Diapered Dandy And The Freedom Phalanx Reserve (Complete)

If you’re reading the Diapered Dandy stories in order, this will be the third one. Enjoy! :slight_smile:

Diapered Dandy And The Freedom Phalanx Reserve
By: Dementia’s Knight

<center>Part I: Outcast

Chapter I: Tarnished</center>

Paragon City, gem of the East Coast. On the surface it embodies truth, justice, and the American way. But look deeper and you’ll find a hotbed of corruption and evil. Multiple factions of evildoers, ranging from petty gangs to worldwide networks of mayhem seekers, inhabit the city and perpetrate their deeds mostly unimpeded. As Paragon City has an abundance of crime and evil, it also has an abundance of power to combat the evil, a large array of “meta-humans” that fight for the city with all their might, a fight that gives Paragon it’s nickname “The City of Heroes”.

Jesseca French became one of those heroes after an accident at a university lecture she was conducting. While she was displaying her prototype for a machine that could potentially cure incontinence, a fight between Synapse, a member of the Freedom Phalanx, and a small band of Clockwork, a robotic gang of mayhem seekers resulting in the machine overloading and blasting Jesseca with a massive amount of energy.

When she awoke, she found that she was regrettably still incontinent, but she was now endowed with the ability to channel energy into attacks and turn parts of her body to stone for protection. That day she became Diapered Dandy, a fledgling hero in Paragon City, and began her journey into crime fighting.

Shortly after she became a hero of the city, Jesseca became involved with several other heroes, Sue Radiance, Half-Life Hannah, Dementia’s Knight, Ataris, Severe, and Arson. These heroes were later revealed to be The Freedom Phalanx Reserve - Rise Of The Phoenix a band of heroes united to fight evil in the city. After a battle with the leader of the Clockwork, the Clockwork King’s giant robotic creation Babbage, in which Hannah gave her life Jesseca fell into a deep depression and regressed to an infantile state.

Several months later Hannah returned, her body possessed by the dark magic of the Circle of Thorns, and went on a destructive rampage throughout the city. Jesseca and her teammates fought against Hannah and fell under her onslaught, with only Jesseca left to defeat her former friend and ally. After Hannah was defeated it was revealed that the entire event had been part of a trial to prove that Jesseca had what was required to be a hero. The man conducting the trial, Ernesto Hess, used Sister Psyche, a member of The Freedom Phalanx, to wipe Jesseca’s memory of the entire ordeal and sent her on her way. Later, after “meeting” her former teammates and experiencing a profound sense of déjà vu Jesseca had Severe scan her memory for answers.

As the memories came rushing back, Jesseca was thrown into a rage that led her to kidnap and kill Ernesto Hess. Evading the police, Jesseca left her teammates to uncover the truth behind Ernesto Hess and his operation. Now, the once fledgling hero has become a pariah and fugitive with no power to help herself.


“Are you sure we should be meeting in public like this?” Jesseca asked Hannah as she looked around cautiously.

Hannah smiled after taking a sip of her iced coffee, “Relax dear, Severe is making us look like two seventy something gentlemen to anyone in a three block radius that sees us.” she explained.

Jesseca relaxed noticeably in her chair upon hearing that news and took a sip of her own drink. “Have you guys found anything useful yet about Hess?” she asked.

Hannah nodded, “We found a few files on his computer that link him to the Malta Group, Knight and Ataris are checking out the lead right now.” she said.

“What’s the Malta Group?” Jesseca asked.

“They’re a paramilitary group that sells their services to the highest bidder. They have an unlimited budget, and a limitless army of spies and assassins. They operate under the governments radar, and whenever they’re involved in something it’s very serious.” Hannah explained.

“What would Ernesto Hess have to do with a group like that?” Jesseca asked.

Hannah shrugged. “I don’t know, but whatever he was involved with, it won’t be easy to bring it into the light, Malta will see to that.” she said.

Jesseca slumped in her chair with a pout on her face. “So basically there’s no telling how long I have to go without using my powers?” she asked.

“Aww, don’t look so down.” Hannah said with a smile. “Until we sort this out, why don’t you hang out at the base and get to know the team a bit better, that way when all of this blows over, everything will be smooth sailing.” she said as she got up from her seat.

Jesseca smiled and nodded. “I think I will.” she said and waved to Hannah as she walked away.


“Remind me again why we’re risking our necks to clear the homicidal white girl’s name.” Ataris said as he and Dementia’s Knight crept along the rooftop of the building the file on Ernesto Hess’ computer had led them to.

Knight turned to face Ataris. “When we became heroes we vowed to help anyone in need of assistance. Jesseca says that Hess was involved in something other than what he was payed to be doing, and the file on his computer corroborates that, hence we risk our necks for the homicidal white girl.” Knight said before turning back to their slink across the rooftop.

The pair crept to the edge of the roof and looked across the street to the adjoining rooftop where a black helicopter was landing. Several well armed soldiers in full black-ops gear were waiting for the passenger of the helicopter to emerge.

“Looks like our guys.” Knight said.

“For a secret group that operates in the shadows, a daylight helipad meeting seems a little out of character.” Ataris said.

“You’re right.” Knight said, and turned just in time to see a bandoleer of grenades land at their feet, tossed by a fleeing Malta soldier.


“Hi Hanako.” Jesseca said with a smile as she walked into the small atrium where the young Korean girl was tending to her plants.

“Hello Jesseca, it is good to see you again, and in good spirits too.” Hanako said with a smile of her own.

Jesseca kneeled next to Hanako and marveled as she watched a wilting rose flourish and bloom as Hanako held her hand near it. “That’s quite the green thumb you have.” Jesseca commented.

“My name means Flower Child, so it’s only fitting that I live up to my namesake.” Hanako said. “Tell me Jesseca, what can I do for you?” she asked.

“Well, Hannah thought it would be a good idea to get to know you guys, and you’re the first person I’ve seen, so you get to go first.” she explained.

“I see, what would you like to know about me?” Hanako asked as she pruned the newly rejuvenated flowers.

“Well, where are you from? How’d you become a hero? The basics.” Jesseca said.

“I am seventeen years old. I immigrated to America with my parents when I was seven. When my father got us passage to America, he was led to believe that he and my mother would have jobs and a better life waiting for us here, but he was deceived.” Hanako said. “When we arrived here, we discovered that we had been sold into slavery to the Tsoo, an American faction of the Yakuza.” she explained, a forlorn expression on her face as she recounted her history.

“That’s awful, what did your father do?” Jesseca asked.

“My father and mother and I worked everyday for the Tsoo, hoping that we would be rewarded for our hard work with our freedom, but as the months and years went on, our hope began to fade.” she said. “One night out of desperation to save his family, my father gathered my mother and I and attempted to escape the camp the Tsoo were keeping us in. As we neared the fences we were attacked by several of the Tsoo, they killed my parents right in front of me, and moved in to do the same to me.” she said, a single tear trailing down her pale cheek.

“What did you do?” Jesseca asked, her own eyes brimming with tears of sympathy for the brave young girl.

“My powers emerged that night as the Tsoo warriors moved in on me, and I killed them all.” she said flatly. “After I escaped I lived on the streets for a long while before I was discovered by Ataris, he brought me in to give me a warm place to stay, and when he discovered my talents I was recruited to the team.” she said.

“Wow, that’s an incredible story Hanako.” Jesseca said. “You’re a very brave woman.” she added.

Hanako bowed her head to Jesseca. “Thank you very much Jesseca.” she said with a smile.

Jesseca returned her bow and rose to her feet. “I’m glad to be on the team with you.” she said as she made her way out of the room.

“I am as well.” Hanako said and went back to caring for her flowers.


In the seconds before the grenades went off, Knight used his power over dark energy to teleport across the roof and grab the fleeing soldier, knocking him to the ground and pinning him down. Ataris used his power to make his body intangible and stood in the explosion unharmed.

“Knight, I hate to ruin your fun,” Ataris said as he came upon the armored her beating on the captured soldier. “but those other soldiers are gonna come and investigate that explosion soon, maybe we should question this guy back home.” he suggested.

Knight nodded and hoisted the unconscious soldier over his shoulder and made his way back to the base with Ataris.


In a large office across town a man sat at his desk. He tapped away at the keyboard of his computer when his phone began ringing.

“Yes?” he asked as he picked up the receiver/ A voice on the other end said something, causing the man to furrow his brow. “So, they escaped, and they have one of our men in custody?” he asked and listened to the reply from the voice on the other end. “We can ill afford for them to discover our plans.” he said, “Call in the Blades of Artemis, I want this resolved tonight.” he said and hung up.

The man turned his chair around to face the window and looked down on the city below. He smiled as he thought of the assassins he’d just dispatched slaughtering the band of heroes in accordance with his orders, and turned back to his computer.

To Be Continued…

<center>Part I: Outcast

Chapter II: Back In The Fight</center>

“Can I come in Brianna?” Jesseca asked as she stood in the doorway of Arson’s room.

“It’s a free country.” the raven haired young woman said as she sat on her bed reading a magazine.

Jesseca furrowed her brow at the rudeness that was just displayed to her, but entered and took a seat in the chair at Arson’s desk. “I just wanted to get to know a little bit about your past and where you got your powers and stuff.” she said with a pleasant smile.

“You quit being a hero and become a biographer or something?” Arson asked without looking up from her magazine.

Jesseca began to get angry. “Look, I’m just trying to fit in here with you guys.” she said.

Arson looked up at her finally, “Well, going insane and killing city officials is probably not the best place to start then.” she said and went back to reading her magazine.

Jesseca felt her anger well up and saw her hands begin to glow with red energy. “Calm down.” she thought to herself.

Arson looked up when she noticed the red glow in the room. “Aww, does the baby wanna fight?” she asked in a mocking tone.

Jesseca got up and walked to the door. “Y’know, some day you’re gonna need my help, and I may not help you because of your attitude.” she said.

“Well I guess if I ever need help shitting my pants I’ll have to look elsewhere for advice.” Arson said.

Jesseca growled angrily and stormed out of the room despite the overwhelming urge to beat the pretty young firebug’s face in.


“Alright, let’s sit him here, get something to tie him up with.” Knight said as he and Ataris entered the base with their captive still slung over Knight’s shoulder. The soldier was put in a chair, and tied up with some rope that Ataris found.

“When he wakes up we pump him for intel and turn him over to Longbow, they can do what they want with him after we’re done.” Knight said as he took a seat across from the soldier and waited for him to wake up. Ataris splashed a glass of ice water on the man’s face to help in the waking process.

“Wha- Where am I?” the man asked as he came around.

“Not important.” Knight said. “What is important is what Malta has to do with Ernesto Hess.” he said.

“Who?” the man asked.

“Ernesto Hess, the man that until a week ago was in charge of new hero orientation. We found files on his computer that link him to Malta, now what do they have going on?” Knight asked.

“Look, I’m just a low level grunt, I have no idea what’s going on, I just go where I’m told.” the man said.

“How’d you know we’d be on the roof?” Ataris asked.

The man started to answer when a dagger flew through the air and impaled the man in the chest. Knight and Ataris turned around to see several woman in black leather body suits armed to the teeth standing near the entrance to the base.

“Secondary objective complete.” the dagger woman said to the others. “Proceed with primary objective.” she said. The other women hit the small buttons on their belts and disappeared under a cloaking device.

“And here I thought we’d get to have a nice chat.” Knight said. “Breach!” he yelled to anyone within the base before he rushed toward the lead assassin.


Jesseca rushed to the main entrance area of the base, Arson and Flower Child behind her. They saw Knight and Ataris engaged in combat with unseen attackers.

“Umm, does anyone else not see what we’re supposed to be fighting?” Jesseca asked before being struck in the face by one of the assassins. The blow knocked her back into Arson and Flower Child, but she recovered quickly, and looked around for any sign of where the attack had come from.

Knight had managed to grab one of the assassins and punched her belt causing her cloaking device to malfunction and make her visible again. He picked the woman up and heaved her into a wall across the room, he paused for a second to make sure she didn’t get back up before he turned his attention to any other attackers. As he turned around he was struck in the chest by a throwing star bomb, the blast sent him flying backward, his armored chest heavily dented.

“Knight!” Ataris shouted as he phase shifted his body to it’s intangible form and went to his leaders side.

Flower Child had created a wall of roots between Arson, Jesseca, and herself to buy time so they could formulate a plan.

“We need to find a way to see them.” Arson said as she saw the roots in front of the being hacked away at by a sword on the other side.

Jesseca thought for a second. “Hollow Man.” she said.

“Yes, it sucked, how does this help us?” Arson asked impatiently.

“In the movie they could see the invisible man by the water from the sprinkler system covering his body.” Jesseca explained.

Arson looked up at the sprinkler overhead and ignited her finger with a large flame. Water burst from the sprayer on the ceiling as the fire alarm began to sound. A second later Arson blasted the roots away with a fireball and leapt through to the other side, the other two women following her lead.

The water cascaded off of the assassins and served to betray their location somewhat. Jesseca found her first target and gave her a devastating right hook that spun the woman around like a top before sending her crashing to the floor.

Arson had blasted two of the attackers with flame jets, and left them smoldering on the floor. As she turned to another, she was ensnared in a wire net of some sort that on of the women had thrown at her. The assassin hit a button on her belt and a powerful electrical current coursed through Arson from the net. Arson howled in pain and collapsed to the ground after the attack stopped a moment later. She lay helpless as the woman moved in with her sword to finish the job.

“Get away from her you bitch!” Jesseca yelled as she leapt from the breakfast table and plowed into the woman with her stone feet, smashing her into the ground. Jesseca picked up the crushed woman’s sword and cut the net open to free Arson.

“You saved me.” Arson said weakly as she looked up at Jesseca.

“Don’t take it personally, I just didn’t want anyone taking my chance to kill you.” Jesseca said with a smile as she helped Arson to her feet.

Flower Child had the remaining two assassins wrapped in a tangle of thorny vines on the other side of the room, and was with Ataris trying to help the heavily armored team leader to his feet.

“Get any survivors to the holding cells, no clothing, I don’t want to take any chances with these women.” Knight said as he took a seat to avoid falling over.

Jesseca helped Arson to the couch and went with Ataris and Flower Child to lock up the surviving attackers.

“And someone turn off the water before I rust!” Knight yelled after them.


The base was running a clean sweep to get rid of the mess from the battle, while Ataris was turning up the security programs on the base. Jesseca lay on her bed with her pillow over her face, her body unwinding from the excitement of the afternoon.

“Umm, Jesseca, can I come in?” Arson asked from the doorway.

Jesseca removed the pillow from her face. “Come to mock me again?” she asked.

“Actually, I came to apologize and thank you.” Arson said. “I never had a family when I was growing up, I was abandoned by my parents when I was born, and by the time I hit fifteen I was living in halfway houses. It’s not an excuse for me to be rude, but I just think the whole thing made me kind of a shut in, and a bitch honestly.” she said.

Jesseca nodded in agreement with her.

“When I was about sixteen, I hooked up with some anarchist kids, and we set fires and looted places, tagged buildings, all kinds of bad stuff. Well, we wanted to do something big to gain street cred, so we went to a factory owned by The Crey Corporation and planned to bomb it.” she said. “As we were setting the last charges, Longbow agents showed up and started to bring us down. I was up on a catwalk, and caught a laser blast to the chest that knocked me into a vat of chemicals. The bombs went off while I was still covered in the stuff, and somehow the fire that engulfed me and the factory gave me power. After that I went straight and joined the FPR.” she said.

“Doesn’t surprise me that you were a street punk.” Jesseca said with a smile.

“Anyway, I’m sorry for earlier, and I appreciate you saving me even though I was a bitch to you.” Arson said.

“If we’re gonna be teammates, we should try and be friends too.” Jesseca said.

“I’m starting to understand that.” Arson said. “But I’m not changing your diapers.” she added with a smile.

“For right now, I’d settle for civility.” Jesseca said.

“That I can do.” Arson said as she put her hand out to shake Jesseca’s. The pair shook hands and smiled at each other.

“Now that we’ve got that taken care of, how about a friendly ass kicking in the training room?” Jesseca asked.

“I dunno, isn’t it almost your bedtime baby girl?” Arson teased.

Jesseca cracked her knuckles and glared at Arson. “It is looking like lights out time now that you mention it.” she said.

“Uh oh, looks like someone’s cranky.” Arson said and ran out of the room.

“I’ll show you cranky!” Jesseca called out as she ran after her.


“The Blades Of Artemis failed as well?” the man in the large office asked the man on the other end of the phone. “It appears that we severely underestimated our adversaries yet again.” he said. “I want the Titan program put into effect immediately.” the man commanded and hung up the phone.

The man turned to look out the window, he took a pill bottle from his pocket and popped one of the pills into his mouth. “Calm yourself.” he thought as he massaged his temple and felt his heart rate begin to calm itself. “This will be resolved shortly.” he thought with a satisfied smirk.

To Be Continued…

<center>Part I: Outcast

Chapter III: “I’ve Got A Secret.”</center>

Jesseca reached the door to the training room after Brianna had gone inside, she ran in and turned as the doors shut behind her, leaving her in total darkness.

“Computer, Skyway City street simulation.” Brianna said from within the darkness.

Jesseca spun around and marveled as she watched the room light up and transform into an exact copy of downtown Skyway City. “This is amazing.” Jesseca said.

“Sure is. State of the art holographic technology that makes the holograms solid, so essentially everything in here is real.” Brianna called out from her perch atop a light post at the end of the block.

Jesseca continued to look around, she was amazed that she could even feel the heat from the sun inside the simulated city. “I’m gonna have to get a look at this technology close up.” she said.

“You’ll get a chance as soon as you regain consciousness.” Arson said as she leapt into the air and rocketed toward Jesseca, fists engulfed in flames. As she neared Jesseca she threw her first fiery punch which sailed over Jesseca’s ducking head.

“Gonna have to be quicker than that honey.” Jesseca shouted with a giggle as she ran in the other direction of Arson.

“At least I’m not running away from the fight.” Arson called after her as she hurled several fireballs at her foe, all exploding on the heels of Jesseca’s retreat.

“Not running,” Jesseca said as she neared the light post where Arson had been perched and leapt at it, her hands charged with energy, and her feet encasing in stone as she traveled through the air causing the pole to rip from the concrete as she grabbed it as she passed by. “Just getting a weapon.” she finished as she swung the post at Arson, connecting with the young hero and sending her slamming into a wall across the street.

Arson stayed on the ground for several moments before slowly getting to her feet, still reeling from the blow, she didn’t have time to react when Jesseca hit her with an energy charged uppercut square in the jaw, smashing her back into the wall, and keeping her on the ground.

“That was fun.” Jesseca said as she sat down next to the unconscious girl.

“Ow.” Arson mumbled as she slowly sat up, her mind in a fog.

“Sorry I had to beat you so bad, but I thought you could do with a good beating.” Jesseca said with a smile.

Arson massaged her temples as the fog cleared from her head. “I’m gonna want a rematch you know.” she said with a glare that was soon replaced by a smirk.

“Anytime, anyplace.” Jesseca said as she got to her feet and helped Arson to hers.

“Good.” Arson said as she sucker punched Jesseca with a flaming fist and sent the diapered hero flying backward into a parked car, smashing the windshield and denting the hood considerably.

“You dirty little cheater.” Jesseca said as she massaged her jaw as she got off the car.

Arson flew at Jesseca and grabbed her and flew high into the air with her in tow. “Happy landings.” she said as she dropped her opponent.

Jesseca screamed as she plummeted to the ground, and watched as Arson flew to her quickly. When Arson got into range Jesseca gave her a hard kick to the stomach with a stony foot and took flight for herself, letting Arson take her place in a small crater in the concrete. Jesseca stayed aloft for a moment before landing a few yards from the crater Arson had created.

