Diapered Dandy: Birth Of A Hero (Complete)

If you’re reading the Diapered Dandy stories in order, this is the first one. Enjoy! :slight_smile:

Diapered Dandy: Birth Of A Hero
By: Dementia’s Knight

<center>Part I: Origins

Chapter I: Face In The Crowd</center>

When people think about super heroes they think of names like Ms. Liberty, The Back Alley Brawler, or Synapse, they certainly don’t think of Diapered Dandy. When people think about super heroes they envision a regal figure in a flowing cape and tights, they don’t picture a four foot tall woman in a baby doll t-shirt and a disposable diaper. But I’m a firm believer that size doesn’t matter, and that clothes don’t make a hero, it’s what they do that counts. My name is Jesseca French, and I used to be normal, just another face in the crowd, but now, well we’ll get to that part. First, I think it’s important for you to know who I was before, when I was just another normal girl.


“C’mon Jess, I just think we’re ready.” Jason said as he started to massage her shoulders.

She indulged him for a second, and then regained her senses and wiggled from his hands, she stood against the wall, her arms folded staring hard at him as he sat on the bed. “Well, I think you’re ready, but I’m just not.” she told him in her firmest sounding tone.

Jason sighed and took a seat on the edge of the bed, “Jesseca we’ve been going out for eight months now, if you’re not ready now, when are you going to be?” he asked without looking at her.

Her thoughts raced, she knew where this was heading, she’d been down this road before. “This’ll be the fifth time in as many years.” she thought to herself. She didn’t even realize that she wasn’t involved in the conversation until she saw Jason get up and head for the door. “Where are you going?” she asked, though she already knew the answer that was to come.

He looked back at her, “I’m going out to find myself a girlfriend that’s physically attracted to me,” he said with an icy look, “if you ever become that girl you feel free to give me a call.” he told her as he walked out the door, and out of her life forever.

Sitting on the floor Jesseca wished she could cry, she wanted to, she felt like it was the thing to do in this situation, but she’d been through this so many times that it hardly phased her anymore. That was the thought that got the tears flowing.

“Why are guys all the same?” she pondered. “Why is it that they assume if you aren’t ready to have sex that you’re some kind of ice queen, or a freak?” she asked herself. With a sigh she wiped away her tears and got up off the floor, she went to her dresser and pulled out a pair of pajama pants, heading into the bathroom she stripped off her jeans and stared at her reflection

The 4’ 4" woman glared at the image before her, a yellowed disposable diaper taped around her waist, “I hate you.” she told the garment as she started to get herself ready for bed.


Jesseca French may not sound like anything special to you, or even her for that matter, but she’s destined for great things. Jesseca is what you might call a genius, at twenty three years old she’s the youngest person at Paragon City University to have a full scholarship and grant from the science department. Her work is ground breaking in the field of medical science. Fueled by her own incontinence, Jesseca has devoted her research to developing more than just a simple treatment or aid, but a full cure.

Some may say that her research is foolhardy and selfish, but those people have never suffered the humiliation of not being able to control their bodily functions. To not be able to attend sleep overs as a child for fear of being “discovered”. To not be comfortable in trusting others with your secret, leading to a life of seclusion and barriers. Jesseca has lived through those things, and if she can spare one person from those feelings and experiences, then she will do anything in her power to do so.


The alarm clock buzzed annoyingly in her ear as she fought to stay asleep. Shutting off the alarm and rising from the bed she shuffles to the bathroom. Her pants come down in the doorway, a ripping sound tears through the air and her sodden diaper plops to the floor as she climbs into the shower.

Humming to herself she steps out of the shower, tendrils of steam flowing from her body, she dries herself off and lays her changing mat on the bed, she fetches a clean diaper and some powder and expertly secures her protection for the big day ahead of her.

Dressed in a black skirt and matching sweater she ties her long blonde hair into a tight ponytail and applies a light bit of makeup before heading out to her car. Driving down the freeway to the university her heart beats rapidly within her chest. “Today is the day.” she thinks to herself with a small smile of nervous anticipation.

Her high heels click loudly on the linoleum as she walks down the long corridor to the auditorium where her demonstration is being held. Her eyes widen when she walks into the room and sees how full the seats are, she wasn’t expecting so many people to be present today. She walked over to the podium and set her materials down before pouring herself some water. She watched the crowd as the people that had been standing and talking to one another took their seats and waited for her to begin.

Taking a deep breath she thought to herself, “Here goes nothing.”

“Thank you all for coming today.” she said with a smile as she put on her reading glasses and adjusted the microphone. “My name is Jesseca French, and I am here today to present my invention, that according to all of our tests will be able to finally cure incontinence in all of it’s forms.”

She watched as a few photographs were taken from the back of the auditorium, and notes were jotted down. “I’m pleased to see so many of you here today, from what I’m told many of you are doctors and businessmen in the field of medical equipment, I hope that you are as eager as I am to see this equipment put to use in hospitals around the world hopefully in the near future.” she said with a smile and took another sip of her water.

“I realize that most of you out there are probably thinking that incontinence is merely a minor inconvenience, and the science departments funding would be better spent on developing a cure for AIDS or Cancer, to a certain extent you’re right, but my I only answer to those thoughts is I’m still young, and the science department has a lot of money for my future work.” she said, getting laughter from the crowd.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, I have lived with incontinence all my life, as a result I have led a very secluded life, not having any intimate relationships, and living in fear of my secret being discovered. My hope is that with this invention I can spare millions of people these feelings, and give them the normal and carefree lives that everyone deserves. So, without further ado.” she said, and gave a nod to a few of her aids to remove the large sheet that covered her invention.

Many more flashes went off as the machine was unveiled. The large laser stood three feet tall, and had a metal frame that was nearly as long.

“Using a small piece of crystallized Sands of Muu, which we got from the University’s Croatoa campus. As some of you may know, the Sands of Muu are used by mystics all over the city in their rituals. We have discovered from our research that the Sands carry great healing properties, when crystallized, the effects are multiplied tenfold.” she said as she watched the green crystal being placed into the machine.

“Before the demonstration begins, are there any questions?” she asked, and looked across the sea of people for any raised hands. Seeing none she gave the signal to start the machine. Stepping down from the podium and removing her sweater, Jesseca rolled up the sleeves of her shirt and stepped in front of the humming piece of equipment. “Ladies and Gentlemen science takes an exciting leap forward today, and I thank you all for coming here today to be a witness to it.” she said with a smile, she turned to face the machine and waited for her cure.

As one of her aids readied the machine the windows high above the auditorium shattered as two Clockwork minions crashed through to the auditorium floor below. The crowd screamed and began to scatter as people ran for the exits. Jesseca cried out but was unable to move. One of the Sprockets turned to face the humming machine, it chittered excitedly as it heard the hum. Suddenly a figure dropped down from the opening made by the two sprockets, landing square on top of the sprocket closest to the machine and crushing it. Jesseca looked up to see the hero known as Synapse, the super speedy member of the Freedom Phalanx.

“I’ll have these nuisances out of your hair momentarily ma’am.” Synapse said with a smile as he turned to face the other Sprocket. As Jesseca watched, Synapse sped toward the remaining Sprocket in a blur and knocked it backward into the stands, in a flash it was back up and blasting electricity at the hero, he easily dodged it and smashed into the Sprocket once again, this time obliterating it.

The rogue bolt of electricity may have missed Synapse, but it struck Jesseca’s invention dead on, causing it to shake violently, and arc electricity from it. Jesseca screamed as she watched helplessly frozen in fear as the once green Sands of Muu crystal changed to a blood red as it became overloaded with energy. Synapse turned toward the scream and saw the machine fire a red beam of light at the cowering girl for a few seconds, and then explode violently, sending the young blonde flying and crashing through a nearby wall.

Synapse raced toward the rubble, and gasped as he saw a motionless bloody hand buried beneath the pile of debris.

