Diapered Days

Prompt: Write a story inspired by another author’s work.

Disclaimer: the usual disclaimer I put on my ABDL stories applies.

This story is inspired by TheUnthinker’s Diaper Tester story.

Katie was tired of her life as a young professional. She felt burnt out and unable to do her job in the baby department of the diaper testing lab. On a particularly slow and boring day, she remembered that her boss had mentioned the tester position. It was part of a warning because one of the interns once signed up for it without knowing exactly what it was. Katie giggled to herself. It sounded absurd, being turned back into a baby and being taken care of by one of the scientists, but as the day went on, she grew increasingly curious.

It would be nice to be a baby again. No responsibility, no worries, no cares or troubles she mused to herself while writing down numbers from her latest test. Her boss walked in to check on her, and she put her head down as she read the results.

“What’s wrong?” Meredith asked sweetly.

“I…I shouldn’t talk about it,” she said quietly. She had a reputation among her coworkers for being judgemental and self-righteous. She wasn’t really that way, just hyper-fixated on correctness, and she had a tendency to apply that to everything.

Her boss turned to walk away. “Wait!” Katie yelled. She put her head down again and started crying softly at her desk.

Meredith raised an eyebrow. “What’s wrong with you?” she asked cooly.

“This is just so hard, being an adult, being the responsible one, having to…” she trailed off and started sobbing again. “Being expected to know and be able to do everything.”

“Do you need a break? You can fill out paperwork to take a break, you know?” Meredith offered.

“I don’t want a normal vacation. Why bother? I’d just have to come back here and do this all over again,” she said.

“Well, you could quit. No one’s keeping you here,” Meredith said curtly.

Katie winced at the suggestion and quickly backtracked. “No, I-I like my job, it’s just that…I…” she paused and took a deep breath. “Remember orientation, when you told that story?” Katie asked gently.

Meredith chewed her lip. “Hmm, you’ll have to be more specific.”

“It might have just been a joke you tell new trainees that I took seriously. I do that from time to time, but remember the ‘tester’ position you mentioned?” Katie said.

The boss laughed out loud. “Oh, I assure you that is very real. Would you like to see the data we gathered from our test subject? It’s truly fascinating.”

“Maybe, but…” Katie let out a loud sigh. “This is stupid, but I was thinking about how nice it would be to be a baby again,” she winced, expecting her boss to make fun of her.

“Oh? Would you like to be one of our testers, then?” Meredith asked. Katie could tell from her tone of voice that she was joking. Katie blushed and stammered.

“I-I.” Her face grew hot, clearly displaying her embarrassment. She attempted to cover her face to hide her reddening cheeks.

“You do!” Meredith said in a surprised tone. She let out a more dramatic laugh. Katie winced. She was going to be the subject of jokes at the office from now on, she knew it. Wanting to be a baby and expressing that to her boss, stupid, stupid. “I could still pay you since we haven’t been getting volunteers lately. I know you’d need someone to take care of you and some say that’s payment enough, but whether it is or isn’t, we haven’t had too many takers for that deal.”

Katie uncovered her face and looked at her boss with a confused expression. Meredith ignored her and continued talking. “If you really want it, meet me in my office after lunch,” she said before turning and walking out. Katie stared in disbelief for a few seconds before forcing herself to get back to work.

She continued running boring tests and lazily looking at the clock. Lunchtime rolled around, and she took it in her office, like the other employees. Going to a restaurant would have required them to clock out, and she wanted the extra thirty minutes’ worth of pay. She had rent to pay, after all. A sigh escaped her lips as she quietly unpacked her lunch–baby food. Okay, maybe she was thinking about being a baby before this conversation with her boss.

Katie looked around like she had smuggled drugs into her office before she took out a tiny spoon and began eating. She had gotten into the habit of eating baby food recently, just to remind herself what it might be like to be a baby. The store she went to didn’t have many options, though, so she settled for two packs of pureed chicken and gravy and two packs of strained prune and banana for dessert. She delicately salted her entree, hoping no one would see her. If they did, she could claim she was eating it because she had trouble chewing, but she was sure someone would still tease her.

