Direct Action

Note: This is my first story, and I’ve only just begun it! I’m posting the first chapter here to gauge interest and hopefully get some helpful feedback. This first chapter is supposed to mainly set up the characters. It is higher on action and lower on development than I intend to write the rest of the story, so please keep that in mind.

Chapter 1:

James methodically rose to a crouch as he crept toward the massive house. Remember to check your peripheries, he thought to himself, as he recalled all of the training that had prepared him for this moment. Brad slowly turned around and held his index finger to his lips. Despite his best efforts, James was being too loud in the bushes. It did not take much to disturb the peaceful silence of midnight in suburbia. Anything could give them away.

“Relax, Brad, we’re fine,” Sophie whispered.

Emily smirked to herself. She knew Sophie was only trying to reassure James on his first mission. In reality, her experience told her flawless execution would be needed if they were going to pull this off.

“Coast is clear, head for the vent,” the team of four heard through their earpieces. Craig was stationed on a hill overlooking the quiet cul-de-sac. His infrared binoculars were far from military grade, but they did the trick. He was amazed that James was able to put them together in his lab back at school, he thought to himself. That kid might be a newbie, but his contributions were already proving to be substantial.

James was far more anxious. His next trial was imminent. He knelt by the vent that would lead the party into the Amazon’s abode. He reached for his back pocket and pulled out a little tube. The moment of truth, he thought, as he poured the contents onto the bolts of the vent. Amazons took special care so that the tools needed to tamper with their infrastructure were not available to Littles; a homemade solution would have to suffice.

“No…” James muttered under his breath. He’d gotten it wrong. He’d assumed the bolts would be steel, but they appeared to be some kind of titanium alloy. His chemical freezing agent was specified to cause steel to contract enough that the vent could be pried open. Whatever this alloy was, it had a greater level of resistance.

“Guys, we have a problem. It’s the wrong kind of metal. We are going to need to find another way…” was all James could think to say. How could he botch his most basic task? The only reason he was here in the first place. But all of the fallout from that would have to wait. Time was of the essence here.

“What do you mean, it’s the wrong kind of metal?” Emily asked harshly.

“Man, there is no other way,” said Brad. “We gotta get in through this vent. It’s the only way to get to the nursery without triggering the alarm.”

Sophie tried tugging on the vent. “Ugh, it’s no use, it won’t budge.”

“Let me try,” Brad persisted. If anyone could get it, it would be him. Brad was about as fit as a Little could get. He almost always had to hide his brawn under loose, long-sleeved shirts. Amazons did not care for Littles who conditioned themselves in this way; they often made sure things ended poorly for them.

Brad set down his pack of supplies and laid down on his back. He placed the bottoms of his feet against the vertical wall. Pulling with all of his might, he grunted and launched with his legs and back.

The gut-wrenching sound of metallic scraping rang out as one of the bolts came free from the wall. As usual, Brad had done it. Great, James thought, I cooled the alloy just enough that Brad gets to be the man for popping it out. He mentally kicked himself for thinking this way. All that mattered was the vent was open and they had a way in. His competitive pettiness was childish with such a high-stakes task at hand.

“Good one, Brad!” Emily whispered, trying to contain her admiration. She knew better than to count Brad out. He always seemed to be able to come up with a solution.

The three began crawling into the vent, leaving Sophie behind. They would need her later. Emily and James followed Brad up through the duct. The only reason they could fit in such a cramped space was because they were Littles. Amazons designed structures only in Amazon sizes.

As they neared the top of the house, they came upon a vent in the floor of the pipe. Looking through it, they could see the Amazon woman lying asleep in bed. The baby monitor was inches from her head.

Emily turned to James. “You see that?” she whispered, “any noise in the nursery room, and you’ll literally wake the sleeping giant. No more fuck-ups!”

“Got it,” James whispered back. Don’t make excuses, he told himself. Just be better.

Meanwhile, Brad had made it further down the duct and begun unscrewing the vent above the nursery. It was much easier from the inside. He grabbed the grated opening and gently set it aside inside of the pipe.

“Come on!” he said to the others, before dropping down into the room.

Emily gestured to James and they both made their way over. Being more experienced in stealth, Emily dropped first. She landed with almost no noise, on the tips of her feet. Finally, James went. His landing was not quite as graceful–he landed hard on his feet before falling backwards onto his butt with a minor thud. Mercifully, Littles were light enough that such a noise was still not very loud.

The target of their mission was sleeping as soundly as her captor. The Little was locked in her crib with bars all the way around and above her, secured with a padlock. James looked at her with pity. The poor girl had a locking pacifier gag strapped around the back of her head. She wore a bright pink footed sleeper with mittens that would restrict her from any use of her hands. He could make out parts of the words, “Mama’s Little Stinker” written across the front of the sleeper. The bulge of her thick overnight diaper was evident through the pajamas.

Such a demeaning existence was the fate of the majority of Littles. The knowledge that it really could happen to anyone kept the team of Little rescuers grounded and down-to-Earth. One wrong move or stroke of bad luck and it would be them in her place.

Emily went over to a dresser and found the key to the padlock in the drawer. It made sense that the Amazon would not keep it far away, as there was no way for her “baby” to reach it there once she was locked in her crib. Emily approached the crib and read the words on the jumper as she opened the lock. “Cruel, but not wrong,” she remarked, able to smell the contents of the diaper through the sleeper.

She gently reached down and nudged the Little on the shoulder to wake her. The woman stirred and opened her eyes in a panic. She started to make a few muffled noises through her pacifier before Emily shushed her.

“Shhhhhhhh. Quiet! We’re from Direct Action and we’re getting you out of here. You want out right?”

The babified Little vigorously nodded her head yes.

“Okay then, move quick!”

James helped Emily raise their rescuee out of the crib. The two had to stand on the Amazon-sized desk chair to accomplish this, as the top of the crib was easily 10 feet tall. Once they lowered her to the floor, it became clear that this operation would be further complicated. The Little woman’s legs buckled–she was unable to stand. Emily and James watched as she lowered herself backwards onto the carpet. She grimaced as the solid mess in her diaper shifted and spread across her bottom. James felt uncomfortable watching this. He could make out the poor girl’s intense blush even in the darkness.

Emily put aside her disgust. The graphic, horrible nature of the lives captured Littles suffered through was what motivated her. People in situations like this were why she trained so hard and risked it all. The depressed, hopeless Littles who had been broken by extreme humiliation and physical mutilation had no one looking after them. Except, ironically, for their Amazon captors. That was what Direct Action was about–being that lone beacon of light in a world of darkness. Emily saw the pain behind this girl’s eyes. She was going to get her to safety or lose everything trying.

Meanwhile, James looked over to Brad. He had climbed up onto the desk and was working out a way to open the latch. Direct Action was familiar with how Amazon security systems worked. They were typically meant to trigger the alarm if a forcible break-in from outside occurred. However, someone opening the window from within the house would not set it off.

“Hey kid, give me a hand would ya?” Brad whispered to James. James was happy to comply, if only to move away from the diapered Little on the floor. He scrambled up on top of the desk using the chair and joined Brad. Each of them pushed in on one side of the long latch, and Brad used his foot to get the window cracked. He then reached down and finished lifting.

As the window opened, the three inside heard Sophie’s voice. “About time,” she quipped. Sophie’s job was to set up the ladder the group was to use to escape the home. She had used it to climb up to the window from the outside.

“Alright, let’s not waste any time,” Brad said decisively. “James and Emily, follow Sophie down.” He gestured towards the helpless girl sitting on the carpet, “I’ll grab her and we’ll leave.

“Before we all become a midnight snack for some baby-crazy monster,” Sophie added.

James and Emily wasted no time climbing down to the lawn outside. James wondered to herself how Brad was going to maneuver “Mama’s Little Stinker,” as he mentally called her, down the ladder.

Emily knew better than to doubt Brad. He always found a way. Sure enough, a few moments later, they saw Brad emerge from the window. The Little woman was riding piggyback, with her mittened arms clasped around his neck. This way made the most sense for both of them, allowing Brad the use of his own hands while letting the girl contribute by holding on tight. She could do that, even if whatever the Amazons had done to her had rendered her unable to do much else.

The Direct Action team had to be prepared for everything–there was no limit to the horrors the cruelest Amazons could inflict on Littles. They needed to be prepared to conduct their operations with no help from the captives.

Once Brad reached the ground, Sophie quickly folded up her ladder. The team did not mind leaving evidence of how the rescue was conducted. By the time the Amazon figured out what had happened, they would be long gone.

“Okay, make for Craig’s position,” Emily ordered. The team started off in that direction. Brad was strong, but he was not Hercules. He called out for support. “Hey James, give me a hand,” he whispered. “Grab her legs and I’ll grab under her shoulders. My back needs a break.”

James quickly complied. His heart had been pounding throughout this whole operation. Now that he was out on the street in plain view of the neighborhood, with an immobile Little in tow, he was desperate for it to be over. Lest he end up like Mama’s Little Stinker.

“Still clear, hurry up to me,” the team heard Craig through their earpieces. “Let’s get the hell out of here!”

“On it, Craig,” said Emily. She stayed behind the two men while Sophie scouted ahead. As the group made their way up the short hill, they came upon the welcome sight of Craig’s getaway van. Sophie and Emily threw open the back doors while Craig started the engine. Brad and James carried the rescued Little into the back. The girls quickly followed, slamming the doors behind them. The mission complete, Craig stepped hard on the gas, and the six free Littles sped off into the night.


Good writing and an interesting start!


You got me interested. Good job on this chapter.


Interesting beginning.


Chapter 2: James

My heart was still pounding as I breathed a sigh of relief. For a moment, the only sounds were of heavy breathing and the road. Then Craig turned around, beaming.

“Incredible work, guys. Nobody saw you,” he exclaimed.

“Let’s get this off of her before we celebrate,” replied Brad. He rummaged through his pack before producing a knife. “Hold still, now, I’ll be careful,” he directed at the newly freed Little. I hadn’t really had a chance to get a good look at her until now. As Brad cut away the strap of the gag holding her pacifier in, I could see that her face was actually very pretty. Not quite like Emily, but then again, who was?

“Oh my God, oh my God, are-are you sure we m-made it?” Mama’s Little Stinker stammered. She was clearly still in shock from the whole ordeal. She could barely get a word out without gasping.

“I really think we’re good,” Sophie put her hand on the woman’s shoulder. “You’re safe now.”

“You-you guys are amazing. H-how did you know how to find me?” she gasped.

“We’ll get to that later. Our organization gathers intelligence on Amazons we want to target. We can’t save every Little, so we need to conduct rescues in different areas so as to remain unpredictable. Today was your lucky day,” explained Emily. “What is your name?”

“Oh, I’m s-sorry. I’m Rose,” she answered.

“Here Rose, have some water,” Brad offered. Ugh, everyone else always knew what to do in these types of circumstances. And here I was just sitting there awkwardly.

“Thanks,” Rose replied as she took the bottle and began drinking.

I figured I’d address my error from earlier. “Somehow, the grate on the vent wasn’t steel like I was expecting. It was some kind of titanium mix or something…” I explained.

“Yeah, it’s alright man. It happens. It’s rare that a mission has no hiccups,” Brad reassured me. He said it in almost a patronizing way. Like a manager nodding at a rookie who just struck out in his first at-bat.

“I’ve got to get my part right. Everyone had a job and that was mine.” I thought better than to make any excuses or explain what happened further. Nobody needed to hear a nerdy rant about different metals and their coefficients of expansion right now. It would just go over their heads anyways.

“We are all lucky Brad was able to get it,” added Emily. “Her, most of all.” She gestured at Rose.

It was obvious Emily was into Brad. She barely tried to hide it. Then again, I couldn’t blame her. Brad was what every guy wanted to be, and I was no exception. If I were into dudes, I’d probably be into Brad. That didn’t make it hurt any less.

Rose spoke up, “Again, I can’t believe this is happening. All of you are heroes. I thought I would be stuck there forever. I owe you everything.”

There was still a lot we needed to learn about Rose. I was trying to imagine her with regular girl’s hair. Her Amazon must have been a real bitch. She had cut her hair in a horrible above-the-shoulders bowl cut, like a toddler. A woman’s hair has a lot of impact on their attractiveness. I couldn’t help but glance at Emily’s gorgeous chestnut locks. Pulled back in a ponytail for the mission, of course. Rose would be really beautiful with hair like that–I’m sure she had it before she was kidnapped. The bunchy sleeper and droopy diaper weren’t doing her any favors in the looks department either.

“What did they do to your legs?” I asked. It was not that uncommon for captured Littles to have their motor skills limited.

Rose seemed to have calmed down a bit. “Janet wanted me to be a crawler,” she started. “After she got my adoption legally confirmed, she took me into this facility.” She shuddered. “You know, one of those centers where they can do all sorts of things to you.” Right. Those transformation places are any Little’s nightmare. They can change your height, weight, give you all kinds of disabilities. Even swap your gender. Whatever appeases their sick fantasy of how they want their “baby” to look.

“Thankfully they didn’t do more,” she continued. “Janet considered making me chubby. She even tested it out for a few minutes. She told me I looked cute like that, even more like a real baby. She pinched my cheeks and stomach and all. Ultimately she decided I didn’t look enough like myself, so she kept me thin. She did, however, decide to make me, uhh, incontinent.” She glanced at the floor. “And yeah, she took away my ability to walk. I’m not sure exactly what they did, but after they were done my muscles were too weak to support me if I tried standing up. My legs felt like jell-o.”

Craig spoke up, “How do you know her name?” It was normal for Amazon “mommies” to only refer to themselves as “mama” in front of their Littles.

“She was my bitch coworker before…well, you know,” Rose began. “That fucking cunt just couldn’t handle the idea of a Little getting a promotion before her. One day in the breakroom, she spilled water on my pants. Convinced the rest of the office that I had maturosis. Courts ate it all up too, what a sham.” There was more anger in her voice now, it was almost quaking. “After my adoption was finalized, she brought me back into the office to show me off to everyone. She force-fed me a laxative beforehand too. I just wanted to roll up and die when she changed me in front of everyone.”

“That’s horrible,” Sophie said. “I’m so sorry. We targeted her because she has been aggressively petitioning the city council to act against our college. Her cruelness makes sense, given how she talks about Littles in her letters. She sees us as nothing more than overgrown toddlers.”

