Diapered Dandy And The Circle Of Thorns (Complete)

If you’re reading the Diapered Dandy stories in order, this is the second one. Enjoy! :slight_smile:

Diapered Dandy And The Circle Of Thorns
By: Dementia’s Knight

Part I: Darkness In The Heart

Chapter I: Revelations

The mall was bustling with people as they milled about, doing their shopping and having fun with friends and family members. The sun shown brightly outside, making the day nearly perfect for anyone that was paying attention.

A mother and her young daughter walked through the food court on their way out of the mall, hand in hand, daughter giggling happily as her mother looked on smiling.

“Mommy, look at that lady, she’s flying!” the girl shouted with a smile as she pointed to the window, where a young woman could be seen hovering in the distance.

The mother smiled and looked at the woman and then to her daughter. “That’s a hero honey.” she told her awestruck daughter. “Wave to her.” she said.

The girl smiled and waved at the hovering woman with a bright smile on her face.

The hovering woman returned the smile and the wave, the only difference being that she was waving goodbye to the young girl, and her smile slowly turned from happy to menacing as she pointed her free hand toward the mall and charged it with energy.

The mother’s face turned from happy and carefree to concerned as she saw the woman’s demeanor change. She began to pull her daughter close to her and finally picked her up and started to run as the energy blast hit the mall.

“This is one of the worst attacks I’ve ever seen.” Antonio Nash said over the radio unit in his Hazmat suit.

Walking past the charred remains of a woman clutching her child to her to shelter her from the attack Antonio felt sick, he managed to maintain his composure but felt like he needed to get away from this devastation sooner rather than later.

The mayhem stretched the length of the mall, bodies all over the place. The monster that had attacked the mall showed no discrimination, men, women and children no matter what race or age, they all died equally brutally.

“What’s the reading?” Antonio asked one of the Hazmat team members.

“I haven’t seen radiation levels like this since the reactor in Terra Volta went critical a few years ago.” the man said as he studied his equipment.

Antonio Nash sighed, “It’s gonna be a long day.” he thought and left to make some phone calls.

“Open wide for mommy!” Sue said as she held a spoonful of oatmeal up in front of Jesseca’s mouth.

Jesseca complied and took the spoon into her waiting mouth with a smile.

“Good girl!” Sue praised her charge as she wiped some excess oatmeal from the girl’s face and then set to cleaning up the kitchen. “Ok, go play while mommy cleans up honey.” Sue said as she removed the tray from the highchair and helped Jesseca down to the floor.

It had been six months since the incident involving Babbage and Hannah. Jesseca had gone into a deep depression after the realization that her best friend was gone, she’d kind of shrunk into herself and regressed to a near infantile state. Sue had been there to take her in and help her through her tough time. Now, after six months, Sue was beginning to wonder if the real Jessica was coming back.

Jesseca had turned on the T.V. when she’d gotten to the living room, unfortunately cartoons weren’t on the menu this morning, instead the news reports about the mall attack ruled the airwaves. Sue had stopped what she was doing in the kitchen and took to watching the news. The pair sat in shock as they saw the devastation on the screen.

Jesseca studied the screen, a single tear rolled down her cheek as she saw tiny body bags being loaded into the ambulances. “Mommy?” she said to Sue without taking her eyes from the pictures before her.

“Yeah baby?” Sue asked, wiping her own tears away.

Jesseca turned and had a look on her face that Sue hadn’t seen since before Hannah had died. “I wanna go out and play.” she said.

Sue smiled and nodded, “You got it Jess, welcome back.” she said.

“Ladies, I thank you for wanting to help with the investigation, but we honestly have everything under control.” Antonio Nash said as he sat behind his desk looking over the reports of the mornings attack.

“Please Mr. Nash, if there’s anything at all we can do to help, we’ll do it.” Jesseca pleaded to Antonio.

Antonio took of his thin rimmed glasses and pinched the bridge of his nose as he held his head down. “All right, we do have a small lead.” he said and picked up a file folder and passed it over to the two female heroes. “We found a Circle of Thorns dagger amongst a pile of debris at the mall. Fingerprint analysis says the last person holding it was a Mr. Franklin Ives. Go see if you can get anything out of him, address is on the back page.” Antonio finished his brief briefing and turned his chair around to face the window.

“Thank you Mr. Nash, we’ll get all the information we can and report back to you in a bit.” Jesseca said as the pair left the office.

“So, what’s the Circle of Thorns?” Jesseca asked as she and Sue flew over the city toward the address in the file.

“They’re a religious cult, big on sacrifice and mayhem. They’re constantly finding some ancient demon to worship and try to bring to life, they’re a huge pain in the butt.” Sue explained.

“So, you think a demon was what attacked the mall this morning?” Jesseca asked.

“I have no clue, whatever it was, it’s cold and uncaring, and definitely evil and powerful.” Sue said.

The pair flew in silence for a long while, both thinking about what was rapidly becoming a very bad situation as they thought of all the possible things that could have attacked the mall.

“This looks like the place.” Sue said, breaking the silence, as she carried herself and Jesseca through the air near a tall high rise apartment building.

The pair landed on the roof of the building and made their way down a few floors till they got to the floor in the file. “Ok, now we need #856.” Sue said as they stalked quietly down the hall.

As they made their way down the hall, a door at the end of the hall opened and a woman walked out of the apartment. The woman wore a hooded cloak, obscuring her face entirely.

“That’s the apartment we need.” Sue whispered to Jesseca.

The woman stopped in her tracks and slowly turned to face Sue and Jesseca.

“She couldn’t have heard me.” Sue thought to herself.

The woman slowly walked toward them, each step seeming more menacing than the last.

“Ma’am, please stop where you are, we’re heroes, and we don’t want to harm you.” Sue said to the cloaked woman.

The woman rose her hand level to Sue’s body and blasted her with a dose of green energy. The blast hit Sue square in the chest and sent her flying backward through the concrete wall behind her. Sue sailed over the street far below and crashed through the building across the street’s front windows and skidded to a halt amidst broken glass and battered office furniture.

“That wasn’t a very smart thing to do.” Jesseca said through gritted teeth and lunged at the cloaked woman.

Moving with lightning quickness the woman grabbed Jesseca by the throat in midair and slammed her against the wall.

“Who are you?” Jesseca choked out as her air supply rapidly depleted.

The woman slid her cloak off slowly, her long green locks tumbling down her shoulders. The woman smiled in a sickeningly evil way, “Mommy’s back,” she whispered into Jesseca’s ear, “and she thinks you’ve been a very, very naughty girl.”

Jesseca was starting to fade, the combination of the woman choking her and the revelation that the woman was her dead best friend was a little too much to grasp at the moment. “Hannah, how? Why?” she asked as darkness began to creep into her head.

“If you survive to the end, you’ll get your answers.” Hannah said and charged her hand up and blasted Jesseca in the face, sending her crashing through wall after wall and finally out into the cooling afternoon air.

Jesseca slowly opened her eyes, and instantly shut them again as she saw the ground rushing up to meet her. The crushing force of the impact shattered windows a block in every direction and provided a lovely view of the sewers below the street for anyone high enough above the ground level to see into the school bus sized hole.

Hannah looked down at where Jesseca lay motionless in the crater she’d created. Smiling and chuckling to herself Hannah took to the air and flew off, leaving two heroes down in her wake of destruction.

To Be Continued…

Part I: Darkness In The Heart

Chapter II: Unity

“I think she’s coming around.” Jesseca heard a man’s voice say from somewhere in the darkness that was surrounding her.

Jesseca opened her eyes slowly, and as the world came back into focus she saw Dementia’s Knight standing above her, dabbing her forehead with a damp washcloth. “What happened?” she asked weakly.

“We were kinda hoping you could tell us.” he said.

Jesseca sat up slowly and rubbed her temple. Visions of the day’s earlier events flashed through her mind. “It was Hannah.” she said simply.

Dementia’s Knight looked at the man and woman standing next to him. “Are you sure?” he asked in disbelief.

Jesseca nodded slowly, tears forming in her eyes. “If I was ever sure of anything in my life, I’m sure that Hannah is alive, and she’s the one that attacked us.” Jesseca gasped, “Where’s Sue?!” she asked in a panic.

Dementia’s Knight put a hand on the young woman’s shoulder. “She’s in the other room. She took quite a beating.” he told her.

“Can I see her?” Jesseca asked.

Dementia’s Knight nodded and picked Jesseca up, setting her on his hip he carried her into the other room. Sue was laying in a hospital bed, she was hooked up to several machines, and was battered and bruised.

Jesseca wiped her tears away. “We have to find Hannah and stop her.” she said.

