Delving into Diapers

NOTICE: Contains extreme humiliation and themes like regression, dominance, bondage, wettings. If this isn’t your cup of tea GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!

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Delving into Diapers

Chapter One

“Hurry up!” I begged through the bathroom door, squirming impatiently. This tended to occur frequently. I’d be out here, on the verge of wetting myself, while Alex took his sweet time doing nothing behind the locked door.

Not that I’d expect much else from him since he had a strange fetish for these kinds of things: desperation, wetting, diapers, dominance, etc. Though there had never been confirmation of this aloud, after twenty six months of dating, I’d picked up on them all. Alex never came out and said it, but he also didn’t hide his fascination with these things.

I’d never helped endorse his fantasies simply because they confused me. I wasn’t sure exactly how I felt about them. And it scared me. So there was no participation from me. Well, no willing participation, anyway.

My hands flew to my crotch, my need to pee nearly overwhelming. “Alex, hurry!” I pleaded.

“Jordan?” Alex called from inside. “Is something wrong?” he asked innocently. I scowled since he knew full well what was wrong. He had Spidey-senses that alerted him when I had to use the bathroom, I swear!

“Alex, get out of the bathroom! I’m literally about to wet my pants!” I yelled, straining to keep control. Despair was settling over me like a curtain as I realized that, unless Alex came out this instant, I wasn’t going to make it.

Whether it was fate or luck, Alex chose that moment to emerge from the bathroom. In one amused look he took in my stance: hunched over with hands to my bladder, squirming unabashedly. “Sorry, I didn’t realize you had to go,” he murmured, but his tone gave him away.

I shot him a nasty look before scurrying inside, not even caring that I’d left the door wide open since I didn’t have the time - or control - to stop and shut it. I was fumbling with the button on my jeans when I nearly lost control. I gave up on the button and reapplied pressure to my bladder, hunching down to help hold on.

I heard an entertained laugh from the doorway, and threw Alex an annoyed glare over my shoulder. “Get over here,” I muttered as I consulted my last resort. Alex looked confused for a moment. “Help me unbutton my pants,” I pleaded.

Alex chuckled, but obliged after only a moment’s hesitation. He crossed the bathroom in two strides, appearing by my side quickly. “Alright, stand up so I can unbutton them,” he ordered.

I stood up straight, but then gasped as the results from my sudden movement crashed down on me. I tightened my hands, but it did nothing to stop the wetness from filling my panties and soaking through to my jeans. It darkened my bottom and crotch before trickling its way down my legs.

I stood there shocked as I finished relieving myself. One glance at Alex showed how taken aback he was as well… but also tendon. However, he recovered quicker than I did, his other side taking over. “Aw, did Jojo wet herself?” he asked teasingly.

I felt my face redden, and immediately shaking my head frantically like a little girl denying that she’d just went pee in her undies. Alex, now grinning excitedly, pulled my hands away from my soaked bladder, giving him an unobstructed view of my accident.

“Your jeans say otherwise,” he commented. I was so embarrassed I couldn’t respond. Sensing my unhappiness, Alex became more compassionate. He pushed aside his desires and came closer, puling me into a comforting embrace. “Hey, Jordan, it’s alright. Sometimes it happens,” he assured.

And happen it did.

A few weeks passed without mention of my… accident. Alex had stopped hogging the bathroom, which was somewhat strange, since I’d gotten used to it. As time went on, however, Alex had returned to taking forever in the restroom. As of late, though, they were happening more frequently and took longer.

The result of his actions were several more wettings, adding up to a grand total of seven, I embarrassed admit. Each time he comforted me profusely until, while I was infinitely mortified, I was no longer severely upset when I wet myself. It had begun to be predictable.

Per usual, three o’clock arrived and the telltale feelings arrived, informing me that I had to go. I’d been trying to hold on since I knew that Alex had ventured off to the bathroom, one step ahead of me. However, there was no more waiting so I set off dejectedly for the toilet.

When I faced our sole bathroom in our homely apartment, I was somewhat relieved to see it wasn’t occupied. Except Alex was leaning casually in the doorway, a smirk on his face. “Hey, Jo. Fancy seeing you here,” he commented innocently.

“Move it, Al.” I growled, in no mood for his games. Oops, my mistake. My unbridled dominant tone had triggered the dominance in Alex.

“I don’t like that tone of voice, darling,” he muttered darkly. Crap. I was in for it now. My eyes darted about desperately.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, just let me through, I have to pee.” I blurted, rushing forward to push past him. The toned body that I’d once admired now was used to hold be back from relief. I caught a glance of the toilet, only multiplying my need to go.

“Not so fast, babe,” Alex huskily growled in my ear. “What’s the magic word?”

“Please, Alex.” I whimpered. I was beyond control now. I could hardly stand. His dark blue eyes bore into my chocolate ones before he stepped aside calmly. However, I didn’t move. Alex’s eyebrows furrowed, wondering why I wasn’t lunging inside.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, sincerely worried.

“I… I can’t move or else I’m going to wet myself.” I admitted sheepishly, staring longingly at the toilet. If I could only make it three steps inside…

Alex laughed, understanding now. “You sound so dejected about it. It’s okay; it’s not like you haven’t had an accident before,” he reminded smugly. I blushed, still embarrassed by every single accident.

I prepared myself, taking a deep breath and eyeing the distance to the toilet. Steeling myself, I shot forward, lurching inside. I’d taken one step when I began flooding my panties, so I halted there and cringed, allowing myself to finish.

Alex was ecstatic though he tried to hide it behind brooding eyes. “Jordan! Look at yourself,” he reprimanded, approaching me. “You’ve wet yourself every day this week! It looks like we’re going to have to do something about it.”

He forcefully grabbed my wrist and tugged me through our apartment to the bedroom. I obediently following, knowing that there wasn’t much I could do when he was in one of his dominance moods. And deep down I got a sort of… rush when he controlled me.

He situated me in the middle of our bedroom before scurrying to his closet and digging around, producing a mysterious bag. Without looking at me, he produced a mat from the bag and laid it out nicely on our bed. I identified it without delay, and worry tousled my stomach.

“Hey, Alex, you’re not-”

“Come here, babe.” he ordered. I didn’t move. A displeased frown settled upon his face and he plucked me up and deposited me on the mat.

“No, Alex, please don’t,” I begged.

“Pull down your pants and panties,” he commanded, ignoring my comments.

“No.” I stated firmly.

“If you don’t then I will,” he warned. I hesitated, knowing full well that Alex wasn’t bluffing. I took too long, and Alex rushed forward, restraining my arms above my head before I could react. He expertly undid my jeans and yanked them off, leaving my wet undies on display. He snickered as he saw them, but disposed of those quickly as well.

With one hand still restraining my arms, he used the other to pluck… You guessed it, a large diaper from the bag.

“Alex, don’t you dare,” I yelped. But it wasn’t up to me. He settled the material underneath me before calmly pulling it up between my legs and, before I could process, had it secured tightly to my hips.

“This should help contain your accidents,” he commented, releasing me.

I huffily sat up, feeling my face flush as the diaper crinkled loudly underneath me. It was odd feeling, like being wrapped in a cushy security blanket except around my most intimate parts. “Alex, I’m not wearing this.” I stated.

“You are.” he argued in a no-nonsense tone. “If I find you trying to remove it I’ll have to resort to spanking my disobedient little girl.” he warned.

I gulped. I’d experienced one of his spankings only once, but it was enough to keep me in line. I scowled, eyeing the extra material around my waist. “I’m not wearing this,” I repeated. But there was no conviction behind my voice.

I sighed and jumped off the bed, storming huffily over to my closet on the other side of the room. If I had to wear this humiliating thing, the least I could do was cover it up. I yanked out my jeans and slipped them on, struggling to fit it over my suddenly doubly large bottom. Finally I’d managed, and I forced it to button and zip up. I tried taking a step, but it was severely tight. I caught a glimpse in the mirror and gasped, embarrassed by the sight.

My diaper was so visible I’d be better off with no pants. The bulge made it obvious that I was diapered, ballooning out from my legs drastically. Alex howled with laughter and I fumbled to remove my jeans quickly.

So pants were out. That left a skirt. I chose my longest skirt, but as a result of the diaper, it was several inches shorter. It cascaded a few inches below my diaper, but that would have to do. I glared at Alex as I made my exit, trying to exude resentment as I strode out, but I had to waddle with my legs apart, ruining the moment. No dramatic striding for me.

I spent the remainder of my day diapered, which was a strange experience. I resent admitting that I couldn’t say I hated it, because I could feel dampness in the crotch of my diaper, not from pee, but from my excitement. Deep down I enjoyed it, but I wasn’t coming to terms with this revelation anytime soon. Especially with Alex around.

The entire evening I’d avoided liquids, but inevitably I had to go again by nighttime. Alex was in the kitchen, grabbing a late snack, so I took that moment to slip away and head to the bathroom. I had my skirt around my ankles in seconds, peering down to figure out how to remove my diaper when I felt hands encircle my wrists, pulling them away from the tabs on my diaper.

“What do we have here?” Alex’s distinct voice breathed in my ear. I gulped, scared of being caught. “I thought we agreed that you wouldn’t be removing your little diaper, right?” Alex had pressed up behind me, his head resting on my shoulder, his head turned so I could feel his breath tickling my exposed neck.

“I-I had to use the bathroom,” I stuttered, all too aware of Alex’s presence.

“Mhmmm…” he murmured, pressing kisses to my jawbone.

I’m sure many people would wonder why I didn’t just leave Alex. I mean, with the dominant characteristics he possessed and the way he treated me, there was no way I should endure this, right?

And yet, I couldn’t stay away. He unwittingly satisfied some of my unacknowledged needs that were hidden deep inside. But even if there were no desires for him to fulfill, we were meant for each other. Never before had anyone made me feel quite this way, no matter how cliche that sounded.

When he touched me, my heartbeat skyrocketed. The kisses he trailed across my neck and down my jawbone made my knees weak. The tender way he pressed his lips to mine and caressed his gentle hands across my forehead turned me to putty.

No one else has ever, nor could ever, evoke this kind of response from me.

Solely him.

Solely Alex.

I was short of breath already as Alex pinned me against the bathroom wall, lightly brushing his lips up my throat. I instinctively pulled him closer, not registering the fact that he’d let me go, only needing him to continue.

He willingly obliged, now sucking on my collarbone or spattering kisses along my jaw. Everything was swirling up inside of me, my feelings and emotions in a tumultuous whirl, until- “Alex,” I whispered.

At that moment, I lost control.

I was disappointed to realized that Alex had pulled away, no longer kissing me. Instead, he was focused on something by my waist. It took me a second to realize that something warm was cocooning my nether regions, the heat growing and spreading.

I gasped, the sight of the diaper flinging me back into reality.

I was wetting my diaper.

I squealed in dismay, not believing the yellowness before my eyes. Alex smirked. “Did the baby wet her diaper?” he cooed.

I couldn’t respond, too immersed in the warmth of it.

“Let’s get you changed,” he suggested, leading me away by the hand. He changed me on the changing pad in our room, producing another poofy diaper. I bit my lip to refrain from complaining, much to Alex’s delight.

I hopped off the bed and started to walk away when Alex pulled me back. “Wait, you’re not allowed to wear pajama pants to bed tonight.” he stated.

“Of course I am,” I responded defiantly. “Why shouldn’t I?” Alex’s eyes glinted as he sidled up to me, wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me close.

“Because,” he murmured against my neck. Pleasure shuddered through me and my will power dissolved away.

