Diamond Tours

Diamond Tours

I FOLLOWED MY dad through the portal and winced as I passed through. It was a weird sensation, and my eyes felt like they were blinded as I came through the other side. Blinking for a moment, I saw my dad standing over beside a giant woman along the woman holding a card saying ‘Diamond Tours.’ I couldn’t help but stare at the huge woman standing over my dad as I made my way toward him. I walked over to him and stood just behind him nervously. I didn’t notice my mom was behind me for a moment.

“This is my wife Carrie and my daughter Lily,” he told the giant woman. I watched her check off some boxes on the list for us.

“Great! Give us just a few more minutes for the rest of your tour group to get here, and we’ll get moving to the hotel to get you all checked in for your two-week tour!”

“Great!” my adventurous dad said. I looked around at the gathering group of people from our dimension who had all come to tour this fantastic new world. All of the advertisements we had received said that it was a wondrous place of advanced technology, beautiful sights, and huge people. As the brochure had said, the ‘Amazons’ were the most advanced race in existence.

As people came through the portal, I noticed nervously that they didn’t look like I remembered seeing them standing in line. Some were shorter than they had been. I started at that and looked back at my parents. ‘What happened? My head used to come up to Dad’s nose… I’m not even as tall as his chest now! Mom was taller than dad now, which was weird because she’d always been shorter than him…

No other teenagers had been in line with us to come on this trip. You had to be at least fourteen to come accompanied by a parent through the portal and eighteen or older by yourself. I had just turned eighteen, but as I looked around at the imposing size of everything visible right where we were, I couldn’t imagine coming there on my own!

“Okay, I think that’s everyone!” The lady said. “My name is Grace, and I’ll be your tour guide with Diamond Tours. We’re so glad that you’ve chosen us to guide you through our world! We’re going to have to get through the customs area next. No matter what, be sure you never wander away from our group.”

“What happens if we do?” One man who was kind of handsome off to the side asked. I looked at him and my dad and noticed he seemed shorter than my dad and maybe even me…

“We’re not responsible or able to protect you in that case. Be warned, our world is very different than yours. If you wander off, you’ll be seen as a normal Little and subject to our laws.”

The man in the suit smirked, and I suddenly decided his looks were his only asset. He struck me as both an idiot and an ass! “Whatever,” he said.

“Any other questions?” She asked, annoyed.

I felt myself shake my head along with the others. I just couldn’t get over the size of her! It looked like I had shrunk some, I had heard it was possible, but the lady was huge! Dressed comfortably in a pantsuit, her hair was pulled back behind her face, and some blingy earrings hung from her ears. I stared at her a little longer and couldn’t help but wonder what her clothing sizes must be! My head was smaller than her breasts, and I was sure they had to be significant in size even by their world’s norms. I sighed a bit as I, unfortunately, got my mom’s genes, and only with some extra stuffing could I fully fill my B cups. More than once in school, I had been teased in the locker room that a training bra would be more appropriate!

I sighed, knowing it was the truth.

I followed the crowd to a large security desk that made me feel like I was about three years old with its height. A man was checking our passports and stamping visas one at a time. I noticed that he was only maybe chest-high to our tour guide but still way taller than us. “He must be a Betweener,” my dad said quietly to me.

“She’s so big!” I whispered back with a shake of my head.

“Should be so cool to see their world,” he said while putting his arm around my shoulder. “You definitely shrank when you came through; I haven’t been able to do this in a while,” he told me.

I blushed, knowing how I was smaller now, probably than I’d been since I’d been ten? Nine?

“Passport?” The man asked as I approached. I passed it to him, and he looked at it, “Just turned eighteen, huh?”

“Yesterday,” I agreed.

“Well, belated happy birthday then!” He said as he stamped the visa in the passport. “You’re registered as a tourist and have a two-week visa. Take care that you do not overstay that without getting authorized to do so.”

“Yes, sir,” I told him and once again noticed that you could probably stack two of me and not reach his height, and he was shorter than the guide!