“You never said you could fly.” Arson mumbled as she shakily climbed out of the Earth.

“Never said I couldn’t.” Jesseca replied. “Now, be a good girl and have enough sense to admit defeat before you get seriously hurt.” she added.

Arson nodded. “Computer, end simulation.” she said.

The city scene disappeared, and was again returned to the stark emptiness of the training room. “Man, getting beat by you is just humiliating.” Arson said after a long silence.

Jesseca stuck her tongue out at Arson. “Y’know, you’re like the little sister I never wanted.” she said as she put her arm around Arson to support the wabbling girl.

“I’m the little sister, and you’re the one in diapers, that makes sense.” she said with a smile.

The two left the training room laughing together, their friendship blossoming with every word, even the insults.


The room had the sweet scent of baby powder looming throughout it. The silence of the room was disturbed by the ripping of tape from plastic and the giggling of a woman.

“My goodness, what a wet baby girl I have.” Hannah said as she tickled her charges tummy, getting another giggle.

A knock at the door ceased the noise and movement in the room. “Hannah, are you in there? I wanted to talk to you.” Jesseca said from outside the door.

Hannah looked at Elysa who was shaking her head vigorously in protest of her saying anything. Hannah smiled at her sister. “I think we should tell her.” she whispered.

Elysa sucked her pacifier nervously and shook her head in protest again.

“Come on in Jess.” Hannah said.

The door opened, and the three woman just looked at one another in silence for a long while.

“You said you wanted to talk to me about something.” Hannah said finally breaking the silence as she proceeded with changing Elysa’s diaper.

“I, umm, What’s going on?” Jesseca managed to stammer out after much difficulty.

“I’m getting Elysa ready for bed, wanna help?” Hannah asked.

“…I guess so.” Jesseca said, and made her way slowly to the bed where the changing was occurring.

Elysa blushed bright red and attempted to hide behind her stuffed bunny.

“Aww, don’t be shy baby, say hello to Jesseca.” Hannah encouraged her sister as she moved the bunny from her face.

“Hewwo Desseca.” Elysa said through her pacifier.

“Hi Elysa.” Jesseca said with a confused smile. “What happened to her?” she asked Hannah.

“Nothing, she just likes to play baby sometimes.” Hannah explained. “Don’t you 'Lysa?” she cooed to her sister.

Elysa only nodded and blushed again.

Hannah finished diapering Elysa and sat the young girl up and began dressing her in a light blue onsie with a baby duck embroidered on the breast.

Jesseca watched as Elysa was adorned with the infantile clothing and her blue hair was put into pigtails, and her transformation was complete.

Hannah picked her sister up off of the bed and carried her on her hip into the adjoining room. Jesseca followed behind the pair, and had her eyes go wide as saucers when she saw the room she’d entered. The room looked just like a nursery for an infant, but everything was sized for an adult.Jesseca wandered around and took in all of the sites of the room while Hannah lay Elysa down into the large crib to put her to bed.

“Goodnight my sweet angel.” Hannah said as she kissed her hand and pressed the kiss to her sister’s forehead gently.

Hannah guided Jesseca out of the room, turning on a night light before closing the door behind them as they left.

“I’ll bet you have a lot of questions.” Hannah said.

“I’m just trying to understand why she enjoys that.” Jesseca said.

“When I moved out of our parents house and here to Paragon, I was eighteen and Elysa was ten. Elysa begged me to take her with me, our parents were against it, but wanted Elysa to be happy, so they agreed, and so did I, and Elysa and I got a place together. I got a job at the Terra Volta reactor when we got here, and had the job for a little over four years before my powers emerged.” Hannah explained.

Jesseca listened intently to Hannah’s story until she felt a familiar squishy feeling in the seat of her diaper that signaled to her that she’d messed herself. She hoped that she could get out of the room before Hannah noticed, and tried to go back to listening to the story.

“Elysa became very jealous of my powers and new career as a hero, and started acting up. She’d break things to get my attention, and make messes around the house, it got her some attention, but it wasn’t what she wanted. One night she wet her bed and came into my room looking so sad and pathetic that my heart melted when I saw her. I helped her get cleaned up and then cuddled with her till she fell asleep again. I guess it made a profound impact on her, because she started having more frequent accidents and began regressing more and more often until she had a whole other persona in 'Lysa. By that time, her own powers had blossomed, and she could finally join me as a hero, but she still enjoyed 'Lysa time so we continued it.” Hannah said.

“I guess that makes sense. She does look adorable, and very happy. She’s lucky to have such a loving sister.” Jesseca said and rose to leave the room.

“Don’t rush off just because you have poopy pants.” Hannah said with a smile.

“How-” Jesseca started.

“Honey, I’d know a baby with a poopy diaper from a block away, did you think I wouldn’t notice one sitting next to me?” Hannah asked.

Jesseca blushed and hung her head in shame. “I’m not a baby.” she mumbled to her chest.

Hannah put a hand on Jesseca’s shoulder and raised her chin up with her other hand. “But you could be, if you wanted to.” Hannah said as she gazed into Jesseca’s bright blue eyes.

Jesseca felt funny, like she had butterflies in her stomach.

“I could change that icky diaper for you if you want.” Hannah offered.

Jesseca felt conflicted. Hannah was being so nice to her, she was offering to clean her poop for crying out loud, but at the same time she felt it wrong to say yes. “I’m not sure.” she finally replied.

“Well, I’ll tell you what, you ever change your mind about getting a helping hand with your diaper changes, you just holler.” Hannah said with a smile.

Jesseca nodded and shuffled slowly out the door. After the door closed behind her she turned and raised her hand to knock on it and then let it drop. “Maybe some other time.” she thought and turned to head to her room, she stopped and turned back to the door she sighed and knocked softly.

Hannah smiled when she heard the soft rapping upon the door, and smiled wider as she ushered Jesseca into the room and helped her down onto the bed.

“I’ll have that icky diaper changed in a jiffy honey.” Hannah said as she gathered the necessary supplies together.

The butterflies in Jesseca’s stomach began to square dance, and she started to feel like she’d made the wrong choice, but as she thought about her current predicament, she felt a rubber teat enter her mouth, and looked to see a pacifier emerging from between her lips.

“There’s nothing to worry about honey, just relax.” Hannah cooed as she stroked Jesseca’s blonde hair aside gently to provide a clear view of her pretty face.

Jesseca smiled and actually began to suck the pacifier as Hannah went to work on her diaper. Lost in her thoughts, Jesseca didn’t even notice when Hannah had finished and was helping her sit up to put a pink onsie similar to 'Lysa’s on her.

“All ready.” Hannah proclaimed and picked Jesseca up and carried her into 'Lysa’s nursery.

Jesseca squirmed to be let down when she realized what was happening, but got a sharp swat on her thigh from Hannah that made her immediately settle down and go quietly down into the crib next to 'Lysa.

“We’ll talk more tomorrow.” Hannah whispered and gave Jesseca the same goodnight kiss she’s given Elysa and left the room again.

Jesseca looked at herself and then at Elysa, and smiled. “This does feel kind of good.” she thought, and snuggled up to Elysa in the crib and drifted off to sleep.

To Be Continued…

Diapered Dandy And The Freedom Phalanx Reserve (Complete)

<center>Part I: Outcast

Chapter IV: Climbing The Ranks</center>

Jesseca woke in the morning alone in the crib. She looked around the room and saw no sign of Hannah or Elysa. She found the rails of the crib down and climbed out she removed the onsie that Hannah had put on her and found a note on the changing table.

Sorry to leave you, but Elysa and I had to go handle a bank robbery in town. We’ll talk later tonight. - Hannah

Jesseca read the note and felt better about waking up alone. She went to her own room and changed her soaked diaper and went to find someone to talk to. She found Knight in his study laboring over some notes.

“Jesseca, how are you holding up?” Knight asked without turning from his paperwork.

“How’d you know it was me?” she asked and took a seat next to him at the desk.

“You’re the only hero I know that crinkles when she walks.” he said.

Jesseca blushed. “I was wondering if I could talk to you for a bit.” she said.

Knight turned away from his paperwork. “I suppose I should take a break, what can I do for you?” he asked.

“Hannah thought it’d be good for me to get to know all of you a little better, so I was hoping you could share your story with me.” she said.

Knight nodded. “That’s a good idea, but I’m not really comfortable sharing my sordid past with people.” he said.

“Then how can you expect to be a good leader if nobody knows you?” Jesseca asked.

Knight said nothing for a long while, and Jesseca thought he was just ignoring her. She stood up and started to leave when Knight finally spoke.

“A little over two hundred years ago I was an archaeologist.” he said.

“Two hundred years ago?” Jesseca asked in surprise.

Knight nodded. “I was on a dig in England when we found an ancient tomb. Inside the tomb we found a suit of armor, this suit of armor to be exact.” he explained. “As we were examining the armor we were attacked by a group of men, I believe now that they were Circle of Thorns mystics. When I awoke I was wearing the armor we’d found and they were performing some kind of ritual on me. They killed my colleagues and used their blood in the ritual.” he said.

Jesseca put her hand to her mouth. “That’s horrible, what happened?” she asked.

“The ritual bound my soul to the armor. The mystics said that it would grant me eternal life, but with every person I came into contact with, I would feel every pain they’d ever known in their life magnified greatly, and if I removed the armor I would die. They expected me to go insane in a matter of days, and remove the armor, but as I killed each of them in my escape I knew that I could never give in to the pain.” he said.

“How do you deal with it?” Jesseca asked as she put her hand to the cold metal of Knight’s helmet.

“The power I have can save lives, and that keeps me fighting. If I lost my power how many people would suffer because of it? I have to put others first or I’ll be destroyed.” he said.

Jesseca nodded in agreement. “You are a great leader Knight.” she said.

“Call me Nate.” he said before turning back to his notes.

Jesseca left him to his work and went to the detention area to check on the prisoners.

Jesseca entered the cell block and stood next to Severe as she hovered in front of one of the assassins cells.

“Whatchya doin’?” Jesseca asked the albino telepath.

“I am scanning this woman’s memories to try and find some useful information about Malta.” she said.

“Anything useful?” Jesseca asked.

“Not yet, she is very resilient to my probes.” Severe said.

“Sorry, would you maybe wanna take a break and talk to me then?” Jesseca asked.

“I know nothing of my past, I have been unable to remember or discover anything about my life in all my years of searching.” Severe explained after reading Jesseca’s thoughts.

“Oh, well nevermind then.” Jesseca said with a pout as she left Severe to do her interrogation.


Jesseca sat on the couch watching TV, thoroughly bored and starting to fall asleep when she got a shock on the bottom of her bare foot. Sitting up quickly she saw Electro-Cute standing above her with a smile on her face.

“Wake up cutie.” Electro-Cute said.

“Why? There’s nothing to do but sleep when you can’t be a hero.” Jesseca said with a pout.

“You could talk to me. I hear you’re quite the little fact seeker.” the pink haired hero said with a giggle.

“Ok. Tell me about yourself.” Jesseca said as she sat up.

“Samantha Davis, twenty-four years old, Sagittarius.” the pink haired hero said.

“Very informative, can I go to sleep now?” Jesseca asked as she lay back down.

Another jolt of electricity sat Jesseca back up. “I wasn’t done yet.” Samantha said.

“I’m a mutant, I was born with my powers and first became aware of them when I caused a city wide blackout after my boyfriend broke up with me.” Samantha said. “I met up with Arson during a fight with some Clockwork and she invited me to join the team.” she said.

“Hmm, riveting.” Jesseca said and lay back down.

Samantha frowned and pounced on Jesseca and began tickling her. “You’re a rude little girl aren’t you?” she asked as her fingers danced across Jesseca’s midriff.

Jesseca laughed and gasped for air as she kicked her feet futily.

Samantha stopped her attack momentarily. “Now, who’s the best and most beautiful hero in the FPR?” she asked.

Jesseca struggled to catch her breath for a moment and smiled widely as she proclaimed herself as the best and most beautiful hero, to which Samantha answered with more tickling.

“Tell me who’s the best and most beautiful.” Samantha said.

“Y-y-YOU ARE!” Jesseca managed to shout between giggles and gasps.

Samantha stopped her attack again and kissed Jesseca full on the lips. “And don’t you forget it cutie.” she said with a wink and a smile as she got off of Jesseca and ran from the room.

Jesseca just lay on the couch in shock at the realization of what had just happened.

“You ok?” Arson said as she appeared above Jesseca from behind the couch.

“I just met Samantha.” she said quietly as if it were a secret.

“She kissed you I take it?” Arson asked.

Jesseca looked at her and nodded with a blush.

“Want me to burn her?” Arson asked with a smile.

Jesseca shook her head. “It’s fine. What’s up?” she asked, trying to change the subject.

“I have a friend that wants to join the team, Knight said I could go and recruit her, wanna come?” Arson asked.

Jesseca nodded and went to get dressed before the pair left the base.


As they boarded the train to King’s Row Jesseca began to get curious about the new recruit.

“Who is she?” Jesseca asked.

“Her name is Miranda, she own the “Capes and Collars” brothel in King’s Row.” Arson explained.

“What powers does she have?” Jesseca asked, sounding like an inquisitive child.

“She creates fantasies from what people desire.” Arson said. “And if you ask me if we’re there yet, you’ll get no ice cream.” she added with a smile and mussing of Jesseca’s hair.

Jesseca glared at her and sat quietly for the rest of the train ride.


Jesseca and Arson walked a few blocks from the train station and stopped at a large mansion’s great iron gate. Arson pressed the call button on the gate to get someone inside to let them in.

“Name?” a woman’s voice asked.

“Brianna Cobb, I’m here to see Ms. Adams.” she said politely.

The gate opened and Brianna and Jesseca made their way up the driveway to the porch of the mansion. A large man opened the door and beckoned them inside.

“Brianna, it’s lovely to see you.” an elderly gray haired woman said as she hugged Brianna.

“It’s good to see you too Miranda.” Arson said with a smile as she returned the woman’s hug.

“That’s her?” Jesseca asked.

“Brianna, I thought you were a crime fighter not a babysitter.” the old woman said as she pinched Jesseca’s cheek. “She’s adorable, how old is she?” the woman asked.

“I’m twenty four you old bat.” Jesseca growled.

“This is Jesseca, she’s my teammate.” Arson clarified as she stifled a chuckle.

The old woman closed her eyes and morphed into an attractive young brunette. “Sorry about that hon, I’m Miranda, and I’m only twenty five, far from an old bat.” she said.

Jesseca looked confused.

“I just use that illusion of an old woman to help business, makes people more inclined to be here if it looks like a long running business.” she said upon seeing Jesseca’s expression.

“So, you ready to go?” Arson asked as she looked at her watch.

“Just gotta get my bags.” Miranda said and went to the other room to get her things.

“Why does it not surprise me that I dislike your friend as much as I dislike you?” Jesseca said.

“Aww, don’t be that way, you know you love me.” Arson said as she too pinched Jesseca’s cheek.

Miranda came running into the room after hearing a crash, and saw Brianna getting up off the ground outside after apparently flying through the front door.

“Just put that on my tab.” she said as she came back into the house, dusting herself off and glaring at Jesseca.


On the train ride back to the base Jesseca sat in silence, completely ignoring Miranda and Brianna.

“Why’s she so cranky?” Miranda asked.

“She doesn’t like being talked down to.” Brianna said.

“Kind of hard not to be when you’re so short and cute.” Miranda said with a giggle.

As the train neared the station it began to shake violently startling all the passengers.

“What’s going on?” Jesseca asked.

Her answer came when the roof of the train was torn off above their heads, and a large robot loomed above them.

“Freedom Phalanx Reserve members Arson and Diapered Dandy found. Commencing termination.” the robot said and reached into the train for Jesseca and Brianna.

To Be Continued…

<center>Part I: Outcast

Chapter V: Smells Like Team Spirit</center>

The ten foot tall robot reached for Brianna and Jesseca and got a jet of flame to the face for it’s trouble.

“We have to lead it away from these people.” Jesseca said, Arson nodded and the pair flew out of the train and away from the station. The robot used it’s jets on it’s back to follow behind them.

Arson and Jesseca turned to face the robot and saw a blast of blue energy hurtling at them from the robot’s wrist cannon. The pair dodged the blast and Arson sent a fireball back in reply, striking the robot in the chest.

“This thing is tough.” Arson called to Jesseca.

“The bigger they are.” Jesseca said and flew back toward the robot.

“The flatter they smash you.” Arson finished as she followed Jesseca into the fray.

Jesseca dodged the robot as it punched at her and flew behind it, giving it an energy punch to the back of the head. The robot turned and backhanded Jesseca, knocking her from the air.

“Dandy!” Arson shouted as she flew to her teammates aid. She caught her in midair and flew back up and away from the robot.

“Anyone get the license plate number off that truck?” Jesseca asked.

“No, but I can kind of make some of it out from the indentation on your forehead.” Arson said with a smile.

“Why are we running?” Jesseca asked.

“It’s this crazy fear I have of dying.” Arson said.

Jesseca squirmed from Arson’s arms and flew back at the robot. “I’m not done yet.” she said.

Arson sighed and followed Jesseca again. As they neared the robot Arson shot several fireballs at it, each impacting it with a small explosion. Jesseca followed these up with an battering ram from her energy charged fists as she flew into the robot’s face. The robot spiraled toward the ground and exploded in the riverbed as it hit the ground.

“Nice work partner.” Arson said as she held her hand up for a high five from Jesseca.

“Ditto, partner.” Jesseca agreed with a smile.

“Diapered Dandy and Arson spotted, termination sequence initiated.” another robot said.

Arson saw a robot approaching from behind Jesseca, and Jesseca saw the two approaching from behind Arson.

“Bail?” Arson asked.

“Bail.” Jesseca agreed and the pair flew back to the train to get Miranda.

Arson held Miranda around the waist and flew off with her from the train.

“Get her back to the base, I’ll be there soon.” Jesseca said as she flew toward the robots.

“No!” Arson shouted.

“They’ll follow me, I’ll give them the slip and meet you at the base.” Jesseca yelled back.

Arson reluctantly took off with Miranda while Jesseca went back into the lion’s den.

Jesseca flew in between the three robots and continued away from them. Laser blasts grazed by her as the robots followed behind.

Jesseca heard the roar of one of the robot’s jets close behind her and veered sharply to her right just in time to avoid it grabbing her. She flew backward, keeping the robot between her and the others in an attempt to avoid a laser blast, her plan worked until her robot shield exploded after getting blasted in the back by one of it’s partners.

“Wow, the robot world is dog eat dog.” Jesseca said as the other two robots rocketed at her.

Jesseca again flew at one of the robots and rammed it with her energy charged fists, the robot recovered after a moment and blasted at her again. The blast barely missed her, and she hit it again with a charged attack, this time standing on it’s chest as it fell to the ground with her stone feet kicking it in the face as it tried to recover. Just before it hit the ground Jesseca flew back up, the flames from the wreckage licking at her heels as she ascended.

“Where’d it go?” she asked as she scanned the sky for her remaining attacker.

She got her answer when she was struck from behind by the robot, sending her hurtling into a skyscraper, smashing the window and the cubicles inside as she crashed through the building smashing through the opposite window upon exiting. The precious seconds she had to recover weren’t enough to prepare for another attack from the robot, and as she plummeted to the Earth after the smashing blow the robot had hit her with she wondered if this was the end of her.

“Gotchya cutie.” Electro-Cute said as she caught Jesseca in midair and carried her to safety.

“Elysa, you ready to take this thing down?” Hannah asked her sister as they neared the robot.

“Just try and stop me sis.” Elysa replied as she hurled a barrage of icicles at the metallic attacker, piercing it’s hide, and getting it’s attention.

“Freedom Phalanx members Winter Flare and Half-Life Hannah identified, proceed with termination.” the robot said, and launched several missiles at it’s opponents.