“Thanks,” Rose replied. “It’s only now sinking in that I won’t have to see her again…I hope. If only to avoid looking at her face. She must be descended from Medusa.”

Hearing all of this made me feel more empathetic for Rose. It was amazing how she could keep a sense of humor through all of that trauma. I had been a little grossed out by the whole situation earlier, but hearing her story made me start to understand why Emily was so passionate about this. It was incredible the difference we could make in someone’s life. But what was also incredible was the risk. I was not sure how many more times I wanted to do this. I would not let that fear be known to the rest of the group, though.

“Well,” began Brad, “I am not an expert on the procedures they use, and everyone is different. But usually the muscles they weaken can be built back. With good physical therapy, you could be walking again one day.”

“You think so?” Rose looked skeptical.

“Yeah, I’ve heard the same thing,” Emily stated. “But once they take away your bladder control, good luck getting that back. You’d need to somehow have access to a transformation facility.”

Sophie interrupted, “Right…about that…how about you join me in the bathroom once we get back to the university. I can help you take care of that.” Sophie gestured at Rose’s waist.

Rose blushed again. “Okay, thanks.” She said quickly. I cringed for her. She had to continue sitting in her mess the whole car ride, in front of five people she’d never met. We certainly weren’t going to change her inside the van. I guess she was used to it, being toddlerized and all, but then again I could never imagine getting used to that. Mercifully, the sleeper contained most of the smell, but I bet it didn’t feel that way to her. I was sitting near the front of the van for a reason.

“You said Janet was your coworker,” Craig turned around and asked, “are you out of school?”

“Yeah, I’m twenty-six,” Rose answered. “I was a quality engineer.”

A fellow STEM major. I was liking Rose more and more.

“Yeah, I was gonna say, you look our age,” Sophie continued with a smile.

Rose laughed and replied, “Yeah, you know how we Littles are. We look like twenty-somethings until our fifties.” The haircut and baby clothes didn’t make her look any older either.

“We’re all college students,” Emily followed. “We made our Direct Action chapter through the university. Brad and I started it, and James is the newest member. That was his first rescue.” I nodded and smiled.

“Well again, thank you all. I was in college not too long ago. I wish I’d been brave enough to do what you do,” Rose said. She turned to me and bowed, somewhat theatrically. “And James, I’m glad I was able to help you complete your initiation.”

Brad and Sophie laughed at that. Now I was blushing. Positive attention from a girl was new to me.

“Alright guys, we made it,” Craig said as he pulled into his driveway. Craig still lived with his parents, while the rest of us had apartments or dorms. His parents supported Direct Action and knew about what we did. Their house was the natural place for us to meet and coordinate.

“Okay, follow me!” Sophie said to Rose before heading in towards the restroom.

“Uhhh…” Rose began scooting herself to the edge of her seat using her hands.

“Oh right,” said Brad. “James, could you give her a lift? I’m carrying in the duffle bags.”

“Uh, okay.” Aw man, more awkward. I approached Rose. She held out her arms to me, clearly used to being picked up. I guess she sensed my discomfort, since she looked at me with a cheery smile. Or maybe it was that she was excited to be somewhere other than her freak Amazon’s house. That would make sense too.

I wrapped one arm around her torso and supported her butt with my hip and the other arm. She wrapped her arms around my shoulder and held on. She wasn’t that heavy, and the padding on her butt made it easier to hold on to her, but she still weighed enough to make me stumble a bit at first. I wished I had the willpower to hit the gym more.

As I moved, I tried not to hold too tightly so as not to mash her messy diaper into her bottom any more than it already had been. She didn’t say anything, so I guess that ship had already sailed. The smell did hit me more now that we were moving. I was not good with bad smells–I didn’t know what I’d do if I ever ended up like Rose. I hoped I never found out.

I gently set her down on the floor of the bathroom. “Thanks, James,” she and Sophie said in unison.

“You’re welcome.”

I quickly stepped out so Sophie could get to changing her as soon as possible. I took a deep breath. It had been a night of firsts for me. Definitely a departure from the usual routine of being an engineering student. I looked out the window and saw the first light of dawn, signaling the morning’s imminence. I needed to get home, so I waved good-bye to the others. Thank God it was Saturday. I had an exam to study for and I desperately needed to catch up.


This continues to intrigue me, looking forward to more!


Such a different direction here. I love it.


Note: Thanks to everyone for the positive comments. I’ve got a pretty good idea as to where I want the story to go now. I’m liking my choice to write chapters from different first-person perspectives. Please feel free to offer any criticism you can think of. I would really love suggestions.

Chapter 3: Emily

“See you later, James. Get some sleep,” said Brad as the door shut behind James.

“Yeah, he did pretty well for his first time. He’s got a lot on his plate. Let him go home and rest,” I commented to Brad and Craig. “Besides, the administrative stuff we’ve got to do is best left to the senior members anyways.” James could be a valuable asset, but there were some instances where a situation could be improved by his subtraction. He was somewhat high-maintenance. Small doses and all.

“Agreed,” replied Craig. “We’ve still got some work to do. I’ll go get started on breakfast.”

“I’ll call in to HQ to give them a verbal report of the mission,” said Brad, as he pulled his phone from his pocket and stepped outside. I wondered what I could do while the guys were doing that. Some shut-eye sounded appealing, but there was too much work to be done. I decided I’d best check on Sophie and Rose.

I knocked on the bathroom door and quickly announced, “It’s me.” I knew Rose would be embarrassed for one of the guys to see her in such a vulnerable position. I figured it was not a big deal between girls though.

“Come in,” chirped Sophie. I opened the door and stepped into the large bathroom. Sophie had laid Rose down on a towel and worked her sleeper off. I could see it had some little mechanism on the back of the neck, probably to prevent captive Littles from removing it. Sophie was working on the tapes of the diaper.

“Again, sorry about the smell,” Rose covered her face in her hands.

“Not your fault,” I told her. Smelly diapers didn’t bother me. They were more bulletin board material than anything. That much more motivation to stick it to the psychotic Amazons who were responsible for this shit (in this case, literally). James was the only one who seemed to be a wimp about it.

“You see the way he looks at you, right?” Sophie directed this question at me as she untaped the diaper.

“What?” I was unsure what she meant.

“Oh come on. You know, that thing where he stares off into space for a second before he catches himself. It’s obvious,” she continued. Was she talking about James?

“Oh, him? He’s like a little brother. It’s probably just a quirk. You know how engineers are,” I retorted. I wasn’t sure why she was bringing this up. James was probably in the closet, or at least uninterested in girls. Too focused on his studies, surely. Besides, why would I give a guy like that the time of day? It was only a matter of time until Brad asked me out.

“Whew,” Sophie recoiled as the smell overtook the room. Even I had to admit, it was pretty bad. The mess had gotten everywhere in the diaper during the rescue. It made sense, given how many times Rose had sat down or been picked up by someone and moved rapidly. It was up her front, caked between her cheeks, even on her lower back.

“Guess I’ll have to stay used to this part,” Rose lamented.

“Oh, it’s not the end of the world,” Sophie replied cheerily. “The worst part has got to be being at the mercy of a sadistic baby-crazy freak.” Sometimes Sophie’s positivity could be less than well-received, and for good reason.

“Easy for you to say,” Rose fired back, raising her voice a bit. “Your body doesn’t betray you like this.”

I decided to put an end to this little squabble. “Speaking of going forward, we need to discuss your options as to what’s next.” This was standard stuff for newly-rescued Littles, but someone had to lay it out for them.

I continued, “For obvious reasons, we can’t just send you out on the street. It’d be like dropping a baby goat off in the jungle. You’d get eaten by a tiger in no time.”

“Amazons see a Little who can’t walk and needs diapers, and they won’t even hesitate,” Sophie chimed in, between wiping her bum, “You’ll be adopted all over again right on the spot.”

Rose looked up in consideration, seeming to understand. “So, we have some ideas,” I continued. “Option 1 is you go with the national Direct Action network. You’ll have to live in a larger facility with other rescued Littles while they work on your leg strength. After that, down the line a couple years, you’ll be able to conceal your diapers under dresses and return to some semblance of normal life, with a little luck. Option 2–and I know you might not like the sound of this, but it can be a legitimately good plan–is for you to be re-adopted.”

Rose’s eyes shot wide open. “Re-adopted!?” she bellowed. She flinched as well, causing Sophie to accidentally hit her bum mid-wipe. Sophie frowned, stood up, and went to wash in the sink.

“Well,” I explained, “Direct Action can find you vetted Amazons we know are sympathetic to our cause. They will have the power to legally adopt you with a new identity. That way, nobody else will be able to, ever. They’ll take care of all your needs. You’ll still have to be their ‘baby’ when you’re out, to keep up appearances, but when you’re home they’ll respect your adulthood and allow you complete freedom.”

“Sorry, but no. Fuck no. I’m going to find a way to resume my life, even if it takes years of living in a cramped concentration camp doing physical therapy. I’m a quality engineer; a lot of that work can be done remotely. I can pick up coding. Whatever it takes. I am going to be an adult or die trying,” Rose finished. I couldn’t help but smirk at her saying that last sentence aloud while in the middle of a poopy diaper change.

“I understand. Don’t blame you, either,” I responded. “I just have to lay out the options.”

Rose nodded. Sophie had her mostly cleaned; the biggest chunks were off of her butt. Rose curled her toes as Sophie moved towards her lady parts with the wipe. The mess had been mushed up into her business. Yuck. Sophie gently worked her way around, getting the wipe everywhere necessary to thoroughly clean. Rose tilted her head and looked off to the side.

I was never going to end up like that. Nope. Mmm-mmmm. Fuck that. I was going to make absolutely sure every mission went off flawlessly. I’d rather kill myself than wind up drooling and filling my pants. What I had just watched made me more sure of that than ever before.

Rose seemed to be lost in thought as Sophie finished cleaning her up. Sophie looked at me and asked, “Hey, you have a spare?” Oh, right. Usually, Littles did not keep diapers lying around the house. Free ones like us tried to keep those white badges of shame as far away from our lives as possible. But I had rescued enough captive Littles to know to pack one for this exact circumstance. I pulled it out of my pack and handed it to Sophie.

“Really?” questioned Rose, looking at the babyish pink princess print on the diaper.

“They don’t make anything in Little sizes that isn’t cutesy,” I replied. “Sorry.”

Sophie dusted Rose’s diaper area with a liberal amount of powder before taping the clean diaper on her. I also kept a change of clothes in my pack. Rose was pretty much exactly my height and weight, so I lent them to her. Good on her for somehow staying in good shape while living a toddler’s lifestyle. She managed to put on the clothes for herself. Just a basic white t-shirt and leggings. The elastic fit over the diaper, but did nothing to hide it.

“Thanks,” Rose said to me, “but it looks like I’ll need to buy a lot of dresses and skirts.” Sophie and I laughed at this. I couldn’t give Rose a bra, since her boobs were a cup size smaller than mine. Oh well, she could deal without one until we had a chance to go shopping for her.

“Breakfast is ready!” Craig yelled through the house. Rose crawled after Sophie and me to the kitchen. Brad stepped inside. Oh, wow. The cold morning air meant I could see his nips poking out under his tight shirt. His chest looked so muscular. I needed to look away.

Rose was grinning ear to ear as she climbed up to sit at the table. Craig had made bacon and eggs for everyone, and she immediately dug in. I could only imagine what Janet had been feeding her.

“How long’s it been since you had a proper meal?” I asked.

“What day is it?” Rose responded. “I lost track of time.”

“It’s May 19, 2022,” said Craig.

“Well, Janet kidnapped me in April 2021,” Rose replied around her mouthful of bacon. “I haven’t eaten anything besides baby food and formula since then. So over a year.”

“Man!” exclaimed Craig, “I hope my cooking is to your liking.”

“It’s delicious,” said Rose with a smile. I had to agree, it was a great breakfast. Craig’s parents walked into the room and greeted everyone. They were, of course, Littles as well.

“Well, I got word from HQ,” began Brad in his deep, sexy voice, “Rose is going to stay here for a while, before whatever she decides to do long-term. Direct Action wants to congratulate us all on a successful rescue, and they thank Craig’s family for stepping up to care for Rose while she remains here.” Craig’s parents smiled at Rose and nodded.

“Really? Why?” asked Rose. She seemed excited by the development.

“Well, because you have some information we would like to know,” explained Brad. “If, of course, you’re willing to help us. I do want to stress that you are absolutely free to do whatever you’d like at this stage. It seems Janet is a member of an active Amazon organization that is hellbent on ending the sanctuary the university offers to Littles. Direct Action wants to know everything it can about this so we can form a plan to combat it.”
“Of course I’ll help,” Rose said with a smirk. “Whatever it takes to bring that bitch down.” That’s the spirit. Rose seemed to be in a better mood now. I’d imagine real food and a clean diaper would help with that.

“Good to hear that,” I told her. “We will get to all of that later. For now, just enjoy breakfast.”

Sophie set down her fork, finished with her meal. “Well, I’m very tired. I’m going to head home and get some rest.”

That made sense. We had pretty much updated Rose on her situation. We would have more time with her. Some shut-eye was in order.

“Yeah, same,” agreed Brad. “I’m gonna go crash too.” If only I could go with him.

“Alright, when are we meeting next?” I asked. Had to plan it now or it wouldn’t get done. “James has his exam on Monday, maybe after that?”

“Sounds good,” said Craig as he began to walk up the stairs. “Night all.”

“Night,” replied Brad, “and yeah, sounds good.” He yawned as he walked towards the front door.

“I guess I’m the only one who isn’t sleepy. I got almost a full night’s sleep before you rescued me,” Rose said with a smile. “Thanks again for that. See you guys Monday.”

“Bye, guys,” Craig’s parents waved to us as we departed for our separate cars. Such nice folks. I was a bit delirious from sleep deprivation as I drove home. Thankfully, it was still very early in the morning on a Saturday. Nobody was out yet. Good. If the wrong Amazon sees a Little swerving around or otherwise driving poorly, that could be bad news, even this close to the university. I made it home, opened up and walked inside. The last thing I remember was my head hitting the pillow.


