[Diaper Dimension] The Biggest of Desires - Chapter 21 (Updated 6/29)

This story is a collaboration between a wonderful mommy-type (but not my mommy) named Maya, and it began as a roleplay (just like A Bedtime Tale in Eire) - I played Sabrina, she played Naomi. This is a “novelization” of that roleplay. I’m not done with “The Biggest Little Vacation” and I’ll definitely come back to it. I hope you enjoy this in the meantime. [HR][/HR]

Sabrina sat at her computer, typing away, finishing up one last chapter of the book she was working on before she could call it quits for the day. Days like today made it hard to be one’s own boss. She wanted nothing more than to toss her computer out the window and go play, but she had bills to pay. She was lucky, honestly - good, steady work that was suited to her talents, she worked from home and thus didn’t face a lot of day-to-day discrimination… but in Allemagne that was much less of an issue than on the other islands. Allemagne was very proud of its native Little population and while they weren’t quite as socially progressive as Gaule, Littles were safer in Allemagne than on any other island in Europa.

As she marked her place in the book she was editing - it wasn’t bad, it wasn’t top tier fiction, it was a little trope-y here and there… the idea of a Little gaining magic powers and escaping to a world where they weren’t on the lowest rung of the societal ladder was done to death at this point, ever since that Witch School series that took the world by storm. But, people were reading more and that meant people needed more books to be edited, and that meant that there was more work for her to do. She had been languishing in obscurity before she got her own short story published in an anthology. She smiled at her copy of An Amazon Below sitting on her desk and ran a finger along the spine. It was almost entirely filled with stories by anonymous authors, very few people were willing to put their name on a story that had Amazons as slaves to Littles, but she had… and she scored no fewer than three new clients off of it.

Sabrina Weber - it felt so good to see her name on the cover of the book. She got top billing since there were so many fake names or Anonymous authors in the anthology.

No risk, no reward, she smiled to herself. Sabrina hopped down from her chair and got dressed - it was Wednesday night, and that meant Littles night at the club. Violet Intrusion, a hot nightclub downtown that didn’t discriminate - if you had ID and credit you were in, they didn’t care. She’d been going there a lot since An Amazon Below came out - she had only made a small amount on the book itself, but the other business had her wallet flush in a way it hadn’t been before in her life.

She stepped out of her loose flannel pants and baggy shirt - she hated pants in general, but they were super comfortable to write in - and put on a bra, which she didn’t need normally but she always padded the cups to make her look more shapely, more adult, like the Amazons - it was a risky move, Native Littles were generally small chested… only Portal Littles looked like tiny Amazons and no one wanted to be confused for a Portal Little, they had no rights at all, they were pets and property.

Like an Amazon should be, she smirked, wishing. Sabrina had a taboo desire - she wanted to see an Amazon grovel at her feet. It’s what all her stories were about, it’s what all the stories in An Amazon Below were about. Littles owning Amazons. She imagined having a docile Amazon on a leash as she stepped into her black clubbing dress, pulling it over her well-padded bra. She would be a kind enough mistress, she would love her pet… but the Amazon would know beyond a shadow of a doubt who was in charge. She couldn’t wipe the grin from her face as she selected her jewelry for the night - bangles for the left wrist, leather for the right, nice big hoops for the ears and… yes, a simple black choker. She let her waist-length dark brown hair down, cascading as she removed her ponytail holder, and imagined sliding her hands along a naked Amazon body, kneeling before her, begging to be touched. She released a deep shuddering breath before doing her makeup for the evening - a dark red lipstick and heavy eyeliner over her usual foundation and powder.

Like the addict she was, she sat down at her computer one last time to check her favorite AmzDom message boards - places where like-minded Littles gathered and shared their fantasies. She had fans from all over Europa, but the majority were here in Allemagne. She was practically untouchable by the Amazons, in order for an Amazon to claim a native Allemagne Little, they had to have a Hunting Permit - which were not easy to obtain, you had to have a target picked out who had been proven to be unfit for society. Unfit meant unable to control their bodily functions AND were unable to support themselves financially. The first could be easily faked, that had been the downfall of the last of the Albion natives who had thought themselves so safe after their Adulthood Declaration laws were passed… but Amazons were clever, they’d get a Little in a position where they couldn’t make it to the bathroom one way or another and then before they knew it, they were claimed. Albion didn’t even have any free Natives left. Allemagne solved this with the permit system, as well as the requirements. And Sabrina was safer than even most Littles - she was self-employed. She wasn’t at the mercy of any boss or company, she was her own boss.

Sometimes that was rough - sometimes she had to go a month or two without a contract, but she was booked up for six months solid now, there was a waiting list to get her attention, and things were looking up. So were her points on the AmzDom board, her latest chapter was doing well. She loved each and every person who commented on her stories, she was LittleDomme on the boards and she had a small stable of fans who would read anything she wrote - and she tried to keep them entertained by writing often. There was Ellie, and Ocean, and Trip… but her favorite by far was TinyRebel4. Rebel was always the very first commenter on every thread and always showered her with compliments and tried to predict the twists in her stories, and half the time she was right. Any day that Rebel commented was a good day. Rebel was some kind of scientist - nobody said their real names on the boards, it could make a person’s life hard to be outed as an AmzDom fan, but she had dropped enough hints that she worked for some chemistry lab. Sabrina wished that she could crow to the message board that she was in the Amazon Below anthology… but it was risky enough that her name was attached to that book but if her two identities were tied together, it could really make things hard - the story for the anthology was far, far milder than the stuff she posted on the board. Just as she was ready to walk out the door, she noted that Rebel had sent her a message, but if she didn’t leave now the wait for the robocab would be dreadful, and she was looking forward to the club.

She sat on the small bench next to the front door and pulled on her platform boots - knee-high, laces all the way up, black patent leather, but the best part were the 4" platform soles. Sabrina had always been on the tall side for a Little, but between the padding in her bra and the extra height from her shoes she really felt like she passed for a Mid - and they dealt with substantially less discrimination. She glanced over one more time at the computer, wondering what Rebel had to say.

Rebel would have to wait, however - it was Littles Night.

The club was gorgeous as always. It was an older building in a part of downtown that was being revitalized, it had been here a long time but the owner had spent a lot of money over the past couple of years renovating it. Now it was ultramodern with a black and silver theme and clean lines, but Sabrina cared much less about the architecture than she did the music. The Violet Intrusion always seemed to have the best DJs, the best bands, and it was one of the few places she wouldn’t get hassled for being a Little… well, hopefully people just assumed she was a Mid. She’d still get in for free, her ID showed that she was a Little, but she hoped that the patrons inside wouldn’t realize it. Even though it was Littles Night, not many Littles actually showed, this part of town wasn’t very Little friendly - the bathroom facilities alone around here weren’t adequate for Little needs, but that didn’t generally bother Sabrina. She was relatively tall.

“Hey Anna,” Sabrina smiled as she took her spot at the bar.

“Hey Sabrina,” the bartender greeted her - the club was just getting warmed up and Sabrina was early, as usual. She liked to make friends with the staff anywhere she went on a regular basis, she was actually pretty good at making friends. “How are you doing?”

“Honestly,” the Little grinned, “I’m on top of the world. I don’t think it could get much better. Work is going great and I feel good. How about you?”

“Not as good as you, apparently,” Anna laughed. Sabrina loved that laugh, that alto chuckle that she had - Anna had some kind of insecurity, she always covered her mouth when she laughed, but Sabrina didn’t mind. A fair share of her Amazon domination fantasies had featured Anna lately. Kind Anna, gentle Anna. She wondered what it would feel like for the woman to actually kneel before her, to submit to the collar… she was snapped out of her reverie, however. “… and then I twisted my ankle! It’s better now, but it was a rotten day.”

“Oh that sucks!” Sabrina sympathized, though she wasn’t entirely sure how the story had begun. “I’m glad your ankle is okay, standing all night on a twisted ankle would be awful, and I’d miss you if you weren’t here.”

“You’re sweet,” Anna smiled, putting away the last of the clean glasses. She was quite attractive, shoulder-length blonde hair, green eyes and pale skin. Her teeth were the tiniest bit crooked, an oddity seeing as how dental correction was a well-understood science, but there was likely a reason. “What are you starting off with tonight?”

“Let’s see,” Sabrina began ponderously, pulling out her comm and loading her wishlist. “Next on the list is the 'Dark N Stormy’.”

“Sorry,” Anna smiled sadly, “I don’t know that one - what’s in it?”

“That’s okay,” Sabrina knew better than to let anyone mix a drink they didn’t know - she was out to try new ones, and if it was mixed wrong, she’d never know if she actually liked it. “How about the Gaule 75? That one’s supposed to be really good.”

“That one I know,” Anna grinned, pulling out the ingredients. Anna - Sabrina was pretty sure - thought she was a Mid, she always got Mid-sized drinks here. The frustrating thing about most food and drink places downtown was the fact that even though Little portions were so much smaller, they were almost always the same price as a Mid or an Amazon portion - it was just the way things were, if she wanted fair she had to go to a Little-specific restaurant that only served Little portions. Amazons wouldn’t bother going there, it would cost them a fortune to get enough to eat.

Sabrina took her first sip of the pale yellow drink - it was strong, but it wasn’t as sweet as she had been hoping, but it wasn’t bad. She took a long draw from it, savoring the way it burned on the way down. She knew she probably shouldn’t drink so much, but an over the counter hangover cure before bed would keep her from feeling it tomorrow after she enjoyed the buzz tonight at the club - alcohol always made the music feel better. She could appreciate the music either way, but if she really wanted to lose herself in it, a drink helped immensely.

“Oh,” Anna said, walking back to Sabrina’s spot at the bar. “I’m supposed to tell you that you have an invitation to the VIP lounge tonight.”

“What?” Sabrina asked, surprised. “Upstairs? Why?”

“No clue,” the bartender shrugged. “I just got word that if you came in tonight, you were invited up. I think it’s from the boss directly.”

“Who’s the boss?” The Little raised an eyebrow.

“Naomi Alexis,” Anna replied, but the name didn’t ring any bells. “She’s nice, a real kind and understanding type. She’s a good boss, I’m pretty sure she’s up there tonight herself. You’ll like her.”

“Sounds good, I guess I get a glimpse of how the other half lives, huh?”

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Tonight, Naomi hoped, would be good. She stretched as she exited the office on the upper floor of the Violet Intrusion, her latest business venture, walking down the hall to reach her VIP Lounge, where she spent several evenings each week.

“Good evening, Naomi,” Joshua Hansen slurred somewhat, hovering just inside the lounge, leaning “casually” against the wall in his smart suit, perfectly tailored to hide his gut.

“Mr. Hansen,” she replied coldly, placing a heavy emphasis on his surname - she didn’t particularly care for his company, but she was pleased that her lounge was becoming a go-to spot for local business moguls to mingle. Joshua, in particular, owned 3 businesses on the Sequoia loop, the most exclusive real estate in town. “It’s lovely to see you. I hope you’re enjoying yourself.”

“Most definitely,” he grinned as she passed him, his hand moving to the small of her back. “Your drinks are the best in town,” he lifted his to emphasize… Naomi’s skin crawled.

“Mr. Hansen,” Naomi stepped to the side, meeting his eye. “We’ve spoken on this previously. I do not appreciate being touched, especially within the walls of my establishment. Please respect that.” Joshua might be a big deal, but they were not equals. She towered above him, physically and socially - by virtue of her parents’ status - and had to make it clear that she intended to be treated as such.

