Desert Reading

I call this desert reading. It is just a single scene that really does it for me. These are the type of scenes I really like in a story. Dominant female, submissive male and for whatever reason they end up unwillingly in a diaper. Here is just a fun scene that is easier to write rather than a total story with character buildup just to get to the best part (desert)


“I just don’t see it” I said while laughing. “You don’t have an authoratative bone in your body”
“Yes I do!!” Grace replied.
“You don’t baby”. I looked at her and smiled. “You really don’t. But it is ok because it is a part of your personality. You are caring and empathetic. You got to know your strenghts…”
“Yes I do. And I will prove it to you.” Grace replied. “Get up right now and get me a drink” she said a deep firm voice.

I watched Grace just stare at me. I could see her jaw clench, her face tighten, and her face flush a little. I could tell I hit a nerve at that last comment.

“I am sorry honey. I shouldn’t of said that”. I looked at her in the eyes and I saw her relax a little. She was still upset about it but hopefully not enough to ruin the evening.
“Go get me my drink” Grace demanded. She actually did a good job demandinag it. You could tell she meant business and had the don’t fuck with me tone. The problem is I don’t like being told what to do and I love to push the envelope. I am not sure why but it was just something I enjoyed doing.

“Nah I am good. If you want a drink you can get up yourself and grab one.” I said.

Grace looked at me in pure exasperation. All of the softening she had just done reverted back to the upset Grace. She proceeded to get up and stomp in to the kitchen. She grabbed a beer out of the fridge and poured it in to a glass.

“Can you grab me one too?” I asked.

She looked at me. She looked at the beer. She then looked at me again. She slowly returned to the fridge and grabbed another beer. She popped open the beer and grabbed the glass containing her beer and walked back over to me. As I reached for the beer she proceeded to turn the can upside down and dump it all over me. I was completely drenched in beer. My shirt…shorts…underwear…hell I even had some in my hair.

“What the fuck Grace!!” I exclaimed.

Grace looked at me. Her eyes her lit with fire and she was mad.

“First off, don’t cuss at me. Who do you think you are that allows you to speak to me that way. Second of all, don’t be a jerk and you won’t get beer poured on you.” She walked back to the kitchen, grabbed a towel and walked back to me. She threw the towel at me.

“There. Dry yourself off and get out”
“Come on Grace. I am sorry. We were supposed to hang out and watch a movie.” I said. “I didn’t mean to get you this upset”
“You’re a jackass. Why would I want to hang out and watch a movie with you after all this?”
“Grace…Lets calm down. I am very sorry. I was a jerk. You got even with me. I mean hell, you dumped an entire beer on me. My clothes are soaking wet.”

Grace still looked mad but I could see that she was calming down. I would need to tread very carefully here.
“You deserved it. Fine, you can stay. But clean up this mess. We also need to find you some dry clothes. It looks like you peed all over yourself and my couch”

I grabbed the towel and wiped up all the excess beer on the couch and floor.

“I just want to point out that even though you’re super pissed at me you still are concerned about my clothes” I said. “That is someone who is a very caring person”
“Yea well…I just don’t want you getting my couch any more dirty. Now strip so I can throw your clothes in the washer.” Grace said it perfectly. It was commanding, direct, and I could tell by her tone and her eyes I better do what she said.

I immediately stood up and took off my shirt and pants leaving me in nothing but my boxers.

“I said strip” Grace said again in that demanding tone. I can’t look at you when it looks like have peed your underwear."

I pulled down my underwear and put it with the rest of my wet clothes. She picked them up and took them to the washer as I stood there butt naked.

Someone is clearly enjoying this. Grace said.

I looked down and sure enough my penis was at full attention. Grace walked out of the living room to put the clothes in the washer.

“So what am I going to wear since you just took my clothes?” I yelled.

Grace walked back in as I heard the washer start up.

“I could just leave you naked” she said. She looked at me while licking her lips. “What do you think about that?”
“I am not too keen on the idea if you must know” I responded. “Don’t you have some sweats and a shirt I can wear?”
“Let me see what I can find. My brother was visiting a while back and I still have some of his stuff here” Grace replied

Grace frowned at me as she stood up and headed back in to her bedroom. I waited, standing buck ass naked while I heard her ruffle through her closet. I heard her laugh and then come back in the room carrying a pair of pajamas. Upon closer inspection they looked like the pajamas with the feet attached on them and a teddy bear logo on the front.