I nodded, agreeing to his terms wordlessly. He smirked and took me by the hand, leading me to bed. As I crawled in, I received a firm smack to my padded bottom, sending me sprawling across the bed on my face.

Alex was in bed next to me in a second, nestled up beside me, his hands roaming my rump, caressing my diaper. He whispered, “Don’t wet yourself tonight, babe,” pecked me on the forehead, and drifted off to sleep.


Though the next morning I work up in a dry diaper, this is what began our adventures into the world of diapers.

Re: Delving into Diapers

This is so confusing and so amazing at the same time. The characterization needs a little work but this is an incredibly promising start. The part that confuses me is Jordan. She clearly isn’t into wetting. She knows Alex is making her have these accidents but then never even attempts to call him out? I get that subconsciously she is a sub/little but knowing Alex is doing this against her will while not knowing she likes it, I would expect even a little fight back.

Again, really good start. Most promise I’ve seen from a chapter one since the caretaker’s house

Re: Delving into Diapers

I really like this story. I like your focus on feelings and emotions. Looking forward to more.

Re: Delving into Diapers

I’m new to this, so if I’m posting the next chapter incorrectly, I’m sorry. I’m not quite sure how I’m supposed to update, so I hope this is right…

Chapter Two

Since the night of my diapering, I’ve had no accidents because Alex had refrained from testing my bladder’s limits. This confused me. Were we just going to pretend none of that happened? That I hadn’t used the diaper he’d pinned on me? That I had a lack of apprehension toward the strange happenings? He couldn’t just stop… Why would he stop?..

But stop he did. For example, there was the day immediately after our adventure into fetish territory. Three o’clock had arrived and I scurried to the bathroom, waiting in nervous anticipation as I approached the closed door. “Alex,” I called out tentatively, my mind already wandering to how the next few minutes would play out. Would I make it to the toilet this time? Or would I be forced to further embarrass myself? Would I be punished for it? Diapers again?

I was jolted from my daydreams by the door swinging open, Alex emerging without any further prompting. He stood next to me, one eyebrow cocked. “What?” he asked. “Why are you looking at me like that?” he added after I didn’t respond.

I closed my gaping mouth, attempting to smother my confusion. “What? Nothing. It’s nothing.” I gave a very unconvincing laugh, and inched toward the bathroom. Alex continued to shoot me a puzzled look. “Nothing.” I repeated for the umpteenth time. “Okay, bye.” I hopped quickly into the bathroom and shut the door behind me, collapsing against it and scolding myself for how idiotic I acted. It’s not like I was expecting you to lock me out until I wet myself, no, that certainly couldn’t be it.

Then I realized I still had to pee, so I leaped away from the door and did my business.

A week or two passed like this, and I had mixed emotions about it. It was hard trying to make sense of my feelings and excitement. I sighed and rubbed my temples, wishing Alex had never planted these thoughts and emotions into my brain.

But did I really? Or was I secretly glad that he’d introduced me to these arousing unpleasantries?

Ugh! This is why I was so disoriented! So many controversial ideas pinging around my head!

“Jo?” Alex burst into my mental war, plopping down next to me on the couch where I sat with fingers massaging my head.

“What’s up?” I prompted, instantly dropping my hands to place them around one of Alex’s. I began toying with his long, slender fingers, something he admitted that he very much enjoys. He says that he finds it calming.

“Well…” he begins, eyeing me to see my reaction. “I’m having a business meeting-” The words are scarcely out of his mouth when I’m groaning.

“I’m not going.” I state.

“Jordan, you know that I can’t go without you,” Alex pleads.

I snorted in a very unladylike manner. “Of course you can go without me!” I reply indignantly.

“Jo-” Alex begins again.

“Don’t ‘Jo’ me! The only reason you bring me along is to sit there like a little trophy to show off to your friends!” I fumed angrily. “And it’s not even a ‘business meeting’! It’s just an excuse for you men to brag to each other! Your meetings are stupid and pointless and I hate them. I hate your moronic friends, too! So I’m not going!” I stated haughtily.

Alex’s eyes flashed darkly. Without warning, his hand darted out, grasping my wrists tightly, trapping both of my arms in one of his hands. I tried to jerk free, but Alex gave no heed. Instead, he yanked at my wrists sideways and pulled me over his lap.

Fear overtook me as I realized what was happening. “Alex, stop!” I cried out, begging unabashedly. I thrashed but it did nothing to stop him. Alex merely shot me a grim smile before using his free hand to tug my shorts off on one fluid motion, despite the fact that my knees were pressed to the floor. When he hooks his fingers under the waistband of my panties, I’m expecting it, so I put up more of a struggle. This hardly deters him, because now, deciding not to force my underwear all the way off, he settles for letting them stay on, just further down my legs than intended. Cool air greets my rear as Alex gives a testy pull, and my undies drop to my bent knees, pooling there submissively.

“You’re bottom is so cute. I almost hate to redden it,” cooed Alex, cupping my bum with his cold hands teasingly. I cringed, squirming to get away, but the only place I was ‘squirming away to’ was Alex’s lap, which was no doubt pleasing him unintentionally.

“Then don’t do it!” I blurted desperately. Smack! I yelped and jolted as Alex gave me a ferocious spank.

“You need to watch your tone, little girl,” he growled warningly before letting his fury out on my helpless bum cheeks. “You must learn your place; you do not call the shots and you do not tell me what I can and can’t do.” I had begun sobbing by now, clutching Alex’s legs and burying my face into the couch cushion. Every hit traveled up my body, rocking me back and forth so I was practically grinding on his lap. “Speak to me with respect! I will not tolerate your current behavior any longer. Am I clear?”

I nodded wordlessly. Satisfied, Alex carried on without any further reprimands. But his spanking spoke volumes.

A while passes before he’s finished. When he does I just go limp across his lap, sobs racking my body. “Darling, come here,” he croons, pulling me close tenderly as though he hadn’t just assaulted my butt.

“No!” I shout, voice husky from crying. I try to stumble away, but with my panties still trapped by my knees, I don’t make it far. I trip and fall, face planting so my cherry bottom is sticking straight up in the air, on display.

He snickers and I flush, rushing to pull my panties on fully while still sprawled on the ground. “Babe, come here.” he repeats, more insisting this time. His mouth is set firmly and his tone is demanding, so I know that it’s a direct order. But I’m still hurt, both physically and mentally, so there’s no way I’m complying anytime soon.

“No,” I deny again, pouting on the ground, tentative about my throbbing butt. At my refusal, Alex angrily jumps to his feet and strides toward me purposefully. Great, I’ve pissed him off again. I cringe, expecting my undies to be lowered again and my bottom to be attacked once more, but instead he latches onto my wrist and pulls me forcefully to my feet.

“If you’re going to be a brat, then I’ll treat you the age that you’re acting.” he hisses, dragging me to our bedroom. I restrain, digging my heel into the carpet, but it’s to no avail. He halts by our bed and whirls around, pushing me down onto it forcefully. He strips my panties off and tosses them carelessly across the room.

“Hey!” I protest, sitting up. Alex immediately forces me back down, giving me a warning glance. I bite my lip, not sure what to do. I allow myself to be cajoled back into a lying position, but I stiffen when I feel the telltale feel of a diaper being settled underneath me. “Alex-”

“Shush! You’ve disobeyed me, so this is the punishment.” He secured me quickly, long before I know what to say.

I sit up, blushing at the noise I make. “I’m not wearing this.” Deja vu? Alex smirks. “No, really.” I quickly rip at the fastens, stripping the fabric off and tossing it randomly. Alex’s face morphs from a smile to a furious scowl. He leaps up, eyes ablaze.

“Jordan! What are you doing?!” he shouts.

I tremble as I face him, hands subconsciously covering my bottom as though to protect it. “I’m not wearing that!” Okay, so maybe I had previously been waiting with bated breath to see when I’d be back in diapers. Maybe I enjoyed those few seconds when I had it on… In fact, I might’ve enjoyed it a little too much. However, the moment Alex had angered me, there was no way I would allow him the satisfaction of trapping me inside a diaper. If he wanted me to wear one, then I most certainly would not.

“Jordan,” Alex began warningly.

“I’m not sitting with your coworkers in a diaper!” I snapped in annoyance. Alex glowered at me, but didn’t say anything for a long while. I could practically see the gears working in his head.

“So…” he drawled slowly after some time had passed. “If I allow you to wear undies, you’ll accompany me to the business meeting?” he proposed. His face is more hopeful, sort of an internally pondering expression.

I was taken aback. Never had Alex compromised with me. I hated the dreadful meetings, but they were unavoidable. So I’d be going regardless, really. It was just how things were, and we both knew it, however much I tried to change it. So, In the end, it all came down to one simple fact: it was either panties or a diaper. “Sure,” I agreed, relieved at the outcome.

“Wait,” Alex piped up, the side of his lip curling in a smile. “I get to pick out what you wear.” Hesitant but curious, I nod. Alex, now full-out smiling, skips over to my closet and begins rooting through it. He normally has good taste and style, so I’m not worried. I’m only curious.

When he finishes, he hands me the bundle of clothes and tells me to go change. I clutch the clothes tight and scamper off to the bathroom, excitement buzzing through me. What could it be? Since we would be dining with his coworkers and business partners, he wouldn’t pick anything scandalous… At least not outwardly. But he had many possibilities for the garments I’d have hidden underneath my clothes.

Would it be lace? Sheer? Skimpy? Pink? I had recently purchased some daring underwear from Victoria’s Secret that Alex no doubt saw in my drawers. Then I furrowed my brow, worry crashing over me. What if they were training panties? Undies with a little padding in the crotch for accidents? Or maybe pull-ups? Would he have done that?

In the end, the panties were indeed the most crucial part of the outfit. The skirt was on the short side, but still strictly professional looking. I had a regular light blue blouse that looked formal but not uptight. Like I said previously, Alex has good fashion sense, so I needn’t have worried about that, no. It was the panties…

The Cinderella-print panties…

It was the little girl undies that I was mortified by. I just stared at the silky material in disbelief. The panties we white with little girly trim on the leg holes and waistband. Then there were sporadic little hearts sprinkled randomly. The most prominent feature, though, was the small face of Cinderella spattered all over, each one tilted a different way and equal distance from each other.

All-in-all, they looked like something a kindergartener would wear… if she wanted to be bullied.

I spent a long time just simply gaping at them, wondering if I really had to wear them. These were most definitely a step up from diapers, but they were still degrading. I tentatively stepped into them, slowly sliding them up my legs until I had them completely on. The silky material was wonderful, but I wish Cinderella wasn’t pasted all over. I gazed at myself in the mirror, blushing at the sight. I looked like a little girl.

An impatient knock came at the door. “Jo, what’s taking you so long?” Alex demanded wearily.

I gulp and glance back in the mirror. I can’t wear these. I’d die of mortification if anyone caught a glimpse! “Uhm…” I mumbled, not sure what to say but not wanting him to think I was ignoring him.

“Is something wrong with the clothes?” he prompted, and I could hear the smirk in his voice. I reddened deeper and caressed the silky fabric.

“Uh… Yes.” I agreed.

“Okay, let me see,” Alex ordered. I laughed nervously at the prospect of him seeing me in these, and was opening my mouth to tell him that there was no way that I was letting him in, when the door swung inward, revealing a grinning Alex. He took no time taking my clothes in as I squealed, attempting to cover up my little girl panties.

“Alex, get out!” I begged, scrambling to slide my feet into my skirt and jerkily yank it up. Thankfully it wasn’t tight, so it came up easily despite my rushed actions.

