DIAPER TEEN HORROR STORY (Updated with Chapter Six- 05/13/12)

It’s been a long time since I’ve written any diaper stories, and I don’t imagine any of you really remember my old “The House-sitter” story on the old board. Either way, I had this idea and I thought I’d start up again.

I thought I might try something new. I don’t think I’ve ever read a diaper story that had any real horror elements in it, and while watching “Friday the 13th” a few weekends ago, I sort of got to thinking about trying it out.

It may be complete failure, as it’s not the usual thing we want to see our diapered characters get into, but you never know! Could take off!

I hope you enjoy.

By Jennifer “DDNIXX” Wilkins

Chapter One - “You’re All Doomed”

A nearby stream becomes a welcoming sight to a tired Doe wandering the forest. She quietly and cautiously approaches it, surveying the woods left and right for anything unsettling. The woods are particularly beautiful tonight. Moonlight streams through the leaves in the trees illuminating the bed of the forest just enough so that one could navigate their surroundings. She bends her elegant neck down to the inviting water and laps some into her waiting mouth. For a moment, everything appears still and peaceful.

Suddenly, the Doe raises its head on full alert. Looking off into the distance, it listens. Without a second more of hesitation, the Doe races off in the opposite direction it was surveying, fleeing with intense fear. As she retreats, the sound of her hooves disappear and the woods again fall silent.

Not long after, the sound of hurried footsteps and exhausted breathing grows as a teenage boy races through the stream, splashing the water very loudly. Frantically searching for a place to hide, his eyes fall on a large tree with a hollow at the base. He immediately darts for it, climbing inside and hiding himself as best he can within its shadow.

He attempts to steady his breathing, trying to reduce the sound that the intake of breath makes, giving his lungs what they so desperately need. As he regains his wind, he surveys the woods through the darkness, listening. He reaches into the neck of his shirt and retrieves a silver crucifix attached to a chain. He rubs it, reassuringly, and prays under his breath.

He sits and waits silently, straining his ears to hear any indication of pursuit.

Breathing steadily again, he leans very slowly and cautiously out of the hollow, hoping to see if he had been followed or not. Seeing nothing, he leans his back again into the hollowed tree, closes his eyes, clutches the crucifix tight, prays one last time and then flies out of the hollow, racing again towards safety.

For a moment, he truly believes he’s made it. He’s gotten away!

A faint whistle followed by a sudden sharp pain in his knee indicates otherwise. He falls to the ground with full force and smacks his teeth on a root. Stunned and groggy from the fall, he slowly raises himself up, wincing at the pain in his knee and feeling his bloody mouth for any lost teeth.

Looking down at his knee he discovers what appears to be a home-made arrow straight through his kneecap. That’s when his attention is caught by the silhouette of a large man only a few feet away from him, unmoving and silent. The silhouetted man takes a slow step toward the boy and the large machete he’s holding catches a beam of moonlight.

The boy, wetting himself in fear, begins to cry, unable to think of anything else. The figure stops just in front of him and slowly tilts his head to the side, staring down at the boy; studying and surveying him. He lifts the machete high into the air as the boy fully loses control and screams as hard as he can before the machete impales his forehead.

The figure twists the machete, loosening its lodging and pulls it free with a sickening “squelch”. The boy’s body rolls onto its side and twitches a few times as the figure surveys his handiwork. Suddenly, the figure turns and points the machete menacingly at yet another Figure that has silently appeared behind him. The second figure carries a dead Doe on his back.

The first figure, recognizing the second, drops his guard and returns his gaze to the boy. Bending down, the figure props the boy up onto his shoulders and the two figures walk off into the woods, carrying their dinner.


“GOD, I need to change.” Lindsay thought as she noticed how saturated her diaper was. Lindsay glanced around at the other five people she was traveling with in the minivan. “I wonder how I can do it without anyone else noticing?”

Lindsay and her friends were traveling to the country to spend a week at her best friend Kelsey’s summer cabin in the woods. This was an annual tradition and had been for the past 6 years since they had all become friends. This year was special, however, as they had all just graduated high school in the previous school year and they were all heading off to different Colleges and Universities in the fall. This was their last time to spend their cottage week together before their lives would be dramatically changed forever.

Sitting in the front passenger seat, Lindsay flipped down the visor mirror to have a look at everyone in the van, pretending to apply lip gloss. This vehicle literally carried all of Lindsay’s favorite people in the world. Driving the minivan was Paul, her very best guy-friend and someone Lindsay often had stronger feelings for; Feelings Lindsay was never willing to act on for fear of ruining their relationship. Nonetheless, tall, dark and handsome only scratched the surface for him as far as she was concerned.

Behind her sat Kelsey, her best friend for life, and Kelsey’s little sister Jessica, who was as much Lindsay’s little sister as she was Kelsey’s. One of the things Lindsay loved about Kelsey’s look was her natural and unbelievably beautiful auburn hair. Lindsay was always a little jealous, comparing her own chestnut color to Kelsey’s. Kelsey’s light blue eyes suddenly caught Lindsay’s and she winked. Lindsay smiled.

Her final three friends squished together on the back bench were Emily and Ben, who were dating (and currently making out), and Riley, Paul’s best friend from before they all knew each other. Riley did not look impressed by the couple beside him.

Lindsay flipped the visor back up and resumed staring out the window. She wiggled in her seat a bit to remind her of her soggy diaper, still enjoying the warmth inside.

Kelsey leaned forward and whispered, “Hey Linz, did you bring what I asked you to bring?” Lindsay locked eyes with her and simply smiled. “Well, go on then!” Kelsey said, this time audibly.

Smiling wider, Lindsay leaned forward and rummaged through her bag.

“What are you girls up to?” asked Paul, not taking his eyes off the road.
“You’ll see,” responded Kelsey.

With lightning quick speed, Lindsay removed an old CD from her backpack and inserted it into the CD player of the Minivan. The CD began to load.

“Is that what I think it is?” Paul asked, taking his eyes off the road long enough to see Lindsay flash her perfect smile and give him a little wink.

Before the music started to play, Lindsay switched it to Track 3 and turned back to look at the group for their reactions. As soon as the Drums started, followed by the guitar, everyone’s eyes shot forward. Even Emily and Ben stopped making out long enough to pay attention. As the lead vocals of Stephen Jenkins began, singing the lyrics to Third Eye Blind’s 1997 hit “Semi-Charmed Life” (Do-do-do! Do-do-do-doo, do-do-do!…), everyone had a mixed reaction of both delight and dismay, some squealing gleefully while others groaned heavily.

“Remember how much you loved this album, Riley? That whole first ride up you had us listen to it and then all the way home?” Lindsay asked. Riley buried his head in his hands. He looks up smiling, and gives a simple shrug.

“Well, back then we thought it was the best summer we had ever had, so I wanted to remind you of it because this year we’re definitely going to top it!” Kelsey said.

Kelsey began dancing in her seat and began singing along! Soon, the whole car was singing along with the classic song as their van wound deeper into the country on the country road. (“I want something e-e-else! To get me through this – semi-charmed kind of life, baby, baby…!”)

After a little while, Paul reached over and lowered the volume of the song so that he could be heard. “Alright guys, we’re coming up on Old Man Wilkins’ gas station, and it’s the last bit of civilization we’ll get before we hit the cabin, so if you need anything, this is it!”

“Civilization? If you can call it that. More like a shack with electricity,” Riley joked.
“Last time they had a dead raccoon in one of the toilets!” Jessica added.

They all laughed.

As they rounded the corner, however, instead of seeing their usual old gas shop, they were surprised to find a state-of-the-art fully refurbished gas station, complete with 6 new pumps, a large banner for “Grand Opening” and a wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man! They were all surprised, and everyone stopped for a moment just to marvel at the new sight. Paul pulled the van up to the appropriate gas pump and they all exited to check the new place out. Paul set up to pump gas. Lindsay grabbed her purse and joined the others as they ventured inside.

Inside, the place was well air-conditioned and very well stocked. It was probably twice the size of the original old dimly-lit place. Not only that, but there wasn’t a single taxedermied animal to be found! They all oohed and awed.

As everyone dispersed to go find the things they needed, Lindsay saw this as her opportunity to b-line for the bathroom and get herself changed before she leaked. She walked through the different aisles, nearing the washroom with every step.

“Hey Linz!”

Lindsay stopped, her hand on bathroom door just about to pull it open. Turning around, she saw Kelsey rushing towards her. Before Lindsay could react any further, Kelsey pulled the bathroom door open and then pulled Lindsay into the bathroom with her.

Once inside, Kelsey checked the other stalls to make sure she and Lindsay were alone. Lindsay was puzzled by Kelsey’s behavior, wondering what she was playing at. When Kelsey was satisfied that they were both alone, she locked the bathroom door and she turned to face Lindsay.

“I kind of thought we could cheat and change into one now.” Kelsey said. Lindsay was surprised!
“Well, uh… you know that’s against the rules, Kels. They won’t think it’s fair that we started wearing them before we hit the cabin.” Lindsay replied.
“I know, I’ve just been looking forward to wearing a diaper again for sooo long!” Kelsey said, with slight desperation.

Lindsay shifted uncomfortably, noting the soggy diaper hanging around her waist under her shorts.

“Come on, please Linz? Pretty please?” Kelsey begged.

Lindsay sighed. There was no way she could avoid being caught now and she could never resist one of Kelsey’s “pretty pleases”. She undid the top button of her shorts and spread them open to show Kelsey. Kelsey’s mouth dropped as she witnessed the site of a smiling Elmo on a disposable material held together by two stretched tapes.

“You cheeky butt! You’re already wearing one!” Kelsey exclaimed.
“I… well, like you, I couldn’t wait either! I didn’t think I would be discovered…” Lindsay admitted, sheepishly.
“Well, that being the case, I’m wasting no time then!”

Kelsey threw her purse on the washroom counter and immediately pulled out a pampers size 7 disposable diaper with Cookie Monster on the front. Lindsay leaned against the counter as she watched Kelsey go to work. Kelsey pulled her skirt down, revealing that she hadn’t been wearing panties, and immediately placed the diaper between her legs, taping up the sides quickly. Then she put her hands on her hips, closed her eyes and sighed. Lindsay watched as Kelsey filled up her diaper. When Kelsey was finished, she smiled at Lindsay. Then she checked for leaks.

Lindsay then took off her own shorts and undid her diaper. She lifted it up and let it bounce a few times, noting just how wet it had been. She rolled it up and tossed it in the trash. She then pulled out another Elmo pamper from her own purse and put it on. As she had relieved herself during the trip a few times, she didn’t need to go right away and simply put her shorts back on.

When Lindsay had her shorts back on and Kelsey had replaced her skirt, Kelsey walked up to Lindsay and gave her a hug. “Thanks Linz”, she said as she squeezed. When she let go, she gave Lindsay’s butt a swat and exited the bathroom. Linsday followed.

They noticed that everyone had returned to the van, so they proceeded through the gas station outside. As they exited, the girls SCREAMED as they were started by an old man who crossed their path almost immediately.

“You’re goin’ to your cabin, aintcha?” The old man inquired, a little briskly.

The girls each took a moment to compose themselves. Lindsay stared at the old man for a moment, taking in the scene: He had a thick bushy beard with weathered skin and liver spots. His clothes were ragged and unwashed and he had a fishing hat on his head that matched nothing else he was wearing. There was something familiar about him, though, that she couldn’t quite place…

“Old man–er, Mr. Wilkins? Is that you?”

“You won’t come back again!” He replies. “It’s got a death curse!”

With that, he takes a big swig out of a brown bottle covered by a paper bag. The girls exchange looks. Suddenly, another man pushes through the door behind them, startling the girls into SCREAMS yet again. Lindsay began to involuntarily wet her diaper, which, to her, defeated the purpose as part of the fun was choosing WHEN to wet it.

“Wilkins! I told you never to come back here! Go on, get outta here!” The new gas station owner yelled.

Old Man Wilkins promptly gave the new owner the finger.

The girls, taking this as their opportunity, bolted around the two men and sprint back to their car. They both practically dive in their seats, and slam the doors behind them.

“Whoa, you girls okay?” Paul asked, concerned.
“Just drive!” Kelsey yelled.
“Now!” Added Lindsay.

And with that, Paul started the car and put it into drive. Old Man Wilkins, now ignoring the belligerent Station owner, returns his attention to the young kids. He begins to run towards the van.


Paul pushed the pedal hard and the minivan sped off, with Old Man Wilkins in pursuit.

“Doomed, you’re all doomed!” Wilkins called as his old legs started to weaken from the movement. After a few more steps, he slowed to a stop and watched the van go.

“JESUS, what the hell was that?” Asked Paul, frazzled.
“I dunno, he just came out of nowhere. Started yelling at us about “death curses” and stuff!” Lindsay said, looking back.
“Whoa, what? Who has a death curse?” Asked Ben.
“Nobody, he said my cabin had it. He’s just some crazy old man!” Stated Kelsey.

They all looked back and watched him as he fell off into the distance.

“Man, I need a beer super bad!” Said Jessica.
“You and me both,” said Riley.

Ben and Emily resume making out and Riley looks back at the old man, still waving his arms at them. He reaches into the neck of his shirt and retrieves a silver crucifix attached to a chain. He rubs it, reassuringly, and prays under his breath.



This was a lot of fun to read and I’m looking forward to more!

I’ve been working on a Zombie Horror story called ‘The Diapered and The Dead’ Check it out if you get the chance.


I did and still do pastie art, yes – I have a deviantart page dedicated to it.

Long ago, though, I used to write diaper stories a bit though.


I am simply amazed at how much fun this story was to read. You always demonstrate a great balance of getting into the minds of each character and their emotional reactions to what is happening. You made my day with this fun story and cheers to you having as much fun writing your stories as I do reading each one to the very end.


Wow, thank you so much! Well, there’s still lots more to come… Not sure just how much, we’ll have to see how the story flows.
Hopefully it will continue to satisfy you, though!

Thanks for the nice message!


Chapter 2

Hey guys!

Here is chapter 2. I’m not sure what the preferred method of posting additional chapters is… do you guys prefer new threads for each chapter with a link to the previous one? (That’s what I used to do…) Or do you prefer this method where I post the new chapters within the same thread? Let me know!

I hope you guys like Chapter 2, those of you who found Chapter 1 interesting. It’s a little deeper into the world, I think… I dunno, let me know what you think!


By Jennifer “DDNIXX” Wilkins

Chapter Two - “You should never say ‘Who’s there?’ Don’t you watch scary movies? It’s a death wish”

Lindsay was almost bouncing with excitement. A whole week with her best friends at a cabin in the woods! This was easily shaping up to be the best summer she had ever had. She had never before gone anywhere without her parents, and here she was with her very best friends all together!

Sitting in the front passenger seat, Lindsay flipped down the visor mirror to have a look at everyone in the van. First, she caught a glimpse of her own reflection staring back at her. She felt for the first time in her twelve years of living, she really was becoming quite beautiful. Despite what her parents had said, she had always thought herself to be a bit of an ugly duckling. Not now, though.