Jesseca sat at the large circular table inside Dementia’s Knight’s base with Dementia’s Knight and his two teammates.

“Jess, this is Charisma.” Dementia’s Knight said, pointing to a olive skinned, raven haired woman with a black body suit adorned with various sheathed knives and weapon pouches.

“It is very nice to meet you.” Charisma said in a sweet sounding foreign accent that Jesseca couldn’t quite place.

“And this is Star Streak.” he said, pointing to a tall, silver haired man in a shimmering silver body suit with a black cape.

Star Streak nodded toward Jesseca with a smile.

“The other members of the team are out trying to find some information about the mall attack earlier today.” Knight said. “If Hannah is still alive, we need to stop her before she can do anymore damage.” he said.

The door to the entrance of the base opened and three heroes came into the conference room. The one male hero, a tall, muscular African American with a large battle axe strapped to his back came in and stood at the table. “Knight, we have some information about the attack earlier today.” he said.

“Lemme guess Ataris, Half-Life Hannah was behind the attack?” Knight asked.

Ataris looked at Knight in disbelief. “Some day I’m gonna find out how you do that.” Ataris said.

“Jesseca, this is Ataris, Severe,” Knight pointed to the large African American man, and then to a short near albino woman with white hair that had black streaks in it. “And Arson.” he said pointing to a teenage girl with flaming red hair and glowing eyes. “Together we’re the Warriors Of Justice.” he said proudly.

“It’s nice to meet all of you.” Jesseca said, mustering a small smile. “What did you find out about Hannah?” she asked Ataris.

“We tracked down a mystic with the Circle of Thorns, and he told us that they were behind her resurrection.” he said.

“Any idea why she’s evil?” Knight asked.

Arson nodded. “He told us that they infused her soul with the spirit of a demon overlord named D’argoth. According to him, D’argoth was the ruler of the Netherverse and was the most brutal ruler the Netherverse ever had.” she said grimly.

“So basically we’re screwed?” Knight asked.

“More or less.” Arson said.

“Well we have to at least try to stop her!” Jesseca shouted, startling everyone. “If none of you are willing to try, I’ll do it myself!” she said, and got up from her seat and headed for the exit.

“Jesseca sit down!” Knight shouted. “Going after Hannah alone is suicide and you know it!” he yelled.

Jesseca came back and sat down. “So, what’s the plan then?” she asked sullenly.

“We join forces with any Super Groups that we can to combat Hannah and the Circle of Thorns.” he said, getting nods from the other members of the team.

“Everyone get on the horn to any and all teams you can reach, tell them that we’ll meet tomorrow at the Terra Volta reactor in Independence Port.” Knight said, and watched all the team members part ways to contact the other teams.

Jesseca lay in the hospital bed next to Sue, snuggling into her bosom. “Please wake up mommy.” Jesseca whispered quietly to Sue as tears rolled down her cheeks.

Dementia’s Knight stood outside the infirmary door and watched the heartbreakingly sweet scene play out within.

“We’re getting as many heroes as we can together to fight Hannah.” Jesseca told the comatose Sue.

Sue lay unconscious in the bed while Jesseca lay with her, beginning to suck her thumb and drift off to sleep.

Just as sleep took hold of Jesseca, the side wall of the infirmary exploded, sending her bolting upright. Jesseca watched as Hannah glided into the infirmary slowly.

“Jesseca!” Knight shouted as he opened the door to the infirmary and ran toward Hannah with his sword drawn.

Hannah cast a sideways glance at him, and shot beams of radiation at his sword, melting it in his hand. She then batted him away with a wave of force, sending him crashing into the wall behind.
Jesseca leapt at Hannah from the bed, and was caught in midair by the emerald haired villain.

“Mommy wants to take you for a ride pet.” Hannah whispered into Jesseca’s ear as she kissed the young girl’s forehead, causing her to wince and then pass out.

Knight watched half consciously as Hannah carried Jesseca off into the night. “Jesseca.” he said weakly before passing out.

To be continued…

Part I: Darkness In The Heart

Chapter III: Down And Out In Paragon City

“Severe, Arson, Hannah’s taken Jesseca I need the two of you to go after them!” Knight bellowed into his communicator at the two women. “They left the infirmary heading west about five minutes ago.” he said.

The two women left the base and took to the sky, racing off in the direction Knight had seen Hannah leave in.

“Any chance we’re gonna find them?” Arson shouted to Severe, her body engulfed in flames as she flew alongside the albino telepath who was hovering alongside her in an Indian style position.

“We have to try Arson.” Severe said with her telepathic voice. “I sense Jesseca’s aura up ahead. It’s very faint, but it’s enough to follow.” she said.

The pair saw Hannah flying up ahead of them, parting ways they made a move to perform a pincer attack on the emerald haired villain.

Hannah smiled, she’d sensed a telepath following her, and now it appeared that she was going to have company soon. “Better give them a proper welcome.” she thought as she stopped her progression.

A jet of flame came at her from her right, she put up a barrier of radiation and deflected it with ease, but while her attention was diverted Severe grabbed Jesseca with her telekinesis and brought the unconscious girl to her.

“Fire away!” Severe mentally told Arson, and watched as a torrent of fire erupted into Hannah, blasting the woman backward into the side of a building.

Arson jetted toward the building after Hannah, and veered out of the way of a radiation blast just before it could knock her from the sky. “Hafta do better than that psycho!” Arson taunted. She gasped as Hannah was suddenly in front of her, a hand at her throat.

“How’s this for better?” Hannah asked as she held her glowing fist in front of Arson’s face, readying a blast that would take the young girl’s head clean off.

Arson struggled to free herself from Hannah’s grasp. The teenage hero whimpered pitifully as she saw her imminent death at the hands of her foe. As her air supply cut off, her body lost it’s flaming shroud, and she was left powerless.

As Hannah started to fire her blast she was struck in the back with a sickening squish by Ataris’ battle axe, causing her to drop Arson. The young girl fell a short distance before she too was scooped up by Severe, and carried away from the battle.

“Maybe you step up from the minor’s and into the major league!” Ataris said as Hannah turned toward him, his axe in her hand after pulling it from her back. “I’ll be having that back now.” Ataris said as he leapt up to Hannah, meeting her in midair, one hand grabbing his axe, and the other wrapping around Hannah’s throat. “Let’s see how you like to be choked.” he said with a smile.

“Fool!” Hannah spat as she fired her radiation blast at Ataris’ chest. Hannah growled as her shot passed through the tall African American after his torso seemed to turn to mist.

“Looks like nobody told you about Ataris.” he said, and prying his axe from her hand swung it at her head, taking a good portion of the side of her skull off. Ataris leapt off her, and landed safely on the ground.

Hannah screamed in agony and flew upward with rocket speed. “You’ll all burn when D’argoth returns!” she shouted as she flew away.

“We’ll see about that.” Ataris thought as he started walking back to the base.

“I’m very proud of you all.” Knight said to his people as they sat in the infirmary while Jesseca and Arson were examined by the electronic medical system.

“I just wish I could’ve seen that bitch get what was coming to her, instead of letting her take me out.” Arson said.

Severe smiled at the girl and squeezed her hand. “I think you did just fine child.” she told the young girl with her mind, getting a smile in return.

“The fact still remains that we’ve been compromised, Hannah and the Circle of Thorns know where our base is, so we’re not safe here.” Knight said.

“I know where we can go.” Sue said weakly from her bed.

“Because we were only a team for a short time before Babbage attacked and the other girls were killed, nobody even knows this place exists.” Sue said with a pang of sadness as she stood in the middle of her old base with her new allies.

“Thank you Sue.” Severe said as she levitated Jesseca back toward the infirmary.

“All right team, we still have to get everyone we can together to combat this menace.” Knight said, breaking the moment. “Every able bodied person to a communicator, and get these folks together at the Terra Volta nuclear reactor tomorrow.” he said.

As the others went to their stations, Sue made her way into the infirmary where Severe was setting up some monitors to watch Jesseca’s vitals. “Is she going to be ok?” Sue asked, taking a seat on the edge of the bed next to Jesseca.

Severe smiled at her and put a hand on her knee, “She’s very tough, I’m sure she’ll be just fine.” she said.

Sue smiled at the woman and watched her leave the room. “Jess, if you can hear me, I need you to get better as soon as you can honey.” she said, snuggling up to the unconscious woman.

“Sue?” Knight said, gently nudging the sleeping woman.

Sue opened her eyes and sat up. “What time is it?” she asked, rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

“It’s about seven in the morning.” he said. “I need you to come with me for a little bit, I have to pick up some stuff for today.” he said.

Sue nodded and got off the bed, she leaned over and kissed Jesseca on her forehead before leaving with Knight.