“No, I want to see,” Alex chuckled. “Hold the front of your skirt up for me.” I froze, eyes wide and silently begging. But Alex didn’t change his mind. What do I do now? Face the prospect of being forced to wear a diaper to dinner? Or maybe another dreaded spanking? I wanted neither of those so that left… I sighed and Dejectedly lowered my hands and clutched the hem of my skirt, avoiding Alex’s eager gaze as I sheepishly lifted it slightly. “Higher, baby.” he snapped. Iraised it a centimeter. “Hurry up! Or do you need another spanking?”

I obediently flipped my skirt completely, holding the hem up high to hide my face. Alex laughed at my expense.

“Good girl. Now turn around and lift the back of your skirt. That’s it!” he praised as I hiked up the back of my skirt. “It’s perfect. One last thing…” He gave a slight tug on my skirt, sending it tumbling to my ankles without much resistance. “Do one last twirl for me,” he ordered.

I embarrassedly did a twirl for him, giving him a full view of my panties.

“Aw, somebody is red,” he cooed when I stopped. “Is Jojo embarrassed of her baby girl panties?” he teased. I squeaked in response, unable to say anything else as I grew more humiliated. He patted my bum consolingly but also degradingly. “They’re perfect,” he repeated. An evil grin slid over his features.


“How are you doing, Jordan?”

“Huh?” I jolted from my wandering mind as one of Alex’s coworkers addressed me. “Oh, I’m great,” I responded, painting a smile on my face. “How about you?” I asked politely.

I chatted with Alex’s friends, acutely aware that underneath the table, Alex’s warm hand was settled on my thigh. Every few moments I’d realize that, without me noticing, he’d inched it up higher. His coworkers wives watched me with hawk eyes, their interest in me fueled by jealousy and hatred. I’ll admit that none of the wives were particularly easy on the eyes, while I was younger and, dare I say, the best looking. I’m not saying I’m beautiful or anything, no, just I’m the best of the group.

I didn’t much get along well with them.

“Alex, stop,” I hissed as I felt his fingers brush the fabric of the silk panties. Alex grinned and his fingers flickered by again, causing me to react in an upward thrust. I pushed his hand away, rolling my eyes at him. There was a lull in the conversations, and I leaned over to tell Alex I was going to use the bathroom since the telltale full bladder assaulted me.

“No you’re not,” Alex argued, hand flashing out to grab the hem of my skirt. I froze, eyes wide.

“What?!” I whispered.

“You’re a big girl; you can hold it.” Alex stated. I squirmed uncomfortably, not sure I could.

“Whatever,” I muttered. “I’m going and you can’t stop me.” But when I went to stand I felt the tug on my skirt pulling it down to reveal the top of my panties. I flushed and hurriedly dropped back down fully into my seat before anyone could see. I tugged my skirt back up to cover my waistband.

“I can’t stop you, eh?” repeated Alex smugly. “I’m not letting go of your skirt. So you’re either going to have to wet yourself in your chair, or deskirt yourself and make a dash for the toilets.” Alex informed.

I gaped at him in horror. “Not in front of your coworkers!” I begged. Not in front of these wives who detest me!

“Sorry, Jordan.” Then he resumed chatting as though nothing were wrong. I squirmed in my seat, my desperation growing a hundredfold merely from the realization that I wasn’t allowed to go. You know how when someone tells you not to laugh, it’s suddenly impossible not to? Or that you don’t realize how bad you have to pee until there are no bathrooms? Story of my life.

Dinner came and I picked at my food, not very hungry anymore. Alex’s grip never faultered, and my urge to go only grew. More and more until I surely had attracted the wives’ attentions with my squirming, since they were eagerly eying my every move.

“Alex, please let me go, I can’t hold it.” I begged.

“Then don’t hold it,” Alex suggested, eyes alight. A little drip of pee leaked through at his voice and wetted my panties. I squeaked and clenched tighter, hands pushing into my crotch. Alex was now fully focused on me, waiting to see me drench myself in front of his coworkers.

Anger and stubbornness sprung up within me at that thought, and I decided then and there that I’d rather his workers see my childish panties than let them see me wet myself. I gave Alex a determined look, which he met with confused excitement. “Fine, they can all see my undies, I don’t care.” Alex wasn’t going to get the satisfaction of me having an accident in front of his coworkers. I removed my hands and stood abruptly, before I could change my mind.

Cool air rushed my now bare upper thighs at my skirt whooshed down to my ankles. I catapulted out of the booth, determined to make it to the bathroom. I had to shuffle because my skirt restricted my legs. I didn’t make it far before my ears were burning from the laughter that came at me. Oh gosh, this is much worse than I expected! Oh no, I change my mind! I don’t want them to see my panties! This is so embarrassing!! I squeak and squat down quickly, hands fumbling for my skirt.

“No, no, no, no, noooo!” I moan, realizing my mistake too late. I’m now in a toilet position, and my sudden movements have only increased my desperation. I cringe and try to hold on, my hands flying back to support my crotch. But it’s too late. I can’t control it. My bladder erupts as I squat over my skirt, drenching my panties in seconds before dripping down, soaking my skirt too. Everyone in the whole restaurant is watching as I wet myself in princess undies, squatting in the middle of the room. I begin sobbing, hands pressed to my bladder uselessly.

I’m sure Alex is enjoying this. Yes, I can certainly make out his low chuckle. It’s hard to heard over the cackling of those envious ladies. I’m assuming they’re not so envious anymore. And Alex’s coworkers… What are they going to think? This is so unprofessional! How humiliating. And in Cinderella panties, nonetheless.

Silence filled the air as I finished, and I leaped to my feet without delay, not wanting to stay exposed any longer than I had to. Tears blurring my view, I stepped out of my soaked skirt and dashed out of the room, headed for the bathroom.

I collapsed on a toilet seat in one of the stalls and cried, not believing what I’d just done. I could never show my face in front of anyone ever again! A few minutes go by where I simply sit and sniffle.

I snuffed my cries out as the bathroom door screeched open and footsteps padded over. “Jordan, come on out,” invited Alex. I’m not surprised to discover Alex confidently occupying a public ladies’ restroom.

I hesitated, but would much rather have him take me straight home right now than have to go and find him at the table to ask him to leave. I stepped out, sniffling, and Alex immediately glanced at my wet undies, now yellowish at the crotch. He couldn’t hide the smirk on his face.

“Too bad you weren’t wearing a diaper, huh, baby?” he teased. I blushed, angry and embarrassed. So this was what it was all about: my refusal to wear his diaper earlier!

“You did this because I refused to wear the diaper, didn’t you!” I accused.

“Au contraire. I didn’t do anything. I didn’t make you wet your little undies. You’re the one who lost control and soaked them yourself.” I blushed, eying the panties in question. “Is that right?” I didn’t respond, fidgeting with embarrassment. “Answer me when I ask you a question, baby.” he ordered.

“Yes.” I muttered.

“Yes what?” he prompted.

“Yes, that’s right,” I said, annoyance sprinkling my tone.

“What’s right?” he continued innocently. I scowled at him. “Baby, I want to hear you say it,” he stated, sighing at my reluctance.

I dejectedly gave in. “I’m the one who wet my panties because I couldn’t hold it.” I mumbled, face bright red. Alex chuckled.

“Aw, poor baby.” He pulled me close, giving me a quick hug and kissing me atop my head. “Good thing I brought a diaper, just in case.” Alex produced a diaper from a briefcase that I’d previously assumed was for his business meeting, but now I knew different. I distastefully eyed it, but didn’t protest. Alex waited for my complaints, but I kept my mouth shut firmly. He grinned at my silence before walking over and pulling open the plastic table attached to the wall. I dejectedly allowed myself to be placed on the cold diaper-changing table.

It was much too short, since it was obviously made for little children. My legs dangled off the edge and so did my head and the top of my shoulders. Alex eyed me, squashed uncomfortably on the table. Then he sighed, casting a glance around the bathroom. “You’re too big of a baby; you don’t fit.” he stated. I scowled at him, face heating at his comment. “I don’t want my little girl to be uncomfortable or unsafe.” He helped me off the table and instead led me over to the sinks.

“This should do,” he said, sounding pleased. He helped me onto counter, placing me strategically so that I avoided the sinks. I’ll admit that it was much more comfortable and I didn’t feel like as much of a baby, despite the fact that I could now see myself in the mirror, laying there in yellowed princess undies. They didn’t stay on for long, though, as Alex quickly pulled them off and positioned the diaper underneath me. I obediently lifted my legs and bum and let him get on with it.

Alex diapered me all too cheerily, eager to have me back in them, no doubt. I buried my face in my hands as he helped me off before hesitantly examining myself in the mirror. Boy did I look silly. There was no way I could go out in only a diaper! As if reading my thoughts, Alex handed me my skirt that I’d abandoned in the middle of the floor. “But they’re soaked,” I pointed out.

“Whose fault is that?” reminded Alex pointedly. I blushed, but didn’t respond. “Besides, it’s either that or nothing.” I sighed and pulled the wet skirt up my legs, cringing as the overall length shortened an inch or so.

I gave myself a once-over in the mirror, deciding that I looked pretty terrible, but it could’ve been worse. “Okay, I’m ready.” I whispered, dreading these next few moments.

“Hold on,” Alex said, reaching over to the counter and plucking my wet undies up. He handed them to me, grinning wolfishly. “Take these; I don’t want them to get my briefcase wet.”

“I can’t carry these out!” I gasped. I couldn’t just swagger outside holding my panties as further proof of my accident!

“Jordan! You will take them out with you.” I wasn’t convinced. “Although you’re probably not a big enough girl to carry her own panties…” he mumbled thoughtfully. My jaw dropped.

“I’m not big enough?” I repeated. I clutched my undies tightly in my hands. “I’m a big girl!” I stated.

“Then hold onto your underwear,” Alex proposed.

“I will!” I snapped back. Alex smirked, and with that winning grin I realized what I’d just assented to do. “Wait, maybe-” I began, but he strode out of the bathroom before I could protest.

My heart clogged in my throat as I forced myself to shuffle forward and follow after him. My wet puddle on the floor had been cleaned up, and several of the families that had witnessed my scene had finished dinner and left. But our group was still there.

Their eyes flashed over to us and I realized that Alex was headed straight toward them. “Alex,” I whispered urgently, tugging on his arm. “I thought we were going straight home?” I begged.

“Not quite yet, babe. I have to excuse myself formally and apologize for our early leave.” he said. I knew he probably wasn’t required to, since they all knew why he had to leave early, but there was no use arguing since we were now in their range of hearing.

So I just cowered behind Alex as we approached. He chatted with his coworkers pleasantly, seeming in no rush to hurry though I was shifting impatiently behind him. Could he hurry up?! I reached over and prodded him in the back to remind him that I was waiting. “What, Jo?” he asked unhappily, turning and revealing me slightly. “Oh, did you want to talk with us, too?” he mumbled innocently, though he knew full well I wanted only to hide behind him.

I tried to scramble back, but Alex succeeded in pulling me in front of him so that all his friends could see me. And of course my soaked panties in my hands, which were in plain sight. The wife closest to me snickered, and my cheeks heated up as a response. “Aw, what are these? They’re adorable,” she cooed, reaching over and plucking them from my hands.

She held them at the waistband, holding them up so all could see. The other wives giggled and I knew I resembled a tomato by now. “Aww, look, they’re princess panties! With little frilly waistband and legholes,” purred another lady. “In fact, they look exactly like the panties my six-year old granddaughter wears!”

More laughter, this time the men have joined in since they’re no longer talking. Instead they’re listening eagerly, waiting for my further humiliation. “C-Can I have my u-underwear back?” I asked, tripping over my words in my haste to end my embarrassment before it grows.