Hannah spread her fingers out and fired radiation blasts from all ten digits creating a web of lasers that stopped the missiles in their path, each exploding before they could get into lethal range.

Several laser blasts came from the ground at the pair, and they looked down to see five more robots ascending to meet them.

“Back down we go.” Knight said as he teleported onto one of the robots and teleported it back to the ground to fight it.

Ataris leapt from a nearby roof and buried his axe into the robot as it flew by him.

Severe used her telekinesis to grab a large steel pipe and smash the other three back down to the ground.

Sue flew with Premiere in tow toward the ground battle and hovered overhead. “I love you.” she said as she dropped him into the fight.

Premiere blew her a kiss as he fell and then transformed into his stone form in time to smash down onto one of the robots Severe had been fighting.

Sue blasted another one with white energy knocking it into a large scaffold in a nearby construction site. Flower Child ensnared it in a tangle of roots and ripped it limb from limb as it tried to get up.

Hannah and Elysa brought down their opponent with a merged blast of ice and radiation that blew the robot into small pieces. The pair flew down to aid their teammates only to find them mopping up the last of them.

“Excellent work everyone, let’s head back before more show up.” Knight said, and made his way back to the base with the others.


“She’s gonna be fine, just a few minor cuts.” Severe informed Knight when he asked her about Jesseca’s condition.

Knight stood in his lab examining one of the robot’s CPU’s he’d taken after the battle."These are Malta Hercules Class Titans . Knight said to the group that was gathered in the lab.

“So they’re hunting us.” Sue said.

“Maybe, or maybe this was a distraction to get us away from the base so that the assassins could escape.” Knight said.

“You find anything useful in the memory banks?” Ataris asked.

“An address, it’s a Malta shell corporation. If the rumors are true, this place is where Malta manufactures these things in addition to genetic testing and generally illegal acts.” Knight explained.

“When do we hit it?” Arson asked.

“We don’t. It’d be a suicide mission.” Knight said.

“Then bring on the Kamikaze,” Arson said. “These guys have tried to kill us twice now, and they won’t stop until they succeed. I say we bring the fight to them.” Arson said.

“And that’s why you’re not in charge of this team.” Knight said.

“Brianna is right, it’s better to die with honor, on our feet than it is to die on our knees like cowards.” Hanako said.

“All right, how about you guys head back to the kid’s table until you learn some sense.” Sue said. “Knight’s right, we can’t just rush in there and expect to win.” she said.

“I thought this was a team, not a dictatorship.” Arson said.

"This is a team, it’s not a “go off half cocked because you’re angry and get killed” Premiere said.

“I have a plan.” Jesseca said weakly from the doorway. “It’ll take all of us to pull it off, but it’ll work.” she said.


“All right, everyone set?” Knight asked into the communicator on his wrist.

The team gave their agreements from their positions.

“Samantha will need heavy cover after we go in, so you’ll all need to move in quickly once you get the signal.” Knight said.

The rest of the team agreed, and readied themselves.

Knight held onto Samantha who smiled at him. “Let’s hope this works.” she said.

Inside the factory, several guards paced the floors as well as several Titan robots. The factory contained no less than a thousand Titan robots, most active, but some still being assembled.

With a dark cloud of energy Knight teleported into the factory with Samantha who immediately created a large EMP blast with her powers that took down several hundred robots that were near them, and weakened her to the point of passing out.

Sue dropped Ataris and Premiere through a skylight on the roof and followed them into the building through the smashed window. Ataris began hacking his way through soldiers while Premiere smashed several robots with his stone mallet. Sue flew in and grabbed Electro-Cute and flew her out of the building to safety. Sue left Samantha with Jesseca on a rooftop a few blocks away and returned to the battle.

“You did good.” Jesseca said to Samantha with a smile.

“Thanks cutie.” the pink haired hero said with a smile before passing out again.

Arson blasted the front entrance open with a fireball and followed Fantasy and Flower Child in. Fantasy created an illusion in the soldiers minds that a fleet of Longbow soldiers was storming the factory, sending a few of them running, and making the rest attack intruders that weren’t there. Flower Child snatched the runners up in some roots and kept them immobilized. Arson melted any equipment that was being used to create the robots.

Severe scattered a group of soldiers with a psychic blast and formed protective bubbles around the team.

Hannah and Winter Flare flew in through the skylight. Winter Flare dropped the temperature in the factory to below freezing and Hannah blasted the freezing soldiers and robots that she could see.

“Room clear.” Knight said.

“I’ll be damned, she was right.” Arson said.

“We’re not done yet, we still have to check out the lower level.” Knight said as he led the group to the elevators down to the R & D department.


“Is anyone else concerned with the lack of security down here?” Fantasy asked as she looked around at the empty corridor of the stark metallic facility.

Several soldiers emerged from around a corner and opened fire on the group. Severe stopped the bullets and Winter Flare blasted them back, freezing them to the wall behind them.

“Happy now?” Arson asked Fantasy.

The illusionist shook her head as she shook with fear.

Arson laughed at her and hugged her tightly. “It’s alright, you’re perfectly safe as long as you stay with us.” she said to her friend.

The team made their way to the end of the corridor and a door marked with a bio hazard label and a medical chart.

Knight picked up the chart and looked over it. “They’re keeping a captive hero in here and doing tests on him.” Knight said, his tone clearly disgusted.

Severe opened the door and went to the large metallic tank in the center. The group followed and looked inside at a young man sitting on the floor of the tank. Clearly heavily sedated, the man could only look up at the strangers with pleading eyes.

“Stand back.” Severe said as she focused her powers on the door of the tank and ripped it from it’s frame with her mind. She cautiously entered the tank and crouched in front of the man. “We’re here to rescue you Adam.” she said to the man.

“Drool.” the man muttered as he nodded.

“Drool?” Elysa asked as she poked her head into the tank.

“It’s his codename.” Severe answered as she helped the man to his feet and passed him to Sue so that she could take him out of the building.

“That’s a gross name.” Elysa said as they moved on further into the building.


The group came to a room with a large computer in it after clearing a few more floors worth of guards.

“This is what we came for, the Malta mainframe.” Knight said and took a seat at the large console.

“What are you doing?” a voice asked from the shadows.

The group looked up to see a man in a wheelchair approaching them.

“We’re here to get information regarding Ernesto Hess’ involvement with Malta.” Knight explained to the man.

“Ernesto Hess.” the man said and closed his eyes for a moment. “Mr. Hess was in the business of delivering heroes to Malta for genetic testing. He also gave Malta a back door into the Freedom Phalanx which led to the enslavement of several of it’s members.” the man said.

“How do you know that?” Hannah asked.

“I am Keyword, Thomas Kinson actually. I have the ability to search everything I’ve ever read for a given word or phrase, I can do the same with conversations. If anyone in the world is using the word or phrase I can give exact coordinates for that person.” Thomas explained.

“You work for Malta?” Hanako asked.

“Work, no. I am a slave to them. They are exploiting my powers to make a living backup drive for all of their files.” Thomas said.

“Well, we’re trying to bring them down, will you come with us and tell the authorities everything you know?” Knight asked.

Keyword smiled at the group. “It’d be my pleasure to bring these bastards down.” he said.

With Keyword in tow, the group left the complex and went to the Longbow headquarters to give them the truth behind Ernesto Hess and Malta.


The man in the office smiled when his head bodyguard informed him of the prior night’s events.

“Sir, did you hear what I said? The Freedom Phalanx Reserve destroyed your Titan facility last night. They escaped with two of our highest level test subjects, and went to Longbow with incriminating evidence that implicates this company in dozens of illegal acts.” the bodyguard said.

“I heard what you said James.” the gray haired man said.

“Then why are you smiling sir?” the bodyguard asked.

“Because my boy, this means war.” the gray haired man said with a sinister chuckle.

End Part I

Diapered Dandy And The Freedom Phalanx Reserve (Complete)

<center>Part II: The March Of War

Chapter I: Into The Majors</center>

Jesseca and Miranda sat in the living room of the Freedom Phalanx Reserve base, Jesseca grimaced as she looked at the hefty stack of multicolored money in her opponents possession.

“You better hope you don’t land on Boardwalk, with my hotels there you might just end up in the poor house.” Fantasy said with a smug smile.

Jesseca grumbled a response angrily as she rolled the dice and shouted angrily as the result put her right where she didn’t want to be.

“Ooh, tough luck angel.” Miranda said with a giggle as she grabbed the remaining dollars Jesseca had and counted them in victory.

“This game sucks. Isn’t there any crime that we can fight?” Jesseca asked as she slumped back in her seat in defeat.

Fantasy shook her head. “Nope, things have been pretty quiet since we hit that factory last week.” she said.

Jesseca sighed and got up from her seat. “Well, I’m gonna go patrol, I can’t play board games anymore.” she said and made her way to the base teleporter.

“Want some company?” Miranda asked.

Jesseca shrugged. “If you wanna tag along you can.” said and went through the light to the city beyond.


Fantasy cast an illusion on the purse snatcher they’d come across after an hour and a half of flying around the city. She made him believe that the police had him surrounded, and watched with satisfaction as he dropped his weapon and got down on the ground. Jesseca stepped in and gave him a solid right hook that kept him there.

“So I’ve been meaning to ask you how you can fly.” Jesseca asked Miranda as the pair flew off to find some higher stakes danger.

“I cast an illusion on myself that makes me believe I can fly.” Miranda explained.

“How does that work? The illusion isn’t real, what keeps you from falling?” Jesseca asked.

Miranda chuckled. “My illusions can be as real as I want them to be.” she said. “If I want to hurt someone with one of them I can. If I want to fly with them, I can.” she added.

Jesseca started to say something when her thoughts were interrupted by Severe saying something in her mind. “Jesseca, I need you and Miranda to come back to the base, we’ve learned something interesting about Malta.” the telepath said.

“Finally something to do.” Jesseca thought back in response before turning back to the base with Fantasy close behind.


As Jesseca and Fantasy entered the base they saw everyone seated at the large meeting table and quickly joined them.

“Alright,” Knight began. “now that we’re all here I want to share what Keyword and I have been working on.” he explained.

Keyword wheeled his wheelchair up next to Knight and greeted the assembled heroes with a smile.

“As many of you already know, Malta has it’s fingers in a lot of things in the city. One of those things happens to be us.” Knight said. “Keyword has given me all the information that Malta has on us, and needless to say, it’s extensive.” he said.

“What kind of information?” Flower Child asked.

“Essentially they know everything about us.” Knight said. “They’ve gathered enough information that they can neutralize us fairly easily.” he said.

“Why are they so interested in us?” Sue asked.

“According to Keyword, The Freedom Phalanx has been taken down by Malta already. As the longest active faction of the Freedom Phalanx Reserve, Rise of the Phoenix is the next hurdle in Malta’s path.” Knight explained.

“When was the FPR taken down?” Arson asked.

“Some time ago, they’ve been enslaved by Malta for a few weeks now.” Keyword said.

“Our first task is to free the FPR members, and then coordinate a strike to bring Malta down for good.” Knight said as he walked around the table and set a file folder in front of everyone. “These are the dossiers that Malta has on each of you. I suggest you study them well so that you know what to expect from them.” he said.

Each member of the team picked up their file and started reading it as Knight concluded the meeting.

“We’re going to divide into teams of two to go after each member of the FPR. The teams will be Ataris and myself. Hannah and Winter Flare. Sue and Premiere. Severe and Fantasy. Flower Child and Electro-Cute, and Arson and Diapered Dandy.” he said.

“What about Keyword and Drool?” Jesseca asked.

“I’ll coordinate the strikes from here.” Keyword said. “As for Drool, he’s still too weak to be involved in this, if and when he’s able to fight we’ll add him to one of the teams.” he added.

“Alright, you have your intel, we’ll set you up with your missions tomorrow. I suggest you all get a good night’s sleep tonight.” Knight said.

The team grabbed their files and went to their rooms to look over them for the night, each of them with a look of dread on their face.


Jesseca looked over her file as she lay on her stomach on her bed. She marveled at how in depth the information within was, literally every moment of her life was in the file.

“Pretty scary stuff huh?” Winter Flare said from the doorway giving Jesseca a start.

“Yeah, they know almost as much as I do about myself.” Jesseca said with a grimace.

“I know, there’s stuff in here that nobody knows about me.” Elysa said.

“Like what?” Jesseca asked.

“Well, they have a psyche profile in here that suggests that I project a maternal role onto Hannah.” she said with a blush.

“Wow, they’re good.” Jesseca said.

Elysa nodded. “How do you do it Jess?” she blurted out.

“Do what?” Jesseca asked.

Elysa closed the door and took a seat on the bed next to Jesseca. “How do you go out in public with your diapers on display with no shame?” she asked, her index finger tracing the plastic covering of Jesseca’s diapered backside softly as she stared at the garment.

Jesseca felt a shiver run up her back as she realized what Elysa was doing. “I lived with shame all my life, feeling weak and powerless all the time. Now that I have the power that I have, I have no reason to feel that way anymore. Hence no shame.” she explained.

Elysa nodded softly as she continued to stare at Jesseca’s diaper. “I just wish I could come clean about the whole thing, no more hiding.” she said.

Jesseca sat up and hugged her teammate. “Maybe you should. Nobody here has judged me for my diapers, except Arson, but she’s just joking when she teases me.” she said.

Elysa nodded and got up off the bed. “I’m just not ready yet, maybe some day.” she said.

“Until then, at least you know you’ll always have Hannah and me.” Jesseca said with a smile.

“Thanks Jess.” Elysa said and opened the door.

“You sure you’re ok?” Jesseca asked her.

Elysa nodded and closed the door for a second. “Would you sleep with me in my room tonight?” she asked with a blush.

Jesseca smiled and nodded as she got off the bed and the pair made their way to Elysa’s nursery.


“In front of you is the information we have about where each member of the FPR is being kept. Each team has a member to rescue, and will return here with him or her if they succeed. After the first six are rescued, we’ll return here and divide up for the remaining two. I want every team to maintain constant contact with Keyword during their mission.” Knight said.

Each team nodded in agreement and rose from their seats to depart.

“Everyone be careful out their, no heroics.” he added. “If something is too tough to handle you wait for backup.” he said looking at Arson.

Each team left the base and went to their own destinations. Knight and Ataris to Independence Port to rescue Statesman, leader of the FPR. Hannah and Winter Flare to Galaxy City to rescue Back Alley Brawler, the main muscle of the team. Sue and Premiere to Talos Island for Citadel the robotic powerhouse of the team. Severe and Fantasy to Brickstown for Manticore, an archer for the FPR. Flower Child and Electro-Cute to Steel Canyon for Positron, the resident scientist for the team. And Jesseca and Arson to Founders Falls for Numina, an empath for the team.

Each team made it’s way to it’s destination wrapped in thought about the severity of the situation that lay ahead of them.


Knight and Ataris stood on Valor Bridge, the extensive structure that connects Patriot Wharf to the Terra Volta reactor, looking down at the large cargo ship below where Statesman was being held.

“I don’t like sneaking around.” Ataris said with a look of displeasure.

“I know old friend, but it’s how it has to be this time.” Knight told him. “I’ll teleport us down to the deck, and we’ll take it from there.” he said.

Ataris nodded and put a hand to Knight’s shoulder and the pair disappeared in a tangle of dark energy, appearing a second later on the large deck below. Making their way around the deck and finding it deserted, they made their way to the interior of the ship.


Hannah and Winter Flare hovered above the large warehouse in the Orion Beltway district of Galaxy city. The pair flew to the roof and set down gently.

“I have a bad feeling about this sis.” Elysa said.

Hannah put an arm around her younger sibling. “I’m not thrilled about it either kiddo.” she said with a smile.

Hannah removed her arm and pulled out the map of the building. “Ok, according to this, if we enter from the South, we should be far enough away from any patrols to get the drop on whatever is in there.” she said.

Elysa nodded and followed Hannah off the roof and down to the South entrance door. The pair took a deep breath and entered the building as quietly as possible.


Sue and Premiere watched a Malta patrol go by from their hiding place in the dense forest of The Serpents Teeth area a few miles off the coast of Talos Island. The patrol guarded several large tents, one of which contained Citadel.

“I’m kinda disappointed in the number of guards they have posted.” Premiere said with a smile.

“Be glad that we have an easy mission ahead of us darling.” Sue said as she gave her fiance a kiss on the cheek.

“I just wanted a chance to smash Malta into the ground.” he said.

“I’m sure before all is said and done you’ll have more than enough enemies against you to keep you happy.” she said with a smile.

Premiere hugged and kissed his bride to be, “I love you.” he said before turning to his stone form.

Sue smiled at him. “I love you too.” she said and took flight with him in tow, dropping him from the air onto the soldiers below, preparing to fly in after a moment to provide backup.


Severe and Fantasy looked up at The Abyss Towers, the large skyscraper owned and operated in secret by Malta. The pair watched a flood of workers pour from the entrance of the building after Fantasy had made them think the building was full of snakes and spiders, her power amplified by Severe so that she could affect all the non Malta people in the building.

“Like taking candy from a baby.” Fantasy said with a smile.

“We should not be so quick to claim victory.” Severe said.

“Arson was right, you’re a wet blanket.” Miranda said with a frown.

“I am practical, a trait which would serve the both of you well.” Severe said.

“Whatever, let’s do this thing if we’re gonna do it.” Fantasy said as she headed for the entrance of the building, pushing through the crowd.

Severe sighed and followed her teammate into the great glass structure, her practicality screaming at her that something was not right about the situation inside.


Flower Child and Electro-Cute walked through the rickety wooden door covering the entrance to the Malta cave on the shore of Platinum Lake in Steel Canyon.

“You feeling like this isn’t right too Hanako?” Samantha asked her teammate as they made their way down into the depths of the cave.

Hanako nodded. “I do not like confined spaces.” she said.

“Not thrilled about them myself.” Samantha said.

The duo trudged onward deeper into the cavern and finally came to a fork in the road.

“Which way?” Hanako asked.

Samantha shrugged. “Nobody said anything about a fork in the road.” she said.

Hanako sighed and looked down each darkened path before walking down the left path.

“How do you know that’s the right way?” Samantha asked.

“The plants in this cave are telling me that their are bad men this way.” she said without looking back.

“Great, we walk into a trap because the plants told you which way to go.” Samantha said with a scoff.

As they neared the end of the tunnel, they could hear voices and see the light of a fire ahead. Hanako turned to Samantha and gave her a knowing smile before preparing to enter the area and fight whatever was ahead.


Jesseca and Arson found the large cabin on the outskirts of the Blackstone Hills are a few miles outside of Founders Falls. The large cabin looking more like a ski chalet than an evil organization’s hideout.

“So, what’s the plan?” Arson asked.

“Don’t look at me for plans, I just work here.” Jesseca said.

“Alright, here’s my plan. We go in there guns blazing and after the dust settles we get Numina out of there.” Arson said.

“Sounds like a pretty crappy plan, let’s do it.” Jesseca said with a smile.

“Or, we could throw your dirty diaper in there and knock them all out before we head in.” Arson said.

“Or I could drown you in the Red River back there and do this mission by myself.” Jesseca said.

“Alright, all joking aside, I’ve got your back and I know you have mine. Let’s do this right so we both survive this thing.” Arson said.

“Agreed. I need you to be alive so I can humiliate you in the training room after this is all over.” Jesseca said with a smile.

Arson smiled. “Keep it up doll and you’ll find yourself in some kind of twisted reality courtesy of Fantasy.” she said.

“Aww, is your girlfriend gonna give me a bad dream?” Jesseca teased.

“Shut up potty pants.” Arson said and started walking toward the cabin.

Jesseca smiled and followed her partner up to the door. The second after the door opened a rapid beeping was heard before the cabin exploded launching Arson and Diapered Dandy a few hundred yards into the woods behind them.


