant spider nest somewh-”
“What? Would there really be giant spiders?” Sachiko began to grow nervous.

“Does that bother you? Together we’re more than capable of fighting them off.” The girl seemed unconvinced, so he just stared at her eyes.
“I promise you’ll be safe.”. A smile crept slowly onto her face and she continued walking.
“Besides, since you’re a maiden and I’m a knight, I get a +2 bonus to attack and save rolls, or something.” She just looked at him perplexed.

“Er, nevermind…”

It didn’t take long for the forest around them to darken the sun’s light with wide treetops, creating a musty, gloomy atmosphere. Once in a while someone’s boot would sink an inch or so into particularly moist ground. Sachiko broke what was, minus random animal sounds, uneasy silence.

“If I’d known we were going to someplace like this, I wouldn’t have picked a white dress.” They chuckled and continued silently on. After a step, Sachiko’s foot wouldn’t rise, causing her to fall flat on her face with a yelp.

“Are you alright?”
“Y-yeah, oww… My foot is…” She let out a small gasp as her heard began pounding the inside of her chest. She was caught in a sticky web on the ground. Immediately the iron of James’ sword scraped against it’s scabbard as he hoisted it out and held it tightly, looking alert. He began trying to cut the webbing around his companion, a very difficult task due to the silk’s flexibility and stickiness. He freed her hands and chin when an eight-legged monster zipped in out of nowhere. Though terrifying, it was no shock that when one considered the relative speed at which small house spiders could travel, that this beast with a ten-foot leg span could scuttle at at least thirty miles an hour.

Despite the speed at which it moved, everything felt like it was moving in slow motion for Sachiko. Her face was pale and she was too petrified to even struggle.
Flashbacks of a similar situation in the past flooded her mind.

It was during her trip to her mother’s homeland, Nipan. She was wrapped in a web, hanging from the ceiling. Thanks to the spider venom in her body, she was almost completely paralyzed, and the paralysis had caused her to soil herself-of course that was the least of her worries. If it wasn’t for a rescue team, she would’ve…

Stuck in a kneeling position, her bladder completely voided itself. The urine began trickling onto her left thigh, and streaming down through her saturated panties, wetting the front of her skirt. It was only then that she managed to scream at the top of her lungs, then when the giant spider’s face was close enough for it’s fangs to be visible. And it was then that it recoiled in pain, it’s face having been smashed in by a sword worth half a hand more than most. It was longer and heavier than any longsword, but it was smaller than two-handed weapons and he could have wielded it in one arm. With a charging strike, James hammered the weapon straight into the creature’s face. It writhed and flailed its legs as the desperate knight twisted and turned the blade, slaying it.

Sachiko’s face had went from pale to beat red, and tears were in her eyes. James cut her loose and she began running straight out the way they had come in.

“Sachiko!” She looked back, took his hand and just kept running, until they were near the entrance all over again.

sniff I-I’m sorry James…” He only smiled warmly into her eyes.
“We will go around.”
“Oh, thank you so much. hic Thank you James.”
“But if we do, you’ll have to do something for me.”
“Anything, I’ll d-do it, thankyouthankyouthankyou…” James knelt and placed his backpack onto the ground and looked through it.

“I want you to wear diapers until we get to Nashmore, just south of Intra.”

“… Wait, wear what?” Her sobbing had finally ceased and was replaced with stunned confusion.

“If we go around the forest we may have to make up some time, which will mean we can not rest as frequently, and to put it bluntly… You’re a leaky faucet.” He stated, pointing his finger from her skirt to the trail of urine down her leg. She blushed profusely and silently nodded her head.

“That’s… I mean…” James stood up, holding a large, white cloth and a smaller plastic-like sheet of material, as well as a sack of talcum powder.

“I assume you know how to…” The young woman blushed profusely in response.
“Of course I know how to, but isn’t this just a tad strange and disgusting?” The man kept holding the garment up.

“I only wet myself because I was immobile and terrified for my life!”
“Five days ago, you were taking clothes off the line in the front churchyard and folding them. What prompted you to get up before finishing the task?” Her look of disgust melted into one of slight humiliation.
“Then!? I… um… I started peeing in my panties…”
“Fourteen days ago, it was after dark, during the second watch. You were out of bed and carring sheets down the hall. Why was that again?” She couldn’t bring herself to look up at her companion’s eyes.
“You didn’t do either of those things on purpose, did you?”
“N-no… It’s not like I have some huge history of it though, it was just a couple of times recently! I’ve been worried about this trip!”
“Can you guarantee you won’t do it again, now that we’re actually out here?”
“Yes! I mean, most likely of course! I mean… You may be my superior, but you can’t make me wear a diaper!”
“I can’t and would never dream of that.” The girl’s face softened a bit at that sentence.