We were led through the terminal, which really looked like an average airport. Well… except for the giants roaming around and the occasional baby they would be holding. All of them seemed to think cute was the best fashion for them. Their dresses, rompers, or onesies appeared to be all made to make their babies look more adorable than the ones back home. I stopped for a second, though, as I realized that one of the moms was breastfeeding their baby boy. I had always thought mothers were so lucky to feed their babies and looked forward to nursing my own baby someday.

As I stared, though, I noticed something was off. While I would expect babies to be built bigger for these giants, I didn’t expect them to be bodybuilder-sized! That baby literally had bigger muscles than the captain of our football team back home! ‘Whoa,’ I couldn’t help but think.

A hand latched onto my wrist and said, “Lily come on, we need to keep up,” Mom said.

I shook my head and joined her in catching up to our group that wasn’t too far away. We all had our luggage with us already and were led to some gigantic buses. I noticed a height gauge on a pole by the waiting area for the bus and walked to it curiously as we waited for the guide to talk to the driver.

I looked in shock at the mark at eye level for me… or rather slightly below the top of my head. I looked to be just a bit over four feet tall now. “I shrank that much?” I said in surprise.

Mom came closer, and I noticed that she was right at six feet tall now… Lucky her, she’d gained a few inches in the portal. Dad had been six-feet four inches and now appeared to be only a bit over five-and-a-half feet tall! “Nice to finally be the tall one in the family!” Mom said with a smirk as she hugged us both.

I saw other people going through similar states of shock as the tour guide came off the bus and said, “Okay, I know that some of you have experienced some changes in height on your trip. Our world is larger than yours, so some of you may inadvertently have shrunk to a size that requires different seating arrangements. As you come by the pole, I will give you a wristband that will help us keep track of your needs throughout your visit. My colleague Dara is on the bus and will help you get situated.”

She paused, “I know it may come as a shock to some of you, but we ask that you cooperate as we are only following the law. Failure to abide by those laws means we will terminate our contract, and you will have to find your own way in this world… something I wouldn’t recommend.”

I gulped and wondered what she really meant. We were closest to the pole, and she motioned for us to come by. Mom was given a glance and nodded onto the bus without anything for a wristband like they’d said. Dad was behind me and had an arm on my shoulder as the lady looked at me. “Hmm…” she thought for a second while intrusively flattening my hair. “You’re just past the marks!” I noticed then that there were some colored marks on the pole. Pink was just below my scalp. Purple was well above my head at five feet, and six feet was a black mark that traveled up the pole. Finally, she secured a purple wristband onto my wrist with ‘Diamond Travel’ and the letter ‘T.’ “All set,” she told me with a smile and turned her attention to Dad, who motioned me forward.

I climbed onto the bus - which wasn’t easy given the stairs were enormous! As soon as I reached the top, the lady grabbed my wrist and looked at my armband. Then, she turned and asked, “That’s your daughter?” to my mom.

She nodded, “Yes, that’s my little girl.”

“She definitely is little!” The woman said as she grabbed something from an overhead bin and situated it next to Mom. It took me a moment, but I realized it was a rear-facing car seat like my cousin’s two-year-old daughter had just outgrown. It was huge, though! Before I had a chance to think about why she had set that there I found myself in the air, being picked up and sat down inside it.

“What are you doing?” I found myself saying with mom in unison.

“She’s too little to ride outside of a car seat. It’s the law,” the lady said to my mom like it was no big deal as she pushed my right arm through a strap. I noted that she wasn’t talking to me, though.

“But this is like a car seat for a two-year-old?” I said incredulously as her hand connected the harness between my legs.

“Well, you’re actually smaller than my twelve-month-old daughter,” she smiled. “I’ll show you a picture once I get everyone on the bus. She’s so cute! Kind of like you,” she said and touched me gently on the nose.