Chapter 4: James

Whew, almost there. The last question of the midterm. Always such a relief, when an exam has gone well and you turn the page to the last question. And it’s something you know you can handle. I read through the problem. Wonderful, a cylindrical piston question, with constant volume cooling followed by constant pressure expansion. May as well have been calculus 1. I had plenty of time, this was cake.

But I still could not get my mind off of the events of the weekend. I had spent most of yesterday studying, once I fixed my sleep schedule. That was not easy. I had incessant nightmares each of the last two nights. They didn’t keep me up enough to really ruin my sleep, but I couldn’t ignore the obvious mental effect they were having on me.

Like most Littles, I had gone through most of my life in some level of fear. When a deer is grazing in the woods, the mildest sound disturbs them. A twig snapping, a footfall, even the wind blowing through the trees. Their neck snaps up and they’re suddenly extremely alert, focused on what they know could be the first sign of their doom. A crouching mountain lion ready to rip them to shreds alive. Of course, 99.99% of the time, there was nothing there at all, but that didn’t stop the deer from being afraid 100% of the time.

Littles are like deer in this way. You never really know when will be your last day of freedom. Plenty of us, like Craig’s folks, made it their whole lifetimes without being snatched up by an Amazon. But many more of us ended up drooling overgrown toddlers, and that was a statistical reality we all had to face. The ones who made it typically did so for a reason–just like deer that survive to old age in the wild, wariness is the strongest predictor of success. Arrogant young bucks who think it could never happen to them, well, they usually never stop being arrogant young bucks. Until they stop being completely.

It was this fear that had me feeling so uneasy. I was stepping way outside my comfort zone with these rescue missions. Every moment, I could see my life and my freedom flash before my eyes. I kept telling myself it was worth it. That this wonderful young lady, Rose, was free because of me. It was true, she was a great girl and if I had chosen to do nothing, she would still be lying in a crib being fed baby formula. She could have been me, with a different twist of fate. Yet I still could not kick the feeling that I was recklessly risking everything.

Until recently, I always abided by a set of unwritten rules for Littles. These mostly boiled down to the statement, don’t tempt fate. We put our heads down and tried not to be noticed. Always respectful, curt, and aware of our surroundings. I seldom initiated contact with an Amazon, and when I did, I had a good reason for doing so. I certainly never did anything that would piss them off. I went through most of my life just hoping to be left alone. Hoping that I could become an engineer and work on my craft in peace.

Long-term relationships with others had never seemed like a great idea to me. Almost all Littles have had friends who were adopted. No, I shouldn’t use that euphemism. Kidnapped is more like it. That’s what it is. And we almost never got closure. One day they were there, going to class or their jobs just like we were. And the next day they weren’t. Sometimes someone would find out what had happened, which Amazon had taken them. What was truly gut-wrenching were the few instances where we would see the person out in public. After they’d been forced into behaving like a baby.

I had a childhood friend once, named Seb. As we got older, we didn’t hang out as much as we used to. I got more interested in the hard sciences in high school, while he became kind of a jock. But we were always friendly. Anyways, and I never found out exactly what went down, but he must have made some kind of mistake, because he was “adopted” by some Amazon woman. I was walking to school one day and I passed them. She had that psychotic crazy-eyes look that a lot of Amazon moms seem to have. And he was sitting there in his stroller, staring off into space. When he saw me, he waved in a childish manner and babbled at me through a toothless grin. She must have totally mentally broken him, maybe in one of those God-forsaken transformation clinics. That really scarred me, seeing his vacant eyes. Knowing one day something like that could happen to me.

This fleeting sense of reality had always made me feel reserved about the idea of having many friends or close personal relationships. I’d always have my family back home, but outside of them, I never knew how long someone would be in my life. Before something happened to them. Around three quarters of Littles ended up under Amazon care. Nobody’s odds were ever good, regardless of their choices. Which was just another reason to exercise extreme caution at all times.

All of this changed when I enrolled in a literature course in the second semester of my freshman year. This was a course that made all engineering students groan. It was a stupid GE credit that would have no impact on our future, but the college believed it would help us build “a well-rounded foundation.” Whatever. I already knew how to read. I was prepared to sleep through most of the course or work on my other assignments. But then my eyes crossed with hers.

Emily Harris absolutely stunned me. Not only was she drop-dead gorgeous, with a beautiful face, great figure, and amazing hair, but her personality captivated me even more. We were placed in the same reading group, discussing the literature surrounding justice movements of the past. It was never a topic I particularly cared about. But Emily was fiery. She made scathing arguments against the university for assigning such reading while still supporting an Amazon legal system that demeaned and essentially enslaved Littles. Her points seemed to stun the professor as well, for different reasons.

The university is a Little-friendly place, relatively speaking. They offer many protections to most Little students, precluding Amazons from adopting us in all but extreme cases (where the Amazons have an open-and-shut case to “prove” maturosis in their legal system, or something). To me, this was always at least acceptable. I didn’t like the Amazon system–of course, I hated it–but I never viewed it as something I could do anything about. Other than avoid it.

Emily thought differently. She refused to accept this compromise, and it was the sexiest thing I’d ever seen. She would take every opportunity to obliterate whatever mush-meal argument the professor or university administrators would come up with to explain their compliance. She never backed down from a fight. And that was how I learned about Direct Action. I worked up some confidence to talk to her about how she intended to fight back. My jaw dropped when I heard about her secret insurrectionist group. I agreed to join just so I could maybe spend some more time around her. Pathetic? Yeah, I know. But after a summer of initiation and training, here I am on the front lines. Alongside Emily Harris.

“15 minute warning, everyone. Wrap it up and bring your exams to me when you’re finished,” the professor’s voice echoed through the exam hall. Shit. Lost my train of thought. I spent the next few minutes working out the solution to the last question. It was a fairly simple formulation, with only a first-order derivative. Just like I thought, child’s play. After I converted the units, double and triple-checked for errors, and gave the test a final once-through, I stood up and handed the exam to the professor. She smiled at me as she crouched down to accept it. The menacing smile of a mountain lion glaring at a fawn. I hurried out of the classroom, a great sense of relief washing over me. Relief from finishing the exam, and relief from putting distance from me and that Amazon professor. I did not like the way she looked at me.

As I walked out into the university plaza, something immediately felt out-of-place. There was a good deal of commotion going on. Many people were murmuring, and a loose crowd was forming outside the student union building. This type of thing was very unusual around here. Some universities had a reputation for high levels of activism, people protesting for various social causes, and students engaging in civic demonstration. Our college was not one of those places. I was curious as to what this was all about and moved closer.

A group of three Amazon women were at the center of it all. Two of the three had Littles with them, while the third was carrying a cardboard sign. Horrifyingly, it read, “TIME IS SHORT BABIES, EMBRACE YOUR TRUE SELVES!” Not a good sign. I took a step backwards and tried to avoid their gaze. One of the Amazons was pushing a stroller with a Little boy in it. He was grinning dumbly, looking around at all the people. He was wearing shortalls and secured in the stroller by a simple buckle strap. This told me his brain was essentially mush. Any functioning adult could undo the buckle and escape from his position. He was clearly neither functioning nor adult.

The third Amazon carried a female Little on her hip. She was dressed in only a pastel pink t-shirt and a purple-print diaper. Her hair was done up in pigtails and she had a pacifier gag strapped around her head. From what I could see of her face, she looked about as mortified as I felt about the whole scene. She definitely had her faculties still, even if she was gagged and being paraded around as a prop. From the light yellow stain and mild sagging, I guessed her diaper was quite soggy.

The Amazon with the sign pulled out a bullhorn. Her magnified voice rang out, “Littles, this is your future. Pay no attention to the lies this university has put in your head. You are not and you never will be independent. You are babies who need care. You need your mommies, and it is neglectful and abusive to convince you otherwise. Forcing you to suffer through college classes is doing irreversible damage to your mental health. Find a mommy or daddy and beg them to adopt you–this is the only way you will find happiness and fulfillment!”

What a psycho. Thankfully, a number of Amazon students jeered back.

“Get lost, lady.”

“Mind your own shit.”

“This is a university, go spew this bullshit at the civic center.”

It would be a lie to claim Amazon students respected Littles as peers. Many of them refused to work in groups with us, some did not want to be in classes alongside us. They thought it was demeaning to their intelligence. Others were more sympathetic and thought we deserved something closer to equal rights. More still were indifferent, focusing only on their own problems. It was relieving to see so many sticking up for us now, against these deranged witches.

The university’s rules made it impossible for Amazons to “adopt” Littles on sight on campus, the way they could out on the streets. We were protected from such predations, though random adoptions were rare in any setting. The main effective difference was that Amazons out in the world could essentially entrap any Little they wanted to adopt, with the only oversight being adoption court. These were more like kangaroo courts than anything resembling due process. The odds were stacked against us. On campus, Amazons had to prove cause for adoption and strong evidence of maturosis (the fake disease they use to justify treating Littles as infants) in order to leave with a Little of whom they were not already a legal guardian.

This led to a student populace that was generally tolerant compared to the rest of society. Amazons rarely hassled Littles on or around campus. This fact made these protesting women’s actions all the more mercurial. Something had stirred them up and driven them here. I had a bad feeling I could guess what that something might be.

“What is the meaning of this, ladies?” asked a college administrator who had seen the gathering crowd.

“You know damn well what’s been happening,” the woman with the mortified girl on her hip responded.

“One of my colleagues had her child kidnapped over the weekend,” continued the woman with the sign. “We know full well it was a group of terrorist Littles, advancing the treasonous new-age agenda this university is responsible for indoctrinating them in.”

“I was not aware of that,” answered the administrator. He was an Amazon himself, but he seemed to be sympathetic towards expanded rights for Littles. I supposed that made sense, once I thought about it. Why else would he work as an administrator at a college like this one?

“Oh, you will be,” the lead Amazon finished coldly.

“Your free speech rights do not entitle you to set up camp on our campus property and intimidate our students. I’m asking you to leave at once.”

“You haven’t seen the end of us. Littles,” she glanced in my direction, “don’t think this means we are backing down. We will not stop until we save all of you from yourselves. And we will find those responsible for the kidnapping. Ladies, let’s go.”

She turned and began walking towards the edge of campus. The woman with the boy in the stroller motioned to follow her. The Amazon holding the pacified Little girl stopped suddenly and set her on the ground. A sadistic smile spread across her face.

“Hold on, ladies,” she called after the two other members of her coven, “little Gena here needs a change.” The poor girl’s face turned tomato-red and she instantly began sobbing around her pacifier gag. I felt the rage build inside of me. Usually I could forget about these attacks on our basic dignity when I was wrapped up in my own problems. But this made my blood boil. Something about the way she was gagged, just like Rose was, with her diaper completely exposed, brought out my empathy.

The woman unzipped what must have been a diaper bag strapped across her shoulder. She set out a towel and placed Gena on it. Gena knew better than to squirm too much; I’m sure she’d learned her lesson about ticking off her “mommy” countless times in the past. The mostly-Amazon crowd continued to grumble, but some started to disperse. The obnoxious woman with a bullhorn was leaving, and all they could see now was a Little in obvious need of a diaper change. It didn’t seem to upset them.

The woman, Gena, and I all knew exactly why she was choosing to conduct the change here and now. The same reason she elected to exclude pants from her daughter’s wardrobe–humiliation. But that seemed not to register to the Amazons in the crowd. They’d been vocal enough to appear empathetic to their friends. Now the time for virtue-signaling was over. On to more cheery things for them.

I was tempted to say something, to lambast them for their weak-minded hypocrisy. To call them out for standing against the ladies’ protests and then turning a blind eye to cruelty happening right in front of them. That is what Emily would do. Hell, she would probably get up in the Amazon’s grill too. But I could not do it. That voice of rationality in the back of my head told me no, I was outnumbered and outgunned. It was that fear response again, the deer stepping on twigs. Emily must not have a very developed amygdala. She knew no fear. It made me worried for her as much as it made me enamored by her.

The Little, Gena, shook her head violently, her pigtails swinging and tapping her on her freckled cheeks. As her captor untaped her diaper and pulled her feet up into the air, she covered her eyes with her elbow. The tears rolled down her forearm and she knew she was powerless. The towering woman smirked as she wiped her. I turned away out of respect for the girl’s privacy, shattered as it may have been.

Suddenly I felt the stare of the woman with the bullhorn. “Doesn’t that look more comfortable than sweating over your midterms, Little guy?” No, as a matter of fact, it did not. “Come home with me, you’ll have such a better life.”

I swiftly turned away and pulled my hoodie up as I walked off. I wanted to avoid being identified by this zealot. I had already grabbed her attention enough to get her to shout at me. Big mistake. I kept my eyes to the ground and swiftly walked in the other direction as fast as I could without drawing more unwanted attention. Fuck.

After I’d put sufficient yardage between myself and the predatory freaks, I glanced over my shoulder. My eyes locked with Gena’s, just as she was being lifted up back onto her mommy’s hip with a fresh diaper taped around her hips. Her eyes told me, go. Run, if you have to. Don’t try to be the hero. Make it out while you can.

Maybe that was just my own inner monologue talking, but for whatever reason I picked it up from the girl’s eyes. This was a constant theme for me. The more involved I became with Direct Action’s activities, the more fervent I grew for their cause of saving Littles from this nightmare. My newfound empathy surprised me; it was not a trait I was particularly high in for most of my life. But my fear also grew. I saw up-close more and more examples of Amazon brutality. The terrible things they could do to Littles like me was bound only by their imagination. And some of them had very active imaginations.

I had my reservations about putting myself in harm’s way, but the attention from the girls moved the needle. It was something I’d wanted increasingly lately. As I matured emotionally and entered my twenties, I realized I wanted more fulfillment out of life than my technical studies. I wanted a beautiful, intelligent, magnetizing woman like Emily to look at me the way she looked at Brad. I would never have the physical assets of someone like him, but I was certain that if my inventions or gadgets proved to be the critical component of success in a mission, I would have her attention.

With my motivation in mind, I set off walking back towards home. I’d need to drive over there for the meeting; it would be too dangerous to walk back home at night afterwards. Some Amazon might assume I was lost. Bad news. As I walked, my thoughts drifted to Sophie and Rose. Perhaps my best course of action would be to keep my options open. Realistically speaking, Emily was totally into Brad. I could dream all I want, but in reality she was most likely a tad out of my league. Sophie was decently attractive physically–she sort of had that alt-girl look with her dark clothes and choker. Her shorter hair couldn’t rival Emily’s gorgeousness, but she certainly had pretty legs and nice boobs. She was the kind of girl who would look great in a short skirt, but never wore one.