“I’m not asking you as a Paladin, I’m asking you as a friend. You know that we have to be at Intra as soon as we possibly can, you’ve never traveled on foot for as long as this trip will take, and I want you to be as comfortable and safe as you can be. If you accept this, I won’t think any less of you. If you refuse again, I’ll put this away and won’t bring it up again unless you do.”

They were silent for a moment, until Sachi nodded and took the materials, and got to work after James turned around. She put her panties into the little “dirty stuff” pocket of her bag and cleaned her leg. She then laid down on the out-folded cloth, and noted the convenience her elven heritage played in preventing hair growth. After powdering herself up, she placed the plastic layers between the cloth and her nether regions, and brought the whole thing up over her front, snapping it tight at the sides with buttons. She stood up and smoothed her dress down over it before letting James turn around. She traced her dress around her enlarged bottom to prove it was on, and they continued their trek. She had never stopped to wonder why he happened to have diapers for an adult, or for anyone for that matter. The man looked to his friend.

“How is it?”
“It’s kind of heavy around my hips, and I have to walk with my legs a little wider or else it rubs my thighs. At least it’s warm…”

They marched somewhat uneventfully for another few hours. There was no road leading around the forest, so they walked through lush grass, keeping the outermost trees of the forest in distant view for bearings. They had ended up foregoing lunch, but they ate some bread as they walked. Sachiko hadn’t needed to use her new “arrangements” for some time since she had completely relieved herself just before putting it on, but as night fell her burning bladder was ready to be loosed again. Next to her fatigue, however, this was hardly a problem.

“James!” She called ahead tiredly. “How much farther are we going today?”
“I was thinking about another half an hour. Should we stop now?”
“Please…” She asked. They stopped walking, and James began clearing the grass on the side of the road for their campground. Sachi just fell onto her cushioned bottom, taking her boots off of her throbbing feet.

“Sachiko, when you feel up to it, would you take the tent out of your bag?” The human man asked, setting some rocks around a small pit that he dug. She lazily swung her bag in front of her and pulled out the tent roll, and found the will to get up and carry them over next to the fire pit. She had finally re-noticed her need to relieve herself as she set the tent up, resolving to tend to it as soon as she got the thing up.

Luckily it didn’t take long, she thought, however that luck showed to be pointless when she felt whoozy and sat back down. James noticed her fatigue and walked over.

“Are you feeling alright?”
“I think I’m just tired… And hungry…” He brushed some hair out of her face, prompting a smile as a very slight overbite showed between her lips-a rarity for those with elven blood.
“I’ll bring you some dinner, it’s roasting right now.” The thought of eating something cooked brought a little smile to her lips. About to burst, she decided that she happened to be wearing a diaper anyway, and certainly didn’t feel like getting it off, more or less squatting on her tired calves, so she just wet herself for the second time that day. She felt a bit awkward as the warm wetness spread and soaked around her privates and behind, and even more awkward for pushing it out on purpose, but she was too tired to care too much.

James came over with two plates of meat and some roasted vegetables, and she began scarfing hers voraciously. “Maybe skipping lunch wasn’t a good idea…” She only "mmph"ed in response.

“It’s going to get even chillier soon, shall we go to the fire?”
“Yeah.” The two got up and walked over to the warm, burning glow and sat on a log.
“If we travel with this same pace, we’ll get to Nashmore in about five more days or so, then it’s only a day or so to Intra.” They ate in relative silence, then just watched the fire burn. Sachiko watched the smoke burn upward into the night sky, and settled her view on the stars.
“James… What do you think stars are?”
“Yeah. I mean, there’s so many of them, and they make so many shapes…” They thought about it a moment.

“Perhaps… They’re worlds.”
“World’s? Like ours?”
“Yeah. If the holy writ states that God created worlds without end, maybe the stars are all those worlds, and ours shines like a star to all of them.”

“… What if stars are little tiny specks of magic?”
“Yeah, like little bits of magic light that float up there to guide us?”
“Hm… If they’re far away, they couldn’t be tiny specks of magic or else they’d be too small for us to see.”
“… But have you ever felt like… They weren’t far away? Like you could just reach up and grab them?” James couldn’t help but chuckle at her suggestion.