‘What?’ my brain froze to a halt. I watched in silence as dad was given a booster seat that was like I had used until I was eight…

People slowly loaded the bus, and other than shouts of surprise as others found themselves in similar car seats and booster seats, things went pretty smoothly. One of the last people to get on the bus was the man in the suit from earlier who had been rude. I noticed he had a pink armband, and I giggled a little bit at the thought while simultaneously wondering what kind of seat that was if I was purple. He pitched a fit when she tried to get him into a genuine infant carrier, complete with toys on the handle.

“No way in god damn hell am I going to ride in that like some sort of baby!!!”

“Sir, I’m sorry, it’s the law at your size…?”

“No fucking way!”

I watched her shrug, and she gave up, “Okay, this is the second time we’ve had an issue. You’re officially done with Diamond Tours. Please sign this agreement stating you are terminating your services with us, and Grace will help you off the bus.”

I watched him sign and had an odd feeling in my stomach, thinking he was making some mistake like a character in a horror movie. I could barely turn my head and see out the window as he gathered his stuff and left the bus. He walked about ten steps down the sidewalk, and a lady came up to him and picked him up. I watched him hit her repeatedly over and over again before she pulled his clothes off and spanked him!

Really, she spanked him like some sort of child! I could hear him crying even over the engine inside. Then, just as the bus started to move, I swore it looked like she had put a pacifier in his mouth as she sat him back up.

‘What did we get ourselves into?’ I asked myself.

THE TRIP TO the hotel was much calmer, and I could see pretty well out the window thanks to my car seat - even if my view was backward! Dara had indeed come and shown us pictures of her cute daughter. Looking at her standing next to her mom in one, I agreed she had to be taller than me. ‘I’m shorter than a one-year-old?’ I worried. I was used to being one of the shorter girls under five feet, but this was like the Twilight Zone!

When we stopped, Dara came by each of us strapped into the car seats, and unbuckled us. I had tried to do it myself while I waited, but no matter how hard I squeezed the buckle, I couldn’t get it to unlatch. I even tried a little trick I remember my cousin’s car seat had, but it hadn’t worked. I was red in the face as Dara sat me down on the aisle floor and patted my head gently. Then, I walked down the steps and waited outside with my parents until we were taken inside.

As we waited, I saw a car pass by with a cute baby girl in a rear-facing car seat looking straight into my eyes. I waved at her and thought her expression was odd… not like an infant.

We were checked into the hotel, and I was glad to see that the size of the hotel was less intimidating. “Why is this smaller?” I asked Dara as we were waiting for our room keys.

“This hotel is designed for Betweeners and guests from your dimension. Of course, it’s a bit uncomfortable for us, Amazons, but the tour is for you all, not us!” She winked. “As long as you are here or with our group, you are safe.”

“You keep saying that…?” I started to ask, but she scooted off to go with Grace, and they gave us our marching orders for dinner being there in a couple hours. We would get a night tour of the city, and then the next day, we would start doing the touristy things.

I knew all of that from the itinerary and just sighed with relief as we entered the hotel room, and things seemed almost normal-sized back home. Of course, it was still taller, but it wasn’t like I’m sure an Amazon room had to be. Mom had no problems reaching the sink to wash her hands, but dad had to stand on his tiptoes. I laughed until I realized that I had a problem since I was even shorter! In the end, I had to be helped up by Mom until we discovered a child’s step stool under the sink counter. I blushed but used it from then on anyway.

The next few days felt not much different than our family trip to New York City a couple years back. We were taken to various sites, given tours of museums, tall skyscrapers, a college, manufacturing companies, and just about anything someone would be interested in. During these outings, though, we discovered that most people my size weren’t wandering around on their own. I also figured out the baby I saw nursing at the port probably wasn’t really a baby… but someone my own age, most likely! I grimaced when I saw one poor boy being forced to crawl in nothing but a diaper that looked and smelled used.

“Come along, Neville!” The lady said. He looked at me for just a second, and I saw an absolute sadness on his face. I also noticed his grin looked off, and he was missing a lot of teeth! I shuddered and filed that in the back of my mind with the other horrors I’d seen. I had begun wondering why we had even taken this trip!

