Diaper boy learns and teaches

My name is Donny this is a story of how I started wearing fulltime diapers. I am now twelve-years-old and happy to be wearing diapers full time. I really don’t care what other people think of me I am happy with my life. I have a girlfriend that knows I am diapered fulltime and is OK with it. She is twelve too and thinks it is cute. I am doing eleventh grade school work going to be graduating high school before I am thirteen so who cares if I like to use diapers it is my life.
The story starts when I was five years old. Our family lived out in the country about half-way between two small towns. The closest town is about five miles from our house. There was only one house near mine it was the one next door. It was not a family house it was used as a nursery school for only boys one year old to five year old.
When we moved in I would watch the little boys slide on the sliding board and peddle the tricycles. They played in the sandbox and many other ride-on toys for toddlers most were wearing only a diaper. I seen there were no older boys’ just toddlers and some just not quite in kindergarten yet. Those older boys were just about my size or just a little bigger than me.
I wanted to play with them sense I was so small for my age I would fit in well. Mom would not allow me to go over there and play. At my school I did not fit in with my classmates but I did with the kindergarten class. I would sneak off to their little play yard and play with them during my recess. I was doing advanced class work and my recess was at a different time than the kids my age.
At home when I was six my dad was my hero he was helping me cope with my bed wetting problem. He told me he wet the bed too until he was almost twelve. He said that his mom and dad would spank him every morning if he was wet. His mom would diaper him every night in very thick cloth diapers and huge plastic pants until he was ten.
He said the diapers were so thick he would barely walk. He told me his brother was two then and when he was laying diapered next to his brother it was hard to tell their diapered bottoms apart except his bottom was three time larger.
He said when his brother was three his brother was dry at night. Then he had to sleep in the crib and his brother got his big boy bed.
He was ten when his mom shown him how to diaper himself and then it became his responsibility to do. When he was a kid they had no disposable diapers just cloth and plastic pants so it was hard for him to do. He told me how hard it was to keep is diaper wearing a secret. He could not go to a sleep over party or camp out in the back yard until he stopped wetting his night diapers.
He was eleven when he out grew his baby brother’s crib that he had to sleep in. His new bed had a noisy plastic mattress too. Sharing a bedroom with his brother got to be very embarrassing. With wearing diapers and plastic pants he could not hide. He was lucky because his brother went to a different school and could not tell his classmate about his diapers. Even though my dad is small man but very smart. He is a civil engineer for the state.
He told me how lucky I was to have disposable diapers to wear. Because I can go to my friend’s house and not worry about my problem. He had shown me how to use one of my night diapers in the bottom of my sleeping bag. I could put it in my sleeping bag and put it on after everyone went to sleep.
He trained me how put a plastic bag in the bottom of my sleeping bag so I could put an unscented baby wipe in it to wipe off the pee smell in the morning. Then I could put the used wet diaper and baby wipe in the plastic bag and seal the smell. That way no one would find out I had wet my bed. I had to get a vibrating alarm to wake me early so everyone would be asleep early in the morning when I changed my wet diaper for my dry underwear.
My dad showed me all kinds of things on how to take care of all my own diapering long before Timmy was around. I was just five years old then. So when Timmy was born wearing and changing baby diapers was not a big deal to me. I could take care of myself mom was pleased too she no longer had to baby me.
Everything was going fine for me until I was seven I was diapering myself every night for bed and cleaning myself up every morning. Then mom had my baby brother Timmy a week after my birthday. I liked having a baby brother for one reason, I was no longer the only one wearing diapers at night.
Timmy was fun but he could not do anything because he was too small then. All he did was use his diapers a lot, eat, and sleep. Until Timmy was eight months old he was no fun for me, then he started crawling around and playing with me.
A week after my brother’s first birthday my dad was killed in a car wreck and I cried for weeks. But my life went on and I soon found that family life without dad was going to be tough. No one to show me things or be my leader I had to explore life on my own. The only good thing is the insurance paid the house off and gave mom just enough money to raise my brother and me nothing extra.
Mom still had to take a job in one of the towns to give us some money to do fun things with. So when summer came I would be going with my brother to the nursery school next door. They said that the school is for boys under the age of five. But sense we live next door and I was small plus my baby brother is already going there too there would be no problem.
Mom had shown me after Timmy’s first birthday how to do Timmy’s diaper changes sense I was diapering my self she figured it would be OK. I was good at doing it too even the messy ones did not bother me. My brother and I were good playmates best buddies. I would get down on the floor and play like I was his real baby brother just like him.
It was the Saturday before my summer school break just after breakfast. Timmy was whining for some reason, baby’s whine some times I found for no reason. Mom gave him his pacifier to suck but he tried to get me to suck one too. For some reason I did not have a second thought and aloud him to put it in my mouth and started sucking, mom just giggled. It became a habit form me to play with Timmy sucking my pacifier.
We played all day doing all kinds of toddler things I was having a real good time knowing I had not home work to do. Then the day was gone and it was bedtime for Timmy and an hour after that my bedtime.
