Diapered Gods and plushy dreams.

(Hello! This is my first attempt at an AB/DL story, so please, don’t expect much. I am writing it due to loving the theme but being unable to find a CG or a good roleplay partner, so here goes! It won’t be focused purely on the theme, but I hope you’ll find it amusing, if nothing else.)

Hyacinth sighed, hands in his pockets and a backpack over his shoulder as he went down the grey and dirty road. His purple eyes were closed, blonde, long hair flowing down his back. He was dressed in a white T-shirt and a pair of beige pants; his feet clad in white tennis shoes. He would look more like a girl, if not for the visibly broad shoulders and toned legs, tightly wrapped in matte fabric. His delicate, thin hands were pressed together against the back of his head, feeling out his silky hair. They are not orderly kept by any chance though, multiple, yet still well-kept, strands messily flailing with each move.

The 18-year-old looked over his right shoulder and sighed, seeing his annoyance is not yet over, a feint giggle making it even clearer. “You won’t give up, will you?” He said in a smooth, high for a boy voice, yet unmistakably quiet and soft. “Why are you following me?” Object of his questions giggled again, floating up forward, a loud and squeaky voice responding playfully.

“Come ooooon~! I can’t be THAT bad~” He wasn’t, Hyacinth had to agree. He wasn’t as bad as most people he had to live around, yet that didn’t mean he was pleasurable. The voice the high school student wished would remain formless, but he obviously had different plans. With a feint swoop it showed itself to the boy, making him faintly blush. So, today they looked like that…

The creatures most prominent feature was its smile. Wide, giddy, and as teasing as older sisters from Japanese woks, particularly keen on one word in particular. Then, the green, shining eyes, like emerald gems or Greek fire, bright and big, too big one could say. Then, skin in a color of latte coffee, puffy cheeks and messy, this time brown however hair about an ear length. They were dressed in a purple hoodie and a baby blue T-shirt underneath, yet there was also a central point in this part of their body as well. A large, perfectly white, and crinkly diaper, so big in fact that Hyacinth wasn’t sure if they can walk properly, not that they tried. Their feet had small, cute baby boots, also purple like the hoodie. For the record, hoodie was made for someone Hyacinth’s height, 6’3, while the cutesy thing was about 3 feet at best.

“The answer is still no, Alexander.” That made the floating being gasp loudly, their face shifted in a grimace that babies usually do when they are about to throw a tantrum, and soon enough…
“Why!? Why why whyyyyy!?” They bawled and sobbed, doing barrels in the air, curled up into a ball. The big just sighed, gently stopping the ball of baby fuss, and holding them. “Alexander.” He said in serious tone. The creature stopped right away, looking at its captor, pouting heavily. In literal blink he vanished, suddenly standing behind the boy. “You are a tough nut, you know? Most people would accept, you know?” “Not me. Especially when you go around, buzzing around me like a mosquito.” Student responded, causing another short-lived tantrum, stopped just like the one before. “Not a mosquito! I am a powerful and ancient deity, and you’ll treat me like that!” Alexander said in the ‘respect mah authoritah’ voice, causing Hyacinth to sigh and raise his arms, his purple eyes closed again.

“Fine, fine.” He said, opening his eyelids looking at the diapered god, now smugly looking at his from above. “Just… why are you so focused on me?”
“No reason!” Alexander replied, a bit too fast to seem genuine, but pestering him now didn’t seem like a good choice, so the big dropped it.
“Can you tell me why you are so obsessed with turning me into…you know…” He blushed again, coughing into his hand as smugness on the deities’ face grew.
“Into an itty bitty cute bab like yours truly, just dumber and happier~?” He snickered, flowing up closer. “Beeecaaause, it got boring after so many years, being the only immortal baby, so I found you! Sounds good, doesn’t it~?”
“Not for me.” He responded with the same answer, causing his floating companion to whine loudly.
“Well, I have time” he said. “And I’ll win~” He started to laugh happily, kicking air before gasping, suddenly limp in air, his face focused on something really, hard despite his eyes being blank as a loud hissing noise rang out, front of his diaper turning yellow as he slowly grinned. Then, again, another sound came from him as he farted mightily, back of his puff underwear filling too, smile wider.
“Damnit…!” Hyacinth cursed, using his shirt to block out the odor. “Just…clean up after you are done…” He muttered, as Alexander followed him even when in pure bliss as he sprinted the last street to, he school…