Sophie’s personality was not exactly my type, per se. She was more like a platonic friend. She was extremely sweet, and it was her bleeding heart more than a sense of righteousness that led her down the path of Direct Action. Her motivations were as pure as anybody’s, but for some reason her persona was not electrifying to me the way Emily’s was. Sophie also had a voice like a tweety bird, as opposed to Emily’s sassy-yet-firm command of the language. I could look past most of this given the right circumstances–she was attractive enough and had a great smile–but these were reasons my eyes were bigger for Emily than for her.

As for Rose, I had only just met her. I’d still never seen her in any situation besides one of complete panic and stress. As I imagined her with longer, beautiful hair and normal clothes, I could certainly see myself being into her. The major drawback was the fact that she could never have a normal life. She would have to live under some amount of secrecy so long as Janet was out there and searching for her. This would make a lot of things significantly more difficult. Throw the diapers and walking issues on top of that, and I wasn’t sure whether I’d be up for it. Actually, I figured I could forget about the walking, assuming she could fix that with physical therapy. The diapers were almost certainly permanent for her. That would be a lot for me, as I’d almost certainly have to change them, at least as long as her mobility issues limited her ability to do so for herself. That would be really weird, but maybe not all bad. I certainly had plenty of vulnerabilities, such as my lack of experience and confidence issues; why would it be so bad if my girlfriend had some vulnerabilities too? She would need me–that would definitely not be the end of the world. I’d keep my mind open about Rose.

I unlocked my door and set my school stuff inside. I was still feeling the dopamine from the weight of the exam being lifted, and now the physical weight of my supplies was off my back too. Knowing the others were waiting on me, I quickly chugged down a glass of water before heading back outside to my car. On the short drive over, I mulled over how I would tell the group about what I saw today. It was unlikely any of them had seen or heard about it. I figured it was relevant to what we needed to gain from the meeting and that I would tell them straight away.

I parked outside Craig’s parents’ place and walked up to the door. It was Emily who answered when I knocked.

“Great, you’re here. Thanks for making it, James. Your exam go well?” she asked.

“Oh, uh, yeah, you’re welcome. The exam went splendidly!” I responded, tripping over my words. Fuck me. Splendidly? What was I, a Bond villain? Why was I so bad at being smooth?

Emily smiled knowingly and gestured for me to come in. “The others are in the den. I’ll be there in a moment,” she said. Shit. Emily had been around the block. She knew what was going on when guys fumbled their words and blushed around her.

Kicking myself, I made my way back into Craig’s living room. Craig waved at me first, from his seat in the big armchair. Brad and Sophie were sitting on one half of the couch. As I walked in, Brad perked up and said jocularly, “Hey, he made it. About time!” Sophie looked up and waved too.

“I did, I made it. Hi guys,” I replied with a laugh.

Then I saw Rose sitting on the other end of the couch. She looked up at me with a smile, “Hey James, great to finally see you again under better circumstances. How was your engineering test?” Wow, she remembered.

“Oh, uhh, it went great, I think I aced it.”

She patted the couch next to her, prompting me to walk over and sit down. Craig’s parents had clearly gone shopping for her. She was now wearing a bright yellow sundress that went down to her ankles. I would have had no idea she was wearing a diaper until she shifted over a few inches on the couch while I sat down. And even then, if I hadn’t known to listen for the muted crinkle, I probably never would have noticed it. Her hair had also been improved. Instead of the ugly uniform bowl cut, someone had cut intermittently and given her some better-looking layers. Not as good as a barber could manage, but definitely a step up.

After I sat down, I heard the sound of a wooden chair scraping across the floor. Emily pulled up her seat and sat down facing everyone, legs crossed. She directed her first question at me.

“James, I’m sure you read our texts filling you in on what happened after you left Saturday morning?”

“Uhh, yeah, I read them. I was sorta busy though. Why exactly is Rose staying here?”

Brad answered, “She has information about this group of Amazons we need to know.”

Rose sat up straight and said, “And I’m happy to tell you everything you want and more!”

“Great,” I responded. “Good to hear. But first, something happened to me today. Something you all definitely need to know about.”

“Oh?” asked Emily. “Please, do tell.”

I turned and faced Rose, knowing from some of how those ladies talked that she might have had contact with them. “Rose,” I asked, “did you ever meet a captive Little named Gena?”

“How did you…” she began to answer. Perfect. What I’d seen was directly relevant to the meeting’s topic.

“Well, you see, there was this group of insane, psychotic ladies at the plaza today,” I began. “One of them had a captive Little with her that she called Gena. They mentioned that their colleague’s daughter was kidnapped last weekend. I’m guessing that means you,” I said, looking at Rose. “They were pretty bloodthirsty for revenge on those responsible…”

I filled them in on all of the events of the fiasco, from the lady with the bullhorn to the public diaper change and then the personal call-out to me. My group members responded to the troubling news with wide eyes and open jaws.


Great chapter! Looking forward to more!


Once again you nailed another good chapter


Thanks again for the kind words. Your encouragement means a lot to me. I’m still really enjoying writing this story in the form I’m using, with the dual first-person perspective. There may be other characters who get to narrate chapters in the future. Appreciate the love!

Content Warning:
This chapter contains the use of a word that is often used as a slur against gay people. It isn’t really used in that context, and is meant to express a character’s general attitude and worldview. Still, if slurs like that upset you, please heed this warning. For everyone else, enjoy!!

Chapter 5: Emily

This was worse than I could have imagined. Some crazed group of Amazons in direct opposition to our cause were protesting on campus and intimidating people. From what James described, it sounded like university representatives got them to leave, but how long would that last? These people definitely had no fear or shame of public dissent–they were surely going to take their grievances to the city council. I suppose some Amazons are prepared to dedicate their entire beings to our fascist oppression. Why they care so much about enslaving and babying us, I will never understand.

But it isn’t about understanding. I don’t care why they want this. All I know is that we need to fight it. Their intolerance cannot be combated with tolerance. The only answer is purposeful resistance. Direct Action.

“Wow, that’s really unbelievable,” Rose responded after James’ story. “During my time as a baby, Janet would take me to a park in a mom’s play group. There was a Little girl there named Gena who was always kept totally gagged with a pacifier.”

“That must be the same girl James saw,” remarked Sophie.

“Probably,” continued Rose. “Her Amazon always took every opportunity to humiliate her. Changed her in front of everyone, gave her laxatives before taking her out in public, breastfeeding her, I could go on.”

Brad interjected, “Rose, we need to know everything about this playgroup. What was Gena’s Amazon’s name?”

“There were a few of them, but if I recall correctly, Gena’s ‘mom’ was named Iris,” answered Rose.

Iris. How could such a monster have such a pretty name? I decided to speak up. “These people brought their bullshit to our campus. That is way too close to home. We need to fight the fuck back.”

“Okay, Emily, let’s exercise some patience,” chided Brad. Always the voice of reason. The yin to my yang, if he could only see it. “How about you figure out if you can identify this Iris woman?”

Good call, let’s get her face ID’ed. I pulled up my laptop and opened the software Direct Action used to profile and collect intelligence on Amazons. The rest of the group kept up their conversation while I searched.
James said, “The woman I saw with the sign was clearly the leader. She was tall, even for an Amazon, taller than the rest. She did all the talking for the group, to the campus administrator. Who is she?”

Rose replied, “I am not sure of her name, but I know exactly who you’re talking about. She was sometimes at the play groups, but she didn’t seem to have any captive Littles.”

Weird, I thought, as I continued my search for Iris. A “childless” Amazon was that invested in oppressing Littles? Usually the ones who felt that way adopted Littles for themselves. This whole situation made me feel uneasy.

“More often, she would show up at Janet’s house and meet with her. It always sounded like they were discussing business or some sort of plan,” Rose continued. “But they always locked me in my crib, so I could never hear all of what they were saying.”

“How many Amazons showed up with Littles to these play groups?” asked Craig.

“Usually it was between 20 and 25 Amazons and around 30 Littles,” replied Rose. “But only around 80% or so of the Amazons had Littles at all. Quite a few had more than one captive Little. They would meet and discuss plans too.”

“What kind of plans?” asked Brad despondently. He was clearly spooked by this too.

“It seemed they wanted to completely remove Little rights and come down hard on any institutions that respected Littles’ personal sovereignty,” Rose said. “They believe we are all babies who need to be cared for and we are actually the victims of the systems that prop us up. Complete crap, of course, but that is what they always said.”

James said, “Sounds right to me. That is exactly what those banshees on the school plaza were yelling about.”

Ok, got her! I could see a woman on my screen who looked to be in her 30’s, named Iris Mills. Direct Action already had a profile on her group. It seemed they called themselves the “Neighborly Nannies.” Eyeroll. More like “Nightmarish Ninnies.” There were a few other members of the group who’d been identified and logged into the Direct Action national database, including Janet Boscardin. This had to be her.

I excitedly called out to James and Iris, “Hey, guys, I think I’ve got her. James, was this the woman holding Gena on her hip?”

“Yup, that’s her,” he said.

“And Rose, this is the same Amazon who had kidnapped the Gena you knew as well?”

“Yeah. 100%, she’s the one,” she finished.

With the woman identified, I knew we had to take swift action. They wanted to terrorize us? The only way we could respond was to let them know we were not scared. We were not backing down. They would have to catch us to do anything about it.

“Okay, so we know who these bitches are,” I began, “I say we hit them where it hurts.” I couldn’t contain my smirk. This was one of my favorite parts of the job. Deciding which house to hit. “Let’s plan out another rescue.”

Sophie spoke out, “Uhhhh…I’m not sure that’s really the best idea.”

Why did she always do this? “Why not?” I responded with thinly veiled contempt.

“Well,” she said, “these women are clearly already onto us and mad as hornets. Maybe pissing them off wouldn’t be our best course of action right now?”

James followed, “Yeah, she’s right. That one hag made eye contact with me. She knows my face. I’m scared for what’s gonna happen if we act so brazenly.”

“Don’t be a bunch of pussies,” I snapped. “Come on James, be a man. Look at Rose, think of how many others like her are suffering under the thumbs of these women.” I thought I was making sense. How could they be so numb to what was going on?

“We need to take the fight to them, show them we will not falter. We may be Little, but we are not meek. They think we are babies who need to be diapered and bottle fed? Let’s show them we are smarter and more capable than they are. We have done it before,” I stated.

“Alright,” said James, glancing at Rose. She was hitting him with the puppy dog eyes. Smart girl, maybe that would work on Brad. “I’m in. How do we want to do this?”

Good for James. He could be a real faggot still, sometimes, and I thought he was completely hopeless at first. But he had shown heart in his first mission and since then. I shouldn’t hold his nerdiness against him so much. His brains could be a real asset for us. And yeah, he was a coward compared to Brad, but that is an impossible standard. In another era, Brad’s boots would have been the first to land on the beach amid enemy fire. James showed plenty of courage by signing up and following through with us. And even more now that he wanted to go along with my plan.

“I’m still not so sure,” said Sophie. “I hear you about there being so many more people like Rose to go out and save, but doesn’t that give you pause? What if we end up like them? Who would save us?”

“We won’t,” Craig broke his silence. “We are very careful. These Amazons are too arrogant to be ready for our tricks. We went through the vent last time, so we will have to devise a plan to do it a little differently this time.”

“I think I have an idea,” said Brad. “I’ll discuss it with James afterwards. It could be a little bit technical.”

Rose decided to join in. “You guys should know something about these women. You are absolutely amazing for saving me and even more so for trying to go back for others. But please understand, you do NOT want to end up being babied by these women.”

Dammit. Hopefully she was unable to convince them.

Rose continued, “The reality is that most Amazon ‘parents’ truly are ignorant. They’ve been brainwashed by society to see Littles as toddlers, and so they do. In their heart of hearts, they just want to take care of us, make us comfortable, and be good parents. It’s barbaric and I am not excusing it at all, believe me. But it is true. It’s only a minority of them have that seed of cruel, torturous evil in their hearts. They may use things like spankings, itching powder, humiliation, or whatever else, but in their minds those are some form of disciplinary measures.”

Who cares why Amazons do what they do? I sure as hell didn’t. For all I cared, they could be babying us because they were trying to perform a pagan ritual to please the rain gods. It made no difference to the victims. I voiced my disapproval to Rose.

“So what?” I argued. “Why is that relevant to why we don’t want to be babied specifically by these women? If, God forbid, I end up like, well, you know…you did…it won’t matter to me what the motivations of my captors are.”

“Because these women are not like the majority of Amazon mommies,” Rose replied coldly. I could feel the tension in the room building. Ever since we had rescued her and she had gotten over her initial shock, Rose had always been upbeat, humorous, and cheery. But now she was completely solemn, warning us of the grave danger. Even I had to listen, though it ultimately would not change my opinion.

“The women in this group, Neighborly Nannies, do not believe themselves to be benevolent caretakers. In their minds, they’re prison wardens. They will try to break you. Humiliate you. Make you live in pain. Boredom. Discomfort. Anguish. Suffering. They want your will to resist them to break down. And it is effective. I’m not going to lie to you, I resisted at first. I would do anything to avoid putting Janet’s tit in my mouth. I would do whatever I could to avoid dirty diapers out in public. I would kick and scream and punch and fight. But then she took away my control from me, and my legs.”

“Over time, I got sick of the spankings, of my butt being so red and in pain. Having the skin broken. I got tired of being left to sit in messy diapers for hours at a time. I got tired of all of the endless punishments and efforts to break my will. You saw how I was. Gagged, locked up, and messy. That was my life. And the more I resisted, the worse it got. Janet’s cruelty was unbounded. And if you think any of those women in that group are any different, you’re sorely mistaken.”

A few moments of silence followed that. Everyone needed to digest what she had said. It did sound brutal. Really, really brutal. But it wasn’t anything I hadn’t mentally pictured already. And we were not going to get caught. I kept repeating that to myself. We were highly trained and capable. Like a SEAL team for rescuing Littles. SEALs didn’t worry about what a mission going wrong meant. They knew what it meant, and they did it anyway.