To Be Continued…

<center>Part I: Origins

Chapter II: How I Learned To Stop Worrying About Incontinence, And Love My Super Powers</center>

Defining moments in your life can come from anywhere. At one point in time being born incontinent was my big defining moment. When I got a bit older my defining moment was getting a scholarship and grant for my research. Further still my life was defined by the promise of a cure, and creating a life changing invention. But, the greatest defining moments are sometimes the ones that you have no control over. The ones that blindside you on a random Tuesday, and change your life forever.


There was a faint beeping that woke her up. A heart monitor next to her bed. Her eyes opened slowly, the sunlight streaming through the window causing her to squint in pain. The whiteness of the room seemed to reflect the light at her, causing her to pull the blanket over her head.

“What happened?” she thought to herself as she emerged from under the blanket and looked around.

Flashes of the incident whizzed through her mind. She saw the small robotic Clockwork fighting with Synapse, and then everything went black. She sighed and rubbed her temple.

“Are you feeling any better miss?” a voice asked her, startling her slightly.

Looking up she saw Synapse standing in the doorway. She nodded and attempted a smile. “You saved me, thank you.” she said.

Synapse came closer, “I tried to save you, that Sprocket got off a blast at me, and missed and hit your machine. It exploded and knocked you through a wall. I was afraid you weren’t going to make it.” he told her.

“Through a wall? How did I survive?” she asked him.

Synapse shrugged, “I’m not sure, but whatever that machine did to you when it blasted you, it saved your life.” he told her.

“The machine blasted me?” she thought, “Did the cure work?” she asked herself and quickly looked under the blankets. Her heart sank when she saw another diaper taped on her. She felt tears welling up in her eyes. “Thank you again Synapse, umm, could you leave now?” she asked as politely as she could.

Synapse frowned, “Yeah, you’re welcome, glad to see you’re ok.” he said and left her to cry.


The wind on top of the building was a lot more powerful than she thought it would be. Standing on the ledge she looked down at the city streets below. The streetlight in front of the hospital seemed to give her a landing marker as she stared at it. Wiping the tears from her eyes for the millionth time since she woke up in the hospital three days ago Jesseca sighed and took her small step and her giant leap into her destiny.

It’s amazing the amount of thoughts you go through when you’re plummeting to your impending doom, memories of loved ones, of Summer’s past, and the cold realization of what it is you’re doing. Jesseca went through these things, and started screaming as she fell. After the weight of her deciscion sunk in, she changed her mind. But as she rocketed toward the Earth, it was too little too late.

The impact set off car alarms blocks away. The crater she left looked like a meteor had hit. And as she opened her eyes and stood up from what she had assumed would be her grave she could think only one thing, “What the fuc-”


“K. So you’re telling me that I have superpowers?” she asked the doctor.

Doctor Snyder cleared his throat before speaking. “Ms. French, the results of our tests are inconclusive, we know that the blast from that machine has altered your physiology somehow, we’re just not certain to what extent.” he told her as he examined her chart.

Jesseca smiled as she thought about her twenty story swan dive she’d done a few days before. “Thank you Doctor, I appreciate all you’ve done for me.” she said as she shook his hand and skipped out of his office.


Over the next few days Jesseca set out to discover just what her powers were. She knew that she was invulnerable to some extent, her fall had proven that. Her first big break had come one afternoon after she saw a gang of Skulls attacking a few businessmen, it had made her so angry when she saw it that she balled up her fists in anger, she almost didn’t notice that they had become enveloped in a bright red energy till she felt the warmth radiating from them. She ran home as fast as she could to log her findings.

A few days later Jesseca found herself in an awkward position at the track when her feet became encased in stone as she was sitting on the bench after a run. She found that she could still walk with them in this state, she could even run albeit at a considerably slower rate. Another thing struck her as odd, when her feet were encased in the stone she felt refreshed, her exhaustion from her run faded in moments, and she felt like she’d been resting for hours. Ever the scientist, she logged this discovery as well.


“I’m telling you Kim, I’m a superhero.” she told her best friend as the two sat on her couch eating ice cream that Saturday.

“I’m not saying you aren’t, I’m just wondering what you plan to do about it?” Kim asked her as she took a sip of her wine.

Jesseca shrugged, “I was thinking of registering and doing it full time.” she said taking a bite of her ice cream, getting some on her chin in the process.

Kim chuckled and wiped her friends chin with a napkin, “Lemme guess, you’re gonna be The Amazing Super Baby?” she said causing Jesseca to pout. Kim frowned, “Sorry, it’s just, well it’s not very scary being attacked by a cute girl that still wears diapers. It’d just be embarrassing to be beaten up by you.” she said trying to make her friend feel better.

“Maybe that’s what I could do.” Jesseca said getting a confused look from Kim. “Maybe when I go out to fight crime I just wear a shirt and a diaper, anyone that I beat would be humiliated.” she said with a giggle.

Kim smiled, “Just promise me that if you do decide to go through with this that you’ll be careful.” she told her friend and gave her a hug. “I love you Jess, and I don’t want to see you get hurt for being a good person.” she told her.

Jesseca smiled back at her, “I love you too Kim, and I promise that I’ll be careful.” she said and continued to eat her ice cream.

That night Jesseca sat on the ledge of the roof of her building listening to the sounds of sirens and gunshots echo in the night. “I’m coming Paragon.” she said quietly.


The next day Jesseca went to Paragon City Hall, her heart beat rapidly as she stepped from her car and walked up the steps to Atlas Plaza. The giant monument to the fallen hero Atlas towered over the plaza as a reminder to everyone of the great sacrifice Atlas had made to defend Paragon from Nazi attack in the late 30’s. The giant stone statue of Atlas holding the world on his back made Jesseca feel very tiny, it certainly did not steel her resolve that she was making the right deciscion.

As she walked into City Hall, the crinkling of her diaper seemed deafening, she got strange looks from all the heroes and city officials inside the building as she walked up to the registration counter.

The man behind the counter leaned forward and looked down at her, “Are you lost little girl?” he asked with a chuckle.

Jesseca felt her face become hot from embarrassment and anger. “No sir, I’d like to register as a superhero.” she said, with a symbolic stance of her hands on her hips and chest puffed out.

The laughter from everyone in the room almost made her cry. She started to seriously doubt herself and her choice to come here. The she became angry, she balled up her fists and let the glowing energy take over, she felt her feet become encased in stone again, and she spoke to the man behind the counter again, “Listen tubby, I’m here to register myself as a superhero, and Atlas himself wouldn’t be able to stop me from doing it, so what makes you think an overweight desk jockey like yourself has a say in the matter?” she asked with a menacing gaze.

The man became flustered and quickly gathered all of the necessary papers and shakily handed them over to her.

Jesseca’s demeanor changed immediately once she got the papers, she smiled brightly and thanked the man and went to fill out her papers.

Jesseca filled out all of the required information on the form, her name and age, her height and weight and known powers, the only spot she still had to fill out was the codename spot. “What do I call myself?” she wondered as she looked at her attire.

“Nice work in there, that guy is always finding something to pick on new heroes for. I must say that you make it much easier than most.” A woman’s voice said from behind her.

Jesseca turned and saw a tall redheaded woman in white tights and a flowing orange cape standing behind her. “I guess I did, but he didn’t hafta be a jerk.” she said.

The woman came and sat down on the steps in front of her. “My name’s Sue, Sue Radiance.” she said with a warm smile and an extended hand. Jesseca shook her hand and smiled back. “And you are?” Sue asked. Jesseca blushed, “I haven’t come up with a name yet.” she said shyly.

Sue smiled and gave a chuckle. “I had that problem when I was starting out too.” she said. Sue stood up and looked Jesseca up and down for a moment. “Is that what you’re gonna wear when you go on missions?” she asked hiding her smile at the adorable girl standing before her.

Jesseca nodded, “I thought that it would make my victory more humiliating on the villain.” she said meekly.

“That’s brilliant!” Sue said with a laugh. “Nothing worse than being beat up by a cute girl in diapers.” she said, causing Jesseca to blush by being called cute. “Hmm, how about you call yourself,” Sue paused as she thought for a moment, “The Diapered Dandy?” she finally said.

