Digimon Adventure 02: Kamiya Secrets

Digimon Adventure 02: Kamiya Secrets

Hey all, hand an idea for a story for this series, but it’s not completely planned out, so for the time being I’m making it a short story. I had trouble finding some information, so there will be some inaccurate parts, but it shouldn’t matter that much. Takes place in season 2, staring my favorite character of the season, Kari Kamiya. Enjoy.


The automated door opened, admitting two women into the small store. The first was a teenager, short brown hair, and red colored eyes. She wore pink fingerless gloves that covered her arms up past her elbows, a sleeveless shirt that was pink on top and white below her chest, a pair of light yellow shorts, a brown buckle belt, white socks, and pink and white zipper shoes. A small camera hung from her neck, and a hair clip prevented her hair from covering the left side of her face. Her name was Kari Kamiya, and she was 14 years old.

Under her right arm was what appeared to be a stuffed animal of a cat. It had white fur with three purple tips on the end of both its ears and tail, and blue eyes. Over its front paws were lime green gloves with orange claw marks. Its name was Gatomon.

Next to her was a woman in her early forties. She had brown hair that would fall to her shoulder blades had it not been tied back into a pony tail. Her eyes were a light blue in color. She wore a blue short sleeved t-shirt that matched her eye color, a pair of brown shorts, white socks, and blue zipper shoes. Her name was Nayomi Kamiya.

“Okay, we got the boys out for the night, we got the movie, now we just need the snacks and we’ll be golden.” Nayomi said, grabbing a shopping cart. “You’re welcome to put little Gato in the child’s seat Kari.”

“Sure, thanks Mom.” Kari said, seating Gatomon in the cart.

“I know how much she means to you Kari, I’m amazed at how real this stuffed animal looks like her. You’ll have to direct me to the person who made her, there skill is incredible!” Nayomi said.

Kari gave a nervous laugh. Even though she’d been able to go to the digital world for months now, she hadn’t told her parents. After the whole Myotismon and Dark Masters incidents, she knew how worried her parents would get if they knew the digital world needed her again. Not wanting them to worry, she had said she’d gotten a stuffed animal of her partner, in order to cover her presence.

“So let’s see.” Nayomi started. “Popcorn, sodas, M&Ms, French Vanilla ice cream…do we need anything else?”

“Not for our movie night, but I do need something else.” Kari said, her cheeks turning pink.

“Oh? What do you need?” Nayomi asked.

“I need more um…that is, I, uh…” Kari took a quick look around for anyone nearby, before leaning close to her mother. “I’m out of diapers Mom.”

Nayomi nodded her head in understanding. Kari had never been the healthiest child, she had caught pneumonia at the age of four and nearly died. Throughout the years Kari had gotten sick again, sometimes to the point where it was exhausting to travel to the bathroom of her own power. During times such as that, her parents had agreed that it was okay to diaper Kari, in order to help conserve her strength to fight whatever illness she had at the time.

Kari hadn’t minded at all, and after getting reamed once for teasing his little sister, Tai didn’t either. Even when Kari wasn’t sick, the Kamiya family bought sample pack for her, generally containing eight diapers. Should she ever feel sick, she’d have one to slip on, though every few months they’d return unopened packs for new one or ones that better fit the growing girl.

“You’re out?” Nayomi questioned.

“Remember last Wednesday when I needed to go home early? And how I stayed home Thursday as well?” Kari questioned.

“That bad?” Nayomi asked. Kari nodded her head. “You’re better now though, right.”

“Much better Mom.” Kari assured her.

“Alright, we’ll restock. How are you doing on the changing supplies?”

“Um…not sure.”

“Well, it wouldn’t hurt to grab at least one package of wipes and powder I suppose…I’ll grab the soda and ice cream, you grab the popcorn and M&Ms, and we’ll meet up in the health care isle.”

“Okay Mom, watch Gatomon for me.”

“I will Kari.”

The pair split up, grabbing the snacks they were assigned before meeting up in the health care isle. After placing her snacks in the cart, Kari walked down the thankfully vacant isle with her mother. Upon reaching the part that contained the incontinent products, Kari looked over the selection of diapers while her mother looked for any special package deal for powder and wipes.

Finding a pack that would fit her, Kari reached out to grab it when another package caught her eyes. The top half of the container was see through, revealing the diapers within. Inside, she could make out that not only did these diapers have a plastic cover, but there was also a small picture strip on the front, just like a baby diaper! Flipping the package around, Kari also found that not only would they fit her, but they also only had a single, but strong tape on each flap.

Kari bit her lip; she wanted these diapers. They were essentially large baby diapers, something Kari had only dreamed of. Truth be told, Kari liked wearing diapers, and she liked the idea of being babied even more. It had been two years ago when she had been so sick she was confined to her bed that she discovered her feelings.

Her throat had been sore, and Kari couldn’t raise her voice higher then a whisper, but she needed something to fill her stomach. She’d tried calling out, but when no one came, she had tried making the journey to the kitchen herself. She had made it just through the doorway when she lost her balance and crashed through a small stand in the hallway.

Kari hands suffered deep gashes across the palms, as a result of trying to stop her fall. As a result, Kari had been unable to use her hands to grip things for the next few weeks. After getting her hands treated, Nayomi had gotten a loud buzzer for Kari, so as not to repeat the incident, and proceeded to feed Kari her meals herself; even going as far as using a baby bottle once to get some soup into her stomach.

That was the time Kari truly realized her love of being babied, and that extended to her diapers as well, though she kept both hidden. She wasn’t sure how her family would take her unusual desires, and found that she didn’t have the courage to risk the relationships she had now with her family to find out if they’d accept them. She was the digidestined of light, not courage.

Her main concern now was that her mother wouldn’t approve of the diapers looking so babyish. Looking carefully at the packaging, she tried to find something that could be used as a good argument should she need one. A hand suddenly clasped her shoulder. “That doesn’t look like a sample pack.” Nayomi stated, looking curiously at the package in Kari’s hand.

“It’s not, but these have better leg designs then the kind we usually get, and they have even better absorbency and leak guards too.” Kari replied.

“It also costs more and contains twenty-four instead of eight.” Nayomi said. Leaning down, she got a closer look at the package. “These won’t even fit you Kari.”

“Yes they will.” Kari stated almost immediately after Nayomi finished speaking.

