Diapered Date Disaster (Revised and Updated)

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You know that dream, the one where your fantasies come true? The one where the girl, Lexi lets call her, the girl who you have had a crush on since the 4th grade but who was always in a relationship with some other guy, is finally available. The one where this girl Lexi looks at you with her soul-piercing emerald green eyes and says, “Hey Nathan, how would you feel about going on a date tonight?” Of course, there is ample context for this gesture, years as a loyal best friend, confidante, and partner in pranks, plus running a valuable errand on her behalf that very morning, but in this dream of yours no context is really necessary. This is the dream where Lexi has donned a strapless silver dress because she knows it is your favorite, where Lexi has arranged her hair into an elegant side-braid because she wants to clearly indicate that she is ready to be more than friends, where Lexi has enveloped herself in a rich perfume of raspberry and jasmine notes so that she should occupy your every thought. Sounds familiar, right? But this is also that dream, you know the one, where everything suddenly morphs into a horrifying nightmare, the emerald eyes transforming before your eyes into a haunting look of pure disdain, the sweet scent of her perfume replaced by the overwhelming foul odor of your own body. And then you look down, and the blood drains from your face as you realize that you are not wearing any pants, and the entire restaurant is laughing at you, and worst of all, Lexi is laughing at you.

Well this is that dream, only worse, because while I did remember to wear pants, beneath those pants are a twice-soaked disposable diaper. Only this is a nightmare that won’t evaporate at the first sign of consciousness; this is the nightmare that I got myself into, and it is up to me to get myself out.

Chapter 1: “Stick With Me Kid”

It all started—well, the most pertinent parts anyway—with a frantic knocking on my apartment door at 7 am. I am NOT a morning person, and opened the door in a groggy haze intent on chewing out the rude individual who had decided to wake me up. But, as I opened the door and saw Lexi standing there, my anger was immediately replaced by concern and affection. Before I could say anything though, she launched into a long rambling explanation, muttering that she was sorry for waking me because she knows I like to sleep in, but she had to be at work in an hour and her phone had suddenly just died this morning and wouldn’t turn back on. She thought she remembered that I had an extra phone and wanted to borrow it.

I placed my index finger over her lips, as is my normal habit when Lexi rambles, and said, “Lexi, calm down. I actually don’t have that phone anymore, but it is no big deal. If you give me your account information, I will go to the store and see if they can fix your phone. We can meet for lunch at noon, and by then everything will be fixed. Sound good?”

“Wow. Thank you so much Nathan!” Lexi replied as she hurriedly scribbled down her account information before sprinting towards the door. “You are an amazing friend! Okay, I will meet you at the Pizza store down the street from the nursery school.”

That word “friend” no longer really fazed me. Sure, I was in love with her since the 9th grade, watched her date selfish asshole after selfish asshole. Maybe that wasn’t fair; they were not all really assholes. But I knew that none of them would care for her like I would. Still, I had accepted my place as her close friend. I had even dated a couple of girls myself, though nothing had ever become serious. But deep down, I knew that I could never really be satisfied with anyone other than Lexi.

I remember the exact moment that I fell in love with Lexi. We had already been friends for several years, but I hadn’t thought of her romantically until 9th grade chemistry class. Maybe I was emotionally or hormonally stunted, or maybe I just didn’t recognize my feelings until then. To be honest, when we entered High School, I think I half expected Lexi to find a new group of friends, ones who could match her energy and wit. I had decided that I wasn’t going to stand in her way. It might have even been beneficial for me to reinvent myself as my own individual, not just the loyal mutt that followed at Lexi’s heel.

But Lexi kept our friendship alive. Mrs. Burnow assigned lab partners for the year and I was supposed to be with Cassidy Andrews, a pretty brunette who was simply awful at chemistry. I had to basically hold her hands in order to teach her how to properly turn on a Bunsen burner. The next day, Lexi approached me to tell me, “I fixed everything.” She had apparently snuck into Mrs. Burnow’s office and altered her list of assigned lab partners. Mrs. Burnow was famous for her poor memory; she relied heavily on her lists and she would never have suspected that her list could be wrong. I expressed concern that Cassidy or Lexi’s lab partner might say something, but she assured me that she bullied them into keeping quiet. She had also added an extra surprise for the next class. She had altered a few of the names on the attendance list, which Mrs. Burnow dutifully read aloud to the delight of all of the students.

“Mr. Glass-cock,” she bellowed over and over until Martin Glasco sheepishly mumbled “here.” I glanced at Lexi knowingly, as she practically rolled with laughter. She looked straight into my eyes, offering a delightful “who me?” sort of look that left me completely enthralled. How could I not love someone who moved through the world with both grace and good humor the way that Lexi did?

Lexi approached me after class. “Stick with me, kid and you will go far,” she offered with a wink, “Cross me though and you may end up the next Glass-cock!” I chuckled, but from then on, I knew I would always be by her side.

Her present anxieties dispatched with, Lexi made ready to leave, but stopped herself. She turned to face me, considering for a moment. She licked her index finger and reached for my face, scrubbing at some apparent mark on my cheek. Seemingly satisfied, she appraised me once more. Classic Lexi, I thought; she comes to me to sort out her problems and then acts like the entire time she was just there for my benefit. “You could use a hair cut Nathan,” she finally concluded. “I don’t know if you are trying to grow an Afro or something, but well… you shouldn’t. Your abnormally thick hair keeps covering your nice blue eyes. You look like a demon possessed hair-blob.” And with that, Lexi was out the door.

Chapter 2: Impulse Buy

I was taking the summer off before starting business school in Chicago, so I wasn’t too busy anyways. Always eager to please, I made appointments at the Verizon store and the barbershop. I finished up at the Verizon store rather early. They were unable to fix the phone, but had replaced it with an identical new one, and uploaded the information from the last phone to the new one. I placed the bag with the new phone in my knapsack, imagining the smile on Lexi’s face when I handed her the new phone.

As I was walking towards the restaurant after my haircut appointment, I passed a sex-toy shop. I don’t usually wander into such places, but it was only 11:40, so I still had 20 minutes to kill before I had to meet Lexi. I entered the store and glanced around me. The shelves were lined with whips and black leather items, evidently the most popular items since the release of “Fifty Shades of Grey.” There were also some more disturbing accouterments like ball gags and even a cage.