The next morning it was Sunday this day was going to be as fun as yesterday. I had no home work so I could play all day. Timmy and I finished our breakfast and were playing for just a half hour. I suddenly felt the need to pee and poop. I always need to go after breakfast.
I had to I jumped up and run to the potty so I could pee and poop into it not my pants. I ran back to rejoin Timmy and continued to play. Mom handed us both a sippy cups of juice and we suck them down and continued to play I have always used a sippy cup. Even though I was eight years old I like using sippy cups.
I know an eight year old should not use sippy cups like a toddler but I still liked them anyway. Because when I used the sippy cup I did not have to be careful of spilling it. When we would finish our drink mom would tell me to check Timmy’s diaper. I would check and always find him soaked so I changed his wet diaper so we could continue to play.
Soon after his diaper change I would jump up and run to the potty again. When I would return from the potty I usually smelled poop. I would ask Timmy if he went poop in his diaper. Timmy would grin big and said me go poopy. That was our Sunday morning routine.
I was in the middle of his diaper change when mom came into the room to check on us. She said. “PEW” Smells like someone pooped their pants again. Timmy and I giggled as I finishing up his diaper change. Timmy stood up and ran to mom and hugged her saying he was hungry.
Mom said that was good because lunch was ready for us to eat. While we ate our Sunday afternoon lunch mom told me tomorrow I would be going to the school next door with Timmy. I said. I thought you said that they didn’t allow boys that were five or older. Mom told me sense I was small enough to look like a four year old and Timmy was my brother they would allow me to go there. I could go there only if I was a good boy not a bully to the little ones.
I did not have a bully bone in my body I would give up and quit in most confrontation. I would only hit if I was hit on purpose then I would I fight back and only to stop the attacker. The kids at my school knew that I would stand up to them and respected me.
After our lunch it was Timmy’s naptime and mom told me I had to get use to taking a nap too. Mom quickly changed Timmy’s wet diaper in his room and put him in his crib. She led me to my room and asked if I wanted a diaper too for my nap. I took a long time to answer and hung my head and shamefully said OK.
I though she meant for me to diaper myself like I do at bedtime. But just as I started to go get one of my diapers from the drawer mom had me lying down on my bed pulling off my pants and underwear. Within second she had me diapered telling be to stay in my bed for two hours. That is how long naps are at the nursery school. I could not get over how fast mom just diapered me. That was the first time in many years she has diapered me.
I lay there looking at the ceiling thinking how boring this taking a nap was for an eight year. Then all the sudden Timmy came running into my room and started climbing on me. Mom was right behind him.
After a few minutes of wrestling around on my bed Timmy was pointing to my now very soaked diaper saying. “Baby wet!” Mom looked at me and said. Donny you are lucky you wore your diaper now, aren’t you. I nodded yes. Timmy is only eighteen months old and can do things most two year old boys have problems with.
He watched intently as mom removed my wet diaper roll it up and handed it to him. He knew where to take it right away. He took off running to the diaper pail in his room. Mom told me to get dress and go play with my brother.
For the rest of the day Timmy kept looking at the front of my pants. When I changed his diaper just before dinner he said go pee in diaper. I did not know he was telling me to pee in my pants like he did.
Dinner was ready and we ate our dinner and after dinner I had to change Timmy’s wet and messy diaper while mom did the dishes. While I was changing Timmy’s diaper he said. Go poop in diaper. I giggled and said. Yes go poop in diaper. Timmy just smiled while I cleaned him up and tapped a fresh diaper on him. Timmy quickly went running to the playroom.
As I was rolling up his messy diaper I felt how warm and squishy it felt. I wondered how it would feel to have it smash on my own bottom like Timmy. Then I thought that only a baby would mess his pants not a big boy like me.
I tossed Timmy’s messy diaper into the diaper pail in his room and returned to the playroom. We played until mom called us to take a bath. Mom had the bathwater ready for us when we went to the bathroom. I told mom I was a big boy I don’t want to take a bath with baby Timmy. Mom gave me that stern that told me I better started removing my tee shirt and summer shorts along with my underwear.
Mom had Timmy’s wet diaper off and he was in the water before me. With my underwear off mom quickly lifted me into the water. I started washing myself while mom washed Timmy. Then mom rewashed me just like she washed Timmy. When mom finished she left us to play for a while in the bath water.
When it came time for bed mom had me stand up so she could dry me off. I tried to tell her I could do it myself. But she was doing it anyway. She had me step out and quickly stared putting on my night diaper in front of Timmy.
Timmy gave me a big smile as mom finished diapering me standing next to the bathtub. She helped me put my pajamas on she open my pajama bottom and told me to step in then she pulled my pajama shirt over my head then put my arms in the arm holes. She patted my diapered bottom and told me to wait here while she gets Timmy ready. I watched while Timmy was dried off and diapered just like I was. Then she put his pajamas on him like she did me Timmy’s pajamas looked just like mine except smaller. The pajamas had small red and blue dinosaurs printed all over them. We looked like baby brothers now right down to our diapered bottoms and ready for bed.
I followed mom and watched her tucked Timmy in his crib. Timmy’s crib looked so much bigger to me for some reason. Then she grabbed my hand and led me to my bed. She tucked me in my crinkly bed toddler racecar bed. It took me a while to get to sleep because I was so excited about going to nursery school with my little brother.