With her womanhood beginning, and acquiring modest breasts before some of the other girls, she had transformed seemingly overnight. For the first time in a long time, she was feeling confident about her appearance, and it felt great.

Suddenly, a pair of light blue eyes also staring into her mirror got her attention, and she turned to see her very best friend Kelsey giggling at her. Lindsay winked at her. Kelsey hadn’t been anything short of gorgeous since she had been a child, Lindsay thought. And here she was, freshly 12 years old, with perfectly styled hair and wearing a cute spaghetti-strap pink t-shirt and a jean skirt.

“Mom, are we there yet? I have to go to the bathroom!”

Lindsay turned her attention to Kelsey’s little sister, Jessica, who was very uncomfortably squirming in her seat.

“Oh, honey, I told you to go at Wilkins’ gas station!”
“I know, mum, but his bathroom was gross!” Jessica whined.
“Honey, you’re ten years old. You’re just going to have to hold it.”

Jessica frowned and crossed her arms.

“Try not to pee on me if you can’t hold it!” said Ben, who sat beside her. His head was quickly bashed by a pillow heald by Emily who sat behind him.

“Don’t be a jerk, Ben. You’ve wet yourself plenty of times!” Emily said.

Ben didn’t reply.

Lindsay, of course, knew that the chances of Jessica peeing on anyone other than herself was not a likely possibility, unless she leaked. Being really close with Kelsey, Lindsay had been privy to a lot of the family’s secrets, one of which being Jessica’s weak bladder. Lindsay knew that under Jessica’s shorts she happened to be wearing a Goodnite.

Lindsay began to think about what it would be like to be wearing basically a diaper at her age. She wondered what it would feel like to sit there in the car, staring around at everybody, and just let loose into her pants. An unfamiliar sensation crept over her while she thought about this. Something that felt new, yet wonderful. Soon, however, she pushed the strange thoughts out of her mind and returned to the rest of the people in the car.

She noticed Paul sitting in the back seat, staring intently at a comic his best friend Riley was showing to him. She had known Paul for a while now, but for some reason he was looking particularly handsome these days. Almost like she had never previously noticed.

He looked up and their eyes met.

She quickly flipped the mirror back up and returned her focus to the road. That’s when she saw it.

Ahead, she saw a beautiful and decently large log cabin, with a porch swing right out front. It looked wonderful, and her excitement came back in full swing. She was going to have a wonderful week here, she knew it!

“Here we are, guys!” Kelsey’s mom said.

After Kelsey’s Mom had parked, they had begun the arguous process of unpacking the van into the cabin. After nearly everything had been brought into the front entrance, Kelsey beckoned Lindsay to follow her to their new room for a week.

When Lindsay entered it, she squeeled with glee. Not only was it her favourite colour, purple, but it had a real cool looking bunkbed in it. She had always wanted to sleep on a bunkbed, on the top bunk, but being an only child, the opportunity never really came up.

“I get the top!” Kelsey said immediately.
“What!? Why?” Lindsay said, her dreams shattering.
“Because you got shotgun the whole way up, that’s why!” Kelsey said.
“But… that’s just the rules of shotgun, I called it first, so I got it!” Lindsay defended.
“Exactly. So, I call shotgun on the top bunk.”

Lindsay was defeated by her own reasoning. She had no choice but to allow her best friend to crush her dreams and she would have to sleep on the boring bottom.

Kelsey flung her backpack up to the top bunk and proceeded to climb up the ladder.

Lindsay watched her go, seething with jealousy, until she noticed something that caught her eye. Hanging out the bottom of Kelsey’s skirt was unmistakably the slight bulge of a Goodnite. Not only that, it had a slight yellowish discoloration to it indicating that not only was Kelsey wearing a Goodnite, but a wet Goodnite.

Lindsay quickly lurched forward and pulled up Kelsey’s skirt, showing Kelsey’s wet goodnite in full view. Kelsey squeeled and launched herself into the top bunk, pulling her skirt down in the process. Lindsay climbed the ladder a few steps so that they were looking at each other eye-to-eye.

Kelsey looked stunned with fear, staring back at Lindsay, waiting for her to say something. Lindsay found herself getting excited, for some reason. That strange new sensation she had felt while thinking about wearing a goodnite in the car began to return.

“Um…Kels, why are you wearing a goodnite?” Lindsay asked, not really sure what else to say.

Kelsey’s eyes began to well up a bit.

“I-I don’t know…I just…” Kelsey stammered.
“You just wanted to know what it felt like?” Lindsay offered.

Kelsey, shocked at first by her BFF’s ability to “hit the nail on the head”, gave Lindsay a simple nod.

“If I don’t tell anyone, can I have the top bunk?” asked Lindsay.

Kelsey, a little relieved, nodded her head emphatically, “yes!”, and she climbed out of the top bunk immediately. The two girls stood in front of each other for a moment.

“Can I see it?” Lindsay asked.
“Um, sure, I guess.” Kelsey said.

She lifted her skirt so that her wet goodnite was now on full display. Lindsay, unable to resist, reached out and squeezed it.

“Hey!” Kelsey said, pulling her skirt down forcefully, while pushing Lindsay’s hand away.
“Sorry, I couldn’t resist. It looks so wet!” Lindsay said.

Kelsey blushed. She reached up and grabbed her backpack from the top bunk and set it on the bottom. Unzipping it, she produced another new goodnite to change into.

Lindsay looked at it in Kelsey’s hand for a moment.

“I’ll tell you what, Kelsey. If you let me try one, we can alternate nights on the top bunk.” Lindsay suggested.
“You… you want to try one on too?” Kelsey asked.
“Yeah. I mean, it looks really comfortable and warm and … well, I’m curious.” Lindsay admitted.
“Well, okay, sure. But I get the top tonight then!”

With that, Kelsey pulled yet another Goodnite out of her backpack and handed it to Lindsay, who took it gladly. She then proceeded to pull out wipes from her bag. Turning her back to Lindsay, she proceeded to pull off the wet Goodnite and let it fall to the floor. She then took the wipes and went about cleaning herself before slipping on a new one. When she turned around, she was pleased to see Lindsay standing in only her t-shirt and the dry Goodnite she had given her.

“How do you think we’ll be able to hide it from everyone?” Lindsay asked.
“Well, maybe we won’t have to.”

Slipping her skirt back on, she flashed Lindsay a wicked grin and ran out the door, leaving it wide open behind her. Lindsay, terrified someone would walk by and catch her, quickly pulled her shorts back on over the goodnite. Her shorts felt a little tighter than before, but her new garment was otherwise unnoticeable.

Smiling to herself, Lindsay thought, “Well, this is definitely going to be the best week of our lives now!” and she exited the room to join her friends.


The cabin was calm. The atmosphere surrounding it was silent save for the faint squeek of the porch swing swaying idley in the wind. There was no sign of life, almost as if the cabin fell within its own zone, sheltered from the insects and small wildlife akin to the middle of a forest.

Progressively, the low rumble of a steady engine followed by the sound of gravel and dirt crackling under tires grew until the van carrying the seven unsettled friends came within eye-shot of the cabin.

The inside of the van was just as quiet as the nature outside. None of the group had said another word since their run-in with Old Man Wilkins. Kelsey and Lindsay had heald hands the whole ride, needing that little bit of comfort that pleasant human contact brings you.

Lindsay was feeling miserable. Her diaper was soaked and it felt hot. That man yelling things at her had left her more uneasy than she ought to be, but for some reason she couldn’t shake his warnings. When she looked up at the cabin, however, her spirits began to rise again. All of her memories and fond times at this cabin came flooding back and she started bouncing in her seat in excitement like she had back when she was twelve.

“Alright guys, here we are!” Paul announced.

Kelsey let go of Lindsay’s hand and cheered, waking Ben and Emily who had fallen asleep, apparently exhausted from making out for so long.

Paul brought the car to a stop and everyone piled out of the van and headed to the hatchback to unpack. Lindsay stretched and took a deep breath of the fresh air of the forest while admiring the sight of her favorite place.

“Oh no, Linz! It looks like you leaked!” Kelsey whispered in Lindsay’s ear.

Lindsay looked at her bum and saw big wet patches where it had leaked out of both sides of her diaper. Looking on her seat, she notices smaller wet patches where it had leaked through.
“Crap”, Lindsay thought. “Must’ve been the bouncing.”

“Hey wait a second, Lindsay, are you already wearing a diaper?” Riley asked.

Everyone turned their attention to Lindsay and the wet patches on her bum.

“Um…Yeah…I guess I am?” Lindsay answered, sheepishly.

“Hey, that’s not fair! If I’d known we changed tradition, I’d’ve worn mine on the way up here too!” Ben said.
“Me too!” Agreed Emily.

“It’s not her fault! I made her put one on because I couldn’t wait!” Kelsey said, rushing to Lindsay’s defense. Kelsey dropped her skirt to reveal her own wet diaper.

“What? You mean me and Emily could’ve been wearing this whole tim–” Ben stopped mid-sentence as he grabbed Emily’s bum only to hear an audible crinkle. Emily immediately went red.
“Babe? You’re already wearin’ too?” Ben asked her.

Emily undid her shorts and let them fall to the ground, revealing a dry pamper diaper underneath.

“I just didn’t want to waste any time when we got here, is all.” She said, sheepishly.

“Wow. That’s actually really hot.” Ben said. Wasting no time, Ben unzipped his backpack and pulled a belissimo diaper out of it. He grabbed Emily by the hand and pulled her along in the direction of a path. “We’re goin’ to the lake! We’ll see you guys in an hour!”

“So, we’re just supposed to bring all your crap in I guess, eh?” Paul called back. They didn’t respond and disappeared from sight. Paul sighed and looked at Riley who simply shrugged. They all resumed unpacking the van.

“You should probably change your shorts, Linz. And your diaper. You too, Kels.” Paul said. “Riley and I can get the rest.” Riley bolted up in attention, wondering how he manged no say in this decision.

“Well, what about you? Don’t you want one?” Lindsay asked.

“Actually, Paul and I decided not to wear them this year. We were never really into wearing them like you guys.” Riley answered.

For some reason, this revelation was disappointing to Lindsay. She looked at Paul and he simply shrugged.

“Well, okay. We’ll see you guys in a bit then.” Lindsay said as she grabbed her bag that had her diaper supplies in them.

She took Kelsey by the arm and they headed into the cabin.

Paul and Riley watched them go.

“She didn’t like that.” Riley said.
“No, she didn’t… but I… I just want her to see me as more of a man, you know? Not just an old friend. I want her to know I can take care of her,” Paul replied.
“I think you should just tell her, man. You guys have played the “will they, won’t they” game for way too long. It’s really your last shot.”
“Yeah, I know you’re right. I’m gonna tell her. Probably tomorrow.”
“We’ll see.” Riley responded, rolling his eyes.

Inside, the girls entered their shared bedroom, bunkbeds still intact.

“Want to change me?” Kelsey asked.
“Sure, let me just get these off…” Lindsay responded as she pulled her shorts down to the floor.

Kelsey lied down on the bed, and waited.

“Do you want another Pampers diaper? Or do you want something that will hold more?” Lindsay asked.
“Pampers are fine,” Kelsey said.

Lindsay pulled another Pampers diaper out of her bag with the wipes. She moved over to Kelsey on the bed and opened the new diaper. Kelsey raised her butt so that Lindsay could slide the new diaper under her, and then Lindsay untaped the wet one. Lindsay wiped Kelsey’s diaper area clean with the wipes and then placed the dirty wipe in the wet diaper she had pulled away. She rolled it up and placed it on the bed. She then brought the front of the diaper up between Kelsey’s legs, pulling it a bit to adjust it to the right level. She then proceeded to tape it tight.

Once she had finished, Kelsey rose and put her arms around Lindsay. “Thanks sweetie!” she said as she gave Lindsay a peck on the cheek.

“Sure.” Lindsay said.

Kelsey pulled away and gave Lindsay a long look.

“You’re upset that Paul isn’t wearing a diaper this year, huh?” Kelsey asked.
“A little. I just… I guess I always thought it was one of those wierd things we had in common, you know?” Lindsay said.
“Well, there’s no denying he likes diapers. Maybe he just doesn’t like to wear them himself. Maybe he just likes seeing you in them.”
“You think he does?”
“We all know he does, Linz. It’s been obvious for years. I don’t like to mention it cuz it makes you uncomfortable, but he’s a good catch. You should really try and seal the deal this year.”
“I dunno… We’re just such good friends…”

Lindsay pulled a Molicare diaper out of her bag and handed it to Kelsey. Then she lied down on the bed. Kelsey began to open up the molicare and then placed it under Lindsay.

“Lindsay, I’m going to tell you a secret nobody in the world seems to know when they’re involved in it, but guys and girls can’t be friends. Guys especially can’t be friends with you.”
“What? Why? What’s wrong with me?” Lindsay, asked, sitting up. Kelsey pushed her back down reassuringly.
“Nothing, that’s the problem. You’re down to earth and you’re a knock-out! I’m amazed he hasn’t tried to ask you out before!”

Lindsay thought about this for a moment while Kelsey wiped her clean.

“What if it changes the dynamic of the group?” Lindsay asked.
“Sweetie, we’re all gunning for you two to get together. So, just hurry up and do it!”

Kelsey fastened the last tape and helped Lindsay to her feet. Lindsay wiggled her bum a bit, enjoying the larger sized diaper.

“Thanks Kels.”
“Anytime kiddo!”

With that, they exit their room in just their t-shirts and diapers.

Down at the lake, Ben and Emily were back at it in full swing on the beach, only this time they were naked except for their diapers. They rolled and tumbled, arms and lips locked together.

“Baby-” Emily said between kisses.
“Mm?” Ben replied.
“Baby, I got to go.”
“Mmhmm,” he said.
“Bab–Baby, stop for a sec.”

With Ben lying on his back, Emily pushed herself up so that she was straddling his abs. She looked at him while she let go into her diaper, feeling the warmth spread. Ben was in heaven! It was amazing to have this beautiful girl sitting on top of him, feeling her warm pee fill up the cute diaper around her waist. He was rock hard.

When she had finished, she leaned down and kissed him passionately again, but then broke the kiss to whisper in his ear.
“That’s not all,” she said.

With her chest on his, she pushed her bum up a bit into the air and began to push. Ben moved his hands to the back of her diaper as she pushed her mess out into it. He squeezed it and smushed it around. She moaned in his ear, clearly enjoying the sensation. Ben started kissing her chest. She arched her back, grinding her crotch into his, and making him work a bit to get at her breasts.

Suddenly, a loud moan came from the woods, just ahead of them. They both stopped and seperated from each other, Emily grabbing something to cover her exposed chest.

“Who’s there?” Ben asked.

They pear into the trees, but they can’t make out anyone.

“You heard it too, right?” Ben asked Emily. Emily nodded.

Suddenly, someone in the trees begins to run away. Ben climbs to his feet.

“I bet it was Riley, that pervert!” Ben immediately takes off in pursuit, wearing only his sand-covered diaper.

While pulling on her t-shirt, Emily calls after Ben. “Ben! Don’t worry about it, just come back! Let him get off in his own way and we can get off in ours!”