I did not see the storeowner. My business classes didn’t really cover this material… but I imagined that in this line of business, it was best to leave customers to themselves. I also did not see any items for my particular kink- diapers, but I wasn’t really all that disappointed. I already had a large stack of diapers hidden away in my closet, a mix of Pampers size 7 and a larger but still babyish looking brand.

I was therefore about to exit the store when I noticed a chain and thick leather belt of sorts next to the ball gags. It was probably a male chastity belt, I surmised, though the penis encasement apparatus was evidently missing. What remained were a wide metal reinforced leather waistband and two thinner metal reinforced loops for the legs.

While the idea of a chastity belt repulsed me, I couldn’t help but marvel at the idea of being locked into one of my diapers. The locking mechanism would serve as a visual reminder that I was helpless, and mitigate my impulse to simply remove the diaper when I needed to use the bathroom.

Before I could give myself time to rethink, I grabbed the item and made my way to the counter to pay for it. I must have been a little nervous, because I found myself making some comment to the store clerk about the crazy weather we were having. The clerk was dressed in jeans and a graphic t-shirt which read, “There are no stupid questions, only stupid people.” It seemed as appropriate a uniform for the location as I could imagine. He also had a name tag that indicated that his name was Freddy." Freddy just rolled his eyes, placed my purchase in a plastic bag and stated simply, “that will be $11.”

I glanced at my watch, realizing that if I didn’t hurry I would be late for my lunch with Lexi. I must have spent quite a while staring at the chastity belt before deciding to buy it. I quickly paid the man, tossed the bag in my knapsack, and headed for the door. I was halfway out when I heard the store clerk yelling “Buddy, buddy wait, you forgot the keys.”

Wow, that would have been pretty stupid, not that I would have locked the belt without the keys, but still. He holds up two sets of keys. I muttered an embarrassed thank you, placed one set of keys in my pocket and dropped the other set into the bag in my knapsack, and hurried out the door to the restaurant.

When I arrived at the restaurant, Lexi was already sitting down, and waved me over to a table where she had apparently already ordered food for both of us. “Sorry,” she said, “I have to be back at the nursery in 10 minutes, so I decided to just order for you. I got you a regular personal size pizza. The waitress wanted to know what kind of salad you wanted with it, but don’t worry, I explained to her that you’re just a little child who thinks vegetables are icky.”

Lexi just loved to tease me about my picky food tastes, but she knew exactly what I would have ordered. For herself, she had of course ordered a kale salad with pomegranate seeds, her favorite.

I reached into my knapsack and handed her the bag with her phone. I explained that they had to replace the phone, but that I had switched over all her contacts. She squealed with delight, and got up from her chair to give me a huge hug.

“Thank you so so so much, Nathan,” she said. Having gone the entire morning without a phone, she dropped the bag and box into her purse, and immediately turned the phone on to check for missed messages. “Fuck,” exclaimed Lexi, “I think Mark drunk texted me last night. Jesus, why did I ever go out with that guy?!”

Mark was Lexi’s most recent boyfriend, so I of course hated him. He had made the cardinal error of passing up a date night to watch a basketball game with his bros, and with Lexi, one mistake was all you got.

Lexi was never without a boyfriend for long, however, and it had been nearly two weeks since she broke up with Mark. She would probably be introducing some new guy to him within the week, which is why what happened next was so surprising.

“You, on the other hand, are incredible Nathan,” she began, reaching across the table and placing her hands on top of his with a light squeeze. “Hey, how would you feel about going on a date tonight?”

“With me?” I asked incredulously.

“Yes with you, silly. I mean but only if you want to?”

I couldn’t believe what was happening. “Like a real date? At like a nice romantic restaurant?”

Lexi chuckled. “Yes, a nice restaurant,” she said. “And I expect you to dress up nicely.”

“Absolutely,” I said, or rather stuttered, still reeling from the shock of her proposal.

Lexi rose from the table. “Excellent,” she said, “I have to get back to work. I usually end at 3:00 but I have a staff meeting until 4:30 today, so why don’t we say 6:30 at the Millani stake house? Oh, and don’t be late. You were two minutes late for lunch today, and I don’t date guys that come late.”

“Understood. 6:30 it is. I look forward to it,” I concluded. Lexi smiled, gave me a quick peck on the cheek, and darted out the door.

Chapter 3: What is Cowardice, anyways?

Before you get the wrong idea, I’m not a coward. I know it probably seems like I’m that frightened little kid who couldn’t work up the courage to ask out my crush, and so I stood in a corner sulking for the next ten years while real men wooed the girl I loved. I asked her out, multiple times!

The first time I asked her out was halfway through Sophomore year of High School. Okay, so maybe I’m a bit of a coward. I spent most of ninth grade fretting about what it would do to our friendship if our romantic relationship didn’t work out. It had honestly never occurred to me that she might actually say no. I was more worried about what happens next.

We were shopping together in Urban Outfitters. We had both picked out some clothing items to try on. I didn’t really want to buy anything, and had mostly gone to keep Lexi company, but Lexi had insisted on picking out a couple of items for me. While Lexi moved to the women’s section, I started feeling mischievous and picked out a pair of bright yellow shorts to model as a surprise for Lexi. Lexi soon rejoined me and we moved to the changing rooms. The clerk gave us adjoining changing rooms, and then left to go help another customer.

“Last time I was here, Ryan bought me the sluttiest dress, and I had to pretend like I liked it,” she began, addressing me through the walls of the dressing room. “It had two slits over my stomach and a plunging neckline; I much prefer a dress that leaves a little something to the imagination, you know?”

“You could have told him that, then,” I protested, as “you’re a modern sophisticated woman, and you shouldn’t wear something just because some jerk tells you to.”

Lexi chuckled, and repeated “Yes. Yes, I’m a modern sophisticated woman. I like that.”

I began fumbling with the button on the yellow shorts. I hadn’t even really glanced at the size, and had clearly picked a pair that was far too small. They looked ludicrous, but I didn’t care. With the safety of the dressing stall walls between us, I finally found the courage to express my feelings. “Don’t forget beautiful,” I said. After a pause, I added, “Or smart, or just fucking awesome.”

