Down By: Long_Rifle

Down. By: Long_Rifle

Well. Let’s see if I can get something short done… Shit, this blockage is killing me. A hundred stories I want to write, but I can’t. It’s like not taking a dump for two weeks, feeling that huge train wanting to let go, WANTING it to fucking start moving. But just not being able to pull yourself to the toilet and dropping it. Fuck, that was a horrible metaphor. This is a small turd. Something I squeezed out. It’s just a small piece of offal that will hopefully help break the main load loose. It’s dedicated to a certain young lady that told me “I’m a girl that wears diapers, who enjoys being reduced to a toddling little thing, and my idea of a romantic night with my significant other is cuddling up in her lap, suckling from her tits while I drop a fresh load of shit into the diaper.” Now who can argue with that? Your mileage may vary. (Update: fuck…. It went from 8k words to way to many, you lucky fucks)

It was just a picture. But Lyn couldn’t get her eyes off it. She flipped it over several times, looking at the back for some kind of info, and then flipped it over and stared at the image on the front. Over and over, hoping or expecting that somehow what she had seen dozens of times already wasn’t real. That the image would change to something normal, something she could remember. But it didn’t.

A ringing phone in the office next to her finally brought her back to reality. She hid the print on her chest and looked around her cubicle, wondering if anyone had seen. “But there’s no way they would have stayed quiet about seeing this…” She whispered. She was almost shaking. She could feel her pulse pounding in her body, actually hear it thrumming in her ears.

The flat four by six had been carefully placed in her top drawer, partially hidden by her red stapler. When she had moved it, she immediately noticed what it was hiding and went white with shock. “How… Who…. When…. What the hell?” Went through her mind at the exact same time. She softly whispered in shock, “It can’t be real.”, while slowly sliding it out and inspecting it. The picture looked real. It looked like it was recent as well. “But it has to be shopped. This can’t be real…” She reasoned.

But after staring at it for what felt like hours she knew what she was looking at, and was sure it wasn’t fake. It was her. Laying in a woman’s lap. Doing what she had always dreamed of. “I don’t remember this. It’s just not possible.” She whispered as she looked at it again. The look in her eyes in the photo was one of love and peace. The breast in her face full and flushed. The exposed nipple not in her mouth was engorged and had a single drop of something creamy and white running along it.

“A diaper… A real diaper….” She thought silently. In the picture she was in a diaper. An obviously used one. And her relaxed body posture made it look like she really needed it. The face of the person feeding her was not in the shot. And the floor beneath was to dark to see what it was. But no matter where it was, or who exactly was feeding her she could easily see that the photo version of her seemed to be living her greatest dream. “And I can’t remember a dam thing about it!” She almost felt like crying, at the same time she felt intense anger and shame that someone would try to expose her like this. She stood up from her chair and stared across the sea of cubicles. Hoping to see a lone face above the walls. Maybe have an immediate suspect. Someone to choke in the bathroom.

There was no one. Everyone was in their own world. Working, or at least competently faking it. She sat back down and dropped the photo back into the drawer. She blushed as she thought about what it must have felt like. She bit down on her bottom lip as the drawer slid closed with a soft thump. Lyn cleared her throat and then tried to get back to work. But every few minutes her eyes glanced back to the drawer, and the questions unanswered became more immediate and pressing.

She shook her head nervously, while trying to stare at her monitor. “Who did it? Do they know who I am?” Then the stupidity of the question hit her. “Of course they know me, they put the photo in my drawer!” She glanced behind her, wondering if maybe there was a camera watching. Then the next answer hit. “That means they were here! Holy shit, they could be here right now!” She prairie dogged again, and was again left at a loss when no suspects were obviously staring towards her. She sat back down feeling foolish, she had already checked. Already knew that the person must be in the office.

Twenty minutes later a nervous Lyn was speed walking to her car in the parking garage under her building. She had not been able to stop thinking and worrying about the picture, and what it meant. Lyn had stuffed it into her small purse, told her supervisor she felt sick, and walked out. The new LED lights cast a cool blue glow and the natural sun light coming through the side of the parking area warmed it. Lyn was reminded why she was so happy she worked the day shift. “There’s no way I could walk through here after dark now!” She kept her keys in her hand, several daggers of brass sticking out like teeth in case she was attacked. But she was almost to her car, and nothing had happened yet.

Lyn clicked her doors open and swung the drivers door wide before she slipped behind the wheel and quickly locked them behind her. The engine sputtered on and she grinned happily as it went into drive and moved. “Try shit now!” She said. “Let’s see if you can stop a two thousand pound car at fifty miles an hour!” The thought of being safe relaxed her, she had planned at first to drive straight home. But with her good spirits she changed course to the gym. She felt like working out her aggression. At a red light she clicked on her radio and waited for her CD to fire up.

Lullabies poured out from her speakers. Silly songs and verses meant more for bright tones then actual intelligent thought. Lyn’s fear returned with a vengeance, shock caused her to take her foot off the brake, before she caught herself and stomped back down on it. She started pushing buttons on her radio frantically. Hoping to hit the one that would pop the CD free, or at least stop it. But in her hysteria she couldn’t remember where they were, or what she should do. A honking horn behind her caused her to look up and see that the light had changed and she was free to drive. She hit the gas hard. When she saw a clear spot Lyn went for it, she turned across five lanes of traffic and headed straight home. Three songs later she had managed to turn the volume down to nil, and then in the relative quiet she relaxed enough to get the CD ejected and toss it still spinning out of the passenger window.

She barely managed to get home without crashing her car. She pulled into her drive with a squeak of tires as she slid to a stop and popped out. “Get inside, call mom. She’ll know what to do…” Was all she could think as she sprinted to her door, unlocked it, and ran inside. She used her entire body to push against it as she closed it behind her. Then twisted the locks closed and breathed a sigh of relief. “My house…. I’m safe from that asshole.” She took two steps from the door and dropped her purse on an end table. Her eyes drifted past her couch. First passing over the odd white thing laying on it. Then popping right back.

Her mouth dropped open, she could do nothing but stare at it. Finally she managed a low stutter, “A… A…. D… D… Diaper!” She kept her eyes on it as if she expected it to jump up and fly at her. When it didn’t move she stepped towards it and touched it. The plastic cover crinkled under her fingers. She pulled back, repulsed by the thing in front of her. It wasn’t just a diaper, it was a big one. “Big enough for me…” She said. A recent memory caused her to lunge for her purse and pull the photo out. “The same… It’s the same kind!” The picture drifted to the floor as another jolt of fear and shock hit her. “I should call the cops!” She thought. Lyn started to pull out her phone, but her curiosity kept her eyes on the diaper.

The diaper was obviously used, she could see that. She had her phone out now, and was punching in 911. “Why did they leave it?” She wondered. It had been laid out carefully, the tapes still attached to the front. As if it had been slid carefully down and off, then set down on its back side. Almost like a pair of panties laying out, ready to be slipped on. “What do I tell them?” She thought. “I don’t remember wearing a diaper and sucking from a woman’s tits? I don’t remember a used giant diaper in my house?” Her thumb stopped just before hitting send. Shame and embarrassment at what she would have to say to strangers started to override her good sense.

Then the answer hit her. “I’ve never worn a diaper before.” Lyn said. The power in her voice returning. “It’s not mine.” The reality and logic of her thinking pushed the fear she was feeling back and away. She stepped towards it and picked it up gingerly. It felt heavier then it should. The scent of its wet padding obvious now. Still she felt emboldened. "It’s not mine. This is all bull shit. I’ll check it, and since it’s not mine I don’t have the tell the cops about the picture. It will just be a trespasser, and a sick joke.

Standing alone, in her home. Holding something impossible, yet alluring to her anyway, she smiled. “It’s not mine, it won’t fit!” She had made her decision, that would be her proof. Her pants and shirt seemed to fly off as she stripped naked. “It won’t fit and that will be the end of this shit!” She said aloud to herself. She was down to her socks when another question stopped her cold. “But who knows? I’ve never told anyone. And how did it get inside my fucking house?” She set it down, as she started looking around her to see if anything else was missing or left behind. Lyn then grabbed a large umbrella next to her couch and did a quick check of every room. She had been scared at first, but every empty room emboldened her further. Till she had checked everywhere, and she was sure she was safe and alone. The thought of secret cameras was forgotten, and the idea of being behind locked doors started to comfort her again. “Probably tossed it in a window. Or I left a door unlocked and they got in and then left.” Her logic seemed flawless.

Lyn started back towards the couch and the diaper. Wondering again about who could know, and who brought it into her house. Not even her mother knew about her fetish. She had dreamed of wearing diapers for so much of her life, she blamed it on having a younger sibling. And wanting the attention her parents gave her. And then she had grown up, and her body had changed. Her odd urges adding a veneer of perversion to her sexual impulses. She couldn’t count the number of fantasies she had thought of as she rubbed and humped her frustrations away.

Naked now, she looked down at the off white plastic thing again. It seemed to mock her. “I’ll prove this isn’t mine.” She said again. Lyn grabbed it and carefully stepped into it. The cold plastic shell warmed rapidly as it touched her skin. She slid it up her legs slowly, it caught at her knees for a bit, and for just a split second she thought she had her proof, but a slight wiggle and it came free and slid farther up to her thighs.

She felt a tingle run up her back, and settle into the hairs of her neck as they stood on end. The crinkle of the plastic seemed to get louder as the elastic leg bands bit into her legs. “See. To tight, I knew it wasn’t mine.” She took a few halting steps towards a mirror and looked at herself. The diaper seemed lodged just below her inner thighs. Lyn wiggled again, and laughed. Electric tingles were coming from somewhere else now, she let out a soft moan. She slid a hand down and touched herself. Surprised at how wet she was.

“To bad. I always wondered what it would really feel like.” She purred. Not caring if she ripped it now she used her free hand to hook the right side of the diaper through the leg hole and pulled it up. She had expected it to dig into her thigh, giving her some needed stimulation. Instead it moved up a few inches and popped easily into place between her leg and crotch. The colour drained from her face as she took in what had happened. In near horror she she did the same thing to the other side as she watched in the mirror.

Lyn stared at the reflection now, there was no mistaking it. The diaper fit perfectly. She even felt the cool wet padding brushing against her hot lips, as it warmed slowly. She pulled her hand out of the diaper as she stared. “Impossible.” She said. But it was obvious from what she was looking at that she was wrong.

“I’m wearing a diaper!” She almost screamed. As the words left her mouth the mirror in front of her seemed to mist over, in a flash it was clear again. But the image it reflected was no longer reality. Lyn could see the room behind her now looked like a giants version of her own home. The furniture was huge, it made her feel like a small child. Then she caught her own reflection. The diaper hadn’t changed, but her body had. Her womanly curves remained, but her hair was cut much shorter, and it seemed wild and unkept. Her face stained, dirt was under her now chewed nails. She took her eyes from her reflection and looked at her hands in shock.

Her immaculate nails were indeed short and chewed. Filth was caked under them. She reached up with shaking hands and felt her hair. It was short. Much to short now. She looked back to the mirror and saw her regular, clean, and more importantly not diapered self looking at her with a shocked look on her face. The room behind her immaculate and regular sized. Lyn screamed. She took a step back and hooked her own foot, sending her crashing to the floor. She scrambled away from the mirror in shock. Getting to her feet and rushing towards the suddenly giant sized front door.

Lyn could barely touch the knob, even standing on her toes. She gave it a wiggle, whatever had happened to her and her house, it was still locked. “Shit, shit, shit…” She turned around and stared across at an oddly giant sized world. The air was even different here, there was a smell to it, almost an electric ozone vibe. “The back door!” She yelped. She shielded her eyes as she walked past the mirror towards the only other exit. As she passed she put on real speed and ran. She was moving past her room when the smell really thickened to the point that she actually stopped, wondering what had changed inside. What was causing it.

She caught herself on the doorframe and looked carefully, though the changes were immediately obvious. “No way….” Her room was gone. In its place was something out of her darkest fantasies. She almost didn’t want to step inside. But the tingle from between her legs drove her on. “This might be some kind of acid trip, but dam!” She thought as she tip toed inside. The pinkish carpet looked worn in spots. Plastic toys were tossed in corners. She picked up a brightly coloured plastic cog. It had chew marks on it. Blushing, she put it up to her mouth and gently set her teeth in the dents. “They line up…” She thought. There was a large mirror, stretching from the floor to the ceiling dozens of feet up. Lyn walked towards it, wondering what it would show.

She cautiously stepped into view. “It’s just me….” She said. There was no distortion. It showed exactly what she looked like now, short hair, diaper, and the giant room behind her. “So what the hell is going on?” She wondered. “Am I crazy, drugged, or is this a really fucked up dream?” She ran her fingers through her much shorter hair. “It’s so stringy.” She looked closer. “And the ends are all fucked up like I’ve been chewing on it!” She brought the teether up to her face and again put it in her mouth, she could see her teeth and the marks easily lining up just like before; it was impossible. She knew it couldn’t be real. She had never been here before. Lyn let out a short nervous giggle as she took in the rest of her reflection. From her stained chest, to the drooping diaper between her legs. Her hand started to creep behind the taught top band again and into the moist padded interior. “I look so cute!” She giggled. As the adrenaline wore off she started to feel more relaxed and aroused. “It’s just a dream or something. It can’t be real.” She thought. The release from reality gave her the chance to really enjoy her surroundings.

Lyn’s finger was already teasing her mound when she started to toddle towards the changing table, and the stack of diapers under it. She stopped by an obscenely large diaper pail and cracked the lid. “Woah! That’s where that smell is coming from!” She threw the lid open and almost gagged. But it was the contents that she wanted a look at. She grabbed a balled up plastic wad and held it in her hands. “Like a real diaper change!” She said. “If only there was a giant mommy to change me here, this dream would be perfect…” She dropped the thing back inside the pail. But left it open. The idea that it was her stinky diapers making the infantile smell was really driving her on. She saw several tubes and containers of ointments next to the clean diapers. One of them looked well used. She popped it open, fumbling with its size with just one hand, then finally using both to squeeze some onto the shelf. The smell was pleasantly sweet, and remained her of lavender and lilies. Lyn’s body blushed as she had a naughty thought, she slid her hand from the diaper and hooked her fingers through the dab of cream.

“This should just about do it.” She said softly as she snaked her hand back inside and started working the cream in. “Oh…. Oh… That’s…. Oh…… Perfect…” She moaned as she leaned against the table and enjoyed the feelings and the scent of lily mixing with stale urine. Her knees buckled, she almost fell to the floor. She barely caught herself, managing to knock a few diapers to the floor, before she grinned and pounced forward. Literally jumping up into the crib.

The mattress was covered in a waterproof pad. It crinkled and popped as she lay back on it and spread her legs. Her speech degraded to soft moans and gurgles as she worked her slit harder and faster. She let her eyes wander and imagined herself stuck there forever. A sick twisted freak of a baby in a land of giants and perversion. She took in the diaper pail as she felt a final rise from her body. “I wish it was real. I wish I was just… A…. Big…… Bay…. Bee!” She came with a shudder and grunt that rocked the frame of the giant crib. The crinkle of her diaper caused several after shocks of pleasure. It seemed like hours passed, as she lay back and sucked her free thumb enjoying herself. Her other hand was still between her legs, in her diaper. Lyn felt better then she ever remembered, she smiled and cooed softly in the quiet of her room.

Several minutes or hours later she stared down her chest, between her twin sweaty lumps. “That was so worth it. Even if I have a mess to clean when I wake up from this dream!” She sat up and pulled her hand free. Wiping it on the sheets with a giggle. Her feet swung easily over the side, and with a final nudge she slid over, landing softly on her feet. The diaper flopped between her legs, the padding was starting to ball up. “Is 'tinky!” She cooed as the smell from the wet padding hit her. She laughed at herself. “It smells like lavender, piss, baby powder, and sex!” If she hadn’t just came, she would have started frigging herself right then. “Fuck, it. It stays on till I wake up….”

