I’d rather not associate with this

Re: Ode to Ash | P1Ch1 (3/3/18)

Hi!! I’m really liking this! I am super sucker for friendship stories, so I would really love to see where this goes!! Kudos!!

Re: Ode to Ash | P1Ch1 (3/3/18)

Good characterization in the narration, that adds a great deal to any story.

You actually have the opposite of what a lot of new authors have. Whereas many don’t separate paragraphs enough, here I think you could actually consolidate some of the shorter paragraphs into fewer, larger ones.
And maaaaaaybe, it might be worth continuing the scene before calling it a “chapter.”

But that’s mostly just nitpicking. :slight_smile:
This reads nicely. Depending on where this goes, it may or may not be my type of story, but I’m sure plenty of others will enjoy it.

Again, welcome to the forums.

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Really nice!!! Angel seems very tomboyish, something you don’t see often in this kind of stories! And I love Ashton already!!

Re: Ode to Ash | P1Ch3 (3/7/18)

Great job!! I want to see where this goes forward!

Re: Ode to Ash | P1Ch3 (3/7/18)

Thank you!!! Hopefully the next chapter will be out tonight!