“You’ll want to lighten up, Miss Alexis. You’ll wind up alone otherwise. It’s a nightclub, we’re here to party. You should be setting an example,” he sneered, as though he could pressure her.

“Believe me, Mr. Hansen,” she kept her tone even, and chilly, “I am.” Joshua Hansen had not the status nor the prestige to address her by her first name, a delicate dance in the upper echelon of Amazon society.

She stalked over to her favorite plush black armchair, positioned to overlook the bar and dance floor below. She paused for just a moment to gaze upon her reflection in the smoked glass before sitting. Her rust hued, brown-gold hair had been curled and crimped - pinned in just the right places to flow past her shoulders… elegant while being kept off her face. It was a pain, really, but appearances were key in her line of work. She was clad in a long silver dress that hugged her curves before flowing out, with a slit up the one leg. The collar of the dress twisted into a single braided strap jeweled with a rainbow of false gems. At the bar below, sure enough, there was her Little climbing up on a barstool and undoubtedly ordering something bad for her.

The bar was beginning to fill up below, while the lounge above was mostly empty tonight - a lot of the high society tended to avoid Littles Night, and she had gotten more than a small amount of grief from her peers for allowing such a thing. Littles might be protected in Allemagne, but they weren’t respected. The lived their tiny lives in the cracks of society, held up as proof that Allemagne was superior - their Little population was hardier than Gaule’s and their Littles were longer lived and generally harder to break in. An Allemagne Little was a prize, a status symbol, and frankly, they were delightful. They were all so sure of their safety, of their immunity from capture. They bragged to one another about how good they had it in comparison to Eire or Albion, but in truth they really weren’t. It was a severe pain to adopt a Native - anyone could get a Portal Little, or import a Little from another island… Amazons had needs, after all. Naomi had been seriously considering doing just that, but now she had her eye on one Native in particular.

“Ms. Alexis,” her comm chirped - the local communication, the sound belonged to Jonas, her bouncer. “Weber is here.”

“Excellent,” she replied into the comm, relaxing for a moment in her chair. “Thank you, Jonas.”

Littles were creatures of habit, and for all that Sabrina Weber liked to pretend to be a Mid, Naomi knew better. She would come into the club, she would go to the bar first thing, and she would order a drink that was too large for her. The Little was hard on her body, it would catch up with her eventually, but Naomi intended to save the girl from herself before it was too late. Tonight was a special occasion, she had a musical theater company booked to take the stage rather than any of the usual performers, she liked bringing that little bit of extra culture to her establishment. She wondered if Sabrina would appreciate it, but she knew that as a creature of habit, the Little would probably complain.

Anna, her bartender, had been instructed to give the Little an invitation to her lounge tonight, and when Sabrina glanced up at the balcony from her seat at the bar, Naomi sat back in her chair with a grin. Everything was going according to plan. She adjusted the empty chair next to her so the Little would have an easier time talking to her when she joined.

She had met Sabrina a few weeks ago, though the girl likely remembered none of their encounter, she’d been far too intoxicated, celebrating. The Little had been crowing about her name on the cover of a book and toasting to Little independence, oblivious to how uncomfortable her declarations made those around her… Naomi remembered every detail in vivid clarity. She had known that night that she wanted to possess Sabrina Weber, which had only increased when she had read the girl’s ridiculous stories. A desire had kindled in her, and as she looked down from her balcony to the Little at the bar, that desire curled low in her belly, like a hungry tiger pacing, eager to be freed to stalk and hunt. It remained just as powerful as when it first sprung into existence. Powerful enough to have led Naomi here, entering a complex dance with an unsuspecting partner. Her Hunting Permit had been approved two nights ago. Now the game could begin.

Naomi closed her eyes for a moment, relaxing and savoring the sounds of her club, the murmur of people talking as the theatre company prepared - it was livelier than usual tonight, and there were more Littles than usual present. It wasn’t often that the Littles of Allemagne got a chance to see live theatre by Amazon performers, but she had eyes only for her Little tonight.

“Shoo,” she gritted her teeth as she heard Mr. Hansen’s voice coming from the entrance to the balcony. “Off with you. This area is for VIPs, you’re lucky they even let your kind in here.” Naomi rose from her seat and walked calmly over to him.

“Actually,” she interjected softly, a smile on her lips. “I invited Miss Weber up myself. If that’s going to be a problem, then you can be the one to head downstairs.” Her final words were curt as she guided Sabrina past the large man in his suit. Joshua looked offended, but he’d get over it - especially when he came to the club later and saw a diapered Sabrina on her hip. “It’s a pleasure to have you join us tonight,” she spoke in soothing tones to the Little as they moved to the armchairs, not missing how she smirked at Joshua’s reaction to the rebuke. “Would you care for anything to eat? There is plenty of food, please don’t be shy in helping yourself.” The way to a Little’s heart was often through their stomach and sure enough, Sabrina’s eyes were wide with wonder as she clutched her overlarge drink and gazed at her snack table. The smallest treat for an Amazon was a meal for a Little, after all.

“Thanks,” Sabrina replied as she snagged a crab puff from the table, taking three bites where an Amazon would simply pop the morsel in their mouth.

Her eyes wandered over Sabrina’s form for a moment. The Little dressed so unusually for her kind. Even here in Allemagne, most Littles weren’t eager to show off or draw attention to themselves. But Sabrina dared, and she pulled it off well. As much as she wanted to, Naomi could not associate the word “cute” with the Little’s appearance. Beautiful, came to mind. Elegant, perhaps… for now. An image came to her of Sabrina standing at that snack table in just a diaper, padded bottom poking out as she leaned forward for a snack. Soon.

“Welcome, Miss Weber,” she smiled brightly as the Little took another puff from the tray, “I’m terribly sorry about Mr. Hansen, he won’t bother you again. I’m very glad you accepted my invitation. Would you care to have a seat?”

She almost laughed as the Little scrambled into the chair beside her, sinking in and trying desperately to keep her ridiculous shoes out of the seat.

“I appreciate it,” the girl said with a wry smile, picking up her Mid-sized drink from the table and taking a sip. “I’ve never been up here - do you invite all your regulars?”

“No, not always,” Naomi replied coolly. “I do try to acknowledge my regulars in some form or another, but I’ll admit you caught my eye. It’s been a while since I’ve seen someone so full of life and attitude in here. Especially a Little.” She took a sip from a glass of wine she had as well, “You’re welcome up here any time you like. In return, perhaps you’ll consider recommending the place to any of your people? I’d truly like to draw a crowd from all classes, show open arms and acceptance of all types. Good for social growth and certainly not bad for business, after all.”

“Well I appreciate it when one of your people,” Sabrina retorted, Naomi couldn’t help but notice the hint of snark in her voice, “invite one of my people to join them with no strings.” Despite her careful wording, she had still managed to offend the girl. It took Naomi a moment to remember that Sabrina preferred it when people assumed she was a Mid, and was probably irritated that Naomi had seen straight through her costume and posturing. “I actually do recommend your club - it’s very inclusive, and I never feel out of place here. Truth be told, I sort of consider it my home-away-from-home. That probably seems stupid to you though.”

“I’m glad,” Naomi replied, setting her glass down. She decided right then and there that after Sabrina was hers, she wouldn’t be drugging the girl - her mind was too sharp, and she craved the Little’s personality. “I strive for this club to be open to anyone, where everyone can feel safe, comfortable, and included. Littles, Mids, Amazons - at the end of the day, we’re all just people.” She paused, deciding to try a different angle since Sabrina was obviously not impressed by her racial inclusion speech. “I have to ask you where you got those shoes though, because the style is gorgeous.”

“They’re custom made,” Sabrina preened, obviously proud of her fashion. “I buy them from a local craftsman here in the city - he’s good. This dress is one of his too,” she smiled as she smoothed the skirt. The dress was black and revealing, she was obviously trying very hard to make her Little shape look less like a Little and more like a tiny, developed Amazon. Like the Portal Littles from the movies, almost. “I’m afraid you have me at a disadvantage,” she smiled, unaware of how true that statement was, “I didn’t catch your name.”

“Naomi Alexis,” she answered, offering out a hand. “I own the club. And it was Sabrina, right?” Bria. The name flashes in Naomi’s mind. Or perhaps Brie. Sabrina was far too mature for the position in which Naomi intended to keep her. “The dress is really, very pretty,” she complimented. “It suits you.” Though a diaper would suit you better. “I would love to get the number of this gentleman if you know it.”

“Of course,” Sabrina beamed, apparently happy to help out a friend. She fished in her purse and pulled out a business card, offering it to Naomi who took it gently, holding onto the Little’s hand for a moment.

“I’d also love to discuss your book, if you’re willing. It’s an intriguing concept.” Sabrina pulled out of Naomi’s grip as though her hand had been burned, her eyes going wide. Naomi tried to soothe her, finishing the thought. “A bold one, given our society, but perhaps just the material we need. Not, mind you, that I’m a fan of slavery, but it’s not dissimilar to what we do to those of smaller stature. It is quite shocking, after all. One might even say vulgar.”

Sabrina’s eyes widened in terror. Naomi had been right - she didn’t remember their previous meeting at all, and she hadn’t expected anyone to confront her on her incredibly uncouth writing.

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Sabrina’s night had suddenly taken an unexpected and frightening turn. The VIP lounge had started off rough, but once she had been pulled aside by Naomi, it had been amazing. Naomi was tall, and her shimmery dress hugged her figure, leaving very little to the imagination… except for Sabrina’s imagination perhaps, which had been in overdrive. There was something about Naomi’s wide hips, her round breasts that made Sabrina want to own her. Naomi was taller than almost any Amazon she had ever met - and had probably gotten a lot of perks in life due to that fact without ever realizing it. Amazons equated height with power, and she had seen with her own eyes how many doors that could open. But the thought that invaded her mind the most was forcing Naomi to kneel before her. To fasten a collar around that neck and know that the Amazon was truly hers - her slave, her pet, her plaything. She wanted to touch Naomi’s skin, to feel her…

But Naomi had gone from incredibly alluring to absolutely terrifying in just a few words.

She read An Amazon Below, Sabrina panicked, Amazons aren’t supposed to read that! I’m not even famous, how did she know who I am?

“I uh… well,” the Little stammered, suddenly feeling less like the sexy conqueror and more like someone completely out of her depth. “Y’see, it wasn’t my book per se, I’m just a contributor. Just the… one story, you know. Not that I think Amazons should actually be enslaved!” Her eyes darted quickly to the exit, “It’s just… some Littles take comfort in those fantasies. The shoe being on the other foot… not me!” she lied, knowing full well that she had just been imagining the giant Naomi being forced to carry her wherever she wanted just moments ago - and her cheeks burned. “But some… well… some Littles. Maybe I should head downstairs… see the show.”

“Sabrina, please,” Naomi shook her head, her voice calm. “Don’t be concerned. I’m not offended in the slightest about the material in your book. It is a work of fiction, not an instruction manual encouraging Amazon enslavement. You needn’t fear any sort of retaliation or judgement here, I promise,” she spoke in soothing tones, gently laying two fingers on Sabrina’s shoulder. “I apologize if I touched a sore spot. Have you gotten much grief in public about it? You are still a free citizen of this city and threats and harassment are still illegal. I do hope you’re not having a rough time.”

