Diaper Girl Omutsu Crystal - Act 1 released July 15th

So after Harmony Hills went on mid-season hiatus, I announced a new series I was going to complete during the break. I ended up getting way more excited in moving on with Emma and her friends, so I only produced 1 of many planned chapters. But eh, whatever, who cares, here it is:

Diaper Girl
Omutsu Crystal
Act 1 ~ Rebirth

She was beautiful, tall, and elegant. Her dress trailled down to her legs, it’s beautiful silk fabrics lighting up under the moonlight as the princess walked down the steps from the palace and into the courtyard. Her long hair, white as snow, dangled below her waist as she made her way to the bottom of the steps.

Ten knights, all in black armor with black capes, stood with their swords drawn.

“Sorry, boys,” the princess said, “Not today.”

She held up her hand and a long, magical rod appeared at her fingertips. She twirled it around as light exploded all around her.

The knights attacked, but were quickly taken out, each with one hit, by the princess’s majestic fighting style. She wasn’t attacking or defending. She was making art.

There was one last knight, charging straight for her in a frantic attack. The princess readied her weapon for one final movie, when a little girl, no older than the princess, suddenly stepped out from behind the column she was watching the action from.

The princess, distracted, missed her move and found herself tripping and getting knocked down on her back, her dress flying in the air.

The girl felt bad for causing the princess to miss. As she took a closer look, there was something that caught the girl’s eye. It was a piece of the princess’s outfit that she had not noticed before.

“A diaper?” the girl was confused. The bizarre revelation suddenly made her realize she had no idea where she was or how she got there.

In fact, the girl was none other than thirteen year old Akira Shoji, second year middle schooler who was currently sleeping in and guaranteeing that she was going to be late for class. Again.

Akira sat straight up in bed, brushing off the weird dream as she looked at the clock.

“Oh no!” she screamed. “I’m gonna be late!”

Akira leapt out of bed and quickly got ready for another boring day at her boring school. She ran and made it inside just as the bell rang. She sat in her classes, talked to her friends, and made it through her day without ever once thinking about her strange dream.

Benjo sat high atop the library's clock tower, looking down on everyone who passed by. No one would be able to see him, although if they did they would probably just think he was a cat or perhaps a rabbit. But Benjo was only interested in the ones who could see him. Particularly, he was looking for one girl. And when he found her he was going to do his duty. He was going to turn her into a diaper girl.

He spotted her just after three o'clock, leaving the school building in the same uniform the other girls wore. She said goodbye to some friends and walked off into town.

Leaping from the tower and lending in the bushes, Benjo kept a close eye on Akira Shoji as she made her way along the sidewalk.

Akira seemed just like any other second year middle schooler, with her light blue hair done up in pigtails. She skipped along, smiling as she passed by the local shopkeepers.

When Benjo had followed her to her neighborhood, he kept watch from a distance as she walked into her house. Now that he knew where she lived, he could wait until nightfall to approach her.

"I'm home!" Akira proclaimed as she slipped off her shoes and walked into the kitchen, where she found her father sitting with the paper.

"Hey, how was school?" her father asked.

"Dad, you're home early?" Akira sat down at the table next to him.

"The office was getting too quiet," he explained, "So I thought I'd get started on an early weekend."

"Where's mom?" Akira asked.

"In the garden," her father pointed.

Outside, Akira found her mother on her knees, tending to the flowers.

"Welcome home," her mother said. "Did you have a good day?"

"I have a big test to study for," Akira said, "It's like half our grade or something."

"Oh, what subject?" her mother asked.

"English," Akira said. "I hate english."

"Every subject is important, Akira," her mother said. "Look at these plants. They don't just need water. They need the right soil and sunlight too, and oxygen. And if I don't spray this repellent the bugs will get it them. It's like a team. One person can't win a soccer game alone."

As Akira slumped into her desk and opened her books, she felt her mother's words weighing down on her. She knew school was important, but she hated having big exams like this. She needed to have a life too.

After an hour of rereading the same sentence over and over again, a beep came up on Akira's phone. She checked it, but it was just a spammy e-mail. While her notifications were still up, she saw that her energy in Monster Story Adventure had been recharged. She knew it was a waste to not use them right away, so she decided to just go on seven easy missions and then get back to studying.

Three hours later, Akira's mother called her to dinner. It was then that Akira realized she hadn't changed positions since starting to play her little game. So much for studying.

After dinner, Akira went to take out the trash. As she made her way back inside, she felt a breeze brush past her.

"Huh?" Akira looked around, but saw nothing. The door started to swing, it was probably just the room.

"Okay!" Akira said as she sat back in her desk, "Back to study time!"