“No they won’t, the waist size isn’t right.” Nayomi said. Taking a glance at what was on the shelf, she then said, “That’s the largest size they have of that brand too. Let’s just grab your usual pack and go.”

Kari didn’t want to, she knew they’d fit her; she’d just checked her waist size last night. That, coupled with how much she wanted that brand, caused Kari to do something she’d never have normally do. Grabbing Gatomon and the bottle of baby powder from the cart, she said, “I’ll prove they fit!”

“W-what?” Nayomi asked, surprised at her outburst. Kari brushed past her, making her way to the ladies room just down the isle. “Kari!”

Kari ignored her and entered the ladies room. Taking a quick look under the stalls, she saw the bathroom was empty, save her presence. Entering the handicapped stall, she locked the door, pulled down the changing station, and placed Gatomon and the supplies on the board.

Suddenly, Gatomon got to her feet. “Wow Kari, I’ve never seen you act like that before, you must really want these diapers!”

Kari blushed as she unbuckled her belt. “Yeah, you don’t think I’m going overboard, do you?”

“Maybe a little, but backing off now might raise more questions then if you continued.” Gatomon answered.

Pulling her shorts and white panties off, Kari nodded her head in agreement. Setting her clothes next to Gatomon, she ripped open the package and pulled out a diaper. Examining the cover for a moment, she noted the picture strip was of cartoon kittens. Smiling, she placed the diaper down on the station, and grabbed the bottle of powder.

Opening the bottle, she shook some into her free hand, and applied it to her backside. Repeating the process on the front side, albeit with some minor moaning, she closed the bottle and set it down. Picking the diaper up, she unfolded it fully, pulled out the flaps, and positioned it between her legs.

Pulling the diaper up tightly, she moved over to the wall and leaned against it. Making certain the diaper stayed in place from behind, she released her grip on the back of the diaper, and pulled free one of the large tapes on the flap. Pulling up on the diaper, and flattening it against her skin, she pulled the tape tightly across the front of the diaper, firmly attaching it. Repeating the process with the other side, she did a brief check for leak holes and found none.

Pushing off the wall, Kari examined the diaper around her waist. The diaper fit snuggly, though the padding caused her legs to spread out a few inches. The tapes over the front were larger then normal, but firmly secured the diaper around her waist. Taking a few steps, she found she had to move with a mild waddle, and that the diaper crinkled with every step.

Gatomon opened her mouth to say something, but a knock on the door caused her to pause. “Kari, you in there?” It was Nayomi.

“Yup, and I was right Mom.” Kari said, walking/waddling over to the door. Opening it, she offered, “See for yourself.”

Nayomi entered the stall, and Kari closed the door behind her. Examine the diaper, she saw that while the diaper did cover her hips, it was surprisingly bulky. Bending down, she ran her hand over the bulky backside. Kari meeped in surprise, but didn’t say anything as Nayomi thoroughly examined her diaper.

“I suppose you are right.” Nayomi finally said. Straightening up, she walked over to the changing station, grabbed Kari’s shorts, and stretched them out in front of her. “Step in, the sooner we pay for these, the sooner we can get home and start our movie night.” Kari moved to take her diaper off, but Nayomi stopped her. “You were so eager to wear your diaper you can wear it out of here Kari, I don’t want you wasting it.”

Kari blushed, while her shorts would cover her diaper from view, it would do nothing to hide the bulk. Swallowing, she stepped into her shorts, and Nayomi pulled them up her legs. Pocketing Kari’s panties, she grabbed Gatomon and the bottle of powder and exited the stall, leaving Kari to collect the package of diapers and waddle behind her.

After placing Gatomon and the supplies in the shopping cart, Nayomi pushed the cart to the registers, Kari following close behind her. Finding a lane open, Nayomi entered the lane, and began removing the snacks and changing supplies from the cart. The teenage girl behind the register began ringing up the items, though paused upon reaching the diapers.

“We have a special today ma’am.” The girl informed them. She reached under the register and pulled out a small package containing two pacifiers, and placed them in the grocery bag. “Two pacifiers for every bag of diapers free…ma’am, you might want to grab another package, this one appears to have been opened.”

“I’m aware of that.” Nayomi responded.

The girl behind the counter shot her a questioning look, then glanced at Kari, noting how she quickly turned away, her face flushed. Looking down, she saw how Kari’s shorts bulged out, and noticed a bit of white fabric sticking out of the girl’s shorts. She shot Kari a sympathetic look.

“Poor girl, not feeling to well, huh?” The teen asked. Kari’s blush deepened, but she didn’t respond. “My cousin once had a urinary track infection, and had to wear diapers for two weeks before the meds the doctor gave her worked. Poor girl, she got teased mercilessly by her classmates. Best of luck to you.”

Kari didn’t say anything, just looked down at her shoes, blushing. Nayomi saw this, and nudged Kari with her elbow. Seeing her questioning look, Nayomi motioned to the register girl. Sighing, Kari muttered a small, “Thank you.”

“No problem, I can only imagine how embarrassing it must be to wear a diaper again.” The register girl said as she finished ringing up the supplies. Nayomi swiped her credit card, and the transaction went through. Putting the bags of supplies into Nayomi’s shopping cart, she turned to Kari. “Hope you feel better soon.”

Not wanting another elbow, Kari promptly responded. “Me too, and thank you again.” To her embarrassment, Nayomi patted her on the head like one would to praise a small child. Blushing, Kari followed Nayomi out of the store.


Twenty minutes later, both women entered their apartment, Kari carrying the bag of her supplies and Gatomon, and Nayomi the snacks and movie. Taking a moment to remove her shoes, Nayomi turned to Kari.

“Go put away your supplies and change into your pajamas, though I expect to see your diaper still on.” Nayomi stated.

“Yes Mom.” Kari said, her cheeks pink. Slipping off her shoes, she walked around the kitchen’s counter, down the small hallway, and entered her room.

Kari’s room consisted of a queen sized bed, a work desk with a PC, a bookcase, two dressers, a nightstand, and two cabinets. On the wall opposite the door, was a sliding window. The wall to the right of the door contained a closet as well. Closing the door behind her, Kari put Gatomon and her supplies on her bed.

“Wow Kari, I didn’t think your Mom would force you to keep your diaper on.” Gatomon said.

“I know.” Kari replied as she slid her shorts off. “God that was so embarrassing.”

