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Hi there! I suck at these. Now that we got that out of the way, I’m a 19 year old AB from MA, currently in the process of moving to the wonderful state of former MA (We’re taking it back, it’s all a matter of time.) Well, kinda. We’ll have both houses for awhile. Yeah yeah my family has two houses, I’m well off, I promise I’m not super rich. I like video games, TTRPGs, Roleplaying, and listening to a lot of podcasts. As far as music goes it’s either Irish music or Power Metal usually. But usually it’s a podcast. Or a lecture on something. Problem is I get distracted easy so, I get the key notes of said lecture, not really a lot of the content. But that’s okay! I’m and EMT so it’s not like I need any of that information.

Well sort of an EMT, recently certified EMT looking for a job. Got my state test done for my EMT the same day I finished high school, so that’s kinda cool. Currently have an open offer to go be a part-time firefighter so I might end up doing that while I work on finding an ambulance job. Problem with that is I’m not really in firefighter shape, I mean I run regularly, but the whole heavy things thing is not my strong suit. Only had my drivers license for like five months so makes finding a job where driving an ambulance is required kind of hard.

I got into this whole ABDL thing because I wet the bed, don’t have any cool story unfortunately. I mean I know most people don’t but, I like cool stories. Part of why I’m here. I wear Abena M4’s for it at the moment, which honestly is more protection than I probably need but, like, I like them so nyeh.

I really like medical stuff, which is why I became and EMT. Not sure where I wanna go from there though, Paramedic makes the most sense. Part of me wants to go to medical school some day, but I have some issues, so I really have a hard time tolerating full time college. Or really any college. Heck I only made it through highschool thanks to a special ed program for an alternate learning enviorment. So I became an EMT, makes perfect sense! I do well in emergencies, the more adrenaline a situation is supposed to make the less it scares me. Also starting contact is nerve racking, so I try to do it as much as I can. Also Email is the worst forum of communication in the world and I hate it.

I’ve been around a couple sites, like Diaperedanime, Deviant Art, spend a lot of time on IRC, some time on ABmud. Let see, I’m a triplet, that’s my go to interesting fact. I’m technically the youngest but I call bull, 'cause it was a c-section, and if it hadn’t been I bet I woulda been out first! Other than that, look forward to meeting all the nice people here! I’ve been being encouraged to write a story so, hence the delurk, so I have somewhere to post it.

TL;DR: Just rambled about me and my life for a big wall of text. I’m 19, I’m an AB, I’m happy to talk to people, and I plan to post a story fairly soon.

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Welcome aboard!

This is one of the best intros I’ve read here, or anywhere for that matter.

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That’s Just 'cause I’m good at rambling, you’d hate being in a car with me, it doesn’t stop. If it does stop it’s just until something drives by “Oh! Oh! That reminds me….”

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You mentioned potentially being a part time firefighter. Do you have the certs for it? At least in the state I live you have to take a 6 month class called “Firefighter I”, pass a state test, and get a bunch of small certs in order to actually go into fires. I know this because my brother is a volunteer fire fighter (our town has volunteers only but they all go through the full training and stuff).

Kudos for the EMT gig. I hear that cert is reasonably expensive to get (ie a couple grand). Having the ability to work a job like that straight out of high school is extremely admirable.

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Yeah they do! Go team go! xP

Yeah the job for fire is paid on call, so, it’s $13 an hour for training and when you respond to calls (It’s a fairly wealthy town, but, not enough so to warrent a full career department) Talked with them and they’d send me through the academy and everything for FF II and I think HAZMAT ops.

The cert from the class I took was only like, $800, not too bad. Oh yeah I’m sure it would be, but, I haven’t gotten a job yet! Well I worked two days as a volunteer for a first aid event, but that’s about it.

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I took some firefighting classes. Always ended up a wet slimey mess. Water tends to get everywhere.

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That sounds about like what I was told, that and alot of working out apparently. I don’t mind being wet and slimey, but, I have the upper body strength of a fish and I think that’s what’ll kill me. I 'unno we’ll see, it really depends on if I get rejected of the insurance thing or not.

What were the classes you took about, was it like, fun stuff like FF1, or like “It needs oxygen, fuel, and heat, now can any one tell me how we get rid of fuel?”. Fire science just looks so, so boring.

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Yeah, water, that’s what it is… :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

About 9 volunteer firefighters not too far from where I live got busted for arson a few years back. That’s the only firefighter memory I can bring up, unfortunately (or maybe very fortunately).

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It was a fire trainer where they light the walls of the building with propane and when the judges rule that you put the fire out, they turn off the gas. It’s hot, sweaty, and wet and the whole respirator thing was a big pain in the butt.

I also lacked the upper body strength to control a fire hose, but fortunately we had three person hose teams. I have a certificate somewhere for completing the course. When I did this, I was so weak you could pretty much see my bones through my skin, so I had that disadvantage. I’ve never put a real fire out.

The closest to that I did was years later when I got a job as a floor sweeper at a construction site. One day I had to stand behind someone with an accetaline torch while holding a fire extinguisher in case something caught on fire.