Double R project

This story is a sequel of my former story Happy Family.


When the mysterious regression machine was transported from the Happy Family villa to the city university, a research program started. The IT experts wanted to reprogram the machine to return the transformed children back to their original age and condition.

The research program was advancing slowly for two basic reasons. One of them was - as expected - money, and the second one was the lack of volunteers.

Surprisingly, the research program started anew suddenly but the experts changed their behavior; they didn’t want to talk about their tasks. All rooms in the regression machine research department were locked and a guard was posted to the entrance. Nobody at the university knew about the guard and the program change but the experts themselves.

Part 1:

Claire opened her eyes and tried to remember what had happened to her. Her last memory was the court and some words about an alternative sentence. Everything else seemed to be hidden in a fog.

She was not an angel and that was not her first verdict. Claire became a member of a criminal gang and she took part in several armed robberies. During the last robbery she shot a police officer dead.

“She is a dangerous person and we have to take appropriate measures to assure public safety …” the words of the DA emerged from the fog “I require the hardest sentence … the death sentence.”

Was she dead? Was this heaven … or hell? Claire didn’t have any idea about what heaven or hell looked like. When she looked around, she recognized a nursery. It looked real; no clouds, no angels, no cauldrons with boiling tar and no devils. She definitely was not dead.

Why was she in a nursery? She lifted her head and looked at her body. To her utter shock she looked at a toddler. Her size matched a two or three year old child. Her clothing consisted of a toddler dress and tights and … there was a thick package between her legs. She realized she was wearing a diaper. The package was uncomfortably thick and kept her legs apart. What had happened?

Claire sat up and looked around again. She was sitting inside a crib and there were three more cribs in the room. Two of them were occupied by toddlers; one of them was apparently even younger than her, about one year old. The other one was as old as her.

“Hey, where are we?” Claire asked the toddler. According to the clothing it was a boy.
“In the hell.,” he answered, “my name is Mark. You are new here.”
“Yeah, I am and my name is Claire,” Claire replied to him, “How so? There are no devils here.”
“I’m afraid there are. Be ready for the worst.”
“Who are you?”
“I don’t remember much but I think I was sentenced to death.”
“I think I was, too. But … we are alive.”
“I’m afraid it is no win.”
“What is going on here?”
“No idea but I’ve been here for about two weeks. I have to wear diapers and I occasionally pee myself but I think I’d be able to go to the toilet. However, the damn nurses keep me in diapers and I can’t remove them. My fingers are too clumsy. My legs also are wobbly and I keep stumbling and falling down.”

Claire sighed and tried to stand up. The package between her legs made her attempt hard and she was standing with her legs wide apart. Fortunately, her legs seemed to be strong and she could stand despite the uncomfortable position. She grabbed the rim of the tights and pulled it down a bit to see the diaper package. Several cloth diapers were covered by rubber pants. She tried to unbutton the rubber pants but her fingers were clumsy and she couldn’t do it.

Her bladder was full and the urge to pee hit her. She instinctively reached between her legs and pressed against the diaper. The attempt to close or cross her legs definitely failed.

“Claire, don’t fight and pee in the diaper; you don’t have any other option left.”
“Oh no; it’s embarrassing.”
“Get used to it as soon as possible. They probably think you are an actual toddler.”
“Those who did something to us. I experienced a very bad treatment but I can give you useful advice; pretend to be an actual toddler and your life here will be better. The little Elaine,” he pointed at the little baby in the third crib, ”looks quite satisfied but she can’t speak at all. All she has to endure are dirty diapers.”
“How so?”
“Our diapers are changed in the morning and in the evening. They are thick enough to keep our pee and poo in the meantime.”

“Okay then,” Claire sighed and relaxed her muscles. The hot pee soaked the diaper and it got wet and heavy. It definitely was embarrassing and Claire blushed.
At that moment steps could be heard from outside and Allan reacted immediately:

“Hey, don’t forget; you are an actual toddler. Maybe you even can’t speak. Try to stay in that role.”
Claire nodded and she somehow managed to control her blush and kept silent when the door opened and an older woman appeared in the doorframe. She was carrying a tray with three baby bottles.

“Hey, Mark; your bottle,” she took one of the bottles and passed it to Mark. He grabbed it and drank thirstily; his throat was probably dry.
“Now to you, Claire. Welcome to the State Research Centre. Drink now and you will go to the examination. Do you understand me?”

Claire almost replied but she remembered Mark’s words and shook her head and stretched her arm to take the bottle.
”Oh, another failure! The agents won’t be pleased.” the woman sighed but she realized she’s just told what she wasn’t supposed to. However, she relied on the fact that the damn creatures didn’t understand her. She proceeded to the little Elaine and held the bottle so Elaine could drink.

Meanwhile Claire and Mark drank up the juice; the woman gathered the bottles and left the room.
“Hey, what agents? Are we in a B-class spy movie?” Claire couldn’t accept what she just heard.
“I have no idea but I have experienced several examinations already. They checked my muscle coordination and vocal and mental abilities.”
“What did they find?”
“Unfortunately, I replied to their first simple questions but I realized quickly what was going on and pretended to be retarded. Now they have stopped examinations but I don’t know what will happen to me.”

Ten minutes later the woman returned and she lifted Claire from the crib.
“Can you walk?” She put the little girl on the floor but didn’t try to hold her if Claire stumbled.

Claire stepped forward carefully and she was able to waddle with the package between her legs. The wet diaper was softer and she could walk a little better.

They left the nursery and the nurse led Claire down a long corridor. Claire tried to watch the surroundings and stay inconspicuous. She noticed several more nurseries but she also noticed a room where adult sized persons were trained in some way. Some of them were diapered and all had a void look in their eyes. A man in the army uniform - a high ranked officer apparently - issued commands and the persons seemed to be mindless machines and obeyed those commands. The door was open but the officer hurried up and shut it with a loud thump when he noticed the nurse and Claire.

A cold chill ran down Claire’s spine. Although she wasn’t educated, she was bright and intelligent and she also had a lot of life experience. Her mind worked like a swiss watch. She somehow got into some kind of army related plot and she was in real danger. Mark’s advice proved very useful. Maybe she had a chance if she was considered little and helpless. She wouldn’t become a threat then.

The nurse stopped in front of a door and knocked on it. “Come in”, a male voice replied.
“Sir, I have escorted Claire Bakers at your command. She is ready for the examination.”

Claire stayed calm this time; she had managed to get ready for the upcoming events. Mark and the room with mindless persons had warned her already. She didn’t react at all and waited. The nurse opened the door and pushed her inside.

“Claire?” a man in a doctor-like outfit asked her.
“A - a - a,” Claire nodded and tried to stay calm.
“You can’t speak! You are a big girl though!” the man pushed her more.
“O - o - o,” Claire nodded. A real toddler would be proud of the sounds.
“Okay, walk around!” the man continued and Claire waddled around in front of him. The wet diaper was rubbing against her crotch and it was a bit unpleasant.

“Come and look at the cubes. Build a tower!”
There were several cubes sitting on a small table but Claire tried to stay in the role of a little girl and looked at the man as if she didn’t understand.

The man sighed heavily and walked over to the table and built a tower of five cubes. Claire followed him clumsily and tried to do it but her fingers really were clumsy and she failed at the third cube. The next attempt was more successful but she didn’t finish the tower anyway.

“Anything to report, nurse?” The man turned to the nurse.
“Nothing, sir. She was delivered two hours ago and she was able to hold her baby bottle. That’s all.”
“Well, lead her back and we will decide upon her tomorrow,” he sighed, “The commander won’t be pleased.”

The nurse grabbed Claire at hand and dragged her out of the room. Claire looked at the watch; it was almost noon.

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Part 2:

Back in the nursery Claire waited until the nurse left and turned to Mark.
“Mark, this is an army related plot. We are in real danger.”
“What? How did you find it out?”
“I noticed a room where some zombie-like adults were trained by an army officer. I don’t have any idea what happened to them but I have a bad feeling.”
“Hey, wait. We also were adults earlier. What happened to us?”
“We have been turned into toddlers. There is no other option left.”
“How can adults be changed into toddlers and zombies?”
“Sorry, Mark. I don’t have any idea.”
“Claire, I don’t know how but I think I know why. The zombies are ideal warriors though!”
“What about us?”
“Didn’t you hear? This is a research center. We can be the research subjects - guinea pigs. Something went wrong and we are research failures.”

The door opened again and the nurse was carrying six baby bottles. Three of them were full of something like mixed food and the remaining ones were full of juice.
“Lunch time,” she announced and passed two bottles with mixed food to Mark and Claire. Claire was quite hungry and started sucking on the nipple immediately. The food didn’t taste bad but Claire would have preferred to eat normally. However, she realized her clumsy fingers. Unless she would improve her motoric control, she would have to be fed or use baby bottles.

The nurse fed Elaine, returned to Mark and Claire and gave them the bottles with juice. Both Claire and Mark drank up everything and the nurse left.

