Diaper Island

My name is Alex, I am 14 years old, and around 5’3’’ and 100 pounds, and this is the story of me moving to a new place.

“Alex, can you come through here please” called out Alex’s mom

“Ok, coming” I replied, putting My phone down, and walking through to the living room. I walked in to see his 12 year old sister on the couch across from his parents.

“Your dad and I have something to tell both of you” said Alex’s mom

“We’re moving” said Alex’s dad

This surprised me, my parents hadn’t even mentioned the possibility of moving before, and all of a sudden they’re moving

“But I don’t want to move” cried Alex’s sister Lola

“I know you don’t want to sweetheart, but it is happening” replied Alex’s mom

“Where are we moving to?” I asked

“A place just off the coast of Florida. It is a small island of a 10 or so hundred people. We will tell you more about it individually” said Alex’s mom. “We are leaving in a week so this week you say goodbye to all of your friends and on Sunday next week we fly to Miami and get on the boat that takes us there”.

I stormed out and went to my room. I don’t want to move to a new home, I like it here. I have all my friends, and I don’t want to move to a new school. I lay down on my bed and started to fall asleep, and I was glad, cause it was going to be hard saying goodbye to all my friends, so I didn’t wanna do that with a small amount of sleep.


“Mom, We’re home!” I called out as I walked in with Lola

“Hi Alex, Hi Lola. Can you come through here please Alex, I want to talk to you about where we are moving to” said Alex’s mom

I went through and my mom told me about where we are moving to. It was a place called Diaper Island. When I heard that I freaked out. I was 14, that is too old to be wearing diapers to bed, yet alone during the day. She explained that she and my dad were both AB/DLs. She explained to me what that meant, and that when we were there they would explain to us that it isn’t a place too different to where we currently live, but I was sceptical. I mean, everyone there pees and poops themselves. It probably stinks there, and what if we refused to use our diapers. Do they have toilets there. Of course I didn’t ask these questions, and I just walked out and wished her luck in explaining that to Lola, who I knew would have a massive tantrum. She only got out of nighttime diapers last year, so to her, hearing that she would be put back in diapers would not be at all a fun topic.Of course, I was right about Lola having a massive tantrum, because that is exactly what happened. I went downstairs about 10 minutes after mom told Lola, and the place was a mess of pillows, blankets and all the stuff that had been in the bookshelves (books, magazines and dvd cases). It looked like a crime scene

Over the next few days at my school, I said my goodbyes to all of my friends and teachers, and on Saturday, we all spent the day packing, with Lola and I doing so begrudgingly. By the end of the night, we had 2 suitcases of luggage each, as well as backpacks full of all of our little extras (phones, dvd’s, speakers, etc.) On Sunday morning, we left our house, with all the furniture being out on a shipping container which was going to arrive on the island a few days after we did. Luckily, all the house’s came furnished with beds so we just put the ones we owned into a storage locker. After we checked in at the airport and went through security, mom took Lola to one side to talk to her, and dad took me to aside and asked me a few questions about how I felt about moving and stuff like that. My reply was that I was not enthused what so ever. Then he dropped the bombshell

“Can you put on a pull-up for the flight there, I don’t want people to look at us all weird when we arrive on the island.” He asked

“No. There is no way in hell I’m gonna do that, and as for people looking at us all weird, people will look at us weird all through the flight, and when transferring from the airport to the boat terminal” I replied with anger. Surprisingly, Lola didn’t say no, and mom took her to the disabled bathroom to put her in a pull-up.

Once we were on the plane, I was sitting next to Lola, and mom and dad were in front of us, and they were talking about something, I don’t quite remember what it was.

I turned to Lola and asked her the one question that had been on my mind all afternoon. “Why did you say yes to mom when she asked if you wanted to wear a diaper. I saw that you freaked out the other day when she told you about this place.”

“Alex, there is no point in fighting it, I’m surprised you haven’t noticed that yet, I mean seriously, do you think they are gonna just change their mind. We are flying there now. Also, the diapers are quite handy, I mean you have to use the awful plane bathrooms, I get to just sit here and pray it doesn’t leak or smell.”

She was right I guess, but still, I couldn’t bring myself to wear a diaper.

“Don’t you think you are too old to be wearing a diaper at all. Serious Lola, you are almost 13 years old”

“I was wearing diapers to bed just last year, and I didn’t mind how they felt. Matter of fact, I actually liked how they felt. Towards the end of the time I spent in diapers, there were mornings where I would wake up a while before mum would come and get me. In that time, if I had to pee, I would do it in the diaper. She only took me out of them because one morning she walked in and saw me peeing into the diaper while I was awake and on my iPod. If that hadn’t happened I would probably still be in diapers overnight. Just think about Alex, ok. Mom and dad aren’t gonna change their mind.”

“But when mom told you about how we were going to a place where everyone wore diapers, you had a tantrum didn’t you. And when we were packing, you looked really angry, like you didn’t want to go”

“I only had a tantrum because mom said I couldn’t have any friends over to have a goodbye party. I really wanted one. I was fine about the diapers. That’s why I was really angry when packing my bags. Also, when we were packing did you see me pack any underwear at all.”