“When I was camping outside for wilderness scout training, sometimes I felt the same way…”

Day 2

The morning sun shone on the plains from the east. Sachiko rubbed her eyes, slowly sitting up, careful not to disturb James. It had felt funny sleeping with all the material bunched between her legs, but it wasn’t too much of an impediment. It was, however, cold and uncomfortable. She had wound up sleeping in the same padding that she had wet before dinner the previous night. She found the bag of powder and a fresh inner sheet set neatly at the tent’s entrance, so she took it outside, did her morning business, and replaced the padding inside her cloth covering.

Having got used to walking in a diaper, she made her way to the fire pit and started it up, pulling out some salted bacon. While the coals heated up, she thought about the diaper she was sitting in. She remembered being a six or seven year old girl and having her mother change her. It was when she was about eleven or so that she was accepted to Clerical studies, and since she was going to actively leave the home at that point, it was then that her mother had finally detailed more “proper” methods of handling bodily functions and the wearing of thinner, lighter-weight panties. When she asked her mother about not training her at an earlier age, she would usually avoid or change the subject.

She recalled James’ random statement about potty training, blushing at how close to the mark he actually was. But he did not-or should not-know about this, and she certainly was going to make sure it stayed that way. It was then that she realized just how little of each others’ childhoods they knew; they were in their early twenties and had only met for the first time a few years prior. Her thoughts were interrupted by a warm, clear voice.

“Good morning Sachiko.”
“Good morning! You finally got up?”
“The smell of bacon cooking is almost irresistible.”
“Well… Here you are!” She forked some strips and put them on a plate that she handed to him. After they had eaten, they spent an hour or so studying their scriptures and quietly meditating and contemplating, both to mentally prepare for the long walk and to ready their ability to call protective divine power. They packed up camp and were ready to set out. James, however walked over to some bushes facing away as Sachi finished stuffing the tent into her bag.

“Where are you going?”
“To take care of something.” She realized that he was opening the front of his pants and looked away, feeling dumb for having been nosy. She thought about how much more convenient it was for him as a man to do that, unconsciously squeezing the thick material under her dress in contrast, before they began walking.

“Sachiko, I wanted to ask you a question about Syllabic.” It was the second language that the two of them specialized in, and the primary language spoken in Nipan.

“About what?” Nipan was across the ocean, and Sachiko had lived there for a time to study the language and culture because of her heritage on her mother’s side. James pulled out a Syllabic scriptural text as they walked and opened it to a particular page.

“I don’t understand this conjugation. I know basically what the verse says because I can read it in Common, but I’m not sure what these little symbols do exactly.” When James first met Sachiko, he began studying Nipan’s language and culture to help relate with her more easily.

“These things? Oh, they’re used, like, when you’re listing something but you’re not listing all of it. Like if you say “books, scrolls, etc.”, then you also mean things that aren’t books or scrolls, but are like them.”

“Really? Oh, that helps this other part make sense, too! Thank you!” Sachiko only grinned in the satisfaction of helping someone.

Another thirty or forty minutes into the walk, the half-elven girl’s lower stomach gurgled and began feeling heavy. She didn’t have to think at all in order to realize what that meant, and for the first time she thought about how much messier that this would be than just wetting herself was.

“James~” She called as pleasantly and friendly as she could.
“Could I… Could I stop and not do “the other thing” in this diaper? I can understand how often people urinate would make it easier, especially if you’re female, but…”
James thought for a second and grinned. “I’m afraid you’ll have to go just the way you are now.” She moaned, then thought as they kept walking and decided she’d rather hold it for now. But after another hour it was becoming too much, and she stopped.

“James… I-I-I’m about to… Please don’t look!” Her companion turned in respect of her privacy just as her bowels gave way, forcefully depositing a load into the back of her diaper. She cringed as the warm, solid mush bulged the garment’s bottom out, and combined with her underwear’s natural thickness, it became noticeable through the seat of her dress should she bend forward by the slightest bit. She stood with her legs apart, rosy-cheeked. “O-okay, I’m done.” She muttered above a whisper. The human man put his hands on her shoulders gently.

“Do you remember being bedridden and having to do this when you were rescued?” Her eyes widened and looked to the ground. “We’re going to travel for a long time and go into many places. We’re going to fight giant spiders and all other kinds of nasty monsters, liches, and even dragons most likely. I want to help you overcome your fear, and we’ll do it together, baby step by baby step at a time.”

She was still silent, but she looked up at him. “We’re in no danger of spiders, so I want you to think about things that you associate with that event, and in time you’ll start to cease fearing them. You’re a strong, mature girl, so you can do this.” They just stood there for a moment before Sachiko began to grin slightly.