“Yes sir, all the members of the team have reached their positions. Diapered Dandy and Arson have already sprung their trap, and I have no vital sign readings for them.” Keyword said to the man on the other end of the phone.

“Excellent work Thomas.” the man in the office said. “I want you to keep me up to date with the situation, and as soon as all of them have fallen I want you out of there.” he added.

“Yes sir.” Keyword said before hanging up the phone. Standing up from his wheelchair the imposter poured himself another cup of coffee in the kitchen and went back to watching each team fight for their lives.

To Be Continued…

<center>Part II: The March Of War

Chapter II: The Man In The Iron Armor</center>

A long time ago I never would have thought I’d be here in the year 2007, partly because I don’t have a very good imagination but mostly because people don’t live for two hundred years.

I was born Nathaniel Werner. The details of my life are long forgotten now, all except the defining moment when I became the hero I am today.

I was an archaeologist on a dig in England when I was in my early thirties. We found a suit of armor in a tomb that we’d discovered. I remember sitting around with my team discussing the magnitude of our discovery when we were attacked.

The men that ambushed us all wore cloaks. I watched as they killed my colleagues in front of me, knocking me unconscious afterward.

When I awoke I was wearing the armor that we’d found, I still recall the stale smell of rot inside of it to this day. Around me my attackers were performing a ritual of some sort, I watched in horror as they spilled the blood of my teammates into a large cauldron.

After a great deal of chanting and a dark energy surrounding me the men cut my bonds and let me go. They told me that the armor that my soul was now bound to would make me invincible and give me eternal life, but I would forever feel the pain of everyone I came into contact with. The only out I was offered was to remove the armor, thereby killing me. I murdered every last one of them, my insane screaming drowning out all of their cries.

I never even considered removing the armor. I knew that despite the way I’d come to be this way, I was meant to use the power the armor gave me to protect people, to keep them from suffering I keep myself from feeling their pain.

Now as I enter the final chapter of this life, I can’t help but wonder if maybe I should have given up before I started.


Knight and Ataris entered the ship and made their way to the vast below deck area. They began to grow concerned with the lack of security on the cargo ship where Statesman of the Freedom Phalanx was being held.

“I believe that we may have the wrong ship.” Ataris said as they made their way into the large cargo hold that was lined with giant steel containers, making it look remarkably like a normal cargo ship.

“This is the boat that Keyword told us about.” Knight said.

Suddenly several large searchlights came on and focused in on the two heroes.

“You are indeed on the right ship,” a man’s voice said from the scaffold high above them. “unfortunately Statesman isn’t here.” the man said.

A small army of Malta soldiers filed out of the large steel containers and surrounded Knight and Ataris.

“After two hundred years in that armor, you must be pretty tired of it.” the man on the scaffold said as he made his way down the stairs to meet Knight face to face. The man looked like a cowboy, he wore a black leather duster and black cowboy hat. His face was covered by a black handkerchief and he had two large pistols holstered on his hips.

“Actually, it’s kind of grown on me.” Knight said.

The man nodded. “I’ll bet it has, unfortunately, Malta has quite an interest in it, which means we’ll have to take it from you.” the man said.

Knight shook his head and teleported out of the crowd of guards and up to the scaffold above. Flinging soldiers left and right off of the scaffold and to the ground far below, bullets ricocheting off his iron hide, Knight fought for everything he was worth.

Ataris phased his body out of the soldiers’ grasp and started to head up to Knight when an electrical blast hit him and sent him to the ground.

“Sorry Ataris, but these cooky weapons of ours seem to be able to hit you even when you’re intangible.” the man said. “Now, surrender to us Knight or I kill your friend.” the man said as he put his pistol to Ataris’ head.

Knight teleported down to the man with his arms above his head. “Don’t hurt him.” he said.

“Good boy.” the man said before punching Knight in the chest, sending him flying across the room into one of the steel containers.


Knight came to and found himself strapped into a large machine. “What’s going on?” he asked the cowboy.

“Like I said, Malta is very interested in your armor, so we’re going to take it.” the cowboy said. “The bad news is that you’ll die in the process.” he added.

“Who are you?” Knight asked.

“You may call me Omega Black, I’m the leader of Malta’s Gunslinger project.” the man explained.

Knight looked across the room to see Ataris chained to a wall guarded by two soldiers. Knight turned his attention back to Omega Black when the machine began to power up.

“I’d like to tell you that this will be painless, but I don’t want to lie to you.” Omega Black said.

The machine began to spark electricity onto Knight, and soon he was acting as a lightning rod for the machine. His screams of pain echoed throughout the ship as the machine worked to rip the armor from him.

Ataris watched his teammate being tortured and gritted his teeth. “I can’t let Knight suffer like this.” he thought to himself as he phased out of his chains and ran to Knight.

The soldiers that were guarding Ataris fired at him and sent him to the ground again. As they moved in to retrieve him he got back up and leapt at them. Ataris grabbed the men by the neck an dropped them to the ground before snapping their necks. He turned and ran to the machine again, electrical blasts grazing past him.

Knight watched Ataris leap into the path of the electricity coming from the machine blocking the current from hitting him.

Omega Black looked on as the electricity turned Ataris intangible and went through him and into Knight. He saw Knight’s armor glow bright white before it suddenly exploded, shards of shrapnel spraying the room and ripping through everything in it’s path.

Surveying the damage that the explosion had caused, Omega Black saw an armorless Knight laying in the mangled remains of the machine he’d been strapped into. With a sigh he started to leave the room. “I want everyone off the ship in five minutes and I want the ship blown up in six.” he said into his walkie talkie.

Ataris phased through a nearby wall and made his way to Knight’s motionless body, the large Jamaican dropped to his knees near his fallen teammate and shed a tear for his friend. “I’m sorry I couldn’t save you Knight.” Ataris choked out amidst his sobs. As he willed himself to become tangible again he realized that he couldn’t, he growled in anger as he realized that the machine must have altered him somehow and caused him to be unable to change back.

Knight coughed and stirred slightly. “What happened?” he groaned.

“Knight, you’re alive!” Ataris exclaimed and moved to get the debris off of his friend but realized he couldn’t.

“Of course I am, it’ll take a lot more than a little explosion to take me out.” Knight said as he pulled himself out of the twisted metal that was the machine.

“But your armor is gone.” Ataris said as he watched his naked teammate rise to his feet.

Knight looked down at his naked form and covered himself up. “I don’t understand, I should be dead.” he said.

Ataris nodded and got to his feet. “We need to get out of here, the others may be in danger.” he said.

Knight nodded. “Why are you still intangible?” he asked as he rummaged through a locker for some clothes.

Ataris shrugged. “I can’t change back, something happened when I jumped into the machine.” he explained.

Knight looked solemnly at Ataris after dressing in some work clothes he’d found. “Thank you for saving me old friend, I’ll do everything I can to help you get back to normal.” he said.

Ataris nodded. “I’ll meet you at the base.” he said and phased through the wall of the ship.

Knight made his way to the top deck, stopping and waiting as the remaining Malta soldiers departed after setting the explosives needed to destroy the ship.

When he was sure they were all gone Knight exited the ship and teleported back up to the bridge just before the ship exploded and sank into the bay. With a sigh Knight teleported himself to the entrance of the base.


“Knight and Ataris are taken care of sir. I just got the report from Omega Black.” Keyword said into the phone.

“Was the armor recovered?” the man in the office asked.

“No sir, the armor was destroyed as was the ship and both heroes.” Keyword said.

The man in the office sighed. “This is not good news Thomas.” he said.

“Yes sir, I apologize for the incompetence of Omega Black.” Keyword said.

“I want you to maintain your post and keep me up to date with where the operation stands hourly.” the man in the office said.

“Yes sir, I won’t fail you.” Keyword said with a nod as he hung up the phone.

“So, this was your doing?” Knight asked as he entered the room after listening to the conversation Keyword was having.

Keyword spun around in surprise and pulled a pistol from the back of his pants, pointing it at Knight for a second before firing.

Knight teleported out of the path of the bullets and next to Keyword where he gave him a solid right hook that knocked the man to the ground.

“Who are you?” Knight asked.

The man said nothing and received a kick to the stomach from Knight.

“Tell me who you are before choke the life out of you.” Knight warned.

The man looked Knight in the eyes, seeing if he could find truth in his words. “I’m a spy for Malta.” he said finally.

“I gathered, what’s your mission?” Knight asked.

“I was told to feed you false information to send you on suicide missions.” the man explained.

“Are you really Keyword?” Knight asked.

The man shook his head. “The real Keyword is still in Malta custody at a secret facility.” the man explained.

Knight nodded his head in understanding and offered the man his hand to help him up. The man took Knight’s hand and groaned as he stood up slowly. Knight grabbed the man by the throat and lifted him in the air. “If any of my people die today, I will not hesitate to make your demise extremely painful and slow.” Knight said before tossing the man across the room and sending him smashing through a nearby wall.

Knight sat in front of the computer that monitored his team’s vital signs. He looked solemnly at the flat line readings of Arson and Diapered Dandy and clenched his fist tightly as he got up to retrieve the Malta spy.


Ataris phased through the entrance of City Hall and made his way back to Azuria’s office. Entering the room he saw the Jamaican sorceress seated at her desk pouring over a large book.

“Welcome Ataris, gotten yourself into some trouble?” Azuria asked without looking up from her book.

“Yes Azuria, I can’t turn off my intangibility.” Ataris explained.

“I know, but rest assured I am already working on a way to remedy the situation.” she said as she got up and went to the intangible hero.

“How did you know already?” he asked.

“My boy, you forget how wise your grandmother is and that she gave you your power.” Azuria said with a smile.

Ataris nodded. “You probably already know, but Dementia’s Knight’s armor was destroyed in a Malta ambush.” Ataris said.

“I do know that, and still he lives. I’m very curious about the whole thing.” Azuria said. “When this is all over I’d like for him to come see me.” she added.

“If we’re still alive I’m sure he’ll be right over.” Ataris said.

With a nod Azuria returned to her seat and book and continued to look for a remedy for her grandson.

To Be Continued…

Diapered Dandy And The Freedom Phalanx Reserve (Complete)

<center>Part II: The March Of War

Chapter III: Irradiated Tears For The Fallen Ice Princess</center>

Half-Life Hannah and Winter Flare hovered above the large warehouse in the Orion Beltway district of Galaxy city. The pair flew to the roof and set down gently.

“I have a bad feeling about this sis.” Elysa said.

Hannah put an arm around her younger sibling. “I’m not thrilled about it either kiddo.” she said with a smile.

Hannah removed her arm and pulled out the map of the building. “Ok, according to this, if we enter from the South, we should be far enough away from any patrols to get the drop on whatever is in there.” she said.

Elysa nodded and followed Hannah off the roof and down to the South entrance door. The pair took a deep breath and entered the building as quietly as possible.

The warehouse smelled of industrial equipment and sweat. The odor assaulted the sisters’ nostrils as they made their way inside from the fresh air of the street.

“This place stinks.” Elysa whispered as she pinched her nose closed.

Hannah turned and smiled at her and made a motion for her sister to be quiet as they came to another door. “Open the door slowly and I’ll head in first.” she directed.

Elysa nodded and grabbed the handle of the door, with a low creak the door opened slowly allowing Hannah to enter the room beyond. Elysa peeked around the corner and followed behind her sister.

“I don’t think this is the right place.” Hannah whispered.

Elysa nodded. “It seems like this place should be crawling with Malta if this is where they’re keeping Back Alley Brawler.” she said.

Suddenly heavy footfalls sounded from the roof as several dozen Malta soldiers dropped down from several helicopters above.

“Guess we were just early.” Hannah said.

The skylight’s on the roof exploded as soldiers dropped in on repelling wires, guns blazing as they spotted Hannah and Elysa.

The two sisters split apart and flew to opposite ends of the warehouse, bullets whizzing past them as they flew for cover.

Hannah blasted several of the soldiers before they could disconnect from their wires and flew through the open skylight where they’d dropped in to take out the choppers above the warehouse.

Elysa created a wall of thick ice to deflect the bullets that came at her and launched several waves of icicles at the soldiers when they stopped firing to reload.

Hannah fired a warning shot at each of the helicopters and smiled as they turned and flew off. Her victory was short lived however, as a Titan robot slammed down on her from above. The emerald haired heroin smashed through the metal roof of the warehouse and crushed the concrete floor with the force of her landing.

“Hannah!” Elysa shouted as she saw her sister fall and have a robot land near her preparing to attack.

Acting on impulse, Elysa flew out from behind her ice shield and went to her sister. A hail of bullets whizzed by her as she propelled herself toward Hannah. Reaching her sister she encased her body in ice and created a large sword from her icy form.

“Back off bub!” Elysa screamed as she slashed at the robot with her ice sword, ripping the robot’s chest plate open.

The robot staggered backward momentarily from the blow, but recovered quickly. With a blast of it’s wrist cannon it knocked Elysa backward into several soldiers and a wall beyond.

As the robot moved to attack Elysa again it was disintegrated by a radiation blast from Hannah.

“Nobody hurts my baby sister.” Hannah said as she dusted herself off and flew to Elysa’s aid.

The remaining soldiers began fleeing when they saw the Titan robot destroyed so easily.

“Looks like we won.” Hannah said.

Elysa let her icy form melt away revealing a smiling face. “Good, that ice armor makes me tired.” she said.

As the two sisters made their way to the exit several more Titan robots appeared on the roof. One dropped down and smashed it’s metallic fists into each woman’s head, sending both sprawling to the floor. The robot moved to Elysa and stomped down on her midsection with it’s large foot.

Elysa howled in pain and tried to attack the robot, but found she was far to weak to muster any kind of effective offense.

Hannah blasted the robot’s head off with a large radiation blast, and moved to her sister’s side. “Elysa, talk to me babe.” Hannah cried out as she looked at her sisters badly injured body.

“I’m cold.” Elysa managed to choke out in a blood soaked cough.

Tears rolled down Hannah’s cheeks as she scooped her sister up into her arms and rocked her gently. “It’s ok baby, I’m here for you.” Hannah said in a hoarse whisper as she fought to get her words past the aching lump in her throat.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t a good hero like you.” Elysa muttered as her consciousness began to slip away.

Hannah was now in hysterics as her sorrow took hold. “You were the best hero sweetheart.” she said, her tears dripping down onto Elysa’s tattered uniform.

The robot’s from the roof dropped down and advanced on Hannah and Elysa.

“Target identified, begin termination sequence for Half-Life Hannah.” one of the robot’s said.

Hannah’s teared dried instantly as white hot radiation began to emanate from her eyes and she lay her sister’s lifeless body back down on the ground and rose to meet her attackers. “You killed my sister.” Hannah said as her body began to glow brightly with great radioactive energy.

The robot’s fired their weapons at Hannah, and each blast was absorbed into her already super charged body. Hannah merely flexed her power slightly and shattered the robot’s instantly.

Hannah powered down and dropped to her knees and wept. “I’m so sorry Elysa.” she cried as she picked up her sister’s body and flew through the open roof of the warehouse and back to the base.


Speaking as a person that deals with ice for a living, I have to say that everything gets really cold when you’re dying. I guess I always thought that it was just something that the movies did for dramatic effect, but it actually happens.

It’s funny, I never thought that I’d die so young. I always thought that Hannah and I would grow old together and talk about each of our families as we knitted in our rocking chairs. Then again, I never thought that I’d be crushed by a giant robot while trying to save the life of a superhero.

I really don’t think it’s fair that I’m dying, but I’m glad it’s me instead of Hannah. I don’t know what I’d do if I had to watch her die. I just wish that I could feel her holding me close to her, I wish that I could feel the warmth of her body or smell her perfume. Unfortunately all of that’s lost to me now, all I feel is cold, and all I see is a foreboding darkness creeping up on me.

Now would probably be a good time to say that I love you Hannah, too bad my voice is gone. I have a feeling that you know anyway, so it’s ok if I don’t say it. I thank you for all that you’ve done for me over the years big sister, I’ll miss you.


Hannah’s tears returned with a vengeance as she looked down at her sister. All the color had drained from her, she was still and silent. Hannah stopped flying and landed on a nearby roof, her own body weak from the fight and from her emotional turmoil.

“Please don’t die Elysa.” Hannah pleaded to her lifeless sister.

Hannah rocked her sister slowly in her arms and hummed her favorite lullaby to her as she stroked her hair.

On the rooftop of a nameless building in the heart of Galaxy City Half-Life Hannah held her sister as she slipped away. The once strong and determined heroin was now an emotional wreck as her body was rocked by uncontrollable sobs.

“I love you so much.” Hannah said.

Elysa lay motionless, a single tear leaking from her closed eye and freezing as it rolled down the side of her face.

To Be Continued…

<center>Part II: The March Of War

Chapter IV: Backs Against The Wall</center>

My normal life ended when I met Sue. I was Darius Martin, a successful business man, an up and comer, if you will, in the Portal Corporation. She was the hero that had saved me from an experiment gone out of control. Since that day I’ve devoted myself to her and to fighting alongside her as the living rock man Premiere.

I’d known that I had meta-human abilities since I was a young boy. I remember falling off my bike when I was a kid and looking down at my knee to inspect the damage, instead of finding blood and broken skin I found scraped rock where my skin should have been. I hid my abilities from the world and carried out a normal life.

Sue and I are engaged to be married after several months of dating. I don’t know what I’d do without her.


Sue Radiance and Premiere watched a Malta patrol go by from their hiding place in the dense forest of The Serpents Teeth area a few miles off the coast of Talos Island. The patrol guarded several large tents, one of which contained Citadel.

“I’m kinda disappointed in the number of guards they have posted.” Premiere said with a smile.

“Be glad that we have an easy mission ahead of us darling.” Sue said as she gave her fiance a kiss on the cheek.

“I just wanted a chance to smash Malta into the ground.” he said.

“I’m sure before all is said and done you’ll have more than enough enemies against you to keep you happy.” she said with a smile.

Premiere hugged and kissed his bride to be, “I love you.” he said before turning to his stone form.

Sue smiled at him. “I love you too.” she said and took flight with him in tow, dropping him from the air onto the soldiers below, preparing to fly in after a moment to provide backup.

As Premiere plummeted to the ground he looked back up at the love of his life. “Good luck Sue.” he thought as he hit the ground with a shockwave that knocked several nearby soldiers off their feet.

Bullets bounced of his stony hide harmlessly as he bent down and pulled a large section of the Earth up and launched it at a group of soldiers, smashing them to the ground with the weighty chunk.

Another group of soldiers scattered when a blast of energy struck the ground in the middle of them. Sue hovered down to meet with her teammate and carry on the fight.

Several soldiers came from the forest and opened fire on the duo. Premiere shielded Sue with his body and provided her cover to fly up and blast the soldiers away.

“These guys are rookies.” Premiere said as Sue came back down to him.

“Then maybe you’re ready for the majors.” a man’s voice said from one of the tents.

“Who are you?” Sue asked the man as she prepared an energy attack for him.

“The name’s Alpha Black.” the man dressed like a cowboy answered with a tip of his hat.

“What are you doing here?” Premiere asked.

Alpha Black smiled. “Well, I’m not gonna lie, I’m here to make sure you die.” he said.

Sue blasted at Alpha Black, leaving a smoking hole in the man’s chest.

“Please.” Alpha Black said as he looked at Sue and Premiere with a smile.

Sue and Premiere watched in amazement as the hole closed up before their eyes, leaving no mark behind save the burned clothing around it.

Alpha Black quickly drew his weapon and shot Sue in the stomach sending her sprawling to the ground.

“Sue!” Premiere shouted as he leapt in front of her to protect from further attack.

Alpha Black fired another shot at Premiere and hit him in the shoulder. The shot went through his rock armor and arm below and back out the other side.