Everything was going pretty well until the fourth day we were taken to a mall to look around. We were in smaller groups, with Grace and Dara splitting us up between them. As I walked with Dara’s group, I wondered what even the point of looking for clothes at the mall in this dimension was…? I could not fit into any of the fashions for my age here! Mom would be lucky to find teenage clothing in her size… The only things I could fit into would only look fashionable on one of the ‘Littles’ that I saw everywhere there.

I guess I wasn’t paying attention because I was surprised when a police officer asked me, “Hi, I’m Officer Slane. Where’s your mommy?”

I looked up at the tall woman and said, “Just over…”

My mom and our group were gone.

“…they were there…?”

“Oh dear…” she said. “What’s your name?”

“Lily Hendrickson,” I told her. “Look, I’m sure she just moved up to the next store… can…?”

“Let’s find your chip and find your mommy,” she said while reaching down and picking me up.

“What are you doing?” I yelled, “Put me down!”

“I know you’re upset, but we’ll find your mommy. Let me just scan you real quick…” she said as she pulled a cell phone-looking device out of her pocket and waved it up and down my body. “That’s weird… where’s your chip?”

“My chip?” I asked.

It was then that she noticed the wristband. “Oh… you’re a portal little… and didn’t stay with your group?” Her sudden grin scared me.

“I was with them… I don’t know how they got away…?”

“Well, I guess it doesn’t matter now. I’ll take you to someplace you can stay until we get this sorted out.” The officer said.


“Come on,” she said and moved me to her hip like you would a toddler. I wanted to kick and scream, but I knew that wouldn’t do any good at this point. I’d dealt with my cousin’s baby having a tantrum and understood with the size difference, I couldn’t do anything more than her baby could…

I was taken to an exit and stood in the backseat of her patrol car. “Give me just a second, hon, while I get a car seat for you.” She closed the door for a second, locking me in the cage at the back of the car. I shivered in fear, wondering if I was being arrested.

When she returned with a very bland-looking infant carrier, she buckled it on the opposite side of where I was and put it rear-facing. “Am I under arrest?” I asked nervously.

She laughed, “Oh no, sweetie, we just can’t have a tourist running around the mall lost. I had the security team look around for your group before I approached you, but they couldn’t find them. So it’s best we just take you somewhere safe for now. You’re awfully little to be on your own in our big world!” She smiled, and I shuddered with the thought of the big bad wolf grinning at me. “Now, come over here so I can get you in your seat.”

“Do I have to sit in this kind of seat?”

“You’re right at the height that I think it’s safer than not,” she told me as she picked me up and buckled me in. Over the past few days, I had figured out there was no way for me to get myself out of the seat. I either lacked the strength or a trick to unbuckle the seat. My mom had been able to unbuckle me once this morning, but she’d been told off to let the adults do it next time… I’d never had a chance to ask how she managed it!

I sighed as she closed the door and drove away with me. I spent the time wondering how I was going to find my parents and get back home. I was almost in tears as I thought about how hopeless it might be for me!

IT SEEMED LIKE forever before we stopped, and Officer Slane came and undid my harness and carried me on her side again. Then, I saw a sign on the front lawn, “Little Feet Orphanage.”

“Orphanage? Why are you taking me to an orphanage?” I asked, “I’m eighteen!”

“They are the best people at helping someone your size,” she told me and continued through a gate and rang a buzzer.

A tall, well-endowed woman opened the door, “Officer Slane! So good to see you again! They said you were on your way. We’ll be sure to get your fee all set, but let me get a look at this little girl first.”

She looked at me closely like I was a pack of meat or something. My hair was messed with for a second. She even squeezed my belly. “Skinny and scrawny little thing, aren’t you?”

“Excuse me?” I asked as I winced from her touch.

“What’s your name?”

“Lily Hendrickson…”

“How old are you?”

“Eighteen…” I told her.

“Any problems taking her?” the officer asked.