“That’s because I threw them out. Every single pair” Lola said

“But what are you going to do with the undies you wore to the airport?” I asked

“Alex, I didn’t wear any undies to the airport, I wore a pull-up. Mum had seen that I had wet, and was asking whether I was gonna need to use it again, or whether she should change me straight away. I just told her that I didn’t need to pee again, and that I wouldn’t need to poop for a while. This is my 3rd diaper today. I wet one overnight and in the morning before we left, and one in the airport”

“Whatever, wierdo” I said

The plane landed, we gathered our bags, and went to the cruise terminal. In that time, it was obvious that Lola had peed in her diaper, so she mom changed her, and in the meantime, she also changed herself and dad. Was I seriously the only person in my family not wearing a diaper. On this island, was I gonna be the only one not wearing diapers.

Re: Diaper Island

I left the bathroom and went and sat at our bags, praying silently that the island would have toilets on it, despite subconsciously knowing that there wouldn’t be any. I went and sat with my family, the 3 of them all in diapers waiting for the cruise. On look at my 12 year old sister Lola and you could tell she was no longer in a pull-up but now in a proper diaper. She managed this transition better than any of us could imagine, to mum and dads delight. While we waited for the boat I did more research on this island we were moving to. It had a population of 50’000, plenty of beaches, a proper town with a movie cinema, arcade, soccer field, lots of different kinds of restaurants. It seemed to me that the only difference that the island had to a large town was the fact that everyone wore diapers.

Once on the boat that takes us on the 2 hour trip from the pier to the island, I realised that the boat was a lot like what I expect the island to be. It had no actual toilets, but instead had changing tables, it had baby wipes instead of toilet paper next to the changing tables and there was lots of baby powder. I went and sat with my sister and we watched the coastline disappear behind us. As soon as it disappeared, it seemed as if Lola completely changed. She stood up and moved about 10 meters away and squatted down to poop. Once she was done, she came back over and sat down next to me

“Lola, that’s disgusting. Seriously, you are 12 years old and you just pooped yourself” I said

“And your point is. I’m just doing what we will be doing in our new home. Its not as if there is anyone on the boat other than us.”

I looked at Lola in utter disbelief. She was 12 and sitting in a pooped diaper. Then it hit me. The smell. It was one of the worst things I had ever smelt in life. Seriously, what on earth did she eat. Mum and dad came over, and checked the back of Lola’s diaper and took her to one of the changing tables and cleaned her up. I just put my headphones in and listened to some of my music distracting myself from what had just happened. I moved towards the front of the boat so I could see the island as we arrived. It looked like any other coastline. A pier and some shops around it, with the main town not far.

We arrived at the pier and got all of our luggage and loaded it into the car which was waiting for us in the car park of the boat terminal, it was the only car there. Once in the car, we drove through town and did a quick shop up. We bought some groceries and then we walked down the diaper isle. Mum and dad bought themselves some Tena slip diapers, and Lola got herself some Curity youth pants with a small butterfly pattern on them.

“What diapers do you want Alex?” asked Dad

“None, I don’t want any diapers. Seriously I’m not crazy, you guys are crazy for wanting to wear diapers.” I said, starting to get angry at my dad for his persistence in me wearing diapers. In order to avoid making a scene, my mom took me to the car and left dad and Lola in the shop.

“You know, eventually you will have to pee or poop, and there aren’t any toilets here. So it’s your choice. But when you make your decision, tell us and we will do what we can.” said my mom, in a calm, monotone voice.

Dad and Lola both got in the car and we drove to the new house. I knew my mom was right, but I was in denial. I couldn’t believe that they would make me wear a diaper after all the efforts the they took in order to toilet me and my sister. I wasn’t toilet trained til 4 and Lola was still in diapers at night until just last year. Why would they waste all that time if they were just going to put us back in diapers.

Upon arriving at the new house, we all got out of the car, got our luggage and went into the house. Mom and dad got the biggest bedroom and there were two more to choose from. One of them had a balcony looking out onto the coast, but the other one was a bit bigger and had more wardrobe space. I chose the one with the balcony because I knew Lola had more clothes than me, and my room was more private. In each room there was a changing table, a diaper pail and wipe dispensers. Each room was big enough for a double bed, with the main bedroom having the room for a king bed. The house was three floors. I had the room at the top, in the middle was kitchen and living room as well as the entry hall, and in the downstairs/partially underground area, was mom and dads room, as well as Lola’s bedroom. Out the back of the house we had a swimming pool and easy access to the beach through a path from the back of the garden.

After putting away all my clothes I lay down on my bed and thought to myself about what the next little while had in stall for me. Then that all to familiar feeling grew in my stomach. I had to poop but there were no toilets on the island and there is no way I am going to use a diaper. What am I going to do…

is this story ever going to continue? I’m really enjoying it.