“Well, that’s what you’ll have to face if you ever decide to wear them full time Kari.” Gatomon replied.

Opening one of her cabinets, Kari grabbed a pink short sleeved shirt, and tossed it on the bed. Taking her camera off, she placed it onto the dresser next to her before pulling her shirt off, leaving her nude except for her diaper and socks.

“I know Gatomon.” Kari said as she pulled on the pink shirt, its rim not reaching her waist. “But if I ever get the chance to wear full time, I intend to have tops and bottoms to help hide my diapers when in public.”

“Sounds expensive.” Gatomon said thoughtfully.

Kari, who had taken her supplies out of the grocery bag, paused at that. She had never considered cost before. Off the top of her head, getting a job would be the answer to that problem, but who would hire a teenage girl wearing diapers? Much less one with responsibilities such as her, i.e. her digidestined duties.

Biting her lip, she placed the package of diapers, wipes, and baby powder into the second cabinet. “I’ll deal with that if I ever get that far.” She finally said.

“Forget something?” Gatomon asked. Kari turned to see her partner holding the package of pacifiers. Blushing, she reached out to take them when the pair heard a knock on the door. Gatomon quickly dropped the packet, and lay out on the bed.

“Kari, you done yet?” Nayomi asked through the door. “Popcorn is ready, and the DVD is in the machine!”

“I’m coming Mom.” Kari yelled back. She waited for a moment, listening to her mother’s footsteps leave her door. “Jeez, I know Mom loves Kevin Costner, but this is ridiculous.”

“Who?” Gatomon asked.

“You want to watch the movie with us? It’s called Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.” Kari offered.

“What if it’s boring?” Kari placed a finger to her lips in thought, before a mischievous grin crossed her face. “Kari?”

The digidestined of light said nothing, and merely picked Gatomon up with one arm, and grabbed the package of pacifiers. Opening the door, she exited her room and walked out into the living room.

Against the wall was a large screen TV, with VHS and DVD players attached to it, with stacks of movies next to them. A short distance across from the TV was a set of couches with a coffee table between them. To the right of the TV was a sliding glass door that lead to the balcony.

On the coffee table were bowls of popcorn and M&Ms, a tub of ice cream, and two glasses of soda. On one of the two couches, Nayomi laid out in a simple white t-shirt and a pair of blue shorts. In her hand was the DVD remote.

“What took you so long? Do you need your diaper changed?” Nayomi asked.

Kari blushed at that. “No Mom, just putting away the supplies and my dirty clothes. And Gatomon here wants to see the movie to!”

“Does she now?” Nayomi asked, as Kari sat down with Gatomon on her lap. She noticed the packet of pacifiers. “And what are those for?”

“To keep Gatomon occupied should she get bored.” Kari said as she opened the packet.

“Blasphemy!” Nayomi snapped, causing Kari to giggle; it was times like these that her mother acted more like a teenager then the adult she was.

Kari plucked a sky blue pacifier from the packet, and carefully placed it in Gatomon’s mouth. “Maybe so, but then digimon have different preferences then we do.” She bit her lip as she heard Gatomon discreetly grunt, clearly not happy with her current setup.

“I suppose you’re right.” Nayomi said, clicking buttons on the remote to start the movie. Once done with that, she reached over to the packet, pulled out the pink pacifier that remained, and plucked it into her surprised daughter’s mouth. “Now suckle on that like your partner Kari.”

Kari pulled the pacifier from her mouth, her cheeks pink. “But how will I eat with a pacifier in my mouth?”

“Just keep it in when you’re not eating.” Nayomi responded. She then smiled at her. “I dare say I have my baby girl back, with the way you are now.”

Kari blinked at that, before a small smile wormed its way onto her face. “I’ll always be your baby girl…Mommy.”

Nayomi smiled back at her daughter. “That you will be.” The opening scene to the movie started, and both women directed their attention to the screen.


Some time later, the bowls of popcorn and M&M were nearly empty, and the tub of ice cream was only three-fourths full. The TV displayed the message “Flip disk for part 2.” On the couches, Gatomon, Kari, and Nayomi laid out.

Stretching, Nayomi sat up. “A good time for an intermission, don’t you think?”

Kari removed the pacifier from her mouth. “Yeah, I need to get that other bag of M&Ms.”

“What part did you like best, thus far?” Nayomi asked.

Kari thought for a moment. “The part that Marian told Robin to take a bath.”

Nayomi giggled. “That is good, but I liked the part where Robin yelled for Azeem to get off his ‘damn’ knees.”

Kari laughed. “That was funny, but is more of a spur-of-the-moment kind of funny.”

Nayomi stood up, and stretched again. “Well, I’m making a bathroom run. You go ahead and grab the snacks, and take care of any other business you need.”

“Okay…Mommy.” Kari said with a giggle. Nayomi smiled, and as she made her way around the coffee table, patted Kari on the head.

Once Nayomi was out of sight, Gatomon spat the pacifier out of her mouth. “Kari!” She hissed.

“Easy there Gatomon.” Kari said, motioning her hands at her. “It wasn’t that bad, was it?”

“I spend most of the time trying not to pop it with my teeth!” Gatomon snapped. “You want to keep me and the digital world a secret from your parents, you’ll have to think carefully on how to avoid revealing me! How will you explain to your mother how my pacifier is wet with my own saliva?”

Kari bit her lip and looked down, ashamed. Seeing this, Gatomon sighed, before hopping onto her lap. "I’m not really angry Kari, but I do worry about you. You need to consider all possibilities, no matter what you are doing. You have more experience in the digital world then Cody, Davis, and Yolie, but not TK.

“I’m not trying to take anything away from you, you and I did deal with Myotismon and the Dark Masters, but you’ve yet to see what kind of consequences your actions have if you don’t think things through.” Gatomon paused, and removed the green glove from her right paw, revealing an ‘X’ shaped scar. “I only hope the consequences you suffer aren’t as severe as the ones I did.”

Kari absorbed everything Gatomon said. She realized how hard it must have been to bring out her scar, a constant reminder of her time under Myotismon. Taking a breath, Kari spoke. “I promise to think things out more thoroughly from now on Gatomon.”

“Good.” Gatomon said, placing the glove back on her paw. “Get me some sushi tomorrow and we’ll call it even.”

