DeLurk :) Hiyo

Hi - Just discovered your forum here and have been reading some here and there.
I created a profile so I could save my spot and comment a bit.

I’m not really much of a writer in this genre but I do write for work. I might offer some advice here or there.

Primarily I just hope to enjoy all your fine work!

I’m a long time DL and husband and father. Cyclist, electronics aficionado, got less money than I’d like to have for buying stuff I don’t need :slight_smile:

Alls well.

Re: DeLurk :slight_smile: Hiyo

Hi cm90210! I am a newbe here too! Glad to see you and hope in future we can become friends. Also if you would like to write a story and would like to help, I would be glad to do that for you. Let’s have some fun!

Re: DeLurk :slight_smile: Hiyo

I see that you are a cyclist. what type of cycling do you do? what type of bike do you have?
I am a road biker. I have a long wheel base recumbent. Sure is comfortable, especially on my back and forearms.
I do have a nice cushy seat especially with a thick diaper.