Diapered Dandy And The Fate Of The Universe P1 C9 (End P1)

Here’s the end of the first part of this saga. If you don’t like cliffhangers, you’re probably not gonna like this chapter. Also, if you don’t like getting resolution to a problem until part 3, then you’re gonna hate this chapter. Meh, you know I’m good for it…probably. :slight_smile:


Diapered Dandy And The Fate Of The Universe
By:Dementia’s Knight

<center>Part I: Prelude To Armageddon

Chapter IX: Shattered</center>

“I’m assuming that you’re headed over to the roller rink since you’re talking to me.” Kim said into her communicator as she put her uniform on.

“Well, I was kind of already in the area. I’m standing about a block away looking at the building.” Jesseca told her.

Kim created a portal and leapt through it, appearing a few feet behind Jesseca a moment later. “What do you mean you were in the area? Why weren’t you with them?” Kim asked.

Jesseca looked down at the street to avoid making eye contact with Kim. “I was with a guy.” she answered quietly.

“So, your love life was more important than helping your team?” Kim asked. “Jesus Jesseca, haven’t you learned anything from the training I’ve put you all through?”

“Look, yelling at me isn’t going to help them. Accept that I’m sorry and let’s go rescue our friends.” Jesseca told her.

Kim nodded. “You’re right, let’s get in their and help them.” she said as the pair turned and walked toward the roller rink.

As the pair neared the entrance of the building they saw a large bulge in the outer wall that looked like it was on the verge of collapse, it served as an ominous sign that someone inside was probably seriously injured or worse and strengthened their resolve to enter the building and help their friends.


“Glad you both could make it.” Miranda said with a smile when she saw Kim and Jesseca walk through the front door of the roller rink.

“Wouldn’t miss the chance to rip your spine out for the world.” Jesseca said as she cracked her knuckles.

Miranda began to laugh loudly at Jesseca’s comment. “That’s why I like you Jesseca, always foolishly optimistic.” she said.

Kim scanned the room while Miranda and Jesseca talked. The rest of the team was bound and gagged behind Miranda and her team with the exception of Dice who was pinned to the back wall by a pair of swords embedded in her shoulders. The young girl’s blonde hair was matted to her face by blood and she hung with her head down, looking very dead. Slice knelt in front of her looking up at his crucified sister with a sickening smile that Kim thankfully couldn’t see.

“Now, we can do this the easy way or the fun way.” Miranda said, getting Kim’s attention again.

Jesseca encased her feet with stone and charged her fists up with bright red energy. “Only one way this goes down.” she said through clenched teeth.

“Very true.” Miranda agreed as she flexed her will on her team and commanded them to attack.

Punchin’ Judy ran at Jesseca with her own fists swirling with dark energy. Jesseca ran at her opponent and the pair met with twin battle cries and powerful punches. Both women hit their marks, Jesseca punching Judy in the jaw and Judy nailing Jesseca with a blow to the gut causing both women to fly away from one another and tumble across the ground violently.

Lock Down stepped up and used his gravitational powers on the roof above Kim, bringing a hail of debris down at her rapidly. Kim quickly opened a portal above her head that sucked the debris up and then cast a portal over Lock Down to which the heavy debris tumbled out and onto him, crushing him under the pile where he moved no longer.

“You’ll pay for that!” Miranda shouted. “Shock, Scatter Shot, put her down!” she ordered.

Scatter Shot used his wrist controller to send his twin robot spiders toward Kim, jets of flame erupting from their mouths at her. Kim opened a portal behind her and dropped backward into it, appearing behind Scatter Shot and blasting a hole through his chest with her powers. Before she could relish her win over her foe she was struck in the face with a blast of electricity by Samantha that sent her flying into the snack bar with a violent crash.

Jesseca and Punchin’ Judy were back up and trading blows again, clearly too evenly matched to provide much more than a stalemate, which Shock attempted to break up by blasting at Jesseca with her electricity. Jesseca acted quickly and pulled Judy in front of her and into the path of the attack, leaving the one eyed blonde to fry at the hands of her teammate.