“If I’m a mature girl… Why did I just poop in a diaper?” They started laughing and James took his hands off of her. Suddenly something dawned on the girl. “WAIT a second, did you plan for me to do this the whole time?! Why did you had this diaper in the first place?!” He grinned and the two began another chase. When the sun reached the top of the sky, they settled next to a couple of large trees for shade, and decided to prepare lunch. And after lunch, Sachiko would be sure to relieve herself like a proper adult and change out of her smooshy mess.

The sweet scent of fruit preserves wafted out of their jar as they were unsealed. Unfortunately, this scent didn’t go unnoticed by some unwelcome guests lurking nearby. Just as the two were finishing the creation of sandwiches, half a dozen kobalds began rushing across the open grass. This was clearly an uninspired move, as the smiles on the adventurers became instant frowns. Sachiko scooted back and rose to her feet while James stood straight where he crouched and pulled his back-mounted sheath around to his side, drawing the clean, shiny sword. He took the hilt with both hands and smashed the foremost kobald square-on, taking it out of the fight instantly.

The remaining five hesitated for a moment at the sight, but four of them jumped the Paladin while the fifth ran past him toward Sachiko. It leapt on her and she screamed as the two had a standing wrestling match. They struggled around for a bit, but even a half-elven woman is bigger and stronger than a kobald, and when she got a hold of a palm-sized rock, it was helpless against her beating its reptilian head literally open.

James bore a minor scratch to his face and pants but was otherwise holding strong. There were only two left at him, and a flying rock smacked one of them out. He turned to see Sachiko holding a sling that she was readying again. The last kobald made a wild break for it, when another white stone flew and pelted it to the ground.

James hunched over some grass, wiping his blade clean. “Those buggers, they didn’t use any traps or weapons at all. They just ran at us.”

“Are they usually… Smarter than that?” She responded, kneeling next to him and healing his face wound.

“Yes, those things are cowards. They fire projectiles at you, in faraway groups of twice your number or more, after you’ve fallen into some pitfall. Then if things so much as look like they won’t work out, they’ll flee for safety or reinforcements.” They didn’t think too much more about it, they just had a peaceful lunch and continued their way.

“When did you start training to become a Paladin?”
“I entered as a squire when I was twelve years of age.”
“Why did you do it?”
“Why?” James thought for a moment. “My father was a knight, but as I grew up he really didn’t seem to be all that ‘knightly’.” He began to smile. “And I always admired the stories I’d hear growing up, about some beautiful maiden with long hair and a pretty dress who would be captured for ransom or worse by some villain or beast. Then a heroic chivalrous man in armor would slave long distances, horrid weather, and great danger, only to save her in the end and carry her delicate, feminine frame in his arms back to some castle and take her for a bride.” Sachiko began to blush.

“I bet you would’ve liked to save me, huh?”
“Don’t misunderstand me; I could never want a woman or anyone else to be in trouble or to need rescuing. But it’s a reality that happens anyway, so one day I want to carry whoever she is that needs it.”

The remainder of their day was fairly uneventful. They set camp and had dinner. James went out from the site and took care of his business like an adult while Sachiko changed the padding inside her diaper. The two then laid down in their bed rolls on opposite ends of the tent and laid quietly.

“James… How did you feel yesterday?”
“Yeah. I mean, when you saved me from the giant s-spider.” He looked at her quizzically.
“I felt afraid for your life! I was ready to burst with how much adrenaline I had pumping.”
“But I mean like… You got to save a maiden, like you were talking about earlier.” He began to grin at her words.
“I guess I did, didn’t I?” He rolled onto one knee on the floor and took Sachiko’s hand. “And I’d do it again if ever you required.” He spoke is a slightly exaggerated tone, and very lightly brushed her knuckle with a kiss, before laying back in his bedroll. She wasn’t sure how he felt about that, but she felt about ten thousand butterflies spawn in her stomach and flutter into her head. She giggled, then had to turn and face the tent wall to hide the blood flow to her face, and soon they went to sleep.

Re: Dragon Lords 0-Town of Elcid

I like that warning that says “this topic is old, make a new one unless you’re sure you want to reply”. But I figure in this case, I’d might as well just bump this one and finish the story instead of just reposting the whole story, right?

Day 3

When dawn came, Sachiko slowly stirred out of bed-or what constituted one in the wilderness-and climbed to her feet. James had already gone out somewhere, so she went outside to stretch. After starting a fire and washing her face with a damp rag, James came back from the bottom of a hill some ways away, carrying a net with fish caught up.