“So where are we going?” she asked as they drove to their destination.

“I called Azuria with M.A.G.I. last night to see if she could tell me anything about D’argoth and the Circle of Thorns that might help us. She said that she had some weapons that would help us fight him if he manages to be freed.” he explained.

“But I thought he was inside of Hannah, possessing her.” Sue said, slightly confused.

Knight shook his head. “Apparently Hannah is possessed by a low level spirit used solely to bring her back to life.” he said, turning toward City Hall. “D’argoth is trapped in limbo right now, a realm between ours and the spirit world. The Circle of Thorns needs to perform a ritual to free him, which buys us some time to mount an attack.” he said.

“What kind of ritual?” Sue asked as they headed toward City Hall.

“She said the Circle needs to accumulate one thousand souls in order to break the chains that bind D’argoth. We figure that every person that Hannah has killed has gone toward increasing that number.” Knight said.

“So we have no idea how close they actually are to performing the ritual?” Sue asked.

Knight shook his head. “Hence the urgent urgency.” he said as they entered M.A.G.I. and made their way to Azuria’s desk.

“Knight, I’m glad you came so quickly.” Azuria said, rising from her seat. “After I finished talking to you last night I gathered everything I had that has some kind of tie to D’argoth, unfortunately I only have three items that will be able to help you.” she said.

Reaching into a nearby trunk and producing a necklace she tossed the item to Knight. “That’s the Pendant of Souls.” Azuria said. “It’s said to provide the wearer with protection from death and injury as long as it touches the skin.” she said.

Knight handed the necklace to Sue and caught the next item that Azuria tossed to him, a pair of gloves that shimmered under the fluorescent lights of the office. “The Hands of Destruction, when worn multiply strength tenfold, as well as granting mastery of holy energy blasts.” Azuria said. Knight handed those to Sue as well and met Azuria by the trunk.

“The Sword of Banishment, unbreakable and able to cut through any element known to man, including the tough hides of demon overlords.” Azuria said with a smile.

“Thanks Azuria, hopefully this’ll be enough.” Knight said, kissing the woman on her cheek before heading to the door with Sue following behind, smiling at the pretty African American mystic.

“I pray that it is.” Azuria said quietly to herself as the heroes left her office.

“So, three enchanted items for an army of heroes?” Sue asked as they headed back to the car.

“Nope.” Knight said. “Three enchanted items for an army of one. You.” He said handing her the sword and getting into the car.

“Me? Why me?” she asked, getting into the car after setting the items in the backseat.

“Azuria said that these items had to be used by the most effective person that we had. I haven’t met anyone yet that’s as powerful as you, next to Hannah. I figure that with this stuff she’ll be no match for you, and after her comes D’argoth, and you know what they say about the bigger they are.” he said with a smile.

Sue smiled back nervously, she’d suddenly been thrust into the role of savior of the city, and it terrified her to no end.

End Part I

Diapered Dandy And The Circle Of Thorns (Complete)

Part II: Storm Clouds

Chapter I: Sleeping Beauty

The life monitors Jesseca was connected to beeped faintly as they tracked her vitals while she lay unconscious in the bed in the medical observation room of Sue’s super group base. Though she lay motionless in the bed, Jesseca’s mind was anything but relaxed.

“Where am I?” Jesseca thought as she looked around at the empty streets of Atlas Park. Walking down the street Jesseca took in the desolate emptiness of the city. The buildings were a mess, as was everything within view. The once bustling hub of Paragon City was now a ravaged and deserted mess. Shattered windows and crumbling structures now held reign as Jesseca surveyed her surroundings.

“What the heck happened here?” Jesseca asked herself quietly.

“Hello Jesseca.” came a Jamaican woman’s accent from somewhere in the city. To Jesseca it sounded as if the woman was standing right next to her, but she saw no one when she looked around.

“Who’s there?” Jesseca asked, her fists charged and ready with energy for any coming attacks.

“There’s no need for that, I didn’t bring you here to fight with you.” the Jamaican woman said.

“Where is “here”?” Jesseca asked as she walked toward the city hall pavilion of Atlas Park. Jesseca’s mouth hung open in astonishment as she saw the once regal statue of Atlas that adorned the plaza crumbled and destroyed in front of her. “Oh my God!” she gasped.

“This is Atlas Park. At least, this is what it will look like if you lose the battle against Hannah and the Circle of Thorns.” the woman said.

Jesseca heard the click of a woman’s high heels on the street behind her and turned around. Walking toward her was a tall, slender African American woman. The woman wore a purple ceremonial looking gown, her hair was done up in an elegant bun, and her dangling earrings jangled pleasantly like tiny wind chimes. “I am Azuria. It’s a pleasure to finally meet you Diapered Dandy.” she said with a pleasant smile.

“Nice to meet you Azuria. Now how did I get here?” Jesseca asked, returning the woman’s smile and quickly changing back to seriousness.

“This is a possible future for Paragon City. The Portal Corporation is able to manifest gateways to any possible future just by providing the system with the parameters you desire. I specified that I wanted to come to Atlas Park after Hannah and the Circle of Thorns defeated you, and here we are.” she explained.

“But how did I get here?” Jesseca resubmitted her question, emphasizing that she wanted to know specifically about herself and not Azuria.

“You’re not here. You’re in a coma across town from me. I brought your spirit here, like a dream if you will.” Azuria said. “I brought you here to convey to you the severity of the situation, and get you to wake up.” she said.

“This is kind of my first real coma, how do I wake up from it?” Jesseca asked with a puzzled look on her face.

“You have to find the cause of the coma. It’s not a matter of physical weakness, a coma is caused by great spiritual turmoil. Find the cause and work through it and the coma will end.” Azuria explained.

Jesseca frowned. “Big mystery doc, the turmoil is coming from Hannah being evil! Gee that was a brain buster.” Jesseca shouted angrily at Azuria.

“If that’s the case, then why are you still here?” Azuria asked.

“I guess it’s not just that, I mean Hannah was like a mother to me. Whenever I was with her I felt safe and secure and now she’s so cold and hurtful.” Jesseca said.

Azuria nodded. “Keep going, you’re almost there.” she encouraged.

“I felt the same way when my mother died, nothing made sense to me and I just kind of collapsed into myself.” Jesseca said as she started crying. “I want my mommy back.” she wailed and hugged Azuria, burying her face into the taller woman as she sobbed.

“Jesseca, I’m sorry, but there is no happy ending in this for you. As with many heroes, the triumph over evil will come at a price. For you, winning the fight against Hannah means losing her forever. This is why you are so vital to this fight, your choice to sacrifice your own happiness and give Hannah up again will give you the power to be the only one that can triumph over this evil. However if you falter in your choice, then the city as you see it now will become reality.” Azuria said.

“Why me?” Jesseca asked as she looked up through puffy red eyes at Azuria.

“Unfortunately, I can’t tell you. But rest assured, you’re destined for great things. This is a hurdle in your path to becoming one of the greatest heroes in Paragon’s history. But that’s a story for another time, for now you must wake up my dear.” Azuria said.

Jesseca began to feel dizzy, and collapsed suddenly as she blacked out.

Jesseca’s eyes opened slowly, the room was dark, she could hear hospital monitors beeping next to her. Sitting up slowly her eyes adjusted to the darkness and she saw that she was in a hospital room of some sort. Jesseca began to feel nervous and frightened as she looked around the foreign room for signs that she was not alone.

Sue saw Jesseca sitting up in bed on one of the monitors in the meeting room and ran to Jesseca’s room. “Thank goodness you’re ok!” Sue said with a smile as she entered the room and turned the light on and went to the bedside, wrapping her arms around Jesseca as she hugged the girl tightly.

Jesseca began to cry, causing Sue to pull away from her. “What’s wrong?” Sue asked.

Jesseca looked at Sue for a moment blankly, “Whewe’s my mommy?” she asked with a toddler like speech before putting her thumb in her mouth to calm herself.

Sue looked at Jessica worriedly before she hit the call button by the bed. “Knight, Severe, come to the infirmary now, something is wrong with Jesseca.” she shouted into the panel while she looked at Jesseca innocently sucking her thumb.

To Be Continued…

Part II: Storm Clouds

Chapter II: Growing Pains

She recognized her name. So she knew she was being talked about, but the other words were gibberish to her. Jesseca sat on the bed watching three strangers talking about her, she felt afraid because she had no idea who the people were or where she was.

“She woke up like this. It’s like she’s a baby again.” Sue said to Knight and Severe as they all looked on at the mentally regressed Jesseca.

“Did she say anything?” Severe asked, putting her hand on Jesseca’s head and using her powers to read the girl’s mind.