“You’re sweet,” was the only response. “But watch your language.”

“I’m only stating the facts,” I managed, anxiety curdling the blood in my veins. “Here’s another fact: I really like you, and think we should go out.” I exhaled deeply, relieved that I had at last been brave enough to ask, even if it was through the medium of a dressing stall wall.

My dressing stall door opened. Lexi stood there with smile. There was no condescension, or pity. It was just matter of fact. “Sorry,” she said, I’m going to a concert with Lyle this week. You know Lyle right? I just don’t think I can date two people at the same time."

Then she looked at me, rolled her eyes and laughed. I had forgotten what I must have looked like with those bright yellow shorts, three sizes too small. “Besides, until you learn to dress yourself Nathan, I don’t think you are ready to be dating anyone.”

Bad timing. That was her answer. It would be her answer the next two times I asked as well. The last time I asked was a whole different story.

Chapter 4: Timing is everything

I arrived back at my apartment at 1:00, still grinning from ear to ear. “I’m going on a date with Lexi,” I whispered to myself over and over, as if verbalizing it to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. “I definitely won’t be late,” was the next mantra I started repeating.

I quickly did some calculations to determine how much time I would need. It should take about a half hour to get to the restaurant, so to be safe, I would leave the apartment at 5:45. I would also give myself 40 minutes to shower before I go, dry off, and pick out a suitable attire. That meant that I had about 4 hours to spare, and I knew exactly what I was going to do during that time.

I grabbed the quasi chastity belt I had purchased from my knapsack, locked my bedroom door and lowered the blinds. Next, I went to my closet and pulled out the box labeled Ancient Philosophy Notes where I kept my diapers, baby wipes, and baby powder, assured that no one would ever choose to open such a box. I lay a towel over my bed, and began to strip naked.
Pausing, diaper in hand, I ultimately decided that it would probably be best for me to pick out my clothes for the date in advance. I riffled through my entire wardrobe for well over 20 minutes looking for something suitable but nothing felt worthy of a date with the love of my life. Finally, I settled on a gray blazer over a gray-blue collared shirt with a darker blue tie, and my only nice pair of skinny white slacks, to accentuate my ass of course. Perfect, I thought. Thank God I found something to match those slacks, because it seemed like every other pair of pants in my closet was wrinkled.

I finished stripping, and returned to my bed. I unfolded an adult diaper, and lay down on top. The baby wipes were really only for diaper changes, but I decided to go for the most authentic experience I could. I also applied a more than liberal amount of baby powder across my groin, thighs, and even over my stomach area. Then I pulled the front of the diaper up, and secured the tapes for a snug fit.

I then reached for the new addition to my collection. I grabbed the pair of keys from my pants and stepped into the chastity device. The device came loose, making it easy to get on. I checked the mechanism though and saw how turning the key would simultaneously tighten the grip of the device on my thighs and midsection, locking it in place. Just for good measure, I grabbed a pair of scissors from my desk to see if I could cut through the material at all. The material held strong. The only way that this device was coming off was if someone used the key. Perfect.

I immediately decided that I was going to pee in the diaper. That was exactly the reason I had purchased the chastity belt, to simulate the feeling of being trapped in a wet diaper until someone decided to change me.

Unfortunately, I had not had enough to drink that morning, and did not feel any urge to use the bathroom. I walked to the sink and filled up a 20-ounce water glass to the very top, and began chugging down the liquid. I decided that I would consume 7 cups of water, and I forced myself to do just that. Then I sat down on my bed with my laptop to wait for nature’s call.

At around 2:45, I felt the first urge to pee. I realized though that I still had the key to unlock the device by my bedside. I didn’t want the temptation to let myself out so close by. I therefore rushed to my bedroom door, closed my eyes and chucked the key out the door.

I had no idea where it might have landed. I had lost plenty of items in my apartment before, and I knew it might be awhile before I found it. It didn’t really matter though, because I knew I had the other key in the plastic bag from the shop in my backpack. Chucking the key out the door was really more of a symbolic gesture than anything else.

Finally, I lay back down on the bed, and managed to relax my bladder muscles enough to allow a strong stream of urine to flow into my diaper. The feeling was pure ecstasy, warm urine trailing a path over my groin towards my anus.

My revelry was interrupted though by the sound of my phone buzzing. I went over to my desk, feeling the noticeable sag of the now wet diaper, in order to check my phone. I had a message from Lexi.

“Yay! No more toddlers for the day! About to head into the meeting. Just wanted to say that I’m really looking forward to tonight.” The irony did dawn on me that Lexi was texting that she was done dealing with toddlers, and yet the person that she was texting was, at the moment, looking very much like a toddler.

I texted back a quick “Awww. Me too!” Then, I turned on no less than 6 alarms, decided to chug another two glasses of water, and snuggled into my bed for a little nap.

I woke up to the third alarm, feeling very groggy. I glanced at the clock and saw that it was 4:30, getting late, though I still had plenty of time. I also felt the urge to pee again.

I considered carefully. I had wet my diapers more than once before, but the results weren’t always so consistent. Sometimes, I had managed three wettings before the diaper leaked, but other times, it couldn’t hold more than one wetting. It may have been pure laziness, but I just decided to wet the diaper again. Once again, I felt the urine flow into the empty pockets of space in the diaper, and though it didn’t leak, I was pretty sure that it was at its capacity.

Then I looked at my phone and spotted the text from Lexi: “Finished the meeting really early. I’m actually pretty hungry already (maybe I should have had more than than salad haha. Well I knoooww that you aren’t busy with anything, so let’s meet at 6:00 instead. I already made a reservation!”

“Fuck,” I mouthed under my breath, quickly scrambling to recalculate my timing. Leaving 45 minutes before means I need to leave my apartment by 5:15 and its 4:40 now, so I have 35 minutes to shower and get dressed. “Okay, that’s fine,” I reassured myself. Thank God for my foresight in picking out my clothes earlier.