“Looks like you can get blood from a stone.” Alpha Black said with a smile. “Now that you two are weakened, I have a new playmate for you.” he said and pulled a remote control from his jacket and pressed a large red button on it’s face.

Premiere crouched near Sue as the ground began to rumble and a heavily armored robot came from the forest behind.

“Premiere and Sue Radiance, meet the Kronos Class Titan.” Alpha Black said. “Twenty feet tall, weighs two hundred tons, and has a nasty disposition, enjoy.” he said as he ran for the cliff side near the campsite and leapt off. Seconds later a helicopter appeared in the air with Alpha Black inside saluting the two heroes with a smile as he flew away.

“Sue, wake up honey.” Premiere said as he hoisted his lover into his arms.

Sue held her bleeding stomach and looked up at him. “We’re not gonna make it, are we?” she asked weakly.

Premiere shook his head. “Doesn’t look like it hon.” he said.

“Set me down.” she said.

Premiere gently set his fading girlfriend down onto her feet.

“Now is as good a time as any to try this out.” Sue said.

Premiere watched as Sue’s body began to glow, softly at first but gradually building to a near blinding glow.

“What are you doing Sue?” Premiere asked, concerned that she was expending too much energy in her weakened condition.

“It’s something I’ve been working on, I call it Super Nova.” she explained. “Give me your hand.” she said.

Premiere took her hand in his, his stony mitt enveloping her small hand easily.

The Kronos Titan moved in quickly for a behemoth of it’s size and swung it’s mighty fist down onto the two heroes. The great metallic fist struck the barrier of energy that Sue had created and left them unharmed.

“I love you Darius.” Sue shouted over the deafening hum of her building energy field.

Darius focused his mind on keeping his stone armor intact as Sue’s energy waves ripped at it with every pulse. “I love you too Sue.” he shouted back.

The Titan fired several laser blasts that were deflected easily, and moved to punch at the pair of heroes. The giant fist melted and broke away as it neared the now white hot energy sphere.

As the Titan made another attack the energy sphere exploded creating a massive crater and melting the Titan and the entire are within a mile radius.

As the smoke cleared from the area Sue Radiance and Premiere could be seen laying motionless in the epicenter of the blast. The Kronos Titan moved only slightly as it’s circuits fired randomly in the throws of death.

As the sun began to set, Sue Radiance and Premiere lay unconscious they continued to breathe softly and weakly but made no moves to get up.


Dementia’s Knight pulled the red hot poker from the Malta spy’ shoulder. The man’s screams were muffled by the tape over his mouth.

“It’s funny, now that I don’t have my armor, I have no sense of what your feeling right now. I suppose I should thank you for that.” Knight said.

The man muttered something behind the tape.

Knight ripped the tape from the man’s mouth roughly.

“Doing this won’t bring your friends back.” the man said.

Knight smiled. “It’s a good thing that’s not why I’m doing it then.” he said and replaced the tape over the man’s mouth as he heated up the poker again.


Azuria had Ataris stand in a circle she’d painted on floor of her office.

“I’m going to read an incantation now, after I’m done you should be able to turn back to your normal form.” she explained.

Ataris nodded and stood where he’d been told to as Azuria began to read from a large book.

The circle surrounding Ataris began to glow brightly and enveloped him in light for a moment. Once the light had faded and his vision returned to normal he saw that he was indeed back in his normal form.

“Bless you Azuria.” he said as he hugged his grandmother tightly.

“You’re quite welcome my dear.” she said. “Now, you must go to your teammates aid.” she explained.

“Who needs help?” he asked.

Azuria wore a grim expression. “All of them.” she said.

“Who do I help first?” he asked.

“Sue Radiance and Premiere are defenseless at the moment. If you don’t get them to safety quickly, they might be killed.” she told him.

“What about the others, are they going to be ok?” he asked her.

“I cannot say, but this will be the darkest hour for your team.” she said. Azuria went to a large chest near her desk and retrieved a large battle axe similar to the one Ataris had left on the boat. “This is the twin to the axe I gave you years ago.” she explained as she handed him the weapon.

Ataris nodded. “Thank you grandmother, I won’t let you down.” he said and left to help Sue and Premiere.

“I know you won’t Ataris, I know you won’t.” Azuria said with a smile.


Ataris went to the base to get Knight to teleport them to Sue and Darius and found his team leader in the middle of a torture session with Keyword.

“Knight, what the hell is going on here?” Ataris asked.

“This man is a fake, he works for Malta and arranged for us to walk into that trap.” Knight explained.

"Well, Azuria has told me that the others are in danger as well, we have to get Sue and Premiere back here quickly.

Knight nodded he turned to his captive and put his hand over the man’s mouth and nose and summoned dark energy into the palm of his hand. The Malta spy struggled to escape from the suffocating cloud of energy, but quickly succumbed to the power and passed away.

“Now we can go.” Knight said with a terrifying look of satisfaction on his face.


Knight teleported himself and Sue back to the base and then Ataris and Premiere with him in the next trip. The pair setup the comatose heroes in the medical ward and left them to rest as the monitoring equipment kept them up to date on their condition.

Knight noticed that Sue had a healed gunshot wound in her stomach and Premiere had a similar one on his shoulder. “What happened to you guys?” he asked the unconscious pair.

“Who else needs help?” Knight asked Ataris as he came out of the infirmary.

As Ataris started to answer Hannah came in carrying a badly wounded Elysa. The emerald haired woman broke down into fresh sobs as Knight took Elysa from her and to the infirmary and Ataris carried her to the bed next to her sister.

“It’s no good, she’s gone.” Hannah said in between sobs.

“Remind me never to hire you as my doctor.” Knight said.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” she asked.

“Elysa isn’t dead, she’s close, but she’s still alive.” he said and rushed to get the necessary equipment needed to treat the injured girl.

Hannah began to cry again and knelt beside her sister’s bed holding her hand in her own. “Hang on 'Lysa.” she pleaded to the unconscious girl.

To Be Continued…

<center>Part II: The March Of War

Chapter V: The Crushing Darkness</center>

Flower Child and Electro-Cute walked through the rickety wooden door covering the entrance to the Malta cave on the shore of Platinum Lake in Steel Canyon.

“You feeling like this isn’t right too Hanako?” Samantha asked her teammate as they made their way down into the depths of the cave.

Hanako nodded. “I do not like confined spaces.” she said.

“Not thrilled about them myself.” Samantha said.

The duo trudged onward deeper into the cavern and finally came to a fork in the road.

“Which way?” Hanako asked.

Samantha shrugged. “Nobody said anything about a fork in the road.” she said.

Hanako sighed and looked down each darkened path before walking down the left path.

“How do you know that’s the right way?” Samantha asked.

“The plants in this cave are telling me that their are bad men this way.” she said without looking back.

“Great, we walk into a trap because the plants told you which way to go.” Samantha said with a scoff.

As they neared the end of the tunnel, they could hear voices and see the light of a fire ahead. Hanako turned to Samantha and gave her a knowing smile before preparing to enter the area and fight whatever was ahead.

Samantha moved into the lead and charged the palm of her hand with electricity as the neared the entrance to the next area. Samantha took a deep breath and leapt into the next section of the cave. Several arcs of electricity left her hand and bounced off of the empty walls of the cave.

Ceasing her attacks Samantha looked around the cave for any enemies. “What the hell is going on? There’s nobody here.” she said.

Hanako went to the fire and retrieved a tape recorder that was sitting on a nearby rock playing the voices that the pair had heard earlier.

“I don’t like this.” Hanako said as she shut off the tape recorder.

“Me neither, let’s get out of here and find out what’s going on.” Samantha said as she turned to head back the way they came.

As the pair neared the fork in the cave path the area began to shake violently. The roof of the cave began to crumble and several large chunks of rock fell down around the two heroes.

Samantha and Hanako ran for the exit, debris falling all around them as they neared the cave entrance.

“Now!” a voice shouted, and several loud pops were heard as nets were shot from Malta rifles and entangled around the two heroes as they fell backward into the cave.

“They’re subdued, turn up the seismic generator.” a Malta soldier ordered.

The cave shook harder and began to collapse around the two incapacitated heroes. As the dust finally began to settle and the shaking stopped, both heroes were completely buried under a large pile of debris. The pairs screams ceased a few moments afterward.

“Electro-Cute and Flower Child are down sir.” the cowboy dressed Malta soldier said into his earpiece.

“Excellent work Delta Black, return to base for further instructions.” the man in the office said into the radio.

“Understood sir.” Delta Black said and gathered his men up and headed for the waiting helicopter.


Hannah stood outside the infirmary and watched as the robotic medical equipment worked on her sister inside.

Knight came up to the emerald haired hero and handed her a cup of coffee.

“Thanks.” she said with a weak smile.

“No problem.” he replied and looked in on Elysa. “You know that we have the finest medical equipment in the western hemisphere right inside that room, if anything can save her it’s those machines.” Knight said.

Hannah nodded. “What happened to your armor?” she asked without looking away from Elysa.

“Ataris and I were ambushed on the ship we went to investigate. The Malta soldiers wanted my armor for something. Ataris saved me and destroyed the machine, and my armor in the process.” he explained.

“I thought that you died if your armor was removed.” Hannah said with a puzzled expression.

Knight shrugged. “Guess I got lucky.” he said with a smile.

Hannah turned and hugged him tightly. “I like you better this way.” she said as she buried her face into his chest and began to cry.

Knight stroked the back of her head gently and wrapped his arms around her. “She’ll be ok Hannah, I promise you.” he said.

“It’s just so hard to see her that way, just completely beaten. I don’t know what I’d do if I lost her.” she said between sobs.

“Maybe you should try and get some rest. Elysa will be in surgery for a few more hours at least. I’ll wake you up if anything changes.” Knight said.

Hannah broke their embrace and nodded. “You’re probably right. I’ll be in my room.” she said and turned to leave. “Thanks Nate.” she said with a smile.

Knight returned her smile. “You’re welcome Han.” he said. After Hannah had disappeared from view Knight took her post outside the infirmary and watched in on Elysa.


Hanako breathed shallowly under the weight of the rocks that were piled on top of her. She struggled to free herself from the net around her, but found no way out. “Samantha?” she managed to whisper.

Samantha groaned. “Can you get free?” she choked out.

“Not on my own, but I might be able to get some roots in here to push the rocks off of us.” Hanako said.

Hanako focused her thoughts on the roots running below the cave and pushed them up through the ground and had them pick up the boulders and debris on top of them and move them away. After several minutes of work the two heroes were uncovered. Hanako used a knife in her pocket to cut the net away and did the same for Samantha.

“I think my arm and leg are broken.” Samantha said.

Hanako got up slowly and limped over to help Samantha up. She examined her partner’s injuries and saw a bone sticking through Samantha’s blood soaked pant leg. “Yeah, your leg is definitely broken.” the Asian hero said as she tried to keep from vomiting.

Samantha put an arm around Hanako and let her lead them out of the cave as she hobbled along. “I think I’m gonna pass out.” she said, her face stark white.

Hanako helped her friend back down to the ground. “Stay here, I’ll go get someone to help you get back to the base.” Hanako said.

Samantha nodded slowly and spat as she tried to fight the urge to throw up from the pain.

Hanako leapt into the air, covering hundreds of yards in one jump. The young hero howled in pain when she landed, and collapsed to the ground. She held her hip tightly and bit back her tears. “Samantha needs me to be strong.” she said to herself as she slowly got back up and jumped again, each time a blinding flash of pain bringing her to the ground after she landed.


Knight checked on Sue and Darius while he waited for Elysa to get out of surgery. Both of the comatose heroes conditions hadn’t changed in the few hours since they’d got back from the field.

Hanako limped into the base and called out for anyone that may be back from their mission. “Hello! Anyone here?” she shouted.

Knight came running around the corner to find out what was going on and rushed to catch Hanako before she collapsed from the pain of her injuries. “Hanako, what happened? Where’s Samantha?” Knight asked as he carried her to the infirmary.

Hanako looked up at him, her consciousness fading. “We were attacked, Samantha’s hurt pretty bad, she’s at the cave on the outskirts of Steel Canyon.” the young hero said before succumbing to the crushing darkness that her body was forcing upon her.

Knight carried the unconscious hero to the infirmary and grimaced at how full it was getting. Setting the young hero on a free bed he began to set up some monitoring equipment for her and started the machine that would begin examining her injuries and fixing them.

Leaving the infirmary, Knight teleported out to the cave where Samantha and Hanako had been and brought the unconscious Samantha back to the base and set her up in the same way he had Hanako.

“What happened to them?” Ataris asked as he entered the infirmary.

Knight shook his head. “Not a hundred percent sure, but I know that they were hit by Malta just like the rest of us.” he said.

Ataris looked at all his injured teammates. “If Malta hits us again, we might not survive.” he said grimly.

Knight nodded. “We need to find the others before something else happens, if it hasn’t already.” Knight said.


Diapered Dandy opened her eyes slowly and saw the sky gray with the billowing smoke from the recently exploded cabin. She groaned as she got to her feet slowly and looked around for Arson. “Brianna!” she called out, getting no response.

The sun had started to set, and the forest surrounding the cabin was no doubt full of many threats that two weakened heroes would be in no shape to face. Jesseca continued her search for Arson, and finally found her laying face down in a clearing several yards from the cabin.

“Brianna!” Jesseca shouted as she ran to the downed woman. Jesseca quickly rolled her over and saw that apart from several cuts and bruises she appeared to be unharmed.

Arson opened her eyes and looked up at Jesseca, a smile spreading across her face.

“Glad you’re having a good time.” Jesseca said with a smile of her own.

Arson sat up and watched Jesseca intently as she got up herself. “What happened?” she asked.

“The cabin blew up, I just hope Numina wasn’t in there.” Jesseca said.

“Who?” Arson asked.

Jesseca stared at Arson for a moment. “Numina, the hero we were sent out here to rescue.” she said.

“Oh, ok then.” Arson said with a confused look on her face.

“You do know who we are don’t you?” Jesseca asked, getting very worried about her teammate.

Arson nodded and smiled. “I’m Brianna Cobb, and you’re my sister Lindsey.” she said.

To Be Continued…

Diapered Dandy And The Freedom Phalanx Reserve (Complete)

<center>Part II: The March Of War

Chapter VI: Shadows Of The Past</center>

Diapered Dandy opened her eyes slowly and saw the sky gray with the billowing smoke from the recently exploded cabin. She groaned as she got to her feet slowly and looked around for Arson. “Brianna!” she called out, getting no response.

The sun had started to set, and the forest surrounding the cabin was no doubt full of many threats that two weakened heroes would be in no shape to face. Jesseca continued her search for Arson, and finally found her laying face down in a clearing several yards from the cabin.

“Brianna!” Jesseca shouted as she ran to the downed woman. Jesseca quickly rolled her over and saw that apart from several cuts and bruises she appeared to be unharmed.

Arson opened her eyes and looked up at Jesseca, a smile spreading across her face.

“Glad you’re having a good time.” Jesseca said with a smile of her own.

Arson sat up and watched Jesseca intently as she got up herself. “What happened?” she asked.

“The cabin blew up, I just hope Numina wasn’t in there.” Jesseca said.

“Who?” Arson asked.

Jesseca stared at Arson for a moment. “Numina, the hero we were sent out here to rescue.” she said.

“Oh, ok then.” Arson said with a confused look on her face.

“You do know who we are don’t you?” Jesseca asked, getting very worried about her teammate.

Arson nodded and smiled. “I’m Brianna Cobb, and you’re my sister Lindsey.” she said.

Jesseca looked into Arson’s eyes for a sign that she was joking but found none. “Your sister?” she asked.

The raven haired fire controller smiled at Jesseca. “We should get back home before mommy gets worried about us.” Arson said as she got to her feet.

“How old are you Brianna?” Jesseca asked her teammate.

“I’m this many!” Brianna said excitedly as she held up five fingers.

“Great.” Jesseca thought to herself. “Brianna can you try and fly for me?” Jesseca asked her child minded teammate.

Arson looked at her quizzically for a moment and then giggled. “You’re silly sister, I can’t fly!” she said.

“Perfect.” Jesseca said, taking Arson’s hand she flew into the air startling the girl who clung tightly to the woman she believed to be her sister whimpering in fear that she would fall. Jesseca took them back to the base, hoping that Arson would snap out of her condition quickly.


Severe and Fantasy looked up at The Abyss Towers, the large skyscraper owned and operated in secret by Malta. The pair watched a flood of workers pour from the entrance of the building after Fantasy had made them think the building was full of snakes and spiders, her power amplified by Severe so that she could affect all the non Malta people in the building.

“Like taking candy from a baby.” Fantasy said with a smile.

“We should not be so quick to claim victory.” Severe said.

“Arson was right, you’re a wet blanket.” Miranda said with a frown.

“I am practical, a trait which would serve the both of you well.” Severe said.

“Whatever, let’s do this thing if we’re gonna do it.” Fantasy said as she headed for the entrance of the building, pushing through the crowd.

Severe sighed and followed her teammate into the great glass structure, her practicality screaming at her that something was not right about the situation inside.

The fire alarm was ringing inside the building as they entered, triggered by one of the panicked workers. Severe and Fantasy made their way to the elevators and up to the top floor of the building where their information led them to believe that Manticore was being held.

“Not a lot of action so far.” Fantasy said.

Severe nodded. “I fear that we may be getting more than we bargained for.” she said.

Fantasy shrugged. “I say bring on the straight fight, I’m kinda bored with this straight path of no resistance.” she said.

The elevator stopped at their floor and the doors opened revealing a large laboratory and a man standing in the center of it. The man was dressed similar to a cowboy and smiled widely when the two heroes entered the room.

“Welcome ladies!” the man said cheerfully. “My name is Sigma Black and you’re gonna love me.” he said.

“Somehow I doubt that.” Fantasy said with a scoff.

“No, I’m serious.” he said. “I know Severe will anyway.” he added with a smile.

“And why is that?” Severe asked.

“Glad you asked little lady.” he said as he stepped over to a nearby console and picked up a CD and put it into the machine. A large monitor came on after a moment and started playing a video of a lab technician and a little girl.

“Experiment number 47521.” the scientist in the video said to the camera. “Subjects name is Olivia Chambers, age twelve.” the man said.

Severe looked at the little girl intently, she was an Albino like her. Severe felt her stomach begin to churn when the realization that she was watching a video of herself being experimented on as a child set in. Here in the most unlikely of places she was finally getting the information that she had sought her whole life.

“Subject has been treated with gene therapy that has granted her mental abilities in the form of Telekinesis and Telepathy.” the doctor explained. “Tests on the subject are to determine proficiency in combat situations.” he added.

Severe and Fantasy watched in horror as several soldiers armed with riot batons entered the room where the little girl was being detained and began attacking her. The girl screamed and put her arms up in defense. Several blows landed on her and brought her to her knees. Then the girl stopped screaming and looked up at the soldiers as she began to float upward into the air. The soldiers backed away from the young girl and attempted to get out their guns. The guns were pulled from their hands by the girl’s powers and aimed at them, seconds later the guns went off and the soldiers were dead or dying.

“Test successful.” the doctor said, ending the video.

Severe felt a tear roll down her cheek as her emotions began to build inside of her. “Why?” she asked Sigma Black quietly.

“You were a latchkey kid, easy to pick up off the street and use for testing.” he said. “Turned out quite well except for the whole “hero” bit.” he said.

“And my family?” she asked, her powers building along with her emotions.

“Dead I’m afraid.” Sigma Black told her. “You shouldn’t be mad, you should be thanking us.” he added.

Severe plucked the man from where he stood with her powers and mentally threw him through the window behind him, sending him plummeting to the Earth below. “Thank you.” she said.

“Severe, I’m sorry for what they did to you, but this isn’t the way to handle this.” Fantasy said.

Severe chuckled. “A minute ago you were aching for a fight.” she said.

