Defying Death (Reapers Coming)- A Poem

I realize that most of this site is focused on stories, however I enjoy the community of writers and readers here enough that I’m comfortable sharing my art form with them, even if it’s atypical. So I guess here goes nothing. Criticism is welcome

Defying Death/ Reapers Coming

I see
I flee
Out in the cold night
I hear the sounds
Coming to fight
Oh What Oh what
A terrible sight
That dropped upon me
That beautiful night
She was swaying
The Reaper’d say Sashaying
From that coarse rope
With A sigh that promised a lack of hope
I hear the Footsteps
The hoof beats
Of that terrible calvary
Of the Reaper’s own Army
Coming just for me
For I saw her soul
A promising goal
And grabbed it
And gave it
And she breathed
Breathed in life
And this is why
The Reaper comes for me tonight