“Mark, I’m worried,” Claire sighed when they were alone again, “what wil happen to us?”
“I’ve been here for about two weeks and nobody has hurt me so far. I could be dead already.”
“Maybe they don’t know what to do. In either case, we have been sentenced to death.”
“Right. We haven’t been executed. Hey, wait … what if they faked our death.”
“Yeah, it’s possible. A couple of corrupt persons would be able to arrange it.”
“Yeah, Claire. Now I know the reason. Who the hell would participate in this research willingly?”
“Right, this is a way to get guinea pigs.”

A familiar sound made Claire look at the little Elaine. The little girl was standing in her crib, holding the bars and pushing. Several loud farts could be heard.
Five minutes later Elaine sat down but she started crying almost instantly.

“What happened to her?” Claire asked Mark.
“The poor girl has got a diaper rash, Claire. You will experience it soon. It is painful and unpleasant. We have to stay in dirty diapers for the whole day.”

Claire realized the strange feeling when she was walking earlier. The wet diaper irritated her skin already. Even worse, her bowels were grumbling; she would have to poop soon. Her bladder was quite full, too.

“Oh no! I have to go pee and poop now; I don’t want to sit in a messy diaper.”
“Claire, don’t hold it. I tried it earlier and I got a laxative. It was terrible,” Mark warned her.
“Okay then,” Claire sighed heavily and tried to relax her muscles. Seconds later a mass of mushy poop filled the back of her diaper and a stream of pee soaked the front. To her horror the poop spread towards her front and she felt dirty.

“That’s terrible already, Mark. I feel all dirty,” Claire almost cried.
“Hey, stay calm if you don’t want to experience a gag,” Mark warned her again and the door opened again.
“You little beast,” the nurse yelled at Elaine; she was wearing a strange item. It was a lockable pacifier. The nurse forced the pacifier into Elaine’s mouth and locked it.

Claire almost made a mistake and opened her mouth to protest but she controlled herself quickly and cried instead.

“Shut up!” the nurse yelled and closed the door behind her. Minutes later she came back and carried another lockable pacifier and forced it into Claire’s mouth.

Claire couldn’t cry aloud but tears appeared in her eyes. However, the nurse didn’t finish. She reached under the crib and pulled out lockable pants. Claire had to sit down and the nurse locked the pants on her. The messy diaper was pressed against her crotch and the poor girl couldn’t stand up anymore.

“Claire, you were careless; I’ve warned you,” Mark sighed when the nurse left. Claire struggled but she wasn’t able to move or speak.

Time passed slowly and the smell of dirty diapers kept spreading across the room. Elaine apparently fell asleep out of exhaustion. Claire had to pee again and she added more mess to the dirty diaper.

“Dinner time!” The same nurse appeared in the doorframe and she was carrying six baby bottles just like earlier at noon. She undid the pacifiers, passed the bottles to Mark and Claire and fed Elaine. However, she ignored the wet and messy diapers and left the room as soon as Mark and Claire finished the second bottles.

“Mark, I’m terribly sorry; I should have kept silent,” Claire sighed again when they were alone.
“It’s okay now, Claire. Try to stay calm. The night shift is about to start and the nurse won’t be that strict.”
“I can’t wait to be changed. The diaper is smelly and soaked and … itching.”
“This is the beginning diaper rash. It will get worse later.”
Claire didn’t answer. She didn’t know what to answer. Her mind was occupied by worries about her future. What if she will be executed? After all, she was already dead for the outside world.

Her gloomy thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the door opening. Another nurse entered the room.
“Good evening. It’s time for your bath and diaper change,” she smiled at the toddlers.
“Ladies first,” she lifted Elaine and carried her away. About fifteen minutes later she returned and put the baby girl back into her crib.
“Oh, you have to suffer in these pants, sweetheart,” she unlocked the pants and lifted Claire in her arms. Claire involuntarily hugged the nurse.

The warm bath was pleasant and the itching feeling disappeared. The nurse used some rash cream and put clean diapers on Claire’s crotch. Claire almost thanked her when she realized her role, but she smiled and stroked the nurse’s cheek instead.

“You are welcome, sweetheart,” the nurse understood what Claire wanted; she carried Claire back and took care of Mark.

“Fortunately, there are some good nurses here,” Mark turned to Claire when the nurse carried him back and left the room.
“Yeah,it’s good but I’m still worried about our future. What will happen to us?
“No idea. What would you do if you were in their shoes?”
“Maybe I’d put them into an orphanage or offer them for adoption.”
“I don’t know. The orphanage or the adoptive parents would be curious about our past. Children don’t appear out of thin air.”
“You’re right. That’s bad then.”

Although Claire and Mark didn’t know it, their question should be answered soon.

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Part 3:

A small group of men was sitting around a large table in an office. The office was equipped austerely but one item was remarkable. It looked like a coat of arms with two intertwined letters R.

One of the men was wearing a medical coat and the others were wearing uniforms; they were the highest rank officers.

“Doctor Reynolds, we expect your report on the double R project. The project staff is concerned about the large number of failures. Phase 1 is quite reliable but Phase 2 fails often,” a man in a general rank started the discussion.

“Sorry, gentlemen,” the man in the medical coat sighed, “Phase 2 had to be developed from scratch while Phase 1 was almost ready.”
“Does it mean that you took the machine settings for Phase 1 from the criminals and you are not able to set up the machine for Phase 2 properly? Don’t forget the meaning of double R - Regression Reversal! Up to now, we have got only an “one and a half R” project.”
“I promise …”
“Don’t promise and double your effort to have the true Double R project instead. By the way, what are you planning to do with the failures?”
“They are children though and no failures. Hopefully you don’t expect us to …?”
“Why not? They are officially dead and buried.”
“No, I won’t allow it. We can find families to adopt them.”
“That’s crazy but … what about the families that had adopted children from Happy Family? It would be easy to … convince them. They had committed crimes though.”
“Yeah, this is an attempt worth. I’ll try to arrange it. After all, that will be a cost savings.”

The words ‘cost savings’ worked like a magic wand. The general smiled instantly.
“Well, let’s have a name for that mission - permanent observation. The families should give us feedback about the failures’ behavior and we will obtain more information.”
“At your command, sir,” the doctor felt a big relief. After all, he was a doctor and killing the children was too much for him.
“However, we need help from you. The children need regular birth certificates and Social Services have to be contacted.”
“This is my part of the plan, doc.”
The meeting was dismissed.

Steven Meyers was sitting in his room and playing a game on his console. However, he couldn’t focus on it; his mind was occupied by a deep sorrow. His parents were killed in a traffic accident two months ago and now he lived with his uncle Charles and aunt Rosemary. Despite their effort he still was sad and almost didn’t leave his room except school.

Charles and Rosemary, on the other hand, were happy. Rosemary was barren and they had adopted Esther and Heather from the Happy Family agency. When the twins had to be returned to their family, Rosemary fell into a deep depression.

After the traffic accident when Charles’s brother Jim and his wife Ellen were killed, Steven moved in with them. He was a very sensitive 13 years old boy, a wonderful student but he didn’t have any friends. Rosemary considered him her own child almost instantly and Charles did the same. Rosemary recovered from her depression and tried to help Steven without apparent success. The boy returned to school but he still couldn’t escape the sorrow.

One day the phone rang and Rosemary recognized the number of the Social Services. Her heart sank and she picked up the phone with fear.
“Rosemary Meyers speaking.”
“My name is Ruth Everett and I’m a Social Services officer.”
“W … what happened, miss Everett? Is it about Steven? He is okay.”
“Nope, Mrs. Meyers. We are working on the full adoption papers already. He is your nephew though. However, we have an offer for you. Would you be willing to take another child?”
“Mrs. Everett, I’m a bit afraid. I wouldn’t like to get involved in any suspicious activity. You know what I am talking about.”
“Of course I know about your - mistake - but my offer is legal; after all we are the responsible authority.”
“Okay, miss Everett. However, I have to talk with my husband and with Steven.”
“Of course; I will send you photos and some basic information on the children. If you are interested, you can meet them in person; I will accompany you.”
“Thank you for your offer, Miss Everett.”

Fifteen minutes later Rosemary was watching three pictures of toddlers and reading the basic information. She was taken aback by two facts.

Three pairs of sad eyes looked at her from the photos but there was something odd in the looks and Rosemary wasn’t able to decipher it. The basic information was almost the same for every child except gender and age. Parents were either dead or unknown as if the children appeared out of thin air.

“Auntie, who are these children?” Steven suddenly appeared behind Rosemary. He was walking from the toilet and listened to the phone call and suddenly got curious.
“Steven? I’m glad that you left your room. The Social Services called me if we could take care of a child.”
“Another child?” Steven was surprised but he somehow liked the idea. He was lonely. However, the children were apparently small. One of them looked like a baby and the other ones could be two or three years old.

The dark haired girl with sad brown eyes caught his eye. He imagined her as his little sister. Little or not, he wouldn’t be alone at home. He didn’t have anybody in this world but his uncle and aunt.

“Susan Reese?” He read her name and looked at Rosemary.
“Would you like to have a little sister? There is a boy there, too. Don’t you prefer a brother instead?”
Steven shook his head. His sensitive soul was attracted to the little girl.
“Auntie, look at her eyes. She looks like she is asking for help. What happened to her?”
“Steve, I don’t have any idea but we have to be careful. We adopted twins years ago and it was a big mistake. We were almost arrested and it is a miracle that you can live with us.”
“I know, auntie, but I wouldn’t be alone then.”
“Would a toddler sister be your friend?”
“Auntie, I don’t have any living soul except you and uncle Charlie.”
“Well, let’s ask uncle Charles.”