“No, she’ll do well here! Come to Nana,” she told me and grabbed me from Officer Slane.

“I want to go back and find my mom and dad!” I told her.

“Don’t worry about that,” she said with a squeeze that was meant to be reassuring. “I’m sure Officer Slane will be on that case! So for now, let’s get you settled in here!”

I was carried down a hallway and into a storeroom, where she sat me down and began looking through some clothes. They weren’t just any clothes, though; they looked like baby clothes, complete with snaps in the crotches! She fiddled with some rompers before coming back with a romper and a dress in the other hand. The romper was just absolutely meant for a baby! It featured a frilly fake short sleeve coming down to a bottom with more frills and a crotch meant to unsnap for diaper changes. The dress wasn’t much better, being a pink dress with several tiers of skirting that poofed out even as she held it.

“Which one?” She asked me.

“For what?”

“For you to wear silly…” she laughed.

“What’s wrong with what I have on?”

“It isn’t proper clothing for this orphanage. So you’ll have to wear something we provide here.”

I sighed, “You’re serious, aren’t you?”

She nodded. A look in her eyes almost seemed to dare me to act up…

I pointed to the dress, “I like dresses.”

She beamed back at me, “Good girl!” I was lifted again after she sat down the romper and sat me down on a padded table.

‘Padded table…?’ I panicked.

I didn’t have time to say anything before her enormous hands pulled my shirt over my head. Then, without warning, a pair of scissors snipped my bra off, and she giggled, “What was the point of you wearing that bra?” she pulled out the enhancers I used. “You don’t even look like you have what most of our littles have up top!”

I blushed and felt a tear come to my eye, “So I’m small… I’ve gotten over that!”

She laughed again and pushed me onto my back, and I found a strap snaking itself over my chest. I would have tried to move if I thought I could, but the nylon belt effectively kept my arms and upper body pinned down. She pulled my shoes and socks off before stripping me of my shorts.

“Please don’t take my panties,” I blushed.

“Oh dearie, I can’t let you use those, unfortunately… not until we’ve tested to see how mature you are. It’s a sanitary thing, you see…?”

“What?” I asked, confused.

My confusion didn’t last long, though, before I saw her bring an enormous me-sized diaper from underneath the table I was sitting on.

“I don’t need diapers!!!” I told her, “I’m not a baby!”

“That remains to be seen. But, I will tell you that screaming your head off at me isn’t going to make me think you really are a big girl, now do you?”

I gritted my teeth but shook my head, “I’m sorry.”

“That’s quite okay, dearie. Let’s just get you into this. You don’t have to use it, mind you. Just tell one of the workers that you need to use the potty, and we’ll get you on one to use it.”

I sighed with relief, “Okay.”

She managed my feet as effortlessly as I could have with a baby back home and lifted my legs to put the thick diaper underneath my bottom. Baby lotion was suddenly applied, and she taped up the diaper. The strap was removed, and I found my hands pushed through the armholes of the dress like I was unable to dress on my own. Once my head was through, I watched as she settled the dress down and fussed with it for a second. I realized, though, that due to the bell style of the short skirt, it would pretty much constantly display my diaper… I blushed as I remembered several littles like that the past few days.

“Good girl, now I think it’s time for you to have supper, and we’ll probably look for an early night for you.”

‘What?’ I thought but didn’t say anything as she picked me up and carried me into a dining room where about seven other littles were being fed in a combination of high chairs and booster seats. Most appeared to be diapered from what I could see. I hoped I’d be put into a booster seat, but the empty high chair was to be my dining spot. She embarrassingly not only sat me inside of it but strapped me tightly in the harness before pulling the tray into place.

“Okay, you said you think you’re a big girl,” she told me, “so we’re having spaghetti. Do you want a bib or not?”

I gulped and looked down at the dress, “Do I get in trouble if I get some on me?”

She looked at me with narrowing eyes, “it would mean we wouldn’t exactly trust your next answer…?”