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(Forgot to mention, it’ll be multiple posts long. So don’t worry over a cliffhanger)

It’s good you put the dialogue in quotation marks. That distinguishes the spoken words from the rest of the story.

A little tip- when you have a new speaker, start a new line for the dialogue. In some parts you have both characters speaking in the same paragraph. That can confuse a reader and they won’t know who is speaking.

Yeah, I figured that in the second part, but thanks for feedback! I’ll surely do that more clearly now.

“Come on, it wasn’t that bad~” Alexander said, sitting on the empty desk in front of Hyacinth, his tongue sticking out barely. “I mean, after I became smart again, I cleaned myself right away!”

“It took you an hour, you god for a dime.” High school student retorted, looking at him with annoyed expression. Good thing about godlike status of Alexander was that whenever they talked in public, nobody really noticed, thanks to the baby-deity’s powers. “Why even have powers if you are dumb each 30 minutes or even more frequently?”

They sighed, looking up at Hyacinth, lifting themselves up from the desk and flying over, their small legs dangling as they fixed their hair. “You see…” He made a long, dramatic pause, his face looking genuinely serious for once. “Older” boy looked at him with surprise, bewilderment even, turning to him fully, the two still ignored by the rest of class.

Alexander inhaled softly, closing his eyes before responding… “It’s fun, dummy~” Then, he snapped his fingers, a stroller appearing under him, into which he happily fell, looking at clearly annoyed Hyacinth.

“What, you thought I’ll actually be wise and serious? That is a grown-up thing~ But if you act so nicely, I suppose I can enjoy myself a bit less~” And as if to prove that a loud hissing sound was heard, Alexander’s face melting into happy bliss again as he pissed themselves. “A-ah~ Babeys wet~” He continued, to eternal embarrassment and disapproval of his unwanted companion.

“H-how can you d-do that, in front of other people…?” Hyacinth asked, looking down at Alexander with visible disgust, but it was clearly directed more towards the smell, rather than the god-baby themself, they were really hard to hate. “I-it’s so…shameless…a-and repulsive…”

Alexander sighed, as he promised he was well enough again, looking up at the blond guy. “You see, I can get being stubborn. Or even teasing. I like teasing. But you are not nice! Calling me that names! Nice Alexander time is over!” He snapped his fingers again, a small airflow blowing into high school students’ mouth. He gasped and… felt himself shrink. Not much, admittedly, yet it was noticeable as all his clothes hanged on him slightly.

“What the-!” He started, before noticing he can’t say the last word, his mouth relaxing just as he was supposed to finish.

“Oopsie, looks like you are just as small as me~ In some ways, at least. Listen up!” Alexander said, flowing out of his stroller before it just disappeared. “Since you were so mean, I am making some rules! Each mean word towards me takes a year from you. Or an ability if you, sorry, I prefer. Everyone will also treat you like a preschooler, get ready for that!” He giggled and disappeared, leaving only a small pendant on the floor.

Hyacinth blinked, looking down at the object, then picked it up and inspected. It was pearly white, with a small picture of Alexanders face on it. He opened it, looking at the words inside. It was similar to a statline in a video game, showing his years, lost abilities and “babyness”, currently ranking at 0. Below, there was a small inscription, definitely written by a toddler looking at the style. “Manage to stay big for a week, then I’ll change you back!”

Alexander, you- He thought, before hearing his teacher, Miss Antoinette. "What are you doing Hyaci? Why are you playing with a toy instead of listening, you silly goose…”? She said with a smile as he tried to not bark back. It was going to be hard…

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