Charles was surprised first but he didn’t object.
“Rosie, you could have a little girl again,” he added and turned to Steven, “What about you, Stevie?”
“Uncle Charles, I’ve told auntie that I like the idea.”

Rosemary’s heart jumped. She was glad to have Steven but the idea of a little girl was exciting and the entire family agreed to the adoption. She still remembered the twins and now she got another chance. Diapers, bathing and feeding didn’t disturb her at all.

The next day Rosemary called the Social Services and they arranged a meeting. She was a bit taken aback why she should meet a toddler at a university but she didn’t want to be conspicuous and didn’t ask about anything.

Three days later Rosemary, Charles and Steven entered the university building accompanied by Miss Everett and a man in a medical coat. They passed a locked gate where a uniformed guard let them in.

A cold chill ran down Rosemary’s spine when she spotted the locked gate with a guard. Were they in a prison? The man led them to a nursery. He opened the door and Rosemary spotted four cribs; three of them were occupied by the children she had seen in the pictures. She instantly recognized the little girl but she didn’t have any idea of the true identity.

“Susie, we want to become your adoptive parents.”

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Part 4:

Claire was sitting in her crib when the door opened and a group of people entered the room. She was a bit surprised; she recognized the doctor but the other people were unfamiliar to her. They looked like a family. Claire hoped that that was her chance. Mark talked about adoptive parents and those people were probably about to adopt somebody of them. Would it be Mark, Elaine or her?

The older woman headed towards her and called her Susie. Claire didn’t know how to react. The woman believed her name was Susan. What was going on? Seconds later Claire realized the truth. Whoever made her into a toddler, wanted to conceal her true identity and changed her name.

Claire stood up slowly and felt wetness between her legs. The diaper was wet again and she wasn’t aware of peeing. During the last days she slowly lost her bladder control. Suddenly she got worried; would the family accept her diapers?

All of sudden Steven turned to Rosemary: “Auntie, can I lift her in my arms?”
“Of course, Stevie but be careful; don’t drop her.”
Claire looked at Steven and noticed his eyes full of sorrow. What has he experienced? She felt sorry for him and wanted to help him even if she didn’t know how.
Steven lifted her in his arms and she hugged him instinctively. As he grabbed her behind, he felt the diapers and looked at the little girl.
“Susie, do you need diapers? No problem; you will be my little sister,” he kissed her forehead.

Rosemary, Charles and Miss Everett watched the scene and smiled. They knew about Steven’s issues and were taken aback by the change.
“I think that Steven has made the decision already,” Miss Everett smiled at Rosemary. “Let’s go to the office and do the necessary paperwork. Steven can stay with the little Susie meanwhile.

They left and Steven turned to Claire.
“Susie, I’m glad to have a sibling. I feel alone but you will be my company from now on. You are a little toddler but I really don’t mind it.”
Claire smiled only and hugged him tighter. She felt good with him and she was happy to leave that damn place. Hopefully Mark and Elaine would be lucky, too.

“Hey, boy, be good to her. She desperately needs someone,” a quiet voice sounded behind Steven.
“Don’t worry, dude,” Steven answered to Mark and realized that the toddler boy’s words didn’t match his age. “What is going on here?”
“It is a secret but be patient. She reveals it to you later,” Mark reacted. “Shhh, keep it to yourself for now.”
“Okay, I’ll do,” Steven suddenly got excited. He had a little sister and a secret.

While Rosemary was walking down the corridor towards the office and thinking about the adoption, she put two and two together. The regression machine had been transported to the university, the area was guarded by army guards and the toddlers appeared out of thin air. The only mystery was why the toddlers were offered for adoption. Susan was a transformed adult.

Rosemary knew she had to take Susan out of that damn place as soon as possible and she was curious about the adoption process. Normally, that process took weeks. Happy Family was prompt but illegal.

“Mrs. Meyers, are you ready to take Susan home?” Miss Everett shocked Rosemary when they entered the office. “Everything is okay on our side.”
“But … she needs some clothing and diapers.”
“The university provides clothing and diapers,” the doctor passed a large bag to Charles. “and … a little financial support for the first days,” he passed an envelope to Rosemary. “We have only one single condition.”
“What condition?” Rosemary got worried.
“You will fill in a form and send it to us every month. It is very simple. Our university needs information on Susan’s weight, height and skills. In case of health issues bring her here; we are available 24/7. Here you have the birth certificate.”
“Okay then, should we sign some papers?”
“Of course, this is the adoption protocol,” Miss Everett presented three copies of the protocol.”

Rosemary was shocked by the promptness but she already guessed what was going on and didn’t want to ask inappropriate questions. The presence of Social Services made the entire process legal. She signed all copies of the protocol and passed them to Miss Everett. Miss Everett signed them as well and returned one copy to Rosemary.

“Well, go and take her home,” she smiled at Rosemary and opened the door. The doctor led them back to the nursery where Steven was waiting and he was still holding Susan/Claire in his arms. The little girl seemed to be happy and she kept hugging Steven.

“Isn’t she too heavy for you, Stevie?”
“No, auntie; I’m strong enough,” Steve replied and smiled at both Rosemary and Susan/Claire.
“Well, carry her to the bathroom; I should check her diaper.”

Steve carried the little girl to the bathroom, Rosemary pulled down her tights and undid the rubber pants and soaked diapers.
“Oh, you poor thing. Your crotch is all red; we have to take care of your rash. Charlie, pass me the rash cream please.”
Charles reached into the bag and had to search it and find the cream. He also pulled a diaper bag and opened it and passed a disposable diaper to his wife.
Rosemary cleaned Susan’s crotch, put the clean diaper beneath her behind and put a thick layer of the rash cream before taping the diaper shut.
Steven watched the procedure carefully. He wanted to take care of his little sister and didn’t mind changing her diapers. As soon as she was dressed again, he lifted her in his arms.

“Sweetheart, tell me when you pee in your diaper. We have to heal the rash and you have to stay in dry diapers the whole time.” Rosemary stroked Susan’s hair.
“Eee - ell.” Claire/Susan nodded; she wasn’t sure if she could speak and if it was safe.

The small group headed towards the exit and Rosemary felt a big relief when they got to their car, said goodbye to Miss Everett and drove off for home.
Claire/Susan was sitting on the back seat next to Steven and Steven was holding her at hand. Charles hurried up; he wanted to be home as soon as possible but Rosemary asked for a stop at the store to purchase more diapers.

As they arrived at home, Steven helped Susan get out of the car, lifted her in his arms and carried her inside. However Susan (she tried to accept her new name) let go of him and she wanted to walk. This time the diaper didn’t make her waddle.

“Love, we weren’t prepared for the little Susie. Where will she sleep?”
“We can put her in the guest room for now.”
“Why? There is a spare bed in my room,” Steven objected. He lived in the room where the twins had lived earlier. It was still painted in pink and the remnants of toddler equipment were still there. Steven didn’t make any attempt to change it; he kept ignoring it during the two months.
“Are you serious? She might cry in the night and wake you up.”
“I don’t mind it; I won’t be alone and she won’t disturb me,” he turned to Susan and she nodded.

Rosemary grinned; she already knew about Susan’s condition and she got curious about Steven’s reaction.
“Sis, you understand me,” Steven looked at her and grinned but he turned his head away so Rosemary couldn’t see the grin.

“If you don’t mind it, she can sleep in your room then. Take the bag and put her clothes into the cabinets. There is a lot of spare room there. I will make dinner meanwhile.” Rosemary nodded at his idea. She was a bit surprised but she knew Steven already and he was a sensitive soul.

“Sit down, sis; I’ll remove your shoes,” Steven pointed at a little stool that he often used when he put on or took off his shoes. Susan nodded and sat down.

Steven knelt down in front of her and removed her shoes. He smelled the urine reek and realized that Susan had peed herself.

“Come with me, sis,” Steven took the bag and headed towards his room followed by Susan.
“Welcome to your new home, sis.”


Part 5:

Susan stopped dead in her tracks when she entered the room. It was definitely a girl’s room, according to the paint. She also noticed the toddler equipment. The room didn’t belong to an older boy; she guessed Steven’s age was about 12. Who lived in this room earlier and where are they?

The adoption procedure was very short and Susan felt that something was terribly wrong. She was made into a toddler and didn’t know how; a family could adopt her quickly and an older boy lived in a toddler girl’s room. Susan didn’t read news about Happy Family and she wasn’t interested in it even if she did.

Meanwhile Steven unpacked her clothes and diapers and put everything into a cabinet. After that he turned to Susan and watched her closely:

“Susie, you keep watching this room. This was not my room. I moved in shortly ago when …” he stopped when he was about to tell her about his parents, “but … you look like you understand me and you know that something is wrong with the room.

Sis, you are hiding a secret. The boy at the university also told me about you; according to him you would reveal more to me,” he sat down and took Susan on his lap.
“Trust me. I can keep the secret. If you are about to reveal something, you can speak, can’t you? You didn’t speak earlier but I’d guess you can.”