I saw that one little boy was making a mess without a bib, but he didn’t have a shirt on. Another girl didn’t have a bib on and just dropped a piece of spaghetti on her top, and I saw her look around with a horror-stricken expression as she nervously tried to hide it. “If it’s spaghetti, I’ll take a bib.”

“Hmm… might be mature enough… we’ll see.”

She brought me a small plate of spaghetti chopped up into tiny strands. Really it was a misnomer to call it spaghetti then, but I didn’t complain. I had eaten most of the meal when I realized I was thirsty. “Umm… Nana, do you have something I can drink?” I tried to be polite. “Please?” I added.

She smiled and went to the fridge for something. The reason for her smirk was apparent when it landed on the tray.

It was a giant baby bottle of milk! It looked like a two-liter from back home! “What’s that for?” I asked in disbelief.

“You wanted something to drink…?”

“But that’s a baby bottle!”


“I’m not a baby.”

“Just drink it anyway; all of our sippy cups are dirty.”

If I had not been through everything… separated from my parents, diapered, dressed into a baby dress… well, I was sure I would have just sucked it up and used it… but something inside me just snapped.

“No, I’m an adult! Just get me a regular cup!”

“Drink it,” she said patiently and began to try and insert it into my mouth.

I just noticed one little shaking her head at me as I instinctively swatted at the object trying to poke me. The baby bottle went flying to the ground and, to my horror, came open, spilling it all onto the floor.

“Well, so much for maturity. I guess you’re not ready for baby bottles… That’s fine.”

“I’m so sorry!” I told her, “I’ll clean it up if…?”

“Hush, not another word out of you…” she told me harshly.

She started cleaning it up, and I wondered what she meant about not being ready for bottles. Another woman came in then carrying a little that looked to have been crying. “Tammy, would you please watch the rest of them? This new girl and I need to have a discussion and then get her something to drink.”

“Sure thing Jessie!”

I trembled as she pulled me out of the highchair roughly and carried me down the hallway. “Since it’s your first day, I think we’ll just put you to bed early for your punishment. I don’t think you would have been a bad enough girl to make a mess like that intentionally,” The woman I now knew was named Jessie said to me.

I shook my head, “I’m sorry.”

“Well, I believe you. But we still have to get you something to drink like you asked for. Don’t want you getting dehydrated. Nana will take care of you, though.” The huge woman sat down in a rocking chair, and I wondered what she meant since I didn’t see a glass of water or anything. I was confused as she started messing with the large top she had on and pulled down the fabric of a nursing bra.

“Wha…?” was all I could say before she shoved my head at the nipple. I had no desire to drink from this woman’s breast, but she did something with her thumb on my chin to force my mouth open, and the nipple went inside my mouth. It was just a single drop of milk that touched my tongue.

It was amazing.

Tastier than anything I had ever tasted! I instinctively began suckling more and more of it out.

“It appears you seem less resistant than some of the portal littles,” she said as she patted my bottom, but I had no idea what she meant. The liquid was all I cared about; I had to have more! It stopped coming, though, and I fussed a bit.

“Oh, such a greedy guts!” she told me with a laugh before picking me up from her breast and putting me over her shoulder. “Let’s let some gas out before we keep going,” she said. I felt some gentle blows to my back and belched up a burp, and some sticky white milk came out of my mouth onto a cloth she had been smart enough to have on.

“Let’s move to the other side,” she told me and began nursing me from her other breast.

That’s where things became hazy, and I lost the plot for a while.

I FOUND MYSELF waking up to odd sounds and sensed something wasn’t right. First, there were noises from what sounded like toddlers playing with toys. Then, as I opened my eyes, I blinked multiple times and realized my vision was covered with bars on all sides. ‘I’m in a crib!’ I thought and sat up. I looked down at my body and realized I was in a one-piece sleeper that had mittens on my hands. I tried to stand, but something became difficult with that. I learned a moment later there was a large balloon shape around my groin and groaned. I had a diaper on that I poked at and discovered it was most definitely wet.