Fantasy nodded. “Yeah, but you look like you’re ready for a lot worse than a fight.” she said.

“You’re right, I’m ready for a massacre.” Severe said with a smile as she floated over to the elevator and tore it from the wall and flung it across the room and entered the now empty shaft.


“She thinks she’s five and that I’m her sister.” Jesseca explained to Dementia’s Knight as he began his examination of Arson.

Knight shone a light in the young hero’s eyes and had her follow a pen with her eyes. “She seems fine other than that.” he said. “I’ll give her a CAT Scan and see what we can find.” he said.

Jesseca nodded and sat next to Arson on the exam table. “You doin’ ok kiddo?” she asked.

Arson had taken to sucking her thumb and twirling her hair with her finger but nodded slowly. “Who are these people?” she asked after removing her thumb from her mouth.

“They’re friends, they’re gonna help you to get better.” Jesseca explained.

Arson nodded again. “How come you can fly sister?” she asked.

“I have super powers.” Jesseca said.

“Neat!” Brianna said with a wide grin.

“You have them too.” Jesseca explained. “You can control fire and fly.” she said.

“Really?!” Brianna asked with wide eyes.

Jesseca smiled. “Yeah, and as soon as you get better you’ll remember how to use them.” she said.

“What’s wrong with me?” Brianna asked with a slight pout at the implication that she was somehow flawed.

“Aww, don’t be sad honey, nothing is wrong with you. You just don’t remember how to use your powers is all. These nice people are gonna help you.” Jesseca said.

Brianna nodded and put her thumb back into her mouth. Jesseca smiled at her and started stroking her hair to put her at ease.


Severe floated down to the lobby through the elevator shaft and pulled the doors off with her powers. The several dozen soldiers in the lobby opened fire immediately on her, their bullets bouncing off the metal doors that Severe was using as a shield.

Using her powers, Severe grabbed the elevator she’d discarded on the top floor and brought it crashing through the dozens of floors above and down onto a group of soldiers crushing them to death.

“Fall back men!” the commanding officer shouted to his men.

“I think not.” Severe said.

The elevator began to swing around the lobby by it’s cables, the many soldiers flew in many directions as the swinging elevator struck them with great force. As a few soldiers made it away from the elevator they were sliced in half and worse by the elevator doors that Severe had sent flying around the lobby to finish her foes off. Her attacks stopped as the last soldier fell in separate areas of the lobby.

“Now to finish this.” Severe thought as she floated out of the elevator shaft and toward the entrance of the building.

Fantasy landed in the lobby and almost threw up when she saw the maimed bodies of the soldiers courtesy of Severe.

“My God, I have to stop her.” she thought to herself as she followed behind her deranged teammate.

To Be Continued…

<center>Part II: The March Of War

Chapter VII: The End Of The War</center>

Severe flew high above the city, her mind scanning the people below for information about where the Malta main base of operations was. She knew that there were easier ways to find the location, but she hoped that this way would allow her the satisfaction of a surprise attack.

“Severe, please slow down so I can talk to you.” came Fantasy inside her head.

“Leave me to my mission.” Severe told the young woman.

“This isn’t your mission! Our mission was to rescue Manticore, and we haven’t done that.” Fantasy said.

“Manticore was not there, I did not sense his presence in that building.” Severe said.

“Please, if anyone can hear me, this is Thomas Kinson, I’m a hero like you and I am being detained by Malta.” a man’s voice said inside Severe’s head.

“Keyword?” she asked the man.

“Yes! Who are you?” the man asked.

“I am Severe, I am with the Freedom Phalanx Reserve.” she explained. “I have to say, I’m very confused, we rescued you yesterday from another Malta facility.” she added.

“No, that was an imposter put in place to sabotage your team.” the man told her. “Is everyone on your team alright?” he asked.

“I don’t know, we all split up into teams of two to rescue members of the Freedom Phalanx.” she said.

“Follow my thoughts, come rescue me and we can put Malta down together.” the man said.

Severe honed in on the man’s thoughts and followed them deeper into the heart of the city. Fantasy followed behind her teammate, unaware of the recent developments.


Jesseca sat next to Brianna as she rested after her tests, all of which found nothing wrong with her. Jesseca watched her teammate sleeping peacefully in the hospital bed, her thumb again firmly locked into her mouth. Smiling, Jesseca stroked her friends hair softly and almost instinctively kissed her on the forehead. “I’m here for you Brianna.” she whispered quietly to the sleeping girl.

“She doing ok?” Sue asked form the doorway.

Jesseca turned and nodded. “How’s 'Lysa doing?” she asked.

Hannah nodded. “Knight’s hopeful that she’ll wake up soon. He said the surgery went well and she’s pretty much out of the woods.” she explained.

“How are you holding up?” the two asked eachother in unison. With a smile they both agreed that they were ok, just worried about their teammates.

Hannah came over to the bedside and hugged Jesseca. “I’m glad you’re ok Jess.” she said.

Jesseca returned her embrace with a smile. “Same for you.” she said.

“Attention team, Sue is awake if you want to visit her.” Knight said over the P.A. system of the base.

Jesseca and Hannah left Brianna and went to Sue’s room.

“Hi guys.” Sue said weakly as Jesseca and Hannah entered the room, and joined Ataris, Knight, Hanako, and Samantha around Sue’s bed.

“Do you remember what happened?” Knight asked.

“Some Malta cowboy attacked us with a giant robot and I went Super Nova and destroyed it.” Sue explained.

“What’s Super Nova?” Hanako asked.

“It’s a move I’ve been working on, this was the first time I used it for real. Basically it’s a huge blast of my power that uses my whole body as a conductor for the energy.” she said. “Is everyone else ok?” she asked.

“Darius is still in a coma, Elysa is out of surgery and should make a full recovery, something happened to Brianna and she thinks she’s five years old again and that Jesseca is her sister, and Severe and Fantasy have yet to check in.” Knight said.

“Why did this happen?” Sue asked.

“Keyword was an imposter, he set us up.” Ataris told her.

“I’d like to get my hands on him.” Sue said.

“He’s already dead.” Knight told her.

“That’s too bad, I would have enjoyed making him suffer for this.” Sue said.

“I think we should let you get some rest and be alone with Darius.” Knight said and ushered everyone out of the room. “Holler if you need anything Sue.” he said on his way out.

Sue waited for everyone to leave the room before she got out of bed and went to Darius’ bed. “Please be ok.” she whispered into his ear as she hugged him.


Severe hovered outside the building where the real Keyword was being held, Fantasy had caught up to her and was hovering next to her.

“I think we should get the others to come and help us.” Fantasy said.

“We don’t even know if they’re still alive.” Severe told her.

“I just think we might be getting in over our heads with this one.” Fantasy said.

“Then stay here.” Severe said and flew at the building, using her powers to blast a hole in the front of the structure several stories up and entering.

Fantasy sighed and followed her teammate, afraid of what was going to happen when there was no more blood for her to spill.

Severe broke two soldiers in half as they attempted to bring her down when she entered the building. Then she turned several hundred bullets back onto the soldiers that had fired them when she came to a locked down area of the building, an area where she knew Keyword to be being held.

The door ripped from it’s frame and was sent flying through several walls before Severe entered the room. She saw a man laying on an examination table, tubes and needles protruding from him. “Keyword?” she asked with her mind.

“Severe, thank Atlas you’re here, please help me.” he said.

Severe gently pulled the tubes and needles from him with her powers and helped him off the table. “We’re going to get you out of here, but first I have to finish something.” Severe explained to the man.


“Sir, Severe and Fantasy are in the building and they’ve freed Keyword.” the old man’s bodyguard said as he entered the room.

“Ready my helicopter, I think it’s time to get out of here. Begin the self destruct sequence for the building.” the old man said.

“Yes sir.” the old man’s bodyguard said, and left the room.

“Pity the experiment has to end this way.” the old man said.


Severe headed up a now hollowed out elevator in her pursuit of the leader of Malta and her childhood tormenters. Entering the top floor of the building Severe was confronted by two large Titan robots. In a matter of seconds the two robots were overloaded and forced through the wall behind them revealing an office with an old man inside of it. “You!” Severe shouted.

The old man’s bodyguard went for his weapon and fell quickly as his skin was peeled from his body.

“That is just a taste of what you’re in for.” Severe threatened as she lifted the old man with her powers and brought him face to face with her.

“You’ve turned out so much better than I could have anticipated.” the old man said.

“Who are you really?” Severe asked the man.

“Dr. Xavier Malta, head of the Malta Group.” the man answered.

Fantasy came up through the elevator shaft with Keyword and turned away from the sight of the skinned bodyguard. “Severe, this is too much, you’ve become no better than them.” she said.

Severe turned to Fantasy and smiled. “I’m just tying up a few loose ends.” she said and looked back to Dr. Malta.

“What would your parents say if they saw you now?” Fantasy asked her, hoping that she would be able to talk her teammate down.

“My parents are dead, how dare you speak of them!” Severe shouted as she tossed Dr. Malta aside and pushed Fantasy back into a wall with her powers.

Fantasy gasped as she hit the wall and remained suspended in the air. “You only think they’re dead, but they aren’t, they’re here.” she said.

“Liar!” Severe hissed and put more force behind her attack, taking most of Fantasy’s breath away.

“It’s true, look behind you.” Fantasy managed to choke out. Using her powers, she created a fantasy for Severe of her parents coming to see her after so many years.

Severe turned and saw a man and a woman walking up behind her. She saw Keyword holding a gun on Dr. Malta and used the opportunity to let Fantasy go and to see the man and woman. “Mother, Father?” she asked the people.

“Oh my darling Olivia, we’ve been looking for you for so many years.” the woman said and hugged Severe tightly.

“They told me that you were dead.” Severe said, tears building in her eyes and rolling down her cheeks.

“They lied to you to get you to come here so they could destroy you.” the man told her.

“I don’t know what to do.” Severe told them as she dropped to her knees and wept openly in her mothers arms.

“Turn them in to the authorities, killing them won’t bring you any true sense of justice.” the woman told her. “And after that, go on defending the city from people like them, protect others from suffering like you have.” she added.

Severe nodded and rose to her feet. “Thank you.” she said.

“You’re welcome baby. We’ll see you later.” the man said and hugged his daughter tightly before he and the woman left the room.

“Thanks Fantasy.” Severe said.

Fantasy walked up to her teammate and hugged her. “I hope it helped.” she said.

“It was just what I needed to hear.” she said and hugged her friend back.

Suddenly the building began to shake as several explosions detonated in the floors below them.

“Too bad you’re gonna die now.” Dr. Malta said with a chuckle.

“Says you.” Severe said and grabbed Fantasy, Keyword, and Dr. Malta up with her powers and blasted a hole to the outside of the building that she dragged all of them through.

As the group soared through the air and away from the building it exploded internally several more times and began to crumble to the ground.

“Looks like that’s the end of Malta.” Fantasy said with a smile.

Severe dropped Dr. Malta off with Longbow who took him to be processed before his trial was set up. Severe saluted the military enforcers and took off with Fantasy and Keyword back to the base.


“Well I’m just glad that all of this is over and we can go back to normal crime fighting for a while.” Hannah said after Severe and Fantasy had returned and shared their part of the story.

“About that,” Knight said. “I’ve been doing a lot of thinking since I lost my armor, by all accounts I should be dead, but I’m not. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m going to take some time off, try and find myself.” he said with a solemn face.

“Just like that?” Jesseca asked.

“You’ll all be fine, Hannah is more than capable of running things here.” he said and left the room to pack up his things.

“Don’t do this to me Nate.” Hannah said as she entered the his room.

“Oh come on Hannah, I know and you do too that you can run this team.” he said as he packed.

“I wasn’t talking about the team, I was talking about me.” she said. “I’m starting to fall for you.” she said quietly with a blush.

Knight looked up at her for a moment and then went back to his packing. “I’m sorry Hannah, but this is something I have to do.” he said as he grabbed his bag and pushed past her to leave. As the sun set on Paragon City, Dementia’s Knight made his way to the airport and Hannah Knowles lay on her bed crying while her teammates were left to wonder what would become of their team.

End Part Two

Diapered Dandy And The Freedom Phalanx Reserve (Complete)

<center>Part III: Broken Home

Chapter I: The Rebuilding Effort</center>

Three weeks had passed since Dementia’s Knight had left the team to “find himself” and things were getting worse. Darius had awoken from his coma and, at Sue’s request, they had left the team also to finally get married and start a life together. Severe had also decided to leave to find her parents or find where they were buried.

“So, who’s staying?” Hannah asked the remaining team members as they gathered in the meeting room.

“I pledged an oath to Knight, I’m not going anywhere.” Ataris said as he raised his hand.

Hannah nodded. “Thank you Ataris. I know I’m not going anywhere.” she added.

Elysa sat in the chair next to Hannah. The young ice controller had been battling with the realization that she was now mostly incontinent due to the injuries she’d sustained in the Malta ambush that she and Hannah had escaped. “If you stay, I stay.” she said quietly with a smile as she looked at Hannah.

Fantasy had put her feet up onto the table and was chewing her gum loudly. “You know I’m not going anywhere.” she said.

Flower Child smiled. She’d been nursing a broken hip for the last three weeks, but she knew that this was her home, and that she was needed. “I’m here with my family.” she said.

“If Hanako is in, so am I.” Electro-Cute said. Her arm and leg were still in a cast, but Hannah had told her she’d be back to a hundred percent in another week or so.

Jesseca sat next to the still child minded Brianna. She was in the process of braiding the girl’s hair when the rotation came around to her. “Umm, I’m staying but my first responsibility is to make sure that Brianna is safe.” she said. In the three weeks of caring for Brianna, Jesseca had grown quite fond of her, and was even beginning to feel like she was her little sister.

“I will help you all in any way possible.” Keyword said. Keyword had passed several tests to prove that he was really who he claimed to be, and had even helped Severe to get started in her search for her parents.

Drool had recovered fully from the experiments that Malta had done on him and was eager to return the favor to his new friends. “I’m here for you all as well.” he said.

“Thank you all very much for your loyalty.” Hannah said. “We need to recruit a few more members just in case a few of you change your mind.” she said.

Hannah slid a few file folders to the center of the table and started up a presentation on the screen on the table. “These are some potentials that I’ve found, I want you guys to go out and get them.” she said.

“First up, Carl and Sarah Madison.” Hannah said as two young children showed up on the screen. “Fifteen year old twins, they call themselves Slice and Dice.” she said.

“Which one is which?” Hanako asked.

“Carl uses a pair of swords and goes by Slice. Sarah has metallic claws that she wears and calls herself Dice. From their registration info they both posses untested regenerative abilities as well as heightened reflexes.” she said.

“Next is a thirty four year old ex Marine, Derrek Elswick goes by the name Arsenal. He is a master of both armed and unarmed combat, and appears to be invulnerable.” she said as a picture of a gray haired man came up on the screen replacing the blonde twins.

“Twenty Two year old Elizabeth Fierro is a marine biologist with the ability to control water in all of it’s forms. She goes by the code name Tidal Wave.” Hannah said as she pointed to the young woman that was now on the screen.

“And finally we have a Mr. John Parson A.K.A. Metalicious. John is a Forty year old engineer with the ability to turn his skin to metal.” Hannah said. The screen showed a large black man and then went dark afterward. “I want these people added to the roster today guys.” she said.

The team rose from their seats and grabbed a file folder on their way out, eager to meet these new heroes and see what they had to offer the team.


“Hold still please.” Hannah told Elysa as she wiped her diaper area clean with a wet wipe.

Elysa stopped squirming and lay still, her face red with shame.

“What’s wrong honey?” Hannah asked as she powdered her sister and taped a fresh diaper into place.

“It’s just weird. I chose to play around with diapers because I thought they were fun, and now that I have to wear them, I don’t want them.” Elysa said.

Hannah sat her sister up and hugged her. “It’ll be ok 'Lysa.” she said.

“I don’t want to be called that ever again.” Elysa said. “And I want all of this baby stuff out of here.” she added.

Hannah frowned. “Whatever you say sis.” she told her.


Electro-Cute and Fantasy walked through the forest outside of Founders Falls, the report on Slice and Dice said that they often trained together in the heart of the forest.

“I hope Hannah is right wanting the Wonder Twins for the team.” Fantasy said.

Electro-Cute smiled. “She’s been a pretty good leader in Knight’s absence, I think she knows what she’s doing.” she said.

As the pair came to a clearing they heard the sound of metal clanging together, the sounds of people fighting.

“Sounds like we’re just in time for the show.” Electro-Cute said as they made their way to the clearing.

Two young twins stood in the clearing, the boy Carl stood with his swords grating against the claws of the girl Sarah. The pair were engaged in a heated training exercise when Samantha and Miranda came upon them.

Sarah pushed her brother backward and swiped at his chest with her claws, tearing deeply into his skin and getting a loud howl of pain from the boy.

“You’re gonna pay for that.” Carl shouted as he lunged at his sister with his swords, hacking at her wildly.

“Not if you keep swinging those swords like you’re swatting at flies.” she said, blocking each attack with her claws. Deflecting another slice of her brothers swords, Sarah spun around and kicked her brother square in the chest and sent him sprawling backward. Making full use of her brothers momentary stumble back, Sarah ran headlong for a tree on the other side of the clearing and up it and into a backflip as her brother followed closely behind. Sarah’s flip landed her behind her brother who spun around quickly and impaled his sister in her stomach with his swords.

“I think we’ve seen enough of what they can do.” Samantha said.

“I dunno, I’m kind if enjoying it.” Miranda said with a smile.

Samantha sent a soft bolt of electricity at the young siblings, stunning them and getting their attention.

“Who are you guys?” Carl asked with his swords pointed at the two heroes.

“I’m Electro-Cute and this is Fantasy, we’re here to recruit you to the Freedom Phalanx Reserve.” Samantha said.

Carl and Sarah looked at eachother and smiled widely as they began to jump up and down hugging eachother. “We’re gonna be heroes!” the pair cheered.

“Yeah, great decision.” Miranda said as she and Samantha watched the young heroes carry on in their celebration.

To Be Continued…

<center>Part III: Broken Home

Chapter II: Lines In The Sand</center>

Jesseca and Hanako knocked on the front door on an old run down apartment in the heart of Skyway City. The apartment was the only known address for Derrek Elswick, the man recently registered under the codename Arsenal.

Hanako knocked on the door again. “Maybe he’s not home.” she said to Jesseca.

“Mr. Elswick, we’re here to talk to you about membership into the Freedom Phalanx Reserve.” Jesseca said and knocked again on the door.

“Get out of here!” a man yelled from inside.

Jesseca and Hanako looked at eachother with puzzled expressions before they heard a window shatter from within the apartment. Jesseca charged up her fist and smashed through the door just in time to see a large member of The Lost climbing through the broken window.

The intruder wore a broken television on his head like a helmet, his scarred face looking out through the screen which made him look more silly than menacing.

“You’re gonna pay for that door little lady.” the other man in the room said before he lunged at the large man and kicked him in the chest and knocked him back into the wall hard enough to dent the plaster. The intruder pulled a large metal pipe from the satchel on his back and swung it at Derrek. The gray haired man ducked under the swing and swept his leg across the intruders legs and dropped him to the ground. Picking up the pipe, Derrek stabbed it down into the other man’s eye, killing him instantly.

“What was that all about?” Jesseca asked.

“Damn looters, think they can just waltz in here and take whatever they want.” Derrek said. “Who are you?” he asked.

“Diapered Dandy and this is my teammate Flower Child.” Jesseca told him as Hanako entered the room to join them.

Derrek lit a cigarette and nodded. “And what can I do for you ladies?” he asked.

“We’re here to recruit you into the Freedom Phalanx Reserve.” Hanako said.

Taking a long drag of his cigarette Derek sat down in the chair across from the two heroes. “Why me?” he asked.