Susan hesitated. She still was careful but she desperately needed some soul mate. She collected her courage.
“Yeah, I can. The boy at the university told you about a secret. I’m not Susan or, better said, I wasn’t Susan earlier and you might not like my past. I was turned into a toddler in a strange way.”

All of sudden Steven put two and two together. His aunt told him about Happy Family and their mistake when he asked her about the room.

“Susie, I think I know what happened. There is a regression machine at the university and somebody used it to turn you into a toddler. I can’t tell you more but if you have the courage and reveal your secret to my aunt and uncle, they will explain it to you.”
“Oh, you said aunt and uncle. Why do you …?” Susan stopped; the tears in Steven’s eyes revealed what happened.
“Sorry, bro; I didn’t want to hurt you.”
“No problem, sis,” Steven wiped the tears away and stroked her hair, “I have a new family and a new mysterious sister. A wet one,” he grinned, “Auntie Rosemary wanted you to announce when you pee in your diaper and she would change you then.”

Susan reached between her legs and realized she had peed herself indeed and she wasn’t aware of it. However, she wanted to stay with Steven. Suddenly an idea hit her; she jumped down, headed towards the cabinet and grabbed a clean diaper.
“Hey, bro, you can change my diaper, too.”
“Oh, I’ve never done it before.”
“Try it out; it can’t be that difficult. Auntie is busy cooking though.” Susan grinned and lay down on her bed and spread her legs.
Steven was taken aback but he took the diaper from Susan and stepped towards her.
“Wait, you need the wipes and rash cream,” Susan stopped him.

“Right,” Steven returned to the cabinet and took the wipes and rash cream. He pulled down Susan’s tights and untapped the soggy diaper.
“Sis, I’m a bit worried; will I do it correctly?”
“Don’t think about it and do the same that auntie did earlier.” Susan had to calm him down.
“Okay, I will take good care of my little sister,” Steven wiped Susan’s crotch and spotted the red skin. Susan tried her best to help him and lifted her bottom so he could remove the wet diaper and clean her bum. Five minutes later he finished and Susan grinned at him.
“I have a loving brother; I’m not sure if I deserve him.”
“Why, sis? I’m glad to have you.”
“Oh, forget it,” Susan sat up and stretched her arms towards Steven. He lifted her in his arms and she hugged him.

“Hey, children, dinner time,” Rosemary’s voice sounded from the kitchen and Steven carried Susan there. This time she didn’t let go of him.
Steven looked at Susan; she probably wanted to keep the secret; however Rosemary spoiled the scene.
“Susan, I know exactly what happened to you. You are a victim of the regression machine. I don’t know your exact condition but I want to help you. Don’t worry and be open to us. Can you speak? If so, it would be simpler.”
“Sis, your secret isn’t a secret anymore,” Steven grinned and kissed Susan, “However you are my little sister anyway.”
“Yeah, I can speak,” Susan answered, “but I pretended not to be able to speak. My roommate warned me. Hopefully you won’t reveal it to them.”
“Don’t worry, sweetheart. I’m glad to have a little girl again. You probably noticed Steven’s room and its arrangement. We adopted two little girls some time ago but it was illegal and we almost got arrested. To be honest, I don’t like the way we could adopt you but I hope that everything will be okay. If you play along and Steve plays along, we can become a happy family, this time a real one.”
“Auntie …”
“Sweetheart, can you call me mom? It would be great for me.”
“Yeah … mommy.”
“Thank you,” tears appeared in Rosemary’s eyes and she turned to Steven.
“What about you, Steve? The adoption papers will be ready soon.”
“No, please, auntie. Give me some time.”
“Oh sorry. Susan, Steven’s parents …” Rosemary wanted to explain it to Susan but Susan interjected.
“I know already. I read it in his eyes shortly ago.”
“What about your family, Susan … or … do you remember your former name?”
“Not now, mommy. I can talk about it later.”
“Okay, let’s change the topic. Do you need a clean diaper, Susie? Your rash was bad.”
“Not necessary anymore. mom, Steve has changed me already.”
“What? Steve?”
“Yeah, mommy. I asked him for it and he agreed,” Susan stroked Steven’s hair.
“Auntie, I take care of my little sister whatever she needs,” Steven kissed Susan’s forehead.
“That’s nice, Steve but you have to go to school and I’ll take care of her then.”
“Of course, auntie.”

“Well, let’s have our dinner. Susan, can you eat on your own?”
“Sorry mommy. My fingers are clumsy. Maybe I can use my fingers to eat.”
“I will feed you,” Steven kissed Susan again and sat her down on a booster seat. He sat down next to her, took a spoon and fed her. The first bites were a bit difficult but he learned quickly. Of course, Susan cooperated even if her fingers were clumsy. She was glad to eat normal food and not to use baby bottles.

Steven needed a longer time to eat his own portion and feed Susan but he didn’t mind it; he got a very pleasant feeling and the gloomy shadows in his soul began to disappear. Susan smiled at him after every bite and put her little hand onto his shoulder.

Rosemary and Charles watched the scene and they were moved by Steven’s care.

Part 6:

Steven finished eating his own portion and turned to Susan:
“Would you like to have more, sis? You probably didn’t get too much food at the university.”
“Yeah, bro. We got the food in baby bottles and this is the first normal food since I was turned into a toddler,” Susan smiled but she shook her head. “No more food for now. My stomach is full already.”
“Okay then. Let’s go back to our room or would you like to do something else?”

“Susie, could we talk for awhile?” Rosemary turned to the little girl. “Hopefully you are not too tired.”
“No mom, I am not; we can talk now,” Susan jumped down from the booster and headed towards Rosemary.
“Susie, I won’t ask you about your past if you don’t want to talk about it. You probably have a good reason to keep it secret. On the other hand, the university experts are controlled by the army and they know everything. In either case, you are my little girl and you probably will never grow up just like all victims of the regression machine. I accept you as your mother and I think that Steven does the same. Whatever you did in your former life, don’t worry and enjoy your little girl’s condition and your new family.”
“Thank you, mom,” Susie crawled onto Rosemary’s lap and kissed her forehead. Tears appeared in her eyes but Rosemary wiped them away.

“Well, let’s continue. You have an adult mind and you hardly want to play child games even if I wouldn’t mind it. Feel free to do any acceptable adult activity while at home. However, try to stay the little girl outside. We never know who will watch us.”
“I know mommy. I can assure you that I know it very well.” Susan sighed.

“Hey, let’s go to the living room and watch TV. I think we need some relaxation after the challenging day,” Charles interjected.
“Yeah love,” Rosemary nodded, hugged Susan and stood up, holding the little girl in her arms. She carried Susan to the living room, sat down on the couch and kept the little girl on her lap.
Charles switched on the TV and picked a comedy show to have some fun. The show was quite simple so Steven had fun as well. Susan also relaxed and watched.

About half an hour later Susan realized that her diaper was warm; she had peed in it. Even worse, her bowels were growling. She hoped to control them at least but a cramp sent a mass of mushy poop into the back of the diaper and she was unable to clench the muscles.

“Sweetheart, you need a clean diaper,” Rosemary stroked Susan’s hair, put th elittle girl on the floor, stood up and headed towards the bathroom.
“A warm bath will be the best choice for you,” she turned to Susan when they entered the bathroom.
“I think so, mom,” Susan nodded and smiled.
“Let mommy undress you,” Rosemary pulled the dress over Susan’s head and pulled down the tights. Susan was wearing the dirty diaper only. Rosemary lifted her and put her into the bathtub and untapped the diaper. “Mommy cleans you first and then you can enjoy the warm bath.”

Susan felt like in heaven when she was clean and Rosemary made a warm bubble bath. She sat down and relaxed in the water while Rosemary left to get a new diaper and pajamas. Meanwhile Steven entered the bathroom and smiled at her.
“How do you like the bath, sis?”
“It’s great, Stevie. I feel like I’m in heaven.”

Rosemary returned and she was a bit surprised to find Steven there but she realized his previous care.
“Auntie, I will take care of my little sister if you don’t mind it.”
“Just the opposite, Stevie. If you would like to do it, take care of her,” Rosemary realized that the care somehow helped Steven forget his dead parents. The little girl seemed to occupy his mind.

Rosemary put the pajamas, diaper and rash cream onto a shelf and left. Steven sat down and waited until the water started cooling down.
“Well, stand up, sis and I will dry you,” Steven grabbed Susan and lifted her from the bathtub, put her down onto a towel and wrapped another towel around her tiny body.

“Lie down, sis,” Steven put a towel onto the floor and Susan lay down and spread her legs. He took the rash cream and smeared it onto her red skin in her diaper area. After that he grabbed the thick night time diaper, lifted her legs and put the diaper below her bum. He was getting skilled and diapered Susan quickly.

“Let’s put this pajamas on you, sis,” he took the onesie and put it on Susan and lifted her in his arms, “You should go to bed already. The day has been long.”
Susan wanted to protest but she yawned suddenly and realized that she was really tired. Steven carried her to the bedroom and put her down on her bed. Rosemary had prepared the bed earlier. Steven covered her and gave a kiss on her forehead.
“Good night, sis,” he returned to the bathroom and took a short shower; after all he had to go to school the next day.