I needed to get out of this wet diaper quickly though. I ran to the living room, grabbing my knapsack, found the bag from the sex-toy shop, reached inside for the key and…. “Fuck,” I said. It wasn’t there. I turned my knapsack upside down, inside out, but couldn’t find it. “Fuck, Fuck, Fuck” I intoned as if chanting to some ancient gods.

I didn’t have time to think about what might have happened. I immediately began searching through my apartment for the other key that I had thrown. I calculated the angle that I must have thrown it, getting down on my hands in knees, crawling through the apartment, (at the time, the irony did actually escape me) but to no avail. My place was a mess. I had loose clothing articles scattered all over the place, and a tiny key like that simply did not want to be found. I could search for several days, and I may never find it.

I panicked. I tried picking the lock with a needle. Nothing. I grabbed the pair of scissors, desperately hoping that if I could apply enough pressure, I could cut the belt off. Nope. “Fuck,” I said once more.

I went back to my knapsack, and turned out every single item, but there was no key. I glanced at the clock: 5:10. “Shit, I can’t be late for Lexi,” I told myself. I would have to cancel. Thinking about Lexi, it suddenly dawned on me what happened to the other key. When I dropped the key to the chastity belt in my knapsack, I must have put it in the bag with Lexi’s phone, the bag that she then put in her purse. That meant that my only way out of this diaper was to go meet Lexi.

Now sweating profusely, I ran into the bathroom, sticking my hair under the sink faucet. I then doused myself in cologne, particularly applying it around my diaper, hoping to mask the smell of the urine. I rushed back to my bedroom to get dressed, only to find that, of course, my nice white pants couldn’t close with a puffy diaper underneath. Neither could any of my other pairs of nice slacks.

“Fuck!!!” I screamed at the top of my lungs.

Re: Diapered Date Disaster (Revised and Updated)

Haven’t actually read this, but I did notice one issue right away. You forgot to put a heading on Chapter 1 :slight_smile:

Re: Diapered Date Disaster (Revised and Updated)

It’s a breakneck pace, for sure, though your trend upward in word count is encouraging. Means you’re spending a little more time with description and less with plot advancement. For the record, your first chapter was ~700 words where chapter 3 was ~1500.

Re: Diapered Date Disaster (Revised and Updated)

I’ve found that breaking up the story into 2-3 line paragraphs (except for the occasional monologue) helps readability, even if it’s not grammatically necessary. Chapter 3 would be where this helps the most.

Nathan seems incredibly lacking in foresight, and surprisingly prone to flights of passion. Wandering into a random sex shop and buying a “chastity belt” (speaking of which, props for the explanation as I was going to comment about how chastity belts are different but you explained the object very well in story) in the middle of doing errands? Is he not worried about people seeing him? I assume this is an area he frequents, probably close to home.

As WBDaddy said, you can definitely slow down the pace of the plot, and have trended toward doing so. Definitely continue to to spend time on non-action points such as setting and character identities/thoughts.

Re: Diapered Date Disaster (Revised and Updated)

Thanks so much for the feedback! It’s interesting, because after hearing several people’s concerns about the pace of the story, I reread what I had posted with an eye towards the pacing, and I somewhat disagree. Even though the chapters were shorter, I actually think that the pacing was better in the earlier chapters. I think length can be deceiving because there is much more plot exposition necessary in the third chapter, and that is why the chapter is longer, but the majority of my descriptive text is in the earlier chapters.

Wondering if you or ShinraS could maybe offer some pointers on improving the pacing of the third chapter. Partly, I intended a faster pace for that chapter, because I wanted the reader to feel time bearing down on him/her just as Nathan does in the story. But I also think that I used too many verbs back to back. The entire scene, and especially the self-diapering aspect feels a little bit like “and then he did this,” “and then he did that,” etc… Do you think that leaving more room between verbs would help? Any other strategies you use to add style to a simple diapering scene? (I’m much better when I can insert dialogue between multiple characters into the scene).

Re: Diapered Date Disaster (Revised and Updated)

Well, we can agree to disagree on the furious pace. If your intention was a wild ride through a quick story without getting bogged down in details, then I withdraw my objection. Right now, I really know fuck-all about either Nathan or Lexi other than Nathan’s hair is somewhat shaggy and he’s taking time off from business school. Oh yeah, and she’s a dom and he’s a sub. And I kinda know where you’re going with it. But I don’t think that was supposed to be part of the reveal.

Re: Diapered Date Disaster (Revised and Updated)

Mmm that’s true. My comments were with a longer story (ie tens of thousands of words) in mind. If this is meant to be a short story, then I agree with WBDaddy about withdrawing that comment.

IF you’re looking to slow down the pace, I’d say setting description, internal monologues, and flashbacks would help, especially for developing our characters to be non-flat.

Re: Diapered Date Disaster (Revised and Updated)

I really value the critiques, and have edited and updated the story in response. I think I finally have a pretty good idea of where to go with this story. Feel free to reread as plenty has changed…

Re: Diapered Date Disaster (Revised and Updated)

Much, much better in my opinion. Nathan and Lexi have a history, and I now have a very clear picture of their personalities. If you want to see interplay between a similar character duo for inspiration, I suggest checking out “A day at the zoo” by personalias and cute kitten (here on the forum).

Re: Diapered Date Disaster (Revised and Updated)

Chapter 5: Last Time

In the cab on the way to the restaurant, a barrage of different emotions flooded through my brain. I was nervous, nervous that I would be late having lost the grace period I had intended to leave myself so that I could surely arrive on time, and nervous that Lexi would think poorly of the mismatched button down shirt and wrinkled slacks I managed to throw together in the haze of my panic attack, lifted from the dispersed articles of clothing on the floor of my living room as I frantically searched one more time for the key I had thrown. I had even forgotten a belt.

I could imagine the awkward pause when I entered the restaurant, complimented Lexi’s beauty and then watched as her lip curled in displeasure. Lexi was not one to give an insincere compliment. I had often told her that it was the one quality preventing her from ruling the world.

Of course, I was also assaulted by the paralyzing fear that Lexi would not be so completely revolted by my outward appearance and would instead choose to look closer and notice the shameful diaper boy underneath. Beyond that, I also battled with my usual self-loathing, cursing myself for my stupidity at losing not one, but two keys. There was maybe a part of me that was still curious as to why after all this time, Lexi had decided to ask me out, but I was also at the mercy of the memories of all my previous rejections, and the knowledge that once Lexi saw me, the pain of tonight would surely surpass them all.