Suddenly I was awakened by Timmy climbing onto me. I had kick off my covers during the night and I was lying there with the top half of my diaper was party exposed. Timmy pointed to my wet diaper saying wet baby. Baby went pee in diaper. Mom was there saying yes baby went pee in his diaper again.
For being just eighteen months old Timmy was talking good and was very observant of thins. He knew what to call things and work complex toys like a three year old could. Timmy was getting smart.
Mom told Timmy see if he can take off the baby’s wet diaper. I started to say “NO” but mom was giving that look that meant I better let him do it. Timmy surprised me by quickly pulling my pajamas bottoms down and then pulling the tapes off. With seconds he was pulling my wet diaper out from under me quicker than I ever imagined. Mom said good job Timmy.
Mom told him to wipe the baby off and he did. I felt ashamed as when he finished and mom handed him the powder and he dumped it on to my crotch and climbed off me. Mom picked Timmy up and said you’re my little helper.
Then she told me to get out of bed and get dressed for school. She told me my new clothes are on my dresser. Mom and Timmy left the room. I now smelled like a little baby with the powder all over me. But then I thought to my self I was going to where there was even more baby powder smell so I will fit right in.
I walked over to the small pile of clothes on top was a strange pair of underwear. They were strange and very thick. I was pausing looking at them when I heard mom yell to me to hurry up NOW. I opened my underwear drawer to find my regular underwear but there were only more of the strange thick underwear.
Mom yelled again so I grabbed the thick underwear and pulled them up and quickly got dressed. As I ran to the kitchen I could feel the thick bulk of cloth between my legs causing me to have a slight waddle.
Timmy was in his highchair wearing a bib feeding himself like an almost big boy. I took my seat in my booster seatsense I was as small as a four or five year old I needed a booster seat. I could feel the thickness I was sitting on made me sit a little higher in my seat.
I quickly ate my oatmeal because I really like oatmeal. Timmy was not a messy eater for being eighteen months old he looked more like a big boy than a baby with no oatmeal on his face, bib, or tray.
When we finished mom led us next door under an umbrella because it was raining so hard. She signed us in for the day. The school was small and had only eight other boys going there. We were the first to arrive mom handed Mrs. White Timmy’s diaper bag with all our supplies Timmy’s diapers and our snacks and drinks.
Mom left for work and Timmy grabbed my hand wanting to show me around. I followed him to the play area. The first thing I saw was a big spring horse in the corner but Timmy was pulling me toward the toy box. In the toy box was all kinds of trucks and cars. They even had tractors, bulldozers, and other construction equipment. They had building blocks and all kinds of fun toddler toys to have fun with.
I started to pull the toys out of the big box two at a time. Timmy and I were playing while the other boys came in the room. Three of the boys were wearing diapers just like Timmy they were about his age. Then two more boys came in they could not walk yet they were crawling babies. Then two more diapered boys that were older than Timmy they looked to be almost three. Then the last boy came in wearing thick training pants I could hear the crinkle as he walk by me.
I quickly learned the training pants boy’s name was Billy he was almost four. We went away from the other little boys so we could play like the big boys we were. I asked him if he ever rode the horsy he said when he was a baby he did but now that he is a big boy he don’t.
I asked him why are big boys not aloud to ride. “No.” He said. The reason is big boys that wear big boy underwear and don’t ride on baby toys like that. I asked. What about the tricycles he said they are OK. He said. If you need to peddle or push it with your feet, it is OK to ride. But to just sit and bounce is a baby thing.
I could see his thinking but I would still like to try riding on the horsy, but I did not tell him that. I asked if he is such a big boy. Why is he wearing plastic training pants? He asked me. How I knew that. I told him I could hear them crinkling when he walked around.
Billy hung he head and whispered he wet his pants yesterday and if you wet you pants you have to wear plastic training pants for three days without wetting again. Then he asked me about my training pants. I told him I was wearing big boy underwear. He giggled and said. They were thick training pants. Just like all the bed wetting boys here have to wear.
I had to hang my head and admit that I was a bed wetter.
Billy said it was OK because most of the boys here still wet at night. He said. He still wets at night to but if you wet during the day they make up wear these plastic training pants. He said. At naptime everyone that wets the bed at home has to wear a pair of plastic training or diapers. So you will be wearing them just like me.
I told him I will not take a nap.
He giggled and said everyone takes a nap here. He said and if you wet the plastic training pants you will be diapered for the rest of the day. I got a cold chill hearing that. I asked him if he ever wet his nap training pants. He said he did about a month ago.
All this talk about using the potty made me need to go use it so I did. After peeing in the potty I returned to play with Billy.
The more I was here talking to Billy the more I learned about all the rules. I saw Timmy get his wet messy diaper changed just before lunch. When he was returned to play he ran to the spring horse and started having fun rocking and bouncing. I really want to do that but Billy said it was for real diapered babies.
I had to use the potty again so I ran to the potty room. When I was finished peeing into the potty I heard lunchtime being called.