“Good night,auntie, uncle,” he stopped on his way back to his room.
“Night, Steve,” Rosemary and Charles replied unisono and Rosemary smiled at him. “Hopefully Susie won’t disturb you.”
“She won’t auntie; I trust her,” he answered and opened the bedroom door.

Susan was still awake; she couldn’t sleep out of excitement. She was glad to have a new family but her mind was occupied by the flood of experience.
“Hey, bro, I can’t sleep.”
“I understand you,” Steven walked over to her and stroked her hair. He felt sorry for the little girl; what did she experience?

He sat down on the bed and Susan instinctively sat up and crawled onto his lap; as he felt the warm tiny body, he hugged her tightly.
“Should I take you to my bed?”
Susan nodded instantly and he carried her over the room and lay down. Susan curled up to a ball, Steven wrapped his body around her and covered both of them. Five minutes later Susan was sound asleep and Steven dozed off, too.

In the middle of the night Steven woke up when Susan screamed. She was still asleep and Steven stroked her hair gently.
“Shh, everything is okay.”
“Oh no. I had a terrible nightmare; sorry bro to have awakened you,” Susan woke up and whispered.
“No problem, sis,” he kissed her forehead and instinctively reached to her crotch, “You have peed yourself; I will change you.”
“Is it necessary? The diaper will hold it until morning.”
“Yeah, it is necessary. Don’t forget your rash,” Steven switched on the light, got the clean diaper and rash cream and changed his little sister.
“Thank you, bro,” Susan whispered and her eyes closed again. Steven carried the used diaper to the waste bin and returned to bed. He cuddled the tiny body again and fell asleep. To his utter surprise he could sleep better than before.


Part 7:

Susan opened her eyes when Rosemary entered the room.
“Good morning, sweetheart; did you sleep in Steven’s bed with him?”
“Morning, mommy. Yeah, I felt alone and Steven carried me to his bed. We could sleep well but I had a nightmare.”
“Oh, sweetheart, it was bad.”
“Steven calmed me down and changed my diaper; I was wet. Where is he?”
“At school, silly girl.”
“Oh, I see. I forgot. It’s long time ago when I attended school.”
“Okay, let’s get up,” Rosemary lifted Susan in her arms and felt the soaked diaper, “mommy will change you now.”

“Well, the rash is fading already,” Rosemary took off the pajamas and untapped the wet diaper, “One more day and your skin will heal. completely.”

After the diaper change Rosemary dressed Susan and led her to the kitchen for breakfast. The little girl crawled onto the chair with a booster and Rosemary fed her. Susan’s fingers were clumsy and she was a bit angry.
“Mommy, I’m sorry about my own clumsiness; you have to feed me and dress me. I will work hard to improve my abilities and I might grow up and become a big girl,” she sighed after breakfast.
“Sweetheart, I’m afraid you won’t grow up. I read about the regression machine and the toddlers will never grow up. There were some experiments in the past to use the regression machine to restore the age but they mostly failed.”

“Oh no!” Susan remembered the zombie-like creatures. “Mommy, I saw adult sized humans at the university but they looked like mindless zombies and an officer was training them.”
A cold chill ran down Rosemary’s spine. She guessed what had happened but she needed more information. The adoption procedure was very suspicious as if they wanted to get rid of the children.

“Susie, this is an army project for sure. Obedient soldiers are being created using the machine.”
“I think so, mommy and I guess that I am a failure.”
“Oh, sweetheart, don’t use that word; you are a little girl and mommy loves you. However, the attempt to make you a soldier failed indeed. Instead, you are an eternal toddler.”
“This isn’t an alluring image but I’m afraid you are right. What will happen to me in future?”
“Don’t worry. We will take care of you and Steven will do it, too.”

“Mommy,” Susan suddenly realized a big threat, “we have to be careful. I could tell somebody about the experiment and it would be dangerous for me and even for you. I pretended not to be able to speak for that reason.”
“Right. They also know about our former mistake and that’s why we were selected for the adoption. We are supposed not to be curious because of that mistake.”
“Okay, I should pretend to be a disabled child except for at home. It will be our secret. Don’t forget to tell Steven and I will tell him, too.”

Meanwhile Susan’s bowels started grumbling and several cramps pushed a mass of poop into the back of her diaper. A long stream of pee soaked the front at the same moment. She grinned a bit; she really looked like a disabled child.
“Mommy …”
“Mommy knows, sweetheart. Mommy is not deaf. Let’s go change you.”
“Well,” Susan laughed and crawled down from the chair and headed towards the bathroom. Rosemary spread a towel on the floor and sighed: “Sweetheart, we will purchase a changing table and some more clothes for you. When mommy changes you, we will go shopping.”

Susan lay down and spread her legs so Rosemary could change her easily. Rosemary pulled down her tights and untaped the diaper carefully so as not to make the towel dirty. She cleaned Susan’s crotch thoroughly and put another dose of the rash cream on the skin before diapering the little girl.

As soon as Susan was diapered and dressed, she jumped up and smiled at Rosemary.
“Thanks, mom. Let’s go now.”
Rosemary nodded, took the diaper bag and some shopping bags and put shoes on Susan.
“Don’t forget; you are a disabled child. Nobody should know about your real condition.”
“I know mom. I’ve got some life experience.”
“Well, let’s go then,” Rosemary led Susan to her car and drove off. They arrived at the shopping center and Rosemary sat Susan into a shopping cart.

Susan was suddenly amused by her condition. She was sitting in the shopping cart while Rosemary was driving it along the shelves. It was a strange viewing perspective and the little girl enjoyed it. Even if she didn’t want to talk, she gestured inconspicuously at the items she would like to have and Rosemary smiled and took them from the shelves. They purchased mostly clothes but Susan also pointed at a baby bottle. Rosemary was a bit surprised but she realized that the little girl couldn’t hold a regular cup to drink and took two bottles.

Rosemary also purchased a car seat; Susan was taken aback but she realized it was necessary for her own safety. She even thought of a stroller but it wasn’t urgent; she could walk properly.

While they were heading towards the cash counter, Susan felt her diaper getting wet and heavy. However she didn’t have the itching feeling anymore; the rash was almost healed. She didn’t want to notify Rosemary and get suspicious and decided to stay in the wet diaper for now.

Rosemary paid for the shopping and drove the shopping cart towards her car and a shop assistant carried the car seat and helped her mount it properly. Susan was curious about the seat and she crawled into it as soon as it was mounted.

“Hey, little girl, you seem to be impatient,” the shop assistant smiled at Susan and stroked her hair. Susan almost answered but she composed herself and smiled back only.

As they drove off, Susan turned to Rosemary: “Thanks, mommy. The clothes are beautiful and they cost a lot. I’ve never had that much clothing.”
“Don’t worry about money, sweetheart. Although we are not wealthy, we still can afford good clothes and even more. And … I haven’t purchased that many pieces. Didn’t your parents buy you more clothes?”

“Mommy, you don’t know anything about my past. I fled from home in my former life.”
“Oh, sorry to hear this, but … it’s strange. The twins Ann and Mary that we had adopted earlier didn’t remember anything of their past and you seem to be fully aware of your identity and past. Something has changed; maybe they used different settings of the machine.”
“To be honest, I’d prefer to forget everything; I’d be happier.”
“Why? Is your past that bad? What about your family? Don’t they miss you?”
“Mommy, you committed a crime when you adopted the twins illegally but I killed a police officer and was sentenced to death. I guess I have been declared dead.”
“How so? Did you want to kill him?”
“Of course not; it was an altercation. I was a criminal, mommy; a member of a street gang,” tears appeared in Susan’s eyes, ”mommy, what will you do now?”
“Nothing, sweetheart. First, this was another person and another life. Second, I don’t believe you would hurt somebody. You had a reason why you fled from home and now you have a loving family. Finally, I love you and I won’t give you away for any prize.”

Meanwhile they arrived at home, Rosemary parked the car and opened the passenger door. She helped Susan from the car seat and hugged her tightly.
“Sweetheart, isn’t it odd? Two criminals are hugging each other.”
Susan hugged her back and laughed.

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Part 8:

Rosemary put Susan on the floor and took the shopping bags. Susan wanted to help but her fingers were clumsy and she could carry only the smallest bag.

“Sorry mommy. I’d like to help you but I’m too small and weak,” she sighed heavily.
“Don’t worry, sweetheart. Mommy is quite able to handle everything on her own.”
“Mommy, I want to be useful.”
“Susie, you are a little girl. Maybe you will train your hands and fingers later but enjoy your new life now and don’t care about your abilities. We will do our best to help and support you.”

“Okay, mom,” Susan nodded but she wasn’t enthusiastic about her condition. She had a loving family and a careless life but she knew that she would never grow up and be able to take care of herself. Her fingers were clumsy and she couldn’t dress herself or eat on her own except for a baby bottle. She had to do something to change her fate. Her mind was intact even if she lacked education.

“Sweetheart, come along,” Rosemary’s voice interrupted her thoughts. Susan nodded and stepped forward and followed Rosemary to the bedroom. They unpacked the clothes and Rosemary put them into the cabinet. There were a lot of dresses, T-shirts, jeans, tights and shoes in Susan’s size there. The little girl smiled when she spotted all the new clothes; after all she was a young woman in a toddler’s body and liked fashion; anyway the fashion was a bit different.