“We understand. Thank you Rose,” replied Brad. “We need to decide what we want to do. I am still with Emily. These women need to pay, and soon. We can figure something out.”

“Seconded,” said Craig. He was always very confident in our tactical prowess.

“Yeah, ok, that speech was scary and all, but I’m in!” James looked at me, confidently. I knew he liked me, this all but confirmed it. It certainly awed me that he was willing to go so far outside of his comfort zone to impress me. Even his little awkward moment at the door was kind of cute.

I looked at Sophie next. “More people are out there, going through hell on Earth, just like Rose,” I began. “They have been fighting, like we would fight. They are gradually losing their wills. That is what Direct Action is. We are a beacon to the hopeless. We are the fearless warriors who refuse to accept the will of this diseased society. Sophie, you are the bravest shieldmaiden on the front lines. No matter what happens, you’ll go straight to Valhalla.”

I got a little laugh from Sophie for appealing to her geeky side. Always the history buff, and she loved viking shows.

“I know,” said Sophie. “ I just really do not want to get caught.”

“Me neither,” I replied, “but if we do my mentality won’t change. No matter how helpless they make me, how they dress me, what they do to me, I will fight them until the bitter end. Right now, the best way to do that is what we are doing. Rescue another Little, gain information from them, and use it to take these cunts down.”

“Okay,” said Sophie. “Let’s do it.”

Wonderful news. We were all on the same page as last. Now we had to identify a target. Last time, it was easy. Janet had been causing a massive nuisance with the city council, and our intelligence efforts revealed she had a rescuable Little. Rose. It had just been a matter of carrying out the mission from there. Now, we had some things to narrow down.

“Let’s figure out which one of them we want to hit,” I said to everyone. Then I looked at Rose, “Rose, which of the Littles from the play group were, I guess you could say, with it?”

This was very important. The worst thing we could do would be to go to rescue a captive Little, bust into the house, get ready to extract them, and then realize their brain was zapped. It was quite common for Amazons to do this, in order to better control Littles. Some did it out of exhaustion with Littles who would not conform to their demands. Some apparently just wanted an actual baby, with an IQ and motor skills to match.

There were varying degrees of this. Some Amazons very lightly messed with the heads of their captives. They used minor drugs and other products to make the Little slightly loopier, more open to suggestion, or simply more emotional and dependent on them. Oftentimes, these Littles could still be saved, but other times they could not be. Then there were more extreme products, hypnotic tapes, and extreme conditioning routines that left the Littles simple-minded and childlike, but cognizant. They liked rainbows, butterflies, dinosaurs, and trains, but could still speak in broken sentences. This was often the case for Littles that were raised by Amazons from actual childhood to simply stay that way forever. And finally, there were those far past the point of no return, whose brains were basically mush and nothing more. They could make incomprehensible sounds, cry, and that was about it.

Rose answered my question, “Well, the group of Amazons seems not to care very much for extreme mental incapacitation. If I had to guess, that’s their cruelty in action. They want to torture and break fully conscious and thinking Littles. They want their babies to act like babies because their mental state has been destroyed by psychological warfare, not drugs or whatever it is that produces the gurglers.”

“Almost all of the Littles were mentally capable, with a couple exceptions. Obviously, James has seen Gena. She definitely seems with it, but I’ve never heard her talk because of the pacifier gag Iris keeps in permanently.”

Brad stated, “It probably shouldn’t be Iris. She got a direct look at James, and we can’t verify whether Gena is all there or not.” He turned to me. “Emily, give Rose a good look at everyone Direct Action has identified as being a member of Neighborly Nannies.” He rolled his eyes. “What a shitty name by the way.”

“No kidding,” James added. “We’ve got to come up with a way to spoof that.”

I realized Rose was looking side to side. She couldn’t easily come over to me, being unable to walk. As I saw this I stood up and walked over to the couch. James scooted over a bit for me so I could sit between them. Rose’s diaper made a bit of noise under her dress as she re-adjusted her seat as well.

“Hmmm, let me see…” she began combing through the profiles of each of the identified women. “Ooh, here is one.”

She pointed at a woman named Carly Dunfee. I had not heard the name specifically, but Direct Action had her address and everything. She lived in a suburban area, but far away from Janet.

Rose said, “This lady, Carly, has a Little guy that was always super friendly to me at the play groups. His brain was 100% there, his name was Mike. His bitch Amazon calls him Mikey, of course. Really smart, good guy.”

“So what are we rescuing him from?” asked Brad. I guess he wanted to be sure this guy was worth getting out of his situation as opposed to someone else.

“Well,” Rose said with a blush, “he is a really cute guy but Carly shaves his head bald. She’s the type of woman who hates men specifically–what’s the word for that again?”

“Misandrist,” replied James. Walking encyclopedia.

“Right, misandrist,” continued Rose. “She takes every opportunity to attack his manhood. He was kind of shy in talking about it, but she puts butt plugs in him and things like that. She is not satisfied with having him as a baby, she wants him to be humiliated as a guy as well. She even brought him to the park in a dress once. Poor guy, so embarrassed. I pooped myself while we were playing, and I didn’t even feel that bad because he was in a mortifying situation too.”

“How old is he?” I wanted to know. We tried to prioritize rescuing younger Littles. They were more adaptable and would have longer to enjoy their freedom.

“Oh, young,” replied Rose. “He’s maybe a year or two older than me. Couldn’t be older than his late twenties.”

“Sounds like an excellent candidate for rescue,” stated Brad. “Does he have any physical ailments like you do?”

“Not as of the last time I saw him, which was maybe three weeks ago,” said Rose. “The only reason that would have changed is if the witches all got their panties in a bunch over me being rescued.”

I guessed Rose had a crush on this Mike guy. Women can tell when other women like a guy. The subtleties in her voice were not obvious to the untrained ear, but I could easily pick up the small changes in her inflection. Still, her being into this guy didn’t affect my eagerness to rescue him. From what she described, he sounded like a solid dude living in hellish conditions. But still with enough of himself intact, physically and mentally, to make it outside of Amazon care. Exactly what we looked for in rescue candidates.

Besides, if Rose chose Mike, she wouldn’t be available. Less competition for me, with Brad. Yeah, sure, everyone always told me I was beautiful, but come on. So many girls get told that. When I looked at my face, the only things I saw were the little imperfections. Things I would never notice in anyone else. Whatever it was, there was some reason Brad wasn’t asking me out. Maybe I wasn’t his type. There was no way he was gay or anything. Maybe he didn’t want to complicate his work with Direct Action?

It was probably that. Brad took his work so seriously that having a relationship with me could muddy the waters. The thought made me sad, but in a way it made me respect him all the more. I hoped it was that, and not that he thought I was ugly. I wasn’t ugly. I should stop thinking like that. Everyone always saw me as this confident, fearless girl with strong opinions and a big attitude. Maybe one day I could convince myself.

Even if it made no sense, having another guy be with Rose would make me feel better. Now with her hair done like someone over the age of five, she was quite pretty. She had a great face, and Craig’s mom had lent her some of her makeup. But wouldn’t the diapers turn most guys off? And the fact that she was for all intents and purposes a paraplegic, at least for now? Even though it was fucked, a tiny little part of me was glad she needed diapers. It helped with my insecurity. Then again, that bit of me could be better described as a tiny Little part of me. It definitely did not do my sense of self-respect any favors to know I thought that way, deep down. I committed my life to rescuing people like Rose. There was no room for such horrible thoughts wishing evil like that on someone like her.

Brad broke my inner monologue, “Well, Emily, what does it say about her home on your database?”

I quickly found that information. “Two story home, pretty standard, LittleLock home security system, same as Janet’s.”

“Fantastic,” Brad replied, “just what I was hoping to use in my plan for this operation. James, could you answer something for me?”

“Sure,” James said.

“Would it be possible for you to make a device that could use some sort of signal to disable a system like this?” asked Brad.

“I’d have to see the specifications as to how it works,” answered James. “But probably.”

Brad said, “Okay cool. I’ll send you a link to a PDF detailing how these things work, from the hardware, to their range, to the types of signals they send.”

“Alright, I’ll take it to my lab and see what I can cook up. I’ll have all the time I need now that that damned midterm is over. It will be a while now until finals,” said James. Wow, brainiac might really come in handy here. If we could disable the alarm, we could simply walk in without making a sound.

I figured I’d add in some directives of my own. Brad and I were co-founders here, he was not the only leader. “Craig, do your usual scouting this week. Figure out where Mike’s room is in the house, where the bitch sleeps, all the usual things. Scope it out like you always do and we will plan to strike this weekend.”

“Ma’am, yes, ma’am,” Craig mocked me with a little salute. This got a giggle out of Rose. Speaking of whom…

“Rose,” I said, “how are ya doing? Need any, errr, help? We’ve been talking for a while,” I said, glancing at her empty glass of water on the table.

“Uhh, yeah actually. Thanks,” she blushed as she got off the couch and began crawling over to the bathroom. “My wipes and spare diapers are in my purse.”
“Okay, I’ll see you guys next week,” Sophie said as she got up.

“Same,” James said. “I’ll update you guys on my tech solution. My goal will be to have it by Wednesday so we can plan for Friday night again.”

“I like it,” said Brad. “We will leave you girls to your business. Thanks again for letting us use the space, Craig”.

“My pleasure,” responded Craig.

“Okay, later everyone!” I said as I walked over and grabbed Rose’s purse from the couch. I followed her into the bathroom, where I found her lying on her back.

“Thanks for volunteering to help me,” she said, right away. “I’d gotten pretty soggy down there, but I didn’t want to interrupt the meeting. Every bit of it seemed so important. It’s amazing how well you formulate plans like this.”

“Years of practice,” I said as I pulled her new diaper and box of wipes out of her purse.

“Remember the powder, please,” she reminded me. “My skin has been sensitive ever since I was rescued from Janet. I’d really like to avoid a rash.”

“Of course,” I said as I grabbed that too. I untaped her droopy diaper and lifted her legs in the air. She was unable to hold them there alone because of her disability, so this was going to complicate things. Changing a diaper on someone as big as you are, when they can’t even elevate their own legs, is a chore. I didn’t envy Craig’s mom, whom I assumed had been doing this all weekend. Mercifully, this one was only wet.

“What do you think of James?” she asked me suddenly, as I began wiping her. “I think he is kinda cute. Do you think he’s into me?”

“Oh, not to burst your bubble but James is just generally horny. I don’t think he has much experience,” I told her, “and I think he’d like to change that.”

“Well we know he’s into you,” she replied, “but how would a guy like him work with someone like me?” she asked as she glanced down at herself mid-change.

I finished wiping and started shaking the powder liberally onto her diaper area. “Guys figure it out,” I answered. “I don’t think it would be as big a deal as you might think.” That was not truthful, but I was trying to make her feel better. The conflicted competitive feelings I’d had with her earlier were over. She was appealing to me in a physically and emotionally vulnerable state, and I intended to support her.

“How about this guy, Mike?” I followed up. “Correct me if I’m wrong but you seemed like you might have eyes for him.”

“Well,” she began, “he is still sitting in a crib under the thumb of Carly Dunfee. I can’t really consider him as an option until that is no longer the case. He is definitely hot, and a good man, and we have a lot of shared trauma and all. But I just can’t emotionally invest in that at all right now. Maybe that will change after Friday.”

She gave me a wink. It would change. We’d make sure of it. I nodded my head at her as I finished rubbing the powder into her skin. It was sort of weird touching her most intimate areas while having such a conversation.

“I know you like Brad, I really hope it works out for you,” she blurted out.

“Shhhh, keep it down!” I hushed her. I wasn’t sure if he had left yet. Once again, proof was in the pudding. Women had a sixth sense about who was into whom, and Rose had read me like a book.

“Right. Anyways, thanks for the change,” she said as I finished taping up her clean diaper. “I can get my dress on myself.”

“Got it. See ya, Rose. I’ll be back to do more planning before the week is done,” I told her.

“See you around,” she waved from the floor to me as I left the bathroom. Time to head home. I was going to do a lot more research on Neighborly Nannies once I got there. No stone would be left unturned. I would know every detail of these bitches’ miserable lives, right down to whatever fad diet they were on. I could feel that crazy gear of my brain kicking on as I thought about it. My homework would have to wait until another night.


This is getting really tense. Obviously, something is going to go wrong but this story is so different from any other DD stories that exactly what is hard to guess.


I agree. Something will go wrong but I have no idea how it will go wrong or if they still escape afterwards. I love it.

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Chapter 6: James

Almost there. The lathe in the machine shop was spinning rapidly in a wheel of destruction. Creative destruction. The last parts of my device were coming together. Brad wanted me to make something to fuck with the alarm system’s signals, and I’d created a swiss army knife weapon. This little device was maybe a foot tall. It had a small bulb to emit the signals sitting on a metal tripod. Well, for now, two prongs of a tripod. The lathe was still working on the last one. The idea was to utilize Amazon signal technology to disrupt the alarm system.

This was not something that was obvious at first, though. Brad had sent me the plans of these alarm systems and how they work. They are very secure and have methods of blocking any incoming signals, so they are difficult to tamper with. This was the first major problem I encountered when designing my device. This had been distressing–Brad and Emily were counting on me for this. I’d already fucked up once, on my first mission. I would need to find a way to do this despite the system protections.

Thankfully, a workaround did occur to me. We had virtually no chance of cracking into the main security system. However, we wouldn’t need to. These systems relied on sensors placed on every door and window. The door opens, the sensor sends a signal to the main system, and if the alarm is set, the noise sounds. So I realized that stopping the transmission from the sensors would prevent the alarm from ever sounding.

These little sensors were tiny, unsophisticated devices. They normally would not need any such sophistication. Their only function is to detect a binary variable and send a signal. They could essentially be coded in basic and lose no functionality. But this was the gap in the armor. These sensors were only capable of performing a single action at a time. They could detect an opening, send a signal, or receive a signal. And if they were already doing one task, they could not do another.

My little tripod was built to use the radio signal of its own to detect outbound transmissions from the sensors and determine their frequency. Usually this would be exactly 300 mHz, but it would not matter. Whatever the frequency was, my device would detect it and send signals of its own directly to the sensor just before the signal to the main system was to be sent. This reception of the signal would interfere with the attempt to communicate with the main system, and the sensor would never get in contact with it as long as the device was activated and in range.

