Descriptions of Tags

A description of each tag that can be used to categorize stories would be brilliant as it would allow us readers to know what tags to use.

For example:

What is ‘Cheezits’ supposed to imply? What about ‘Easter’ or ‘Weirdness’ or even ‘Diaper-Dimension’?

None of these tags have descriptions, leaving it up to whomever is using these tags to figure out what they mean.

It’s very confusing and makes the search process much harder than it should be.

Tags are added by the topic creator, not the staff. The one minor exception is the #diaper-dimension tag. That tag was automatically added to a bunch of threads back in June right after we migrated from vBulletin to Discourse. I’m literally the last person to try and explain what the Diaper Dimension is.

Honestly I think all the tags that aren’t reserved for the @staff group are pretty useless, but that’s me. They really don’t do much besides add extra weight to relevance searches if you happen to use a tag as one of the keywords and a thread is tagged with it.

@Gummybear want to chime in on the #weirdness tag since all the topics using it are yours?

@TheGayWatcher I realize I probably should have made this clearer. Except the #adminitrivia, #announcements, and #banned-users tags, none of the tags on threads were created by staff members. They were created by the topic authors themselves. As such, even if the tags page supported adding descriptions, it would be a mess to do so.

For example, the #messing tag in theory means characters messing their underwear (whether diapers, pull-ups, or regular underwear) but there was a (now deleted) story that has that tag because the little in it would regularly create huge messes with their toys.

While I wouldn’t have used that tag in the latter case, it made sense to the author.

I think I initially used the weirdness when writing some of my more ‘out there’ or experimental (at least experimental for me) stories, but I don’t have some kind of emotional connection to it. So if nobody else is using it and it makes things easier if it’s not there, I can remove it.

…Someone actually noticed the cheezits tag and they’re not staff/ admin? I’m impressed. I’d actually forgotten about it. It means nothing except for me having fun with tags because yolo and y nawt? :crazy_face:

But since we’re discussing tags. I’ll share that I’ve been wanting to tag all my works with Dead Dove Do Not Eat. I’ve seen people using it on archive of our own for fetish stories. And it’s a very wtf kind of tag.

So you’re saying the ability to make new tags should be limited to @Ally and myself then? :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL! Apparently I was warned in advance by stray thought because I apparently already had set that restriction.

Premonition or I’m just that obvious? :laughing:
Also that being the case…on April Fool’s one of yall should tag my stories with that. :grin:

To be entirely honest, I had forgotten that that wasn’t the case already.

I don’t remember setting that restriction originally, but I’m sure I had my reasons. I might lower it after I clean up the tags list though. There’s a bunch of tags that make no sense or just not used (or at least not in a reasonable context)

EDIT: Also, replacing a couple of the warning tags with Staff Notices on the OP in some cases, like @Ally’s infamous Gay Folk Burning Faggots on the Fire.

(Also, if I can find the archive I am totally going to share the complaints Clawdia got about that one. She never shared any of the really good ones in the chat :stuck_out_tongue:)

More fun complaints from that story? Sounds like the proper way to honor it.


I vote yas plz! :grin:

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I second that vote.

<Makes the customary 26-28 cubic metres of popcorn>