By the time I got to the lunch area I found there was only enough room at the small table for four boys. Sense I was the last one to come to eat only a highchair was available to me. I reluctantly climbed into it and the tray was put in front of me.
Bibs were tied on the boys sitting in highchairs bottles and sippy cups were passed out. Boys at the table got sippy cups boys in highchair go bottles. I refused to suck a bottle. Mrs. White told me I had to empty it before I was aloud to get out of the highchair. I tried to unscrew the nipple but was unable to. So I slowly started sucking the bottle I watched Timmy sitting in the first highchair sucking his bottle too then I saw Billy was drinking his sippy cup.
Then our hotdogs and soup were placed in front the boys at the table. The boys sitting in the highchairs had portion plates of baby food place in front of them with spoons. I didn’t want to eat the baby food so I sat there. The rest of the boys except the crawling boys started eating theirs. When Mrs. White was finished feeding the babies their food she looked at me and said I need to eat my food before I can get out of the highchair and take a nap.
While the other boys were finishing their drinks Mrs. White started force feeding me. I tried to refuse the food but she was able to get some in my mouth finely. I gave up and said I would get it.
The food did not taste that bad and quickly had it gone. I looked like the other babies Mrs. White had fed with food all over my face. I had drunk my bottle while I was sitting refusing to eat. So when I was finished eating it was naptime.
I felt ashamed as Mrs. White wiped my face and hands before lifting me out of the highchair.
Mrs. White told us it was everyone’s potty time before naptime. I was in bad need of the potty by now after eating and drinking all that food. I had to stand in line to use the potty doing my own potty dance. I watched Timmy get his wet messy diaper changed while the other boys in front of me used the potty. I was thinking how lucky the diaper boys were they did not have to hold their potty needs like me. They could just go potty when they needed to go. I had to hold it to stay being a big boy. By the time it was my turn on the potty Timmy was laying on a sleeping mat taking his nap.
I quickly sat on the potty and let a small amount of pee go almost before I was all the way seated. I had almost peed into my pants. But I made it so there would be no wetting accidents for me I was happy. I exited the potty room to be led to the changing area behind the curtain there was another changing table. Mrs. White told me to take my pants and training pants off. I said. NO. I am a big boy. She told me the rule here is if you still wet the bed at night you need to wear plastic training pant at naptime.
I did not want to and told her so. I found myself lifted onto the changing table strapped down where she quickly removed my pants and thick training pants. She gave my thick training pants a good examination then she replaced my training pants with triple thick plastic training pants with nursery print all over them. She held up a pair of much thinner plastic training pants and said I could have had these if I had done it by myself.
I could barely walk with the thickness of my new plastic training pants I was led waddling to a crib where she quickly lifted me into it and raised the side. She told me if I don’t want more punishment I should do what she tells me and stay in the crib until naptime is over. I started to whimper so in went a pacifier and told me to keep it in my mouth or else.
I lay down and sucked the pacifier and whined and pouted myself to sleep.
Two hours later she woke me up and asked me if I had to go potty. I quickly said. “YES.”
She took me by the hand and led me to the potty room. She removed my dry plastic training pants making sure they were really dry. She examined my pants and told me sense I was dry she would allow me to use the potty like a big boy. She gave me back my training pants that I had on when I came here this morning. I quickly put all my clothes back on and went to play with Billy.
It was still raining so we could not play in the nice play area out side. Billy was sitting behind a lot of toys sucking a pacifier. He looked like he had been crying. I asked him. Why is he crying? He let the pacifier he was sucking drop out of his mouth. The pacifier was held by a string pinned to his shirt. Billy said. He wet during his nap then he stood up and showed me he was now wearing a baby diaper saying this is what they do to you if you have an accident in plastic training pants. I said. So what I don’t care what you wear, you are fun to play with no matter what you wear.
We played for a while until I ran to the potty and returned to continue my play. Billy was fun only because he was the oldest boy there. I asked him how old he was. He said. Four and a half years old. He asked me how old I was. I said. “eight and a half years old.” He giggled and said. I look like I was three not eight.
We played more until I saw him wiggle a little and relax. Then I started to smell pee like when my brother wet his diaper. I asked him if he just wet his diaper. He smiled and said. Yes he did. I asked him wouldn’t he get into trouble for doing that. He said. He was not aloud to use the potty until tomorrow beside what is she going to do to him, put him in diapers? He giggled and said. It will pay her back for making him wear a stupid baby diaper now she will have to change me.
I had to think about that one. It did not sound quite right to me but within minutes Billy was taken for a diaper change without a word said. I watched him get put on the changing table and his wet diaper removed. I saw a puff of baby powder. Then I saw a diaper get taken from the large stack next to the table. She lifted his bottom off the table and slid the fresh diaper under him just like I would do for Timmy. She quickly taped it in place and he was done. He walked back to play with a smile on his face.
I told him I change my baby brother’s diaper all the time. I think I could even change yours. Billy said. “Really.” I said sure. I pointed to Timmy and said that is my brother he is Timmy he is eighteen months old.