Hopefully, this would work. Emily had seemed hopeful in me, and I knew this was a genuine chance to impress her and consolidate my worth as part of this squad. Furthermore, Rose’s friend Mike needed us. I shuddered to think what his life was like. Rose mentioned his Amazon put things in his butt to humiliate and emasculate him. My stomach churned just thinking of it. How on earth are gay dudes even into that??

Doesn’t matter. What was important was rescuing this man and sending him the same direction Rose was going. Who knows, maybe he would be so appreciative he would want to join us? Rose mentioned wishing she could be a part of Direct Action, if she were able to walk. From what we understood, Mike could. It would definitely be nice having a larger squad. The five of us were definitely stretched thin as full-time students. At least I was.

“Hey, you done here?” one of my Amazon classmates had approached me suddenly. Yikes, drifting off into space thinking about stuff. Typical me.

“Oh, uhh, yeah, uhhh, sorry,” I said as I hastily grabbed my precious device. “Lathe’s all yours.”

“Cool, all good man,” he replied. “Huh, what the hell are you making anyways? Some kind of weird project for an EE class?”

“No, I’ve never been into electrical engineering,” I lied. I was into all types of engineering. Maybe except nuclear. “It’s something that interferes with communication signals.”

“Ooh, getting into trouble, are ya?” I did not care for the way he said that. Any time an Amazon starts putting your actions in juvenile terms, run. Even if it’s some dorky engineer like this guy. But I could hardly run with my device, so instead I lied.

“Naw, my roommates are tools with the TV sometimes. They will turn it up really loud watching their shitty sitcoms. This thing will let me fuck with them without them knowing. A man can only tolerate so much ‘Bazinga’ blaring from the TV.”

His expression lightened. “I know, isn’t that the worst? Those lame shows trying to falsely glorify nerdiness. Like bruh, we know you film goons think we’re the weirdos. Making us the butt of your jokes for cheap entertainment is appealing to the masses, not us.”

Wow, something genuinely insightful. Rare for an Amazon to be so down-to-earth. Maybe he was only a taller tweener instead? It could be hard to tell from my height sometimes.

“Yeah man, it’s cringe,” I smiled at him. “Well, best be off. Hope you get whatever you need lathed.”


I needed to stop by home before I met with the group. With the challenges posed by the alarm system, I had fallen a bit behind schedule. It was Friday, and we were going to strike tonight. I had my device ready just in time. But there was something else I wanted to prepare too. I’d randomly thought about it and decided it would be a good idea to make it.

I went to my fridge and found the ghost peppers I’d ordered online. Only a couple dollars, and insanely spicy. I took a knife and sliced them up very finely, so all that remained was an easily soluble powder. Perhaps three grams of it. I quickly found an old Windex spray bottle and cleaned it out. I dumped my nuclear spice powder into the bottle and filled it about halfway up with water. Placing the cap back on, I shook it vigorously until the powder was no more, and all that remained was a slightly orange homogeneous fluid.

There was not much a Little could do to physically fight off an Amazon, but this was one option. I figured Brad would be pleasantly surprised. I grabbed my device and my spray bottle and hopped back in my car. I drove over to Craig’s house and approached his door. It would be interesting to hear what sort of intelligence the other members of the group had gathered while I was preparing my gadgets. I’d get the chance to hear it all as we planned out tonight’s attack. Not attack; rescue.

Craig welcomed me in, and I took my seat on the couch. Rose sat where she had last time, wearing a new dress. Perhaps she’d had more time to shop. It made sense that she chose dresses, since many other clothing options would either give away her diapers or make her look childish. Neither was really an option for a Little trying to keep her independence.

“Hey again James,” she said. “I’ve heard so much about your engineering talents. Were you able to make something cool to help rescue Mike?”

“Yeah, I’ll explain how it works to everyone once Emily arrives,” I replied. It was such a drastic change getting attention for my nerdy creations. All the jocks in high school always told me I’d never get laid spending my days tinkering in a lab. It’s funny how you get a little older and girls don’t care about those guys anymore.

Brad said, “Hmm, she is not usually late. I wonder if something is going on?”

“Well, she said she would be here at 6:00. That was ten minutes ago,” said Sophie.

Rose spoke up, “When I last talked to her, she was like a heat seeking missile when it came to investigating the Neighborly Nannies.”

“She is always like that,” answered Brad. “But it doesn’t usually make her late.”

Rose replied, “Well, I haven’t been around her long enough to know how she usually is, but her focus on this seems pretty extreme. I told her more about Mike after all of you left, and about these Amazons and how they operate. She seems dead set on ending then by any means necessary.”

Footsteps echoed through the walls as Craig’s mom walked down the stairs. “Hey, guy, how is everyone?” she asked. “Is everyone here for your pre-rescue meeting?”

“Just waiting on Emily,” Craig answered his mom.

“Ah, right. Well, I’ll be keeping you in my prayers tonight. I can never sleep when I know you’re out there doing this,” she said with a sigh.

“We will be very safe,” Sophie reassured her. “And like usual, Craig will be in a safe location monitoring from afar”

“It’s not just my own boy I’m worried about,” she began, “it’s all of you. You do such great work and it needs to continue. For people like Rose’s sake. Speaking of which, how are ya doing, Rose? Everything good?”

Her eyes flicked down as she asked the last question. Rose nodded with a blush. It was clear she was asking about her diaper. It made sense that Craig’s mom had been changing and otherwise helping care for Rose since she had been here. That was all-encompassing, since the transformation clinics almost always removed bowel as well as bladder control. To be honest, I was not quite sure how that worked. I could understand how easy it would be to make someone pee uncontrollably. It’s fluid coming out of a tube; the clinic would simply have to cause the muscles that hold it to atrophy, and it would be something of a constant flow. Having a bowel movement was something more…involved. At least at the muscular level. You sort of have to push, and I am not sure how the clinics made Littles do that against their will.

I’d received a text that while we were pursuing the Neighborly Nannies group the way we were, Rose would be staying with Craig’s family so she could provide further assistance. That was quite a commitment by Craig’s parents, and a solid indication of how much they were in our corner. The chime of the doorbell rang out through their house as I considered how incredible their hospitality was.

“That’s gotta be Emily, I’ll get it,” Craig said as he got up and walked to the door. Littles almost always kept their doors locked, even if they were expecting guests. It was plainly stupid not to, inviting the risk of an Amazon walking in and wreaking their havoc. Sure enough, though, it was Emily.

It was pretty much impossible for Emily to look bad, but when she walked in her appearance honestly shocked me. She looked like she had barely slept for days, and maybe not showered either. She had dark circles under her eyes and an outbreak of zits on her usually flawless face. Her hair looked pretty greasy, and was pulled back in a ponytail as it always was for a rescue mission. She had clearly been neurotically researching the Neighborly Nannies. That would be a good thing if it gave us an edge against them, but not so great if it meant Emily was off her game for tonight.

“Woah, what happened to you?” Sophie asked her.

“I’ve been doing my research and I have uploaded a folder to the Direct Action website with as much information as I could possibly find on the members of Neighborly Nannies. At least the ones we know of,” Emily replied.

“Wow, that’s really incredible,” answered Brad. “What are the main things you can summarize for us?”

“Well, first of all, Carly Dunfee has quite a history. She had another Little before Mike, and had to give him up for adoption. The courts ruled that her treatment of him was abusive, and made her do community service,” Emily stated. She snarled, and spoke extremely seriously as she detailed this. It clearly had her blood boiling.

“What the hell?!” Sophie exclaimed. “What would an Amazon have to do to get their courts to take a Little from her? They’re legally allowed to do almost anything they want to us. I can’t imagine what could even get that sort of thing to happen!”

“It’s bad,” Emily said coldly. “She wanted to emasculate and feminize her captive man. She dressed him in female attire, put him in chastity. All of that would be totally allowed, of course. Where it crossed the line was when she attempted to solicit a homosexual tweener man to rape her Little. She claimed in court that she was trying to ‘show him what being a girl was really like.’ To the tweener guy’s credit, he reported her, probably at great personal risk. That’s the only reason she got caught.”

“That’s unspeakable horrifying,” Brad said, his voice quaking. It took a lot to get Brad shook up, but this did. “And to think she is allowed to have another adopted boy, and she is still doing all of those other things to him.”

“You need to save him,” Rose said, pleading. Mike was her friend, and she was visibly emotional from Emily’s description of what happened to his predecessor.

“We fucking will,” Brad stood up. “We will not fail this mission. James has a device to get us in.” He looked at me. “James, want to explain how it works?”

“Yeah, alright,” I answered. I pulled out the wave reading device from my pack. It wouldn’t be necessary to tell them every detail that would just go over their head. They needed a functional understanding so they could use it if, for some reason, they needed to do so as part of the rescue or a future one.

I continued, “This device works by disabling the sensors’ ability to send signals to the main alarm system in the house. Basically, it detects the outbound frequency and sends carefully timed signals into these sensors in order to disrupt the transmission. That’s pretty much all you need to know about it. If it’s on and sitting on Carly’s front porch, we will be able to open her front door and walk right in.”

Brad added, “I’ll be able to easily pick the lock, Craig did some surveillance and looked into the lock systems in the neighborhood. It’s not going to be a problem, so long as the alarm is off.”

“It will be,” I reassured the group. I did want to add a small disclaimer though. “Fair warning, this device has not yet been tested. If for some reason it isn’t right, we will need to be ready to run away quickly. I am confident it will work smoothly, but we need to have a backup plan.”

“Yeah,” said Emily, “that plan is sprint to Craig’s van and split. He will be across a park from the house, with his infrared binoculars as usual.”

“Alright, so there are no more contingencies?” asked Sophie. “We just walk in through the front door, go to the room where she is keeping Mike, bust him out, and leave? That simple?”

“That’s right,” answered Craig. His room will be up the stairs, first door on the right. I’m not sure what she uses to secure him, but Brad and Emily should have a variety of tools on hand to figure that out. Sophie, your job will be watching the hallway and making sure the coast stays clear.”

Brad nodded along. He said, “And James, you will be in there with Emily and I. We will figure out most of the details on freeing him, but you will be responsible for managing the tech and assisting us with anything we need. All clear?”

Sounded pretty simple to me. “Yeah, got it.”

“Okay then,” said Brad, “we head out at 12:30.”

I looked at the clock. It was only 7:00, so we had some time to kill. I was trying my best to hide my nervousness at the thought of breaking into Carly Dunfee’s house. From Emily’s description, she was something out of a horror movie. Being a guy, I was horrified even more by the nightmares she would inflict on me if, God forbid, we were caught. It sounded like she had a penchant for sexual abuse; as much as I would have loved to lose my virginity, I would not want to lose it that way.

I was somewhat comforted by Emily and Brad seeming so prepared, and encouraged further by the technical role I would play in the break-in phase. This mission seemed very open-and-shut; walk in, walk out. There were not too many risks, and that made me a lot more comfortable with taking them. They’re always there, but I knew my contribution would grab Emily’s attention. I was quickly becoming an indispensable part of her secret society of extreme civil disobedience. She would have no choice but to notice that.

Rose sat up, clearly very engaged with our planning. She said, “Wow, I can’t wait to see the look on Mike’s face when he realizes he is free of Carly. I know how I felt when the realization hit me. It wasn’t until a few minutes after we arrived here that it really sunk in. It was an invasion of the purest joy.”

“We can’t count our chickens before they hatch,” warned Emily. “We still need to execute our plans to perfection. The Neighborly Nannies are keyed on us and know we are looking to target them. We need to be extremely vigilant.”

Rose smiled, “You guys are pros, you got this.”

Suddenly, I thought back to the tall woman with the sign on campus. Perhaps Emily had found some information on her?

“Emily, what were some other noteworthy finds from your research?” I asked her. Maybe it was a bad idea to psych myself out, but the rational part of my brain knew it would be an advantage to know what we were up against.

“Well, I was able to find nearly complete transformation history records for the majority of the Littles the group of Amazons had adopted. That mostly confirmed what Rose told us. They aren’t as into the hardcore brain melting thing that some Amazons do. They favor softer forms of it, where Littles keep elements of their true selves but are gradually broken down into babyish versions of them. I think I found out why Iris keeps Gena pacified all the time, it’s probably because she has no teeth at all after her transformation clinic visit. There are only two Amazon women in the group who fully blasted their Littles’ brains, and each of them has two captives.”

“I think I know who you’re talking about,” Rose confirmed. “They would always be playing vacantly in the sand or grass whenever we met for the play groups.”

Emily’s voice grew solemn. “I found out something more frightening. The court records show that the NN’s are petitioning the city council and the university administration to terminate all Little students and city residents’ adulthoods immediately. They want all of us turned over to them, and they indicated they want to hold some sort of mass adoption event.”

Sophie let out an audible gasp, “Like a fucking slave auction?! They can’t seriously think the administration will stand for that?!? We are their students, peers in the classroom, just trying to better our lives. What the fuck has possessed these people?”

Easy answer. “Toxic femininity,” I said. “You know, sort of how masculinity can sometimes be a bad thing, like how guys keep emotions bottled up or whatever to avoid seeming weak? Well, these women want to show off to their little social circle. They want to be the most caring one of the group, the most ‘empathetic,’ the most serious about taking care of those who need it. And they’ve deluded themselves into thinking we need them like that. It’s mass psychosis, but it is all-too-real and one of the defining characteristics of Amazon society.”

The room fell silent for a minute. Shit, did I say something offensive? I found myself re-thinking through what I’d just said. Nope, it was just the truth. Hopefully nobody had a problem with that.

“I think you hit the nail on the head,” Brad said softly. “I’d never thought of it like that. But it makes complete sense.”

“I mean you aren’t wrong but who fucking cares?” Emily asked sarcastically. “They want to enslave us, that’s all I need to know. You can put whatever sociological label you want on it, that doesn’t change what it is. We are fighting either way.”

“Emily,” I began, “did you learn anything about the tall woman with the sign? The apparent leader?”

“No. I tried for hours. Days even. They keep everything about her under wraps. All we know about her is that her goals are essentially what we’ve pieced together the goals of their organization are, her physical appearance from your description, and Rose’s details of how she meets with other members. That’s about it. I was not able to get a name or a general profile for her, sadly,” Emily lamented.