“She asked where her mommy was.” Sue told her, tears forming in her eyes.

“I’m sure she’ll be fine Sue.” Knight said, placing a reassuring hand on Sue’s shoulder. “Anything Severe?”

The shorter albino woman remained silent for a moment, “It seems that her mind is fractured. She’s fine, she’s just regressed mentally, probably to cope with the loss of Hannah and the weight of this whole situation.” Severe said, removing her hand from Jesseca’s head and smoothing out the girl’s mussed hair.

“So much for rising to the challenge.” Knight said. His watch began to beep and he looked down at it and shut it off. “Ok, we have to get to the meeting, Severe can you set the equipment up in here to take care of Jessica?” he asked.

“I’m not leaving her like this!” Sue shouted and sat on the bed and scooped Jesseca into her arms.

“Sue you heard what Azuria said, we need you in this fight.” he said.

“I don’t care, Jesseca is the only family I have, and she needs me right now. I’m staying and that’s final.” she said.

Knight sighed. “Fine, but I want you to have your communicator on so you can at least hear what’s happening at the meeting.” he said and left the room.

Severe turned to Sue and Jesseca the albino woman started to say something and then turned and left the room.

“It’ll be ok Jessy, mommy’s here.” Sue cooed as she began to cry while holding Jesseca and stroking the girl’s hair.

At the Terra Volta reactor in Independence Port the mass of heroes was breathtaking as Knight and his team approached the meeting place.

“There must be a thousand heroes here!” Arson said as they flew over the group of fighters.

“A little over twelve hundred.” Knight said as they landed in front of the group. “Severe, you ready?” he asked the small albino woman. Severe nodded and began to channel her powers.

“Fellow heroes, I thank you for being here today.” Knight thought, and using Severe as a broadcast beacon to everyone’s minds made his thoughts heard. “We face a very dire situation. The Circle of Thorns has captured the body of one of our own, Half-Life Hannah, and is using her as a vessel for a ritual to unleash a demon lord onto our beloved Paragon City.” he thought. “I come to you requesting aid in rising up against this threat and destroying the demon before it’s too late.” he said.

Severe used her powers to pull questioning thoughts from the other heroes and broadcast them to Knight and the others.

"Knight, I’m Tamran, leader of The Future of Paragon team. A man thought as he hovered above the crowd so he could be seen. “Do we know where the Thorns are performing this ritual?” he asked.

“Our intel has suggested that their base of operations is somewhere near the center of Boomtown, mystic activity has been on a steady incline for a few weeks now, and just yesterday the output spiked dramatically and has been growing since. We believe that this is where they are.” Knight answered. “I suggest we head to Boomtown and bring the fight to them.” he added.

A deafening cheer rose up from the crowd as Knight’s words were heard and thoughts of agreement overlapped in the minds of the heroes.

“Hannah is a powerful foe, the truth is that many of us will not survive this fight. I implore you to weigh your deciscion carefully. Those of you that wish to aid in the fight, come prepared and meet us at the entrance to Boomtown tomorrow morning at 0500. Thank you.” Knight said and motioned his team to head out.

As they flew back to the base all were wearing somber faces. “You think they’ll show?” Arson asked.

Knight shrugged. “Earlier I would have had no doubt, but now we have a member of our own team that chose to hide instead of fight, so I’m just not sure.” He said.

“You’re pathetic!” Jesseca said to herself. In her mind her hero self stood over her regressed self, a look of disgust on her face.

The regressed Jesseca started to cry, the harshness of the voice the other Jesseca had used scaring her.

“Shut up! This isn’t the time for crying, we need to get ready for the fight.” she shouted at the wailing baby woman.

“I dun wanna fight mommy.” the baby woman said,

“You don’t have a choice! The city needs you to fight. This isn’t about you and Hannah anymore, it’s about good versus evil. Hannah has to be stopped, end of story.” adult Jesseca explained.

“But I’m scawed.” the baby woman said, popping a thumb into her mouth.

Adult Jesseca sighed and crouched down to meet the infantile her face to face. “I’m scared too, but it’s time to fight your fear and grow up. If you run from your fears, you’ll always be a scared little baby, and you’ll never truly live.” she said.

The baby woman thought for a second and then nodded and began to stand. “You’re right.” she said, her words no longer marred by a childish lisp, and her eyes carrying a lucidity that matched the adult form of Jesseca. “I’m ready to fight.” she said.

“Sue? You awake?” Jesseca asked the sleeping woman next to her, giving a soft nudge to her side to wake her.

“Mmm, Jessy? How’s my baby doing?” she asked with a smile.

“I’m fine, I’m not a baby though, I realized that it’s time to grow up and face my fears.” she said as she slipped from Sue’s embrace and left the bed. She felt her diaper sag from the weight of her wetting and messing over the past few hours. “I’m gonna go change, and then get ready for the fight.” she said as she padded toward the bathroom.

“You want some help?” Sue asked with a smile as she got off the bed.

“No.” was the only thing Jesseca said as she entered the bathroom and shut the door behind her.

Sue felt like her heart had been ripped out of her chest. She’d bonded with Jesseca in their time together, and felt like she was her baby, and now that she wasn’t needed anymore she felt crushed and useless.

Jesseca stood under the hot water of the shower, her mind focusing on Hannah and what she would be forced to do to stop her. The young woman’s face remained stony as she planned out how she was going to kill her former friend.

After her shower Jesseca put on a fresh diaper with a disgusted look on her face, and dressed herself in a lightly armored black jump suit she found in the closet of the infirmary, it was slightly oversized but it served to cover the shameful garment taped around her waist. Jesseca met up with Knight and the others and got filled in on the mission details including the meeting with Azuria and the gathering at Terra Volta.

“I want the stuff Azuria gave you.” she said.

“I think Sue should have them, she’s the strongest of us.” Knight explained.

“Wasn’t a request.” Jesseca said, heading to Sue with an open hand waiting for the items.

“Jesseca I-” Sue started but was cut short by Jesseca.

“The stuff, now.” she said.

Sue fought her tears back as she fetched the items and handed them over to Jesseca.

Jesseca took the items and put the gloves and necklace on and slung the sheathed sword over her head so it hung behind her. Without a word Jesseca made her way out of the base.

“We can’t let her go by herself, enchanted items or not.” Knight said.

Sue ran after Jesseca, tears streaming down her cheeks. As she entered the cool air of the night outside she found no trace of Jesseca. “Jesseca!” she shouted into the emptiness of the night, but got no reply.

Jesseca sat on the train as it sped toward the entrance to Boomtown. She watched the city pass by her in a blur, she felt a pang of sadness at the thought of the tears in Sue’s eyes when she took Azuria’s relics from her. She knew that she’d hurt Sue, but it was better this way, it was easier to have a clean break.

The train stopped outside Boomtown and Jesseca got off and stood outside looking at the wrecked town in front of her. She remembered hearing about a great battle that had taken place in Boomtown when she was a kid. The fight had turned the once bustling metropolis into a smoldering wreck of debris and chaos. The city deemed it to be too expensive to rebuild, and had left it in ruin. It was now a haven for villains and a hazard zone for heroes.

“Ready or not Hannah, here I come.” Jesseca said with a sigh as she entered the gates of Boomtown.

To Be Continued…

Part II: Storm Clouds

Chapter III: Fallout

Fires burned in demolished buildings all around Boomtown as Jesseca made her way through the area. The extent of the destruction was massive, an entire city brought down to no more than a smoldering mess. Jesseca’s mind flashed with the memory of the alternate future Atlas Park that Azuria had shown her and she felt a sense of dread and new resolve take hold as she neared a large rock formation nestled snugly in the center of the city.

“This must be the place.” Jesseca said as she felt a tingling sensation wash over her body from the energy emanating from the formation. “Now, how to get in.” she thought as she began to walk around the structure.

Around the other side of the rocks Jesseca heard some men talking and crept closer to see what was going on. Two cloaked figures were standing outside a large stone door, guarding it from intruders.

“Bingo!” Jesseca thought as she readied herself for a fight by encasing her feet in stone and willing the Hands of Destruction to charge up up with a bright white light. Jesseca leapt out from behind the rocks and blasted at one of the cloaked men, the blast hit him square in the chest and sent him flying backward and smashing into a burnt out building some distance away.

“Wow! These things are awesome!” Jesseca thought as she relished the power now at her disposal. Her thoughts were cut short however as a strong blast of freezing wind hit her and pushed her back slightly. Ice began to form on her jumpsuit as the cold wind continued to blow at her. With chattering teeth Jessica fired another white energy blast at her second foe, the man leapt aside allowing the blast to pass by him harmlessly, but causing his attack to falter for a moment, giving Jesseca enough time to unsheathe the Sword of Banishment and slice the man’s head clean of his body.