Mostly, though, I found myself thinking back to a night nearly ten years earlier at the Marousky house, the last time I was truly frightened of Lexi. The thought that she might look at me with that same steely glare, revulsion of an inhuman intensity, was the single scariest thought of my entire life.

When Lexi announced that she was ready to babysit, Eleanor and Steve Marousky eagerly called on her services. Even at eleven years old, Lexi was thought of as a responsible and dependable young lady. She had even asked the Marouskys in advance if I could keep her company while she babysat. They agreed.

It was several minutes after I rang the doorbell before Lexi opened the door to the Marousky’s spacious home, and beckoned me in with her foot, her arms covered in soapy suds and splashes of water all over her shirt. “Come in, come in,” she said, frustration evident in her voice, “I’m just giving Ally a bath, and well she isn’t being so cooperative.”

I chuckled, and followed Lexi up the stairs path to the bathroom. She had her sleeves rolled up and her hair tied back in a ponytail. In front of me sat a pouty toddler, arms crossed and tears streaming down her face.

“What happened?” I asked Lexi. “Did you get shampoo in her eyes?”

“No,” she replied, seemingly annoyed that I would doubt her competence to give a child a bath. "She just doesn’t want to take bath. Lexi finished with a nasal mock whine, “Apparently, its too early.” I glanced at my watch and saw that it was only 4:30.

“It is pretty early,” I said.

“So I wanted to get a jump start on the bedtime routine. Sue me,” Lexi responded tartly.

I turned back to face the three-year-old child. “Well now I understand the problem,” I offered. “You were confused and thought it was bath time.” I grabbed a handful of bubbles from the tub, splaying them across my face. “This isn’t bath time, no—this is attack of the soap monster time!” I dived in, attacking the little girl with a barrage of tickles. Already, the pouty face had dissolved, if only out of curiosity. I leaned in to whisper to Ally. “But I’m going to tell you how to defeat the soap monster. If you are covered in soap, then the soap monster can’t see you.”

“Huwwy huwwy we have to defeat the soap monsta,” yelled Ally. Success! I’m not sure why, but I was always naturally good with kids. I knew how to access their incredible imaginations, and wield it to my advantage. Lexi hadn’t quite mastered that talent, it seemed.

I looked back at Lexi with a wink. “Don’t worry,” I said finally. “Lexi is going to gird you in your soap armor right now. She won’t let anything happen to you.” Lexi seemed grateful, but there was probably a hint of jealousy there as well. She didn’t like being upstaged.

After Lexi finished giving Ally a bath, she made dinner for the three of us. We were all having pizza, but Lexi had also defrosted some spinach as well. Ally did not seem happy about it.

“Did her parents tell you to feed her spinach,” I whispered to Lexi.

“No,” Lexi replied. But I think its important for her to eat healthy food."

Despising all things green myself, I just couldn’t countenance forcing a child to eat that stuff. Ally apparently felt the same, because next thing I know, green mush is flying off Ally’s spoon in Lexi’s direction, landing squarely in her lap. Lexi struggled to maintain her composure.

“Ally. We do not throw food!” she lectured. “Because you did that, now you are going to need to eat double the amount of spinach.”

Ally started crying, and I really hated to see a child cry. Without a second thought, I used my own spoon to fling a second helping of spinach towards Lexi. This time it struck her in the face. After her initial bewilderment, I could see the steam rising in her face. I knew Lexi was angry, but Ally was also giggling and her joy was contagious.

I scooped Ally from her chair, and raced up to her bedroom. Seconds after I closed the door, I heard footsteps on the stairs, slow and deliberate.

I surveyed my surroundings. The room was painted violet, with splashes of blue circles interspersed throughout. On the right was a bed with a rail, and a changing table, and on the left was an open closet with Ally’s nicer dresses as well as some extra bags of diapers. “We’re in big trouble,” I said to Ally. “The girl downstairs is a little bit crazy.” “But we won’t go down without a fight.” I grabbed a bag of diapers from the closet. “Ammo,” I explained to Ally. “When Lexi comes through that door, you let loose, okay?”

Unfortunately, my partner in the trenches hadn’t learned how to throw yet. Ally was giggling like crazy and I managed to get about two projectiles off, before Lexi closed in on us, and wrenched the bag of diapers from my hands.

She addressed Ally first, or rather screamed, “I’m crazy huh? Well maybe I am. But you are going to do whatever this crazy girl says the second she says it for the rest of the night, or there will be serious consequences, is that understood?” The little girl solemnly nodded her head.

“And you,” she began moving towards me. She grabbed me by the ear and dragged me to the door. I think I had maybe seen that in movies or something, but I didn’t think that people really did that in real life. It hurt a lot. I tried mumbling apologies, but Lexi was silent on the stairs until we reached the door. She threw it open, brought me close to her face, simultaneously pressing the bag of diapers into my hands whether she was aware of it or not, and with a glare full of disgust, said simply “Get. Out!”

It took about a week and a half for things to get back to normal between Lexi and me, but she never invited me to babysit again. Incidentally, it was that pack of diapers that Lexi thrust at me on a cold night in a fit of rage that spawned my diaper fetish.

Re: Diapered Date Disaster (Revised and Updated)

This is getting good don’t stop now

Re: Diapered Date Disaster (Revised and Updated)

Wow. I don’t know how I missed this update (must have opened it and forgot about the tab without ever reading it).

We see a darker side of the relationship between Nathan and Lexi this time. I can only wonder what that portends for him this time around. Lexi is definitely an imperfect character, and we see a lot of her flaws in this flashback.

I think it’s VERY interesting how you made the girl of his dreams be the cause of his diaper fetish. That’s a powerful pairing, and makes me think that he might have Lexi be a permanent part of his fetish as well, imprinted into the very core of his sexuality.

Re: Diapered Date Disaster (Revised and Updated)

Thanks for the continued feedback. To be honest, this story started out as a half-baked fap, but I now have a clear direction and, I think, really interesting character exploration in mind. However, because the story has evolved, I will probably be making some minor changes to the earlier chapters to help with the later chapters.