“What is this?” I asked apparently in a not too great tone.
“THIS is the pajamas that my brother sleeps in.” Grace responded.
“WHy is he sleeping in footy pajamas.” I asked again in a not great tone.
"He has some learning issues. He likes these pajamas and they are very functional.
“Why can’t I just borrow some of your pajamas. Or sweats or wahtever” I whined?
“Because you’ll stretch them out. Besides, you’re the jerk. This is an appropriate punishment” Grace said. “Don’t be such a big baby.”
“What about underwear. You took my underwear too” I inquired.
“Trust me on this you will not want to borrow his underwear.” Grace said. “Now come here, lets put this on and try to salvage the rest of the day”
“How could his underwear be any worse than what you’re asking me to wear? Come on Grace, I need underwear. I can’t have my penis rubbing against the pajamas and everyhing.”

Grace looked at me and a big smirk came across her face.

“You sure?” she asked.
“Yea I am sure. Just get me a pair” I demanded.
“Ok. fine.”

Grace got up and went back in to her bedroom. I heard her looking through her closet and she came back out holding a huge puffy diaper in her hand. Although this diaper was very different, as it was not baby size, and had a picture of zoo animals over it. My eyes went wide and before I could stop myself

“What the fuck is that!” I almost screamed.
“You need to calm down” Grace said in a menacing tone.
“I am sorry” I almost cried. “Why are you holding a diaper?”
“You said you had to have some underwear. I told you that you didn’t want to wear his underwear and you insisted it couldn’t be any worse than the pajamas. Now be very careful here because I am very sensitive about my brother”.

I gulped and tried to calm down from surprise.

“Why does your brother have thoes pajamas and a diaper?” I asked.
“He has a some issues. As a result, at night he has to wear a diaper.” She said. Now come over here and I will help you put the diaper on get you in the pajamas.
“I am good” I said. “I don’t need the diaper”
“Yes you do. You made such a big deal about underwear so now you will wear it” Grace looked me dead in the eyes and I could tell she was serious.
“Grace…I don’t want to wear a diaper. Its humiliating.” I said.
“Suck it up buttercup.” she said.
“Fine.” I relented.

I went to grab the diaper and the pajamas and grace pushed my hand away.
“You will need help” Grace said.
“I can figure it out” I said.
“I doubt you have experience putting a diaper on yourself. Besides you won’t be able to put those pajamas on by yourself anyway.”
“What are you talking about?” I asked.
“The pajamas are designed where you can’t take them off without help. This way my brother can’t remove his diaper at night. You will need my help to put those pajamas on and take them off”

Grace stood up, walked over and grabbed my hand.
“Now lay down and lets get this done with.”

I hesitated and felt a sharp sting on my bare butt as Grace’s hand came down hard on my butt. I jumped and said “Owww” and instinctively moved my hands to cover by butt.
"I am very good at diapering boys who don’t want to be diapered. Don’t make me ask you again or you really will see the authoratative side of me come out.

I laid down on the floor and watched as grace unfolded the large diaper fluffing it out.
“Skoot your butt up” she said,

I lifted my hips up as she slid the diaper under me. I slowly let my butt slide on to the diaper. She grabbed the front end of the diaper and simultaneously pushed my erect penis down and pulled the diaper over it resting on my stomach.

“You sure seem to be enjoying this” she said.

She grabbed the side of the diaper with tapes and pulled the left side of the diaper to the center applying the tape at the center of the diaper. She did the same with the right side. She then grabbed both sides of the diaper and readjusted it. Following that, she untaped the left side and readjusted it giving the diaper a tighter fit. Grace grabbed my arm and stood me up and I felt a few patts on the backside of my diaper.

“What was that?” I asked.
“Sorry. I can’t help myself. Whenever I see a diapered butt I have to pat it.”

Grace grabbed the pajamas and held out the legs portion.

“Step in” she said,

I did as I was told and then heard her zip up the back of the pajamas along with a slight click.

“There you go. You want anything to drink?” she asked

I stood there with a blank look on my face. After about 3 seconds of silence I looked down at myself and these ridiculous pajamas. I looked so infantile. I also felt the very thick diaper around my waist along wtih the thick padding forcing my penis down. I reached down to touch the diaper but felt the very thich pajamas prohibiting me from really feeling anything.