She slowly toddled out from the room, back on her mission towards the back door. But not to escape, only to find something to eat. Lyn was having to much fun. She was going to stay awhile. The fridge was huge. Scaled up to match the giant house. She grabbed the edge of the door and pulled. But the suction, and the magnetic tape held it tight. She tried again several times. But it wouldn’t budge. “Fuck.” She said. She looked up at where the sink was, and then at her kitchen chairs. “Water it is…”

Her chairs rolled. She had never been so happy about that before. She had one in front of the sink quickly. Then struggled to get up on the chair. In the end the French leather was clingy enough with her sweaty skin to allow her to get up, stand, and drink freely from the faucet. Lyn actually got down inside the sink, squatting next to the faucet above it and drank. When she got the cold water turned off she had the idea of taking a bath in the sink, like a real baby. “But I would really want a mommy to do that with me.” She said, as familiar urges rose within her. She stuck her thumb back in her mouth and sucked it as she wet herself again.

The already wet diaper swelled, the liquid pooled against her flesh, then a tiny river of pee ran down her right leg as her diaper finally leaked. “Oppsies.” She said. Then, still dripping she slowly got down, back onto the floor. “Let’s see what’s on the tube in dreamland. I bet it’s gonna be jacked!” She thought. Her gate was even worse then a toddle now. The diaper had swelled to near bursting. She could feel the padding inside squish and move as she walked. Liquid still leaked from it, dripping freely to the floor, or running down her legs.

In a moment of inspiration she flopped down onto the floor on all fours and crawled. With her huge diaper it was much easier then walking like a big girl. She made it down the hallway and was passing the mirror, she could tell there was something off about it again and decided to look even if it meant her dream might end.

Just her head was in view. She stared at its reflection. “I look normal now.” She said in confusion. She moved more of her body into the reflection and saw everything in it, including her and the obviously wet diaper was back to normal. She wondered if she looked behind her she would be back in her house, and everything would be normal again. She sat back on her haunches and slowly turned her head.

Everything was back to normal. It made her head spin when she saw it. She popped up off her butt, and almost lost her balance. “It’s still soaked!” She said. Before pulling the top away and getting a familiar whiff of baby powder, and sex. “And that’s the same too!” She reached up with her hands and felt her long clean hair was back and then looked at her nails. “Cleaned and manicured!” She said happily.

Lyn kept her back to the mirror. And looked at everything. Her purse was back. Her keys, she took a step to the door and tried the lock. It opened with ease. She laughed and hugged herself. Before finally wiggling and carefully pulling the giant soaked diaper free. It slid down her legs with a wet plop. Leaving a small, wet, smelly stain on her floor. She gingerly picked it up and carried it to her bathroom. She double bagged it and dumped it next to the small already filled garbage can.

“A shower… I need a hot shower!” Lyn had never ran her hot water out before. In The end it took her forty five minutes. She sighed as the water grew lukewarm as she finally took more then her water tank could heat. She stepped out dripping, feeling like a new woman. The hot steam had cleared her sinuses and now she could really smell the bagged diaper. She still felt an urge to put it on, but it’s stench was finally bad enough to disgust her more. “Fuck. That thing has to go!”

She hooked it with a finger and walked it towards the front door, this time as she passed she could tell out of the corner of her eyes that the reflection in the mirror was normal. She stopped and looked at herself. Nothing was different. It was her regular adult, non babified self. “Holding my wet, stinky, cummy diaper.” She thought as she blushed.

Lyn tossed the bagged diaper towards the door. It fell with a crinkly thump to the floor next to the wall. “Get dressed. Get that out of here… Go find a store and buy a little something for dinner….” She decided. All thoughts of finding out where the picture and diaper had come from were gone.

She tried to act natural as she walked outside later, dressed very casually. The bagged diaper seemed to weight twenty pounds as she opened the lid to her garbage can and tossed it inside. She turned to go to her car and jumped when she saw one of her friends standing literally inches behind her. “Fuck, don’t scare me like that Bridget!”

Bridget laughed. “What’s gotten into you? You’re never this jumpy.” She took in the wet hair, and the pinkish complexion of Lyn’s skin. She almost seemed to be glowing. Bridget put her hands to her shocked face. “You just fucked didn’t you?” Her answer was Lyn’s face growing an even brighter shade of red. “About fucking time! I thought that twat of yours had dried up and fallen off by now. Who was it? Who’s the lucky person?”

Lyn put her face down. “It’s not like that… It, it was just me…” She took a few steps from the can and walked back to her house. The trip to the store forgotten now. She just wanted to be alone. Away from nosey friends and stinky diapers.

“Oh… Well it must have been some toy, you look happily spent! Can I borrow it?” It was said as a joke.

Lyn shook her head. “You really wouldn’t understand Bridget.” She was finally at her door. She opened it enough to slip through, and spun on her heels to stop her friend from following her inside. “Look, it’s just not the time okay. I need to figure some shit out. I’ll call you later okay?”

Bridget nodded, there was an odd earthy smell coming from inside. “Sure… Sure… Just give me a call later.” She gave her a wave and stepped away. The door closed before she had even gotten off the porch. “Wow… Get laid and all of a sudden you don’t want to talk.” She looked towards the garbage can. And the oddly shaped bundle that she had seen Lyn drop inside. She pursed her lips. “And what are you really up to girly?”

Lyn breathed a sigh of relief. “Almost caught.” She stepped to the mirror, it was still normal. She pointed at her reflection. “That’s why I don’t do that kind of shit!” She almost laughed at herself. She sighed as she whipped out her phone and checked her local Chinese resteraunt’s menu. She was almost ready to order when there was a knock at her door. She ignored it. But the person knocked again. Then the voice of her friend came through.

“Lyn, open the door. We’ve got to talk.” Her tone was serious.

“Busy and tired at the same time. I’ll call you later.” She replied dryly.

“Lyn. Open this door or I swear I’ll hang this diaper on your mailbox. After taking pictures of it and posting them on line. Open the fucking door!”

The phone dropped from her hand as her world collapsed. Lyn could barely breath as the words sank in. After so long of repressing and hiding her urges, just one time and she was caught. She walked to the door and opened it to find Bridget standing there, the now open bag in her hand. The pungent smell obvious. She stepped aside to let her in. “I can explain…” She offered weakly.

Bridget rolled her eyes and waited until the door was closed behind her. She tossed the bag at Lyn, who caught it and held it in her numb hands. “Okay. I want to know what the fuck is going on. And don’t lie. I don’t know where you got that, but if you used it to that point you’ve got serious problems.”

“It’s not my fault!” Lyn protested. “Someone else started it, and I just kinda got into it.”

Bridget shook her head. “I just caught you throwing out a pissy diaper that smells like a bitch in heat had it on. I need a little more then that.” Lyn nodded and started to tell her everything. At least everything that she could remember. Retrieving the picture, and showing her that as well. When she was done Bridget looked into the mirror herself. “This mirror?” She saw nothing different in it. But she had expected that. Though Lyn had sounded completely sincere as she explained an obvious delusion. "I think you’ve been stressed out. I think you need to relax. I think we need to get you some help, or maybe some medical supervision. " She said. Though in her mind she thought, “You need to be tossed in a rubber room and medicated for a fucking month!”

Lyn could see it in her eyes. She felt like crying. “But the picture! The diaper! It proves at least the stalker part is real!”

Bridget looked away. “Yeah… It could be I guess. Maybe you should go to the police, and file a report?” She wondered how she would take that. “Let them know they might have a serial diaperer on their hands.”

“Do you think they’ll take it seriously?” Lyn asked. She sounded like a young child asking if the tooth fairy was real.

“Lyn, as long as you leave out the freaky mirror sex thing, you have a shot. Just stay here… Let me check out what the rest of the house looks like. Try not to touch anything else.” Bridget sounded tired and annoyed.

Lyn was slightly offended by that. “What do you mean? You think there’s more in there! I told you it all changed back afterwards. Or… Or at least it never changed if it was all a delusion, I guess.”

But Bridget walked away shaking her head. “I think you have some serious sexual repression. And I want to make sure you’re being safe in here. Plus we might want to crack a window or two…” She said as she took in the smell in the hallway.

Lyn watched her walk away. She was left standing in front of the mirror. She looked in it again, and again there was nothing odd about it. “Do you think I’m repressed really?” She called out.

Bridget answered honestly, “I think you’ve been hiding this part of you. And I think you’re finding ways to let it out. I’m just glad you’re not making yourself sick over this. We can get you help. Actually we need to get you help. This kind of shit isn’t healthy, you could get a bad infection laying around in a diaper like that.”

A single tear fell from her eye. Lyn knew she was right. Nothing she had done earlier could be real. It had to be her mind. And that meant she needed real help. She picked the diaper out of the bag and held it in her hands, it felt slick where wet padding had touched the plastic. She looked up into the mirror again, and was not shocked to see her childish self back, dressed in bright pink pants and a dirty pale yellow ruffled shirt. The giant version of the room behind her seemed warm and comforting. “Do you think I’ll be okay?” Lyn asked. Almost not expecting an answer now that she was back in crazy land.

Bridget was still checking the kitchen. Everything looked clean and perfect. If Lyn was having a breakdown she caught it just in time. “You’ll be fine. I bet you won’t even miss that much work!”

Lyn didn’t take her eyes off her reflection in the mirror. She smiled at herself. Her perfect white teeth glistened in her mouth. “So I don’t look like a baby to you at all?”

Bridget laughed. She pulled a Coke from the fridge and popped it open. “Like a baby? You look perfectly fine!” She decided to try and explain why what she seeing had to be wrong. “None of that was real. You couldn’t have filled a pail with diapers. I mean that much time lived like a baby would probably fuck you up pretty bad.”

The smile on Lyn’s face faltered. “What do you mean? Babies are healthy.” Her nose felt blocked, she picked it with her finger. “They have to be to grow up you know. And they use diapers for like, years!” That sounded right to her.

The coke was ice cold. As soon as it popped open ice crystals had turned the top layer into mush. Bridget sipped it down and leaned against the sink. Enjoying the cool clean air from the window she had opened. “Babies are healthy. But an adult living like one wouldn’t be. Your body is different. You need different things. Hell, if you were so young you crawled that means formula or breast milk only, right?”

Lyn nodded to herself, remembering the picture. “Okay?”

“Well, if you don’t eat anything solid your whole digestion would change. You’d have near diarrhea like shits. You’d have to crap like eight times a day. Your teeth would get loose and sink into your gums.” That part was total bullshit, she had just made it up. But she wanted to scare her now. “You’d be a freak. Why would you do that to yourself?”

Lyn’s eyes bulged. She cracked open her mouth and grimaced when she saw her teeth. A slight itch had already started. She watched almost astonished as her teeth sort of started to wiggle. Then one after the other they started to lower farther into her gum line. Several at the same time seemed to be swallowed completely my her pink gums. Most stopped moving with just about half of the tooth still exposed. But some had really disappeared completely. A test with her tongue told her many of her molars were no longer exposed. “Wow…” Lyn thought. “These delusions are fucking crazy.” She smiled at herself, and giggled at the image her new teeth gave. She wondered if the teething cog she had played with before would still match. “Well I guess that’s not to bad though…” She said to herself.

But Bridget overheard her. “Yeah. Until your body reacted to the formula. It’s all regulated and filled with the right chemicals for little babies. Your entire body would be all fucked up. With no more signals to say otherwise your hips would just melt away, and your tits would probably end up a few sizes smaller right? I mean if you’re nursing why would your body think you needed tits and ass anyways? It would burn the extra fat as fuel to keep you warm.”

Her hands shot to her shirt and she squeezed at herself through the thin material. It was obvious from the reflection and what she could feel in her hands that it was true. She was really loosing a good chunk of her assets. “At least in baby land…” She whispered. At the same time her pants seemed to move and shift over her skin. She looked down at her reflected hips, or at least what was left of them. She grinned like a maniac. “What about body hair?” She asked her friend. Hoping for some good news.

She was almost done with her Coke. “Look Lyn. Just say bye bye to everything during and after puberty. I bet your slit would be bald and your pits and legs smooth as a babies ass. Do you really want that? To look like a little girl down there?” She tossed the can away. And started walking back towards Lyn and the mirror she was still standing in front of.

Lyn’s hand shot into her pants. She found her mound slick and smooth. It felt electric, no bumps, no ingrown hairs. Just perfect skin. Her hand tarried there as she watched herself in the mirror. “It’s so real…. I wish it was, I wish I could really be so tiny in a giant’s house.”

Bridget stared at her as she came down the hall. She almost screamed when she saw what she was doing. “Lyn! What the hell are you doing? Can’t you control yourself for ten dam minutes!” She felt embarrassed for her friend that was apparently masturbating right in front of her now. “You need help! You need to get to a doctor before you get worse!” She walked closer to Lyn, only to see her staring intently at her reflection and completely zoned out. Bridget looked at Lyn’s reflection herself, but everything was normal. “Look, I’m looking at it Lyn. It’s all normal to me. There’s nothing magic here. It’s just…. It’s just you need help. That’s all. We can get you treatment.”

Lyn looked her in the eyes via her reflection in the mirror. “It’s so cute over there. You don’t understand. It’s so much better. You just do what you want. That’s what she told me.” She seemed to be in a drug induced high.

“She? Who told you that?” Bridget hoped it was a clue, and maybe a breakthrough for her friend. “Who gave you the drugs Lyn?”

Lyn blew a kiss at her friend. “Mommie did silly.” She smiled at her, then attempted to wrap an arm around her. Bridget tried to squirm away before the diaper in her hand could slap against her. But it was to late. “Opps…. Sowwy.” Lyn said as the stinking plastic thing rubbed up against her friend.

But Bridget was no longer looking at her, or even paying her any attention. She was staring at the mirror and the scene it reflected. She had been sure there had been a flash or something bright that had overwhelmed the image. Then when it was gone, what was left behind was not normal. “Lyn!” She said, almost breathlessly. It wasn’t easy to talk. Shock overwhelmed her ability to cope as she took in Lyn’s changed reflection. She looked boyish now. Her hair ruffled and gangly. As was her almost curve-less body. The clothes she had on looked nothing like reality. Then in a moment of clarity Bridget shifted to her own reflection. Her mouth froze in a scream as she saw herself standing in a purple pair of short-alls, with a lite pink shirt under them. She looked away, back into the background, refusing to believe what was shown in the mirror but not able to turn completely away. Her eyes took in the reflection of a giant sized room and furniture. “Lyn… Lynn…. There’s something wrong. It’s… It can’t be real!”

Lyn could tell her friend was seeing the same thing as her. She suddenly felt more aware and alive then she had in her entire life. The idea that it wasn’t just her was comforting. The terror in Bridget’s eyes was easy to see, it made Lyn feel more mature, even if she was holding her own wet diaper. “It’s perfectly fine Bridget. It won’t hurt. And if you think that’s some crazy shit, turn around and really take a good look behind you.” She almost sounded like an older sister trying to make her younger sibling feel better.

Bridget took a breath and held it. Then slowly turned on her heels. For an instant she felt like fainting as she took in the impossible changes, now in front of her and not being reflected in glass. To adjust for that her body decided to keep standing and just scream instead. “AAHHHHHH! We got to get out of this!” She yelled as she ran for the door.

Lyn laughed. She had done that the last time. “Hey, I was worried too the last time. But I got out. I’m sure we can get out this time as well. So relax. Enjoy yourself.” The cute and bubbly Lyn was back in control.

Bridget was too busy trying to claw through the door. “We’re stuck in a fucking delusion Lyn! There could be gas, or radiation, or maybe that stalker is drugging us. We could be getting raped right now in the real world!” She started to hyperventilate. “We have to get out of here!”

Lynn sighed. She set the soaked diaper on the floor in front of the mirror and walked to the door and her spastic friend. “It’s okay. Whatever it is isn’t that bad. We just need to relax. The last time I was here I got out. Why don’t you just take a few minutes and settle down before you have some kind of accident and hurt yourself?”

Bridget turned and looked at her, “Are you insane! We need to get out of this shit. This isn’t normal. We could be dying on the outside!”

Lyn shook her head. “Whatever. I’m going to go get dressed. You can stay out here and waste your time. That door ain’t gonna open for us.”

“Dressed? You’re already fucking dressed. Get back here and help me break this door down!”