Soon some of the kids started getting picked up by their parents. Billy was soon going out the door. Now it was just Billy and I playing together again. The house was now quiet with us pushing around toy cars. I heard mom coming so I went to one of the sliding windows in the back of the house and unlocked it so it could be opened from the outside. Mom picked up Timmy and grabbed my hand and led us back to our house.
At home mom had our dinner already for us to eat. Timmy was sitting in his highchair with a bib around his neck. I jumped up into my booster seat and mom pushed my chair closer to the table. Our baby food was put in front of us Timmy started eating. Timmy was getting good at feeding himself and did not make much of a mess like he use to. I looked at mom and asked if I had to eat baby food too. She told me she heard Mrs. White had to force feed me my lunch so until I start eating what is put in front of me I will have to eat it. I had to prove to mom I would it my own food and not be forced to eat it.
Timmy and I finished up at the same time. I started smelling poop too and I knew Timmy had just filled his diaper with another load of poop. He seamed to be happy with himself kicking and wiggling around. Mom told me to take him and change his diaper so we can play without smelling up the house.
I led Timmy to his room and had him lay on his changing mat. He was wiggling and giggling being silly. I shoved a pacifier into his mouth and he settled down and let me go to work at the clean-up.
When I open his diaper up the smell was bad and the amount was twice as big as normal. It took ten or fifteen baby-wipes to do the clean-up. I powdered his crotch with a large amount of baby powder to kill most of the smell. I pushed a fresh diaper under his bottom and taped it in place and let him go play.
I put the pile of used wipes in the diaper pail then folded the messy diaper so the mess was inside its self. Then I gave it a good squeeze to feel the warm mess spread inside the folded diaper. I was still wondering what it would feel like to wear a mess diaper like Timmy did. But to wear someone else’s poop would be too gross.
I thought if it were my own poop it would be OK then I could find out what it felt like. I have been thinking for days on how to do it and get away with it. I had a plane now after being in the nursery school next door I knew I could do it. Tonight I can go to the nursery school alone with no one around. I could go through the window I unlocked and play alone in the school with no one around. They always left some of the lights on anyway.
Timmy and I played for two hours I need to use the potty twice Timmy must have used his diaper as many times too.
Mom came in the playroom and said our bath is ready for us. Timmy was the first one in the bathroom getting his wet diaper taken off. I wanted to beat him in the water but mom had Timmy wiped off and in the soapy water before all my clothes were off. Timmy and I played after mom was finished bating us.
The water was getting cool when mom came in to diaper us. She diapered Timmy first telling me to wait for her she would be diapering in a few minutes. I told her I can do it myself but she told me from now on SHE would diaper me. Timmy smiled as he was carried to his room and tucked in for the night.
Mom returned and quickly diapered me and dressed me in my pajamas just like Timmy then led me to my bed. She tucked me in and said good night. I waited until I knew she was in her bed asleep. I got out of bed and it was a warm summer night there was plenty of light between our houses. I went to the window and opened it and climbed in.
I was scared at first as I looked around. Then I started smiling because I was walking around nursery wearing a diaper under my pajamas. I removed my pajamas so I could be wearing just diaper in the nursery. It felt great to run around the room wearing my baby diapers sucking my pacifier. I have been holding my poop for many hours almost all day.
Now is the moment I could find out what it really felt like to have poop in my diaper like Timmy. It did not take much effort to put my full load of poop in my diaper. It felt hot on my bottom at first and then more came out without me forcing it out. I could feel my poop pressing against my diaper and spreading in my crotch causing my diaper to sag lower.
I gave my bottom a little press to feel how much I had pooped. I felt proud of myself as I waddled around the room. There were some dim lights on to help me see around the room. It help that I was just there hours ago I knew my way around.
I walked over to the horsy and jump on and started bouncing and rocking. The feeling was GREAT I loved the way it felt. I bounced and rocked for ten minutes. Then I felt and smelled it at the same time. I had a big problem. I had a massive diaper leak all over the horsy and floor. I carefully climbed off and quickly waddled to the changing table. I quickly started removing my messy diaper there was poop dripping all over the floor. I use ten or twenty baby-wipes to clean my body off.
I was finely clean enough to get on the changing table and get a clean diaper on. I grabbed a fresh diaper and lay down on the table put a large helping of powder in my crotch and put a fresh diaper on myself.
I got off the changing table and went to get the bucket. I had watched Mrs. While get a bucket from the closet to do a clean-up during the day. I filled it with water and found the cleaning soap. I went to the horsy and clean it up first then I check the floor for poop cleaning up what I found. I clean up the poop trail from the horse to the changing table.
Now I got one of the baggies Mrs. White used for real messy diapers. I put my messy diaper and wipes into the bag. I cleaned up the floor around the changing table where I removed my big mess. I sealed the baggie up. I dumped the bucket in the toilet like Mrs. White did earlier today. I wiped the bucket with a baby wipe to make sure there was no sign of being use. I put the bucket where I found. I put my pajamas back on.
I went around the room to check and make sure everything was the way it was when I came in the window. When I left the nursery school I closed the window and went back home got in my bed and fell asleep before my head hit my pillow.
The next morning I was awakened the same way as yesterday Timmy climbing on me. He was removing my pajama bottoms and wet diaper even before I could react to him, mom came in the room after he had my pajama bottoms off.