“I have a hunch we will find out soon enough,” Brad said.

“Right,” Sophie concurred, “if this goes off as planned, it will be another rock in the hornet’s nest. She will show herself again and we will figure out who she is.”

“Well guys, we have around 5 hours. I think we are pretty much done prepping,” Brad announced. “I know for sure Emily could use some sleep, and I think we would all benefit from rest going into tonight. I’m gonna crash and set an alarm for midnight, I’d suggest you do the same. Judging from Rose’s rescue, it could be a late night.”

“Oh thank God,” Emily said before comically jumping on the couch and pulling a pillow over her head. I could have sworn I saw her twitch as she fell asleep in seconds.

It was a good call, I’d had a long day in the lab. We would wake up with a couple of sleep cycles under our belts ready to fire on all cylinders for the rescue. I just had one last order of business to remember first.

“Hey Brad,” I said, retrieving the Windex bottle from my pack. “Take this, it’ll be of the most value in your hands.”

“Uhh, what is it?” he asked.

“Anti-Amazon chemical warfare. Heavy duty stuff I cooked up. Aim for the eyes.”

“Sounds like my kind of bottle,” Brad replied with a laugh. “Okay then.” He put it away in the side container of his pack of supplies.

I put my head on the far end of the couch and closed my eyes. Time for some rest. Soon the lights were out and it was dark.

“I’m gonna sleep on your schedule,” Rose said with excitement. “I want to be up when you leave and when you return with Mike.”

With that she kicked out her legs, with her feet basically between mine, and did what I was doing on her end of the couch. The last thing I heard before my dreams began was the faint rustling of her diaper under her dress as she adjusted positions.


I am not sure exactly why, but this has been one of the scariest and most unsettling openings I’ve read in a long time. Clearly, something bad will happen, if not this time then the next, and one or more of them will end up with the utterly evil women of NN. Personally, I’m guess it will happen tonight, as they find the whole NN group lying in wait. I don’t think that bunch would miss the fact that Rose and Mike are close.

I think the main woman is doing all this to cover up the fact she has a diaper fetish and is jealous of Littles. Which is why she doesn’t have a Little and every thing is so secretive about her. That’s my guess on her dark secret. But I’m always wrong because I always guess the same thing lol.

Fun! I really like the action adventure take on the ABDL worlds. I’ve only read the first few chapters so far but am liking it, and will read the rest later. Good work on this one :slight_smile:

Chapter 7: James


Brad’s alarm blasted into my eardrums like an ocean liner. Why did they have to make those damned phone alarm sounds so toxic to the senses? At least he disarmed it quickly. I stretched and gingerly opened my eyes. My comrades appeared to be experiencing what I was, that confusing space between sleep and consciousness, where dream narratives meet rushed, unsatisfying conclusions and quickly fade from memory. Why did it seem that this phenomenon was more noticeable after shorter sleep schedules? No matter, there would be time to muse about that question later. It was time to journey into the belly of the beast again.

“Alright, wakey wakey, come on people let’s get a move on” ordered Emily. Surprisingly, she was the most alert, which was odd given how quickly she’d passed out. But then again it was Emily, so maybe not so surprising at all.

“For fuck’s sake relax, we left a thirty-minute grace period for a reason,” sighed Sophie.

“It’s fine guys, wake yourselves up. We are going to need to be alert for this. Take your time, make sure you have everything you need. James, you are sure your device is ready to go?” asked Brad.

“Yeah, I’m sure. Let’s do this,” I responded, my shaking voice giving my fear away. I don’t know how Emily and Brad kept so cool in these situations. One false move and our lives were headed for a lot of…changes. Pun intended.

We spent the next half hour making sure we had all of our equipment, loading up the van, and reviewing our plan and extraction point one last time. Carly Dunfee lived right across the street from a large city park. Craig was going to drop us off outside her house then move to a parking lot within the park. After we broke Mike out, we would rendezvous there as usual and speed off to safety.

As we all piled into the van and prepared to embark, Rose wheeled outside with us. It appeared Craig’s family had gotten her a wheelchair so she would not be completely dependent. It was still not the kind of thing she would want to be seen alone in public with. Amazons were great white sharks, and any sign of vulnerability, weakness, or dependency was a ruptured artery spilling blood into the water.

“Best of luck guys. I hope this goes as smoothly as my rescue went. I can’t wait to see Mike again back here,” she said in a hushed tone. Smart of her not to be too loud or risk waking up nearby Amazons.

“Thanks Rose. We’ll be back soon enough. We really appreciate all the insight you provided us on these harpies. This is going to be another winning battle for us,” Emily replied.

“I’ll be right here waiting. Godspeed,” Rose said with a smile as we closed the van door and embarked.

During the drive, nobody said much. We’d already been through everything. I assume everyone was trying to psyche themselves up for this. I know I was. The best way to put nerves to rest is to be present to the task. What was I going to do? I was going to use my device to disable the alarm. Then I would help Emily and Brad free Mike and prepare to get him moving. Besides him having some physical impediment we didn’t know about, I couldn’t see how this could go wrong.

I guess we would have to improvise to unlock his crib or whatever he was kept in. That was usually par for the course though, and a part of every rescue. Emily was excellent at lockpicking, she had trained in it so our squad would have someone with the vital skill. Like usual, she would be able to bust into whatever cheap padlock or Little-proof tech they used to secure cribs. But other than that, as long as Mike could walk and wasn’t so heavy that Brad couldn’t carry him, we would be in the clear.

Craig slowed the van as we approached the destination. “This is it guys. Earpieces in, I’ll be watching with my binoculars. Everyone out, and wait until you hear my voice. Don’t do anything before I’m set up,” he said.

Standard operating procedure, but he said it mostly as a reminder. It was good to hear. We all hopped out of the van and crouched motionless on the misandrist witch’s perfectly-cut front lawn. There was definitely a correlation between toxic, unhappy women and overly neat and orderly things. What was that ministry lady’s name again? From Harry Potter? I pictured Carly Dunfee as looking like her, with the level of sadism to match.

I felt something hit the top of my head before the light pitter-patter of rainfall filled the air. It was only a sprinkle really, but I guessed it would help us in our mission. Harder to see a group of people running off into the night when it’s raining. And the sound on the rooftop would give us that minute level of cover. As long as I could keep my alarm-disabling device dry, it would be an advantage. That thought reminded me of the importance of the device, so I hastily removed my pack and held it to my chest so as to keep it as dry as possible.

I looked up to the second story of the home and was able to identify Mike’s bedroom, according to the spying Craig had done. I could see what looked to be reinforced steel locks on the window, as well as the faint green light to signify the active alarm system. The women had apparently had an all-hands meeting after our last rescue and taken measures to stymie us. Good thing they had no idea what level of sophistication I could produce when I needed to think of a new way to break in.

“Alright guys, we all know the plan right?” asked Brad. We had been over it multiple times now, but this was just an assurance. “On Craig’s signal, move to the front door. James, I sure hope this works.”

“Yeah, me too,” I responded. I was much more nervous about what would happen after that. One slip-up and we could wake her up. And that would be a torturous fate.

“It might take me a minute to pick the crib lock,” Emily said. “It’s one of the few things we couldn’t really learn anything about beforehand, so I’ll just have to see it and improvise. While I’m doing that, just try to be as still as possible. We don’t need any random movement causing noise.”

“Yup, and I’ll be motionless outside the door with eyes on the hallway,” added Sophie, her voice quaking mildly. “So…I’ll be the first one Carly sees if she wakes up…”

The tension was palpable for Sophie, she was clearly freaked about this whole thing. Which was odd, given that it was me who’d seen the women on the campus plaza and that Carly Dunfee’s sadism was targeted towards men. Then again, Sophie had every right to be afraid–if we were ever caught, whatever additional sadism she possessed was just the icing on the cake. The real risk was losing our way of life.

“Trust me, Sophie, she’s getting all of us or none of us,” Brad reassured her.

“Alright guys, can you hear me? I’ve got eyes on you from the van, parked at the extraction location. You’re good to go in. Let’s get this moving,” Craig announced. It was time.

Sophie and I followed Brad and Emily to the front door. We crouched and walked slowly to be as silent as possible. Under normal circumstances I’d be checking out Emily’s ass directly in front of me, but the pit of nerves in my stomach had me thinking of other things.

We reached the door and got out of the rain under the porch cover. Brad and Emily looked at me and nodded, signaling it was my time to shine with my device. I looked in through the window and saw the alarm system, exactly where it was normally installed in houses like this. The green light confirmed that it was activated, so my device would be critical.

I slowly removed the device from my pack and inspected it to make sure it had stayed dry. It appeared to be fine, as the rain was not heavy enough to soak through the canvas pack. I set up the tripod legs so it would stand and turned it on.

“Okay, it will need a minute or so to properly calibrate to the wavelengths from the sensors. I gave it a red LED light that will illuminate whenever it is done doing so. We need to wait for that before we go in,” I told them.

“Okay then, just be patient,” Emily replied.

We stood motionless waiting for the light to activate. For some reason, a wellspring of self-doubt rose within me. I was not even sure why, but now I was thinking my solution might be too crude to interfere with the sensors as planned. Perhaps they had built-in methods for preventing signal interference. What if I’d calibrated it wrong? What if we opened that door and the alarm sounded? We would just have to run and hope for the best.

What if she sprung out of bed and caught us? Amazons were surely faster on their legs, which were easily six or seven feet long, than we were. What if the alarm triggered a police response? What if there was an investigation?

My intrusive thoughts were interrupted by the light suddenly turning on. The device had done its thing. Hopefully at this moment it was transmitting perfectly-spaced signals to disrupt communication between the sensors on the door and the central system. We would need to come out through the front door as well, since none of the other sensors would be in the device’s range.

“Okay, Emily, it’s on. Time to work your magic on the door,” I whispered.

“Moment of truth,” she said, as she pulled her pliable metal tool from her pocket and inserted it into the lock. After a few moments of twisting and contorting it, she was able to turn the lock.

“Slow, now,” Brad whispered, as she gingerly and purposefully pushed the front door open. I held my breath as the hinges creaked, waiting for the blaring of the alarm. It did not sound. Emily pushed the door completely open and we all crept inside. Success!

I could make out Emily’s beaming smile under her facemask as she extended her first towards me. I bumped it, as Brad patted me on the back.

“Way to fucking go James!”

“Hell yeah man!”

“Holy shit that was awesome”

The only person who didn’t need to keep their voice hushed was Craig, who cheered from the van into our earplugs. “Coast is clear!” he added, as we closed the door behind us.

I had to put aside my moment of elation to focus on the task at hand. It was wonderful having that kind of value to the mission and delivering my best when it was required. Moments like that were a main motivator for me joining in the first place. Impressing confident, aggressive, driven people like Brad and especially Emily was my dream. But for now there was more work to be done. We were far from out of the woods.

Being in a house like this was unfamiliar. To begin with, everything was huge, as it was sized for Amazons. Most Littles stand between four and a half and six feet tall, while Amazons often exceed twelve feet. Being in an Amazon’s house was like being an actual toddler. All of the dimensions were off, you couldn’t see over things you normally could. I did not really experience this in Rose’s rescue because we entered through the vent and were only in her nursery room. In there, many pieces of furniture were sized for Littles, so it was not as jarring as it was now.

Brad beckoned for us to follow him as we slowly crept towards the staircase. Because it was dead silent, every footfall or creak of the floorboards sounded deafening. It was a wonder we did not wake up Carly with the amount of noise. But of course it only sounded so loud because we were trying so hard to be quiet.

As we reached the top of the staircase and turned right, Brad pointed towards the door of the nursery. I sure hoped he was right about this being our door, because the process of going in the house and up the staircase had me disoriented. I could feel my heartbeat in my ears as another invasive thought of walking into Carly’s bedroom entered my head. I let out a deep breath to calm myself and began lightly humming to keep myself in the moment. The three of us filed in, while Sophie stayed out to keep an eye on the hallway.

The nursery room was similar to Rose’s in the sense that many things were scaled to a Little’s size. The crib was directly in the middle, and I could immediately make out the figure that must have been Mike. However, as I looked closer, I could tell many things in the room were very different from Rose’s. There was a large shelf containing a number of Little supplies like stacks of diapers, powder, and various creams. However, there was also a row of sex toys.

There were objects like buttplugs, chastity cages, whips, paddles, and other small devices of torture. Carly clearly ramped up the torture after her first charge was legally taken from her. Where in the past she had solicited another person to assist in the abuse, she appeared to have taken it into her own hands for Mike.

I realized this was definitely the case when I saw an Amazon-sized strap-on dildo next to the aforementioned objects. My blood ran cold seeing this. Carly obviously used it on her charge. It was so huge that I couldn’t imagine a scenario where it didn’t cause extreme physical pain; probably close to a foot long. I wanted to puke. I was conflicted between a sense of righteous vengeance that told me to break this poor man out of his personal hell and my fight or flight response telling me to sprint out the door to safety as soon as possible. I could not conceive of a future like this. It couldn’t happen to me. I couldn’t let it happen to me.

“Okay, we got ourselves a minor problem,” Brad said under his breath. “First, let’s wake him up and turn on the lights so we can see better. Getting him loose might take a minute.”

Emily reached through the bars of the crib to place her hand on Mike’s shoulder. “Hey, you need to wake up. Wake up. Wake up,” she repeated a few times to him as he began to stir from sleep.

Mike gained consciousness and immediately jumped backwards from the shock of seeing strangers in his room at night. He hit his head hard on the back of the crib and breathed heavily. Emily, Brad, and I all shushed him simultaneously to make sure he didn’t do anything that would make a lot of noise. I could not see a Little monitor, but it was very possible Carly had one somewhere.

“Hey, hey, relax, just relax. We’re from Direct Action and we’re gonna get you out of here. But you need to cooperate with us,” Emily said confidently. “We are going to turn the lights on.”

I was nearest to the door, and thus the light switch, so I went over and flipped it on. The sudden light was harsh on our eyes after several minutes in the dark, so all of us, especially Mike, recoiled and squinted for a few seconds.