Lyn ignored her and walked back to her room. It was as she had left it. She hummed as she skipped to the changing table and pulled a diaper off the stack there. She had trouble at first as she tried to get her clothes off. But she soon figured out that she needed to undo the snaps going up the inside of her legs. Once the pants were off, the shirt came away easily, exposing her now reduced breasts. “Woah… Smawer…” She lisped, still not completely used to her new teeth. She was still staring at her tits when Bridget walked in, managing to look scared and pissed off at the same time. “Still here?” Lyn asked her.

Bridget stomped her foot. “It’s your fault dam it! I need your help out there, and you’re to busy playing stupid baby games.” She had been watching the naked girl’s backside since she stepped into the room. when Lyn didn’t respond she moved around to see what she was actually doing. “Is that another diaper Lyn! What the hell are you doing? This is serious shit, you need to realize that!”

Lynn didn’t stop. The diaper opened with loud crinkling. “Yes, it’s another diaper. And unless you want to be the big sister and put it on me then just shut up about it.” She said it with a mocking tone. But deep down she wanted her to do it. To wipe her down and diaper her.

Bridget watched Lyn first open the absurdly large disposable, then start to wipe herself down. “If you’re just going to piss yourself again, why waste the time cleaning? Didn’t you just shower anyway?” Lyn only ignored her and tossed the wipes into the can. Exposing Bridget to the smell inside it. “Holy balls! How fucking long were you trapped here?” She walked to it and saw it filled with used diapers. “You said you got right back out!”

Lyn had set the diaper out flat on the changing table, and was using the shelf as a step to get up on it. “It was a short time. That was already full. Like I was here before.” She sat down carefully on the puffy diaper. Then looked around the room again. She had a weird look on her face.

Bridget noticed. “What? What’s that look for? You need your mommy or something?” Then she remembered something that Lyn had said when she was zoned out in the mirror. “Lyn, when you were looking in the mirror before we got here you said a woman had talked to you. Had told you stuff. Do you remember that at all?”

Lyn cocked her head as she tried to remember, then shook it. "No. I don’t really remember that. I mean I had to have been here before because of the picture and the diaper, right? But something was still bothering the woman. She was in a strange place. She didn’t know if it was real, or some kind of hologram. But as she took everything in she felt comforted. Almost as if she was at home. But there was also a nervousness under it. A feeling of anxiety that something was going to happen. Or already did. “It’s like I have been here before, I can feel it.”

“Well, yeah… You were here before I got here earlier, or do you think you remember more now?” Bridget said, nervous about the sudden memory, and what it could mean.

Lyn shook her head. “No, I mean more then that. The first time I came here. I mean just before you caught me. When I came here wearing the already used diaper I walked in here and I saw that diaper pail and immediately thought they could be mine. Though at that time I thought that I’d never been here before. But the picture… The diaper…. The CD in the car. I think I had to have been here before then. And I was here much longer. And I just forgot.” She was busy rubbing the cream on her slit. There was new wetness forming. And the sight of a witness to her shame was making it worse.

Bridget could see her friend was taking a little to much time greasing up. She even caught Lyn staring at her chest and sucking her bottom lip as she rubbed it in. “Alright. You can stop that. Just put that thing on and let me out of here. You can play baby all you want. I need real sex.”

Lyn blushed at the reply. Then grabbed the powder. “You don’t understand. It’s so good. It’s better then anything. If I could, I’d stay so much longer. Especially if I had a real baby sitter, or a mommy.” She said. The last part was an obvious plea to her friend to at least hang out and take care of her for a while.

“Look at us!” Bridget said as her friend puffed the powder on. The sweet smell contrasted, then mixed with the used diaper stink. She pinched her shortalls and pulled it away from her under shirt. “We are dressed like we go to fucking preschool. This is not sexy. It’s not fun. It’s sick and crazy! Look what it did to you! You look like a little boy, what about your tits? And your teeth! You want to be giving gum jobs when this is all over? What if you get worse? We need to get the fuck out of here! Right now! And to do that I need your help at the door, please!”

Lyn shook her head. “I am going to enjoy this. You don’t have to. But I am. When I’m done we can go.” She finally started to pull the diaper over her hips. She noticed how slim they were, her little bubble butt was almost completely gone. She smiled and looked at Bridget. “Do you think you can diaper me just this once?”

She rolled her eyes. “Fine. If it gets us out of here faster.” She stepped closer and used the bottom shelf to get high enough the handle the diaper. She pulled the front tight and grabbed at the flap furthest from her. “Shit. This thing is huge.” She mumbled as she pulled it over, the Velcro tab ripped loudly as she pulled it free and positioned it on the front panel. “This is just sick. Who makes giant baby diapers? Who orders them?” The other flap was easier to handle. The tab opened and was pushed on. “There. Now wet this thing and we can go home!”

Lyn waited for Bridget to move away, then got down herself. “Wow… It’s way thicker then the other one.” She said standing with her knees bowed out. “I can barely walk.”

“Then crawl! What’s the plan baby? Wait here till you wet yourself?” She sounded disgusted. “Want me to spank you? Maybe let you hump my leg?”

Lyn’s ears burned red. But it was too close to what she really wanted for her to deny it. She wiggled her diapered tush. “I’m already wet. I’m thinking a bottle first and then a spanking mommy.” It didn’t feel right to call her friend mommy. But it felt normal. Like she had said it to another person here before. It actually excited her to think of it.

“What the hell do you mean you’re already wet! You already pissed!” Bridget stared hard at Lyn’s crotch. “It looks dry to me-” She looked up at the woman’s face and saw a look she was very familiar with. “Oh… Sick… Being in a diaper is making you horny?”

Lyn stepped forward, the thick padding pushing at her legs. “I told you. It’s amazing. You don’t have to worry about nothing. It’s just…. Perfect.”

Bridget threw her arms up and turned away. “I’m stuck in a giant nursery because you want to cum in a messy diaper.” She felt sick to her stomach. “Fuck it. I’m gonna take a piss, like a grown woman and leave without you.” She walked out into the hall and towards where the bathroom would be if it was still Lyn’s real house.

Lyn was left speechless. The smells surrounding her seemed to make her nether lips pulse and twitch. She tried humping her hands, but the dry padding was too thick. She squatted down and pushed. But she only managed a weak spritz before she was empty again. She finally flopped down onto her hands and knees and crawled to one of the piles of toys. When she did a pink and blue plastic orb caught her eye. “Oh… I remember what that does…” She grabbed it and wedged it under her diaper. Then lay down on her belly. The weight suddenly brought the toy to life. First it tried to roll away, but when that failed it started to pulse and vibrate. Lyn closed her eyes and relaxed. It wasn’t as good as before. But it would do till she could have a proper piss.

Bridget had found the bathroom. She had expected a change. But seeing a toilet almost to her waist was just to much. She stared at it, till a twinge from her bladder pulled her back. “Wow… Okay. I can do this. There should be a potty seat somewhere…” She remembered there was a towel rack behind the door, she moved it just enough to see the rack. And a large padded plastic ring hanging from it. It wasn’t light, but she was able to put it on the bowl. “And a step stool should be in here too.” She said out loud, finding it on the other side of the toilet.

Bridget dragged it forward and placed it as close as she could, she had hopped Lyn would see reason and join her. But when she didn’t show Bridget waited a few extra minutes, shrugged, and went on with her business. The clasps on her short-alls seemed tighter then normal. “What the fuck…” She said. With a grunt she managed to get them open, and the purple nightmare dropped to her feet leaving her in underwear and her shirt. She frowned at the butterfly patterns on her panties, pulled them down, then picked them up to look at them closer when they looked odd. Once in her hands it was obvious. They were thicker then normal panties. “Trainers… Fuck…” She tossed them at the door, managing to hook them on the the door knob. The extra weight was enough to cause the door to start slowly swinging closed with an annoying creak.

Bridget felt a sudden stab of fear that having the door close would be bad. “What if it sticks closed like the front door?!” She shouted to herself. She hopped off the toilet and lunged for it. “Got it!” She yelled as she snagged the knob with her hands. She still had to pee so she pushed the small rug from in front of the sink into the door frame, and let the door gently settle against it. It stopped with an inch of space before it could fully settle in the frame and latch closed. “Back to business.” She said as she turned around.

A female voice suddenly boomed from behind her, “And what business is that little lady?”

Bridget flew into the tub against the far wall, beside the toilet, not caring that she was pissing on herself at the same time. She caught sight of a giant woman standing in the door before she pulled her head down to hide.

There was a much gentler sounding laugh from the same area, but still fairly loud. “And who do we have here? One of Lynnies little friends playing big girl? It looks like you didn’t make it. Why don’t you come over here and let mommy fix you right up.”

Bridget didn’t move. She couldn’t. She stayed still and tried not to make a sound, the room filled with the dripping of her accident down the drain. “Not real… Not real…. Not real…” She moaned in her thoughts.

The giant sighed. “It’s okay if you’re embarrassed honey. But you need to clean up or you’re going to smell all day. Why don’t you go into the nursery and get some wipies? Then maybe I’ll put a diaper on you. It’s plain to see you aren’t quite ready for the potty. And that’s okay. You can take all the time you need, mommy will take good care of her babies.”

The idea of being diapered made Bridget forget her fear. Her anger returned with a vengeance. She sat up in the tub and finally noticed that the woman was trapped behind the glass of the mirror. When Bridget studied it she couldn’t even see anything reflected. It was as if it was a window into another world. “I am not a child! I do not need to be diapered! And I don’t have accidents, I had to pee and you scared me!” She stood up and stepped carefully out of the tub. “Now why don’t you tell me how to get out of this hell hole before I start breaking shit!”

The woman sneered at her. “You might think you’re a big girl where you’re from, but over here you’re just a little toe muncher. I can see that. I bet you’re even more immature then Lynnie aren’t you? I wonder if you’ll be able to walk or talk when this is all over, I might have to get you a nice little cot to lay in, do you think you’d like that?” She pushed her breasts together under her shirt, “Two at once… Twice as much fun!” She mocked.

Bridget flipped her off. “Whatever you sick bitch. How the hell did she get out of here the last time? Tell me! I’ll leave her here if you want her. She’s probably already more baby then adult anyways. You can let her suck your tits all day, I don’t care.”

The giant laughed. “She was mine when I let her go. I told her what would happen if she kept the mirror. I warned her. And then she used the key and here you two are.” Her features took on a softer tone as the lighting seemed to change. “Two babies of my own. I can’t wait to nurse you both. Did she tell you how much she enjoyed herself? Suckling at my breast, filling her little diapers? She was so cute. Then she asked to go back, and I agreed. I knew she couldn’t stay away. Even if the rift made her forget. She’d be back. Her little fetish guaranteed that. But you…. You’re a bonus! And you’re already pissing your pants! I bet you’ll regress before her!” She finished with a lilting high pitch to her voice, attractive to babies, annoying to adults.

Bridget walked up to the mirror and pointed her finger close to the glass. “I ain’t no baby! And I will not wear diapers! Go fuck yourself!”

“Awwwww…” Again with the high pitched lilt. “Is baby Bridget gonna cry? Maybe you need your diapees?” She laughed and stood up. “You don’t have much time. Every minute in this rift will change you. That’s what it’s for you know. To make little adjustments till you’re ready to have us changing your crinkly diapers for real. Can’t you feel it? The urge to just relax and go with the flow. Maybe slip on a little protection just to see what it’s like? You’re starting to look the part at least…” The mirror misted, becoming foggy, then her own reflection finally reappeared. When she saw herself Bridget pulled away in shock. Her shirt looked unchanged, still to cute, still lite pink. But her hair and face looked foreign to her. She got closer and looked at herself closer. Taking stock of the changes. The giant woman smiled, now more of a shadow then anything else. “You and Lyn aren’t going anywhere. I gave her the key. And if she’s really any farther along then you, I can assure you she isn’t going to feel like leaving. Why don’t you just wear your diaper and get it over with? You saw how happy she was.”

Bridget felt it. The tension in her body seemed to rise. An urge built within her. There was a tinkling sound that caused her to look down. “I’m going pee pee on da fwor.” She said dumbly. Then what she said hit her and she shook her head to clear it. She came to, seeming to swim up from haze into clarity. As if from a dream. “Awww… Fuck……” She said as she lifted a foot off the floor and out of a puddle. “No, I’m not going to go out like her, like some kind of infantile toy.”

“Still fighting it? Why don’t we try something else?” The woman said, her voice changed as if she was moving closer.

Bridget had another idea, she screamed and lunged at the door. She managed to hook an arm behind it and slam it open. She heard the glass crack and fall to the floor as she tore off down the hall. She almost gagged at the smell when she entered the nursery. The pail had been left open again, and Lyn was just laying on the carpet, moaning and thrusting her pelvis at the floor. “Get the fuck up, we got to get out of here now!” She screamed. But Lyn didn’t appear to notice her. Bridget moved closer but stopped when she heard a low buzzing. “Lyn? Get up! It’s a trap!” This time she punctuated her speech with a soft kick that rolled the woman onto her back. Bridget watched an oversized baby toy skitter away, still buzzing. Then looked back to see Lyn still humping at the air.

She got down and put her hand

Re: Down By: Long_Rifle

She got down and put her hands on both of Lyn’s cheeks. “Lyn! Where’s the fucking key! We need to move!” When she didn’t respond Bridget used her last option, she pulled back and savagely slapped her across the cheek.

Lyn came out of her fog screaming. She popped up onto her knees and rubbed her face. “Owwww! What the fuck was that for!”

Bridget didn’t have time to explain, she grabbed Lyn’s shoulders and helped her stand. “Where is the key? She gave you the key!”

Lyn looked confused. “Who the hell gave me what key?” She felt slight vertigo being on her legs. She spread them to make it easier to stand. Then she pulled her diaper up firmly into her snatch when she felt the urge to pee. She sighed softly as the padding between her legs warmed. She started to look at the floor. She wanted to get down and find her toy again.

Bridget caught her head with her hands and pulled it back to face her. “I met a woman. Well I saw her in a mirror. She says she did this to us. And that she gave you a key the last time she saw you. That it’s the only thing that can help us.”

Some of the fog lifted, but not enough. Lyn giggled. “Keeeyyyyyy, pppeeeeee, diapeeeee!” It all did something besides rhyme. She tried to remember what, but Lyn was not at her brightest, she wanted nothing more then to be left alone and play with her special toy some more.

While the light of intelligence was dimming for baby Lyn it was shining bright for Bridget. Her eyes opened and she breathed a sigh of relief if as she put it all together, “Exactly! I didn’t see anything till that diaper touched me!” She grabbed Lyn, “Lets go!”

Lyn was forced to toddle along behind her. Her stomach gurgled, and she felt a slight cramp. The pain started to focus her mind. “Hey, welax! It’s just fun!”

Bridget pulled her right to the mirror. The old stinky diaper was where they had dropped it. She leaned down and picked it up. She held it out to Lyn, “Grab hold! We’re going home!” She looked into the mirror and saw their normal world. She almost felt like crying.

Lyn saw it too. But she didn’t want to go back. She wanted to stay longer,she didn’t care about the diapers. It was as close to her fantasy as she could ever get. “Wait! I don’t want to go yet!” She cried. She tried to pull the diaper away from her friend.

Bridget didn’t care what she felt like, she was ending the game right then, before the mystery woman really did get her babies. “Let Lyn come back alone if she wants it so badly.” She thought as she started to turn away from the mirror. She smiled happily. “It’s over!” She said. Then, just as her eyes left the glass, in the instant before she could refocus on the real world, Lyn managed to pull the diaper away. In that moment the key was gone, and she fell into another place, and another time. She felt immense heat, then nothing. Brightness overwhelmed her. There was a brief sensation of falling before an immense weight pushed her back the way she had come. She started to scream.

Lyn watched as her friend seemed to turn all waxy, almost like a cartoon. Then she twisted out of existence, one second she was there, the next she was gone. Lyn stood, slack jawed, then started to freak out. The shock focused her mind on getting out and away, instead of getting off. “Bridget!” She screamed as she looked at the spot where her friend had been standing. She glanced at the mirror, hoping to see her there. But nothing but her regular home was reflected back. She turned away hoping that Bridget would be back home. She expected a change, and actually felt the warp back this time.