Something about that prospect also excited her, though. It was almost like one of those embarrassing dreams. After you wake up, it’s still embarrassing, but since no one else knows what happened in the dream, it’s okay. In some rare cases, it’s even okay to share it and laugh about it. She let out another long sigh. She felt so lonely and cloistered.

The last spoonful of banana and prune entered her mouth. She finished her lunch and cleaned up. Then, she stilled herself to get ready to meet the boss. A fresh wave of embarrassment washed over her. Why was she so candid about wanting to be a baby again, and what was the boss actually planning? Katie still doubted there was actually a machine that could turn people into babies. After all, that sounded like the topic of fantasy.

Slowly, she approached Meredith’s office and knocked on the door. “Come in,” Meredith said politely. Katie shuffled in and gently closed the door behind her. “You wanted to see me?” Katie asked.

Meredith made a little noise in her throat and cast her eyes on the nervous lab assistant. “Do you really want to be a baby again, Kattie?”

“It’s Katie, and I’m not sure,” she replied shakily.

Her boss let out a vocal sigh. “Pity, I could have done your transformation during the lunch break and we all would have gotten to go home early. Since you’re not sure, though, you can just go back to your desk. Sorry I bothered you.”

“Why did you share that story when you hired me?” Katie asked.

“I just didn’t want any of you to sign up for something you didn’t want. Once the transformation starts, it can’t be reversed until the tester’s fully immatured to infant status,” Meredith replied.

Katie’s eyes widened. “Do you really have something that can turn adults back into babies?” she asked, a mixture of skepticism and childlike wonder in her face and voice.

“It can get them close enough, but I don’t think you’d be interested,” Meredith replied curtly.

“What if I’m interested?” Katie asked.

“Then, I’d give you a contract to sign explaining the process and stating we aren’t liable for any damages. I explained the full details to you during orientation,” she replied. Katie nodded her head. Meredith scoffed. “I don’t have all day, though, and I’m beginning to think that you’re just stalling because you don’t want to go back to work?”

“No ma’am,” Katie answered quickly. “I-I really am curious.”

“Would you like to try it, then? The process is reversible,” Meredith offered. For some reason, that was all Katie needed to hear.

A few minutes later, Katie stood in what looked like a shower stall in one of the labs. Somehow, her boss had convinced her to sign up to be a tester and now she was awaiting her transformation. A scientist she recognized from a very awkward office party brought in something that looked like a hula hoop. “Just put this around your waist,” he directed.

She put the hoop around her waist, halfway expecting this all to be some kind of elaborate gag, but why would they go so far?

“Okay, before we start, I want to know what level you want us to start you on. We usually start our testers at the most mature setting, probably around late pre-school." Katie wasn’t sure what had gotten into her, but while Meredith was explaining, she took the dial and turned it the twelve months setting. “Are you sure you want to start there?” Meredith asked.

“Why not? I want to be a baby, not a little kid,” Katie snapped. She felt like she was playing along excellently.

Meredith shrugged and signaled to the attending scientist. “If you’re sure, I’ll get your diapers ready,” she said. Before Katie could respond, the hoop around her waist started glowing, and she felt herself getting smaller. She closed her eyes and felt herself go down like she was in an elevator, only she was sure she was shrinking. “Wha?” she asked as the shower stall she was in got much bigger. Her clothes became loose and fell off, and the hoop, which was originally fitting like a loose belt, fell off of her waist. Once the tech stopped glowing, she looked around.

Meredith and the attending scientist were like giants. Compared to her now much smaller stature, they might as well have been twelve or thirteen feet tall, maybe even taller. Meredith scooped up Katie’s now naked form with almost no effort. Katie grunted in surprise and stared at the ceiling to keep from looking down at the dizzying height. “That worked amazingly!” Meredith cheered. “We usually don’t start them off at such a high setting; they normally have to grow into this level of babyhood.”