“Awake now?” Nana said as she came over. “Let’s get you out of your jammies, some breakfast, and then we’ll let you play for a while.

She carried me to the changing table, unzipped me, and changed me into a dry diaper and a new blue dress. It did nothing to hide my dry diaper, and she carried me to the kitchen and sat me in the highchair again. Once I was trapped in the chair, Nana walked off behind me for a moment. She came back a moment later with a bowl, a bib, and a spoon. She didn’t hesitate in putting the pink bib around my neck that read, ‘Cutie Pie.’ The bowl was sat down on the tray, and I thought maybe she intended for me to eat it myself for about one second before she grabbed the spoon and brought it to my mouth.

“Open up for the choo-choo!”

“Wh…?” I started to say, and the spoonful of mush entered my mouth. It was weird and grainy, not like oatmeal. Before I could even think of asking what it was, she kept spooning more and more of it into my mouth. I decided it must have been rice cereal for infants about halfway through the bowl!

When she finished and wiped my face off with the bib, I was hoping a bottle would be available to wash it down, but instead, she picked me up and said, “I’m hoping you’ll be ready for bottles this afternoon. For now, though, we’ll stick with what’s best for you.”

I was so shocked by everything there wasn’t much fight in me as she sat down on a chair and presented me with her orb of flesh again. My craving from last night came back, and I didn’t even try and hesitate; I just latched on and sucked. I was feeling sleepy when I had finished both breasts, and she’d burped me, but instead of putting me down for a nap, she carried me into a living room where the other ‘kids’ were all watching something on TV.

“You’ll love this show!” the lady said to me.

A screen title passed by ‘Naomi and Oliver’, and I lost time again. I stood up a while later, looking confused as I didn’t know how long I’d been sitting there. I suddenly felt a strong need to go poop but had no idea where the bathroom was. So I walked over to Nana, who was sewing something, “May I use the bathroom?”

“Maybe…” she said before flipping up my dress and touching the diaper I had on.

“What are you…?”

“Checking to see if you would even be ready for the potty after last night and tonight. I’m sorry to tell you that you’re not going to be using the potty any time soon. You’re already wet, just make a nice poopy for Nana in your diapee, and I’ll change you then.”

“I don’t want to…!” I said as she put me down.

“It doesn’t matter what you want,” she giggled, “You’ll be using the diaper no matter what. I’m not taking it off you, and you can’t go by yourself.”


“Besides, don’t good girls like you like using their diapees? Naomi and Oliver say so?”

With that statement, I felt like I was outside of my body. I grunted for a moment and squatted. ‘This can’t be happening!’ my brain screamed.

“Aww… you made a present for Nana!” she told me. “Go play for a bit, and then I’ll change you.”

I tried to take a step toward her to argue but instead found myself falling and landing on my poop. I started bawling then, and she said, “Well, if you’re going to be such a baby about it, I guess I can change you now!”

So went the next two days… diaper changes, breastfeeding, baby food, watching my new favorite TV show, Naomi and Oliver, and slowly not noticing I was even wet or poopy until someone came and told me I was. Finally, on the third day, when I woke up in a poop-filled diaper and saw my mom and dad standing beside the playpen I was in for a nap, I believed I was hallucinating. By then, I had totally lost hope of getting out.

“Mom!!! Dad!!!” I cried.

“This is positively her?” an Amazon man asked Mom.

“Definitely! What did they do to her? And why is she in a poopy diaper? Don’t they change them at least?!?” Mom was outraged.

“We’ll get her changed real quick and then escort you all to the portal,” the lady who I noticed was in a bulletproof vest.

She picked me up before carrying me to a changing table I’d become well acquainted with. I hoped she would just put me back into a pair of panties, but instead, she put me into another diaper. “It may take a while before she recovers?” Then, she dug around and handed Mom a large diaper bag with more diapers and other baby stuff.

Mom grimaced but happily took me from her and held me tightly like I was little again. I must have lost some weight on the trip or in the orphanage because I couldn’t believe she could carry me like a toddler again. “Lily, I’m so glad we found you!” she said as Dad joined in hugging me, and we all cried.