Back in the real world she collapsed to the floor. Sobbing wildly as she tried to think of something she could do. In a fit of anger she punched the glass in the frame. A spiderweb of cracks appeared. They kept spreading as she scooted away. Several larger cracks ran to the frame, and as she watched they actually spread into it, and kept going through it. The frame cracked with a pop before the crevice actually started running across her walls. “No!” She screamed as she tossed the filthy diaper at the mirror. “Bring her back! Bring her back!”

She was still moving. Even in the darkness she could tell that. Then Bridget felt her body come to rest against something. She tried to move, to punch her arms against it. But her body would not respond, she felt as if she was tucked into a tight fetal position. Then gravity kicked in and she felt her own weight returning and pushing her down a fraction of an inch before she was resting on another slightly curved surface. She didn’t know what to do. “Being stuck in diapers would be better then this!” She moaned in her thoughts.

Lyn was still crying on the floor when she heard chunks of drywall falling near her, she looked up to see one of the cracks had spread across the ceiling and it looked like there was something pushing through. She edged away, bumping into her couch first, then quickly moving behind it. Parts of the ceiling came away faster as something off white and seemingly round pushed farther into the room. After two feet the thing stopped getting wider and started to get smaller again. Lyn stood up, shocked when she thought it looked like a giant egg. As it moved through the hole it started to pick up speed. Concerned Lyn pulled one of her couch cushions free and tossed it under the giant egg before it fell.

The ceiling seemed to constrict around the large egg as it exited. Almost like it puckered closed. She watched as the egg finally popped free, and the ceiling suddenly froze. Leaving a large crater and angry looking divot on the ceiling. The egg landed perfectly on the cushion. Then rolled off onto the floor. Lyn waited behind the couch, expecting something horrible to start clawing it’s way out. When that didn’t happen she slowly walked closer towards it.

“You aren’t going to explode are you?” She nervously asked. When there was no answer she got closer. At two feet away she could see it had cracked. But there was no real movement. “It feels like a real egg!” She said as she ran a hand along it. At the top it was slightly warmer then the room, but along the side it started to heat up. Seeming to be much warmer, almost body temperature. She left her hand near the crack, wondering if she should try opening it, when something from inside smacked at the shell near her hand. “Fuck!” She screamed and ducked back behind the couch again.

Over several minutes whatever was inside had made a hole big enough to poke something out. “It looks like skin…” Lyn said to herself. The thing was pulled back inside and started hitting again. This time the hole lengthened and Lyn finally realized it was an elbow as it unfolded and a soft, childish hand flopped out and onto the floor. Lyn waited several more minutes, but the work to make the hole had apparently been to much. And the arm barely moved again.

Lyn was starting to sweat. “Should I leave it and find the police, or help…” She didn’t know what it was inside. But she didn’t want it to die. She crept up as close as she could, and started to break pieces of the shell away till she could see the head. “It’s human…” She said. One last piece came free and the shell cracked completely in half and the person inside rolled forward and flopped out onto the floor.

“Bridget!” She screamed. Lyn got down and cupped her friends head in her arms. “Are you okay?” She felt a weak nod in response. She leaned in and hugged her as tightly as she could. Then kissed her forehead. Bridget managed to crack one of her eyes and smiled. She moved her mouth as if she wanted to say something. But she was to weak to get it out. Bridget hugged her again, then started to really look her over. “I don’t see any wounds, or bleeding.” She said loudly, so Bridget could hear. “But your clothes are gone. And you’re covered in a weird waxy kind of goop.” She rubbed some of it away from Bridget’s shoulder blade. “And you’ve got this fine hair all over your skin.”

Lyn’s eyes popped open when the words left her mouth, she had heard them said before. She remembered them from one of her classes at school. About childbirth. About how newborns are covered in a waxy cream like substance, and by fine hairs called lanugo. “No…” Now she took in the other changes to her friend. Unlike Lyn who just lost cup sizes it appeared Bridget had lost her breasts completely. “Hold still, I’ve got to see something…” She carefully grabbed one of her legs and spread it, giving her a peak at Bridget’s now hairless and swollen vagina. She let the leg fall back and gathered her up in her arms.

Bridget was happy to be back, and to even be in Lyn’s arms. She tried to keep her eyes open, but the light burned to much. She felt her leg get moved, then felt Lyn gather her in for another hug, and then she started to rock her. She tried to tell her to stop, but she barely managed a dull croak. Her mouth felt dry and sore. She ran her tongue around to loosen things up. Then did it again, “Where the fuck are my teeth!” She thought. She wanted to scream. She started to try to force her way out of Lyn’s grip, but in seconds she was exhausted and barely able to move. “What the hell is going on here?” She thought as tears rolled down her face. And something even warmer ran out between her legs.

Lyn smelled it immediately. The smell of fresh pee. Then she felt it run over her leg. “Bridget, I think you just peed on me.” Bridget cried even harder now, she feebly kicked her feet, but only managed to splash her mess around. “That’s enough of that! You’re making it worse!” Lyn was able to wiggle her way backwards, while still holding her friend. As soon as they were free of the shell it crumbled and faded. Lyn looked up at the ceiling and saw it was back to normal, as if nothing had ever happened. A quick look towards the mirror showed no cracks, and no damage. “Everything is back to normal…” She said breathlessly. “It’s over.”

Bridget kicked her feet at that. “Not me! Want the hell do you mean normal! I can’t even stand up or crawl. What the hell did she do to me?” She thought. Bridget cracked an eye again, she saw that Lyn’s face was still close enough. “How baaaaddd?” She managed to drawl out in a low whisper.

Lyn heard her. She grimaced as she tried to think do what she should say. “It’s not to bad. You’re all here!” The false tone of her faked happiness was all Bridget needed to hear.

“Howwww Baaaadddd?” She tried again with more urgency.

Lyn took a deep breath, and decided to get it all out at once. “Your still female, still human, still…. You. But you’re changed. Flat chest, no muscle tone, and no adult oriented body hair. Instead you’ve got really dark and fine hairs covering you. All over. Not really thick, not fur. Just a fine layer of peach fuzz like stuff.” Lyn stuck a finger in Bridget’s mouth, and felt the bare gums inside. “You’re toothless, and you’ve got a tendency to drool a little. Can you even move?”

She tried. Again it felt like everything weighed a ton and she was too tired. She managed a weak shake of her head. “What the fuck is going on? What did that giant bitch do to me?” She wondered again. She even felt hazy. Like she was slightly buzzed.

Lyn was happy to have her back, and to be back in the real world herself. She cried happy tears, the crinkling of the diaper she wore no longer made her horny. It reminded her of what they had been through. She wanted it off. “I’ve got to set you down Bridget. I’ll get a blanket for you, and call 911.”

Bridget let out a moan as the warm hug ended and she was set down on the floor. She felt the cool air attacking her. In seconds she started to shiver. The fear that she was doomed came back. She tried several times to lift her head, or at least wrap for arms around her for warmth. “Come on! Do something!” She wailed in her mind. But the muscles didn’t care what she wanted. She just managed to flail her arms and legs a few inches.

Lyn looked down at her shivering friend. As she had let her go, Bridget had rolled onto her back. She had barely managed to move her legs, which were now sprawled out like a frog’s, flat on the floor. And her arms had tucked up next to her head. She saw Bridget looking at her and gave her a lop sided grin, then wiped a tear from her eye, “I’ll get you a blanket okay?” She took a step and heard her diaper crinkle. She looked back down at her, “And I swear this is the last diaper I’m ever putting on. I promise.”

On the way to her bedroom she clicked the heat up several degrees higher, and grabbed several towels. In her room she stripped off the comforter on her bed and ran back to the living room. When she entered Bridget was still shivering, and had managed to cause another small wet spot. Without caring about it she laid out the comforter next to her and gently wiped the greasy wax off her. Then with a few grunts she rolled her onto her belly, and wiped her back free as well. Being careful to clean the pee off her as well. “One last flip girl and you’ll be warm as toast.” She said as she started to move her over.

Bridget almost wept as she felt warmth while laying on her belly on huge down comforter. “It’s like heaven!” She thought. When she was finally clean and rolled onto her back she actually kicked her legs in celebration. “Fank you!” She managed to say past her clumsy tongue.

Lyn smiled and hugged her. Then she stood up and pulled the tabs free on the diaper she was wearing. She looked down at her friend nervously as she held in in her hands. “It’s not that wet. I mean it is, but it can hold a lot more.” She sounded nervous. Bridget looked at her confused. Then Lyn squatted down and started to lift her friends legs up.

Bridget immediately understood what she was about to do. She put up a miserable defense. And moaned several no’s as she attempted to thrash free. “Not a fucking diaper! I don’t need em!” She wanted to say, but she knew it would come out garbled.

Lyn didn’t stop. “You do need them, stop acting like a spoiled brat and think about it. You’re pissing all over, and if you do that now in the blanket you’ll be cold again. Let’s get you safe and warm and I’ll make that call for help.” She slipped it under, and taped it closed again. Now that the danger had passed she felt she urge to wear one start to return. Especially as cute as her friend looked right now. She felt elation that they had won, “We’re out! Bridget we made it!” She patted the front of the diaper and smiled as she saw the scowl on her friends face. Then she finished wrapping the blanket around her, random diaper related thoughts still spinning around in her head.

The immediate feeling of warmth was amazing. Bridget basked in it. Her body seemed happy as well. Her limbs thrashed at first and tried to push free, then stopped when they couldn’t really move. “This feels great.” She thought. Then she looked at Lyn. “Call the cops, now.” She thought, then used her eyes to try and convey the message.

Lyn nodded, she was naked. But she could dress after the call. She picked up her cell phone and punched in her code. She had never used 911 before, and was surprised that she was placed on hold. “I’m on hold!” She said towards her bundled friend on the floor. As she waited she used the towels and her feet to start sopping up the puddles in her carpet. She tossed them into a pile and decided that she needed to toss the key as well. “Never again. I’ll buy some shitty Depends from the store before I go there again.”

The highly aromatic mess was laying were it had landed. Almost touching the mirror still. She got down as low as she could and stretched out. Using her finger tips to hook it and drag it towards her. She kept her eyes off the mirror and dragged the diaper away. “Am I still here Bridget?” She called out. She got a loud motor boat sound in response. Lyn kept it at arms length as she stood up and walked away towards a corner where she dropped the sodden thing. “I’d toss you out, but they’ll want evidence.” Then another voice in her head added, “Of what? Magic diaper world? They won’t believe that. You two are going to a padded room for the rest of your lives. That is if Bridget ever even crawls again. They might just put her in a padded bassinet.”

The dark thought made her sick to her stomach. She glanced over to the wrapped woman, and then down at the soiled diaper. Lyn wanted to kick it across the room. To destroy it. But as she looked at it she thought she saw the short dirty toddler-like nails on her fingers again. She recoiled from the dirty image, then brought her hands closer to her face. Lyn saw that they were still clean and manicured. “It’s just a fucking trick…” She said. It didn’t make her feel any better though. “Fuck this crap.” She said as she turned away from the diaper, only the see a bright gleam coming from the mirror on the wall. With the special key nowhere near her or the mirror she felt safe, Lyn snuck up on it and glanced at the glass.

A brilliant white light was being emitted, small partials seemed to spin and move inside it. She stared, confused and amazed at the beautiful show, until it clarified and showed the image of a room again. But her eyes took in not her own home. But the giant room again. The baby house. The place they almost got stuck inside. She shook her head and screamed, and threw herself back and away. But instead of moving through air, to land on her couch, her back seemed to impact a solid wall that wasn’t reflected in the mirror. To her horror she rebounded back towards the framed glass, she closed her eyes and screamed. As she moved she expected any instant to hit the mirror. Instead she seemed to fall too far. She cracked her eyes open and saw what looked like a frame rush past her body, and then she closed her eyes again and braced for the pain of impact.

She landed with a gentle plop on something soft enough to easily break her fall. Her eyes popped open and she took in her surroundings with awe. Lyn found herself looking up, and into the mirror. Now above her, on a ceiling that was much to high to be real. “Okay… Lyn…. You’re dreaming. I hope; you’ve knocked yourself out next to that dam mirror.” She said to herself.

She pushed herself up, off her back. Bars surrounded her. “It’s a giant crib.” And it was. Not a converted bed, but a large crib designed to hold an adult sized baby. Lyn felt her fear come back. There was no denying it. “I’m back in that dam house again…” She felt like crying, then she really had a terrible thought, “The key! I don’t have the key!” She tried to pull her self up and out of the crib, but she only managed to slip and fall back inside. Lyn started to suck her thumb shamelessly, not realizing it was actually helping her cope. She dropped onto her back and looked up at the image in the mirror above her. But she didn’t see herself laying in a crib. She saw an image of her home. The room she had been in when she had fallen. Her regular couch, and regular TV seemed small and insignificant now. “And there’s Bridget! I wonder if she can see me?”

She was still looking at the image of her friend, and home when the large door that had been closed and set across from the crib started to open. She sat up and got ready to fight if she had too. A woman stepped inside. Her face reminded Lyn of someone she had seen once. Though now it was on someone impossibly tall. She walked straight to the crib and leaned over. Her infectious smile beamed down at her and made Lyn feel warm all over. She smiled and shyly waved at her, the warmth was starting to bring back feelings that she didn’t want anymore. “This isn’t what it looks like. Me and my friend need hewp.” She tried to sound serious. But she sounded more like a confused child.

The woman smiled and waved back. She reached in and stroked at Lyn’s hair. “I can’t believe you’re already back. And I was just talking to your little friend, is she ready to come home yet? I bet she’s going to be so precious in her little cot.”

Lyn’s face froze, the smile on it slid off in confusion. “What?” Was all she could think to say. Then she remembered what Bridget had been trying to say. Most of it had went over her head in her moment of passion. But she did remember her bringing up a trap and a large woman.

The woman pointed up at the mirror on the ceiling. “And I did exactly what I said I would. You might be able to pass through any time you want for now. But unless you find a pretty tall ladder, and do it before you start to shift even younger then I don’t think you’re going anywhere this time missy.” She finally reached in and pulled Lyn up, easily lifting her and holding her with one hand around her body, and the other under her bum. “And where is that diaper you left in? Did you keep it that whole time? You must have really missed mommy if you couldn’t figure out how to put another one on!”

“I don’t need help changing my diapers!” Lyn exploded. “We found out about your little trick and stopped it. I don’t know how I ended up back over here. But I’ll be leaving soon enough. Let me go!” She struggled and fought to be set down on the floor. She looked and acted angry. But there as a more pressing concern. She felt something inside of her coming back to the surface. Something she had hoped the fear of ending up like Bridget forever had finally stopped. “I don’t want anymore diapers! I’m not a baby, I want to be a big girl! Let us go!” She kicked her feet out to emphasize her demand.

The large woman laughed. “You don’t even know how silly you sound do you? You want to be a big girl? Really? How big? Surely not big enough to be an a mature adult.” She gently patted Lyn’s back and chuckled. “I bet you really did change your own stinky pants. At least at the start. And you loved it too. I know all about it. But the longer this goes on, the more you’ll fall into place. You just need the proper encouragement. Just like your little sister. You’ll both fit right in here with me. Mommies wet little boobie suckers.”

Lyn was starting to get concerned as the lady rambled. She basked in the feeling of warmth the woman gave off, and she didn’t remember that feeling when she was first being held. She decided to play along with the baby act. Then when she had the chance she would run. “I missed you so much mommy!” She patted on the woman’s large breasts. “And I’m so hungry!” She said it and wanted to gag. But deep down it made her want to giggle. “I’m being such a good big baby for mommy!” She thought darkly. She bit her own cheek to try and keep her mind clear.

The woman, who Lyn decided to just think of as mommy for the sake of a name tisked. “Really? Don’t you remember what happened the last time?” She looked down at Lyn, and into her eyes. She took a deep breath, “Oh my! You don’t!” She said, honestly shocked. “Well let’s give you a little reminder. But I’m not doing it without a little protection on that booty of yours stinky.”

Mommy walked her to a padded table and set her down. Then she produced two disposable diapers. One much thicker then the other. Lyn knew it had to be a test, and the correct diaper was the one she shouldn’t want to wear. She smiled as she thought, “Try reverse psychology on me…” She grabbed the thicker one. When the lady tried to take it back Lyn shook her head and almost yelled, “I want to do it momma!” She had meant to ask more politely. But what came out sounded better to her anyways. Like she really truly wanted it.