“I’m surprised it worked too. Well, let’s get her diapered and show her off to everyone,” the scientist replied.

“Wait? What? Diapered? Shown off? Other people are going to see me like this?!” Katie asked in a panic.

“Of course! We’re very transparent about what we do here in the lab,” Meredith replied as she carried Katie to a changing table. “Now, lie down. This will only take a few minutes tops.”

Katie winced as she felt herself laid onto the smooth crinkly changing pad. Before she could think of a reason to protest, Meredith was wiping her down with a baby wipe, powdering her, and taping a snug-fitting diaper around her waist. After the diaper change, Meredith set her down so that she could explore the lab and get used to her new form.

There was a mirror in the corner, so she toddled over to take a look at herself. She wasn’t sure what she expected, but it wasn’t this. Her diapered form was clearly her, only much smaller. The proportions changed a little bit to fit a baby’s proportions, but she wasn’t someone anyone with good eyes would mistake for a real baby. She looked more like one of those life-sized baby dolls mothers sometimes order for their toddlers.

While she was thinking about her new state, she felt an odd warm sensation spreading over her crotch. At first, she didn’t think much about it. Maybe she was just tingly from shrinking? That’s when she noticed the wetness indicator on her diaper beginning to change colors. She quickly covered her diaper with her hand and blushed.

Meredith appeared behind her. “Aw, did you need to go potty, baby?” she asked sweetly. Her boss’s baby talk made her blush an even deeper shade of red. What had she gotten herself into?

“Actually, at that age, potty training isn’t recommended. They normally don’t have very much control,” the scientist chimed in.

“I know. I was just letting her know it’s okay,” Meredith explained.

Katie looked up at Meredith expectantly. “Are you going to…change me?” she asked, her face still red with embarrassment.

“That diaper can handle a lot more than that, and I don’t want to waste our supplies. Besides, changing you early would skew the test results,” she answered.

Before Katie could ask any more questions or even request a change of clothes, Meredith scooped her up and carried her to the main office. Katie winced and blushed pink with discomfort. She didn’t want to protest due to the sheer power imbalance but she was not looking forward to this experience. Contrary to what she thought would happen during the transformation, she still looked like her adult self, only with some slight proportion changes. Her coworkers would be able to recognize her and might even notice her wet diaper. She clung desperately to Meredith’s well-pressed dress while Meredith walked down the aisle, but some sort of fear or morbid curiosity wouldn’t let her ask her boss to reverse the process or stop the experiment.

If she thought she was embarrassed before, she was mistaken. Her boss was just getting started. She cringed and flushed pink as her boss reintroduced her to her coworkers, proudly announcing that they had another tester for the experiment. She immediately went from being treated like a human to a science experiment to ogle at. Her coworkers which she saw enough to be familiar with were eager to ask both her and Meredith questions about her new state.

“Aw, she’s adorable!” June cooed. She moved to tickle Katie and then noticed the faded designs on her diaper. “Somebody’s already wet. Did she do it on purpose or did she–” June began.

Meredith cut her off. “No, she has about as much control as a very young toddler, so I’m pretty sure that was all an accident.” Meredith tickled Katie’s tummy while she blushed and squirmed in her arms. She felt a weird mixture of embarrassment and elation and thought she felt herself pee a little bit more.

“That’s amazing how it all works like that,” June mused. “Does it hurt or–” she asked Katie. Katie just made a grunting noise and hid her face. The embarrassment of what was happening was beginning to set in, but she was channeling it to irritation. Her coworker was asking too many questions! She wanted this to be over with.

Meredith answered for her. “No, it doesn’t hurt. I think she’s just shy. All of this is really new for her.”

“That’s amazing, like what you can do with modern technology,” June mused.