“This feels weird” I said.
“Oh relax Luca. It is just a diaper” Grace said. “Do you want a drink or what?”
“I will get it. I learned my lesson ok?” I said.

I walked towards the the kitchen but due to the thickness of the diaper it was more of a waddle than it was a walk. The other surprising thing was the noise. You could heaer it crinkle very loudly. I grabbed two beers out of the fridge and poured them in to a glass. Grabbing the beers I walked back to the couch and handed Grace her beer.

“I don’t like this Grace. I feel weird and this is humiliating” I said. “How am I supposed to relax and watch a movie like this?”

Grace looked at me with her soft caring eyes. That look and expression is what I fell in love with six months ago when we first met.

“Luca honey, just relax. You don’t have any other options. Your clothes are in the washer and that is all I have. Just drink your beer and lets pick out a movie”
“No way Grace. This isn’t fair or funny.” I exclaimed.
“Luca, you don’t have a lot of options. You need me to let you out of the clothes. After the way you acted I am thinking of just leaving you like this for the rest of the evening”

I reached behind me to pull the zipper down on my pajamas. No matter how hard I tried to reach the zipper I couldn’t quite get it. Every humiliating attempt was magnified by the sound of the diaper crinkling and Grace just looking at me with a huge smirk on her face.

“Are you done?” she asked.

“I can’t get these pajamas off” I exclaimed. “I need to take them off so I can take off this diaper”
“Of course you can’t. I told you that. These pajamas are designed to prevent the wearer from messing with or removing their diaper. And even if you could reach the zipper it takes a key to unlock the zipping mechanism.”

I looked at her and just wanted to scream.

“You probably should just calm down. Your clothes still have a while before we can throw them in the dryer. And like I said, I am tempted to leave you like this for a while for the way you have been acting. So drink your beer and lets watch a movie. And maybe next time you won’t act like a jerk.”

I chugged my beer and went to the kitchen to grab another one. I dramatically dropped to the couch barely avoiding spilling my beer while Grace turned on the movie. After another 10 or 15 minutes I finished that beer and grabbed another one.

“You might want to slow down there mister” Grace said.

“Whatever” I said in a childish tone. I finished that beer and tried to focus on the movie. However, I found that chugging 3 beers in less than an hour makes me slightly drunk and before I even realized it I fell asleep.


I picked up the remote off the couch and turned off the movie. Luca was fast asleep in my lap sleeping off his 3 beers in a row. He was always a sucker for someone rubbing their fingers through his hair. I looked at him and just couldn’t believe the turn of events today. First off, why was he acting like such a jerk. It’s like he was trying to egg me on. “You don’t have an authoratative bone in your body.” Who the hell was he to say that!?! And then ordering me to get him a drink in my own apartment!?! He is lucky all I did was pour a beer on him.

But what really threw me for a loop was the whole clothes thing. He clearly couldn’t sit in wet clothes all day. I wasn’t going to stretch a pair of my sweats just because he is a jerk. The pajamas would of been fine for a few hours and I could of washed them afterwards. But he just couldn’t let it go. I don’t understand the whole underwear thing. I mean he kept going on and on about needing underwear. I told him to let it go but he wouldn’t. I knew I had a few left over diapers from when my brother last stayed over so I figured this would be great payback. He can wear a diaper for a few hours, we can laugh about it, and that is it.

He just freaked out. I don’t understand it. It is just a diaper. But at this point there was no way he was getting out of it. It is a good thing I have a lot of experience dealing with someone who doesn’t like his diaper because he put up such a fuss. I mean I had to essentially spank him to get him to lay down. And then that temper tantrum over taking the diaper off!. What was that all about? He himself said he needed unerwear and there were no other clothes. Also, I told him there was no way he was getting out of those pajamas and he kept on trying.

What was the most perplexing of all was the fact that he was hard as a rock as I put the diaper on him. I have never seen that. I had to push his penis down just to fit the diaper over him. And boy did he look cute with that diaper on. I know he was embarrassed but I couldn’t help myself when I patted his butt over his diaper. But on one hand he says he hates the diaper and the pajamas… which good. I am happy he is not liking this but on the other hand his visceral reaction said he was enjoying it. I also noticed that when I gave him that spank his erection got even bigger.