Distant in the woods, Emily hears a large CRACK followed by something like a YELP.


There’s no response. Emily gets to her feat, the diaper sagging heavily from between her legs. “Ben? You okay babe?”

With still no response, Emily began to worry. Grabbing the rest of their clothes, she heads into the forest in pursuit of her boyfriend. She jogs in the direction he had headed, her heavy diaper bobbing with every step.

She soon comes across Ben sitting on the ground nursing his shin.

“Jesus, Ben! I thought you’d been murdered or something!” Emily said, as she tossed his clothes forcefully at him.
“Sorry Em, I just tripped on a log.”
“Well, you scared me half to death.”
“Hey, what’s that?” Ben asked, pointing ahead of them.

Emily looked ahead to see what appeared to be a house in the distance in the middle of the woods.

“Looks like another Cabin.” Emily answered.
“I’ve never seen it before.” Ben said, standing to his feet. “Want to go check it out?”

“What? No!” Emily answered, annoyed. “I want to get back to the beach.”
“Come on, we’ll just take a look. Better to have sex on a bed, right?” Ben said, pulling his pants up over his diaper with a little difficulty.
“Sure, but I don’t want to break in to a place to have sex when we’ve got a perfectly good beach just over there!” Emily said, pointing.

“Come on, where’s your sense of adventure?” Asked Ben, walking toward the distant house.
“Oh, this is a shit idea…” Emily said as she followed behind him.



I am intrigued to see where this excellent tale will go and either way you make my day with each new chapter you share with us.


Hi all!

Here we are with Chapter 3. We finally delve into a bit of the horror. Now we’ll see if this sort of story belongs in this community… Do you really want to see fellow diaper lovers die?

It’s fairly low-key, I think… not too gory. But I’ll let you decide!


By Jennifer “DDNIXX” Wilkins

Chapter Three - “I’ve Got a Bad Feeling About This!”

Ben had to pee, but he ignored the pressure. There were other things more important to think about, like the cabin that stood before him. Ben approached the cabin full of curiosity and anticipation. Reaching out and grasping the handle firmly, he was surprised to find the knob turn quite easily, appearing to be unlocked. With his heart beating with excitement and anticipation, he pushed through the door and entered inside.

The cabin was really nice and well-kept. White walls, new carpets, long flowy curtains. Passing through the front hall, passed the entrance to the kitchen, he walked into the main room. It was way bigger than he had expected. He saw a games cupboard on one side, a 36" tube tv, a couple of old couches, a lazy boy and a couple arm chairs. What got him the most excited, however, was the nearly brand new N64 sticking out of a shelf right under the TV.

His parents never allowed him to have any game consoles, but since this was his first vacation away from them, there was nothing to stop him from playing what all his friends were always talking about!

“Hey mister!”

Ben jumped, startled. He turned his attention to Kelsey’s Mom, Mrs. Winters, who was busily lugging in a box of food.

“Go and grab your suitcase, Ben! I’m not lugging everything in!” Mrs. Winters said jokingly.
“Right!” Ben said.

He passed by Kelsey and Lindsay as they bustled by him, and he headed outside.

Paul was pulling all of the bags out of the back of the minivan and handing them to Riley, who set them in the entrance way. Emily and Jessica were going through the middle of the van, grabbing all of their books and pillows and things they had all used for the ride up. Nearly everything had been brought out, but Ben didn’t see his bag.

Ben walked over to Paul.
“Can I help?” He asked.
“You mean now that we’re almost done? No, it’s cool, Riley and I got it. Thanks though.”
“Oh, okay, cool.”

Ben surveyed the trunk until he noticed his bag. Grabbing it, he started back to the cabin, intending to dump his bag off somewhere and then get one of those N64 games started. Nearly at the door, Ben was suddenly pushed aside by Jessica, who was desperately rushing past.

“Excuse you!” Ben called to her.

This little bump reminded him of his need to pee, which was becoming a little more desperate. He continued inside.

He noticed everyone inside had left their shoes by the front door, save for Jessica’s which were strewn through the hallway as she had undoubtedly kicked them off hastily while rushing to the bathroom. He pulled his shoes off and began to walk down the hallway again when – “BEN!”

Ben jumped, startled again by Mrs. Winters who was coming out of the kitchen. He let out a quick spurt of pee in surprise, but held it before too much escaped.

“Geez, Mrs. Winters, stop doing that!” He said, shaking the nerves.
“Sorry Ben! Just wanted to ask you about your sleeping arrangements. There are four bedrooms. Kelsey and Lindsay are in one, Paul and Riley in one, and Jessica and I in the other.” She said.
“Um, okay, so I’ll take the last one.”
“Right, well, you’ll be sharing a room with Emily then, is that okay?”

Ben was not pleased with this prospect, his hopes for this awesome cottage week draining a bit. Sharing a room with Emily? He was quite sure she was never particularly fond of him. She was always correcting him and hitting him, with or without pillows.

“Um… I’d prefer not to. Can’t I sleep on the floor in Paul and Riley’s room?” Ben asked.
“Well, you can, yes, but I was going to suggest your alternative being one of the couches in the living room.” She suggested.

Ben’s eyes looked on where he once again noticed the N64.

“YES. That’s what I want to do. I’ll take the living room.”
“Great! I hope that’s okay. We have an uneven amount of boys and girls here. I wanted to give you the choice.”
“No, no, it’s fine. It’s perfect.” Ben said, his eyes still on the N64.

Mrs. Winters headed back into the kitchen and Ben headed back into the living room. He surveyed which couch he wanted, picked one, and threw his bag onto it. Sitting down, and looking at his new “bedroom”, his attention was turned to Lindsay and Kelsey who came out of their room, giggling excitedly. He took note of how tight Lindsay’s shorts appeared, not having noticed that before. He felt himself get a little hard at the site, which then immediately brought his attention back to his pressing need to relieve himself.

“Hey Mrs. Winters?”
“Yes Ben?” Mrs. Winters called back from the kitchen.
“Where’s the bathroom?”
“It’s down the hallways on the right, last room on the left.”

Ben climbed off the couch and headed down the hallway. He followed it down to the last door on the left and grabbed the door handle. It was locked.

“Busy!” came Jessica’s voice from inside.
“How long you gonna be? I got to go!” Ben said, his desperation taking over all of his thoughts.
“Well, I don’t want to pee all over you, so you’ll have to wait!”

Ben began to clench and dance a bit. He didn’t realize his need had been so strong, but now that he was giving it his full attention, he was struggling to hold it. Not to mention, he had already let a bit slip out which had effectively opened the flood gates, increasing the pressure.

It felt like an eternity. He knocked on the door hard.

“Come on, Jessica! Hurry up!” He demanded.
“Hold your horses!” She shouted back.

“Shit, shit, shit, shit” he thought.

And then it was too late. With no strength to hold any longer, Ben let go and started to pee his pants.
“Dammit!” He exclaimed.

He tried to stop the flow, but it kept coming, spilling into his pants and forming a deep dark patch all along the front and inside of his legs.

He looked back towards the kitchen and saw Emily at the end of the hall staring at him while he wet himself.

That was the last straw, this was officially the worst thing that had ever happened to him. Why did it have to be her? Overcome by the embarrassment, he bolted towards the front door and ran right outside.

He headed for the woods, wanting to just get away and disappear. He didn’t want to get lost, though, so as soon as he was out of sight of the cabin, he stopped and slumped in front of a tree, crying. He had never been so embarrassed in all of his life. There was no way Emily was going to keep quiet about it. He was going to be “Mr. Pee Pants” or “Mr. Wet Patch” or something stupid for the rest of his vacation. The cottage trip was officially ruined. He sobbed quietly.

After a few minutes, he heard the sound of a few twigs snapping and looked up to see who was approaching.

His heart sank as he saw Emily standing before him, a look of wonder on her face. He began to sob again, and buried his head in his arms.

“Ben, it’s okay, don’t cry!” She said as she crouched down beside him.

He continued to sob.

“We all have accidents here and there. It happens.” She offered, placing her hand on his shoulder. He shrugged off the gesture, not wanting to be touched.

Emily was a bit annoyed he wasn’t accepting her comfort. She was just trying to be nice, after all.

“Would it help if I told you I wet my pants on the ride up?”

Ben considered this for a moment. He looked at her pants, the same ones she was wearing when he saw her pile into the van early this morning, and they were completely dry.

“What do you mean?” He asked.
“Well, I sometimes can’t hold it on long car rides, so…” She flipped the top of her pants down to show the top of a goodnite. “I mentioned it to Kelsey and she suggested I wear one of Jessica’s goodnites to be safe. She even wore one so I didn’t feel stupid!”

Ben looked at the goodnite, realizing he was sitting next to a teenager wearing a diaper. Then he considered that his other friend Kelsey had also been wearing a diaper this whole time. That slight feeling of arousal came back. “That’s kind of hot,” he thought.

“So, you wet it?” He asked.
“Mmhmm,” she admitted.
“Why are you still wearing it?” Ben asked.

Emily was stunned a bit by the question. She hadn’t even considered that wearing a peed-in diaper when she could’ve changed out of one was an option. It had completely slipped her mind and everything had felt so natural.

“I…I don’t know.” She realized.
“Well, you should probably get that changed. You could get a rash or something.”
“You should change out of your wet pants too.”

Ben’s shame came back a bit with that comment. At the same time, he was seeing Emily in a new light. She certainly didn’t have to admit she was wearing a diaper. That was a brace thing to admit to someone. Especially him!

They both stood up and started heading back to the cottage.

“Hey Emily?”
“You’re welcome.” She said, and she leaned in and gave his cheek a quick peck.

Ben blushed. He then thought about something else:

“Hey Emily?”
“Yes Ben?”
“What does it feel like?”
“Oh… well, you can try one later, if you like. Kelsey gave me a bunch.”
“Cool.” Ben replied.

They walked up to the cabin and re-entered.

“Ben, you okay?” Mrs. Winters asked when she saw him.
“Yeah, I’m okay Mrs. Winters. I’m sorry if I’ve made a mess.”
“That’s okay, dear, it happens. The washroom is free now if you want to clean up and get out of those pants. I’ll throw them in the wash.”

Emily smiled one more time at Ben and then continued down the hall to her own bedroom. He watched her go, his eyes following her bum as it waddled/swayed away.

“Hey, Mrs. Winters?” Ben asked.
“Yes dear?”
“I think I’ve changed my mind. I think I want to sleep in a bed. Is it cool if I share that room with Emily?”
“I’m sure that’s fine, dear. I’ll make sure Emily’s okay with it.”

Ben walked into the living room, opened his bag, and pulled out a new pair of underwear and a change of jeans. Proceeding down the hallway, he looked into the first room on the right to see Emily bending over rummaging through her bag at the foot of her bed. The top of her goodnite peaked out just a little above her jeans, causing his heart to skip a beat.

He smiled and continued to the bathroom. Closing the door, he began to undress, thinking to himself, “Man, this cottage trip is gonna be the best after all!”


Ben approached the cabin full of curiosity and anticipation. Reaching out and grasping the handle firmly, he was surprised to find the knob turn quite easily, appearing to be unlocked. With his heart beating with excitement and anticipation, he began to push through the door.

“Ben, wait!” Emily insisted.
“What’s the big deal? I’m just going to look around!”
“What if someone is inside?”

Ben thought about this for a moment. Cracking the door open a bit more, he called inside, “Hello? Is anybody home?” He paused for a moment to see if there was any response. Nothing.

“See? Come on, let’s check it out!”
“Do you want to maybe put your clothes on first?”

Ben looked down at his diapered state, wearing nothing but shoes and his Bellisimo diaper. He looked back at her with a sheepish grin. With moderate difficulty, he forced his jeans up over his diaper and then without waiting any longer pushed through the front door fully while pulling his shirt over his head.

Emily, really uncomfortable with what he was doing, stood on the porch looking around nervously. She was also acutely aware of the very full diaper around her waist and quickly pulled her tight jean shorts on. She felt the mess squish around in her diaper from the tight shorts, a sensation she usually enjoyed, except she was so nervous she received no feelings of arousal from it.

After a few minutes outside by herself, she decided being with Ben in a dangerous place was better than standing outside alone beside a dangerous place.

The inside of the cottage was very dark and bleak. There were old yellowed newspapers covering most of the windows, though their articles were about nothing in particular. There was an unmistakable smell of rot in there, and Emily was not pleased at all by it.

Peering through the dust and darkness, Emily couldn’t see Ben anywhere.

“Ben!” She whispered forcefully. “Where are you?”

She began to walk through, keeping her footsteps short and her arms outstretched to prevent herself from stumbling on anything. Her eyes were slowly adjusting to the dim light, but not enough for her to be confident she wouldn’t bump into anything.

“BEN!” She whispered forcefully again.


Emily SCREAMED as Ben grabbed her shoulders from behind jokingly. Without another seconds thought, she swung around and decked him square in the nose. He recoiled back in pain, clutching his nose as blood began to leak out of it.

“Jesus, Em!”
“You deserve that, you jerk!” She insisted.

Looking down at her shorts, she saw two wet patches appear on either side as her pee leaked out of her full diaper and down her legs.

“Great, thanks for this.”
“Sorry babe, I thought it would be funny.” He admitted, still clutching his nose with his head tilted back.

With her eyes adjusted a bit better, Emily noticed a small bedside table with a candle on it and a box of matches. Walking over to it, she immediately lit it up.

Looking around the cabin, it had clearly been nice at one point in the past, but had since fallen to ruin. Many of the rooms had been gutted and their drywall smashed out so that you could see right through the whole cabin to the very back; only the wood frames and cross-beams left. In the main room where they stood, there were three single beds with tattered and unwashed blankets and no pillows. The mattresses beneath them had no sheets and were covered in different colored stains. In the center of the room, there was a table that was covered in reddish-brown stains with a few bowls and cutlery strewn about with three chairs sitting around it.

Ben let go of his nose for a moment and tested to see if it was still leaking blood. He sniffed a few times, hoping to get the last bits up and gone. Satisfied with the lack of spillage, he resumed exploring the cabin, taking the candle from Emily and walking towards the back of the cabin.

Emily pulled off her wet shorts and let them hang in her hand as she followed behind him cautiously. Turning his head back to see his girlfriend in only her t-shirt, running shoes, and bursting diaper, Ben flashed her a huge approving grin. He was incredibly turned on by this and felt his diaper tighten. She scowled at him.

Coming upon the back room, Emily covered her nose as the rotting smell was almost unbearable. Ben lifted the candle high to illuminate the room. There, they saw bones and carcasses of rotting deer, raccoons and other wildlife, covered in maggots and surrounded by flies.

Emily recoiled and turned away, trying to stop herself from puking. Ben, whose nose was too swollen to smell anything, looked on in curiosity. He wondered why they would just throw the carcasses in the back instead of disposing of them outside.

Waving the candle around slowly to see the whole room, his eyes fell upon what looked to him like a small child’s human hand, severed at the wrist. This served to finally tell him Emily had been right and they should not investigate further.