Jesseca’s body shook uncontrollably as she looked at the decapitated corpse of her opponent, her face lost all color and she felt herself begin to vomit as the realization of what she’d just done set in. “This is for real.” she thought as she wiped her mouth and regained her composure. Taking a deep breath Jesseca blasted at the large stone door leaving the entrance to the structure open for her entry. Jesseca heard a low guttural roar moving rapidly toward her as she entered the dark of the structure, she didn’t even realize she’d been hit until she crashed into a building several blocks away.

“Can’t you fly any faster?” Sue shouted behind herself to Severe and Arson as they flew behind with Ataris and Knight in a psychic bubble of Severe’s design floating alongside.

“Can’t you be less of a bitch?” Arson shouted back.

“Sue, we all want to help Jesseca, but we’re going as fast as we can.” Severe said telepathically to Sue.

Sue sighed and thought an apology to Severe explaining that she was only trying to get to Jesseca before anything happened to her.

“I understand your concern Sue, but I’m sure Jesseca can handle anything that she comes up against as long as she has the items Azuria gave you.” Severe thought to her as the group neared the entrance to Boomtown.

“I hope you’re right.” Sue thought back.

Jesseca rose to her feet slowly, her sword had slipped from her hand when she slammed into the building, and something was flying toward her to try and finish her off as she searched for the divine blade.

“Out of time.” she thought as she dove out of the way of a large fireball that left a large crater in it’s wake behind her. Getting up off the ground again, Jesseca got her first look at her attacker, a large winged demon, complete with cloven hooves and large transparent wings.

“All right ugly, let’s dance!” she shouted as she blasted at the demon with her holy gauntlets. The blast struck the demon in the face and caused it to stagger back a few feet before shaking off the attack and roaring angrily at her. “That’s not good.” Jesseca thought with a gulp as another fireball was hurtled at her.

Jesseca braced for burning and pain, but felt nothing, she slowly let her arms fall from in front of her face and opened her eyes to see the large demon laying dead on the ground, a large axe buried in the top of it’s head.

“He wasn’t so tough.” Ataris said as he pulled his axe from the demon with a scoff at the fallen foe.

Jesseca saw that she was encased in a blue bubble of energy, she saw that Severe was focusing on her and figured she had the telepath to thank for the last minute rescue.

“Thank Atlas we got to you before you got to Hannah!” Sue said as she ran over to Jesseca and hugged the girl tightly after Severe let the bubble dissappear.

“Thank you all, but I have to do this alone.” Jesseca said, quickly breaking the embrace of her friend and walking over to her landing point to find her sword.

“Like hell Jess, like it or not we’re in this together.” Knight said sternly talking to Jesseca as if she were an errant child.

Jesseca picked up her sword from a pile of debris and sheathed it. “Thanks dad, but I don’t need you slowing me down.” she said and started to trek back to the structure.

Sue growled and flew in front of Jesseca and landed in her path. With lightning quickness Sue slapped Jesseca across the face surprising the young woman more than hurting her.

“What the-” Jesseca began before she was cut short by Sue.

“Shut up! I don’t want to hear one more word from that mouth unless it’s an apology to all of us for putting up with your attitude.” Sue shouted angrily.

Jesseca stood dumbfounded, she looked at Sue and then to the others and then back to Sue. “You’re not my mother, you can’t tell me what to do.” she said and started to walk past Sue.

Sue pushed Jesseca backward, sending her to the ground. Before she could react Sue had swooped down on her like a bird of prey and fought the surprised girl’s gauntlets, jumpsuit and amulet off and pulled her over her knee.

“I want to make sure this hurts.” Sue said as she pulled Jesseca’s diaper down and began raining blows onto her pale bottom.

Jesseca kicked her feet futily and wailed in pain as she shamefully was spanked in front of her fellow heroes. After nearly fifty hard smacks the young girl’s bottom glowed crimson and tears rolled down her cheeks unimpeded. Sue let the girl drop to the ground naked save for her t-shirt and bawling like a toddler.

“Now, I may not be your mother, but I’ve taken care of you like one in the past and I will not have you treat me like dirt on your shoe anymore. You’re going to get dressed and all of us are going to go into that building and take care of Hannah, together! Am I understood young lady?” Sue asked sharply.

Jesseca wiped the tears from her eyes and sniffled the last of her cries away, she looked at Sue and the others and nodded sullenly, “Yes mommy.” she said finally.

Sue’s heart melted and she went to Jesseca and hugged her tightly, this time getting a hearty embrace back. “I love you Jess, I’m sorry that I had to spank you, but I needed you to snap out of the bitchy way you were acting.” Sue explained as she helped Jesseca back into her diaper and jumpsuit, and gave the enchanted items back.

“I understand, I’m sorry Sue, I’m sorry to all of you.” Jesseca said, tears forming in her eyes once again.

The others accepted her apology and they moved as a team toward Hannah’s hideout.

“Remind me to never piss Sue off.” Arson thought to Severe, getting a rare laugh from the stoic psychic.

The air was still and musky in the underground citadel that the Circle of Thorns called home. As the six heroes made their way deeper into the citadel they marveled at the lack of resistance they got, they hadn’t come across a single enemy since entering the complex.

“I have a bad feeling about this.” Arson whispered to the group as the neared a large stone door nearly five times larger than any of them.

“I sense no thoughts within.” Severe said to the group.

“Sounds good to me.” Jesseca said before blasting a large hole in the door with her gauntlets. The group looked at the reckless young woman in disbelief of her crazy action. Jesseca shrugged, “I didn’t have the key.” she said simply before entering the room beyond.

“I think I should have borrowed one of your diapers before we left Jesseca.” Arson said as they entered the room and saw a sprawling courtyard with a large stone platform at the back edge of it that had a large glowing obelisk on it by which Hannah stood. The courtyard was filled from wall to wall with cloaked figures, demons, and winged skeletal apparitions that hovered through the air, hundreds of foes stood between the six heroes and their goal, and now they’d blown the element of surprise.

“Hey guys! Well don’t just stand there in the doorway, come on in and join the fun!” Hannah said in a mock bubbly tone. “Allow my minions to take your souls for you.” she said, sending the horde of enemies racing toward them.

“Sue, I’m starting to think we should have waited for the others.” Jesseca said quietly as she unsheathed her sword and watched the others ready themselves for battle.

To Be Continued…

Diapered Dandy And The Circle Of Thorns (Complete)

Part II: Storm Clouds

Chapter IV: Maelstrom

Severe called up psychic bubbles to help protect her comrades, but watched with despair as the onslaught against them quickly rendered them useless. She quickly conjured a large force of energy to press back a wave of attackers that were encroaching on Sue.

“Thanks.” Sue thought to her as she continued to blast back her attackers.

Dementia’s Knight used his power over negative and shadow energy to conceal himself long enough to get the jump on a group of four cloaked Thorns. The four fell quickly, crushed under the might of his Shadow Punch and Smite attacks, the demon that got the drop on Knight soon after was more resilient however, and Knight’s neck snapped quickly after he slammed into the wall behind him.

“Knight’s down, everyone try and get back together!” Severe broadcasted her orders to the rest of the team’s minds.

“Little busy here, but I’ll be there shortly.” Arson thought back to her as she summoned a large flaming tornado to engulf a dozen or so of the winged skeletal apparitions. Arson flew upward and back to where Severe was, she was struck from behind by a blast of dark energy from one of the left over demons and faltered enough for one of the cloaked Thorns to fire several shards of ice at her, taking one in the chest and another in the stomach. She felt the air leave her as she descended to the ground rapidly, and then darkness took it’s hold.

“Arson!” Jesseca shouted as she saw the young hero fall to the ground, blood soaked ice crystals protruding sickeningly from her body. With an angry growl Jesseca leapt at the ice casting Thorn and sliced him clean in half. Turning around Jesseca obliterated a group of demons with a monstrous blast of energy from her gauntlets. Jesseca was in a fury, she was hacking and blasting foes to her left and right, and still they kept coming. “This is starting to get old.” she shouted as she sliced her way into another mob.

“I agree child.” Ataris said as he wrenched his axe from another demon.

Ataris and Jesseca stood back to back in the center of a horde of enemies, the odds decidedly against them. Severe and Sue hovered overhead and fought back as many of the demons as they could, but Sue had suffered a life threatening blow from one of the larger demons that had managed to get a hold of her as she flew past him. She winced as she looked down again at the mortal wound in her gut that his large claw had created.

“Severe, can you broadcast my thoughts to Jesseca?” Sue asked as she flew up higher to get away from the battle.