I let him do it because mom was standing there or I would have refused him to take my pajamas the way he did. When he pulled my diaper away from my body he saw a big brown strip of poop in my diaper left over from last night journey. Timmy giggled and said poopy Donny made poopy. I did not see how much poop was there I thought I was just a small amount, I was sure I cleaned myself up last night.
I hoped mom would just ignore just a little bit of brown like I do in my underwear. But when she held it up so I could see how much it was I knew I was in trouble. It was about as much as Timmy’s small loads. She told Timmy he new what to do with dirty diapers. Timmy rolled it up and quickly carried it to his room. Mom told me to stay where I was I need cleaned up.
Before I knew it Timmy was back with a clean diaper and baby wipes. Mom said. Let’s see if Timmy can clean the baby up and put his diaper on. Timmy rolled me on my side and started to wipe the poop from my bottom. Then he rolled me on my back. I was in no position to say no. Timmy started shoving at the diaper trying to get it under me. I was pressing my bottom hard down on the mattress trying to stop him. It took him just seconds and the diaper was under me. Timmy quickly pulled the front up between my legs and dumped an amount of baby powder in my crotch. He had it taped on me in seconds.
I cried to mom that I don’t want to wear a daytime diaper. Mom said. I should not have gone to the nursery school last nigh and played baby. How did she find out? Timmy finished diapering me and I was whimpering so he put a pacifier into my mouth. I had to start sucking it before he would get off my legs.
Timmy was wearing a diaper under his summer shorts. I had no shorts to hide my diaper as we walked to the kitchen. I found two highchairs. I whimper through my pacifier because I knew I was going to be eating in one of the highchair. Still whimpering mom placed me in the highchair and fastened the seat belt followed by the tray.
Timmy was next only he did not get his seat belt fastened. I asked why he did not get buckled in like I did. Mom said Timmy is a good boy if I start being a good boy she will not use the seat belt.
Timmy was grinning so big because he had someone just like him to play with full time now. Mom put our bibs on and our breakfast in front of us. We started eating Timmy dribbled one small dribble on his bib and none on his tray. I dribbled three dribbles on my bib and two on my tray.
Mom handed us both baby bottles to drink Timmy quickly started sucking I really did not want to suck a bottle. But mom told me if I did not finish it here I could take it with me to school. I quickly started sucking away at it. The more I sucked the more I needed to pee because I did not have a chance to use the toilet when I woke up.
I told mom my need to go but she told me to finish my bottle first then the potty. I tried as hard as I could not to wet my diaper but it still happened. My diaper suddenly started to get warm making me feel good. As it was happening I could not stop it I felt like a real baby. When I stopped wetting my diaper I felt shame I was eight years old wetting in a diaper like a baby.
No one knew what I did it until mom said. It was time to check diapers. Mom checked my diaper first and said Donny’s diaper is wet. Then she checked Timmy’s diaper and said Timmy is wet with poop. Timmy giggled as mom let him out of the highchair and took him for his diaper change.
When they returned mom let me out of my highchair and told Timmy to take Donny and change his wet diaper. I whimpered to mom I want my underwear back. Mom told me I don’t deserve underwear for what I did last night at the nursery school. She told me she watch me trough the windows and could not believe what I did. The only problem was I left that baggie with my mess on the floor beside the changing table.
Timmy led me to his room where he had me lay on a changing mat waiting for me. Timmy started changing my diaper while mom watched. Timmy removed my wet diaper cleaned me off with a baby-wipe then he powdered me the pushed my fresh diaper under my bottom and taped it in place.
I asked for clothes to cover my diaper. Mom told me real babies don’t need to wear pants to cover there diapers. Diaper at nursery school need to be seen so Mrs. White can tell when you need changed. But I can put a short tee shirt on you. Mom put a short nursery print tee shirt that did not cover my diaper. I was not happy I knew I had no hope of hiding my diapered condition. The tee shirt did nothing to hide my diapers from view. What could I do my mom was now in control of what I could wear.
Mom told me not to worry because she called Mrs. White and explained what had happened last night. She told me they talked and came up with a solution for me. She told me sense I want to be a baby so much I will not be aloud to use the potty for three weeks. She told me I will eat, sleep and play just like Timmy. What ever he does you will be doing.
Mom had Timmy dressed in the clothes were more befitting a two year old than an infant like mine were. He wanted his pacifier and for me to have one too.
Mom led us to the nursery school and Mrs. White met us at the back door. She looked down on me wearing my new Tee shirt and diaper. Mrs. White said. Donny looks so cute wearing his diapers. Looks like little Donny is ready to have fun all day long. I sucked harder on my pacifier not wanting to say a word. Or even look at Mrs. White.
Mrs. White quickly picked me up with ease and put me in a strange seat. It looked like one of the baby walkers I seen the babies using yesterday. As soon as she let go of me I realized it was a baby walker adjusted to fit me.
I could only bounce because my feet were off the floor. She told me this will keep me out of trouble for the first three days. All I could do was cry but I was still sucking my pacifier and it fell out of my mouth onto the little tray in front of me. Timmy quickly picked it up and held it to my mouth until I started sucking it again with tears roll down my face. Timmy was pleased to help me. Mrs. White looked at my mom and said. “He will get use to it they all do.”