“No,” the Sabrina’s relief was palpable and she let out a long breath. “You’re honestly the first person who put two and two together. Well, it’s not like the book is super popular to begin with, except with Littles and Amazon perverts, but nobody even knows that I was involved. So… you kinda scared me there.” She was suddenly nervous for another reason and hoped desperately that her bladder hadn’t betrayed her, she couldn’t tell yet and there was no subtle way she could check - if it had, it wouldn’t be a big accident. It was common for Littles to have that sort of problem when they were scared, and Naomi had just mildly terrified her. “I’m glad you can see the value in the work.”

“I think it was very well written, you’ve a true talent with words,” Naomi praised.

“Oh,” Sabrina blushed. “I’m glad you enjoyed the story - I actually do copyediting mostly, it’s helped my business. I’m glad I wrote it. I heard that publisher was going to do another anthology… I might try to get in on that one as well.”

The two of them chatted for a while, about Amazon society, about the club, about the bands that Naomi - or rather, her talent manager - booked, and which of them the larger woman enjoyed. Sabrina answered questions about life as a copyeditor and a writer, about creative urges and deadlines. They talked at length regarding custom made clothing, a shared passion - Naomi, it turned out, was so tall that if she wanted anything to fit well, it had to be custom made and she seemed truly grateful for the name and number of another quality tailor. Sabrina just hoped that the Little would be able to help the woman - she didn’t know if he had done Amazon clothing before. More than once over the course of the conversation, Naomi would say something that got Sabrina’s imagination going and she couldn’t help but fantasize about controlling the Amazon, about forcing her to submit, making her beg… spanking her. As the night progressed, the VIP Lounge filled up a bit and a sharp noise caused Sabrina to rise to her knees to look around and get a better view.

“Sabrina,” Naomi’s voice was quiet and she leaned in close. “I don’t want to alarm you but you’re having a slight… bladder problem.”

“Oh no,” her heart sank as she found herself in the nightmare of every Little everywhere. She rocked back a little in her seat, spilling the remnants of her drink on her dress to top it all off. “Oh shit,” she groaned. “I am so sorry… I… I need to go home.” She set the glass carefully on the floor and climbed down from the chair as best she could, feeling humiliated… and feeling Mr. Hansen’s eyes on her. Tears welled up unbidden. “I’m so sorry.”

“Sabrina,” the Amazon gently grabbed her by the wrist, sparking a fresh wave of terror, “wait, please. I didn’t mean to embarrass you. Let me help. Go to the bathroom, I’ll bring you a change of clothes. I was looking forward to enjoying the night talking to you. Let’s just get the situation taken care of and enjoy the night like nothing happened, okay?”

Alarm bells were blaring in her mind, telling her to get out of that situation - it was a survival mechanism. Amazons were predators, Littles were prey, and deep down despite all of their social advancement, they all knew it somewhere inside.

And Sabrina froze. She stared up at the Amazon with her big blue eyes, the spilled Gaule 75 dripping down her thigh and even though everything was telling her to yank her arm away and run, she didn’t. Her heart pounded as Naomi led her away.

She can’t do anything, Sabrina’s mind reeled, I’m protected. I’m a citizen. There’s no diaper in the next room. I’m safe. I’m safe.

Her boots tromped along the smooth floor behind Naomi as she stole a glance at the exit, the Amazon tugging her gently down a hallway in the opposite directly. Opening the door to a private bathroom, Naomi led Little inside, flipping on the light. The bathroom was the size of her apartment, gleaming black tile on the floor and a dark red for the walls - elegant.

“I’ll be right back,” Naomi smiled - it seemed warm and genuine, but Sabrina couldn’t help interpreting it as somewhat predatory. “Don’t worry too much about it. You’re in a nightclub, it’s hardly the first time. We’ll get it taken care of and never mention it again. I happen to have a spare dress that might fit you - I had gotten it for a Little waitress, but she quit.”

“Honestly,” Sabrina’s voice felt weak as she stood in her wet dress, in the Amazon-sized bathroom, Naomi’s body blocking the door. “I think I’d just like to dry off and head home… and forget this ever happened, that would be perfect. I’m sorry I spilled the drink, I’ll pay for the cleaning bill on the chair from that and… you know. Just… let’s forget about tonight? How about I come back and hang out with you in a couple of days?” I’ll have less to drink, for sure.

“I’m afraid I can’t let you wear those clothes out,” Naomi insisted, causing Sabrina’s panic to rise again - this is how it always went in the movies. The Little had a small accident under completely understandable circumstances and the next thing they knew, they were pinned against a wall somewhere and their clothes stolen… and then, inevitably, came the diapers. Her pulse raced as she stared up at Naomi. “Wait here just a moment.”

I’m safe, she assured herself, I’m safe. This isn’t a movie, this isn’t some story. I have legal protections, I’m an Allemagne citizen, she can’t just claim me as long as I have a steady income, accident or no.

As the door closed, she took the opportunity to use the facilities and empty the rest of her bladder - she had a feeling that the moments of terror wouldn’t be done until she was safely home. The door opened just a crack and she could hear Naomi’s voice… it sounded like she was talking on her comm.

“Just a moment,” her voice filtered through the crack as she dropped a small bag just inside the door. “Yes, I’m here, I just have to get back to my office.”

The door closed, the bag waiting for her on the floor… sure enough, there was an unopened package of fresh panties and a flowy blue midnight dress. It looked like it was supposed to be ankle-length, but it came to her mid-shin as she examined it. It fit well enough though, a little tight in the chest with her padded bra… but even that looked good. She was taller than average so it wasn’t a perfect fit, but it worked well and it was high quality. She began to wonder if maybe she had misjudged the Amazon - perhaps she was just being paranoid. Naomi had said that she enjoyed her writing, after all - she had just panicked that someone knew about her rather risque subject matter in person. She took a deep breath and admired herself in the mirror before stuffing her clothing in the bag and tying it shut. She slipped back out to the Lounge area to grab her purse - not missing the side-eye she was getting from the Amazon man in the suit that had tried to stop her before, and thought very seriously about just slipping out the exit.

But she didn’t think she’d ever be able to come back to the club if she did, not with her head held high, and this was one of the few night spots in town that didn’t discriminate against Littles. She stood a moment at the smoked glass, watching the musical below, a smile creeping across her lips. The dance floor was packed with chairs, the staff must have brought them out, and the Littles watched with rapt attention as the Amazon actors on the stage sang for them.

Maybe Naomi wasn’t that bad.

With a sigh, she walked back down the hallway and pushed open the door, finding her Amazon host sitting at a large desk that was nearly as tall as she was, and talking on her comm while scribbling on a piece of paper. She climbed up carefully into one of the giant chairs and leaned on the desk, waiting patiently for Naomi to finish her call… but she accidentally knocked over a stack of papers, which spilled to the ground. Naomi’s face wore a frustrated look, but her full concentration was on the call.

“Sorry,” Sabrina whispered, climbing back down and picking up the papers quickly… when her eyes fell on it.

An Allemagne Hunting Permit… for a Little.

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“Yes, Mr. Walters,” Naomi was working very hard to hide her irritation. Now was not the time for this call, but if this problem didn’t get solved soon she’d be in a real pickle. “I’m aware that shipments get delayed, I understand perfectly. However, I have a massive crowd coming on Saturday for a well advertised event, and they’ll be quite upset if I’ve nothing alcoholic to sell them. You were supposed to restock me last week, so you see my problem. Surely we can figure something out? I’d hate to have to find a new supplier, we’ve done business for years.”

She barely registered the Little slipping in as she wrote down the numbers he was pitching. Damn right he’d be giving her a discount. Her business partner James liked to tease her about her unwavering loyalty toward those who had taken good care of her, but she couldn’t imagine doing business any other way. Building relationships came naturally to her and she’d rather have a handful of people that she could trust completely than a wide array of contacts to handle that she couldn’t. She heard the rustle of papers hitting the floor and furrowed her brow, but she couldn’t miss these details. Small hands were setting a stack of papers back on her desk.

“Excellent,” she confirmed. “I’ll be here myself to receive the shipment tomorrow. A pleasure, Mr. Walters.”

She ended the connection and let out a deep, bone-weary sigh, letting go of that stress - the problem was solved and now she could turn her attention back to her Little prey. She wanted her Brie to be comfortable with her before she sprung her trap.

“I’ll just,” she heard the Little’s voice squeak as she backed away toward the door, "be going… " It took her a moment to realize what was going on. Crap, she swore to herself. The permit was in that stack. It didn’t have Sabrina’s name on it, however - so she could still salvage this situation.

“Wait,” Naomi called as the Little edged toward the door. She stayed seated so the girl didn’t bolt. “I know what you saw and you’re probably assuming the worst, but it’s not what you think. That permit isn’t even active, it often takes years to get approved and I don’t even know if I want a Little… but I had a friend who rescued a Little who had fallen on hard luck. They had gotten the permit, thankfully - her Little friend had gotten injured, too injured to contribute to society and was fair game for any Amazon with a permit. But my friend had one and could rescue her friend… I want the permit just in case, just in case I can use it to better someone’s life.” She lied fast, spinning what she hoped was a believable story - she couldn’t snatch Sabrina yet, and she didn’t want the Little’s guard up. “I think I would prefer a willing Little, honestly - like they do in Gaule. Someone who was tired of how hard it is to be a Little in an Amazon’s world. You’re safe, Sabrina. I just want to get to know you, to know the mind behind your wonderful writing. But even you have to admit that the world is hard, life is hard, for someone your size.”

“It doesn’t matter that it’s hard,” Sabrina said softly, “that’s life. The world is built for you because you built it that way. It isn’t all that hard to imagine a world where it went differently,” there was a hint of bitterness to the Little’s voice. Naomi had read her stories and knew quite well that she imagined a very different world. “Those tales of Gaule, those are lies. No Little could ever want to live that way, kept like a baby. It’s undignified. The stories of willing Littles and life partners from Gaule are propaganda, lies told by Amazons to make the life of a forced baby to seem glamorous, desirable. I… thank you for the loan of the dress,” her voice was quiet as she picked up a bag, likely containing her alcohol-soaked clothing. “I’ll return it to you tomorrow. I… I have a lot to think about.”

“No, Sabrina, you keep it,” Naomi shook her head. “It looks really good on you. You look beautiful, mature. I’m sorry. Believe me, while I wasn’t hiding it, that is not how I wanted you to learn I’m applying for a permit. I truly want it to better a life, to keep someone from a worse fate. I admit that I have to sometimes fight my urges, but all Amazons have those, and I believe those stories from Gaule. I think I can make a difference, I think I can save someone. It happens in Albion or Catalon all the time.”

Sabrina couldn’t believe her ears.

“This isn’t Albion. This isn’t Catalon,” Sabrina countered. “I’m safe. I’ve got a good job and I can take care of myself. So, if you want to be my friend, great. But cut this I can save the Littles crap. We don’t need saving, we don’t want saving, and it’s not exactly flattering. I like you, Naomi - you seem cool. I like your club. But if you think for a moment that Littles deserve that treatment just to satisfy your sick Amazon urges, or if you think ‘defiance’ is some kind of ‘brattiness’, then fuck you.” She took a deep breath. “I’m a strong, independent Little who doesn’t need anyone, okay? So just… cut out the holier than thou act. Even Portal Littles don’t deserve that, nobody does.” Except maybe Amazons. She huffed, imagining Naomi trapped in her fantasy world of Little-domination once again. If anyone deserved captivity, it was the Amazons. “I’ll… I’ll see you later.”