“Let’s get out of here.” He turned and pushed Emily gently ahead of him, heading towards the front door. Relief poured over Emily’s face.

It was at that moment they heard heaving boots touch upon the porch and they saw the silhouettes of three large men walking along it to the front door.

With little else to do, Ben pushed Emily further ahead into the main room and motioned for her to hide under the bed. She looked at him with a “What about you?” look, but he simply mouthed the word “HIDE”, his eyes appearing very insistent.

Giving one last look at her boyfriend, she crouched to her knees and slid onto her stomach and shuffled underneath one of the single beds.

Just as her last foot swung out of site, the door burst open.

She watched three pairs of heavy boots with dirty brown and black pants over thick muscular legs enter into the room carefully, heavy thuds with every step.

“Hey, uh, you’re probably wondering why I’m in your house… Well, you see–” Ben started to say.

With no hesitation, one of the large men darted towards Ben and there was a sickening “CRACK”. Emily saw the candle clatter to the ground and watched Ben’s legs go limp. His body crashed to the floor with a wet crunch and her eyes locked with his as he stared at her. There was a large welt on his forehead, where blood began to seep out. He looked at her, his eyes unable to focus and his mouth trying to form words.

She clutched her own mouth, trying desperately to keep herself from screaming, as she watched her boyfriend die in front of her eyes.

With another step, a large square hammerhead swung onto Ben’s temple, cracking his skull further, and finishing him off for good. His eyes dilated and unfocused and his body became lifeless.

Emily closed her eyes tightly, tears leaking from them profusely. She knew she was dead, it was just a matter of time. Was there any chance of escape?

One of the men stomped on the candle, smudging it into the floor and effectively extinguishing the flame that had somehow managed to stay lit.

There were no words spoken between the three large men. There was not so much as a grunt. With Emily’s eyes tightly closed, she heard a bit of movement and then the sound of something being dragged away with one set of heavy footsteps. She heard the front door open and another pair of heavy boots exit. She then remembered there were three men, not just two. What was the other man doing?

She didn’t want to open her eyes, but she knew she had to see. As she tried to muster up the courage, all she could imagine was a deformed and ugly face staring directly at her, right in front of her. She needed to know, though. What was the other man doing?

She opened them a little, cautiously previewing what she would see, and when she saw there was no face in front of hers she opened them wider. She saw a smeared stain of blood where Ben’s body had been leading into the back. She then saw the boots of the third man, standing silently where he had stood upon entering. He hadn’t moved. But why? Why hadn’t he moved?

There were sounds of heavy things being shifted, lifted and tossed coming from the back. She presumed the man with Ben was reorganizing or making a place for Ben’s body to lie. She quietly wiped the tears from her eyes, trying desperately to be as silent as possible.

Looking back at the third man, she saw that his boots were now facing towards her and he was looking in her direction. When had he moved? Why hadn’t she heard it? Her heart was racing. It was just a matter of time, he was coming for her.

The man began to walk towards her. “This is it,” she thought. She closed her eyes in fear, clenching them tightly, everything about her screaming with terror except her voice. She could hear the steps drawing closer and closer. Every thud of every step stopping a beat of her heart.

They stopped.

Emily prepared for the worst. She was seconds away from having dirty, greasy, hands clawing at her, pulling her out from under the bed where she was hiding. After a moment, she opened her eyes, brave enough now to accept her fate.

The feet were right in front of the bed now. They then began to twist around and the mattress above her began to sag as the man sat onto it.

She hadn’t been discovered somehow. Perhaps it was the dim lighting and the man’s eyes hadn’t yet adjusted. She wasn’t out of the woods yet, though. Though she hadn’t yet been discovered, he was still sitting on top of her.

She listened very intently. He shifted something beside him and let it sit on the bed. She heard something unzip and then the sound of various things cluttered together shifting around as he rummaged through what must have been a bag. The sounds stopped and there was silence.

She suddenly heard sniffing sounds, like he was trying to smell the air. It was then that she remembered her soiled diaper-clad bottom and the smell it must be exuding. For the first time in her teenaged life, she had regretted messing herself while wearing her diapers. The one thing she had taken most pleasure from in her short life was now the thing that was going to give her hiding place away and ultimately seal her fate.

Suddenly, the man sitting above her turned his attention to the other man who had been in the back rummaging around as he re-entered the room. The man from the back walked to where the Ben’s blood smear was and bent down in front of it. Using something crinkly and white, he began to sop up the blood on the floor. It was then that Emily realized he was using Ben’s Bellisimo diaper to wipe up Ben’s blood.

The man sitting above her resumed rummaging through his bag and started pulling things out and placing them on the bed.

Suddenly, a knife clattered to the ground and rolled towards her, having dropped from the man’s grip while pulling it from the bag.

Without a second’s hesitation, Emily saw this as her opportunity. She grabbed the knife and immediately slashed at the back of the man’s leg, cutting through his Achilles tendon. The man wailed in pain with a sickening, evil, roar! She rolled quickly out from under the bed.

Jumping to her feet, she sprinted towards the man wiping up the blood on the floor and before he could properly react, she kicked him with all her might in the face.

The man on the bed attempted to pursue, but fell to his knees, the pain from his cut Achilles tendon preventing him from traveling further.

She raced for the front door, desperate to be free. She pulled it open and she was out! Relief washed over her. She actually made it! Against all odds, she was out of that wretched cabin!

As quick as she saw daylight, however, her arm was grabbed by an iron grip. The third man who she thought had left had her in his grasp. She screamed and kicked as he pulled her into a bear-hug, pulling her back inside the cabin.

All she could see was the sun outside, the beautiful forest she had loved for years, and finally the door of the cabin closing and shutting out that world forever.

Back at the cabin, Kelsey and Lindsay were engrossed in a very lively game of “Just Dance” on Kelsey’s Wii. Their diapers were both very wet and swinging back and fourth with every move. This was one of their favorite games to play while diapered, with all the active movement giving them a chance to really play around in their diapers. The girls were having fits of intense giggling.

Paul and Riley sat on the couch watching them gleefully, beers in hand.

Jessica entered the room, similarly attired as the other girls in just a teal t-shirt and a dry Cuddlz diaper. She plopped herself down next to Riley.

“Hey, where have you been?” Paul asked.
“Bathroom,” She said.
“What, this whole time?” Riley asked.
“No, not this whole time. I went for a walk first and then went in the bathroom when I came back.” She said.
“You’re wearing a diaper though?” Paul pointed out.
“Yeah, duh. I just didn’t feel like messing in mine, okay?”

“Alright Jess, it’s your turn!” Lindsay said, interrupting the questions.

Lindsay handed Jessica the Wii remote and then plopped herself down next to Paul. She smiled at him and he smiled back.

“Can I have a sip?” She asked.

Paul handed her the beer and she took a quick swig. Keeping it in her hand, she then leaned into Paul, watching the sisters bouncing around to Katy Perry’s “Hot n’ Cold”. Paul took the opportunity to put his arm around her.

So far, their vacation was going perfectly. Everyone was in high spirits, enjoying the freedom of no homework and no bathroom breaks.

“Hey, the sun’s going down.” Riley mentioned.
“Ooh, we should go on the roof and watch the sunset!” Lindsay said to Paul.
“That’s not a bad idea…” Paul said.
“Um, guys, shouldn’t we be thinking about Ben and Emily? They’re not back yet.” Riley said pointedly.

Lindsay sat up.

“Oh yeah.” She said, her face showing a bit of concern.

“They’re probably fine, just making out on the beach or something. With the sun setting, they’re probably wrapping up as we speak,” Kelsey suggested.
“Yeah, let them have their romance time!” Jessica said.

Lindsay looked at Paul for reassurance. He smiled back at her, a little bit drunkenly.

“I’m sure they’re fine. Now, how about that sunset.”

She smiled at him and she stood up, taking Paul by the hand and leading him towards the front door.

Riley didn’t seem convinced. He watched them go and then nervously looked at his watch again. He then rummaged through his pockets and produced a little metal cigarette case and lighter. Opening it up, he removed one of the joints from it and placed it between his lips. He brought the lighter up and lit it.

“Hey, can I have some of that?” Jessica asked, still dancing.
“Sure, kid.” Riley said.

Paul gave Lindsay a boost and she climbed up onto the low hanging roof. He then jumped up and climbed up to join her. They walked up the steep slope to the top peak and sat down. With the sun setting, the night air was a bit cooler. It was getting a little bit windy too, and Lindsay hugged herself to warm up a bit. Paul, noticing this, put his arm around her and rubbed her arms a bit to warm her up. She smiled at him.

They looked out at the sun as it set over the lake. The sky was perfectly clear and the lake looked like dancing diamonds. It was a perfect moment.

“Hey Linds, I was just thi–”
“Hey, what’s that?” Lindsay said, interrupting.

Paul looked to where she was pointing and saw smoke rising from within the forest East of them.

“Must be some campers or something.”

They were hit with a short gust of wind.

“Mm…whatever they’re cooking smells wonderful…” Lindsay said.
“Yeah, they must be barbecuing something!” He agreed.

She put her head on his shoulder and resumed watching the sunset. She then looked up at him again.

“Sorry, you were saying something?”
“Oh, uh, never mind. Don’t worry about it.” Paul said.

Lindsay nestled into Paul, enjoying her warmth. And for a little added measure, she began to pee in her already wet diaper one more time. Everything was perfect.


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I love this VERY much! One of the coolest stories every posted to the site in my opinion. Also for me personally don’t worry at all about the gore… in fact the more the better!


Hi all, so it’s been months since my last post, so I’m very sorry about that.

I sort of got stuck and didn’t know where to go with the story, but have since figured out a decent enough plan (I think!)
Here’s hoping you guys like the new chapter!


By Jennifer “DDNIXX” Wilkins

Chapter Four - “Be Careful What You Wish For!”

Jessica burst through the door to her bedroom, slammed it behind her, and then collapsed onto her bed in despair. Exhausted from an extensive argument with her mother over her travelling attire up to the first summer at their cottage, Jessica had been forced to accept defeat and could do nothing but cry; feeling even more embarrassed about her babyish situation. Her mother had decided that she would have to wear one of her goodnites for the ride and for a ten-year-old girl, days before her eleventh birthday, travelling in a van with twelve year old girls and boys; it was quite literally the worst thing ever.

After a few minutes of deep sobbing, Jessica heard a knock at the door. Fearing that she’d get another earful from her mother, Jessica tried to quiet her crying and not be heard through the door. Moments later, the door pushed open slowly.

“Jessica?” Came Kelsey’s voice.

Jessica turned towards the door and saw her older sister entering, closing the door behind her.

“You okay?” Kelsey asked as she walked over to Jess and plopped down on her bed.

“I can’t believe Mom is making me wear a goodnite!” Jessica whined in despair.

“Hey, don’t worry, nobody is going to know! They’re totally hidden under your clothes, you know. I think if you know it’s there, you can see it, but I don’t think anyone would notice if they didn’t know to look for it.” Kelsey said, reassuringly.

“I guess. But I’ll be the only one! I’ll be such a baby!” Jessica said, beginning to tear up again. It’s bad enough she would have to wear them at night-time, but in front of all these older friends, it would be excruciating. If only Kelsey would have to wear one too, Jessica thought. Or…if only she wanted to… Jessica wished that she did. She wished that all of them did!"

“I’ll wear one too, if you like.” Kelsey said.

Jessica looked at her up and down for a moment, not sure if she heard her correctly.

“What did you say?” Jessica asked, unwilling to believe her ears.
“I said I’ll wear one too. Then you’re not the only one wearing them.” Kelsey replied, without a hint of an alternate agenda.
“But…why would you do that?”
“I want to-- Well, I mean, to help you, of course.” Kelsey blushed.
“You… you want to? But they’re so babyish?”
“I know! I mean, no, they’re not they’re…well, they look comfy. And I guess… I guess I’ve always wanted to try one on.”
“Yeah… is that weird?”

Jessica threw her arms around her sister, giving her the biggest hug she’d ever given her. “No, I think it’s wonderful!”

Kelsey smiled and released from Jessica.

“What are big sisters for, right?” Kelsey said with a wink. “Now, dry your tears. Emily is coming over to sleep over so we don’t have to pick her up tomorrow morning. I know how cool you think she is, so you don’t want to be all red-faced, right?”

Jessica’s heart fluttered and she felt the beginnings of butterflies. Emily was coming over for a sleepover? Immediately, all the lingering thoughts of embarrassment she felt about her travelling situation dissipated. Emily was coming over. Emily was so cool, so smart, and so gorgeous!

Kelsey didn’t know, and even Jessica didn’t fully understand, but Jessica had what could easily be considered a crush on Emily. She didn’t understand it, as she had been brought up to believe that girls should be interested in boys, but Jessica never knew anyone nearly as interesting and Emily. Whenever Emily was around, Jessica had this weird sensation of nervousness and excitement, all at once. It often led her to say or do something stupid, but Emily never made her feel bad about it. If anything, Emily spurned it on, calling her adorable and cute.

One thing that Jessica loved about her was how naturally affectionate Emily was. She wasn’t shy from sitting really close, hugs, or even friendly kisses on the cheek. She did it a lot. When Jessica was a little bit younger, she would make little presents or drawings for Emily, and Emily would always stop whatever she was doing, examine the gift carefully, look Jessica in the eye and thank her very sincerely. On top of that, and this was Jessica’s favorite part, she would lean forward and give Jessica a kiss on the cheek.

She was the only girl that Jessica ever knew who would do that. Even Lindsay, who she thought of as an older sister, never showed appreciation like that. No one ever made Jessica feel so special.

“Hello, Earth to space-cadet Jessie!”

Jessica realised she had been daydreaming and looked at Kelsey who sported a very knowing smile. Jessica blushed.

“Come on, let’s get you cleaned up!” Kelsey said with a smile.

A few hours later, Jessica walked back into her room all smiles. She had a great evening with her sister and Emily and was now more than super excited for the cottage trip. She walked to her closet and opened it up. Opening the dresser in her closet, she pulled out her night shirt. On top of the dresser was an open package of her goodnites diapers. She pulled one out of the bag and looked at it with a frown. Putting the night shirt and goodnite on her bed, she pulled off her top, jeans and underwear and threw them in a basket. She pulled the goodnite on and adjusted it until it felt comfortable. She then threw on her night shirt.

Suddenly, there came a knock on her door. Jessica walked over to it and opened it up to find Kelsey on the other side.

“Hey Jess, I’m here for my night-time underwear.” Kelsey said confidently.
“What? I thought you were just going to wear it on the trip!” Jessica said.
“I told you I would wear one too. I guess I meant whenever you had to wear one I would too.”
“Aren’t you afraid Emily will see it?” Jessica asked.
“Well… I kind of thought you could give me two and I’d see if Emily would wear one too.” Kelsey answered.

Jessica was stunned by this. Emily wearing a goodnite? Just like her? That same heart flutter and butterflies started welling up again. She was overcome by this strange desire to see Emily in nothing but the goodnite. It was almost an intoxicating feeling…

“Is that okay? Or are we going to use up too many?” Kelsey asked.
“Uh…no! No, I think that’s fine, that’s great!” Jessica replied.