I knew I was in trouble or was I? I have always wanted to see what it was like to use diapers like a baby does now I have to. The problem was I really did not want other people to know I was wearing and using diapers like a baby. Now I am stuck with no way out.
Soon all the boys that were there yesterday were here now. Billy walked over to me and asked with a scared look on his face what did I do. I started to answer him when I saw Mrs. White look at me so I put my pacifier back into my mouth and sucked on it and started bouncing. Billy was quickly led away being told not to play with the little baby.
Some of the other little boys would play a short time with me but found I was not that fun to play with and go play with something else. Mrs. White would drop some teething toys on the tray or put them in my mouth. The other two non walking boys soon joined me in their own walker seats. I watched them scoot around pushing the floor with their feet. They would put their toys in their mouths and giggle.
It did not take very long before my morning need to pee came and I had to pee in my diaper. So instead of holding it I let my flood go. The warm patch did not move far from where it came from. I could feel the diaper material squishing when I bounced. It sort of felt good and I started to smile.
I watched Mrs. White go around the room checking and changing diapers as needed. I watched Mrs. White change three boy’s diapers Timmy was the last one before me. When Mrs. White walked to where I was I knew that I was next. First she bent down and asked me if I wet yet as she put her finger into one of the leg openings of my diaper shirt. I did not need to answer her or try to fight her. She quickly removed her finger saying you certainly are soaked little boy. I didn’t feel that wet I only wet once or maybe twice I forget I am so board.
I was quickly hoisted up and carried to the changing table strapped me down. She had the snaps in my tee shirt open exposing my soaking wet diaper. There my diaper was wet to its max. I even leaked onto my snap tee shirt. Mrs. White commented that she would need to check me more often to prevent me getting diaper rash.
I was quickly returned to my walker where the other two boys were scooting around in their walkers having fun. I tried to ask Mrs. White why I was not aloud to do that. Mrs. White held my pacifier in my mouth and said maybe tomorrow NOT NOW.
I played alone for a very long time trying to play with something. Soon I was asleep only to be awakened by someone crying. I saw it was Billy he had another potty accident and was now getting diapered like me. My diaper felt wet too but I was not going to tell her. I missed yesterdays morning poop on purpose so I could do my nighttime baby play. Now today’s morning poop was late.
I knew my late night poop was my yesterdays morning poop held back. But now this morning’s poop was going to happen no matter how much I held it back. Billy was now sitting in one of the playpen sucking a pacifier wearing only a diaper.
I thought he was so lucky he gets to crawl around all I can do is bounce in the infant seat. Suddenly I felt the bad need to poop so I relaxed my holding to feel a soft warm mass go into my crotch spreading up my front and back equally. It brought a big smile to my face. It was a wonderful feeling as I bounced squishing it around.
Mrs. White walked quickly over to me and sniffed saying I see someone has discovered what poopy in his pants feels like. I stopped bouncing feeling ashamed of myself. As she picked me up out of my baby seat and carried me to a changing mat that pulled out from the changing table. She quickly removed my baby style tee shirt and strapped me down.
Timmy walked over to where I was getting changed and said me can help I do for mommy. Mrs. White told Timmy to watch the baby she needed to get a wash basin to do this big clean-up. I watched while she started running warm water in the basin. Timmy was already removing the tapes to my messy diaper. Timmy said. Looky Donny went poop and pee in his diaper.
Mrs. White moved Timmy to the side and pulled a disposable pad and slid it under me. She then put on plastic gloves and started cleaning the poop out of my belly button then washed my front crotch. She grabbed my by the ankles and held my bottom in the air like I saw her do to several of the boys getting a messy diaper change. She wiped most of the poop off my body and pulled my used diaper and disposable mat to the side.
She placed another clean mat in its place. Timmy was already rolling up the messy mat in a neat and clean ball. Mrs. White said. Timmy you are a good helper. She asked if he can put on diapers too. Timmy said. I can put Donny’s diaper on. Mrs. White said. Let me see you do it then.
Timmy expertly did a final wipe with two baby wipes and powdered my crotch. I had tears rolling down my face now. Then Mrs. While handed him my clean diaper and without a problem slid it in place under me. He quickly pulled the front in place and taped it closed. Mrs. White said good job Timmy.
She told him it was his turn now. She released me from the changing mat carried me to my walker and placed me in it. She returned to Timmy and changed his wet and messy diaper. Timmy had only a small amount of poop but a flood of pee.
By the end of the day I had used eight diapers, that amount was two more than anyone else at nursery school. By the end of my three day walker punishment I was ready to be a big boy again. But I had to stay wearing and using diapers for another two and a half weeks.
Timmy was getting good at changing my diaper and recognizing when I was in need of a change. I was the only one he was aloud to change sense we were brothers it would be OK.
With my three day stay in the walker over I was more than ready to play again. The first day I was out of the walker I tried to play with Billy but he told me I was a diaper baby and he doesn’t like to play with diaper babies. I told him he was a diaper baby too. He said he was not a diaper baby. I said prove it show me the top of your big boy underwear.