Jesseca smiled, “That’s perfect!” she said, and quickly jotted it down on the form. “Thankies!” she squealed and raced back inside to turn her forms in.

Sue smiled to herself, “Looks like I found myself a new friend.” she thought and teleported away.


Once her paperwork had been processed and she was registered as a new hero she was told to report first thing in the morning to her trainer for her first assignment.

When she got home she called Kim and told her all the news, Kim laughed at her name saying that it would look good in the Paragon Times.

Jesseca found it hard to get to sleep that night, she had been anxious all night, she was so excited to be starting her crime fighting career in the morning. As she drifted off to sleep, she was suddenly awakened by an unsettling thought, “How am I supposed to fight crime when I don’t know how to fight?”

End Part I

Diapered Dandy: Birth Of A Hero (Complete)

<center>Part II: New Kid On The Block

Chapter I: Fighting Skills, Shmighting Skills</center>

Jesseca paced back and forth in the office of her trainer, Mr. Rick Davies. Chewing her lip nervously she pondered how she was going to tell him she didn’t know how to fight. The door opened suddenly, disrupting her thoughts. Jesseca watched as a man in his thirties with slightly greying hair stormed in.

“No Janice, I don’t really care if the installers aren’t finished with the tile in the dining room in time for your dinner party.” he said into his cell phone.

Jesseca watched as he passed her by and took a seat at his desk with his back to her.

“Because Janice, I hate your friends, and I won’t be at the party anyway.” he said to the woman on the other end of the phone. The man paused for a moment and listened to the woman talk, “Look, I have to go, you’ve made me late enough for my appointment. I’ll see you when I see you.” he said, and promptly hung up the phone. Turning his chair around he looked at the paperwork on his desk and then at Jesseca, “I’m sorry to have kept you waiting Ms. French.” he said with a smile.

Jesseca returned his smile, “That’s alright Mr. Davies, no trouble at all.” she said.

Rick read over her file for a second, “So, energy melee, huh? That should work out nicely.” he said smiling at her again and taking a leisurely look at her body.

Jesseca squirmed slightly at his gaze and cleared her throat, getting his eyes back to hers.

“Anyway, I have a mission for you.” he said, reaching for another file on his desk.

“About that Mr. Davies, I umm, well I don’t know how to fight.” she blurted out with a shamed blush taking over her face.

Rick looked up from the file, “Huh? Oh, well, this mission shouldn’t have too much fighting for you. I need you to retrieve a stolen painting from a Hellions hideout across town.” he said and handed her the file.

Jesseca read the information, a very valuable painting had been stolen from The Atlas Park Museum of Art two nights earlier. Jesseca read that the police suspected a group of at least twelve Hellions, a low level gang in the city, to be behind the robbery.

“Look, I need this resolved today, go get the painting, and when you get back here I’ll put you in touch with someone who can train you to fight. Deal?” he asked.

Before she realized she was doing it, Jesseca was nodding and being shuffled out the door by Rick. Standing outside his office she read the address of the hideout and started to leave when the door behind her opened.

“I almost forgot.” he said and stepped up close to her, towering over her diminutive frame. Placing an electronic bracelet on her wrist Rick explained the device’s function, “This is a tracker that I developed for the heroes of the city. In essence it allows us to monitor your work, increase your Security Level, and teleport you to the hospital if you get knocked unconscious or if your vital signs start to fade.” he told her.

Jesseca smiled, “Probably a dumb question, but what’s a Security Level?” she asked, her blush returning.

Rick smiled, “Basically every hero has a Security Level, which determines what type of missions they can receive, what areas of the city they can enter, heck even what kind of costumes they can purchase from Icon Tailors.” he explained.

Jesseca nodded and bid Rick a good day before making her way out of City Hall. As she left the building she heard the bracelet on her wrist beep. As she looked at it she saw a red flashing light on it, she pressed it and a map came up on the small screen in the center of the bracelet. The map showed a green arrow with her name on it, and a red star across town. “Must be the place.” she thought and set off for her destination.


“Must be the place.” she thought with a small pang of dread as she looked up at the emaciated building before her. Broken windows, smashed walls, graffiti, “A real fixer upper.” she thought to herself as she approached the front entrance.

The door creaked loudly as she opened it, and promptly fell off of it’s hinges, and went crashing through the floor ripping apart the silence of the building. “Way to go Nancy Drew.” Jesseca thought as she looked around for signs that she’d been discovered. After a moment of silence she crept around the whole and deeper into the building.

The slight rustle of her diaper seemed deafening in the silence of the building. “Maybe this whole “only wearing a diaper and shirt” thing was a dumb idea.” she thought to herself. Stepping around the corner she saw two Hellions sitting at a table talking. “Looks like I’m not too late for the party.” she said quietly.

“Actually, you’re right on time.” a voice said from behind her.

Jesseca spun around just in time to see a large Hellion warrior’s fist rocketing toward her. The impact sent her flying across the building and skidding to a stop near the table where the two others were sitting.

“Well looky what the cat drug in.” One of the Hellions said with a demented grin.

Jesseca groaned and moved to sit up when she received a hard kick to her side from another Hellion that sent her crashing into a nearby wall.

“Not much of a hero, huh boss?” One of the Hellions said to the large man that had punched her.

“Obviously not, she’s not even out of diapers yet.” he said with a chuckle.

The seven foot behemoth walked to where Jesseca lay, and picked her up by the neck, hoisting her up face to face with him. “I think maybe you’re a little out of your league pint size.” he said and began laughing as he watched his captive squirm.

Jesseca began to see spots as her air supply was slowly cut off, her thoughts raced as she thought about a way to escape. Acting quickly she encased her feet in stone and gave the behemoth a hard kick to the gut, knocking the wind out of him and crumpling him to the floor. As he dropped her, the added weight of her stone feet sent her crashing through the floor and into the building’s basement.

“She’s gettin’ away!” she heard one of the Hellions yell from above her.

Jesseca cursed under her breath as two Hellions dropped through the hole she’d made and faced her, clearly ready for a fight.

The first Hellion lunged at her in an attempt to tackle her, her stone feet kept her firmly planted where she stood, and she charged up her fists and brought them crashing down on his skull with a sickening crunch.

The second Hellion watched as his ally fell to the floor in an unmoving heap. Pulling a gun from his coat he aimed it at her face. “No more messin’ around kiddo.” he said as he cocked the hammer of the gun back.

Jesseca’s heart raced as she looked down the barrel of the gun. Moving as quickly as she could she turned and ran away from her would be killer. As she ran she heard gunshots and felt bullets whiz by her, the darkness of the basement serving to debuff her opponents accuracy. She heard the Hellion curse and start running after her. Jesseca reached her destination and picked up the heavy wooden door, her energy charged fists acting as a strength enhancement. As the Hellion approached her she swung the door like a baseball bat at him, crushing his body and the door with it’s force.

Making sure the coast was clear, Jesseca climbed back up to the ground level of the house and continued her search. Her diaper hung heavily around her waist as she crept through the building, she knew she was quite wet, but she now realized she was also messy. Opening a nearby door, Jesseca saw the painting she sought sitting on a bed by a window, without thinking she entered the room and walked to the bed. When she heard a creak behind her she ducked quickly and felt something swipe the air over her head. Encasing her feet in stone again she kicked her foot behind her and felt it connect with her attacker dropping him to the floor. Turning around, Jesseca energy punched him in the face and knocking him through the wall behind.

Hearing shouts from somewhere else in the house Jesseca quickly grabbed the painting and broke through the window and onto the fire escape. Carefully, so as not to wreck the painting she climbed down to the street below and ran as fast as she could back to City Hall.


After getting a much needed diaper change in, Jesseca made her way to Rick’s office with the painting firmly in hand.

“Back so soon?” Rick asked as Jesseca laid the painting onto the desk in front of him.

Jesseca nodded and felt a swell of pride in her achievement. “Yes sir, safe and sound.” she said.

“Good work Dandy.” He told her and stepped around the desk, and took her bracelet off for a moment. “And it looks like you moved up in security level too.” He told her with a broad smile on his face.