And with that, she slipped out of the office and began heading downstairs, heading home, feeling overwhelmed and upset - at Naomi for believing she was better than people, at Amazons in general for their urges, at the world for making her so small, and at herself for ruining a perfectly good night just because she got a little scared. She liked nights at the club… now it was just going to be pizza and ice cream on the couch just like so many other days.

The cab ride home was miserable, but at least she didn’t have to talk to anyone. Sabrina had slipped out of the nightclub quietly and quickly, cursing herself for a fool. She wanted to believe that Naomi was telling the truth - that she had only altruistic motives behind applying for a Hunting Permit, but it felt like a load of lies. But Naomi hadn’t been angry, either. She had read Sabrina’s stories, but she wasn’t mad about them.

She said I was skilled, Sabrina thought as she climbed the stairs to her apartment, she said she liked my writing.

Sabrina felt incredibly mixed-up as she closed the door, her reflection in the full-length mirror that hung on the back of her front door catching her eye. Naomi’s voice echoed in her mind as she looked at the lines of her body in that flowing blue dress. You look beautiful, mature. That’s exactly how she wanted people to see her. Not cute, not adorable, not precious - beautiful, elegant, mature. She was a dominant at heart, she wanted to be feared and desired, but that wasn’t exactly easy in the body she was dealt.

With a sigh, she sat down to check if any new comments had come in on her latest chapter. She tried to make a point of replying to each and every comment - she wanted her readers to feel as loved as they made her feel - when she remembered that she had a message waiting from Rebel.


We had a breakthrough, LD. It works. They’ve ordered us to destroy this batch of the serum, but it actually works. I couldn’t believe it - the one I was telling you about? It makes Amazons into subs! It removes their will, makes them compliant. My boss is scared - I don’t know if you remember, but he’s a mid. He’s afraid the Amazons are going to come for him… but I snuck out one dose of the serum. I don’t have the guts to use it, but I bet you do. You have to! Let me know if you’re interested, I don’t know how long it will stay potent.


Sabrina read and re-read the message. Rebel had mentioned something about doing research into chemicals that affected the brain, but she apparently had a serum that could turn an Amazon into a slave… looking at her contact list, she saw that Rebel was on now.

LittleDomme: Rebel, is what you wrote me true?

TinyRebel4: It’s true. I have it.

LittleDomme: And it works!?!

TinyRebel4: The one Amazon lab tech injected it into himself to prove that it wouldn’t

It did

He did anything we wanted, LD


We made him say that Amazons were inferior

We made him clean up the lab… it lasted 2 days

The boss had to take him home!

LittleDomme: You’re kidding

TinyRebel4: I’m not!

LittleDomme: But it wore off?

TinyRebel4: Yeah - 2 days later he was fine and couldn’t remember a thing!

He didn’t even remember injecting himself

He forgot everything except driving to work that morning!

We should have done more to him

LittleDomme: Did it hurt him?

TinyRebel4: No, his medcheck came out perfect - no side-effects

She sat back in her chair, pondering what it could mean. A drug that made an Amazon into a slave for 2 days… the thought made her giddy. Her palms felt sweaty as she imagined being able to turn any Amazon she wanted into a pet without them suffering, and without them knowing about it.

TinyRebel4: yt?

LD, yt?

Sabrina blinked, snapping back to reality and responded to Rebel.

LittleDomme: I’m here. What are you going to do with it?

TinyRebel4: I want you to have it

I’m scared

I stole it from the lab, I can’t get caught with it or I’m toast

TinyRebel4: I want to give it to you

LittleDomme: Sorry Rebel, I love you but I don’t tell anyone where I live

TinyRebel4: Me either lol

Let’s do a dead drop

Pick a public place and a time

I’ll go there and leave it somewhere

And you pick it up

Sabrina stopped and pondered for a moment.

LittleDomme: Why don’t you use it?

TinyRebel4: Too scared

Youre brave

LittleDomme: K. Tomorrow at the park near Central and Grand

Leave it somewhere hidden and geotag it, send me the coords

7 AM

TinyRebel4: One condition

LittleDomme: What?

TinyRebel4: Make it count, I can’t get another one

Oh, and by my figuring, the bigger the Amazon, the faster it works

Tell me about it when you use it. I bet it makes an epic story!

When Sabrina got home from the park, she was clutching her purse to her tightly, feeling paranoid. Rebel had done it - she had taped a small box to the underside of a bench and sent her the coordinates. Sabrina had walked right up to the bench - there was no sign of Rebel. Part of her was disappointed. Rebel was her biggest fan and she desperately wanted to meet the woman, they’d been messaging back and forth daily for a month solid… but this was too risky, for both of them. Sabrina was the one taking the real risk… if she decided to use it.

She didn’t honestly think she would ever use it - sure Amazons probably deserved it, but it was the sort of thing an Amazon would do to a Little and that didn’t sit right with her, no matter how much she might crave the feeling of an Amazon quivering beneath her, it was wrong.

But it was nice to dream.

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Your stories are always so great. This one is no exception. You managed to take a very common theme and twist it so it completely unique. I love Sabrina. She’s got to be the first native little with enough gusto to dodge a terrible situation. The way she spoke with Naomi during their last interaction was courageous. I need to know if Sabrina actually uses the serum on Naomi and what the consequences to that action is.

Thankies for posting :slight_smile:

Thank you for commenting, I was starting to get a little disheartened. I’ll post a new chapter every weekday for as long as I have them :slight_smile:

I always try to do something a little different with my stories, I hope you enjoy this ride. So come back tomorrow to find out what happens next <3


Work on Thursday had been very difficult to focus on for Sabrina. She found her mind drifting frequently, and one of her three new clients had bailed on her. Her backlog was looking substantially less secure as well. Between that stress and the thoughts of the serum, she was beyond distracted. But her stories were there to relax her after work. She began a new story even though her last one was only half done… she just couldn’t get Naomi out of her head. There was something about the giant woman, she was so… attractive. Not in a purely sexual way, but there was something alluring about her. And so she found herself with her fingers on the keyboard of her computer, indulging in her favorite fantasy. She, of course, was the protagonist of the story but this time the Amazon was Naomi… she didn’t bother changing anything, not her hair, not her eyes, and she emphasized just how tall the woman was, the roundness of her breasts. She even left the name, Naomi. As all her favorite stories went, the Amazon ended up her captive, catering to her every whim, walked on a leash when she was allowed to walk upright rather than crawling, forced to cook and drive her around.

There was something about the power fantasy that she found deeply satisfying.

Normally those desires lessened after she had put them all down on the screen - she posted the story to the board under her usual screen name before she went to bed.

As she lay in the dark waiting for sleep to come, she began wondering… What if I did do this for real? It gave her a new thrill… it still felt wrong but after writing all of the things that she wanted to do to Naomi down and sharing them with her AmzDom friends, she wanted it more than ever. She started to convince herself that Naomi deserved it - she had a Hunting Permit pending, she was a potential threat, but it still felt wrong. And yet the idea kept coming back to her.

Friday dragged similarly and she found herself frustrated by the end of the day - two of her three new clients had canceled now, they didn’t give any real reason, said they were putting their creative endeavors on hold - but the way they said it seemed off. Her joy that the famine part of the “feast or famine” that came with running a small business was over dissipated. She’d contact the next agency on the backlog on Monday - she’d be done with the current project soon, another day or two at most. She liked to have two more lined up on the schedule… but there was no sense in fretting about it, everything would work out.

She smiled when she logged on to the board after work, a new message from Rebel was waiting for her.

Wicked new story, LittleDomme. One of your best yet. Naomi definitely deserved what she got. So, I gotta ask. You’ve certainly got all the right ideas. It would be so nice to see the Amazons brought to their knees. Have you thought about using that thing at all? I’d definitely love to read the ‘true story’ so to speak. What would be the first thing you’d have an Amazon do if you had them as a slave?

She pondered the question a moment before continuing, unable to keep the smile from her face.

They always want to make us crawl everywhere, to be helpless. That’s the first thing I’d do. If I had my way, they’d make sure their eyes were never above ours unless they were told to - on all fours at all times, see how they like being the short ones. I gotta admit though, I’m still nervous that it might hurt someone.

She laughed at the idea as she started getting ready to head to the club. She was nervous - what if Naomi was there, would she even be able to talk to the Amazon after the way she’d left last time? But then again, what if she wasn’t there? That seemed like it would be worse. She wanted to be near the Amazon, she wanted-

Her train of thought was interrupted by the chime of an incoming message. Rebel was apparently on right now.

Ha, that’s some pretty poetic justice. And definitely no less than they deserve. Don’t worry, the drug is like a blackout drunk stage. They won’t remember much. A few emotions might stick with them at best, but perhaps the humiliation will be humbling. You’ll have an Amazon pet for 2 days, I wish I had the guts to do it myself. I hope I get to hear all about the experience.

Rebel didn’t have the guts, Sabrina wasn’t sure if she did either. But she was going all out for the club tonight regardless - even taller shoes, a black vinyl dress with a keyhole at the hollow of her throat, her hair crimped and her makeup done in a severe style… she almost looked like a tiny dominatrix… which is what she felt like, how she wanted to be perceived. Sabrina didn’t realize it, but she was leaning more toward using the drug than away from it. She craved it. She craved the feeling of having an Amazon submit to her.

The usual bouncer, a muscle-bound Amazon almost as tall as Naomi, actually blocked her tonight - she came here enough that she didn’t feel she needed to show ID anymore, let alone get stopped complete.

“Miss Weber,” he said gruffly, “Miss Alexis requested that I give you this. I’m supposed to message her your answer.” He handed her a small piece of paper. The handwriting was fancy, the lines smooth.

Miss Weber,

I’m unfortunately unable to come to the club, I’m tied up in business meetings all evening. I wish to offer you an apology, ideally in person if you’ll allow it. You’re more than welcome to enjoy the club - your drinks on the house tonight, simply show this note to Anna and you’ll be taken care of. I do hope that you’ll consider joining me for a luncheon at my home tomorrow.

Naomi Alexis

At her home? Sabrina blinked, alarm bells going off… every Little - Allemagne or no - knew to never, ever go into an Amazon’s home alone. It was insanity. It would be so easy for the Amazon to… drug…

A smile crept across her face. If that was Naomi’s plan, she was in for the biggest shock of her life. The irony of the situation was too delicious to pass up. She could see on the bouncer’s face that he expected her to decline - any Little with an ounce of sense would.

“Tell her that I accept,” Sabrina smiled confidently, fishing a business card from her purse. “My number is on the card. Miss Alexis is quite interesting, isn’t she? How long have you known her?”

“I’ve worked for her for about a year,” the bouncer answered, taking the card.

“What do you think of her?”

“Miss Alexis is a kind woman, though I don’t quite understand her openness to you Littles. I’ve never seen anyone treat your people so like everyone else, it’s strange. But she does a lot of charity work, treats her employees proper, and pays well. I’ve no complaints,” the bouncer replied but gave Sabrina an impatient look, indicating that he’d really like for her to go inside so he could return to his job.

Sabrina patted the man on the elbow as condescendingly as a Little could as she sauntered past him. Before she could make it to the bar, her comm buzzed - a message from an unknown comm.