Without a second’s hesitation, Jessica hopped over to her dresser, ripped two goodnites out of the package and handed them to Kelsey. Kelsey looked at them for a moment.

“Actually, Jess, could I take a few more?”
“Hm? Why?”
“Well, you never know… we might…” Kelsey trailed off.
“How many do you want?” Jessica asked.
“Ten?” Kelsey said.
“Ten?! I don’t think I have that many left!”
“Well, what about one of your unopened packages?” Kelsey asked eagerly.
“Mom packed all of those. They’re in the van already.” Jessica answered.
“How about I just take the rest of your opened package then?”
“I… I guess that’s fine.” Jessica said.

She walked back over to her dresser, pulled the package off her dresser, removed one for herself for the trip and handed the rest to Kelsey. Kelsey smiled at her sister as she took them.

“Thanks Jessie!” Kelsey said, sweetly.
“You’re welcome Kelse! See you guys in the morning!”

Kelsey closed the door behind her.

Immediately, Jessica jumped up and down in excitement. What a wonderful turn of events! Not only was her sister going to wear a goodnite on the trip with her, but so was the girl she had a crush on! Jessica was on cloud 9. She did stop to wonder why Kelsey would ask for so many, though. It wasn’t likely Kelsey and Emily would go through that many in such a short amount of time. Suddenly, Jessica became a little excited. What if Kelsey was planning to get everyone to wear them? She did seem oddly supportive… and it had been her idea to get Emily to wear some!

She immediately jumped into her bed, dove under the covers, and turned out the light. She wanted to fall asleep as fast as possible so that the trip would come sooner. Unfortunately, like any child filled with excitement the night before something really special, Jessica could not get her mind to calm down. All these images of and scenarios danced in her mind. The image that popped into her head most, though, was if Emily would wear a goodnite and whether she could see it. She had images in her mind of catching a glimpse of the goodnite as Emily entered the van, or bending over to pick up her luggage, or whether she would see it while she walked or hear it! She couldn’t shake the possibilities from her mind and had a very hard time falling asleep.

The next morning, Jessica, Kelsey, her Mom, and Emily all piled into the van. They were joined by Lindsay, who lived next door. Jessica watched Emily’s everyone movement, but couldn’t tell whether Emily had actually worn it. Kelsey had openly showed Jessica, lifting the skirt so Jess could see, before they had left.

“Shotgun!” Lindsay yelled.
“What? No way!” Kelsey protested.
“Sorry, those are the rules!” Lindsay said cheerfully as she climbed into the front passenger seat.

Jessica climbed onto the bench seat behind her Mom. Kelsey sighed and climbed into the seat behind Lindsay.

Another car pulled up to the house and Kelsey and Lindsay’s friends Paul, Riley and Ben climbed out carrying their bags. They joined Emily at the trunk of the van to hand off their bags for Mrs. Winters to load.

Jessica was hoping that Emily would sit between her and Kelsey so that maybe she could get a better look at what Emily was wearing. She hoped Kelsey had been successful and had really convinced her to wear one of the goodnites.


Jessica looked in the direction of the voice to see Ben piling into the van, heading straight for Emily’s seat.

“I love the middle seat!” Said Ben.

Jessica, in desperation, through her hands out to stop him.

“This is Emily’s seat!” She pleaded.
“It’s okay Jessica, I’ll sit behind you instead! I don’t like middle seats.” Emily said, while taking her seat.

Jessica was crushed. Nothing was going right for her so far. She was less sure about whether this vacation would be all that great. Hopefully, since Kelsey and Lindsay were sharing a room, that meant that she and Emily would also share a room. That thought helped her get over the annoying jerk squished between her and her sister.

Once everyone had piled in and buckled up, Mrs. Winters hopped into the drivers seat, pulled the van out of the driveway, and they all headed for the cabin.

The trip was largely uneventful, save for a stop at Wilkins’ gas station and Jessica having a pressing need to pee for most of it. Arriving at the cabin, Ben was the first one out of the van, much to Jessica’s delight as she was not happy sitting so close to him. Mrs. Winters called after Ben to grab his bag, but Jessica assumed he hadn’t heard as he just went ahead and went into their cabin. Paul and Riley hopped out and offered to pull the bags out for Mrs. Winters. Kelsey and Lindsay each grabbed their bags from the front porch where Paul and Riley had set them and ran inside. Finally, Jessica and Emily were alone.

“Hey Emily, do you want to share a room with me?” She asked.
“Jess, honey, you’re going to be sharing a room with me.” Mrs. Winters interjected.
“What? Why?” Jessica asked, appalled by this revelation.
“It’s the only way it works, hon. It’s just for sleeping. Now, you and Emily grab all the travel stuff and bring it all inside.” Mrs. Winters said with little patience as she hustled inside after Ben.

All of Jessica’s daydreams and hopes for the cottage trip faded immediately. All the dreams of late night truth or dare, spin the bottle, and everything else! All gone in an instant!

Moping a little, she started to help Emily pick up everyone’s travel pillows, books, toys, etc. Emily put her hand on Jessica’s shoulder.

“Sorry Jessie. I would’ve, but I think your Mom has me sharing a room with Ben!”
“Ben? But I thought you didn’t even like Ben!”
“No, Ben’s cool! Besides…” Emily leaned in closer to Jessica, “I think he’s kind of cute, don’t you?”

That was it. Jessica couldn’t take it anymore. The cottage trip was ruined. She was going to have a terrible time now, for sure. Ben? BEN?! Rude, jerky, stupid-face, BEN!?

She dropped everything she had collected and rushed out of the van, heading towards the cottage. As she ran towards it, she saw Ben coming out and made sure to bump him HARD on her way by.

“Excuse you!” Ben called after her, but she didn’t care. She hated him. She hated everything about him.

Entering the cabin, she was stopped by her Mom.

“Honey, I know you don’t really want to sleep in my room, but these really aren’t your friends, they’re Kelsey’s. I also thought it would be easier for you to hide your night-time problem.” She said.

Jessica didn’t say anything; she was still steaming, near crying, over everything that had happened to her in the last few minutes. It didn’t matter that her Mom’s logic made sense, she didn’t care. All she knew was that Emily loved Ben, didn’t like her, and she was nothing but a big diaper-wetting baby!

“Sure, Mom, whatever,” was all Jessica could get herself to say.

She pushed by her Mom and headed to their room. She flopped on her bed and stared at the sealing, sulking. Stupid Ben. Stupid dumb big fat Ben. She hated everything about him. She was already mad at him for his comment in the van about her peeing all over him. She had, of course, had to use her goodnite. She pushed it for a moment, feeling how wet it was. She wished he’d pee all over himself instead. Coincidently, as she lied there touching her wet goodnite, she overheard Ben ask her Mom where the bathroom was.

Getting an idea, Jessica rushed out of her room and tiptoed into the bathroom, closing the door quietly and locking it. She waited, with her ear pressed against the door. Suddenly, the doorknob shook. Startled, she hopped quickly over to the toilet and sat on top of it.

“Busy!” She called out to him.
“How long you gonna be? I got to go!” Ben said from outside the door, sounding desperate. This is exactly what Jessica was hoping for.
“Well, I don’t want to pee all over you, so you’ll have to wait!” She said, thrilled that she could use his rudeness against him.

She watched his shadow coming through the bottom of the door as he danced around a bit. She hoped he was feeling really uncomfortable. Suddenly, she did realise her own need to pee again. It had sort of crept up on her. She didn’t think she’d be able to lift the lid without him hearing her, though.

Ben knocked on the door hard, startling Jessica and causing her to start peeing into her already wet goodnite.

“Come on, Jessica! Hurry up!” He demanded.
“Hold your horses!” She shouted back angrily, mad that he had scared her into wetting her goodnite more. She really really hoped he would just let go and wet his pants.

“Dammit!” She heard Ben exclaim from the other side of the door.

Jessica hopped over to the door and crouched down so she could peak through the crack under it. She saw a pool of pee building between Ben’s legs.

“Justice!” She thought. FINALLY. She saw him dart away from the door. She got up and pulled her pants off so she could change out of her wet goodnite. She tossed it into the trash, pulled her pants back up, and flushed the toilet.

Opening the door to the bathroom, she looked down with satisfaction at the large puddle. Carefully stepping around it, she saw her Mom coming.

“Jessica, what happened?”
“I think Ben peed his pants, Mom!” She said.
“Oh, the poor dear.” Mrs. Winters said, looking out towards the door. “And what about you, young lady?”

Jessica wasn’t prepared for this question.

“What about me?” Jessica asked, innocently.
“Well, did you make it? I assume you were what kept him from the toilet.”
“Um, yup! I did!” Jessica lied.
“So, your goodnite is still dry?”
“Uh… yup, it is.”

Mrs. Winters looked at Jessica squarely. She could always tell when her youngest daughter was lying.

“Tell me the truth, Jessica. Is your goodnite dry?”
“It is, Mom, I swear!” Jessica really hoped her Mom wouldn’t investigate the trash bin in the bathroom.

Mrs. Winters looked at her daughter, aware of all the tell-tale signs of lying.

“Oh really?” Mrs. Winters asked and she pulled her daughter towards her and felt her bottom. Noticing the absence of a goodnite bulge, she went into the washroom and saw the soaked goodnite in the pail.

“Then what’s that?” Mrs. Winters asked, rhetorically.
“It’s not mine!”

Mrs. Winters shook her head.

“Since Ben has opted to stay in the living room, I was going to tell you that you could bunk with Emily, but for lying to me, you’ve lost that privilege.” Mrs. Winters said, sternly.
“What? But Mo-om! I’ll won’t ever again, I swear!”
“Nope, it’s too late for that. Just be glad I’m not making you wear them all the time!” Mrs. Winters said. “You’re sleeping in my room, and that’s final. Maybe if you prove I can trust you later in the week, I’ll let you switch rooms. Now, go get me the mop so I can clean up Ben’s mess.”

Defeated, Jessica walked to towards the kitchen to get the mop, her Mom following behind her. Passing by a window, she looked out to see Emily and Ben emerging from the woods, walking closely together. She was overcome by a feeling of misery once again. She opened the closet next to the kitchen and grabbed the mop and bucket, handing them to her mother.

Moments later, Emily and Ben entered the cabin.

“Ben, you okay?” Mrs. Winters asked when she saw him.
“Yeah, I’m okay Mrs. Winters. I’m sorry if I’ve made a mess.”
“That’s okay, dear, it happens. The washroom is free now if you want to clean up and get out of those pants. I’ll throw them in the wash.”

Jessica glared heavily at Ben. Then her attention was switched on to Emily as she headed towards her room. Jessica’s heart skipped a beat when she saw how Emily’s bum seemed to bulge and she had a tiny hint of a waddle as she walked.

“Hey, Mrs. Winters?” Ben asked. Jessica turned her attention back to him.
“Yes dear?”
“I think I’ve changed my mind. I think I want to sleep in a bed. Is it cool if I share that room with Emily?”

Jessica’s heart sank.

“I’m sure that’s fine, dear. I’ll make sure Emily’s okay with it.”

Ben and Jessica’s mother walked away into the heart of the cabin, leaving Jessica in the hallway by herself, feeling frustrated, betrayed, angry, sad, and devastated. She walked outside and sat down on the front porch, cupping her head in her hands.

“It’s official.” She thought. “This vacation is going to be terrible.”


“Well, I’m going to go change into a dry diaper,” Kelsey said. “You guys keep playing if you like!”

She offered the Wii remote to Riley, who raised his hands in protest.

“Nuh-uh, not me, thanks!” He said.

Riley took another drag from his joint. Kelsey shrugged, handed the Wii remote to Jessica, who put both of them on top of the TV stand, and tottled off to her bedroom.

Jessica sat down beside Riley and motioned that she wanted the joint. Riley obliged and handed it over to her.

“Jess, I’ve always liked that you’re so cool.” Riley said.
“Thanks, Ry. You’re not so bad yourself!”

She took a long drag, breathed in some oxygen, held it, and then let it slowly filter out of her mouth, enjoying the growing wave of euphoria.

“I always thought you and me were similar, you know?” Started Riley again.
“Mm?” Jess replied, handing it back to Riley.

Riley pulled on it, held it a bit, and then released.

“You know, Lindsay and Paul, Kelsey and Lindsay, Emily and Ben,” He continued. Jessica’s mood darkened a bit. “You and I are kind of the only ones that don’t fit.”
“I fit!” Jessica insisted.
“No, I know, I mean, so do I… but like, I’m just Paul’s friend. If Paul wasn’t around, I probably wouldn’t be friends with you guys. Likewise, if you weren’t Kelsey’s litter sister, you wouldn’t be friends with any of us!” He defended.

Jessica thought about this for a moment as she took the weed back and took a drag. Was it weird that she didn’t have any friends her own age?

“I guess so.” She admitted.
“But that’s what makes us work, you know? That’s what makes you cool.” Riley suggested.
“Because I don’t fit?” She asked.
“No, because you and me sort of fit together. You know what I mean? If you weren’t here, I don’t think I’d have anyone to talk to.”
“Riley, you’ve got everyone to talk to. We’re all friends!”
“Yeah, I know, it’s just… Well, never mind.” He finished.

She took one more drag and then passed it back.

“Finish it off,” She said. He accepted it.

“Do you ever think about magic and stuff?” Riley asked.
“Yeah, like, whether there’s like mystical powers or evil spirits or whatever?”
“No? Do you?” Jessica asked.
“Yeah! I mean, there’s got to be something, right? The Universe is too big for, like, nothing mystical to exist. You know?”

Jessica got that familiar sensation that she had to pee.

“I …guess. I think I’m going to go for another walk.” Jessica said.

She got up off of the couch and walked down the hallway to her room.

Once inside, she pulled her duffle bag onto her bed and rummaged through, finding her jogging pants. She stepped into them and began pulling them up before being reminded of her need to pee. She looked over at her full length mirror and let go into her diaper. She always loved watching the diaper fill up. She felt the warmth spread all throughout and pool a little around her butt before being absorbed. She sighed.

It was interesting how different her experiences with diapers had been from when she was young and had to wear them. She had long since stopped wetting the bed, but as she grew older, diapers had somehow become a bit of a fetish for her. Unlike everyone else who wore them only at the cottage, she wore them all the time at home, at school, at her job at S-Mart, everywhere. Not all the time, but whenever she was in the mood, which happened to be fairly frequently.

She pulled her sweatpants up and let them hug the bottom of her hips, allowing for the top of her diaper to be visible. She had always thought this look was particularly hot. Told any onlooker anything they needed to know, but still kept a tiny bit of mystery. Was it wet? Was it full? Was she really wearing what I think she was wearing?

She walked back out into the hallway. She saw Riley tying his shoes.

“You ready to go?” Riley asked.

She hadn’t really intended for him to join her, but couldn’t really find an excuse to tell him why he shouldn’t.

“Um, yeah, let me just slip on my shoes.”

Minutes later, they were out in the brisk air, admiring the dark woods lit by the moonlight. The sky was very clear and the moon and stars provided a decent amount of light across the whole area.