I looked down at him sleeping. I was starting to get hungry. We didn’t have any food in my apartment and I doubted he would be willing to out to eat in a diaper and pajamas. I gently took his head off my lap and put it on the couch. I grabbed my purse and keys and headed to the door. Right before I got to the door I went back to the kitchen and wrote a note telling him I was out grabbing food for us and would return shortly. This also reminded me that I should probably move his clothes to the dryer. I opted not to because he is a jerk and it wouldn’t kill him to stay in his current predicament a little longer. I walked out of the kitchen to the door, unlocked it, and left closing the door.


I opened my eyes just realizing I must of fell asleep. Day drinking does that to me. I stretched my arms and my legs and heard a loud crinkle as the events of the day came flooding back in to me. I sat up and looked down at the stupid pajamas I was wearing. I couldn’t believe the predicament I was in. What are the odds that my girlfriend has diapers and some weird ass pajamas lying around. That only happens in stories and movies.

“Where did you go Grace?” I yelled.

I waited a solid 10 seconds and heard no answer.

“Grace, where are you baby?” I yelled again.

Still no answer. I stood up and felt the blood rush to my head. I was still feeling the affects of the beer but I was definitely not drunk. I walked in to the kitchen and saw a note on the table.

Went to get us some food. You were sleeping peacefully so I didn’t want to disturb you.

I was hoping she was getting something good. I grabbed another beer and went to sit down on the couch. I grabbed the remote and started channel surfing while waiting for Grace to get back. After about 10 minutes I felt a sudden urge in my bladder and had to go to the bathroom. I started to get up and walk to the bathroom when I realized the dilema. This was a problem. I have the bladder of a two year old and have to go to the bathroom every few hours. There was no way I could hold it for very long. I tried to reach the zipper again but couldn’t reach it. I went and sat down and tried to wait it out. After another 5 minutes and not seeing Grace I grabbed my phone and texted her.

[Luca] How much longer until you get back with food? I texted.
[Grace] Well hello to you too. Looks like a nap has had no affect on your mood today.
[Luca] I am sorry. I just have to go to the bathroom…
[Grace] And you need my help huh
[Luca] Yes grace. I really have to go. How much longer do you think you will be?
[Grace] I will be back ain twenty minutes. They are about finished making it and then I will head back.
[Luca] I am not sure I can make it twenty minutes!!!
[Grace] Are you serious!?! If you can’t hold it for twenty minutes then maybe you do need to be wearing a diaper.
[Luca] Do you think any of your neighbors could just help me unzip these pajamas.
[Grace] You freaked out over the diaper and now you want to show my neighbors?
[Luca] I am desperate Grace. I really have to pee
[Grace] Those pajamas take a key to unlock. The key is on my key ring with me. You’re going to have to hold it.
[Luca] Fuck…

I looked at the phone. I didn’t really have any options. Like Grace said, I couldn’t get out of these clothes without her help. I sat back down on the couch. The pressure was building in my bladder and it was getting pretty bad. I stood up and started walking around the room as panic set in. I wasn’t going to make it five minutes let alone 20 minutes. I kept pacing back and forth focusing on my bladder and ran right in to the coffee table. Through the combination of hitting the coffee table along with the shock and pain, I felt my bladder go. All of a sudden I just start peeing and I couldn’t stop it. I looked down and didn’t see any dampness or moisture on the pajamas. The other thing I noticed is the heaviness of the diaper. As I peed the diaper got heavier but I didn’t feel any liquid touching my skin. It is like the diaper absorbed all of it.

I at down on the couch. I immeidately noticed that the diaper was thicker but again it appeared to absorb all the urine. What was I going to do? How do I hide this from Grace? As I was going through the different options I heard the lock on the front door click and the door open.


I unlocked the door and walked in to the apartment seeing John sitting on the couch.

“I am back Luca” I said. “I got us some burgers and fries.” I said.

Luca just stared at me with a blank look. I set the food down in the kitchen and walked over to him.

“You ok?. Here turn around and I will let you out so you can use the bathroom. It sounded like an emergency when you texted me” I said.
I reached in to my purse to pull out the key to the pajamas.