As Rosemary finished unpacking clothes, she moved to the bathroom and mounted the changing table.
“Nice, mom; it will be more comfortable,” Susan smiled when she spotted the new equipment. At the same moment she remembered the wet diaper. For an unknown reason she wanted to keep it on but she realized the rash.
“Mommy, I’m wet.”
“Okay, let’s try out the new changing table,” Rosemary lifted Susan onto the table and the little girl spread her legs and waited patiently unlike an actual toddler.
“Sweetheart, your skin has almost healed; that’s good,” Rosemary pulled down her pants and untapped the wet diaper. She cleaned Susan’s crotch and put the rash cream on her skin but she didn’t have to put a thick layer of it on anymore.

As soon as she was diapered and dressed, Susan jumped off the changing table and headed towards the kitchen; it was time to cook lunch and Susan wanted to stay with Rosemary rather than watch TV or play; after all she wasn’t an actual toddler.

“I’d like to stay with you, mommy. We can talk while you are cooking.”
“Of course, sweetheart,” Rosemary smiled and put Susan on a chair, “would you like to have some juice? You haven’t drunk since we left for the shop.”
“Yeah, please,” Susan nodded and Rosemary passed her a baby bottle with juice.
“What will we have for lunch?” the little girl got curious.
“What about chicken and rice?”
“A good idea,” Susan nodded and started sucking on the nipple. Rosemary started cooking.

While Susan was sucking on the nipple, she felt her diaper getting warm; she was peeing without realizing it. However she didn’t say anything; the feeling was somehow pleasant. Á naughty look appeared on her face but she was careful; Rosemary didn’t notice it.

“Mommy, can you tell me more about the twins you adopted earlier if it isn’t unpleasant for you?” Susan got curious when she finished the bottle and put it away, “what about the regression machine?”

“Sweetheart, it is not unpleasant for me since we have Steven here. Unfortunately, I am barren and we desperately wanted children. There was an illegal adoption agency named Happy Family in our town and they developed the regression machine. We adopted the sweet little twins Mary and Ann. Unfortunately we didn’t have any idea about the Happy Family and presumed the twins to be orphans.

Two victims of the regression machine were able to arrange a trap and the Happy Family owners were almost arrested but they fled in time and were never found. The identity of Mary and Ann was revealed and we had to return them to their actual parents.”

“What happened to the other victims, mommy? I’m getting curious.”
“The house had been confiscated by the county and now it is a daycare named Happy Children. Two of the former victims are running it.”
“What if we visited them? We can pretend to place me into the daycare.”
“That sounds good. We can do it tomorrow. I’ll call them later.”

Rosemary finished cooking and fed Susan her lunch and ate her own portion. Susan again felt a bit frustrated when she couldn’t eat on her own but, on the other hand, she liked the care and opened her mouth obediently.
“Sweetheart, you behave like a baby girl now,” Rosemary smiled at Susan, “you seem to like being fed.”
Susan blushed and Rosemary stroked her hair, “Don’t worry and admit it. It isn’t bad to be a little girl. You experienced a lot of bad things and now your life has changed.”
“Mommy, don’t you mind all the care? It is a workload for you though.”
“Nope, silly girl. Why do you think I wanted to adopt the twins? It was a double workload but I liked it. You don’t have your own children and you can hardly understand it. Haven’t you babysat in your former life?”
“Nope, mommy,” Susan shook her head, “I haven’t had any opportunity for it.”
“You would understand me better if you had; however try to understand that this is pleasure for me and not workload. My maternal heart desperately wanted a little creature to take care of. Now I have you and I don’t mind if you don’t grow up at all.”

“Thanks, mommy,” tears appeared in Susan’s eyes and she hugged Rosemary tightly. Rosemary hugged her back and they stayed like that for several minutes until Rosemary calmed down and turned to Susan.

“Hey, time for your afternoon nap,” Rosemary lifted the little girl in her arms and carried her to the bedroom. She felt the wet diaper and got curious: “Don’t you need a clean diaper?”
Susan shrugged only and Rosemary grinned; she guessed that Susan liked the little girl’s condition including wet diapers.
“Mommy changes you better before the nap,” she carried Susan to the bathroom and put her down on the changing table. Susan spread her legs and waited.
“Susie, you like your diapers, don’t you?” Rosemary grinned and Susan blushed again. “You definitely are mommy‘s little girl and mommy loves you and will take care of you.”

Ten minutes later Susan was dressed in her pajamas and resting in her bed. Her little body needed the rest indeed and her eyes closed. Rosemary covered her and gave a kiss on her forehead.
“Thank God for this gift.”
Susan smiled in her sleep and instinctively put her thumb into her mouth.

Part 9:

“Mommy, I can’t wait to see the two heroes in the Happy Children daycare,” Susan talked to Rosemary while being changed the next day in the morning when she woke up.
“Okay, sweetheart; we will go there after breakfast,” Rosemary replied and smiled at the little girl. She untaped the wet diaper and took the wet wipe to clean Susan’s crotch.

“Well, your rash has gone, Susie. You don’t have to announce every wetting but be careful not to leak.”
“Okay, mommy,” Susan nodded. She already got used to the diapers and didn’t mind them anymore. As Rosemary finished diapering her, she jumped off the changing table and headed towards the bedroom to be dressed. Her fingers still were clumsy and she needed help at it. That was more embarrassing for her but she somehow liked the care.

While Rosemary was dressing her, Susan sighed.
“What will we do, mommy? I won’t grow up and my fingers are clumsy and I will need diapers. I’m not an actual toddler and would like to have my own life. Sorry for the words but I almost feel like a pet. I know that this will be difficult for me and I also have to pretend to be a disabled child but I desperately want to find a solution.”

“I know, sweetheart, and we will try to find a solution. When we arrive at the Happy Children, we can talk with Mike and Ellen,” Rosemary started thinking of a solution as well.
“Mike and Ellen?” Susan got curious.
“Oh sorry, I forgot to tell you. I called the Happy Children yesterday. Mike and Ellen are the mentioned victims that had arranged the trap and now they are running the daycare. Maybe they would be able to help you.”
“Okay, mommy; I can’t wait to meet them.”

After breakfast and another diaper change Rosemary and Susan left. Rosemary helped Susan into the car seat and drove off towards Happy Children. She parked in front of the villa and unstrapped Susan. The little girl instinctively ran to the entrance gate.

Rosemary rang the bell and the gate opened. As they got to the entrance hall, two toddlers were approaching them.
“Good morning, my name is Ellen,” the toddler girl introduced herself to Rosemary, “You are Mrs. Meyers and this is the little Susie.”

“Yeah, I am, but call me Rosemary please,” Rosemary replied and smiled at the girl.
“I am Susan,” Susan replied and kept looking around.
“My name is Mike,” the toddler boy added, “and we are running this daycare. Rosemary, you called us yesterday and explained your situation. I’m disappointed by what happened to the regression machine. It is really a scandalous abuse of science and I think that we have to do something to stop those criminals. They are even worse than those ones who turned us into toddlers.”
“You’re right, Mike,” Ellen interjected, “but the little Susie is more important. We should help her.”

“Well, let’s go to the office and sit down,” Mike nodded, “Susie can look around here meanwhile.”
“Why? I’d like to talk about my condition and look for a solution,” Susan objected.

At that moment Rosemary felt two pairs of little arms hugging her legs. Esther and Heather ran towards her. Cindy was following them and she stopped when she noticed Susan.

“What happened, Mrs. Meyers? Could you adopt another child?” she was quite surprised. How could Meyers adopt a child after their former criminal mistake?
“This is a longer story, Mrs. Watson,” Ellen interjected, “Let’s sit down in our office and talk about it.”

Esther seemed to be in her toddler mode and stretched her hands towards Rosemary. Rosemary looked at Cindy but Cindy nodded and Rosemary lifted the little girl in her arms and cuddled her.
“Auntie Rosemary, I’m glad to see you again,” Heather smiled at her former adoptive mother but she didn’t call her mommy anymore.
“I’m glad to see you, too. We probably will meet more often here.”

“Oh no! It is scandalous indeed,” Cindy got angry when Rosemary and Susan explained to her what had happened. “I thought that this nightmare would stop and it has gotten even worse. What will we do?”
“I’m afraid we could do very few, almost nothing. How will you fight against the army?” Rosemary sighed, ”Our family is very vulnerable because of our mistake.I guess this is the reason why they offered me Susan for adoption. The adoption has been surprisingly easy.”

“Right, Rosemary,” Ellen nodded, “Let’s help our Susie first. She wants a new life and we might be able to give her it.

“Well, excuse me please. I should go to work,” Cindy stood up and headed towards the door.
“Mommy, can we spend some time with Auntie Rosemary?” Heather asked her mother.
“Of course, sweetheart. She wouldn’t hurt you though,” Cindy smiled and left. She wasn’t angry at Meyers anymore. Despite their mistake they had been good adoptive parents of the twins and Esther and Heather remembered them sometimes.