Billy ran away crying to the corner of the room. Mrs. White saw him crying and put a pacifier in his mouth and led him back to where I was playing. She said. You to babies need to play nice together.
When she left I said. She thinks you’re a baby I see your diaper or maybe it is Pull-ups what ever everyone here knows babies wear diapers or Pull-ups. I told Billy. Wearing diapers is not the thing that makes you a baby some adults need to wear diapers. Does that make those adults babies?
What makes you a baby is how you react to bad things. Do you cry and give up. Do you stand and take your punishment. I plan to take my punishment like a big boy. My dad told me when I was little that to always be truthful to your self. Dad said. Always do what you say you will do, keep your word as best as you can. If you get caught doing something wrong stand up and take your punishment. I got caught using diapers like a baby just to see what it was like. Now my punishment is to be treated like a real baby.
Just because you have pee or poop problems don’t mean you have to be a baby if you don’t want to be. If you can prove you can care for you self can clean-up your messes you will be more of a big boy than anyone around. Dad told me to always be true with what ever you do and be honest.
My dad trained me to always be aware of pee and poop smells they will give your diaper wearing away. Me I think wearing diapers is fun if I can learn to hid them. I have to control were I use them is my problem. Wet diapers are a lot easier to hide than a smelly poopy one. You have to learn balance when and when not to use a diaper.
I know my baby brother is close to being potty trained because he wants to please mom and be a big boy not a baby. Me I don’t care I like my diapers they feel good smell good when then are clean and dry. They give me a safe secure feeling when I am wearing them.
Billy said. He tried to hold his pee long as they want him to but he keeps having his accidents in his pants. When that happens he gets put back in diapers. He said. Everyone around his neighborhood teases him all the time. I said. They tease you because you give up and cry like a baby or get made and fight with them.
If you would just ignore them and continue to do what you were doing before they started teasing you. Learn to care for your own diapers and no matter what they do or think of you. It only matters what you think of yourself. Having a wetting problem is hard but not impossible to live with hundreds of people do it all the time.
So what you have a problem using the potty there are far worse thing like not being able to walk or talk. You could be stupid and not be able to lean things. I have see you read simple books for a four year old that shows me that you are going to be a smart kid. I read in a book once. DON’T LET THE TURKEYS GET YOU DOWN. Anyone that doesn’t like you can be your turkey, a turkey is a dumb bird.
After my talk with Billy we played together and our whole out look on life changed. The talk I had with Billy help me as much as it helped Billy. At the end of my three week baby treatment I stayed diapered my own choice. The rest of the summer Timmy did most of my diaper changes even after he started using the potty himself getting potty trained just before he was two years old.
I even saw that Billy was changing his own diaper if he had a wetting accident in his big boy underwear. When summer ended Billy started first grade because he was smart enough to pass the first grade test. He had learned to wear diapers and not poop in them. He just had an extremely small bladder is what the doctor told him. He was good at keeping his diapers a secret too.
For the next two and a half years I have been using my diapers like a baby should. Except I only poop at home where no would discover my diapers. Everyone close to me knows that I wear them anyway. In the summers I spend with Mrs. White at nursery school.
Now even though I am twelve and can change my own diaper when out in public. At home Timmy is in charge of my diapers. At age five he is the best diaper changer I ever had. He is quick and gentle.
I am a very responsible twelve year old I know right from wrong and safety rules. I can stay home to baby sit Timmy. I can cook and clean the house and with Mrs. White next door as back-up.
At home I like running around the house wearing only diapers most of the time, when no one is around but Timmy. It is easier for Timmy to tell when I need changing sense I sometimes don’t recognized when I am wet, if I don’t check myself. Mom doesn’t know that when Timmy and I are alone I am act like a real baby. Timmy will not tell because when I am a baby he is the boss of the house. I have to do what he tells me to do.
Mom still has all of Timmy’s old baby stuff like the crib, highchair and other things that I can use because I am still quite small. I can still fit into them. She don’t care she can hold off buying a big boy bed for Timmy he can use my old big boy bed instead.
She had me to a psychologist for an exam and he said I was the most level balance boy my age he has seen and many people live with infantilism and led a normal life. As long as he don’t get depressed of violent he is fine the way he is.
My diaper usage is that of a two year old with a very small bladder. I usually have one bowel movement in the morning and five to six wet diapers throughout the day. Most of the time I have my morning BM sitting in my highchair. Sometime it happens soon after I get up from my breakfast. Sometimes if Timmy his quick enough he can get me sitting on my potty chair next to changing mat to poop into.
Mom is OK with my diapers she says they keep me out of trouble hanging out with older boys getting into trouble. It also will teach Timmy responsibility to others. I guess I have the best of both worlds a baby world and a somewhat modified big boy world.

Like I say learn BALANCE for me it is when I poop because I have very little control over when I pee. I am like Billy with a very small bladder what else can I do.

Re: Diaper boy learns and teaches

:smiley: ;D I have to said you did a amazing job on this story is one story is one of thought wear I can enjoy reading over and over again