DiaperedPauly what a great story more please Sissybaby Kevin???:you_did_it::cool:

Sorry for the crazy late addition to the post. My laptop broke and I couldn’t afford to repair it for like a year, plus I had lost my password.

I was sitting on my bed, tummy rumbling like crazy. It isn’t like I had eaten anything much. I had a bowl of cereal for breakfast, and for lunch I had a ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. What I had to do was take the thought of having to poop out of my mind. To do this, I got up and went on a walk through my new house. Outside my room was a storage space with our suitcases in it, and a door which I hadn’t noticed when first bringing my stuff up. I tried to open the door, but it wouldn’t budge, so I assume it’s locked. I went downstairs to see my dad stocking up the fridge

“What do you think of your room Alex?” Dad asked

“It’s good, plenty of space and privacy” I responded. My stomach began grumbling again, and I could feel my need to poop get stronger

“Do you need to go?” Dad asked

“Yeah, but I can hold it” I responded bitterly, walking off.

I went downstairs again to the bottom floor. I could see Lola playing on her iPod, and mom sorting her books onto her bookshelf. I went out the backdoor into the backyard and walked down towards the beach, past the pool. It was a beautiful view, with the sun setting over the coast. I got to the beach and sat down on the sand, still trying to distract myself. In the water I could see some 3 people my age splashing about, and as I looked to them, they saw me and waved. I waved back out of politeness and then got back to watching the sunset ahead of me.

“Hi, I’m Ollie” said one of the boys from the water, as he held out his hand.

“Oh, hey, I’m Alex” I responded, shaking his hand. I looked down and saw him wearing what looked like a giant baby diaper

“You must be new here, I can tell cause you aren’t wearing a diaper” he said, looking down at my pants

“Yeah, it’s just not me, I had no intentions of going back in to diapers after getting out of them.” I responded

“I completely understand, my family moved here 1 year ago, and trust me, I was so against going back in to diapers, but once I was in one, it made things so much easier. I never have to get up from watching tv to use the toilet, I can play outside as long as like without needing to go back inside to pee or poop. It will be weird at first, but you’ll get used to it” Ollie said

“I get what you mean, but how can I revert back. Like, I haven’t even had an accident in like 8 years, so it will just seem weird” I said

“You’re gonna have to, cause the.nearest toilet on the mainland, so even if you won’t use a diaper, you can’t really get to a toilet either. Anyway, come meet the rest of us. We are down here pretty much every afternoon until 6, if the weather permits”

We walked down towards Ollie’s friends

“Guys, this is Alex. Alex this is James, and Josefina”

“Hey guys” I said

“Hey Alex” the two of them responded

“Usually there are more of us, but the kids who go to the private school all have assignments due this week, so they couldn’t come down today” said James

James and Josefina came out of the water, James wearing just a diaper, and Josefina wearing a diaper under her one-piece swimsuit with buttons down the bottom like a onesie.

Josefina sat down on her towel, and undid the buttons, revealing a messy diaper. She pulled up her swimsuit a bit, and James knelt down next to her to undo her diaper.

“Ollie, if you need to be changed, can you lay down on your towel once I finish with Jo”

“I am good for now.” Ollie responded “James usually changes us if we are out. He has lived here all his life, so he knows how to do it best” Ollie said to me.

I nodded, and looked away as soon as James opened Josefina’s diaper.

“What’s the matter Alex, never seen a diaper get changed before?” asked Josefina

“No, that’s not it. I just haven’t seen someone our age get their diaper changed before, that’s all” I responded

“That’s fine, I only moved here like 6 months ago, so I’m still getting used to seeing other people having their diaper changed in front of me, but you will get used to it eventually. I mean, as you can tell, I no longer care about having my diaper changed in front of other people, even people I don’t know well, like you.” said Josefina

“So you only just moved here huh?” I asked her

“Yeah, my family moved here from San Diego, so it was a massive relocation for me. And when we moved, I refused to wear diapers. It took my parents more than a week to convince me to wear them, and that was only because I had held in my poo for so long, that I had to see a doctor because I was getting sick. Even then, I would put on a diaper, use it, clean myself up and change into my underwear up until I had lived here for a month and a half. Then I just gave up resisting and it made things a lot easier for myself and my family. I found it easier to make friends, and hang out with people, as well as it meant my parents didn’t have to be home all the time to change me if I had to poo or pee.” Josefina said, as James pulled her diaper up, and fastened it.

Josefina got up, and looked her watch. “Guys, I should head home, it is 5:30 and my mom wants me home earlier today. She wanted to go out for dinner tonight for my dads birthday”

“Yeah, I should head home too” I said, thinking about the conversation I had with Josefina

“Okay, see you at school tomorrow. Do you know what school you are going to Alex?” asked Ollie

“I don’t know yet, so I might end up seeing you tomorrow, might not, we will see how it goes” I said, turning to walk down to my house.

As I got to the path, I felt my stomach grumble once again. I had done so well getting my mind off the need to poo, so this annoyed me. It pressed down on me, and despite all my efforts, it forced it’s way into my pants.

“Well, this is shit” I thought to myself

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