“Oh my! These little girl panties certainly aren’t yours!” insisted another lady. I bite my lip, unsure of how to answer.

“Yes, they can’t be yours! It looks as though someone wet them.” agreed the first lady, gesturing to the yellow stain. “Maybe we should ask first, just in case,” she mumbled. “Hey, Jordan, are these little girl panties yours?” she asked.

I shook my head after a mere seconds hesitation, despite the fact that I knew they’d all witnessed me both wearing and wetting them.

“Oh, but Jordan, those are indeed yours!” piped up Alex. Giggles all around the table.

“Why, these panties have been wet in! Did you have an accident?” crooned the lady. I was beginning to sincerely despise her.

“She did, Mrs. Ranger.” informed Alex solemnly. Ah, so her name was Mrs. Ranger, was it?

Mrs. Ranger tsked. “Jordan! You naughty baby!” I was mortified. This lady, whom I hardly knew, called me a baby in the middle of a restaurant that had grown unusually silent in order to eavesdrop. "Alex, certainly you’ve taken some precautionary steps to prevent any further accidents?

“Of course!” Before I could process it, Alex had the front of my skirt pulled up completely and I flashed the table with my adult-sized baby diaper. A second passed before I could process it, and then I squealed, wrenching away and tugging at my skirt. But Alex didn’t release the hem until about five seconds had passed and they’d all gotten a good stare.

Mrs. Ranger snickered. “Good! Baby Jordan doesn’t deserve big girl panties anytime soon, in my opinion.”

“I completely agree.” Alex said. I was humiliated past humiliation.

“I-I’m going to wait out in the car,” I whispered. Mrs. Ranger handed me my panties back before I could make a run for it.

“Be careful with your big girl panties,” she giggled. I blushed and wordlessly turned on my heel and made a dash for the door, not caring that running caused my skirt to flop around and reveal my thick undergarment. “Oh!” Mrs. Ranger yelled across the entire restaurant. “And be careful with your little diaper, won’t you? We wouldn’t want you to have another accident!”

I slammed the restaurant door behind me, skirt swishing around my diaper, cheeks hot with embarrassment. What a horribly wonderful evening!

Re: Delving into Diapers

Wow, that is some intense humiliation. Your writing style and grammar are great, but I’m a little turned away by implausibility of the story. Extreme public humiliation like this can be sexy, but diving too deep into fantasy can shatter the illusion of reality. That said, excellent start to a good story!

In relation to your question about the posting; it looks fine to me.

Thanks for sharing!

Re: Delving into Diapers

This was fun and I hope you’ll post more when you can :slight_smile:

Re: Delving into Diapers

I’m back after some several months. Criticism is appreciated! Enjoy.

Chapter Three

It’s hard to stay angry someone when you live with them. No, scratch that. It’s awkward to be angry at someone while you live with them. On the one hand, you’ve got every right to be furious with him, but on the other hand, there are those simple, mundane tasks must happen in order to keep the house functioning. Like when the milk has run out, and Alex needs to tell me to add it to the grocery list. (Yes, I glared at him the whole time he was speaking, but in the end I wrote it down on the list.) And how the dishes needed washing and loading, but I’d done them last time, so it was Alex’s turn. There was no way some little spat was going to force me to do the dishes twice in a row. Blech! So every encounter we had was awkward and tentative and I was kind of sick of it.

I groaned as I collapsed onto the floor in the living room, wondering what to do. Obviously I could just let it go. But that was practically unforgivable! I’m refusing to ever be within a hundred feet of any of his coworkers or that fetching restaurant ever again. Seriously. I’m not sure what made Alex think it was alright to do something like that to me. I wonder sometimes if he ever really matured. He just has strange fetishes that I somehow get roped into.

I froze as I heard Alex’s keys in the apartment door, as though he’d been summoned by my thoughts, and I scrambled to go and seem preoccupied so he wouldn’t bug me. Two minutes later, Alex found me with a paper towel, balancing atop our counter and wiping away at the gray fluff that had accumulated above the cabinets.

“What are you doing?” he questioned, seeming amused. I thought a moment, before deciding to answer him.

“Dusting…” I mumbled, swiping at the dust demonstratively.

Alex cocked an eyebrow. “Why?” Hmm… I couldn’t think of a response. I stared silently at him, wondering if he’d realized I was trying to seem busy in order to avoid interaction. He obviously hadn’t taken the hint. Luckily, Alex accepted the fact that I had no answer, and quickly moved on. “Why don’t we go out for dinner?” he offered sweetly. Too sweetly. Something was up. Automatically my mind wandered to my previous restaurant incident and I felt my cheeks heating up. I shot the nastiest glare I could in his direction. The guy had the nerve to smirk back. “Calm down, babe. You can choose where. I’m not in the mood for cooking tonight, that’s all. Don’t look so suspicious. Does that sound good?”

I pretended to think about it, when I’m reality I was thinking about how nice it’d be to go out on an actual date with him again. It had been a little while. “Well, I suppose.” I consented. Alex beamed. “But only because I don’t want to cook tonight either.” I quickly injected. “I’m still angry at you. Don’t think that just because we’re going out to dinner that I’ve forgiven you.”

“Of course not.” Alex yawned dismissively. “Ready to go?” he prompted.

“Right now?” I surprised and a little caught off guard. Alex peered down at a shining watch on his wrist, (one that made him look sophisticated, professional, and irresistibly dorky all at the same time) and shrugged.

“I don’t see why not. Let’s go have some fun.” He grinned.


“But I want some cake,” I whined. We’d dined in luxury tonight, eating more than our fill of delectable food. Surely this costed Alex an arm and a couple of legs, but he didn’t bat an eye the entire meal. Except for right now, when I decided to order a slice of cheesecake.

“You’ve already had enough to eat. Let’s go; I have some shopping to do.” he grumbled, itching to leave.

“Shopping? What are you shopping for?” I questioned, refusing to move. He hadn’t mentioned shopping before we’d left for dinner. What was he up to?

“Stuff for my car,” Alex responded. If periods were the ultimate guy-conversation-ender, then car talk was certainly mine. “Can we go now?” He sounded exasperated, much to my satisfaction. I enjoyed getting a rise out of him and pushing his buttons.

“Not until I have some cake.” I said, something in me wanting to see the dominant side of him come out.

Evaluating the situation and surely sensing my desire, Alex quickly rose to the occasion. “You think you’re a good girl? That you deserve dessert?” Alex asked, lowering his voice. “You’re not good; you’re nothing but a little girl who wets her cute little panties.”

I refused to acknowledge the blush coating my cheeks, instead defiantly staring Alex right back. “I am a good girl! Of course I deserve some cake!” This was no longer about cheesecake, but about my pride.

Alex, seeming pleased at my response, suddenly settled back casually in his seat, a smirk playing on his lips. “Fine. I’ll buy you a slice. But only on the condition that you hold your pee in for the duration of shopping. No bathroom breaks.”

I was taken aback by this turn of conversation, and also confused at the rules. I just had to hold it while we shopped? That seemed almost too easy. We’d very likely not shop for long. I would be able to hold it. “Ooookayyy…” I drawled.

“And if you aren’t able to hold it, you will be forced to wet your pants in the middle of the store.”

Now, with my forfeit out there, I was worried. I mentally tallied up the liquids I’d drank at dinner, some water, some soda, and some alcohol. It wasn’t too much. I might need to pee later on, but not during shopping. I smiled confidently. “You’re on. Where’s my cake?”

Alex grinned and hopped up, running off to find a waiter and get my food ordered. He was back pretty quickly, seeming more animated. He was no doubt expecting me to have an accident tonight, but I was going to prove him wrong.


I wish I weren’t so stupid. I’d washed down my deliciously rich cheesecake with an unnecessary amount of water, and somehow Alex had convinced me to get a smoothie at the mall stand. I’m not sure how, but our challenge had pretty much slipped from my mind up until the first need to pee hit me.

I bit my lip and eyed my mostly empty cup, cursing myself. Seriously, I was an idiot. But I could totally still win this thing, right?

A couple of stores later and I knew I wasn’t going to last. Alex seemed to have no plan to head home anytime soon, and I was minutes away from bursting.

I scanned the store, zeroing in on the bathroom sign. Ah. So close but so far! I wonder what would happen if I just walked over there and went…? But no, I didn’t want Alex to have the satisfaction of telling me I wasn’t old enough to hold it.

But I had to go now! I squirmed, hoping Alex wouldn’t notice. He seemed busy with car parts, luckily for me. As I surveyed the area, an idea suddenly came to me, lifting my hopes of winning.

“Hey Al, while we’re here I think I’m gonna go check out the woman’s section, look through the clothes, the likes.” I announced casually, seeming entirely indifferent about it.

“Hmmkay,” he replied offhandedly. I tried to hide my smile as I triumphantly strolled to the woman’s section, conveniently located right next to the bathrooms!

I flicked through some clothing racks, in case Alex was looking, but a quick glance told me he was still occupied. I quickly ran to the bathroom, praying that if I hurried, then he wouldn’t notice.

I was in and out pretty quickly, but as I was there I realized I felt a building up in my lower stomach, likely from that cheesecake. But I didn’t have time to have a bowel moment, so I finished relieving myself and raced back to the racks. As a scapegoat, I plucked up a random t-shirt and carried it over to Alex, who seemed to be looking for me.

I swallowed my nerves down as I approached, hoping to appear calm. “What took so long?” Alex asked carefully.

“Hm? Oh, I went to go try on some clothes. What do you think of this?” I asked lightly, presenting the shirt. It was the wrong size, and sported a style I wouldn’t ever wear. Hopefully Alex wouldn’t notice.

“It’s alright. What do you think of this belt? I saw it and thought you might like it.” Alex responded. This was a little unusual, but as long as he was diverted from suspicion of my bathroom break, I would go along with it. “Try it on, I think I like it.” he prompted.

I obligingly looped it through all my belt loops, but I was confused because there were no buckles or holes.

“It’s confusing. Here, I’ll do it up for you.” Alex did it up, pulling one end through a box-like metal contraption. I peered down and noticed a ring of numbers like you’d find on a bike lock… Bike lock?

“Hey, hang on-” Alex yanked on the belt, tightening it, and with every few inches I heard a distinct click. My stomach rolled, not only with nerves but also from digesting my dessert that I was now regretting. “Alex, wh-what is this?” I demanded.

Alex pulled once more, drawing me closer to him and cinching the belt one size smaller. I was now centimeters away from his face, his eyes hard and no longer playful. “How was your potty break?” he whispered.

He knew.

Cold dread shot through me, and I immediately began yanking at the belt, attempting to get it off, but to no avail. Alex laughed, shaking his head.

“You lost the challenge! I said you either hold it, or you’ll be forced to wet yourself. I’m just reinforcing that.”

“No! Alex, please!” I knew that my smoothie was currently making its way down to my bladder, adding to what liquids I hadn’t already dispelled. And I had another treasure building up to escape through another exit. Locked pants was something I really didn’t want at the moment. Just the knowledge that the bathrooms were off limits already incited desperation in me.

“Come on, baby. I’m almost done shopping. We’ll see if you can hold it.” He smirked as he took my hand and led me out of the store, practically emitting rays of cheerfulness.

I swatted his happiness away and battled it with my own anger. I couldn’t let this happen! With my other hand, I quickly set to work trying combinations on the dials, attempting to release myself from this prison.