Meredith gave a small affirmative hum and then walked to another set of cubicles. For the most part, Katie was taking all of this fairly well. She’d forgotten about the transparency requirement that basically said everyone had to know when a new tester signed up so that they could keep an eye out for her if anything went wrong during the experiment. Testers were just as physically vulnerable as small children and could be kidnapped. Katie only recently remembered reading something about it in the employee handbook.

Still, though, she was expecting the information to maybe be put on a website, not to be personally reintroduced to everyone in the office in her shrunken and diapered state. This was deeply embarrassing, and she was having trouble enjoying the experience because she was trying to keep up some semblance of adult dignity, even though that was pretty hard to do in a wet diaper while being cradled in her boss’s arms. What was she thinking when she agreed to this? She wasn’t exactly fighting, though, and her cringing and blushing could be mistaken for movements common to a fussy baby.

They reached the next cubicle and another round of questions began. “Can she still talk?”

“I’ll let her answer that question,” Meredith replied, looking at Katie.

“Yes, I just look like a baby,” Katie replied dryly.

“And you peed your little diaper! Does she need a change? I want to change her,” one of her coworkers asked. Katie blushed again. There went any semblance of adulthood she was trying to portray. For a moment, she’d forgotten everyone could tell what she did from the wetness indicator. She might as well have been wearing a giant neon sign saying “I pee in my pants.”

“She’s good for right now,” Meredith said, massaging Katie’s tummy. Katie felt a small cramp and her stomach let out an irritated growl. It didn’t really occur to her that she might be about to have a potty emergency. It just felt like gas to her, so she made an uncomfortable grumpy face and tried to ignore it.

Finally, they’d reached the last cubicle, where the social media marketers often gathered to talk about pop culture once they were finished posting small bits of copy on various blogging and social media sites. Despite Katie’s protests, Meredith handed her over to Todd, one of the photobloggers. “Aww, you’re so cute like this,” he said teasingly. “Let me get a picture of her for the company blog,” he said.

Katie winced at the thought and shook her head “no.” Meredith playfully scolded her. “Nah-uh-uh, you wanted this experience, you’re going to get the whole experience. We’re not making special exceptions just because you’re suddenly a bit uncomfortable.”

Katie stood on the desk wincing and trying not to blush. She was in just a diaper and people online were going to recognize her. Suddenly, a painful stomach cramp hit her. She temporarily forgot her social discomfort to attend to her physical discomfort. Blllaaaart! Before she could figure out what was happening or ask for the bathroom, she was filling her diaper! A brown blotch appeared on the front of her faded diaper, and the seat sagged a little from the weight. Unfortunately, Todd had already taken out the digital camera and was photographing her when she had her accident. Once he noticed what was happening, he paused. “Oh, should I maybe wait until she’s had a change?” he asked.

“Please don’t post pictures of me in a dirty diaper!” Katie protested, face burning, still trying to keep her adult dignity. That was proving nearly impossible, though, because, in addition to being thoroughly embarrassed by her babyish accident, she was still in the process of filling her diaper. Blorp! She grunted and squirmed desperately trying to regain control.

Meredith laughed. “No, go on and post those. This is what babies do, after all.”

“You know I wouldn’t post a picture of a baby in a dirty diaper,” Todd replied.

“Thank you!” Katie said, feeling relieved in more ways than one. The cramps had subsided and she was no longer in the process of messing herself. Meredith put her finger near Katie’s lips. For some reason, she grabbed it and started sucking it before she realized what she was doing.

“Technically, she’s not a baby, so it’s okay,” Meredith argued, “and other people who see her are bound to take pictures, clean diaper or not.”

Katie cringed at the loud argument they were having about her and opened her mouth to say something, but before she could muster a good dignified adult protest, a few more coworkers who heard the commotion came over. “Oh my, did she actually just do what I think she did?”

“She did,” Meredith replied, showing off Katie’s sagging brown-stained diaper. Her coworkers giggled and ogled at her obviously dirty diaper. They took out camera phones and started snapping pictures.

“No, don’t do that!” Katie protested, trying to cover herself. They ignored her and kept snapping photos. Meredith pried her hands away from her diaper area so they could get good shots.