Jesseca looked at the bracelet after it was replaced, and saw that she now had level 2 security clearance. “Thank you very much Mr. Davies.” she said with a smile.

“Thank you Dandy. Oh, before I forget, here’s the card of that trainer. Take the rest of the day off and tomorrow go see him first thing in the morning.” he told her.


After she got home Jesseca took a nice, long, hot bath. The cuts and bruises that she’d gotten courtesy of The Hellions were all but gone now, and she only had the slightest bit of tenderness from her injuries.

“I got lucky today.” she thought to herself as she put a warm washcloth over her eyes and sank lower in the tub. “Fighting skills, shmighting skills.” she thought with a smile and let the water wash away the tension of the day.

To Be Continued…

<center>Part II: New Kid On The Block

Chapter II: Eye Of The Tiger, Buns Of The Cinnamon</center>

Jesseca stood outside of “The Thorned Lotus” dojo looking in the window at the fighters that were training inside. She checked the slip of paper she’d gotten from Rick Davies the day before, she stepped inside after double checking that she was at the right place.

“Hello! May I help you?” a tall skinny Asian man asked as she walked through the door.

“Yeah, umm Rick Davies sent me to be trained by you.” she told him.

“Ahh, you must be Diapered Dandy! I’m glad to see that you decided to wear pants today.” he said with a chuckle.

Jesseca blushed furiously. “You can call me” she started but was quickly stopped by the man.

“No names! I deal only with heroes, I need not know your true identity.” he told her briskly. “I am Master Nomas, I will be your sansei for the next few hours.” he informed her.

“You can teach me to be a fighter in only a few hours?!” she asked, her eyes wide with disbelief.

Master Nomas nodded and led Jesseca to a back patio area behind the dojo. The area had several fighting dummies and large stones that were cracked in many places from other fighters practice sessions.

“Now, Rick told me that you have energy melee powers, I will teach you four attacks that will make you into a powerful enemy to your foes.”

Jesseca smiled at the man, “Well then let’s get started!” she said.

The first move I will teach you is called Barrage, it’s a simple one-two punch that will help to disorient your foes.

Master Nomas then took a fighting stance and summoned some energy into his hands and gave a lightning quick set of punches to a fighting dummy, obliterating it instantly.

“Now it is your turn.” he said and stepped away from her to give her space to perform the move.

Jesseca mimicked the stance and summoned her own energy she took a deep breath and performed the attack, she gasped as the dummy exploded in a similar fashion to Nomas’s dummy.

Nomas stepped back up to where she stood, “Very good, you are a quick learner, I like that.” he told her with a warm smile and a pat on the shoulder. “The next move I will teach you is the Energy Punch. It’s similar to Barrage, except you use more energy and you only use one punch.” he told her as he stepped up to the large boulder and took his stance again. Jesseca watched eagerly as his hand began to glow and the he struck the boulder splitting it in half.

Without waiting for his orders Jesseca stepped up to the boulder and again mimicked the stance she’d seen, she channeled her energy into her fist and struck the boulder on the other side, the boulder shattered into many fragments from the force of the blow, getting a surprised look from both Jesseca and Master Nomas.

“Hmm, I believe that you have a vast wealth of untapped potential.” he told her. “But remember, you don’t want to kill your foes, you only want to disable them so that they can be arrested.” he said.

Jesseca could only nod as she was still in disbelief of what she’d just done. “I have so much power.” she thought with a smile.

“The next move is called Bone Smasher, it’s a two handed smash technique used to knock back your foes and disorient them.” he said taking his stance again. This time he folded his hands together and summoned energy into both of them and brought them down on a smaller boulder smashing it from existence.

Jesseca did the same, trying to manage her output of energy, and performed the attack flawlessly. “This hero thing is going to be easy!” she thought to herself.

“The final attack I have for you is Whirling Hands, use it when you are fighting several enemies at a time, the shockwave it causes will knock them away from you and provide you with some breathing room.” he told her. Nomas crouched down and channeled his energy and then leapt into the air, twisted in mid-air and brought his charged up fist down on the ground, causing it to rumble and split.

Jesseca followed his direction and performed the move, her shockwave shattered several nearby rocks, and set off a few car alarms, causing her to giggle.

“Now that you know the moves, I want you to practice them until you feel you are ready for combat.” Nomas told her and went back inside of the dojo.


Jesseca practiced her moves for a few hours, sweat had soaked her shirt, she’d long since taken her pants off, leaving her in a soiled and sagging diaper, giving her a very silly appearance.

As she was taking a drink of water from the small pond in the training area she heard a crash from inside the dojo. Making her way inside she found Master Nomas laying on the floor, and several Tsoo warriors standing around him.

Jesseca had heard stories about the Tsoo, they were much like the Yakuza of Japan, guised as ninjas, they went around the city using their fighting abilities to push businesses into giving them what they desired.

“Hey! I think you guys better leave!” she yelled at the mob, getting them to turn their attentions to her.

“Aww, what a cute little girl.” one of the Tsoo warriors said, bringing a flashback to Jesseca of her fight with the Hellions. “Kill her!” the warrior yelled, causing his men to advance.

Jesseca took a deep breath and charged into battle, she used Whirling Hands when she got close enough to the henchmen, sending them flying to different areas of the dojo, she watched for a second and smiled when they didn’t get up. Her victory was short lived however as she was struck in the back of the head by another Tsoo she hadn’t seen.

“You will pay for your insolence child.” the man said and pulled out his sword. As he charged at her Jesseca encased her feet in stone and lifted a weighty foot up just in time to block the sword coming at her, she then swept his feet out from under him and smashed down on his chest with her stone foot.

“Who are you?” The Tsoo leader asked her.

"You can call me Diapered Dandy, or “The girl that’s gonna kick your ass!” she yelled and ran toward him, her stone feet shaking the foundation of the building with every step. Jesseca charged her hands with energy and used Bone Smasher on the remaining Tsoo, connecting with his chest the warrior went crashing through the wall behind him.

Jesseca removed the stone from her feet and rushed to Nomas, “Master, are you alright?” she asked and helped the shaken man to his feet.

“I’m fine Dandy, thank you very much for your assistance, your training is now complete.” he said with a smile.

Jesseca watched as the Tsoo warriors got up and took off their masks, revealing themselves to be the students she’d seen when she entered the dojo earlier in the day.

After she was congratulated by all of the students, Jesseca made her way to the restroom and changed her swollen diaper, she opted not to put her pants back on, she was eager to try out her new techniques on the streets for a bit before heading home.


Jesseca spent hours on the street that night fighting every piece of scum she could find, her wrist bracelet beeped incessantly, telling her that she’d moved up another four levels in security, bringing her to a six.

Around her twentieth mob, she ran into a Tesla Prince Clockwork, a particularly nasty and hard to fight enemy. Jesseca chided herself for being too overzealous as she ran from the robotic fiend. She could hear the clank of his metal feet on the sidewalk as he gave chase behind her.

Jesseca looked behind her to see how far back he was, and ran smack into someone that was coming around the corner as she approached it. The two females collided and lay on the ground for a second, their heads spinning from the collision. As they rose to their feet they each saw why the other was running, “Behind you!” they both yelled. Jesseca used Bone Smasher on the Hellions that were following the other woman, and the green haired vixen fired a glowing green beam of energy through the chest of the Tesla Prince that pursued Jesseca.

“Thanks.” Jesseca said with a warm smile.

“No problem, thank you.” the green haired woman said.

The two women looked each other up and down for a second, taking in one another’s appearance.

“Out a little late aren’t ya cutie?” the green haired woman asked, getting a blush from Jesseca. The woman smiled at Jesseca, she thought that she was the sweetest thing she’d ever seen. “My name’s Hannah, Half-Life Hannah.” The woman said extending a hand.

Jesseca smiled, “Diapered Dandy.” she said with a smile and an extended hand.

The two shook hands and continued smiling. “Y’know I have a sister that’s like you.” Hannah said with a giggle.