I would also love to hear whether the image of Lexi and Nathan that is now coming into focus is consistent with their personalities in earlier chapters. I sometimes feel like Lexi was sometimes responsible and controlling, but at other times spontaneous and fun-loving. Thoughts?

Anyway, this story is just getting underway. Enjoy!

Chapter 6: Plans Go Awry

By the time I arrived at Millani Steak House, I had managed to calm myself down. I decided that I would tell the truth, or at least part of it. I would explain to Lexi that my appearance was due to the fact that I had laid down on my bed and fallen asleep, that by the time I saw her text, I figured that she would already have left for the restaurant, and that I therefore rushed over. This would shift the blame towards her for switching up the timing, she would apologize and I would graciously argue that it was no big deal.

I would need that apology, because after the rest of my plan unfolded, I knew that I would probably be doing a lot of apologizing myself. The key (no pun intended) was to separate Lexi from her purse so that I could retrieve the key. I would then excuse myself to the bathroom, dispose of the horrid chastity device and the wet diapers, and go commando for the night. Heck, if things went really well, and we went back to her place, I could even turn it around as a sexy surprise.

I’ve already described to you how beautiful Lexi looked in her strapless silver dress. Glancing around from the restaurant foyer, I saw her seated at a table against the wall, a goddess ensconced by the warm glow of the candlelit room.

She had a magnetic aura that drew me to her, that enabled me to avoid the patrons, waiters with large trays, or other obstacles that littered my path even while my eyes remained locked on her face. I may not have been the only one looking. From my peripheral vision, it looked like another guy was surreptitiously glancing towards Lexi, while pretending to nod along to the woman across from him.

As I approached the table though, Lexi seemed deep in thought. Even when she looked up to see me, it still took her an extra second to register that I was there. “Is something wrong?” I asked as I took a seat. “Am I late? I didn’t think so, but if I am I can explain. I was actually sleeping when you texted me that the meeting ended early so–”

“Wow, way way way too much cologne,” Lexi interrupted, her hand guarding her nose.

Ah. That. So that I didn’t necessarily have a good excuse for. I couldn’t exactly tell her that it was covering up the smell of my piss soaked diaper. Suddenly also, my miraculous avoidance of obstacles on the way to Lexi, took on a slightly different meaning; I wasn’t avoiding the waiters, the waiters were darting as far away as possible from the assault on their nostrils.

“Sorry, I think the spritzer mechanism may be broken,” I offered while taking my seat across from Lexi. It seemed like a reasonable explanation, but I still decided to bury my head in the menu for a little bit. “So what’s good?” I asked from behind the menu, still not quite ready to look Lexi in the eyes.

Lexi again didn’t seem to be totally paying attention. Great, she’s already disgusted by me, I castigated myself. “What’s good?” I inquired a little louder.

“Sorry,” she said, willing herself to focus. “Well I usually get one of the salads, but I’ve been told that the steak sandwich is pretty good.”

The waitress came to take our orders. She introduced herself and displayed a nice smile, though it was obviously forced and she stood a good two feet back from the table. Lexi indeed ordered a salad with slices of grilled chicken and I ordered Pasta Bolognese. It was the item on the menu that best fit my requirements.

I could tell that Lexi was not behaving like herself, her usual humor and charm were not on display, but I just assumed that I had ruined everything because of my attire and the fact that I reeked of cologne, and so I didn’t push her. I just had to make sure things didn’t get worse. We made polite conversation until our food came, talking about friends from home and new exhibits at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.

The pasta arrived steaming hot. Unfortunately, the warmth only drew my attention to the fact that my crotch was overheating. I could practically sense the approaching diaper rash, maybe a half-hour away. I shifted uncomfortably in my seat, trying though not to draw too much attention to myself.

Worse yet, in my nervousness I had been drinking a lot of water. I knew for a fact that my diaper could not hold another ounce of urine, which meant that the next time I needed to pee could be the makings of a public disaster. I had to act quickly.

“Lexi, I think you have a small piece of lettuce or something stuck in your teeth,” I said, pointing to the upper left side of her mouth. We played the classic game where she continually tried to guess what tooth I was pointing to, and I continually directed her elsewhere. To my great relief, she finally said that she was going to go to the ladies’ room for a second to see if they had a mirror.

Success. Her purse was draped over the edge of her chair, and I readied myself to lunge for it as soon as she left the room. If someone noticed they might think it was funny that I was going through her purse in her absence, but I didn’t have the luxury of worrying about the other people in the restaurant, as I began to feel the pressure on my bladder build.

Lexi rose from her chair, and started walking away. However, at the last second she reached back and grabbed her purse before heading down the stairs to the bathrooms. I was left in my chair feeling frustrated and nearly despondent.
I had however, considered this possibility. I knew that girls often took their bags with them to the bathroom. Maybe Lexi had decided that while she was there, she would also powder her nose or something. Did people still do that? I knew what I had to do, but I also knew that Lexi would not be happy.

Lexi came back to the table, looking slightly annoyed. “You got it?” I asked.

“There was nothing to get,” she replied.

“Oh,” I answered, disregarding her annoyance, “maybe it just dislodged itself then on your way to the bathroom. Sorry.” I twirled the spaghetti on my plate. It was now or never.

“Want to try some?” I asked politely, flinging the fork from the pasta sauce in her direction. It had the desired effect. The pasta sauce sprayed across the table and onto Lexi’s dress.

“Idiot.” Lexi fumed as she surveyed the damage.

“Oh no. I’m sooo sorry,” I managed, even as I rose from the table. “Crap. That might actually stain.” I grabbed her purse off the chair. "Do you keep a tide-to-go or something in here, I said as I unzipped the compartments, desperately searching for the key to the chastity device.

I couldn’t find a tide-to-go. I also couldn’t find the key. Lexi eyed me weirdly, as if considering a complicated math problem.

“It’s fine,” she said finally, as she reached across to take back her purse. “Let’s just get the check and we’ll walk to the nursery school. Its close by and I always keep an extra change of clothing there. I may even have a tide-to-go stick in my other bag there. You’re paying for the dry-cleaning though, that’s for sure.”