“Don’t post those anywhere!” Katie begged.

“You can ignore her. Post those wherever you want. It’s all part of the transparency agreement. The more places her face is posted, the less likely she is to get kidnapped or fall into other nefarious hands,” Meredith explained with a little laugh. “See baby? We are looking out for you, just probably not the way you want,” she jokingly cooed to Katie in a babyish voice.

“Wow, I wonder what she ate to make such a big mess,” one of her coworkers casually commented, poking at her diaper.

“Stop that!” Katie protested.

“So, could you feel it when you, you know?” one of her coworkers asked curiously. Katie cringed and blushed at the embarrassing questions, trying to figure out what to say. Unfortunately, her bowels weren’t even done. Faaaart! Another wave of mess entered her diaper. She grunted a little to try to stop it, but whatever was controlling her bodily functions now was a lot stronger than any conscious control she could muster. She felt her bowels forcefully contract multiple times without an ounce of her input. When it was over and there was an even bigger mess in her diaper, it was all her fragile ego could take. She started crying from embarrassment. Her face flushed red with shame.

“Aww, what’s wrong with her?” another coworker asked.

“I shit my pants!” Katie cried in frustration. A few of her coworkers giggled at the outburst. Apparently, they thought it was cute.

“That you did,” Meredith said to Katie while bopping her on the nose. She then turned back to her subordinates. “I think she’s had a little too much excitement. Everyone’s seen her, so I think I’m going to take her in for a diaper change and then we’ll all go home. It’s been a long day.”

“Do we get to leave early too?”


Back in the lab, Meredith was changing Katie. The former lab assistant ignored her current embarrassing predicament in favor of cringing over memories of what happened minutes ago in the main office. She pooped her pants right in front of her coworkers! Plus, her poopy butt was going to be all over social media! Part of her wanted to die. She’d never be able to live that down! She just lay on the changing table watching her former adult life flash before her eyes. She whimpered softly.

The sensation of the cold baby wipe on her warm feces encrusted privates brought her back to reality. Diaper changes felt surprisingly good and intimate. She cringed a bit at the thought of her boss wiping her butt, but other than that, it wasn’t so bad. She let out a small sigh. She needed to collect herself. There was no way she was going to ask her boss to reverse the process any time soon. She didn’t think her adult self could even endure the memory of this much humiliation, and it was only the first day. Silently, she wondered what other tortures this experience would hold.

After the diaper change, Meredith again lifted Katie into her arms .“Okay, let’s talk about your accommodations, just in case you weren’t paying attention,” Meredith said.

“Huh?” Katie asked, clear bewilderment in her voice.

Meredith draped her over her shoulder and patted her diapered bottom. “While you’re in your ‘little’ form, which is what we call shrunken testers, you will not be allowed to live alone. You’ll stay with your designated caregiver for the duration of the experiment. You’re simply too small and helpless to take care of yourself, and it won’t get any better until we decide to remature you. You don’t get to argue with us about this, either. The company has a responsibility of taking care of you to a reasonable extent while you remain an experiment participant.”

Katie’s boss patted her on the back until Katie felt a gas bubble in her stomach. She let out a loud burp. “Good baby,” Meredith cooed. She then sat Katie in a chair and continued explaining. Katie tried to listen, but she found herself zoning out and daydreaming. “Do you have any questions for me?” Meredith asked.

“Oh. Um…oh yeah, my apartment! I still have an active lease,” Katie said.

“I’ll call them and get it canceled. Most apartment leases have a medical exemption, and luckily for you, participating in this weird little experiment qualifies as just that,” Meredith said.

Katie furrowed her brow. “What about when you, you know, remature me? I’ll need a way to get my old life back, right?” she asked.

Meredith giggled. “Don’t worry about that, baby Katie. We wouldn’t leave you in the cold. Think about it. We’re willing to take care of you in your most vulnerable state. You can barely do anything for yourself right now. Why do you think we’d all suddenly turn on you just because you decided to grow up?”