“How’s that cheesecake treating you?” Alex asked knowingly. I gaped at him, hand hovering on the lock. He must’ve bribed the cook or the waiter to add a little extra something to help my digestion along quicker. That little rat! He glanced over and frowned, noticing what I was up to. “Tsk tsk. If I catch baby messing with the lock again then she’s going to have to be punished.” he warned. I swallowed hard, obediently removing my hand.

I was now aware that I had to pee again. Maybe the smoothie had finally digested, or maybe the knowledge that I couldn’t take off my pants made it happen so soon, but nonetheless, I had to go. “Alex, please let me go the bathroom.” I begged quietly, tugging desperately on his hand as we passed the restroom. He smirked, now aware of my predicament.

“I guess it won’t be long now until someone makes a little accident in her panties!” he teased. I petulantly sulked behind my boyfriend, wondering if we could just go home already. But no, he had to finish torturing me.

“You’re only doing this because you want me back in diapers,” I accused.

He smirked, not even bothering to deny it. “You got me.” I pouted, trying to devise a way out.

He wanted me in diapers… And I wanted out of these pants… Oh!

“Fine, you win. I’ll let you put me in diapers.” I announced. This caught Alex off guard.


“Yeah. Just take me home so I don’t mess myself here.”

“We won’t be going home until you wet your panties, that’s a promise,” Alex replied, crushing my hopes. “And if you mess yourself as well, then I’m certainly diapering that cute little butt. You can count on it” He pinched said butt.

“You’re kidding me,” I cried out, pressing my legs together and bouncing in place. “Al, I’m gonna soil myself!” I whimpered.

He thought for a moment, before saying, “This is the last store, then we’ll go home… if-” he continued, “you wet yourself right here and now.” I glanced around the little store and winced, shaking my head and pushing against my bladder.

“Then it looks like we’ll wander around until you’ve got some mush in the seat of your pants!” I paled at the prospect of pooping my pants in public, waddling around with a smelly load for all to see. That would be much worse than pissing myself here.

“Fine! Fine!” I blurted. Alex smirked, turning expectantly. “H-Here?” I stuttered, now wanting to put it off longer.

“If you’re not gonna go-”

“I’m going!” And I was. Warmth pooled in my panties before quickly soaking through and tainting my jeans. The spot grew quickly, racing down my legs to my feet, dribbling into my sandals before settling on the tile floor. Since I’d already gone recently, there wasn’t much, but when I was finished, I had telltale spots on my jeans and a little yellow pool at my feet.

Alex, no doubt turned on, smiled at me and pressed a spontaneous kiss to my unsuspecting lips. Then I jolted in surprise as he suddenly spanked me, quick and hard, rousing my need to poo. I was very confused by these bipolar actions. “Jordan!” he yelled loudly, indeed looking angry. “Why didn’t you just tell me you had to go?” I nervously glanced around, seeing maybe one or two people beginning to take notice.

“Alex,” I murmured in passive protest.

He grabbed my arm and dragged me deeper into the store, headed for the line of customers waiting to checkout. It was a short line, much less spectators than there had been at the restaurant, so I was only slightly mortified to be trooping over with soaked pants. I tried resisting halfheartedly, but he was stronger than I, and soon we were right at the front desk.

“I’m sorry, sir,” Alex began, loud enough for all the people to hear, interrupting a customers transaction. “She kind of had an accident over in the automobile aisle,” he announced. Those in line could see the spot on my jeans, informing them of the ‘accident’. I heard a little murmuring behind me, and my ears turned red as I caught the gist of their conversations.

The cashier frowned, worried since his desk blocked the immediate view of my outfit below the waist. “Accident?” he questioned. Thoughts of expensive car parts being broken were no doubt running through his head.

Alex gestured at me, and the clerk leaned slightly over the counter as his eyes zeroed in on my jeans. “She wet herself,” Alex added, as if he hadn’t understood.

At first the cashier was surprised, then he looked up at my face, flushed pink as I avoided his probing eyes. I caught the hint of a smirk playing across his lips. “Got it. We’ll take care of this little one’s accident.” Then he winked at me. The heat in my face increased.

“Thank you sir, I’ll make sure it doesn’t happen again.” Alex replied, leading me away by the hand just like a child. I didn’t mind since all I wanted was to leave that area. I could finally breathe as he took me away from the curious eyes.

“Now take this off.” I ordered, jerking to a halt and gesturing to the belt. I had more pressing matters to deal with now.

Alex thoughtfully eyed me in my soaked jeans, smiling deviously. “I said once you wet yourself I’d take you home. So I will! But that belt isn’t coming off.”

“But Alex! I have to go number two!” I cried out incredulously.

“In that case, make it home without messing yourself and I’ll take it off.” he compromised. I groaned, already forseeing the outcome. But I had to try.

“Fine, hurry.” We left the store, oblivious to the stares from everyone since I was so intent on keeping myself in control. Before I climbed in, Alex stopped me, eyeing my wet jeans blatantly.

“Hang on a moment, baby.” He rummaged around in the trunk, before coming back with a plastic shopping bag. He grinned as he put it on my seat. “I don’t want my car getting dirty. Now climb on in and we’ll get you home and cleaned up.”

I scowled at the sack, but obediently plopped down onto it with a rustle. My tummy rumbled. Digestion at its finest.

Alex seemed to take his merry time getting in and making sure his seat and Windows were all adjusted correctly. He waited a ridiculously long time before backing out, doing everything in slow motion. That is, before we got to the speed bumps. At the first one, I was caught off guard as he floored it and careened us up and down over the top of it.

I gasped and doubled my efforts of keeping my pants clean. I was caught off guard, but still in control, much to Alex’s disappointment. This small victory fueled my determination for several minutes, taking me closer and closer to home and relief.

By the time we were pulling into our neighborhood, I was literally about to let go. I could feel my digested present nudging at the exit, ready to escape. Alex was in a sour mood, not keen on letting me use the toilet. But he didn’t have much of a choice as we pulled into our driveway. It was an unexpected victory on my part.

“Let me out!” I squealed, throwing off my seatbelt and racing for the front door, one hand tugging at the belt and the other shaking our locked door. I groaned in frustration and whipped around to stare at Alex as he slowly shuffled up to the door, keys in hand.

I gave up on the door, knowing I’d have to wait for him to unlock it, and reverted all my attention to break into the lock on my belt. Alex had just unlocked the door when he froze, narrowing his eyes on my hands, busy at work at my belt.

Instantly, I realized my mistake. I quickly removed my hands, hiding them behind my back contritely. “Al, let’s go inside,” I urged softly. A grin swept across his face, his eyes lighting up with new excitement.

“Hang on, baby. Do you recall what I said at the store?” he asked carefully. I swallowed and shook my head. “I told you that if you mess with your belt then there would be consequences.”

I groaned in frustration, so close to relief. “I’m sorry, Al! Do it some other time.”

He smiled and shook his head. “I have to stick with my word and punish you. Now…” His eyes roamed our yard. “Go pick an apple from the apple tree,” he ordered.

I didn’t hesitate at the strange request, darting quickly across our yard to the tree. I grabbed the nearest one and hurried back to our porch, stopping abruptly as I realized Alex was no longer standing there. I jiggled the front door knob, and whimpered to discover it was locked.

Alex’s pleased face appeared in the door window, smirking tauntingly at me. “Since you messed with the lock, I’ll make you mess your pants!” he laughed.

I began begging him to let me in, promising to be good and other non commital things. Alex just rolled his eyes and disappeared from the window, leaving me to do my business in peace.

I didn’t feel very peaceful. In fact, I was raging, banging my fists on the door and rapidly jamming my finger into the door bell. In a fit of anger, I threw the stupid apple at out door, marking it with juice and apple mush before it rebounded and tumbled away. I squirmed on the porch as I did this, nearing my end. I stuck with my banging until the accident, still hoping that maybe he’d open the door, but he never did.

Instead I felt my control at its limit, deciding to cave. In response I gave up knocking on the door, shrouding the house in silence as I subconsciously widened my stance, slightly bending my knees and pressing my bum out.

A warm log pushed into the back of my panties, forced to spread evenly in the confined space. I didn’t have much to expell, but a bulge had still expanded the seat of my jeans, drooping out and down.

The moment I was done, the front door opened, a smug-looking Alex lounging in the doorway. He took in my toddler-like stance, the lump in my jeans and my teary eyes with a laugh. “Looks like baby has a little present in her panties, huh?”

“Shut up,” I snapped, holding my position in order to avoid moving. Alex’s eyes narrowed at me, not at all alright with my tone.

“That is no way to talk to me, little girl! I think you haven’t learned your lesson yet!” he hissed. I immediately mumbled some apologies but he wasn’t having it. “Besides, I saw you chuck that apple at our door. We really must do something about that temper of yours.”

He pulled me into the house, making me grimace as my load shifted in my jeans. I unintentionally began waddling to make less of a mess for me. Alex didn’t say anything if he noticed, but he certainly was smirking.

But that might of just been because in the next second he had plopped down onto the couch and pulled me over his lap, all in one smooth move so that my bum was sticking up proudly in the middle of his lap.

“Oh Alex, please don’t spank me!” I cried out, squirming to escape. He held me down easily, getting down to business as he delivered a resounding smack to my seat, squashing any further pleas from escaping my mouth.

I jolted and froze, the unpleasantness of my mess being spread inside my panties. He kept at it, pulverizing my accident and shredding my dignity as I cowered on his lap and cried. It wasn’t painful, just disgusting and demeaning.

Alex didn’t persist long, aware that I was no longer fighting him. I was also pretty sure that the longer he spanked me, the more likely it was that my mess would seep through to my pants and dirty his hands. “Stand up.” he ordered. I wiped my face and scrambled to my feet, wincing at the feel in my panties. “Little girls who mess themselves are put back in diapers.” he informed quietly.

I didn’t protest as he led me to our room where he produced the changing supplies, letting me lay down on a changing pad. My crying had subsided and I submissively let him unlock the belt, not even looking to find out the darn combo. He pulled off my dirty jeans and panties, tossing them into a sack to take care of later.

In a daze, I was cleaned, prepped, and diapered, back into the undeniably comfortable garment. When he was finished, he pulled me into his lap carefully, as though afraid I would reject him, but I quickly snuggled into his chest, bathing in his warm embrace. As this occured, my mind was racing.

Why was I letting him do this? Why couldn’t I just walk away? He had forced me to mess my panties on our front porch, and before that I’d been made to wet myself and then paraded around the store. And what about the restaurant fiasco? That was practically unforgivable, and yet here I was, cuddling contentedly on his lap in a t-shirt and a diaper.

What was it about him that was so different than the other guys I had dated? How could he have me hooked even while pushing me to and far past my limits? Obviously, the only really blatant differences were his weird fetishes. Could that be what had me hooked? But it wasn’t as though I enjoyed soiling myself! Or being treated as a baby… Right?

Alex pressed a quick, endearing kiss to the top of my head, and warmth swirled inside of me. Maybe that was just it. He really, truly cared about me, as though I were a little girl. He may tease and embarrass me, but the whole time, his entire focus was on me.

Was I an attention-whore? Did I crave his unceasing attention? I really enjoyed the fact that I was the main focus in his life. With Alex, through all of our shenanigans, I could detect that ever-present love he had for me, and I never doubted it for a second. With Alex, I felt safe and secure. I sighed contentedly

Alex’s low chuckle reverberated through my head, which was resting in the crook of his neck. “What are you thinking about, babe? You seem so happy that I’d almost say that you’re enjoying your diaper,” he teased quietly.

“I’m thinking about how much I love you.” I replied, ignoring his second statement. Maybe sometime I’d cross that bridge and figure out what I felt on that subject. But not today. Right now it was bed time.

