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. Don’t Get Diapered!!!

“Welcome to Don’t Get Diapered” everyone and as always I am your host The
Babysitter! This is a special episode, tonight is our 10th and final round of the show, so we have
something special planned for you. Remember the rules are simple, avoid the myriad of
obstacles on the way through the maze, if you manage to avoid the doctors, the nannies, the
dominatrix, the regressors, and one more surprise. I know, I know, we usually only have 2 of
these wonderful little obstacles, but like I said tonight is a special night. Simply make it through
the labyrinth without a padded behind and you will be set for life! Taken away immediately to a
private island where you will be brought your hearts desires. Seriously want a steak dinner? It’s
yours. Scuba diving? Go ahead. Want to take a vacation to the Alps for some fresh snow
skiing? Just say the word. The alternative? Well I guess that depends on who catches you and
puts you in your place, because if you get caught well… you didn’t deserve such rewards
anyway. AAAAAAnd finally, as always, only the first one across the finish line gets rewarded
with fame, fortune, lavish lifestyle, amazing living and perfect pleasure… Forever!!”
The announcer came on as you sat down with your bowl of popcorn. You had applied
every week the show had put out applications. You had never been selected though, you
weren’t sure you were ok with it or if you really wanted to win. Torn between wanting to win and
wanting to lose you had decided it was best you hadn’t participated. Instead you watched with
the rest of the world, glued to the horrific things that happened on the show. It had been a bit of
a game changer when it was released. The sheer idea of a show like this having a lasting
impact on people’s lives, no one knew how to take it. So, it was put on the air. Why?
Sensational tv, everyone wants it. “Why not?” Seemed to be the more popular opinion and no
one was being forced into it. Well, at least until they saw the dream of crossing the finish line
evaporate in a hail of the Dom’s whip or a surgeons anesthetic needle. Those weren’t your
favorite but they still left you a little tingly.
Each night of the show, you would follow a routine of getting yourself “safely” padded
and make a snack and relax in front of the tv. You would never miss a moment. It was
unprecedented and seriously, how could you miss this? There had been people who were so
against it that there were riots in the streets, but nothing stopped the march of the most watched
show ever, “Don’t Get Diapered!”
It was never simple, at first they would spend a couple episodes getting to know each
contestant, you know the usual drab, this is my life, it sucks, I want to live my “best life,”
garbage. People complaining about comfortable lifestyles, it was the normal garbage about my
life isn’t what it should be. At least some of them. There were the few that really just wanted to
change themselves or their life had been a bad one. They wanted an escape. Who could blame
them, you really rooted for those ones. It was sad to see them lose. You always tried to remind
yourself they had chosen this.
On the other hand, the spoiled entitled ones. It was often very entertaining to watch,
they’d fight and kick and scream but it always ended poorly for them. When one of them had
won you had almost felt sick to your stomach. It was like watching a horror film as She had
watched the screens jeering and taunting the other contestants as they were manhandled,
broken and out right abused. No one had heard from her since the airing of the show. Odd, she
had seemed the type to want to keep a high profile after the show she put on when she won.
EH, who’s to say what you would do when your day to day was completely at your whim.
Reminding yourself, not everyone was in the same boat. Some would make it to the end,
but not first. Maybe they got lost in the maze until all the obstacles had their fill of contestants
thee were only 10 obstacles to maybe 40 contestants, maybe they were just a second too slow.
Maybe the winner had tripped them or hit them or something to ensure they would win. You had
heard they got a small monetary amount and were sent on their way, but no one really knew
what happened to them. Matter of fact every winner on the show just seemed to disappear, you
guessed “living your best life” entails you some fun away from the limelight.
Focusing back on the tv, you were curious about this episode. There hadn’t been the
same lead up that always came before an episode of maze running. “ As I mentioned before,”
the announcer was saying. “ We have a few surprises for this final airing of the season. Don’t
worry you will enjoy them. Instead of finding a new fresh crop of suckers, we did some detective
work and tracked down our contestants that were just a little too slow to cross the finish line.
Now, not all of them wanted to come back, but we gave everyone we could find another shot.
After all they did survive unscathed the first time. What’s to say they can’t do it again, but this
time a little faster? There are almost 150 contestants! And there will still be only one winner. I
know, it is almost scandalous, but wait till you see what new things we have in store for our
competitors. Then it will truly be scandalous. Let’s go to our staging area for a line up check.”
The screen changes and the area in front of the maze appears. You are a little startled
at the number of people there, all stretching preparing, one even seemed to be praying. As the
camera pans over them you get a little excited at what is about to happen. Some of these
people were about to be broken beyond what they thought possible. Lives irrevocably and
irreversibly changed. Almost giddy you zone out as the TV drones on about the soon to be
competitors. Daydreaming about what it would be like to be in the maze running for a possible
paradise future. In your imagination, you are running toward the finish line when a scream
brings you back to the present. There is music playing in the background and scenes are
playing, it looks like a recap of the “fallen.” The moments they realised they had been captured.