Jesseca gave her a puzzled look. “What do you mean like me?” she asked.

Hannah shrugged, “Well, an adult baby of course!” she said with a big grin and a laugh.

Jesseca stood dumbfounded as Hannah jotted something down onto a piece of paper. “You ever need a sitter you just call, okies hon?” she said and handed her the paper and pinched the stunned girl’s cheek before running off, shouting “Bye baby!” as she faded out of sight.


Jesseca sat down on her bed, the paper Hannah had given her sitting in front of her. “Adult baby, what’s that?” she asked herself. Jesseca set the paper on her nightstand and opened her laptop, she typed in “Adult Baby” into the search box and opened the first page that came up. Her eyes went wide as she looked at pictures of adults dressed like babies and playing like babies.

Lit by the glow of the laptop monitor Jesseca’s life changed forever.

To Be Continued….

<center>Part II: New Kid On The Block

Chapter III: Opened Doors, Opened Minds?</center>

Why is it that simple corolations are the hardest to make? I’ve always thought that my incontinence made me like a baby, but never would have imagined that wearing diapers could literally make me into a baby. I guess it’s hardwired into certain people’s brains or something, that you can take something like wearing a diaper and turn it into a lifestyle. I’m left to wonder though, if certain people are wired like that for life as some claim to be, can someone become that way after the fact?


“Hello, Earth calling Jesseca!” Kim’s voice came from somewhere nearby.

Jesseca turned her head and dumbly looked at her friend. “Huh?” she asked.

Kim smiled at her friend, “Welcome back, did you have a nice trip?” Kim asked jokingly.

Jesseca got a confused look on her face and said nothing.

Kim shook her head, “You were like a million miles away there for a minute. I asked you what movie you wanted to watch.” she said with a smile.

“I’m sorry, I’ve got a lot of stuff on my mind right now.” Jesseca apologized.

Kim nodded, “I can imagine that being a superhero can come with a lot of burdens.” she said, placing a reassuring hand on Jesseca’s shoulder.

Jesseca smiled absently and submerged herself in her thoughts again. Unbeknownst to Kim, she wasn’t thinking about her life as a crime fighter, far from it actually, she was thinking about what Hannah had said to her a few days prior, and what she’d seen on the internet. Jesseca was thinking about how she was going to handle this new turn of events, and what it would mean for her life.


“So, is this you’re regular hang out spot?” a familiar voice asked from behind her.

Jesseca turned to see Hannah standing in the doorway of the rooftop entrance. She shook her head softly and smiled, “This is where the Clockwork attacked and I got my powers,” she said thoughtfully. “The whole thing seems like a distant dream, like it happened forever ago.” she said, smiling again.

Hannah walked over to the edge of the roof and took a seat next to Jesseca on the ledge. “So, why the quiet alone?” she asked, looking at Jesseca and then down at the ground far below.

Jesseca shrugged, “I’m still doing a lot of thinking.” she said.

Hannah scooted closer to Jesseca and put an arm around her, “Is this about the other day?” she asked with a smile.

Jesseca nodded softly and rested her head on Hannah, “I just don’t know how I feel about the whole thing.” she said after a long pause.

Hannah chuckled, “Why do you feel like you have to know?” she asked.

It was Jesseca’s turn to chuckle, “It’s kind of a life altering choice I have to make. I mean giving in to my curiosity and embracing this other lifestyle means giving up the adulthood that I’ve fought so hard to keep in check despite my handicap. On the other hand, maybe the reason that I’ve had to fight so hard to be seen and treated like an adult is because I’m not meant to be.” she rationalized.

Hannah nodded, “Good points, but there’s only one problem.” she said.

Jesseca looked up at her, “What’s that?” she asked.

Hannah looked down at her and smiled, “You’re doing all this thinking, and you’re not listening to the one thing that matters, your heart.” she said.

Jesseca thought for a moment and nodded, “Maybe you’re right, maybe I should just do it, what’s the worst that can happen?” she asked.

“It could turn out that you don’t like it and you move on.” Hannah said with a smile.

Jesseca looked up at Hannah and smiled, “Well, when do we start?” she asked.


“When do we start?” the robotic voice asked.

“We will begin wave one within the next few days, we’ll gradually increase the number of Clockwork forces in the city before we initiate your takeover my lord.” the man said to the hulking robot.

“Excellent! Soon this city will bow to the cold calculating brutality that is The Clockwork King!” the robot said, the dim light in the warehouse illuminating his gigantic form, and the dome atop his giant form that housed his human brain. “You’ve done well Mr. Davies, I am pleased with your performance and loyalty.” the robot said.

Rick Davies smiled and bowed humbly toward the Clockwork King, “It’s my pleasure my lord, I will continue to keep the heroes in my charge from meddling in your affairs.” he said.

“See that you do, we can’t afford any mistakes this close to our goal.” The Clockwork King said.

Rick bowed again to the Clockwork King and left the warehouse, making sure not to be seen leaving the clandestine meeting.


Jesseca knocked on the door of apartment 415, Hannah’s apartment. She tapped her foot nervously and waited for the door to open.

The door finally opened and Jesseca laughed out loud when she saw Hannah standing before her dressed like a mother from the fifties, she had a long red and white checkered apron on, and her hair was done in a very retro style.

“What?!” Hannah asked, placing her hands on her hips.

“Nothing Mrs. Cleaver, can the Beaver come out to play?” Jesseca said with a giggle.

Hannah laughed, “Too much?” she asked.

“No, it’s perfect.” Jesseca said and walked into the apartment.

Jesseca marveled at how large the apartment was, it was nearly twice the size of her own, and was furnished with many ultra modern conveniences, quite the contradiction to Hannah’s current garb.

“Have a seat anywhere you like, I’m almost finished with my cookies, and then we can sit and have a talk.” Hannah said and scurried of to the kitchen.

Jesseca removed her coat and draped it over the back of the couch, she walked around it and took a seat, sinking into it’s plush softness. She noticed a wealth of baby items in the corner on the other side of the living room, and felt her heart begin to beat faster.

Hannah came from the kitchen a moment later with a tray of cookies and two large glasses of milk, “All right, I hope they taste as good as they smell.” she said with a smile, setting the tray down on the coffee table and handing Jesseca her glass of milk before taking a seat next to her on the couch.

Jesseca took a cookie and bit into it, the chocolate chips melting in her mouth, she savored the warmth and flavor for a moment before taking a sip of the cool milk.

“I’m glad you came.” Hannah said with a smile and a bite of her own cookie.

Jesseca nodded and swallowed her cookie, “Me too, if only for the cookies and the company.” she said. “So, how does this work?” she asked nervously.

“Well, the best way is to just dive right in.” Hannah said, placing a hand on Jesseca’s knee. “Do you need a change?” she asked sweetly.

Jesseca’s head began to swim, she was suddenly at ease and yet still conflicted. She felt good about the whole thing, but was still unsure if it was right for her.

“I guess mommy will just have to check for herself.” Hannah said and made a move to undress Jesseca.

“Wait.” Jesseca said, finally finding her words.

“What’s wrong?” Hannah asked, and stopped her progression.

Jesseca sat quietly for a second, and then looked Hannah in the eyes, “I umm, I’m messy.” she said, her face flushing crimson.

Hannah sat for a second looking Jesseca in the eyes, “Well, then, we better get to work.” she said with a smile.

Hannah stood up and put out a hand for Jesseca, she helped her up, and then surprised Jesseca by picking her up and placing her on her hip. Jesseca smiled and rested her head on Hannah’s chest and let her carry her to the bedroom, and to a new world.

End Part II

Diapered Dandy: Birth Of A Hero (Complete)

<center>Part III: Siege

Chapter I: Friend Or Foe?</center>

“Hey, you’re in the paper!” Hannah said as she sat on the couch reading the paper. She lowered the paper and looked at Jesseca, who was laying on the floor on her tummy coloring a picture for mommy. Hannah smiled at her baby girl, the way she had her tongue sticking out in concentration while she colored was absolutely adorable.