I yawned at the thought, and Alex smiled down at me before gently nudging me off his lap. He stood and took me by the hand, leading me into bed.

I curled up next to him, basking in his warmth. I tried to mumble out at him that he needed to change into his PJ’s, but it came out rather jumbled. Alex must’ve understood though, because he laughed before responding, “I’ll change in a second. I just want to stay here a while.” I couldn’t argue with that as he wrapped his arms around me and held me closer. “Goodnight, Jordan.”

“G’night, Al,” I whispered back, already drifting into dream world, coaxed along in his warm embrace.

Re: Delving into Diapers

I’m enjoying this—more of an identifiably D/s relationship than many of the stories here, which (at least for me) gives it freshness.

Re: Delving into Diapers

Well outside the realm of believability, and running at a breakneck pace.

That said, it’s a fun little romp - keep going!

Re: Delving into Diapers

I did like the intense humiliation. However, I found her reaction afterward to be a bit much. Or rather not enough. Most women would try to end the relationship if given that amount of humiliation unless they were blackmailed into it. Expected to see more emotional blackmail.

Re: Delving into Diapers

I would say it’s revealing - the main character has a latent humiliation kink that her husband is dragging out of her…

Re: Delving into Diapers

kicking and screaming. Much to her delight.

Re: Delving into Diapers

Wildly implausible – like a lot of fetish stories, every stranger is magically into niche fetishes and completely willing to participate in the humiliation, regression etc. at once.

But I like where this is going. As a fantasy, it’s hot. I do have one criticism on the writing part: you switch tenses a lot. This is confusing and not really necessary. Oh, we’re in the present tense now, did we jump in time? Did we catch up to the present, and everything before happened before the narrator began telling the story? No, we’re back in the past tense again, and the same story just keeps going where it left off!

Re: Delving into Diapers

It seems I take longer and longer each time to update. Still, I hope you enjoy it! And let me know what you think. Thanks!

Chapter Four

I jolted awake at the sound of the doorbell. The noise echoed throughout the quiet house before fading into silence. I was discombobulated at waking up earlier than normal, so it took a while for everythhing register. Once I was more awake, I began pushing at Alex with my feet, shaking him to hopefully wake him up. He wasn’t having any of it, murmuring to me to answer it. I told him that he had to go answer it, and continued kicking at him with my legs. He didn’t respond, and I realized I would have to do it. I groaned and launched out of bed, knowing that, at this point, I’d have to run to the door or else who ever was there might leave.

Our little apartment house was somewhat shabby, sporting a worn wooden door and a second glass one behind it. We never really used the wooden one because, with a lack of windows in our small quarters, it was basically the only source of sunlight.

As I scambled out of our room, I’d just barely gotten a glimpse of the waiting delivery man when the exposure of a certain padding between my thighs became suddenly apparent to me. I gasped and skidded to a halt, scambling backwards into the safety of my bedroom again. I couldn’t believe I forgot I had on that diaper from last night… Not only that, but I had no pants on, either!

I cursed myself as I hurriedly yanked on a random pair of sweats (they turned out to be Alex’s, so they were somewhat baggy) and raced to get to the door. The delivery man seemed to be expecting someone, despite the very long wait. That’s when I had the sickening realization that, when I had caught a glimpse of him, he must’ve seen me as well. In nothing but a t-shirt and a diaper.

My face heated up at that horrible prospect, and I couldn’t meet his eye as I sullenly opened the glass door. I could only pray that he hadn’t noticed anything.

“Hello, I have a delivery for a Mr. Alex Foster. Is there someone here over 21?” he asked. My heart immediately jumped, shuddering in my chest at his words. That was a normal follow-up question, right? Was I being paranoid?

“Yeah, I’m old enough.” I reponded after analyzing his words.

“Oh, you are?” the delivery man asked, sounding genuinely surprised. I blushed and told myself to calm down. Maybe he honestly thought I just looked under 21. That was probably it. This had nothing to do with my attire.

“Y-Yes I am.” I stammered, angry at myself for sounding so unsure. This was so uncharacteristic of me! It was probably the mental effects of wearing a diaper. It was all getting to my head, making me feel smaller, younger.

“May I see some identification?” he asked. I dared a glance at him and found him smirking at me. That pissed me off. Was he flirting? Or just hinting at my diapered state? I wasnt sure. Ugh.

I mumbled a response and waddled off to find my purse and my indentification. As I walked, I paused to glance over my shoulder and see the guy standing there, looking pleased and content with a huge grin plastered on his face, his eyebrows raised high. He didn’t say anything, so I ignored his odd expression and continued my search.

I found my purse on the floor and was crouching down to shuffle through it when I was alerted to Alex emerging from our room. He was looking wonderfully bleary and unkempt as he wandered over, smirking at me for some strange reason. Then the light faded from his eyes as he looked to the doorway and discovered the also grinning delivery man, waiting patiently for my ID. Alex took one more look at me, squatting on the floor to dig through my purse, and then headed toward the door with squared shoulders and hardened eyes, not looking happy in the least.

“Jordan, pull up those damn pants–you’re diaper is showing.” he snapped over his shoulder. I gasped, shocked at hearing him swear (it happens so rarely) and also horrified to discover the saggy sweats that had succumbed to gravity, drooping down to reveal the top of my diaper in all of its glory. No wonder that delivery guy was so perky.

I blushed a deep shade of red and quickly stood up, adjusting myself and darting out of sight behind a nearby wall, absolutely mortified. I cowered there and listened to the remainder of the conversation as Alex signed for his package. I was startled to hear him blantantly order the man to never come back.

“I was just doing my job, mate.” the delivery guy responded. I could hear his cheeky smile from the tone of his voice, and I wished I could sink into the ground and disappear.

“Well I never want to see you again.” Alex repeated slowly. “Now get off my property before I rearrange that hideous face of yours.” (Technically, it wasnt our property but the guy took the hint and scampered.)

“Give me a call when you’re done with her!” came one final holler. Alex slammed the wooden door shut, shrouding the house in darkness.

There were a few seconds of silence, where I stood there and let myself calm down, trying to forget the embrassment. Then there was a distinct sound of rapid movement, quickly nearing me. I jumped as Alex bouldered out from the darkness and appeared in front of me, looking wild. “Alex, what are you-” He grabbed my jaw with both hands and kissed me roughly, severing my sentence and my train of thought in one simple move.

“You… are mine.” Alex stated lowly as he pulled back, his dark eyes mere inches away.

“Wh-what’s gotten into you?” I asked, pulling my jaw away. Alex grunted and gently pushed me against the wall, trapping me once more, pressing fevered kisses to my neck. I squealed and tried to escape, but he held on tightly.

“Why do you do this to me?” he whispered huskily, attempting to speak between his advancements. “I wake up to find you…” He playfully nipped at me with his teeth. “…innocently bent over…” He licked a bold stripe over my right collarbone. “…clad in my sweats…” he sucked on my left one. “…with your cute little diaper peeking out…” Alex paused for a longer time, working his kisses up my neck and down my jaw. He groaned again, halting his feverent actions abruptly and resting his forehead against mine. His eyes were tightly closed and his jaw was clenching as he continued. “With your massive diaper hanging out and that… That pervert just standing there and smirking. Oh god I wanted to punch him. He wasn’t even trying to hide how much it was turning him on; he just stood there and watched you.” Alex reopened his eyes and met mine. His look was stony and I gulped involuntarily at how angry he seemed. “And you! You were so oblivious as you gave him your little show, waddling your diapered bottom as you scurried around, bending over and letting those darn sweats fall down to reveal your diaper.” He glared at me and I glared right back, annoyed at his accusations.

“I didn’t know!” I shouted. “I wasn’t ‘giving him a show,’ I was just looking for my ID.” I huffed.

Alex sighed and let his eyelids flutter closed. “I know, darling. It was kind of adorable that you didn’t realize your diaper was showing.” At this comment he reached to the top of my diaper, once more protruding from my pants, and gave it a sudden tug, giving me a partial wedgie as one bum cheek was now free from its confines and the other wasnt. He grinned wolfishly at me, and I felt my cheeks heating up again.

“Shove off, Al,” I muttered, pushing him off of me and unpicking my wedgie. He was so horny and bipolar in the mornings. I left him there, scurrying off to the front door. I opened it slightly and poked my head out, scanning the surroundings. Once I’d noted that the road was clear, I left it open and shut the glass door instead, allowing light back into the house. Once I could see again, I curiously picked up the delivered package. “What is it?” I asked, trying to read the label that might possibly give me information.

Alex suddenly appeared and swooped over with a grin, plucking it from my hands. “More diapers for my little girl.” he replied, winking. I glared at him and adjusted the sweats self-conciously.

“Why’d you get those? I don’t need them.” I huffed admantly.

“Yet.” Alex interjected. My face paled at that prospect.

“What is that supposed to mean?” I demanded. Alex just smirked and waltzed off with his darn package. I sighed and went to go make us breakfast, seeing as Alex wasnt doing anything productive this morning.

I whipped up a quick batch of pancakes and some scrambled eggs, something fast and simple. By the time they were done, Alex was waiting expectantly at the table. When I brought the food to the table he quickly began cutting a pancake into little pieces before dousing it in syrup. I had a sinking suspicion they were for me, so I glared at him as he speared a piece with his fork. “What are you-” He quickly shoved the piece into my mouth and I glowered at him while I held the little piece in my mouth. He watched me expectantly, and after a few seconds, I grudgingly chewed and swallowed. “Alex-” He was prepared with another piece that I also ate. I blushed as he murmured condenscending praises upon me, readying a new piece. He smirked at me once I’d swallowed, and this time I kept my mouth closed, eying his fork critically.

“Open your mouth, baby,” Alex urged, seeing my uncooperation. I pressed my lips closely together and shook my head. Alex huffed, rolling his eyes dramatically. “Someone needs to learn how to listen.” he sighed.

I covered my mouth with one hand to block my mouth from Alex’s fork. “I’m not a baby.” I grumbled. Alex laughed at that and very pointedly lowered his gaze to the diaper’s waistband, once more unhidden. My face just reddened further as I tugged up the sweats to cover myself and proceeded to protest. “But-” Alex stopped my words successfully with another spongy piece, seeing as I had removed my hands in order to adjust the sweats. I was getting progressively annoyed as I angrilly chewed this bite. Remembering my tactic earlier, I covered my mouth once again before attempting to speak. “Alex! I’m not a baby!” I insisted.

“Well I see a baby in front of me. Would you care to agrue, Miss Diapers?” he responded. I squirmed sheepishly, the crinkling noisily filling the silence. I didn’t respond. “Open up, Princess.” I submissively obeyed, letting him feed me like the toddler I felt like.

When I was out of food, I was sure I was as red as a tomato. “Good girl.” Alex cooed. “Go play with your toys so Daddy can eat his breakfast.” I glared at that remark and scrambled off, darting into the safety of the bedroom to change into some regular panties. I wasn’t quite sure why I had stayed in this diaper so long anyway. It just seemed logical to eat breakfast before changing. As I was hurrying to my dresser, the package on the bed caught my eye. As Alex had said, inside I spotted a few diapers new diapers. Looking closely, I realized that they had the most childish print I had ever seen. I began pulling out the diapers, wincing at each new discovery: Disney princesses and Dora the Explorer, Carebears and Barbie.

I uncovered some plastic panties at the bottom as well, prints like My Little Pony and Powerpuff Girls. Some were merely branded with words like ‘Spank Me’ and ‘I love my diapers’.