Hello Sabrina, it’s Naomi. I’m glad you’re willing to give me a second chance. I’m sorry I couldn’t be there tonight, but please enjoy your evening, drinks on the house. Consider it a start of an apology. I was sizeist and judgmental the other night. I’m working on being more open to everyone in our society, but I was raised under a different mindset, so it’s a battle sometimes, and I tend to falter when I’ve had a touch too much to drink. I hope that perhaps a sober morning away from the club might help me give a better impression. I enjoyed your company and would like to be friends. You’re a lovely person with many talents and you certainly didn’t deserve to be looked down on like that.

11350 Violet

Naomi Alexis

Yeah, sure, Sabrina thought. A nice, innocent lunch. Just you and me alone and nothing bad could possibly happen, right?

“Hey Anna,” Sabrina smiled as she climbed onto her favorite stool and showed her the letter. Anna read it over and her eyes widened. “I just want one of my favorite.”

“One aviation?” Anna asked, surprised. “You’ve got free rein and all you want is one gin cocktail?”

“We both know I’m a lightweight,” Sabrina laughed. “Comes with being a small Mid.”

“But I also know,” Anna countered, handing Sabrina the note back. “That you like to have a good time - so what gives, why’d the boss give you carte blanche and why aren’t you using it?”

“I got to meet her yesterday,” Sabrina shrugged as Anna made the drink. “She said some things that came off as a little bit sizeist and this is her apology. It wasn’t a huge deal though… I don’t mind. She seems nice and this is my favorite club by a landslide. As for me - I don’t need to get trashed to have a good time. It’s kind of her to offer, and I’ll totally accept a free drink, but I want to be able to function tomorrow.”

“Well you’re certainly dressed to kill tonight,” Anna smirked, sliding the completed drink across the bar. “What gives?”

“I’ve got my eye on someone,” Sabrina grinned, sipping the cocktail. “Doesn’t look like they’re here tonight though, so I might pack it in early. Thanks Anna.” She tipped the usual amount - even though the drink was free, Anna still needed her tips.

She kept the night short, dancing quite a bit with a smaller Mid guy who liked her look… normally that could have been a hookup, but tonight she had other plans.

As she stripped off her heavy shoes that night, setting her club gear gently aside and donning a simple pair of pajamas, she pondered what she should wear to Naomi’s house the next day. She settled on a maxi dress - something she rarely wore but felt right for the situation - it had a black top with a dark blue skirt and with the right makeup and her favorite shoes, she’d be able to pull of a softer sort of domme look. She checked her story boards before going to bed - there were several new comments, which she answered of course. She enjoyed the attention that the commenters gave her, and replying to every single one encouraged them to give her more. Her fictionalized Naomi seemed to be a big hit.

The next day, around eleven A.M, she found herself outside the address Naomi had given, the robocab slipping away…

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This is where the story gets quite a bit more intense. I’m super curious if Sabrina will be able to pull it off. She’s smart and gutsy, but this Naomi is also a pretty clever woman. I’m very excited for your next chapter.

Thankies for posting :slight_smile:

Thanks for coming back and commenting! I’ll post the next one on Monday <3


Naomi’s house was surprisingly modest given how important she seemed - it was a two-story on a fair bit of land in a suburb. No Little could afford to live out here, but the houses weren’t mansions, they weren’t extravagant. As she stepped out of the cab, Sabrina smoothed the blue skirt of her simple dress and adjusted the black top so it fell over her padded bra correctly. There was a woman crouched in the flowerbeds out front wearing a wide-brimmed hat. As Sabrina approached, she was surprised to see that it wasn’t a gardener - it was Naomi. And she was gorgeous. Her dress was simple but stunning, a smooth gradient starting out a soft green at the shoulders and fading through blue and ending at the hem of the ankle-length skirt in a deep indigo.

“Hey,” Naomi greeted her casually, “Wow, I love the dress. Honestly, Sabrina, if you keep this up, I’m going to have to find a way to shrink so I have an excuse to borrow your clothes. I hope last night was alright for you. I’m sorry I wasn’t there, I usually am on the weekends but I was called away to a suppliers’ meeting out of town. There’s not much that could have been done about it. How are you doing?”

It took a moment for Sabrina to recover from the shock of her casual joke about shrinking - the topic was taboo to Amazons, it was a punishment considered worse than death in some places, but she had said it like it was nothing. Maybe Naomi has a submissive streak? she wondered hopefully, grinning at the idea. Her thoughts turned to the syringe in her purse. If it looked like Naomi had any intention at all in drugging her, she was in for a surprise. Naomi looked so incredibly different in her casual dress than she did at the club, where she seemed like the dark and serious monarch of her loud, musical domain. Here she seemed positively domestic… the gradient on the dress was beautiful and subtle - Sabrina appreciated her taste.

“Thanks,” Sabrina smiled at the compliment. “It’s totally fine - I’ll admit I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get to see you, but your invitation tickled me. I might be a little crazy visiting an Amazon who applied for a Hunting Permit at her home but… you seemed sincere and I kind of overreacted. Your reasons sounded noble to me, I was just… embarrassed.” She blushed as she walked over toward Naomi, her footfalls heavy on the pavement. She adjusted her purse on her shoulder and smiled. “You like gardening?”

“I enjoy the beauty that plants give when you put a little love and hard work into them,” she explained, her voice warm and pleasant as she guided Sabrina into the house. “The city is so gray and shiny, I like living amongst softer shades and bursts of natural color.” Naomi’s home was awash in natural lighting from wide windows, their curtains tied back. “Make yourself at home. Would you like something to drink? Iced tea, lemonade, wine if you want it? I don’t keep much alcohol at home, I’ll admit. I get enough of it at the club, but I have some red and white if you’d prefer the alcohol content.”

“I actually would like a glass of wine,” Sabrina smiled, slipping her hand into her purse. The alcohol would go nicely with the power trip. Her heart thudded in her chest, her mouth felt dry. This could go so, so badly… or it could be the most amazing time of her entire life. She was already drunk - drunk on the fantasy of dominating this giant woman in her own house. Naomi left her alone in the elegantly furnished living room - soft white carpet and leather furniture in light blue. She looked around - making herself at home here wouldn’t be easy. While she might be on the tall size for a Little, Naomi’s furniture was sized for her, which was somewhere toward the upper end of Amazons. She was glad she wasn’t especially small or she’d really have trouble here.

Sabrina struggled her way into a chair, trying to keep her platform shoes out of the seat as she shifted around.

“It’s so funny, I never would have pictured you as the green homemaker type from seeing you at the club - it’s so dark and modern there and this is so… wholesome.” She watched as Naomi brought a sealed bottle of wine out, popping the cork easily with her strong Amazon hands and pouring a glass for each of them. Probably not drugged, Sabrina thought to herself. Naomi probably brought the bottle with her to drive that point home. Sabrina’s fingers itched slightly. She just needed a reason.

“Appearances can be deceiving,” Naomi pointed out. “Not everything is what it seems. So, I probably should have asked before now about any dietary restrictions?”

“Nope, none,” she smiled taking the glass, glad that Naomi had chosen to give her a slightly smaller one. “What about you, what’s your favorite food? I’m a big fan of steak and potatoes myself,” she lied, wanting to sound mature - her favorite was actually the stereotypical Little favorite of boneless chicken bits, in a sweet sauce… but it wasn’t a thing she liked to admit.

“I’m partial to that too but unfortunately, that’s not on the menu today,” Naomi lowered herself onto the couch to Sabrina’s left. The Little couldn’t help but look a little hungrily at her well-formed Amazon body. “I wasn’t sure if you might be vegetarian, so I started there. Are you hungry, would you like to eat now?”

“I’m honestly not in a rush for the food, we could just talk. We kind of hit a snag at the club, and we had a chance to get to know each other… but I kinda ruined it,” Sabrina took a sip of the wine before continuing - she was beginning to have second thoughts, maybe Naomi was actually nice? Maybe it wasn’t a trap? She needed to talk with her for a bit - to reassure herself that the Amazon was an Amazon, complete with that air of superiority. She needed to feel like Naomi deserved it, but in truth the smallest bit of sizeism would be adequate justification. “Your attitude towards Littles is a bit surprising - especially considering that some of your staff don’t exactly share those opinions.”

“I’m trying. It isn’t always easy. I was raised to have that view of Littles, that Amazons are superior and while our views are different than the other islands, it doesn’t change the fact that most Amazons don’t bother to differentiate between Portal Littles and the native population, at least in their opinions. We weren’t educated that way. I’ve made a choice for myself and my business, to be accepting of all types of people, but it’s a hard habit to break. I may going to slip up now and again, and I ask for your patience. I’d like my staff to be just as inclusive and varied, but I’ve had quite a bit of trouble keeping on a member of smaller stature. Littles tend to quit.”

“Your progressive attitude is really great,” Sabrina offered a fake smile, a hint of disappointment in her heart - Naomi was a friend to Littles it seemed. It would be wrong to drug her, even though the tall woman was incredibly alluring. She suppressed a sigh. Oh well, at least we can have a nice lunch, and maybe we’ll even be friends. But part of her still craved that domination, to bend Naomi to her will and debase her. Stupid conscience. “I’m sorry you’ve had so much trouble keeping some Little staff - it would definitely help the message of equality.”

Equality was a fine thing to want in public, but it wasn’t what Sabrina craved. She wanted the Amazon on her belly before her, begging… but she wanted it to be an Amazon who deserved it.

“Enough about business, I’ve talked enough about business the past few days to last me a lifetime. I know so little about you Sabrina, aside from the fact that you helped publish a very interesting book and you’ve great fashion choices. What do you do for fun?”

“For fun? You already know what I do for fun,” Sabrina laughed, taking another sip of the wine. “I go to clubs, I go dancing. I love music even though I’m terrible at creating it. I write for fun as well as profit - editing other people’s work isn’t always fun, but I’m good at it. My passion is drinking, though - I’ve got a list of cocktails as long as your arm that I want to try. Everything’s just better when you’re buzzed. Colors are brighter, music is stronger, jokes are funnier. I’d get drunk every day if, y’know, it wouldn’t kill me. My doctor doesn’t like how much of the rehydrating cure I take in a month.” She laughed again, not realizing how inappropriate it could seem to find humor in the way she slowly ruined her body. “I don’t get very far down my list because so many new ones are disappointing. The Gaule 75? Supposedly one of the best… it really wasn’t that great. The Aviation is my favorite by far. What about you? I know you like theater and gardening, any other passions hidden in that giant body?”

“Sabrina,” Naomi’s face darkened, her voice serious and condescending. “I truly have to caution you against that much alcohol consumption, coming from a business that works with it extensively, I can tell you that it’s as far from healthy as you can get. You may not feel it now, but it will catch up with you. It’s irresponsible to drink without the self control to know when to stop. I only say it because I care and I’ve seen it happen several times, people falling prey to liver and kidney diseases, addictions, and so much worse simply because they never exercised any restraint. Our modern medicines allow us to fix a lot, but not a continuous intake of poison at large doses, and that’s essentially what alcohol is, a poison. In small doses, it can’t hurt you, but in larger amounts, it can kill just as easily as any other powerful toxin.”

“You’re not telling me anything I don’t know, Naomi,” Sabrina replied, suddenly irritated. It was just like an Amazon to get all high and mighty - the woman had even ignored her question entirely! “I’m not addicted and I know my limits - I never drink when I’m sad or angry, I don’t use it as an emotional crutch. I never black out. I know how to have a good time, that’s all. It sounds to me like you need to loosen up some. So seriously, what do you do for fun? Isn’t planting things boring? You just dig in the dirt and then water it every day for forever and it turns into a plant - just like every other plant. You have to have another hobby, right?”