Jesseca and Hanako shrugged in unison. “We assumed that you had applied.” Jesseca said.

“Nope, I just do the hero thing part time.” Derrek explained.

“Oh, well sorry to have bothered you then.” Jesseca said and ushered Hanako and herself out the broken door. “If you change your mind, you know how you can reach us.” she said on her way out.

Derrek sat in his chair and finished his cigarette before calling the police to come get the body out of his house, all the while thinking about what Jesseca and Hanako had proposed to him.


“Brianna, do you have to go potty?” Hannah asked her charge.

Brianna looked up from her coloring and nodded. “Yes Ms. Hannah.” she said.

“Alright, let’s get that taken care of then.” Hannah said as she offered Brianna her had and helped the child minded hero of the floor and walked her to the bathroom.

As Brianna used the facilities Hannah stood in the doorway of the bathroom smiling at the young girl. “I’m so proud of you.” Hannah said and patted the girl on the head with a smile.

Hannah helped the girl wash her hands and then led her back to the living area where her coloring book and crayons were. “You can play for another hour and then it’s nap time, ok sweetie?” she asked the girl.

“Yes Ms. Hannah.” Brianna responded with a smile as she continued to color a picture of a bunny for her sister.

“I hate you.” Elysa said to Brianna from her seat on the couch.

“What’d I do?” Brianna asked with a furrowed brow of confusion.

“You’re just a pathetic little freak, and you don’t even know it.” Elysa said with a disgusted look on her face.

Brianna stuck her tongue out at the blue haired hero. “You’re just jealous cuz you still hafta wear diapers like a baby!” Brianna teased.

Elysa’s blood began to boil and before she could even think about controlling it she was blasting Brianna backward into a wall with a strong pillar of ice. As the young girl hit the wall and fell to the floor Elysa formed an ice sword and ran at Brianna screaming like a madwoman.

Brianna was crying on the floor more from shock than anything else, and covered her head and buried her face into the floor when she saw Elysa running at her with a weapon in her hand.

Before the killing blow could come Hannah had blasted Elysa off her feet with her own attack and took a position standing over her stunned sister. “What the Hell is wrong with you?!” she shouted.

“She started it, she said I was a baby!” Elysa yelled back.

Hannah sighed. “So you decided to prove her wrong by throwing a tantrum and attacking her?” she asked.

Elysa blushed and looked down at the floor.

Hannah went to the crying Brianna and helped her up and hugged her tightly before picking her up. “Elysa, apologize to Brianna now.” she ordered.

“I’m sorry Brianna.” she said with no sincerity whatsoever.

“Brianna, can you go ask Mr. Ataris to help you with that cut on your forehead?” Hannah asked the sniffling girl.

Brianna nodded softly and ran out of the room as Hannah set her down on the ground.

“I’m very disappointed in you 'Lysa.” Hannah said.

“I told you not to call me that anymore.” Elysa said as she got up from the floor.

“Act like an adult and I’ll treat you like one.” Hannah said.

Elysa bit her tongue and looked down at the floor in shame.

“I just don’t know what I’m gonna do with you.” Hannah told her sister.


Keyword and Drool walked into the air conditioned Croatoa University lab and spotted Elizabeth Fierro sitting at a lab station looking into a microscope.

“Ms. Fierro?” Keyword asked.

The young brunette looked up from her research and smiled at the two men in front of her. “Yes, what can I do for you?” she asked.

“I’m Thomas Kinson and this is Adam Styger, we’re members of the Freedom Phalanx Reserve, and we’re here to recruit you into our team.” Keyword said.

“Really?! You guys want me?” she asked with an excited smile.

“Yes ma’am, and if you’ll come with us we can get everything set up and have you in the ranks before dinner.” Drool told her.

Elizabeth nodded and grabbed her coat from the rack against the wall and left the lab with the two heroes.

“So, how did you get your powers?” Drool asked as they made their way to the train station.

“I was studying the restorative properties that come with Immersion Therapy, where a patient is completely immersed in water and healed through constant time in the tank and decided to test my theory on myself.” she explained.

“What was your theory exactly?” Keyword asked.

“That with the right amount of radiation added to the water, healing would occur at a much faster rate. The idea being that the radiation would interact with the water already in the person’s body and use that to speed the whole thing up.” she said.

“And did it work?” Drool asked as they boarded the train for Skyway City.

Elizabeth nodded. “I cut my hand before the experiment and it healed almost instantly when the radiation was introduced. But it came with a side effect.” she said.

“You’re powers.” Keyword deduced.

The young scientist nodded. “I can turn into a living water being and control water in any of it’s forms, it’s actually quite fascinating.” she said.

“Can’t wait to see it in action.” Keyword said with a smile.

Elizabeth returned his smile and looked down with a blush as the train departed the station.


Jesseca and Hanako came to a large warehouse in King’s Row and walked through the large open door and into a vast workshop. They immediately spotted the man they were there to recruit, John Parson A.K.A. Metalicious. They saw him in the process of bending a large steel I beam.

“Mr. Parson?” Hanako asked.

“Well hello their ladies, what can I do for y’all today?” the large metallic man asked with an endearing southern drawl.

“I’m Flower Child and this is Diapered Dandy, we’re here to recruit you into the Freedom Phalanx Reserve.” Hanako told him.

“Y’all really want me for your team?” John asked as he bent the girder to the desired angle and picked it up as if it weighed nothing.

Jesseca smiled at him. “Why wouldn’t we?” she asked.

John shrugged. “I ain’t really that good with the whole hero bit.” he confessed.

“We’d be happy to help train you.” Hanako offered.

John set the girder down and reverted to his flesh and bone form revealing a large and very handsome African American gentleman. “Well, if y’all want me, I can’t say no to a pretty lady.” he said. “Hey Tito, I’m off to be a super hero!” John shouted to his boss and walked out of the warehouse with Hanako and Jesseca.


“I’m glad that you all decided to join the team.” Hannah said to all of the new heroes that had gathered in the meeting room along with the rest of the team.

Slice and Dice, Tidal Wave and Metalicious sat next to eachother at the large round table smiling at the fact that they were now a part of something greater in the grand scheme of life.

“I’m glad that the rest of you could be here as well because I have an announcement, I’m splitting up the team.” Hannah said.

The assembled members of the team looked from Hannah to one another in surprise at the announcement.

“Elysa will take the younger members of the team and form a faction of her own here in the base. My hope is that this will teach her a lesson in responsibility and teamwork that she has displayed a lapse in recently.” Hannah said.

“So you reward her being a brat by making her a team leader?” Fantasy asked.

“No, I’m giving her this task as a learning experience not as a reward. I prefer to think of it more like a punishment than anything else.” Hannah said.

“And what if she fails to learn anything and gets her team hurt or worse?” Flower Child asked.

“I believe that she will rise to the challenge and I would hope that the rest of you would support my choice and help her to succeed.” Hannah answered.

“So who’s on her team?” Jesseca asked.

Hannah picked up a list with the team divisions on it and read off the names. “Elysa’s team will be comprised of Flower Child, Slice and Dice, Tidal Wave, Electro-Cute, Fantasy, and Arson if and when she recovers.” Hannah said. “My team will be Ataris, Drool, Keyword, Diapered Dandy, and Metalicious.” she said.

“What about Sue and Premiere and Knight and Severe?” Jesseca asked.

“If and when they return the teams will be adjusted accordingly.” Hannah said.

The tone of the room was one of doubt and uncertainty as the realization of what was happening to the team became painfully clear to everyone.

To Be Continued…

<center>Part III: Broken Home

Chapter III: Over Before The Beginning</center>

Elysa stood in front of her mirror and splashed some more water on her face. The young hero was nervous about her first day of captaining a team. She’d requested that her team meet her in the training room for a few practice sessions before heading out into the city for a hands on exercise. Taking a deep breath she headed out of her room and to the training room, her diaper crinkling softly and bulging only slightly beneath her uniform.

“You do realize that it’s only five in the morning, right?” Fantasy asked Elysa as she approached the door to the training room where her team was drowsily gathered.

“I wouldn’t worry about that, no amount of beauty rest can help you Miranda.” Electro-Cute said with a wink toward the young telepath.

“Funny Sammy, keep it up and I’ll have you believing you’re a monkey before lunch.” Miranda shot back with a smile.

Elysa opened the door to the training room and beckoned her team inside before following them in and closing the door. “Ok, I think our first lesson should be teamwork.” she said as the lights came on in the vast room.

Tidal Wave and Slice and Dice marveled at the giant room and wondered what kind of training they’d be receiving within it’s walls.

“From what I understand, Carl and Sarah have a very strict training regimen already. They know eachother’s moves and style so well that they can anticipate the other’s moves without much thought. The goal is to have you all in tune with eachother in that same way.” Elysa said.

“It’s pretty easy for us, we have some kind of twin psychic bond.” Sarah said with a smile.

Elysa moved off to one side of the training room and motioned for the team to follow her. “Miranda and Samantha, I think I’d like to see the two of you go first.” she said.

Fantasy and Electro-Cute moved to the center of the training room and waited for their exercise to begin.

“Computer, downtown King’s Row.” Elysa commanded.

The room changed instantly from an empty space to a downtown city scene, startling the new members of the team.

“Give me ten Outcast gang members all level twenty.” Elysa told the computer system.

“Looks like we might have some fun after all.” Miranda said.

Miranda and Samantha took to the air and began searching for their targets. They found three of them standing near a burning barrel chatting.

“I’ll soften them up for you sparky.” Fantasy said with a giggle as she set to subduing the enemies ahead of them. Using her powers she forced the three gang members to believe that they were covered with venomous spiders. As the enemies began slapping at themselves to remove the imaginary arachnids Samantha hit them with bolts of electricity and sent them flying backwards and writhing on the ground.

Moments later the three gang members were back up again. The orange skinned Scorcher hurled several fireballs at the two heroes, they evaded them and Samantha fired another bolt of electricity at him and put him down for good. As Samantha was downing the fire controller, Miranda had her hands full with the blue skinned Freezer.

Fantasy was finding it hard to concentrate on forcing a fantasy on her foe as she was dodging his multiple volleys of icicles. “Boy do I wish Arson was here.” she thought as she flew above a tight grouping of projectiles. “Any chance I could get you to help me out with this guy?” she shouted to Samantha.

Samantha had her own troubles in a stone covered gang member. Every bolt of electricity she hurled at him was completely ineffective because of his stone armor. “Be right there.” she shouted back.

As the two heroes fought against their own opponent they failed to notice a mob of five more Outcasts coming up behind them. Electro-Cute was hit in the back by a fireball and fell hard to the ground below. Fantasy turned to check on her teammate and got a volley of icicles in her back, bringing her to the ground as well.

“Computer, end simulation.” Elysa commanded. “Congratulations, you’re both dead.” she said to the two heroes with a mock applause as they got up from the ground.

“We’d have been fine if you had helped me with Frosty.” Miranda spat angrily at Samantha.

Samantha scoffed. “Yeah, and as I was saving your butt I would have gotten flattened by the stone guy there.” she argued.

“Enough!” Elysa shouted. “You guys are on the same team, that’s the point of the exercise, work as a team! Maybe if you two stopped arguing so much you’d be able to get along long enough to stay alive.” she scolded.

“Well, if you’re such a great team player why does Arson have a bruise on her head?” Miranda asked.

Elysa fumed. “That was different.” she said as calmly as possible.

Miranda nodded. “Yeah, we were arguing like adults and you were throwing a little temper tantrum.” she said.

“I am your team leader and you will show me some respect now!” Elysa yelled.

Miranda only smiled at her team leader. “And if I don’t, are you gonna attack me too? Or maybe you’ll cry and run to big sis.” she said with a small mental suggestion to Elysa to make her believe that she was an upset toddler.

Elysa began to cry out of frustration. “You’re just a big mean poop head!” she screamed at Miranda and ran out of the training room crying as her attacker laughed uproariously at her victim.

“Why are you being so mean to her? She’s trying her best to be a good leader.” Tidal Wave said to Miranda.

“I’ll be damned if I’m gonna take orders from some overgrown baby.” she said.

“If you ask me you’re the one that’s acting like a child here.” Tidal Wave said with a scoff.

Miranda glared at the young scientist. “Good thing nobody asked you then.” she said.

Tidal Wave felt a tickle in her brain and suddenly felt compelled to put her thumb in her mouth.

“There, I like you much better like that.” Miranda said with a satisfied smirk at her mental handy work.

Tidal Wave glared at her and suddenly turned to a human shaped mass of water freeing her from Fantasy’s mental attack and shot a torrent at Miranda, sending the woman sprawling backward and skidding across the floor.

“Well that wasn’t very nice.” Electro-Cute said and blasted at Tidal Wave with a bolt of electricity.

Tidal Wave altered her form again and became mist allowing the attack from Samantha to pass through her harmlessly and collide with Carl sending him flying backward.

“Hey!” Dice yelled as she ran at Samantha and leapt at her with her claws bared.

Samantha took flight and dodged Dice’s attack only to be knocked out of the air by a blast of water from Tidal Wave.

“Enough!” Hannah shouted from the entrance to the training room.

The quarreling young heroes stopped what they were doing and looked to Hannah and Elysa as they walked into the training room.

“Do any of you understand the concept of teamwork?” Hannah asked with a look that was mixed with anger and disappointment.

Each of the heroes averted their gaze from Hannah and opted not to answer her.

“Fantasy! You will not use your powers on your teammates if you want to remain a part of this team. Am I understood?” Hannah asked the dripping wet young hero.

Fantasy looked at Elysa and then back at Hannah. “Yes ma’am.” she answered quietly through gritted teeth.

“Good. As for the rest of you, I’m very disappointed in you and never want to see you carry on like this again.” Hannah said. “Training is done for today, you are all to stay in your rooms except for meals and missions for the rest of the week.” she added.

The scolded heroes gasped and mumbled complaints as Hannah and Elysa left the room.


“Morning honey.” Jesseca said to Brianna with a smile as she entered the room and saw the young fire controller sitting up in her bed.

“Morning Jesseca.” Arson said with a smile.

“You got your memory back?!” Jesseca asked with a smile at being called by her name and not by the name of Brianna’s sister.

Arson nodded and smiled. “Yeah, I woke up a little bit ago and the fog just started clearing.” she said.

Jesseca leapt onto the bed and hugged Arson tightly. “I’m so glad you’re ok.” she said.

“Me too.” Arson said in agreement. “Thanks for taking care of me.” she said.

“You remember all of what happened?” Jesseca asked.

Arson nodded. “It seems like a dream, but I remember everything.” she said with tears forming in her eyes.

“What’s wrong?” Jesseca asked her.

“My sister Lindsey died when I was little. There was a drive by shooting near the park where we used to play and a stray bullet hit her in the head and killed her.” Arson explained with a wavering voice filled with sorrow.

Jesseca began to shed tears of her own as she listened to her friend. “I’m so sorry.” she said.

“It’s ok, because you made me feel like I never lost my sister.” Arson said as she hugged Jesseca even tighter.

The two heroes were now blubbering messes as they hugged eachother on the bed. “I’ll be your sister anytime you need me to.” Jesseca told her.

“You’ll always be like a sister to me Jess.” Arson said with a smile.

Jesseca nodded. “I feel the same way about you.” she said returning Arson’s smile.

As the sun rose outside a new relationship thrived and blossomed within the walls of the Freedom Phalanx Reserve.


“I’m gonna get that little bitch Elysa and her sister too.” Fantasy said to Electro-Cute as they sat in Miranda’s room.

Samantha sighed. “Maybe you should just let it go.” she said in an attempt to save her friend from more trouble.

“No way, she can’t ground us like we’re her damn kids.” Miranda said.

Samantha shrugged. “It’s her team, she can command it any way she wants.” she said.

“Who’s side are you on anyway?” Miranda asked.

Samantha sighed again. “Yours I guess.” she said.

Miranda smiled. “And why is that?” she asked coyly.

Samantha smiled and blushed. “Because you’re my mistress.” she said quietly.

Miranda stood from her seat and went over to the bed where Samantha was laying and straddled her midsection and gently pinned her arms to the bed and started kissing her on the neck and nibbling her earlobe. “That’s right, and you wouldn’t want Mistress to be cross with you, right?” she asked her submissive lover.

“No Mistress, I only want to please you.” Samantha said with a quivering voice from the love and attention she was receiving.

“Good.” Miranda said with a smile as she proceeded to tie Samantha’s wrists to the bedposts and undress her.


“I changed my mind, I don’t want the team leader job.” Elysa said to her sister with puffy eyes still red from crying.

Hannah put her arm around her sister and pulled her close to her. “Don’t quit just because of one bad day.” she said.

Elysa shook her head. “It’s not just them, it’s me. I can’t keep fighting what I am anymore.” she said with fresh tears brewing in her eyes.

“What are you?” Hannah asked.

Elysa stood up and dropped her pants revealing the yellowed diaper sagging heavily between her legs and put her thumb in her mouth. “I’m a hewpwess wittle baby.” she said.

Hannah smiled at her sister and took her by the hand and led her to the nursery to take care of her diaper.

To Be Continued…

Diapered Dandy And The Freedom Phalanx Reserve (Complete)

<center>Part III: Broken Home

Chapter IV: Behind Closed Doors: Elysa’s Team</center>

Hanako Masamura sat in her room in the middle of the floor with her legs crossed in a meditative position. The young hero had her eyes closed and was focusing on the plants sitting on her window sill. The various flowers blossomed and wilted with the help of her powers, several of them re-seeded the small garden and sprouted new flowers with her help.

“So very bored.” she thought to herself as she opened her eyes and stood up.

The seventeen year old hero known as Flower Child looked around her room for some form of entertainment, she picked up a magazine and flipped through it briefly before flopping down on her bed with a heavy sigh.

As her mind began to wander she thought about how she’d come to be involved with the Freedom Phalanx Reserve a little over a year ago. She remembered coming to America with her parents, she remembered the feelings of happiness that they all had for what they thought was a new lease on life. The journey to America turned out to be a disaster as they became slaves to the Tsoo, an American cell of the Yakuza.

Hanako remembered the months that her and her family toiled in a camp working for the Tsoo until her father attempted to free himself and his family from the camp. She remembered watching her parents die at the hands of the Tsoo guards, she remembered running and getting cornered by her attackers. After that, she only remembered waking up in the base she now called home with Ataris standing over her assuring her that everything would be ok.

According to Ataris she’d killed the Tsoo that were attacking her and had escaped the camp. Hanako was confused at first at how a normal teenaged girl could kill half a dozen trained killers and escape a slavery camp. After many tests Hanako learned that she was a mutant, her powers had decided to appear in her moment of need and saved her life.

Ataris took Hanako under his wing and helped her hone her powers. Though she was still a young woman she was still a pinnacle member of the Freedom Phalanx Reserve, through the many missions she’d been a part of she’d proved her mettle as a hero to her leaders.

Now that she was relegated to her room through no fault of her own she was starting to wonder why her teammates couldn’t be as dedicated to the team as she was.

"So very bored."she thought to herself again and closed her eyes to take a nap to pass the time.


Elysa Knowles sucked on her thumb as her sister Hannah wiped her diaper area clean and sprinkled some powder on her and rubbed it in gently before pulling the new diaper up into place and taping it up snugly.

As far as sisterly relationships went, Elysa and Hannah’s had become quite an unconventional one indeed. At seventeen and twenty nine the two sisters were too far apart in age to take part in normal sister activities like playing together and double dating. Hannah had taken to looking after her sister when she was little and had never really stopped. Now she was more like a mother to her than anything else.

Elysa had begged her parents to allow her to go with her sister to the big city when Hannah had gotten her powers of radiation control from a few years work in the core of the Terra Volta reactor. Though they didn’t want their young daughter to leave home and possibly put herself in danger by following her sister to the city they allowed her to and told Hannah to protect her from harm no matter what they did.

