Diapered Gwen: A Day With Mommy

Gwen laid in her crib. Her skin was opal white and extremely smooth. Her long, thick dirty blonde hair was splayed out around her, framing her supple, juvenile face. Everything about her seemed very delicate and pure. Above her top lip, a gentle little pocket formed that gave an appealing shape to her upper lip. Her teeth were small white squares that created an even flat edge. The bridge of her buttoned nose curved up into her wispy eyebrows. Her sweet dewy eyes were large and bright blue, lined with thick long lashes. Her wrists were skinny, revealing blue veins running under the pale skin. On her forearms was a very fine blonde fuzz that stopped before her upper arm. She was in fact transcendently beautiful, innocence and femininity tied together in a perfect union.

During the night, she had accidentally wet the thick diaper that she had been wrapped in. She felt the warm diaper clinging to her, squishing against her. The gel inside the diaper had expanded and swollen, absorbing her pee and making it hug her even tighter. It wasn’t possible to take the diaper off, either. She was swaddled in a pink onesie that covered her down to her feet.

She could see out the window that the sun was only now beginning to rise. Without giving it a second thought, Gwen relaxed her bladder and felt a wave of warm pee flood into her thick snug diaper. The crotch area, which had absorbed her night time accident, was full, so the pee creeped over her bottom, soaking into the parts of her diaper not yet saturated. She knew it wouldn’t leak, she had wet far more in the past and rarely had problems.

Now, the feeling of her wet diaper was undeniable. It was much warmer, and the back of the diaper, which her bottom and lower back were resting on, was now soaked too. She reached her hand down between her tender legs and pulled the diaper against herself. The warm wetness exploded again, spreading out even more up the front.

She slid the front of the diaper against herself again, a little faster this time. The cozy warm tightness of her onesie, the snugness and warmth of the diaper were overwhelming. She moved the diaper back and forth faster, the gel created by absorbing her accidents was rubbing against her special area, creating wonderful and intense sensations that made Gwen’s heart beat fast.

With both hands, Gwen kept rubbing herself atop her onesie. The squishy pad slid back and forth over her sensitive areas. Her legs stretched out and stiffened, her breath became short little bursts in time with her rubbing. A special feeling was building, and with it she rubbed faster. She clinched her eyes as the feeling burst, sweet warm honey pouring out from her groin into her body. Her cheeks went a deep shade of red, her body stiffened and bowed, and her breathing stopped, turning into a long protracted whimper as a flood of pleasure rippled through her body.

She finally relaxed and melted down into the soft cushions below her. Her head was pulsing, her limbs felt weak and tingly. The lingering sensation of the orgasm, the snuggly warm wetness of the diaper, and the coziness of her onesie and blankets made Gwen feel extremely content. She rolled onto her tummy and quickly drifted back into a peaceful sleep.

Gwen awoke again to see Mommy above her, smiling down. This made Gwen smile too, and reach out her arms. Mommy reached back, letting Baby wrap her arms around her. She gave Gwen a squeeze and then let her lie back down.

“How did my special baby sleep?”

Gwen beamed,


“Any nightmares?”

Gwen shook her head no, which made Mommy smile and give her a tickle.

“I bet my baby is hungry”

Gwen enthusiastically nodded her head and reached out her arms for Mommy to help her sit up. As she sat up, the warm pee in the seat of her diaper squished around, reminding her of the special fun she had earlier. Mommy quickly lifted Gwen up onto her hip, still wrapped up in her favorite onesie, and walked over to the large comfy chair in the corner of the room.

Mommy sat down in the chair, and swung Gwen around so her diapered butt was resting in her lap. With one hand, she cradled Gwen’s head and neck. With her other, she unbuttoned her blouse, revealing a black bra. She flipped the bra cup down, letting her large supple breast come out. Her breast was white and swollen with milk. At the end was a pink areola and a thick nipple.

With her hand supporting Gwen’s neck, she gently pulled her face into the waiting breast. Gwen was ecstatic. Seeing Mommy’s large boob was arousing and exciting. Gwen’s face was guided tenderly into the breast, with her nose poking into it and her mouth flush with it. With her lips, she began searching for Mommy’s nipple. She found it quickly, and wrapped her wet little lips around the fleshy protrusion, and began to suck. At first, only very small spurts of milk came out. But as Gwen found her rhythm, sucking and then swallowing, the amount of milk she was able to coax out grew larger and larger. Soon, she was pulling large streams of Mommy’s sweet, warm milk into her mouth. It tasted so delicious to Gwen, that she kept suckling and suckling.

Every 30 seconds or so, she would have to release her attachment to the nipple and catch her breath. When her mouth would open for those fawning little breaths, little bits of milk and saliva would roll out of her mouth. After a few seconds, she would find the nipple in her lips again and continue suckling. Gwen’s eyes were closed in bliss, and her little hand was kneading the breast to keep the milk flowing.

All the while, Mommy would coo and rub Gwen’s back and bottom. If Gwen didn’t feed regularly, the excess milk would make her breasts feel swollen and tender. So, she would make sure that Gwen drank up all the milk, getting nice and full. If Gwen would stop before drinking it all, she would sometimes have to coax her to keep drinking by holding her head locked against her breast. Eventually she would give way and finish suckling the milk out.

In her bliss, Gwen started wetting her diaper without noticing. She could feel more warmth and wetness spreading around her groin and buns. She didn’t mind at all, in fact she usually peed while suckling. It made her blush a little bit that she didn’t even notice, but her mind was too preoccupied with the delicious milk to even care.

After finishing the one breast, Mommy turned her around and exposed her other one. Gwen went back to suckling, emptying the milk out of it as well. After finishing, Gwen’s belly felt full and the sweetness of the milk lingered in her mouth. Around her lips were wet with saliva and milk, which Mommy carefully wiped away. Gwen lay in her Mommy’s lap for a while, blissful.

After a short while, Mommy said

“Now, lets have a look at your diaper”