“I’m only trying to help. It doesn’t really sound like you’re fully aware of your limits,” Naomi responded, ignoring Sabrina’s questions yet again. “And if you’re not capable of realizing that alcohol should not be the only way to have a good time, that it IS an emotional crutch if you use it to muddy your thoughts and see the world through bursts of dizzy colors and incoherent thoughts, then I wonder if you’re truly as mature as you try to seem. Part of being an adult is the ability to exist in the real world and know how much partying is acceptable. If you can’t have fun or enjoy a meal or task without feeling fuzzy from a few drinks, then you don’t truly know how to live in the real world. If you want to be treated like an adult, get your head out of the clouds and act like one.”

“Excuse me?” Sabrina set her wine glass down on the table near her chair and crossed her arms over her chest. “I don’t have to drink to have a good time. I like to drink, there’s a difference. And I know how much is acceptable, you don’t run your own successful business by being a strung out loser, as I’m sure you know. And I am an adult and it happens to be the law to treat me like one.” Suddenly the syringe in her purse didn’t seem like such a bad idea. Naomi might have progressive attitudes, but she was still a pushy Amazon who always thought she knew better. Sabrina felt her teeth grinding in her mouth and knew that she was justified. It wouldn’t hurt Naomi… and she knew now she couldn’t actually be friends with a condescending giant. She took a deep breath. “Look, I’m sorry - I get pretty worked up about people judging what I like to do with my time, my money, and my body. I understand that you’re just worried - you’ve got a kind heart, I could tell that right away. So can we just agree to talk about something else? Maybe it’s time to start that lunch after all.”

“Lunch sounds like a good idea,” the Amazon’s voice started out tight but gradually relaxed. “I’m sorry, Sabrina, it was wrong to judge you. I just worry. I’ve seen it a few too many times not to. Just a moment, lunch is mostly prepared, it will only take a moment. The dining room is this way, if you’d like to wait in there.”

Sabrina grabbed her purse as she hopped down from the chair, her boots making her footfalls heavy as she followed Naomi toward the kitchen. Sabrina took a moment to look around, admiring Naomi’s decor as the Amazon put salads into bowls, one larger and one smaller. Sabrina narrowed her eyes as the larger woman drizzled a sauce from a suspicious looking bottle over the smaller bowl, carrying them both on a tray, which she set gently on the table, above the Little’s eye level.

Sabrina’s temper was still high from the Amazon’s lecture, and combined with the suspicious sauce, she felt justified. She did it. With Naomi’s back turned to her, she reached into her purse and pulled out the syringe. She jabbed it into the Amazon’s calf through her long skirt, and depressed the plunger, forcing the serum into her victim. Sabrina’s heart pounded as she waited - she wasn’t sure exactly what was supposed to happen, but she was ready to be in charge for once.

The Amazon hissed in pain, her posture slackening and her legs wobbling.

“Sabrina, I’m sorry,” Naomi’s voice was shaky and she grabbed the table for support. “I don’t feel so well all of a sudden. I might have to…”

Naomi Alexis collapsed in a heap at Sabrina’s feet.

She’d done it.


Omg, I can’t believe she actually did it. I was super sure her attempt was going to fail. Now I need to know what Sabrina will do with this Amazon that’s laying at her feet. Will her conscience catch up with her during her play? Will she take it too far? So many questions. I’m excited for your next installment.

Thankies for posting :slight_smile:

Thanks again Peaches - those are indeed the questions… and it’s time to find out!



Naomi wasn’t waking up.

Sabrina felt panic rising in her chest - what if the chemical hadn’t worked? What if she’d just poisoned a woman? She didn’t think she could live with herself. She fretted, pacing back and forth. She dropped to her knees and laid her ear to Naomi’s chest - her heartbeat was regular, her breathing was regular. The Amazon wasn’t sweating or coughing, she had just collapsed.

Did I put her in a coma?

She ran to the living room and found Naomi’s purse on a small table by the door, fishing out her comm. It was locked of course - password and bioscan, but anyone could activate the comm’s emergency signal. If Naomi didn’t wake up soon, she’d activate it and run. Nobody knew she was here, the medics would be able to save her and Sabrina could get away… hopefully. The heady feeling of superiority, the thrill of expectation had faded quickly as the giant lay there, still as the grave.

Sabrina walked back to the kitchen, biting her lip.

“Oh shit, oh shit,” she mumbled. “Please wake up.”

Every moment that passed felt like an eternity as she faced this no-win scenario. This had all been a mistake. She didn’t know what she was doing - for all she knew, Rebel had given her some kind of Amazon plague, she could be responsible for murder, the death of an innocent life… well, mostly innocent. She was sure that Naomi had been attempting to drug her. The anxiety made her feel sick to her stomach, her knees shook and she felt sweaty and ill. It seemed suddenly and oppressively hot in the Amazon’s home.

I can’t…

She reached for the emergency button on Naomi’s comm…

When the Amazon sat up slowly, scrunching her nose and blinking blearily. Sabrina’s heart felt like it could finally beat again. The Little set the comm down on the table and laid her hand gently on the Amazon’s shoulder, needing something to steady her.

“Oh man,” she breathed heavily, “that was scary. Naomi? Are you okay?”

“Who are you?” the Amazon asked, seemingly dazed, her voice soft.

Oh shit, she forgot everything. Did it work!? Only one way to find out.

“I’m your owner,” the words tumbled from her lips, the feeling beyond exciting. “You had a nasty fall there, sweetheart. Are you okay? You just finished making us lunch like a good pet.” She stroked Naomi’s cheek, her fingers trembling. “You really scared me, you’re precious to me. I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

“I don’t remember any other that,” she murmured. "Making lunch… " Her body twisted until she was in a sitting position on the floor, glancing between Sabrina and the table. “I don’t remember,” her voice was quiet, soft, with a trace of panic. “What am I supposed to do? What do I call you? What am I called?”

“Shh,” Sabrina soothed, stroking the Amazon’s hair - she didn’t react at all, she just stared with those soft eyes, her head empty. Sabrina was only slightly taller than Naomi while the Amazon was seated, and then only by virtue of her shoes. Making eye contact was easy this way, and she looked down on the giant woman slightly. “You call me owner, or mistress.” Sabrina almost couldn’t believe the words that passed her lips - this was everything. If the serum had really worked, if it had sapped Naomi’s will, she wouldn’t balk. The Amazon was supposed to comply, to accept this as the truth. Part of her fully expected Naomi to laugh in her face, to throw her out of the house, or worse… but she pressed on, mustering all her courage - fueled by her deep desire for this to be true. “I call you pet or Naomi, and what you do is simple. You live only to make my life easier. Serving me brings you pleasure, you’re made that way. If I need something, I’ll ask.” She kissed the Amazon on the forehead before climbing up, with some difficulty, into the chair. “Now kneel so that I can feed you more easily.”

The Amazon nodded, her shoulders slumping and her gaze dropping into a submissive posture as she twisted again, folding her knees underneath her and placing her hands in her lap. Sabrina blinked for a long moment, unbelieving that it had actually worked, that Rebel had come through. Her heart soared - Naomi was hers! For two days, at least, she had her own Amazon pet, something previously only the stuff of imagination. She climbed up into the dining room chair and looked at the tray - two bowls of a complicated salad - spinach leaves, caramelized walnuts, feta cheese, cranberries, strawberries, blueberries, cucumber, and apple. The smaller bowl also had a drizzle of that unknown dressing, orangish and chunky. On the plates were bowls of battered, fried chicken cut into slices and a small plate with pre-sliced French bread.

She fed Naomi from the small bowl, the one with the unknown sauce - Amazons were immune to most Little-targeting drugs and if anything had been unsafe, that was it. Sabrina relished every bite she fed to the Amazon, forcing her to open wide for each one in that humiliating way that Amazons treat Littles. She couldn’t help herself, however, from enjoying the fried chicken strips - those were her actual favorite, though she did share some with her new pet. The salad was good. Naomi was a talented chef, it seemed. It made some sense that Amazons enjoyed feeding Littles, the sense of power, the feeling of Naomi depending upon her, was delightful. Sabrina spent the entirety of the meal with a wide smile on her lips.

“You’re such a good girl,” she cooed at the Amazon with a grin. “You are the best pet ever, my beautiful Naomi. Tell me how much you enjoy being my pet.”

“Yes,” her pet agreed. “You’re a wonderful owner. I very much enjoy belonging to you, even if I don’t remember much of it. How long have we been together, Mistress?”

Sabrina’s heart soared - it worked, it had actually worked. If Rebel could manufacture this, it could be the start of a Little Revolution! They could escape the shackles of the Amazons and actually turn the tables in a way that countless Littles dreamed. Hearing the submissive tone, seeing her shrunken posture gave Sabrina the biggest thrill of her life. She was beyond giddy, she was actually living out her deepest fantasies.

“I bought you two years ago,” Sabrina lied, “you were so adorable and pitiful - you thought no one would ever want you because you’re so tall. But I could see how special you are.” She was practically reciting from a story she had written at this point, one of her favorites. “The whole house is sized just for you, my pet. It’s much easier to ride you to go places than it would be for you to live in a place sized for me, and you’re so precious to me.” She stroked Naomi’s hair, her smile never fading. “Now that lunch is done, you should clean up the dishes. Come to the living room after that, then we’ll go take a nice nap. You should rest since your poor pet brain is having trouble remembering.”

“Am I allowed to stand?” she inquired timidly, her eyes not meeting Sabrina’s. “I’m so much taller, I don’t want to tower… is standing something I do?”

“You may stand to do your chores, pet,” Sabrina smiled, “Just remember that the rule is your eyes should always be below mine whenever we are in the same room unless you have express permission otherwise.” She stroked Naomi’s cheek again, her fingers lingering for a moment before she climbed down from the chair, walking to the living room… walking on clouds.

Sabrina settled back in her chair, setting her purse down and collecting the glass of white wine once more. The alcohol really did make the power trip that much better. She listened to the sound of running water as her slave washed the dishes, and when she came crawling around the corner, Sabrina felt weak in the knees.

“What a good pet you are,” she praised her temporary pet Amazon. She gestured gently for Naomi to crawl closer. “Come here, at my feet. I need a footrest. I’m going to finish my wine, then we’re going to to take a nice nap.” She paused for a moment, realizing she didn’t actually know where the bedroom was… and knowing that it would ruin her ruse if she went fumbling about, for all she knew a big enough incongruence might snap the Amazon out of her submissive state - she didn’t know nearly enough about how the drug actually worked, Rebel hadn’t said much at all about fabricating a lie for the Amazon to live while under the effects of the serum. “On the couch,” she added. She’d put Naomi out back in the yard while she toured the house after she rested… white wine always made her a little drowsy.

Sure enough and with no complaint, the Amazon crawled over to her feet, presenting herself obediently. Practically salivating, Sabrina rested her black boots on the beautiful Amazon’s back, and she couldn’t resist - she pulled her comm from her purse and snapped a picture, making sure to show her small hand holding the wine glass with her feet up on the Amazon’s back. Pleased with the photo, she posted it to the AmzDom message board, taking a moment to caption it: Where all good Amazons belong. She had taken care to crop Naomi’s face from the image and she sat with smug satisfaction as she slowly finished the wine - this was only for two days and if word got out that she had actually been dominated by a Little, her life could become much harder. Naomi wasn’t a bad person, just a self-centered, self-righteous Amazon who needed to be put in her place for a while. Sabrina didn’t want any real harm to come from this - Naomi wasn’t even supposed to remember any of it and what she didn’t know wouldn’t hurt her, right?