“I see miss independent wants to be a big girl. Alright. Show mommy how to do it.” She smiled down at her and then stepped back folding her arms loosely over her impressive chest.

Lyn rolled her eyes. Then opened the plastic thing and spread it out. She easily lifted her butt and slipped it underneath. She was about to lift the front of it up and tape it on when the woman next to her cleared her throat. Lyn looked over to see her holding up a large container of baby powder. “Fine. Whatever.” She said. The powder was cool, and smelled fresh as she puffed it on. With the total release of tension, and the knowledge that she was still in charge of her fate she was starting to feel the odd tingles again. And she thought she might have felt something dribble out on to the padding. She stopped for a moment to look. But in that moment the woman took over.

“Times up. Mommy doesn’t need a mess on her hands. Good try for a rug rat though.” She sounded almost cheerful as she said it. Like she said it everyday.

The sudden manipulation of her body and the fact that she was having a proper diaper change, by another person turned the tingles into more wanton urges. Lyn swallowed hard. “Okay. I’m diapered. Can I leave and go back home now? I’m not really that hungry after all…”

“Not hungry? You’ve been sucking on that thumb of yours almost the entire time! I think baby still hasn’t remembered what it’s really like.” The woman smiled down at her and winked. “Well let’s remind you then little lady.” She took several large strides towards a corner and sat down on a padded chair. She started to adjust the padded woman in her lap, then moved on to the strap holding her dress up.

Even though she wanted to get free, and go home, Lyn still felt a surge of humiliation and hunger as the large breast popped free and hung warmly before her face. She reached up with one of her hands and gently touched the offered nipple. It stiffened, secreting a creamy liquid bead that ran down, then dropped onto her cheek. “Wow… This is so… Wow…” Lyn remembered the photo, it seemed like so long ago to her. Staring in her cubicle at work at the impossible. But now, with the same breasts in her face, Lyn’s thoughts started to fade as she lost her inhibitions in the moment, and stared hungrily at the seeping teat in front of her.

The woman cupped her breast, then moved it till the nipple was brushing Lyn’s lips. “After so much fun here you actually don’t remember any of it do you? I even sent you back with that picture and a mix tape for your baby side.”

The warm cream coated Lyn’s lips. She held on for almost ten seconds before she lost control and sucked the firm flesh into her mouth. Her toes curled as she hungrily drank. Lyn heard mommy keep talking, but she wasn’t really listening. The mothers milk came easily and quick. She would suckle a few times, then swallow. A steady warmth was building in her stomach, and started to radiate out. She wiggled and moved in mommies arms. She managed to get her hand into her diaper and start rubbing again. Rhythmically, she stroked and prodded at the same time as she suckled. “This is perfect…” She cooed around the nipple in her mouth. It was everything she always dreamed of, even after they had turned to nightmares. Her worries and fears had evaporated as she suckled in her mommies arms. She felt an instant of shock as that thought appeared. “She’s not really mommy…” She knew that. But that thought faded as it began to get harder to think about anything but her mommies milk and her big boobies. She took in everything she could. The taste of the milk, the smell of the woman’s body, even the obvious odor of a full diaper pail. It was almost to much. She reached up and grabbed the other breast with her free hand and started to play with it. Mommy smiled and batted her hand away, but only long enough to free that breast and let her go back to her game unhindered. She started to rub and poke it now. Then started to giggle, causing her to drool milk down onto her own bare chest, though it seemed tiny compared to the giant before her. She started to trace two freckles just above the nipple. As she did something came back. A memory. She closed her eyes and tried to bring it out.

And then she had it. The hand in her diaper froze, her lips hung open and seized as she remembered everything. The large woman saw it in her eyes then. And laughed. She reached down and pinched Lyn’s cheeks. “There it is! That looks like mommies baby finally remembered her last little trip here!”

She nodded as she licked her lips clean, and wiped drool away with the back of her hand. “The mirror! I was looking at my hair and… And you appeared! I went through and you diapered me…. And…… You fed me… And then I wet myself and you told me…” Then her look of shock and wonder morphed to fear and then to horror.

Mommy finished for her. “I told you that this was a taste of what you could have here. That I was going to send you back. And I warned you that if you came back you would be staying. Permanently. And now you’re back! Mommies baby came back, and this time I think we’ll start you out right.” She pulled Lyn’s lips back and looked inside her mouth. “Just ten minutes and your teeth are already moving further along. Another few feedings and you won’t have any!” She seemed to gush at the thought.

Lyn pushed herself away, and slid down the woman’s long legs to the floor. She got to her feet, and wiped more drool and milk from for face. “Okay. This is bull shit! I didn’t remember anything till I got here, you can’t count this!” She started to move farther away, backing towards the crib and the mirror above it. But her legs felt sore and tired. Almost too heavy to move. She took a deep breath and then stared down at them.

“I sent you with the picture. I specifically made sure you had evidence. It’s not my fault if you forgot!” She noticed Lyn wobbling on her feet. “It looks like you’re a real toddler now! But I don’t think you have to worry about that for to long.” She motioned towards her left breast. The one Lyn hadn’t fed from yet. “I hope you have a little more room for dessert, I feel like I’m about to burst. And I bet we can take care of your little walking problem for a decade or two if you can finish it!”

Lyn tried to move. But it took everything not to simply fall to the floor in a heap. She was easily scooped up and placed back in the same lap she had just escaped. “This is wong! I’m a gwown woman! You can’t do this to me!” Further complaints were cut off as the nipple brushed across her lips and was instantly sucked inside.

Her new mother smiled down at her warmly. “Sorry honey. You may not remember everything but I do. You are mine. We are made for each other. You told me how much you wanted to be babied. How much you yearned to be diapered and taken care of. I gave you your chance to think it over, and you came back. Completely naked no less, what kind of adult does that? Admit it, you wanted this. And now I’m going to give it to you.” She reached down and started to pat the front of the diaper. Softly thumping the thick padding against her faster and faster. Lyn’s body had already been turned on, her own tiny nipples stood like pencil erasers. The thumping of her diaper started to make it react even more.

“I can’t… Let her win…” Lyn thought. But everything the giant had said was true. She glanced up at the ceiling. The mirror was there. Her escape, but beyond her reach. She closed her eyes and tried to think of something else. Anything but diapers and overgrown babies. The pleasure from her diaper was to much. She couldn’t pull herself away. She was reaching down to stop the diaper thumping when warmth suddenly seemed to pour out and fill it. She gasped as she realized what had happened.

Her mommy cooed, “Did wittle baby Wynnie make pee pees?” She stopped smacking at her mound and started rubbing the padding through the plastic. “Oh yes! I think baby Wynnie had an accident! But I wonder if that’s all, or if she’s got another little present for mommy?”

Electric shame mixed with building pleasure as she felt her diaper filling with her own piss in front of what was a total stranger. “I can’t stop it!” She thought with shame. She flexed her legs, doing nothing more then filling the room with the scent of her wet diaper. She buried her face in the bare breast in front of her. The nipple slowly leaked onto her head and ear.

“Oh please Lyn! It’s not that bad. This isn’t your old life. No one expects anything more from you. Just relax and enjoy yourself.” She pulled Lyn’s head away and stroked at the tears under her eyes. “Once you really give in you’ll love it. I promise. And until then it’s just you and me, unless your friend wants to come stay awhile.” She offered her breast to her as she finished. “Trust me baby.”

Lyn pulled away, and tried to keep her lips closed. But the large woman just flexed the arm supporting her head and forced her forward. As soon as the nipple dragged across her lips they opened and slurped it in. She almost choked as the sweet milk started running down her throat, “Got to stop this now!” She struggled and squirmed, and managed to get her arms out from under mommies breasts and push as hard as she could. She expected to slide out and away. Then she planned to jump up and make a run for the crib, and hopefully stand on the rails and climb up into the mirror. But as she pushed she didn’t move, the woman’s grip was too strong. She could feel her strength and will to fight ebbing away with each gurgle of milk. “One more push…” She thought as she tried again. She felt her body move. Slowly it shifted, fractions of an inch at a time. Her success renewed her urge to fight. She kelt pushing, then moved her legs and got her feet up and in position to assist. She had just enough time to get ready when a muffled wet sound bubbled up from her bottom.

Mommy looked down at her, forcing her to look in her face. “I think you’re about to make that present for me aren’t you? I told you!” She cooed and laughed at her while tickling her chin. “Should I change you right away, or let you enjoy it for a little while? Who’s my pretty baby?”

An odd feeling of elation at the praise rose in Lyn. Her face lost its look of anger and concern and shifted to a relaxed happy stupor. She didn’t have time to stop or do anything else before another sound burst from her diaper. This time it was much warmer, and ranker. Lyn’s face burned, it felt good but she didn’t want mommy watching her. She stopped trying to get free and wrapped her head with her arms. “Don’t wook momma!” She cried. While her head was buried in the giants chest she felt her body being moved, and then something warm and dry being pulled and wrapped carefully around her. She tried to move her arms and found that she had been swaddled. Before she could say another word, the breast was back in her face. She tried to rub the tears on her cheeks away, snorting her nose clear as well. She could feel the pleasant urges pushing everything aside again. The warm cotton wrapping itself around her thoughts as she kept driving on in pleasure. She idly remembered when Bridget had brought her back after she started humping the vibey ball on the floor. She felt fear knowing there was no one on this side to bring her back. “Please… I don’t want this! Just…. Just let me go! I promise I’ll be good… Really…”

“Awww, baby…. It’s not like that.” She answered. She started to gently rock her in her arms. “This is it. I’m not giving you up now.” Lyn sobbed in reply. The giant woman hushed her. “It’s going to be okay. Like I said, once you get enough of my milk in your little tummy you won’t care anymore.” She rubbed Lyn’s cheek with her own, taking in her adult perfume one last time. “No more worries. No more job. No more anything. You’ll be mine, and I’ll never leave you. I Will always be here. And I will always love you. You wished for this for so long, why fight it now?”

Lyn shook her head. She had gone back to fighting the mess trying to ruin the back of her diaper. She closed her eyes and tried to block the sensations and smell she was surrounded by. “This is wrong…” She said almost to softly to hear. “I don’t want this for real. I have a job, I have things I have to do. I want to be a mommy…. I want…” Her stomach tensed and something solid slipped free. She could feel it tickling its way out towards the padding. She managed to clench herself closed. The small lump pinched free and fell down to rest between her cheek and the diaper. “Oh…. Gross….” She thought. “I’ve actually pooped my pants for real!” Then the dark voice returned. “Your diaper…. Baby Lyn pooped in her diapers…” She whined as another cramp pushed her control past it’s limit and another mess came out, this one softer. It felt wrong to her as it pressed out and started to cover her skin. Lyn could feel it racing up her crack towards the top of her diaper. Gentle crinkling and quiet pops where all that told the rest of the world what she was really doing while sitting on her mommies lap.

The woman shook her head as the former adult in her lap properly filled her diaper, then whispered, “You had a job. You had commitments. Now you just have to eat and sleep. Mommie will do the rest for you.” She kissed her forehead, then slowly inserted her nipple again. This time there was no fight. No urge to refuse. Lyn seemed to tighten up, then relax. “See, it’s not that bad… You’ll enjoy it. I promise.” She kissed Lyn again.

The milk seemed sweeter. And the giant seemed warmer. Lyn freely cried as the milk went down and something else came out. She felt a warm rush and for an instant she wondered if she had just peed, then forgot about it just as quickly. She closed her eyes and tried to reason her way out of it. “I can’t give up everything. I need my job, I need my house, I need to be mature….” She grunted as her body pushed more mess out. The skin of her body sang with pleasure and contentment. Something she had never really felt before. Her hips started to gently rock in mommies lap. “I’ve got to stay strong…” She thought, as milk dribbled down her chin. She didn’t even try to wipe it a away.

“I love you Lyn.” The voice said. Warm and inviting. “I love you for you. I’ll be everything you’ll ever need. I’ll always be with you. I’ll give you everything you need. And I’ll wipe your little bum when you want.” She felt the gentle rocking motion and pressed her hand into the warm pocket in the front of her adult babies diaper. “I’ll let you do that too…. I love you baby.”

Lyn sighed. She could feel what her body was doing. But the shame had finally faded. The contents of her diaper shifted and moved as she started to hump someone else’s hand. She felt herself leaking into the padding as she moved, but she didn’t care. It felt right to her. She tensed as an orgasm rolled through her body. Milk ran from her mouth as she made simple cooing sounds into the same woman’s breast. Lyn quivered in her grasp until the pulses died and went away. She was left shocked and dazed. She looked up sheepishly at mommy and smiled at her. She didn’t feel like talking. She stuck her thumb back in her mouth, and had a full body yawn. Managing to make even more of a mess of herself as her bottom slid back and forth in her diaper. She looked at the woman again, her eye lids half closed. Mommy looked back at her with a face that said nothing and everything at once. Lyn closed her eyes and opened her mouth, then started to suckle when she felt something slipped inside.

Lost in a haze of love the amazon just grinned like a fool at the bundle in her lap. She was perfect, she was beautiful, but most importantly, she was happy. “You’ll stay with me. And be mine?” She said, no longer expecting a real response.

Lyn would have nodded. But she was beyond caring now. The milk was thick and sweet, her body was perfectly warm. And the idea of the lump in her diaper being wiped away by someone else satisfied her. “Maybe till tomorrow, or the next day.” She lazily thought. She felt the arms holding her move and embrace her in a comforting hug. Then one started patting her dirty bottom. She wiggled against it, and giggled. “Or maybe next week…. A girl could get used to this.” She thought as she slowly fell asleep.

Her excited mother smelled the mess, but her feeling of love overcame any disgust. She kept patting the bottom until she felt the lips release her nipple. She carefully adjusted the adult baby in her arms and moved her face till she could look in her eyes. Only to find her smiling in sleep. Mommy smiled back. And kissed her forehead. “You’re perfect. You’re my perfect little angel.” She noticed an arm dangling lose from the blanket. When she touched it to move it inside, the small, perfectly formed fingers grasped and squeezed her thumb. “Awwww….” Her heart simply melted. She knew it was to early. The milk needed more time. That in a few days Lyn would truly be hers forever, no longer able to run away, or call for help. To see and feel such love already told her she had made the right choice. She let the tiny fingers hold her thumb as long as they wanted. “A girl could get used to this.” She softly cooed.

Bridget was scared. Lyn could feel that. She didn’t know how. But she could. She didn’t know the rift was still open. That it was still tying to bring her friend. She saw her still laying on the floor. Lyn walked easily to her. “I think we should go. The cops are coming.” Bridget didn’t move. She didn’t even make a sound. Part of the blanket had fallen over her face, Lyn reached down to move it. “I said it’s time to go!” She pulled the blanket away, but instead of uncovering her face the entire thing exploded away. Leaving behind a diapered quivering woman. But that wasn’t what shocked Lyn. “It’s… It’s…. Me!” She cried out. As she looked down at herself. The world spun, and she felt like she was falling. She blinked it away and when she opened her eyes she was laying on her back. Diapered, and looking at the mirror on the ceiling. Though it still only showed the world she had come from. And the bundle her friend was trapped in. She felt like crying. “Bridget! I’ve got to get out of here or you’ll die because of me!” She started to loudly bawl her eyes out.

The noise brought her giant mother into the room. She walked inside yawning. “It’s five in the morning. Are you already so far gone that you’re going to start this shit already?” She said it with a hint of sarcasm.

Lyn wiped at her eyes, “I left Bridget over there! She can’t move! She’ll die if I don’t get her and let her outside.”

The woman shook her head. “She’s fine. It’s the rift. Times all wonky in there. You could be here months and maybe a few minutes or hours pass there. What am I going to do with you? Mommy needs her sleep, and you’re still to big and loud to put in your bassinet.” Lyn scratched at an itch in her diaper. One of her legs moved. Then the woman remembered what she had seen, “Oh… I think I have something you’ll like.”

She disappeared from standing over Lyn. The diapered woman sat up in her crib, slightly worried. When the giant came back. She was holding something round and hard in her hand. Lyn recognized it and blushed. “I… Umm… Don’t want that…” The urges to play had started while she had breast fed, but she hadn’t been able to have an orgasm after the first before apparently falling asleep. She was finally starting to calm down, but just the sight of the vibrating baby toy turned her on again.

