Did a Uh Oh

Hey Guys, this is my new attempt to write on this new website. I usually write on wattpad but I am deciding to try something new. My little LOVES when I write or read her stories so this is a story that I am going to write just for fun. Enjoy the story, also be warned my grammar may the be the best so please don’t attack me.

Chapter One

The sun rises down, everything was near midnight. Almost all the houses were lit up from the reflection from the window reflections. A small one story house laid alone near the tree’s in a alone forest that was pretty and calming, a small boy appearing to be in the living room eating some popcorn while his mother was cooking some dinner in the kitchen as the father was reading a newspaper article on his favorite white-fluffy chair that could be easily stained. Quickly enough the small boy felt full to even continue his popcorn as he placed the bag on the coffee table and sighed, the TV put on a show that was story-tellers and about paranormal type of stories.

The small boy named Joey was scared of these type of shows but he had to watch it because his father loves these type of movies or even shows.

As though the TV could only be heard, the mother spoke up loud, “Honey? can you help put the bowls on the table? I made some spaghetti and I really need help here.” She told Joey as he got up groaning feeling something in his stomach, he felt full. Even though he only just ate popcorn.

“Of course mom. 3 for each.” He replied while getting up and walked away and into the kitchen he went. He sighed to himself and opened the cabinet seeing the bowls and grabbing them heading to the dinner table. Then he finally placed the 3 bowls on the table with forks and some drinks for them.

“Thank you love, now come sit and wait for it to cool down.” She said as the father got up and walked over and sat down with a groan of tiredness.

Time has passed

Joey couldn’t eat anymore of the food, he felt his stomach make weird noises. He really had to use the bathroom but he could feel it easily coming through. Then he played it off smiling fake as his parents laughed and joked along about life and friends situations. Joey had to just fake smile and laugh while holding in his own poop. He thinks it’s disrespectful to leave dinner just to go to the bathroom so he deals with it until it’s over with.

“Joey you alright? you seem to be shifting and moving a lot, you ok bud?” His father asked noticing his movements easily, only to see Joey fake smile and play with his food that’s half-done with.

He sighed,

“Yeah dad, I am okay. Just fidgeting.” He lied almost as he coughed while wiping his mouth with a napkin while setting it back on the table respectfully. Then the conversation continued with jokes and work stuff, he got bored as he took a sip of his orange juice while they spoke. Then he felt it all come out, he blushed a lot, he sat there feeling it come out and into his pants. He didn’t know what to say except want to cry out for embarrassment hoping the smell doesn’t reach out.

“So hon, how’d you like your third day of school so far?” She asked Joey while confidence as he coughed clearing his throat and trying to sit comfortably feeling the texture and mush of it, sitting in his own crap in his pants,

“Fine… Just fine that’s all.” He told them quickly with nervousness, his father noticed his behavior quickly realizing something is wrong until the smell got worse. The parents sniffed and the mother covered her nose quickly as the father groaned quietly as he ate and stopped not wanting to eat anymore because of the smell.

Joey looks at them confused until he realizes, the smell of his crap…

“What is that smell?” The father asked while uncovering his nose

“Um, I don’t know.” Joey pacing spoke lied.

The mother got up and went over near Joey smelling and instantly smelling from there,

“Uh huh, baby, It’s fine. You don’t need to hide from your mom and dad from this. I tell it worked.” She says making Joey heavily confused.

“What? what worked mom?” He asked while rubbing his head embarrassed not knowing what to say at the moment.

The father smiled,

“Oh baby boy, you need a changing don’t you? Let daddy change it for you,” He pleases while picking the small boy up as he squeaked and looked, he was in his own father’s arms like a baby. He covered his face not wanting to be seen as his father pushed his hands away, “You are going to be taken good care of by us. You grew up and your mother couldn’t stand it anymore so she wants you to be our baby… like you were a long time ago.”

Joey blushed,

“But I am 18… I am not a baby anymore. Couldn’t you guys go for adoption or… that.” Joey asked confused.

The father didn’t know how to explain this, “We didn’t want that. we wanted you honey, now let’s change that dirty diaper of yours up. We don’t want our baby to get a rash do we?”

Joey’s eyes widened not knowing what for sure is going on but his life is beginning to change.

To be continued

This isn’t the best story so far, but I hope it’s interesting and entertaining somehow. :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s also me and my girlfriends 10th anniversary. <3





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