“You can start whenever your ready Sue.” Severe said as she forced back another group of attackers to allow herself to maintain focus.

“Jesseca, I’m sorry that I couldn’t help you win this fight. I want you to know that you’re the best thing that’s happened in my life, and I’m grateful for every moment that we’ve spent together. I will always be with you.” Sue thought to Jesseca as she fought to stay conscious long enough to say her goodbye.

“Sue, don’t talk like that. You’re gonna be fine, we can do this.” Jesseca thought back to her, but got only silence as a response. Amongst the sea of evil attackers, she couldn’t see the body of Sue Radiance laying lifeless under their footfalls. With tears streaming down her face, Jesseca mounted her attack toward Hannah by leaping onto the back of a winged demon as it flew overhead.

“Severe, can you toss me toward Hannah?” she asked the albino telepath.

“Yeah. Ready?” Severe asked.

Jesseca leapt off the demon and was propelled by an unseen force toward Hannah. Landing in front of the emerald haired villainess she felt her hatred well up inside of her. She screamed and thrust her sword at Hannah, missing her as she took to the air.

“Aww, isn’t that sweet, babies first sword.” Hannah said as she looked down at Jesseca. “How about I give you babies first funeral, would you like that?” she asked as she blasted at Jesseca with her radiation, sending Jesseca flying backward into the mob she’d just escaped.

Ataris saw Jesseca fly backward from Hannah and rushed to continue where she’d left off. The tall African American turned to mist and phased through the mob unharmed. Returning to solid form in front of Hannah he held up his axe with a smile. “Remember me?” he asked.

“I remember that you were annoying.” Hannah said and fired a blast of radiation at him, missing him as he turned his chest to mist again to dodge the attack.

“Slow learner?” he asked with a chuckle. He started to phase back but suddenly felt cold. Looking down he saw that his torso was now a solid block of ice.

“Apparently not.” Hannah said with a sinister grin as she punched a hole into Ataris’ chest with a radioactive fist, shattering the man’s chest and killing him instantly.

“Jesseca, we need to get out of here, we’re the only one’s left.” Severe thought to her teammate as she hovered above the crowd, scanning the area for a sign of Jesseca.

“Leaving so soon?” Hannah asked as she hovered behind Severe.

Severe tried to attack Hannah with a blast of telekinesis, but found Hannah’s mind to be a minefield of insanity inducing thoughts. Screaming in pain and holding her throbbing head, Severe lost her memory of having superpowers and quickly plummeted to the Earth, dying instantly.

The mob parted as Hannah hovered down to meet Jesseca on the ground. “Just you and me now kitten.” she said with a smile.

“I’m gonna rip your heart out you homicidal bitch!” Jesseca shouted and leapt at Hannah, sword swinging furiously at her foe.

“Swatting flies?” Hannah asked with a chuckle as she dodged the blade every time Jesseca swung it at her.

“Keep joking, it might be hard to do later when your head’s on the other side of the room.” Jesseca said as she blasted at Hannah knocking her backward.

“You got a whole lot more powerful since the last time I left you for dead.” Hannah said, blasting back at Jesseca and sending her flying backward.

Jesseca recovered quickly and sneered at Hannah before running full bore at her, sword overhead in preparation of a strike. Hannah leapt over Jesseca and let her run underneath before landing behind her. What Hannah hadn’t noticed was that Jesseca had spun on her heels and brought her sword back around, slicing Hannah in half at her waist.

“…and smarter.” Hannah managed to choke out before the two halves of her separated and fell to the floor with a sickening wet thud.

Jesseca breathed heavily as she looked around at the horde of enemies still surrounding her. “One down, a thousand to go.” she thought with a sigh as she lifted her sword once more, readying herself for a fresh onslaught, but none came. As Jesseca stood still, waiting, she heard someone clapping.

“Very good Ms. French, you passed with flying colors.” an unseen voice said from somewhere in the vast courtyard.

Jesseca watched as the army of Thorns disappeared before her eyes, and the courtyard faded into a stark steel room, void of everything except one man. “Who are you? What’s going on?” Jesseca asked, noticing that her attire had changed to a simple shirt and disposable diaper, her sword and other enchanted items gone along with her jumpsuit and her surroundings.

“I am Ernesto Hess, and you have passed your trial.” the man said with a smile.

End Part II

Part III: Trial Of The Century

Chapter I: Back To The Beginning

Jesseca watched as the army of Thorns disappeared before her eyes, and the courtyard faded into a stark steel room, void of everything except one man. “Who are you? What’s going on?” Jesseca asked, noticing that her attire had changed to a simple shirt and disposable diaper, her sword and other enchanted items gone along with her jumpsuit and her surroundings.

“I am Ernesto Hess, and you have passed your trial.” the man said with a smile.

“Trial? What are you talking about?” Jesseca asked, still disoriented by what was happening.

“At the beginning of their career’s all heroes are subjected to a trial to test their resolve and dedication to being a hero, as well as their ability to function as a cohesive unit with other heroes. You, Diapered Dandy have passed your trial and are now a full fledged hero of Paragon City.” Ernesto explained to Jesseca.

“So everything that I’ve been through was a lie? My friends, Hannah’s death, everything, you willingly put me through all of that for my supposed benefit?!” Jesseca shouted angrily.

“Calm down Ms. French, this is the way we’ve operated for decades.” Ernesto said.

“That doesn’t make it right! These are peoples lives you’re toying with. Forcing me to lose Hannah was one thing, but then making me kill her! How can that possibly be for my benefit!?” Jesseca shouted, tears forming in her eyes.

“Because if a situation like that were to ever come up in real life we have to know that you’ll be able to rise to the challenge. I’m sorry that we deceived you, but you must understand that it was quite necessary.” Ernesto said.

Jesseca wiped her tears away. “So was any of it real?” she asked with pleading eyes.

“Only the powers and abilities that you got while in the trial. The other heroes do exist, but you’ve never actually met them. I’m sorry, if it’s any consolation, you won’t remember any of this soon.” he said.

“What do you mean?” Jesseca asked.

“Sister Psyche if you please.” Ernesto said.

Suddenly Jesseca felt a tingle in her brain, as if someone were running their hands over her mind. Thoughts of Hannah and the others faded from her mind, she fought desperately to retain the memories but they slipped away from her like sand through an hourglass.

“Congratulations Diapered Dandy, you’re now a full fledged hero of Paragon City.” Ernesto said to Jesseca as soon as he saw a vacant look in her eyes.

“Thank you! Mr?” Jesseca said joyfully as she went to Ernesto and shook his hand happily.

“You’re very welcome, my name is Ernesto Hess, I’m in charge of new hero relations. Allow me to give you these to commemorate this event.” he said as he fished two tickets from his pocket.

“What are these?” Jesseca asked excitedly.

“One of these coupons will provide you with a free session at the Icon Tailor, they’ll outfit you with a costume that will help you establish your own identity in the city. The other will allow you to visit the R&D labs at Crey Technologies, using ground breaking technology they can modify your genes to provide you with a “travel power”.” Ernesto said.

“Travel power?” she asked.

“Flight, teleporting, super speed, or leaping are the travel powers that you can choose from. They’ll help you be on a more even keel with heroes that are already endowed with those particular abilities.” he explained.

“Thank you very much Mr. Hess, I won’t let you down.” Jesseca said cheerfully as she left the room.

“She seemed quite unstable when she found out about the trial.” A woman’s voice said from across the room.

Ernesto looked toward the tall red headed woman that entered the room. “That’s why we wipe their memories, to ensure that they don’t go rogue.” he said.

Sister Psyche looked intently at Ernesto Hess and let her telepathic powers creep into his mind.

“Careful Psyche,” Ernesto said as he held up a remote control and let his thumb hover above the button on it. “I wouldn’t want to have to blow that pretty head of yours up.” he said with a smile.

“Yes sir.” Sister Psyche said with a bow as she retracted he telepathic wanderings and left the room.

Jesseca departed her cab as it stopped outside of Crey Technologies in the heart of Galaxy City. As she entered the large building she felt very tiny in comparison to the cold steel behemoth. Jesseca made her way to the front counter and smiled at the woman behind the counter.

“May I help you?” the woman asked with a smile.

“I have this coupon.” Jesseca said as she held up the ticket that Ernesto had given her.

“Head to the elevator and go to the thirtieth floor.” the woman said as she pointed down the hallway behind her.

Jesseca’s bare feet slapped softly on the cold linoleum as she walked to the elevator. Standing in the metallic box as it climbed upward she blushed as she saw her reflection, clad in a disposable diaper and a t-shirt, she suddenly felt very silly looking in this highly professional environment. She hurriedly departed the elevator when it reached her floor and made her way to the front desk of the R&D department.