“I never get tired of that view!” Riley said, staring up.
“Me neither,” Jessica said politely.

She started forward in the woods. Riley, after a moment, followed behind her. They trudged through, both expertly aware of the twists and turns in the woods, having spent so much time there throughout their young lives.

Partly the reason Jessica hadn’t wanted Riley to come was that she had a favorite spot in the woods that nobody knew about. She had intended to go there, make herself comfortable, and just enjoy the stars while the weed and her wet diaper took their effect.

Nonetheless, she figured he might be up for just laying quietly, in which case, she could just pretend he wasn’t there.

They continued to trudge onward until they came to a small clearing with a fallen tree in the center of it. The tree had been so wide, very little had been able to grow up under it. Having fallen down a few years ago, it created a perfect window to the sky, and something comfortable enough to prop up against.

She walked to her usual sitting spot, sat down, and leaned into the dead tree. Riley followed suit, sitting down next to her. For a moment they sat in silence, basking in the twinkling night sky, enjoying the quiet sounds of the country.

“This is beautiful. I can’t believe it’s our last summer all together.” Riley said.

Jessica hadn’t ever really let that notion sink in, but it was pretty definitive at this moment. Having few friends that were her own age outside of the classroom, she really didn’t know what she would do when all her friends went off to University or College. She began to feel sad again.

“Hey, you think Ben and Emily are back?” Riley asked.
“Probably” Jessica said, unconvincingly.
“Maybe we should go walk down to the beach and see if they fell asleep or something…” Riley suggested.
“Rie, can we just sit and be quiet for a moment?” Jessica requested.
“Yeah, sure we can.” He said.

They sat in silence for a moment. Jessica closed her eyes for a moment, trying to forget everything and just enjoy her diaper and the sounds of nature. She opened her eyes again to bask in the stars, observing their brilliant twinkle. For almost a moment, her favorite spot served its purpose and all her cares washed away. She was overcome by a sense of peace, a feeling she could never get anywhere else.

“It’s just, aren’t you worried about them?” Riley asked.

The moment was broken.

“They’re fine, Riley. They’re big kids; they’ll find their way back.” She insisted, wishing he would shut up.

Riley considered this for a moment. He cleared his throat.

“I know how you feel about Emily.” Riley admitted.

Jessica sat upright.

“What do you mean?” She asked.
“I know how you feel. I’ve seen the way you look at her. The way you light up when she’s around.”

Jessica sat back against the tree.

“Yeah, well, what of it?” She offered.
“Well, it’s like what I was saying. How we fit together. I know a thing or two about unrequited love.”

Riley fell silent for a moment. Jessica analyzed that last comment a bit, worrying about where it would lead the conversation.

“I thought… being that this is our last summer together… you should know how I’ve always felt.” He said.

Suddenly, a twig snapped. Both of them sat upright. Just at the edge of the clearing, they saw the dark silhouette of a rather large man only a few feet away from them. None of them moved. Jessica and Riley strained their eyes, unsure whether they were actually seeing anything or whether it was their eyes playing tricks on them from the darkness.

The silhouetted man suddenly moved; lifting his right arm up to something behind his shoulder, lifting something long from his back, and then combining it with another item he was holding in his other hand. The unmistakable sound of a string being pulled tight on a bow pierced the silence.

Riley, recognizing the sound, quickly pushed Jessica down to the ground.

“Look out!” He yelled as an arrow flew over their heads and imbedded itself in the dead tree behind them.

“Run, RUN!” He commanded as he pulled Jessica off the ground and they took off into the woods. The silhouetted man disappeared into the shadows.

As they run, an arrow whizzed past Riley again.

“Jessica, get out of here! I’ll lead them away!” Riley insists.
“Riley, no, if we stay together–”
“He’ll kill both of us! I want to do this, Jessica. Let me save you!”

Jessica hesitates, but then agrees and runs off in an opposite direction.

“Hey! Hey you! Over here! I’m over here asshole!” Riley screamed as he waved his hands madly while running opposite of Jessica.

That was the last time that Jessica heard from Riley. She continued to run, her heart pounding.

After a few minutes, her pace slowed and she stopped around some bushes for a rest. She figured it was a good enough spot to hide. In addition, a need to pee had been creeping up on her and she thought now was her best opportunity to relieve that. As she crouched, she listened. The only sound she could hear was the faint sound of her diaper filling up with more of her warm pee. She reached down and squeezed the crotch of her diaper, feeling it squelch. She then shook her head about what she was doing. There were more important things to be thinking about.

Once again, she was surrounded by nothing but the silent nature of the forest. As her eyes readjusted to being out of the moonlight, she noticed that not too far off was a bit of a warm glow.

Curious, she went to investigate what the source was, though she went cautiously. She kept tight to the trees, hoping not to be seen if anyone was looking.

As she came closer to the light source, she recognized it as the back of a cabin. There was a large barbecue in the back, which was still smoking faintly, but clearly had been put out a few hours before. The air was still filled with the sweet smell of whatever meat they had been cooking. She didn’t remember ever seeing another cabin in the woods before this trip, but the cabin looked well-worn and old. Like it had been there for years.

Something about the cabin seemed inviting. Almost familiar. Against her better judgement, she felt compelled to investigate it further. Slowly, looking every which way, she approached the cabin. It was lit on the inside, although dimly. The light flickered, so Jessica guessed it must be candlelight. Walking along the tree line, she made her way around the side. Most of the windows were covered with paper or newspaper, but there were occasional cracks or tears. When she saw a particularly large rip in one of the windows, she approached quietly and slowly, peering inside.

The inside of the cabin was grungy and dilapidated, with gutted walls and broken drywall. There was a table with chairs in the center of the room with a few bowls covered in barbecued meat bones. There was a pail in the center of the table, clearly holding some of the leftover meat. Peering around a little better, she could make out a few beds, one of which was just beside the window. It was then that she noticed there was someone laying on it.

The candle light wasn’t as bright in that area, but she strained to make out the person. To her surprise, she could see what appeared to be feminine feet tied to the bed posts. Adjusting her position a little to see a little more, her eyes fell on an unmistakeably wet and full pampers diaper; the same pampers diaper Jessica had seen earlier that day.

Jessica let out a soft gasp as her mouth dropped. It was Emily!


Re: DIAPER TEEN HORROR STORY (Updated with Chapter Four - 09/12/12)

I thought this was a fantastic chapter. If you were having trouble with it you sure seemed to have figured it out.

I really liked the trip back in time. set a little more background for us and explained a little more of how they all came to be where they are today.

The cliffhangers keep me ready to read on. Keep up the great work. I sure am looking forward to more.

Re: DIAPER TEEN HORROR STORY (Updated with Chapter Four - 09/12/12)

This may be my favorite diaper story EVER! I love EVERYTHING about it! I love horror movies, slasher movies, all that kind of stuff and this fits PERFECTLY! Thank you for writing this and more importantly thanks for allowing us all to read it! It’s awesome!

Re: DIAPER TEEN HORROR STORY (Updated with Chapter Four - 09/12/12)

Hello all,

I am SO sorry this hasn’t been more frequently updated. To the few of you who like this story, anyway, heehee. According to the site here, not posted in for 120 days. That’s awful. I will do my best to ensure that Chapter 6 happens far sooner!

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy Chapter 5 where shit gets real!


By Jennifer “DDNIXX” Wilkins

Chapter FIVE - “It’s All Fun and Games Until…”

Emily walked down the hall towards her room, making sure to accentuate her movements a bit, swaying her hips and almost waddling a bit because of her wet diaper.

She couldn’t believe she told him! Her heart was racing. She couldn’t believe she had admitted something so private about herself… Not only that, but to her crush, of all people! It had just seemed like such a natural thing to confess. After all, Ben had wet his pants right in front of her. Intentionally or not, there was really no difference in their current wet state.

Entering her bedroom, she stayed by the door for a moment to hear what Ben and Mrs. Winters were saying.

“I think I’ve changed my mind. I think I want to sleep in a bed. Is it cool if I share that room with Emily?” She overheard Ben say. Her heart skipped a beat.
“I’m sure that’s fine, dear. I’ll make sure Emily’s okay with it.” She heard Mrs. Winters reply.

Emily was suddenly filled with a euphoric excitement. She was going to share a room with a boy! Her mind danced with magical moments they would share together in the privacy of their own room. Late night truth or dare… maybe even a kiss!

Stepping further into the room, her mind was brought back to the wet garment between her legs and she thought about whether she should remove it, as Ben had suggested. She bent down to her suitcase at the foot of her bed and began rummaging around for a pair of panties. As soon as Ben was done in the bathroom, Emily figured she could go in, change, and then she and Ben could talk about their official sleeping arrangements.

She heard Ben passing by the door and made it a point to keep her bum firmly visible in the air for him to notice it as he did.

Finding a pair of panties she particularly fancied, she placed it on the bed. Standing up, she gave her pullup a bit of a push and felt the pee squish against her skin. A sudden feeling of excitement and euphoria overtook her. She was confused, excited, and nervous all at the same time. Here she was, a grown 12-year-old girl, walking around in a soaked pullup diaper under her jeans.

Of course, she thought, so was Kelsey and Jessica, for that matter. She knew Jessica had wet hers in the car and assumed Kelsey must’ve wet hers at some point by now. She was willing to wear one just because Kelsey was wearing one to support Jess, but she never thought in a million years that she would like it.

As soon as this thought passed through Emily’s mind, she paused to consider it. She liked it. She really did. It felt fantastic! She really wasn’t sure what it was, she couldn’t put her finger on it, but wearing that wet diaper between her legs produced the most sensational feeling!

With that in mind, she looked down at her panties and frowned.

“Emily, hon?” Mrs. Winters asked as she entered the bedroom. Startled, Emily quickly spun and sat on top of her panties on the bed to hide them, feeling the diaper squish under her butt as she did.

“Goodness, you kids are jumpy!” Mrs. Winters said, looking at Emily quizzically. Emily, of course, didn’t hear that part as her mind was entirely focused on the wet diaper she had just landed on.

“Emily, I hope you don’t mind, but Ben has agreed to sleep in your room with you, if you’re still okay with that. He’ll just be using this bedroom to sleep in, but he’ll be changing in the bathroom and the room will be yours for that.” Mrs. Winters explained.

Emily, searching for the proper balance between not sounding too excited or disappointed, simply replied by saying, “That’s fine with me, Mrs. Winters. I don’t mind!”

“Thanks so much, Emily. I’m sure Ben will appreciate a real bed,” Mrs. Winters said happily. Suddenly, the phone in the kitchen began to ring and Mrs. Winters started towards it. Before leaving the bedroom, Mrs. Winters turned back to Emily and said, “Oh, and please call me Beth this weekend. We’re here to have fun!” On that note, she was gone.

Once Emily felt comfortable that Mrs. Winters, Beth, was far enough away, she stood up and grabbed the panties from her bed. Holding them in one hand, her other hand reached down and gave her diaper a quick squeeze again. Without another second’s hesitation, she put the panties back in her bag and opted to just keep the diaper on for a little while longer. Maybe for one more wetting! She thought she should maybe head to the washroom and actually take a look at her pullup to see whether it could withstand another wetting or not.

She headed out of the bedroom into the hallway. Coming up to the bathroom, she saw that it was still locked shut. She put her ear to the door to see if she could hear what Ben was doing. She heard him breathing heavy, but otherwise couldn’t figure out what was taking him so long. Shrugging to herself, she decided just to chance a leak and headed into the living room.

Kelsey, Jessica and Lindsay were all in the living room sitting on the couches, chatting and giggling. Emily sat down next to Lindsay, who turned her attention to her.

“I hear you’re sleeping with Ben!” Lindsay said, excitedly.
“I’m not SLEEPing with him… we’re sharing the room.” Emily replied, blushing.
“Ooooh… you guys are going to hook up!” Kelsey said.
“Shut up, we are not!” Emily said, trying to hide her smile.
“Hey, where’s Paul and Riley anyway?” Lindsay interrupted, changing the subject.
“Oh yeah, I haven’t seen them!” Kelsey realized. “Let’s go find them!”

Kelsey and Lindsay got up off the couch and headed towards Paul and Riley’s room. Emily looked at Jessica who was visibly not amused by Kelsey and Lindsay’s jokes about Emily and Ben. Emily tried to catch her eye, but Jessica wouldn’t look at her.

Emily got up and walked over to Jessica, but Jessica continued to ignore her. Emily gave Jessica a light push.

“What?” Jessica demanded, annoyed.
“What’s wrong, kiddo?” Emily asked.
“Don’t call me that.” Jessica said.
“Sorry… But seriously, what’s up Jess? Why so glum?”
“It’s not nothing. Come on, you can tell me.” Emily insisted.

Jessica crossed her arms. Emily knew why she was upset, but was hoping Jessica would be open about talking about it.

“I’m sorry we can’t share a room, Jess. I would’ve wanted to!” Emily said.
“Stupid Mom. She treats me like a baby!” Jessica replied.

Emily was a little relieved that Jessica’s anger was focused towards her Mom, rather than her.

“Nobody thinks you’re a baby, Jessica!”
“Yes they do! She wants me to hide in her room because of my nighttime problem, but everybody knows about it now already!” Jessica said quietly.
“Not everyone knows…” Emily said.
“Well, they will.”

Jessica brought her knees up to her chin and hugged them. Realizing this might be a good moment to have a bit of a heart-to-heart with Jessica, Emily moved closer to Jessica and put her arm around her.

“Well, if they do, what if I made it cool to wear them?” Emily offered.
“What? How could it possibly be cool to wear a…” Her voice fell to a whisper, “…a diaper?” Jessica asked.
“Well, you think I’m cool, right?”

Emily motioned for Jessica to look at her waist as she pulled the top of her jeans down to show the top of her Goodnite. Jessica stared at it for a moment, not believing her eyes. She couldn’t believe she actually got to see Emily in one of the Goodnites she had given Kelsey!

“You’re still wearing it?” Jessica asked, trying to stifle her excitement.
“Yup!” Emily smiled. She leaned in to Jessica’s ear slowly and whispered, “And it’s wet, too!”

Jessica looked at her with shock in her eyes. Then, overcome by emotion at the thought that Emily would go this far to support her, she threw her arms around Emily and gave her the biggest hug she’d ever given. Emily hugged her back, happy that she had managed to cheer Jessica up.

“Aw, this looks like a touching moment.” Ben said as he sat on the opposite couch, effectively destroying that moment for Jessica.

“Well, it WAS.” Jessica insisted.

Ben’s eyes once again fell on the N64 and he jumped off the couch to set it up.

“Kelsey, baby, where’s your sister?” Mrs. Winters asked as she entered the living room.
“I think she’s looking for Paul and Ril–” Jessica replied.
“We’re here, Mom.” Kelsey interrupted as she, Lindsay, Paul and Riley entered from the hallway.
“Good, you’re all here! I just got off the phone with the Fitzpatrick’s across the lake. You remember them, right Kelsey?”
“Yeah, my old friend Ashley, right? Her parents?” Kelsey replied, thoughtfully.
“That’s them, yes! Well, we’ve been trying to set up a dinner together for years, but our vacations never coincided. They’re in town finally, but they’re leaving tomorrow morning. They want to have us over for dinner.”