After a few months of living in the city Elysa began to crave attention and approval from her sister and took to wetting the bed. Hannah had held her crying sister many mornings as she shivered in her soaked pajamas. After that got her some attention she moved on to having daytime accidents, Hannah became worried about her sister and had taken her to the doctor to try and find the problem. When the doctors found no cause for the accidents Elysa broke down and confessed everything to her sister.

At first Hannah was unsure about how to deal with the problem and pondered sending Elysa back to their parents, but then she saw her sister sucking her thumb one night while she slept and decided to give her sister what she desired most, love and attention unconditional.

The first time Hannah had diapered her sister they were both extremely nervous and nearly stopped before they had started, but they had pressed on and had reached a new level of bonding by doing so. Elysa’s own powers of ice control emerged several months later, and she started joining her sister on her patrols and then coming home for a bottle of warm milk and a story before bed.

Now, thanks to Malta, Elysa was completely incontinent. She had tried to push past her desires to be a baby and grow up, but now she had given into it completely and dropped her role as team leader for the younger and inexperienced heroes of the team and become the big baby that she knew she was.

Hannah helped her sister off of the changing table and led her by the hand to the rocking chair in the middle of the large nursery that was Elysa’s room. Hannah grabbed a bottle of milk from the fridge on the way and used her powers to heat it up and pulled her sister into her lap and pressed the bottle to her lips and rubbed her stomach gently and rocked the chair while she nursed the bottle.

“Whatever you want to be, I’ll support it.” Hannah whispered to her sister as the young blue haired heroes eyes began to droop as she drifted off to sleep.

“Fank oo.” Elysa mumbled from behind the nipple of the bottle.

Hannah kissed her sister on the forehead. “Anytime baby.” she whispered as she continued rocking her sister to sleep.


Brianna Cobb stood in the training room with Jesseca French smiling widely at her.

“What?” Arson asked.

Diapered Dandy shook her head. “Nothing, I’m just glad to have you back.” she said.

Arson smiled. “We’ll see how happy you are when you’re rolling on the ground trying to put the fire out.” she said.

As the two friends began to battle Arson began to think back on her time with the Freedom Phalanx Reserve. She thought about how far she’d come from being an orphaned street urchin with a sordid past to being a protector of the city.

Brianna used to have a mother and father, a sister and a happy home. All of that changed when her sister was killed by a stray bullet from a drive by shooting. Her parents were so distraught by the loss of their beloved Lindsey that they sought revenge against the gang responsible for taking their daughter. One night Brianna’s father went to the hideout of the gang and killed two of their members before he was gunned down himself.

After the loss of her husband and daughter, Brianna’s mother went insane and was deemed unfit to care for her remaining daughter. Brianna was put into Foster care and was bounced from home to home because of her tendency to act up. By the time she was fifteen she was running with a gang of anarchists bent on bringing down big corporations and law enforcement in Paragon City.

When she was eighteen she was knocked into a vat of chemicals by a police officer during a bombing attempt she was trying to carry out at a Crey Pharmaceuticals facility. The chemicals altered her DNA and gave her the ability to control fire. Looking back on it now, it was probably what saved her life as she escaped the burning building and collapsed in a nearby alley. She crossed paths with Dementia’s Knight one night and was recruited by him into the team she now knew as her family.

As the two heroes continued to spar Jesseca French was also thinking about how far she’d come in her own life, and how grateful she was to be a part of the team and to have friends like Arson and the rest of her teammates.

Diapered Dandy seemed to be doomed to wear diapers for her entire life. As an incontinent woman she was forced to wear the absorbent garments to keep herself safe from an even greater embarrassment. Being an extremely smart young woman, the twenty four year old was on the fast track at her University and earned a grant for her research in the field of curing incontinence.

During the demonstration of her invention Jesseca was bombarded by an altered energy blast caused by the interference of Clockwork minions that caused her machine to malfunction. When she finally woke up in the hospital she found that she could charge her fists with energy and encase her feet in stone.

After that she’d run into Half-Life Hannah and was recruited in The Freedom Phalanx Reserve she found her true calling as a super hero. She’d met new friends and overcome great obstacles in the name of justice and virtue and was stronger than ever because of it.

Jesseca helped Brianna up from the floor of the training room as the young hero massaged her sore ribs courtesy of a stone footed kick to the torso care of Diapered Dandy. “Don’t worry, you’ll beat me some day.” Jesseca said as she put her arm around her friend.

Arson put her arm around Jesseca and walked with her to the door of the training room. “I’m not worried, as long as I can use the toilet I’ll always beat you.” she joked.

The two friends laughed together as the door to the training room opened and they went back to their rooms.


Carl and Sarah Madison were in their room playing a video game together when Sarah paused the game and sighed.

“What’s wrong?” Carl asked his twin sister.

“This isn’t what I thought being a hero was going to be like.” she said as she got up from the floor and sat down on her bed.

Carl got up and took a seat on his own bed across from his sister. “You mean being grounded?” he asked.

Sarah nodded. “This is almost as bad as the circus.” she said.

The Madison twins had been born with heightened agility and regenerative abilities. When they were ten their mother died and they were put into the custody of their uncle. Barlow Madison ran a circus in Paragon City and used his niece and nephew as sideshow attractions. Outfitted with swords for Carl and metallic claws for Sarah, the two were forced to fight eachother for the entertainment of the nightly crowd.

A year before they turned fifteen they escaped from the circus and registered as heroes of the city. They were recruited by Electro-Cute and Fantasy into The Freedom Phalanx Reserve and were overjoyed at the chance to turn their lives around.

“This isn’t anywhere near as bad as the circus.” Carl said. “At least here people seem to really care about our well being.” he added.

Sarah nodded. “I guess you’re right, except for Miranda, she’s just a bitch.” she said.

“Yeah, she’s not very nice, but everyone else seems cool.” Carl said.

“I just wish we could train more and get better and stronger.” Sarah said.

Carl got up and went to his sister and hugged her. “We will, just not today.” he said.

Sarah hugged her brother back. “You’re probably right, I’m just tired or something. I’m gonna take a nap.” she said.

Carl smiled as his sister lay down and closed her eyes and he went to his own bed and did the same, confident that things would get better for him and his sister.


Miranda Adams stood at the foot of the bed, wearing a tight leather outfit that complimented her gorgeous body nicely. She smiled at her dominated lover as she lay on the bed completely at the mercy of her Mistress.

Samantha Davis bit her lip in anticipation as she drank in the sight of her Mistress standing before her, ready to completely dominate her body and mind.

“Are you ready?” Fantasy asked her submissive partner.

Electro-Cute nodded vigorously. “Yes Mistress.” she cried out eagerly.

In Electro-Cute’s mind, Fantasy was now tormenting her nipples with quick darts of her tongue and gentle but firm nibbles. In actuality, Fantasy was seated across the room watching her teammate writhing in ecstacy on the bed as her fantasy played out in her mind.

Miranda had just recently joined the team, but she’d quickly found her niche in it. She’d made friends with Samantha, and kept her on a tight leash by making her believe the fantasy she was currently enjoying was the real deal. In truth, Miranda probably would participate in the real thing with Samantha but she was more interested in plotting against Elysa and Hannah at the moment.

At twenty six Miranda had been using her powers of mental manipulation to get what she wanted from a very young age, coupled with her insatiable sexual appetite, Miranda was destined to open her own brothel. Using her powers to create perfect sexual fantasies for her clients she became very rich very fast in the seedy underbelly of Paragon City. When she was approached by her friend and sometimes client Arson to join The Freedom Phalanx Reserve she jumped at the chance to take her act on the road and try out some new material.

Since then she’d studied her teammates and marveled at how easy it would be to overtake them and become the leader of the team. She planned to start with Elysa and Hannah who seemed to be the two greatest hurdles in her path.

Electro-Cute exploded in orgasm and blew the lights out in her room as her fantasy came to a euphoric end. The twenty four year old hero smiled and let the waves of pleasure wash over her for a moment before curling up in her bed and drifting off to sleep.

Born with the power to control electricity, Samantha Davis was destined to be a hero almost from the time she could walk. She’d been fighting crime since she was thirteen and had seen and done things that people twice her age had only read about.

She’d met Arson while she was battling a mob of Clockwork one night and joined the team when Arson had invited her to. Samantha had found friendship in the team and also potential lovers in her female teammates. In addition to being a mutant, Samantha was also a lesbian, which were synonymous in some circles. Now, in Fantasy she’d found everything she was looking for and couldn’t be happier.

Fantasy got up from her seat and went over to Samantha’s bed. Pulling the covers up over her friend she leaned down and whispered softly into her ear. “Same time tomorrow honey.” she said and made her way to her own room to continue formulating her plans against Elysa and Hannah.


Elizabeth Fierro sighed as she let her bathrobe fall from her shoulders and onto the tile of the bathroom floor as she stepped into the large bathtub and let the hot water envelope her body as she sat down in the tub.

Once a prominent Marine Biology student, Elizabeth had been working on a way to heal wounds through the combination of water immersion and radiation. The experiment that turned her into Tidal Wave was actually a success aside from the side effect of being able to turn into water and control the substance in all of it’s forms.

Now she was a superhero, and despite the annoying behavior of one of her teammates, she couldn’t be happier with the way things had turned out. She felt sorry for Elysa, and wished she could help her out, and she wondered about Diapered Dandy too, it was very odd for a diaper wearer to display her diapers so prominently. As she let the bubble bath filled water wash her body clean she smiled, “This might be the perfect team for us Harold.” she told the yellow rubber duck that floated in the tub with her.

Some time later the water began to drain from the tub as the plug was pulled out. Elizabeth turned herself to water and shot out of the tub and onto the bathroom floor where she turned to her physical form, now completely dry. She walked to her bed and picked up the colorful and childish looking panties that lay on it. Laying down on the bed clad only in her childish panties Elizabeth sighed and curled up with her stuffed bunny and put her thumb into her mouth as she tried to get a nap in before lunch.

To Be Continued…

<center>Part III: Broken Home

Chapter V: Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing</center>

Fantasy crept quietly from her room and down the hall to Elysa’s door. Taking a cautionary look around she opened the door as quickly and quietly as possible and slipped into the room.

A gentle lullaby played on the mobile above the large crib where Elysa slept soundly. The room hung heavy with the sweet smell of baby powder and a small nigh light provided enough illumination for the psychic intruder to make her way safely across the room to the crib against the far wall.

Miranda looked down on Elysa from the side of the crib. The blue haired young hero slept soundly letting soft snores escape from her. Using her powers Miranda entered Elysa’s mind and gave her another dose of the fantasy that she’d been giving her every night for the past week. Essentially the fantasy made Elysa feel safe and happy as long as she was acting and being treated like a baby. After a few moments her work was done and she placed Elysa’s fallen pacifier back into the sleeping girl’s mouth and crept back out of the room and to her own.

Unbeknownst to Fantasy, Arson was up getting a glass of water and saw the mind manipulating hero sneaking out of Elysa’s room and back to her own. Arson checked on Elysa and was surprised at the lavish nursery that she saw rather than a normal teenage girl’s room, but found Elysa sleeping peacefully, and quite adorably she thought. Making her way back to her own room Arson planned to ask Fantasy about what exactly she was doing in another teammates room at such a late hour.


“I called this meeting to discuss Elysa’s situation with you all.” Hannah said as she took a seat at the large meeting table with the rest of the team.

Arson looked over to Fantasy and watched her smile as Hannah addressed the team, it was in that moment that she knew something wasn’t right about the situation she’d come across the night before.

“For the time being, Elysa is off of active duty and will remain here at the base during missions under my watch.” Hannah said.

Hanako raised her hand and spoke when Hannah acknowledged her. “Who’s going to lead our team now?” she asked.

“As the senior member of your team, Arson will take over all command decisions and mission coordination for you guys.” Hannah answered.

Arson looked at her in surprise and then nodded in agreement. “I’ll do my best to make everything run smoothly guys.” she said to her teammates.

“I want you guys to practice in the training room for at least two hours a day when not patrolling or doing missions. Beyond that, Brianna decides what you all do.” Hannah said and rose from her seat.

The rest of the team got up and filed out of the room leaving Arson and Hannah alone.

“Umm Hannah, can I talk to you about something in private?” Arson asked after she was sure they were alone.

Hannah nodded and sat back down. “What’s up Brianna?” she asked.

“It’s about Elysa.” Arson said.

“What about her?” Hannah asked.

Arson sat down next to Hannah and got in close to her and spoke quietly, “I saw Miranda leaving her room late last night, she was sneaking out and back to her room. The whole thing seemed pretty odd to me.” she said.

Hannah got a knowing look on her face and nodded. “I thought it was pretty odd that Elysa had regressed so far so fast.” she said. “Thanks Brianna, I’ll handle things from here.” she added.

Arson smiled and nodded and got up from her seat to leave the room.

“Make sure this stays between us.” Hannah said without turning around to face her as she walked from the room.

“You got it.” Arson said as she walked to her room.


Later that night Fantasy again left her room and made her way to Elysa’s door. As she wrapped her fingers around the doorknob she heard someone clear their throat behind her causing her to whirl around quickly to face the person.

“And what might you be up to?” Arson asked as she stood in the darkness with her arms folded across her chest.

Fantasy remained silent for a moment and then smiled. “I’m going into Elysa’s room to force her to embrace her new lifestyle on a much more permanent basis.” she explained.

Arson nodded. “At least you’re honest.” she said.

“Pity you won’t remember any of this to appreciate that honesty.” Fantasy said as she put her powers into effect on Arson’s mind.

Arson’s facial expression changed to give her a vacant stare and then she began to walk past Fantasy and into Elysa’s room.

Fantasy giggled quietly as she watched her power taking hold of Arson and followed her teammate into the room.

Brianna took her clothes off and climbed up onto the changing table near the wall by the door, she lay on her back with her legs spread open in preparation for the next part of her fantasy.

Miranda walked over to the changing table and plucked a diaper from the large collection under the table, she also grabbed a pacifier and put it between Brianna’s waiting lips and watched as the young woman sucked greedily on it. Then, in the nightlight lit room, Miranda diapered her teammate and sent her waddling back to her room, all memory of Fantasy’s wrong doings forgotten.

Closing the door quietly Miranda made her way over to Elysa’s crib and went to work on her original plan.


“Brianna, can I come in?” Jesseca asked through the door as she knocked on it the following morning. After a moment without an answer Diapered Dandy opened the door enough to poke her head in and spied Arson still sleeping in her bed. With a smile she slipped into the room and closed the door behind her and climbed into the bed with Arson. “Wake up lazy bones.” she said as she poked her friend in the back gently.

Arson groaned and pulled the covers over her head.

“C’mon, it’s a beautiful day outside, and there’s evil to vanquish.” Jesseca said.

Brianna mumbled something but refused to stir.

Jesseca smiled and rolled Arson over quickly and pounced onto her midsection and began tickling her. “Wakey wakey, eggs and bakey!” she squealed happily as she tickled her friend.

Arson squirmed and giggled as she was attacked with a bombardment of tickles from her friend. “Pwease, stop!” she managed to choke out between laughs.

“Mocking me with baby talk eh?” Jesseca asked. “Well, I’ll show you how I handle that.” she said and began to work Brianna’s sensitive armpits over with a wave of tickling.

Brianna squirmed some more and tried to say something, and then became suddenly quiet with a distant look in her eyes as she chewed her lip nervously.

Jesseca stopped tickling and looked at Brianna quizzically. “If I didn’t know better, I’d say you were wetting yourself.” she said with a giggle.

Brianna blushed furiously and looked away from her friend.

Jesseca climbed off of her friend and whipped the covers off of her revealing a yellowed disposable diaper taped around Brianna’s waist. “What the heck!” she exclaimed and looked up at Brianna, who had retrieved the pacifier that had fallen from her mouth in the night and was sucking it furiously.

“Pwease change me.” Brianna slurred from behind her pacifier as tears began to form in her eyes.

Completely baffled by what was going on, Jesseca got back onto the bed and hugged her friend to try and calm her. “What’s going on around here?” Jesseca thought to herself.


“Maybe it’s a virus or something.” Jesseca said to Hannah as the two sat in Elysa’s nursery watching Brianna and Elysa playing on the floor with some blocks. Both were thickly diapered, Brianna wore a pink onsie and Elysa sported a blue one. Both girls seemed every bit the babies they were acting like.

Hannah shook her head. “It’s Miranda.” she said quietly.

“Miranda did this to them? Why?” Jesseca asked.

“Elysa was a teenbaby before, but she always separated it from real life, now it’s become her real life. Arson found out that Miranda was behind it and now she’s in the same boat.” Hannah explained.

Jesseca looked at Elysa and Brianna worriedly. “How are we going to stop her?” she asked.

“Only one way I can think of.” Hannah said, and went on to explain her plan to Jesseca.


After night had fallen, Fantasy once again slunk across the base to Elysa’s room and looked for any curious parties that might be up and about like Arson had been the night before. Tonight was the most important, tonight she’d make Arson and Elysa permanently the way they were and leave the team, being a hero wasn’t what she wanted, she wanted something a little more profitable for herself. Creeping into the room and over to the crib she saw that the blanket inside was pulled over Elysa, covering her completely. “Time to embrace your new life baby.” Fantasy whispered and pulled the blanket back.

“Not today.” Severe said inside Fantasy’s mind as she hovered out of the crib and lifted Fantasy off the ground with her powers and tossed her backward, sending her crashing through the door and into the hallway. Hovering toward her, eyes glowing bright pink, Severe smiled.

“Cute trick.” Fantasy said as she rose to her feet. “But remember that I already overpowered you once.” she added.

A blast of radiation came from down the hallway and struck Fantasy in the side and sent her flying into the wall near the meeting room. The young woman fell to the ground as chunks of the wall fell down around her. “But she’s not alone this time.” Hannah said as she took a spot next to Severe.

“Whatever, just makes things a bit more interesting.” Miranda said as she again slowly got up from the ground.

“Stay down bitch.” Jesseca said as she threw an energy charged right hook to Miranda’s jaw from the meeting room where she’d been hiding and sent her skidding across the room.

Severe hovered to Miranda and focused her powers on the young woman’s mind.

Fantasy felt her mind begin to burn. “What are you doing to me?!” she screamed as she held her head and curled up on the ground in a fetal position.

“I call it wiping the slate clean.” Severe said. Using her powers she set to work clearing Miranda’s mind of her memories, turning her brain into a blank space to be filled all over again.


Hannah and Severe stood outside the room Miranda was in within the Longbow detainment facility. They looked inside at the young woman sitting in the stark white padded room. Sitting against the wall she wore a straight jacket and sat with a blank stare on her face and a thin line of drool running down her chin.

“Is she gonna be like that forever?” Elysa asked as she and Brianna walked up to the door.

Severe shook her head. “Eventually, she’ll be able to learn things, and then within a few years she’ll be completely rehabilitated and will be a functioning member of society again.” she said.

“Will she be able to use her powers again?” Brianna asked.

“Hard to say, I’m sure they’ll manifest again, and then she’ll have to be taught to use them responsibly again.” Severe answered.

Hannah smiled and turned to the two younger heroes. “Well, now that you’re both back to normal, which one of you is going to lead the secondary team?” she asked.

“I will.” both girls said at the same time.

“Completely normal alright.” Severe said with a laugh as they left the facility, Brianna and Elysa arguing the whole way back to the base.


Within the padded room of Miranda Adams, the young woman sat in the corner looking off into space, her mind completely void of conscious thought. Looking around the room, she finally rested her gaze on her straight jacket, she stared at it for a long while, and just as she began to look away, it was no longer on her and she was free. Looking quickly back at it, she saw that it was still firmly secured on her, but every so often she’d see another flash of it missing, quite a puzzling phenomenon indeed.

The End