Miranda used her will to cease Samantha’s attacks. “Well, you fought hard, but here we are at the end of the fight, and you’re all alone.” she said.

“Doesn’t matter, I’ll fight you until one of us is dead.” Jesseca said, though her body was in considerable pain from fighting Judy, and her breath was coming out in ragged heaves.

Miranda shook her head. “What is it that keeps you fighting? You can’t win, you’ve got maybe one good attack left in you before you collapse, and my girl can blast you before you get close enough to do that. So why keep fighting?” she asked.

Jesseca let the stone on her feet erode away and disappear, and shut off the energy in her hands. “You’re right, it’s useless.” she said. Moving slowly, Jesseca picked up a metal pole that had come from one of the areas that she’d crashed into and tore a piece of her shirt off herself and tied it to the top of the pole, making a white flag. “I surrender.” she said weakly.

“Very sensible of you.” Miranda said with a satisfied smile. “Now, kill her.” she said to Samantha.

Wasting no time Jesseca stabbed at the ground with her makeshift flagpole as Kim opened up a portal in the ground in front of her. The flagpole went through the portal at Jesseca’s feet and came out of the portal behind Miranda, impaling the young woman through the head with a sickening THOCK. Miranda wavered on her feet for a moment before the light in her eyes went out and she fell to the ground.

The control that Miranda had over Samantha and Carl disappeared with her death, freeing the pair from her hold. Unfortunately Samantha’s attack had been launched, and Jesseca was too weak to dodge it in time, taking the brunt of it in the face and flying backward through the already damaged wall and into the parking lot beyond.

“Jesseca!” Samantha shouted as she ran to her teammates aid.

Rain had begun to fall during the battle inside, and now a downpour was coming down as Samantha knelt beside Jesseca.

“I’m so sorry Jess.” Samantha said with tears in her eyes.

Jesseca had severe electrical burns on her face and chest, and was bleeding profusely from her other injuries. “Not your fault.” she managed to faintly say before she closed her eyes and slipped away.

Samantha pulled Jesseca into her arms and held her, crying loudly as the rain came down around her and thunder crashed in the distance.


Carl carefully pulled his swords from his sister’s body and grabbed her as she fell. “Sarah, please wake up.” he whispered into her ear.

“Carl?” she asked quietly as she slowly opened her eyes.

“Oh, thank god!” Carl cried out happily as he hugged his sister tightly and cried.

Sarah’s wounds healed as her brother held her, and she hugged him back before breaking away and getting up with a groan.

“I think you should rest, I mean you may have super healing powers, but you were pinned to a wall.” Carl said.

Sarah nodded. “Could you get me a chair or something to sit on?” she asked with a weak smile.

“Absolutely.” Carl said and turned to go look for something for Sarah to sit on.

Tears welled up in Sarah’s eyes and rolled down her cheeks as she bent down and picked up one of Carl’s swords. With a loud scream she swung the sword at her brother, slicing through his neck and severing his head from his body. As Carl’s head rolled away and his body hit the floor Sarah dropped to her knees and cried.


Kim was in the process of checking on the other team members when she saw Sarah attack her brother. She’d merely managed to cry out to her as she watched Carl’s head come toppling to the ground and his body thump to the ground.

“What’d you do!?” Kim shouted as she ran to Sarah’s side and held her by the arms and looked her in the eyes.

Sarah sobbed and then shook her head. “He couldn’t live, not after what he tried to do to me.” she said.

“We could have helped him.” Kim said.

Sarah glared at her through her tears. “It wasn’t your choice to make.” she said.

Kim sighed and got to her feet, helping Sarah up with her. She looked at her injured team, and then to Carl’s headless corpse, and then shook her head as Samantha walked through the front door carrying a lifeless Jesseca. “How could things have gone so wrong?” she asked herself.

End Part One

Diapered Dandy And The Fate Of The Universe P1 C9 (End P1)

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Diapered Dandy And The Fate Of The Universe P1 C9 (End P1)

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Diapered Dandy And The Fate Of The Universe P1 C9 (End P1)

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Diapered Dandy And The Fate Of The Universe P1 C9 (End P1)

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