Jesseca finished the part she was coloring and looked up at Hannah. “What for?” she asked.

Hannah quickly read the caption under the picture, “Diapered Dandy is pictured here giving a few thugs a good thrashing.” she read, “It’s talking about how you stopped that Yacht Club robbery the other day.” she said.

Jesseca beamed and got up and sat next to Hannah on the couch, she smiled even wider when she saw herself in the picture. The pair read the article and Hannah gave her baby girl a big hug. “What was that for?” Jesseca asked, and watched Hannah get up from the couch.

“Because I’m so proud of you.” she said and started to cut out the article, and then hung it up on the fridge. Hannah came back to the couch and picked Jesseca up and hugged her again.

“What was that one for?” she asked, cuddling into Hannah’s bosom and placing her pacifier into her mouth from where it was clipped to her shirt.

“That was because I love you.” she said and kissed Jesseca on the forehead and then smiled as she looked down at her baby girl.

It had been a little over a week since they had started playing mommy and baby, and the two had fallen into their roles quite easily. Jesseca had spent the night at Hannah’s almost every night since they’d started, and the two had become very close.

Hannah carried her charge to the bedroom and laid her down next to her in the bed. “Let’s take a nap, and then later we can go out and see if we can’t get our picture taken together.” Hannah said and pulled Jesseca close to her. Jesseca nodded softly and cuddled up to her mommy, her eyes drooping as she softly sucked her pacifier, “I love you too mommy.” she said. Hannah smiled and kissed her head again, and the two drifted off to sleep.


“Jesseca!” Hannah yelled as a large Hellion with a bat came up behind Jesseca and swung at her, connecting with her head and sending her sprawling to the ground. Hannah blasted him back with a shot of radiation from her eyes and ran to Jesseca’s side.

As Hannah checked to make sure Jesseca was okay another Hellion came up behind her, he wore a mantel of stone over the top of his body, and had his hands encased in stone as well, and gave Hannah a hard right hook to the side of the head, sending her crashing into the side of a dumpster and leaving her in an unconscious mass on the ground.

The stoney Hellion made his way closer to Jesseca and raised his arms above his head and brought them down to smash her flat. Jesseca lifted her legs quickly and encased them in stone just in time to block the attack. As the Hellion moved to make another attack Jesseca kicked him hard in the gut and put the Hellion down.

With the threat contained Jesseca turned to where Hannah was, and saw that she was gone. “Hannah! Where are you?!” Jesseca shouted, worry building up inside her. Jesseca looked around for Hannah, and saw a man carrying her up a ladder on the side of the building. “Hey! Come back here!” she shouted and ran toward the ladder, and started to follow the man.

As she neared the top of the building a bright light flashed in front of her, and suddenly the man was above her, he dropped onto her, his feet planted firmly in her face, causing her to plummet to the ground. Jesseca recovered after a moment, her back aching from the fall, and she shakily got to her feet. What the heck was that?" she thought just before there was another flash behind her, and then a hard blow came to her back and sent her into the wall of the building.

“Diapered Dandy, I suggest you stay down.” the mystery man said, his voice muffled by a cloth covering the lower part of his face. He looked like something out of a history book, he had heavy medieval armor on, all black as pitch, and his hair was tied into a ponytail, giving him the look of a knight and a ninja mixed together.

Jesseca rose to her feet again, “And why would I want to do that Mr. Mystery, it’s hard to kick your ass when I’m laying down.” she said with gritted teeth and ran toward her attacker, her hands glowing brightly with energy. She made it to where he stood unflinching, and swung at him, he leapt above her attack and whirled around to kick her in the back of the head, sending her once again to the ground.

“We are not enemies Dandy, if you allow me to complete my goal we can part ways peacefully.” he said.

Jesseca was up again, “And just what is your goal? Because if it’s to piss me off then you’ve more than accomplished it.” she said.

The man stood silent for a moment, “My goal is to destroy Half-Life Hannah, for the good of the city.” he told her.

Jesseca chuckled, “See that’s gonna be a problem.” she said. “Y’see Hannah is a hero, like me, and if you want to destroy her then you have to go through me.” she told him and charged her fists with energy again.

“Very well.” the man said simply, and unsheathed a sword that he wore behind his back. “I, Dementia’s Knight challenge you to a duel to the death.” he said and took his battle stance.

Jesseca began to chuckle, “Dementia’s Knight? What kind of retarded name is that?” she asked, trying to stop her laughter.

Dementia’s Knight said nothing, he just stood silent with his sword drawn and pointed at her.

“Alright bonehead, I’ll fight you, but when I win you have to tell me what you want with Hannah.” she said.

Dementia’s Knight was about to speak when a blast of radiation hit him from above and knocked him to the ground. He was down for a second, and then disappeared in a bright flash of light.

“You ok?” Hannah asked weakly from her rooftop perch.

Jesseca nodded, “You?” she asked.

Hannah nodded and lay back down.

Jesseca climbed up to where Hannah was and helped her down to the ground, “That guy was trying to kill you, do you have any idea why?” she asked.

Hannah shrugged, “No idea, he was probably some kind of nut.” she said.

Dementia’s Knight watched the two depart from a nearby rooftop, “I failed you my master, I am sorry.” he said into the communication device on his wrist.

“Half-Life Hannah must be destroyed, you will not fail me again.” the voice on the other end said.

Dementia’s Knight nodded, “I understand master.” he said and teleported away to plan his next attack.


The sun was starting to set on another day in Paragon city, a pinky orange reflection shone on the waters of Independence Port as the city began to wind down. Jesseca and Hannah were entering Hannah’s apartment as night took hold of the city.

“Well, as much fun as that was, I think I’m gonna call it a day.” Hannah said, and flopped onto the couch.

Jesseca sat next to the couch on the floor and watched Hannah drift off to sleep. “Are you mad at me?” she asked suddenly.

Hannah’s eyes opened slowly and she looked at Jesseca, she stroked the girl’s cheek and smiled, “Why would I be mad at you?” she asked.

Jesseca shrugged, “I let that guy hurt you.” she said.

Hannah sat forward and kissed Jesseca on the forehead, “It wasn’t your fault honey, he blindsided me.” she said.

Jesseca nodded and smiled, “Ok, I’ll let you rest now.” she said and rose to leave.

Hannah grabbed Jesseca by the edge of the girl’s shirt and pulled her to her, “Come lay with me.” she said, and helped Jesseca onto her. Jesseca slipped her thumb into her mouth as she lay on top of Hannah, and the two went to sleep together.

“How sweet.” Dementia’s Knight said as he watched the two women through a pair of binoculars from the roof of the building across the street.

He teleported into Hannah’s bedroom, and quietly crept into the living room, his sword drawn. He slunk to the couch and raised his sword above his head, ready to bring it down on Hannah and Jesseca.

Jesseca opened her eyes and leapt from the couch at him, the pair flew backward and crashed into the wall behind them. “You’re starting to get on my nerves!” she shouted and punched him in the stomach, cracking his armor with the blow.

“This is not your fight!” he shouted and pushed her backward.

“You’re right, it’s mine!” Hannah said, and blasted him again with her radiation, sending him crashing through the wall and hurtling into the building across the street. Hannah got up from the couch and flew across the street to where her opponent had landed, she looked around for him, and then took a blow to the head after he’d teleported above her. Hannah flew out of the building and recovered in midair.

“I must destroy you for the good of the city!” Dementia’s Knight shouted to her from the building.

“But I’m a hero, I’d never do anything to hurt this city.” she told him.

“My master informed me of your plot to destroy the city.” he told her.

Hannah shook her head, “Your master is mistaken, I’m a defender of the city, I fight for it, not against it.” she said.

Dementia’s Knight stood silent for a moment, thinking over her words. “I did find it odd that you were fighting the Hellions earlier, but I assumed it was over territory.” he said.

“So you believe me?” she asked.

He nodded, “Were you really a villain, you would have attempted to destroy me, and caused much loss of life in the process.” he said. “I give you my sincerest apologies.” he said with a bow, and teleported away.