“I see you found your little presents!” Alex announced, startling me as he suddenly strode into the room. I must’ve been eying them for longer than I thought if he was already finished with his breakfast. I glowered at him and gestured to the items, completely horrified at the thought of being seen in them. “Aren’t they cute?” he asked.

“No! I wouldn’t be caught dead in them!” I snapped. Alex just smiled at me.

“I think you would look absolutely adorable in them.” I blushed and shook my head adamantly. He didn’t respond for a while, just looking at me wordlessly. “Would you at least wear one of them out today?” he asked quietly, peering up at me with pleading eyes. I groaned and turned away, so as not to be swayed by his charm.


Alex was in a pissy mood today after I refused to try on his stupid plastic panties. He seemed sullen and didn’t interact with me beyond the basics. Since he had a computer job, Alex usually worked from home. However, this morning he grumbled something to me about heading into the office to work instead, and he stormed off in a big whirl. I was left wondering if I should just try the darn things on and make him happy, but at this point, he was already gone.

So instead I sulked around the house and waited for him to return. The day was long and uneventful, and I wished that I had something to preoccupy myself with. My thoughts drifted to my most recent job. When I was first dating Alex, I worked at a little clothes shop a few minutes away. Once things between us for more serious, he asked me to move in with him. His only catch was that I quit my job.

I was reluctant, knowing that if things between us didn’t work out, I’d be left jobless and homeless. It was a scary prospect. So I told him to give me longer to think about it. Months later, I finally agreed. Alex made enough to support us both, and he enjoyed his job. So I hadn’t had the need to work, and he hadn’t wanted me to. But now I felt anxious as I waited for him to come home, and I wished that I had something to take my mind off of our fight.

In the middle of my deep thinking, the house phone began ringing. I jumped from the couch and hurried to answer it, hoping it would be Al. Maybe I could apologize now and have him come home? I would even put on one of those stupid plastic panties if it would make him happy.

But it wasn’t Alex. I read the caller ID and hesitated, not knowing who it was. It rang and rang until it went to voicemail. I waited, hoping that this person would leave a message, but they didn’t.

Alex came home later that evening in a worse mood, if possible. He grumbled a ‘hello’ to me before locking himself in the bathroom. I heard the bath running, and figured he just needed to relax. I waited around for him in our bedroom, allowing him his alone time. But I suddenly grew bleary and found that, when I laid down in bed for half of a second, I was asleep.

The whole week passed by like this. I’d wake up to an empty bed and barely have time to greet Alex as he devored his breakfast before he disappeared off to the office. He put in more hours than normal, so I was only able to see him just before bed. Sometimes he’d lock himself up in the bathroom again or he’d tell me he was off to the bar with some friends. More often than not he’d hide away in his workroom and continue with his work

Whatever it was that he was doing, I was suddenly very abandoned and very lonely. In the midst all of this free time, I began to harbor the sinking suspicion that he was seeing someone else–it just made sense.

The house phone kept ringing with the same caller, from a girl named Michelle. She called the first three days of the silent treatment that Alex was giving me. I hadn’t thought anything of it until I noticed that Alex started getting texts from her suddenly. He tried to hide this from me, though, dodging my questions when I asked whom he was texting. Once he started texting her, she quit phoning the house This alerted me to the fact that everything was not as it seemed. I began to worry that perhaps he wasn’t heading to the office every morning or to the bar at nighttime, but was instead meeting up with this Michelle girl.

The thought of it made me sick. I couldn’t imagine him leaving me. I tried imagining it, though, and when I finally suceeded I was left with a splitting headache. As things grew progressively colder between us, I began brainstorming ideas on how to make this better.

Obviously, this plan would have to include diapers.

I nervously sat on the couch, not paying attention to the show on the TV. I had set everything up, done what I had to, and all I had now was the wait. It was odd putting myself in a diaper, and I could tell that I’d done it wrong somehow, but it would suffice. It crinkled loudly with every movement, reminding me what I was headed into.

I stiffened when I heard the sound of Alex’s keys in the door, my nerves ricocheting in my stomach. I clenched my fists as I waited for him to enter the living room, as he would have to walk by to head to the bedroom where I assumed he would hide away for the night.

He appeared in my perhipheral vision so I turned to look at him full-on, a hopeful expression on my face as I waited to see his reaction. When Alex strode by, he barely spared me a glance and a greeting before looking away. I was shocked. He hadn’t even noticed the dreaded diaper!

He was almost to the bedroom door when I leaped to my feet furiously, completely ready to follow him and demand that he talk with me and stop all of this avoidance nonesense. At the loud crinkle of my diaper, though, Alex stopped abruptly. He cast a shocked look at me over his shoulder, his eyes widening as they took in my bare legs and the white material encasing my waist.

He seemed wary as he turned to face me completely, eying my diaper. I felt my face flush now that I had his full attention, and I quickly scrambled back onto the couch, bringing my feet up to obscure his view. “I-I want to do something tonight.” I stammered.

Alex nodded slowly, no doubt taken aback at how straight forward I was being. “Okay.” He watched me silently, not making the move to say anything more. I shifted uneasily, and my diaper crinkled in the quiet air around us. My face reddened further.

“S-So what do you want to do? A movie? Or board games? Or I could cook you something special for dinner.” I suggested.

“Will you be wearing that?” Alex asked carefully. I swallowed loudly and nodded, praying that we would stay at home tonight, per my plan. Alex seemed to relax at my response and he allowed his expression to turn thoughtful as he pondered what he wanted to do. “How about the zoo?” he offered casually.

I perked up, my carefully scheduled plan suddenly sounding less appealing. “The zoo?” I was unable to disguise the hope in my voice.

“Yeah, why not. We haven’t been there in a while.” I was positively beaming as I leaped to my feet and squealed. So maybe we could deviate from my plan a little. I’d just have to postpone the main event until we were safely home once more. No big deal. “But-” he said, halting my celebration. There was silence as he calculated the next words out of his mouth. “You have to wear one of your new plastic panties.” He was nervous as he said this, likely remembering my rejection the previous time.

But I was also remembering that moment, and remembering his reaction to my shut-down. I didn’t want him to become closed off to me again

I smiled broadly. “Deal.”

One hour later, and I was cheerfully on my way to the zoo, my skirt flapping in the breeze and giving Alex a wonderful view of my “I Love My Diapers” plastic panties. I was too excited to care.

“They have tigers here!” I whisper-screamed, yanking on his arm. He laughed and nodded, amused by my excitement. “Can we go see them?” I begged.

“We’ll see whatever you want.” Alex allowed himself to be dragged along by me as I raced through the zoo, determined to visit every enclosure. Pandas and lions and giraffes, zebras and monkeys and hippos. Everything was amazing, and I wasnt even bothered by the fact that I had a diaper on.

There did happen to be an elementary field trip that day, unfortunately, and as the children were passing by, one made a comment about what I had hidden beneath my skirt. “Hey, she’s wearing a diaper!” he announced to his friends after a straying eye discovered the fluffy garment peeking out below my skirt.

Immediately my face flushed and I clutched my skirt tighter to myself, hoping to conceal my secret. Where did this kid come from? And why did he have to be so loud? A teacher approached me quickly, an apologetic smile on her face. “I’m sorry ma’am, don’t mind them. Boys will be boys.” she chuckled, nudging the children and urging them to continue with the tour.

“Oh it’s fine.” I stuttered sheepishly, avoiding the incredulous look from the little boy.

“But Mrs. Jensen, it’s true! She’s got a diaper on!” he insisted. The teacher rolled her eyes and pressed a hand to his back to gently guide him onward.

“Likely story, Dan. Hurry up so we can see the chimpanzees.” she urged. At the promise of seeing the chimps, the children’s pace picked up considerably, and they very quickly turned a corner and diappeared from view. Alex was quietly chuckling beside me as they vanished, and I just glared at him.

“Alex, can I take it off, please?” I asked, embarrassed at being called out by the elementary school kid. And he had to be such a loudmouth about it, too! Luckily his teacher didnt take him seriously. It hadn’t exactly been part of the plan to leave the house diapered, but I couldn’t turn down Alex’s offer to see the zoo. I’d just have to execute the plan once we were back home.

Alex shook his head in response to my question, just as I knew he would. “A deal’s a deal; we can only see all the animals if you keep your diaper on.” I groaned, wishing I’d never agreed to those rules. “Besides, you tend to find yourself wet when you walk around in your regular undies.” he added with a cheeky grin. I sighed and rolled my eyes, but consented because it seemed we were finally falling back into our comfortable banter… and of course because I wanted to finish viewing the entire zoo. So we continued.

The heat of the setting sun encouraged us to stay hydrated, but I drank in moderation because I knew where it would all be headed by the end of the night. Alex was somewhat disappointed that I kept turning down his offers to fill me with liquids, but he didn’t press me about it.

We had finally wound ourselves through the park, and we were nearing the end. I was excited to be headed to the tiger’s enclosure, which was the next stop, and I prayed silently that no schoolchildren would be present. Luckily, when Alex and I arrived, there were none! A small spattering of other adults dotted the area, but I didn’t let their precense deter me from my joy. We spent a long time there, of which I mostly just hovered at the wall and watched them laze about–they didn’t do a lot. Yet I was fascinated. We must’ve been there a while, because eventually Alex nudged me and begged us to move on.

“We’ve been here for hours! All the tigers have been doing is sleeping or walking in circles.” he groaned.

“They’re so cute, though,” I piped up defensively.

“But we’ve been here for ages. Why don’t we stop by the monkeys, then finish off with the hippos before heading home?” he suggested. I reluctantly glanced at the overgrown cats once more since it was rare that I visited. But we certainly had been here for a long while and Alex was being so pleasant to me today.

“Oh, alright.” I agreed sulkily. I allowed him to take my hand and lead me away. I took one last mournful look at the tigers before tromping off, silently promising myself that I’d come back again soon. As we walked to the next enclosure, confusion decended upon me when the familiar sensation of a wet diaper became apparant to me. My face paled as I strolled along, unable to deny the warm garment that was nestled between my thighs. What the heck?!

I used my other hand to quickly probe myself, only assuring myself what I’d already realized–I was wet. I nibbled my lip nervously, glancing at Alex to see if he had noticed. He seemed preoccupied with the monkeys, watching them interact with the people. He hadn’t seen me check my own diaper.

It was only slightly wet, and I decided that I must’ve been too excited by the tigers, so I had leaked a little into my diapers because I wasn’t paying close enough attention. “Hey, are you alright?” Alex asked, spotting the upset look on my face.

“What? Yeah, I’m fine,” I stammered quickly. This uncharacteristically nervous response gave Alex pause, and he began scrutinizing the guilty look on my face.

“I know that look. What did you do?” Alex asked, narrowing his eyes. I quickly looked away, avoiding his probing stare. He couldn’t find out! That would be so embarassing!

“N-Nothing. But I’m actually ready to go home, like, right now. Can we go?” I asked politely, hoping he wouldn’t be too suspicious. Alex paused once more for a long while as he studied me, before slowly nodding.

He continued to steal curious glances at me as we walked to the exit. I tried to stop from looking upset or guilty in case he caught on, so I kept a forced smile on my face, trooping along as quickly as I could. A plan was already forming in my head of how to escape detection until we arrived home.

When we were only one more turn away from the exit, Alex spotted a little shop filled with toys and trinkets. “You’ve been so well behaved this trip; would you like a toy?” he asked, stopping abruptly.

I reflexively shook my head no, even as I was lustfully eying the cute stuffed animals. I tried to reason with myself, knowing I had a large collection of stuffed animals at home already. I didn’t need any more… Oh but some were so cute! Alex chuckled when he noticed my reluctance to pass by the shop. He knew that I definitely wanted to stop, even though I said that I didn’t.