“Just give me the key and I will take care of it” Luca said.
“Luca don’t be ridiculous. You need me to let you out. Besides you will need help putting the diaper back on once you get done going to the bathroom” I said.
“Grace I am done wearing this fucking diaper ok.” Luca said
“What is your problem Luca?” I asked. “Seriously, why are you making such a big deal about a stupid diaper” I asked.
“I should never have been wearing this stupid outfit at all” Luca exclaimed.
“Luca, honey. You couldn’t wear wet clothes all night. I will move your clothes to the dryer and in about an hour you can have your clothes back. Now I know you have to go to the bathroom so come over here so I can let you out of those pajamas.” I said in exasperation.
“Fine but I am not wearing a diaper again” Luca said.

I looked at Luca and then looked down at this butt. It was obvious he was wearing a diaper if you know what to look for (and I did). It was also pretty clear his sense of urgency in getting out the diaper and clothes was gone also. I started walking to Luca.

“What are you doing?” Luca asked.
“Confirming a suspicion” I said.

I walked up to Luca and patted him on the butt a few times. Luca jumped and turned.
“Grace what are you doing!” he almost screamed in fear.

“You want to talk about what happened” I asked.
“What do you mean do I want to talk about what happened. I don’t know what you are talking about” Luca said.

I looked at Luca and shook my head. I am sure he was embarrassed but he was also acting like such a brat. I could make this so much more difficult and embarrassing for him if I wanted to…which I did.

“I think you do” I said.
“I have no idea what you’re talking about” Luca defiantly responded.
“How do you envision this going down Luca?” I asked.
“What do you mean Grace?”
"How do you envision getting out of the pajamas and your wet diaper without me noticing? After you go to the bathroom I have to put you back in a diaper since you clearly can’t handle not wearing any type of underwear. Do you think I wouldn’t notice that the diaper was used? I asked.
“What are you talking about!?! I didn’t wet the diaper” Luca said a little softer.

I laughed at the stupidity of this. This was like arguing with a toddler who didn’t want his diaper changed. I went back to the kitchen and poured two more beers. Along with the beers, I grabbed two plates and took them to the table. I started setting the table…

“Grace what are you doing?” Luca demanded.
“I am setting the table for dinner.” I responded.
“You need to let me out of these clothes so I can use the bathroom”
“I think that ship has sailed. I know what a puffy diaper feels like Luca. I also know what it looks like. When I eventually take those pajamas off you I am going to see that you lied to me. I would of also known when I went to change you in to a fresh diaper. So lets go ahead and eat until you’re ready to talk about it.”

Luca stomped on the ground in frustration. I looked at him with my “I mean business” look and while he was still mad he did stop with the theatrics.
“Grace I am about to wet my pants.” Luca said.
“Listen Luca. We are going to sit here and eat dinner. Hopefully by the end of it we can have a real conversation. That is a nighttime diaper. It can handle a few accidents before it will leak.”

I finished up setting the tables and sat down. I took a big sip of my beer and waited for Luca. He eventually sat down and I could hear the crinkle of his diaper as he sat.

“Cheers” I said as I raised my glass up. He did not recipricate. Instead he just took a sip of his beer and sat there.
“You know…You’re acting like such a brat. What is your freaking problem” I asked.
“You know damn well what my problem is Grace.” Luca responded.
“Yes. You wet your diaper because you couldn’t hold it for 20 minutes. You’re so embarrassed and arrogant you won’t admit it. It is so painfully obvious but instead of just talking about it you are acting like a toddler.”
“I would of made it to the bathroom if it hadn’t been for these stupid fucking pajamas” Luca screamed.
“So you admit you wet your diaper” I said casually.
Luca just sat there.
“Go ahead and say it Luca.” I told him.
“Fine. Yes. I wet the diaper. Are you happy?” He said in a very defiant tone.
“Why would I be happy?” I asked.

I looked at Luca and he said nothing. I waited 30 seconds for him to respond.

“What benefit do I gain by you having a wet diaper?” I asked

I looked at Luca and he still didn’t respond.

“You need to answer me Luca. You can’t get out of that wet diaper without my help” I said.
“I don’t know” he said.
“Then why did you say it?” I asked
“I don’t know” he said again.
“God Luca. You’re worse than a toddler.” I said exasperated.
“Why did you insist on the diaper?” Luca asked.
“You have been such a brat today Luca. You were rude and arrogant. Making fun of me, ordering me around. Then after I poured beer on you and you were ranting about the pajamas… YOU insisted on some underwear. I told you what I had you wouldn’t like. You said it couldn’t be any worse than the pajamas. So your damn right I insisted on the diaper. You need to learn when to shut your stupid mouth” I said as the anger seeped through me.

