Diaper Dare

Part 1

It was another boring summer weekend as Daniel felt the urge to poke his eyes out. He had played all his games dry and had nothing to do. It was too cold for the pool but too hot to go outside. All of his friends were gone for vacation and his family was away leaving him responsible for the house at age 19.

Dying of boredom, Daniel scoured the internet to try and find something to do. He browsed Reddit, 4chan, Twitter, YouTube, and finally he stumbled upon an odd site. It was a forum site similar to the one you’re reading now, but the home page read “Diaper Dare”. Daniel thought that this was bizarre but was curious as to what it was. The forum had several threads of people sharing their experiences with completing this “Diaper Dare”. Then Daniel found the original post that described exactly what you must do in order to complete the Diaper Dare.

Welcome to The Diaper Dare

We are excited to announce the Diaper Dare! You and even your friends can complete the Diaper Dare! Please make sure to read the rules and terms before committing.

  1. You must be at least 18 years old.

  2. As soon as you accept the Diaper Dare, you must create a thread with your first and last name as the subject. This will be your thread where you are to post updates as you complete the Diaper Dare. Fail to upload and you will not only be locked out of the thread, but you will not get any prizes or rewards even if you’re a day away from completing it.

  3. You must wear your diapers 24/7, at night time and bed time.

  4. You are not allowed to change your own diapers. If you live on your own, you must ask your neighbor or someone else to change you. Don’t explain why, just ask them.

  5. You must remain completely shaved during the duration or the Diaper Dare.

  6. You must save and keep any and all photos and videos you take on your personal phone. You are not to delete a single one, we will know if you do.

  7. Your phone must have its password or touchpad or face id completely removed so that it is open to anyone who picks it up.

  8. When buying diapers and supplies, you must ask a store clerk for help, if there is none, you must ask another customer. If they recommend something, you must buy it unless you cannot afford it.

  9. If anyone asks you why you are wearing diapers, you must answer because you need to. You cannot tell them about the Diaper Dare, and you cannot tell them it’s because you want to.

  10. You are not to wear any baggy pants or shorts that may hide the fact you are wearing a diaper. If all you own is bottoms that would hide the fact you are wearing a diaper, then don’t wear anything until you buy proper pants or shorts.

Now if you agree to these terms, then let us explain to you what the Diaper Dare is and what you get from it assuming you complete it.

You must wear diapers for the next 30 days. Everyday you must post an update with proof that you wore them 24/7. You must provide any photos or videos that can help with proving that. You must also keep a camera constantly filming you so that there is no questions asked about it whether it’s a hidden camera or you just setting up a phone camera. Once you complete the 30 days, you will be rewarded with a $100000 dollars and a free trip to anywhere you want to go for 5 nights. For proof that this is not a scam, please check our rewards thread which has screenshots of invoices proving that our word is true.

Daniel finished reading the post and then sat back in his chair. He looked at the rewards thread which all looked legit. And then he smiled. He could easily do this for that amount of money. No one was here for the month, and he had nothing better to do, so why not. What was the worst that could happen?

Daniel clicked to make a thread and titled it Daniel Harris which was his name as instructed. He then posted a decent looking selfie of him and in the message box he typed. “I accept the diaper dare.”

After all that was finished, he set off to start the diaper dare, getting his credit card, setting up his phone in his shirt pocket to record everything, and driving over to the store.

He pulled up to the local CVS and walked in. He approached a young man that looked to be about 19 and asked. “Hi, I need to pick up some baby supplies, could you help me out?”

“Uh, sure, how old is the kid?” he asked.

“Uh, it’s actually for me,” Daniel said blushing red.

“Oh, uh… I think Alexis can help you out,” the dude said as he held back a snicker. “Alexis, come over here.”

A tall brunette girl with a gorgeous body walked up to the two. “What’s up?” she asked.

“This guy says he need baby supplies,” the dude said burying the lead.

“Oh, okay. You can’t help him?” Alexis asked with a frown.

“Nah, babe, it’s for himself,” the dude said trying not to laugh.

Alexis’s eyes widened in surprise as she looked Daniel up and down and then had a realization. “Oh, I see. Very well, I’ll help him out,” Alexis said holding back a laugh as well. “Come with me, sir.”

Daniel followed Alexis as she guided him towards the back where the baby supplies were. “Do you know your waist size?” Alexis asked. “That will help determine what kind of diapers you need.”

“No, I don’t,” Daniel said.

“No problem, if you drop your shorts, I can measure you right here. It’s just you and me back here, so don’t worry,” Alexis said as she pulled out a tape measurer from her back pocket and unraveled it.

Daniel blushed but did as he was instructed. Daniel had just thrown on a pair of basketball shorts and hadn’t bothered to put on any underwear as he didn’t really think about having to take anything off. But nonetheless, he lowered his shorts revealing his less impressive penis.

“Woah, Skipper. I thought you were wearing underwear,” Alexis said as she brought her hand to her mouth trying not to laugh.

Daniel blushed. “Sorry, I didn’t think I would have to take anything off.”

She carried on wrapping the tape measurer around his waist. Her hand brushed against his privates as she leaned in to look at the measurements.

“Based on your measurements, the baby diapers should be able to fit you. I would recommend the night time pampers with extra padding as they provide better protection and stop any leaks. There are also daytime pampers but they are less effective. You’re going to need wipes, I would recommend the ultra soft ultra gentle as they feel much better than the other ones. You should also get powder as well as ointment and baby oil in case of a diaper rash. Is there anything else you need?” She asked.

“Actually, yes, I will need one of you to put it on me,” Daniel said as he began to load the cart with everything she recommended as well as a few other supplies.

“Oh, okay. Well I’ll have to check you out first and then I can change you into the diapers,” Alexis said.

Daniel nodded and followed her to the front where she rung him up. “Alright then just swipe your care.”

Daniel complied and then signed the pad when asked. The dude from earlier was secretly recording everything as Alexis then had Daniel lie on the floor. No one was there so Daniel didn’t mind. Alexis pulled his shorts off again and opened the package of diapers pulling one out, she also opened the baby oil, wipes, and powder as she diapered him up. After she was done she stood up and helped Daniel up onto his feet.

“Thank you,” Daniel said as he finally left.

He then went home and immediately uploaded the video from his camera and took pictures or him in his diaper as proof he was wearing them.

And from this point forward, the Diaper Dare began.

Very interesting!! The only part that I don’t believe is he wearing baby pampers being a adult , to fit he must be very short