“I don’t know, I guess, I thought…” she trailed off.

“Well, you thought wrong,” Meredith said curtly. She then picked Katie up and carried her on her hip. Katie actually got a good look at the view this time and she felt kind of dizzy. Everyone seemed so much taller now. Just three or four feet seemed like a dizzying height. “Where-where are we going?” she asked.

“I need to pick my daughter up from daycare. We kind of wasted our early leave time,” Meredith said.

“Oh? Um, what about my things?” Katie asked.

“What things? Babies don’t have personal things,” Meredith teased. “Testers don’t get to use their personal belongings like computers, cell phones, cash, or credit cards. Someone will pick them up, bag them along with your clothes, and put them in a special storage locker for you to pick up when you remature. Think of this as kind of like a really interesting summer camp,” she explained.

“I hated summer camp,” Katie said with a groan.

Meredith softy punched her in the shoulder. “Cheer up! You’re overthinking it. Just relax and have fun!” she looked at the clock again. “We’ve got to go. The daycare closes at six.” Meredith hoisted Katie onto her hip and walked out to her SUV. There was already a car seat in the car. Katie put up no resistance while she was plopped into the seat and buckled in. “When you grow down to it, you’ll need to be in this seat facing the rear, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it,” Meredith quipped.

“Grow down?” Katie asked.

Meredith sighed. “Please tell me you understand what you signed up for. I explained it to you and all of the other recruits ad nausium and it was in the much smaller version of the contract you signed. That machine we used on you uses something called an immaturation mechanism. It stimulates your cells to work in reverse. What that means is you’ll get younger, and you’ll shrink down smaller as a result. Don’t worry. This isn’t some dark sci-fi movie where you’ll get so young that you’ll cease to be a person or shrink so small that you’ll disappear. The process stops when you’re around the diaper size of a newborn. Your body also adapts to act more like the age you’re shrunken to represent.”

Katie just had a horrible thought. “Wait. If all of me’s immaturing, does that mean my brain will–”

“No,” Meredith cut her off. “You’ll be just as smart and quick-witted as you were before you were shrunken. The mechanism doesn’t affect your memory or intellect. You might have a little trouble reading and writing, though, as you continue to immature. That’s related to muscles in your eyes that help you track text, however.”

The former lab assistant lay her head back and let out a loud sigh. This didn’t sound so bad. Grumble. Grumble. Something else did, though. Her stomach growled irritably and she got another familiar cramp. This time she knew what it was. “Sorry, but I think I need to go to the bathroom!” Katie said frantically. Meredith’s only response was a laugh. She didn’t stop the car, and she didn’t even look at Katie. Katie was trying to figure out what was so funny when her bowels released. Blurrrt! Warm squishy semi-solid mess flooded her diaper. She groaned and sniffled as she continued to fill her diaper.

Her boss gave another exaggerated giggle before launching into an explanation. “Baby, you are not potty trained,” Meredith said with the most deadpan expression she could muster. “In fact, your little body is too immature to be able to hold it long enough to even try. Perhaps you’ll get a second or two of warning before the shit hits your diaper, but that’s not enough lead time to do anything, really, except maybe prepare for a diaper change, and don’t worry, I’m always prepared.”

“Did you have to curse?” Katie asked, pretending to be a baby.

“No, but since you are an adult, I can curse at you without an issue. Besides, using cutesy baby talk would have messed up the pun,” Meredith quipped. “…and speaking of mess,” she looked at Katie from the rearview mirror and shot her a look, “I’ll change you when we pick up my kid.”

(To be continued?)


This is super cute! I’m glad I inspired you! Something tells me little Katie might not know what she’s getting into. That new tiny body of hers is going to need some pretty intimae care. Plus that every bowel movement and accident in her diapers will need to be carefully recorded for data purposes…


I love this one too. You have a real talent, which I hope to see much more of soon.

Have a good day and a better tomorrow too!

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