Don't you just love weddings?

I have two groups of family in my state of residence. I have my local family (within fifteen miles or so) which are fairly numerous, but don’t know much about me.

I also have my deep south family about 200 miles away. They are equally as numerous, but since I don’t see them except for weddings and the occasional funeral, they know even less about me. Even weddings (as this post is sort of about) I don’t like because they don’t see me but once every 10 years or so. So, I always get the “Oh my gosh! You were (makes hand gesture) this big when I saw you last!”

But anyway…

I got an invitation to another wedding a few days ago. Except, the time, it wasn’t addressed the way it has been in the past. Before now, everyone knew that my mom was single and I still lived with her at my childhood home.

This time, the invitation was addressed to "Mr and Mrs Brady ******.

Not only that, but it still went to my mom’s address. I haven’t the slightest idea what was going through their minds at the time, but it gives me serious pause about making the journey down there to go to a wedding where at least one person thinks I’m married to my 64 year old mother.

That is all.

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Weddings are great provided the person actually has feelings for the other person and is not marrying some random control freak out of a fear of dying alone (seen this happen with more then a few of my college buddies)

I love that other people are happy but I’m getting to the point in my life where I want to find someone and settle down? Is there a canopy out there for me? Will I ever find someone I could love and trust enough to tell them well YOU KNOW……

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Personally I’ve never understood the point of a wedding. I’m not sure why I need to have some massive ceremony with an expensive ring, fancy clothing, music, food, all my family members and friends, and a prestigious $500 piece of paper certifying I’m married just to -really- tell someone I love them.

I find that, in all honesty, a waste of time and will instead find other, more meaningful ways to show my love to someone.

Anyways, back to the original point. You’ve got three options. Go and be polite, ignore the invitation, or my personal preference, go and go as Mr Brady *******, and see how many people actually believe it to be true. It could be good for a few laughs and depending on the number of people, a reason to never stay in contact with them.

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lol I am REALLY wondering about how your GF feels about what you posted, Jaclyn. It’s totally possible she feels the same way, some women do, but those who don’t … if she’s one of them, don’t tell her what you think about it!

She already knows.

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I know that after being in an outdoor wedding last month, that if I get married, I want the wedding to be inside a church where they have air conditioning. Sure, the bride gets to wear white, but the rest of us had to wear dark colors. Heat, the outdoors, and dark colors don’t mix.

At least when you are in the wedding party, you get to sit near someone nice at the reception since they group the groomsmen and bridesmaids together and you have locked arms as you walk down the aisle together. You also get served food right after the bride and groom, so there is no long waiting.

Aside from that, weddings just make me feel hurt since I am not getting any younger and I am still single. I guess the reason to go to weddings is that you meet others who feel the same way, but I don’t really know what point you start flirting with other single wedding guests, so I never do that.

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I am going to a swanky wedding next month, and fortune favor the bold, I ACTUALLY have a date. I am actually looking forward to the wedding because it’s at a place I have never been to, and it’s also an open-bar wedding. It also means a lot to me because my friend that invited me is the first of ALL of my friends to have ever invited me to their wedding, so to me that means a true sign of friendship.

I am also a part of the family too, this friend even invited me to Thanksgiving if I ever need a place to be.


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I’m a professional wedding photographer by trade; the wedding isn’t about the groom or the bride at all, really, the wedding is for the family and friends to come and be happy (or sad) and watch the magic happen. The fancy clothes, rings, flowers, and all the rest is mostly an excuse to shed tears openly, because it’s the last time Daddy gets to really be Daddy, and Mommy has to let go of her little boy at long last. The big show at the wedding is the bride and groom, naturally, but for everyone else? Something else, something more, or a really great way to get drunk and make a fool of yourself. Take your pick, lol.