“It’ll take only a few moments. Let’s take a peek inside.” he urged. Unable to say no again, I happily agreed and followed him. As we wandered in, we were bombarded with adorable toys and souveniers. My gaze was quickly drawn to a small selection of tiger stuffies, and I couldn’t help but grin as I bounded over, swishing my skirt a little too high and giving Alex another clear view of his new plastic panties.

“I want the tiger.” I stated decisively. Then I blushed, hating how childish I sounded. “I mean… I think the tiger is… cute.” I mumbled sheepishly. Alex grinned rolled his eyes playfully.

“Of course you do. Couldn’t you choose something else? Like maybe a monkey?” Alex gestured to the monkeys that were designed to hang from your neck and wrap around your waist.

I glowered at the indicated monkey, eying it critically. “I don’t want a dumb monkey. I want the tiger.” I petulantly replied. Alex frowned at my tone of voice, but didn’t comment on it as he plucked up a tiger stuffie and headed to pay for it. It was in the midst of my elation that I realized I was peeing a little bit once more into my diaper. My excitement plummeted as I reflexively pressed a hand to my crotch to stem the flow. My diaper was warm again, a testament of the new puddle I’d added just now.

I squirmed uncomfortably, worried now about this problem that was slowly growing. I hadn’t planned for this. This wasn’t supposed to happen, not here, not now. Alex came back with the newly bought tiger and I plastered a fake smile on my face once more, accepting the animal while my mind was still elsewhere. I was so busy with my thoughts that I hadn’t realized that we had exited the shop and then stopped walking. It was only Alex’s heavy sigh that alerted me to the fact that we were stationary. I glanced up, still forcing a smile across my face.

Alex wasn’t fooled for a second. “What’s wrong now?” he demanded. “You wanted the tiger, didn’t you?”

I dropped the fake smile and nodded defensively, squeezing my stuffie in a death-grip at the prospect of it being taken away. “Yes.”

“Then why are you upset again?” Alex asked, exasperated. I guiltily looked away, a lie quickly forming in my head.

“I, uh, was just upset because the elephant looked cute too.” I mumbled, the lie spilling out easily. Alex sighed and ran a hand through his hair as he glanced back into the store.

“I’ll buy you the elephant too, if you’ll stop moping.” he offered softly. This time I smiled for real, appreciating his sincerity in trying to keep me happy. It seemed things were finally back to normal! No, better than normal. Here he was, doing everything he could to keep my happy. Things couldn’t be better. Maybe I didn’t actually need my dumb plan?

However, Alex’s face soon morphed into one of anger as he turned back to meet my eye. “They don’t have any elephant stuffed animals, missy.” he informed me, accusation ringing in his voice.

My eyes widened and I turned frantically to the store only to find he was correct. There were no elephants… Crap crap crap crap. “I meant th-the monkey.” I blurted, spouting off the first animal to come to mind. I winced the second the words were out of my mouth. Alex was really upset now.

“Darling, are you lying to me?” he asked lowly, towering over me. I took a few steps back.

“No.” I squeaked out.

“I ought to take you over my knee and spank you right here if you are,” he threatened, stepping forward again.

Fear alighted in me for real at the realization that, if he did that, he’d likely discover my little accident. “No!” I begged, scrambling backward. I uncontrollably let a spurt of piss into my diapers, and I gasped before automatically reaching down to press my hand to my crotch, helping to stop the flow. When I fully comprehended what I’d just done, I flung my hand away as though burned. I guiltily glanced at Alex, who finally understood what was transpiring beneath his nose.

“Baby, is your diaper dry?” he asked. I blushed, nodding my head, and avoided his knowing eyes. “So if I checked you right now it would be dry?” he continued, stepping closer.

“Y-Yes.” I lied frantically, backing up. He took another step, and I found I was backed against a little fence. “Stop it.” I pleaded, holding my skirt down tightly. “W-We need to get home, remember?”

“We’ll go home once I check your diaper.” he replied, his final step strategically blocking any escape. “I’m going to ask you once more. Are. You. Dry?” I bit my lip and didn’t respond. Alex sighed and reached under my skirt to slip his finger into the crotch of my diaper.

I covered my face with my hands wishing I’d never decided to go through with this dumb plan. I certainly hadn’t expected it to go this way. Finding his finger wet, Alex pulled away and gave me an incredulous look.

“I… I didn’t mean to.” I blurted.

“You lied to me. I think someone needs a spanking.”

My cheeks heated up at the prospect of being spanked out here in public. “But it’s not my fault!” I huffed, upset.

“Not your fault you lied? Or not your fault that you had a little accident?”

I blushed. “Not my fault that I… um, had an accident.” I mumbled.

Alex raised an eyebrow. “How so?” I bit my lip, debating whether or not I should tell him my plan. After a few beats of silence, Alex shook his head. “Fine. I’ll just have to pull you over my knee right here and-” I cut him off quickly.

“Fine! I just… well, I felt like you were angry at me that day when I didn’t want to try on the plastic panties, and then you avoided me the whole week. Then we kept getting calls from this girl and you started texting her a lot, so I… I was worried that you might…” I trailed off, embarrassed to be admitting this to him. I didn’t want to be spanked, though, so I hurried on. “Well I worried that you were going to leave me. So I thought I would try to fix things between us. I wanted to spend a night at home together, maybe watch a movie. I planned to wet my diaper at some point during the night, but I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to actually go when I wanted to. So I took some diuretic pills, assuming they’d help me wet myself easier when the time came. But I guess it had more of an effect than I thought. When we were at the tigers, I was kind of excited and distracted and I suddenly realized that I had been slowly peeing in my diaper.”

“This happened all the way back at the tigers?” Alex repeated, surprised, cutting me off for the first time during my story.

“No!..Well, yes… I mean, well when we left the tigers I realized I had leaked a little.” I admitted.

“Oh! And that’s why you were acting so suspicious and said that you wanted to go home.” he said, finally putting the pieces together.

“It was only a little!” I defended, not wanting to sound like I had flooded my diapers. “But then… Well I got excited again when you bought me the tiger stuffie…” I murmured, embarrassed at how childish I sounded. “And I had a little leak there, too, when we bought it. And… And so I was upset that I’d had another little accident, but I didn’t want you to find out, so when you asked why I looked upset I lied to you.” I whispered. “And then you threatened to spank me, and I got scared and had another accident.” I was finally finished with my story, and I felt a little better.

I glanced at Alex, wondering how he’d take this. “So you thought I was going to leave you?” I nodded solemnly. “So you made a plan in which you would end up wetting yourself?” I felt my cheeks warming as I nodded again. “But you were worried you wouldn’t be able to go when you wanted to, so you took some diuretic pills? And then when you got too distracted, you wet yourself. Multiple times.” I blushed and glared at him.

“They were little trickles!” I defended. Alex smirked.

“I’m flattered, truly, that you went so far to put this plan together. But, really? You thought I might leave you?” Alex looked hurt.

“This girl kept calling the house! And you were texting her constantly, and… well you avoided me all week.” I continued quietly. “I thought maybe you didn’t want to be with me anymore.”

“What girl?” Alex asked. “Michelle?” he guessed, before I could respond. I nodded. “I’m working with her on this big project. That why I haven’t been home. I’ve had to go into the office and work with her on it this entire week.” he explained. “And she only phoned the house for a few days, then I told her to knock it off and text me instead.”

“I… I just thought… well, you avoided me all week.” I stated. “How was I supposed to know about this Michelle girl or your project? You didn’t talk to me at all.” I huffed. “Sometimes you spent the whole night in the bath, or you left to go to the club or something. You avoided me the entire week! What was I supposed to think?”

Alex ran a hand through his hair, his cheeks tinting a light pink color. “I was embarrassed, okay? And I worried that you might think I’m a freak after I pushed all of this baby stuff on you. I just… thought I ought to give you space since you obviously weren’t into this stuff.” As he said that, he darted a quick glance at my skirt, thoughts racing to the wet diaper I was currently hiding.

“You’re right; I’m not into that stuff.” I agreed, shifting around sheepishly.

“And yet here you are in a used diaper…” Alex chuckled lowly. He slid his arms around my waist as he pushed me up against the fence, sliding his hands under my skirt to fondle my diaper. I blushed, and struggled to find a dignified response, but failed to do so. “It seems you’re not as opposed to it as you claim. Maybe you even like this, hm?” he teased, pressing the warm material into my nether regions.

“N-No.” I denied, stuttering.

“I didn’t even have to persuade you! You diapered yourself right up!” Alex gave me a proud smile. I glared at him indignantly. “Speaking of which…” He suddenly lifted my skirt completely, exposing my diaper and plastic panties.

I squealed and struggled to cover myself up again, but only once he’d inspected my diaper did he allow my skirt to come back down. “You need more practice on doing up a diaper. The tapes aren’t done right. I’ll rediaper you correctly when we get home.” I opened my mouth to protest, but he was already trundling on. “Perhaps we could take a parenting class so you can learn how to put on a diaper correctly. In fact, you could be the baby that we demonstrate on!” he added, grinning wolfishly.

“Hey now wait a minute!” I snapped, face red at the prospect of that. “I refuse to go to some stupid parenting class!” I hissed.

Alex was still smiling humorously as he shrugged. “I guess we’ll find some substitute for that, then. But we really should be on our way home. We don’t want you having any more accidents, right?”

“I won’t have more accidents! I’m not a baby!” I yelled. “It’s just those stupid diuretic pills, that’s all.” I grumbled.

“Sure, sure. Whatever you say.” Alex responded in a condescending tone as he took my hand and began walking. I scowled, but didn’t protest any further. “So if you were already planning on wetting yourself, why were you so opposed to it when it actually happened?” Alex asked thoughtfully.

I blushed. “Because it was an accident; it’s worse when it’s accidental.” I grumbled.

“So? You still went. Why was it so bad?”

“It wasn’t part of the plan,” I repeated, growing increasingly annoyed. He just didn’t get it. I had wet myself at the wrong time!

“What, were you planning on secuding me as you wet your diaper, or something?” he snickered incredulously. My face reddened further and I struggled to respond. “No way… you were actually planning on doing that?” he gasped, taking in my expression.

“N-no.” I stammered. God, it sounded so pathetic when he said it out loud.

“Exactly what were you planning?” he asked, apalled. I squirmed uncomfortably. I wasn’t about to discuss my seduction plans with him, was I? No, I couldn’t. I’d be mortified. He grinned at my refusal. “Were you planning on climbing into my lap and just letting go, pretending like it was an accident? Or would you have totally owned up to it and blatantly sat on my face as you wet your diaper?” Both of those ideas were on the table actually, I just hasn’t decided on which one yet. I had planned to do whichever I felt more comfortable with when the time came. He knew me so well. At my sheepish expression, Alex snickered. “You are so predictable.”

He gave me a quick kiss, wiping away all my embarassment with his tender affection.

All in all, I was in a fantastic mood. Things were turning out for the better with our relationship. And though I went home that day with a wet diaper, I also left with a boy whom I knew still loved me. And that was enough for me.

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Re: Delving into Diapers

fun :slight_smile:

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Besides this being a “awesome” story, i do have one
question. Earlier in Jo’s diaper career you had
mentioned that that her diaper was pinned on her.
was baby Jo wearing a cloth diaper?
Cloth diapers aren’t being used much on older kids and
adults anymore. sad cause when the fill up they become
obvious that you are soiled and you can feel it so much better. totally a good tool for bedwetter and tough punishment needed kids that are staying at home.
it really makes it obvious what you are wearing and what