Akira found herself plowing through page after page of her books, scanning more than reading. It was starting to hurt her eyes, faster than it should have. She decided it was time for a break and sat down on her bed.

"Akira Shoji," a voice said.

She jumped, and looked around.

"Who said that?" she asked, thinking she had perhaps been hearing things.

A small creature, resembling a cat or a rabbit, appeared on the windowsill.

"It will come here tonight," the creature said, "And it will kill."

Akira stared, blinking at the talking cat-rabbit before her. "That's it," she said. "I'm crazy."

"This is not a dream," the creature said. "This city has become the target for a great evil and you have been chosen to combat it."

Akira tossed a pillow across the room, smacking the creature off the windowsill. It landed on the floor, hitting it's head.
Akira crept over the edge of her bed, and saw the creature laying there unconscious.

"Holy crap," she said, "It's real."

The creature jumped up, standing on it's back legs and holding a massive bump on his head with the front legs. "Ooww! Whadja do that for?"

"I'm sorry!" Arika said.

The creature leapt up onto her bed where it stat up, apparently able to change its front legs into hands at will as it felt a bump it had acquired during the fall.

"You could've really hurt me," the creature said.

"What are you doing here?"

"I told you," the creature said, "You have been chosen to fight evil."

"Oh," Akira said, "Why me? And what evil?"

"There is no time," the creature said, "Take this."

The creature tossed her a small golden ball.

"It's beautiful," Akira held it in her hands, stars in her eyes. "Can I keep it?"

"That is your Soul Stone," the creature said, "You must open it to reveal your true power."

The creature leapt back onto the windowsill and pushed the window open, "Can you escape this dwelling without being seen?" it asked.

Akira nodded.

"Then there is only one thing left to do." Benjo declared.

Akira waited in place, unsure what he meant. "What?"

"Y'know," Benjo said, "Don't you want to go to the bathroom first?"

Akira rolled her eyes and asked "What are you my mom?"

"Forgive me," the creature said. "And no, I am not your mother. My name is Benjo. and if you have your affairs in order: Let's Go!"

Akira followed Benjo out of her quiet suburb and into the industrial district, where abandoned warehouses decorated the old part of town.

“Why would a monster want to attack this place?” Akira asked as they entered a dark and scary factory.

“The nightmare is not targeting this construct,” Benjo explained. “This is the portal where it will be brought to this world. If we can stop it here it will not make it to it’s true target.”

“And what is it’s true target?” Akira asked.

“I hope you never have to find out,” Benjo said.

They found a large room within the facility, where a section of the roof had fallen down onto the floor.

“I know this place,” Akira said. “It was open a few months ago, but after an accident they shut down. I heard a little boy lost both of his parents.”

A black and purple mist began to grow from beneath the wreckage.

“What is that?!” Akira jumped back.

Benjo held his composure. “The nightmare is forming. Hurry, Akira! Open the Soul Stone!”

Akira nodded. She pulled the golden sphere from her pocket, but the mist took a solid form and knocked it out of her hand.

“Oh no!” Akira called.

The mist had taken a large shape of a mammoth, it’s tusk swaying back and forth to knock Akira over.

Akira gulped. “Now I wish I’d peed before we left.”

“Move!” Benjo shouted.

Akira dodged and rolled, just nearly missing an attack.

Benjo scampered towards her, carrying the sphere in his mouth and then placing it in front of her.

“Get that away from me!” Akira screamed. “What am I doing here? What is going on!?”

Benjo watched as tears rolled down her face. “Listen, Akira,” Benjo said, “You have to be strong. If you’re not, the nightmare will get out and it will hurt someone. Only you have the power to stop it. You just need to open the Soul Stone.”

Akira wasn’t listening, but then a large boom caught her attention.

She looked over and they both watched as the mammoth took a partial misty form again and leapt into the air, taking flight and exiting through the hole in the roof.

“Someone will see it!” Akira said.

“You’re the only one who can see nightmares right now,” Benjo said, “And once you change no one will be able to see you.”

“Change?” Akira asked.

Benjo nodded. “Right now, you’re just an ordinary second year middle school girl. But if you open the Soul Stone and change you will become something magical.”

Akira thought about it for a moment and nodded. She grabbed the sphere tightly and stood up. The golden shell vanished as the sphere floated in front of her, a jewel appearing from inside.

“It’s beautiful!” Akira said.

“As I thought,” Benjo said, “Your Soul Stone has many colors. That proves it. You are the Chosen One.”

The jewel flew towards Akira’s chest and transformed into a pendent around her neck. A gust of wind swirled beneath her feet.

“I feel… strong,” Akira said.