Everyone shared glances. None of them were particularly thrilled with the prospect of going to someone else’s cottage with strange people they’d never met. Not least of which, four of them were now contemplating how they’d get out of their pullups…

“Unfortunately, their cottage isn’t really big enough for all of us to fit comfortably. So, I wanted to give you guys a couple of options. One, the Fitzpatrick’s could come here and have dinner with us at this cottage, or two, I could trust you guys for a few hours to stay here by yourselves.”

Every one once again shared glances, eyes wide with this exciting prospect.

“I think the second option is the best!” Kelsey said, excitedly. Everyone verbally agreed with her immediately.
Mrs. Winters eyed them cautiously. “And I can trust you guys not to get into trouble?”

All of them, putting on their best innocent face impressions, nodded their heads honestly.

“Okay, we’ll have to set some ground rules. Kelsey, you’ll be in charge. Nobody is allowed to leave the Cabin tonight. You can’t go explore in the woods or walk down to the beach. That will have to wait until tomorrow. Okay?” Mrs. Winters asked.
“Yes, Mom.” Kelsey replied.
“Also, bedrooms are off limits. I want everyone in the main room here. Understood?”
“Yes, Mom.” Kelsey replied.
“Okay, then, I’m going to order you guys a pizza!”

Everyone looked at each other and smiled happily.

Eventually, the pizza guy came, Mrs. Winters paid for it, served it, and then headed out for her own dinner, leaving the kids in front of the TV watching the John Candy classic, “The Great Outdoors.”

After ingesting a few glasses of Coca-Cola with her Pizza, Emily was feeling some intense pressure on her bladder. Completely distracted from the movie, she was unsure whether she should actually chance using her Goodnite one last time or using the toilet like someone her age ought to do. In addition to being unaware how much these particular disposable garments could hold, she never really got a chance to examine it to know whether it could hold more. She shifted uncomfortably.

Glancing around the room at her friends, she noted that everyone seemed completely engrossed in the movie and happy. She seemed to be the only one not sitting comfortably. Deciding to throw her cares to the wind, she decided to let loose. Moments later, she could feel her bladder release and a slow steady stream fill her diaper. She could feel it seap down and pool a bit under her bum before being absorbed.

Emily relished in the feeling. All these sensations were all the more heightened in the presence of a group of her best friends who were completely unaware that she was peeing herself while she sat amongst them. She was overcome with a euphoric sense of pleasure and the world around her seemed to darken as she focused in on the feelings she felt.

After what felt like forever, she finished and the world around her returned to normal except for the warmth encasing her bottom. It felt amazing. Nothing in the history of anything she had ever yet experienced in her young life felt as good as she did seconds before now. She wanted that feeling again.

Remembering the coke in the fridge, she decided to pour herself another tall glass so that she would have to pee again soon. Getting up from where she was sitting, she headed towards the kitchen.

“Whoa, look at Emily!” She heard Ben say.

Turning around to look at the group, she noticed they were all staring at her butt. Looking down slowly, she discovered to her horror that her diaper had leaked into her jeans and there were two huge wet patches on either side of her butt. Her heart sank.

“Emily, did you… pee yourself?” Riley asked, concerned.

Tears began to well up in Emily’s eyes. She literally couldn’t say anything. She stared at each of them, completely speechless. Jessica’s heart was racing. She couldn’t believe Emily had used her goodnite to the point of leaking!

“I did too.” Lindsay said, standing up. She unzipped her shorts and pulled them down, displaying a very wet goodnite.

“Whoa… Lindsay, why are you… in a diaper?” Paul asked.
“We all are!” Kelsey said, lifting her skirt and revealing an equally wet goodnite on herself.
“Yeah.” Jessica said, revealing her own dry one.

Emily unzipped her wet jeans and let them fall to the floor, displaying her over-saturated goodnite, overcome with relief to see all the other girls in similar attires. All the girls were now standing around the boys in nothing but T-shirts and goodnites. Jessica could faint, she was so excited. She began to pee in her goodnite without even realizing it. Riley noticed this and his eyes were fixed on the color-change at the front of her goodnite.

“So, do we got try one?” Ben asked.

Paul and Riley shot surprised glances at Ben.

“What? They look comfortable. Plus, we’d get to see the rest of the movie without interruptions!” Ben explained.

Paul and Riley looked at each other, surveying the other to see what they were thinking.

“I’m game, I guess.” Paul said.
“Me too.” Riley admitted.

That overwhelming euphoric sensation once again overtook Emily and she was in ecstasy.


“I can’t believe they ate him,” was all Emily could think as she sobbed powerlessly on the cot she was tied to. The cabin around her reeked of burnt meat and death.

She never in a million years imagined that she would die like this. Or that Ben would be killed so meaninglessly. She had been crying for hours about it. A world without Ben seemed like such a desolate world, but she knew she wouldn’t have long to live it. Those creatures would get hungry again, and their meal was tied to a bed.

The door to the cabin began to slowly open and she shut her eyes in fear. “This is it”, she thought. It’s the end of her life.

A gentle hand touched her wrist.

“Emily?” She heard a female voice whisper.

Opening her eyes, Emily stared into the worried face of Jessica staring down at her. It was the most beautiful sight she had ever seen. All her fears disappeared for a moment and she stared into Jessica’s eyes with such relief.

Jessica slowly bent down and kissed Emily on the lips soothingly. Tears began to leak from Emily’s eyes again, feeling happiness she had never felt so relieved to feel.

Breaking away, Jessica began to untie Emily’s wrists.

“We have to move quickly. They’ll be back soon.” Jessica whispered.
“Th-they…killed him, Jess… ate–”
“I know, Em. We’ve got to get you out of here.”

With her wrists free, Emily was able to sit up and untie one of her ankles while Jessica did the other. Finally free, Emily climbed out of the bed, her diaper sagging heavily. Realizing it would be a hindrance, Emily simply undid the diaper and let it fall to the ground. Only momentarily distracted by the site of Emily being naked from the waist down, Jessica grabbed Emily’s hand and they bolted out of the cabin.

Heading into the dark woods, they quietly stalked through the woods, heading in what they hoped would be the direction of their cabin. A few paces beyond the glow of the cabin, Jessica heard the sound of footsteps and she dove for the ground between the large roots of a particularly large tree, pulling Emily with her.

She climbed on top of Emily and held her protectively. The footsteps grew closer. All that Emily could hear were the increasingly heavy steps and her own heart.

Closer… closer. Step!–Step!–Step!

And then they stopped.

Emily closed her eyes, clutching onto Jessica and trembling with fear. She could hear hoarse breathing. She could smell that same terrible smell that had filled that cabin. The hairs on the back of her neck rose as she felt the presence of something drawing nearer to her. Like a hand reaching out to grasp at her fair skin. The breathing was louder… the smell was stronger… The damp dirt around her seemed to melt and ooze under the weight of their bodies.

Emily waited. They would be nabbed in moments…

Yet, nothing happened.

The steps resumed. Further and further away they went from the two girls. Relief once again washed over Emily.

“I would never let anything happen to you,” Jessica whispered almost inaudibly in Emily’s ear.

After waiting a few moments, both girls slowly and quietly rose from their place on the ground. Giving a quick survey of the area, they took each others hands again and ran for their cabin at top speed. They wouldn’t be able to avoid another close call like that again, Emily thought.

After running for what seemed like forever, they saw the lights of their beloved cabin ahead. Emily broke free from Jessica and bolted, giving it her everything, towards the door.

Bursting in through the cabin, she ran to the living room where she found Lindsay, Kelsey and Paul chatting over drinks.

“Oh my God, Em–” Lindsay exclaimed.

Both Kelsey and Lindsay rushed to Emily’s aid. Emily collapsed into Lindsay’s arms, sobbing.

“What’s going on, Em? What happened?” Paul asked her, very concerned.

“Th-they…they’re in the woods!” Emily said. “Jes-Jessica s-saved me!”

Emily turned back to the front door towards Jessica, but there was no one there. The doorway was empty, with the darkness of the woods just beyond the house cold and still.

“Jessica never made it,” Emily thought. “I let go…”


Re: DIAPER TEEN HORROR STORY (Updated with Chapter Five - 05/01/12)

excellent! thought this was dead, i am pleased it continued

Re: DIAPER TEEN HORROR STORY (Updated with Chapter Five - 05/01/12)

Hi orderedchaostheory, I’m glad you’re pleased. It’s nice to know at least ONE person enjoys this story, lol.

Not a whole lot of comments to really gauge properly. I suppose most are having difficulty reconciling the horror with the sexy diaper fetish aspects…

Anyway, here is Chapter 6! Much earlier than Chapter 5 was after Chapter 4, haha.

Like the previous chapter, it’s not super feel-good, so if you’re looking for that, well, that’s your fault (given the title).

I hope the few of you who enjoy this story continue to do so!


By Jennifer “DDNIXX” Wilkins

Chapter SIX - “Rule #17: Don’t Be a Hero”

“I did too.” Lindsay said, standing up.

Paul felt a strange unfamiliar wave of pleasure overwhelm him for a moment as he watched Lindsay, a girl he was seriously crushing on right now, unzip her shorts and pull them down to reveal that she was, like Emily, wearing a goodnite. The wave doubled the moment he realized that she was also soaking wet.

“Whoa… Lindsay, why are you… in a diaper?” Paul asked, almost drunkenly.

He had never felt anything like this before. It was like pure pleasure. He couldn’t help but stare at his attractive friend, standing there looking so innocent and childlike. He examined her long chestnut brown hair and he caught her beautiful hazel eyes staring back at him. He couldn’t help but blush, but couldn’t look away.

“We all are!” Kelsey said, lifting her skirt and revealing an equally wet goodnite on herself.
“Yeah.” Jessica said, revealing her own dry one.

Paul barely heard them, his eyes firmly locked with Lindsay’s. Lindsay blushed and looked away.

Paul looked over at Kelsey who was proudly displaying her wet goodnite under her skirt and watched as both Jessica and Emily stripped down to just their t-shirts and diapers. Another wave of pleasure shot through his entire body.

“This must be what it feels like to be high,” Paul thought. He glanced over at Jessica whose face seemed to be the most lit-up he had ever seen it. He was almost positive that she was feeling the same feelings he was.

“So, do we get to try one?” Ben asked.

The drunken feeling and sense of pleasure immediately dissipated and was replaced instead by butterflies and fear. He shot a questioning look at Ben. Ben noticed.

“What? They look comfortable. Plus, we’d get to see the rest of the movie without interruptions!” Ben explained.

Paul was unsure. He looked over at Riley trying to gauge what he was thinking. Should they? Would they? He couldn’t know for sure…

“I’m game, I guess.” He found himself say, almost beyond his control. Immediately, that wave of pleasure washed over Paul once again. Riley blinked.
“Me too.” Paul heard Riley say.

Moments later, Paul entered the bathroom and closed the door. His heart was beating extremely fast. He looked down at the object he held in his right hand.

The goodnite looked comfortable enough. And he was sure his trim frame would accommodate the size of it. He just wasn’t sure what to think about the whole thing. He looked in the mirror at himself, seeing the face of a pale and nervous young man.

“Young MAN”, he thought.

He opened the garment up and held it in front of his crotch in the mirror, judging the look. An image of Lindsay standing there in her wet goodnite shot through his mind.

His eyes concentrated on the goodnite’s reflection in the mirror and suddenly he felt compelled to wear it. There was nothing in the world he felt he would rather do. It was going to be the greatest thing he ever did in all his life!

Without any more hesitation, he began to undo his jeans and almost frantically pulled them off. He removed his underwear and without taking a breath, he stepped into the goodnite and pulled it up. It was a bit of a snug fit, but it wasn’t bad.

He looked at himself in the mirror, seeing his diapered reflection staring back, though a much calmer facial expression. He took a few steps in it, noting the light bulk between his legs. He heard the noise it made. He liked it.

However, he wasn’t sure he would want the girls seeing him this way. He got nervous again. Instinctively, he stepped back into his pants and pulled them up. He picked up his underwear off the ground and bunched them into his pocket.

Opening the door to exit, he was suddenly startled by Lindsay who was eagerly standing on the other side. She was still attired in just her t-shirt and wet goodnite. That same wave pulsed through Paul’s entire body, though he felt it all build towards his diaper area.

“Are you wearing it?” She asked, appearing eager and hopeful.

Paul blushed for a moment, and then removed the underwear from his pocket to show her. She smiled at him gleefully. As he pushed his underwear back in his pocket, she took his hand and led him back to the living room.

Riley was sitting where had previously sat with a look of noted confusion on his face, though he was also wearing his pants like Paul. Paul tried to see whether Riley was wearing his goodnite, but couldn’t make it out.

Ben, on the other hand, was completely pant-less like the girls, totally at ease, and seemingly very excited. He sat beside Emily who was now sitting on a flattened out garbage, presumably to keep her leaky diaper from ruining the couch (or leaving evidence).

Lindsay and Paul resumed their original seats, although Lindsay sat just a little closer than she had before. Paul liked this.

“So, shall we…” Emily started to say, but Ben interrupted with, “This movie is lame. Let’s play a game or something.”

“What do you have in mind?” Kelsey asked.
“How about truth or dare?” Jessica offered.

The boys groaned while the girls all squealed with glee.

“Actually, I think that’s a great idea!” Emily agreed.

Paul saw Riley shake his head and then look at him with a pleading, “Do we have to?”, look on his face.

“I’ll go first!” Lindsay said excitedly.

Paul caught her eye and she studied him a moment. Suddenly, butterflies began to well up again within Paul. “Oh no, she’s picking me! What’s she going to make me do?”

“I dare…” Lindsay began. “…All the boys to wet their diapers!”
“Goodnites, you mean.” Ben offered.
“Same thing, dummy.” Emily retorted while playfully smacking his shoulder.
“No they’re not. They’re not diapers!” Jessica exclaimed, clearly defensive.

Emily gave her an apologetic look.

“I don’t have to go.” Paul said, cutting into the developing tension.
“Neither do I,” Riley admitted.

Ben sighed to himself, stood up, walked in front of the TV, put his hands on his hips, looked up at the roof and waited.

Everyone looked at him, wondering what he was doing.

He then let out an audible sigh of relief and everyone watched as his goodnite slowly darkened and expanded, filling up with his pee. Once he finished, he flashed everyone a huge grin. All the girls cheered, except for Jessica who quietly brooded a little. Ben did a quick check for leaks before returning to his seat beside Emily.

Everyone then looked to Paul and Riley, who stared blankly back.

“Well?” Kasey asked.
“I…uh… still don’t have to go!” Paul admitted while looking at Riley who simply offered a shrug.

“That’s not how the game works.” Jessica said.
“If you don’t do the dare, you have to do an extra juicy truth.” Kelsey offered.
“Hey, wait, aren’t I supposed to pick truth or dare anyway?” Paul asked.
“Um, nope!” Kelsey offered, realizing their mistake but not letting him back out.

