Diaper cum Rag

Jack sat upon a towel in the backseat of the sedan. Up front, his mommy was driving along, smiling. Jack was smiling too. He had made a tragic mess of his pants. So much so that they needed to be removed, leaving him sitting in a heavily-stained, previously white undergarment. Yes, he had mudded up his pants so much that even his shirt had to be removed. Jack was a mess, but he didn’t mind.

Jack liked making messes and his mommy knew it. Sometimes she was upset by his messes, but not often; she knew that was just what boys did. Today was a special day too. Jack got to be extra messy today. In fact, they were heading home, but he wouldn’t have to change when they got there. Instead, mommy was going to let Jack play with his hose–just the perfect thing to do after getting his pants so messy and brown. Just the thought of it made him excited.

Every bump in the road, every passing second made him more and more excited. Soon he became so excited that he dropped what he was holding and began fumbling around at his crotch. He tried to keep quiet as he felt around and grabbed between his legs. His efforts only managed to smear the chocolate all around, and as he pulled back he gasped as something sticky and white spurted upward, splattering all over his bare tummy.

“Uh oh,” he said in surprise. A smile nonetheless painted across his face. “Mommy, look what came out.”

His mommy looked back from her seat. “Oh my.” She chuckled to herself. “I thought I told you not to make a mess in the car.”

“I’m sorry mommy,” he pouted. “I got too excited.”

She sighed. “It’s okay, but I don’t think I have anything to clean you up with.” At a long traffic light she dug around, rooting through the door pockets and center console, finding nothing. Reaching under the seat, she found something; something from several years ago. It was a diaper. Spinning round and reaching back, she unfolded the diaper and used it to wipe up some of the cream from all over Jack’s front.

“Mommy, don’t use a diaper on me. I’m not a baby.”

“Oh shush now honey, I’m just cleaning you with it, I’m not making you wear it.” She chuckled at his squirms while she wiped. “How did you make such a mess from just one cream-filled doughnut? I didn’t think you could get any messier after playing in that mud puddle, but clearly I was wrong; you are the messiest boy I’ve ever seen.”

Jack just smiled and his mommy squeezed his cheek.

When they got home, she let him play in the backyard in just his underwear. Before he started, his mommy took his garden hose and sprayed most of the mud from his pants and shirt. It was warm out that day, and playing with water would keep him cool as well as help clean his clothes somewhat. It wasn’t too long before his brownish briefs regained some of their original whiteness. She smiled as she watched him leap and frolic, spraying water everywhere. When he asked for one for Christmas, she would never have guessed that a garden hose would end up being one of his favorite toys.

“Oh well.” She chuckled to herself. “Boys will be boys.”

This is an amusing little piece with a nice ending.

To anyone thinking to complain about this breaking rules… don’t bother. It’s been staff reviewed, and your complaint will be laughed at. Consider taking a class in Latin first if you still want to complain.

Well played, sir. Well played.:slight_smile:

I object! The title does not describe the story! Misleading.
Lol but actually you tricked me with this one. XD