Diaper Friends Part 1 The Sleepover

Well here it is, reposted. I hope you enjoy it again. Sadly i havn’t gotten around to writing latly and when i do write it’s other stories so it may be a while for part 2, hopefully i’ll get to it soon i just need inspiration to strike me about the girls tale.

Diaper Friends Part 1

Sara was getting ready for her first big sleepover at her friends. She had just one more item to pack. She went to her bathroom and opened her cupboard. Inside along with other personal care stuff was an open pack of pull-ups.

Sara was a bedwetter who like using pull-ups better than goodnite because of the way the felt and how much they held. Sara also had problems with her bowel and frequently pooped a little at night so she had been in diapers for most of her life during the night.

She was afraid the other girls might find out and laugh at her. She grabbed the whole pack just incase and put it in her bag.

“Sara, time to go, did you pack your pull-ups” said Sara’s mom.

“Yeah, i hope no one sees them” said Sara.

After she arrived she set her bag where no one else could see it hoping it would be safe. As time went by she put one on while she was getting ready for bed and prayed that they would remain unseen. Her friends, Patty, Nikki, Bibi, Tammy and the party’s host Amy were all ready for bed.

“Wow Sara, i didn’t think you had a big butt” said Nikki.

“Wait, are you wearing a diaper” said Amy.

She was found out. She started to get nervous.

“Its o.k. if you are, see” said Amy.

She pulled her pants down a little, as did the other girls, they were all wearing pull-ups.

“You guys wet the bed too” said Sara.

“Yeah, but we use these other times too, i’m already a little wet” said Patty.

“And i’m kinda poopy” said Amy.

“We were afraid you would find out our secret, turns out we have the same secret” said Bibi.

“Why don’t we take our pyjama pants off and lounge around in our diapers, beside, i need a new one” said Amy.

And with that they all removed their pants and just a top and pull-up remained on each girl. The sleepover commenced with a new life and the main topic was diapers, Sara found a new bond with her friends, what she didn’t know was how deep this new bond would go.

“So Sara, have you ever pooped your pull-ups” asked Amy.

“Yeah, but not on purpose, i have problems with my bowels too so i poop at night also” said Sara.

“Well that’s alright, after all, we would be wearing these if we didn’t have some problem” said Amy.

Then Bibi got up.

“Gotta go poopy” asked Nikki.

“Yeah” said Bibi.

She turned red and began to grunt.

“You gotta see this, she really loads up” said Amy.

Bibi then turned around to show her friend and really let go. Her diaper expanded a lot with her poop. After a couple minutes she stopped. Nikki touched her friend’s messy pull-up.

“Wow, you really had to go bad that time” she said. She squished it against Bibi’s butt.

Bibi turned back around and the wetness indicators disappeared as she peed. Then Sara realised she had to poop too.

“I gotta go to the bathroom” said Sara.

“Just use your pull-up, we have extra, my mom works at a drug store so we get them for cheap” said Amy.

“But I’ve never done it on purpose before, i told you that” said Sara.

“Come on, let’s see you much you go in it, we’ll show you ours when we go” said Amy.

Sara still felt self-conscious but really had to go so she quickly turned around and grunted. She felt weird pooping on purpose but the relief was too good.

“Oh my god, look at it” said Nikki.

Sara finished and looked in the mirror. She was really big.

“I didn’t know how much it would be, i only usually poop a little bit” said Sara.

“Take it off and let’s see inside” said Tammy.

Her friend’s wanted to actually see her poop but she slowly pulled her diaper off and Bibi took off hers.

“Wow, you did way more then me” said Bibi.

Soon after the three other girls had pooped and after weighing their pull-ups they realized just how big a pooper Sara really was.

Shortly after the girls decided to watch a movie. As they watched it they didn’t talk much but there was still the sounds of grunting or sighing as a girl pooped or peed in her pull-up. As the movie ended Amy got up to shut off the DVD and the girls seen her vary loaded pull-up.

“Wow Amy, how many times to you poop during the movie” asked Bibi.

“About six, it’s pretty loaded and wet, I’m gonna change quick, anyone else need a fresh diaper” asked Amy.

All the girls got up. Their butts all stuck out with poop but Sara again went the most.

Soon they were all in fresh pull-ups and were getting ready for bed.

“I have a little contest for the night, tomorrow whoever’s pull-up weighs the most will host the next sleepover” said Amy.

“That sounds fun” said Patty.

They all climbed into their sleeping bags.

“So, Amy, your mom seems to let you use your pull-ups for fun, not for accidents, why” asked Sara.

“Well, i always like using them when i was younger so she didn’t really potty train me until i was about to go to preschool, even then i was aloud to use them after school and at night, later i started really wetting at night so my mom just kept me in diapers or pull-ups” said Amy.

“My mom is quite open to it, mainly because she uses diapers for her period, so does my sister” said Tammy.

“My mom lets me because she uses diapers because of a problem when i was born, she damaged her bladder control muscles” said Bibi.

“Actually Patty and i started wetting at a sleepover so our moms put us in goodnites at the same time, but we switched to pull-ups with the other girls because we would feel more comfortable” said Nikki.

The next morning the all pulled their wet and poopy diapers off and Sara again came out the winner.

“Oh man, what am i going to do, my mom won’t be as open about this as yours” said Sara.

To Be Continued.


Diaper Friends Part 1 The Sleepover

Wow! These girls have bowels connected to wormholes in some poop-filled dimension or something. Thats something different…

Really, we’ve all read this one before, in some form or another.

Diaper Friends Part 1 The Sleepover

This form precisely actually, on the old forum. With the same responses. Still: maybe there’ll be a more interesting part 2?

Diaper Friends Part 1 The Sleepover

I don’t know if it’s possible for part two to be more interesting than this. Besides the aforementioned Colons of Improved Space-Time Bending, we have a collection of girls who obviously have no olfactory sense. After all, her five friends invited her over not knowing that she wore diapers or had interest in doing so, and yet at least one of them was messy when she arrived. Obviously, they’d never do this if there was any risk of Sara smelling their deed. They also seem to be largely immune to the odor from each other’s constant soiling, so the only possible conclusion is they all cannot smell each other.

Infinite colons and a commune of young women all missing one of their five senses? I don’t see how a second part could possibly improve on this.

Diaper Friends Part 1 The Sleepover

I suppose there could be a mother who develops heightened sensibilities in all the areas in which her daughter - one of the girls in question - lacks?

Also - Gmotti - just occurred to me: a mother may allow wearing of diapers, fine, whatever, but with the girls weighing it? It’s actually kinda depraved…

Diaper Friends Part 1 The Sleepover

I liked the story

Suppose this reveals both my disability to properly judge story content, and abnormal love of messy diapers

Just one of my stupid observations…

Not to sound critical of those who are commenting upon this story… And if I do i sincerely apologize… But didnt the title tip you off that there are probably going to be a group of friends whom wear diapers.

Diaper Friends Part 1 The Sleepover

No one’s really complaining about how the girls coincidentally all went ‘Oh look, you wear diapers, what luck, so do we’ (it might have been more realistic had they just been all four and not told us why). People are complaining that these particular diapered girls seem to have a life which consists of: shit breath in, shit, breath out, shit, breath in…. and you get my point.