Lexi’s last comment pulled me out of my state of despair. I had almost given up entirely, assured that I would be stuck in this devilish contraption until I could find a locksmith who would be kind enough not too ask too many questions. Maybe I could use a controlled explosion to open the device. Sure I would probably blow my junk off as well, but maybe not. Suddenly, though I once again had a glimmer of hope.

“Absolutely. Whatever it costs. No problem,” I mumbled, already motioning for the waitress to bring the check. After a moment I added, “Lexi- that’s a really nice purse. Is that the same one you had this morning?” The question was weird, to be sure, but I thought it was also innocent enough.

Lexi laughed. “Thank You. I like it too, but nope. This morning I had my work purse, the one that I left at the nursery school.” Already, my body felt much lighter than it had only a moment earlier.

I paid the check and practically ran for the door. Thankfully, the diaper only affected my gait minimally. Lexi followed closely behind me. She caught up, and took my hand in hers. I felt my heart flutter. I had dreamed of this moment for so long. Lexi also seemed to be back to her usual self. A bemused smile framed her face.

“So I didn’t tell you about my meeting,” said Lexi, as we walked side by side. “I had thought it was just a regular staff meeting, but it turns out my boss wanted to give me a promotion and wanted to go over my new responsibilities.”

“That’s amazing,” I exclaimed. “I’m so proud of you, though you obviously deserve it.”
“Thanks,” she responded, but I actually wasn’t so happy about it at first. Mrs. Nowell wants me to run the 3-4-year division. I definitely appreciate that she is giving me this added responsibility, but I’ve always preferred to work with younger children. I love taking care of babies."

We turned onto the block of the nursery school, and Lexi took out a key card for the door from her purse. “Okay, so what are you going to do?” I asked.

“Oh I’m definitely going to take the promotion,” answered Lexi. “I was just a little bit sad that I thought I wasn’t going to be in charge of babies any more.” This was clearly what had been occupying Lexi’s thoughts all throughout dinner. I wasn’t paying close enough attention to the tense of Lexi’s statements, however.

Lexi opened the door, and the lights in the building switched on automatically. The walls were lined with bright pictures of animals and building blocks. “So this is where you work,” I intoned. “It’s very… cheerful,” I added after struggling to find the right word. Lexi led me through a door on the right, which opened into a large nursery. At least fifteen cribs lined the room, as well as plenty of high chairs in one corner of the room. The hallway decorations continued into the nursery, except for one wall which had a large mural with a colorful array of 1s and 2s overlapping one another at different angles, to indicate the age group.

“Well I’m glad you like it,” said Lexi. “So just wait here while I go and change my clothes. Then I need to run to the store down the block quickly and then we will see what we can do about getting you changed into a clean diaper, okay?”

Re: Diapered Date Disaster (Revised and Updated)

I think you’ve done a decent job reconciling the two sides of Lexi. My understanding is that she is normally spontaneous and fun-loving but resorts to being controlling when things don’t go her way. Basically, she won’t interfere so long as things go her way.

I still think Nathan needs more development though before I can pin him down as a character, but the joy of a story is having that development slowly unfold rather than being given an info dump at the start. A story where the readers have to actively do their part rather than passively absorb the goings-on of the characters encourages attachment.

“I’ve already described to you how beautiful Lexi looked in her strapless silver dress.” - Breaking the 4th wall, I see. However, it still doesn’t sit right with me, the tone of it almost carries an air of dismissal or laziness. I’d personally swap it out for a re-description of the dress, although perhaps highlighting it in a different way to show the change in tone. Even two descriptions of the same object, if worded cleverly, can show the subtle change in the character’s thoughts and emotions.

It took me a second to understand what was going on at the end. However, I’m still not sure if it’s what I think it is. I’m interested to see which fork in the road you take at this path because this is a point in the story where several possibilities intersect.

Re: Diapered Date Disaster (Revised and Updated)

Next chapter. Some more flashbacks coming soon which should really shed light on Lexi’s character, though I will certainly try to develop Nathan a little more. Enjoy!

Chapter 7: The Big IF

“Oh don’t look so surprised,” said Lexi. “I work in a nursery school. You didn’t think I would recognize a soggy diaper butt?” I struggled for words, but found none. “Honestly, you’re lucky I noticed because I was ready to strangle you after you ruined my dress. But then I saw your padded rear and I couldn’t stay mad at you. Babies are just messy. They can’t help themselves.”

“I can explain,” I managed, horror stricken. My head was swimming. It was like I was sucking in air, but no oxygen reached my lungs.

“I’m sure,” smiled Lexi, her glee at the situation perfectly manifest. “And we will certainly be having a nice long chat, but not until we have both had an opportunity to change. I’ll be back soon.”

Lexi left the room, and as her jasmine scent followed her out the door, my own foul odor rose up to greet me. The diaper had leaked. Like me it had held on for a long time, but now it was falling apart. A dark wet spot began to form on the front of my pants.

“What could I possibly tell Lexi?” I asked myself endlessly in the twenty minutes Lexi was gone. I went through every possibility. I’ll lie and say I lost a bet. No because she knows everyone I know and she could ask the other person. Okay so it’s a new medical issue. The belt is supposed to hold the diapers more snuggly or something. Yes, because that really explains why I’m sitting in a puddle of piss on the floor, and why this special belt has a heavy duty lock…Okay so I tell the truth. I tell her that I have a diaper fetish. And then she calls me a freak and never speaks to me again… oh and I never get out of this fucking chastity belt.

Lexi strode into the room in a businesslike manner carrying several shopping bags. Her elegant clothing was gone, replaced by a simple yellow sundress. Her hair was now tied back into a ponytail. All that remained of the night’s promise was the quickly fading scent of Lexi’s perfume.

Lexi looked straight at me, sitting on the ground in my wet shorts. "Nathan, please- "

“Okay, so this is a little complicated to explain,” I began.

“Uh Uh. Not now,” she said, accompanying her directions with a wag of her finger. “Please take off your clothes and come with me.”

I needed to brace her for what she was about to see. “Wait, there’s something you need to know,” I said.