I looked at Luca and he looked down. The muscles on his face relaxed and it looked like he was remorseful after hearing what I said.

“I am sorry Grace. I really am sorry. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be wearing a diaper today and then the humiliation of wetting it was a bit much for me” Luca said. “Please forgive me”
“Of course” I said. “Now I want you to be honest with me. Can you do that?” I asked.
“Of course Grace.” Luca answered.
“When I grabbed your arm to lay you down on the floor to diaper you, you were hard as a rock. Then, when I gave you a spank I could see a visceral reaction. Were you turned on?”
“What!?! Was I turned on? Grace are you serious?” Luca asked.
“You promised to be honest Luca. We will find out when I change you anyway” I said.
“What do you mean Grace. I figured we were done with this.” Luca said.
“Your clothes are still sitting in the washer. I don’t think you want to sit in a wet diaper this evening while the clothes dry. Don’t change the subject. Where you turned on when I spanked you on the butt?”
“Of course not Grace. Don’t be ridiculous.” Luca said.
“And you weren’t turned on when I put you in a diaper?”" I asked
“Of course not” Luca replied

I looked at him and could tell he was lying. He was clearly embarassed but he was definitely lying.

“I am so sick of this!”

I got up and went to the closet. I reached in the back and grabbed a fresh diaper from the existing pack. I also grabbed some baby powder and wipes and came back out in to the living room. I laid the diaper, wipes, and power on the table and went to my purse for my keys.
“Come here” I said.
"What are you doing Grace?
“Come here now!” I said.

Luca didn’t budge so I grabbed his arm and spun him around. I put the key in to the lock on the pajamas and turned the key. The zipper unlocked and I slid down the zipper.
“Step out” I demanded.

Luca stepped out of the pajamas and I could see a very wet and sagging diaper on him. I smirked at the site. I sat down on a chair and grabbed his arms and bent him over my knee.
“Grace what are you doing?” Luca yelled.
“Testing a theory” I responded.

I pulled the back of Luca’s diaper down exposing his butt and smacked his butt. Luca’s hips shot up but I held him firm across my lap.
“Owww. Grace stop it” Luca exclaimed.
“I will stop when I am convinced you either like or don’t like this.”

I proceeded to spank him on the butt 8 more times. He tried to move his hands across his butt after the second spank and I immediately grabbed his hand and held it on his back above his bottom. As the spanks increased so did the pressure of his penis against the diaper and my leg. I stood him back up and pulled his diaper back up. As I did Luca’s hands immediately went to the backside of his diaper.

“Lay down” I told him.
“Grace lets just stop this” Luca said.
“Unless you want to end up with another spanking I suggest you do what I tell you.” I said.

Luca laid down on the ground. I grabbed the supplies from the table and placed them on the floor next to him. I unfolded the diaper.
“Hips up” I said.

He pushed his hips up and I slid the diaper underneath him. I then untaped both sides of his soiled diaper and pulled the front flap down. His errection was finally released and sprung up.
“Yup confirmed.” I said. “You clearly like this” I said.

I grabbed some wipes and cleaned up his groin area. I pulled the soiled diaper out from under his butt, rolled it up and taped it closed. I then grabbed the powder and liberally applied it to his groin region. I pushed his penis back down and pulled the front of the diaper up over it touching his stomach. Taking the left side of the diaper I undid the tape and taped it to the landing strip of his diaper. I repeated this process on the right side. I then grabbed the edges of the diaper and pulled up a bit to readjust the diaper. I then untaped the left side of the diaper and readjusted tightening the diaper. I grabbed the soiled diaper and walked in to the kitchen to throw it in the trash. Luca stood up as I walked back over. I grabbed the pajamas and held them out.

“Back in” I said.

Luca stepped in to the pajamas. I gave his freshly diaper butt a patt and zipped up the pajamas hearing the familar click ensuring the zipper would stay in place. Following that, I walked in to the laundry room, moved his clothes from the washer to the dryer and turned it on.

“Your clothes should be finished in a few hours. Think you can manage keeping your diaper dry until then?” I asked.
“Not funny Grace” Luca responded.
“You want to talk about this?” I asked?
“No” Luca said.
“We don’t have to talk about this now, but we will and soon.” I said.