The moments they had been defeated and dragged down into their new life. Padded, controlled,
and forever changed. The scenes flashed on for a few moments and the show fades off to
commercial break. You are already feeling the need to relieve yourself in spite of having done
so before padding up, it was probably just the excitement. You decide to hold it, make yourself
feel more like you are in the show.
When “Don’t get Diapered” comes back on the obligatory ads for the shows sponsors
comes on as the background pans across the arena. It looks like they made the maze bigger
and added some new things to it to throw off the contestants. Before going back to the
announcing desk. They stay down in the staging area, and an interviewer walks up to two of the
hopefuls, she is dressed a lot like one of the Dominatrix would dress, Latex skirt, dark makeup,
she looks ready to play. “I am Kate, and I am down here with with George Ballena and Mercy
Cartosa, We wanted to get their take on why they came back and what their strategies are for
making sure they are better off this time than last time.” Kate walks up to a pair standing
relatively close. A large man that looked like he worked out a lot and a rather diminutive woman
who look athletic as well. “George, Mercy, how are you feeling today?” a couple mumbled
responses later. “George, I know last time you were almost caught by a nanny, you managed to
escape by sheer force, if she hadn’t held you up so much you might have won. You were only a
few seconds behind the winner. How do you plan to change your destiny today?” “Well Kate, I
am going to do the same, I am a bull and I am going to charge in there and run through any
obstacle in my way. They can’t stop me!” Ending his short tirade by flexing his biceps and
kissing the right one. That one seemed really cocky to you. Kate taking control back asks,
“George tell me which of the obstacles scares you the most?” George unfazed “Scared? Psh,
none of them scare me, they aren’t a challenge at all. I am going to plow them into the ground.”
You can’t help but think, what a meathead this guy is.
Kate turns to who you assume is Mercy and begins the interview again. “Mercy how
about you which one scares you the most?” Mercy speaks up in a timid voice “The regressors”
“They almost got you last time didn’t they” Kate said, a little smile at the corner of her
Mercy visibly upset by the conversation, “Yeah they did.”
“Tell us more about how you escaped” The TV changed to an overlay of a woman
sneaking through the maze. “Well I was thinking, I was about halfway through the maze, and
well, like, I was going around turn after turn, I was like, completely lost and like I knew I had to
hurry, so I panicked a little.” In the video you see Mercy running and jumping over hurdles
ducking and hiding for just a quick second, closing her eyes seeming to beg for something, then
continuing on. All of a sudden you see a figure move from behind an obstacle behind Mercy it
was wearing a happy face drama mask. Wearing jester clothes, the image was a little
frightening. You knew what they were though, that was a regressor. The show had only used
them 2 times because they seemed to be a bit of overkill even for this show.
Even the announcer had said as much once before.
The girl continued to narrate what she couldn’t see being played out on the screen “I
was rounding one of the last turns and he came up from behind, I didn’t here or see him until he
had me. Dragged me backward and onto one of the log hurdles. He pulled a needle from the
bag he carried and was about to stick me when I managed to kick him in the nads. I escaped
after that, and like, I hope I never see him again or I am going to do the same to him.” On the
screen you see the scene play out exactly like Mercy describes it. The man in the mask drags
mercy back throwing her down and knocking the air out of her. As he goes to stick her with a
needle she regains her breath and levels him with a foot to the groin. Running off to place third
in her episode. When the scene ends it flips back to Kate “So I take it you don’t want to run into
him again?”
“No Kate I don’t”
“Well I wish you the best of luck in that, but I need to ask you one more question, What is
your strategy to get through the maze the fastest and without being caught?
“Well Like I know you’ve seen me in Ninja Warrior and I am now an Ironwoman, so like, I
am going to use my agility and skills to get through this as the winner.”
“Well best of luck to both of you, now back to the desk for some final words before we
begin tonight’s entertainment.”
“Thank you Kate, as always we want to spend some time telling you about our obstacles,
these are not your typical garden variety rope ladder or balance beam. These are live people in
the maze for one purpose. To leave our contestants in a new state. Namely Diapered, padded,
nappied, clinkly whatever your name for it, these obstacles are out to put them through it. Now
you can’t have a permanent reward without a permanent penalty. Well, like always anyone
caught has no choice in the matter. They have signed everything away and are now in the
charge of their captor. If this is your first time with us here is the run down:
First we have the dominatrix club,” on the screen there are women and men some
dressed rather provocatively in fetish clothing others dressed more plainly, none are smiling but
they do seem entertained. “This group is not out to cause pain but rather to own someone’s will.