“Do it,” Benjo said.

Akira held her hand up, and the pendent began to glow as she shouted:

“Diaper Change!”

Akira felt her body being lifted in the air, changing from a physical form to light itself. She felt her clothes fading away and getting replaced by fancy dress shoes and lace gloves. A pink dress with blue frills made it’s way over her arms and draped itself on her body. A large pink ribbon tied her pigtails together. The final piece of her suit, a large fluffy white diaper, made it’s way between her legs, fastening itself in place around her waist.

She launched herself up through the hole in the roof and landed in front of the mammoth.

Akira landed on her feet as a long rod with a glowing gemstone - a crystal - on the end appeared before her. She grabbed it and twirled around, spinning light between her fingertips.

The rod grew in length, now resembling a bo-staff, as she slammed it’s end down on the ground and releasing a burst of glowing energy.

“I am the Child of the Light,” she declared. “Diaper Girl Omutsu Crystal!”

The mammoth stood in silence. As the adrenaline from the transformation vanished, Akira looked down at herself.

“WHAAAAAAAAAT?” she screamed. “Why did I say all that? Why am I wearing a diaper?”

Benjo appeared before her. “Forget about that right now,” he said, “Fight!”

Akira nodded. She suddenly felt all of her muscles changing. She felt as if her wasted energy was taking shape and now she was surging with energy.

She flung herself at the mammoth, striking it’s shadowy body with her staff. Light moved through the crystal on the end of her staff as it moved through the air, cutting through the monster like butter.

The mammoth recoiled backwards and let out a blast of black light from its mouth.

“Omutsu Crystal!” Benjo called.

Akira instantly knew he was talking to her, and she instantly knew what he wanted her to do. She held up her staff and began twirling it in place, creating a shield that protected her from the nightmare’s blast.

“Now, Omutsu Crystal!” Benjo said, “The finisher!”

Omutsu Crystal nodded. She spun around and pointed her staff at the night sky above. “Crystal Light Rising Strike!”

A magic circle appeared beneath the mammoth, creating a portal. From the center of the vortex, a large crystal emerged, piercing the nightmare and splitting it into before sucking it back into the portal. The circle closed.

“Omutsu Crystal!” Benjo ran up to her and smiled. “You did it!”

“That was amazing,” Omutsu Crystal said. “I’m doing that again, right?”

Benjo nodded. “But we won’t always be able to detect nightmares at the source. They’re getting stronger and you will need more help eventually.”

“Whatever it is,” Omutus Crystal said, “I can handle it.”

Akira felt fully rested and woke before her alarm went off. she yawned herself awake and looked across the bed, where she found Benjo sleeping at her feet.

"Holy crap, that wasn't a dream?" she shouted aloud.

The noise woke Benjo. "Good morning, Akira," he said.

"Shhh!" she whispered.

"Don't worry," Benjo said, "Only you can see or hear me right now."

"Phew," Akira sighed. She leaned back, and something felt strange. "What the-" Akira tossed her blanket aside, revealing a large wet spot on her sheets, having formed from beneath her bottom. "No way!" Akira started to panic. "This hasn't happened since-"

"Why are you so surprised?" Benjo asked.

"Because I'm thirteen years old!" Akira said, "I'm too old to be wetting the bed."

"Well you should've worn a diaper," Benjo said.

"I'll be fine," Akira said as she started removing her sheets. "It was just a little accident. It won't happen again."

"Well," Benjo said, "Actually it probably will."

Akira stopped. "What?"

"I assumed that was obvious," Benjo said, "After all, you're a Diaper Girl now."

So there it is. Whaddaya think? Want more?

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This seems like it is going to be a fun story. Would love to see more.

Re: Diaper Girl Omutsu Crystal - Act 1 released July 15th

I love the Magical Girl genre so im really excited to see where you go with this story. So far the first chapter was amazing, so keep up tge good work.

Re: Diaper Girl Omutsu Crystal - Act 1 released July 15th

If Benjo turns out to be a wannabe-Kyubeh, I will have to hurt someone. I’m not going through that again.

Re: Diaper Girl Omutsu Crystal - Act 1 released July 15th

Great story. Please continue. Great job writing this story I like it

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Oooh! this looks cool! i’m not a big anime fan, but i do like this magical girl
Sailor Moon stuff, so i hope to see more, thank you for sharing. :slight_smile:

P.S. Loved The Monster story reference, it’s a nice nod to Harmony Hills.

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Lots of nice words. Maybe I will keep going.

That was the original intention, but I want to keep this series light and fun.

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Yes, please keep going! I love magical transformations, especially ones that include diapers and have any lasting effects!