"And yet you’re just a baby. And you don’t really know what you want or need. Mommy thinks this should help you relax a bit. Maybe get back to sleep after you burn off a little energy. Lyn moved towards the back of the crib, but it was no use. The giant had her up and flipped onto her belly before she could stop her. Her arms automatically tucked in, next to her head, and the lady carefully set her legs up under her as well. It caused her bum to raise up off the mattress. “If only you could see yourself. You like just like a real baby like that. Now here’s your toy. It’s a little out of your age range, but I think you’ll still like it.”

Lyn felt it pushed under the diaper and between her legs. The pressure of her body activated it. She had a moment or two to think about getting away before it started to vibrate under her wet diaper. As she closed her eyes she wondered exactly what she did look like at that instant. Her imagination filled in the dots as the pleasure grew. The first wave reminded her why she loved being diapered. The next twenty reinforced it.

Back in the real world Bridget managed to roll over and kick herself free. “God, it’s like gravity increased ten times!” She thought to herself. She was able to finally squirm completely free of the blanket, though was soaking wet with sweat when it was done. She had wondered about what she should do then. First she thought about going to the mirror, but the idea of joining Lyn over there made her shudder. “The best way to help us both is for me to get out of this mess. And get help.” She looked towards the front door. “I’ll never be able to get to the knob.” She thought glumly. But she saw something that had been missing in the other world. “The doggy door! I’ll never fit through it, but my head will. That should get me noticed!”

Her legs turned out to be her greatest asset. If she managed to hook her toes in the carpet she could get them to move at roughly the same time and she would move forward a fraction of an inch. Though it was dark outside by the time her head bumped against the door. “Fuck. No one will see shit this time of night.” She yawned. Bridget had already taken a few naps while she crawled. The first nap had ended when she was in the middle of wetting herself. The second one when her soaked diaper grew to cold. “First thing I tell them is to get this dam thing off me…” She grumbled as she thought that. But she still felt the need to close her eyes. “Just for a few hours…” She thought as she yawned again.

She woke not only to a cold soaked diaper, but she was laying in the middle of a cold soaked portion of carpet. She could see light streaming in from around the poorly sealed doggy door. She was extremely thirsty, but wanted to get out of the house. Knew she had too, or she was screwed. “Alright, now let’s get noticed.” She thought grimly. She knew it was going to be a long shot, but it was the only thing she could think of. She had been able to barely lift her head since she had come back. Now she needed to find out if she could do better. “Okay… Now!” She thought as she lifted her head up and flopped forward at the same time. She ended up with her head lodged against the door at an angle. After several more attempts she could feel the edge of the doggy door pressing against the top of her head. “The flap has to be opened a little….” The thought of being free gave her another jolt of energy. She wiggled and pushed and flopped.

The warmth of the sun was obvious on the top of her head. The flap was open enough that she could see outside the house from either side. After being trapped for so long in the stale air of the house she finally got to get a breath of real, fresh, air. As her lungs filled she felt the strength return to her body. Feelings she had lost came back. She reached up with one hand inside the door and easily unlocked it. As it swung open she pulled her head from the door and tumbled onto the porch.

“Fhit yeah! I’m fucking out of dere!” She loudly exclaimed, not even caring that her toothless mouth made her sound like a two year old. She stood up, almost laughing as she stripped the diaper from her body and tossed it aside. The air felt cool on her wet skin. But she didn’t care. "Fuck id. Better naked den stuck like that shit. She ran to her car and was never happier that she had a keyless entry system. She slid into the drivers seat and fumbled around in the glovebox for her spare ignition key. “Come da fuck on!” In frustration she slapped the dash board with both hands at the same instant she heard the double woop of a police siren behind her.

Bridget looked behind her car to see a police cruiser was parked there. And a very impatient male officer was staring through his windshield at her. “Fuck.” Was all she could think of. "“How fucking long was he there for?”

He opened his door and walked towards her. He was still on his radio, but talking quietly enough that she couldn’t hear what he was saying. Then when he got even with the door he squatted down next the the car and smiled at her. “And how are doing today young lady?”

Bridget felt embarrassed. But she knew that there was something very bad in Lyn’s house, and it needed to be removed. And they needed to find her now as well. She covered her chest with her hands. “Thank god you’re here! Me and my friend were in dat house, and-” She was trying to talk slowly. She was getting the hang of her new mouth. But he didn’t seem to care.

“Sounds exciting. Do you think I can talk to your mommy?”

Bridget was stunned. “Woah there…. Just because I had a diapee on doesn’t mean I like this RP shit.”

He nodded and smiled. Then reached out and straightened her hair. “Well aren’t you a little talker huh?” He then ignored her and started talking into his radio. “I’ve got her. The little trouble maker had just squirmed out of her door when I drove by. I don’t know how she got the door to the car open, but I’ll talk to her parents about it when I meet them. I’m going to attempt to verify residence right now.” She stared at him. Completely stunned that everything she had just told him had been ignored. He turned back to her. “Why don’t we go for a walk and see if mommy or daddy are home? Maybe I can ask them to take better care of you, or at least install child locks. Let’s go honey!” He gingerly picked her up and started walking towards the house.

“What! Put me the fuck down! I just got out of dat shit hole!” She started to viciously kick her feet. The officer hadn’t been expecting that, the impact hit him hard enough to cause him to drop her. She hopped up off her bruised ass and took off behind the house. She darted past the neighbors broken AC unit, and ran down a lane that went towards a local school before darting into a heavily treed area. She went about fifty feet inside, and sat down behind a dense bush. The cop ran past a few seconds later, panting and screaming into his radio.

She waited ten minutes before standing up slowly, and looking around her. Bridget and Lyn had played their entire lives in these woods. She knew exactly where the paths went, and which one she needed to get to her own block. It was a nerve wracking twenty minutes of careful walks, and silent hiding as she made sure she wasn’t being followed. Bridget made it to the very edge of the woods that bordered her neighborhood, then sat down next to the trail and waited. “Fuck…. To many people out. I’ve got an entire block to cover to get to my door….” In the end she decided to run through the backyards, and hop the few fences that separated them. She thought she heard a shout of surprise once, but she didn’t stop. Bridget just hopped over the next fence and kept moving.

She was sweating when she made the final leap into her own yard. She immediately jumped to the small fake rock she had that kept her spare key, opened it, and got her door unlocked. She slammed it behind her. Breathing deeply of the sweet air conditioned atmosphere inside her spare bedroom. She was still standing there, trying to calm down when she felt warmth run down her thighs, and start splashing on her feet. She looked down at it with disgust. “Well, fucking great. I can mange no teeth, but what the hell do I do about that?”

She padded silently to her bathroom and sulked on her toilet. No amount of pushing or grunting produced anything more. “Okay… I’ve got to think this over. Got to get it right…” She hated her tits being gone, and that her hips probably couldn’t even hold most of her pants up any longer. Plus not having any teeth, but she expected them to grow back, even if she was getting better at talking without them. “If I’ve got gums like a baby, then I’ll get baby teeth, and then adult teeth… And everything else right? That’s only logical.” She thought. “But what the hell was logical about that cop?” She thought she already knew the truth, but it scared her. “And I’m pissing myself still, fuck.” The idea of wearing more diapers did not sit well with her. “I just want to punch something!” Which she did. Cracking a tile on the wall next to her toilet. Pain flared in her hand, but it was a good clean pain. One that brought her mind sharply into focus. She decided she needed to get clean first, and dressed. Then she could go from there.

Bridget decided on a nice warm shower to clean up. Then turned the faucet all the way to cold. It was something she had learned from her father. “Cold showers sharpen the mind.” He had told her. And she thought he was probably right about that. She shivered through ten minutes of pain and needles before turning it off and getting out. She didn’t have diapers, or pull ups sitting around. She decided on a towel, and a garbage bag to hold it all up and in. She wrapped a few layers of duct tape around her waist and it held firm.

“Good enough for now.” She said. Bridget walked into her bedroom and clicked on her TV while she looked for clothes. It took a few seconds to warm up; she started pulling a shirt on while the picture went through its start up tests. After her ordeal it felt much better to finally have clean clothes on. Even if it meant wearing a stupid towel under her for an hour or so. “Just fucking great!” She said to herself.

“Oh you are such a wonderful sight to see after so long Bridget. Good to see you again.” A voice she never wanted to hear again said behind her. “It’s really good to see you again. And you even made your own diapees, such a smart girl!”

Bridget didn’t even turn around to look at her, “Hold on a second lady. Let me get my gun out, I’ll show you how smart I am.” Bridget said coldly. “My house… My terms… My fucking rules…” She thought to herself. “And what are you doing here? Come to say thanks, or good luck? I’ll send the cops into Lyn’s house. I’m never going inside there again. I don’t give a shit about being a fucking hero.” She turned around and stared at the image of the woman on her TV.

She looked normal sized, since there was nothing to contrast her size against. “Oh I saw what your cops think of you. Do you really think you are going to get anywhere with anyone now? I’d have figured you got that part worked out miss smarty pants.”

Bridget flipped her off. “I’m out of that fucked up house. I don’t care what happens now. The spell, or whatever it is will break and I’ll be able to stomp a mud hole in that giant ginger ass of yours.” She momentarily felt a warm squirt into her makeshift diaper. It unnerved her. But she kept her composure. “Enjoy the short time you get with Lyn. I’ll get her back soon you bitch!”

The laugh was actually haunting. Bridget would remember it for the rest of her life. “My short time with my little Lynnie? Do you know how long it’s been on this side?”

Bridget looked at her clock, “Almost a day. So what?”

The laugh again. The woman slapped her hands on her legs. “Well. I could tell you, but why don’t I let Lynnie do that for you?”


Re: Down By: Long_Rifle

“Go fuck yourself. You might have her all sexed up. But it won’t work on me. She gets off on that shit I don’t.”

“Oh really? How long will it be till you’re the same as her? You were in there. And by the plastic contraption you’ve got wrapped around your ass you’re going to be wearing diapers just like her. I bet it won’t be a day before you’re humping your pillow, or maybe your blankets if the police don’t catch you first.” She sounded relaxed. Not angry. She had stopped looking out at Bridget and was looking off the the side, motioning towards another person to come towards her.

Bridget grabbed her tablet and pulled up a bookmark. It was for her local pharmacy. “I can order whatever the hell I want and they’ll deliver it in about ten minutes from the corner.” She said to the giant bitch. “I might be leaking, but I don’t need diapers.” She did a quick search, and ordered some slip on briefs. “And a reminder that I tip well in the comments and I can take this crap off.” She finished her order and looked up at the TV. “Fuck you, and fuck your diapers. I’m done with that shit.”

“Hardly. The first person that sees you will grab you and you’ll be in foster care before you know it. Everyone sees you as you really are now. A silly little baby. I bet you’re not even free a day before you’re trapped.” Bridget was about to argue, but a figure was finally crawling into the screen from off to the side. Her gait was childish, and her size compared to the woman made her look like a baby. But Bridget finally got a good view of her face. She sat back on her bed stunned at what she was looking at. The woman drank it in, “Like I said. It’s been a bit longer on this side. Little Lynnie has had several months to figure everything out, she really fits the role now. Say hi baby.”

Lyn looked up at the woman in the mirror. Something about her seemed familiar. She smiled dumbly as she dropped down onto her bum, with her legs folded out to either side beside and behind her. She supported her front half with one arm on the floor, and waved with the other. “Hiiiiiii!” She said brightly, before sticking her finger in her nose and digging away.

Bridget felt as if a massive weight was dropped on her. It was Lyn. But reduced to a pitiful looking caricature of herself. She put on a fake smile and waved back. “Hi sweetie, you look beautiful!”

Lyn beamed and nodded, “Wynnie princess!” She was still picking her nose.

Bridget felt like throwing up. “And such a pretty princess.” She said in return. She looked at the amazon, trying to hide the rage she felt. “You’re a monster! How could a person do that to anyone! You’ve brain washed her. Is there anything left of her, or did you just flush it all away?!” She spit the last part out.

The woman didn’t say anything at first. She squatted down next to Lyn and gently kissed her cheek. Then carefully picked her up and held her in her arms facing away from her and towards the screen. Lyn squirmed and moved in her grasp. Her legs dangled out to the sides, pushed apart by the bulge of her diaper. She burped and spit up. Then started rubbing her free hand in the mess laughing. The woman smiled as she spoke. “She’s so happy here. I do everything for her. She doesn’t have to worry about anything, imagine not aging, no disease, no wrinkles, not a single care.” She carefully turned Lyn in her grasp till she was facing behind her, her head sitting on her shoulder. “She just plays all day. She doesn’t even know when she’s wet or messy anymore. I could leave her in a diaper till it bursts and she wouldn’t care.” Lyn seemed to notice something, she fidgeted until she was set down and crawled away behind her till she came to a small pile of infantile toys.

Bridget was crying, at the same time she was angry enough to want to choke the woman. “It’s like you killed her. Like you put a gun to her head and killed her. She’s not even Lyn anymore. She’s just a blank fucking slate. You deserve to die. You and everyone else that does this to people.” She felt like vomiting.

The woman shook her head and rolled her eyes at that, “Bullshit. I fell in love with Lyn. I would never just erase her.” There was a slight buzzing sound that started to come from behind her. “She’s still all in there. I see it everyday. Several times actually.”

Bridget could see Lyn in the background. She had assumed a position she remembered all to well. She tried not to stare. “So she still wants to fuck and that makes it okay to you?”

“You don’t have to like it young lady. But that’s what she wants, what we both want. It’s what’s waiting for you if you can make it back.”

Anger and disgust filled Bridget. “I will never come to you! It may take time. But I’ll get her back. And I’ll fucking rip your ass off through your throat when I do!” She stood up off the bed and pointed her finger at the woman. “I’ll make sure you pay for the shit you’ve done to us!” She kept staring at the woman, who didn’t even look shocked. She squatted down in front of the TV to give her a real piece of her mind. “I’ll…” She grunted. “I’ll smack that smile off your face!” Another grunt. “What to hell are you smiling about bitch!”

The woman tried to control herself, but it was to much. She started to laugh. “Don’t you know what you’re doing right now? It’s the cutest thing, but I thought you didn’t need diapers? You’re as bad as Lynnie!”

Bridget was confused for a second before she came to her senses enough to see she was squatting in front of her TV, the home made diaper around her growing steadily warmer. “So what? It’s just a little -grunt- pee. I’ll wipe it off when my briefs get here.”

The laughing sounded like before. Rich and menacing. “You really don’t know? Why don’t you use one of those hands of yours and do a bum check? I bet you’ll find a surprise?” She tried to stifle her laughs with her own hand. “And while you do that I’ll check on Lynnie.”

She reached behind her, and slapped her hand on the plastic shell of her homemade protection. She had expected to feel the towel wrapping around her reduced curves. Instead it landed in a soft, malleable bump. She pushed it in. And felt it spread out against her. “What the…. Fuck?!” She cried.

“Language stinky!” The woman said. She had returned with Lyn and a padded rocking chair. She was sitting in it with Lyn in her lap. The plastic toy was in Lyn’s hands, but she couldn’t get it to turn on and was currently mouthing it. “I know you need a change, but that doesn’t mean you can use that kind of language in front of the baby!”

Bridget’s anger fled, leaving her scared and confused. “I pooped my pants.” She said. She fell backward onto her butt, “I pooped my pants!” She said again. Tears started to gather in her eyes. She felt disgusted, alone, abandoned, and didn’t know what she should do. She looked through her tears at the woman and Lyn. Her friend was finally done mouthing the toy and was pawing at a large breast. Bridget was reminded of her own thirst then.

The woman saw the look and heard the plea in her voice. “It’s alright. I’m here. You just have to get here, I’ll wipe that little bottom of yours. Lyn needs her little sissy. Mommy needs her too!”

Bridget nodded. She reached out and pawed at the TV screen. She really wanted to be there. Next to Lyn, getting her bottom changed. But the screen was just that. The portal was elsewhere. She needed to find her way there. Before it was to late. She started to crawl away towards the front door, her loaded plastic bag diaper hanging limply between her legs when the door bell rang.