What could be greater than finally getting that defiant obstinate little sub to turn into the perfect
little slave. Ours have all decided a good way to start is to spend time in pampers. No personal
space anymore, hint hint.
“Second” the group on the screen changes to what looks like a group of soccer moms
and dads. They are all carrying a diaper bag full of supplies. They all had a holster of some sort
on their sides as well. “Looking for a new baby to call their own, these Moms and Dads have the
baby fever and are not going to let go once they have their new little one. Relax they will be well
cared for, for the rest of their lives. Equipped with a stun gun, the parents to be are ready to
discipline if their new baby is not compliant.
Thirdly, you got a small taste of the regressors when we talked with Mercy earlier.” The
screen changing again to a rather scary sight. Dressed in all sorts of costumes ranging from the
jester costume you saw earlier to a gorilla. “These guys are a little sadistic and enjoy what they
do WAY too much.” One of them is holding a syringe, “these guys use psychedelic drugs to alter
their captive prey’s mind. Initially it will only last a few hours but after days and weeks, I am toldthe effects become quite permanent. What do they do? Well, they aren’t called regressors for
nothing.The drugs will revert the minds or our contestants back to an infantile state. Incapable of
much more than being a babbling baby doll the contestants will survive just fine in thier new
state of mind.
Fourth, The screen changes again, this time to something that unnerves you and has
even given you nightmares after earlier shows. “We call this group the surgeons, these guys
and gals have to make sure their patients are secure and healthy before they let them go.
These our only “catch and release” obstacle. They always get their man though, as they
surgically remove the sphincters holding back that pesky control problem. Our viewers have
always loved the surgery taking place right on sight. A good local anesthetic keeps things
interesting as the patient gets to experience the whole thing.
Well then, it’s about time to put our contestants in the crucible and see who comes out
smelling like a champion and who just comes out smelling, but first we promised you some
surprises and its time to go ahead and reveal a few of them to you. First, because its the
smallest one, Kate our field reporter will be enjoying herself this evening as she joins the Dom’s
in the maze. She is actually moving into place now! From the anchor desk, We wish Kate the
best in finding a new toy!
Next up, we usually only have a few obstacles in the maze, allowing for everyone that is
truly terrified to just wait it out and then they can escape by worming their way through the
maze. However tonight, we changed the script. There are exactly 146 obstacles, funnily
enough, there are 146 contestants tonight. That’s right!! No one escapes unless they make it
through the maze unscathed. The surprise is that the contestants don’t know this though. It’ll be
quite the jarring reality as the number of people dwindles but the obstacles just keep coming.
This also means that unless someone can get through there will not be a winner!
Lastly, we have a new obstacle, you heard me right, I did not stutter, I am telling it to you
straight. We have a new type of obstacle.” The music changes to a rather interesting beat that
makes you think of a war. On the screen you see people dressed like they are going to do just
that, make war. “The trappers, as we are calling them are not out to maim or harm our
contestants. Instead they are hunting for a different type of toy. A sex toy!! You got it, the sexual
deviants are out to do one thing. Own a new stud or mare for their pleasure. Sounds like some
lucky contestant right? Well if you consider being owned by someone who wants you all to
themselves, and makes sure you are off the market simply by padding you until you lose all
sense of control, then using you until they are too tired to use you anymore well then you would
be in luck. Doesn’t sound like they will be letting their new playthings go anytime soon!
With all our secrets laid bare, well at least to you the viewer audience that is. We are
ready to begin. We will release contestants in waves into the maze. The earliest ones are the
contestants that were the last ones to finish. Therefore, increasing their chances of being caught
by an obstacle. The last ones will only be meer seconds behind but have the advantage offollowing the previous fools into certain doom. Tonight’s show is being aired live and will
continue until every one of our wonderful volunteers is captured or escapes. Remember, Every
contestant is wearing a lapel camera and microphone, aswell, we have microphones and
cameras all over the maze. This will ensure something juicy is always on your screen, but
means we could miss some of the fun, so, the excessive video footage will be available on our
website. So do not forget to go and see all the fun things we couldn’t show you.
We wish all our contestants their “best life” in the aftermath of the show and we hope you
get what you came for here at “Don’t get Diapered!”
The camera changes to the starting gate and you hear the jingle play in the background
and the audience screams out the final “Don’t get Diapered” announcing the beginning of the
race through the maze. You can’t help but get a little excited, especially since you are just
realizing you have already wet yourself……

It’s a good start, but you really should pay attention to your paragraphs. As it is right now, it’s one gigantic block of text wich is really off putting.