“Alright, so, tell us the truth, Paul…” Kelsey continued. “Do you like Lindsay?”

Paul felt all the blood in his body reach to his face. He knew he did, he just didn’t want to say so! Blushing heavily, he looked towards Lindsay who sort of stared back at him wide-eyed with her mouth open.

“Hey, wasn’t it Lindsay’s turn? She’s supposed to ask the question.” Riley offered, attempting to bail his friend out.

Kelsey folded her arms, disappointed. Lindsay looked Paul up and down.

“Tell us the truth. Do… you like me?” Lindsay asked, a very noticeable hint of hope in her voice.

“Damnit!” Paul thought to himself, feeling his face turn red all over again. He looked at Lindsay and locked eyes for a moment, absorbing the site of her beautiful hazel eyes. He looked at her attire, nothing but a cute t-shirt and a wet goodnite. He looked at her lips, which were supple and soft as they spread slowly to a reassuring smile.

But then he thought about their relationship as friends. They’d known each other for a while now and he was really happy she was in his life. What if they got together and things didn’t work out? Would he have to split the group? Would they be able to talk anymore?

“Uh, she’s really awesome. A really good friend.” Paul said, nervously.

He watched disappointment spread over Lindsay’s face and knew instantly he had given the wrong answer.

Kelsey, apparently not at all expecting that answer, quickly turned her attention to Riley.

“Riley, do you like Emily?” She asked, not really thinking about the question.
“Um…no, not more than friends.” Riley offered without hesitation.

“Alright! Since I was the only one who actually did there dare,” Ben interrupted while standing up. “I think I get to pick the next one. So, girls.”

He had their attention.

“I dare you to NOT remove your goodnite for the entire night and to sleep in them!” Ben said excitedly.
“But…Mine is already leaking!” Emily blurted out.

Jessica and Kelsey giggled.

“So, you won’t do it then?” Ben asked.
“I… well…” Emily said, unsure.
“If you don’t, you have to pick truth.” Kelsey said. “I’ll do it, though! I’ll wear mine all night.”
“Me too” Offered Lindsay, brightening up a little after Paul’s admission.
“Me three,” Jessica agreed.

Emily looked around at everyone.

“If I can change out of this one, I’ll wear one all night. Will that work?” She suggested.

Paul wasn’t sure why, but the idea that Emily would want to wear another one stirred something in him. He felt a hint of that familiar pleasurable feeling come over him again, though not as strong as before.

Shaking his head to bring himself back to reality, he joined everyone in looking to the Dare-maker, Ben.

“Well… I guess that counts… But, you have to give us a tiny truth then!” Ben said.
“Um, okay, deal.” She said.
“Would you be willing to kiss anyone in this room?” Ben asked.

“For sure!” Emily answered, almost too quickly. Everyone laughed at her excitement.
“Who…who would you kiss?” Jessica asked.
“Nuh-uh, that’s two questions!” Emily responded cheekily. “I’m going to go change!”

When Emily returned all fresh and in a new goodnite, the game resumed. After several silly dares, a few goofy truths, and some good laughs, they all put their bottoms back on over their goodnites and resumed watching the movie. Riley had wet his and all the girls had cheered, but Paul still had not.

When the film was finished, Paul looked around the room and noticed almost everyone had fallen asleep. Lindsay was resting with her eyes closed against his shoulder and instead of his mind being focused on that wonderful feeling, he was primarily focused on the pain in his bladder. For the last hour, he had wanted to get up to go use the toilet, as he really had no intention of wetting the goodnite he was wearing, but he really didn’t want to disturb Lindsay from her slumber.
He gently tilted his head so that he could see her lovely face as she breathed softly and steadily. He was, for all intents and purposes, caught between a beautiful girl and a hard place.

And so, he sat watching the credits, not wanting to move, but fighting the painful urge to wet his pants.

Shortly thereafter, Ben yawned loudly and got up from the couch, stirring both Kelsey and Emily awake. Jessica and Riley continued to sleep soundly. Paul saw this as his chance and sort of made the motion to move himself, but Lindsay didn’t wake up.

Undeterred, he forced a light cough and she began to stir a bit, to his delight. She didn’t open her eyes, however, and instead nuzzled in tighter to Paul, much to his dismay. Under any other circumstances, this would be exactly what he was hoping for, but the pressure in his bladder was making him extremely uncomfortable.

He looked at the others as they began to pack up to head to bed and locked eyes with Kelsey who had a huge smile on her face. He meekly smiled back and Kelsey mouthed the words, “You guys are soo cute!”

“Ready for bed, Roomie?” Ben said to Emily, who went beat red.
“Umm, yeah, I guess so!” She replied.

They both exited the room followed slowly by Kelsey. Paul decided enough was enough. He had to go!

“Lindz,” Paul whispered to Lindsay.
“Mm?” Lindsay replied, half paying attention.
“I gotta pee.” Paul whispered.
“Mmhmm.” Lindsay replied, putting her arm on his chest nonchalantly.
“I need to get up.” Paul whispered again.

Lindsay opened one eye and slowly came back to reality. Looking up at Paul sleepily, she smiled and then sat up. Then her smile faded.

“How come you don’t just wet your goodnite?” She asked.
“I… I don’t really want to.” Paul admitted.
“What? Why not?” Lindsay asked, legitimately surprised.
“Why not? Because I’m 12 years old and I don’t wet the bed! I can use a toilet.” He replied, equally surprised by her surprise.

Lindsay thought about this for a moment.

“But… it feels kinda good.” She said, blushing.

Stronger than ever, that feeling of pleasure washed over Paul again and before he even realized it, he was peeing in his goodnite. He locked eyes with Lindsay as he felt his goodnite absorb and expand with every passing moment.

Lindsay looked so beautiful to him in that moment. More than she ever had before. It was the strongest feelings he had ever felt for another human being in his entire young life.

She looked at him curiously and after a moment realized what he must be doing. The biggest smile Paul had ever seen grace her face spread wide and happy. She leaned in and hugged him, forcing the steady stream to rush a little faster, and then he was done.

He was completely locked in that wonderful, intense, euphoric feeling. As Lindsay leaned back again, he stared intensely at her lips, the desire to have them kissing his was more than he could bare.

He brought a hand to her cheek and looked deeply into her eyes. He began to lean forward, almost on autopilot, bring his face close to hers.

“You know that… ‘truth’ I told you earlier?” He said, eyes still locked.

She nervously nodded her head. His face was inches away. Their lips were seconds from locking. Both of them closed their eyes in that moment.

“I lie–” He began, but just then, the front door opened and in walked Mrs. Winters.


Paul, Kelsey and Lindsay were chatting happily over drinks in the living room. Paul was looking longingly at Lindsay, wishing that Kelsey had gone off with the others to do, well, whatever they were doing.

He had hoped to have some alone time so he could finally tell Lindsay how he felt. He knew they were both heading away to College in the new semester and he really couldn’t live with himself if they parted ways and he never told her. He knew she must know by now, and he was sure she felt something for him. He just never wanted to spoil anything they had.

Now everything was changing though. He might never see her again or she could meet the man of her dreams in college. He couldn’t live with himself if he let her go like that.

“So Paul,” Lindsay began. “You said you had something you wanted to talk about–”

Suddenly, the front door burst open loudly, startling the three friends. They all turned their attention to Emily who ran into the living room full-tilt, completely naked from the waste down.

“Oh my God, Em–” Lindsay exclaimed.

Lindsay and Kelsey rushed to Emily’s aid and Emily collapsed in Lindsay’s arms, sobbing uncontrollably. Paul was completely shocked and took a second to absorb what he was seeing. He then stood up and joined the girls.

“What’s going on, Em? What happened?” Paul asked her, very concerned.

“Th-they…they’re in the woods!” Emily said. “Jes-Jessica s-saved me!”

They all looked towards the door as it sat wide-open and empty, with just the dark woods in the distance. Emily began to grow more emotional and Kelsey turned her attention back to her.

“You said Jessica saved you? Where is she?” Kelsey asked, insistent.
“S-she was right behind m-me…” Emily said, between sobs.

Paul realized the implications of that statement and without a second’s more hesitation, he bolted towards the front door.

Peering out into the darkness, he looked for any sign of movement from anywhere, but the woods were still. Eerily still.

He went back to Emily and knelt down to her.

“Tell me exactly what happened.” Paul insisted.

Moments later, Paul was trudging through the woods, armed with a wooden Axe and some rope he found in the work shed behind the cabin. Emily explained in great detail the horrors that she had gone through, the tragic loss of her true love, Ben, and Jessica’s heroic rescue.

He knew that it was insane to travel alone, but he felt he could work more stealthily by himself than he could with tag-alongs. If anything, he just hoped to discover what happened to Jessica. If there was a chance to save her life, he was not going to pass up that chance.

Emily had given rough directions as to where the Cabin would be, and so he traveled swiftly and quietly to that destination. He was straining his eyes to see any hint of a glow from lights, but the woods were particularly dark. His eyes had adjusted as much as they could and with the occasional beam of light from the moon, he was able to navigate the familiar woods reasonably.

He never knew of any other structures within miles of their cabin. They had gone up every single summer since their first summer, and not one did they ever come across it, let alone giant in-bred mountain men.

That was when he saw it. Slowing down to a steadier pace, he approached cautiously as he neared the dimly lit cabin. He continued to marvel at its existence, as it was clearly old and rundown and must have been there for longer than he’d been alive. The wood was dry and cracking, the shingles were rotting and overgrown with moss, and half of the windows were boarded up.

He crouched down to the ground and stealthily crawled towards the cabin, being sure to plan his movements to avoid any noise. He headed for a nearby window, one of few that weren’t completely covered with newspaper. The air smelled of burnt meat.

Peering carefully into the window, he saw them!

Three large deformed and grotesque mountain men, sitting casually at their dinner table, chomping away at meat-covered bones. Paul held on to the hope that those bones didn’t belong to Jessica. Not much time had passed for them to have been able to kill her, drag her back, cook her and then feast on her.

Analyzing the contents of the table, they had clearly been having their fill, as many bones stripped dry of their meat littered their plates.

Paul slowly analyzed everything he could see, straining his eyes to catch any glimpse of Jessica. He could make out several beds, and most of the walls were laid bare. There was no indication that anyone else was there.

He pulled away from the window slowly so he could regroup and decide what to do. There was no guarantee that Jessica had been kidnapped, she might have just had to hide at the last minute if they had passed by.

What he did know was that these men had killed and eaten his friend Ben. And that was enough for Paul to condemn them to burn in hell.

If these men went anywhere NEAR Lindsay or Kelsey, well, he would regret not taking them out when he had the chance. He hated them. What should have been the best, most memorable, weekend of their lives turned into a travesty. They were evil incarnate. And as a good man, it was his responsibility to vanquish this evil and protect his loved ones.

Looking around for a moment at his surroundings, his eyes fell to the large fire pit and spit where he assumed Ben had been cooked. Leaning against the side of it was a butane torch. With that discovery, Paul knew exactly what he was going to do.

Removing the rope from around his shoulder, he carefully approached the front door and, without so much as a sound, tied the door handle to one of the posts on the porch, making it impossible to open.

He did the same for the back door, though he noted it had been nailed shut with a few boards anyway.

Taking the butane torch, he crept slowly towards the cabin again. He lit the torch and began to light the cabin.

To his delight, the dry wood of the cabin caught quickly. He took a few steps back, readying himself with the axe, and watched as the fire spread across the cabin.

Taking a few steps back, he stood his ground at the front of the cabin, facing the front door. He could hear commotion from inside as the monsters realized what was happening.

Something strong began to wrench on the door, pulling at it hard to try and escape. Paul firmed his grip on the axe, ready to attack anything that might manage to pull through.

The fire engulfed the cabin quickly, spreading faster than Paul could’ve ever dreamed. He was feeling the gravity of his decision, sentencing three men to death, but he couldn’t see past his hatred for them nor the knowledge that he was doing the right thing, ridding the world of such evil.

He could hear the men wailing and screaming inside. One of the windows at the front smashed open and a hairy grizzled arm reached out between the boards that had been nailed to the frame, trying desperately to grab something to pull itself out with. The skin was peeling from the heat, but it still grasped and pried, attempting to push the boards out, with no success. It eventually retreated back into the cabin.

The whole cabin was completely ablaze. The heat Paul felt was from several feat away was intense. The only escape for those monsters was the front door, but the rope was somehow still holding it shut, despite the fire.

The sounds of wailing died down and for a few minutes, all Paul could hear was the loud cracking of the burning wood and the sizzle of the moisture being sucked from the moss on the roof.

Suddenly, the front door smashed open and a huge, lumbering figure, also in flames, barreled out of it, falling to the ground. The man rolled on the ground, trying to wipe out the flames, and Paul took the opportunity to seal its fate while he had the chance.

Raising the axe high in the air, he charged at the beast, pulling the axe down hard on its back. He chopped the monster again and again, as it wailed and screamed in tremendous pain. He gave it one final swoop and the axe fell hard on the man’s neck, decapitating his head from his body, and sending the head rolling.

Paul, wiping the sweat from his forehead, looked back again towards the cabin and noticed a figure in the doorway, watching him. The figure was skinnier than the mountain men and smaller. It stood in the doorway completely engulfed in flames, skin melting and peeling, but it standing unfazed, just staring. Eyes, unblinking, staring at Paul with a burning hatred that could have rivaled his own for the mountain men.

Paul once again began to raise the axe, but the figure lurched forward, running head-on into Paul and sending him reeling. Paul felt the wind get knocked out of him as he hit the ground, hard. The flaming figure didn’t stop and bolted off into the woods, the fire from its body burning out from the surprising speed it produced.

Catching his breath, it took very little time for Paul to realize that creature was heading for the girls at the cabin. He pulled himself to his feet and bolted towards them, running faster than he ever had before.

His muscles burned as he bolted over the uneven ground, tears beginning to streak from his eyes. He was hoping, with every ounce of his being, that he would make it back before that creature did anything to his beloved cabin or the girls inside.

After what felt an eternity, he saw the cabin in the distance, and it appeared undisturbed. He pushed himself harder and faster than he ever thought possible, giving it his everything to get back in time to protect his loved ones.

He was close, maybe 20 yards. He knew he could keep them safe. He knew they would be fine.

An intensely sharp pain spiked through his side and it forced him to lose his balance and tumble to the ground, just yards from the cabin. The pain was unlike anything he had ever experienced before, and he found it difficult to focus on what was happening.

Slowly, painfully, sitting up, he looked at the source and discovered a jagged arrowhead protruding from his side, the wood broken off from his tumble and blood leaking steadily from the wound.

He looked at the cabin and saw Jessica. She stood right in front of the entrance, unharmed and staring at him, wide-eyed and worried.

Another sharp pain shot through his entire body as another arrow head shot through his chest. Everything fell to darkness.

And Paul was dead.


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i’m Loving this story! i find myself yelling at the screen. when i read this chapter yesterday i just stared at the last bit like “What the F**K?” i had to com back and comment (and reread) tody :o