I hope, she thought as she savored the wine, that the sense of humiliation lingers for a bit, as Rebel thought. Maybe then she’ll treat Littles like adults.

“Good job,” Sabrina condescended to her pet as she set her empty wine glass back down on the table. “Now, do you need to go potty before naptime? You’re not allowed to get up once we lay down.”

“No, Mistress. Thank you.”

“All right then,” Sabrina said as she patted Naomi on the head before running a hand down the woman’s long, powerful back. “Go lay down on the couch, on your back. Do not move unless I say so, okay?” She waited for a moment while Naomi complied like a good little slave, before climbing down from the chair and walking down a hallway in search of the bathroom herself… it took her a moment to find it, and a few minutes more to actually use the facilities, the toilet was huge and dangerous but she was used to Amazon facilities - she liked going to Amazon locales. Climbing up on the counter, she washed her hands before climbing down carefully and returning to the living room. She pulled off her platform shoes and climbed up onto the couch, laying her body on Naomi’s and resting her head on the Amazon’s breasts. She pulled her comm out from her pocket and snapped another picture of herself laying on the giant, but didn’t post it - this one was for herself to enjoy, to relive this fantasy in her mind at home.

She would treasure this day always. She fell asleep with a smile on her lips, mumbling.

“Such a good pet.”

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Holy crow!!! I can’t believe it worked. Im sure she made a big mistake during all of this though. I’ll just have to see how it plays out. I like how the scene ended. It felt like the chapter came to an end while still leaving you curious about the future.

Thankies for posting :slight_smile:


Sabrina woke from the peaceful nap with a stretch, and was overjoyed when she realized that she was still laying on top of her Amazon slave. She rose, sitting on Naomi’s stomach and smiled down at the beautiful woman.

“Wake up pet,” she called softly, stroking between the Amazon’s eyebrows and down her nose. “Time to get up. Let’s go enjoy the sunshine.” She climbed down from the couch and pulled her boots back on, waiting for Naomi to climb down to all fours once again.

She led her pet back through the kitchen to the sliding glass door which led to Naomi’s beautiful, private, fenced-in back yard. She paused at the door, pondering. She had an itch she wanted to scratch…

“Before we go out, I want you to go over to the counter and get me the wooden spoon,” she smiled sweetly. “You may stand to fetch it, and to open the door.” Sabrina wasn’t sure she’d be able to open the heavy glass door herself…

Her pet complied placidly, standing and shuffling her feet over to the stove where the utensils waited. She drew the heavy wooden spoon from its holder and presented it to Sabrina, whose grin was wide and predatory as she accepted it. Naomi slid the door open, waited for Sabrina to exit, followed, and closed it again before resuming her kneeling position.

Out on the deck, Sabrina had to pause once more to admire Naomi’s taste - her fenced in yard was immaculate, her patio furniture was simple and elegant and it all rested under a large, beautiful awning. This had to be a divine place to relax in the heat of summer. She rested the wooden spoon on her shoulder as she looked around, drinking it all in.

“My pet, let’s take off that dress, it’s too pretty to ruin crawling around out here. Now.”

The docile Amazon rolled back on the balls of her feet and complied, stripping her dress off over her shoulders - surprisingly, she was clad in spandex shorts and a sports bra underneath. It seemed powerful Naomi had some modesty issues. She folded the dress and set it aside before resuming her posture on all fours.

It was a dream come true. She stared lustily at the nearly naked Amazon, crawling on all fours on the patio of her own home.

The Little was simply astounded at how effective the serum was - Naomi was perfectly compliant, perfectly submissive. It was breathtaking. She stepped closer, running a hand along the Amazon’s flesh, admiring her powerful form. It had always felt unfair that they were so much bigger, so much stronger, and possessing that power - for the short amount of time that she would - was amazing. She would do anything for another dose of that serum, she’d have to contact Rebel again as soon as she got home, this was just too good… Amazons drugged Littles all the time, it was only fair that the tables be turned… Allemagne could be a Little paradise…

She pulled herself back to reality, walking around behind the Amazon with an evil smile, it was time to scratch her itch.

“I know you don’t remember it,” she scolded, “but you were quite naughty yesterday. You had an accident in the house, and you didn’t want to go before naptime - I’m worried by this, pet. You’re not taking good care of your body, and your body is mine. So I think you just need a little reminder.”

She began slowly, savoring the way the Amazon’s bottom bounced as she tapped it gently with the spoon, warming the flesh. While Sabrina had never done this in person, she had read and watched a lot of spankings and knew just what to do. She kept a steady rhythm, warming each cheek and the spot where the thigh met the bottom, but didn’t start in on the real spanking until the exposed flesh on the backs of the thighs beneath the hem of the bicycle shorts were nice and pink. When she was spanking the Amazon in earnest, she put the whole of her small body into swinging the spoon hard with both hands, slamming the instrument into Naomi’s skin - not hard enough to bruise, but by the end of it, the Amazon was whimpering with every strike. The sound was the stuff of Sabrina’s deepest, most desired dreams. These were the sounds she would remember while laying alone at night, waiting for sleep to take her. An Amazon submitting… it would only be better if Naomi begged for mercy, but her will was obviously too far gone for that.

When she was done, she rubbed the Naomi’s bottom gently.

“Good pet, I’m sorry I had to do that. I just need you to understand your place.” Sabrina’s blood felt like it was fire in her veins, her mouth felt dry and she licked her lips, standing behind the larger woman with a hand resting casually on Naomi’s rump. MINE.

“Yes Mistress, thank you.” Her voice was weak, defeated. Sabrina could do anything she wanted to her, anything at all and she wouldn’t fight back. She truly, honestly had her own Amazon pet, the stuff of her fantasies. And to say that she had fantasized about this would be a gross understatement. This concept had consumed her every idle moment for years -she was addicted to the idea, it was the subject of her favorite dreams. The feeling of Naomi’s skin beneath her fingertips was almost too much. The Little’s breath came in short gasps as the next humiliation formed on her lips.

“Well go on,” she prodded, tapping Naomi on the bottom, “out into the yard with you - do your business.”

She smirked and climbed into one of the patio chairs, watching her pet crawl around a corner. It was only fair - her people humiliated Littles constantly by forcing them to wear diapers and soil themselves. She didn’t have a diaper for Naomi or the woman would already be in one… this was the next best thing, forced to do her business in the grass outside like an animal. She waited for a few moments for her pet to return… when she didn’t, Sabrina climbed down slowly and peeked around the corner to find her pet on her back in the grass, soaking in the sun.

That’s fine, she smiled. I have a new itch to scratch.

Sabrina took her seat once more and pulled out her comm, activating the holographic keyboard, practically drooling as she wove the things she was doing to Naomi into a new tale… but solving pesky things like the logistics of navigating a giant house - the doorknobs would all be on her level, for one, and the Amazon would need HER help to open doors instead of the other way around. She started crafting a world where this serum was readily available - a new theme for her fiction, her favorite was generally an alternate dimension where Amazons were already subjugated, as it had always seemed impossible that anything of the sort could happen in real life. In this new tale, the Amazon population lived in fear of being selected by a Little and captured. There were arcane rules and an infraction as simple as disrespecting a Little could become justification for the first injection… and few Amazons came back from that. The Littles ruled everything in that dimension, and the thought made her skin tingle.

An hour or two passed with Naomi sunbathing like the pet she was, and Sabrina tapping this new well of inspiration for what she considered one of her hottest stories yet.

The fantasy was delicious and this environment was far more pleasing to write in than her own cramped apartment, which was smaller than Naomi’s kitchen. Little housing was always cramped - “snug” as the Amazon designers called it - designed to hold a lot of them… they didn’t need as much space after all, right? Sabrina seethed a bit at the thought, wishing that her current reality, the game she was playing with Naomi, could last forever.

As she saw Naomi crawl around the corner, a surge of joy came to the Little’s heart. This was much less the malicious, sadistic glee she had been getting from this fantasy scenario before, but rather a genuine fondness… which gave her a pang of sadness when she realized it was going to end.

“Sweet pet,” she smiled warmly, a sadness in her eyes. “Come here,” she beckoned, waiting for Naomi to comply. "You are so wonderful, I’m so lucky to have you… " she actually felt a little choked up at that, at the sense of loss that all of this would end, that she would never have Naomi in this position again - even if she could get her hands on another syringe of the serum, she could never trick Naomi the same way twice. The woman was going to be suspicious that she lost two days of her life… Sabrina figured she would think of something, some excuse, but she wasn’t dwelling on that right now. No, it was just sad that this couldn’t be real, that Naomi couldn’t be hers.

She began pondering, wondering if perhaps - somewhere out there - there was actually an Amazon who wanted to live this way. They had to exist, right? There were Littles who wanted to be babied, there had to be Amazons who wanted to submit… maybe she’d start a new site, a new community, searching for her perfect submissive Amazon. She could live this feeling without the gnawing guilt that went with it, that she was no better than an Amazon for taking Naomi’s will, that her pet could look up at her with as much love as she wanted to give. Yes, she wanted power - but she wanted love, too.

“Have you been having a good day? A nice, relaxing time? I enjoy your company so much.” That pain again, shining through her smile in her eyes, “Tell me again that you enjoy my attention, pet. Tell me you like being mine.”

“I am deeply enjoying your company,” her pet practically purred, seeming genuinely happy. “I like being yours, Mistress.”

“Who do you belong to, pet?” she asked, needing to hear it. Needing to feel wanted, needing to feel… needed.

“You of course, my mistress,” Naomi cocked her head to one side, those innocent eyes staring up at her. Unknowing, guileless. The guilt, sadness, and joy all mixed within Sabrina painfully, pulling her in three directions at once. She wanted this forever, but she wanted Naomi to want it… and that was becomeing more and more obvious as time went on. If she pursued that feeling too far, she knew she would ruin the weekend entirely.

Sabrina gave a deep sigh, shutting down her comm and slipping it away. She pushed aside the sadness - there was no way she was letting wistfulness over wishing for perfection spoil the small time she DID have. Perfect was the enemy of good in this case - her personal mantra.

“Naomi,” she commanded, gathering herself together again, “on your back.” She gave the Amazon a moment to comply, watching those powerful muscles flex beneath her skin. “That is where you belong,” she smiled, finding that sumptuous dominant place again. “On the ground at my feet. Oh, I wish I had your collar here,” she began pulling from her stories again, feeling that rush. “We left it at the club, such a shame. You should be collared and leashed right now. Isn’t that right? Is that where all your kind belongs? You’re all so big, so unwieldy. Tell me, tell me where you giants belong, pet.”

“I belong where you will, Mistress,” she responded immediately.

Sabrina slid down from her seat and climbed on top the Amazon’s stomach, sliding her hands along her ribs.