“Deal.” Kari said, scratching Gatomon behind her ear. Gatomon purred for a moment before pushing Kari’s hand off her.

“Best go get those snacks now.” Gatomon stated.

“Oh! Right!” Kari exclaimed. She leaped to her feet, and waddled as fast as she could to the kitchen. Back on the couch, Gatomon slipped her pacifier between the couch’s cushions. A few minutes later, Kari waddled back into the living room, and set a fresh bag of popcorn, and an unopened bag of M&Ms on the coffee table. She plopped herself onto the couch just as Nayomi popped her head around the corner.

“Got everything?”

“Eep!” Kari jumped in surprise, causing Nayomi to giggle. “That’s not funny Mom!”

“The times you don’t try to scare someone, but do, are always funny baby girl.” Nayomi said. She then held up her hand, revealing a clean diaper. “Does my baby girl need her diaper changed?”

Kari’s face flushed. “No Mom, I’m still-?!” Kari froze as she felt dampness between her legs. Looking down, she saw a small part of her diaper had taken a yellow hue. She had wet herself! Not a full blown wetting, but more then enough to change the outer cover of her diaper.

“If you got anything else you need to get out,” Nayomi started, drawing Kari’s attention, “Now’s the time. I won’t change you again until the movie is over.”

Kari’s face continued to resemble a tomato as she saw her mother gaze at her expectantly. Knowing Nayomi was serious, Kari stood up, before squatting down. Closing her eyes, Kari clenched herself, and slowly, a trickle entered her diaper, one that quickly grew to a full blown stream.

Letting out a sigh of relief, Kari focused on the harder part at hand. Scrunching her face, she grunted as she slowly pushed a load out into the seat of her diaper. She gave another grunt as she pushed another load out.

Blushing, Kari stood up, not meeting her mother’s eye. She could feel her diaper sagging between her legs, the load behind her sticking to her skin. Nayomi took Kari by her hand, and led her back to her bedroom, where a changing mat and supplies were laid out on her bed. Nayomi helped ease Kari down onto the mat, for which Kari shot her a grateful look.

Pealing the tapes off the front of the diaper, Nayomi pulled the front of the diaper away from Kari’s skin, and carefully pushed Kari’s legs up to her stomach. Lifting her daughter’s bum up, she slid the used diaper out from under the girl, and set it to one side. Taking the wet wipes, Nayomi spent the next few minutes cleaning Kari’s bum and front.

Once done with the cleaning, Nayomi took the bottle of baby powder, and applied it to Kari’s bum and front, taking a moment to rub it into the girl’s skin. Kari bit her lip as she held back a moan; as she had gotten older, this part of her diaper changes had gotten more of a reaction out of her body, for reasons she had only just recently discovered. Once done with the powder, Nayomi unfolded the diaper, lifted Kari’s bum up, and slid the diaper under the girl.

Taking a moment to adjust the diaper’s position under her, Nayomi lowered Kari onto it. Pulling the girls legs back down, she reached between them to grab the front of the diaper, and pulled it up between the girl’s legs. Opening the front flaps, she pulled the diaper tightly over Kari’s front. Reaching for the back flap, she ripped open the single tape, and pulled it tightly over the front, covering part of the kitty cat picture designs.

Nayomi repeated the process with the other side, and then ran her fingers along the leg holes, searching for leak holes. Finding none, she moved her fingers to Kari’s stomach and side, and began tickling the girl. Kari squealed and squirmed on the mat, trying unsuccessfully to escape her mother’s clutches. After a minute of so Nayomi stopped, leaving a red face Kari trying to catch her breath.

“Why did you do that?” Kari asked once she got her breathing under control.

“I thought you could use some cheering up.” Nayomi answered. “You seemed embarrassed to use your diaper in front of me, so I wanted to show you it still wasn’t a problem.”


“Kari, you’ve been going potty in your diapers for years now.” Nayomi said. “Why, just last year you wore them for over a week, and you forced yourself to go in front of me, your brother, and your father several time! I don’t know why you would think anything was any different now.”

Kari was silent for a time. She did remember that time. It had been a school vacation week, and she had a project assigned that was due the day they returned to class. While Kari hadn’t been feeling good, it wasn’t enough to warrant the use of diapers then, but she had faked the need. She worked from Saturday to Friday before she finished, diapered the whole time, cared for and aided by her mother. She had been willing to change back to panties after finishing her project, but Nayomi had insisted she wear them till school started, and that she rest for to remainder of her vacation, which she had done.

“I just thought,” Kari began, “Since I’m getting older and all, that, well…” She trailed off.

“Kari, I’ll be honest with you.” Nayomi stated, causing Kari to look up at her. "Every year of your life thus far you’ve worn and used at least one diaper. I remember you wore them quite often after you returned from the digital world. My point is this; I don’t see you not being involved in diapers in some form for many years to come.

“We both know your immune system is weaker then most people’s, which makes you more vulnerable to infections and bugs and the like. We also know you tend to have more accidents while you’re not well. And sure, we know most girls your age don’t have anything to do with diapers, much less wearing or using them, but you know what? I don’t care about any of that. You’re my daughter Kari, I care about your well being a lot more then what kind of clothes you wear. If you need diapers to help you function and manage yourself when you’re not well, then I’m more then willing to get them for you Kari. As long as wearing them doesn’t impede your ability to function, I have no problem with you wearing diapers when you need to. Understand?”

Kari understood alright. Her mother was accepting her need and usage of diapers when she was ill, but what about when she wasn’t? What would she say if she knew or found out that some of those times she had been ill, she hadn’t actually needed diapers, but wanted them? While her talk might have alleviated any fears of reprimand from using any diaper she had on, it didn’t fill her with enough confidence or courage to admit what she really wanted.

“I do.” Kari said, a small smile on her face. “Thanks for caring about me Mom, I know some people would have put me up for adoption rather then care for me or the financial costs for my needs.”

“While it’s good you realize that Kari, you should also realize that nothing you ever do could make me throw you away.” Nayomi stated sternly. “You’re my daughter, and I’ll always care for you, event though I wish I could have shielded you from things like your adventures in the digital world.”

“Mom?” Kari asked, alarmed that she might have discovered her recent activities.

