Desert Bus Child's Play Charity

Yeah, cool charity event if you guys are interested. Stars of, Escapist News Network and Unskippable basically play the video game Desert bus until the donations stop coming in, with a live feed of them having fun doing other stuff too.

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Well…thanks to this charity, we now have a new internet meme to destroy us all-

All Hail Octopimp!

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That is so unhealthy!

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Desert bus is upon us once again folks, and to give you an idea of what kind of shenanigans go on at Desert Bus for Hope-

For those that don’t get the joke, Space Jump is a super metroid move that made the game ten times easier because things like the grappling hook or normal movement of any kind became obsolete. In another video, he tears a friend apart for using the obsolete moves instead of the space jump which would have been so much easier on him, and that’s how it came up as a stunt in this video for Desert Bus.

And of course, my personal favorite. How to win a fight against 20 children-

All of the donations go to the child’s play charity to help hospices around the world keep morale up for children using games of all kind. In a little under 11 days, Desert bus will take it’s 4th annual stab at the game, and they keep gaming for as long as you pay them money.

First year they made $22,000 bucks. Next was $70,000. Third was $140,000 and it’s possible they may break that record again this year. I wish I could donate but even so, I’m going to be pulling a few all nighters for the live web feed of the event. I just love watching these guys utterly torture themselves through this boring ass game to make money for a charity.