The loud sound rang through the house like a gun shot. Or at least it sounded that way to Bridget. She immediately came to her senses and shot up to her feet. She turned and looked at the TV. The woman now looked sad. Almost like she had lost a family member. Bridget flipped her off, then flicked her off. The screen went black, and she was alone again. Until the bell rang a second time, reminding her there was someone on the porch. She ran to her dresser and grabbed her emergency cash then sprinted to the door. She unlocked it, then hid behind it and it’s security chain.

The guy on the other side spoke up, “Ummmm…. I have your order…. It’s…. Sixteen dollars….” She grabbed thirty dollars from her stash and slid it through the mail slot in her door. He saw the money and counted it. Then dropped the pack on the the porch. “Do you want any change back?” She closed the door on him then. When he didn’t hear any comment for change and the door stayed closed the guy assumed the person inside was to embarrassed to talk. “I would be too if I needed those…” He thought. Then with out saying anything more he turned and went back to his car. If anything, at least it was a great tip.

Bridget waited until his car was gone before she opened the door enough to sneak the package inside. “Finally I can get out of this thing and try to think up a plan.” She walked to the bathroom and started to unwrap the tape holding the plastic in place. The last wrap just tore it away, leaving her dripping over the towel after it fell to the floor. “Oh… Gross…” She said as she looked at the ruined towel and the mess it held. She didn’t even try to wipe. She jumped into the shower and rinsed off again.

She stepped out several minutes later and immediately regretted not tossing the towel out before her shower. “Nothing like shit stinking up the whole fucking house…” She felt grossed out as she gathered the towel up inside the bag, folded it up on itself, and slipped it into another bag to throw out. “Not keeping the towel… No way!” She said as she washed her hands afterwards. Then came the moment of truth. She opened the package of adult briefs and slid one out. It puffed only slightly in her hands as it came free. “This isn’t so bad.” She thought to herself as she stretched out the sides. She sat down on her toilet, then stuck both feet in and pulled them up as far as she could. Bridget had to stand to get them completely in place. She almost modeled herself in her mirror before stopping and quietly walking away to her bedroom for some clothes.

Thirty minutes later she was sitting in her kitchen, sipping orange juice in a simple shirt, and loose pants. Crocs graced her feet. Bridget had tried coffee, but it must have been a bad bag as it was bitter and not drinkable. The orange juice tasted sweet, and she poured herself three glasses as she tried to think of what she could do. “Everyone sees me like a fucking baby now. I can’t ask cops to help me since they can’t even understand me. What the hell do I do?” She started to fidget. Then decided she needed to eat. Her regular snack of Apple slices didn’t seem appetizing. She grabbed her box of Cheerios, and started eating them by the handful. She started to play with her keys and listen to them jingle as she ate. Before she knew it another hour had gone by and she was still sitting there playing with her keys and eating.

As she played a gentle pressure was building in her pelvis. She started to rock in her chair. She had kept her foot tucked under her and it was starting to feel pretty good. She hunched forward to get more pressure at the right spot. She stopped moving the keys and concentrated on what she was doing. Pleasure radiated like heat from between her legs. “Feels…. Goooood…” She purred. She increased speed, and the sensation of pleasure increased as well, she started to moan as the feelings started to build. She just needed more pressure. She slid back in the chair trying to adjust, but the sudden movement tipped it over and tossed her to the floor.

Bridget yelped in pain when she hit the tile. She smacked her thigh pretty hard when she landed, the pain throbbed and she could see a bruise already starting. She whimpered and cried as she rubbed it with her hands. As the pain drove the pleasure away it also brought her to her senses. Bridget swore as she thought back to what she had been doing. “Shit fuck! I was masturbating like that freak Lyn!” Then she felt another pressing concern. “Gotta piss!” She said as she jumped to her feet and ran for it.

She made it, though barely. As she sat on the seat she looked down at her trainers. “Woah…woah… Woah…. They are adult briefs, not fucking training pants.” She corrected herself. “And they’re wet….” She said with a sigh. It wasn’t bad. Just a small spot. But it might as well have been soaked. “When a grown ass woman starts wetting her pants it’s pretty fucked up.” She said as she ripped them off and stepped into a new dry pair. “Now what?” She asked herself. “I can stay here and be a freak for the rest of my life. Or try to get to the other side and forget myself and be a little diaper fucker like Lyn is now.”

She liked neither option. She didn’t want to go back, and she didn’t want to leave Lyn to that bitch either. “And I don’t want to be stuck shitting my pants on this side either… Fuck. What the hell should I do?” She flushed the toilet, and took off to the front room. She made sure the TV was unplugged before sitting down on the couch. She started to nibble her finger nails nervously. Then caught herself starting to suck on her thumb. “Okay… Fuck it. I got to check this shit out on this side first. Is it just strangers, or does everyone that sees me think I’m all fucked up?” Bridget knew she could use the internet to order stuff, but could she send texts?

She picked out a friend from college and sent her a message. “Hey Jen, I need help. Can you stop by the store and pick up some diapers for a baby I’m watching?” Bridget held her breath as she hit send. In a few moments she got a reply, “Sure thing, size?” Bridget wondered what she could get away with see didn’t really know much about baby diapers, did they use letters or numbers for sizes? She sent “Pampers large”. And was happy when she got an answer that said okay, and she would be there soon.

Twenty minutes later Bridget was still sitting on her couch. She had decided to wait in her living room, with her phone plugged in and charging while she planned her response if things went south. “They only see me as a child. I’m still adult, and I’m still as strong as an adult. I can overpower her simply because she won’t expect it, and she won’t want to accidentally hurt me.” She had packed a small bag with cash, food, and some water just in case she needed to run. “I’ll try to text her while she watches me. Even if she sees me as a baby, watching me text should break that little illusion.” She nervously nodded at that, then looked at the clock. “How long does it take to buy diapers anyways?” She said sarcastically.

Almost as if in answer there was the sound of a car door being slammed closed in her driveway. She got up from the couch and walked to the door. She could see through the peephole that it was Jenny. And she had a white plastic shopping bag dangling from one hand. Bridget unlocked the door and cracked it open. Then stood inside and waited for the fireworks to start.

Jenny looked up when she heard the locks opening and the door being cracked. “Situation normal, she must be feeling fat again today.” She put on a smile when she stepped onto the porch, “It’s me Bridget, don’t shoot!” She said. It was one of her normal greetings. She grabbed the knob and pushed the door out of her way. “I got the diapers you asked for. You owe me like, 14.00. And I need that for gas later.”

Bridget smiled at her when she came through. “Thanks for picking that up, here’s a twenty, you can keep the change.” She held the bill out, till Jenny took it, looking her in the eyes the entire time. Jenny saw her. And the money being held out. Though she waited till she was done talking before she gently took it and smiled back. Bridget felt a glimmer of hope as Jenny set her purse down and walked towards the TV like everything was normal. “Ummmm, the TV is kind of messed up, I unplugged it till I can get it fixed.” She said.

Jenny tried it anyways, then made an annoyed sound when it failed to fire up. She sat down on the couch and leaned back before looking at Bridget with an annoyed look on her face. “So what’s the plan today?” She asked.

On cloud nine Bridget answered as she walked towards her. “You won’t believe the shit I’ve been through! And Lyn too! I was hoping You’d come over so you could help me out! Shit, I can’t believe this worked, I guess she’s not all powerful after all!”

Her friend gave her an empty grin in response, “Wow…. All that huh?” She said as Bridget suddenly felt nervous. She started to look around again, “Bridget!” She yelled, finally shattering her friend’s illusion, “Come out here! I’m am not watching her for you! And if you left I’m calling protective services, I’m not joking!”

Bridget let her head hang. “So it’s true. I am fucking cursed or whatever.” She walked towards where she had left her phone charging and pulled it free. She was just starting to type something out to jenny when it was pulled from her hands. “Hey! Give that back!” She yelled.

Jenny smiled at her, “Bad! This isn’t a toy. You shouldn’t be playing with this. You could get hurt, or break it.” She noticed it was an IPhone six, “Or bend it…”

Anger and an odd mix of humiliation tickled at the edge of he reasoning. Bridget wanted to choke her, and slink away at the same time. She knew she could get it back if she wanted, but she didn’t want to alert Jenny to her strength yet. She wanted to try another test first. She walked to the bag of diapers and pulled the pack out carefully. Then she went back to the seated woman, dropped them in her lap and wagged her bum in her face. “Now try and put those on, I bet you can’t make em fit!” She said.

“Oh, I see baby is pretty smart for her age. Are you wet? Let me check you.”

Bridget stood in one spot and was carefully spun around till she was facing away. She felt her pants pulled down around her ankles before the briefs she had on were pulled away. “Enjoy the view Jenny!” She said nervously. She noticed Jenny had used to much force pulling at them. And one of the sides had ripped halfway open already.

“Well, it looks like you’re mostly dry. But I think these junk slip on diapers are about as cheap as they come. I guess I better slap another one on you before you make a mess.” She ripped open the fresh pack and slid one out. “I’m going to choke Bridget when she gets back. I can’t believe she left you out here alone.” She had the diaper out and pointed to the floor. “Okay short round, assume the position.”

“Whatever, like you’d ever beat me in a fight.” Bridget said as she lay down on the floor and spread her legs slightly. “Hurry up, I’ve got shit to do today slow poke.”

Jenny was surprised at how fast the baby complied. “Almost as if you understood me. Maybe you are a smart one.” She knelt down and started to slide the diaper under her butt. “Or maybe you just like your Special bum Huggies…”

Bridget was nervous. This was her last shot. If this didn’t work she had to go back to Lyn’s place. Back to the mirror. “What is the rift going to do when you can’t pull that baby sized diaper over my adult sized ass?” She said.

Her friend slapped her softy on the thigh, “Bum up girlie.” Bridget complied, then held her breath as she waited to see what happened. Jenny slid the diaper under her then pushed her down on it. Bridget watched the look on her face change as most of the diaper was covered by her body. “Maybe I got them to small.” She said sounding worried. She grabbed for the tabs and pulled. And as Bridget watched, an impossible amount of plastic and elastic came free.

“Aw fuck…” Bridget said as she watched the Pamper under her ass rapidly increase in size. She could see it was obvious that it would fit her easily.

“I guess they aren’t that small after all.” Jenny said as she pulled the diaper up and over, then stuck the tabs on. She ran her fingers through the leg holes to adjust the leak guards out and seemed satisfied. She stood up and pointed down at her. “You stay here. I’m going to go wash my hands.” Bridget just sat up and got her feet under her in a low squat. She hid her face in her hands in embarrassment of being put into diapers again and stayed where she was. Dejected that her plan didn’t work out. but due to her new position, Jenny thought it meant something else. “If you’re going to shit, I’m not putting any pants on you yet.” She tried to turn the TV on and found it unplugged. “Well, I can fix that.” She said a she plugged it in and turned it back on. “Good thing I have the same line-up…” She thought has she punched in Nickelodeon’s channel and set the TV volume. She ruffled Bridget’s hair as she walked out, “Be right back squirt. Maybe I’ll find Bridget and slap her around too.”

“So now I’m diapered. It can’t get any worse I guess.” Bridget said as she finally took her hands from her face and looked around. The package of diapers had been left within her reach. She grabbed it, and managed to slide one out. “They’re kind of cute when they’re still small I guess.” She said as she closely examined one. As it opened she felt a tremor, and then it started to expand in her hands. She dropped it to the floor and watched as not only the diaper grew, but the entire pack suddenly decided to as well.

When the impossible growth had stopped she shook her head. “Why the hell didn’t it do that the first time?” With her questions about the diapers partially answered Bridget started to plan her next move, “Maybe I’ll wait until she falls asleep and run back to Lyn’s with a knife or something.” She looked up and saw the face on the TV again, staring at her. Managing only the say “You bitch.” Before the woman smiled and started talking.

“I see we’re progressing. I wonder if we have those cute little diapies over here? But even if we don’t I’m sure they sell something just as cute. Did you get them yourself? Have a fancy to get those instead of wearing those plain trainers? Mommy promises you’ll never have to worry about trainers with me.”

“Fuck you. You know who brought them over.” Bridget was in no mood to debate. She was looking at a person she was going to probably have to kill to stop whatever was happening. “You watch us. You saw what happened. Don’t be dense.”

“I’m not a god. Sometimes there’s a mirror, or a portal. I can’t stay in one spot for hours just to watch you move a little. Though I do get lucky more often then not. And little Lyn used to help too. Poor thing just isn’t that talkative any longer you know?”

Sudden fear gripped her, “How long has it been over there?”

The giant didn’t even hesitate. “One year, two months. And six days. Lyn held out longer then I thought. But except for the occasional pillow humping she’s turned into exactly what I told her she was. My darling little rug rat. I can barely keep her in dry diapers. Maybe I give her to many water bottles… I think-”

Bridget cut her off. “I think you’re to proud of what you’re doing. And I think I’m going to remind you that you shouldn’t go around messing with people. As soon as I’m done here I’m coming over there and I’m going to show you we’re not a bunch of weak, sex starved simpletons over here!”

“And how long do you think you have to wait gummy? You don’t have forever. You’re part of this world now. Even if you’re over there you’re going to adjust. Become exactly what you’re meant to be. Look at those cute diapees you have on! Do you think it’s just a coincidence they are your size? I know babies over there are much smaller. Where did those pretty pants of yours come from? And why do you think you suddenly don’t care that you’re wearing them? How long till you’re humping and pissing like Lyn was?” She didn’t sound angry as she spoke. She was just stating reality. She also sounded bored. “You’ve got two choices. Come over here and enjoy yourself, or stay there and end up the same way, but without me or Lynnie in your life.”

Bridget exploded at her, “I’m testing the bounds of your little game bitch!” She leaned forward onto her hands and knees to get her face closer. I can still text people! I can have friends help, even if they don’t know it! The diapers weren’t my size when Jenny brought them here. They grew bigger to fit!" She finally went back onto her haunches. Annoyed to find she had drooled on her shirt in her anger, and a grope of her diaper told her she was wet again.

There was a hint of a smile on the woman’s face now. “So the diapers ADJUSTED like I said they would?” She stopped and watched the comment sink in for Bridget. “What else has changed around you? Or ON you? Or maybe you like this to much? Are you just dragging it out, afraid I won’t let you play with yourself enough?”

“Fuck you! I don’t want to get off in fucking diapers!”

There was the slightest of pauses, “Then what are you doing right now?”

Bridget got ready to really tear into her when she looked down to see her hand still groping her diaper. The instant she saw, the dull feeling of pleasure she had been repressing came to bear. She twitched and flopped onto her knees as she forcibly pulled her hand free. “Shit…. It ripped… It’s dripping….” She said when she saw beads of moisture and masses of wet cotton on her finger tips. She looked up at the woman in the TV in horror. She could still feel the urge to keep going. To finish what she had started. “It’s…. It’s….”

The woman tisked. “It’s almost to late. Whatever your little plan is you better hurry. It’s only going to get harder. And your big sissy is ready for you. She wants to help change your little pants. It’s going to be so sweet.”

For some reason that comment pissed Bridget off, she picked up the package and held it up. “I do not pee my pants! These are Pampers!” The distinction made her feel better.

“Pampers? Those are diapers little lady. And unless my research is off you don’t call all diapers over there Pampers either.” She used the tone of a mother scolding a child to young to understand what was really being said.

“Pampers are the the brand stupid! That’s what it says it right on the pack!” Bridget felt better now. Obviously she was smarter then the Amazon. She smiled in victory as she kept pointing at the name.

“Errr…… Unless your English is way different then ours, I think that says Huggies on it. A premium brand of disposable baby diapers.” She put her hands on her hips and cocked her head. “Why doesn’t baby stop being silly and come to mommy?”

Bridget looked at the pack. Now that she was staring she wasn’t so sure what it said. She had been under the assumption the whole time that it was Pampers. “I asked her to get Pampers….” She said softly. She kept staring at the pack. “It’s…. It’s…… They’ve got to be….” She rubbed at her eyes. As if they would suddenly be fixed.

“Awwwww….” The giant mocked. “I think baby is just too little to read. But that’s okay. You won’t have to worry about that for a very long time. You don’t need to know how to spell diaper. Just how to fill 'em. And we both know you’re expert at that. And getting better every second I bet!”