“You got the fire going?” He hollered as he came back into speaking range. “I’ve got breakfast!”
“Whoa! Where’d all the fish come from?!”
“There’s a river running just down there. I also refilled our waterskins. And…” He pulled a tiny log spider out of a bag, causing Sachiko to almost jump. “It’s alright, just sit down and be calm.” He smiled.

“Why, what’re you gonna do with that thing?” He took her hand in his very slowly, and she almost squealed as the arachnid crawled innocently onto her hand, going up her arm a ways.

“If you stay calm, it won’t hurt you. See?” She very gradually eased up and mentally swallowed her tension, feeling her stomach settle ever so slightly. James stared at her skirt with an awkward flush, hearing the sound it made because of the silence. The half-elf eased a small grin onto her face. “I-it tickles when it walks…” They let the fella go, and had a delicious fish breakfast.

By midmorning they reached the end of the road, and the terrain began to get a little marshy. The tree species began to grow thinner, hanging their branches low to the ground, and their steps would occasionally squish in the moist grass. It was growing uncomfortable, but neither of them complained. When it came to be midday, they found a bunch of bushes clustered around a shallow water source, growing berries. Sachiko’s eyes lit up

“Wow, look! Those sure look good!” She ran over to them and closed her eyes a moment. “They’re not poisonous!” She took one off the branch and tried it, then started eating more. “They’re sweet!”

“We can gather some for later as well.” James walked up and began placing berries into a bag, eating a few while Sachiko kept eating them, putting a few into a bag. She kept grabbing berries off of all the bushes, making her way across little shallow stream to another cluster of bushes and continuing her progress. After a few minutes, James held and mentally measured his sack.
“Sachi, is your bag full yet?”
“Oh, yeah! Coming!” She called as they continued their walk

Only a couple of hours passed before fatigue began to affect Sachiko. She began feeling dizzy and light-headed. James noticed and slowed down.
“Are you alright?”
“I dunno, I feel kind of tired and whoozy, and my legs feel like lead.” They stopped walking and she sat down on the driest patch of grass available.
“Let’s get you something to eat.” He told her comfortingly, pulling out and unwrapping a small package of salted meat. She opened her berry pouch and began sifting through, when James noticed what was inside.

“Wait a second…” He pulled one of the berries out.
“Where did you pick this one?”
“Oh, that was on the bushes across the water. Is that different from the others?”
“This is a bitter nightshade fruit.”
“T-they didn’t taste bitter… Is that bad?”
“These are poisonous. Were you eating them as you put them in the pouch?” Sachiko gripped her neck in shock, and James continued.
“Didn’t you cast Detect Poison first?”
“I only had one charge ready and I used it on the ones we started picking first. I figured if the other bushes were close by then they must be the same… Now my stomach’s upset…” James gave her his water canteen.
“You should drink a lot to help flush the poison out.” She drank it thankfully, then he calmly laid her on her back and began massaging her stomach. She smiled as the pain in her tummy began subsiding."

“Where did you learn how to do this?”
“Wilderness scouts, though you’re the first person I’ve tried this with.”
“Why don’t they teach the girls any of this stuff? I mean look at me, even assuming I wasn’t spider food by now, I went and ate a bunch of poisonous berries and would’ve never been the wiser!”
“That’s why we always travel in pairs. And if it weren’t for your skills, I’d never have the moral support of a well-cooked meal and my torn clothes would invite disease.” She thought about his answer as he kept gently pushing and gripping her stomach, keeping her comfortable. She grew uneasy when, although the nausea was kept in check, she felt a huge mess form almost suddenly in her bowels.
“James, I think I need to relieve myself… It’s the dirtier one…”
“Just relax and keep your blood pressure low.” He smiled at her as each hand motion seemed to make it worse, especially as he moved down under her belly button and introduced more forceful pushing motions. She groaned and spread her legs a little, pointing her knees up when she lost control and filled the diaper under her skirt, yelling her companion’s name in mild frustration. After about fifteen seconds of embarrassingly farting and pooping herself in a diaper in front of him, she finished and James stopped the massage."
“That was causing the pain and nausea.” He finally explained, somewhat alleviating her angry look as she then understood.
“Why didn’t you just let me take this diaper off first so I didn’t make a mess?”
“As dizzy as you seemed, you might’ve fallen over and bumped your head on something. Or at the least, have made some kind of mess anyway.” He allowed her to change in privacy, though he couldn’t help but snicker at the disapproving opinions she expressed aloud to herself over the idea of soiling herself. When she finished, he helped her up and continued at a slow pace, checking the fever against her forehead once in a while.

