Diapered Discipline

First time posting anything here, but I figured I might as well share one of my stories.

A girl accidentally gets punished and then cant stop having accidents

A while back they did away with jails, replaced them all with these machines called Discipline Pods. The pods were designed to determine the most effective method of treatment and punishment based on the person and crime, and in honesty they had solved most problems with prison overcrowding. Problem was, the machines were a bit unreliable, had a tendency to break down a lot. That’s where Erin came in, she was a DP Technician & Repairman. It was her job to fix the machine when they broke down.

Today she was having a bit of trouble with one of the machines. It seemed to be stuck delivering only one type of punishment no matter the crime, and as hard as she tried she couldn’t get it to stop. She ran her hand through her short black hair and sighed.

“What is the matter with these machine… Maybe I should check inside it and see if anything has come loose.” She frowned, she didn’t like getting in the pods, it was creepy looking like and old scifi movie.

She gingerly stepped in, and her work boots thudded against the steel bottom. She started to look around for anything obvious, then began tinkering and tightening things at random, if she couldn’t find the problem she could at least get it in proper shape, it didn’t look like it had been well taken care of. As she tightened a bolt a little too tight her wrench slipped free and she banged her arm against the side of the machine with enough force that the lid slammed shut.

She spun around in a panic, she was trapped!

“It’s o-okay there’s a manual release if I can just unscrew this panel here…” She began to loosen the bolts.

The machine whirred to life and jumped Erin as it spoke in it’s cold robotic voice.

“Discipline determined for crime… unknown. Discipline will commence in ten seconds.”


“Fuck… no no no… damn… bolts… unscrew already!” Erin frantically unscrewed the bolts as the countdown continued


“Only two more I can do this, just focus Erin…”


The last bolt was stuck, it didn’t budge at all


Commencing punishment. Subject will submit to… BLADDER INCONTINENCE and MUST WEAR THICK DIAPERS AT ALL TIMES for a period of PERMANENT.

“Why is that even an option!”

She struggled as clamps held her arms in place and she felt something inject into her arm as a video panel designed to reinforce the punishment lowered in front of her. She was trapped, someone had sabotaged this machine purposefully and she was going to be…

A few hours later there was a whoosh of steam as the machine unsealed itself and Erin tumbled out. She coughed and gasped, finally free of the machine. The only problem was… She felt wet? She looked at herself and saw a growing dark patch on her overalls as a torrent of warm urine expelled from her bladder. An immediate and overwhelming urge to purchase and wear the largest thickest diaper she could find began to overwhelm her, and as much as she wanted to report what had happened, she was incapable of doing anything but following the command instilled in her.

She drove to the store immediately and was soon at the checkout with a bunch of supplies. Baby powder, oils, wipes, and some of the thickest diapers she could find. The cashier noticed her soggy looking pants and gave a nervous smile, blushing furiously as he rung up her stuff in silence. She took her things and went to the nearest bathroom, the cashier didn’t have it in him to tell her it was employees only.

She stripped off her overall and work boots and stood naked from the waist down. First she used the wipes to clean off the pee that had covered her lower body, then she began to powder herself. Once done with that she held up the large diaper. Her actions were mechanical, she knew on some level she didn’t want this, but her brain told her she had to. She slipped on the massive diaper and felt the soft warm embrace of it’s padding on her butt and pussy. She tapped it shut and finally was able to move of her own free will again.

She felt the diaper with a shaking hand, it was soft and crinkled noticeably when she moved. Her legs had been forced apart by it’s sheer size, and as she took a step toward the mirror she had to waddle. She looked herself over in the mirror. Her short cropped black hair, cute button nose, pale white skin, large D cup breasts and…. diaper. The diaper looked so big, there was no way she was going to be able to ever hide this… No way she would ever be able to reverse what the machine had done to her. The process was designed to be irreversible to prevent people from escaping their punishments. There was no escape from her diaper, she was dependent on it now.

She cleaned up her pants and boots as best she could and tried to muster as much courage as possible as she walked back to her van. It was like the entire store was watching her. Her pants bulged outward from the size of the diaper, it crinkled with every step, every waddle toward the door. She felt like a humiliated, carrying all of her supplies, and obviously wearing them like a baby who would never grow up. That was the truth, she would never grow up, she would always be in diapers, and never wear underwear again. She might as well just throw all her panties away, what use did a diapergirl have with panties…

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Good story just feels like it could have been longer.

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I agree with beenbadder, though she should also be bowel incontinent since her bladder took the shut-down hit