“Auntie, come with us,” Heather pulled Rosemary towards the playroom and working rooms,” I’ll show you everything.”

Susan, Ellen and Mike were alone in the office and Ellen turned to Susan:
“Susie, how can we help you? What’s your condition?”
“I’m unable to dress myself or eat on my own but my mind is intact. Unfortunately, I’m not educated; I lived in the streets since I had fled from home.”
“Can you work with keyboard and mouse at least?” Mike asked her, “We have got educational programs here.”
“Let’s try it out. I’m not sure.”

Ellen and Mike stood up and led Susan to a workroom. Susan sat down at a computer and Ellen explained her the basics about working with it. Susan’s fingers were clumsy but she could press the keys and hold the mouse even if she made many mistakes. After the first attempts Mike offered Susan a test to check her educational level.

“Susie, you are able to start a high school level,” Ellen praised Susan when she finished the test. Despite all typos and difficulties with the mouse she managed to pass the elementary school level. After all, she fled from home after the last year of elementary school and her mind was bright.

“This is great,” Mike added. “Susie, try to think about what to study. I will provide you the educational programs.”
“Okay but I have to pretend to be a disabled child to mislead the army experts. My mommy must write regular reports about my condition.”
“No problem, Susie. You will study here and we will prepare the reports. Ellen will do it easily,” Mike grinned, “we will mislead them for sure and it can become a weapon in future.”
“Thank you a lot. You’ve helped me start a new life,” Susan hugged Ellen and Mike.

Part 10:

“Susie, let’s show you the villa,” Ellen took Susan at hand and led her down the entrance hall. The villa interior was rebuilt to ease the everyday routine in a daycare. The playroom and working rooms were placed on the first floor and the private bedrooms and workrooms were moved to the second floor and the stairwell was modified to ease climbing it by toddlers. Ellen and Mike lived in a shared bedroom upstairs. They wanted to live together like a regular couple.

“Wow, are you an actual couple?” Susan was amused when she spotted the bedroom with a small king size bed.
“Yeah but your possibilities are a little limited,” Mike grinned, “some part of it is out of question.” Of course, they couldn’t have a normal sex interaction but they were able to feel arousal and diaper changes were an ideal opportunity to please each other.

“I see,” Susan grinned.

They returned to the stairwell and Susan looked at their diaper packages and realized their shape and size, “are you wearing cloth diapers?”
“Yeah, it is environment-friendly. You also will wear them during your stay here.”

The cloth diapers had been used in the villa during the Happy Family period and the practice wasn’t changed. Mike and Ellen didn’t mind it at all and they enjoyed the changes, particularly if they were changing each other in their private bedroom. The parents of the inmates mostly agreed to the environment-friendly solution; in either case nobody protested.

“Okay,” Susan shrugged. She had a bad experience with cloth diapers earlier but she was aware of the reason. Maybe the cloth diapers weren’t that bad.

They returned to the first floor and continued to the workroom. There were a couple of computers in the room and Heather was sitting at one of them. As she noticed the incomers, she turned and smiled at Susan.

“Welcome to Happy Children. You are Susan, isn’t you? My name is Heather,” Heather heard Susan’s name earlier.
“Nice to meet you, Heather. What are you doing at the computer?”
“Oh, this is that boring accounting but they need it to run the daycare.”
“Hey, don’t underestimate your job,” Ellen interjected, “we need your services every day.”
“Yeah, every day when one of us is in her adult mode,” Heather laughed.
“What? What mode?” Susan got curious.

“Oh, we have to explain it to you,” Mike reacted, “The first victims of the regressing machine behaved strangely. They had toddler mode periods and adult mode periods and the mode was switched randomly during sleep.”
“Oh, I see. Heather and her sister belong to this group.”
“Right,” Heather nodded, “Esther is in her toddler mode just now and we don’t know what happens after our afternoon nap.”
“I see. However, what about Mike and Ellen? Do they have mode changes, too? I suppose not; otherwise they wouldn’t be able to run the daycare.”
“Right, Susie,” Ellen replied, “We are in adult mode but we have to wear diapers. The regression machine has been reprogrammed and this is the result.”
“As far as I know, I’ve been in adult mode all the time,” Susan tried to recall her memories since she had been regressed, “anyway we can ask mommy.”

“Okay, excuse us, Susie. We have duties ahead,” Ellen and Mike turned away and left the workroom. Heather and Susan were alone.
“Susie, you just called auntie Rosemary mommy.”
“Yeah, she has adopted me already and she is a very good mommy.”
“I know, Susie. We spent a few days with her but she was a loving mommy for us and I was surprised when I learned about my true identity.”
“How so? I remember my past even if I wish to forget it.”
“Well, the regression machine settings changed apparently. Neither me nor Esther, Ellen and Mike remembered their past. Ellen was able to recall it on her own but all others needed help. Auntie Rosemary told us when she found out about her mistake and our true identity. She really is a good and loving person.”
“Heather, what about your mode changes? How did you accept them?”
“To be honest, I don’t know about the toddler periods many times; it is like a dream when I wake up in the adult mode. The dreams are very pleasant and I enjoy my toddler’s condition during them.”
“I’m not able to imagine it. However I know that I’ve never changed modes; I haven’t had those dreams.”

Heather reached for a cup and took a few sips and turned to Susan:
“Excuse me, Susie but I should finish today’s tasks before my afternoon nap. Now I have to pee, Wait a bit and we can go to the changing room then. Do you need a change?”
“I think so,” Susan reached between her legs and felt the heavy package, “but … you know that you have to pee and you are about to use your diaper?”

“Yeah. Why are you asking me? It is comfortable though. When I pee or poop myself, I will be changed.”
“Isn’t it disgusting? I was able to control my pee and poop after the regression and I was forced to use diapers. It was terrible. A few days later I lost control.” Susan was shocked by Heather’s words.
“I always was able to control my bladder and bowels during the adult periods. The first days were quite unpleasant and I cried when I was forced to use diapers. I asked for potty as often as possible. However everything changed when we were adopted by auntie Rosemary. Unlike the Happy Family, her care was loving and pleasant and I realized I like the diapers somehow and I believe Esther did the same. Ask her.”
“How so? Haven’t you talked together?”
“Unfortunately not, Susie. I haven’t experienced any adult period together with her. Mommy says that we both were in the toddler period together but never in the adult one. Maybe it is a coincidence and maybe some rule but we don’t know about it. We can only send emails to each other and read them when we are in our adult period.”
“Oh, this is sad,” Susie instinctively hugged Heather.
“Don’t worry; we’ve gotten used to it and enjoy every moment of our life. Now let’s go; I’ve peed in my diaper already.”

Heather stepped forward and Susan could see the thick package that made Heather waddle; however she didn’t seem to mind it at all.
“It is soft and warm now,” Heather smiled and Susan shook her head. Heather led her to a large bathroom with several changing tables and she instantly lay down on one of them and spread her legs. A middle-aged lady smiled and walked over to her:
“Heather, sweetheart, let’s change your diaper.”
Susan was a bit surprised but she did the same.

The lady pulled down Heather’s tights and rubber pants and removed the soaked diaper. Heather closed her eyes and waited patiently until she got the clean garment and was dressed again. After that she jumped down.
“Thank you, miss,” she hurried out of the room.

“What about you, dear?” the lady moved to Susan, “Are you new here? I don’t remember you.”
“Yeah, miss, my name is Susan and I’m new here indeed.”
“Well, well; you are wearing a disposable. I will put a cloth diaper on you now.”
“I’ve heard it from Heather already, miss.”

The diaper change was quick and Susan felt a thick diaper between her legs; she also had to waddle. She headed to the playroom and watched Rosemary playing with Esther. Esther was a cute toddler.

“Mommy, I have good news. I can study here and Ellen helps you with the reports for the army.”
“This is great, sweetheart.”
“Mommy, I’d like to stay here. Is it possible?”
“Okay, I think it is. Enjoy the time,” Rosemary stroked Susan’r hair and left the room.

Part 11:

As Rosemary left, Susan realized that her stomach was growling. She looked at the watch; it was lunch time already.

“Lunch time,” Mike appeared in the doorframe and he walked over to Esther, took her at hand and led away. Susan followed them and they entered the dining room.

The dining room was equipped with several square tables and high chairs around every table. Two nurses lifted all the children and put them into high chairs and tied bibs around their necks. Susan was sitting at a table together with Esther, Heather and a small boy; he looked younger than the girls.

“Susie, this is our little Sean. He is in his adult mode now. His former adoptive mother Alice is a nurse here.” Heather introduced the little boy.
“Nice to meet you, Sean,” Susan smiled at him and he nodded and smiled back.

Heather was able to eat on her own and she even fed her sister. Susan and Sean needed the help of the nurse. After lunch all four children got baby bottles with formula and they drank it thirstily.

Sean put his bottle away and called the nurse: “Eeee - eee,” he pointed at his crotch and the nurse nodded and carried him away.
“Where did she carry him?” Susan got curious.
“He asked for potty,” Heather explained, “he always asks while in his adult mode.”