“Such a good pet,” she purred, climbing up the woman’s body. The change in Naomi’s body language is delightful, she thought, the serum must be going deeper, she isn’t just subservient, isn’t just meek… she seems to be enjoying it. There was a predatory glint to the Little’s eyes that was completely out of place - the look of an Amazon, not a Little, and her smile matched. She stopped, her face mere inches from Naomi’s, feeling the larger woman’s chest rise and fall with her breathing, feeling her powerful heart beating underneath her. She sat back, stroking Naomi’s cheek before planting a soft kiss there. She breathed in Naomi’s scent, lingering, her skin brushing her pet’s as she moved slowly before pressing her lips to the Amazon’s. Naomi’s breath was hot against her lips, but the Amazon didn’t return the kiss, she merely received.

“Come, pet,” Sabrina smiled sadly as she climbed off - it just didn’t feel right to take advantage of her that way. Her thoughts turned again to seeking out a willing submissive, how fulfilling that would be. “Get your dress and open the door, I want to have another drink and perhaps listen to some music… then I think I want you to read to me for a bit. A very special story.”

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Another wonderful addition to a very unique story. I’m curious how far she will take this. She seems to have restraint in her impulse to go farther than acceptable. Well as acceptable as drugging someone to be your slave can be hehe. Though I wonder if her desire will overwhelm her and cause her to take it too far.

Thankies for posting :slight_smile:

Yeah, it was interesting to me to have Sabrina be capable of this obviously heinous act - stripping away the free will of another conscious being - but have it be justified to her. She takes comfort in the fact that it’s only temporary, and so she won’t violate Naomi in a sexual way because that “would be wrong” whereas what she is doing is mostly harmless fun to her… but it’s not. It’s horrible and it’s awful and it’s wrong, and she should be ashamed of herself… but she can’t really see that from her perspective. To her, Naomi was about to do the very same thing. And we all know that two wrongs make a right, right?


The pair re-entered the house, moving casually to the living room, Naomi only standing long enough to open and close the door before dropping to her knees and crawling after the Little.

“Shall I refill your glass, Mistress?” Naomi asked softly as Sabrina removed her shoes once again and climbed up on the couch - with some difficulty.

“Yes, pet,” Sabrina confirmed, still in that place of warm contentment. She stroked Naomi’s shoulder, feeling a little addicted to the soft warmth of the Amazon’s skin. “You may stand and walk - get me more of the white.” It took effort not to say please, it was such an ingrained part of Little culture to be deferential and subservient to the Amazons that just that tiny bit of rebellion was a thrill in and of itself. Even an adult Little in public could get severely chastised for not using manners with an Amazon. “It should already be open, no sense in opening another bottle.” She couldn’t be frivolous with Naomi’s personal stock, however, no matter how rebellious she was being - it would be wrong to drink anything other than what she had been offered originally.

“Bring the glass to the couch and sit down, upright, like a person.” While Naomi went to fetch her drink, Sabrina began attaching her comm to the house’s sound system, so she could control the music easily.

“Hold the glass,” she instructed as Naomi returned with her wine and sat. Once she was settled, Sabrina climbed over and sat directly on the Amazon’s lap. She wiggled a bit, settling in and rested her head on the larger woman’s bosom, taking the glass with a soft smile and enjoying a long sip. She tapped her comm to start her music, a smooth, slow instrumental - almost jazz, and just relaxed with a sigh, pausing only to snap another picture of herself with the Amazon for her private collection. A Little, with a glass of wine, sitting on a subservient Amazon like a chair. She practically purred as she relaxed, stroking Naomi’s thigh as she closed her eyes and just sank into the atmosphere she had created.

The two sat there a while, relaxing and enjoying the music, Sabrina sipping the wine and relishing the gentle rise and fall of Naomi’s breathing, her eyes still closed and her body relaxed in a way it had not been for a very, very long time.

With the glass drained once again, she sat it aside on the end table, and turned her body sideways in the Amazon’s lap. She snuggled close, her breath hot on Naomi’s chest, enjoying her warmth for a moment, the feeling of the alcohol buzzing in her mind. She climbed up to her knees, leaning forward and pressing herself against the giant woman, reaching up and undoing the bun in Naomi’s hair, running her hand through it and twirling a strand around her small fingers.

“You really are beautiful, pet,” she breathed, placing a soft kiss on the Amazon’s neck. A few more kisses up toward her jawline and soon she was giggling. She wouldn’t do anything to violate Naomi, but enjoying these sensual touches - something a Little never got - was intoxicating in its own right. She leaned back, looking Naomi in the eyes but not seeing, before leaning forward and planting a long, greedy kiss directly on her lips, the wine stealing some of her reservations regarding the Amazon’s potential personal boundaries.

A soft sigh fell from Sabrina’s lips… it wasn’t the same without Naomi’s mind in there. She knew the Amazon had no interest in her, she was out to save some Little from a hard life - that would never be her, her life was great. Besides, she would hate Naomi’s idea of “saving”. This was what she wanted, this control, this power… but with a willing partner. Stealing Naomi’s will was a great thrill, but it wouldn’t satisfy her long-term. She began to have second thoughts on whether this was a good idea - there would be no way she could be friends with the Amazon now… she’d have to block her, stop going to the club, and pretend Naomi didn’t exist.

Was it worth it?

She smiled at the thought of the pictures in her comm and decided that it was. Naomi would probably never forgive her, but the socialite had been entirely out of her reach anyway. There was only one reason someone as fancy and important as the nightclub owner would ever care about some two-bit editor and author from the “wrong side” of the height chart… she was glad that Naomi didn’t seem to be suffering from any side-effects from the Little-targeting drugs that had been on that smaller salad, and even gladder that they hadn’t interacted negatively with the serum that made this whole charade possible.

She snuggled closer, settling back in with her back to the Amazon, resting her head on Naomi’s breasts. Her fingertips traced the lines of Naomi’s ribs, as she closed her eyes, relaxing. Her fingers caressed her pet’s soft skin where she could reach, enjoying the rise and fall of Naomi’s even breathing. Her reverie was interrupted by a hunger pang, which brought with it annoyance - she wanted to lounge this way longer, simply enjoying the feel of Naomi beneath her, but her stomach was feeling empty again - the salad, even the larger portion - hadn’t been all that filling.

“Okay pet,” her voice was soft as she slid off the Amazon’s lap. “Go prepare us some dinner. Something with chicken, I think. Use your best judgement, you’re a smart pet, I know you can do this.”

“Yes, Mistress,” the Amazon obeyed immediately, rising and moving to the kitchen.

Dinner had been lovely - her pet had prepared a delightful breaded and baked chicken breast, sweet and sugary in a tomato sauce. Sabrina had devoured it greedily, feeding the kneeling Amazon at the same time. Once again, Sabrina had been impressed at Naomi’s culinary prowess. The rumor was that the upper echelon of Amazon society rarely knew how to cook - they had Mids to perform those services, and so they never learned. Naomi was a bit of an enigma - she was obviously important, but her home wasn’t some overblown mansion, it was a fairly reasonably-sized home from what Sabrina understood of Amazon dwellings, and her decor was nice but not lavish. She wondered if the fierce nightclub owner was just a front and if Naomi’s income was less impressive than she let on.

When the meal was done, she felt contentedly full. The wine having worn off, and she smiled down at Naomi, taking a moment to wipe her pet’s face with a napkin.

“You may clean up, then return to the living room.” Enjoying the casual authority that came with being completely and unequivocally in charge, Sabrina climbed down from the chair as Naomi immediately began clearing away the dishes, the perfect obedient pet.

While Naomi cleaned, Sabrina began exploring the house, heading upstairs, wanting to know where the bedroom was… it was almost certainly up there rather than on the main level in a house like this. She made a mental map as she went before returning to the living room - her preferred bedroom located, the largest one with the most comfortable looking bed… one the size of Sabrina’s entire kitchen. With a smile and changed the music - another smooth instrumental, this was more electronic than jazz - before resting on the couch. She was feeling a bit weary, the day had been a lot of fun, but she was ready to relax… soon it would be off to bed, then one more wonderful day with her pet before she had to give up this dreamlike life forever.

With a smile, Sabrina pulled out her comm while listening to the sounds of cleaning from the kitchen underneath the soothing music in the living room. She tapped away at her holographic keyboard, writing down all of the indignities that she had been inflicting on the Amazon into her new story, immersing herself once more in that fantasy world… one now quite close to her own temporary reality. When the sounds of tidying ended and the Amazon came crawling back into the room, Sabrina beckoned her With barely a glance, patting the front of the couch next to her. To her surprise, her pet doesn’t simply rest at her feet as she’d intended, she slid underneath her heels and without being told to, returning to her duty as a footrest. Sabrina actually teared up at the Amazon crawling beneath her feet. She closed down her comm at this and smiled at the woman, stroking her hair softly.

“So very nearly perfect,” she whispered wistfully, trying to explain her feelings without breaking the fantasy, “it’s almost a shame that your kind lacks all will, you would be a wonderful conversation companion as well, my clever girl.” She yawned and stretched, realizing at her surge of emotion that she was tired - she always felt emotional when she got tired. “I think perhaps it’s time for bed, my pet.” She climbed onto the woman’s back, wrapping her arms around Naomi’s neck gingerly. “Stand carefully - we’re going to go up the stairs and to the first door on the left. You will stand by the bed while I dismount, then you will lay on the bed so that I might lay on top of you. Understand?”

“Yes Mistress,” she responded. Sabrina clung gently while Naomi stood, folding her arms behind her back and supporting Sabrina’s legs so she didn’t slide off. Sabrina grinned, riding her pet just like in one of her stories as they climbed the stairs up to the bedroom where the Amazon waited next to the bed while she climbed off, sitting on the soft comforter.

“Mistress,” Naomi spoke softly, thoughtfully - making requests foreign to her. “I saw something earlier while making dinner that might please you before sleep. Might I go and fetch it?”

The Little paused in the middle of a giant stretch, raising an eyebrow and wondering what her slave might have seen that would please her… it had to fall within the parameters of her submission or the serum wouldn’t allow it…

“You may,” Sabrina ran her hand down the Amazon’s back, dragging her fingernails gently along her flesh. She waited patiently, as the Amazon crawled from the room and came back a few moments later holding a plate with a slice of luscious chocolate fudge and strawberry cheesecake - Sabrina’s absolute favorite. Her eyes widened as she spotted it, it looked amazing. As her pet knelt before her and offered the plate, the Little grinned, a slightly different idea occurring to her.

“You may feed me the dessert, my lovely pet,” Sabrina scooted to the edge of the bed and waited, feeling like a queen or a goddess with this beautiful Amazon waiting on her hand and foot.

“Of course, Mistress,” Naomi said with a smile, picking up the fork and feeding Sabrina that first delicious bite. It was as heavenly as it looked. She savored every bite, sure it tasted even better as it was fed to her by her own personal Amazon pet. This was something she had never thought to work into her stories, but she was definitely going to fix that. As the cake disappeared, Naomi’s smile grew. When it was half gone, she looked Sabrina dead in the eyes for the first time.

“Mistress, I have to ask… what do you think of my acting skills?”

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OMG!!! When she brought the dessert I was overly suspicious. Amazon don’t like sweet things. So why ele would she have something perfect for a little other than to drug her. This was all a beautiful ruse created by Naomi to trick the little. I must say, its incredibly strange a Amazon would debase herself to this degree to return the favor. I have a feeling this story is either finished or very close to finished. Either way it was amazing. So incredibly unique for a DiaperDimension story.

Thankies for posting :slight_smile:

I’m so glad you’re enjoying it <3

I don’t give spoilers when responding to comments, but I will tell you this… we haven’t even reached the halfway point of the story.