“How long will this poison last?”
“It’ll only be another few hours, and you probably won’t get any worse.” James had encouraged her to drink almost all of the water they had to help clean her system out, since there was a river they could use to refill their reserves at the end of the marsh.

By the time they reached the river, night had begun to fall, and they camped next to it. Sachiko dumped some freshly chopped greens and mushrooms into a pot of boiling chicken over a fire, dusting her hands to get it all off. She sat back onto the log she was using as a seat, closed her eyes and relaxed. All the water she drank had been making its way through her and out the other end, and her bladder was again burning. Though she’d never tell James, she just wet herself on purpose this time-after all, she reasoned, she’s already soaked and she’s going to change in just a moment anyway. That was when James sat next to her.

“That sure smells good.” She smiled before responding.
“Thanks! Would you watch this while I go get changed?”
“It looks like you may be a bit late on that…” He pointed to her skirt, which had sunk between her spread legs and had a small wet spot, made obvious by the fire’s light. In an unintentional breech of modesty, she quickly lifted her skirt up and realized that she soaked through the plastic padding and outer cloth cover. James, of course, looked the other way. Sachiko’s blush only deepened when she realized that she was holding her skirt open in front of him.
“I’llberightback!” She ran into the tent to tend to herself and James patiently sat near the fire, stirring the soup once in a while. By the time she came back out, he had a bowl prepared for her, so they had grace and began eating. Sachi was just glad that swallowing something solid wasn’t upsetting her stomach so much.

Day 4

When the half-elf’s eyes slowly lit up, James was already sitting up in bed, reading a holy text in Syllabic, then looking over to a Common version. They exchanged morning pleasantries, and she went outside to relieve herself like a grown-up.

After finishing another chapter, the knight placed a bookmark into the tome and peered out at his friend as she was gathering wood. He just watched her for a while as the wood became a fire, and soon began cooking food in a skillet.

“(She does so much without even being asked. She can be a bit immature, but she’s just too curious and humble to blame for it. She even has a child’s honesty.)” He backed up and began putting his books away when he saw her approach the tent, opening it up and bending down to fit her head under the roof.

“James, is the bread in here?”
“Ah, it’s… Here you are, thank you for making breakfast.”
“No problem! It’s great to cook in the morning with a warm fire.” He just kept watching her from behind as she walked back over to the fire. The slight toddle that her undergarment added to her legs would be difficult to notice if one wasn’t looking for it, but to James it was accentuating her childlike charm.
“(And she’d do anything anyone ever asked of her in an effort to please them. Unless it were obviously unacceptable, thankfully.)”

When they had finished preparing for the day, they packed up and began their journey.

“Well Sachiko, we’re over halfway there and the only land left in the way consists of open grassy plains.”
“What? Really? No more woods or marshes or anything?” With his nod in response, she started growing excited and skipped a little as they walked. She hardly remembered the specifics as to why she was wearing a diaper anymore; she just knew it was for the trip and looked forward to taking it off when they arrived at Nashmore. For the most part, she didn’t even really need it, although if asked, she would admit that it was sometimes convenient.

The time of their trip was well-planned, as another day of fair weather and sunshine filled the sky. Sachiko’s feet hurt some, but she could take it since they were almost at Nashmore. She looked at James’ feet, thinking to herself. She knew his probably hurt too, but no one would be able to tell just by looking at him.

"You know James, you’d be pretty good at card games…
“Hm? Why do you say that?”
“You’ve got a good poker face!” He pulled a glove off and patted his face curiously, causing the girl to giggle some…
“I mean it’d be hard for people to tell whether or not you have a good hand, because you keep a straight face even if things are going really good or really bad.” Finally understanding her comment, he smiled some.

“Well, they’re still not really my thing. Card games can attract a pretty bad atmosphere.”
“Yeah, but they can be really fun, too!”
“Well, I’m sure they…” He trailed off as a horse’s trot could be heard. They looked over to the other end of the field, where a second path joined the main one, and a cart drawn by a horse made its way toward the fork. The two parties met up, as the cart was apparently traveling in the same direction as they.

“I see, with sucha light load you’d be able to get to Intra more quickly…”
“Righty, sir. Them Kobalds’re getting purdy nasty. Ran off with a cow from back’ome they did! 'N if what they say 'bout the green dragon is true, I dun wanna be out’ere fer long. The klor, chloraph, that gas’s nasty stuff I tell ya what!” Amused with the man’s accent for a moment, James turned to Sachiko.