“Please take off your clothes and come with me,” Lexi responded, this time slower and with less emphasis on the ‘please.’ “Now!” she added for good measure. It really felt like she was addressing a child.

I began to undress slowly. “Okay, but you know obviously… whether people admit it or not… I mean everybody has their quirks… sometimes it may even be sexual in nature.”

It was too late. I was evidently taking too long to undress because Lexi approached and unzipped my pants before I had a chance to object. Her mouth dropped as she first took in the metal lock in the center and then the device in its entirety. I didn’t dare move or speak. I braced for a barrage of insults, but Lexi sat marveling at the chastity device for quite some time, turning me around to get a fuller view.

I finally broke the silence. “The key is in your purse from this morning,” I said. “Please just let me out of this fucking thing.”

“Watch your language mister!” Lexi immediately admonished. My comment seemed to restore her composure. Whatever plan with which she had entered the room with such gusto evidently did not account for a chastity device. Now though she had corrected course, and was proceeding with her plan, which evidently meant talking to me like an infant.

“Okay sweetie, you just sit tight there for just one more minute and then we will get you out of that yucky diaper,” said Lexi, adopting a sweet and high pitched tone of voice. I chose to ignore her tone, just grateful that I would at least soon be rid of that stupid chastity device forever. This was all the more important because my bladder had also become uncomfortably full. Now practically naked except for a diaper, I felt the full force of the shame of my present condition.

Thankfully, Lexi was soon back, key in hand. However, instead of coming towards me, she walked over to the shopping bags she had left in the corner. “Unfortunately,” she began, “Mrs. Nowell doesn’t like to spend money on anything that isn’t strictly necessary, so all we have in the nursery are diapers, baby wipes, and diaper rash cream. But not to worry; that’s why I went shopping.”

Lexi began to unpack items from the bags one by one next to a sleeping mat. "I got baby powder, and baby lotion and baby oil and some stuff for bath time. “And diapers of course, though they aren’t nearly as cute as the one’s you are wearing now,” she added with a wink.

My horror at the situation was beginning to subside, replaced instead by frustration and anger. “Enough already,” I said. “I get it. I look like a little baby. Can we please cool it with the fucking condescension already and just get me out of this thing?!”

Lexi’s eyes flashed hot. “I’ve had it with your potty mouth Nathan,” she said. She reached into her shopping bag again, producing a purple pacifier, promptly sticking it right into my gaping mouth. I considered just spitting it out, but quickly thought better of it.

Lexi took my momentary acquiescence as an invitation to begin her lecture. “Let me tell you what is about to happen,” she said, her voice full of authority. “If you want me to open that lock that is…” Lexi’s voice trailed off momentarily, emphasizing that removing the device was not a certainty.

“I know you are probably thinking that as soon as I unlock it you will be able to go use the bathroom. That is not going to happen. As soon as I clean you up you will be placed in a fresh diaper. I know you desperately want to explain what’s going on. Again, that is not going to happen. That pacifier will stay in your mouth until morning unless I take it out. You will obey all of my instructions tonight without hesitation, and without attitude. Do we have a deal?”

A full bladder, a burning diaper rash on my inner thighs and Lexi’s ire combined in that moment to deliver a one-two knock out punch. I started to cry. Of course, crying made me only feel that much more ashamed, creating a vicious cycle of degradation.

Lexi’s face softened considerably. She gently removed the pacifier from between my lips. “Look at me,” she said. “I know that you thought tonight could be the start of a relationship between us, but I honestly just don’t think that I feel that way about you. I’ve always felt something for you, but I couldn’t quite pin it down which is why I asked you out tonight. I really care about you and your wellbeing, but its just not a romantic attraction, okay?”

“It’s not so bad Nathan,” Lexi continued, resting a hand on my shoulder, and guiding me gently but firmly to lie down on the mat in front of her. “Let’s just take it one step at a time, okay?” I was putty in her hands. Lexi just firmly rejected me. My heart was in tatters and I had no fight left in me. Sniffling back my tears, I did as I was instructed, laying down on the mat. “There we go, it’s okay, you’re going to be okay. Just lie back, relax and just close your eyes.”

The warm tone of her voice was calming. I closed my eyes, attempting to think of pleasant memories. I heard the sound of a clasp releasing, but no, I told myself, that’s just the poorly oiled gear on my bike as I raced down the steep hill a block away from my house for the first time, the first of my friends to learn to ride. I felt a brisk breeze on my groin and then Lexi’s hands, colder still, holding up my legs to remove the diaper, but no—that’s just the waves lapping against my skin on the shore of our favorite vacation spot in Florida. Baby wipes and diaper rash ointment followed, or rather rain and mud assaulted my body as I conquered the slip and slide at camp with style and a dash of panache. Next, plumes of baby powder or a pile of fresh powder on the ski slopes greeted me warmly. The soothing scent of baby powder wafting in the air further encouraged my meditative state. Finally, I heard the crisp sound of a fresh diaper, the stick of the diaper tapes and a metal clang, my bike again, peddling faster still… Wait! No, it couldn’t be. My eyes shot open and my hands desperately groped towards my crotch. A familiar and most unwelcome hard metal frame greeted my touch.

Re: Diapered Date Disaster (Revised and Updated)

Well, this has been sitting waiting for me to discover for quite some time. Just read the whole thing, and rather liked it. There certainly would be the option of going slower and adding more details to the surroundings, but it also works like this. I’ll be watching to see if you add anything more, and looking forward to it.

Re: Diapered Date Disaster (Revised and Updated)

Soo… I’m about ready to post more of the story, but I also decided to change an earlier part of the story and add a significant flashback. Wondering how people think I should go about that? Should I edit old posts or start a new topic with the revised earlier chapters?


Re: Diapered Date Disaster (Revised and Updated)

I think editing it should be fine. It’s an awesome story and I look forward to reading more!

Re: Diapered Date Disaster (Revised and Updated)

How big are the changes you made? If previous comments wouldn’t make sense because of the changes it would be better to start a new topic. Although if you do start a topic I would recommend waiting until the 13th because of the vBulletin upgrade. :slight_smile:

Re: Diapered Date Disaster (Revised and Updated)

Can you post the new version and update? I’m really digging the story