At that moment Susan felt her diaper getting wet and warm. The cloth diaper was different; it got wet.
“Heather, I’m all wet and I’ll call the nurse.”
“Wait, Susie. She is busy with Sean now anyway. I have to pee and poop, Esther will also go in her diaper and we can go to the bathroom together,” she smiled.
“Okay then,” Susan grinned; she remembered her former life when she sometimes went to the toilet together with other girls. Now it was the same … or almost the same.

Five minutes later Heather grabbed the sides of the high chair seat, lifted herself and pushed. Susan grinned a little when she watched her.
“All done,” Heather announced and dropped back; she ignored the poop she was sitting in.
“Me wet”, Esther added.

“Girls, let’s go to the bathroom,” the nurse returned and lifted all three girls from their high chairs and put them on the floor. Heather instantly headed to the bathroom, Esther followed her and Susan also stepped forward. They crawled onto the changing tables and spread their legs to ease the diaper change.

The nurse checked their diapers and commenced changing Heather first. She needed a longer time to clean her messy crotch and Susan with Esther waited patiently. Susan was a bit surprised by Esther; the toddler girl didn’t protest at all.

“Heather, why is Esther that compliant?” Susan asked Heather. “Toddlers usually protest and run away.”
“She likes the diaper change as much as I do and she always behaves like this in her toddler mode.”
“Oh , I see. I also like it but I’m still in my adult mode.”

The nurse put a thicker cloth diaper on Heather and dressed her in pink pajamas. Then she moved to Esther and repeated the procedure. Heather and Esther were wearing equal pajamas. Before Susan was changed, Heather took Esther at hand and led her away.

“Are you new here, sweetheart”? The nurse asked Susan while pulling down her tights.
“Yeah, miss, I am,” Susan smiled.
The diaper change was quick and Susan also got a thicker cloth diaper and she was dressed in white pajamas with floral patterns.
“Well, up to the bedroom for your afternoon nap,” the nurse helped Susan from the changing table and showed her the way. Susan had to waddle but she still could walk.
The bedroom was a cozy room with several cribs and toddler beds. Heather seemed to be asleep already and Susan lay down on a free bed. Five minutes later she dozed off.

Mike peeked into the room and smiled. All children were sound asleep. He closed the door quietly and returned to the kitchen to help with dishes after lunch. Ellen was there already and she looked worried.

“Mike, I don’t like the last events. The regression machine has been abused. Susie is lucky even if she is an eternal toddler like us.”
“You’re right, Ellen, but I’m afraid we can’t do anything.”
“I’m not sure. If we trick them by faking Susan’s reports, it is a victory though.”
“I know but it is a small one. We will help Susan but we hardly change the army plans.”
“Maybe we can. I’ve been watching the news and there are no more disappearances like before. How do they obtain the victims?”
“Right, Ellen. What if nobody would look for them?”
“Let’s ask Susan when she wakes up.”

Susan opened her eyes about two hours later and looked around. Esther and Heather were awake already and Susan stood up and walked over to Heather. Her diaper was soaked and heavy but she could walk better; the urine soaked cloth was softer.

“Hi, Heather.”
“Hey, I’m Esther and who are you?”
“Oh sorry. You are twins and I considered you Heather. My name is Susan.”
“Oh, I remember you; you arrived with Auntie Rosemary.”
“She is my adoptive mother.”
“Oh, really? How is it possible? Could she adopt another child after her mistake?”
“This is a longer story,” Susan realized that she had to repeat her explanation to Esther.

“No problem, Susie. I’m all ears. By the way, how much did you pee? Can we talk a little before a diaper change?”
“No idea, Esther. My diaper is wet but I don’t know if it holds more pee.”
“Let me check,” Esther grinned and grabbed Susan’s crotch,”I think it holds one more pee. My diaper is in a similar condition and I don’t have to pee just now. Let’s go.”
Esther opened the crib sidebars and jumped down from the crib and headed towards the workroom.
“We are undisturbed here; at least for about half an hour.”
“Okay. I was regressed by the regression machine at the university and this is a part of an army plan.”
“How so? Does the army need toddlers?”
“Of course not. They try to create mindless zombies and I am a failure.”
“Oh. This is really bad. They should be stopped.”
“How? Who would stop an army?”
“No idea, Susie. Maybe the parents of the victims.”
“This is an option but my parents won’t do it. They believe I’m dead; at least I guess so.”
“Esther, I was a criminal in my former life and I was sentenced to death. I’m sure they faked my death and I’d find my grave if I looked for it.”
“Susie, this is an exception. An army can’t rely on the death sentences. There has to be another way to capture people.”
“Right. I saw a lot of people there.”

“Susie, I can’t hold it anymore. My bladder is small and the muscles are weak,” Esther interrupted the discussion, “I will pee in my diaper and we can go to the changing room then.”
“Okay,” Susan realized her diaper was warm. She had peed herself earlier.
“All done,” Esther announced and stepped forward. Susan followed her and enjoyed the warm and wet feeling. She was about to ask her mother for the cloth diapers.


Esther and Susan entered the changing room and crawled onto changing tables. The lady was waiting there and she walked over to Susan and pulled down her tights and rubber pants.
“Oh, sweetheart, your diapee is soaked. Let’s deal with it quickly,” she cleaned Susan’s crotch and put a clean diaper on her. It wasn’t as thick as the former one but it was still soft and pleasant.

When she was diapered and redressed, Susan jumped down but didn’t leave the room and waited for Esther.
When they left the changing room, they encountered Ellen.

“Susie, I wanted to ask you an important question. Do you remember your past?” Ellen turned to Susan.
“Yeah, I do, even if I’d like to forget it. Why are you asking me?”
“Susie, you have been regressed, along with more people but I haven’t noticed any missing persons lately. How is it possible? Does nobody miss them?”
“Ellen, she’s already told me,” Esther interjected.
“I’ve told her already,” Susan sighed, “I was a criminal in my former life and I was sentenced to death. I’m quite sure they faked my death.”
“Well, this is an option but the death sentences are not as frequent as, for example, in China. The army needs another source of non-missing people,” Ellen shook her head.
“Right, Ellen. Unfortunately, there are many people that go missing and nobody would look for them. What about illegal immigrants or homelesses?”
“Right, Susie; we probably won’t find them,” Ellen sighed.
“Ellen, how does their life change?” A crazy idea hit Susan, “It is really crazy but the regression and change into mindless zombies improves their life. They have accommodation, a regular diet and they aren’t aware of their fate.”
“Well, and the failures are offered for adoption. It’s crazy but it is a win-win solution.”
“My life has improved indeed,” Susan laughed, “I have a loving family. Anyway I’m curious about my roommates at the university.”
“I don’t know, Susie. Maybe they will come here later if their adoptive parents know about the Happy Children.”
“I guess they will know. The former adoptive parents are the ideal subject of blackmail and they probably would accept a legal adoption.”
“Right, Susie. Let’s wait,” Ellen smiled at Susan, “Excuse me now. Go to the working room and try to learn a bit until your mom arrives.”
“What should I learn first?” Susan got curious about the educational programs.
“Let’s start with general subjects like English or Math. You will need them for every program.”

Susan nodded and headed towards the working room. Esther followed her and she set up a computer for Susan.
“Susie, go ahead and I’ll finish some accounting meanwhile,” Esther sat down and switched on her computer.

Time passed quickly and Susan was surprised when Rosemary leaned over her and kissed her forehead.
“Sweetheart, mommy will take you home.”
“Okay, let me finish the Math lesson and we can go,” Susan nodded and focused on learning. Ten minutes later she turned to Rosemary: “Mommy, all done.”

“Well, let’s check your diaper and we can go home,” Rosemary reached between Susan’s legs, “You are all wet and this is a cloth diaper. Why are you wearing it?”
“Mommy, cloth diapers are used here at the daycare and they are soft and comfortable. I’d like to wear them at home, too.”
“Susie, this isn’t a good idea but if you don’t mind being wet, you can wear them. I’ll order a package.”
“Mommy, I don’t know why but I like them.”
“Well,” Rosemary shook her head, “I don’t mind it at home but you should wear disposables outside so we don’t have to carry the dirty diapers with us.”
Susan sighed but she realized Rosemary was right. It would be uncomfortable to carry the clean diapers and the dirty ones, particularly on a longer trip. She stepped forward and led Rosemary to the changing room, lay down on a changing table and spread her legs in anticipation.

Rosemary pulled down Susan’s tights and rubber pants and revealed the soaked diaper. SHe removed the diaper and cleaned Susan’s diaper area thoroughly. After that she powdered and diapered her little girl and kissed her forehead.
“Sweetheart, let’s go home.”

Susan jumped down from the changing table, took Rosemary at hand and smiled at her.
“Mommy, I’m looking forward to my new life very much. I’ll do my best to study and help the daycare and other children.”


The little Susan stayed an eternal toddler just like Mike and Ellen. Rosemary was the happiest mommy in the world even though Susan never grew up and needed diapers. Steven loved his little sister and took care of her whenever possible. Later he fell in love and his girlfriend also loved the little girl. When Steven married, he promised Rosemary to adopt Susan after her death.

Ellen kept writing the regular reports for about a year until they returned as undeliverable. Something happened to the project but Ellen wasn’t too curious and stopped plainly.

Susan studied IT and she became a good programmer just like Mike. Mike established a small software company and they developed software tools for the regressed children.