“I understand that you were chosen by the powers that be to do your part to protect the digital world, I just wish I could have been there to help you and Tai when you faced those Dark Masters.” Nayomi said. “But seeing how useless I was during that vampire guy’s invasion, I recognize how I’d have been a burden going with you.” Looking Kari in the eye, she smiled. “But the digital world is behind us now. As long as you’re here, I’ll always help and take care of my baby girl as she grows up, no matter what, if anything, happens in the future.”

Kari sighed in relief; Nayomi didn’t know about her going back to the digital world. As long as she didn’t know that, she couldn’t make herself ill worrying about her, and that was all that mattered to Kari on that subject. Blinking, Kari realized how tired she was becoming, most likely due to emotional exhaustion of everything that had gone on the past few minutes.

“Thank you, Mommy.” Kari said, causing Nayomi’s smile to widen. “How about we finish Robin Hood now, I’m beginning to feel tired.”

“You can head back to the living room, I’ll clean up things in here and then we can continue the movie.” Nayomi stated. Kari nodded her head in agreement, and after standing back up, walked back to the living room.


“And Kevin gets another girl.” Nayomi said with a sigh, watching Robin Hood and Marian kiss on the screen. The credits started rolling a few seconds later.

“Who would you rather have, Kevin or your current family?” Kari asked as she lay back on the couch.

“My family, hands down.” Nayomi answered immediately. “But a girl can dream about the high life, can’t I?”

“Yes you can.” Kari said, closing her eyes.

“Did you enjoy the movie?” Nayomi asked.

“Yup, especially that part with the catapult.” Kari said. Nayomi giggled at that.

“When the brother cursed out of the blue after Robin and Azeem cleared the castle wall?” Nayomi asked. Kari nodded her head in response. “I liked it to, but just know Kari, if I ever hear curse words come out of your mouth, I will wash your mouth out with soap and then put you over my knee. Understand?”

“Yes Mommy.” Kari answered. “I remember the last time Tai cursed in front of you.”

“Good.” Nayomi said, nodding her head. She then took a closer look at Kari. “Are you okay baby girl?”

Kari’s cheeks were flushed, and Nayomi could see she was sweating slightly. “I’m just a little tired Mommy.” Was Kari’s response.

Nayomi rose from her spot on the couch and made her way to the closet in the hallway. There she grabbed an ear thermometer, walked back to the couch, and sat down next to Kari. Using her free hand to brush the hair away from Kari’s ear, she placed the thermometer in, clicked the device, and removed it after a few seconds.

“101.3.” Nayomi read. “You’re running a fever.”

“I’m sick?” Kari questioned. She had felt fine earlier.

“Apparently so.” Nayomi said. “Come on, let’s get you to bed baby girl.” Setting the ear thermometer down on the coffee table, Nayomi shifted one arm around Kari’s back, and the other under her legs. Making certain she had a good grip on Kari, Nayomi then lifted the girl up off the couch, and into her arms.

Kari’s eyes flew open. “Mommy!?”

“Relax baby girl, I got you.” Nayomi said as she began walking back to Kari’s room.

“I can walk, don’t hurt yourself!”

“You think I’m not strong enough to carry my baby girl to her bedroom?” I’ll still be able to lift you up for another year or two yet!" Nayomi said with a smile. Entering Kari’s room, she sat Kari on the bed, and checked her diaper. “You’re completely soaked baby girl.”

“Sorry Mommy.” Kari said as she struggled to keep her eyes open.

“It’s okay Kari, we know you can’t control yourself when you’re sick.” Nayomi said as she got the changing supplies out. “We’ll get you cleaned up and then you can get the rest you need baby girl.”

Shifting Kari down onto the changing pad, she made quick work of removing the wet diaper, cleaning her, powdering her, and taping on a fresh diaper. Once she was certain there were no leak holes, Nayomi rolled Kari off the pad, and removed the changing supplies from the bed. Taking a moment to dispose of the soiled diaper, Nayomi pulled back the bed sheets and blanket, and lifted Kari once again into her arms.

Setting Kari back down, she proceeded to tuck Kari into bed. Brushing the hair from the girl’s face, Nayomi saw that Kari had fallen asleep. Nayomi sighed, she wished Kari could be a healthy, normal little girl, but it was not meant to be. She was forced to suffer illnesses due to a weak immune system, and there was nothing anyone could do about it. That said, Kari was growing up to be a beautiful woman with a kind heart to match, and Nayomi couldn’t be prouder of how her little girl was turning out.


Nayomi blinked, before realizing Kari was asking for Gatomon. Exiting the room, she returned a minute later with Gatomon in arm, and the pink pacifier in hand. Setting Gatomon against Kari’s side, she watched as Kari’s body relaxed even more then it had been. Nayomi slipped the pacifier into the girl’s mouth, and watched with amusement as Kari immediately began suckling on it. Bending down, she kissed Kari’s forehead, and exited the room, closing the door behind her.


Two hours passed by. Gatomon carefully stood up on the bed, and looked at Kari. In her sleep, Kari had curled up into a ball, dragging the bed sheets and blanket around herself. She was still sound asleep.

Gatomon jumped to the floor, landing without a sound. Making her way to the window, she carefully opened it, a small breeze sweeping through the room. Pausing, Gatomon looked back on Kari, who merely yawned and continued suckling on her pacifier. Sighing with relief, Gatomon walked through the window sill, onto the ledge. Carefully closing the window behind her, Gatomon made certain there was enough room for her claws to slip in, so she could return later.

Walking the short ledge on all fours, Gatomon then leaped down onto the balcony a short distance away. Landing softly, she stood upright, and made her way to the sliding glass door, and tapped on it. A few seconds later, the door slid open.

“Did Kari see you?”

“Nope, she’s sleeping like a baby.” Gatomon answered, smirking at her pun as she walked it. “I just wanted to be certain she’d stay asleep before I left.”

“Thank you Gatomon.”

“You’re welcome Nayomi.”

Nayomi smiled down at Gatomon as she closed the sliding door. Walking over to the couch, she sat down, and opened a can of tuna. She set it on a plate as Gatomon climbed onto the couch, and placed the plate next to the digimon. Nayomi let Gatomon eat for a few minutes before she spoke.

“So Gatomon, how are things going in the digital world?” Nayomi asked.

Gatomon was currently trying to get what tuna was on her face, but her tongue couldn’t reach it all. Nayomi grabbed a napkin and cleaned it off. Gatomon smiled, and nodded her head in thanks, before her expression turned serious.