“Hello and welcome, how may I assist you today?” the young man behind the counter asked.

Jesseca again presented her ticket and was led back to a laboratory by the young man. “Dr. Ashford?” the young man addressed a tall gray haired scientist as they entered the lab.

“Yes? Ah, another new hero I presume.” Dr. Ashford said when he saw Jesseca.

“Yes sir, I was given this ticket by…” Jesseca started to explain but was cut short.

“Yes, I know all about it, now what can we set you up with?” the man asked rather curtly.

Jesseca felt nervous, she hadn’t thought about what she was going to get yet. “Umm, well I’ve always wanted to fly, I guess.” she said, tripping over her words clumsily.

“Right then, please step into this chamber here, and we’ll have you aloft in a jiffy.” Dr. Ashford said as he pointed out a large chamber on the other side of the room.

Jesseca padded over to the machine and stepped inside, as the door closed she felt nervous upon hearing the machine begin to hum loudly. Suddenly a blinding light filled the chamber and washed over her, she felt a tingle all through her body and somehow felt lighter.

As soon as the light and noise had started it was over, and the door to the chamber slid open and Jesseca stepped out slowly, her eyes struggling to focus after the barrage they’d just endured.

“All done, thank you for stopping by.” Dr. Ashford said as he ushered Jesseca back out of the lab.

“But how do I fly?” she asked the doctor.

“Part of the process is that your mind is hardwired to allow you to use your power by thinking about it, just think of flying and you’re off.” he said as the door shut behind Jesseca.

“What a jerk.” she thought as she left the building. “Just think about flying.” she scoffed and then noticed that she was now hovering a few feet off the ground.

“YAHOO!!!” was the excited shout that was heard by citizens on the street below as Diapered Dandy flew overhead in a blur.

“First time I take it.” came a woman’s voice from above her.

Jesseca stopped and looked up, she saw a beautiful green haired woman hovering above her. “That noticeable, huh?” she asked with a blush.

“I think the “YAHOO!!!” might have tipped me off.” the woman said with a smile.

“Sorry, I just got excited.” Jesseca explained with another hot blush.

“No need for apologies cutie.” the woman said giving Jesseca’s nose a playful tweak with her fingers. “My name’s Hannah, Half-Life Hannah to be exact.” the woman said with a smile.

“Jesseca, umm Diapered Dandy.” Jesseca replied with a smile and another blush.

“Nice to meet you Jess, you wanna grab a cup of coffee with me?” Hannah asked.

“Sure!” Jesseca said with a smile and the pair flew off together, all the while Jesseca feeling a profound sense of déjà vu ever since she’d come into contact with Half-Life Hannah.

To Be Continued…

Part III: Trial Of The Century

Chapter II: Team Player

Police helicopters circled the warehouse as several SWAT trucks and police vehicles sat outside. Dozens of police officials swarmed around the building making plans and carrying out orders. Inside the building a young woman watched over her captive.

“Why are you doing this?” the man asked his captor.

The woman stood near the window staring down at the circus of police that was surrounding the building. “Shut up.” she said without looking at the man.

The young woman watched intently as one of the officers below produced a bullhorn and began to address her.

“This is police chief Gordon Stacy. We want to resolve this without incident, please send out your hostage and surrender immediately.” the man said and waited for some kind of reply.

The woman inside turned from the window and picked her captive up off the floor by his neck. The man struggled and choked as she walked with him in tow back to the window. “Happy landings Mr. Hess.” she said before heaving the man out the window, sending him crashing into the police car the chief stood behind several stories below.

“My god, she just killed him without hesitating.” the chief thought to himself before speaking into his bullhorn again. “Diapered Dandy, you leave us no choice but to use lethal force on you.” he said and gave the sign to open fire on the warehouse.

“Bring it on.” Jesseca thought to herself as the bullets began to assault the warehouse.

Two Days Earlier

Jesseca and Hannah stood back to back in the center of the woods of Perez Park, they were currently surrounded by several of the gelatinous blob monsters of the Hydra that called Perez Park home.

“I’ll take the twenty on the left, you take the twenty on the right?” Hannah asked with a smile.

Jesseca returned her smile, “You know how I like it.” she said before diving into the center of the mob with an energy punch that burst a hole through one of the Hydra minions.

Hannah melted a few with a radiation blast and took to the air to dodge their slimy blob counter attacks.

Hannah and Jesseca had been working together for a little over a week and a half, and had become fast friends. In the short amount of time they’d been working alongside one another they’d grown to anticipate each others moves, and had become a cohesive fighting unit.

“You’re falling behind!” Hannah shouted as another of her enemies melted away and she saw that Jesseca was still working on a sizable group.

“We can’t all vaporize a group with one attack, some of us actually have to do work!” Jesseca shouted back with a smile as she plowed a stoney foot through another foe.

Jesseca and Hannah sat on a bench near the lake in the park after the fight as they often did, and talked about the highlights of the days bouts and other things.

“So I was thinking, would you maybe wanna team up on a more permanent basis?” Hannah blurted out suddenly.

“You mean like become partners?” Jesseca asked.

“Sort of, I have a team, and I want you to join us.” Hannah said with a smile.

Jesseca smiled back, “I’d be honored.” she said.

Hannah stood up slowly and then blasted into the sky. “You can only join if you can keep up with me!” she shouted behind her as she flew off.

“Cheater!” Jesseca yelled as she took to the air and raced after Hannah, the pair laughing happily as they glided over the city.

Hannah led Jesseca to a glowing cylinder of black and blue light under the overpass in Skyway City. “Here we are.” she said.

“What’s that thing?” Jesseca asked as she stared at the cylinder.

“It’s a base teleporter, all super group bases have teleport beacons in the different area of the city. Essentially they teleport us to the base, and depending on which one we enter in the base, it’ll take us anywhere in the city we want to go, it saves us having to fly all over the place all the time.” Hannah explained.

“Neat.” Jesseca said with a smile.

Hannah nodded and grabbed Jesseca’s hand tightly and put her other hand to the cylinder. The cylinder began to hum and an electronic voice asked Hannah the name of her super group. “Freedom Phalanx Reserve - Rise of The Phoenix.” Hannah answered. A bright light washed over the pair and the world disappeared around them.

When her eyes adjusted their focus after the blinding light of the trip in, Jesseca marveled at the building she was now in. Weapons cases adorned the wall behind her, holding weapons from various enemies that the team had battled in the past. The adjoining room had several platforms with monitors near them showing images of the various areas of the city, Jesseca assumed that they were the teleporters that Hannah had spoke of.

“Welcome to your new home.” Hannah said as she led Jesseca by the hand through the building.

Jesseca saw a large table in the next room that had a large holographic image of the team’s insignia, a shield with a flaming bird in the center of it, hovering above the center of it. Rows of bookshelves lined the walls with thousands of books on them.

“Guys? I’m back, and I brought a guest.” Hannah called out.

“Welcome back Hannah.” a man’s voice said from behind them.

The pair turned and saw a man clad in black armor, his helmet was adorned with menacing looking blood red tipped horns. The man’s face was completely obscured by his helmet, and he looked wholly menacing to Jesseca who was a good three or so feet shorter than the iron behemoth.

“Jesseca, this is Dementia’s Knight, he’s our team leader. Knight this is Diapered Dandy, she’s looking to join up with us.” Hannah said.

Jesseca gulped and smiled nervously, “Nice to meet you.” she said timidly.

“No need to be frightened, Knight’s a big teddy bear, he only looks tough.” Hannah explained with a giggle.

“Well, welcome to the team Dandy, glad to have you aboard.” Knight said, his helmet allowing no emotion to be seen. “The others are in the dining room.” Knight said and turned back to the lab where he’d come from.

“You’ll get used to him, he’s the strong silent type.” Hannah said as she took Jesseca by the hand again and led her to the dining room.

Jesseca began to feel the sense of déjà vu she’d felt when she met Hannah creep over her, but pushed it away again as they entered the dining room.

“Hey all, this is my friend and our new teammate Jesseca, AKA Diapered Dandy.” Hannah said as she addressed the group sitting at the table eating.

A young Korean girl waved at Jesseca as she slurped up a mouthful of spaghetti noodles. “Hi Jesseca, I’m Hanako, AKA Flower Child.” she said with her mouth still semi full. She wore her long black hair in a fancy braid on the back of her head, she had a bright red rose in her hair on the side of her head that made her pale complexion all the more beautiful. Her forest green silk kimono was very extravagant looking to Jesseca, and she wondered how the young girl managed to fight in it.