“Say, what’s “chlorine” in Syllabic?”
“You mean like green dragons breathe? Um… ‘Enso’”
“Why is this purdy lady here one’a them Nipan elves? She must be the purdiest little thing I ever seen!” She blushed with a mixture of flattery and awkwardness as he pinched her cheek, like she were some kind of child.

“You sound like ya know Common purdy well, don’tya? Well I guess it’s no surprise, 'most EVERYone knows Common, on accounta it’s called ‘Common’ and all!” Of course she could speak Common, she was raised with it-it was this strange fellow’s ability to speak it they weren’t so sure about.

“Well sir, how would you like an escort?”
“Aw thank ye fer the offer, but I Don’t got much extruh silver in m’pocket.”
“It would be a service; we’re traveling in the same direction as it is.”
“Aw shuck, really? I’d sure feel a bit better if ya came with me! Name’s Antuiqos! I am in a bit o’a hurry, though. Think we c’n head straight ta town?”
“I’m fine with that. How about you, Sachiko?”
“Well, I…” She was actually hoping to relieve herself at lunchtime, but the thick garment chafing her private areas promised to handle anything she’d need to release. She put on a smile to respond.

“I-I’m fine with it! And having people to talk to is fun, anyway.”
“A’right then, if we head straight we shud make it by this ev’n. Yaw!” He called his horse, as the three began together.

It was pretty fun traveling together; the two got to hear some rumors people had about the area; that the kobalds were resurrecting some pagan god, that a lich or a mindflayer was controlling weak-willed creatures for some purpose, pretty much anything you could think of was something that someone, somewhere, had told this wagon rider. The merchant, in turn, became acquainted with their origin and mission about finding the “Green Orb”. The artifact was connected with dragons in some fashion, but the missionaries couldn’t say much more about it. He wasn’t sure whether it was because it was some ‘classified’ matter, or if they didn’t actually know more themselves.

James eventually spoke up. “Hey… The road seems to be a lot more faded than back where we came.” The others looked at the path they were traveling; indeed, although the road itself was still visible, it was started to look less clear and developed, and up ahead it simply faded into a bunch of grass and brush debris.

“Ya’know, they say them kobalds like ta make traps where they-Gwaah!” As if circumstance were mocking them, the ground around them quickly gave way, as they had reached a pit covered thickly with a grass net. The fall too wasn’t far, but they hit the dirt ground underneath as dust and pine needles were thrown upward. Coughing and a little confused, the three stood up, and Antuiqos checked his horse and wagon.

James drew his weapon and eased in front of the others cautiously. "If this is a trap, we’ll have to be careful and get out of here quickly. Antuiqos, do you have a hook and rope of any kind?
“Nah sir I don’t…” Sachiko picked up a rock.
“Well, there’s only this one path…” She threw the stone down the corridor, but was only met with the faint rustle of leaves on the ground.
“There probably aren’t any traps…” With James in front and Antuiqos creeping with the horse and cart behind, the three made their way down the hall. It wasn’t elaborate; a tunnel dug out with simple tools, vines and roots occasionally hung through the ceiling. It was a blessing that Antuiqos’ horse was able to fit through.

The path opened into a large(for a kobald, anyway) room, with actual stone paved over the ground and walls. In the center of the room was a stone statue of some sort, depicting a lizard. They really couldn’t make a better guess as to what it was. A basilisk? A dragon? A salamander? They paid limited attention to the statue, after noticing two different paths. One led into a dark hall, and the other had an upward incline, so they were inclined to choose it.

Although the horse was hesitant, they worked together to help it up with them.
“Come on ya hoss, just keep pushin’ on…”
“Hey, the sun’s coming through!” The path did expand gradually until it opened onto the surface. But…
“… We didn’t see a single kobald that entire time…”

After making sure everyone was all right and that they hadn’t lost anything, the three and the horse continued their path; they were almost there, and anything Sachiko had hoped to hold until a lunch-break was lost at some point during the ordeal anyway. They didn’t see even one kobold for the entire day afterward, having traveled along the road until nightfall.

James started a fire and set up the tent while Sachiko pulled out utensils to cook with. In a show of generosity, Antuiqos pulled out a bottle of ale-not too expensive, but not terribly cheap or common, either. After about fifteen or twenty minutes, they began setting up some nice places to sit around the fire.
“Well I’s grateful fer yer help fellas, so I figure we c’n share this with supper, eh?” The two stuttered a bit in surprise.
“We’re thankful for your gesture, but we’re adventuring missionaries from Elcid, and made a covenant not to drink alchohol.” The older man looked at them with a touch of alarm.
“Izat so? Oh, you’ve got them things around yer necks 'n everyfing! I’m sorry ‘bout draggin’ this 'ol stuff out then, I respect it ‘n all. I’s hard work walkin’ all over the place 'n tell people 'bout yer God 'n stuff. I couldn’t do it without a drink or two ev’ry night!” He just laughed with friendly haught as they laughed lightly and had some warm soup.