Hannah flew back to her apartment and sat on the couch next to Jesseca, “What a day this has been.” she said.

“So he’s gonna leave you alone now?” Jesseca asked.

Hannah nodded, “Yeah, he’s gone.” she said.

“I wonder who he was, and who is master is.” Jesseca said.

Hannah pulled the girl close to her. “Best not to worry about it, for now let’s just rest up for tomorrow.” she said and carried Jesseca back to the bedroom for the night.


Rick Davies sat in his office, he’d just received word from Dementia’s Knight that he was discontinuing his attacks on Hannah, and now had to inform his bosses of the failure.

He picked up the phone and dialed a number. He tapped his fingers nervously as he waited for someone to answer.

“Is it done?” the voice on the other end of the line said as it answered the phone.

Rick swallowed hard, “No sir, the attempt failed, and our assassin has broken his alliance with us.” he said, thankful that he didn’t have to give this news in person.

“I don’t like failure Rick, especially when it’s failure in a mission that could save this city.” the man said.

“I understand sir, and I assure you that Half-Life Hannah will be taken care of before she can do any harm to the city.” Rick said, loosening his tie.

“See that she is, according to our intelligence we only have two weeks to stop her before she becomes unstable.” the man said.

Rick nodded, “I understand sir, still no word on what will cause her to go rogue?” he asked.

“I’m afraid not, which means that we have to stop her before it can happen.” the man said.

“I understand mayor, it’ll be dealt with soon.” Rick said.

“See that it is, and make sure that it’s not traceable back to us.” the mayor said and hung up the phone.

Rick hung up the phone and sat quietly in his office, “This is just what I need.” he said and shook his head before starting work on his plans against Hannah.

To Be Continued…

<center>Part III: Siege

Chapter II: Alliance</center>

Jesseca’s bare feet slapped loudly on the rain soaked rooftop as she ran across it. The city shone brightly after the storm it had been experiencing over the past day or so, and Jesseca couldn’t be happier. As she neared the edge of the roof her heart began to race with exhilaration, and she squealed with delight as she leapt of the edge when she reached it.

Hannah smiled widely at the cuteness that Jesseca exuded. Swooping down Hannah caught Jesseca under her arms in mid-air and carried her high above the sprawling cityscape.

“Having fun!?” Hanna yelled down to the giggling Jesseca.

“This is awesome!” Jesseca hollered back up to her pilot.

The pair had been playing “Airplane” all morning, and neither showed signs of tiring of the game.

“What’s going on down there?” Jesseca asked as they flew near some smoke billowing from an alley below.

“Looks like a fire.” Hannah responded and dropped her altitude to get a better look.

As they got closer to the alley they saw that the smoke was coming from a pile of burning Clockwork minions, they also saw that there was currently a fight going on with a hero and another handful of Clockwork.

“Let me go!” Jesseca yelled.

Hannah released her grip and let Jesseca drop to the ground with a loud crash as the pavement shattered beneath her. Recovering quickly from the landing Jesseca ran headlong into the fray. Electrical bolts seared the air around her as they went by, and she leapt stone feet first into the small mob, sending them, mostly in pieces, to the ground.

Stomping the still twitching Clockwork Jesseca turned to check on the hero she’d aided. “Not you again!” she yelled when she saw Dementia’s Knight dusting himself off.

“I could say the same for you pint size.” he said as he sheathed his sword.

“Thousands of heroes in the city and I have to save you?” she said with a scoff.

“Hmm, just lucky I guess.” he said and turned to leave.

“That’s all I get? Not even a ‘thanks for the help’?” she asked bitterly.

Dementia’s Knight shrugged and turned around, “Never asked for it, so why should I thank you?” he asked.

Jesseca fumed, she charged up a fist and took a swing at him, hitting him square in the chest and sending him flying backward.

As he skidded to a halt Jesseca stood mouth agape. “I hit you.” she said dumbly.

Dementia’s Knight sat up with a groan, “Very perceptive of you.” he said as he held his chest.

“Why didn’t you teleport out of the way like before?” she asked.

“If you must know, I can’t. The man I was working for took the device he gave me that let me teleport.” he said as he slowly rose from the ground.

“Why?” she asked, folding her arms in front of her.

“You’re awfully curious.” he told her.

Hannah landed behind Jesseca as she answered the man, “I meant why don’t you work for him anymore?” she asked.

Dementia’s Knight shrugged, “He was wrong about your friend, and I couldn’t work for a man that would attempt to kill an innocent.” he said.

Jesseca and Hannah nodded in unison. “Well, that’s very noble.” Hannah said and put a hand to Jesseca’s shoulder, “Come on, I think we’ve done enough here.” she said. Jesseca turned and the pair started to depart.

“Wait!” they heard Dementia’s Knight call from behind them, making them turn around.

“Yes?” Jesseca asked.

“Well, I was wondering if maybe we could pool our powers together, and combat the Clockwork in the area.” he said.

“And why would we want to do that?” Jesseca asked.

“The man that hired me has some connection with the Clockwork, I overheard him talking about some sort of plan to overtake the city.” he told the two women.

“And so you thought that you’d pound on the Clockwork one by one until they were all gone?” Hannah asked.

Dementia’s Knight shook his head, “No, I thought that maybe we could raid the Clockwork King’s hideout and stop the attack before it starts.” he said with a sigh.

“Wait, lemme get this straight, you were gonna take the Clockwork King on by yourself, and who knows how many of his minions if and when you happened to find his hideout?” Hannah asked, placing her hands on her hips.

“Pretty much, yeah.” he told her, placing his hands on his hips as if to mimic Hannah.

“Even with our help that’s a retarded plan.” Hannah said. “The Clockwork King is way more powerful than even the three of us combined.” she informed him.

“Fine, I’ll go myself.” he said and walked away.

Jesseca turned and looked at Hannah, “He’s probably going to die, y’know?” she said.

Hannah shrugged and began to hover off the ground, “Better him than us.” she said and picked Jesseca up and took off to the air.


The long row of roll-up doors that stood on the outside of the large warehouse that resided at the outskirts of the city began to open revealing armies of Clockwork standing at attention within the abandoned building.

The sound of their metal feet clanking on the concrete as they began to file out was deafening. Hundreds of Clockwork poured out of the building and began their march on Paragon City.


Both of their communicators went off simultaneously, signaling a full alert.

“Heroes of Paragon City, you are needed now more than ever.” came the Mayor’s voice from the wrist units. “The Clockwork King has deployed an army of Clockwork into the city, and they are leaving a trail of death and destruction in their path, I implore you to confront them in large groups and bring them down quickly.” he said.

Hannah turned around and began to fly back toward the center of the city as fast as she could.


The streets of the city became a war zone as heroes battled the massing Clockwork. Energy blasts ripped into buildings and vehicles, Clockwork and heroes alike lay beaten on the ground as the war around them carried on.

As the heroes fought back the Clockwork minions, they seemed to be winning the battle, then the rumbling started.

The twenty foot tall behemoth came crashing down the street, mowing down hero and Clockwork alike as it chugged forward like a runaway freight train.

“All will kneel to the will of the Clockwork King!” the giant bellowed in a cold mechanical voice.


“What the hell is that thing?” Jesseca asked as she and Hannah watched the rampaging colossus tear down the street.

“That would be Babbage.” Hannah said. “He’s kind of like the Clockwork King’s bodyguard.” she told Jesseca.

“Is anything going to be able to stop it?” Jesseca asked, and turned away from a particularly brutal hero slaughtering, burying her face into Hannah’s body.

“Well, we have to try.” came a voice from behind them.

The pair turned to see Sue Radiance standing in a group of heroes on the rooftop they were standing on.

“It’s good to see you again Sue.” Jesseca said with a smile, recalling how nice the woman had been to her when she had first registered to become a hero.

“Likewise Dandy.” Sue said with a smile to match Jesseca’s.

“I don’t believe we’ve met yet.” Hannah said. “I’m Half-Life Hannah.” she said.