“Finish chewing at least before you talk Hanako, it’s very rude.” a large Jamaican man said from the other end of the table. “Sorry about her, she’s still in training.” he said to Jesseca.

Hanako stuck her tongue out at the man and continued devouring her meal.

“My name’s Damerae, AKA Ataris.” he said.

Jesseca saw a large battle axe sitting on the table in front of the burly Jamaican. His hair was done into long dreadlocks and he wore a black muscle shirt that showed off his muscular physique.

“Brianna AKA Arson.” a teenaged girl said from the kitchen without looking at Jesseca, she was engrossed in a cereal box and couldn’t be bothered to look away.

Arson was still in her sleeping attire, she wore a red tanktop with a pair of white cotton panties adorned with little flames all over them. Her olive skin and raven hair made her look all the more attractive standing there in just her underwear.

“Sue AKA Sue Radiance, welcome.” a middle aged blonde said from the adjoining living room.

Of all the members Jesseca had met so far, Sue Radiance seemed like the most hero like, she had a gold and white spandex uniform adorned with a cape that had the team insignia on the back of it, and a small gold mask over her eyes that added a small level of mystique to her.

“I am Severe.” a voice came from nowhere. It sounded to Jesseca like it was right inside her head.

An albino woman came floating into the room in a meditative position. She wore a tight silver and black outfit. Her eyes glowed with a pinky purple hue as she opened them to see Jesseca. “Welcome to the team.” she said to Jesseca without moving her lips.

“It’s very nice to meet you all, thank you for having me.” Jesseca said with a smile.

“We’re missing a few people, where are Electro-Cute, Winter Flare, and Premiere?” Hannah asked the group.

“In the training room.” Arson said from her cereal box novel.

Hannah again grabbed Jesseca’s hand and led her to the training room. Jesseca again pushed away the strong sense of déjà vu as she was led to the training room, it was getting stronger and harder to ignore now, and she wondered where it could be coming from.

Inside the massive training room, Jesseca watched several heroes engaged in a sparring match with one another, A pink haired young woman with bug eyed sunglasses hovered above two other heroes, her blue cape flowing as she moved over the two and blasted at them with large arcs of electricity.

“That’d be Samantha, AKA Electro-Cute.” Hannah said pointing at the pink haired woman.

Another young woman took flight and launched several ice missiles at Electro-Cute. This woman had long blue hair, and wore an outfit similar to Hannah’s, tanktop and plaid mini skirt, fishnet stockings and knee high boots, the only difference between the two was that this girl’s outfit was blue rather than green,

“That’s my baby sister Elysa AKA Winter Flare.” Hannah said with a smile as she watched her sister in action.

Jesseca watched the other combatant, a tall blonde man in a t-shirt and jeans encase his body in stone seconds before a bolt of electricity struck him. He then created a stone mallet from the rock armor he’d encased himself in and smashed a barrage of ice missiles before they could hit him.

“And that’s Darius AKA Premiere.” Hannah said. “Guys, we have a new teammate, Jesseca here is Diapered Dandy, when you’re done come and meet her.” Hannah said into an overhead speaker to the others. The group nodded and waved as they looked up to the observation room. “Oh, and Elysa, watch out.” Hannah said seconds before Premiere struck the girl with his stone mallet and sent her crashing into the wall behind her.

“Well, that’s the team, and you’ve seen the base, any questions?” Hannah asked.

Jesseca blushed and looked toward the ground. “Is there anywhere I can get changed?” she asked shyly.

Hannah chuckled and nodded, “Right this way hon.” she said and led Jesseca by the hand to the infirmary.

“Do you need any help?” Hannah asked as Jesseca climbed up onto an examination table.

“No thanks, I’ll be fine.” Jesseca said with another blush.

Hannah went to a console and pushed a few buttons and pulled a diaper and pack of wipes and powder from a tray after they materialized from the machine. She laid the items next to Jesseca and left the room, a smile on her face as she did so.

Jesseca began changing herself and smiled when she saw that the diaper Hannah had given her had the team logo on the seat of it. “Thanks Hannah.” she thought and began changing her diaper.

“Severe, right?” Jesseca asked the albino telepath as she came upon her in the library.

“That is correct Jesseca, if you’re looking for Hannah, she went out with the others to get more food for the base.” the albino said with her mind.

“Actually, I was looking for you.” she said. “See, I’ve been having these weird feelings of déjà vu ever since I met Hannah, and it’s only gotten worse since I came here, and I was wondering if you could use your mind mojo to tell me what it means.” she explained.

“I can try.” Severe said. She closed her eyes and focused her thoughts on Jesseca’s mind. At first nothing happened, and then she came across a deeply guarded area of memory in Jesseca’s mind, she delved into it slowly, and then the memories burst from it like a dam that had ruptured.

Jesseca screamed in agony as the thoughts erupted into her conscious thoughts, and flashed through her mind like a movie projector. She remembered a trial, and betrayal, and pain. Everything focused and came together, and she remembered everything. “My God.” she exclaimed breathlessly as she struggled to grasp what had just happened to her.

“Jesseca, I don’t know what these memories mean, but they do not seem pleasant.” Severe said.

“They aren’t, and they mean that I have an appointment with an old teacher of mine.” Jesseca said and hurried out of the library.

“Severe to Freedom Phalanx Reserve members, return to base immediately, we may have a situation.” Severe said in a mental broadcast to her teammates.

Jesseca browsed the clothes at the Icon tailor, she needed a new look so that she wouldn’t be recognized by Ernesto Hess or her teammates.

“Hello my dear, how may I assist you today?” a tall male clerk asked her as she looked at a few items.

Jesseca handed him the free costume coupon with a smile, “I want a new look.” she said.

“Well, I think you look just precious, what look were you going for?” he asked as he took the coupon.

“Stealthy and dangerous.” she said.

After many different outfits had been tried on, Jesseca decided on a black leather motorcycle jacket with an armor padding underneath it. Black leather pants with pink trim, motorcycle boots a pair of pink lensed blast goggles that she opted to wear perched on her forehead rather than on her eyes, and a thin mask that covered the bottom of her face, effectively disguising herself. After a few minutes of hesitation, she even opted to die her beautiful blonde locks black and where them in a tight ponytail rather than her pigtails.

Jesseca left the tailor with a newfound strength, and she was ready to make Ernest Hess pay for his deceit.

Hovering outside the building where Hess worked Jesseca pondered how she was going to get in and get him without having to fight an army of guards. Her answer came in the form of Hess walking un-escorted to his car in the lot below. “Like fish in a barrel.” she thought as she swooped down and rammed into Ernesto, knocking him into a car and into unconsciousness.


Jesseca moved from the window as a hail of bullets tore into the building. She ran to the stairs and stopped when she heard the door downstairs smashed open by the SWAT team. Hovering to the ceiling, she punched a hole in the roof and made her way outside. She began to fly away and was caught in the light of a police helicopter, without warning the chopper began to fire upon her.

Jesseca braced for an impact that never came, she looked up and saw an ice wall had been erected in the path of the bullets. She looked down and saw Elysa standing below her, the girl gave a small salute and flew away. Jesseca followed her lead and flew around the ice wall and under the chopper. Diving low, Jesseca flew between the warehouse buildings and made her way into the heart of the city.

“I just have to ask, why?” Hannah asked from behind Jesseca as she sat on top of the large globe on top of the Atlas statue’s shoulders.

“He lied to me, he made me lose everything, and then he brought it back only to have me destroy it again. He got what he deserved.” Jesseca said coldly.

“I have no clue what you’re talking about, but I believe you did what you had to do.” she said, taking a seat next to Jesseca.

Jesseca nodded. “So what now?” she asked.

Hannah shrugged. “We’re gonna investigate the whole thing, and make sure that the truth comes out.” she said.

“And what about me?” Jesseca asked.

“You need to lay low for a while, no powers, no crime fighting, a normal life for a bit.” she said.

Jesseca nodded again. “I’m sorry Hannah.” she said.

Hannah smiled and reached up slowly and removed Jesseca’s mask. She stroked the young girl’s cheek softly and leaned in and kissed her full on the lips. “You have nothing to be sorry about.” she said.

Jesseca’s head was swimming for a moment, she was filled with new feelings as she parted lips with Hannah. “I love you.” she blurted out suddenly.

Hannah smiled at her. “Ditto babe.” she said before putting Jesseca’s mask back on. “I’ll be in touch to let you know how everything’s going.” Hannah said before flying away.

Jesseca shed a tear as she sat alone on top of the world, she felt the most alone she’d ever felt before, and at the same time she felt the most loved and accepted she’d ever felt in her life. As she glided down to the ground and walked to the train station she couldn’t help but wonder what her life would be like now that she wasn’t a superhero anymore.

The End