Bridget dropped the pack and flopped down onto her butt, the diaper softy crunched under her. “No! It’s not possible!” She slammed her hands on floor.

Jenny picked that second to come into the room. “Are we done now? You must have had something pretty important to say, you haven’t shut up since I left the room. Opps, I guess I left that too close huh?” She reached down and took the diaper away, before trying to stuff it back into the pack. “Shit. These things are really crammed in there. But maybe you need a fresh one anyways?”

Bridget started to scoot away, but Jenny snagged her ankle. “Wait…. Wait…. It’s not like that. I’m not that wet.”

The loud cooing meant nothing to Jenny. She could see the diaper was wet. “I’m changing that thing girlie. It might be a small accident, but I ain’t paying for em so I’m changing you. And it’s ripped, there’s goop all over!” She gave a light yank that would barely move a baby, but something happened. The force seemed to multiply, and a confused Bridget found herself stopped cold, and actually moved backward a tad. “Now let’s roll you over and take care of that bottom of yours. Bridget doesn’t have that long to show up before the cops get here. She may be a buddy of mine, but I’m not getting stuck with a mystery baby for the night.”

Bridget stopped her struggle when she heard that. Before she could do anything else she was flipped onto her back and her diaper was open. “Cops? You called the cops!” She started to sit up, to get her hand ready to slap Jenny away when something cool and wet gently touched her now barren pubic area, then swiftly went lower over her lips. Her hips popped forward into the intruder. Her breath caught in her throat.

“Honestly, leaving such a cutie alone. It’s dangerous. She should be ashamed.” Jenny carefully spread her lips and made sure there was nothing left behind. Each stroke made the baby cleaner. “At least I’ll make sure you don’t get a rash. Opps. Are you leaking again?”

Bridget had never been so sensitive. She was ready to cum. “Pleessss…… Sta……sta…… Stop!” She cried out.

Jenny could see the baby was still going. The formerly cleaned slit was glistening again. “I guess I was to early.” She said as she pulled the diaper back up between her legs and roughly taped it closed. “Alright honey. Make mommy happy!” She gently popped the front of her diaper with her palm. It was barely enough contact to feel.

Bridget arched her back and ground her heels into the floor. The wave of sensual pleasure made her forget everything. It was just her and her diapers. She was just coming down when she felt another slap and had another taste. She was panting and drooling when she came down then. She saw the hand moving up to pop her again, in frustration she pushed down with her stomach muscles as hard as she could and was rewarded with a strong stream of relief into her padding. She saw Jenny’s hand stop mid swing and reach for another wipe instead. Bridget took a deep breath, “Weird. Peeing in a diaper is weird…” She thought between gulps of air. She could feel the warm liquid run down between her legs. It tickled as it ran into the padding and started to pool under her butt. Bridget could feel the heat soaking into the padding and wetly warming her butt cheeks. “Yeah… Never mind. It’s gross.” She thought.

Jenny waited till she was obviously done peeing and started the process again. “Now that’s enough of the water works. And if you shit on me I’m leaving you in it.” She said jokingly. The wipe felt almost as good as it wiped her pee away. When Jenny spread her again she gritted down and bit her cheek between her gums, she chomped as hard as she could stand. She didn’t draw blood, but the pain pulled her attention away from cumming in her friend’s hand again. She didn’t open her eyes till she could feel the diaper was on. When it was she sat up and started to crawl away. “I need some space to get up and run.” She said.

Jenny giggled and grabbed at her shirt, stopping her escape. “Silly… If you’re going for a ride with the cops you might as well have a nice new shirt. One that isn’t covered in drool.” Before Bridget could fight her, the shirt that was her last connection to adulthood was up and over her head. Then gone. She spun and reached for it but Jenny was already walking away. “Be right back.” She said brightly.

Bridget pouted and crossed her arms in front of her. “I’ll diaper her when this is all over.” She moved her legs out in front of her and kicked at a stupid little baby toy that was in front of her. “I should break them… All……” She said as she looked at the various plastic crap scattered over the floor. She reached out with her hands and grabbed a toy cell phone. It kind of looked familiar. She stared at it, then looked across the room again. “Something’s not right….” She whispered.

Then it hit her. “The toys! There were no toys here!” She looked at the phone in her hands and got ready to toss it when she saw a familiar scratch on its screen. Though it was thick plastic now, and had a simple light up picture of Dora under it, the scratch was exactly the same as on her iPhone. She turned it over and saw the light scuffs her keys had made on the back of her phone. “No!” She yelled as she punched at the fake screen. Hoping it wasn’t true. That she could still text her friends. “Dam it!” she screamed. She felt so angry, so frustrated she wanted to destroy it. In a fit of rage she stuck it in her mouth and wetly gummed it.

Jenny returned with a shirt only two minutes later. She had found the babie’s diaper bag. And an extra shirt. “Okay stinko demayo, I found your stash.” She saw the baby furiously chomping on the plastic toy. “Yeah. I feel ya Hun, I’ve wanted to chew on my iphone once in a while myself. Let’s get you dressed.”

Bridget came too as the shirt was being buttoned up her back. She blinked back tears as she looked cross eyed at the colourful chunk of slobber covered plastic in her mouth. She pulled it free with a string of drool roping from it’s corner to her lips. “Ewwwww…. That’s just……” She was interrupted by a rude noise coming from her bottom.

“That’s just gross.” Jenny said as she waved her hand in front of her face. “Try to hold off on that till the cops get here. I am not in the mood to deal with that, thank you very much.”

“Okay… I am not doing that here, in front of her.” Bridget said. She tossed the phone and smiled at Jenny, “I’m terribly sorry, but I must be going. I have a little appointment and all. Why don’t you piss off for a few minutes?”

Jenny smiled and nodded, thinking the baby was happy. “Such a good girl for aunt Jen, I hope everything turns out fine for you and Bridget, wherever she is.” The sound of tires crunching into the drive and a solid sounding door opening and slamming shut was music to her ears. “But it looks like baby sitting is done with. Good luck stinky!” She rubbed her on the head and went to the front door to let the cops in.

Bridget wasted no time, she flopped forward onto her hands and knees and crawled towards the hallway. As soon as she was out of Jenny’s vision she stood up and bolted to the rear door. It was locked when she reached it. But it wasn’t hard for her to open it and lunge outside. The sun was warm and welcoming. She headed straight for the section of fence she had hopped over before and easily made it over. “I’m coming you sick bitch. Lets see what you think of life with no fucking eyes and a lot of pain.”

The cop noticed the door close, and Jenny suddenly realized the baby was gone. They both made for the back door. The cop made it first. He took in the scene of a young baby that could barely walk somehow taking a fence in one stride. He didn’t understand what was going on. “But I’m not paid to think. I’m paid to follow orders…” He followed after the loo se baby. He tried to hop the fence, and ended up hooking his duty belt and getting stuck in place. He looked down at his radio, and was disgusted with himself for having to make an emergency call to get him off the fence. Bridget ran around the front of the house. Hoping to see if the baby went out one of the front gates. But as she watched there was no sign of the little girl.

Bridget was surprised at how easy it was to run with the diaper on. She had made it halfway to the wood line already. “I’ll be there in no time.” She thought happily. She hooked her toes in one fence and threw her other foot over. She was in the process of going over when she had a sudden pain in her knees. She dropped down into the cool grass next to the fence and rubbed them. “What the hell was that?” She wondered. She got up and started to walk to the next fence. She could actually see the tree line now. Her spirits rose as her goal came into view. She giggled and laughed, accidentally drooling down her chin. She wiped it away and took another step. Then another. She looked down at the ground when something seemed to have changed.

She was standing in the middle of a large mat. “Okay…. Who leaves a giant mat out in their yard?” She wondered as she took another step. The soft foam made it harder to walk. She tried to step again, but her toes dragged on the material and she fell to her hands and knees. “I don’t think so…” She said as she stood up again. This time she could do nothing but keep her arms spread for balance as she toddled forward. She heard a rusty spring creaking as a door opened and turned to her left to see a woman in an apron moving towards her. “Who the hell wears an apron now?” She wondered. She turned back towards her goal only to see the fence in front of her rising up, impossibly high as she fell back to her hands and knees. She felt the soreness of her arms just before they went limp and dropped her to her belly. "Fuck! She said. “Not here! I need more time.”

The woman was close now, she was gently picking Bridget up and cradling her in her arms. “Are you okay? Where did you come from? Who’s a good girl?” She said as she tickled the adult sized baby.

It sounded sickeningly sweet to Bridget. “I ain’t a puppy lady!” She said. Slightly slurring her words. She complained and yelled as she was carried inside and set down on a towel in the middle of the floor. “Let me go! Let me go! You bitch! Go! Let me, go! Now!” She threw her body into her tantrum. Her head moved back and forth, while she scissored her legs open and closed. It felt like hours later that her tired body stopped flailing around. Bridget could feel the control of her body leaving. That it was going on auto pilot. More rude noises announced to the world what she was doing in her diaper, then the smell surrounded her. She almost started to cry in shame. “I didn’t make it! I’m sorry Lyn! I tried!” Her vision blurred and went dark as goosebumps ran up and down her legs. Her control was almost gone. She could feel drool dripping down her face. The humiliation she felt was almost as bad as the fear.

Just then Bridget felt a sudden presence, as though there was another person looking at her. Another thing that could see inside her head, and it was trying to tell her something. Faint, and impossible to really understand. She moved her head to the right and saw a ghostly image in the old person’s microwave. It looked like the lady that had Lyn. “Eat a bag of dicks!” Bridget screamed, just as the thing in her head reached a crescendo. There was a feeling of disconnection, and the face of the woman in the microwave disappeared.

Bridget sighed, but she would not cry. “I won. The bitch won’t end up getting another one. Fuck her.” She felt a sense of peace come over her knowing that. “Even if I’m stuck here like this.” She wiggled her legs and listened to the crinkling of her diaper. “At least I’ve got a little more control over myself now.” She said as she moved her arms and legs. She grew more surprised at how easy it was becoming. After a few minutes she sat up and stretched. “Weird…. I thought she was turning me into an infant or something.” She looked up at the old woman as she walked into the room and smiled at her. “I guess it makes it easier on you if I can move on my own huh?”

The old lady stopped and stared at her in shock. “Where…. Where did you come from?” Her pale complexion became even more so.

Bridget got onto her hands and knees and shook her butt. “You just carried me in here stupid. I just shit my pants, you might want to take care of that.” She finished her sentence and sat back down on her rump.

“What? What did you do with the baby? Where’s the baby?” She said, sounding alarmed.

Bridget’s mouth dropped open. It finally clicked for her. “Wait…. You can see me….” Then the actual spoken conversation came back as well. “And…and understand me?” The old lady was beyond words now. She merely nodded. Bridget huffed under her own weight as she slowly stood on her legs, then happily hopped up and down. The flopping sensation of her loaded diaper brought her back to reality quickly. “Oh man… I’m back! I beat her! I’m me again!” She reached back and prodded the diaper. “Oh…. Why didn’t I wait?” She looked at the woman and gave her the saddest puppy dog eyes she could muster, “Look…. This is really a long story. I don’t think you really want to know what’s happened. So can I just borrow some clothes and get home? I promise I’ll bring them back later when I’m decent.”

The lady finally slumped down into a chair and shook her head. “I’ve finally lost it. I’m cracking up. I know I found a baby. And I know she was right here. But she isn’t. You are…” When Bridget didn’t say anything further she rolled her eyes, “Laundry room is down the hall. I don’t want any of it back. Just get it and leave. I’m going to try to forget about this.”

Bridget thanked her, and scooted towards the clothes, “Trust me lady, I don’t want to remember this either. I’ll be gone before you know it.” She changed into a pair of jogging pants and a loose blouse and headed for the door. “Thank you. You have no idea what I’ve been through. But this really does help.”

The old lady waved her off. “I don’t even want to know anymore. Go. Go home and change yourself.”

Bridget smiled and nodded, the door closed behind her and she found herself humming a little victory tune. She only had one thought as she walked home. “I’m coming Lyn. It may take a while. But I’m coming.”

Lyn and her mother stared into the now dead mirror. Lyn didn’t understand what she had seen, but her mother did. She looked down at her daughter and wanted to cry. “I’m sorry Lynnie. I guess she did manage to get away.” After so long of being just a baby Lyn vacantly smiled at her and nodded. “Well, I hope it’s everything she wanted. I can’t believe she just left you here, but at least you have mommy!” The addled mind of the adult baby took it all as praise. She pushed her face into one of mommies tits until she got the message and pulled it free. “I guess that’s more for you huh?” Lyn gurgled and latched on. Never seeing the tears running down her mothers face.

Over a week later and Bridget was still reconstructing her life. From dodging child abandonment charges, to cleaning up the few stains she had left in her home. Jenny had pressed her about the child, but Bridget was trying to deny ever sending the message, or even being home at that time. The police had investigated. But since no one reported a missing child, and there was no mystery DNA in her home her lawyer said the charges would be dropped. Eventually. She had taken a few weeks off from her job and spent her time between plotting revenge, drinking, and enjoying her new quirk.

The baby toys had remained in her home. She had wanted to toss them, but the cops took it all and she told them she didn’t want them back anyways. The giant diapers had stayed as well, though she had decided to hide them till she was sure Jenny and the cops weren’t going through her trash. “Almost ready….” She thought to herself. Though she still didn’t have a good idea what that meant.

She opened another beer and pounded half of it. “It’s sick. It’s fucking sick!” Bridget knew there was danger involved but she still wanted to save her friend. “Dodged a fucking bullet….” She thought again. Her eyes roamed to the space behind her cold air return where she had hid the pack of diapers. But she didn’t completely dodge it. She could still feel a pull towards diapers. She had taken up looking at several diaper related sites on her computer. At first happy to find others like her, but wondering if they were victims like her and Lyn, or worse. The rest of the beer disappeared down her throat as she took in fresh postings on sighting and friendly chats. Bridget didn’t know exactly what she was looking for. But she felt better knowing she was trying something.

The days turned into weeks. Then turned into months. Bridget had started posting stories and role plays for others to read. She had made plans and had parties that catered to those who where looking for partnerships and those that were looking for actual role playing for expanded periods. She kept her eyes peeled for anything odd, while she herself practiced her own role playing. The pack of giant baby diapers had already been retrieved, and was now half empty. She cursed her new lifestyle, and her inability to be sexually complete without diapers involved. “Well fuck. This must have been the hell she was going through.” Bridget thought to herself as she humped a pillow through another diaper. “So frustrating…” She almost couldn’t imagine living her whole life being attracted to diapers, and being babied but never having it happen. “I know why she did it. I know why it was so addictive to her.” Her thoughts progressively became more primal as she got close to the release she craved. She moaned and screamed as the final wave broke and she flopped aside onto her bed twitching.

After her release Bridget was usually much clearer minded. And she could function at a higher level. Though the urges were getting stronger and harder to control. She had almost started posts several times asking for a mommy or a daddy type in the area to come over and treat her. But she had never got past typing something out before masturbating and then deleting it afterwards. Now it was only minutes before she felt the need to be coddled or diapered start to return. “Fuck… What now? I’m getting fucking sore down there.” She didn’t like to use her special diapers, but it seemed like the store bought brands barely did it for her any more. She was frustrated and tired when she checked her favorite site, Bridget was ready for bed. She clicked on one last post and found something that turned her blood cold.

It was a picture of her. Laying in another woman’s lap. The size difference was obvious. She was well diapered and vacantly chewing on a plastic teething ring. “What the fuck….” She said as she started to read the simple text under the picture. “Me and my little stinker. She’s such a cutie. I hope she comes back and we can play again. Forever.”

Bridget ripped the computers cord from the wall and jumped out of the chair. “No way! I don’t remember that shit happening!” An odd memory of her lost friend came to her suddenly as she said it. “Aww…. Fuck….” She stomped towards the only mirror she still allowed in her house. A small vanity mirror in her bathroom. One she only used when her diapers were no where near it. As she got closer a rich smell of well used diaper met her. She didn’t even have to turn the light on to see the crumpled up diaper laying in front of her toilet. She stared at it wordlessly. She took a step closer and gently picked it up. She didn’t look at the mirror. She didn’t have to. She knew what she would see.


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