“Sue Radiance.” Sue greeted. “These are the members of my team,” she said and pointed each member out.

“This is Fire Water,” Sue said, pointing to a buxom red skinned cowgirl."

“Final Flame.” she said, pointing to a female dressed in robotic looking armor adorned with air brushed flames on it.

“And finally Ryver.” she said and pointed to a teenage girl wearing a bodysuit that was covered with neon blue curcuitry. “We’re the ‘Heroes of Tomorrow’.” she said.

“Well, you guys certainly look formidable.” Jesseca said with a wide smile.

Sue nodded, “You ladies are welcome to join us and help out.” she said.

“I don’t kn-” Hannah started.

“We’re in!” Jesseca blurted out, interrupting Hannah.

“Then let’s do this!” Sue said, taking to the air with Final Flame trailing behind her. Ryver’s suit began to crackle with electricity and she ran to the edge of the building and leapt off toward the battle. Fire Water created a lasso out of fire she conjured from her hands and roped a gargoyle statue on a nearby building and swung off the rooftop.

“I hope you know what you’re doing.” Hannah said as she picked Jesseca up and flew them toward the fight.

“Me too.” Jesseca said quietly to herself as they began to close in on where Babbage was rampaging.

To Be Continued…

<center>Part III: Siege

Chapter III: Tears Of The Fallen</center>

Babbage smashed into a building as he took a swing at a hero flying near him like an insect in front of a person. The hero dove under the massive fist and blasted at Babbage with a sheet of ice. The giant stood strong against the attack, and smashed the hero between his hands.

Fire Water took her opportunity and lassoed Babbage’s hands at the wrist with her flaming rope. Ryver flew closer and shot at Babbage with a bolt of electricity, sending the titan staggering backward. Fire Water was pulled forward when Babbage went back, she tightened her grip on her fire rope and tugged hard to keep her hold on the behemoth. Babbage recovered quickly, and with a flick of his arms, lifted Fire Water into the air, and swung her into the side of a nearby building.

“No!” Ryver yelled as she watched the murder of her teammate. Fighting back the tears, Ryver summoned a massive electrical blast that lifted Babbage off the ground and sent him crashing into the building behind him.

“And stay down you bastard!” Ryver spat.

Her victory was short lived however as a mechanical tendril came out from the building and wrapped around her, pinning her arms at her sides. Babbage rose from the building and began retracting the tendril he’d sent out. Ryver fought against her bonds, but was unsuccessful. Just as she started to fear the worst a blast of white energy came from above and melted through the tendril, allowing Ryver to regain her mobility.

“You ok?” Sue called out to her teammate.

Ryver nodded and sent another blast of electricity to Babbage’s chest. The blast was not enough to keep him down, as he rose and hurled a car sized chunk of concrete at the cybernetic defender, she only had a split second to think of all she’d done to help the city before the projectile smashed into her, killing her instantly.

Sue flew upward and away from the carnage, she saw Final Flame laying beaten and bloody on a nearby rooftop, surrounded by a dozen or so Clockwork minions, that were blasting her lifeless body with bolts of electricity.

“So much for safety in numbers.” Hannah thought as she neared the carnage.

Jesseca looked up at her, “Let me go.” she said.

Hannah shook her head, “Not a chance.” she replied, and took them up higher into the air.

Jesseca tried to wiggle free, but Hannah held strong. Jesseca looked down at the wrecked streets, littered with bodies and robot carcasses, she took a deep breath and charged up her hands with energy and encased her feet in stone. The weight of her stone feet caused Hannah’s grip to slip, and the force of Jesseca’s energy caused her to not be able to regain her hold, and she screamed as she watched Jesseca plummet to the Earth below.

Jesseca hit the ground only about twenty feet from Babbage, the robot looked enormous in comparison to her small stature, and she was sure that she was soiling herself just looking at him. Running toward the mechanical beast, Jesseca smashed her charged fists into it’s foot, barely denting it. “Shit.” Jesseca thought as the foot rose and came crashing down on her, smashing her through the concrete and into the sewer below.

“Jesseca!” Hannah screamed as she watched her best friend succumb to the force of Babbage. Hannah was blinded by tears as she flew toward the monster, “Die!” she screamed as her body began to glow green with radiation and she plowed into Babbage’s chest, and rocketed him back with her progression.

A rift was torn into the concrete by Babbage’s dragging feet as Hannah pushed him back with her energy. Windows shattered as they went past, and the concussive force of Hannah’s energy field that she was generating. Nearing the harbor, Hannah altered her course, and pushed herself and Babbage into the air above the water.

Pushing with one hand, Hannah turned on her communicator, “If anyone can hear this, please let my loved ones know that I’m doing this for them, and for the city, Hell probably the world. The heroes of this city are the finest in the world, and I, Half-Life Hannah am proud to have fought alongside them, even if it was for only a brief time. I’m sorry that I couldn’t protect you Dandy, but we’ll be together soon.” she said tearfully as she climbed higher into the sky with her opponent who was struggling to break free.

Hannah closed her eyes for a moment, and her body began to glow brighter, she opened her eyes, and beams of radiation erupted from them, her mouth performed a similar action as her body began to hum loudly with energy output.

The armor that covered Babbage began to melt as the radioactive energy reached critical mass. Hannah’s screams were barely audible as the pair were engulfed in a tremendous ball of atomic energy. The explosion could be seen for miles, and it spread through the air, and sent a shockwave to the city below. Buildings close enough to the harbor disappeared as they were blown away by the blast, vehicles were sent flying like toys through the air. The water in the harbor was sent into a tidal wave by the blast, and flooded nearby streets and buildings, boats crashed into the cityscape, and destruction came in a mighty wave.

Nothing was left of either combatant after the blast, and the city was deathly silent for a long while.


Jesseca slowly regained consciousness, and climbed her way out of the sewer cautiously. Seeing no signs of Babbage, she emerged, a bloody and battered mess, but alive.

Sue flew down to her as she saw her come out of the crater, she picked her up and held her close to her chest as she flew the injured girl to safety. “It’s good to see you’re alive.” she told Jesseca with a tear in her eye.

“Hannah, where’s Hannah?” Jesseca asked weakly.

Sue was silent for a moment, she was crying now as she looked down at the weakened hero in her arms. “I’m sorry honey, but she didn’t make it.” she said.

Jesseca’s mind shut down, unable to cope with the news she’d received she began to bawl, and scream like an errant child throwing a temper tantrum.

Sue hugged the girl tighter, and cried her own mournful tears for all of the fallen heroes that paid the ultimate price for the city they loved.

<center>One Week Later</center>

Jesseca stood on the dock of Independence Port, and looked out at the now still waters. She wore a black dress and held a single rose in her hand. She wiped a tear from her eye and sniffled back her sadness.

“Do you wanna say something honey?” Sue asked, placing a hand on Jesseca’s shoulder.

Jesseca nodded without looking at the woman. “Hannah, I can’t thank you enough for the sacrifice that you made for this city, and for the love and care that you gave me in our short time together. You were family to me, I loved you, and will miss you forever.” she said, her tears free flowing as she finished, and tossed the rose into the water.

“Ready?” Sue asked.

Jesseca turned and nodded, and taking Sue by the hand the two walked back to the car.


“So, my prize creation was destroyed, and my plot was foiled by someone that you were supposed to have killed anyway.” the Clockwork King said to Rick Davies.

Rick cowered before his metallic task master. “I’m sorry that I failed you my master, it won’t happen again.” he said, and wiped the sweat from his brow.

The Clockwork King hung his head for a moment, “That’s true,” he said, and grabbed Rick by the neck and picked him up, “you won’t fail me ever again.” he said, and squeezed the man’s fragile neck and popped his head off like a cork from a wine bottle.

Letting the lifeless body drop to the floor the Clockwork King turned and looked at the monitor behind him which was displaying a picture of Half-Life Hannah and Diapered Dandy. “One down, best to take care of the other.” he said, and set to work laying out a plan to destroy Jesseca and the people of Paragon City.

The End

Diapered Dandy: Birth Of A Hero (Complete)

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