The three got to be pretty good friends. They led fairly different lives and enjoyed each other’s stories and ideas about life.

“I sure am thankful ye got a nice tent, a cart ain’t no good fer sleepin. 'Specially since I probably make it awkward fer you two to, ya’know, get it on 'n…” The two’s eyes bugged out in an almost comical fashion, and Sachiko responded.
“Oh no no no no no, we’re not married or anything, so we don’t do that stuff.”
“Really? Then why’re you in the same tent’n everyfing?”
“Well, we’ve promised to be chaste, so as long as we keep that promise…”
“Hmm… Yer’s an odd sort’a people I tell ya what. Not that that’s bad’er nothin’ of course.”

The three of them finished settling in for the night and went to sleep.

Day 5

Sachiko was the first to wake, her body rolling and adjusting itself before her mind fully came to. She stretched her arms out quietly before sticking two fingers down the front of her padding to check for wetness. She paid no thought to the significant dampness inside as she pulled herself out of her sleeping bag, until her mind woke a little more, causing her eyes to widen in realization of what waking up wet meant.

It seemed like forever to her for James to get up, although it was probably only about ten minutes. She motioned for him to come out of any possible earshot of their guest in the tent.

“James, I woke up wet today.” Her friend stared at her, unsure of how he was supposed to respond.
“That means I wet myself in my sleep! I really don’t want this to become a habit or anything…” James only began snickering a bit.
“Then you need to stop treating your diaper like a diaper.”
“What… What do you mean?”
“You can’t just use them when you feel tired or because they’re convenient or your tired of waiting for us to rest-you wouldn’t do any of that with panties on, right?” She began looking flustered.
“Well, that… Yeah, your right.”
“I suggest you keep wearing them until we get to Nashmore, and use that time re-potty training yourself.” She began flailing her arms frustratedly.
“Don’t call it that! I’m a normal potty-trained adult!” Their talk was interrupted when a boisterous call bellowed from the tent.

“Heeey! Iz breakfast ready now?”
“Oh! We haven’t started it yet, just a moment~”

The three of them spent the next several hours walking per usual. It was somewhat early in the afternoon when they reached Nashmore. Elcid lies along the Baler Coast, and they had traveled roughly a hundred and score miles to the east, into the Puroshine region. Nashmore was a fairly large city, being on the crossroads between several destinations on the ____ continent, while Intra was a smaller town just a couple dozen miles north of it.

The gate to the city was open for the bustling travelers and merchants continuously making their way in and out of town. The two from Elcid just looked around in awe, bringing a smirk to Antuiqos’ face.

“So this yer first time out here, kids? Nashmore’s the busiest city around, ‘cept fer ol’ ____ way down south. If ye ever wanted ta find somethin’ purdy to put on Sachi’s finger, it’d be here.” The two just gave a stunned double-take between themselves and the older man in the cart.

“I guess I’ll be headin’ off now, sure was fun being with ye. Hey, if ye head up ta Water’s Gate in the northeast, you’ll find me an’ we could do some buyin’ an’ sellin’, eh?”
“Thank you for the company, Mr…”
“Last name’s Martinez, but ye can just keep callin’ me Antuiqos! Or Antie fer short.”
“Of course, Antuiqos. It was a pleasure, and we hope you find success.”
“See you sometime, Antie!…… Well then, can we find an Inn so I can change real quick?” It didn’t actually take long to find such an establishment; not surprising, being a place that traveler-accommodation businesses would thrive. Sachiko went through the process of changing by snapping her cloth diaper’s buttons off, folding it neatly into her bag, and disposing of the plastic padding inside. She slid her normal white panties up, careful not to trigger the slight rash she had developed. After almost a week in a diaper, panties had grown to feel strange and drafty as she let her dress fall neatly down to her knees. She looked at the diaper in her bag for a moment as some mixed feelings started tugging at her, but dismissed them as she walked outside. James welcomed her as they set back out.

“There, how does it feel to be an adult again?” She only responded with a scrunched, ugly face…

James Whiteshield and Sachiko Kikumori went on to help other adventurers investigate the strange artifact in Intra, met old friends, and made new ones, but that is all for another time.

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I guess if you want to set yourself apart from the pack these days you have to write a strange one…good but strange.