When I opened my eyes, I got my first good look at the babified man. This revealed that babification was not his only problem; he’d also been sissified. His head was shaved bald like a baby but he was wearing nothing but a frilly pink onesie over his thick diaper. His cheeks looked unnaturally rosy, probably as a result of some kind of cosmetic product Carly had used on him to “doll him up.” He also had on knee-high pink fuzzy socks. It seemed her idea was to shave him bald on top of all the teacup party girly shit to make him look like as much of an otherworldly freak as possible. Not altogether different as a concept from Rose’s ugly haircut that Janet had given her. The purpose was to leave no doubt to any observer that the Little was a dependent baby and not an adult who was capable of taking care of their own needs. Mercifully for all of us, the diaper did not droop or sag and appeared to be clean, at least.

I also saw the problem Brad had mentioned. Mike did not have a standard pacifier gag like Rose had. He had this bizarre leather contraption that attached his pacifier gag to a leather circlet around his neck. This in turn was connected via a metal chain that was secured around one of the posts of the crib with a metal ring. It all looked like another BDSM-type thing Carly used to abuse him. We would need to free him from this binding before we could get him out of the crib. Oh joy.

“Shit, okay, let’s divide and conquer. I’ll work on picking the padlock on the crib, as planned,” Emily began. “Brad, do you have anything you think we could use to cut that thing off him?”

“Yeah,” he replied, “I got something. James, come give me a hand please.”

I wasn’t sure what he needed me for, but I walked over as Emily began working on her second lock of the night. Brad rummaged around in his bag and produced a large pair of scissors. They looked like the kind of scissors that could be used to cut meat or some other tough material. They’d have no chance against the metal, but perhaps they could get through the leather.

“Okay James,” he whispered as he grabbed a part of the leather near Mike’s neck, “you’re gonna hold this for me while I cut. Try to get as much separation as possible so I can get the scissors underneath.”

I made a tight fist so my fingers would be tucked well away from the razor-sharp blade. Mike did not look comfortable with the idea of having the blade so close to his jugular vein, but it was what had to be done. This added to the growing number of reasons why I did not envy Mike. Brad also seemed to see the discomfort on his face.

“Mike, do your best to remain completely still. I’ll be as careful as I can,” he reassured him.

With Emily still working away on the lock, I gripped the leather strap and pulled. Brad was able to slip the open scissors into the gap between the restraint and Mike’s skin. With much exertion, he began cutting. Leather is very tough, and he didn’t have the best angle. Brad was trying to strike a delicate balance between maximizing the use of his strength to cut through the bond and being careful not to cut Mike. Once he had the cut established in the leather, it was less difficult to complete severing the strap between the gag and the collar.

That was one of three things that needed to be cut before Mike could be freed. The second bit was a wider strap that attached the back of the gag to the collar. This strap encircled most of the back of Mike’s upper neck. It would require much more labor to cut it, so Brad took a moment to catch his breath before he continued.

Mike suddenly began to shift around frantically. His eyes widened as he focused in a particular direction. He made a series of muffled grunts through his pacifier. Emily looked up from her lockpicking and said, “Come on man we’re almost done. Keep your cool, we’ve got to be quiet!”

He made a few more muffled noises, louder and more panicked. I looked at what he seemed to be looking at. It was a small red digital clock that read 1:27 AM. I wondered what he was freaking out about, but I knew it was not a good sign. I had a feeling we had best hurry.

“Hold still, Mike, I need to cut again. You’re almost free,” Brad told him, attempting to calm him down.”

Mike begrudgingly stopped moving, but the look of anxiety on his face remained. Brad began cutting again, with me holding the wider strap off his neck. This one was much thicker and secured closer to his skin, so it took more effort for me to bring it away. With a lot of effort, I managed to. Brad made a small incision and worked from there as before. It took him maybe a minute and a half, but he cut loose the wide strap.

Mike began making noise again and pointed at the clock. 1:29 AM. Fuck. This could not possibly be good.

“Okay, collar off, quick!” Brad said, seeming to sense the urgency too. It didn’t help that we had no idea what was going on.

With that, I grabbed the thin leather collar that was attached to the chain. I quickly pulled it away from his throat, and Brad cut it. This one took the least time, as the collar was less than an inch wide. Brad simply had to begin the cut and the collar was basically severed.

At that moment, I heard the faint sound of a phone alarm going off. It was coming from a different room but audible through the walls.


That harsh sound again. Oh, fuck. This could be it. I looked up at the clock once more. 1:30 AM. The fight or flight response shot up to a thousand as the adrenaline raged through my whole system.

As Brad cut through the end of the collar, Mike hastily reached up and ripped off the whole apparatus. It was only attached on a single side at this point, so removing it was easy. He spat out his pink pacifier and said, “You guys need to get the fuck out of here, NOW.”

“Not without you,” Emily said calmly, as she finished picking the lock. Holy fuck this woman was nuts. I looked down at my fingers as they trembled heavily from the nervous energy. How she could keep calm enough to pick a lock under this circumstance was mind-boggling. Ice in her veins. She had never been hotter.

Emily flung open the crib and moved towards the door. Mike jumped out and followed behind her, with remarkable athleticism given the thick diaper around his waist and ridiculous high socks. With Brad behind us, we opened the door and prepared to make a dash for the exit.

The instant we opened the door, Sophie came crashing through it, almost knocking Emily over in the process. She scream-whispered, “CODE RED, HIDE!” and ducked under a dresser.

Emily took a step back, still surprised by Sophie’s move. Then she hurried to the back of the room and knelt down behind the changing table. Footsteps thundered through the house, signaling a giant on the move. It was as chilling as a movie with a giant monster; I could practically hear the “Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum.” Except this monster was real. At first I froze, but then I gathered myself. What were they, fucking crazy?? We had to go, NOW. What was hiding going to accomplish? We had to make a scramble for the exit.

I turned towards the group as I ran towards the door. I began to say, “What the fuck are you doing? We need to get the hell out of he–”

The door flung open and the massive silhouette of an Amazon appeared outside. Carly Dunfee moved into the room, her features becoming clear. She was wearing only pajama bottoms, with no top. Her beach ball-sized boobs caught my attention for the split second before I realized my worst fears were a reality.

She gasped when she saw the three of us, and quickly reached down and grabbed hold of the nearest target. Me. I had been in front of the other members of our group. I screamed bloody murder as her grip closed around me. I was powerless to fight back. Brad was strong compared to me, but her strength was on a whole different level. Superhuman. Amazon.

That did not stop me from thrashing about as much as possible. I kicked, scratched, punched, squirmed, and bit. But her skin was so thick it was like a house cat biting a rhinoceros. She lifted me up with one massive hand grabbing my legs. I wanted to scream, to explode. My world was ending. No more engineering classes. No more lab. No more hope of finally breaking through with Emily. No more dreams. Just a miserable fate.

Tears streamed down my face as I continued fighting and screaming. Eventually, she held me upside down by my legs so I could basically not fight anymore. It felt like an out-of-body experience as I hung there. I went from agony to numbness, detached from reality as I began to experience shock.

Carly Dunfee said loudly, “My oh my, two more Little boys for my…enjoyment. Lost, are you? What brings you to my home at this hour? Didn’t your mothers ever tell you it’s against the rules to break into a grown up’s house? No matter, I’ll have plenty of time to teach you manners. Little Mikey, I don’t know where you thought you were going, but it looks like you’ll have two new little brothers! You can even help them learn how to take one of mommy’s funtime toys in their bums. Doesn’t that sound great?”

The horror of the situation pulsed through me as she delivered her sadistic speech. She closed the door behind her and stepped forward again. I could see Brad and Mike had crouched down against the back wall, keeping as much distance as possible from Carly.

“Oh, and what is this? Another baby along with you? Now what would a Little girl be doing getting mixed up with these troublemakers?” Carly asked snarkily as she advanced to the point where she could see Emily. Sophie’s hiding spot was a bit better than Emily’s; Carly could not see her under the dresser. Emily scrambled over next to Brad and Mike, hunkering down with them. Preparing for a fruitless, hopeless fight.

“This was my plan, you sadistic bitch. We’re rescuing Mike from your prison. Fuck you,” Emily snarled as she spit towards Carly. Damn, no fear. Only fury.

Carly responded with a laugh as she took another step towards them. “What a mouth you’ve got on you! I’ll have to run to the store to restock on soap tomorrow. In the meantime, let’s get the other three of you diapered and put to bed for the night. It’s way past your bedtime, and we all know what Littles will do to carpet without proper protection.”

She reached towards Brad next and grabbed him as she’d grabbed me. She held him upside down, as she was holding me. He tried to fight but had no more luck than I did. Amazons were the great equalizer. She dangled each of us next to one of her bare breasts.

“That being said, boys are my favorite. I’ve got such plans for you two. Mikey, climb back into your crib while I deal with them.” Carly gestured towards Emily. “And little missy, if you want to avoid a very red bottom, you’ll get in the crib with him while I get your two little brothers all situated. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll do as I say.”

Carly still stood between Mike and Emily and the exit. Mike, knowing any hope of an escape was lost now, slowly and dejectedly walked back towards his crib. Emily did not follow him. As Mike began to climb into it, Emily stood up. She put her fists out in front of her and bounced readily from foot to foot.

“I’m not doing a God damned thing you say, cunt. Not now, not ever. I don’t care what you do to me. I’m your worst fucking nightmare, not the other way around. You want me to submit? I won’t. Whatever you want to happen, you’ll have to make me do it!” Emily shouted at Carly.

Carly sighed, seemingly more annoyed than anything. She replied, “Oh dear. I can see you’re going to be great fun.” She set me down in the crib with Mike and took a step towards Emily. Looking back to me, she ordered, “Don’t you move a muscle unless you want to learn just how mean a mad mommy can be.”

That was enough persuasion for me. Fuck. I wanted to run but there was nothing to be done. She was too big, too strong, too fast. I didn’t have a good enough angle to the door anyways, I was still within arms reach of her. I was just thankful to no longer be upside down and in her clutches.

With Brad in one hand, Carly made a move toward Emily. She reached out to grab onto her but Emily reacted quickly. With a quick chopping motion, she blocked the Amazon’s massive hand and moved again out of her range.

“Try again bitch,” Emily taunted. This required Carly to take another two massive steps forward. She reached out towards Emily again, but as Emily made a move to evade once again, Carly swung one of her tree trunk legs and connected with Emily’s lower torso. Emily flew into the wall and crumbled to the floor.

Carly took her massive foot and pinned Emily’s legs to the carpet. Emily yelped as she was caught under the force. Carly used her free hand to begin smacking Emily’s bottom wildly. It looked so forceful, so painful. She had Emily screaming from the pain after three swats, but she kept going, yelling at her the whole time.

“You Little brat, I’ll show you your place!”

“I can be awfully mean to Little girls too, you just wait and see!”

“This is just the beginning, when I’m through you won’t be able to sit on your padded butt for weeks!”

It was then that I realized, with Emily on the floor in the corner and Carly basically kneeling down on top of her, that Sophie had a clear shot to the door. The dresser she’d been hiding under was between Carly and the exit now. And Carly still didn’t know she was there.

Sophie decided to take her chance. In the commotion, she rolled sideways out from under her hiding spot and sprung to her feet. She dashed towards the door and flung it open.

“Wha-” Carly turned her head in surprise. She took her foot off Emily to give chase to Sophie. I decided to jump out of the crib as well, thinking there was a chance I could split off and give her two targets to pursue. That would be a lot harder for her, especially in the rain.

But none of that would happen. As Carly turned heel and prepared to run, Brad swiftly reached into his pack and pulled something out. He used his toned abs to curl his upper body so that he was upright. Looking Carly in the face, he cried out at her to grab her attention. She was momentarily distracted by the loud noise and looked disoriented as she hurriedly turned back towards Brad.

In his hand was the bottle of “secret weapon” I’d handed to him before we began our excursion. He raised it, aimed at Carly’s face, and fired. A cloud of bright orange gas enveloped her face, with fluid entering her eyes, nose, and open mouth. She recoiled and her knees buckled. Carly Dunfee let out a banshee’s wail.


She released Brad, dropping him from a height of ten feet or so. Brad rolled out of his fall and rose to his feet. Carly fell first onto her knees and then began to slump forward. Clutching her massive hands to her face, she fell to the floor, completing a face plant. Writhing topless on the floor, her threat had been momentarily neutralized.

Brad sprinted past me and yelled, “Fuck, James, run! Get the fuck to the van!”

I’d been so shell-shocked by what I’d just witnessed that I had frozen. Again. I guess I needed to stop doing that. Mike jumped out of the crib behind me and we tore off through the upstairs of the house. We followed Brad to the staircase and essentially tumbled down the stairs in our haste to leave Carly Dunfee’s home. Emily followed along behind us, still breathing heavily from her encounter with the giant.

“Run, guys, to me! You can make it!” Craig encouraged, from the safety of his van, through our earpieces. Easy for him to be so hopeful, having not been in that room, moments away from having his adulthood stripped away.

As we flung open the front door, we could still hear the bellowing sound of Carly’s agony behind us. Who knew how long she’d be down for? Ghost peppers were dangerously hot, but Amazons had increased levels of resistance to such things. At least, more than Littles did.

Arriving back at the porch, I took one moment to pick up my device. I didn’t want to leave it there; it might prove useful sometime in the future. I did not bother to stuff it in my pack since it appeared the rain had ceased.

Mike was not able to move as fast as we were in his diapered state. And that might not be the end of it. God only knew whether she’d shoved a butt plug or dildo in his ass. From what I now knew of Carly, something like that seemed probable. And that did not sound like very much fun to run with.

Emily and Brad charged ahead as I stayed back with him. We crossed the street and entered the park. Craig’s headlights were now visible in the parking lot. We just had to be careful, not trip on any roots, and navigate through the trees. We were there. Home free.

With Mike waddling beside me, we reached the van. Sophie had made it a minute ago or so. Brad and Emily were still hyperventilating and trying to pile in. Mike and I followed after them. Craig cheered loudly as he revved up his engine and sped in the opposite direction of Carly Dunfee’s home. He was the only one celebrating. The rest of us were still somewhere between panic, shock, and exasperated elation.


Really liking this story so far…though for all their planning looks like not having masks on is a pretty big oversight…we will see what happens but methinks their days of rebelling are numbered.

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