“We were making some headway against the Digimon Emperor up until this week.” Gatomon started. "Ken’s gotten smarter, and is beginning to target areas of value and different climate settings. Monday he targeted an area that’s a major food source for digimon; we managed to liberate it, but it was an exhausting fight, and we only freed the digimon in the area, he didn’t have any guards from others we could free.

"Tuesday he tried capturing an area in the desert that is said to be home of digimon of legend. He sent fire elemental digimon there to guard it, and while we freed the area, we were all sweaty and dehydrated; Hawkmon had actually de-armored digivolved in the middle of the fight. We never even saw any rare or powerful digimon in the area.

"Yesterday he attacked a swamp area, known for its healing herbs. It was a muggy area, and after TK fell waist deep into the swamp water, we had to armor digivolve and fly the kids around the area. By the time we reached the tower, only Digmon and Raindramon could fight. We barely won.

“Today we fought in an artic area. The Emperor was trying to melt the ice caps and cause a flood that would wipe out everything in the valley next to it in the area below it. As we made our way to the tower, Cody actually collapsed, and Yolie had to take him back to the real world. The rest of us attempted to topple the tower, but we were being pushed back. Just as it looked like we were going to be captured, a few locals who had avoided the dark rings managed to destroy the tower. We were lucky today.”

Nayomi was frowning by the end of Gatomon’s report. “All these different climates, and all of them critical to the digimon in that area and the ones surrounding it…he’s not targeting them just for his benefit, he’s targeting them to weaken the kids.”

“That’s about what Tai and I figured.” Gatomon said, nodding her head in agreement. “At least he’s not targeting the Primary Village.”

“The what?”

“Primary Village is where digimon are born.” Gatomon explained. “It’s being guarded by an island’s worth of digimon, rookie to ultimate level. Probably the only reason he hasn’t targeted it. If he ever does attack, and manages to take it, well, it might be all over.”

“That’s also why it’s critical to free the different areas.” Nayomi stated. “So that he doesn’t have an army strong enough to capture and hold the area.”

“Precisely.” Gatomon said, nodding. “Depending on his target tomorrow, we intend to skip a trip and use the time to recuperate for Saturday.”

“For the picnic the kids have been planning?” Nayomi asked.

“It’s a ruse for the parents.” Gatomon explained. “Both the old and current generation digidestined are going to launch attacks on a couple of areas populated with champion level or higher digimon. By freeing them, we’re hopeful they’ll agree to help liberate the surrounding areas as well.”

“Which will put a dent in his army and force him to take time to regroup.” Nayomi nodded her head in understanding. “And that will give everyone time to rest.”

“Assuming it works that is.” Gatomon said with a sigh. “Only five of us can digivolve in those zones, and the other six digimon, while strong and experienced in their own right, are only rookie level. We’ll be attacking three areas with one of them only getting one armor digimon. Then there’s assuming the digimon aren’t afraid to risk being enslaved again to help us out in the surrounding areas.”

“It could be worse.” Nayomi said, taking a handful of M&Ms from a left over bowl.

“How is that?”

“He could be attacking at night instead of during the day.” If Gatomon’s fur wasn’t white, Nayomi was sure she’d have paled by now, though the shiver she saw the cat digimon do showed her distaste of the idea.

“I really hope he doesn’t.” Gatomon said after a moment. “If he starts, then we’ll have to reveal ourselves to our families to explain why we need to be out at night. Not sure how the new kids’ families would take it.”

“I’m sure I could explain it to Davis’s family.” Nayomi said. “During the few years gap between digital adventures, Davis and Kari became friends after they met at the soccer field. Kari was there to meet up with Sora and Tai I believe.”

“Lets hope it doesn’t come to that.” Gatomon said.

“Agreed.” Nayomi said. The pair lapsed into silence, each lost in their thoughts as they ate their snacks.

Finally, Gatomon broke the silence. “Thanks for earlier. With the paci thing and all.”

“No problem at all Gatomon.” Nayomi replied. “I know she was pranking you with that and how you couldn’t do anything to retaliate in front of me, so I thought making her share the same fate would satisfy you.”

“I suppose.” Gatomon said with a shrug. “I still don’t understand why you want to keep this all a secret.”

“Because Kari doesn’t want me to know for one thing.” Nayomi said. “She’s afraid I’ll force her to tell me about her adventures and then worry about her too much and possibly make myself ill from it.”

“Well that’s failed, so why not tell her now?”

“That was only one reason. The other is because as long as she thinks I don’t know, she can have something of a normal life while she’s here in the real world.”

“Say wha?”

“I’ll give an example. In a normal family, everyone sits down for dinner, and talks about their day throughout the meal.” Nayomi explained. “For a normal girl her age, it’s generally talk about boys and complaining about homework loads, and occasionally asking for money for clothes and what not.”

“That’s about what Kari does now, except with film equipment instead of clothes.” Gatomon said.

“Yes it is.” Nayomi said with a smile. “However, if she knew her father and I knew about her adventures as of late, she’d feel obligated to explain them to us, as we’d be worried that every meal might be the last time we see her alive. Sure, we could give her some insight to any situation she brings up, but it’s hardly an ordinary dinner and after dinner discussion. In our pretend naivety we are allowing Kari, and Tai to an extent, a sense of normality in their life, away from the dangers of this current digital war. Understand more now?”

“About that, yes.” Gatomon said, a smile on her face and a look of respect in her eyes.

“Is there something else you’re confused about?” Nayomi asked.

“Yeah, why did you push the baby treatment so far tonight?” Gatomon asked. “If she wasn’t ill, I’d guess she’d suspect you know about her baby desires.”

“Even without your weekly report, I could tell she was becoming stressed out.” Nayomi explained. “I thought a movie night and some babying would help her unwind, but I didn’t know she was this bad. If her fever doesn’t break I’m gonna insist that she stay home tomorrow so she can recover enough to perform on Saturday.”

“It was risky.” Gatomon said. “We don’t want her thinking you’re forcing her to be a baby; as much as she wants it, it might cause further stress.”

“I’m aware of that Gatomon. The reason I kept her in her diaper at the store was to give her a taste of what it would be like to be in diapers 24/7, and be in public in it. If she really wants this lifestyle, she’ll need to be able to both commit and handle the consequences that may come of it. This has to be her choice, her decision, not anyone else’s.”

