Diapered After Nuclear War

NOTE: This is my first story. It may not be the most amazing thing, but it’s sufficient I suppose.
The fridge part was my characters reaction.

Part 1 - The beginning

Jay sat at his laptop, smiling, as he stared at his Facebook profile.
“134 friends” He thought. He sighed as he got up and walked over to his closet. The room was covered in junk, such as apple cores, wrappers, and the occasional shirt. Jay had a very slim figure, but was built like an Offroad truck. This allowed him to wear Pull Ups, and Diapers. Opening the closet, he got on his coat and got his keys from his desk. He looked at the many, many leaves that had fallen in the driveway. “Damn” whispered Jay, “Well, I should clean that up soon”. He got Into his Camary and drove off, to walmart to get some more diapers, and groceries, as the note his mom had put on his car stated. When he got there, he saw that the parking lot was emptier than usual. “Good! Now I can FINALLY get a spot closer to the door.” said Jay. He walked in and saw just a few people, who were just looking at things. He first, walked over to the baby aisle. Browsing, he chose 2 packs of Size 7 Pampers, and 2 packs of size 4-5 Girls Pull Ups. After getting everything on the list, Jay walked to the register to pay. The attendant looked at him as he put everything on the table. After all, Jay WAS only 16. He handed over $50, and left without a word. That’s when everything started to go wrong…

Part 2 — The Bomb

The sirens were unbearably loud. And these were not tornado sirens… These were air raid sirens. “Holy Shit! Their gonna launch a nuke!” yelled Jay amid the panic. He rushed to his car, and jammed the key into the ignition. The car turned over once, then started with an demon like roar. With his foot jammed onto the pedal, Jay bashed through everything in his wake. After 5 seemingly endless minutes, Jay ran out of his car with everything. When he got inside, he noticed only one thing missing… his mom. Running back outside, he saw a missile cruising over his house. “OH LORD!” Instinctively, he ducked, then got back up. He ran back inside, and locked the door, and windows. Turning on the TV, he heard a computer voice saying “The Russian Government has launched 10 M.I.R.V. Missiles, and 5 Tactical nuclear weapons against the United States.” Hearing this, Jay wet himself. Only to realize that he needed to survive. Quickly, he put the 3 Walmart bags into the basement, and grabbed everything from the fridge and pantry. By now the power had gone out, but the water still worked. Going out back, Jay grabbed 3 empty water canisters. Almost like the ones you carry gasoline in, but meant for water, and began filling them with a hose. When they were filled, he capped, and put them in the basement. Finally, he grabbed his laptop, the battery from his car, wires, and the fridge and dragged them into the basement. By now, Jay had wet himself several times, and his pants were cold from pee. Closing the door, he got into the fridge, and waited. After one long and painful hour, and yet another wetting later, the nukes hit. The fridge was knocked over, and the windows were blown out. Outside, he heard nothing but screams and pain. That’s when the shockwave hit. Jay’s house stood, but otherwise, everything else seemingly had some part missing. Jay shivering, screamed, “Make it stop! Just Stop!”. A few minutes later, the final bombs fell, and it was silent. Jay got out of the fridge and looked around. Surprisingly, the basement seemed brighter. But then he noticed the scorch marks on the floor. Had he not been stuffed in that fridge, he would have been dead. The groceries, which he hid in the freezer part above, were still safe, and the diapers were also safe. Knowing that He had wet himself all over with nothing to wear, he took out a pamper, and put it on. And now we fast forward 2 weeks.

Part 3 — Diapered And Alone

Jay was sitting on his fridge, and thinking. It had been awhile since he ate, almost a week. He looked at his food supply and smiled. “Well, At least it will last awhile.” Saying this, he stared at his tremendously full diaper. Standing up, Jay dropped his pants, and took off the diaper, and put a Pull Up on. Walking up the stairs for the first time, he saw the kitchen. Walking over to his cupboard, he took out some laxatives, and a box of Oreos. He ate the Oreos with some water, and went back upstairs. Little did Jay know, god had been very nice to him. Only Diaper Lovers like him had survived, and all the stores in the country where diapers were sold were untouched. He went inside, and got his car battery, put it back, and started his car. Now rather than a vibrant red, his Camary was charcoal black. Halfway into town, Jay felt the urge to pee and poop. He stopped the car and got out. Crouching down, He filled the Pull Up and sat down in the mess. This was when a door opened from across the street…


Re: Diapered After Nuclear War

Umm… What?..

Re: Diapered After Nuclear War

I couldn’t follow it either.

Re: Diapered After Nuclear War

I got lost after chapter 1, and I only barely understood it.

Re: Diapered After Nuclear War

Title did it for me. When the imagination is so limited as to basically inform everyone of the plot before the story even starts, there’s no real reason to read the rest.

Re: Diapered After Nuclear War

A few things.
Try to work on your paragraph form. Each new event should have a new paragraph. This includes when people are speaking. This will help you break down your story so it is more easily understood.
Take a bit more time when writing. It seems like you had a lot of things going on and wanted to get too much out too quickly. The result is too fast paced and confusing. Describe the setting, describe the character, then get into each portion of the story one after another. This story overall could have been several pages.
Don’t be discouraged, especially by some of the less polite comments on this. This is your first work, and you certainly have the ability to write. Just take your time, keep working at it, and I look forward to seeing what you came up with.
Keep at it!