“As much as I would like to let you have time, I think it’s best we get you moving…” another man said.

“Yes, sir,” Mom told him while setting me on the ground and grabbing my hand tightly. We walked outside to a plethora of news crews and bystanders watching. Luckily a van collected us quickly, and I was strapped into a forward-facing car seat.

“How did you find me?” I asked as we drove.

“It wasn’t easy, Lily… It turns out the tour company we were using wasn’t legitimate, and they were just operating to get some Littles to adopt. Once we lost you, we talked to the police, and they began investigating with the help of this bureau group… I’ll tell you more, but suffice it to say that we’re being escorted to the portal and never coming back… “

I nodded with tears in my eyes and was ecstatic when we got out at the portal! Our remaining group was disembarking from a bus simultaneously, and we gathered back with them. I noted that half of the group seemed to be missing! The other half looked at me in recognition and horror. I held onto Dad for dear life in the small crowd. I felt antsy and just wanted to get back inside the portal and go home!

“Dad, can we get out of here already? I hate this damn diaper, and I don’t want to spend another minute in it!”

“Sweetheart, they warned you not to separate from the group,” Mom said to me. “You’re just lucky we found you before you were adopted out.”

“What do you mean?”

“You were in an orphanage designed to make littles into well-behaved babies. In another week, you would have gone home with someone!”

I felt my eyes open then, “With the diapers… will I still need them when…?”

Mom leaned in and said, “For a while probably, I mean… you’re already wet…?”

It was then that I realized I was still in a pretty short dress, and my drooping diaper was showing. I hugged Mom tightly and cried as we finally made it back through the security lines and to a hallway that led to the portal.

The second I stepped through and saw everything as we left it, I breathed a sigh of relief. Everything looked normal… until I looked at Mom, who came through after me. She seemed taller than she had a moment before… and I seemed shorter than her! She gasped and said, “Oh sweetheart… Let’s go find the restroom so I can change your diapee.”

“Why is everything so big?” I asked.

Dad was right behind her and back to his normal height of being taller than her.

“We’ll talk back home, sweetie,” he told me. Then, a pacifier appeared somewhere and was shoved into my mouth. After a few days, I didn’t think twice and was nursing it as she carried me to a family room and exposed my diaper.

“You’re stinkie!” she told me as she lifted my legs and wiped me like I’d been wiped the previous week.

‘When did I poop again?’ I blushed and was just glad when she had me redressed and carried me to the car where a car seat had somehow been installed.

Once buckled in, I spit the pacifier out, “Why am I the size of a baby still?”

“It was the deal we made, sweetie. In order to get you back out of there, we had to have you shrunk to the size of an eighteen-month-old. That way, any weird baby things you do seem normal. They don’t want anyone on this side of the portal to know what goes on there… It was either this, or we all would be stuck in that dimension.”

“I have to grow up all over again?!?!?” I asked incredulously.

“I said, shrunk, not regressed. You’ll just have to be our baby like this forever… They adjusted a few things on the way back. At least I have my baby girl back!”

A pacifier pushed into my mouth blocked anything I would have said. ‘Forever?’ I sighed. ‘Well, at least it’s my parents and not some random Amazons…?’


Thank you Sophia, I wanted to Express my admiration at you writing style. I do absolutely love the way you managed to stick with in the DD world but twist it just enough to keep it your own and not along the darker fringes. Keep up the good work and hope to see more on your other stories soon.

So I am really ecstatic to have been able to collaborate with Cheeky Charlie after she was looking for some demo material. She has done an absolutely AMAZING job of recording this story as an audiobook!!! Part 1 is available now on her podcast she’s started: Cheeky Charlie Audio | Free Podcasts | Podomatic" as well as on Spotify. I can’t recommend checking it out highly enough!!! It’s a total of four parts, with each part coming out about once a week. It’s amazing to hear my words come to life with her voice, and I hope you’ll check it out!

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