That theme has many issues. It is installed on here because I am working on it for the NaNoWriMo forums and need to test fixes on a live site.

I cannot emphasize enough that this theme will break randomly and in weird ways!

Then get another one with a similar background - - my eyes just can’t take the all white or all black backgrounds.

Have you tried Vincent?

Just found Isabelle, will try that. Didn’t like Vincent (both times I experimented with it).

Other than the excessive whiteness, you’re okay with the default Light theme, correct? If so I can easily create a variant with a different background color. I only suggested Vincent because for those who prefer dark themes it tends to work for them.

I can also easily create a variant of the Dark theme with different background colors. Dark and Pink is that theme with just a different color palette inspired by the fearleading uniforms from Monster High :slight_smile:

EDIT: Just to be clear, Light, Dark, and Dark and Pink are all the same theme, just with different palettes. :slight_smile:

The Default Light these is fine except for the white background. It is the white with black text that is hard on the eyes. Even just a light gray background is better than white. I don’t want a dark theme, just a different background on the LIGHT theme.
So, the background should be a light color. I have seen a really light baby blue, or baby pink work. I often set things for a very light gray. You don’t want the background overpowering the screen, just a subtle color to stop the black and white contrast.
If changing the LIGHT theme pallet to pink for example, I would make the banners a medium pink and the background a very light light pink. and keep the text black.
Two sites that do a good job with subtle color in background or in boxes with text are:
Big Closet Top Shelf

They both use a very light tan as the background for posts.

Try the Teek theme I added a few hours ago. It uses the NaNo-Liteo theme’s base palette but with some minor changes.

It is missing a few CSS fixes, but I can add those later if the colors work for you. :slight_smile:

I don’t have an account on girl talk, and after seeing this in the footer you couldn’t get me to register for less than $1000.

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That version has been unsupported since the early 2000s. Hell the company hasn’t existed under that name for almost a decade!

The Teek theme is nice and easy to read. You have a nice blend of colors with nothing overpowering. That is a combo that would work as a theme. Let me know when you establish a regular theme with something like that. Thanks for your effort and time on this. It is greatly appreciated.