“You could let her know you know and that you’ll support her decision if she chooses it.” Gatomon suggested.

“No, that won’t work.” Nayomi said, shaking her head. “She might feel that I want her to be a baby again, and while I wouldn’t mind that, it would influence her decision. Furthermore, if I suggest it, then she may go along with it, not really deciding on it herself. In life you will have to ask for some things to get them, and I’m hoping that by giving her time to make her decision, that she will choose to ask for what she wants, and that it will become easier for her to ask for what she wants and/or needs when she wants/needs it in the future.”

“…I see.” Gatomon said after thinking it over for a minute. “How did you ever find out about her diaper and baby likes?”

“I found out two years ago actually.” Nayomi said. "My cousin was in the hospital and it didn’t look good. Her family actually liked to pick on Kari, so we asked her if she’d like to stay and watch the house for us, and she said yes. We spent over two weeks going between my cousin’s house and the hospital.

"Towards the end of the first week, I remembered I had left something I needed back home, so I drove back. When I entered the apartment, I found Kari asleep on the couch, dressed in a small shirt, a baby bonnet, and a full diaper. She also had a baby bottle of milk in her hand. I had thought about waking her up and changing her, thinking she wasn’t feeling well at the least, when I saw the computer was on.

"I looked what was on the screen. Turned out to be a story about a pre-teen girl who wore diapers because she liked them, and her mother treated her like a baby. On the page described a scene where the daughter was put down for a nap, wearing a small shirt, her diaper, and a baby bonnet. The mother had also given her a bottle of warm milk to help her get to sleep faster. Kari was dressed like the girl in the story.

“I figured then that she might want to be a baby girl again, but I didn’t want to confront her on it then; I was worried about my cousin. So I checked the web history, copied a few links, and emailed them to my account for later revision. After grabbing what I needed, I left with Kari none the wiser. The links confirmed my suspicions that Kari wanted to be a baby girl, which led to my decision to be more lenient as far as her diaper usage went, while subtly encouraging her to come out about her feelings and desire.”

“You want her to be a baby girl again?” Gatomon asked.

“Gatomon, every good parent secretly wants their child to stay as little babies and never grow up.” Nayomi said. "When the baby is first born, there is so much love, and such a strong desire to make certain nothing happens to the babe. Those feelings may dull sometimes, but they never vanish completely. The love a parent feels for their child makes them want to shield the child from the cruelty the world could throw at them. While we recognize they will have to and want to grow up mentally, a part of us will always be selfish and want them to remain little and young where we can protect them.

“While I recognize that Kari is a growing girl, I see how she wants to be treated and cared for like a baby, and that selfish side of me wants to treat her like one full time. The rational side of me knows that can’t happen like that, as Kari both needs to grow up, and is needed for the digital world. That’s why I’m willing to baby her while she’s home, and let her wear diapers whenever she wants. All she needs to do is ask me to do it, and agree to follow the rules I set, like how she’ll need to be diapered 24/7, even when she’s not having baby time in case of accidents.” Nayomi explained.

Gatomon was silent for several minutes as she absorb everything she had heard over the past few minutes. Finally, Gatomon looked up at Nayomi. “I’ve only ever heard of anyone caring for someone else as much as, or like, you just described. I find it hard to believe to be honest, but at the same time I know that humans are different in many ways to digimon. We don’t have parents, per say, but we do sometimes form tight groups that become like families…I remember Wizardmon and I would switch between the role of the older brother or sister.”

“He was the one that helped you find Kari, wasn’t he?” Nayomi asked. Gatomon nodded her head.

“I sometimes wish I had never met him.” Gatomon admitted. “Then he wouldn’t have died like he did…suffer under Myotismon like we did…Maybe if I had been stronger, I could have protected Kari without him needing to sacrifice himself to save us.”

“I wonder how Tai and Kari would have turned out if the digital world never existed sometimes.” Nayomi said. “Take my advice Gatomon; don’t let yourself become consumed in ‘what ifs’. Sometimes it can help you learn from your mistakes, but in the end you stand a good chance at driving yourself crazy.” She paused, letting Gatomon absorb her words for the moment. “Do you think he’d like seeing you like that?”

“No.” Gatomon admitted. “He wouldn’t.” She looked up at Nayomi. “Thanks for being there for Kari like Wizardmon was for me.”

“I’ll always be there for my baby girl Gatomon.” Nayomi replied with a smile. “And thank you for protecting her when I can’t. If you ever need anything, don’t hesitate to ask, you’re a member of this family too.”

“I will.” Gatomon said with a smile. Just then, her stomach growled. “Um, can I have another can of tuna please?”

Nayomi just laughed as she stood up, walking towards the kitchen to get the can for Gatomon.


Rays of sunlight shined through the window and onto the face of the teenage girl in bed. Kari was wrapped up in a cocoon of bed sheets and blankets on her bed, only her head visible. Groaning behind her pacifier, she rolled over, blocking the sun’s rays from her face. Sighing happily, she slowly drifted back to sleep.

“Time to get up baby girl.”

Kari moaned at the voice. A wet cloth suddenly touched her face, and began running over her eyes. Kari squirmed around, trying to escape the cloth’s touch, but her cocoon worked against her. After several minutes the cloth withdrew, however Kari was to active to fall back asleep, so she reluctantly opened her eyes.

“Feeling better today baby girl?” Nayomi asked. She was standing next to the bed, and Kari saw Gatomon was leaned against the bed post.

“Awot.” Kari said, then blushed. She had forgotten about the pacifier in her mouth. With a bit of effort, she pulled her arms from her cocoon and removed it from her mouth. “Sorry Mom.”

“Whatever for?” Nayomi asked as she pulled out the ear thermometer and sat next to Kari.

“I’m suppose to be a big girl, yet I’m sitting here in a diaper with a pacifier in my mouth.” Kari explained as her mother took her temperature.

Nayomi checked the results. “98.8.” She read. “Looks like all you needed was a good night’s sleep baby girl.” She then pulled a surprised Kari onto her lap, cocoon and all.

“First off Kari, I’d much rather you have a pacifier in your mouth then your thumb, per say, because we can keep track of what that touches compared to all the germy surfaces your hands go over every day.” Kari frowned at that, not liking that thought either. "As for your diapers Kari, well, you might be a growing girl, but you’re body and immune system was weakened by the pneumonia you got as a toddler, along with another infection as well. Your father and I accepted the fact that you wouldn’t be the healthiest child out there, but we resolved to love and support you no matter what.

“It was actually when you were eight that we accepted that diapers would always be a part of your life Kari. We were fully prepared for you to get tired of always switching back and forth, retraining yourself several times, but I can’t tell you how proud we are no matter how long you spent in diapers while sick, you always went back to your panties when you were well again.” Kari looked up in surprise.

“You mean you’d have let wear diapers full time?” Kari asked.

“Yes we would have.” Nayomi answered. “My brother, your uncle, actually works at a state health care facility. He dabbles in many different kinds of medical research, testing, and examination. One such field is validating new kinds of diapers for distribution for different company, so for that his job is to hire testers to use them and fill out forms about their experience. It would have been easy to get you signed up as a tester back then.”

“Would have?” Kari asked.

“Yes, I’m not sure if he still works in that department or not.” Nayomi answered. Looking down at Kari, she said, “I could call and ask if you want.”


“If you’re getting tired of switching back and forth, I could call him and see if we could get you signed up as a tester. It would take care of any financial issues that being diapered full time would bring.” Nayomi explained.

Kari was torn, this is what she had always wanted! This was her opening; she could wear diapers from now on and not worry about being anymore of a financial burden on the family then she normally was. But at the same time, how would her friends take it? Would TK and Davis keep fighting over her? Would Cody still respect her? Would people tease her because of her diapers?

Then there were the other issues. If she did start wearing diapers full time, an accident might surprise her enough to distract her from whatever she was doing at the time; working on a lab in school, taking a picture of something, or worst yet, affecting her performance in the digital world at a crucial moment! Further more, she might have an excuse for wearing diapers, but that didn’t mean Nayomi would baby her like she wanted; she only did that when she was sick!

“Kari?” Said girl blinked, and looked up at Nayomi’s concerned face. “Are you alright Kari? Would you like me to call you in sick today and let you get some more rest?”

Kari closed her eyes and shook her head, no. Her responsibilities to the digital world were too important. If she took the day off, her mother would be checking on her every ten minutes or so, leaving Kari no way to escape if her friends needed her; assuming they were going to the digital world today that is.

“I am a little tired, but I have a history test today in class. Unless I’m in the hospital, Mr. Waiterman won’t let me, or anyone else for that matter, make up a quiz or test.” Kari explained.

“Alright then Kari, you can go today, but promise me this; if you feel ill you will call me to come pick you up. I care more about your health then your grades baby girl.”

“I will Mommy.”

“Good girl.” Nayomi said, smiling. “Now does my baby girl want pancakes for breakfast?”

“Yes please!” Kari exclaimed, a big smile covering her face at news of her favorite breakfast food.

“Alright then, lets get you untangled and then you can have your breakfast.” Nayomi said. Kari nodded her head in agreement as Nayomi sat her down on the bed. It only took a minute to get Kari free from her cocoon, and after words Nayomi slid two fingers up the diaper’s leg hole. Withdrawing them, she sniffed her fingers. “A bit moist, but from sweat, not pee.” She wiped her fingers on Kari’s sheets, knowing she would clean them later, and helped the diapered girl to her feet. “You can change out of your diaper when you head for your morning shower Kari, for now just go and enjoy your breakfast.”

“I will. Thank you Mommy.” Kari said, hugging her mother. Nayomi hugged her back, and gave Kari’s padded backside a few pats. Kari blushed at this, but remembering what was waiting for her in the kitchen, quickly waddled out of the room.

Nayomi watched her daughter exit the room. Kari hadn’t answered if she wanted to be signed up to that program or not. While she had resolved not to tell Kari she knew about her likes of diapering and babying, she didn’t think that alleviating any fears of financial problems would do any harm to Kari’s decision, should she ever make one.

Now that Kari knew it was possible to wear diapers full time and be accepted by her family, Nayomi figured it was only a matter of time before Kari reached a decision. The fact that she hadn’t come right out and tell her, her desire indicated she was weighing the pros and cons of each choice. This was something Nayomi was proud of; this experience would help Kari in the future as she grew into a beautiful, proud, and strong woman.

Standing up, Nayomi picked up Kari’s pacifier from the bed. Reaching into her pocket, she pulled out a small plastic case and put the pacifier into it. Placing the case on the bedside table, she set off stripping the bed of pillows, sheets, and blanket. Gathering the pillow cases, sheets, and blanket into her arms, she left the room, but not before winking at Gatomon, who returned the gesture.

Nayomi deposited the laundry in the laundry bin near the door to the apartment. Seeing it nearly full, she resolved to head to the cleaners later that day. As she walked past the kitchen towards the bathroom to wash her hands, she peeked in on Kari.

Kari had syrup on her face, as well as a bit on her night shirt. Of the two stacks of pancakes she had made, only one remained. From the angle she was at, she could see the front of Kari’s diaper had taken on a yellow hue, indicating she had wet herself at some point.

With a fork full of pancake pieces in her mouth, Kari took notice of her mother standing outside the doorway to the kitchen. Blushing as she realized the state she must appear as, she meekly waved at her. Nayomi smiled and waved back, nodding her approval to her. Kari smiled, and got back to work on her pancakes.

Nayomi took a minute to watch her daughter eat her breakfast. Seeing her messily but happily eat struck the point home that Kari was always going to be the sweet, innocent, child of light she was destined as, as well as always be her baby girl. It didn’t matter if Kari chose to tell her about her desires or not, Kari was growing into a wonderful person, and Nayomi was positive that nothing, not even this Digimon Emperor, would stop her from becoming successful and happy in her life. And Nayomi knew that there was nothing anyone could say or do that could make her feel anything but pride from the fact that Kari Kamiya was her daughter, her precious baby girl, forever and always.


Well, that’s all folks. I know some of you might be a little peeved that Kari didn’t open up then and there, but that wasn’t my focus on this story. This story was about the bonds between family, and the lengths some will go to make a member or members of their family happy. It’s also about the fact that sometimes you have to take a chance and tell the secret you’re scared to reveal, people just might surprise you.

I’m not going to write a sequel to this story, so don’t ask; I feel I’ve done the best I can with this one, and that anything more would take away from it. I may at some point try the digimon story I originally had planned, but not now. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope you let me know what you think of it. Thanks :slight_smile:

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